Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran (2018) Movie Script

Last week China conducted
one more nuclear test.
This was the 43rd nuclear test
conducted by the Chinese.
It is believed that
this atom bomb is powerful
enough to destroy
any major cities in India.
Our neighboring country
has conducted yet another test.
Now it is our turn
to give a befitting reply.
You tell me when and how.
I'll personally submit a report
to the Prime Minister.
Sir, we need to be very
careful with our words.
In my opinion, let's not
send our badminton team this year
to any tournament China is participating.
Sir. Let's ban Chinese food.
Lets refuse to export
Alphonso mangoes to China this year.
Are momos originally from China?
I am fond of them.
We should also conduct a nuclear test.
Who are you?
Ashwat Raina, sir.
Which department are you from?
That's fine.
You can't just dish out
your opinions here.
Instead, you listen to us, mister.
Here we are, discussing
and criticizing their moves
and you've come up with
something completely irrelevant.
This is the time for action,
not criticisms.
What do you mean?
Should we also carry out an explosion?
If we have an atom bomb,
there will be peace in the country.
Your research is weak, Mr. Raina.
We possess an atom bomb since 1974.
That was a peaceful nuclear explosion.
There is a car in the garage.
How do we find out
whether we can still drive it?
You dont have to worry about the car.
Let him speak, Tripathi
while we wait for our tea.
Go on, son.
We're having a hush-hush conversation.
When will India be respected
by the rest of the world?
Take the USA for instance.
They have tested more than
a thousand atom bombs.
On land, under the water and in the sky.
Today, they are a superpower.
Following in their footsteps is China.
So far, they've conducted 43 tests
and are supplying
atom bombs to Pakistan.
An existential crisis looms
on the horizon
while we sit and criticize in fear.
Don't chant peace and cower in fear.
Take action and profess peace.
-There, our tea has arrived.
-Snacks as well.
Sir, I have the entire plan ready
on this floppy disk.
We can't let the Americans know
about this test.
Else they might attack us.
Their satellites
are always watching us...
Why dont you give me the floppy disk?
I'll handle this.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
-What did you say your name was?
Avoid giving speeches
when you talk about these things.
These things need to be dealt sensitively.
Why dont you prepare a report on this?
-It will be ready by tomorrow.
And yes, it has to be brief.
The Prime Minister doesn't
have the time to read lengthy reports.
Keep it short and simple
and Ill fix up your
next meeting with him.
You carry on.
Ashwat, come here.
This boy tires me out!
What's going on?
You seem to be very happy today.
Are you all right?
Come on,
I am not serious all the time. Yes, you are!
I deserve a medal,
just like your father.
For being so happy in spite of
having such a serious husband.
I think I will finally
be able to do something
for our country, just like dad.
You know, I might have a meeting with
the Prime Minister.
You know, he wanted me
to join the army like he did.
Ashwat, you don't need to don a uniform
to become a hero. Your attitude is enough.
And I am sure the Prime Minister will
definitely be impressed with you.
Now will you tell me
what this meeting is about?
I will.
After the meeting.
Come on, Ashwat! Do you want
the Prime Minister to wait?
I had to make it brief,
there is so much information.
-It had to be...
-Fine. Give me the file.
Sir, may I go with you?
Dont worry. I will handle this.
Sit over there.
You have no idea how useful
this nuclear plan is for our country.
Mr. Yadav has come up
with a brilliant idea.
Once we conduct this test,
our Chinese neighbors will know.
Don't chant peace and cower in fear.
Take action and profess peace.
That's great, sir.
Last morning,
American satellites got wind
of India's nuclear test.
After a strict warning
from President Clinton
the nuclear project
has been halted.
America has warned India
of military action at their nuclear sites
if they dont stop immediately.
Pakistan has also raised
strong objections in this matter.
Let me make it clear, we were
conducting routine checks in Pokhran
and not preparing for any tests.
This is a case of misunderstanding.
We will soon find out
who is behind this hullabaloo.
I have nothing to do with
the execution of this mission.
Mr. Yadav, you didnt even
let me meet the Prime Minister.
Arent you glad I didnt?
Your plan was terribly flawed.
You were so sure of it at the time.
Look what happened!
You embarrassed our country
in front of the whole world.
Did anyone even pay
attention to my plan?
You cannot summarize
so much information
on such a huge project,
in two pages.
The mission was completed without me.
Now that it has failed,
I am being held responsible.
Since you knew all this,
why didnt you give us the full details?
Sir, I gave you the floppy disk.
It's still lying around.
Had you seen it...
You are suspended
with immediate effect.
I havent even woken up
Why is it dawn already?
Before I could even begin
It's all over
My coveted dream
Is now lost forever
Ashwat should've appealed against
his suspension order.
I gave you Mr. Sharma's number, Sushma.
Please speak softly, he might hear you.
You know, he doesnt
like to talk about his work.
Even I dont know what happened.
Still, it has already been two months.
