Paris, Wine and Romance (2019) Movie Script

Isabella: Good morning.
Travis: Just over there.
Isabella: I've run the
numbers, Uncle Travis,
and it turns out we produced
twice as many grapes
as we can use this year.
Travis: Yep, and we'll sell
the excess grapes that we
can't use to California,
like your dad always did.
Isabella: I want you
to try something.
Travis: Great, first
taste of your new wine?
Isabella: You'll see.
So I lowered the sugar
content and smoothed out
the tannins in this
year's Pinot Noir.
Travis: Experimenting
Isabella: Just taste it.
[sipping sounds]
Travis: Wow.
This is amazing.
Isabella: Well it's probably
just beginner's luck.
Travis: My niece,
the winemaker.
You know your dad would
be so proud of you.
Isabella: Well you're the one
who insisted we put in the
new drip irrigation system
and it's made all the
difference in the
world to our grapes.
Travis: Well that's true.
You can't make good wine
without good grapes, right?
Isabella: Exactly.
I mean we're growing the best
Pinot Noir grapes in Oregon.
We should increase
Travis: Isabella, we're
not selling the bottles
to increase production.
Isabella: Not yet.
Anton, hi, it's so
good to see you,
thank you so much
for your time.
Anton: Of course, Isabella,
what can I do for you?
Isabella: Well I need
a wine distributor.
Anton: Ricci Heritage Reserve
I like the name.
Isabella: Oh, thank you, I
named it to honor my dad.
Anton: He was a good friend.
Isabella: Yeah.
Chateau Saint-Fournier?
Are you distributing
for them now?
Anton: Yes, I just snagged
the North American rights.
Isabella: That's
so impressive.
Anton: So, who else have you
shared your new Pinot with?
Isabella: You're the first.
Anton: Hmm, good color.
Smooth, big flavor.
Notes of black currant
and orange peel.
Fresh and complex.
How many cases
have you produced?
Isabella: A thousand.
Anton: Unfortunately that's
not really enough for me
to take you on as a client.
Isabella: We're a
boutique family producer,
but we could double our
output by next year with your
help as our distributor.
Anton: I worked with your
father on the side as a favor
because we were friends.
He wasn't interested in
international distribution,
he was happy to sell his wine
in local restaurants and
wine bars, but I don't
think that's what you want.
Isabella: No, you're right.
We're bigger,
we've modernized,
we're more efficient,
that's why we're
producing more grapes.
And I've gotten a lot
of really good feedback
on this Pinot Noir.
See, I see an
opportunity here, Anton.
Anton: I appreciate that.
And although I personally
love Oregonian wines,
they're a tough sell.
Isabella: Well, Clover Falls
Vineyard is just up the road
from me, I saw at least
five Oregon wines
when I walked in.
Anton: Gold medal, West
Coast Wine Competition.
Silver medal, National
Chardonnay Festival.
Isabella: You know my
dad didn't believe
in wine competitions.
He thought they were rigged.
Anton: If you want
to grow your sales,
you've got to be more
aggressive with
your marketing.
Isabella: Okay.
Anton: Maybe you should
enter a few local wine
competitions, build
up your following.
Isabella: How long do you
think that will take?
Anton: You could be
looking at a few years.
Isabella: Years?
Anton: What's your hurry?
Isabella: Well I want to take my
family's winery
next level and, Anton,
I truly believe that
the Ricci Heritage Reserve
is the wine to do that.
Chateau Saint-Fournier
won Le Grand Prix
des Vins du Monde in Paris.
Maybe that's the wine
competition I should enter.
Anton: The Grand Prix
is the Olympics
of wine competitions.
That's what you work
up to, not start with.
Look, take my advice,
start here in Oregon.
When you've won a couple of
competitions, give me a call,
my door is always open.
Isabella: Okay.
Well thank you so much, I
really appreciate it, Anton.
Anton: Of course.
Good luck.
Isabella: Anton said we
shouldn't even bother
entering the French
that we should
just start local.
Travis: Why not do both?
This is your year.
Bella, I feel it.
Go big or go home, right?
Isabella: That's great but
the odds of us actually
winning the competition,
not so great.
Travis: I know.
Chateau Saint-Fournier has
won the last five years
in a row, but you
know something?
This could still be
a great opportunity
for you to, to network.
There's bound to be other
wine distributors there.
Isabella: That's true.
Travis: And your friend
Lacey, she's still
in Paris, isn't she?
You haven't visited her yet.
Isabella: Yeah but
this is my first wine,
I don't want to get
ahead of myself.
Travis: No, Bella, you know
my grandfather back in Italy,
you know what he
used to say to me?
"Fortune favors the bold."
Isabella: I know but we're
not in Italy, Uncle Travis.
I think I should just
take Anton's advice.
You know, start local,
see what happens.
Travis: Isabella, Isabella.
Isabella: Yeah.
Travis: Read this.
Isabella: "Dear Ms.
Ricci, congratulations.
We are pleased to inform you
that your Pinot Noir has been
accepted into Le Grand
Prix des Vins du Monde
competition in Paris."
You entered my Pinot
Noir into Le Grand Prix?
Travis: And you were
accepted, first time out.
Isabella: I thought we
agreed to, to stay local,
Uncle Travis.
I can't go to Paris,
I have work to do.
Travis: Bella, your
dad wanted you
to enjoy your life.
Go to Paris, see the sights,
it will do you good.
I love Paris in
the Springtime
I love Paris
in the Fall
I love Paris
in the Winter
When it drizzles
I love Paris
in the Summer
When it sizzles
I love Paris
every moment
Every moment
of the year
I love Paris
Why oh why do
I love Paris
Because my love is here
Henri: Have a wonderful
day, Monsieur.
Isabella: Hi, I'm
Isabella Ricci,
I'm here for the
wine competition.
Henri: Ah, oui, of course.
Mademoiselle Ricci, your room
is 425, on the fourth floor.
Isabella: Thank you.
Henri: Enjoy your stay.
Isabella: And also I had a
case of wine shipped here
last week.
Henri: I believe it is already
in your room, Madame.
Isabella: Okay, thank you.
I'm sorry, excuse
me, jet lag.
Henri: Reception.
Isabella: Hi, yes,
this is room 425.
You delivered the
wrong bag to my room,
it's a black Samsonite.
Henri: Mademoiselle, we will do
everything we can to resolve
the situation, but the hotel
is full and it may be a while
before we manage to
get it back to you.
Isabella: Okay, thank you.
It has a, a tag with
my name on it, merci.
Henri: Merci.
Isabella: Okay.
[door knocks]
[door opens]
Jacques: Isabella Ricci?
Isabella: Mm-hmm.
Jacques: I believe
this is your bag.
Isabella: Oh, right, wow,
that was, that was so fast,
I, I really appreciate it.
Here you go.
Jacques: No, that's
not necessary.
Isabella: Oh, the
hotel doesn't let
you guys take tips?
Just one second, okay?
Just stay right there.
Okay here, take this.
Jacques: No, no, thank you.
Isabella: Oh no, no, please
come on, I, I insist.
It's really good, I promise.
Jacques: Okay.
Isabella: Oh, oh, the bag.
Jacques: Yes, my bag.
Isabella: Bag.
Here you go.
Okay well merci beaucoup.
Au revoir and bon appetit.
Jacques: Thank you.
[door shuts]
[door knocks]
Lacey: Surprise.
Isabella: Lacey.
Lacey: So, what do
you think of Paris?
Isabella: I love it,
but everyone
is so fashionable here.
Lacey: Yeah, well it is the
fashion capital of the world.
Isabella: Aren't you supposed
to be working right now?
Lacey: I am, but my boss
is out so I ditched.
I want to hear everything
about everything.
Are you dating anyone?
Isabella: Yeah, I'm in a
committed relationship.
Lacey: With your winery.
Isabella: You
know me so well.
Lacey: Look, I know it was
a bad ending between you
and Stewart, but you should
maybe get back out there.
Isabella: No, look, I gave
dating a shot, I did.
I just, you know, I've been
really busy trying to update
my winery and I don't
have time for men.
But you do, come on tell
me, are you seeing anyone?
Lacey: I am.
Isabella: Yeah?
Lacey: Yeah, I'm
dating a French guy.
His name is Luc.
Isabella: Luc, I like it.
Lacey: And he is a chef.
Isabella: Stop it, you are
not dating a French chef.
Lacey: Yeah, oh and his new
restaurant opens this week,
so you've got to come.
Isabella: Okay, great.
you to move to the west
coast any time soon?
Lacey: Are you kidding?
No way, I love it here.
Maybe just maybe you will
fall in love with Paris
just like I have.
