Part-time Spy (2017) Movie Script

"Part-Time Spy"
"Non-regular worker Percentage"
Test applicant 1652, Jang Youngsil,
youve failed.
Next up...
...Koreans National Assembly election
is a week away.
Candidates from various districts are...
Test applicant 1752, Jang Youngsil...
...9254, Jang Youngsil,
-Youve failed.
-Youve failed.
"Non-regular Worker Percentage"
"Non-regular Worker Percentage"
Test applicant 5287, Jang Youngsil,
youve failed.
How much?
Wait, what are you doing?
"Non-regular Worker Percentage"
Test applicant 6253, Jang Youngsil,
youve failed.
Todays phrase is,
"W xing zhngchng gngzu".
I want to work properly.
I want to work properly.
I passed!
I finally passed when I was 35.
Even thought I got a two-year contract.
But a permanent position is within sight!
Excuse me.
The raccoon is getting off.
Enter through 8-3 car
and stay on his tail.
Wait a second, Im sorry!
Youre just gonna go?
What an idiot
Excuse me!
Step aside!
Cant you just return the wallet?
What? You tramp!
Pickpocket! I got robbed!
Goddamn you!
You got a death wish?
Yo, douchebag!
Not again.
Whats with her again?
Youre under arrest for larceny.
That feels good! So good.
You bastard!
Do it harder!
What a bitch!
Go on, stop Detective Na!
What the hell are you?
Police office, how can I help you?
The police killing a person!
You perverted bastard! Come here!
Take her away!
Damn it to hell!
"NSA Intelligence Analysis Team"
Place your eye closer.
Open your eye wider.
Dont glare, open wider.
Be confident with positive mind.
Wider please.
"NSA Intelligence Analysis Team"
Im Blue House spokesperson Lim Jonghoon.
In order to streamline
government institutions,
the President ordered re-evaluation
of 50 lowest performing institutions.
According to the statistical report
of National Statistical Office,
Department of Commerces deficit
is 200 billion dollars,
Department of Transportation...
-Yeah, you.
So two-year contract,
and three months left.
-Are you enjoying it?
-Yes, sir.
Scouring illegal websites
and doing petty jobs,
it mustve been dull.
Not at all.
Ill be blunt,
you heard the announcement?
Not yet, sir.
Not yet?
"Jang Youngsil"
Youngsin is on top of the list.
Youngsin is? So not me?
Because Im Youngsil.
Same thing, Im saying, youre fired.
Why am I fired?
Did I do something wrong?
No, you did well.
Youll do fine elsewhere, Miss Youngsim.
Its Youngsil...
Good work, take care.
How did you end up with such a loss?
Still, Foreign Office is cushier.
500,000 dollars?
Without an official document...
Yes, it just came in.
How did you know
about Deputy Directors retirement?
Ive been thinking about my career too.
I know its urgent,
Ill transfer it right away.
Well talk in detail...
Tomorrow night? Sounds great.
Ill pick a nice place.
See you tomorrow.
Dont believe stuff like that.
It was an unusually weird dream!
Are you really okay?
Hows work? You doing okay?
Of course, Im doing well.
Good, you worked your butt off to get in.
Be courteous and always say yes
to your superiors.
Your late fathers wish was to see you
become a civil servant.
I get up in the morning
to brag about that.
Mom, its not something to brag about.
Of course it is!
Anyway, don't skip your meal.
That brat...
"NSA Management Team"
Id like to apply for unemployment pay.
I need your ID and turn in your card.
Im sorry, Ill be back.
The number youve dialed
is not in service.
Check your number and call again.
This is the right number.
The number youve dialed
is not in service...
What the...
Get me Foreign Offices Vice Minister.
This is NSA Deputy Park.
I wanted to remind you
of our meeting today.
We have a meeting today?
Dont joke, sir.
Did you get your problem sorted out?
What problem?
Your operating deficit,
I sent you a boost as a patriotic gesture.
Vice Minister?
I think youve been mistaken,
Ive never spoken to you before.
I am rather offended, Im hanging up.
Vice Minister? Sir?
Vice Minister?
-Finance Minister?
-Yes, Deputy.
There was a 500,000-dollar transfer
from my department.
