Parking (2023) Movie Script

Sir, this is an excellent property.
In the daytime, no lights are needed at all
Check out how bright the house is!
when you open the window, the
air ventilation will be excellent,
An important thing to note,
there are no mosquitoes here.
The doors have also
been recently refurbished
Everything you'd expect
in a house, it's all here
The house has been recently painted.
How about water facilities?
You will get both bore
water and metro water for entire 24/7
And beyond that, this
house is really lucky!
Even the previous resident,
..had no heart to
leave this house.
And above all, there won't be any
disturbance from the house owner.
He's of a very good type.
Brother, are the residents
downstairs the house owners?
No, they are also tenants.
he's also a government employee
I think he'll be great company for you
Sir,don't worry about the advance.
we will negotiate accordingly,
-But don't miss this excellent property
The house is
fine to me, brother.
But I'll discuss with my
wife and let you know.
Fine then.
Wait a second.
I'll hand over the
keys and come
[cell phone rings]
-Tell me, Aathi,
-what happened? is the house fine?
The house is a bit old.
but it's better than other houses we saw.
And there is a family downstairs too.
It will also enhance your safety.
Fine then,
Send me the pictures of
the house on Whats App.
I'll call you after
looking at them.
-I'll send you.
[Camera clicks]
(FM Radio Distortion)
(91.7 FM
and I'm your RJ Shah)
(Some of you must be
relaxing now, as it's Sunday)
(Some 10th-grade students
don't feel like going to school today)
Some of them are wondering
why there's a special class today.
Some family men are considering
buying chicken or mutton
Here's a song for those who
are in a dilemma about waking up
It's 91.7 FM,I'm your RJ Shah..
Hey hold it properly, careful.
[Crowd chatter]
Careful! careful!
Move over there and play.
Play carefully! don't
break the windows
How many left?
-Two boxes more
-Hmm okay
-Sir is this fine,
I'm inside the room
- Ah okay.
I told you not to do any work, right?
then why are you
doing all of this?
Then who else will do all this?
I'll do all this.
The doctor advised you
not to strain yourself, right?
Hey, it's only books.
I'll come and arrange them,
- Sir
- Hmm
Everything has been moved, sir.
It's done?
- Hmm
- okay.
The pending amount was 2500 rupees
Okay sir
Hey, hold on
Thank you sir
Hey, they've moved a lot of things.
Giving them a tip
is completely fine.
Don't give that stare.
- Okay
Before we start
arranging things,
let's go meet the people in
the downstairs house.
- Ilamparuthi..
Aparna, check who's at the door.
Yes, I'll go check, dad.
How about shopping after
we're done unpacking?
-WiFi configuration team is coming.
-Then we will go after that.
We are the new tenants
in the upstairs house
-Who is that?
The new tenant from upstairs, dad.
Oh, ask them to come in.
Please come in.
-Hello sir
-Come, please come.
Hey Selvi!
-Yeah, I'm coming.
There was an issue with the radio,
Since it is Sunday,
I was inspecting it.
Please take a seat.. Aparna!
Please bring the chairs,
Yeah one moment dad
- I'm coming.
They are the new tenant from upstairs
- Hmm
One moment
Tea or coffee?
Is Chennai your hometown?
- Oh, I see.
My parents are still there.
since I work in IT,
I've settled in Chennai.
Where is your office located?
It's right here, in DLF.
It's nearby, isn't it?
-Yeah, it takes about 15 minutes.
- Oh
For completing 35 years of
service in the town panchayat..
They honored me with a silk shawl.
Is your wife employed as well?
I am working as an assistant
professor in fine arts.
I am currently on maternity leave.
What are you studying?
Engineering, final year, sister.
Oh, nice.
Which month is it?
Fifth month.
Even before this, there was an Andhra
family lived upstairs, really nice people.
They also had their baby after moving here.
How many years
have you been here?
I've been in this area for over 10 years.
I am the Executive Officer at
Kundrathur Town Panchayat.
It's been 37 years,
I'll be retiring next year.
In this area, EO. Ilamparuthi
holds a special respect.
What can we get with that respect?
It's fine not owning a house,
you should still get the things
we need for this place, right?
Always citing the
same reason,
that I'm saving money
for my daughter's marriage.
Look, he's been trying to fix
that old radio since morning.
If you need any help,
you can ask me anytime!
-Don't hesitate to reach out.
- Okay sir.
Almost we have unpacked everything mom..
only kitchen items are left,
He'll handle everything else.
You don't need to get
involved in anything, just relax, fine?
Ensure you have your
meals at the appropriate times.
When is your next
appointment with the doctor?
In the next two days.
Give me the phone.
Make sure you ask the
doctor all your questions.
Hey, I'm talking to her, right?
Instead of talking on the phone,
why don't you come here?
How can I go against your
father's wishes and come there?
He's still the same old
man, hasn't changed a bit.
Has anyone from Aathika's
family spoken to her?
Not at all
At least you're
speaking from our house,
while no one is
speaking from hers
Their daughter is pregnant,
what is preventing them from
speaking? Is it ego?
Mom,I'll call you back later.
Okay, take care.
What happened?
Even during my maternity period,
no one from my family contacted us.
They will come.
How many days
they can be like this?
You just wait and see.
Things will be different
after the baby is born.
Your beard is poking, move aside.
Is it so? kindly adjust with it.
Let me go, I have
a lot of things to do.
We'll take care of all that later.
["Yeya En Kottikkaaraa" playing]
Ganesa (shouting)
Couldn't you find a better place
for your laundry than my compound wall?
-Put them down.
-Okay, Mr. Owner Sir
I only placed it on the compound wall,
not on his head, right?
Brother, have you reached?
I'm on the way.
Hi sir, Good morning.
Good morning, Have
you left for your office?
- Yeah sir
- Hmm
- Brother
you don't have a bike?
No, sir. The office provides
a cab for pick and drop,
so I don't
have a need for a bike.
But it would be better if you
had a bike for emergencies, right?
-Paruthi, sir
- Morning.
sir, what about the policy matter?
I discussed this in the office,
and they need some
time to evaluate it, sir.
It's a monthly target, sir.
Yeah, I'll take care, sir.
Okay, bye, sir.
- Brother
He's asking everyone
in my office to get an... policy, and he's
persistently pressuring me.
What will I do if they are not
showing any interest in getting insurance?
The cab is waiting.
-Yeah bye.
Is he the new tenant uncle?
I went to Tirupathi to
offer prayers for you,
Please take the prasadam
Uncle,The contract for
the Devi Nagar public toilet..
..seems to have been given to someone else.
If you had quoted an appropriate rate,
you would have got the contract.
What can I do if you've quoted
an exorbitant price?
No, Uncle. I provided
an appropriate quote only
Aparna,it's time.
