Parks (2017) Movie Script

"This film was made to celebrate
the 100th anniversary of Inokashira Onshi Park"
"Executive Production:
Honda Promotions Baus"
Cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms, trees, bridges.
Ponds, ducks, cherry blossoms, cherry blossoms.
People viewing cherry blossoms, blue tarps,
people walking dogs, bridges.
People exercising, couples on rows of benches.
When talking about this 100-year-old park,
you can't dismiss cherry blossom season.
So, I'd like to start this story with a scene of me
riding through cherry blossoms.
And hopefully end the story
with a scene of blossoms, too.
That's what I'm thinking.
Actually, the story hasn't started yet.
The story will start shortly.
This is a story of music rediscovered in a park.
Sort of.
Well, how do you do? Professor lnoue?
Yes. May | help you?
Can we talk about my thesis
for the Communications Studies seminar?
l'm Jun Yoshinaga.
Ms. Yoshinaga.
We haven't met before, have we?
Let me see.
Funny. It looks like you've been
attending my class...
Oh, um, sorry...
You're crafty, aren't you?
That's not a bad thing. So?
I've received a notification about my thesis.
Are you finally submitting it?
Well, I can't decide on a subject yet.
You can choose whatever you like.
I know, I'm still thinking, but can you...
...give me the course credits, please?
You mean, you want to graduate?
Yes. I've already found a job,
so... please, I beg you.
Then submit a synopsis by the end of this week.
Oh, that's impossible!
- Yo.
- Hi.
Ooh, it's embarrassing.
Let's not talk about it.
I've got the artwork job for the
official Kichi Fest T-shirt after all.
- That's great.
- Honestly?
- Yes.
- Really?
Anyways, which design is better?
Both are fine, but I prefer this.
Well, I've already chosen one myself, actually.
Oh, you have.
I'll send you two later.
One for your boyfriend, Matsumoto-kun.
Ah, I see...
Say, are you really repeating a year?
I'm not sure yet.
You need seminar credits?
It's complicated.
Been thinking and worrying.
That'd be nice. I never had time to think.
- That's because you did well.
- Did I?
Let's just cross.
Have you told your parents
you might be repeating a year?
I haven't told them yet. Bad, huh?
Sounds like it.
I won't say a word till they notice.
I know you'll do things when you have to.
I'll do things when I have to.
Hey, would you like to play live?
You've always liked to stick out, right?
I know the Kichi Fest producer.
It's too sudden...
You'll do what you have to.
That also means I won't do things
when I don't have to.
Hello. I'm sorry to interrupt you.
I'd like to see someone who used to live here.
It's about 50 years ago.
How should I know her?
But no doubt it's this building.
It is.
Who is it?
I've never met her. I found pictures and letters
in my late father's room.
She seems to be his ex-girlfriend.
Want to read these?
Thank you for the pictures, Shinpei.
Hope to see you soon.
Shin-chan, I enjoyed myself so much yesterday.
Thanks for dinner. See you.
Shinpei, how are the song's lyrics going?
I found myself singing it today.
Hope we can finish it soon.
Shin-chan, I had a strange dream today.
No matter how hard I tried to run,
I couldn't get anywhere...
...or maybe I imagined it was a dream.
Shinpei, I'm sorry I couldn't sing well.
I'll practice harder.
Kenta's opinions seem interesting.
You're sometimes too cautious.
Good morning, Shinpei.
I think your father is worried about you.
I'll help you with your money problem.
Shinpei, I'll bring the reel-to-reel tape
recorder to the park today.
There is something I must tell you in person.
Let's do as we planned.
On May 10, I'll meet you
at 2:30 pm. on the bridge. From Sachiko.
You can't possibly find her.
You are so unprepared.
I found the period mentioned
in those letters so fascinating that...
...I thought I should write a novel
about my father.
A novel?
I'm afraid that if I don't do it now,
I'll forget about him.
My mother will remarry soon.
I see.
Will you be OK? Shall I walk you to the station?
I'll be fine alone.
Excuse us.