Could you look into the receiver?
Its urgent.
Right away.
We had no dealings with that account,
and one minute after the transfer,
the money was moved to China.
This is definitely a burner account.
Voice phishing scammers use them
to move money to China.
-Voice phishing?
That cant be.
They knew about Deputy Directors
retirement and our situation.
It is them!
Thats voice phishing!
Using phone calls,
and private data to fish your money.
They use private data
to earn your trust...
Im in the middle of an operation!
Is this funny?
Fine, I got scammed!
Holy cow!
Why are you here?
For paperwork, and came to say good bye.
You should knock.
I did.
Three times.
I see.
...did you hear my conversation?
No, not really.
Did you get scammed?
What? What is that?
You heard wrong.
-I heard it clearly.
-I said no!
Go away.
How much...
How did you?
What is wrong with you?
Is this your revenge?
Go away, Im busy. Leave! Go!
I cant believe this.
What! What! What!
Why are you still there?
Why are you holding it?
I can help you.
What the hell?
Boss. Hey, I got an op for you,
where are you?
I'm sorry, boss.
Im here... in Angola.
Angola? Is it hot there?
What are you up to?
In an op?
Hello? Hello? Buddy!
Mr Oh, its me.
You got any agents you can spare?
Not one?
Presidential tour?
No, its nothing.
Not a single damn agent in town
when I need one.
Jang Youngsil...
Who exactly is she?
We located a company
with a large amount of calls...
...using our own network.
Figuring out if this is the right company
is crucial.
You can use your face to good use,
so dont be nervous and act natural.
Is my face really that pretty?
Totally featureless, plain,
and unmemorable.
In any case,
if this goes well,
Ill give it a thought.
Your permanent position.
Yes, sir!
if youre caught,
Ill disavow your existence.
Got it?
-You sure?
Oh, gosh...
You weld too? We got a MacGyver.
I like your rsum.
Hold my hand.
...if youll feel guilty,
youre better off elsewhere.
We sell hope and fear to our clients.
If youre caught, well go to jail.
If you report us, well go to jail.
But youll be killed silently and swiftly.
Im kidding.
I see.
And kind of not.
Half pepperoni, half Hawaiian, you know.
Thank you!
Figuring out if this is the right company
is crucial.
This way, please.
Welcome, welcome.
Good to see you.
"Server Management Office"
Where do I start looking?
Excuse me?
What are you looking for?
No, well...
Im new, I was looking
for the education room.
All the offices look the same.
Is that so?
"Education Room"
Are you worried
that something might happen?
No need to worry at all.
We use the most secured
communication system,
so you will neither never
be traced nor caught.
You may not believe me,
but we recently scammed NSA.
And what? No repercussion.
Of course.
They transferred 500,000 dollars
as a sign of patriotism!
I think thats enough for company intro.
How about a welcome from our president?
President Choi?
Afternoon, Im Choi Minsuk.
After receiving training today,
youll go into battle tomorrow.
No need to worry about your performance.
We dont criticize or cut you easily
like the outside world.
We wont penalize you based on score.
Well always support your dreams.
Because were a family now.
So end of orientation!
Thank you, all.
Thank you very much.
Since its your first day,
lets introduce ourselves.
Miss Yoo Jeyun?
Good to see you. Say hello everyone.
Miss Joo Yeji?
Miss Joo? Youre so pretty!
Miss Woo Doyoung?
Miss Woo?
Miss Uhm Jungme?
Dont call me that here!
Be covert!
So, what should I...
Can I call you baby?
Give me the situation report.
I found it! This is the place.
-But what?
One of the employees i4s a cop.
Cop? How do you know that?
I saw her catching a pickpocket
a few days ago.
Could she be undercover too?
I dont believe this.
Whats her name?
Im not sure.
Someones coming.
Ill look into it and text you, baby.
Im getting goosebumps.
-What the heck are you?
-And right here is...
I told you not to swear!
Listen carefully.
As per Criminal Law, Article 311,
insulting a person is a year in prison,
or 2,000 dollars in fine.
Whos the bastard swearing beside you?
A friend?
Wanna get a double fine?
Where are you? Hello?
Who the heck did that?