Why doesnt Ashwat look for another job?
He has done his engineering from IIT!
I still have my job
at the observatory.
Mussoorie will be a
change of scene for Ashwat.
He has a different ambition.
He wants to do something
for his country.
What country?
The country has abandoned him.
If you do night shifts,
how will you take care of Prahlad?
Papa, please speak softly.
Dont worry.
So precious were those dreams
So close to my heart
I can't reminisce
So precious were those memories
Tried so hard to hold on to them
Tried so hard to hold on to them
But my dream, my coveted dream
Is now lost forever
My dream, my coveted dream
My dream, my coveted dream
My coveted dream is lost forever
Is lost forever
Hi, son. Had your milk?
Not tonight.
Youll have to a drink some milk.
Have you finished your science project?
You have to submit it tomorrow.
Where is your dad?
He's teaching.
It's late, isn't it?
Sir, excuse me, it's 8 already.
I want to go home.
Wasnt our class
supposed to be till 6 p.m?
When you prepare for civil service exams,
keep an eye on the syllabus,
not on the clock.
This is the second time
you're revising the syllabus.
Papa, my science project.
Mummy said you'd help me with it.
Sit down.
Not now, my class is still on.
So when will you help me?
I need to go sleep.
Go ahead, I'll see you later.
Okay, guys,
only six to seven lectures more. If you study hard,
you'll ace the exams.
Who cares about acing the exams?
We just want a government job.
A huge house and a car with a red beacon
will be more than enough.
This attitude of your generation...
Do you even know
what being a civil servant means?
If you can't do that...
dont waste the position.
Hey, you havent put on your shoes yet!
Go get them, you will be late.
Did you put all your books in the bag?
Where's your science project?
I fell asleep by
the time Papa returned.
Couldnt you help him a little bit?
My class went on till late, Sushma.
Anyway, he's a big boy now.
He can do his work. Right?
He does everything on his own, Ashwat.
He is very mature and
independent for his age.
He's so cooperative.
Can't you make some time for him?
I am, Sushma.
Go and make your bed.
Already done.
Done already?
Then go and fill this water bottle.
How long will this go on, Ashwat?
Do you know that they charge
tuition fees by the hour now?
And your class go on for
over five hours instead of two.
Civil examinations are tough.
I need to give my students time.
And Prahlad?
Who will be responsible
for his studies?
Is his father capable of paying
for his school fees, extra classes
IIT entrance exams
and IAS preparations?
He's only nine years old, Sushma.
I dont believe this.
When it comes to his projects,
you say he is old enough.
And when it comes to
your responsibilities...
You say, "We have time!"
Our savings are almost over.
When will you take up a proper job
and stop these part-time tuitions?
Come here. Come here!
I have no idea what this burden is
that you're carrying
for the last three years.
It hasn't just affected you,
but us as well.
Understand your responsibilities, Ashwat.
Take care of your family...
and I'll give you a medal for it.
Come on, we are getting late.
You got yelled at because of me.
Darkness will fade away
The sun will shine
and the lotus shall bloom.
Thank you very much.
India's hopes rise as Mr. Atal Bihari
Vajpayee becomes the Prime Minister.
I do swear in the name of God
that I will not directly or
indirectly communicate or reveal to
any person or persons any matter which
shall be brought under my consideration.
The Vajpayee Government
with its cabinet of ministers
might be the answer to the problems
of political instability
that the country has been
facing for the last three years.
All those who are carrying bouquets,
please leave the room.
In the time it has taken me
to reach my office from the car,
Pakistan's newly
launched Ghauri missile
would've destroyed
the entire city of New Delhi.
While Pakistan and China continued with
their numerous tests,
we tried to conduct one in 1995
which failed, by the way.
Does anyone remember?
Whoever doesn't remember, get out!
Mr. Tripathi, where are you going?
Well, I...
You were a part of that committee, right?
Let's start with you.
How are you ready so early today?
Papa helped me with
all my homework as well.
Mummy and Papa are coming home tonight.
Dont forget to receive them
at the station.
I have received a job offer
from Delhi Open University.
For the Engineering Department.
They have called me
for an interview day after tomorrow.
I will go and meet them.
Have some yogurt and sugar.
Uttar Pradesh Transport
Gorkha School, Dehradun Cantonment
-Ashwat Raina?
Please come. You are...
Himanshu Shukla.
This interview is
regarding your work in 1995.
I dont want to talk about it.
You needed my permission to get in,
you need the same to go out. How did your plan fail?
The plan that failed was not mine.
You should have done your homework.
Anyway, the floppy disk
has all the details.
All the files on the disk were coded.
No one could crack the code
or no one bothered to?
This is an official enquiry.
Please answer my questions.
You can't hold me responsible now.
What happened in 1995
was a failure for our country.
I've left all this behind me.
Anyway, your system does not appreciate
talent that I have.
Arent you Ajitabh Raina's son?
He was awarded a
bravery medal in that war.