Can't get through.
Haru, this way. why are you following them?
I got carried away.
This way.
Hello. May we ask you something?
Ah, it's you.
Sit down.
I've got some apartments for a couple to show you.
Oh, that... please forget that.
I see.
We'd like to know about someone
who lived in my apartment 50 years ago.
Something happened?
No, it's just... we want to know where she is now.
Please! We really want to know.
Just a sec.
Is there a Parkside Apartments file?
The owner may not know anything.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Ah... this way. This way?
This way.
This way.
Along here, so...
No? A little further down...
this is it, isn't it?
Mr. Terada! This is it!
Here we are. Wonder if he's in.
Here you are.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Do you know her?
You are...
Haru, Shinpei Kinoshita's daughter.
I see.
So, you two want to see Sachiko?
Yes, I'd like to ask her about my father.
Do you know where she lives now?
I sensed something...
...between Mr. Terada and Sachiko.
- A love triangle?
- No!
Ask her about that as well.
Hey, come on.
Hey, that's...
Why not? You can do it!
This way to... where?
Maybe up this hill.
I won't be defeated.
I don't mean to win.
Why not?
We found it.
This is it, isn't it. At last.
Oh, she has a family.
Sachiko's husband and their son, and...
...his wife and...
...their daughter and...
Perhaps. Quite a big family.
Giving up?
No, I'll meet her.
Hello? Is anybody in?
What are you doing here?
- Well...
- The door is locked.
It's locked 'cause no one's home.
We'd like to meet...
...Sachiko Odakura, who lives here.
Well, I see her name there.
Ah... but Grandma passed away last month.
Brain stroke.
Well, she found old pictures of Sachiko
in her father's room.
That's... that's why I wanted to see her.
But I told you...
Oh, is this Grandma?
So young.
But what could I do for you now?
We're just...
Well then, I'm a little tired.
Wait a minute!
[Tokio's tweet] A new way of soliciting?
2 cute girls came to my house!
But I'll go to bed now.
Hey, please don't make noise.
It's music!
Yeah, right.
OK. I got it.
Give it to me. Now.
Can you play it?
I did a little, at high school.
Play something, please?
Whoa. I haven't touched it in ages.
"My 14th summer"
"First love"
"Red dress, blue beach sandals"
"You said, 'You've had your hair cut
too short' - I know"
"Till the bangs reach my eyebrows..."
"...l'll be on a journey"
Actually, it's unfinished.
I wrote it when I had a regret at junior high.
It's a nice song.
You're laughing!
I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not.
- I'd like to hear more.
- What?
I want to hear more.
You do.
"I'll be on a journey..."
"...someplace I've never been..."
"...or seen"
"Riding my bike..."
"...never mind getting sunburned"
"On and on"
Look, you are laughing.
I shouldn't have done that. That's it!
Gotta do my work.
Get on with your own stuff.
Wow, it's...
It's... reel-to-reel tape!
Hello? I've just found a goodie.
OMG! A great find in my late Grandma's stuff.
Stay tuned for what it is!
- Ta-da.
- Oh.
- This goes here and...
- Put it on.
And this?
Over there.
This goes like this, and then...
Be careful. It cost 30, 000 yen on auction.
30, 000 yen!
Looks good.
That's great.
Then, power on.
- The power cord's off.
- Sorry.
The power's on.
We did it.
Are we ready?
I'm somewhat nervous.
Ready to record.
We're really doing it?
We promised. Let's do it.
She sounds so young!
It's rolling.
It is?
Alright, then. It's a little past 2:30 pm.
Ah... cloudy.
I'll sing for you, my love.
Oh my!
Is this for real?
One, two, three, four.
"Here's a song I'd like to sing with you"
"It sounds like this"
"Our story begins at this park"
"Carp open their mouths to catch tears
that drop from the bridge"
"Starting from spring, time goes by"
"1 day, 1 year, 10 years, 100 years"
"This melody..."
What happened?
Hello? Hello?
What's the problem? Is it serious?
- What's wrong?
- Is it OK?