Isabella: Lacey, I'm going
to be here for a week.
Lacey: So? Stranger
things have happened.
you check in for them.
Jacques: Actually
I am a guest.
Isabella: Oh, so
you're not--
Jacques: No, I'm
not a bell man.
Isabella: I'm so sorry.
Hey, you can still
keep my tip though.
Jacques: Your tip?
Isabella: Mm-hmm, my wine.
Jacques: Ah, yes, I
have not tried it yet.
Isabella: Oh, I'm
Isabella Ricci.
Jacques: Jacques.
Isabella: Oh, Jacques,
that's very French.
Jacques: Yes, I am French.
Isabella: Oh.
Isabella Ricci, Ricci Ridge
Winery in Oregon checking in.
What's that?
Jacques: These are my passes
to the winemaker events.
Isabella: Oh, I'll take
one of those too please.
I'm afraid you're not on
the list for any outside
events, they are for
returning competitors only.
Isabella: Oh.
Jacques: Don't worry,
these events are
actually quite boring.
Isabella: Oh,
well not for me.
Jacques: Well now you have
time to explore Paris.
You should enjoy it.
Isabella: Oh no, I didn't
come here to enjoy Paris,
you know, I came
here to work.
Jacques: You can't mix
business with pleasure?
Isabella: I really need to
find a distributor for
my winery and I don't
need any distractions.
Jacques: Ah bon.
In this case I
wish you good luck.
Au revoir.
Isabella: Oh, see you.
Jacques: When does
Maman get into town?
Maurice: There's
been an issue with
the Chardonnay grapes.
She'll be here
by the weekend.
Jacques: Good, good.
There's an idea I want
to talk to her about.
Maurice: A new oak?
Jacques, we're making
Chablis, not grape juice.
Isabella: Hi, I'll
have a merlot.
Domain Luciole,
s'il vous plait.
Jacques: If you're going for
a Merlot, try the LeBec.
The Luciole is too earthy.
Isabella: I think I can
recognize a good Merlot.
Maurice: I apologize
for my brother.
He's very opinionated
when it comes to wine.
Jacques: Says the man who
won't drink anything that
has not won a gold medal.
Isabella: Oh, you only
drink gold medal winners?
Maurice: Life is too
short to drink bad wine.
Isabella: So if my wine
wins the gold medal,
I guess you'll be drinking
it by the end of the week?
Maurice: Oh, you're here
for the competition?
Please, come join us.
I'm Maurice.
Maurice: So, Isabella,
what wine are you entering
in this year's competition?
Isabella: Pinot Noir.
Maurice: Oh, tough category.
Chateau Saint-Fournier has
won the gold medal for the
last five years in a row.
Isabella: Yeah I know and
I've tried their Pinots,
and they're normally
great, but last year's
wasn't quite as good.
Jacques: Not quite as good?
Isabella: Now look, I get it.
Chateau Saint-Fournier is
a gold star winery from
a grand old French family,
but I think they've peaked.
Maurice: Peaked?
Isabella: Mm-hmm.
Maurice: How?
Isabella: Well Chateau
is stuck in the past.
I mean come on, people have
moved on from the 18th Century
where we had to hand
pick all of our grapes
and crush them under
our bare feet.
There are new winemaking
technologies available.
Jacques: You finally said
something that I agree with.
Maurice: Just because
something is new does not
make it better.
Jacques: And you think that
your wine is better than
Chateau Saint-Fournier?
Isabella: Well I don't
know if it's better,
but I think I have a
shot at winning the gold.
Jacques: Hmm.
Pierre, what do you think?
Pierre: I like last
year's Pinot very much,
Monsieur Fournier.
Isabella: You're
Maurice and Jacques,
the Fournier brothers.
As in Chateau Saint-Fournier.
Jacques: Enchante.
Isabella: I am so
sorry, I was not trying
to be rude in any way.
Jacques: No, no,
it was nothing.
Isabella: No, you know what?
Chateau Saint-Fournier
is an amazing winery
and I love your wines.
Jacques: But you are
going to beat us?
Isabella: Well
I'm going to try.
Come on, isn't that
why we're all here?
You know actually I
will have the Luciole.
Pierre: Oui.
Jacques: I suppose most
people can't tell
the difference any way.
Isabella: Okay,
you know what?
I can tell you the
grape and the region
of any wine in this bar.
Maurice: That's
quite a talent.
Isabella: Well I grew
up in a vineyard,
my dad taught me every
grape under the sun.
Jacques: Every grape?
So you make the
wine yourself?
Isabella: Took
over last year.
Maurice: Congratulations,
but a blind taste test
is hard even for a world
class wine judge.
For you--
Jacques: Yes, we
would not want
to embarrass you.
Isabella: Okay, Chateau
let's make a little wager.
Blind taste test, three
wines, and if I get
them right, you help me
get into the returning
winemaker's lunch tomorrow.
Jacques: Interesting.
Maurice: Hmm.
Jacques: But if you
can't guess the wines,
what happens then?
Isabella: Hmm, I don't
know, you tell me.
Jacques: You admit that my
Chateau Saint-Fournier Pinot
is better than your
Ricci Ridge Heritage.
Isabella: Deal.
Jacques: Ah bon.
Pierre: Glass number one.
Maurice: Mademoiselle,
number one.
Jacques: Bonne chance.
Isabella: Chiaretto grapes.
From Tuscany.
Maurice: That's right.
Isabella: I know.
Pierre: Glass number two.
Maurice: You will
never get this.
No more lucky guesses.
Isabella: Chardonnay grapes.
Has to be Chablis.
Jacques: Wow.
Pierre: Et glass
number trois.
Maurice: Good luck with
this one, Isabella,
you're going to need it.
Jacques: I'm looking forward
to hearing you say that my
Pinot is better than yours.
Isabella: Ah, ah, ah.
Jacques: Come on.
Maurice: I don't
think she's got it.
Isabella: This one is tricky.
Jacques: Perhaps you
would like to give up?
Admit defeat?
Isabella: No, my father
didn't raise a quitter.
Maurice: Oh.
Isabella: I know this one.
Riesling, New York.
Maurice: Bravo.
Jacques: Amazing.
Isabella: Oregon for the win.
Jacques: Yes indeed.
I, I am very impressed.
You know this is a rare
talent you have, Isabella.
It makes me want
to try your wine.
Isabella: Thank you,
I appreciate that.
Maurice: Well, Isabella,
it was lovely meeting you,
but now we have to go meet
with our Italian distributor.
Jacques: Yes, that's true.
Pierre, put her wine
on our tab please.
Have a good evening
and enjoy your Merlot.
Isabella: Well, thank you
for the wine and I'll
see you at lunch tomorrow.
Don't forget my invite.
Jacques: I won't.
Maurice: Bonsoir.
Isabella: [speaking French]
si'l vous plait.
Philippe: Good morning,
ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Philippe Thibaut,
president of Le Grand Prix
des Vins du Monde.
In the next few days we will
be judging over a thousand
wines from over 40 countries.
The wines will be divided
into six categories.
Red, white, sparkling, rose,
dessert, and ice wine.
The winners will advance to
the final round where they
will be judged again.
The bronze, silver, and
gold medals will be awarded
in each category at
the Awards Gala.
Good luck to all of you,
may the best wine win.
Maurice: Excuse us.
Isabella: Oh, wait.
What's on the agenda, boys?
Maurice: Agenda, what agenda?
Isabella: Oh, you know,
we're the Pinot makers,
we've got to stick together.
Maurice: That's
right, well Jacques
will take care of you.
He can introduce you to
all the right people.
Jacques: What people?
Maurice: Journalists,
Isabella: Really?
Because that would
be so amazing.
I don't know anyone.
Maurice: Perfect.
Jacques knows everybody.
Isabella: So,
this is so great.
Jacques: Yes.
Isabella: We're going
to have so much fun.
Christina: Jacques.
Jacques: Christina.
Christina: How are you?
Jacques: Good.
Ah, you look beautiful.
Christina: Thank you.
I was hoping we could have
dinner while you're in Paris.
Jacques: Yes, yes,
this would be perfect.
Isabella: Sorry.
Jacques: Christina,
this is Isabella Ricci.
Christian: Isabella,
pleased to meet you.
Isabella: You too.
Jacques: Christina is one
of the best sommeliers
in all of Paris.
Isabella: Oh, that's amazing.
Well then you're going
to need one of these.
Christina: Ricci
Heritage Reserve.
Ricci Ridge Winery.
Isabella: Yes, from
Willamette in Oregon.
Christina: I've
never heard of it.
Isabella: Oh well it's
our first time in
the competition, so.
Christina: Congratulations.
Isabella: Thanks.