If he were here instead of you,
he would have put his country first.
The files on this floppy can't be opened.
You can keep it.
There are two parts to this plan.
First are the scientists and
the engineers who build the bomb.
Secondly, we have the army
who install these bombs.
And then, there was the third part,
the most important one
which nobody paid attention to.
We were caught because
the Pokhran range is open and spread out.
All the preparations were made
in broad daylight.
Because Mr. Yadav and his team
had not read my whole plan.
No one bothered to open the files
and I wasnt given a chance
to explain the details.
What was so important?
The American Lacrosse satellites
keep a watch on us all the time.
These Lacrosse satellites also helped
America immensely during the Gulf War.
Their zoom lenses are powerful
to even read
the time on somebody's wristwatch.
They also use thermal imaging
to capture images at night.
Nothing stays hidden from them.
Their vision can
penetrate through clouds.
So my plan was to avoid them completely.
How would you do that?
Indian Space Agency.
But isn't that a
civilian organization?
This is the only organization which
could monitor the American satellites
and give us a timeline
during which we could work in Pokhran.
My plan was to accommodate
science and common sense.
But nobody listened to
what I had to say.
India would have been
a nuclear state today.
We will be.
We are planning another test.
After listening to your plan, I have a
feeling we'll be successful this time.
The plan isn't as simple as it seems.
Since you arent interested.
And why would you be?
Anyone who takes up this job, won't get
any official post, salary, medal, nothing.
If you come across anyone
who would be interested...
This is not a one man's job.
We have to assemble
a team for this mission.
Go ahead.
Why are you sleeping here?
Why dont you sit with Mummy
and Papa while I make breakfast?
Please take off your slippers.
We are watching Mahabharata.
How did only five Pandavas
manage to defeat the hundred Kauravas?
They took Lord Krishna's advice.
While there were only five Pandavas,
each of them had a specific goal.
This focus made them very powerful.
Powerful enough to
take on a hundred of them?
Yes, of course.
Come and sit here.
The eldest was Yudhishthir,
the righteous one.
He always took the
morally correct path.
Then there was Arjun, the one standing
behind Lord Krishna on the chariot.
He never missed his target.
That's how focused he was.
And then, there was the third part,
the most important one
which nobody paid attention to.
Sehdev could look at the sky
and gauge what problems lay in the future.
Nakul was known for his good looks
but nothing escaped his eye.
Now tell me something
about Lord Krishna.
Pokhran is our battlefield.
And the satellites are the enemy,
We need quality and not
quantity to win this war.
Five Pandavas were enough
to take on the hundred Kauravas.
Only one member will be our point
of contact from each organization.
Nobody else will know
anything about this mission.
The eldest brother....
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
which will provide us with the bombs.
Our point of contact
there will be Yudhishthir.
Dr. Viraf Wadia.
The youngest scientist
to win the Presidential award.
What was your inspiration
behind Nuclear Energy Research?
An elevator. -An elevator?
What do you mean?
Few years ago,
I got stuck in an elevator.
And I couldnt breathe.
That's when I decided that this
country needs unlimited power supply.
Hopefully, one day, there
will be no power cuts in India
and no one will get stuck
in an elevator.
Next. Arjun.
Our defense lab, DRDO.
They will supply detonators
needed for setting off these bombs.
Dr. Naresh Sinha.
He is with the DRDO
for the last 30 years.
Have you seen my wallet?
I had kept it right here.
Where has it gone?
-Your wallet!
Its in your pocket and
youve been looking all over the place.
You launch huge missiles for the country
yet you can't remember
where you kept your wallet.
Have I forgotten anything else?
Your glasses.
Major Prem from the army.
He is already stationed
at the Pokhran range.
He's the most capable officer
for this mission.
Is this bunker at 135 degrees?
Major Prem?
Dont you know he was a part of
our previous failed mission?
Failure teaches a man many things.
Sir, he is already aware of
the technical problems of the range.
Sir, haven't you given
me a second chance?
Puru Ranganathan.
From the Indian Space Agency.
He is the man who will make our
schedule satellite proof...
our Sehdev.
He is a true patriot.
He could have taken up job offers
from many international space
agencies in America, Russia, Germany.
But he declined them all.
Our last Pandava,
Nakul, Intelligence Services.
He will help us keep
on ground situations a secret. RAW.
But they are always under the radar
of the CIA and other spy agencies.
The security of this entire mission
depends on this man.
The base of our mission
will be the Pokhran Fort
and she will make
this place secure for us.
You will go there as officers
of the Archaeological Survey of India.
I will get the IDs ready.
Ambalika, the IDs will
not bear our original names.
So am I Nakul?
Nice name for a girl.
And what is your name?
Krishna Joshi.
Our guide.
Our leader.
I'll make travel and accommodation
bookings in the names of the Pandavas.
-It would be safe that way.
-Sir, who is this?
He is a martyr.
But you dont get your hopes up.
