Parkland (2013) Movie Script

Fort Worth temperature
of 56 degrees, Dallas 55,
skies are cloudy, and very light
rain is reported in both cities.
President and Mrs. Kennedy arrived in
Fort Worth from Houston late lest night
to an enthusiastic reception
from huge crowds
and spent the night in Suite
850 at Hotel Texas, downtown.
The President scheduled two speeches
in Fort Worth this morning,
the first
to the general public,
the other at a Chamber
of Commerce breakfast.
The two day, five speech four
is political in that
he's mending fences here.
Police in Dallas have mounted
the biggest security operation
in their history.
Although Texas newspapers
are much preoccupied
with Democratic party feuding
behind the glamor of the occasion,
It has not detracted from the
Kennedys' popular success.
Robert McNeal, NBC News, with the
presidential party in Fort Worth.
Mr. President, we know
that you don't wear a hat.
But we couldn't
let you leave Fort Worth
without providing you some
protection against the rain.
I'll put it on
in the White House on Monday.
If you'll come up there, you'll
have a chance to see it there.
Yeah, I'll be right down.
Nuh uh.
Good morning.
An Irish man, an Italian,
and a Jew walk into a bar.
Oh, we've heard
this one before.
Oh, you're going
to love it.
Is it okay to send this to New York?
Yeah, sure.
Hey, early lunch
today, gang.
I want everybody downstairs
to see the President.
Special Agent Hasty, FBI.
Where'd that come from?
Did you make this at home?
Morning, Chrissy.
Good morning, sir.
At lunch...
Where'd that come from?
They're all
over town.
You love your president,
don't you, Jimmy?
You're damn right I do.
He's a good man.
Hosty's just like Kennedy.
He's just not as handsome.
Everything by the book today.
Enjoy the parade
if you're not working a case.
Anything you get on the
President's visit you don't like,
tell the secret service.
It's their show.
Nice day for a motorcade.
What are you
working on there today?
Working on losing about five pounds.
I think you need it.
Contact with the President,
from the cars he rides in.
Everything and anything involving
the security of the Chief Executive
has been checked, re-checked,
and then checked again.
Most of us here at the
radio, TV, and press area...
Turn it up.
A huge broadcasting truck right near
the Love Field freight terminal.
We have an excellent view
of the landing area
and the dignitaries who will be
greeting the President as he arrives.
The area selected to afford
maximum viewing for the public
and grants access
to the route of travel
the motorcade will use
into downtown Dallas.
We going to be okay here?
Oh, yeah.
It's a good program.
The President's plane,
now touching down.
Its wheels are down.
Ana' the President
and Mrs. Kennedy
have arrived
at Dallas, Love Field.
I tried to trade shifts
with Jane,
but she said no, and she's
a Republican. Really?
Hurry up, Mr. Z.
All right, come on,
come on come on, here we go.
I want to get up here, all right?
Up there?
Want to see John
and Jackie today.
They're so beautiful
Yes, they are.
Don't you two roll
your eyes at me.
How'd she know
I was rolling my eyes?
Saddle up guys!
It's Kennedy weather!
Here is where
you wind the motor.
18 frames a second. You turn the
aperture ring here to let in more light.
I don't know what
any of that means.
...of the red lighted
Now they ere waving, and here
comes Jackie, waving hi.
Mrs. Kennedy, radiant
in that pink outfit.
The President's car is now
turning onto Elm Street.
Now it will only be a matter of minutes
before they arrive at the Trade Mart.
Oh! Oh! Oh, there he is!
Oh right, there he is!
There he is! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on. All right, all right.
Oh, my God!
They killed him!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God,
they killed him!
They killed him!
Oh, my God!
I don't know.
I used to think
about getting married.
601! Code 3, stand by.
We have a Code 3 coming in,
but what's a 601 again?
Oh, VIP transport.
President's in to win.
Anything we
should know, dispatch?
We got something.
I'm busy.