Please hurry up
I'm coming
Hey, you've forgotten
to take your lunchbox!
Mom, I already told you
today is a half working day
Please take the prasadham.
Please tie your hair!
Dad, they don't mind if I
don't tie my hair in college
Please do it.
I went for work purpose and went for temple!
I came in the morning!
- Fine come inside,
I'll make you breakfast
No, sister! I ate!
Sir,Good morning!
who's calling me now?
Hey,Mr. Gopi
-Good morning sir
- I've just entered the office.
Tell him to come in the afternoon.
Sir, it would be great if you could
complete the DRA file for KC Construction.
There are numerous corrections
needed in the original deed.
The neighbor's deed 566.9 is accurate.
Moreover, you have encroached on
their land. How can I complete the file?
Sir,we will meet all your requirements.
Even all your material needs, sir.
Get out
Leave immediately!
Did you think I'm like that V.A.O?
Get out of here
Trying to bribe me by
offering materials, it seems
Sir, there's a power
shutdown today.
It has become a routine now.
- Yes sir!
If I see that KP
Construction guy again,
you're the one who will
face the consequences.
Ok. sir,
-What is this?
JK Smart city's documents are
thoroughly verified and processed,
Awaiting your approval
to process the file, sir.
Have you verified properly?
- Yes sir!
[Cross checking]
You didn't mention the date?
You're bringing the file to
me without checking!
Complete it.
- Sir,Pen..
Take it.
Okay sir.
-Give back the pen and leave.
Why are you taking it with you?
Hi guys,
He is Eshwar.
Like I said earlier,
He is going to work
along with us in our team
Eshwar has a total of 6 years of experience
in Java development.
He has held the position of a
Senior developer at Tech Zone.
So,Eshwar carry on with your team
-Thank you.
Hi Eshwar, I'm Surya!
- Hi
meet the team,
Ram, Harish
- Hi
Keerthana, Jai
- Hello
-and that's Sowmiya
- Please take your seat,
-Welcome to the team.
You are my sole
embodiment of beauty
You're the dreams
brought to life, my dear
You encompass my entire world
You are half of my kin
You are my sole
embodiment of beauty
You're the dreams
brought to life, my dear
You encompass my entire world
You are half of my kin
You're the magician who transformed me
You're the sea that reveals love to me
You amplify my yearning to be with you
You are gathering and extending
my lifetime, you are my god
Within my chest, you reside
You are the very root of my existence
Your love, like a mother's
care, rescues my waning life
You accompany me to
the boundless distance
Grasp my hand and never let go
Say, you wild spirit!
What made you enter my soul?
Say, you wild spirit!
What made you enter my soul?
This fridge is really nice.
The neighbors upstairs have moved
out of their house and gotten married.
Even though she was engaged
to another groom, it seems.
Why do you involve
in other's affairs?
Don't bring this topic
in front of the daughter.
Hey enchanting maiden, If your gaze
doesn't linger on me, it leaves a scar
Even a needle-sized gap
can hurt me like a thorn
Just as a river widens its expanse
Our love too expands with every glance
Let's embrace life like a vibrant rainbow
We'll craft a nest with love
In memory of the horizon,
let's offer our prayers
We'll transcend boundaries
to reveal our love
And live a life like none before
You're an angel who's stuck by my side
You're a star that moistens my heart
Say, you wild spirit!
What made you enter my soul?
Say, you wild spirit!
What made you enter my soul?
Brother, have you reached the location?
Sir, I'm almost there, but
the car tire got punctured.
Could you please
book another cab ?
Why are you informing
this at the last moment?
I've been waiting for 30 minutes
to take my wife to the hospital.
Sir, I tried calling you,
but your number was busy.
Stop giving lame reasons.
- What happened
The cab driver wanted
to cancel the ride.
Try an another cab.
Only the auto's available.
Since it's already late,
we'll take an auto.
Please watch the ups and down,
ride carefully.
-Please go patiently.
-Yes sir.
The baby seems to be healthy,
so,no worries.
You should be careful
from now on,
Just two months left
Make sure you're eating nutritious food.
Maintain a calm and relaxed mindset.
- Blue is your favorite color, isn't it?
Why are you inquiring?
I was just asking.
[Claps ]
[Camera clicks]
[Camera clicks]
[Camera clicks]
Sister,he didn't help me
with the previous contract.
Can he at least help secure this new one?
Someone who knows just
the clerk is earning more!
And my uncle is an EO! He's
capable of helping me a lot,right?
Could you refer me to uncle to
secure the water tank contract?
I'll also earn a decent amount, right?
What is the side dish for dosa?
Coconut chutney!
Do Tomato chutney!
I have grinded Coconut.
Oh,is it?
Place it aside
and do Tomato chutney.
- Please tell him sister.
He's the one who decides even
the side dish I need to make.
Do you really think he'll listen to me?
You should speak up for yourself.
[Doorbell rings]
Why are you here at this time?
Sir, We have brought a new car!
All of a sudden?
Yes Sir, a sudden plan.
Oh I see!
Sir,if you could move
your bike a little,
we will park our car here.
Yeah,one moment.
Inform this to the house owner, brother.
I've already informed
him before booking the car.
What's the on-road cost?
Around 8 Lakhs sir.
-Ready cash?
-No, sir!
It's on EMI.
Really nice!
The first car that came to this house.
They brought the car suddenly,
without giving any notice.
It didn't surprise me last night,
When I saw the car in the morning,
it looked amazing,
The color is also excellent!
It seems it's only 8 lakhs.
He bought his car on a loan,
What's there to be proud of?
It's alright, even though he took a loan,
he takes good care of his wife, isn't it?
What's for lunch?
Anchovy fish curry and fry.
Not porridge, isn't it? [sarcastically]
If I get the loan, you guys will be
happy. but only the men will be suffering.
-Paruthi sir!
- Yeah
Looks like you have brought a new car!
Super sir,
The car is the best investment.sir,
Traveling on the bike with the
helmet under the scorching sun.. really exhausting, sir.
Then,when is the treat,Sir?
No sir,
-The car...
-Sir,It's not his car.
The guy from the upstairs own it.
[Sarcastic laughter]
Please slice it,
I also thought he owned the car.
He won't even spend 1000
rupees for a tire change
He keeps fixing the
same puncture repeatedly.
You think he'll buy a 10-lakh car?
Okay fine,
Stop chattering and
complete work.
[Struggling grunt]
I think he got frustrated
about the car,
Wait I'll butter him!
No matter what, sir, a
bike is always the best
With the increasing petrol prices,
how can we manage a car, sir?
If we are having a bike
we can tackle the traffic quite easily.
Slice an another tender Coconut,
[Struggling grunt]
[Indistinct chatter]
Just a minute, dad.
Come quick, it's getting late.
Just a moment dad.
Getting a car is not the matter..
