Partir (2009) Movie Script

Six months earlier
You didn't do what we wanted in the hallway. It was awful.
I thought it was easier.
Listen, everything was done to code, do EXACTLY what we asked.
Very good.
I had another look at your quote, it needs to be a bit cheaper.
We're doing the best we can already.
You need to make a little more effort, eh?
My wife employed you but for the moment she's got no clients.
A cup of coffee?
No thanks.
The only way would be to get my assistant to do
most of the work and for me to supervise from time to time.
That would be better for everyone. He's very good.
It will take a bit longer.
How much longer?
That depends on him.
Well, you've waited 15 years, another month won't matter.
I'll call him to see if he's free.
I'll sort out the payment with him.
No. How stupid.
lumbar vertebrae ...
spine ...
cervical ...
coccyx ...
What are you doing here? Who are you?
Remi sent me. I came
to clean out the barn.
I rang the bell for ages.
I thought you were starting tomorrow.
Are you throwing everything out?
Yes. We should have done it ages ago.
Now I know why Remi was in such a bad mood.
Your husband made him lower the price so much that
now I've got to get rid of all this on my own.
What do you want me to do?
No, no, leave it. It's not up to you to do it.
What do you take me for?
a weakling?
Are you throwing that out?
-Yes, it doesn't work.
I'll fix it.
Did you notice how early the workers arrived?
That's what they're paid for, no?
I'll make them some coffee.
You'll give them bad habits.
I'd like to. It's for my office.
What's the matter?
Did you hurt yourself?
A little muscle strain, that's all.
How did that happen?
I helped clean out the workshop.
What's got into you?
Will you have some free time this afternoon?
Could you come with me to get the tiles and
flooring, help me choose?
How are you, Remi?
This is Ivan.
Pleased to meet you.
You're the one who's been putting my wife to work?
OK, shall I drop you off?
No, I've got a training course later.
Well, do you like them?
-Yes, they're nice.
Okay, have a good day everyone. Goodbye, Ivan.
Sorry for what my husband said.
He can be a bit brusque.
Makes sense. If you spend all
day with a gorgeous
guy like me, he has to give me a hard time.
What were you doing with your feet the other day?
I'm taking a physiotherapy course. I used to
be one and I want to start work again.
Really? Why?
I missed it.
I would rather quit.
But what you do is no fun.
You work hard for people who ignore you.
Physical therapy is different.
We help people.
Here's the money for the workers. Can you
give it to them? I forgot.
He's made really good progress.
-Yes, I am very happy.
Don't you have your course this morning?
-Yes, at ten o'clock.
Right, I'm off. Bye.
I've got your money.
The car!
Watch out! Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Be careful!
Ivan? Ivan?
What time is it?
Five o'clock.
I have to leave.
Back to Spain.
No, stay there.
I have to get back to Spain.
No, you'll damage your ...
I've got to go!
Calm down!
To Spain? What nonsense.
I almost killed him.
Yes, it's is my fault.
I'll take care of it.
I almost got him killed!
You've got a fracture and a serious
flesh wound.
I don't care about that. I want to leave.
I can't let you leave. You were unconscious,
I have to keep you in for a few days.
Out of the question. I have to go to Spain
to see my daughter. I can only see her one day a week.
Stop talking rubbish, you'll make your
fracture worse.
I'm not allowed to let you leave.
But you can employ me illegally, that's ok?
I'll take you to Spain.
That's not too risky, is it?
Is it far?
About three hours' drive.
OK, you'll have to sign a release form.
I'll leave you all you need to give
him a painkilling injection.
Do you do this trip every week?
No, this is the first time for a year.
You haven't seen your daughter for a year?
I was in prison.
Since I got out, her mother has tried
to make sure I can't see her.
What did you do?
Nothing much. Some building work ...
Are you alright? Do you want me to stop?
I'm OK.
Here is fine.
What time shall I pick you up?
Tomorrow morning.
What? No, I promised to take
you back to the hospital this evening
Don't worry. I'll sort it out.
Look, I obviously can't leave you.
You could get an infection.
I'll wait for you.
Is there a hotel where I can stay?
