Parlez-moi d'amour (2002) Movie Script

Get up, sweetheart.
Come on, it's time.
Get up, love.
Here, drink your milk, sweetheart.
I don't believe it...
Oh, shit!
Sugar, daddy, sugar.
What are you doing? Go and wash.
Jacob, have you done a pee?
Go and do a pee, then.
Aim carefully
or it sprays all over.
Okay! What does ''prays'' mean?
Just a second. All right, in you go.
Get in the bath.
Take your T-shirt off.
Take it off, love.
Mind your head.
Here we go.
I'll go fetch your things.
What's going on?
What's going on?
Here, get dressed, love.
Jeremy, get out of the bath.
Faster than the speed of light!
That's my Pokemon T-shirt!
- It doesn't matter.
- It's mine!
Take it off. Give it to him.
I'll get you another.
Stop fighting, I'm sick of it.
Go dress in your room.
Jacob, out of the bath now.
Go get dressed.
Out of the bath!
Put your T-shirt on.
Mom, where are my socks?
Have a look in the corner there.
Garden gnome!
Constantin called me a garden gnome.
What's a garden gnome?
An ugly little man
with a red T-shirt and baggy pants.
I don't want these pants!
Garden gnome!
We'll change them later.
- It's ready.
- Here we come.
Pokemon garden gnome.
Hurry it up!
I'll bang your heads together.
- I didn't want a egg.
- You rotten egg.
What's that on your T-shirt?
Where? What?
Muk's landed on dad's T-shirt.
Pokemon, Muk stink attack!
id you sleep well?
Yes, and you?
Hurry up.
We'll go faster like this.
Lead the way, Constantin.
Wait for me before you cross.
Okay, let's go.
I don't want to go to school.
You don't want
to go to school, sausage?
Even when we're apart,
we're still together.
- Where?
- In my heart.
You like to run?
I'll hold onto your rabbit.
I'm worried you'll lose it.
Say bye-bye to mommy
and in we go.
The lemon's for the hangover?
How about
a peaceful breakfast for once?
I simply asked a question.
No, it's not for the hangover.
I thought you preferred milk.
You're being aggressive.
I only asked
why you're using lemon in your tea.
That's not being aggressive.
I'm sick of you yelling at me.
And I'm sick of wasting my time
with a fucking drunk!
Mademoiselle's getting
common again. Just listen to you.
What about when you're sloshed?
''Sloshed'', ''fucking''...
The proles don't mince words.
My family's as good as yours.
And walking away is common too!
No, it's dignified.
People in our world don't yell.
ignity for you
and leave the others in their shit!
We're nothing but shit now.
You and me...
We have shit feelings,
shit words,
a shit relationship...
It's pathetic.
It's pitiful, it's shitty!
It's hopeless!
You're right.
I'm sorry.
We'll do as you want.
You're not working?
No, I want to listen to some music.
In the morning?
One of the speakers is dead.
You can't listen to music like that.
I think
I have a Walkman somewhere.
Yes, ust a second.
I see why my translation's so slow.
It's your mother.
Hello, Carole.
Hello, mom.
No, I'm fine.
We won't stay long.
We aren't even there yet.
Watch the light!
- It's our fauIt.
- What is?
They hit us when you braked.
It's all falling.
We can't stay here all night.
It's next week, okay.
I'm sure of that now.
I thought it was...
Jean told me he was in Kaakhstan
until last week.
Today's the 24th.
Or maybe he told me
he was changing hotels.
Come on, it doesn't matter.
Let's go home.
I wasn't too keen anyhow.
- Why don't we go dancing?
- What?
Just kidding.
You can go if you want.
I have no idea
where to drop you off.
I don't know either.
I'm not so sure.
- Yes, you are.
- No, I'm not!
Remember how I danced at home?
I liked that.
You don't do it anymore?
No. You hadn't noticed?
It's okay, they're asleep.
- Hello, Justine.
- Hello, Hubert.
Come in. It's a bit of a mess today.
I'm sorry.
What's going on?
Your twentieth?
No, we haven't been together
20 years yet.
- I meant yours.
- That's sweet of you.