Let's play it again.
It's fine, right?
It's damaged.
Looks like a face!
Not sure how it goes from here.
"This melody..."
"This melody..."
It always stops here.
I wonder about the rest of it.
"This park" means the park, right?
I believe so.
Feels strange to imagine they were
seeing the same landscape.
"Starting from spring, time goes by"
I like that part.
- Here.
- Eh? No.
Lovely. Can you really play?
- Now.
- Why me?
Oh, great.
Not sure after this.
1 minute, 1 day.
1 year, 10 years.
- 100 years.
- 1, 000 years.
10,000 years.
"Time has passed and now it's 2017"
"Ducks in the ponds, clouds in the sky"
"Nemo in the sea, I'm in the groove"
"Doing things like this
with girls in a girl's pad"
"Thanks, Grandma,
for creating this melody and Dad"
You're welcome.
- Thanks.
- Not you.
"Park, spark, spark, spark, Baus Theater, Atre"
"Kirarina, Lonlon"
"Sun Road, lse-ya"
- What's that?
- Yakitori bar!
"Chicken hearts and giblets, deer,
meatballs, gizzard, draft beer"
Orange juice!
I'm hungry.
Treat us.
All right, all right, fine.
Let's go eat then. I'm hungry.
Why should I treat you?
lse-ya, yakitori!
- Get ready.
- Keep your word.
We could make things up as we go along.
Your guitar playing was nice, by the way.
It was cool.
It was OK. Tokio's rap wasn't too bad, either.
"Not too bad"?
I didn't expect this.
If you'd attended my seminar regularly,
you'd have finished your thesis by now.
What about me repeating a year?
I sent you a warning letter,
over half a year ago, didn't I?
I know. But you said, if I submit...
But this is only half done.
I can't afford to lose the seminar credits.
What were you doing?
I was thinking about what to write...
You need to move your hand to create words.
My hand wouldn't move
because I couldn't create words.
All right, then.
I'll give you credits...
...if you complete this report
and the song on this tape.
Leave the song out of this.
Then don't do it.
But that's...
Would you rather have another year
to think about things?
Don't like it bitter?
It's a little... too dark.
I heard that Sachiko
fell over suddenly last month and that was it.
You hadn't seen her for ages?
Not since university, I think.
I heard she'd moved out of her apartment,
got married soon after, and had a child.
No reason to see her.
Did you need a reason?
It might have inspired me.
I suppose so.
I'm writing a novel about my father.
Now I want to hear what you have to say.
- We're trying to write the rest of their song.
- You are?
It was fate that we found the reel-to-reel tape.
That's so nice.
Mr. Terada's looking forward to hearing the song.
Is he?
I think I should try harder to finish it.
Apparently, couples who use these boats
eventually separate.
I heard it's a curse of the carp that
foreign fish drove away.
I've heard of that. Carp curse couples.
So is that true?
Well, I don't believe things like that.
Maybe the curse made Sachiko
and my father separate.
But there is a way to remove the curse.
Do you want to know what it is?
Do you?
Oh, there's a couple.
Whoa! Have discovered a great song written
before the Beatles landed.
l, with two friends that I recently made,
intend to revive it in 2017!
- Ready yet?
- #Tthrandma
Just a sec, please.
It's all tangled up.
GOK Sound. Hello.
Thanks for calling.
Good. When do you want to record?
What's this!
I'm sorry.
How do I do it?
Is there a knack to it or something?
There is no such thing. Do it like this.
More like this.
Untangle it, then do this again.
They're girls?
It's not... not what you think.
No, it's not. It's really not.
Ah, OK.
Now the studio is ours.
Put everything back as it is.
I know.
Don't let me down with your song.
Hey, how nice you came over!
I just want to graduate.
Haru, let's work on the lyrics together.
Me too?
You're writing a novel, aren't you,
imagining that couple in the park?
Work on the song started like that.
Sounds of 2017, sounds of the park,
sound of wind, couples on boats.
A couple's kiss.
Tears shed as they part.
Bird song, rustling leaves.