-Yes, in the square.
I'll give you my phone number.
That way, if you need anything at all,
you can call me.
Will you be alright?
-Yes, I'll be fine.
Tell David that I'll be back in time
for his game.
you mustn't miss it.
Of course not. When have I ...
...ever missed anything?
Have you eaten?
The children have gone to MacDonald's.
I've got to go back to the hospital.
Well, a big kiss.
See you tomorrow. I love you all.
We're over here.
It hurts a bit. Can I have the injection?
Of course.
I brought my daughter with me.
What's your name?
What's your name?
What a pretty name! Come with me.
Is that ok?
-Yes. ...
...I'm outside your hotel and I'm going to dinner
right nearby. Would you like to come? ...
That'd be nice.
See you in a minute.
OK, see you in a minute.
Did everything go well with your daughter?
-Yes, very well.
She said nothing all day but when I
took her to bed, she started asking thousands of questions.
She was still talking when she fell asleep.
She wanted to know
everything. What I had done...
...and where I had been all this time.
I didn't tell her about prison. I made
up a story.
She is too small.
You can explain later.
I missed her so much, it's crazy.
And you? Weren't you bored ?
No, I went for a walk.
I felt like I was on holiday.
I couldn't stay in England, it was too hard.
So I got a job as an au pair, arrived
in Nimes speaking no French at all.
My first day, my boss asked me to do the shopping.
I didn't know the town at all
I was totally lost, in a panic, and a young
man helped me. That was Samuel, my husband.
And you?
The first time I was in Nimes was
on tour, with a Spanish singer.
I'd known his songs all my life
and heard him singing in Nimes in Catalan...
He sang a song called 'the seventh
heaven 'and that was so moving.
Sing it.
That was it.
Just in time. It's match point.
Did everything go ok?
Game, set, match for David Vidal.
You beat him in the end! Bravo.
You didn't see me play.
I saw you win.
Good game.
How's your knee? Any better?
Look. Nothing wrong with that.
Thanks to the injections?
When are we playing again?
Emir is going to finish up the work.
He won't make you work, that one!
Have you heard from Ivan? Is he ok?
He's at home. He still can't work.
My husband and I would like
to help him. Do you have his address?
Of course.
"Hope you're recovering!"
One more time. Push against
my hand. Push, push, push.
Very good, and let go.
Okay? Breathe.
Now we'll move the kneecap.
Slowly and carefully. Just like that.
Excuse me.
-It's Ivan. ...
...I found your envelope.
Thank you, you're very kind.
Is your leg better?
Not bad. I can at least put my foot on the floor.
Do you have time for a cup of coffee?
I have all the time in the world.
I could drink a thousand coffees.
Around 3 o'clock then?
Sorry, I don't have a vase.
I should have thought of that.
Let's see if we can find something.
This will do.
There you go.
Hurry up!
Hello, M. Lagache, it's Suzanne Vidal.
Listen, I can't come today.
Yes. No, no, tomorrow.
Well, see you tomorrow.
It's already a lot better.
That's really good.
I don't want to go.
Stay then.
I can't.
I have to go.
Chase me away.
You'll have to chase me,
otherwise I won't be able to go.
Well then.
Go away.
Go on, leave.
I've hurt my shoulder, Mum.
Can you massage it for me?
That's a miracle.
That smells really good.
Yes, it does. What did you make for us?
Chicken again?
We had that at lunchtime.
Bloody hell, Mum!
What's got into you Suzanne?
What's up? It doesn't matter.
It's only a dish.
Don't worry about it.
It's only a dish.
I was looking everywhere for you.
Are you ok?
...I'm in love.
What are you talking about?
I'm in love with Ivan.
The Spanish guy who was working here.
The one who got hurt.
Have you slept with him?
Have you slept with him?
Why did Daddy leave?
What's up, Mum?
Come and lay the table.
Do you want some pasta?
No, don't bother.
Where did you go?
What's that got to do with you.
Stay where you are.
You're moody tonight.
Yeah, Dad, you are?
So what?
That's enough. They've done nothing.
OK, kids, could you please just leave us?
Forgive me, Samuel.