Sorry about that.
I got worked up.
Miss Na.
Swearing wont get them
to fork out money.
What will the rookies learn
if you always rage out?
Youre a senior now.
Very pretty senior.
Teach and guide our new recruits.
Oh, sure.
Your station.
"Jang Youngsil"4
Starting tomorrow,
youll learn from real life cases.
Stations have your names on it.
So please check before you leave.
What is it?
Pleasure to work with you.
Good bye.
What are you doing?
Were you followed?
Forget it.
Is this her?
Yes, thats her.
Intellectual Crimes Unit.
They must be after the boss too.
The president?
They normally put pawns as presidents.
Pawns cant be that hot.
We have to catch the boss first,
its all over if they get him.
Why does it matter who catches first?
If the cops get him,
Officer, I was scammed,
can I get my money back?
Should I beg?
I have to threaten him
to get the money back!
This is a spy cam, and a master card key.
My life is now in your hands.
You must catch him.
Infiltrate like water.
Silent like air.
When did she...
Jang Youngsim!
Sir, whats your primary bank?
Dont have one.
Then where do you keep your money?
In the fridge.
You keep them in your fridge?
Because its cold.
-Where do you reside?
-The fridge.
He lives in a fridge.
Am I funny?
Hello, this is Estic Capital.
Dont lie to me.
No, I am not lying.
We have special interest rate
for our VIP clients...
...Special interest rate for VIP...
You said that before.
I called you today for this offer.
Where do you work?
Let me offer you a tip, be more creative.
Something fresh, got that?
"Mr Yang: Dont give up"
Hello, this is Estic Capital.
You called us before concerning a loan...
-Why do you live like that?
Youre phishing,
you suck blood from the people.
I think youre mistaken...
4Mistaken? My ass.
Look into the mirror, what do you see?
What you see there is trash.
Why do you live like that?
I pity your mom.
No need to feel bad,
this isnt Gods work.
I was angry and felt guilty too.
Now youre okay?
Cant ask for more
when I get paid this much.
Do you like this work?
Sure, I get regular salary.
Im going to make a fortune,
get married, have kids,
and buy a home too, everything!
Youll feel better
when you get your paycheck.
By the way, Im Songyi.
"Energy Supplement"
"Call in progress"
Hello there. Good afternoon.
Hello, maam.
Its Estic Capital.
No, not a telecom, its capital.
Hello? Hello?
No, not a private lender,
were a capital bank.
Why is he swearing...
Please calm down,
I didnt call because of that.
I think you misunderstood.
Say what?
Right, Im sorry.
If you have just five minutes...
Youre busy because youre new to farming?
Then, next time...
Why is the cow crying?
Youre vaccinating?
You must angle the needle
at 45 degrees to avoid spillage.
You did!
Thats amazing!
Congrats! Excellent!
I actually have
livestock instructor license.
No need to thank me.
Thats really great.
You want to give us
your bank account info?
Yes, input your account there.
And your password too.
Thank you, sir!
Yes. I should be thanking you.
Did I do okay?
It couldve been bad.
Always include all five major diseases.
Variable Special contract
is right for you.
I used to do some insurance work.
Are you at our new website?
Please input your password.
Then youre all set.
If you have any questions,
feel free to call us.
Thank you.
Learn everything from Youngsil!
She gave up beauty
for money-making skills!
Applause! Applause!
Todays MVP is Jang Youngsil.
Jang Youngsil!
Jang Youngsil!
Lets all raise your glasses.
Your call cannot be connected...
She went full retard...
What the heck?
What a big cash for a president!
I know all about you.
I saw everything.
Handcuff goes rattle, rattle,
siren goes beep! Right?
No? That was you.
You threw the cuffs,
wheres the washroom?
That hurts.
What was that?
Youngsil, are you okay?
Is your stomach upset?
Im so fine.
How could I not be?
Youre really drunk.
Thank you.
For what?
For calling my name.
Thank you so much.
For remembering my name.
Thank you.
Thank you...
Thanks again.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
-Jang Youngsil!
I told you to be invisible,
not be an MVP!
I didnt do that on purpose,
it just happened.
Your permanent position is all but gone!