It's the President.
He's coming in.
What's going on?
I'm not sure,
but I need you.
He's probably
got the flu.
There's been a shooting
with the President.
Jackie, how is he?
How is he!
Leave me alone.
We have to let
the doctors do their job.
Oh, God.
Oh, my God!
Let's go! Let's go!
We need to get him out!
We got to get him
inside, Jackie!
Let's go!
Stretchers! We need
some stretchers!
Now! Come on.
Go, go, go!
Dammit! Come on!
Get those gurneys here!
Move! Let's go!
This way!
Jackie. We go to get
him inside, Jackie!
Let's go.
Come on!
Let's get a gurney out here!
Go right!
To the right! To the right!
Go! Go! Go!
Were you using
that camera?
I have to go
to my office.
Dallas Morning News.
I'm a reporter.
What did...
What did you just see?
His head just
flew to pieces.
Outside line! It's the Dallas
White House number.
Riverside 1-3-4-2-1.
This is digest! I need
to keep this line open.
keep this line open.
This is duplex.
Look at your clock.
It's 12:40 here.
1:40 Eastern, clocked.
We are at Parkland Memorial
Hospital. Dallas, Texas.
The man has been hit.
Repeat! The man
has been hit.
Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!
Quickly! In here?
Right in here.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Be sure of the room!
Okay, clear!
The only place we know
we're safe is Washington.
We got to get on that plane.
We got to get in the air.
What if President Kennedy
needs the airplane?
President Kennedy will
not need the airplane.
Watch the arm. Down to the right!
Down to the right!
Down to the right.
Watch his arm.
Doctor! Doctor!
Come on!
Who's the attending?
Doctor Perry.
He's on his way.
We need help here!
Right now,
it is just you.
Do something!
It is the President.
I know who it is. I need a
kick bucket here! Yes, Doctor.
They need you in trauma one!
Five minutes.
It can't wait.
Doctor Clark stat! Doctor Port stat!
Doctor Shire stat!
Fire drill?
I got this.
All we know is that
at roughly 12:45 or so...
the shots were fired.
I think it would have been.
They're saying
he's alive.
You saw.
I need pressure right here!
I need a light.
Pressure right here!
No breath sounds!
No pulse.
We have a heart beat.
We have a heart beat!
I need his clothes off now!
Get his clothes off!
Let's get this off.
Let's get this off here, please.
Let's get that sleeve off.
What's his blood type!
No, and it's dropping!
Dropping! Dropping!
Hold that arm up.
There we go.
Wait! We need
to leave those on.
Take these please.
We need the
President's blood type.
Stay here.
I need more blood!
Get some tracheal tubes
in here.
Blood type is O,
RH positive!
O, RH positive
on the blood type.
I want everyone
out of this room!
I want all Secret Service
out of this room!
If you don't need to be here,
get out of this room! Now!
FBI, Secret Service
out of the room!
We need
some room to work.
You're going. Out, out, out.
How's the blood pressure?
I'm here!
What is that? A trach?
That's a wound.
Get that tube
out of his mouth!
We need to increase air volume into his
lungs since we have a hole already. Knife.
Hold pressure.
Got it.
Wait, what's that?
Lumbar support? Why the back brace?
What's wrong with him?
I don't care what it is.
Get it off!
Cut it off
please, nurse.
Okay, bilateral,
I need chest tubes now!
Get some lets
in here please.
Bob, I need you
right here!
Out, please. Out.
Thank you.
Stand back. We
need room to work.
Got that down there?
You better get
a priest in here.
That's him.
Mr. Zapruder,
I'm Forrest Sorrels,
special agent in charge
of the Dallas district
of the United States
Secret Service.
Sir, did you tell Harry you took
film of the motorcade today?
Yes. So you did, sir. You
did film the motorcade.
I said yes.
And where were you
standing at the time?
I was on the concrete block
over there.
This first one, right here. Yes.
Now were you filming before
the President was shot?