All the credit will go
to the scientists and engineers.
Sir, you might have misunderstood me.
This is the only place
worth visiting in this desert.
And they have closed
it for the public.
What is this country coming to?
Come on, move.
This place is closed.
-Let's go.
Move back.
Move back.
-Let him through.
-Move back.
-Move back. Move back.
-Can't you see?
The fort is being secured.
It will be done by tonight.
I dont think we should secure
the guest house.
The locals might get suspicious.
Listen, Im responsible
for your security.
This is what happened in 1995 as well.
The scientists and engineers
were accompanied by guards everywhere. Only you and I will have cell phones.
Is the team here?
It's so hot in here, how will we work?
This isnt a hill station.
Try being in an army bunker,
this cooler will feel like
an air conditioner.
Inspite of being a scientist,
I don't know how to operate a fax machine.
I don't know what the problem is.
Let me check,
might be some issue with the circuits.
Ashwat Raina.
Ashwat, you know everyone here.
Shall we start?
Get used to it.
There's a lot of dust there.
Pokhran range.
We have to test not one
but six nuclear bombs
in the next 30 days.
And that too in secret.
These three shafts are
already present in the range.
White House, Taj Mahal
and Kumbhkaran.
But they are now filled with water.
And it won't be easy
to remove the water
as they are almost 250 meters deep.
And what about the other three shafts?
We do not have time to dig new shafts.
which we can use.
They should be ready
one week before the tests.
So that I can assemble
the bombs in the prayer hall
and install them in the shafts.
We have to connect the bombs
to the control room with cables.
Inside the control room,
there will be six safety locks.
The plan looks easy, but it will be
difficult to keep this mission covert.
Three American satellites have been
hovering over us since 1995.
But there is a gap of a few hours
as these satellites swap positions.
During this gap, no one is able
to see what is happening on the range.
Every day, we will
get two such blind spots.
One during day,
the other at night.
We will do the work during
the blind spot at night.
It gets scorching hot during the day and
Pokhran gets lots of sandstorms. You will be given new pass codes
every day to enter the range.
Today's pass code.
"Embrace me
for we might never get this night back."
Er.. you mean,
a new pass code every day?
And you will only address
each other with your code names.
Bheem. Yudhishthir.
I am...
The archer..
Arjun. Yes, Arjun.
And remember, code names and
pass codes are extremely important.
There are spies everywhere.
We will wear army uniforms
while working on the range.
So that the local villagers
do not get suspicious.
We have ordered
uniforms for all of us.
It is imperative to cover the tracks
of our activity on the range.
So that when the second satellite
returns to the orbit
everything appears normal to them.
By the way,
do you know what Pokhran means?
You always wanted
to join the army, right?
There is something
about these uniforms.
Why dont we cover ourselves
with blankets instead?
We are dying in the heat anyway.
How do I work in these loose pants?
Should I concentrate on
my pants or the satellites' orbit?
Doesnt Major sound more senior?
Do you have any idea
how difficult the life of a soldier is?
You dont know the significance
of these uniforms
which you are getting, for free.
Please consider us as members
of your unit for the next few days.
We are all new to this situation.
We will try our best to
become worthy of this uniform...
by the end of this mission.
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
For you, my motherland
I shall lay down my life for you
For you, my motherland
I will leave no stone unturned
What is the pass code for today?
Embrace me, for we might
never get this night back.
Carry on.
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
For you, my motherland
I shall lay down my life for you
For you, my motherland
I will leave no stone unturned
My dreams were fettered
All this while
And could not touch the sky
The road ahead beckons us
With renewed hope we march
For you, my motherland
I shall lay down my life for you
For you, my motherland
I will leave no stone unturned
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
This thing is taking way too long
to go down.
All these sheets are rusted.
It will take us time
to get this shaft ready.
That's it.
We can't go any further.
There is a lot of water underneath.
Can we stop for a minute?
You need to be strong
if you want to move up the ranks.
Look up.
Keep it here.
At this speed, we will not
be able to pump out the water in time.
We need more powerful pumps.
But the water will
continue to flow out.
How do we hide this?
There's no need to.
The satellite will detect this board and assume that there is a
water supply training going on here.
Hurry up!
Go back!
Soldiers, go toward your bunkers.
Otherwise, we will read
about it in tomorrow's newspaper.
In the past 18 hours,
there has been a lot of activity
going on around the range.
I mean there is
a lot of movement to and fro.
You know how powerful
the American satellites are!
There is nothing
going on at the range.
See this.
These people who are working
to restore the Pokhran Fort
can be seen here
again in army uniforms.
We should go to Pokhran.
We have to work like this
for the next 29 days.
When are you going to get the stores?
The storekeepers have been informed.
I will get them on the 28th of April.
That's Akshay Tritiya,
an auspicious day.
By stores, we mean bomb! Bomb!
How will you get them?
Each plutonium ball
is a bit bigger than this.
I could get it on a scooter.