Inokashira Line running overhead.
Sound of water.
Hey guys.
How about mixing folk songs
from Nigeria and Iceland?
Folk songs?
- Are you kidding? We're trying to recreate...
- '603 music.
Check these out!
By recording sounds, walking in the park, listening,
...running, and resting...
...we tried to experience
Sachiko and Shinpei's past.
Asian elephant!
A reminder of Hanako the Elephant.
Capybaras' sighs.
Quiet deer's belches.
Monkeys' fights over territory.
Hey! Don't leave me!
- Where have you been?
- The restroom.
Is it recording?
Is it recording?
Yes, very well.
What's being recorded?
You're speaking too loud.
I used to come here with my family.
It's near your home.
That, that, and that one, too. I used to get on
those with my girlfriend after school.
Puppy love and sad memories.
Shut up.
Was I spot on?
Back then I thought
I could become whatever I wanted to.
Monkey Mountain was fun enough.
Yeah? You like your job now, don't you?
Not so much.
But you're working in a studio,
doing exactly what you like.
But it's part time and the pay is not great.
- Save me.
- Why me?
When I told Dad that I was remaking
Grandma's song, he told me off.
He wasn't happy for you?
Mum left when I was at high school,
and Grandma died the other day.
Dad and I live alone.
So, it's about time l..., you know.
I get it.
Hey, is there any meaning to these recordings?
- Of course!
- Of course!
"I can think of lots of words
but can't get many across"
"I'd like to sing a few songs I wrote for you"
Oh, you are generous.
Thanks very much.
Thank you. Good bye.
Good bye.
How's your novel going?
Like, about the birth of love between them?
That's profound.
Don't you want to have a theme in the song?
Yes. Ideas you want to base your song on.
I wondered what Shinpei and Sachiko
might be thinking in the 19603...
...and about the couple themselves,
to whom I had no connection.
Back then Gagarin made the first journey into space;
"Sukiyaki" was #1 in the US. charts;
"Astroboy" was on TV;
the Olympics were held
for the first time in Asia, in Tokyo;
...the Vietnam war was on.
At such a time, Shinpei, a university student,
was in love with Sachiko.
He must have put his passion into his song.
Despite a lot of research,
my songwriting was slow.
Don't you have any good ideas?
OK. This tape contains a hidden,
encoded clue to a murder and...
...if you play it backward, you can hear it. And...
Shinpei and Sachiko's lives are threatened.
They are targeted by an armed gang.
They run and run and run.
Shinpei aims a gun at the enemy.
And Shinpei dies.
Does he?
But the dead couple turn into zombies, and...
...stumble through the park... or something?
No, maybe not zombies.
OK, then, for example...
The lace curtains sway in the breeze.
When I go out onto the balcony
and look down on the park,
...Shinpei appears, holding a camera.
He takes pictures of her.
Sachiko notices him.
She smiles a little.
Shinpei waves to her.
She runs to him.
Sorry. I closed my eyes.
You made a funny face again.
Let's go that way.
And the two of them...
That's enough.
You've got enough. Give me the camera.
There you go.
Now give me that.
When I crossed the bridge, the couple were
on a bench, writing a song together.
Shinpei and Sachiko were in love.
"Carp open their mouths to catch tears
that drop from the bridge"
"Starting from spring, time goes by..."
They were trying to sing about love.
A little awkward to approach, isn't it?
They wanted me to play with them.
"Carp open their mouths to catch tears
that drop from the bridge"
"Starting from spring, time goes by"
"This melody..."
"This melody..."
"This melody..."
"...turns into love"
How about that?
"Then it falls apart"
"And found again"
"And lost again"
"And found again"
"And taken away"
"But found again"
Hey, it's not about a bike key.
Don't you have any strong feelings about it?
Well, let's see... I guess not.
No? Something must drive you to finish the song.
Umm... that would be for me to graduate.
Ah, that's good.
That's good.
There he is.
You're late.
You're wearing that, too!
We're a matching pair.
This isn't a place for Haru.