Sir, where you filming before
the President was shot? Yeah.
So you were standing on top
of this, sir. Is that right?
You couldn't have been
more than 30 yards away.
Sir, would you allow me to take
that film into my possession?
Right now, there are people out
there who are ready to start a war.
The film is that camera is
the only way we have to know
what happened out here today.
You understand that?
It's a matter
of national security.
I need to think.
Sir, I'm no longer asking.
The Dallas News
can develop it.
Let's go.
Clear the way.
Can we get
some tape here?
Admiral George Burkley, the
President's personal physician.
The President has Addison's Disease.
He'll need these.
I have him
on the leg.
Injection is fine.
What's the story
on the priest?
He's on the way.
This is it.
No can do.
What do you mean?
That's eight mil. We process 35 stills.
That's it.
You got to be kidding me.
Harry? I didn't know.
Try WFA next door.
There's a Kodak lab out
by Love Field.
A lot more gauze.
Yeah, here.
Let me listen.
I don't hear anything.
You feel anything down there?
Nothing, resume.
Still have no pulse.
Mrs. Kennedy.
Mrs. Kennedy.
Uh, basin?
That's a piece of his skull,
and some brain matter.
Let me listen,
let me listen.
No pulse here.
Come on.
Jim, you got nothing
to work with.
It's time to stop.
I'm calling it.
It's one p.m.
Jackie... it's time
to say good-bye.
Someone please tell me
what's next.
We, uh...
We need a coffin.
Excuse me.
Parkland just called.
He's dead.
Mr. President.
He's gone.
We need to get
in the air.
Hey, we belong
to Johnson now.
The whole federal
government belongs to him.
When Johnson goes, everyone
has to go with him.
Who stays with Jackie? Jackie
isn't chief executive.
Nor is she related
to one... anymore.
I'm not going
anywhere without her.
Let us recall for you
now what has transpired.
KRLD is reporting that they
have been told by somebody
in the hospital
that the President is dead.
Well, that is a repeat
of something
that you heard reported to you directly
a moment ago from KRLD in Dallas.
Ana' that is the rumor
that has reached them
at the hotel
that the President is dead.
I need to go
call my wife.
Look, if you want to
stay, you can stay.
If you want to go home
and be with your family...
Go be with your family.
We do not know
what his condition is,
but the report is
that the President is dead.
This is not confirmed.
This is something... Okay.
This is something that the... Word
just came to us a minute ago.
The word we have is that
President Kennedy is dead.
He was shot by an assassin at the intersection
of Elm and Houston Streets just as.
Eternal rest grant
unto him, O Lord,
and let perpetual light
shine upon him.
May he rest
in peace. Amen.
Thank you, Father.
Thank you for taking care
of the President.
Please pray for him.
I will.
God bless you.
God bless you.
God bless...
Thank you.
Let's do this. Why don't we
put our lists together?
We'll split them up
and work down.
I... I got to call you back.
They just picked up somebody in Oak Cliff.
They think he's the shooter.
Shot and killed the
same time as the President
We now have the name
of that suspect
who has been picked up
by Dallas, Texas police
in connection with the slaying
of a Dallas policeman.
The story says the Dallas
Police Department has arrested
a 24 year old man identified
as Lee H. Oswald
in connection with the slaying
of a Dallas policeman
shortly after President
Kennedy was assassinated.
Oswald is also
being interrogated
to see if he had any connection
with the slaying of the President.
Did you hear that?
I did hear that.
Oswald was pulled screaming
and yelling,
from the Texas Theater in the
Oak Cliff section of Dallas.
This story does not say that Oswald
is the man wanted in connection
with the slaying
of the President.
It says that he is
wanted in connection.
Is he talking
about your brother?
Is that your brother?
I have to go home.
...has been apprehended.
Police are apparently
questioning both of them now.
J. Edgar Hoover has ordered the full FBI...
What are you saying?
Oh, Christ.
Just a minute. Wait.