How many times?
How many times what?
How many times did you sleep with him?
Hold on.
Tell me how often.
That's not the point.
Where did you sleep with him?
At his place.
I'll never see him again.
It's over.
I promise.
It's over.
Don't cry.
Why did you tell him? ...
...I can't lie. I had to.
-What about us? ...
...I do not know.
-Well? ...
...I don't know.
-Well, neither do I Suzanne!
It's beautiful.
Thank you, darling.
Shall I order some drinks?
They want me to stand as a
candidate for the City Council.
But I thought you didn't want to be involved in politics
any more?
He's a good mayor. I'm tempted.
I like new challenges.
Good afternoon, ma'am, sir.
Can I see the wine list please?
You're my wife.
Don't move.
Marion. David.
This is Ivan. Leave a message. ...
Remi, it's Suzanne Vidal.
Have you heard from Ivan?
Yes, he is back at work. ...
-In a restaurant in Uzs.
What are you doing here?
You don't answer when I call.
It's better if we don't see each other, so you said.
I have to see you.
Listen, I have to work.
When is your break?
Three o'clock.
Wait for me outside.
I'm ashamed to bring you here.
Stop it.
I enjoy everything when I'm with you.
I have to go. Really.
I have to go, Suzanne.
Don't you care about anyone?
My parents have been waiting since 7 o'clock.
Sorry, I had to go to the delicatessen.
The delicatessen?
Delicious. As always.
-You have surpassed yourself, honey.
Do you really want to work again?
It'd never cross my mind to do that.
Especially at her age.
I think she's brave.
I'd like to help. I'd like to offer
you my office furniture, from the waiting room.
I hope you didn't do that for me,
I didn't ask you to.
Yes, but I did it for Suzanne.
You didn't even ask her if she likes it.
If I like what? Sorry, I...
Excuse me.
I want you.
I want you too. ...
...You make me crazy.
What are you doing?
I have to go out.
You're like my bitch in heat.
You disgust me! Stay here!
I'll do what I like.
You're not going out!
Are you crazy?
Suzanne's tired.
I'm taking her up to our room.
Shut up.
Samuel! You're being ridiculous.
You stay at the table.
I can' t live without you.
No, don't do that.
To wake up with you.
'You're crazy.
You're crazy, I like that.
Did you get some sleep?
You smell nice.
I love you.
What are you doing here?
Waiting for you.
You know why!
You're capable of anything.
I am ashamed of you.
I spent the whole night waiting for you.
Look at me.
You're my wife.
You must fulfil your duties.
What do you think you're going to do?
Make sure we've eaten then leave to fuck him?
Is that your plan? What do you want to do?
I'm leaving you.
I forbid you to leave.
You're not leaving! You're my wife.
You can't ruin everything.
I can give you everything.
I want nothing from you.
Come here ..
I won't let you leave!
It just happened; I don't know
what's wrong with me.
I don't want to hurt you but I have no choice.
I can't.
Let me go.
How will you earn a living?
From my work.
-Your job?
What work?
I'm a physiotherapist.
Do you think you're going to come here to work every day?
Irritate me with your face and your slutty games?
I'll work in town.
I'd love to see that
You'd never have known how to do anything without me.
You know what that little whim of yours
cost me, your office? 30,000 euros.
Do you think money grows on trees?
How will you manage?
How are you two going to manage?
Without me, you'll have nothing.
You'll never manage.
Say something.
It's perfect.
I did it. She's asleep.
That doesn't surprise me. I love it
when you sing in English.
Want to speak to me in English?
If you speak to me in Catalan.
This is the best day of my life.
It creaks.
See that. That's enough for today.
Okay? Careful.
I've written out some exercises for you to do at home.
You have to do them though, it's important.
I will.
When are you opening your own practice?
Not yet. For the moment I'm standing in for Mr. Lagache.
Who do I write the cheque to?
To me.
In any case, you look radiant.
Your holiday has done you good.
-Yes, I'm starting to get into the swing of things.
Listen, a friend of mine called me, he wants
to buy the lease from me at the end of the month.
You promised you wouldn't sell for at least six months.
