Pari (2018) Movie Script

Sorry, this is all that he knows.
Do you live alone in Kolkata?
Don't you get bored?
Then why do you want to get married?
Actually, I didn't have
any plans of getting married.
Do you want to ask me anything?
You're studying to be a nurse, right?
I have finished my course.
Doing my internship now.
Can I ask you something?
Have you ever had an affair?
No, I've never had an affair.
I had a boyfriend.
He was a doctor, but we broke up.
Actually, now that I think of it,
I liked his bike more than him.
You was so cool.
Do you ride a bike?
I have tried a couple of times.
But I get very nervous.
You should try doing yoga.
It will really calm you down.
We were taught yoga to calm
patients down before an operation.
Keep your finger on your nose and...
Take a deep breath.
Try it.
What, now?
Keep your finger on your nose and...
Take a deep breath.
Breathe out.
Now breathe in from the other side.
Should I remove this finger?
Breathe in from the other side.
There, it has started raining again.
Babai, how did you like her?
She was okay.
What do you mean she was okay?
Did you like her or not?
I did.
So Babai, should we go ahead?
No, let us wait for their response.
Oh ho, you don't need
to worry about that.
I know for sure that they will say yes.
How do you know that? Huh?
Whatever the outcome,
this is the last try, okay?
Look, you are overreacting now.
Ask your mother,
I found her after seventeen rejections.
All this is destiny.
Are you okay?
Babai, no! Babai!
Mother, sit inside the car.
We were returning from Barrackpore.
It was raining heavily.
she jumped in front of our car.
Jumped in front?
What do you mean? Suicide?
Do you remember where
the accident took place?
An old woman met with an accident here,
a few hours ago.
She was wearing a burkha.
Has anybody seen anything?
Does anyone know who she was?
There are a lot of
Muslims who stay nearby.
How will we know who
it is under the burkha?
This belongs to the dog lady.
I don't know her name.
But everyone calls her the dog lady.
Where does she live?
At the end of the lane you see in front,
there is a pond...
After which, there is a jungle.
She has a little hut there.
Sir, can I say something?
That woman was weird and crazy.
She wouldn't talk to anyone.
She would pick up stray
dogs and take them home.
This is why everybody
called her the dog lady.
Look around if you find anyone.
Okay, sir.
She would roam the streets at night.
Sit alone and cry loudly.
We could hear screams
coming from her hut sometimes.
Is anyone there?
No sir. There's no one there.
Don't be scared, I'm a police officer.
I have come here to help you.
Should I remove this?
Mother will come and take it off.
Your mother has met with an accident.
You need to go to the hospital.
Go to sleep...
Go to sleep...
Go to sleep...
She came in front
of our car all of a sudden.
- We were taking her to the hospital...
- You, sign here!
Is there anyone else at home?
Any relative...
Collect the body from
the police morgue tomorrow.
You have to pay three hundred
rupees for the discharge.
- You have to pay it now.
- Yes, I will give it to you.
Take this.
What will they do to my mother?
Nothing much.
They need to investigate.
How will you go to the morgue?
Do you want me to take you?
I will take you there.
Why do you need to go there?
That poor girl has no one.
Somebody should accompany her.
So? What is it to us?
Why are you getting involved,
Mother, I was sitting
in the front. I know...
it was not a case of suicide.
- What happened?
- You have to go to the police station.
There's no problem as such.
From what the villagers said...
The police think that
it was a case of suicide.
But that girl?
Will she create any problems?
No madam!
She doesn't even know who her father is.
Don't you know?
Her mother had kept her shackled,
like an animal.
Look at what's going on nowadays.
Everybody is scared of getting robbed.
Nobody wears gold anymore.
What happened? Did you find anything?
Where are you going?
The doctor will be here soon.
- Hello!
- Sir..
There's a body here.
She died in an accident. A Muslim woman.
- Do you want me to come for the funeral?
- No, she has that sign on her arm.
Of the Oladhchakra.
Now it is time for you
to start eating by yourself.
Do you understand?
Open. Here.
Chew it nicely.
There is an article in the
Bangladesh Tribune.
Have you read it?