Christina: Do you have
a bottle of your
new Pinot, Jacques?
I want to share it with
the chef in my restaurant.
Jacques: Bien sur, I'll have
someone send it over to you.
Christina: A bientot.
Jacques: A plus tard.
What's wrong?
Isabella: It's
just, you know,
everyone knows
your wine, Jacques,
they're practically
throwing themselves at you.
I just, I have to figure out
what I need to do to get
noticed around here.
Jacques: Can I give
you some advice?
Isabella: You know why
do people ask that?
Because they're always going
to give advice any way.
Jacques: Well I was just
trying to be polite,
but okay I will say it.
You need more patience.
Try to relax a little.
Isabella: Relax?
Jacques: Yes.
Look, you have an amazing
talent, Isabella.
Now I have not
tried your wine yet,
but it must be incredible
if it was accepted
into the competition.
So you don't have
to try so hard,
just let the distributors and
the sommeliers come to you.
You seem a bit too eager.
Isabella: Oh well I am eager.
I only have a few days
in Paris here to find
a distributor and
speaking of which,
how are we going to get
me into the returning
winemaker's lunch?
Jacques: Ah, yes, I have
been thinking about
this very carefully.
My mother can't be there,
so you use her name.
Say that you are
Margot Fournier.
Isabella: You want me to
say that I am your mother?
Jacques: Why not?
Isabella: Well
how old is she?
Jacques: French women never
speak about their age.
Isabella: No, no, no, no, no,
we're going to need to just
stop and, and clarify.
Do you actually believe
that people will think
that I am your mother?
Jacques: It's the
best I can do.
Isabella: What?
No, you're serious.
Planner: S'il vous plait.
Isabella: Bonjour.
I'm Margot Fournier.
Planner: Margot Fournier has
already checked in, Madame.
Isabella: Oh.
It must be under
Isabella Ricci.
From Oregon.
Planner: I'm afraid
you're not on the list.
Are you a returning winemaker?
Isabella: Not exactly.
Jacques: Ms. Ricci
is with me.
Planner: Sorry but
she's not on the list,
Monsieur Founier.
Jacques: She's my plus one.
Planner: But of course.
Isabella: Thank you so
much for saving the day.
Jacques: I did not know
that my mother was coming
back to Paris so soon.
Ah, bonjour.
Ah, merci.
Isabella: Thank you.
Margot: Jacques.
Jacques: Maman.
Margot: Mon cheri.
Ah, the only new face
I've seen all day.
Are you going to introduce
me to your friend?
Jacques: This is
Isabella Ricci.
Isabella, this is my
mother Margot Fournier.
Isabella: Oh, it's
so nice to meet you.
I'm from Ricci Ridge Winery.
Margot: You're from America?
Ah, Napa Valley?
Isabella: A little North.
Margot: Oregon?
Lovely, cool climate.
The Oregon wines are similar
to the Pinot in Burgundy.
Isabella: Yes, yes, I
actually entered a Pinot Noir
into the competition.
Margot: Good for you, it's
nice to see more women
in the competition.
Isabella: Oh.
Maurice: The Pinot Noir
grapes may be the same,
but new world wines
are different.
Like comparing the
Empire State Building
with the Eiffel Tower.
We prefer the
traditional process.
Jacques: Well not all of us.
Isabella: I love
traditional wine,
but I just find that
tastes have evolved,
that's why I shortened
the harvest
and automated my process.
Maurice: Exactly.
Margot: She knows her wine.
Isabella: Thank you so
much, my dad taught me
everything he knows.
Margot: Ah.
Maurice: A machine can't
pick out the best grapes
like a vendangeur.
We get workers of
the highest skill to
choose the best grapes.
That's how the
ancient Romans did it.
Isabella: Yeah, we
all know how things
turned out for them.
Margot: Ah, smile,
everybody, Jonathan Ronen
is eavesdropping.
Isabella: Jonathan Ronen,
as in the world's
top wine journalist.
Margot: Oui.
Maurice: He's nothing
but a gossip monger.
Isabella: Oh yeah, but all
press is good press, right?
I mean free publicity.
Jacques: Be careful
what you wish for,
Jonathan's reviews
can be vicious.
Margot: And, oh,
here he comes.
Jonathan: So nice to see you.
Margot: Comment ca va?
Jonathan: Jacques
and Maurice,
I hear you've both entered
very similar Pinots into
this year's competition and
the winner gets to choose
the future of Chateau
Margot: Who told you that?
Jonathan: I have spies
everywhere, Margot.
Is it true?
Maurice: No comment.
Jacques: Maurice and I both
entered wines into the
competition to make sure
that Chateau Saint-Fournier
would win gold again.
Maurice: Vrai.
Isabella: You know I heard
the Ricci Heritage Reserve is
a real contender this year.
Jonathan: And you are?
Isabella: Isabella Ricci,
the maker of
Ricci Heritage Reserve.
Jonathan: Never heard of it.
Isabella: Oh, it's
a, you know, it's a,
it's a real underdog story.
It's a about a scrappy
Oregonian winery taking on
the traditional French
winemaking establishment.
It's, you know, people
love that kind of stuff.
Jonathan: Well
not my readers,
they like reading stories
about the classic wineries.
The wineries that actually
have a chance at winning.
Jacques: Well I
think that--
Maurice: Jonathan,
perhaps now may be
a good time for
our interview?
Jonathan: Well
there's nothing else
of interest here, so...
Margot: A plus.
Bonne chance.
Isabella: Bonne chance.
Jacques: Don't
worry about him.
Jonathan is mean to everyone.
Isabella: Just hoping
to get some exposure
for my winery, Jacques.
Jacques: I know,
I know, but it's,
it's going to take time.
Isabella: That's the problem,
I don't, I don't have time.
Jacques: Maybe I
could help you.
I, I do know lots
of distributors.
Isabella: Really?
Jacques: Ah, Mick.
Mick: Jacques, great to
see you again, my friend.
Jacques: Hey, hello,
may I present to you
Isabella Ricci.
Mick: Hi, nice to meet you,
I'm Mick Hamilton with
Hamilton Fine Wines.
I handle all our North
American distribution.
Isabella: Perfect, I am the
maker of the Ricci Heritage
Reserve, from Oregon.
Mick: Oregon, that's a
bit of a tricky market.
Hey, Jacques, tell me, are
you still happy with your
current distributor?
Jacques: Mick, we've been
with the same people for
decades, you know this.
But listen, Isabella is an
exciting new winemaker.
She's here in the competition
for the first time,
she could be a
great get for you.
Mick: All right, I'm
intrigued, Ms. Ricci.
Isabella: I'll give you
one of my cards and if
you have one, I, I'll send
over a bottle to you.
Mick: This is all my contact
information and I very much
look forward to that bottle.
And, Jacques, if
you're very looking
for a new distributor.
Jacques: Merci, Mick.
Isabella: That
was incredible,
thank you so much.
Jacques: It was nothing.
Isabella: No, it
wasn't nothing,
you vouched for my wine.
Jacques: You know it
doesn't mean he's going
to take you on as a client.
Isabella: Yeah, yeah I know,
but still it was really,
really nice of you.
Jacques: I suppose now
I'm going to have
to try your wine.
Isabella: You haven't
even tried it?
Oh, sorry.
Oh shoot, I'm supposed
to meet my friend Lacey
this afternoon, so
I'll see you later.
I'm going to be back
at the hotel, you know,
some time after dinner.
Jacques: Okay,
I'll see you later.
Isabella: Sure, later.
- Excuse me.
- Oui?
Isabella: Is
Lacey Betts here?
Okay, thanks.
Lacey, hi.
Lacey: Oh my gosh, it's
so good to see you,
how are you doing?
Isabella: I'm good, I'm good,
it's just everyone in Paris
is so fashionable and I was
hoping maybe you could help
me step up my game a little.
Lacey: Yes, you've
come to Melttemi,
one of the best fashion
houses in Paris.
Isabella: I can't believe
they actually pay you
to work here.
Lacey: Yeah, I mean
it seemed glamorous,
but we're gearing up
for fashion week,
so I am literally going to
be sleeping here this month.
Okay here, you
should try this on.
Isabella: Okay.
Lacey: So, tell me, how's
the wine competition
coming along?
Isabella: I'm not even
in the same league
as half these competitors.
Lacey: Okay, that
is way too big.
Isabella: You know
the winemakers here,
they own the top
wineries in the world.
Lacey: Oh
winemakers like who?
Isabella: Like Jacques
and Maurice Fournier.
Lacey: Wait, did you
meet Jacques Fournier?
Isabella: Yes.
Lacey: What is he like?
Isabella: Kind of charming
and he told me that he thinks
I have a great palate.