Have a seat.
- It's our son's birthday.
- Which one?
Jeremy, he's six today.
How silly, if I'd known...
on't worry.
Would you like a coffee?
If you have some ready.
Even if I hadn't...
Okay, Hubert?
Hello, Richard.
Would you prefer to work
another day?
No, they want the script
this afternoon.
We have to finish.
This solves all our problems
with scene 24.
Excuse me...
The stereo's not working.
What are we going to do?
They don't need music.
They do, a little...
Let them look at books or watch TV.
on't worry.
I liked dancing when I was six.
I picked up a lot of girls that way
dancing to rock tunes.
If I catch you...
They're here.
I'll catch you.
I've caught you!
Something wrong?
I can't hear myseIf think.
- Not dancing?
- ancing's stupid, I hate it!
Let's go for a walk.
Come on, we'll catch him!
Lend us your bicycle.
C'mon, Julien!
C'mon, Julien, lend it to us.
We'll catch him.
Tell me.
Tell me things, Constantin.
I can't know otherwise.
Tell me.
addy told me
you preferred another man.
Look at me.
Look into my eyes
and you'll see if I'm lying.
I don't prefer another man
to your daddy and that's the truth.
It's also true that daddy and mommy
aren't happy together anymore.
You know that. You can tell.
But there's no one else involved,
ust the two of us.
Whatever happens between us
won't change a thing.
We love you and that's what counts.
You understand?
Yes, I understand
- Okay?
- I'm fine.
You want to know?
Here. Ten thousand euros.
That's good.
I can take a breather
and retype my novel.
They mentioned another proect.
I'll meet the director next week.
id everything go well?
Yes. Well, almost...
Constantin asked me
if I preferred another man to you.
You told him the truth?
What truth?
All those guys. o I know?
Yes, you do.
You know why
and you know it's over.
There'll be others.
You've always said that.
And I wasn't wrong.
That's too easy.
Nothing seems too hard for you.
As soon as you faIter,
she finds a new man.
It didn't happen that quickly.
It had been three years
since you touched me,
three years of telling me
you feIt nothing for me.
- Here we go again.
- When you don't feel like it...
What don't I feel like?
Seeing you screwed by assholes,
guys who take you both ways?
on't tell me
you're sorry you enoyed it.
Those guys are in you forever now.
How do I live with that?
I have to share my bed with them!
You have the right to desert me
and you don't give a damn
if I'm happy?
Happiness, pleasure...
Today's keys words! Go ahead,
be happy, enoy yourselves!
Can you honestly complain?
Look around you.
Are you sick? Look at Hubert.
What's wrong
with people being happy?
I cry every day and you can live
with the idea that I was taught
to suffer for others?
- o you suffer for others?
- They make me suffer.
Who do you love?
I love you but I should hate you.
You can't ust say, ''I love you.''
We'll never manage it.
You shouldn't have done it.
Okay, fine.
- So what do we do?
- Live with it.
That way, you'll carry on making
me pay for the next 20 years.
You'll drink and I'll button up.
If you could button up for once,
it would be more feminine.
I'm a woman so I button up,
but you're a man with every right.
The right to live with an aduIteress?
What did you do for three years?
I never asked
if you screwed someone else.
I wrote my books. Where are yours?
Can we watch the Pokemons on TV?
Why are your eyes red, mommy?
Been fighting again?
A little but it's okay.
Mommy cries so easily.
Twenty minutes TV, then bath time.
Early to bed, school tomorrow.
Help me with my homework?
Okay, I'm coming.
I want the one with Tentacool
and Tentacruel.
No, enough of the Pokemons...
I wanted the Pokemons
with Pikachu, Charmander, Blastoise
and Bulbasaur.
See you tomorrow.
Hi, Amelie.
Just a second, here she is.
i know you're with the boys,
i won't take iong.
There's an interesting auction on
We coui go together.
That way, you can meet imitri
and tell him nice things about me.
Tomorrow's Thursday.
I have to take the kids to school.
Just a second.
Are you free tomorrow?
I'm going to London. We've been
talking about it for two weeks.
Sorry, I forgot.