What? What are you
looking for?
Lee Harvey Oswald.
What is this ?
Why do you have this?
Why the hell
do you...
This has got
to be the guy.
Why the hell
do we have this?
This guy works
in the Depository.
Yeah, a hundred feet from where the
President was shot. For how long?
I don't know. A month?
What do you mean, a month?
How do you know this?
'Cause I'm tracking him.
Tracking him? Jesus!
For how long?
18 months.
Found it!
Come here.
Hosty's been tracking
him 18 months.
What the hell for?
You know, I couldn't
even tell you.
He's just a sorry
son of a bitch.
He's one of these guys
who says he's a Marxist,
then he's a
Revolutionary? For who?
Nobody. Nobody wants
this guy.
He defected to the Soviets a
couple years back. Now he's here?
They didn't want him.
Tried to off himself there
They said he could stay
as long as he didn't die.
And I guess he got bored
with that, came back.
Fain did the follow up
interviews on it.
Yeah, a couple of them. Figured there was
nothing there so he closed the file.
It was right before
he retired.
Wife's Russian,
so I checked up on her.
Oswald was knocking her around some. That's
why I put him back on the active list.
You actually
interview him?
No, he was never around.
When was the last time
you tried?
Two weeks ago.
Two weeks ago?
I saw the wife.
Saw the wife.
Well, today...
her husband
killed the President.
Which one is Sorrels?
I am.
This is Secret Service business.
Let me see it.
F 1.8 zoom lens set for full close up.
So, can you do it?
8 mil is tricky. There's always a risk
with new technology. A risk of what?
8 mil is really
16 mil split in two.
Each frame is really
four frames together.
Two running one way,
two running the other.
It means twice the risk of
overexposure or destruction.
And there's always a percentage of the film
partially or fully destroyed in the process.
Have you done much of
this type of thing?
Three, maybe
four times.
And how'd that go?
Look we can still send it
to Rochester if you want.
We need to know
who's behind this.
We don't have
that kind of time.
Listen, I'm temporarily
transferring possession to you.
Nobody looks at it
until we do,
and nobody talks
about what's on there.
Mr. Zapruder. Is that
okay with you? Yes.
You okay?
I'm upset.
We're all upset.
Latest news from Dallas.
Vice-President Johnson
is being rushed to the
security of Air Force One
for an emergency return
to Washington.
Nobody knows at this hour if the
shooting is part of a wider plot
or the act
of one assassin.
in Washington, nuclear missile
silos are being prepared.
Polaris submarine
remain deployed,
and the United States Air Force
around the globe is on high alert.
I have to go.
We may have the shooter.
Do not screw me, Harry!
I don't want, what's on that
film all over the papers.
Film stays with Zapruder.
No matter what anybody says,
no matter what's on it,
film doesn't leave you.
Volunteer returning to Angel!
We're leaving now!
Let's go!
Everyone ready?
You all know
what's on here, right?
Ana' you're sure
you're ready?
I'm ready.
That's my granddaughter.
I'm sorry. I forgot.
My grandson.
It's your life,
Mr. Zapruder.
Looks like a good life.
Oh, God.
My God.
You have everything.
You have the whole
god damn thing.
Oh, my God.
We're going to need
some copies of that.
I don't have
the right machinery.
You're going to have
to go somewhere else.
Mr. Zapruder.
I wish you luck, sir.
Do not stop!
Go, go, go!
All clear!
This way, sir.
Go, go!
Who are they?
Dallas police
and the FBI.
You sure attract
a crowd.
He can ride with me.
He came with us.
He's leaving with us.
Yeah, he said
to meet him here.
thank you very much.
We need three copies.
One for the Secret Service. One
for the FBI, and one for me.
Let me through.
Excuse me.
Hold it.
Excuse me.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
I'm the medical examiner.
This is a homicide case.
The deceased can't leave until
there's been an autopsy.
This casket cannot leave
the premises.
