Paris Can Wait (2016) Movie Script

No, no.
No, we're leaving Cannes now.
Hey, Budapest
could be huge for us.
They say we'll cut
production costs in half!
No, a vacation can wait.
Yeah, Annie knows.
She understands.
Oh, right, I met with Mr.
Yamamoto this morning.
He finally said yes to our deal.
Yeah. I almost threw
my back out bowing.
Okay, later.
You have no idea
how good this tastes
after seaweed and fish.
Why can't the Japanese distributors
just serve croissants?
I mean, we're in France,
for Christ sakes.
Can I offer you some
delicious cold coffee?
Let me see.
I gotta keep packing.
You okay?
Oh, I'll be fine,
it's just my ears, you know.
Oh, come on, One hundred camels?
Where the hell are we gonna get
100 camels, for Christ sakes?
What does the script say?
Goats. I thought so. And those
Moroccan goats work cheap.
You tell the director,
no more creativity.
He's gonna use
the goddamn goats...
And he's lucky
he still has a job. Okay?
Have I mentioned that overseas
production is a bitch?
Seriously, Twelve Euros
for a bottle of water.
And look, they charged you for a
hamburger and a cheese sandwich.
Well, I wanted a cheeseburger,
but I couldn't order one...
So, I got both
and I made my own.
Honey, what are you
working so hard for
if your wife can't have a
cheeseburger when she wants one?
Baby, I'd buy you
a billion cheeseburgers,
but you know how much I
hate wasteful extravagance.
Ah, yes. Because your cufflinks
were such a bargain.
Have you seen that book I, uh...
Thank you.
Now let me check
those little ears.
So sweet.
Yeah. Okay.
I'll be right down.
Honey, would you
call the bellman?
Have him come up
and get my bags.
We're sorry, all lines are busy.
Excuse me.
Oh, sorry.
Madame, I'm so sorry.
Would you please
hold this under Lockwood?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
It was my real dream to act.
And so I went to Paris
seven years ago.
And it was
a wonderful experience.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
I enjoyed
talking to you. Good luck.
Pleasure to meet you, too.
Hi, honey.
Bonjour, Anne.
Hello, Jacques.
You're all set. I've checked you
out and the car is waiting.
You look lovely.
She does, doesn't she?
Come on.
Mr. Lockwood,
can I have a photo?
Thank you.
Your driver is here.
I read the script.
And I'm telling you,
it could be a little classic,
and it's commercial, too.
Classic and commercial?
Come on. Let's go produce it!
Only for a minute.
What's the matter?
What the hell?
Oh, Michael, you know I am
not a whiner, but my ears...
Oh, baby, I'm sorry.
You'll be able to rest
when we get to Budapest.
And wait till you see
where we're staying.
It's Mario.
Uh, what's my inseam?
34 inches.
86 centimeters.
The food on the plane will not be food.
So I got you something good.
Try this sausage.
The old man in that
shop makes it himself.
And look at this Dijon mustard.
It's Edmond Fallot.
The best in France!
Anne, here are some
drops for your ears.
Thank you, Jacques.
Our director in Morocco
has gone completely crazy.
He's into double
overtime every day.
He seduced his leading lady but
now they're fighting on the set.
It's a nightmare.
Yes, but he's had
three straight hits.
Relax, we can trust him.
What's he doing now?
I don't know.
Smell that perfume!
And it's full of vitamins!
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I can't believe
Laszlo sent this.
I told you he wants to
be in business with us.
Be careful, because
he's not a generous man.
I notice your ears
seem to be bothering you.
Well, yes.
I must warn you that the cabin
pressure can be quite painful.
I don't recommend you fly today.
Thank you.
Michael, I think
I should skip Budapest
and just go straight to Paris.
I mean, you're gonna be working
the whole time anyway.
Well, honey, I'm just sorry I didn't
know you were feeling so bad.
May I make a suggestion?
I'll take care of her.
I have meetings
tomorrow morning in Paris
and I'm driving back now.
Oh, that's fine. I can
take the train, it's fine.
Everybody's leaving Cannes today.
The trains are full.
So, let me drive you.