You shouldn't come here.
No, you shouldn't.
Watch out.
You've known her since grade school, huh?
That's why I feel awkward.
Such connection is important.
Here we are. This is it, isn't it?
Hey, isn't she late?
Well, Risa's never on time.
Not on time makes her Risa.
You've never even met her.
Here she is.
Sorry I'm late.
- I'm Tokio. Thanks for helping with publicity.
- What?
I was surprised Jun was involved.
Thanks to Risa's retweets,
my followers really increased.
Now it's 223... oh, 274 now!
- That's great.
- It's very encouraging.
Have you ordered?
Not yet.
Excuse me.
What shall we drink?
I'll have a draft.
Me too. Risa too?
I'll have a Kilkenny.
I1lhave. oolong tea.
Is that all?
Yes, please.
- Thank you for coming.
- Not at all.
What's your name?
Haru. And Tokio.
Yes, I'm Tokio.
I'm Jun.
I know.
I watched Tokio's video
and was surprised to see Jun singing happily.
I uploaded one to YouTube.
A song born of many coincidences?
It was fate.
A love song connecting the past with the present!
It should be heard by lots of people.
Isn't that right?
Hey, how about playing it live at Kichi Fest?
Philippe's interested in it.
He's really into the fest
since it's the park's centennial.
Is he? Can we really play there? Seriously?
Hold on a minute! We haven't...
Hold on a minute!
It's not finished yet.
Thank you. My dream is coming true.
Wow, this is fantastic.
No, no, no.
You should do it. Just relax and do it.
Shall we pay the bill now?
- Let me pay.
- Yeah?
Excuse me, bill please.
Ah, no!
No worries. I'll pay.
Thank you.
I'll repay you.
Downstairs, please.
Thanks so much.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
- Is it really happening? Incredible!
- Kichi Fest!
Can't believe it. I must boast about it to him.
Who is him?
The guy who mocked me.
Here she comes again.
Feeling great?
This is me 10 years ago,
all cheerful and innocent.
Miracle Gummy was a huge success,
which made me a big star in my little town.
I sang, danced, and bought guitars,
just as I was told to.
But I never got the same glory again.
And now, here I am.
Feeling great?
"What makes your spirit and heart go boom?"
"It's glittering Miracle Gummy!"
Hey, stop it!
Who'd think that cheerful girl would turn out
like this? You were really famous!
Don't, please!
Let's watch it again.
Risa butts in again.
Never mind that. We'll work hard on the gig.
The song is not even finished.
We're just 3 - a sampler,
a recorder player, and me.
That's OK. We'll use good musicians.
Let's prepare ourselves properly
and play next year.
I want to give a 100% performance!
Are you worried you'll be indebted to Risa?
It's not that! Besides,
we don't need our song heard by other people.
You've got to be heard by people!
Are you afraid of rejection?
Let's play live then.
She's right. There's no reason we shouldn't.
Well... maybe.
Can you hear it?
It's beginning.
At that moment, it was very quiet.
All right, let's do it!
Great! Our band'll be in Kichi Fest,
endorsed by Philippe and Risa.
Will be playing one song only.
Have you seen the news? It's on the 'net.
We're on the news!
Look at this, Jun! With a picture of us!
We're on the news!
Hold on, hold on...
In here.
Guitar, bass, drums... what else?
- Hello, excuse us.
- Would you like to join our band?
It's not like this.
Excuse us!
Excuse us!
- Hello!
- Hello.
- Mic check, one, two.
- One, two, one, two.
- Jun, one, two.
- Tokio, one two.
Jun, one, two.
What's this?
Here we go.
Formed a band for Kichi Fest!
Jun is great!
Will upload rehearsal video soon.
- Isn't that embarrassing?
- It is.
The Open-Reels.
That's cool.
Kichijos... not unique.
Inokashira Ongaku-tai (band)?
That sounds good.
I like that melody.
Yes. Bob Dylan wouldn't have thought of it.
I'd rather have something
that will blend into the song.
I like it. It might capture people's hearts.