Sorry, but it is a godsend.
I can't let the opportunity go to waste.
But it gives you some time to find something else.
Could I call him? He may need a replacement.
He is a dentist.
English, bilingual,
giving English lessons at home.
Is that all?
I started working again.
I have some problems. I have to juggle.
You've been overdrawn for a month.
You must ensure that the
the overdraft is payed off.
Is there nothing left in the savings account?
100 euros.
And the other account?
It's been blocked by your husband.
Can I apply for a loan, then?
You won't get it.
What should I do? What do you suggest?
I've been a customer here for 20 years.
This is the first time I've asked you for anything!
Without your husband's authorisation, I can't do anything.
I'm in the middle of a divorce.
I'll do anything to get some money.
I'd like to help but I can't guarantee anything.
Hi, Remi. Everything okay?
Hi, Ivan.
Hi, Mrs. Vidal.
Call me Suzanne.
Dorothy, my wife.
Oh, thanks. That's very kind of you.
It's nothing. My pleasure.
We need to talk.
I got fired.
What do you mean, fired?
They don't want me at the new site.
Who's "they"? You're the boss.
Yeah, but...
But what?
Your husband.
He called my client and the mayor, as well.
Your husband and the mayor are friends?
He's friends with everyone.
You can't let him do that.
I only have a small business.
What would you do?
How can we make ends meet?
He already has lots of debts.
I can help you out a little.
But not for long.
I'll talk to him.
He talked to the physiotherapist, too.
What are you here for?
To make peace with you.
Who is on the warpath?
You're stopping us from working; you're starving us.
Please stop. We won't survive.
What do you mean?
You know very well.
I'll stop when you come home.
I'm not coming back! Don't count on it.
You won't have a choice.
Samuel, it's over. Get used to it.
Don't say that.
There are loads of divorced couples around.
Open your eyes! Be reasonable!
How should I be reasonable
when I think about you fucking that guy?
He's a jailbird, a con-artist.
Is that what turns you on? A middle-class
woman with a prole? Is that it?
It doesn't bother you to work on the till all day?
Not at all. I've done it before.
You have no pay stubs, you said?
It was in England, a long time ago.
If something turns up, we'll call you.
Hi, sweetheart.
It's so small.
It's just the two of us, sweetie.
So there's no room for us.
-Yes. You can sleep on the sofa.
Is Ivan not here?
He's not back yet.
I wanted to see you both before he arrives.
I need a letter, for the divorce.
Why would we do that?
Otherwise I get nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
But you're the one who left.
And so I'm not entitled to anything?
I helped your father. I worked with him
I brought you up.
Don't worry, Mum. I'll write the letter
for you. I'm on your side.
I'm out of here.
-Marion, stay here.
I leaving! I don't want to talk to you.
I'll go with her, Mum.
Next time I'll stay longer.
It's ok, it's ok. She's just a kid.
She's just a child.
She's just like her father.
I could slap her.
Forget it. She'll get over it.
I have good news.
Remi has a job for me.
The pay is terrible
but it's work.
The only problem is it's quite
far away.
I'll have to stay there.
How long?
Two weeks. 800 euros.
What is it? Relax.
It's such a long time.
I'm glad you're coming with me.
I said I was going out with friends.
Here, I brought this.
You left them in your bedroom drawer.
Great. That I had completely forgotten.
But put them in the glove box.
I also brought the clothes you asked for.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Well, goodbye. Until next week.
Hi, David.
Are you ok?
I can't take you out for dinner, I'm afraid.
They don't pay us until next week.
...Very good.
Yeah, you're right, that's
a good one.
It's eaten my card.
I've got no cash. Have you got any?
No, they haven't paid me yet.
Now what?
You see the car over there?
My card's not working
Will you accept this as payment for the petrol?
No, no. This isn't Africa, you know.
Can I interest you in a watch?
A watch.
Hello, madam.
Do you want to buy this watch?
It's a real Cartier.
It's a very good watch.
I want to talk to Mama.
I want to talk to Mama.
Not now.
What's my mother doing?
Where did you find that?
It's mine.
It's yours?
What are you doing?
Leave me alone. It's going to be alright.