No! Ill do better!
Im gonna keep an eye on you!
My head.
Who are you?
Why arent you answering my call?
Answer me right away
and dont piss me off.
My apologies.
Did you pull all data from the SIM card?
Im not a tech support,
I cant do it instantly.
-Dont be late.
-Yes, sir.
Just get it done.
The chief wants you to get
the evidence and pull out quietly.
He older he gets,
the more cowardly he becomes.
But if it wasnt for him,
you wouldve gotten the axe.
Or go to jail.
Im holding back plenty, dont be an ass.
Dont starve yourself.
Im not into thin girls.
-What did you say?
-Im hanging up.
What a moron.
You drank quite a bit, is your head okay?
My head?
I feel fine for once.
Never mind then.
"Elevator Inspection"
Why is it that today is the...
Where are you?
I'm checking 29th floor.
Can you call me Deputy when it's just us?
There isn't much here.
And his PC is locked with a password.
It's the perfect angle.
Then I can't see you.
What for? Why'd you see me?
That's not what I meant!
If you're done, get out of there!
Okay, I understand.
Who are you?
What was that?
Who the hell are you?
You little!
Wait, wait, hey!
National Security Agency?
Why is NSA investigating a phishing ring?
The thing is...
Whatever, just pull out.
I worked my ass off to get here.
You can't screw that up!
What the hell are you doing?
We got a tail!
I don't believe this!
Up ahead!
What the hell is that?
Watch out!
He's still behind us!
Did you get my tea?
-Who the heck?
-Who are you?
I need the tea to sober up!
I've had it!
Sir, I'm sorry but could you
hold out for a bit?
You're sorry for what?
Okay, let's think.
There, make a right!
Sorry, sorry!
I used to drive a cab.
You ain't too bad.
To our right!
-Do something!
-This is fun!
I'm on it!
That hurts!
Shut up, please! I need to concentrate!
Holy shit!
You idiot!
-That was so much fun!
-That dumbhead...
Can't even go home.
Good morning.
Intellectual Crimes Unit,
Detective Na Jungan.
Listen to me carefully.
Pull out.
Pull out.
-Did you swear at me?
-Pull out!
Pull the heck out!
Pull the heck out!
Incompetent jerks.
Go check the monitor.
Is that because of us?
Did you see the guard?
I'm sorry...
We need to talk.
What for?
I need you to pull out.
-I talked sense to your superior.
Did you...
...beat him?
-Beat who?
She's no cop, more like a psycho.
Did she take you by surprise?
You must've been startled.
Allow me to apologize on her behalf.
I'll get to my point,
pull that tramp off the op.
But that's...
You don't need to be rude.
Forget it,
I want the police off this case.
Then you should file
an official complaint.
If you're not doing it officially,
you must be up to something.
Chief GU, NSA is a superior institution.
No good will come out of this.
I don't want to pry either.
So, let's make this a joint op.
Are you two excluding me?
-Of course not.
What happened was...
...she wanted to know how to manage anger.
She was asking about my secret tactic...
You finally want to make some money!
Yeah, you need to be cool.
Teach me too.
Me first!
I need to know how to manage my anger.
Yes, baby?
Chief GU...
I'll keep it short,
this is now a joint op.
Are you mad?
It's either a joint op or no op.
Can't talk to her and she scares me.
I think she has
anger management disability.
Baby, please!
Stop saying "baby"!
That's the final decision,
just follow my order.
I haven't gone postal in a while.
Right, baby?
I made myself clear.
-Baby? GU?
So it's not anger management.
You two are...
...discussing love life?
Right? Right?
That's how you two became close!
Pretend to cooperate, the boss is ours.
Relationship is important.
It's fishy, cooperate
and keep an eye on her.
Pull out voluntarily.
Can't you do it first?
I'm gonna lead!
Good to see you both,
could you come to my office?
Face-to-face phishing?
It's about time you tried it.
Can't I stick to telephone?
Not really.
Out you go.
Go on.
Seniors don't like me.
We need to earn
the trust of this organization,
so go take the money.
Go on!
Sir, did you get a call from
the Financial Services?
What? I can't hear well.
Did you get a call
from the Financial Services?
Yes, yes.