Lacey: Oh he did, did he?
That's a very nice compliment
and he should know,
his vineyard makes
the most amazing wine.
Luc is obsessed
with their Pinot.
That looks amazing on you.
Isabella: Yeah, I love it.
Actually looks like
I'm from Paris.
Lacey: Yeah well fashion
is just an attitude,
you've just got to know you
look good to carry it off
and you, my darling,
you look amazing.
Isabella: Thank you
so much, Lacey.
Lacey: Yeah, of course.
Isabella: Okay, how
much do I owe you?
Lacey: Nothing, just bring
it back when you're done.
Isabella: Are you sure?
Lacey: Yeah, I'm going to
be your personal stylist
while you're in Paris.
Isabella: Ooh, never had my
own personal stylist before.
Lacey: Yeah, well we've got
to keep you looking good if
you're going to be hanging
out with the likes
of Jacques Fournier.
Isabella: Okay we
are not hanging out.
Lacey: He was named
one of France's
most eligible bachelors.
Isabella: Yes, well I think
that he has a girlfriend,
her name is Christina
and she's a world famous
sommelier, super gorgeous.
And you know what?
I didn't come here
to meet anyone.
Lacey: No, of course not.
Because meeting somebody
in the city of love,
I mean that could
never happen.
Isabella: Okay,
I know this look.
You're not setting me up.
Lacey: Okay.
Jacques: Bonsoir, Pierre.
Pierre: Bonsoir.
Jacques: Have you seen the
American woman that Maurice
and I were speaking
with last night?
Pierre: The wine taster?
Jacques: Yes.
Pierre: No, not tonight.
Jacques: Too bad.
Could you open this for me?
Philippe: Ladies
and gentlemen,
the judging of the
wines will now begin.
Isabella: Oh, hi, excuse me.
Hi, excuse me, you don't
happen to know what kind of
wine they're tasting, do you?
Volunteer: It's a blind test.
We don't even see the
labels, it's just code.
Isabella: Okay, of course.
Jacques: Good morning.
Isabella: Hi.
Jacques: I've been
looking for you.
Isabella: Oh, you have?
Jacques: I tried
your wine last night.
Isabella: Oh, what
did you think?
Jacques: I would rather
not talk about it
here at the hotel.
Isabella: What, you're just
going to make me wait?
Jacques: You know that
the wine judging is
going to take all day?
You'll make yourself
crazy if you wait here.
Isabella: Yeah,
I already have.
Jacques: Okay, so
let's take a break.
Isabella: How many different
kinds of cheeses do you think
there are in France?
Jacques: Oh about
400 more or less.
Isabella: I'm going
to try them all.
Jacques: And there are
470 top quality wines.
Isabella: That might
take a little longer.
Jacques: Do you think
you can guess this one?
Isabella: Let's see.
Chianti grapes.
From somewhere in Italy,
that's all I've got.
Jacques: How do you do that?
Isabella: I don't know, my
dad made me try every
single wine under the sun.
Jacques: Wines are
like fingerprints,
each one is unique.
Isabella: Yeah, my
dad used to say that.
You know he didn't believe
in marketing and he was fine
with being a local winemaker,
you know, just that.
I mean not that there's,
there's anything
wrong with that.
Jacques: No, of course not.
But you, you want
more than this?
Isabella: Yeah I do.
You know I made the Ricci
Heritage Reserve to honor
the legacy of my dad and I
just, I want to make wine
that everyone loves.
Jacques: And that is
exactly what you have done.
Isabella: Oh come on,
how can you be so sure?
Jacques: Because I've tasted
your wine last night.
It's incredible.
Isabella: Really?
You're not just teasing me?
Jacques: No.
It's rich, and complex,
sophisticated, it's,
the taste was like velvet
with a hint of spice.
It was perfection.
Bold and beautiful, unlike
anything I've ever tasted.
Isabella: Okay, now you're
just getting carried away.
Jacques: No, I'm serious.
Isabella, you have made
an incredible wine.
And that is the real
You know it doesn't matter
what the critics are going
to say, or what will happen
with the competition,
you should feel very
proud of yourself.
Isabella: Thanks.
What about you, did
you always want
to be a winemaker?
Jacques: I did not have a
choice, wine is in my blood.
Isabella: Yeah, but you
like the work, right?
Jacques: I love it.
Maybe too much.
You know everything
has its price.
Isabella: What do you mean?
Jacques: My ex-wife is
from Paris and she never
liked living in Burgundy.
She did not even
really like wine.
You know some things are
meant to be together.
The right wine,
the right cheese,
they complement each other.
But she and I, unfortunately
we were not a good pairing.
Isabella: Well I'm
sorry to hear that.
Jacques: Thank you.
But you know this
is all in the past.
Here is to the future.
This is the Cathedrale
Isabella: Wow, as
in the Hunchback of?
Jacques: Yes, the
novel from Victor Hugo.
Isabella: Or the musical.
Come on, we have
to take a photo.
Jacques: My brother and I
used to play in there when
my mother would come to
Paris for business.
Isabella: Yeah, what's
going on with you two?
It seems like there's a
little bit of tension.
Jacques: Ah.
Maurice entered his own
Chateau Saint-Fournier Pinot
into the competition,
I made mine.
We entered separately and
whoever made the best wine
will decide the
future of our company.
Isabella: Oh wow, so you have
a lot to prove to Maurice.
I mean you really
need to win the gold.
Maurice: You know when we are
not talking about business,
we are the best of
friends, but lately this
is all we talk about.
Isabella: Well where
is Maurice now?
Jacques: He is at a meeting
with our British distributor.
Isabella: The Brits
love their Burgundy.
Jacques: You know we actually
sell more to Americans.
Isabella: Oh?
Jacques: Yeah.
Isabella: I'm not keeping
you from anything really
important, am I?
Jacques: No, no, he would
prefer that I am not there
so I don't scare off our
buyers with my new ideas.
Isabella: Oh come on, I'm
sure that's not true.
Listen I worked with
my dad and my uncle,
and we disagreed
all the time,
but in the end we're family.
Jacques: And family
is important to you?
Isabella: It's everything.
Jacques: I could
not agree more.
Isabella: This is incredible.
Jacques: This is
Le Petit Palais.
It's very beautiful.
Would you like to go?
Isabella: Sure.
Well that's it.
Well this is Sacre Coeur,
one of the most beautiful
landmark in all of Paris.
Isabella: So amazing.
I had a really
great time today,
you're a wonderful
tour guide.
Jacques: I had fun as well.
Isabella: Well, well here
we are at the elevators.
You know they're
announcing the,
the finalists at breakfast
tomorrow and I was wondering
if maybe you
wanted to join me.
Jacques: I would love to,
except I have to
be there any way.
Isabella: Right, of course.
I suppose you do.
Well then, okay, I'll see you
tomorrow at the breakfast
we both have to be at.
So, okay, good luck.
Jacques: Bon chance a toi.
Margot: You disappeared
Maurice: He's been busy
showing his friend
Isabella around Paris.
Margot: Playing the tour
guide to the American?
Jacques: No, I just
wanted to be polite.
And you know her
wine is superb.
Margot: That's high
praise coming from you.
Are you concerned?
Jacques: No, I think it
might help us improve.
Maurice: We don't
need to improve.
Chateau Saint-Fournier has
been made exactly the same
way for the last 300 years.
Jacques: You know, Maurice,
change is a good thing.
Margot: Please don't
argue in public.
Where is your badge,
did you forget it?
Jacques: I couldn't
find it this morning.
[cell phone ringing]
Isabella: Hey.
Lacey: Hey, did you make
it to the next round?
Isabella: They're making
the announcements
in a few minutes, so I
actually got to go.
Lacey: Oh wait, can you bring
Jacques to Luc's restaurant
opening tonight?
He's dying to meet him.
Isabella: Yeah, sure,
I can ask him.
I've got to run.
Jacques: Good morning.
Maurice: Bonjour.
Margot: Bonjour, Isabella.
Isabella: Bonjour.
Philippe: Good
morning, everyone.
The judges have decided
which wines will
enter the final round.
And from these finalists,
they will decide the medal
winners in each category.
We'll start with Pinot Noir.
So first off Chateau
Saint-Fournier Pinot Noir
Burgundy, France,
Maurice Fournier.
And the next Golden Sky
Winery Napa Valley,
California, Seth and
Diana Ridgeworth.
And for the next wine,
it's the first time that
this region has ever
made it to the final.
Empire Gorge Winery
Finger Lakes, New York,
Sumont Robert.
And of course Chateau
Saint-Fournier Reserve Pinot
Noir Burgundy, France,
Jacques Fournier.
