Pariser (2008) Movie Script

I'm good. How are you?
No, I've arrived. I took the one before.
I will wait for him here.
We've got an appointment in one hour.
His phone doesn't work here.
Is there a condom machine here?
Sorry, that's not like that here.
But, there is a pharmacy down end
of the street where you could find.
I went there but it was closed.
Wait, wait!
I think that...
I got only one.
- No. I can not accept.
- No take it! I really don't need it.
Are you sure?
OK! Thank you very much.
Hello pretty lady!
You didn't recognize me?
No. Are you the person I search?
I do not know where you
want to sleep tonight,
but it was not quiet
the last time at Hubert's place...
I booked a hotel room.
- Really?
- Yes, it's just...
I wanted to have a little privacy.
Yes it's a good idea.
You think so?
Yes, I mean it.
So... what do you say?
We go to the hotel deposit his luggage?
Yes, I think we should move it.
Hey! It's okay. Don't worry!
I am sorry.
It's not because of you, you know?
I hope so!
I mean, I'm not used to that
this is first time but...
I don't care. It's OK.
Will you give me a second chance?
I'll think about it.
Do you know that Germans sometimes,
call condoms: "Parisian"?
You could start
by invite me for a drink.
Ok, let's go!
Excuse me. Do you speak English?
Yes. You give me a cigarette?
Do you know where I can find a store
or a supermarket?
- Right here?
- Yes please.
Not sure. What are you looking for?
Do you speak English?
Well, I just take the rose. Thank you.
Well, it's not your lucky day.
- Everything is closed. Maybe you have noticed.
- Yes! Why?
It's holiday. A Christian holiday.
I do not know what it's called in English.
So even God is against me.
God I do not know, but the pope, certainly.
Let me see.
There are two possibilities.
The first is a gas station,
in that direction.
It's quite far
but it is easy to find.
In this service station
there must be regular condoms.
- This way.
- Yeah, this way.
Or if you want a taxi,
there is a kind of gay bar...
So that's all right?
Yes, all right.
You can not miss it.
Good morning lady.
For fuck sake!
- That's Ok Sebastien.
- That's not OK.
I can't believe this is
happening to me now.
Don't speak French now!
I can also speak in my own language.
Sorry. It's not against you.
You use always condoms, right?
Of course I always use condoms
this is not the problem.
I am clean.
I had problems
with a crappy situation like this one!
Okay, but there will no problems
because of it now.
How do you know that?
Because I don't want to be a mother now!
I can take a special medication, you know?
- You take it every day?
- No, I don't take for this one,
but I can take one for after.
All shops are closed today
especially for that.
You will not find anyone to help you
in this fucking situation!
You don't buy that in a supermarket!
- I'll take it tomorrow.
- Yeah, you'll be good if you take it tomorrow.
Yes! It is! For sure!
I'm sorry for my reaction,
it's just that...
I understand. You don't have to be sorry.
For me that means you are concerned.
You can not imagine the odyssey that was
to find the fucking condoms.
You promise me that this is
the first thing you will do tomorrow?
I swear.
So spit!
In France, when you really want make a
promise, you have to swear and then you spit.
So spit!
I trust you. Sorry.