Forget it, I can't make it.
I have to drive Richard
to the airport and pick the kids up.
Some other time.
You're alone tomorrow evening?
How about a girls' dinner?
Tomorrow's good because Christine
spends every weekend in Normandy
and I know Josee's free.
I'll fix it up.
You're sure? I can call them?
Okay, we'll talk later.
What did she want?
There's an auction tomorrow,
but I can't go.
What else?
Oh, yes, she wants
to do dinner tomorrow.
Who with?
With me.
You think I'm stupid?
With the girls, ust the girls, okay?
No, it's not okay.
What'll you do with the boys?
I'll ask Carole to stay.
While you're out having fun.
Out having fun?
She's three floors down from us!
You're not going for fun
so why then?
Why couldn't I have fun?
You said that wasn't why.
So why are you going?
I don't believe this!
- You already said that.
- You're so...
What am I now?
Why are you crying, mommy?
Aren't you ever
going to stop arguing?
Good ob we left early.
What's going on?
There must be an accident.
I can't miss the plane.
There are flights to London
every hour.
With Air France,
you may not even take off.
Look at that.
We'll move now.
Or not.
You said it.
It's worse than we thought.
It's moving, we'll be okay.
I like that!
- What?
- You being optimistic.
It's ust a matter of willpower.
Forget I said that.
Call your brother.
He'll be pleased to see you.
I'll take my publisher to dinner.
We have a big day tomorrow.
I'll call you. Where will you be?
At home, where do you expect?
I expect nothing.
''Grant me the humble faith
so I may weep
''for the impropriety
of such suffering
''for the pointlessness of grace
''and for the hour cravenly wasted
on my lost effects.''
- What?
- Nothing.
Take care and have fun.
You take care
and have a little fun too.
I love you, Justin, dear.
I love you.
Hello, mom...
id I wake you?
Yes, I know.
No reason.
Actually, I'm missing the boys.
We always painted the Easter eggs
together before.
Are they well?
No, I'm here, I'm listening.
No, that's all I wanted to know.
I'm off to bed.
on't worry, everything's fine.
Really, don't worry.
I love you too.
Lots of love to you all.
Okay, bye.
I'm fine.
The boys are okay.
I miss them. Me too.
Yes, always.
I have no idea.
I don't think about it.
I don't even try to know. I learn.
Yes, I'm me and you're you.
Look, I'm tired...
I have no idea.
You don't need them anymore?
You don't need them?
Come round tomorrow.
Bring them back tomorrow.
Keep them, then. Keep the keys.
I never asked you to.
I haven't asked you to move
your things out after three months.
Shit. Okay.
See you tomorrow.
Excuse me.
You want some tea?
Your tea?
What do you mean by that?
This is your place now.
It's not my place, it's ours.
And do you want some tea?
Yes, please.
There, you can move in now.
I'm sorry, Richard.
I should be the one moving out.
No ob and three kids,
I'm worried about you.
You don't realie,
you tear our family apart
and for what?
Why all this?
I can't believe what's happening.
Why did you do it?
For you, for me, for us.
But there is no more us,
there's no more family.
And the children...
Children always suffer
in break-ups like this.
I don't know of any examples.
You know who you are
and what you want,
so you can wreck everything.
You'll pay for it.
I have to pay to be me,
to know who I am and what I want?
That's not
what I call loving someone.
I love you
but you don't love me anymore.
What we had has gone now,
so you can be free.
Be free and fuck who you want.
- I'm not fucking. Are you?
- Who are they?
Are you listening to me?
Can't you see it's you I'm leaving?
See the assholes
filing through my bed? No way.
You're getting common.
I'm common?
It's my bed too.
And I'm talking about us.
Where were you all that time?
id you love us? No.
I was alone.
And what did you do?
Nothing like that.
Nothing like that,
I'm not so sure.
You've got a nerve!
I gave you everything.
If I could have given you more
without taking you...
Never mind.
Anyone home?
There you are. I ust got back.
on't ust stand there.
Something to drink?
No thanks, I'm okay.
How's the tour going?
The horses are resting.