Did you note down the
point on Hussain Saab?
Bangladesh Tribune!
Yes, I have, sir.
Near Satkhira...
they have found some skulls,
of children.
So, this is nothing new.
It has happened before.
These bodies from the Liberation War...
God knows how many more are there.
Yes, but according to the report
they are not from the Liberation War...
they are from the Doomsday Movement.
Is it?
Sir, may I ask you something?
Have you ever seen a Djinn?
Grandpa, what is a Djinn?
What is a Djinn?
Explain it to him.
The naughty thoughts that you have...
Like, "I don't want to go to school!"
"I won't go to bed early!"
"I will disturb you when you are working!"
"I will talk about useless things."
This is the work of a Djinn...
What we call the devil.
- They are very dangerous. Eat this.
- More dangerous than Ifrit?
Eat yourself.
Greetings, Faris.
Alright, I'll be there.
'Near Satkhira...'
'They have found some skulls, of children.'
'According to the report,
they are from the Doomsday Movement.'
That's it...It's almost over.
Don't be scared.
It's only for a little while.
Bear the pain. It will be over soon.
Faris, how many are left?
Calm down, it will be alright.
Where do you live?
Who else is there at home?
Keep that back.
What are you doing? You will get hurt.
Keep it back, you will get hurt.
Did you hear me?
Give it to me. Give it back to me, now!
What happened, professor?
Where's that girl?
Find her!
Sharib, Shamsher, Rafiq! Let's go.
Keep a look out,
my house will be on the right.
Rubina Khatun?
Come here and sign.
Just a minute.
Is she the daughter?
Does she have any more daughters?
Or just one?
What is it to you?
I was just asking.
Oh madam, carry on!
She has been given a bath, come inside.
Please move aside.
Why is she lighting that?
Those...those sticks.
Those foul smelling sticks.
But those are incense sticks.
They smell good.
No, no. Stop them.
- Stop them now. I don't like it.
- Alright then...I will tell them.
Listen... that's enough.
Thank you. That's enough.
You leave.
I'll go by myself.
Just a minute.
Can you hold this, please?
Keep this with you.
Just take it, you will need it.
Alright then, I will leave.
Which way is the pond?
Okay, I can find my way from here.
Keep this with you.
You will need it now.
Come me.
Who are you?
My child...
Come here.
Come here, my child.
Come here.
He is coming to ask you for something.
You'll have to give it.
Is it working alright now?
I hope nothing has been left out.
Hi, are you busy?
Oh, it's you. No, tell me.
My mother would have called...
But I thought of telling you first.
I have agreed to the marriage.
Oh okay. I mean...
Actually, I wanted to tell
you something else as well.
Can we meet today?
My shift gets over at four o'clock.
Earlier, I would come here every year.
For the book fair.
It used to be so lovely here.
I don't know why they shifted it.
You wanted to tell me something?
That man I told you about...
The doctor with the bike?
Yes, him. The doctor with the bike.
Our affair...
Didn't end just like that.
We were serious about each other.
It lasted for four years. And then...
And then?
It just ended one day.
that you know about this,
will you refuse to marry me?
Actually, I have told my parents...
This is where she lives.
You go ahead, professor.
I will take care of it.
He will kill me...
He will kill me...
Please, save me.
Save me.
Take this.
Drink it.
Come on.
It is hot.
Blow on it.
Now tell me...
Who wants to kill you?
That...that man.
Who had got those foul smelling sticks.
Who is that man? Do you know him?
I had seen him when I was a little girl.
In the mountains...
Mother and I
used to live in the mountains.
He had come.
Mother untied me
and told me to run away.
Run, Ruku!
He was following us.
I ran and ran.
I was tired...but I kept on running.
We managed to escape.
Why did he want to kill you?
I don't know. Mother never told me.
Do you know his name?
How did you manage to come here?
I mean...
Did you walk all the way?
I ran.
Sorry. Take this medicine.
Why don't you apply it on your feet?
Do you want me to hold your glass?
Press the tube.
When did you wake up?
Do you want some tea?
So tell me,
do you want to go to the police?
The police must have informed him.
How do you know that?
The police knows where I live.