Maintaining them is
the significant task.
Before completing two regular services,
avoid driving the car beyond 80 km/h.
why don't you go for a long drive?
It helps the engine to settle.
Hey buddy,
You didn't celebrate with us for
the new car, And now you're leaving?
I'm taking my wife out for dinner.
Let's plan for another day.
Absolutely not. What's the time?
I'm not coming!
I've already reserved a table
and you're declining like this.
Who asked you to book the table?
Who should I ask to take my wife out?
You should ask your wife first!
Oh I see
After finishing the dinner,
We'll take a romantic long drive
along the beach coast,
shall we?
Oh,you have time for a romantic getaway?
I have plenty of time for it!
Shall we?
No, leave!
Why are you so stubborn?
[Cell phone rings]
Hello, yes, sir.
It is challenging to park my bike here,
Could you move your car a bit?
Yeah, I'll do sir.
Keep going!
Keep going!
Keep going.
It's fine now.
Sorry sir!
I'll park in the
same spot tomorrow.
Hey,it's perfectly fine.
It's okay.
[Whistles and hums]
Hey boy!
Hey, stop! I've been
calling you repeatedly.
[Doorbell rings]
Sir, Mr.Balaji sent me.
One moment.
Thank you sir.
People are coming and going,
and their attire doesn't look normal
I can't quite grasp what's happening.
Brother, please move.
- What?
You enter without permission
and I've been calling you!
Who are you?
Bob Marley,
- What?
Bob Marley, brother!
- What, Bala Murali, huh?
Hey stop!
Hey, I've been yelling,
and you're just moving.
Where are you from? Why
are you getting water from here?
Then,how will I wash the car?
Do we need to hire
someone to wash this car?
Just answer my question:
Do you need someone to wash this car?
When there is a gardener
for just four plants,
why can't we have
a cleaner for a car?
Hey, just stop!
Who are you calling a gardener?
- Dad, coffee!
Hey, you stay!
Hey, go inside, go inside.
- What happened dad?
- Why did you come here?
Go inside, I'll have the coffee.
[Gate creaks open]
[Exhales deeply]
Sir, I have cleaned the car!
Alright, come back tomorrow then.
- Okay sir.
Sir, you've already made
a scratch on your car?
How did that happen?
- Yes
If the gas has been
delivered, I've left the
money on the shelf.
Please pay them with it.
Fine, I'll pay them.
What happened brother!
Sir, could you please come here?
Oh my god,
What's this scratch, brother?
You just bought it, and already...?
You could've been more careful, brother.
- Sir!
When I parked my car last
night, there wasn't any scratch.
It should have
happened after I parked it.
What are you saying brother?
You're saying there
was no scratch last night?
Who could have scratched the car
after closing the gate?
It's so confusing,Sir.
sir,by any chance was it you?
I don't understand
Maybe while you were parking?
May be by mistake or so?
I was sober when I
parked my bike last night.I was not drunk
Sir,I didn't mean that way?
-Then how did you mean?
Sir, the scratch was caused by this
Please take a look.
Car's paint mark is also there.
You can see it for yourself.
Right here!
Yes,it is.
Last night, it was dark,
and I may have accidentally scratched it
what is this sir?
It hasn't even been a week
since I bought it.
And this has happened
Please don't worry about it .
I will take care of the expenses.
No need.I will take care of that.
Next time, be careful
while parking your bike
Don't be so careless like this!
"Next time you park your bike,
"please be more careful."
That's enough said.
Don't utter any more words.
You effortlessly park your car.
I struggle each time
to park my bike in this tight space.
I am the one who experiences the pain.
Are you suggesting me to
park my new car outside?
I didn't mean that.
To maneuver my bike,
I'm requesting you to provide enough space
If I give you extra space
then how will I get down?
That might be your only inconvenience
But even Moving my bike
itself is tough for me.
Sir, we need to make some adjustments.
Then you should also
adjust for any scratches.
How can you be so careless?
The repair is expensive
unlike your bike's repairs.
The showroom will charge me a lot.
What do you think of yourself?
Is a bike so cheap to you?
It costs 300 rupees
to replace a brake wire.
General service costs 950 rupees
and you're talking as if it's so cheap.
let it go,sir
I'm already running late for work.
I know you guys are working hard!
Additional effort is needed on your part
we are scheduled for a
client project demo next month.
I hope everyone is aware of that!
- Hmm
As a senior programmer,
you have the responsibility!
I hope you understand the situation!
Hmm yeah.
I think, it's time to prove our self,
So guys, let's start this soon.
I felt anxious earlier today...
sorry sir!
"Sir, do you consume alcohol?"
Your question
wasn't wrong, brother.
Anyone will get upset when they
notice a scratch on the new car.
Let's not dwell on it, sir.
Sir, do you drive a car?
I drive quite well.
So why don't you buy a car?
No, brother, it's an unnecessary luxury.
Can't you just buy a new bike?
What's the issue with my current bike?
Has that bike ever
started with just one kick?
It's better to give the
old bike a few extra kicks..
than to spend on a new bike
Why are you being so thrifty?
Brother,I'm not being thrifty.
I'm saving!
I have a daughter,
I need to save for her wedding,right?
Yeah,you are right.Sir,
Don't we need to spend
on ourselves as well?
If I find out that my
wife desires something
I'll buy it for her right away
Even now,
To ensure my wife doesn't experience
any inconvenience, I purchased a car.
well,that's you.
but I took my wife
on a bike for her delivery.
Now my wife and daughter are happy,
aren't they?
Did you take your wife on a scooter?
Unlike you I don't have the
courage to put my wife at risk.
If savings aren't useful to us
why are they called savings?
You speak out of curiosity!
I speak from experience.
Spending money on unnecessary
luxuries is not something to be proud of!
Today it's just two of you.
It will be good.
Once your wife delivers,
Then you will realize the value of saving.
School fees,college fees,
and so on will accumulate.
Expenses will continue to increase.
If it's going to be a girl,
the expenses will be even higher!
Raising her, educating her,
her wedding expenses,
and then her baby shower
and delivery expenses..
and then the expenses
for rituals for grandchildren..
We need to keep spending until death.
I planned my family
only after I had some savings.
Think about how much I'll need to save
for my daughter's wedding.
What are you even talking about, sir?
Marriages don't need to be luxurious,right?
I had a simple wedding
done at a registration office.
And both of us are happy, aren't we?
Do you mean I should
arrange my daughter's wedding..
in a registrar's office like you did?
Sir,I didn't mean that way?
Then how?
I mentioned it to help
you grasp the reality.
I understood brother.
I really did.
I sat with you for drinking
despite the age gap
That was the mistake, and I realize it now.
What is this sir?
Why do you stress over such a minor matter?
-Get lost.
Who is he to give me advice?