People? I wrote this song for Sachiko.
Shinpei, why don't we record this song
and take it to record companies?
They are looking for young hopefuls.
Then your song would be heard by lots of people.
Great! Let's finish it quickly!
We might get Phil Spector to produce it.
That "turns into love" part-
wouldn't "past and future" be better?
...I don't want to change "turns into love, " ever.
How about you, Kenta?
Isn't it a bit corny?
What do you think, Haru?
I like Shinpei's passionate phrase.
You bet.
All right, then. Let's start over again.
Sachiko's heart is slowly moving away
from Shinpei. He hasn't noticed it yet.
Start off quietly, and...
Piano comes in gradually?
And then?
Then, enter the drums.
Yeah, and then?
And, bass heaves.
Then there's a trumpet solo?
Ah, that's interesting.
I wonder. Wouldn't that be too much change?
I would go for a new arrangement.
But how can we three realize this
without money or other musicians?
Why don't we just play with what we have?
She's asleep.
Look! So many people have already
watched the video I uploaded two days ago!
- Amazing!
- Quiet. She's asleep.
The reel-to-reel band, right?
You know us?
I saw you on YouTube. Philippe was plugging you.
- It's got 500 views already.
- Really? 500?
Oh, Is that all?
New bands for Kichi Fest and some idols
get 50-100 thousand hits pretty fast.
- Oh, how about us?
- Well, 533.
That's not good, is it?
What do you mean?
A band's popularity is judged by how wild
an audience gets. You need lots of people.
But Risa and Philippe endorsed us.
So there'll be a good crowd.
I'm not sure.
You could bring more pop
and danceable elements to the fore.
Pop and danceable?
Pop and danceable... danceable?
Like this?
Not bad.
Shinpei's song, filled with his love for Sachiko,
was almost complete.
Shinpei thinks, "I could never write a song
like this ever again."
What are you watching?
Well... light from 100 million light years away.
Can you see it?
I can see... my future.
What's in your future?
My song for Sachiko will be done soon.
When it's done, I'd like people to hear it.
And then?
Then our music will spread and...
...after I die, my children and their children
will get to hear it.
Our love song will be remembered forever.
That's a marvelous future.
Having met you, Sachiko and I have changed a bit.
What do you mean?
In the beginning,
I only wanted the song to reach Sachiko.
If it doesn't reach the person I hold dear,
it won't reach anyone.
But I began to think that it would be nice
if other people could relate to the song.
Your song for Sachiko?
So romantic...
...isn't it?
Romantic, huh?
Don't tell anyone what I said, please.
Got it.
We'll record the song on reel-to-reel tomorrow,
so come over at 2:30 pm.
Tell us what you think.
Your ideas are a little odd, but interesting,
Tomorrow at 2:30 pm.
That was a lie.
I can't see any future.
I may get run over by a car and die tomorrow.
No way.
You never know.
...I can see your nice family a little.
OK then, see you tomorrow,
See you again.
OK. Good night.
Good night.
Ta-da! Look what I've got!
- Wow!
- Where shall we put it?
- Which way?
- A little down.
- Is it straight?
- That's fine.
- The right side's higher.
- That's auspicious.
See you tomorrow.
See you.
Mr. Tokumaru'll be playing, too.
That's great.
- Congrats on your big chance.
- Thank you.
It'll be 2:30 soon.
Are you ready, guys?
We're rolling!
One, two, three, four.
"Here's a song I'd like to sing with you"
"It sounds like this"
The song is complete!
The most powerful song is born!
Want to play it for all of you soon!
"This melody turns into love"
"Here's a song I'd like to sing with you"
"It sounds like this"
"Carp open their mouths to catch tears
that drop from the bridge"
"This melody turns into love"
"And it falls apart"
"And it's found"
"And lost again"
"And found again"
"1 minute, 1 day, 1 year, 10 years,"
"100 years, 1, 000 years, 100 million years"
"Ducks in the ponds, clouds in the sky,"
"Nemo in the sea, I'm in the groove"
"The year is 2017"
"Past, present, future/Landmarks then and now"
"Hot spots come and go - Baus for one"
"Baus is missed in Kichijoji
Park's been here for 100 years"
"Happy birthday, Inokashira Park"
"Park, spark, spark, spark, spark"
How did we do?