That's very generous,
but you sure it's okay with you?
You'll be there by dinner time.
Look, I don't bite.
- You rest up in Paris.
- I'll call you tonight.
Baby, I love you. Uh...
Hold on one second please.
I gotta go. Bye.
This is a lovely car.
Yes. She's with me for a long time.
No, no, no, no.
You need lunch. Come.
I like to stay here
when I'm in Cannes,
away from
the crowd at the beach.
It's a beautiful day.
Are you nervous?
Maybe. A little bit.
We've never actually
been alone together.
So you didn't believe me
when I said I don't bite.
Uh, would you like
a glass of wine?
No, no.
No, no. Thank you.
When in France.
You'll like this wine,
it's Chateauneuf-du-Pape.
Ooh. That's good!
This wine goes well with your
ham de Bayonne and melon.
It's delicious!
I know it's rude, but, Anne, I
may have to take some calls.
It's okay.
I'm used to it.
You shouldn't be.
Anne, a deal offer is like a souffle.
It's all about timing.
Yes, you don't
want it to collapse.
No, tell him I'm not in unless
the UK comes in for 30%.
Well, then,
tell him to go to hell!
Excuse me a minute.
Anne, I need a credit card.
Do you have one?
Don't you have a credit card?
Oh, I have many.
I explain later.
Just to hold the hotel
reservation until we get there.
Did you say hotel?
Jacques, we're going to Paris.
Of course, of course,
but you need rest.
There is a fine inn
with an excellent restaurant.
And it's truffle season!
It doesn't work?
I need to open the door for you.
So how are your ears?
Oh, I hope those drops
will help. Thank you.
Mozart, we couldn't do better.
So let's pretend we don't
know where we're going
or even who we are.
Oh, brother.
Oh. You see that
mountain over there?
It's St. Victoire.
Do you see that truck
right in front of us!
It's a major
landmark of this region,
and a favorite subject
for many writers and artists.
Cezanne captured it perfectly.
I saw a beautiful exhibition of his
work last year in aix-en-Provence.
That's great.
Oh, it must have
been incredible to see.
Cezanne's paintings
here in this light.
The ones that I know at the met in
New York, they look a little sad.
You know, as if they don't
really want to be there.
I like to stop about every hour.
Stretch my legs
and have a cigarette.
It's been 42 minutes.
She gets thirsty.
I hope my smoking
isn't bothering you.
Ah. Actually it
reminds me of my father.
He smoked two packs
of camel cigarettes a day.
He died at 56.
Oh. See that
hilltop over there?
See those old stone walls
and that castle?
The Romans were
all through this area.
Did you know that this
region is called Provence
because it was
a province of Rome?
Yes. Ha.
Michael and I have flown from
the south of France to Paris,
but we've never driven.
Driving is the only way
to see a country.
I've always wanted to see
the lavender in bloom.
It's gorgeous!
I'll show you something.
Anne, you know, I'm happy
to be here with you
because it's the first time I've
come back here since I was a kid.
Oh, my god!
It's incredible.
It's part of an aqueduct
built when the Romans
were at the height
of their power,
just to impress their subjects.
Well, I'm impressed.
Two-thousand years ago? Yeah.
They were great stonemasons.
People canoe on this river.
That sounds fun.
I can't remember the last time
Michael and I played
hooky for the afternoon.
You've got to taste the Noisette, Nocciola.
Mmm, it's great.
And you must try the Cassis.
And Fraise Des Bois.
That's pretty good.
Look, wild lupine.
We have wild lupine
in California.
Oh, yes, but you can't eat them.
Well, no.
Look at the wild dandelions.
Mmm. With a little olive oil, crushed
anchovies, salt and pepper...
They make a marvelous salad.
I'm sure the Romans ate them.
Does everything
remind you of eating?
Stay, please.
The light is perfect.
Turn a little.
Oh, yes.
Now come in close.
It's great.
Oh, yeah.
This is Erik Satie.
He was a very eccentric man.
Did you know he never
washed his shirts?
So, his wife did them?
No, he did not have a wife.
No, not everyone has to
have a wife to be happy.
So, when his shirts got dirty,
he just threw them away.