That's why I brought the money,
but I didn't quite understand.
Your account info is exposed to bad guys.
So, the government wants to protect
the money in your bank.
Is that so?
I could have been in trouble.
This is for my wife's surgery.
Sir, you should just leave.
What did you say?
Just walk away.
-Just go, head home!
Get home right now, just go away!
-You should head home!
We'll keep it safe for you.
Call us if you need to make withdrawal.
Get with the program!
But it's for his wife's surgery.
We're done if they get suspicious.
-But still...
-We're after the head!
But how can we let the innocent get hurt?
That's why!
That's why we need to catch him!
Excuse me, are you phishing scammers?
We're a bit busy here,
could you look the other way
and leave us?
Financial Supervisory?
Don't make me laugh.
We need a strategy to contact the head.
The poor seniors in town...
We need to gather Intel
from the employees.
-That'll take forever!
-...for a petty change...
I'm talking here, where are your manners!
Let's just share Intel first.
Give it back when I ask nicely.
It's not fine! I'm giving you a warning!
No, I gave you the warning.
Just go the way you came from.
You could get killed!
You go, this is my town!
Dammit, I wish I could hit you!
I gotta do something!
I want to make this clear,
if this op goes south, we're both dead.
Of course!
She works out.
Dang it.
Could we talk?
Over dinner perhaps?
Or a drink?
Or something hot.
Gosh, it's embarrassing.
Move a bit...
...more, more, more!
-Evening, deputy.
I got something to help your case.
The burner Chinese account from before?
-It resurfaced.
-Is that so?
While conducting audit
in prep for restructuring,
Ministry of Justice,
a government branch no less!
They fell victim to voice phishing!
The deputy got disciplined
to some hick town,
maybe it was the director,
and the deputy got fired.
Getting scammed is not a crime!
Scammers are the criminals!
No one intended to get scammed!
I'm not a pushover!
What's up his ass?
No, no, no!
Water! No! No!
Want a rice cake?
Go on.
So the boss travels abroad a lot.
So, tell me more about the boss.
I think our boss is a country manager,
and the chairman...
Yeah, I think there is.
Could I meet the chairman?
I heard he's in China.
Why is that your concern?
You know how are check in
and out times are strict?
It's all because of security.
I heard that system is
connected all over the world.
Continue, tell me more.
I heard there are call centers... China and the Philippines.
I hope to rise to his level soon.
Has the president
worked here a long time?
He was in the chairman's good grace.
I like your honesty.
But shouldn't you win me over first?
I'm not interested in a deal
that doesn't benefit me.
The chairman must be pretty cool.
I heard he's a strict person.
One false move and...
You're out, so out!
Where is he?
No one at the company saw him.
The president probably knows.
I heard that he's
the chairman's adopted son.
Adopted son?
We're going after a whale soon.
A whale?
If you scored that, you'd be noticed.
I wonder who'll take that chance.
I wonder.
Look at that!
When did all my chest
muscles migrated south?
She'll be shocked.
Jungan, did you wait long?
Were you shocked?
I was gonna shock you with something else.
When the swelling cools down...
Take care of yourself.
I was gonna shock you with my package...
Use the room!
Shower booth is nice...
From a bar to a hotel with a man...
It's none of your business.
Don't take me for a delusional hubby.
If I don't believe my wifey, who will?
-Don't you dare!
-Not again!
I'll break you!
-I came by to give you this!
-What is it?
The SIM card!
Oh yeah!
Something's off about the data.
What is?
Only two numbers were stored on there.
Deputy Yang and spicy chicken feet.
Chicken feet?
I'll do it my damn self.
Why won't this work?
Yes, one moment please.
It's in the car, so I'll send someone.
You want it now?
Can I send it later?
You can't wait?
Okay then
I'll come myself.
Yang and chicken feet?
You find two things when you
search a man's phone.
His work and love life.
Do you know what this means?
He works with Yang and loves chicken?
Or the other way?
He has two phones, it was his secondary.
Or it could mean he's lonely.
Anything from the hidden cam?
He poured water on it.
Anything from Mr Yang?
He's all talk, not a damn thing.
You're not...
...4hiding anything from me, right?