You can try the scooter later.
For the stores,
we'll stick to the plan.
Major Prem has arranged
four armor-plated trucks for you.
You will reach BARC late at night.
At around 2 a.m.
So that there arent
many staff members around.
Where are you taking these packages?
That's all I know.
From there,
you will head to Mumbai Airport.
The unsuspecting people of this city
have no idea about this.
If these go off,
the entire city will be reduced to rubble.
You will land at
Jaisalmer airport at 10 a.m.
Major Prem and Ambalika
will meet you at the airport.
There will be another
set of armor-plated trucks
ready to take the stores
to the range.
The satellite blind spot
starts at 20:03.
The armored trucks
should not be anywhere
close to the range
before the blind spot starts.
That means we can't leave
this place before 6 p.m.
What will we do for so long?
Why dont you
do some sightseeing in Jaisalmer?
The roads are joyous
Flowers have bloomed
Adorned in finery, my dreams rejoice
The earth welcomes
The arrival of the rain clouds
Celebrate with sweets, join
The merrymaking, it's time to celebrate
These rain clouds bring
Showers of happiness
It is a day for festivities
It is a day for festivities
There is color all around
Happiness abounds
Smiles everywhere
It is a day for festivities
Call upon the moon and bring the lamps
Gather all the dazzling stars
If the word gets out,
everyone will know.
Gather all the dazzling stars
Gather all the dazzling stars
Gather all the dazzling stars
Let us spread happiness
Let every heart be filled with joy
To rejoice on this wonderful day
Welcome to the land of festivities
Welcome to the land of festivities
-Sing praises on this glorious day
-It is a glorious day
-Rejoice on this glorious day
-It is a glorious day
-Adorn with flowers
-It is a glorious day
Let us celebrate
It is a day for festivities
It is a day for festivities
Krishna, sir, there is a
call for you from Delhi.
Sir, perfect timing.
I was about to call you.
The stores are here.
Ashwat, stop everything for now.
We may not be able to conduct this test.
Ashwat, I can't give you
any details right now.
There has been a lot of pressure
on the Vajpayee government.
Some of the main coalition partners
might withdraw their support.
There was a lot of commotion in the
parliament today regarding the same.
Oh yes, I remember,
for Prahlad's school.
Whats wrong?
This is the first time you're sounding
so low after going to Delhi.
You dont sound excited about
meeting your wife and son.
Is everything all right?
That is not true, Sushma.
I miss both of you a lot.
There is a lot of
work-related stress here.
Teaching jobs are getting
very stressful nowadays.
It's not that, Sushma.
The situation here is different.
Yes, and you won't discuss it with me.
You're taking this job as seriously
as your last job,
like you're working for
the Prime Minister.
I didnt mean that.
You've got this opportunity
after a long time.
Whenever it was necessary,
we provided a strong support to
the ruling party of that time...
Do you know how serious
the situation is right now?
Coalition parties are threatening us
of withdrawing their support.
How will we conduct this test if
the Prime Minister is no longer in office?
When will they table
the no-confidence motion?
In two weeks.
What if we conduct the test
in the next ten days?
Look, I understand
you do not understand politics.
You should know
a task which seems difficult
to complete in 15 days
will be impossible to complete in ten.
I can do it.
Your son sacrificed
his life for the country.
He was not afraid of taking risks.
My son laid down his life
to uphold the country's honor
and you want to put
the country's honor at stake!
I want this tradition to continue.
This power struggle will continue,
governments will come and go
political parties will keep changing,
but this country and its democracy
should march on.
Thank God, his interview went well.
He knew the answers
to all the questions.
What hmm, Ashwat?
You were not paying attention.
Couldnt you be
stress-free for one day?
I am sorry.
There is a problem at work so...
What work?
You have changed so much
because of this job.
What is this sound?
Which sound?
-I heard something ring...
Come on, both of you should leave now.
What do you mean by leave?
Arent we going to your house?
Ashwat, we will get his form
in the evening.
We can spend some time together
till then.
Sushma, it will get very late
by the time you reach Mussoorie. I will collect the form
and mail it to you.
As it is,
it's unsafe to travel at night.
Come on.
Driver, be careful.
Ten days!
It can't be done.
We havent even finished
half the cabling yet.
It will take ages to get the approval
for the delivery dates
of the detonators, Akshat.
Then use your seniority.
The detonators should reach here
in "T minus 3" days.
Ashwat, we need to
put sandbags in the shafts.
They need to be tightly packed.
We were already on a tight schedule.
How can we do it any faster?
Day shift.
Puru, what time does the satellites
blind spot start during the day?
It is very risky during the day.
Ashwat, you know
there are a lot of sandstorms
at the range during daytime.
It is your job to handle
such difficult situations.
We will conduct the tests
in ten days and that's final.
Do you know how powerful
these bombs are?
If these shafts are
not sealed properly,
not just Pokhran, but the entire
Rajasthan will be reduced to rubble.