I shouldn't have accepted his invitation.
who is he to advice me?
his age is my experience
It's my fate.
The mixer jar's blade isn't working again
What should I do now?
I will fix it tomorrow.
How many times will you keep fixing it?
Why can't you get me a new one?
Look at the guy upstairs
See how he cares for his wife.
Even if you don't care for me
like he does for his wife
at least you can buy
me the essentials, right?
Is it too much to ask for?
A new jar must cost
around 300 rupees, right?
Please replace this with a new one.
[Banging on the car]
If you keep blocking even the
small gaps, how will I go?
[Doorbell rings]
Have your meal; I'll check the door.
Wait, I'll check!
You have purposely parked your car in such
a way that I can never move my bike, right?
Sir,last night I was in a hurry,
I don't have time to hear your stories.
Please come and take your car
Kindly wait for five minutes.Sir,
You can come inside and sit, sir.
I'm not interested in your formalities.
I'm running late for work.
Please come and
move your car.
I'll finish my meal in two minutes, sir.
Please move your bike
first, then continue eating
Sir,I'll finish eating in two minutes.
Can't you see?
Please wait.
[shuts the door]
What happened?
He's really annoying,
asking me to move the car.
Then go and move the car.
I said I will be done in two minutes.
He is really annoying me.
Is he a district collector?
Let him wait.
Mom, where is the hair band
that was on this shelf?
[I kept it right here.
Did you see it?]
[Please check the drawer]
[Why are you moving things around, Mom?]
[How can I search when
I'm leaving for college?]
Please leave quickly.
Where is he?
He just now left.Sir,
He left already?
But his bike is still here?
He went on foot.
Why are you walking to the office, sir?
I have legs, so why not walk to the office?
Mind your own business!
"Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam" playing
Sir,what happened?
Where are you taking me?
-just come.
Release my hand, please.
what is this?
Dad,Please ..
You're really pushing it
and testing my patience.
Please,let it go.
Hey, how can I leave it?
Are you supporting him?
Be quiet. I will harm you.
You stay here.
He has taken me for granted.
He pushed the bike and now
he's pretending he's unaware.
Stay out of it.
Sir,I just moved your bike.
You moved it or you pushed it?
Sir,why will I push your bike?
Please don't act.
You stay out of it.
That day, he created a huge
fuss over a minor scratch.
Today, he pushed my bike
and now he's acting like he's innocent.
Are you telling me to
keep quiet after seeing this?
Last night, your bike was in the middle.
I just moved it a little.
Who authorized you to move my bike?
Who are you?
What should you have done instead?
You should have called me right?
I didn't want to bother you, so I...
You pushed it.right?
stop saying that.Sir,
Okay, why did you park
your bike in the middle?
I'll park my bike wherever I want.
Who are you to question me?
I do have equal rights
in that parking space.
Fine.what do you want me to do now?
I will take care of the repair cost.
What did you say?
If I damage your car with a stone,
will you accept my payment?
Why are you speaking in this manner, sir?
This is how I speak.
The only way to sort this out,
Please move your car from here.
And in the future, avoid parking here.
Then where will I park?
Park it on the street.
Hello,why should I park it in the street?
Do I live here without paying?
-Hey !
You've just arrived, yet you're so arrogant
I've been here for ten years..
imagine how much arrogant I could be.
I gave you parking space
but you've exceeded limits.
What do you mean?
Are you the landlord here?
You are also a tenant here.
Keep that in mind
I pay higher rent than you do.
Ten years here doesn't
mean you own everything.
Please stop Eshwar.
-You stay out of it.
Respect can only go so far with him
Who do you think you are,
bestowing respect upon me?
I've been living here for
a long time with dignity.
If I speak,everyone will stand with me!
I'm not bothered if anyone comes.
I will continue parking my car here
And if your car remains here,
be prepared for intentional scratches
If your bike obstructs the path,
it won't fall by accident next time.
Will you have the courage to do it?
Will you even lay a finger on my bike?
I challenge you.
You are crossing your limits.
You are the one crossing the limits.
I was treating you with respect.
There is a limit to everything.
How dare you talk to me like that?
Please let me go.He's being too verbose.
Did you think I'm a joke?
I won't hesitate to take serious action.
Since the day I rented my house to you
you've never come to me with any issues.
Both of you have good jobs,
so why fight over a parking spot?
With only one parking spot,
why not adjust and park your vehicles?
I've adjusted many times, and in
return, he made me walk on the street.
Sir, I parked there by mistake that day.
So,what now?
It's not that one day sir!
Ever since he got the car,
I've been facing problems.
A long-haired boy comes to wash his car.
but he's peeking into my house
under the pretext of it.
With a daughter in my house,
how can I ensure her safety?
Sir, if that's an issue for him,
I'll clean my car by myself
That won't be effective;
tell him to park his car outside.
How can I park my new car outside?
So, why don't you come
and park it in my kitchen then?
Sir,Calm down!
Why are you getting so stressed?
During the floods, it was the
upstairs tenant who helped you,right?
If similar issues arise in the future,
he should be the one to help, right?
I don't want any assistance from him!
I simply need a parking space for my bike,
nothing more.
You can use the parking area
to park your bike.
Brother, park your car
without bothering him.
I can't just park my
bike randomly in a corner
I'll park my bike wherever I want!
If you want to park your bike anywhere,
do it in your own house.
Brother,calm down.
I'm already handling
the conversation, okay?
Sir, he informed me beforehand
about booking the car
How can he park his new car on the street?
Why do you need so much space for a bike?
Car parking is intended
for cars exclusively!
You have to adjust
because you have the bike
Brother, you can park your car inside.
Don't call me again about this matter.
I have a lot of work, got it?
It's annoying to be called
for such trivial matters
Is owning a bike considered low?
He's telling me to adjust,
and that too in front of him
Car parking is intended
for cars exclusively
You have to adjust
because you have the bike
Which car model are you looking for, sir?
I don't know all that, sir.
I want a car that costs
more than eight lakhs
There are two models in your budget,
Swift VXI and ZXI.
Both models are available in both
automatic and manual versions
If you book now,
you can get it in 15 to 20 days
I can't wait that long, sir.
I'll pay the full amount right away!
I need the car today itself.
-Mom,come here
what is the matter?
Please step out and have a look at this.
Come soon
I'm coming.wait
What so urgent,
Look there
Whose car is that?
It's ours.
what are you saying?
The owner said car parking is for cars,
not bikes, right?
That's why I sold my bike and bought a car.
From now on, only our car will
be parked in this parking area.
(grunts angrily)
Why are you getting stressed?
At least now,
be happy that we've bought a car.
Leave me.
That day, when I asked for a new mixer jar
he made such a fuss!
Now he has purchased a car
solely out of ego.
Now, will I have to grind
chutney on his head?
Red color always symbolizes luck!