Why would I hide?
-And you?
She doesn't answer her phone.
She was never like this.
Her phone's off.
What's going on?
Maybe she really quit.
She needs money for the baby.
Can't reach her?
Go to Eunjung's place after work today.
I'm gonna try to lure the president.
Why what?
-What what?
-What are you saying?
-What for?
Do you want a ride?
Come on.
Not hungry,
and he doesn't like to drink.
Damned bastard
I know you got nothing to do,
go to Eunjung's place.
I got an important work.
Youngsil, are you hungry?
Quite a bit.
I'll treat our ace, what do you like?
Japanese? Korean? Chinese?
Chicken feet.
Are you alright?
Yes, I'm fine.
Looks like it's too spicy for you.
It's just right.
Your sweat.
Your neck.
I get sweaty when I eat spicy stuff.
So hot...
Thank you for taking me home.
Sure, good night.
Youngsil, one second!
If you get another craving,
give me a call.
Have a good weekend.
Have a safe drive home.
We met at the bus stop,
he insisted on taking me home.
Did I ask?
Doesn't look like
it was just a ride home.
How do I explain this...
I came for a chat, let's go inside.
Wait, could we go to a cafe instead?
What for? This is your home.
Hold on, hold on!
My place is a dump, let's go to a cafe.
What's with you?
I'm begging you, let's go to a cafe.
You took out the house deposit
and gave it to the grandpa?
It was for her surgery...
Come sit down.
It really is a dump.
Move into my place.
No way!
You can't take responsibility alone!
Let's go!
Gosh do you ever wash your clothes?
Wear those slippers.
Hey! Hey!
Stupid mutt!
If you shit anywhere, you're so dead!
What are you doing?
Telling him not to poop.
What a load of horse shit.
This is more like an office, than a home.
Did you find anything from the president?
You know...
And you?
Did you meet Eunjung at her place?
They said she hasn't been home.
There's something I'm worried about.
About what?
The girl I was phishing told me this,
she lives in a dorm with her baby.
So what?
Can't you return a third back?
Her money is paying for
your kid's private kindergarten.
Even so... a mom, I can't just let it go.
If you feel guilty,
you shouldn't be doing this.
Mr Yang...
What's with you?
Mr Yang.
I'll never forgive
those who exploit the weak.
I became a cop...
Anyway, I can never forgive them.
I think you're a good person.
Come on, please...
There isn't much here,
but consider it your home too.
We're paying for our sins half-half.
Thank you!
What's with you? Are you nuts?
Can we be friends?
I'm not interested...
You're so frail...
I know I'm pathetic...
That's not...
Okay, fine, we can be friends...
Or not.
Thank you!
So, we're BFFs now?
-Is this City Hall Inner City department?
-That's correct.
This is District Prosecutor's office.
We've received a report
about a corruption charge.
What do you mean?
Who told you that I did it?
This lady must be mad.
-Is this a voice phishing?
You're all pests who rip off
money from innocent folks.
You used escort service seven times,
and visited brothels three times.
Does your family know?
Did you have a good time?
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
From builders to contractors,
you siphoned money from everyone.
Just from a few, that's hardly everyone.
If you keep this up,
I'm gonna report you!
Okay, you should.
When we get arrested,
we'll take the list with us.
It's from the brothel,
so it's quite accurate.
Ma'am, what is your name?
What for? Gonna bribe me too?
So what?
How much would you like?
I feel so good!
Bottom's up!
Drink, drink!
No way!
Let's take one.
Take a selfie!
One, two, three!
Until end of time...
Of course.
I must have been mad!
Why didn't you stop me?
It was your idea.
You're not even gonna report back?
Keep it up and no more
permanent position!
If you want the job, get me a solid lead!
Do it right, I'm not going down alone!
"Jang Youngsi"
Attention, please!
You may have already heard,
we sometimes go after big whales.
National Police, NSA,
National Intelligence,
and other agencies.
Jand was a contractor
for more than a year...
...and was let go a month ago.
But he got fired two months ago.
It smells fishy.
I'm taking volunteers.
That sounds juicy.
Why this one? It's out of our league.
The deeper we go,
the faster we solve this.