We need hundred percent precision
and two hundred percent
planning in this.
We will be testing three
different bombs at the same time.
Ten days are enough for
your hundred percent precision
and two hundred percent planning.
Dont tell me what the problem is,
find a solution.
This is how the test got compromised
the last time as well.
Why are you giving in
to political pressure? Please dont worry about failure.
If we fail this time...
it will be my responsibility again.
Take this.
Plug this one here
and that one there.
I am so tired.
I have never worked in so much heat.
Plug them in now!
Start wrapping up.
There are only nine days to go now.
I dont think I will last that long.
Ashwat is making plans for my funeral.
If we keep up this speed,
we'll finish on time.
How much time do we have
before the satellite returns?
All the covers have been blown away.
The shafts,
machines, everything is visible.
Only five minutes are left.
Leave quickly.
What's wrong?
I had warned him about the sandstorms.
What happened?
What is it? Did you find something?
What did they miss?
This jeep is parked in
the opposite direction.
But here its direction matches
that of the other vehicles.
If the jeep has moved,
where are its tire marks?
Tire marks are visible
for days in the desert.
Wow, Mr. Daniel. Well done.
That's an excellent observation.
I suggest you call the CIA right away
and tell them everything.
They will inform Bill Clinton,
and by tomorrow morning
the Indian Prime Minister
will receive a phone call.
And all this will stop immediately.
Take it easy.
We need more proof.
How much more proof do you want?
The heat has burned my insides.
I can't even enjoy chaat.
Why are you being so dramatic?
Hurry up,
our night shift is about to start.
You sit in front of
the air conditioner all day
while we're toiling in the heat.
Make it spicy.
Ah, Sehdev.
I've seen the Taj Mahal
and the Qutub Minar
but I am
yet to see the Pokhran Fort.
But Ashwat's family is not here.
-What was he talking about?
Hmm, I love spicy food.
All these names are aliases.
The five Pandavas from the Mahabharata.
Yudhishthir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakul, Sehdev.
Ashwat is the only real name,
Ashwat Raina.
He was a part of the
previous nuclear project.
Our Pakistani ISI
is no less than your CIA.
Papa, it's Ashwat.
Where are you?
Have you forgotten your family
after going to Delhi?
That's not true, Papa.
Why dont you call regularly?
Sushma worries a lot.
She is managing everything by herself.
Talk to her.
Yes, Papa?
Ashwat is on the line.
Why havent you called
in the last two days?
I was busy at work. Double shifts.
Are you hiding something from me, Ashwat?
There is no Engineering department
at your university
nor do they have any
Ashwat Raina working for them.
What's happening?
Did you call the university?
You forgot to send Prahlad's school form.
You havent even been
in touch for two days.
Its a new department.
We have separate phone lines.
I'll take a week off
and join you guys.
The deadline is approaching,
please mail the form
and give me their phone number.
So that I can call you.
Sushma, I dont remember the number.
There are a lot of people waiting outside.
He is lying to his wife as well.
She thinks he is teaching
at a university in Delhi.
Hey, can you get me some onions?
If his wife finds out,
he is in Pokhran...
Then he will have
to tell her the truth.
Should we add some fuel to the fire?
Is this Ms. Sushma?
Greetings, Ms. Sushma.
Ashwat has asked me
to mail something to you.
Yes, tell me.
He was in a hurry and forgot
to write down the zip code.
If you could tell me,
I will send it right away.
Just a minute, I will tell you.
Are you calling from
the university campus?
No, I am calling from Pokhran,
From the RTDC guesthouse.
Ashwat is staying here.
What is he doing in Rajasthan?
He has come here with his wife
on their honeymoon.
You know how it is.
So what is your zip code?
There is no need for that. I.. I will come and collect it personally.
We have to repair this immediately.
Use more machinery.
What are you saying, Ashwat?
The generators are
already heavily loaded.
You know that an overload
can cause a complete blackout.
Focus on our problems,
not on our tone.
The entire mission will be compromised
because of your urgency.
I thought they'd have
a fight over the phone,
but she wants to come here.
Daniel, can you hear me?
I have cleaned your room, sir.
Do you need anything else?
No, thank you.
You may leave.
-Send me a cup of tea.
Any development?
Everybody is very tense, Ashwat.
You're pushing them too much.
Honestly, all of them are
very angry with you, you know.
It doesnt make a difference to me.
But it does make a
difference to our work.
The issue with the generator is genuine. You know that the White House
requires a lot of power.
All right, I agree.
So what's your plan?
What do we do?
Okay, let's go step-by-step.
First of all...
What are you doing here?
I should be asking...
His wife is here.
Are you even a little ashamed?
You are mistaken.
I am mistaken?
I had no idea that you'd lie so much.
This is why you didnt take me
to your college in Delhi.
Forget about a room,
your department doesnt exist there.
I heard...
We stay by the phone every evening
so that we dont miss your calls
and you have a personal cell phone!