Maurice: Brother.
Isabella: Congratulations.
Jacques: Thank you.
Philippe: Congratulations
to everyone.
Oh, sorry, I didn't
see the last one.
Ricci Heritage Reserve
Ricci Ridge Winery--
Jacques: Congratulations.
Isabella: Congrats.
Maurice: You too.
Margot: Congratulations.
Isabella: Merci.
Please contact us
when you're in Germany.
Yes, yes, please.
It was a pleasure.
Isabella: Thank you so
much, I'll be in touch.
Jane: Ms. Ricci.
Hi, I'm Jane Townsend and I
blog about West Coast wines.
I'm wondering if I could
possibly schedule
an interview with you.
Isabella: Oh yes, I
would love that, Jane.
Jane: Great, I'll
give you a call.
Jacques: Hello.
Isabella: Hi.
Jane: Jacques Fournier.
It's an honor to meet you.
Jacques: Pleasure
is all mine.
I see you've already
met Isabella.
Jane: Yes, just now.
Have you tried
the Ricci Pinot?
Jacques: Ah yes, I have.
Jane: And can I quote you?
Jacques: Of course.
The Ricci Heritage Reserve
Pinot is rich, smooth,
and unexpected.
It's the wine to
beat this year.
Jane: Thank you.
I am going to post
that right now.
Isabella: Thanks.
Wow, that was a really,
really nice thing
for you to say.
Jacques: I was just
telling the truth.
Isabella: Well I
appreciate it.
Christina: Jacques, salud.
Jacques: Christina, hello.
You remember Isabella?
Christina: Of course.
Isabella: Hi.
Christina: So I think I made
a mistake giving Jacques'
wine to my chef
instead of yours.
Jacques: What?
I am offended at this.
Christina: You'll survive.
Isabella: Well, you know, we
both made it as finalists.
Christina: I'm going to
give your wine to my
chef tonight, I promise.
Isabella: Oh, thank you,
that's very nice.
Jacques: Excuse me, I see
someone I must speak with.
A plus tard.
Christina: I am so glad
you are spending
time with Jacques.
It's nice to see
him smile again.
Isabella: So you
two aren't dating?
Christina: No.
We are old friends.
He's like a brother to me.
Isabella: Oh.
Christina: Good luck.
Isabella: Thank you.
Philippe: Mademoiselle Ricci,
there is a reception later
for the finalists,
can you join us?
Isabella: Yes,
I would love to.
Philippe: Everyone is looking
forward to trying your wine.
Isabella: Great.
Philippe: I'll see you.
Isabella: Okay.
Philippe: Bonjour.
Jacques: Mademoiselle Ricci.
So have you found
a distributor yet?
Isabella: Well I have a few
people who are interested,
but no one will commit
until after the awards
are given out.
Jacques: So this means
you have some time.
Isabella: Time for what?
Jacques: To visit a
boutique perfumery.
Isabella: You know I,
I don't think that's
on the tourist trail.
Jacques: No, no, no,
Chant Bleu is a very
special perfumery.
It's owned by an old
friend of the family,
my mother has been
going there for years.
Isabella: You know I was
actually hoping to go to
a panel on label design.
Jacques: Why?
No, your label for
Ricci Heritage Reserve
is beautiful already.
It's classy, elegant.
They're not going to
teach you anything that
you don't already know.
Isabella: Yeah, what
am I going to learn
at a perfumery?
Jacques: Well you see, making
perfume is not an exact
science, it's half
chemistry, half art.
Isabella: Like winemaking.
Jacques: Exactly.
So, we go?
Isabella: Pourquoi pas?
Jacques: Very good.
Isabella: Did I
say that right?
Jacques: You did, exactly.
Pourquoi pas?
Isabella: Pourquoi pas?
Jacques: It's not
so Spanish as this.
Perfumers are alchemists,
meet artists, meet chemists.
They use all of their
knowledge and talents to
compose their masterpieces.
Isabella: Masterpieces?
Jacques: You will see.
The perfumes of Chant Bleu
are available only in Paris,
but they're sought after by
royalty all over the world.
Claude: Jacques.
Jacques: Claude.
Claude: So good to see you.
Jacques: And you.
Claude: How is your
wonderful mother?
Jacques: Ah,
tres bien, merci.
Claude: Good.
Jacques: May I present to
you my friend from America
Isabella Ricci.
Claude: Enchante,
Isabella: So nice
to meet you.
Your shop is beautiful.
Claude: Merci.
And your timing
is impeccable.
I've just finished my
latest Eau de Cologne.
Isabella: Oh,
what's it called?
Claude: You know, I
haven't decided yet.
Here, try it.
Isabella: Hmm, let's see.
I detect vanilla.
Claude: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Jasmine.
And a hint of patchouli.
Claude: Bravo, perfect, yes.
It's bright and floral but
with an earthy finish.
N'est ce-pa?
Jacques: May I?
It's beautiful.
Claude: You know,
perhaps you would like
to help me name it.
Isabella: Sure, how
about Summer Wind?
Jacques: I know,
Femme inoubliable.
Claude: I love it, I love it.
Femme inoubliable, voila!
For you, mademoiselle.
Isabella: Oh, merci.
Okay so I know the
word femme means woman.
Jacques: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Inoubliable,
what does this word mean?
Jacques: Unforgettable.
Isabella: This is
really wonderful,
thank you for taking me.
Jacques: It was my pleasure.
So, do you think you will go
right back to Oregon after
the competition or?
Isabella: Unfortunately yes.
You know how it is
running a winery,
there's always so
many things to do.
Jacques: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Kind of excited
though because I have all
these ideas I want to try
out for new wines and--
Jacques: You know I'm, I'm
kind of jealous of you.
Isabella: Of me?
Jacques: Yes.
Isabella: What?
Jacques: You get to
modernize, and innovate,
and experiment
with your winery.
But me, my family doesn't
want to change anything.
Isabella: Okay, come on,
your winery is a classic.
It's amazing.
I mean you've won gold
medal five years in a row.
Jacques: I suppose.
Isabella: Trust me, it's not
always easy being the winery
nobody has ever heard of.
Jacques: Well you
won't be for long.
Isabella: Hey, my best
friend's boyfriend is opening
his new restaurant
tonight Chez Reboul.
I was wondering if maybe
you wanted to join me?
Jacques: Chez Reboul,
it's famous already.
I would love to.
Isabella: Great, I think they
want us there at like 8:00.
Jacques: Perfect.
Isabella: Perfect.
Lacey: I don't see what the
problem is, he's sweet,
and charming, and gorgeous.
Isabella: Yeah but
we're so different.
Lacey: So?
Luc and I are
completely different,
it just makes things
more interesting.
Isabella: We also live
8,000 miles apart.
Lacey: No, definitely not,
you've got to look
your best for Jacques.
What's wrong?
Isabella: I don't know,
Lacey, it's just,
you know when Stewart
broke up with me,
it took every piece of my
strength to pull myself
together and--
Lacey: Now you're
afraid of getting
involved again?
Isabella: Yeah, yeah, I
guess, yeah I guess I am.
Lacey: Okay, I
get it, I get it.
This thing with Jacques
is not practical,
and it doesn't make sense,
but you have just met
an amazing guy in Paris.
Most romantic
city in the world.
That's just proof that
anything is possible
in Paris.
Isabella: Okay that's
beautiful but you can't,
just, you can't keep
giving me stuff.
Lacey: Yes I can, otherwise
what is the point of me being
a fashion designer?
To pair.
Isabella: Oh those
are stunning.
You know you're like a real
life French Fairy Godmother.
Lacey: Except I'm American.
And definitely not old
enough to be your Godmother.
Isabella: Definitely not.
Thank you so much, Lacey.
Lacey: Yeah of course,
what are friends for?
Isabella: You know as, as,
as long as you're being so
generous, you don't happen
to have a clutch that
might go with this?
Lacey: Follow me.
[door knocks]
Isabella: Hi.
Jacques: Wow.
You look fantastic.
Isabella: Oh.
Thank you.
Jacques: Listen, Isabella, I,
I'm sorry but my mother has
just announced that she's
retiring and the marketing
team wants to do a whole
campaign about this.
Isabella: That
sounds important.
Jacques: They want to have a
big meeting tonight though,
which means I won't be able
to make it to your friend's
restaurant opening.
I'm so sorry.
Isabella: No, that's,
I, I, I get it.
You know, you're here to
work and I'm here to work,
so it's, it's fine.
Jacques: Oh, well I'm, I
really am disappointed.
Isabella: Nope it's,
it's, it's okay,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Jacques: Okay.
Isabella: Okay.
Jacques: I wish you
a good evening.
Isabella: Yeah, you too.