I'm the special agent in charge of the
White House detail for the Secret Service.
That is the President
of the United States
and we are taking him
back to Washington.
That's not the way we
do things around here.
It's a Federal crime.
No, it is not. There's
no Federal statue.
It's a murder,
it's local,
and it's under
local jurisdiction.
Earl, be very careful here.
That is my body.
The President
is coming with us.
You can't take him. We
have laws here in Texas.
The law
can be waived.
Not by me.
I can't do it.
Earl, let him go.
Do you have any idea...
any idea how difficult this
has been for Mrs. Kennedy?
I deal with widows
The remains
will stay here.
I don't think so.
The remains...
What did you call it,
your body?
The hell with you, and
the hell with your law.
Move it out!
The Dallas police is here to execute
the laws of the state of Texas!
Screw the lid
on that coffin now!
Let it go.
You cannot take it.
It's against the law
to remove
a corpse from the State
of Texas without permission!
You cannot fake it
We're leaving.
It's okay, Earl.
You did right.
What a shitty place
to die.
You're not driving.
What are you talking about?
Please, allow me.
It's okay.
Bob Dugger, ma'am.
God bless you.
They're five minutes out.
Where we putting
the coffin?
I don't know.
I never thought about it.
We're not flying it below
like a piece of luggage.
We're riding it
right here.
Let's get these two rows
of seats off the plane.
Look for a tool box. Get some
tools up here, and bodies!
Six bolts.
I need a screwdriver.
We go! four minutes.
Six bolts tie it
to the fuselage.
You got it?
You got them?
One, two, three.
Go, go, go.
Let's go.
Watch it.
Watch the back.
Come on.
Come on you guys.
Let's just get the hell
out of here.
All right, come on.
Here we go.
Keep the back end up.
Keep the back end up!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Watch that corner. You're
not going to make it.
Let's go.
Come on.
Push it.
All right, come on.
Put it down.
Dear God.
This work okay, Dave?
This is just fine, Lem.
This is the first time
the Secret Services
has lost a president
under its watch.
I think it may be
months from now.
Hello, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I'm Robert Oswald.
The man who shot the
President, I'm his brother.
I will faithfully execute...
The office of President
of the United States...
The office of President
of the United States...
I will, to the best
of my ability...
I will, to the best
of my ability...
- Preserve...
- Preserve...
- Protect...
- Protect...
- and defend...
- and defend...
the Constitution
of the United States.
the Constitution
of the United States.
- So help me God.
- So help me God.
So, you finally bothered
to find me.
I'll probably starve now.
Momma's going
to need money.
I am responsible
for two presidents.
I'm sorry?
Kennedy and now
President Johnson.
I'm not even
a Democrat.
Come on.
Let's go.
This room is bugged.
Be careful.
I don't care.
If you know
anything about this,
I want to know
what you know right now.
And no damn stories.
Well, I always knew Lee was some
sort of secret agent. Didn't you?
What are you talking about?
They recruited him
when he was in the Marines.
Who's they?
And what possibly for?
We did.
The U.S. government did.
He was sent on dangerous missions.
The first was to Russia.
Okay, okay,
let me get this straight.
Lee, our Lee...
is a super secret
government spy?
Come back from Russia
with a 21 year old wife.
She doesn't speak English.
He can't hold a job.
They have two kids
and not a pot to piss in.
That's impressive.
That is a dangerous fellow,
Lee. And then what?
You know.
You're insane.
Don't you speak
to your mother like that.
Lee Harvey Oswald
has done more for his country
than any other
living human being.
I will never
be ordinary again!
I was thinking when
I was waiting for you
about that book
I'm going to write.
What book?
It will have to be
very deeply researched.
A publisher, with money,
will have to come
with a paid writer
to do the work.
I just want to make sure you understand
what is happening here today.
Your son, my brother...
has apparently killed the most
important person in the world.
And if that is true,
he is going to die
for what he has done.
It's my story, too.