Do one thing then,
Take a photo of yourself sitting
like a boss and post it here!
Here's a sticker featuring
your name, 'Ilamparuthi'!
If you place a government logo here..
It will look great.
When will you treat me?
You want a treat,right?
What are you staring at ?
It's my car after all.
You bought a car on EMI!
but I paid in full cash!
And it's the top-end model,
and it's automatic too
From now on,
you should park your car outside
Ignore him,Sir.
Get a miniature of
your younger self that long hair..
and place it on the dashboard,
It will enhance the look of your car.
Alright, please don't
turn this into a big issue.
In any case, we'll only park it at night.
Let's adjust and park it outside.
My dad is doing all of
this because he's upset..
Please don't take it seriously.
Then how should I interpret it?
To get me to park my car outside.
he went as far as buying a car himself.
Isn't it too much?
- Aparna
aren't you done?
Your phone is continuously ringing.
come soon.
Buying car and bike are easy nowadays!
We can use EMI and get delivered easily!
But the petrol prices are very high!
I'm calling you only sir.
The professor's house
compound has parking space
you can park your car there.
He won't object to it
He's a friendly person.
What, sir? It looks like a new car
Whose car is it, sir?
It belongs to my neighbour.
I mistakenly thought
that this was your car.
And you're laughing, huh?
Parking the car outside isn't the problem,
the concern is its safety.
That's how some random kids
scribbled A,B,C,D on my car.
At least they wrote 'ABCD,' but
on my car, they wrote 'I love you
If there's no one in the house
will you park your car and leave?
Sir,I live next door.
How can I come and
knock on your door at night?
You appear educated,
so what did you think of us?
There is space near your house
and you could have parked there right?
Seems like you'd even park inside my house.
You're living in a rental
house and facing this issue!
But I'm facing parking
issues at my own house!
Search for a nearby house with parking..
pay for parking, and keep your car safe.
That's the best option.
-Yes,he is right.
Give me that,
I asked you to keep this
ready for release,right?
Only two days left.
Please finish it.
There's an emergency with my wife;
I need your permission
You mentioned a meeting
and a potential delay
But you have arrived soon?
Yeah,only to see you.
Is it?
Your file didn't make it to my desk.
Once it arrives, I'll take care of it.
Now, hang up.
Sir, it's time. May I set
up the lunch for you?
No, I'll go home and have lunch.
Sir, he arrived in the afternoon
and parked his car.
You are the one who's late today.
(back ground chattering)
where are you leaving?
To cut my hair!
Sir,what happened?
Please move,I need to
use the bathroom urgently
Hey,move aside.
(grunts angrily)
(Honks horn)
That day, you argued over a minor scratch!
but now you've damaged the car.
what is your problem?
Parking is the issue, right?
Don't worry.
My parking space is available.
You can park your car there.
No,it's ok.
I'm so glad you said that...
I don't charge much,
One Thousand rupees a month is sufficient
why only 1000 Rupees?
- I can give you an extra 200 as well.
-why sir?
Make sure you wash my car every day then!
(Looks like he got irritated)
Leave him.
You could have at least informed me, right?
He just arrived here.
Why is he so arrogant?
-I'm going to damage his car.
You don't need to do anything,
please leave.
why are you instricating him?
can't you calm down?
I definitely need to go
shopping this weekend
Just a heads-up
okay sure.
What are you buying?
Don't you know?
My clothes have become tighter.
Okay,will go
But what?
I was wondering how we could go.
In our car only.
If we take our car,
he will park his car there
You bought the car for me, right?
Alright, here's what we'll do
I'll bring Arun's car
we can go in that,okay?
Then I don't need that
kind of shopping at all
(Are you outside?
Can you turn on the motor, please?)
Brother,where are you?
Hurry up, we're running
late for the office.
There's been no water since morning.
Please go and check.
Ok.Let me check on it.
Yes,tell me
The motor is under repair
and it needs to be fixed
Okay.Go ahead.
To access the sump,
you need to move your vehicle
Ok.You please wait downstairs.
I will come.
The wrong phase connection led
to a short circuit and burnt the coil
How long will it take?
More than half an hour,sir.
wrap up the work soon.
Sir, we said it would take 30 minutes
It's done,Sir.
Ensure not to change the phase switch.
I will take care of that.
You better leave now.
close the lid and leave.
(breathing heavily)
Are you gone mad?
How did you dare to break my car's glass?
Is this how you behave?
I will continue to park like that,
what can you do?
(crowd shouting)
(crowd shouting)
I will kill you.
Ya, come on,
How could you hit an old person?
Is this man so distinguished?
He has done a terrible thing
You have eloped with her.
You don't have the right
to speak about respect
If you utter another word,
I won't even take your
age into consideration!
What are you going to do, you bastard?
(crowd chattering)
Please get up.
He slapped him regardless of his age.
(Someone please inform their house owner)
Dad, let's go inside, please!
Could you adjust your dress, please?
There are people watching
Why are you behaving like this?
-Leave me.
Dad,Let's go inside ! please !!
Hey! (angrily)
How dare you lay your hand on me?
What will you do?
I will show you who I am!
Bring it on, I'm ready
for whatever you've got
I'll make sure you leave this place.
Do what you're capable of!
I'll stay right here!
Madam, He's been living here for
ten years. How could he hit him?
Shouldn't he have respected his age?
Eshwar acted impulsively, sir.
So, will he behave
recklessly out of anger?
I couldn't even leave town in peace!
I can't keep mediating between you guys
If it's not working out,
please leave the house!
I'll ensure no more problems happen
Please end the call.
The landlord called
and shouted at me.
Do we deserve this?
Are you a rowdy?
You've struck an elderly person!
I'm talking to you,Eshwar !
He's as old as your dad.
That's why I just stopped at one slap.
You heard what he said, right?
Oh no, Eshwar!
Let him say whatever
But it only tarnished our reputation,right?
This won't work anymore.
Find another house
Go do your work.
You knew it's the demo
today and still came late
How many times do I have to call you?
Sorry, actually today...
You could've called or left a message..
I would've sent Balaji for the demo
What's more important to you
than our client meeting?
Very disappointing.
Carry on with your work.
That day, I suggested teaching
him a lesson but you stopped me.
Now look, how dare he
lay his hand on my uncle.
If I were there, I would
have cut him into pieces!
Wait and see what I'm planning.
He should be at his office now, right?
I'll gather my friends
and break his legs.
Hitting him will only cause pain..
his reputation should be tarnished!
He dared to touch me, didn't he?
I'll report him and
he'll face the consequences
Dad, Please. let's avoid escalating this.
His reputation suffered due to the slap.
Dad,please don't make this situation worse.
Hey, what are you even saying?
He simply spoke out of anger,
Would he get violent for that?
Dear, you should report him
Mom,please don't shout in anger.