I'm off to the Camargue tomorrow.
All my childhood friends are there.
ad and I take the horses out
for three days at a time.
We sleep under the stars.
We can see them like I see you now.
It's the first time.
What is?
That I've been here.
How's Richard?
He still loves horses.
What did I do wrong?
You're a bit too fond of his wife.
It's weird.
I've never touched his wife.
In fact, it's fine that way.
Leave some for me.
Oh, sorry.
What way?
This way. You, me,
things we don't say, things...
I don't always understand you.
You're young.
That's normal at your age.
You too.
And that's not normal.
Heard the latest blonde oke?
What's a brown hair on a blonde?
A glimmer of hope.
Why do blondes wear their hair
like this?
I don't know.
Want some music?
I have to go.
That late.
What time do you leave?
Two o'clock.
Call me, I'll call you.
Okay, love?
The arrow got stuck in the tree.
I went to get the arrow.
Mommy, can we watch TV?
Yes, if you want.
You and Richard
have to be reasonable.
Can he see them?
He has the keys.
He can come anytime.
He can?
He always calls first.
Anyhow, I have nothing to hide.
It's your decision.
But you might
change your mind later.
I don't think so.
You're saying that now...
The thing is, now is what I need.
I'm sick of mulling over things
I can never change.
They ruin the little time
you have left.
I don't know if I'm right
but I'm not lying
or tricking anyone.
As for the suffering,
we all suffer.
Hubert! How are you?
Just a second, I'll fetch it.
The day after the kid's birthday.
Yes, that's how it is.
No, I don't understand.
I've rented a small place
but I'm going to leave.
Yes, I remember.
Really? He wants to see me?
Tomorrow, at his office...
Jeremy, wash your hands
after doing a pee.
As for you, put those slippers on.
How's your work going, dear?
Tell me about it.
It's okay.
I'm doing more translations
of that lndian woman writer.
I haven't finished Richard's yet...
Otherwise, I take the kids to school
and meet them afterwards.
I look after them like before
and I work too.
That's good. I stopped for six years
to raise your brother and you.
I was glad to get back
to work afterwards.
I had my friends at the store,
we had a good laugh.
I had my life, see.
How long have you been married?
As I always say, it's not 35 years
but 35 minus 3.
Why did you get back together?
I don't know.
- You don't know?
- Well, your father came home.
What about you?
What about me?
You wanted to start anew?
We thought things had changed.
Look at us now. We're happy.
But not at first.
I remember
when you got back together.
It was hell at first.
You fought every day,
nothing was going right,
you said horrible things.
It wasn't what we expected.
Your father had lost everything...
and I was in love with him.
So you worked hard at it,
you went through hell, huh?
I always remember
what a friend told me
when your father and I split up.
He said,
''Never go back to someone
you've left.''
I think about that sometimes.
You regret it?
- If I was twenty again...
- You'd do it differently?
I was interested in so many things.
I loved studying,
movies, literature...
But fate decided otherwise.
I knew Saint-Germain,
the Boulevard Raspail
the little bars
where we'd meet up to talk.
We were so carefree then.
You have time, more than ever.
It's not the same anymore, dear.
Times have changed too.
Your father and I keep busy.
We're talking about you. I'm okay.
How's your work going?
Mommy, I want to do a poo.
You want to do a poo.
Well, my work's going well.
Come on, let's do a little poo.
Is your mind made up?
Yes, I'm leaving.
Come on.
We'll celebrate at my place.
It's a money war, see.
The poor versus the rich.
The world's divided, ruled by greed.
Still, when Julia Roberts
brings in 200 million dollars
for some film
of no interest at all,
apart from her,
it's tempting.
And that's the cost
of living in Los Angeles.
You know Los Angeles?
And you got over it?
What about my idea?
I thought of you right away
when the Barcelona opera called
about this first performance
of a modern opera.
I called Hubert immediately.
I knew you were friends.
As for the composer,
Hiroshi Matsucho...
No, that's not it. Hiroshi Mas...
Something like that anyhow.
When he heard you'd write
the libretto, he was over the moon.
He's read all your books in English.
You're published in America?
No, in England.