There he is.
There's Oswald.
Oswald say, "I did not
shoot anybody."
Hold on.
Hold on.
I remember this guy.
Hey, Adam?
He was here.
Who was here?
Oswald was here,
in the office.
He left something
for Hasty.
Oh, Christ.
Mrs. Oswald! Mrs. Oswald!
Mrs. Oswald! Did he do it?
Mrs. Oswald.
Your mother's a piece of
work, I'll give her that.
I don't know what we're going to do.
I've got two kids.
Well, we're all fathers.
You, me...
the police officer your
brother shot point blank.
The President.
Well, they were.
If I were you,
I'd consider
changing my name.
I'd pray I never
needed the help
of the Dallas
Police Department
or the Federal
government again.
I'd pack your things
and your wife
and those two children
of yours,
and I'd move as far
from here as I could.
I'd never come back,
even to die.
But... that's
just me.
Oswald has been charged
with the murder
of a police officer.
Where the hell
have you been?
I was out
doing my job.
Doing your job, huh?
What's this?
Shit, I get three of
these things every week.
This one's
from Oswald.
Oswald left this
for you ten days ago.
"You've been talking to my wife
Marina and I don't like you.
"You need to stop
talking to Marina
"or there will be
a price to pay."
I've got 100
of these things.
It says that he's going
to blow up the office.
Three times a week
I get shit like this.
But this was written by the
assassin of the President!
And it was delivered
to this office
in person
ten days go, Jim,
which means we had the
assassin of the President
in our office threatening a Federal
officer, which is a crime Not ten days ago.
We did not have the assassin of the President.
for which he could be arrested.
We had another
goddamn delusional nobody!
Yeah, well
he's a somebody now!
Never said one word about
killing the President!
No, Only you!
Well, if I worried about every son
of a bitch who wants to shoot me,
I'm in the wrong goddamn business!
The world is not going
to care about you.
They're going to say
that we had him.
We had him, and we
could have stopped him!
Jesus Christ.
This might be, probably is,
now that I think about it
the biggest fuck-up in the history
of American law enforcement.
You, follow me.
All right,
give me your hands.
Need some help
with that?
No, I got it. I need some
help from you to shut up.
Sit down, Lee!
How are you?
I don't think you've ever asked
me that question in my life.
I'm really confused.
Maybe you can tell
me what... what...
What is going on?
I don't know.
They have your pistol, they have
your rifle, and they've charged you
and you're telling me
you don't know.
God damn it, just
tell me what you did.
Don't believe all
this so-called evidence.
What's Marina going
to do with the kids now?
I don't know.
Well, we have friends.
Junie needs new shoes.
Oh, she needs new shoes.
How about
a goddamn father?
How about a killer
for a father?
How about the killer of the
President for a father?
You're worried about shoes.
Do you have any idea
what you've done?
You've ruined that kid's life.
Both those kids' lives!
So forget the goddamn
stupid shoes!
Can you hear me ? Put the
phone to your ear, all right?
Look at me.
I'm sorry.
Well, I'm going
to get you a lawyer.
Stay out of it.
Stay out of it?
My children, my wife,
my children's children,
all of us, for all of eternity.
You did this
to all of us.
I don't know who
you think you are,
but I am your brother.
And I'll find you an attorney
and be back in a day or two.
Don't be running back
and forth all the time
and getting yourself in
trouble with your boss.
Time to go.
What did he say?
I don't know. I have
no idea who that was.
Thank you, sir.
It's been ringing
all night.
Everybody wants
that film.
I'd like to speak
to Mr. Zapruder, please.
This is
Abraham Zapruder.
My name is Dick Stolley. I'm
the editor of Life magazine.
I'd like to talk to you
tonight about your film.
You know what? Not tonight.
No. I'm very tired.
I'm upset. It's been
an upsetting day.
I'm sure you
can understand.
I understand completely,
but I need to come see you
as soon as possible.