This is very expensive
and incoming calls are also charged.
What do you use this
expensive phone for?
Na... Nakul?
"The day goes by
but the night doesn't seem to end.
You're not around,
but your memory torments me."
What are you doing?
You'll break it!
You have no idea!
This phone has the pass code
and the time for today's blind spot!
I can't tell you anything more, Sushma.
What can't you tell me?
What can't you tell me?
You cant tell me...
that you're bored with your mundane life?
I have done so much for you, Ashwat.
I gave you as much love
and respect as I could.
I respected your decision
of not taking up a private job
and stayed up working nights!
How long...
How long has this been going on for?
There is nothing going on, Sushma.
She is my colleague.
How can she be your colleague
when you dont even have a job!
Where do you work together?
Sushma, please listen to me.
What does it mean?
These guys work when the satellite
does not cover the range.
This is why your CIA was
not able to detect anything.
Call them now. How did she come here?
I dont know.
She left before I could find out.
When was the last time
you spoke with her?
Two days ago?
About Prahlad's school.
Did you tell her
the location by mistake?
We need to find out
how Sushma got this address.
What happened?
I had told you
that the generators might get overloaded.
And I had asked you to deal with it.
Why dont you tell me what you want?
Arranging for it is my problem.
I need time.
Things are not going well for me.
We have been married for 11 years.
And she made such a
big accusation today.
This is a setup.
She was sent here so that they could
get more information on this mission.
It's fixed. Come on, start your work.
There is a satellite overhead. It couldve been a plane.
I had seen it as well, sir.
Satellites travel like this.
And planes, like this.
What did it look like?
Another satellite was added
at the last minute.
That was close.
Thank God for the power failure.
Sushma's arrival,
the last minute adding of a satellite.
What is the duration of
our blind spot now?
Less than an hour.
At night?
In the whole day.
Just one hour's blind spot?
It takes an hour just
to cover up our tracks.
Send the stores back immediately.
Dont leave any paper trail behind.
And release everyone from their duties.
Finally, some appreciation!
So, it's back to normal life
from tomorrow.
For the rest of you, yes.
My personal and professional lives,
both end with this mission.
We could not conduct the tests.
What will I tell Sushma now?
What was I doing here?
What is there to tell?
Its strange that
she came to Pokhran
and couldnt connect it
to nuclear testing. It is not her fault.
Sometimes, we get so blinded by suspicion
that we fail to see
what's right in front of us.
What did you say?
What did I say?
Sometimes, we get so blinded by suspicion
that we fail to see
what's right in front of us.
Pass me the water.
Just listen to me once.
The satellites can be made to
move away from Pokhran and our range.
It's very simple.
You just have to get your strongest
sources to leak the information
that India might attack Pakistan
over the Kashmir issue.
And you know America.
As soon as they learn of our intention
to attack from the LOC,
they will change the position
of their satellites.
They will move their satellites.
We'll conduct our tests
right under their noses.
But for that, we need to get the army
to make mock movements at the LOC.
You want me to create a
warlike situation in our country?
Yes, sir.
The Indian Army has
increased their personnel
in Kashmir over the last few days.
This show of strength from
India has disturbed Pakistan.
The Pakistani Prime Minister,
Mr. Nawaz Sharif
is afraid that India
might attack the LOC any day.
America has offered to mediate
so that the growing tension in
Kashmir can be resolved.
Assume not that you will
win Kashmir away from India with your jihad,
your weapons and your threats
Assume not you will
make India bow its head
in the face of your assaults
and your injustices
Sir, please.
We know how to defend our country.
We dont want war.
We will not retreat.
We have to leave Pokhran.
There were transmitters in your room.
I have got some leads
near Khetolai village.
There are some local spies because
of whom the mission was compromised.
Why dont you remove the
security from the guesthouse now?
Whats your issue with security?
We have new blind spots now.
How much time will we get? Eight hours!
Eight hours over the next three days?
-To seal the shafts...
-Eight hours, every night...
For the next three days.
That means 24 man-hours.
Mr. Naresh, is that time enough for you? We have laid all the cables.
We just need to make
the final connections.
But immediately, after these tests,
the whole world will descend upon us.
There will be a lot of criticism.
Mr. Naresh.
Please dont think
about the world.
We are standing at a juncture
from where we can change
the future of this country.
Our abilities will be put to test.
We will never seem
to have enough time.
We will not sleep for
the next three nights.
So that we can give our enemies
sleepless nights.
We should not think about the outcome. We should carry out
our plans as intended.
I dont know...
if the world will praise us or not.
But I am sure that...
when we look at ourselves in the mirror,
we will proudly say that...
we made the plans for the country.
We executed the actions for the country...
and the result we achieved
belongs to the country.
My motherland!