I'm not French.
Yes, that is correct.
Our dinner reservation is in 45 minutes.
Can you be ready?
I'll meet you downstairs.
Bonsoir, madame.
I was thinking about you.
Yeah, what were you thinking?
About your sweet little ears.
So how's Paris?
I'm actually not there yet.
Why, what happened?
Nothing, really. Jacques
wanted to stop for the night.
He what?
Look, he's not
the greatest driver.
It's probably a good thing we're
not on the roads after dark.
Hey, don't forget,
he's a Frenchman.
How's Budapest?
The hotel is great. It has an
amazing view of the Danube.
How are you feeling?
Those ear drops
are really helping.
What ear drops?
Michael, let's go on a real
vacation, just the two of us.
Yeah, my phone not invited.
Honey, I think I'm getting
my back thing again.
Do you know where
my pill pack is?
It's in the pocket of your kit.
I looked there.
It's on the inside zip one.
Okay, thanks.
You're the best.
Uh, what time do you think
you'll get to Paris tomorrow?
Early afternoon, I guess.
Okay. Call me when
you get there. Love you.
All right. Love you, too.
I'm sorry, I don't speak French.
I'm sorry.
What did he say?
He said, "you're very lucky to
be having dinner with Jacques."
The chef here was famous
for roast baby lamb.
What looks good to you, Anne?
Everything looks good.
I can't decide.
You don't have to.
I'm full already.
The wines of the region
are condrieu and cote-rotie.
We'll have them both.
This looks great!
So, Michael tells me you've
closed your dress shop.
Yes. My partner moved to
London with her husband.
I couldn't keep it open by myself.
Do you miss it?
I miss our customers
and all the pretty clothes.
But I'm ready to
try something new.
What interests you now?
I notice you take
a lot of pictures.
Those are just for fun.
I started taking photos
for our shop announcements.
And now I can't stop.
Another one.
I did this with our daughter,
Alexandra, when she was little.
I remember her. She liked
to wear your red shoes.
You remember that?
I still have those shoes.
So when was the last time
you wore them?
How old is she now?
She's 18.
Here's a picture of her
high school graduation.
She's at u.C.
Santa Barbara, now.
It's her second
semester away from home.
She has lovely eyes...
Like her mother.
Her mother is so used to juggling
work and taking care of her...
I don't know what
I'm gonna do with myself.
But you have so much to offer.
It's a great time for you now.
It is?
Yes, of course.
What makes you
dance in the street?
You're beautiful.
You're an interesting woman.
Oh, come on.
I saw all the men in Cannes
drooling over those young girls.
Come on.
They're just pop-tarts.
You, you're chocolate
creme brulee.
Yes, that's you. Brulee.
Oh, let me
introduce you to Anne.
This is Carole.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Sorry for intruding.
I just heard that
Jacques was here.
Enjoy your dinner.
Thank you.
I used to come here.
I got to know Carole.
Yeah, that was clear.
She's the owner's niece.
Of course.
Why do flowers smell
so much better in France
than they do in the us?
Because we're in France.
In America they look lovely but
they smell like a refrigerator.
It's true.
Roses are my favorite.
Yes, but their scent mustn't
intrude on the aroma of the wine.
Did you know that
it was the Romans
who started
winemaking in France?
I did not know that,
my tour guide.
Ooh, la, la?
You'll see.
So Dorade Royale is
what you call snapper.
Mmm-hmm. It has little
teeth like a baby
and it comes from the Atlantic.
Mmm. That's
a pretty dress, brulee.
Is it from your store?
Actually, it's French.
Normally I have
a passion for textiles.
And what else do you
have a passion for?
Very expensive jewelry.
Yeah, like that, uh, fancy
bracelet I see you wearing.
Actually this was given to me
by a chef in Barcelona.
We ate the best seafood in the world.
Fresh barnacles, giant crabs.
He wore it to remind himself
of his humble beginnings,
and how extraordinary it is
to be eating like we are.
I never take it off.
Are you trying to get me drunk?
That's naughty.
Just drink what you feel like.
The lamb and
the veal are milk fed.
This is the best time of the
year to eat young animals.