Lacey: You look amazing.
Isabella: Thank you so
much, because of you.
Lacey: Where is Jacques?
Isabella: Oh, he
had a work meeting,
so he sends his regrets.
Lacey: Oh, are you okay?
Isabella: Yeah, it's not like
we're dating or anything.
Lacey: Oh well Luc will
be even more disappointed
than you are.
Isabella: Probably better
this way, you know?
Keep things professional
between me and Jacques.
Lacey: If you say so, but I
don't think there's anything
wrong with dating a
cute guy in Paris.
It's like Gougere, no guilt.
Isabella: Gougere,
what is that?
Lacey: French for
gooey cheese puff.
Isabella: Mmm.
Lacey: Calories outside
the U.S. don't count.
Isabella: Wow,
this is incredible.
Lacey: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Let's
go to our table.
Lacey: And this is my very
own personal chef Luc.
Luc: Welcome.
Lacey: Isabella.
Luc: Enchante.
Isabella: Enchante.
Luc: I have heard so much
about you, Isabella,
it feels like I
already know you.
Isabella: Yeah I, I
feel the same exact way.
And the food looks amazing,
I can't wait to try it.
Luc: Ah yes.
to spend time with you.
Jacques: Merci.
Isabella: Bonsoir.
Jacques: You look beautiful.
Isabella: Thank you.
Jacques, this is my
best friend Lacey.
Lacey: Great to
meet you, Jacques.
Jacques: Yes, you as well.
Lacey: Oh, this
is Luc Reboul.
Jacques: Enchante.
Luc: Enchante.
Jacques: The restaurant
looks wonderful.
Luc: Merci.
And I'm a huge
fan of your wine.
Jacques: Ah well Chez Reboul
is the talk of Paris.
I, I hear you can't
get a reservation
for love or money.
Luc: Look, you always have a
table at my restaurant, okay?
Lacey: Which is great,
especially if I can persuade
Isabella to stay in Paris.
Jacques: Ah.
You're going to
stay in Paris?
Isabella: This is the first
I'm actually hearing
about it.
You can't listen to
anything that Lacey says.
Lacey: I like to put my
wishes out into the world,
that way I can manifest them.
Jacques: Ah.
Does this work for you?
Lacey: Sure, that's
how I met Luc, right?
Luc: Pardon?
I met you through my cousin.
Lacey: Okay, well
that's not the point.
The point is wouldn't it
be great if Isabella
were to stay in Paris?
Jacques: I think
this would be great.
Luc: Jacques, I
have to tell you,
I'm a huge fan of
your new Pinot Noir.
Jacques: Ah, you've tried it?
Luc: Unfortunately I
only have two cases,
but they are saved for
my favorite customers.
Jacques: We have a couple
of crates left back at the
winery, maybe tomorrow
I send them to you.
Lacey: Really?
Luc: Ah, merci.
I appreciate that.
Excuse me, I must
go and entertain.
Jacques: Bien sur.
Lacey: It was great
to meet you, Jacques.
Jacques: You too.
Lacey: Have fun.
Isabella: Thank you.
So, did your
meeting end early?
Jacques: Ah, well when I
suggested that we sell our
wine in supermarkets, Maman
and Maurice looked at me
as if I had burned
the vineyard down.
Isabella: Oh, I'm sorry.
Jacques: No, it's okay.
Ah, genial.
Merci beaucoup.
Isabella: Merci.
Jacques: What's wrong?
Oh no, don't tell
me that this,
this bold American woman
is afraid to try
a little escargot.
Isabella: No I'm not
afraid, I just--
Jacques: Oh no?
It's really quite delicious.
Go on, I dare you.
Isabella: It tastes like
garlic and white wine.
Yeah it's, it's
kind of delicious.
Jacques: You have a
little something, may I?
[cell phone ringing]
Isabella: It's my Uncle
Travis, I have to get this.
Jacques: Of course.
Isabella: Okay.
I'll be right back.
Jacques: All right.
Isabella: Travis?
Travis: I hate to
ruin your trip.
Isabella: Why, what's wrong?
Travis: The crusher
destemmer broke.
Isabella: How bad is it?
Travis: It, it's gone and
we're looking at thousands
of dollars for a new one.
Isabella: What?
No, Uncle Travis, we need
that money for marketing.
Is, is there any way
you can get it repaired?
Travis: We're trying, but if
we don't get it working soon,
we're going to
miss the harvest.
Isabella: Okay, I, I'll
figure something out.
Jacques: Is everything
all right?
Isabella: My crusher
destemmer died, I actually,
I have to go find
a replacement.
Jacques: Oh, you are leaving?
Isabella: I know you just got
here, Jacques, I'm so sorry.
It's just I need to go
and, and make sure
I can find new equipment.
Jacques: Tonight?
Isabella: It has to be.
Jacques: You don't
get a vacation
when you own a winery.
Isabella: No, you don't.
I'm really sorry.
Jacques: I completely
I'll walk you
back to the hotel.
Isabella: Oh no, please
stay, I don't want
to ruin the party.
Jacques: You know I only
came here to be with you.
Let's go.
Jacques: Bonjour.
Isabella: Hey, fancy
meeting you here.
Jacques: Well I've
learned your routine.
You have your cafe
American every morning
at exactly 9:30, no?
Isabella: Mmm, yes.
Jacques: Did you
find a new destemmer?
Isabella: Yeah, as a
matter of fact I did,
and I got a deal.
It took a little bit of work,
but I found a used one.
I'm having it shipped up
from Paso Robles next week.
Jacques: That's so great.
Isabella: Yeah.
Jacques: I'm very impressed.
Isabella: Impressed by what?
Jacques: By you.
By the way you
get things done.
So fierce, so determined,
like, like a little bulldog.
Isabella: Oh yeah, you know,
I know you think that sounds
like a compliment.
Jacques: It is a compliment.
Isabella: Comparing
a woman to a bulldog,
it's not that flattering.
Jacques: I love dogs.
Isabella: Still
doesn't translate.
You're going to have to
trust me on this one.
Jacques: Okay.
So, what's on
the agenda today?
Isabella: The agenda?
I thought you
didn't like agendas.
Jacques: I don't, I was just
trying to sound American.
Isabella: Ooh, yeah, I'm
going to pretend like
you didn't say that.
I actually signed
up for the workshop,
the wine critique one
with Julie Montard.
Jacques: Oh no, you
can't go to that.
Isabella: Why?
Jacques: I know
Julie Montard,
I've heard her speak,
she's so negative.
Isabella: Negative?
Jacques: Yes, she's sad,
bitter, destructive.
She's too dangerous
for a fragile young
winemaker like you.
Isabella: Okay,
you know what?
I'm not that
fragile, Jacques,
I can handle a
little criticism.
Jacques: She only
likes French wine.
Isabella: Oh.
Jacques: I could teach
you everything she knows
in 10 minutes.
Isabella: No, no, I
just, I can't skip
the workshop, Jacques.
You know, I came here to
learn how to take my winery
to the next level.
Jacques: No, you came here
to win the competition.
Isabella: It's
the same thing.
Jacques: And the judges are
tasting the finalists today.
There's nothing you
can do to change
what's going to happen.
Isabella: Okay, so
what are you saying?
Jacques: Well you already
found the destemmer, huh?
You saved the day,
you are the hero.
Isabella: A hero?
Jacques: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Really?
Jacques: And I think the hero
should take the day off
and go out with me.
Isabella: Okay,
you know what?
I haven't even had my coffee,
so what's on your agenda?
Jacques: I was thinking about
going to get a croissant.
Isabella: A croissant?
Jacques, they have
breakfast at the hotel,
we could just have one here.
Jacques: Not like
this croissant.
Come on, some fresh air
will be good for you, huh?
This is the Pont
Alexandre de Trois,
the Alexandre
the third bridge.
It's named for--
Isabella: Alexandre
the third?
Jacques: Yes.
Isabella: This has to be the
best croissant I've ever had
in my entire life.
Jacques: I hope so, it's
the best in all of Paris.
Isabella: Oh.
So, so beautiful here.
Jacques: Paris is the
city of eternal love.
Isabella: Paris is the
city of eternal love?
Jacques: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Oh come on, who
says stuff like that?
Jacques: I'm not
making it up, you know?
This is a fact.
So what, you don't believe
in this kind of love?
Isabella: Sure, I guess,
for some people.
My parents had
that kind of love.
Jacques: But not you?
Isabella: Not so lucky.
Jacques: Never?
Isabella: Fine, okay.
When I worked down in
California there was a guy
Stewart and he was
a winemaker too.
And we got really serious.
We even talked about
getting married.