So do I.
Does that mean I've informed them?
Where will you go now?
Do you have any relatives?
Any place to go to?
Alright then...
You can stay here.
I will figure something out.
I am getting late for work.
You know what...
I will keep your food on the table.
Make sure you eat it.
Is it alright if I lock
the door from outside?
How will I cut my nails?
Hey, you fool!
- How are you, Faris?
- I am good, sir.
Have you spoken with Mr. Aalam?
He said it will take a couple of days.
She is spotted now and then.
But it is difficult
to bring her under control.
Tell me something Faris...
I hope we are not doing something wrong.
What are you talking about, professor?
This is the third
time that girl has escaped.
Before we started
the revolution, professor...
You had said...
To stop doomsday,
To stop Ifrit...
Was going to be a very difficult task.
This Ifrit...
What does it look like?
You can't see Ifrit.
You can only hear it breathe.
One can only see the
Kalapori (Black witch) which follows it.
She is the one
who delivers all it's messages.
Ifrit is invisible to us.
Are you inside?
What happened to you?
Why didn't you eat your lunch?
I wasn't hungry.
You haven't eaten all day.
What do you mean you were not hungry?
Come, let us eat together. Here...
Take this, it is for you.
Yes, for you.
Should I change the channel?
Do you want to watch a Bengali channel?
Do you understand this?
Let me see this.
Have you ever seen a television before?
Oh, yes.
I have found a welfare home for you.
I've been told it's very nice.
Tomorrow, when I leave for work,
I'll drop you there.
Eat this.
I won't go.
It is a nice place.
No! What if he comes there as well?
Nobody will follow you there.
You will be safe.
They have televisions there as well.
I won't go.
Rukhsana, please try to understand.
I cannot keep you here with me.
If my parents find out...
They won't find out.
I will be absolutely quiet...
just like a mouse.
Mother has taught me how.
They won't find out. Nobody will know.
Okay, you don't have to leave right now.
Please come out and eat your food.
What are you doing?
I was hungry.
Why are you eating from the garbage bin?
Are you crazy?
There is food in the refrigerator.
Do you want some more?
Is it enough?
Tell me if you want more.
This is all there is.
Is it enough?
It is bad.
Mother used to cough a lot.
I know it is bad.
Does this bother you?
Never know, with you...
You find incense sticks foul smelling.
It scares me.
Incense sticks?
Let me teach you something.
This will help you.
Press one side of your nose
with your finger, like this.
And take a deep breath
from the other side.
Then press the second side and
breathe out from the first one.
Come on, try it.
Don't press both sides together. Yes...
Get up! Get up!
- I haven't done anything.
- Haven't done anything?
You've been a prostitute for three years.
Now you pretend to be innocent?
Do you take me for a fool?
"I'm trying to find a mention of you
In my silence"
"I speak not but how voluble is my silence"
"Why should these burning words
Turn to frost on my lips"
"You are the answer to the questions raised by my silence
If only you would listen."
"I'm trying to find a mention of you
In my silence."
"I speak not but how voluble is my silence."
"My heart a moth, flies I know not where
While your flame gently burns by its side."
"It is time to set the weight of dreams
lightly on the pillow"
"And follow the trail that will lead you to my heart."
"I'm trying to find a mention of you
In my silence."
"I speak not but how voluble is my silence."
Here, please have some sweets.
Babai, take some for Piyali.
Are these yours?
Yes. Mother has kept them carefully.
Thank you.
They're still in good condition.
Didn't your friends break any of these?
No, I have never had this problem.
I've never had friends.
What do you mean you've never had friends?
I mean, I didn't have any.
I didn't speak to other people.
I spoke so rarely that mother
was afraid that I'd lose my voice.
And when there were guests at home...
You would hide under the bed, wouldn't you?
Your mother told me this.
I would refuse to come out,
no matter how hard they tried.
Rukhsana? What is wrong?
Go away! Leave me alone!
- I'll get a doctor.
- No, you won't.
Rukhsana! Don't be childish, come outside.
I will be alright.
Leave me alone now.
Rukhsana, please let me help you.
You won't be able to do anything.
This happens to me sometimes.