Yeah, tomorrow
morning, okay.
Okay, tomorrow morning then.
Thank you.
Sure. Thank you.
Let's go home, Abe. It's enough.
It's enough.
My eyes.
We're about to wind
this up for tonight,
because all that could happen
on one day has.
For some final reflection on
one of the more horrible days
in American history, you find there
is a great deal that could be said
about the political
and other changes
that we can look
forward to now,
but I think it would be
bad taste to go into it now.
And I won't.
It has all been shocking.
By the Washington clock, at a little
after one o'clock this afternoon,
President Kennedy was alive as any human
being ever gets, young, strong, vigorous,
looking forward to, no doubt, five more
years, he hoped of leadership in this country
and of the western world.
There is no more news here tonight,
and really no more to say,
except that was has happened today has been
just too much, too ugly, and too fast.
Good morning,
lam Dr. Perry.
What seems
to be bothering you?
How's our patient doing?
And our resident?
Okay, good.
Turn off the lights please.
Jesus Christ.
We blew it.
Shut up!
Did you see that?
Did you see that?
We blew it!
That wasn't a damn
Easter parade,
that's the President
of the United States!
Do you understand me!
You think we need your goddamn
opinion about anything! No, sir.
I've been doing this job for 30 years!
I have never lost my man!
This was not
supposed to happen!
Yesterday, I lost my man.
Thank you, gentlemen, if you would
wait outside for a moment please.
Thank you.
This is no time
to point fingers.
This is a time of...
Dick Stolley.
Life magazine.
We spoke last night. Yeah,
I know who you are.
My father brought my family
over here 40 years ago
to escape certain death.
We worked hard,
built a good,
honest life.
An American life.
Sir, we'd like to talk to
you about making a deal.
But I guess all
of that is over.
Nothing is ever going
to be the same.
I wish I never took
this film, Mr. Stolley.
But now I'm going to
have to live with it.
Don't make a deal without
talking to us first, sir.
I admire you, you know.
I've been to war.
Know what it's like
to use a camera.
You kept shooting.
No, no. It wasn't
a war, Mr. Stolley.
I filmed a murder.
Mr. Zapruder, we're going to slip
an offer underneath the door.
God, if I open
this door,
it is going to be
impossible for both of us.
Don't make me negotiate
with those people.
Don't make me go
out there.
Life magazine is just
as anxious as you are
to give your pictures
a respectable display.
Mr. Zapruder, CBS.
Well, that is why you are standing
in this room, Mr. Stolley,
because I trust that.
I trust your magazine.
And I want
to say very clearly
I know what this is,
and what it's done.
What it is going to do.
So if you want a chance to do
the right thing with this film
then you're going to
have to pay for it.
You have to pay
to keep it safe
and to protect me
and my family.
I think I understand.
And one other thing.
When the President is...
when he's
The kill shot?
You will publish
those frames?
Because I think
you would agree,
some things the world
does not need to see.
Would you not?
Normally yes,
but in this case
missing frames could lead
to false speculation.
That is none of my business.
I don't... I don't care
about all of that.
I'm talking about
the man's dignity.
We have
a responsibility.
A dignified man,
you understand.
It's a very undignified end
for a very dignified man!
You have something
to write on?
There is the prisoner.
There is Lee Harvey Oswald.
He has been shot!
He's been shot.
Lee Oswald has been shot!
There's a man
with a gun.
Oswald has been shot!
Right now.
Jesus Christ,
right on live TV.
God damn!
Absolute panic here
at headquarters.
Oswald has been shot.
There is no question.
Os weld has been shot.
Detectives have
their guns drawn.
We have not heard from
Mr. Stolley or his associates
at Life magazine
since yesterday evening.
And Lee Oswald's wife
and children and I...
are stranded alone
at a strange motel
in the middle
of nowhere.
We are waiting to hear
about our cash deal.
Thank you. I shall
be waiting right here.
We are the Mrs. Oswalds.
We need money.