My soul is painted
My soul is painted
My country is my love, my pride
The skies above surrender before it
My country is my love, my pride
The skies above surrender before it
My soul is painted
My soul is painted
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
I can fight with the whole world
To uphold the honor of my country
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
My soul is painted in the saffron hue My soul is painted in the saffron hue
The world will respect us
Such is our determination
We will strive to fulfill our promise
The world will respect us
Such is our determination
We will strive to fulfill our promise
We have no fear
Our resolve is strong
Nothing can stop us now
My soul is painted
My soul is painted
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
I can fight with the whole world
To uphold the honor of my country
What happened now?
My soul is painted in the saffron hue
The store has reached
the White House canteen.
Which one?
The one with the hydrogen bomb?
Sir, please use code language.
This is a secure line, Ashwat.
I'll press the trigger right now.
It's time to seal the shafts.
My soul is painted
The warlike situation
at the border continues. America and the entire world
have their eyes on Kashmir now.
America is being fooled.
They refuse to listen to us.
Hey, get some onions.
-There arent any.
It has become very expensive.
I will pay you extra.
What will I do with your money
when there are no onions?
The army has taken it all.
What do you mean?
They have taken truckloads of onions
to the army canteen.
There are no onions in
the entire city of Jaisalmer.
I've got the proof.
-What proof?
Onions. They absorb radiation.
I am sure they will conduct the test soon.
Call up the CIA.
Your informer in Pokhran got caught.
Daniel, you...
I dont think mama will
speak to you today as well.
How are you?
Mama always gives you a pep talk
before your exams, doesn't she?
I also have an exam today.
Are you sure she won't talk to me?
She won't, Papa.
Have yogurt and sugar.
Mom always gives you that, right?
I am not a waiter.
Give me your phone.
You wont be able
to conduct the tests
for which you have
been making preparations.
The tests... are done.
What do you mean they're done?
Look at that painting.
It has unhinged
because of the aftershocks.
My youth has stirred
You rekindled my desire
I want to get engaged to you
Make me your wife
My heart cries for you
Come to me
Give me the phone or I will shoot.
The guns locked.
The phones locked too.
Come on, hurry up.
Today, I will teach you about
the importance of nonviolence.
Hey, put the gun down.
Sir, please listen to me.
Arrest him. Look at the board. Put the gun down first.
Sir, this is not my gun.
Put it down!
It's locked anyway, see!
Sir, we can't wait.
We have to conduct the test right now.
He was a Pakistani spy
and he has my phone.
You know it has so much vital information.
Ashwat, calm down.
I am on my way to the PMO.
I'll send you a fax as soon
as I get the Prime Minister's permission,
all right?
Satpal, drive faster.
What is the point
of having a red beacon?
Defense Residential Complex
-It was this guy, right?
-Yes, it was him. I told him.
Arent you ashamed?
The suspect was right in front of you
and you let him go!
You may leave, Ashwat.
-All right.
-Take him to the range.
Yes, madam.
I've got the proof.
You know me!
I come here every day.
I dont have my phone
and I dont remember the pass code.
I give you the pass code every day.
It's very urgent today, please.
Sorry, sir.
You have to tell me the pass code.
You are the one who made this rule.
Kavita, is the Prime Minister in?
Sir, what are you doing here?
The Prime Minister has a meeting
with the American diplomats
at Ashoka Hotel.
Was it one line?
Love is...
Love is not easy.
Love isn't easy, bear that in mind.
-You know the rest.
-No, sir.
You will have to tell me the entire thing.
Love isn't easy, bear that in mind.
It is a river of fire
and you have to swim through it.
You may enter, sir.
Ma'am, we have tracked
the location of Ashwat's cell phone.
-What is the location?
-Kotwal Haveli, Jaisalmer.
The Prime Minister is set
to have a meeting
with the American diplomats
on the rising tension in Kashmir.
-What's going on?
-The meeting started five minutes ago.
The Prime Minister was asking about you.
Sir, did you get the permission?
The Prime Minister's meeting with
the American diplomats has started.
But sir,
that will take a couple of hours.
I cannot bring this up
in front of the Americans!
Open the door.
Your Excellency.
What is this?
The PMO has sent the wrong fax.
White House refers to the shafts. Store refers to the bombs.
What is wrong?
Ashwat, the wind is
directed towards Pakistan.
In case there is a radiation leak,
it will cause severe damage there.
We have to wait.
Let's go ahead, Prem.
We can't, sir.
The wind has stopped.
Long live India!
The ground trembles
As we stride ahead
There is no stopping us now
Fulfilling our duties
With our heads held high
We refuse to bow down
We refuse to bow down
My motherland
My motherland
I am blessed to get the chance
To dedicate my life to you
I pray, mother, to serve you first
Whenever you might call
For you, my motherland
I shall lay down my life for you
For you, my motherland
I will leave no stone unturned
I will inform the Prime Minister.
With the success of
the nuclear testing in Pokhran
India has not only made history
but it has also laid the foundation
for a bright future.
Indians are in a celebratory mood today
while America and a few other countries are suffering from shock and bewilderment.