Once a month...
Mr. Aalam has sent us.
Uncle, please save me.
They have tied me to this spot.
They hit me...
Abuse me.
They say I am some
Please help me, uncle.
Get me out of here.
Save me, uncle.
Help me...
What do you want?
You bastard!
Where did you find this?
Do you want to know where she is?
Why should I tell you?
I want something in return.
What are you willing to give?
Will you give me a child?
Tell me, old man.
Will you...
make me pregnant?
Tell me...
since you have such fire within you...
why don't you give me some?
Give me a child.
You, old man...
Will you give me a child?
Give me...give me a child. Give...
Ready to talk?
Don't you dare lie to me.
Else, you won't even get a place in hell,
after I'm done with you.
A flower...
She has blossomed.
She has put oil in her hair today.
Where is she?
I don't know.
But she is happy.
She has just spewed out the poison.
She is calm now.
What is it?
There is a boy with her now.
A boy? Who?
I don't know.
You don't know or do you
not want to tell me?
He is young.
I am sure he loves her as well.
It is accomplished.
Soon she will accomplish
what she was born to do.
She won't be able to.
Hey old man...
She will devour...
All of you, one by one.
Spread the blood...
Spread the bloodline...
Are you alright?
You scared me last night.
What are you sketching?
Good morning.
Good morning.
So, what time did you
get back last night?
Around eleven-thirty.
- Did you manage to get a train at night?
- Yes, I got a train.
The, the second last one.
In the rain?
Yes, it was raining very heavily.
I hope you didn't get wet.
Hello? What happened?
No, nothing.
You know what, a lot of
people are falling sick now.
You might fall ill if you get wet.
You live alone.
This is happening often nowadays.
In Salt Lake, thieves broke into a
house after poisoning their dog.
Mrs. Pakrashi...
What is that mark on the neck?
Dabru knew...
He was about to die.
He was not eating
properly last two days.
Don't worry, you go out.
I will manage.
Spread the blood...
Spread the bloodline...
Let me go! Leave me! Let me go!
Spread the blood...
Spread the bloodline...
What have you done?
I searched...but I couldn't find it.
The nail cutter. I couldn't find it.
So you used a knife?
Are you mad?
It will heal.
Shut up! What will I tell everybody,
if something happens to you?
Nothing will happen to me.
Nothing happens to me.
Oh...take this.
Forgive me.
I should be the one
asking for forgiveness.
I am really sorry.
Why did you throw away my cigarettes?
Because you threw them away...
I hid this, just for fun.
I didn't throw them away.
You didn't throw them away?
So you didn't?
You didn't?
Do you want some tea?
- Hello!
- Yes? I'll call you back?
- Okay.
- Yeah.
She keeps calling you.
That girl...
Who was asking you the other day...
'What time did you return home?'
I don't like her.
Don't speak to her.
Hello, Mr. Arnab.
Do you know a girl named Rukhsana?
Who? Who is Rukhsana?
Hey, didn't you come with that
girl to the morgue the other day?
Want me to remind you? You liar!
Her mother is the one who
had an accident with your car.
- Oh, okay, that girl?
- Yes that girl.
Yes, but why are you asking me all this?
Isn't she living with you nowadays?
What nonsense is this!
Why will she live with me?
Her mother died in that accident.
You probably feel
responsible for her now.
It was a case of suicide.
Everybody knows that.
Are you accusing me?
I'm just trying to tell you something.
That girl does not deserve your sympathy.
She is not a human.
She is a fairy.
Not the kind you read about
in children's fairytales.
She is the daughter of Ifrit.
Conceived during the time of Oladhchakra,
She is very dangerous.
We've been searching for her for a long time.
- Are you mad?
Who are you people?
Who let you in? Security! Security!
Mr. Arnab, you misunderstand my words.
That fairy is not as helpless
and delicate as she seems.
She will make you fall in love with her.
And you will get trapped
in her web of lies.
What is this?
How did you let these people in?
- Get them out of here.
- Come on! Let's go!
Mr. Arnab, she's the one
who has kept you close to her...
- And not the other way around.
- Please leave!
Where? Huh?