Tell me what you thought of it.
I'm also stumped about what to wear at the gig.
After all, we couldn't have made it without you.
...I can't put my thoughts into words.
"Love lost and found, " the theme
we came up with together, is in the song.
It's not that.
It's just...
I no longer sense my father's affection
for Sachiko in the song.
We don't know what they
thought of each other, do we?
Isn't it great to rearrange the past
so that people in the future can relate to it?
You're right, but...
In short, you don't like it?
Why not?
You wanted to hear the rest.
...a little...
...uncomfortable about it.
Sleeping like a log.
Time for me to rest for good.
Don't say that.
Joking. You live and you get old.
What does that mean?
But... as you get old,
can you see things more clearly?
Sure, a little bit.
Then, does it get easier to make up your mind?
You might detour less.
Or you might enjoy detouring.
I can't enjoy myself and am always at a loss.
I don't even know if I want to make music.
I'm always griping and quarreling.
I'm just running around and around in circles.
Don't you worry.
If you carry on, you'll find a way.
Please come, if you'd like.
Thank you.
Tomorrow? You've finished the song.
I'll go to the gig with Haru.
"Even with all the time in the world"
"You can't catch up with some things"
We're playing @ Kichi Fest 2day,
...premiering the love song
left by Grandma & co!
See our to-be-legendary moment!
I seriously support Jurassic Parks.
Yeah! Love music!
Jurassic Parks?
That's us. I came up with our name.
Uh! Damn!
I'm getting nervous.
Where's Haru, by the way?
She's not here yet!
She's not here yet!
No? I see.
Guys, let's eat somethin' good
and get psyched-up before we play.
What then?
I'm meeting Risa.
I'll join you later.
OK. Let's go.
What'll we eat?
Sounds good.
Are you getting nervous?
Don't embarrass me and Philippe.
- What?
- Kidding.
Don't do that.
I didn't mean it.
I feel that, every time I make a choice,
...I wish I could go back
a little bit and start over.
What's that?
On, nothing. Never mind.
We are now facing a crisis,
but we have no time to worry.
Making the gig a success will save us all!
Where's everybody?
Err, well... you know.
They're sick with food poisoning.
Not life-threatening, though.
My god! What did you guys eat?
How about you, Tokio?
Me? I seem all right.
You're on soon.
How can we do that? Tell them now.
We can. We will. Haru is expecting us.
But, if we do it like this, she won't be happy.
Go on stage when l signal.
Are we sure?
We do the things we have to.
Let's go.
We're Jurassic Parks!
Thank you!
Love Kichijoji!
Love you, too!
Well, I'm Tokio!
Thanks so much.
First, let me tell you
about the song we're about to play.
Just play!
Play now!
I know.
"Watercress for pasta, watercraft in the park"
This song is from my recently-deceased
grandmother's reel-to-reel tape.
She recorded it in the '603 when she was my age.
We've brought it back to life.
"Baus, Atre, Lonlon / Exquisite beef tendon"
"Elegant Asian elephants"
"Hello, Haru, are you here?
Are you with us, Risa?"
"Je t'aime, Philippe / Ear-ripping roar!"
"Oh dear, we got sick from sushi
Or deer sashimi offered under the table"
"Oh, so much beer/ I've no clue"
"Jurassic's crew has fallen"
"To see you smilin', I'll keep singin'"
"Happy 100th birthday to Inokashira Park"
"Park, spark, spark, spark, sparklin'
Park, spark, spark, spark..."
Love music!
I want to give a 100% performance!
Don't embarrass me and Philippe
It's beginning
It should be heard by lots of people
There's no reason we shouldn't
Feels strange...
One, two, three, four
It's music!
Song written by my father...
I no longer sense my father's affection...
Bring pop and danceable elements to the fore
Further in the future...