"Logistics Support Base"
"Colonel Choi Bongsik"
Colonel, it's Chief of Staff.
I'm the Army Chief of Staff!
Salute, sir!
It's about 3Q expenses,
I'm told it increased
due to private contracts.
I don't understand.
That's not possible.
Military Precision, Engineering
and Construction, Hando Uniform.
The costs shot up by 20-80 percent!
That cannot be, sir.
You jerk!
The prosecution is talking
about corruption charges.
You wanna go to prison for this?
No, sir. I'm sorry, sir.
This could be covered up from my end.
You got a star to look forward to.
Isn't that right?
If you forgive me,
I'll do anything for you.
Good, we're all prone to mistakes.
Deputy, it must be a big one.
How big?
Probably over 500,000 dollars.
Listen, this is our chance.
When you receive the money,
bring it to me.
With that money, it's all over, the end!
What about Jungan?
What'll happen to her?
Stop! How long will you do this for?
Look out for yourself.
Each to his own!
Jang, listen carefully.
Bring that money, and you got a job.
A permanent position.
Full-time, okay?
Yes, I understand.
Hiding something?
You must have had
a lot of experience as a cop.
But me...
You're a NSA agent.
In terms of experience,
you're on another level.
Well, I suppose so.
Is the Chief of Staff really mad?
We're here on an errand, sir.
He didn't have a message?
No, sir.
Just to fetch the briefcase.
Leaving already?
Stay for some tea,
I got some questions too.
The Chief is waiting, sir.
On your way, then.
What's the Chief's background?
Well, that's classified information.
Right? I thought so.
I shouldn't have asked.
Tell him I'll visit him soon.
Got that?
Yes, sir!
Okay, go on.
About what?
-Did you...
Are you really...
I'm sorry.
What the hell?
I'm sorry!
Let's talk!
Stop right there!
Jang Youngsil!
You okay?
Private 2nd Class, Lee!
Jang Youngsil!
Don't do this!
Help me up!
Come on!
Youngsil! You really...
Chief, we need to raid the HQ right away.
What? Now?
Who the hell?
One second.
What is it?
Intellectual Crimes Unit,
Detective Na Jungan.
Undercover work must've been tough.
Where's the NSA agent?
It's really hot today.
What are you waiting?
Make her feel every hit.
Hit it.
You bastard!
Let go!
Detective Na?
Let go of me, you jerks!
Too bad she's a cop.
Hey, boss?
I'm mission complete.
I'll go back. Okay?
Okay, off you go.
I'll buy you a round before your next op.
Good to see you.
Damn, his English is good.
Come, sit.
Damn it.
The filter's messed up.
This isn't fair.
What about my job?
Don't be so naive.
Did you really believe that?
It's gotta be a permanent position.
You know what I've been through.
Please give me another chance!
I'll do whatever it takes!
Just one more chance! Sir!
I'm begging you!
Miss Jang.
This is the real world.
Once a temp, forever a temp.
So you never intended to hire me?
Isn't that obvious?
How can I trust you?
You used me for this...
You're gonna regret this.
Step aside.
Sorry, Youngsil.
Detective Won, over there,
Detective Lee, that office.
What in the world?
Can't reach Na, what's going on?
Hey, do you think something
happened to her?
Chief, don't even say it!
You jerk.
What happened to that NSA agent?
She's unreachable either.
I'll look into NSA.
Well, well!
It's over! Over!
Seeing you, makes me happy!
Let's take a look at you!
So you never intended to hire me?
Isn't that obvious?
How can I trust you?
-The phone is currently off...
-Come on!
Answer me!
Youngsil, why are you doing this to me?
Jang Youngsil!
Jang Youngsil!
Where's Jungan?
Is she okay?
I was pondering what I should do to her.
What should I do?
Lose some weight!
You'll have lighter steps
if you lose some.
Right? Run faster too.
Got a problem?
Is that it?
Lost your mind?
I'll beat your ass.
You're all dead.
Yes, she's well.
She's flapping around
like a fish out of water.
Let me go!
Would you like to hear her voice?
Hello? Jungan?
I'm sorry, I really am.
It's all my fault, I'll be there to...
Shut the hell up!