Because she needs you for something.
The day she gets it,
she will lovingly devour you.
I see...she already has.
Following me, huh?
- What...what do you want?
- What the hell is your problem?
Should I call the police?
- Will I call the police?
- You want to call the police?
What happened to you?
Why are those men searching for you?
What do they want?
Who did this to you?
Those men...I have no idea
what they were talking about.
Oladhchakra, Ifrit...some fairy...
What on earth are all these?
Is this some kind of a trap?
Who did this to you?
Are you trying to set me up?
Who did this to you?
That bloody man from the morgue.
I fought back...
Forget about it.
Now tell me...
Are you setting up a trap?
Sir...please listen to me.
He caught hold of me.
Yes! I surreptitiously followed him.
I swear!
Sir, I don't know
how that bugger found out!
Hey Prahlaad!
Prahlaad! You scoundrel!
Who did this?
What happened?
How are you feeling?
Much better.
I've been trying to call you.
I'm so sorry, it was very late
by the time I got back last night
I've been trying from last night...
But your phone...
Where are you now? Are you at home?
- Yes, I am.
- Someone is coming.
One minute...just hold.
- What?
- There's someone there.
- No, there isn't.
- There is. - No.
Yes, I'll just be there.
Come with me.
- Why is she here?
- Please...just listen to me. Please...
- Please stay inside.
- Why?
No matter what,
don't come out of the room.
I thought you wouldn't open...
What happened to you?
Nothing, just a small accident.
You had an accident and
you didn't tell me about it!
- Did you go to a doctor?
- Yes.
Let me see.
Which doctor did you visit?
He didn't even bandage the wound.
Do you have some bandage at home?
No, just let it be. It's fine now.
Okay, I'll get the bandage. come with me.
Sit down. Here, in this room.
I'll get it.
By the way...
I was so upset with you yesterday.
I had to tell you something
very important.
I tried to call you so many times!
But you didn't receive my calls.
This room is nice.
Did you sketch these?
Oh wow!
You didn't tell me that
you're an artist as well.
Will you make a sketch? Of me.
Sit here. Come, give this to me.
It's done.
Are you scared?
Want to try yoga?
- You...
- Dear one.
When you love someone,
you address them like this.
- Oh...I am sorry, I didn't mean to...
- No, I am sorry. I shouldn't have...
No, actually...
How did you get up there?
Call me dear one.
- Rukh...Rukhsana...wait...
- Shh...
Piyali? Just listen to me!
Piyali, please.
I thought you were an honest guy.
That is why I had agreed...
I didn't want to hide anything from you.
I had come here to tell you something.
But you are the one
hiding things from me.
- I feel like such a fool!
- Piyali, that's not true. Please...
What were you thinking?
Just because of one mistake,
You think you can do whatever you want?
There is nothing between us, okay?
Come on, leave...just leave!
If you don't, I'll throw you out.
I won't leave!
Forgive me.
Please, forgive me.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
What do you think?
She didn't spew much poison.
It wasn't for keeping
herself alive, Faris.
Just enough to kill him.
Kalapori was wrong.
It is not the boy...
it is the girl who has fallen in love.
Can I take these?
Where will you go?
The people from that welfare home
have asked you to go on Monday.
'Another incident that shows the
rising crime rate in our city.'
'Last night at Katapukur Morgue,
the body of an employee was discovered.'
'Name of the employee was Kanai Sahoo.'
'With us is another employee,
who claims to have seen a girl...'
'Let us talk to him.'
- Hello?
- I'm calling off this wedding.
Please don't keep calling me.
'In 1990, certain reports from the
Satkhira district of Bangladesh...
'had spread fear among the people.'
'Several minor girls were
reported to be missing...'
'from the areas around
Satkhira district.'
'It is believed that a satanic group called
Oladhchakra was behind these abductions.'
'The objective of this group was
to continue the lineage of Ifrit.'
Spread the blood...
Spread the bloodline...
'When the news of this
demonic monster spread...'
'It gave rise to a movement
against the Oladhchakra...'
'Doomsday Movement.'
'This movement was led by Qasim Ali,
a professor at Dhaka University.'