That's all I've got.
120 euros.
Oh, 120. Yes.
I did it.
I don't want it, I won't take it.
Why not?
I can't have that.
Mum, what the hell's going on?
What are you doing here?
I need money.
I want my share.
-Your share?
Everything is ours, in this house.
I want a divorce. Quickly.
Leaving the marital home, you aren't entitled to much.
I'm entitled to alimony.
Sorry, but if I were you I wouldn't count on it.
And this house? It's my house too.
It's 20 years of my life.
What did you pay for?
I raised your children.
Yes, by the way, until the divorce is final
I'd prefer it if you didn't see them.
My son without a penny in a petrol station
in the middle of nowhere, Spain.
Sorry, I kept the message.
My lawyer's going to love it.
What, are you a pickpocket as well, now?
Look at you, you're shameless.
It's pathetic.
That's your fault.
Got all you need? Now get out.
Get the fuck out of here.
Here, I wrote you that letter.
I love you.
Suzanne, your money.
We're illegals. We'll never survive.
Don't say that.
There is always a way out.
No there isn't.
We'll get further in debt. Be realistic.
Look what our life's like.
We work for nothing. Bertha's child support
takes up all my cash.
And what about you? I can't stand it.
Look what you have to do.
I'm strong.
We live like dogs. We don't even get by.
We have to hold on until the divorce.
Stop dreaming! Stop!
You'll get nothing. You know that.
With me you'll always have a shitty life.
I'm cursed.
Go back to your husband.
It's the best thing to do.
How can you say that?
Never, never, I'll never do that!
What is it?
David called. They're go to Berlin for Marion's birthday.
The house is empty for four days.
Yeah, and?
The paintings.
They're very valuable, worth a fortune.
If we sell them, we'll be fine.
You're going to burgle your own house?
I'm taking what is mine.
I should have thought of it before.
What are you talking about?
We're not doing that. It's too
risky, I don't want to go back to jail.
I've got the keys. There's no risk.
I'm not even going to talk about it.
I'll do it myself then. Alone.
Take that one. It was a present.
Are you taking your jewellery?
They belong to his family.
Leave them.
Wait, I'll be back.
I have all my stuff:
my iPod, my computer, everything.
And you?
Only my perfume is gone.
OK kids, Leave us alone. Go to your rooms.
Who looks in a cigar box
for jewellery? Only Suzanne.
Would you put your wife in prison?
It's not her, it's him.
He was in prison. He told her what to do.
There's no evidence, you can't prove it.
Do you think they took the paintings to decorate their hovel?
They're obviously going to fence them.
Hold on.
I can't rely on you.
Nonsense, but I'm Suzanne's friend
too. This is between you two.
I'll sue her, go to the cops!
Do what you have to.
Hello, Mrs. Vidal. It's been a while.
Always nice to see you.
Did you have anything in mind?
We have some beautiful African figurines.
I'll come back another time.
Goodbye, Mrs.... sir.
I can't. I'm scared.
I do not know where to go any more.
I'll see what I can do.
What did he say?
It's ok.
I spoke to mate of Remi's.
He's interested. I've...
It's so nice.
If we get 30,000 euros,
We could buy that ruined house.
It can't be very expensive.
We'll pay cash.
I'm off.
Shall I come with you?
Don't worry.
I'll be back in an hour.
You could get up to six years.
Dorothy, it's me again.
I really must see Remi.
Call me back.
What are you doing here?
Where is he?
What have you done?
Fortunately there are
honest people like Remi.
But it was me who did everything.
It was my idea.
It's nothing to do with him.
He's the one who fenced the goods.
I took what was mine.
Nothing else. I'll give you everything back.
He has already been to jail.
He will not see his daughter for a long time.
You have no right to do that! That's disgusting.
Don't do that!
How can you be in love with a guy like that?
He didn't even defend himself.
-You're lying.
He's a coward.
Stop it.
Tell me what to do.
I'll do anything you want.
Come back.
Come back and he'll be free.
Will you take me to dance class tomorrow?
-Yes, if you like.
Have you finished?
It was very nice.
Thank you.
Hold me.