Let's request the landlord
to evict them from here.
Will everything be fine if they leave?
He's been respected here for years
You're young and
might not grasp all of this
Please,go inside.
Mom,Let's leave it.
-He is innocent,mom!
Do we really need to go that far?
You want to report him, don't you?
(Oh No,Mom)
(He acted out of anger, Mom)
(Filing a complaint is unnecessary)
(We need to think about
his wife too, right?)
(Stay out of this)
-Go and focus on your work
Let me tell you something.
Think about it.
(Do whatever you wish!)
I shouldn't have laid a
hand on him,
The mistake is on my side.
Tomorrow, I'll apologize to him.
Not only that, let's move to another house!
Staying here won't bring us peace
Don't you believe me?
Ok, Tell me
What type of house
should we look for?
An individual house or an apartment?
I'll search for apartments.
Hey, is the first floor okay for you?
First floor,
Look for ones with balconies.
(Door bell rings)
Who's Eshwar here?
It's me, tell me.
Please come to the police station now.
For what?
A complaint has been filed against you
What complaint?
Why are you asking so many questions?
Come to the station immediately.
Eshwar, what happened?
It's nothing, Aathi.
You go now, sir. I'll follow you in my car.
No need for that nonsense.
You better come with us.
Sir, why are you using such harsh language?
Sir,let me know what it is about
Sir, let go of my hand.
Why do you keep repeating the same thing?
You're pretending to
be innocent, aren't you?
My wife is alone, sir. Please listen to me.
Sir, why are you taking him?
Aathi, stay there. Don't get out.
I will take care.
Call Balaji and ask him to
come to the police station.
Sir, please release my hand
If you need any information,
come to the police station.
Sir, tell me, why are you
taking me to the station?
Sir, my wife will be alone.
-Aathi, you...
If I find out you've harmed your wife...
I won't stay quiet.
Sir, please let go of my collar.
I'll make you sit in your underwear.
Sir,It's him.
Is he the person you reported?
He is the one who started,
If you speak, I will rip your mouth apart.
You should only respond
to the questions asked.
Where do you work?
I work in IT.
You look fine, but your
actions are that of a scoundrel!
Constable, please bring his daughter here!
Why involve his daughter?
His daughter will
obviously support him, right?
You can ask the neighbors,
Why do you even communicate with him?
Put him behind bars.
Is he a big shot?
Let the girl come and share her side
you will face the consequences.
Is he the one who misbehaved with you?
Sir, what are you asking?
Shut your mouth, you scoundrel.
I'm asking you, girl. Tell me!
I'm asking, right?
Why are you remaining silent?
Tell me, dear.
Sir, our girl is scared to speak up
otherwise, she wouldn't
be here at the station, right?
Perhaps you could talk to her privately
Sir, your daughter isn't saying anything
Could you please explain what happened?
Yesterday evening around 7pm
My daughter went to the terrace..
to collect the dry clothes.
He was there, and he was intoxicated.
He attempted to misbehave with my daughter.
I'm thankful I arrived in time.
he and I have a different issue.
Hey, stop it.
Don't talk.
You're acting innocent after all you did
Would any father with a daughter
file a complaint like this?
Dear, is what your father saying true?
Stop crying and tell me.
Dad, you are asking me to file a false
complaint, and how can I agree to that?
Won't you do this for
the sake of your father?
He slapped me in front of
everyone, ruining my reputation.
From now on, how will someone respect me?
-I feel like dying.
Dad, why are you talking like this?
My reputation is more
important than my life
Will you agree when they ask?
Just say "yes."
Yes, Sir.
The girl herself has
already admitted it, right, sir?
Take the appropriate
action against him, sir.
We shouldn't spare him.
Sir,You take your daughter home.
I will deal with him.
I will leave now, sir.
Constable, put him in the lockup
I will come and handle this.
You went to file the complaint
because he slapped you, right?
What on earth have you done now?
Where did your sense go?
Aren't you ashamed?
I tried my best to resist
but dad convinced me and took me there
If he convinces you, will you do anything?
I felt really bad for dad.
Because of your emotional weakness
he has put us in this terrible situation.
I don't know what else he'll do!
It's hard for me to see you like this.
Staying here is just a waste of your time.
Luckily, the FIR has not been filed yet
since the inspector is not here.
Go bring an advocate..
or request the complainant
to withdraw the case
Go and arrange something.
Sir, Please tell me the truth.
Would Eshwar behave like that?
He hit you and that's a mistake
Is it fair to file such a complaint ?
You should've considered me, right?
Why did you do like this,Sir?
Please. Sir,
Please consider me as your daughter
and withdraw the complaint, sir
Sir, she's pleading so much
and you're sitting silently
Are you not even bothered a little?
Hey, who are you?
Who are you?
Get out!
Balaji, please wait outside.
No matter how much you plead
that fellow will not budge
such a heartless Brutus.
Let's go
We will handle it with an advocate.
If you deal with an advocate,
will he get out of it so soon?
I've done very little to him..
wait and watch the trouble I'll cause him.
He should not be at peace even while asleep
Ma'am, can you convince him?
What's there to talk to her?
Leave now
Let's go from here.
(I know what I'm capable of. Get lost)
I will make sure he won't be there
with you when you deliver
(Radio distortion)
"Vaarayo vennilave" playing
Didn't you think before complaining?
With whose permission did
she go to withdraw the complaint?
Let her come, but she's
about to face my wrath.
You've done enough. Leave now
Why are you asking me to go?
Wait and see if I confront her or not
Why are you behaving like this?
(You creating a scene here,
You better go)
Morning itself, you came to give trouble
Here, she is
(Shanmugam, stay out of it)
How dare you?
He has hit your father,
and you went to withdraw the case,
Don't listen to anything..
and you come up, please.
If you stay here, unnecessary
conflict may happen!
(My uncle lived here with respect)
and she has tarnished everything now.
(You're the one who instigated him)
Why are you yelling at me,sister?
Hey,stop there
Please don't create a scene here.
Why are you behaving like a rowdy?
Leave me,Sister.
I will bash him.
You are a coward
I would've confronted you that day itself
but my uncle advised involving the police.
Hey,stop there!
Who authorized you to withdraw the case?
Whom should I seek permission from?
You should have consulted me.
All this trouble because
I was listening to you.
(How can my uncle
restore his lost respect?)
(This trouble has arisen
solely because of you)
(Please don't instigate him anymore.)
Hey,Let's forget the past
There is a vacant flat in my apartment
You can shift and come there.
You will be at peace.
I'll speak to the landlord immediately
Please drink some water.
Please have a drink, buddy.
(Ask the person upstairs to come down)
(If he lacks the courage,)
(then request him to send his wife down)
(you are causing a disturbance here)
Please leave this place,
Please stop
Eshwar,Please listen to me
Let's bring him down,
See,he's coming down on his own
Did you just get angry to come now?