Yes, well it's also the best
time to eat young carrots.
So, why have you never married?
I heard you had a girlfriend
and she was a marvelous chef and
she had her own little restaurant.
She sounded perfect for you.
Well, uh,
that was a long time ago.
Well, what happened?
We were right for
each other, but...
there were circumstances.
Not all things are meant to be.
Yes, well,
love isn't always fair.
Why is that?
It will never make sense to me.
Jacques, I can't eat much more.
This cheese is made from
unpasteurized milk.
It's alive and very healthy.
Your cheese in America is pasteurized.
It's dead.
It goes into your stomach
like a ball of fat.
Is that why you
French people can eat
all the butter
and cheese you want
and never gain weight?
Yes, and we drink more red wine.
Of course, we are more romantic.
Oh. Is that so?
So, brulee, you know
my vice, it's smoking.
Now you must confess yours.
Oh, my gosh.
That is the last time
I ever tell you the truth.
Just taste.
Just eat what you feel like.
You know, unlike smoking,
there are studies that say that
chocolate is good for you.
You Americans always have to
have a reason for everything.
We eat what we enjoy.
Mmm. Mmm.
Michael called me just before
we came down for dinner.
He's worried about us
here together.
Are you?
Should I be?
Well, I don't know.
In a long marriage, after
your child leaves home...
Are you happy?
We have a good marriage...
No, that's not what I asked you.
Are you happy?
Well, sure.
From Michael's call, I know
that he somehow mistrusts us.
Perhaps he mistrusts himself.
Is he faithful?
Oh, well, you probably
know better than I.
He had quite a reputation and...
Well, we went through
some hard times.
And have you made
peace with your life?
What kind of question is that?
I think it's a good question.
Have you made
peace with yourself
and your marriage the way it is?
Don't worry, it's okay.
I'm such a klutz.
We French, we have a different
attitude about marriage
than you Americans.
Oh, and what is that?
We are practical.
We're loyal to family
and to marriage...
But we are human, and we follow
our natural human passions.
Well, we must seem
boringly puritanical to you.
And guilty. Guilt is
bad for your digestion.
Well, how would you say
Michael's digestion is?
He's an attractive man,
and women do outrageous
things to get into movies.
Once, a wannabe starlet came
to our table at the beach.
Michael had taken off his shoes.
She picked one up, poured
champagne in it and toasted him.
Michael felt her desperation.
So, as he sent her away,
he gave her his rose gold Rolex.
He didn't have to do that.
I gave him that watch.
He told me he lost it.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to upset you.
Bonjour, madame.
I didn't go.
My ears were killing me, so Jacques
offered to drive me to Paris.
Excuse me? Jacques?
Michael let you go
with a man named "Jacques"?
Suzanne, come on.
Michael trusts me.
You're driving across France with
Jacques, and you didn't call me?
When are you picking me up?
He's a flirt. And he eats
too much and he smokes.
So do I. We're perfect
for each other.
Is he adorable?
Yeah. But I came on this trip to
spend some time with Michael.
Yeah, and look where you are.
Seize the moment.
Just make sure
he doesn't leave you
stranded along
the road somewhere.
Yeah, right.
Gotta go.
Good morning, brulee.
So, how are you feeling?
Much better, thank you.
My earache's nearly gone thanks
to those marvelous ear drops.
And the medicinal quality
of fine French wine.
Ha! No doubt.
And the hot chocolate was a
very nice touch, thank you.
I haven't had any
hot chocolate for breakfast
since I was at girl scout camp.
How did you sleep?
Oh, well.
I noticed you're
not wearing any socks.
Oh, yes.
You see everything.
I didn't pack any
so I washed the ones
I was wearing,
but they are not dry.
Well, I happen to
have some of Michael's.
He left them at the hotel.
Would you like them?
Oh, well, why not.
I know what it means to walk in
another man's shoes, but his socks?
I'd like to pay
for my room last night.
Actually, I need your credit
card, if you don't mind.
I discovered my envelope
of cash went back to Paris
with my assistant by mistake.
So I had to leave the charges of
our rooms and dinner on your card.