And then when
my mom got sick,
I went up to Oregon to help
my dad with the winery and
we just kind of drifted apart.
Jacques: Love is like a vine,
if you don't tend to it,
it will wither up and die.
Isabella: Just
there you go again.
But you're right, because
after a few months he called
me and he broke up with me.
Jacques: And now, have
you given up on love?
Isabella: Well it's
just, you know,
things are really hectic at
the winery and, you know,
my life is really
Jacques: You know life
is always complicated.
It's beautiful, and it's
ugly, and it's messy,
all at the same
time, but love,
that's what makes
life worth living.
Isabella: You really
believe that, don't you?
[cell phone ringing]
Jacques: It's my
mother, excuse me.
Isabella: It's fine.
Jacques: Hello, Maman.
Margot: Jacques, one of
the volunteers dropped
the last case of your
Pinot, it's all gone.
Jacques: You mean
there's nothing left
for the judges to taste?
Margot: No.
And the judges need
it within the hour.
I'm so sorry, I don't
know what to do.
Jacques: No it's,
it's okay, I,
I will figure something out.
Isabella: What's going on?
Jacques: One of the
volunteers at the competition
dropped my case of wine.
All the bottles smashed
and now I'm disqualified.
Isabella: Okay so just
go back to your winery
and get another case.
Jacques: No, Burgundy is a
three-hours drive from here,
they need it in one hour.
Isabella: Don't worry we'll,
we'll think of something.
Jacques: Not this time,
my little bulldog.
Isabella: I thought I
told you that women don't
like being called that.
Jacques: Yes, but when you
are determined, your face,
it scrunches up and
it's very adorable.
Isabella: Oh, well this
little bulldog has an idea,
come on, quickly.
Jacques: Where--
[doors close]
Luc, merci, thank
you for meeting us.
Luc: Salud.
What is the emergency?
Isabella: We need all of
your Chateau Saint-Fournier
Pinot right away.
Luc: There are two cases
but I wanted to keep them
for my best customers.
Jacques: Give me one case and
I'll have 10 more sent to you
from the winery tomorrow.
Isabella: He will be
disqualified from
the competition if
we don't get them.
Jacques: S'il te plait, Luc.
Luc: Okay.
Isabella: You should
probably text your mom,
tell her you're on the way.
Jacques: Yes, good idea.
My phone is, uh, could you?
Isabella: Oh, yeah, sure.
Margot: Philippe, Philippe.
Jacques is on his
way with the wine,
he'll be here in 15 minutes.
Philippe: That's too late.
Jacques: I can take it back.
Isabella: Oh, sure
Jacques: Okay.
It's my mother, she says if
I'm not back in 10 minutes,
I will be disqualified.
Isabella: What?
Oh, I don't know if
we're going to make it.
Let's see.
Pardon, if you can
get us there in less
than 10 minutes, I'll
give you 50 Euro.
Driver: Mm-hmm.
Isabella: Thank you.
Out of the way, excuse me.
Jacques: Move please, please.
Isabella: Thank you.
Philippe: No.
Maurice: Philippe, you can't
judge the competition without
my brother's wine.
Philippe: Sorry, there's
nothing I can do.
Margot: Perhaps we can
delay the final judging
just a little bit.
Maurice: Oui.
Philippe: That's
against the rules.
Maurice: Well then take me
out of the competition too.
Philippe: Maurice.
Margot: Maurice.
Philippe: Please,
you cannot do that.
Maurice: Well you
leave me no choice.
Jacques: Hold on, wait.
Isabella: We got it.
We got it.
Philippe: Voila,
Jacques, come with me.
Jacques: Oui, oui.
Thank you.
Isabella: Uh-huh.
Margot: Where did
you find the wine?
Isabella: Oh, my friend Luc,
he has a new restaurant
and he had two cases
in his cellar, so.
Maurice: We owe him.
Margot: Thank you, Isabella.
Isabella: Sure,
oh gosh, please,
you don't have to thank me.
Anyone would have
done the same thing.
Maurice: I don't understand.
Jacques and I are
your main competitors.
If Jacques was disqualified,
you have a better chance
of winning a medal.
Isabella: Well yeah but I
wouldn't want to win unless
I made the best Pinot in
the world and it wouldn't
count if your brother
wasn't in the competition.
Margot: How admirable.
Thank you so much.
Maurice: We won't
forget this.
Can we take you to lunch?
Isabella: I would love that,
but I actually have to get
a dress for the Award
Gala tonight, so...
Margot: Of course.
We'll hold a place for you.
Isabella: Perfect.
Margot: See you this evening.
Maurice: Merci.
Margot: Oh.
Maurice: Maman.
Margot: Oh.
Jonathan: Oh, Jacques, so I
understand your mother is
retiring and so the future
of Chateau Saint-Fournier
hangs in the balance.
Jacques: Well, that's
one way to put it.
Jonathan: Your brother is
doing a lot of interviews,
but I think that you
might have the more
interesting story.
Jacques: Well, Jonathan,
I think that the most
interesting story here is
not going to be about
Chateau Saint-Fournier.
Jonathan: Could you
ela, elaborate?
[glasses clink]
Margot: I like Isabella.
But the competition
ends tonight and she's
going back tomorrow.
Jacques: There are events
like this all over the world,
even in Oregon.
Margot: But you said you
wanted to settle down.
How do you do that with
a woman you only see
a few times a year?
Maurice: Try this
vintage '96.
Jean Marc sent it over.
Margot: Ah.
Jacques: You look amazing.
Isabella: Thanks, you're
not so bad yourself.
Jacques: That dress is--
Isabella: It's
gorgeous, right?
I actually borrowed
it from Lacey.
I just figured when in Rome.
Jacques: But we're in Paris.
Isabella: Yeah, no, it's
a, it's an expression.
It means--
It doesn't
matter what it means.
Maurice: Bonsoir, Isabella.
Isabella: Bonsoir.
Margot: Tres magnifique.
Isabella: Oh, thank you.
Philippe: Welcome to the
final night of Le Grand Prix
des Vins du Monde.
The judges have spoken and
tough decisions were made.
The first category
is Pinot Noir.
Christina: Good
luck to everyone.
Isabella: Thank you.
Philippe: We had some
classic favorites and some
surprising newcomers.
And the bronze goes to
Golden Sky, California,
winemakers Seth and
Diana Ridgeworth.
Congratulations, guys.
Diana: Merci.
Isabella: Well there's only
two medals left and only
three of us at the table.
One of us is going to lose.
Jacques: C'est la vie.
Philippe: And next
the silver medal.
And the silver medal goes to
Ricci Ridge Winery Oregon,
winemaker Isabella Ricci.
Margot: Congratulations.
Jacques: It's amazing.
I'm so happy for you.
Margot: Congratulations.
Phillippe: Congratulations,
Mademoiselle Ricci.
Isabella: Thank you so much.
Wow, silver, I--
Jacques: It's wonderful.
Philippe: And now to announce
the winner of the Pinot Noir
category and this was
very difficult for us.
And the winner of
the gold medal is--
Chateau Saint-Fournier
reserve winemaker
Jacques Fournier.
Jacques: S'il vous plait.
Maurice: Congratulations,
Jacques: Thank you, brother.
Maurice: Come here.
Jacques: I know we don't
usually make speeches,
so please forgive me.
But I want to say this is
for my brother Maurice
and my mother Margot.
You pushed me, you push
all of us to be better
winemakers, so thank you
and I love you both.
You know this wine would
not even be here tonight
if it was not for
Ms. Isabella Ricci.
So, Isabella, merci beaucoup,
I want to share this
moment with you.
Isabella: Wow, it
really is beautiful.
It's no wonder they call
Paris the city of lights.
Jacques: It's the city of
light, actually, no 's'.
And it's not because of
the buildings, you know,
it's because Paris
was the birthplace of
the Age of Enlightenment.
So it's the city
of inspiration.
Isabella: You know you
really are the best
tour guide in Paris.
Jacques: I wish I could
be more than that.
Isabella: I wish
you could too.
Jacques: Then stay.
Just another week, we could
explore Paris together,
we could visit the wineries
of the Loire Valley.
Isabella: I can't, I
have to go back and
deal with my real life.
Jacques: Your real life
can wait a few days, no?
Isabella: I can't.
Jacques: Life is
short, Isabella.
Sometimes it's hard,
but also it's beautiful.
And you and I--
Isabella: How would we
make it work, Jacques?
We're half a world apart.
Jacques: Don't
be so practical.
We can make this
work, Isabella.
I know it.
[cell phone ringing]
Tell me you're not going
to answer that right now.
Isabella: It's
my Uncle Travis,
look I'll just be a minute.
Jacques: No, no,
I understand.