Please refrain from unnecessary talk.
Why are you staring?
You think you're a gangster?
Brother, kick him in the face.
Wait and see
whether I'll bash your face or not.
Buddy, one moment!
- Look at this dear!
Leave them Eshwar!
Aathika, you please come this side!
Hey please come here!
Shanmugam, please go!
Sir, please ask them to leave!
(Why are you all just standing there?)
(Can't you separate them?)
Brother please stop!
Hey, Stop.
Why are you acting
like a thug on the street?
Hey who are you?
That's my sister's house
-My sister's house sir,
-Who is your sister?
If you call me your sister
and come to my house again..
I'll hit you with a slipper.
(Go away)
I came to support you,right?
I should slap myself with the slipper.
Please never address me as your brother.
Sir, This doesn't seem right.
With people like him around,
how can we live peacefully?
Sir, How can we be
sure he won't repeat this?
I felt something was off
with him since that day.
Sir,You guys are just
talking as you please.
In this area, when people go for walks,
I've noticed the way how
some people look at others.
Can I talk about it?
(If someone is quiet)
(don't talk unnecessarily)
Brother, I don't know
if you are at fault
but when the police were involved
I don't want you to stay here
Vacate the house immediately.
Listen to me,
If we continue living here,
I'm afraid he
might do something to us out of anger.
Please come and have your meal
Are you alright?
Please fix your shirt button.
Until we vacate this house,
We will park our car outside.
You mentioned you were hungry
why are you leaving without eating?
(Please finish your meal)
(I'll bring the food here)
(can you eat here?)
(I'm telling you, I don't want to)
(I need some alone time)
(please give me space)
What I did was a mistake.
No matter what,
I shouldn't have involved
my daughter in this.
That day, in front of everyone
Without considering my age
he physically confronted me.That's why,
The issue is between him and me
I have no problem with you.
I'm advising you
for your well-being
please move out of here
and find happiness elsewhere.
Even after all this, if both of
our families continue to stay here...
no one will find peace.
(Why are there so many people here?)
(Only two people can stand here)
(the rest,please wait outside)
(Please move)
Will the power supply be restored?
Today is a full-day shutdown, sir
It will only be restored after 4 pm.
-You can leave.
-Ok. Sir,
Someone has come to meet you.
I'm busy. Later,
He says he is someone you know well.
He wants to talk to you
about something important
-Ok. Let him in
(Sir,You may come)
Sir, Here he is.
Wait outside until I call
Ok, Sir.
Shut the door and leave.
ok, Sir.
Why did he ask to shut the door?
No idea.
What's the matter?
What brings you here?
You want to start any issue again?
I don't care if I'm in the office
Please go away now.
I'm not here to cause problems, Sir
It's been four days..
Since I slept!
Looks like I've gone mad.
You did so much to me,
I should pay it back, right?
Are you threatening me?
This is a government office..
Do you think you can escape trouble
after messing with an officer?
Please don't test my patience.
Go away from here.
I'll leave now.
You may carry on with your work.
Get me a juice.
Ok, Sir.
Ashok, don't let the public in
Why is he pacing back and forth?
What's the matter?
Even I couldn't understand?
Everyone, please leave and cooperate
Rajesh, immediately check the
surroundings including the vehicles,
-Where is the "EO"?
-He is in his cabin!
Venkatesh, search the entire place!
Sir, we are from vigilance!
- Yes
Welcome mam,
Sir, we have received
information that you have accepted a bribe,
we need to conduct a search.
- Mam,
First, check him.
Yeah it's fine!
Come on!
Lift your hands,
He is clear mam!
Check that drawer.
Yeah madam.
Please turn on the ceiling fan.
It is a power shutdown today, mam.
Within sometime the power may come.
Hey Chidambaram!
- Sir
Please arrange some tea for them.
Okay sir.
- No, it's fine!
It's fine wait!
You go,
- Okay sir,
Check this area!
Yeah mam.
Sir, where are you going?
I'm not going anywhere.Madam,
I'm thirsty and getting water
Madam, everything is clear!
I checked them thoroughly.
Mam, everything is clear here.
I think it's a wrong information,
Sorry sir.
It's okay, madam. You just did your job.
Anyways, thanks for the cooperation sir,
- It's alright!
Please have your tea!
They thought he will get bribe!
They'll only find dust and debris here
Thank god, the power came!
Sir, the power came!
Aye... Aye
Don't turn it on!
(Sir, he has never
received any bribe, sir!)
"Please inquire and check, sir."
"Sir,I'm not that kind of a person"
(Sir,next year I'm retiring
and I have a family)
Please consider my situation, sir.
Sir, please get in!
Get in!
"In EO Mr. Ilamparuthi's room
at Kundrathur Panchayat office"
"Vigilant officers found and
seized the hidden Rs 30,000 bribe"
"Mr. Ilamparuthi has been
temporarily suspended by the officials"
"It is reported that he received an award"
"for his 35 years of exemplary service"
Did you check the news?
No, why?
[He was going retire the next year]
They have suspended for accepting a bribe!
Oh, I see
[News continues]
Where were you?
Why are you asking all of a sudden?
I just went to the office.
I called Balaji!
He said you were missing for three days
Where did you go?
Tell me,
Where were you?
I have a doubt,
did you do all of this?
What are you saying?
- Look at me!
Tell me the truth!
I know he's not that kind of person!
Did you do this?
Can you just leave me alone?
Hey! What are you doing now?
Tell me now, it was you,right?
What do you want me to do?
Are you a heartless creature?
Yes, he made a big mistake,
So are you going to do the same as him?
Leave him!
Have you ever considered his family
They have a daughter at marital age.
[Glass breaks]
What are you asking me to think about?
He had his daughter file a
complaint against me, right?
He had me sit at the police station
as if I were an accused
Everyone in this neighborhood
sees me as a scoundrel.
That's exactly why I
want to move out of here.
I can't leave because of him,
I'll stay here no
matter what happens.
How is it possible, sir?
How can someone put money in
your room's fan without you knowing?
We have to take a necessary action,
You're temporarily suspended!
[Cell phone rings]
[Car door alarm sounds]
[Door opens]
[Gate closes]
Who are you, and what
are you doing here?
That's my house there!
I heard the car alarm, so I came to check!
Where are you going?
I'm asking you,
For check-up.
How will you remember ?
You could've woken me up, right?
No need,
I have booked a cab.
Please cancel the cab, I'll take you.
[Engine ignites]
"Yaanji" playing
[Increases the volume]
[Turns off the player]
Fine, I'm sorry.
Could you please say something?
Stop talking, or else
I'll step out of the car and walk away.
[Yells in agony]
Are you alright?
[Exhales in agony]
- Thank god!