You know, my name
is quite common in France,
and unfortunately, someone
using the same name has been
charging on false cards.
Until it is fixed,
I have to use cash.
I have enough for gas and little
things, but not for hotel and dinner.
I will reimburse you
as soon as we get to Paris.
So I have good news.
My friend got us a lunch
reservation in Lyon
at the restaurant with a new chef
who's got outstanding reviews.
Jacques, that sounds wonderful,
but I thought we'd be
in Paris by now.
Paris can wait.
We can't leave without taking
a look at the pyramid,
as they call it here.
Of course not.
Two-thousand years ago this marked
the center of a Roman circus.
Can you feel the chariots racing
right here where we're standing?
That's so amazing!
It's not really a pyramid,
but, it's more...
Birds live in here.
Do you play "I spy"?
Sounds dangerous.
It's a game I used to play
with Alexandra on road trips.
I spy something with four legs.
I spy something
with two lovely legs.
Come on.
Game over.
Not yet.
Where the hell have you been?
A friend lives very nearby. She
has a garden full of roses.
Excuse me.
Please, come in.
We'll have their perfume
until the rest of our trip.
This is a perfect time to be
traveling through this region.
The Rhone river is nearby.
We can turn off and have a look.
Are we ever going
to get to Paris?
Let's pretend we have
a year to get there.
Most of the people don't realize
there are many
delicious things to eat
growing right under their noses.
Look, it's wild fennel.
Catch a trout,
grill it on a bed of that,
and you have something really...
Oh, my god!
I have no idea what's wrong.
But look where we are,
in this beautiful countryside!
Let's have a picnic!
Jacques, I need to get to
Paris, and we have a problem.
Our problem
isn't going anywhere.
I brought a few things
from the hotel.
Come on.
Alex, honey,
is everything all right? It's
the middle of the night there.
What, what's the matter?
Noah is such a jerk!
What? What, what, what?
He finally asks me to hang out,
so, like,
I meet him at Dugan's pub,
and he brings his
two Stoner roommates.
Honey, he was
probably just nervous.
Boys don't always know what
they're doing, not even big boys.
Sometimes you need
to take the lead.
That's so lame.
May I remind you, this is a
great time in your life?
Mom, I hear birds.
Where are you?
I'm driving to Paris with one of
your dad's business partners.
Ugh. That sounds so boring.
Oh, my god, you have no idea.
Look, I've been thinking about
your birthday. I have some ideas.
Yeah? Okay.
Alex called.
Is she okay?
Well, she will be.
It's about a boy.
I don't have all the answers,
but I try to slip her a little
advice when she lets me.
I have a feeling
you have a lot of answers.
See? Wild watercress.
I just found it.
Mmm. It's perfect,
not hot and peppery
as it can get
later in the season.
Taste it.
Oh, no.
Come on, try it.
Taste the wild flavor
straight from nature.
It's good.
Ah. You see?
Look at that.
And this one here.
So, you've just made
a five-star picnic.
Try this.
Oh, wait.
This is so beautiful.
But what about the car?
She'll wait for us to eat.
Try them all.
I don't need to try everything
to know what I like.
It's the first time
I tried sudoku.
I like it, but I got stuck.
Teach me your tricks.
You, um, look for triplets.
You see the pattern?
You can find it when
you see three in a row.
I start puzzles,
but I'm not sure I have what
it takes to finish them.
I think you do.
You know, let's pretend we
are in that Manet painting,
Le dejeuner Sur I'herbe.
See? The car
is still waiting.
Now we have a problem.
I don't think it's the radiator.
I wouldn't know.
Well, of course
you wouldn't know.
There's nothing
to eat under here.
Oh, my god.
Fan belt!
Well, yeah.
Do you have your pocket knife?
All right, here.
Hold this.
Turn around.
Turn around.
Once I saw a woman
on YouTube doing this.
It looked simple at the time.
Take that side.
That one.
Okay, cut it
where your thumb is.
All right.
Right over left.
I hope I did that right.
All right, you're gonna
have to fit this
around where the fan belt goes.
Try it.
Uh, where?
Well, it's gotta
go under the thing.