We need a place
to stay
where we can hide
from everyone
and we need a new place
to live, dear heart.
All we do is rush around from one place
to another, in the grand exodus.
The baby's diapers are wet.
We are hungry as all get out.
Hey, Mike.
Get out here.
Something's going on. They're
running around outside.
Don't get excited.
Lee's been shot.
It isn't serious.
And they got the man
who shot him.
Where are they
taking him?
No! He is not living or dying
in there. Room two!
How many bullets?
Where's the respirator?
Where's Perry?
There's Clark.
What's the blood pressure?
100 over 85.
It's going down.
I don't like this.
Let's open him up.
We're going to need some suction.
Get suction ready.
From one bullet?
Yeah, one point blank.
Let's start left,
go right.
Right kidney gone,
spleen gone.
We're going to have to get in there.
Right there.
Need more gauze.
Got it.
BP 100 over 85.
We might get
to keep this one.
Do we want to?
We need a confession.
What if he dies?
We need
a confession first.
Don't we all.
Damn it!
Blood pressure
is going down.
85 over 40. We need more blood!
Zero, nothing.
I've got the lung.
Massage the heart.
Adrenalin now.
Come on!
All right, Jim hold it
right there. Open!
Jim, paddles!
Still nothing.
Time. 1:07.
Yes, this is Mike Howard.
I'm sorry,
will you repeat that?
Thank you.
He's gone?
I'm sorry, Robert.
Lee was an agent
for the U.S. government.
He should be buried at Arlington
Cemetery with President Kennedy.
Shut up, mother.
He's staying here.
This time, I don't think anyone's
going to give you a hard time.
Your name is Robert.
Is that right, son?
That's right.
I'm sorry for you.
I'm sorry
for everybody.
...a brief stop
at the White House...
Then Mrs. Kennedy followed
the casket on foot...
t0 St. Matthews Church.
I don't think you all
should listen to this.
No, please leave it.
Thank you.
Bring him in.
Close the blinds for me.
We're getting killed, Jim.
What happened
in this office...
What we did...
what you did...
What do you
want, Gordon?
You were in the military,
right, Jim?
Yeah, Army.
Are you firing me?
I don't ever
want to see that again.
What the hell am I
supposed to do with it?
Oswald's dead now.
A thousand what-ifs.
86 'em.
This is evidence.
Well it's not evidence
if there's no trial.
And there sure as shit
won't be a trial now.
I know what
that is, Jim.
I'm asking you
to destroy it.
I think we all know
what is at stake here.
You want this?
Why aren't we doing this
in the church?
Well, no church
will do it.
What about that cemetery
chapel over there?
They won't allow
it either.
You only have this grave site
because a friend owed me a favor.
And I'm sorry, but there
are no pallbearers.
Can you help us, please?
Thank you.
The remains of John F. Kennedy
are about to pass a memorial
to another president.
The stamina of this woman...
through these past three or four
days has been indescribable.
I haven't done a burial
in eight years,
but someone has to help
this family.
God of the open sky
and of the infinite universe,
we pray and petition for this
family who are heartbroken.
Those who suffer and in his
hearts are full of fears...
we'll pray for them.
For their need is great.
May God have mercy
on your soul.
...or if these dark
days are harbingers
of even blacker ones to come,
Might the black
before the dawn...
lead to some still
as yet indiscernible sunrise
of understanding among men.
Violent words, no matter what
their origin or motivation.
Hail Mary,
full of grace,
the Lord is with thee.
Blessed an' thou
amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death.
Tonight, there will be
few Americans
who will go to bed
without carrying with them
the sense the! somehow
they have failed.
If in the search
of our conscience
we find a new dedication
to the American concept
that brook no political, sectional,
religious or racial divisions.
Ana' it may yet be possible to
say that John Fitzgerald Kennedy
did not die in vain.
That's the way it is,
Monday, November 25th, 1963.
This is Walter Cronkite.
Good night.