There's no internal damage, both are fine.
- Okay
Please take good care of her.
- Okay doctor!
You can bring her home
when she's feeling better.
- Hmm
[Cell phone rings]
Sir, we're from Maruti service.
Have you had a recent tire puncture?
Did you remove and fix it yourself?
No, why?
You must remove all
the bolts to take off the tire
Maybe, during a puncture someone
would have loosened the bolts..
and didn't tighten them properly.
After repairing the damages,
Sir, handling the insurance and returning
your car may take a couple of days.
- Thank you sir.
Stop it!
Brother, please give us the bat.
[Crowd chatter]
[Frustrated grunt]
[Crowd murmuring]
[Glass breaks]
-Hey! [Furious tone]
What are you doing?
Hey, stop it! Don't do that!
Hey! it's a new car.Don't damage it !
[Frustrated grunt]
What is happening here? don't do it!
Why are you damaging the car?
Hey, I just broke the car,
But this man loosened
the bolt and tried to kill us.
Fortunately, my wife and I were saved
She's pregnant, you fool!
Don't you have a heart?
You heartless creature.
All that damage to the car
should have been on you!
The anger I feel at this moment...
I'll just burn you alive!
You'll burn me alive?
Aye, leave.
You expect me to let this man go free?
Wait, I'll make you sit
in your underwear again
I'll make you do,
Are you trying to call the police?
Aye, give me back my phone.
This time, Are you going to
accuse him of harassing me?
What did you say?
You went so far as to attempt murder
Don't you feel ashamed?
She's pregnant, for God's sake!
- Fine!
It's all because of her.
If you hadn't gone to the police
station and withdrawn the complaint,
Would he still be here, shouting at me?"
Weren't you sorry for
using me to file a complaint?
You suddenly started opposing me.
- Stop it!
First, you failed as a husband,
Then as a father,
But now, you failed as a human being.
All these years, I sacrificed..
You never lived for us!
You are living for your own sake.
You bought the car just for the heck of it!
You used your daughter to boost your ego
and you are capable of doing anything.
Even, I'll kill you.
- Dad, please leave her.
Leave me!
- Leave her dad.
You guys reside in my house and oppose me?
Your house?
Dad, why do you treat us like outsiders?
Hey, what's in this person's house for us?
Come, let's leave.
[Thunder Strikes]
Aathi Where are you
leaving? [Thunder Strikes]
I'll go somewhere else,
But I won't stay here.
- Don't touch me.
I've told you we should
leave here many times
But you didn't even bother.
Because of your ego, if something
bad happened to me and the baby?
Is that fine?
Stay calm,
- Get out!
Leave me alone...leave me alone.
[Shouts in agony]
Why are you yelling?
Don't strain yourself Aathika!
- Get out!
Please listen to me Aathika!
I get angry just seeing your face
[Thunder Strikes]
[Thunder Strikes]
This is a nice community, buddy!
Each house has a
separate car parking slot!
The rent is a bit high, though.
Rent is not a concern,
I just need peace.
Already I have suffered a lot
Because of me, She's
under unnecessary pressure.
Leave that!
You just start the shifting process!
All the amenities are available here,ok?
Is there any bar, nearby?
[Cell phone rings]
I need to talk to you!
[Pain intensifies]
I have found an another house.
In two days,
I'll move out from here.
Let it be you the winner,
Don't think I'm leaving
because I'm scared of you
I'm moving for my wife.
For our own peace!
[Cries in pain]
I've tried my best to control myself,
But only to a certain extent.
If it's crossed,
I'll go to any extreme.
We will finish it once and for all.
In my life,
We should never meet again!
Until I leave,
I shouldn't get any trouble from you.
Even after being told,
If you attempt to cause trouble.
I won't regard you as an old man.
[Ah, in pain]
What will you do?
After doing everything,
Pretending to be good
and attempting peace talks?
So what if I'm old?
I'll finish you and your family.
Die, you scoundrel!
[Exhales in pain]
[Door bangs]
[Cell phone rings]
Are you there?
Hey Eshwar!
Are you there?
Come...Come fast!
I couldn't endure the pain.
I fell down Eshwar!
I couldn't breathe...
The water has broken already
Eshwar, do you hear me?
[Cries in pain]
(Song playing in FM)
See, even amidst so many problems,
he is happily listening to songs
He is just living his life!
[Radio breaks]
Please leave me!
Please listen to me,
No,Don't hit me!
[Gas leak]
Aathika, Aathika...
Hey, please stop.
One moment, brother!
What's wrong, brother?
You're bleeding. Any problem?
Give me your phone!
I need to make a call!
Have it!
Aathikk.. Aathika!
Aathika, where are you?
She has been
admitted to the hospital.
Hospital, huh?
- Yeah
What happened to her?
She has given birth to a baby, sir!
What is your
relationship to the patient?
I'm her husband!
Husband? why are you so careless, sir?
The person who admitted
her is also missing.
Who brought her in?
The patient's father admitted her.
Yes sir!
[Exclaims in agony]
Sir, her condition is critical.
We need to start the operation!
What is your relationship
with the patient?
Please tell me, sir?
Yeah, yeah.
Yes sir, he mentioned as her father.
His Ilamparuthi,sir !!
[Gas leak]
I'm sorry sir!
For everything!
I could have adjusted and let go!
My ego didn't leave,
Why did you come here again?
To start an another fight?
I'm begging you,
Please leave from here.
You have beaten him to death.
You could have managed your anger, right?
What age could he possibly be, 28?
I'm going to be 60 years old.
I didn't have the maturity to tolerate it.
If I possessed it.
It wouldn't have gone this far.
I behaved in a cheap manner
It's just a parking spot, isn't it?
I could've adjusted a little!
I'm sorry brother!
Tears, are they tears of thanks?
- Hmm
Thank you for helping my wife
I'll take my leave, sir
Is love the core of all humanity?
One day, it'll be together,
one day it will be realized.
Please come!
This is the house!
A very fortunate property.
Even the previous resident,
had no heart to leave this house.
Both upstairs and downstairs are empty.
Choose the one that suits you!
- Okay
Do you own a car?
No, I only have a bike.
Great ! If it's a bike,
you can even park two
No problem at all!
- Hmm
But for car owners, It's a
strict "no" from the house owner.
Shall we have a look
at the upper portion first?
Yeah fine.
- Please.
Tears, are they tears of thanks?
Here, someone, identified the relation.
Is love the core of all humanity?
One day, it'll be together,
one day it will be realized.
Tears, are they tears of thanks?
Is love the core of all humanity?
It's tricky, oh so tricky,
grudges wear a thousand masks,
Why angry? Why angry on others?
Speak your truth, from deep
within your soul, don't pretend.
Love alone is enough
Tears, are they tears of thanks?
Is love the core of all humanity?