Okay, okay, I can see.
Around the other side.
It's gotta go
over the whole thing.
Now it's too loose.
I need your knife again.
All right, I think
I got that right.
Maybe not.
Try that.
All the way. Is it all the way?
It's okay. Let's see
if actually it works.
You American women
are ingenious!
What's he say?
He said, "you're a very
clever woman."
Now, let's pretend we're driving
straight to Paris in a car that works.
And we don't need another thing
to eat or drink for a month.
This car is designed to make
you lose your appetite.
Well, it has airbags.
And I can play my music.
I'm sure you know this band.
They're French.
Alex gave this to me. She saw
them play at the Hollywood bowl.
Yes, it's Phoenix.
Oh, I just hope my car
can rise from the ashes.
Well, this is Lyon.
We are in the heart of France.
So how far are we from Paris?
Be honest.
Not far.
We have a stop first.
Well, this is
L'institut Lumiere,
and the two Lumiere brothers,
they lived here
when they
invented cinematography.
The director is
a friend of mine.
Anne has come all the way from
America to see your museum.
I'm Anne.
Well, let's go, then.
Anne, Martine and I
have business to discuss,
so, she organized
a tour for you.
Philippe will
show you our museum.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Right this way, please.
Then we'll move to this one.
This is, uh, the cinematographe,
which is the very first camera.
It was invented by Louis and
Auguste Lumiere in 1895.
It is also a projector.
And then you have a model of
the first public projection.
And the Lumiere brothers, um, thought
their invention had no future.
Apparently they were wrong.
Well, that concludes our tour.
Thank you.
Um, I'm sorry, I have to go, but
you're free to visit the gift shop.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Martine is joining us for lunch.
On the way I'll show you the
best market in all of France.
Sausage from here.
Mmm. Thank you.
Very good. It's the best one.
And look,
the very best ingredients.
All the chefs come here.
You know that there used to
be worms in, uh, old cheese?
Worms? In the cheese?
Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm.
So you had in the same time
cheese and the meat.
This family has been selling
cheese for over 200 years.
Look at Les fromages de chevre.
This is goat cheese.
There is so many
different kinds.
My favorite is,
uh, crottin de chavignol.
Thank you.
Be my guest.
- It's great, no?
- Mmm.
No worms.
No worms.
It's tasty, no?
You know, they found fava
beans in the Egyptian tombs.
Jacques, remember those
divine fava beans we had
in that marvelous
little place in Palermo?
Mmm. And in Sardinia,
we had pureed favas
served with those delicious
wild bitter Greens.
Hmm? Hmm.
It seems to me
that the two of you
would like a chance to catch up.
And I'm not very hungry, so I think
I'm gonna take a little walk.
No, no.
Oh, no, no, it's fine.
Please, please, sit down.
No, you two catch up.
Absolutely not. You've got to taste
this food. Please, sit down.
All right.
Here, these are delicious.
They've changed chefs,
but the snails are still good.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
You must never
cook a dead snail, never.
They must always
be cooked alive.
It's true.
It's a nightmare
how they kill snails.
They put some salt and get
rid of all this bile.
You need to purge the snails
before you cook them.
They have to
empty the intestines.
This is a roasted cock
from bresse, yes?
And usually it has blue feet.
This is the best in France.
Yes, and look...
They serve the breast first
and cook the legs a little
longer, to perfection.
And, oh, you have to
eat it with rissoles,
potatoes fried in duck fat.
And this is morel, mushrooms.
That is a beautiful shawl, Martine.
Where did you get it?
It belonged to
my Russian grandmother.
It's full of moth holes,
but I still love it.
Well, it's a beautiful example
of early-1900s Paisley.
Well, if you're
interested in fabrics,
there is an excellent textile
museum a few blocks away.
You should go and see it.
Don't you think so, Jacques?
No, no, please,
we're going to Paris.
Please don't give him any ideas.
Jacques, this has to be
our last stop.
- Okay?
- All right.
Look at this exquisite embroidery
from the 18th century! Huh.
Can you believe it
was all done by a man?
Of course it was.
Come see his picture.
Here he is!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Oh.
You're naughty
because I think you knew.