You backstabbed me!
if you come here, I'll kill you myself.
Got it?
Okay, I'll be there soon, please wait.
Please, don't come!
I'm telling you, don't come here!
That'd be no fun.
Jungan? Hello?
Youngsil, time's running out,
please hurry.
Drowned bodies are found in the river,
the police are looking to ID the bodies.
The bodies have been in the water
for two to four days...
I told you not to come.
But we're friends.
I'm sorry.
Crazy tramp.
You're all dead.
Chief, he's heading for the harbor.
Maybe they're smuggling
out of the country.
Yeah? Stay on his ass.
Let's move!
You promised.
You believed him?
I didn't make any promises.
And you're the one who deceived us.
You pretended to be kind and weak,
then took off with the money alone.
No work ethics.
Damn you.
The boat is coming in, Mr Chairman.
You're the chairman?
What exactly are you?
You bastard, I should've killed you.
You piece of shit!
I don't believe this!
Come here!
My apologies, I'll head out first.
Where you going? Get back here.
Youngsil, you know something?
Nonstop kindness is being stupid.
Perverted bastard.
I agree with him though.
Unleash them.
What the...
Let's go over there, get up.
Joint op!
Get ready.
One, two...
Let's go.
One, two...
One, two...
One, two...
One, two, one, two...
I was an assistant to a magician.
What the hell were we doing?
Hey, mutt, come grab it
if you want to live.
Don't go any closer!
Stop! Stop!
That dog won't let go once it bites.
That's why it's dangerous!
Give me a second.
It's right on time.
What are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Animals or people,
all males are the same.
I actually have an animal
whispering certificate.
Jungan, you okay?
Come on!
What is it?
That tramp!
Get her!
Get the boat back.
Damn it!
Jang Youngsil!
You have to go, sir.
Damn it!
Hey, get me out of here first!
-Split up and find them!
-Yes, sir!
On the double!
Finish him, alright?
Can't he warn us before shooting?
Kill him.
I'm so freaking tired.
Bring the car around.
Yes, sir!
-Take care of this.
-Take care of this.
Yes, sir!
Should I go too?
Mr Yang!
Shit, what now?
My money!
It's my money, goddamn it!
Why's he shooting at everything?
Act like a chairman! That bratty bastard!
My money, my money.
Isn't it my turn to surprise you?
Come on! Get over here!
Get me out at once!
Let go of me, you jerks!
What's going on? Let me go!
Are you cops? What's your affiliation?
-Let's talk at the station!
-No need! Let me go!
Choi Minsuk! Stop the car!
Step on it.
You have a knack for surprising people.
You should give yourself up.
You may be able to mitigate this.
Want to hear a funny story?
A drunken driver's Ferrari
smashed into a pick-up truck.
The truck driver died on the spot,
and perp was set free
because he was son of a rich jerk.
Despite having three witnesses,
they all lied under oath.
No more witnesses,
and misplaced evidence,
so my innocent father...
...became the perpetrator.
Stay back!
Stay back, please.
Don't come any closer!
You took away jobs from innocent people.
This job was life to Songyi.
But I...
That way!
Choi Minsuk!
It's all over! Give it up!
Damn jerk!
Don't just stand around,
could you be a darling and get me a car?
Shut your damn hole!
Jungan, please.
Calm down!
You should learn to manage your anger.
If you harm her in any way,
I'll kill you myself!
That's not what's important right now!
What's the big deal with her?
She's nothing!
-That jerk...
Detective Na, don't!
Why are you all pissing me off?
Are you brushing me off
because I'm a temp?
-Get them in the car!
-Get inside!
Don't be a crybaby.
Let's go!
To the ER, please.
What'll you do now?
I'm not sure.
Just for today, I don't want to think.
What else are you good at?
You're like an onion with so many layers.
That's nothing at all.
Sorry is a habit, you're not sorry at all.
Not at all, I really am sorry.
Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
I'm serious.
How's the tattoo?
Of course.
And yours?
-Of course!
-Show me.
How about a greeting?
Lock eyes with them and try to talk.
"How to talk to dogs"
Let's try once more.
That's the end of class today.
Prep for a test tomorrow.
Great work today.
I got an emergency.