'The public was supportive
of this movement...'
'But due to their extremist
methods and actions...'
'The government declared
the group illegal and banned them.'
'Ifrit is the most
dangerous Djinn.'
'You can't see Ifrit.'
'You can only hear it breathe.'
'Ifrit is capable of having
sexual relations with human beings.'
'As a result of which, women
can give birth to its child.'
'These children are born within a month
of the lunar calendar...'
'Instead of the usual nine months.'
'They are born without
an umbilical cord or a navel.'
'Poison runs in the
veins of these children...'
'And if they don't get rid of the
poison once a month, they die.'
'The sole purpose of these beings is
to give birth to more such children...'
'And continue this demonic line.'
Spread the blood...
Spread the bloodline...
Where were you?
What happened?
She...she was back!
She is calling me.
Please don't leave me and go.
I am so scared.
If you want to stay here with me, then...
Can you feel it?
Feel what?
I am pregnant.
I can hear someone coming.
Go, the door is open.
Why are you still sitting here?
Shut the door.
Arnab, someone is coming.
Arnab! Don't go away!
He...will kill me!
He will kill me. Don't go.
Save me!
He will kill our child, Arnab!
How long...?
It will take time.
It takes time to kill them.
We will inform you.
That's it...enough.
Look what they have done to you!
Just see...
what these idiots have done!
Wait, don't move.
So, we finally meet...
Even if it's for the last time.
Oh, Babai!
Piyali's father had called us.
- What happened between the two of you?
- What happened?
Hey! Babai!
Babai, tell us what hapened at least.
What happened Babai?
What is this boy doing?
Keep on hitting her.
As she gets more and more angry...
The poison in her will increase.
We will kill her
with her own poison.
It took us so long
to find this last one.
Let her suffer before she dies.
She deserves it.
Babai, my child!
See who is here. Open the door...
Strange, she has been knocking
on the door for so long and you...
Why are you doing all this?
You haven't left the
room in three weeks.
Everyone is blaming me!
What else could I have done,
after what happened?
Go outside right now and
tell everybody the truth!
- If you don't, then I...
- Truth?
About that girl.
- Then maybe...
- She isn't just a girl.
She is a monster.
Ifrit's daughter.
How much longer will it take?
Not long now.
Just a few hours more.
All I know is that...
She is carrying my child.
And I left her all alone...
to die.
So who is the monster here?
Is it her or me?
there is a monster in all of us.
Do you remember?
I wanted to tell you
something the other day...
about my affair with that man.
The doctor with the bike?
Our affair didn't end just like that.
I was pregnant.
At first...
everything was alright.
Suddenly, he called me
up one day and said...
he couldn't carry on.
That's all he said.
had to do it by myself.
It had already been three months.
I had even heard the heartbeat
during sonography.
Every time I put my hand on my stomach...
I could feel it.
I still do.
Yes, tell me.
Piyali, where are you?
I just...reached home.
Just hold for a minute.
Hello! Hello Piyali?
Sorry, the key had got stuck.
Close all the doors and
windows of the house.
Why? What happened?
She is still alive.
She will come for you.
- What? How do you...?
- Listen to me.
Don't open the door...for anybody,
till I come there.
Open your mouth and
take a deep breath.
Like this, a deep breath.
Keep breathing...
I can see the head. Push...push harder.
Push... push harder.
Push harder.
Are you alright?
Why didn't you answer my call?
She is gone.
She left the child with
me and went away.
After the delivery,
I went in to get some towels...
She had left by the time I returned.
I wonder where she has gone.
Why have you come here?
Go away!
Go away from here!
Do you hear me?
Don't come near me!
They understand everything.
They know when
I have to spew out the poison.
But they never desert me.
Please forgive me, Rukhsana.
I was scared.
But with my child...
You don't need to be scared.
He is not like me.
Don't be afraid of him.
That child was born with a
navel and an umbilical cord.
This was probably because his birth was...
not the outcome of Ifrit's malevolence...
but Rukhsana's love.
Rukhsana had made a
sudden appearance in my life...
and one fine day, she disappeared.
She probably went back to the place...
where all fairies return to...
after the story ends.