In any case, I'm sure you'll get on.
Brilliant idea, huh?
It'll do you good to get away,
I imagine.
It won't cost me
and we'll come to see you.
Barcelona's not far.
Not far from where?
Honey, it's us. We're on our way.
Here we are.
Richard, come on!
Fucking bitch,
look where you're strutting your ass!
- arling.
- You're ready to go?
Yes, grandma's waiting.
Are you
going to take dad's car, then?
Oh, no, I can't parallel park.
I prefer the metro,
like in the old days.
Shall I drop you at the Palais Royal?
Coming to see grandma?
I'm meeting my publisher at 9:30.
I don't have time. I'm late as it is.
Call her from work to say hello.
She says you never call.
I'll try to remember.
- No make-up today?
- It's in my bag
but I don't have time.
She isn't here. Go and see Corinne.
Mamaguy called.
She's in hospital with a broken foot.
Here's the translation.
Take a look
and bring it back ASAP.
How do you say ''to have someone''
in English. Sexually, I mean.
- Vulgarly?
- Yes, vulgarly.
Thanks. Excuse me.
Not for lunch. I can't.
Just a second.
Sorry, I work too.
It can't be when you decide.
I'm perfectly calm, okay!
Can you meet the boys from school?
I'll see you there.
It's easier that way.
Off you go.
I'm leaving before the holidays.
When will you see the kids?
Like now, not often.
Not often?
You see them nearly every day.
I hate being a Sunday dad
or a school pick-up dad.
I have no place here now.
I have no wife, no kids,
no family.
What am I doing here,
like some erk,
sitting in my room,
waiting for visiting time?
That's all up to you.
If it was, there'd still be a family.
Even when it's up to you,
it doesn't work. This proves it.
You've become hard, Justine,
really hard.
Are you right to act this way?
Could I have another coffee?
Can I have one too?
I don't think I can love you
after this,
after the humiliation
and lack of respect.
- I thought you hated that word.
- No, I hate you.
All the more reason to go.
Will you two stop arguing?
We're not arguing,
we're having a calm discussion.
We say terrible things.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Just you wait!
I'll get your brother!
I started on the wrong bit.
Who's this little boy
attacking his mommy?
I'm having a nap.
A little nap.
- Hey, ducks!
- Let's feed them.
Let's catch that duck.
Are you giving them the bread?
- Where is he?
- Over there.
A slimy bit of bread.
What are you doing? Careful.
Give me your hand, love,
I haven't got boots.
Bath tonight.
Anyone here?
o you have any eggs today?
How many do you need?
I don't know. A doen.
- For instance. Okay?
- Thank you.
Constantin, what are you doing?
Wait for me.
Fat pig...
Come here, let me eat you.
Your ass stinks.
Is he eating it? Mind your fingers.
- Look who's here!
- Grandpa! Wait for us.
Grandpa, wait for us!
Off we go!
Grandpa, take us to the duck pond.
Come on, sonny.
Here we go, grandpa.
Put that away, Constantin.
Give me your plate.
Gran, I like potatoes.
- Feed us! Feed us!
- Jeremy!
Put that down. Want a drop?
Jeremy, stop it. There's food there.
Constantin, put it away.
- I need the saIt.
- I'll get it.
Sorry, I helped myseIf first.
All right, dear?
I'm okay, dad.
It's been a long time, hasn't it?
You never seemed happy.
Perhaps I can't be happy.
You were always a bit sad,
even as a child,
but not like this.
You can be merry,
laughing, comical...
A bit like today, in fact.
It's good to see you like that.
It's made me very happy.
It's sweet of you to say so.
It's not sweet, it's natural,
you're my daughter
and I love you.
I'm sorry if I haven't...
Made everyone get along.
You can't change people.
But I've changed.
He made me change.
He taught me so much.
I won't be mad at him for it.
It's no use spitting on the past.
Even so,
you can't stop that happening.
You mustn't ever forget
why you left
because it's always there.
Yes, I know.
I wish I could get it all out
but I can't do it.
He's my whole life.
How can you shake off your life?
It's the only one I have.
It's what has made me now.