Travis: Congratulations,
silver first time out, huh?
Not too shabby.
Isabella: Well I wouldn't
even be in this competition
if it weren't for
you, Uncle Travis.
Travis: Well,
Isabella, I told you,
you had something special.
Isabella: Oh
Jacques won gold.
Travis: I wish he hadn't.
Not after he trash talked
you in that interview.
Isabella: What interview?
Travis: I have it here.
It says, "When asked about
what Fournier thought about
the other finalists he
laughed and said he wasn't
worried about some
table wine from Oregon
taking the prize."
Isabella: That doesn't
sound like something
Jacques would say.
Travis: Well I'm
looking at his
I.D. badge right
here on the photo,
it says Jacques Fournier.
Isabella: Wow.
Travis: Now look I, I have
your flight details and
I'll be there tomorrow
to pick you up, okay?
Isabella: Okay, thanks.
Jacques: Hello.
I know of this great
after hours jazz club.
Isabella: You know what?
I have an early flight,
I should turn in.
Jacques: What?
But it's not even midnight.
Isabella: I need to go.
Jacques: Is everything
okay, did something happen?
Isabella: Congratulations
on beating my table wine.
Jacques: What are
you talking about?
Isabella: Were you just
pretending to like my wine?
Jacques: No, no,
of course not.
Isabella: You know I thought
you were different, Jacques,
I, I trusted you.
Jacques: I don't understand
where this is coming from,
wait, wait.
Isabella: Goodbye, Jacques.
Margot: Jacques, we've got
a lot of wonderful press
in the wine trades from
winning the gold.
But one of the reporters
mixed you up with Maurice.
Jacques: Oh really?
Margot: Yeah, I
sent you a link.
They should know you and
Maurice better than that.
Jacques: Maurice?
Maurice: Oui?
Jacques: Why did you call
Isabella's Pinot a table
wine in this interview?
Maurice: I was
just making a joke.
Jacques: No, you
don't understand.
She thinks that I said this.
This is why she's not
speaking with me.
Maurice: That was before
we got to know her.
Margot: For heaven sake,
Maurice you're wearing
his I.D. badge.
That's why you
could never find it.
Maurice: Let me see that.
Jacques: I have to tell her.
Maurice: Oh.
Jacques, I am so sorry.
Isabella: Hi,
this is Isabella.
Please leave a message and
I'll get right back to you.
Jacques: Her machine.
Travis: So we need all
the merlots inventoried
by this Friday, okay?
Travis: Thank you, thank you.
Hey, Belle.
Isabella: Hi.
Travis: Hi.
Isabella: Hi.
Travis: You okay?
Isabella: Yeah, I'm
fine, what's up?
Travis: You left your
phone in the office.
Isabella: Oh.
Travis: I haven't seen you
anywhere without your phone.
Like anywhere.
Isabella: Yeah well just
needed to take a break
a little bit, you know?
Think about some things.
Travis: It's been
ringing off the hook.
Isabella: Well then
I'm glad I left it.
Travis: Aren't you supposed
to be lining up meetings
with U.S. distributors?
Isabella: I don't want to
seem desperate, you know?
So I decided that I would
just wait for a week,
see what kind of offers
come in, you know?
Call them back.
Travis: Playing hard
to get, I like it.
Maybe you should enter
wine competitions
more often, right?
Isabella: Yeah, maybe I will.
Travis: Your friend
Jacques called,
a bunch of times actually.
Maybe you should
call him back,
give him a chance to explain.
Isabella: It's
just, it's too late.
Travis: Are you sure
about that, Belle?
I know it ended badly,
but from what you said,
it sounds like you
and Jacques were
really good together.
Isabella: We were.
Travis: There's someone
here to see you.
Anton: Isabella, hi.
Isabella: Anton, hi,
what a nice surprise.
Please, have a seat.
Anton: I was visiting one of
my other clients nearby and
I thought I would drop in.
silver medal.
Isabella: Thank you.
Anton: It must have been
tough leaving Paris.
Isabella: You have no idea.
Anton: I see you must
have been productive.
Jonathan Ronen gave you quite
a nice write up on your
Heritage Reserve.
Isabella: Wait, what?
Jonathan Ronen
wrote about my wine?
Anton: He loved your wine.
And having Jacques Fournier
say it was the best Pinot
he's tasted in five years,
well I've had people
calling me all week
asking how to get it.
Isabella: Jacques Fournier
said my Pinot was the best
he'd had in over five years?
Anton: He was very generous.
Travis: Well speaking
of generous,
we've been talking with
a few U.S. distributors.
Isabella: Yes, we have.
Anton: Who?
They can't poach you,
this is my territory.
Isabella: No, well I don't
want any names, Anton,
and you were
friends with dad.
And you did give me the idea
of entering Le Grand Prix
des Vins du Monde.
Anton: That's right.
Travis: Even though you
said we didn't have
a chance of getting in.
Anton: Right, yes, I just
didn't want you to
get your hopes too high.
Isabella: Well then if you
can match what the other
distributors are offering.
Anton: Done.
Isabella: And maybe
increase it.
Anton: I'll beat any offer
you get by five percent.
Travis: Sounds good, right?
Isabella: Hold on.
Just curious, Anton, how
much are you willing
to spend on advertising?
Anton: That's an
excellent question.
I've got some great
ideas on how to market
the Ricci Ridge brand.
Isabella: How much?
Anton: I'll send over the
numbers in the morning.
Isabella: Sounds good.
Thank you.
Anton: But you'll have to
tell me how you landed that
Jonathan Ronen article.
He only talks to
the major players.
Isabella: Well, we are
major players, Anton.
Travis: That's right,
major players.
Anton: I'm starting
to realize that.
Travis: Yes!
Isabella: Shh.
Margot: Jacques.
Maurice: Ah, there you are.
Are you ready for Maman's
retirement party?
Jacques: Yes.
I'm not really in a
festive mood, but of course.
Margot: You miss her.
Jacques: I haven't spoken
to Isabella since
she left Paris.
She won't return my calls.
I've stopped trying.
Margot: You know I've always
said not to get involved with
someone who lives halfway
across the world.
But sometimes when you
meet someone as special as
Isabella, you can't let
anything stand in your way.
Maurice: She's right.
Margot: I won this at the
charity auction and I think
you should try it.
Jacques: I know this wine.
Why do you think
I should try it?
Margot: Because
they took a risk.
Maurice: Some people are
meant to carry on tradition.
Margot: And some people are
meant to take a new path.
Jacques: Merci.
Travis: Isabella.
Isabella: Hi.
Got the paperwork in from
Anton, you ready to sign?
Travis: Oh definitely, but
could you help me for a
second in the barrel room?
One of the humidity
controllers is broken.
Isabella: Sure.
Travis: Thanks.
Isabella: You know ever since
I won the wine competition
it's like you think I can do
anything and I have no idea
how you expect me to help.
I'm not a mechanic.
Travis: Come on, it will
take a second, I promise.
Isabella: I mean I'll do what I
can, but it's, I'm not sure...
Jacques: You haven't
returned my calls in weeks.
Isabella: So you just flew
halfway around the world?
Jacques: The magazine
mixed up me and Maurice,
you know I would never
say anything like that.
Isabella: I know.
I actually ended up reading
an article where you said my
Pinot Noir was the best you'd
had in over five years.
Jacques: But still you
didn't call me back?
Isabella: Because
you live in France.
And I live here in Oregon,
and I have no idea
how we could possibly
make this work.
Jacques: I came here
to give you a gift.
Isabella: I know this wine.
Jacques: This wine is
all about taking risks.
You see decades ago no
one took California
wines seriously.
But then Baron Philippe de
Rothchild collaborated with
a new California winemaker
and together they
created a masterpiece.
Isabella: And it ended
up being one of the most
successful wineries
in the whole world.
Jacques: Because it's
the best of both worlds.
The old and the new.
Isabella: So, what
are you saying,
that you think we should
make a new wine, you and me?
Jacques: That's exactly
what I'm saying.
Isabella: Jacques, how can
you leave your winery
for that long?
Jacques: I can be away
as long as I like.
I gave control to Maurice
of Chateau Saint-Fournier.
Isabella: You just
gave it away?
Jacques: Well sold it,
he bought my share.
Isabella: So,
just to clarify,
why would you sell your
half of the winery?
Jacques: Think about what we
could do together, Isabella.
A new partnership, Burgundy
and Oregon, working together.
Isabella: To create
a new Pino.
Jacques: Create a
new life together.
What do you think?
Isabella: I think your
brother better watch out
because we're going
to win gold next year.
Jacques: Maybe we
should toast to this
new partnership?
Isabella: I have
a better idea.