Well, I've got to
go back to work.
Anne, don't be in a hurry
to go back to Paris.
You'll never forget
your travels with Jacques.
Trust me.
That was a very
touching goodbye.
I told her to get a pair
of sensible shoes. Hmm.
Of course you did.
Okay, Jacques.
I've had enough detours.
It's straight to
Paris now, right?
Let's hear more of your music.
When I see the first new moon,
faint in the twilight...
I think of the moth eyebrows
of a girl I saw only once.
A haiku.
The changing of
the moon reminds me that
life and business have cycles.
Sometimes full,
and sometimes not.
Hmm. You seem to live
as if it's always full.
Anne, I have to tell you that...
Look! Vezelay!
Did you see the sign?
I had no idea we were so close.
Let's make a little detour and see
the beautiful cathedral there.
Who are you?
And what have you done
with my American friend
always in a hurry
to get to Paris?
Don't I get a turn
to choose a stop?
It's straight to Paris.
Richard the lionhearted began
the third crusade from here.
They say there are
bones of Mary Magdalene
under the altar.
See those columns?
Each one tells a story.
You can tell me
your sadness, Anne.
It happened a long time ago.
But it's still with you.
Yes. And it always will be.
He had a heart defect,
and he lived only 39 days.
He was always surrounded
by nurses and doctors, but...
He knew me.
He held onto my finger...
And fought so hard
every minute of his life.
I'm so sorry.
I thought I would die.
His father, my first husband...
He couldn't handle it, he left.
One day,
I wandered into a church...
And there was an alcove
with the virgin Mary
holding her infant son.
And suddenly I felt connected...
To all the mothers who have
lost a child down through time.
I wear this to remind me
how fragile life is,
and how painful and exquisite
it is to be alive.
Anne, you're human.
And you've been to the
depths of what that means.
Food is good for the soul.
This place is supposed
to be the best in Vezelay.
Jacques, I need to make a phone call.
Okay. Of course.
This is the voicemail box for...
Michael Lockwood.
Please leave a message.
Hey, honey, it's me.
I just miss you...
The mailbox is full and cannot
accept any messages at this...
Yes, of course.
Uh, listen,
I need an advance. Yeah.
Come on, you know our new picture
will be a big hit in the UK.
No, I need
the money now, damn it!
You'll drink for both of us.
We still have a long drive.
It's a Cuvee Silex,
from Domaine Daguenau 2012.
Of course.
It has a crisp mineral note that
expresses, uh, the terroir.
And the vineyard subsoil
is calcareous chalk.
It's giving something
really special for this wine.
Because it's
very deep and, uh...
I am boring you.
No. No, no.
I mean, yes.
It's just a little intimidating,
how much you know about wine.
It's just knowing what you like.
My happiest memories
are around the table.
And I'm here now with you.
Excuse me.
What's wrong?
It's Alex. She's decided to go camping
with friends for her birthday.
It'll be the first birthday in her
life that I won't be with her.
You've taught her
how to be happy on her own.
Now it's your turn.
And you're in burgundy.
Look at this.
No, it's good,
but who needs this fuss?
I remember going into the garden
with my mother
and picking tomatoes...
Really ripe, red ones in August.
Bringing them into the kitchen,
still warm from the sun.
She'd put slices on fresh bread,
add good olive oil, sea salt and
fresh ground pepper and say,
you'll never eat better."
She was right.
The best food in the world
is straight from the garden
with very little done to it.
Authentic, like you.
So, what did your
family eat, Anne?
I grew up in Cleveland.
Nobody's perfect.
No, our idea of fine
dining was fried chicken,
mashed potatoes,
and frozen peas.
I didn't learn about good food
until I went to California.
There is one thing from my
past that I make well, though.
Lemon meringue pie.
Mmm, great.
Sometimes I think Michael
married me for my pie.
He married you for
much more than your pie.
This butter from Brittany is
the best we have in France.
Now, there is
a trip we should take.
The coastline, the oysters, the
cider, and Les galettes bretonnes...
Those wide and thin
buckwheat pancakes. Mmm.
I love pancakes.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
- Michael!