It's like being cut in two
and I'm scared.
Scared of what?
Other people...
You're you, Justine.
Stop thinking that's a bad thing.
I don't know who I am.
I know.
A little girl
sensitive to others' suffering,
with an absent father
who couldn't talk to her
and tell her how much he loves her.
A little girl who understood it all
yet never said
why she cried all the time.
She wanted to be understood
but we didn't have time,
so she looked for another father,
one who'd be more present
and she let him rule her life,
completely, blindly and entirely,
out of a sense of loss or for love.
Richard did what I couldn't do
but there's one thing he forgot:
that he didn't make you
and he'll never forgive you for that.
He can't help it. You're his.
He won't ever want to lose you,
less and less.
And men are either cowards
like I was
or egoists who steal
other people's freedom.
Why didn't you tell me this before?
Because I feel I must be guiIty
of something
and I want to apologie.
Where are you?
Hello, Richard. How are you?
Eusebi is running a little late.
He's sorry.
Forgive me.
- Can I get you anything?
- No, I'm fine.
Can I do anything for you?
- No, thanks.
- All right.
I'll come back for you
in a couple of minutes.
I was sick of politics.
The situation has lasted 300 years
between Catalonia and Spain.
I'm tired of it.
Since the politicians fired me,
along with my programme,
I'm leaving.
I have no choice.
But our opera isn't lost.
It exists
and I'm sure that one day...
One day, everything vanishes.
I think that what has existed
exists forever.
I'm holding a reception
at home with some friends
and the violinist Elisa Luchetti
whom you really must meet.
She has trouble staying steady
on her high heels
but her fingers work miracles
when she plays her violin.
A real prodigy.
At 25...
playing the main theme
for a modern opera in Barcelona
was a fantastic boost for her career.
But it's all over.
- Something to drink?
- Please...
Are you Richard Turmel?
Good evening. Elisa?
I'm very happy to meet you.
The circumstances aren't ideal.
I have a problem with the shoes.
Shall I hold you up?
- You're not cold?
- I like it.
I'd rather take off my shoes.
o you often walk barefoot
in the grass?
- You never catch cold?
- I haven't yet.
Hello, sweetheart.
Where are the boys?
Are they here?
Hi, Clementine. Want some candy?
Hello, Clement.
Haven't you got a kiss for me?
I wouldn't be scared.
I'd have umped from higher up.
Little ant, will you go
and see my father?
My father
will give you things to eat.
Tell your mother.
Get on!
I can't,
mum will be home from work soon.
Come on, it's not far.
- Where?
- My place.
I know where that is
but I can't come.
You ust came by for five minutes?
Five minutes already,
I have to go.
I'm going to miss you.
Tomorrow afternoon, if you want.
- I'll call for you after 5.
- If you want.
I don't want to see him.
Why aren't things the way we think?
You'll see your father this weekend.
He's calling for you.
To go where?
I don't know.
Maybe to your grandparents'.
Not grandpa and grandma's!
- Look in your pocket.
- What?
Let's go.
Come on, Jacob!
- I'm winning!
- Go, Jacob!
Where do we stop, mom?
Look, mom!
- Are you hurt?
- A little.
You're going to have a big bruise.
You stuntman!
I love you!
I love you too.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Are you thinking of daddy?
I miss him sometimes.
Is that all?
I can't remember the rest.
It'll be all right.
- Now's a bit...
- Now's good too.
Yes, it's good.
Let's carry on.
Want the paper?
She looks like you.
You think so?
She's beautiful.
She looks a lot like you.
They're asleep.
Everything's fine.
No, she's gone out for dinner.
o you want me to check on them?
I'll tell her you called.
Thank you, you too.
What are you doing for Christmas?
I won't see my daughter again.
TV dinner, a kiss on the cheek,
a wild old time!
How about you, Justine?
I'm going to my parents' place
for the first time in ten years.
I'm not the only one,
that's a comfort.
And you, Josee?
Parents, children,
the usual.
What about you, Amelie?
I'm going to go wild
with Clint Eastwood.
I'll see
all the irty Harry movies again.
What if we talked about love?
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