Don't embarrass me and Philippe
Are you afraid of rejection?
Are you from Kenta Terada's family?
How is he?
I'm sorry.
His family members are in the room over there.
Now that Mr. Terada...
...has passed away...
...he won't get to hear our song.
It shouldn't have happened this way.
I've run away again.
Don't say...
It's because of what you said just before the gig.
That confused me.
I'm sorry.
If you apologize, I get more confused.
I'm sorry.
I've just said...
I said unnecessary things. That caused...
How much longer are you staying here, anyway?
Who are you really?
Who are you?
Where's your mum?
Where do you live?
I told her I'd be home after the gig.
Never mind.
Are you crying?
Here's a tissue, Haru. Here.
Give it back to me.
Sorry, I didn't mean...
Don't go.
Jun chased Haru,
- ...but she was nowhere to be seen.
- ...but she was nowhere to be seen.
Haru wandered around in the park.
She had nowhere to go.
There was no longer past;
there was only present.
Jun began to read the novel she took from Haru.
The story begins with the day a girl
called Haru visited Jun.
It's a story of music rediscovered in a park.
1 week.
1 month.
10 years.
100 years.
1, 000 years.
It seemed a long time had passed,
...but in reality,
it may have been 10 or 100 minutes.
Jun thinks...
She feels that...
...she must see Haru.
...where am I?
...where am I?
Haru and her park have drifted away.
Eh? Wait. Don't run away!
I'm sorry.
Have you seen Haru?
What about her?
Find her. That way.
What? What?
What the heck!
One, two, three, four.
"Here's a song I'd like to sing with you"
"It sounds like this"
"Our story begins at this park"
"Carp open their mouths to catch tears
that drop from the bridge"
"Starting from spring, time goes by,
1 day, 1 year, 10 years, 100 years"
"This melody, beyond the past and the future..."
"...will be sung by you every time you wake up"
"Park music, a story that never ends"
"Park music, a story about to begin"
"Here comes spring"
Can you hear me?
Here's the song the way I'd like you to hear it.
"Here's a song I'd like to sing with you"
"It sounds like this"
"Are you listening,
on the other side of the reel-to-reel tape?"
"I hope that this melody,
beyond the past and the future..."
"...will be sung by you"
"Tokio on the mic"
"Past, present, future
Streetscapes change over time"
"Play 'Spot the Difference'"
"Baus, Joy Time,"
"Tower Records' bench,"
"Banana Records, and Donatello's"
"They're all gone,"
"but one thing that hasn't changed
is this 100-year-old park"
"Deep inside I have such a spark
Manga artists bark in the park"
"Boats are shaped like swans Goats
eat crepes on the lawns"
"What shall I, what shall I do?
Sittin' in the park, waiting for you"
"This is park music for you to sing,
a story that never ends"
"Park music, a story about to begin"
"Park music, a story that never ends"
"Park music, a story about to begin..."
When talking about this 100-year-old park,
you can't dismiss cherry blossom season.
So, I'd like to end the story
with a blossom scene... which Jun Yoshinaga, on her bike,
...recalls events in the park
from a few years ago.
This is how the story ends.
Ai Hashimoto
Mei Nagano
Shizuka Ishibashi
Ryu Morioka
Reiya Masaki
Shizune Nagao
Shiro Sano
Hiroshi Asada
Shota Sometani
Executive producer: Takuo Honda
Producer and Promoter: Yasuhito Higuchi
Producer: Hiroko Matsuda
Line Producer: Suguru Kubota
Cinematographer: Yasuyuki Sasaki
Sound Director: Shinya Takata
Production Designer: Norifumi Ataka
Costumes: Eri Takayama
Hair/Make-up: Ryoko Ariji
Data Management: Azusa Yamazaki
Assistant Director: Kyohei Tamazawa
Production Manager: Takahiro Hohno
Music Director: Shugo Tokumaru
Executive Production: Honda Promotion Baus
Distributed by boid
Produced by Office Shirous
Written, directed, and edited by Natsuki Seta