- Everything okay?
Yeah, I was just
checking in to see what's...
I think I'm over this
whole producing thing.
Once Alex is out of school,
let's talk about plan b.
Honey, there are problems
on the Morocco shoot.
I have to go there asap
with a big fire extinguisher.
Huh. Well, when would
that put you in Paris?
I can hardly hear you.
Where are you?
I'm in a restaurant.
With Jacques?
Well, yeah.
Listen, Anne.
Jacques can be very charming,
and Frenchmen have no scruples
when it comes to married women.
I'll keep that in mind.
Call me as soon as you
get to the apartment.
Love you.
Love you, too.
"Nipples of Venus."
It's their specialty.
Mmm. Mmm-hmm.
Oh, my goodness.
You've been
taking a lot of photos.
Let me see what
you've got there.
Oh, they're nothing, really.
Come on. Show me.
You have a beautiful eye
for detail.
They are very evocative.
You think?
Yeah. You don't
show the whole thing.
You make me imagine
the complete picture.
Do you make prints?
Although I've thought of making
some large prints
of a few images.
What does Michael
think of your photos?
I haven't really shown him.
Why not?
I don't think he sees me
as a photographer.
I mean, he asks to see them, but
I think he's just being nice.
Michael is a nice guy.
Why are you not
revealing yourself
to the man you've been with
for 20 years?
How beautiful you are.
It's a wedding.
I like this music.
Let's pretend we are in that
Renoir painting, Danse a Bougival.
Your very own sudoku book.
Mmm. Thank you.
Some chewing gum.
It's better for you than smoking.
You seem to really like kids.
Do you ever wish
you'd had your own?
Well, I have
a nephew, Jean-Louis.
He's like my son.
He was two when my brother died.
I'm sorry.
He thinks it was an accident.
He doesn't know his
father's death was suicide.
I kept it secret.
I never told anyone.
My brother and I had
a company together.
I didn't see it coming.
Oh, that's so painful.
I'm sorry.
How lucky his son is
to have you.
I'm lucky, too.
So, brulee, now, tell me,
what was the happiest
moment in your life?
When Alexandra was born
and the doctor said,
"you have
a healthy baby girl."
For me it was, uh...
Playing tag with
my brother in the garden
while my mother picked
vegetables for dinner.
So tell me, brulee, where
are you staying in Paris?
Our friends have an apartment.
We like to stay there
when they're away.
So this is your
friends' apartment?
I can't begin to tell you
how much this trip
has meant to...
For me, too.
The way our friend taught us
the code, I'll never forget.
"A" "52"-year-old woman
can "b"
with a "38" -year-old guy.
Of course.
Where is your apartment?
It's on what you call
the third floor. Oh.
There's an elevator.
But it's... well,
you'll see. It's French.
It's really tiny.
Thank you.
So, I promised
I'd return you to Paris
without so much as
holding your hand.
And I did it.
Who did you promise?
Hi, Anne.
Hope you got in okay.
I left some things
in the refrigerator.
Call me if you need anything.
Are you there, Annie?
Annie? Annie?
You're not answering
your cell phone.
Baby, where are you?
I have to leave
early in the morning.
I'm packing.
My socks don't match.
I'm no good without you.
Please call me.
Damn it, where are you?
Honey, remind me to never let
you go with a Frenchman again.
Hey, it's me again.
I canceled Morocco.
I'll be in Paris tomorrow.
It's gonna be just us.
I love you, Annie.
Who is it?
Delivery for madame.
Your roses, madame.
Let's not pretend anymore.
I never was.
You opened something in me.
I'm not used
to feeling like this.
Me either.
You really must go.
Anne, we both know better
than to miss this moment.
We haven't missed it.
I leave for London today, but I will
be in San Francisco on the 15th.
I'll save you a seat at the bar
at swan's oyster depot
at 1:00 P.M.
Bring some prints
of your photos.
Oh, Jacques.
Yes. We'll drive
up the coast, and...
The food won't be as
good as Brittany, but
what does it matter,
when you're on
the road with brulee?
Bonjour, Anne.
Who is it?
Thank you.
It's for me!
Chocolate roses.