Partisan (2015) Movie Script

- Do you mind if I sit for a moment?
- No.
Sorry to disturb.
I noticed that he had no
flowers beside her bed.
They are beautiful.
Alexander is clean and ready for the world.
How beautiful young man.
Beautiful Alexander.
Do not touch!
My beautiful birthday boy.
- Thanks for the cake, Mom.
- Of nothing.
- Go get dressed now.
- According.
Go down the tube.
Do it!
Well done.
Your attention, please.
11 years our
Alexander was born in a glorious afternoon.
The air was warm and full of possibilities.
And today, nothing has changed.
The sun came out and Alexander
is a beautiful boy.
Do not grow fast so.
Happy Birthday.
A yellow...
- One more, perhaps.
- A silver...
- I do not know...
- A silver, maybe.
I told you.
You would not have eaten that.
Gregori and I want to talk to you about something.
What? I was waiting for you.
Congratulations, honey.
We are happy for you.
Stay away.
Away from him.
Guys, your attention, please.
I mean... do we have more space?
We can always make more space.
What about the child?
When the nurse left us alone,
looked me straight in the eye...
... And began to tell me
always felt like a fish out of water.
And they put it on the cutting board.
That they left there, jumping
desperately for breath.
Screaming to the world:
"Why do not you just kill me?"
Well, I guess we can relax a bit
When she and the little
Leo feel better...
... Can decide whether or not to stay.
That was speaking.
Next Rocky Gate to
Foster St. in less than 6 months.
Gregori, I have not yet put
my goals on the board.
I know, because you're late.
Hey. The rules are rules.
So... now sees paste.
You might want some
exam answers, right?
- Yes
-. They are in the tray.
- Gregori?
- Yes
When crossing St. Bede, I'm
to the right or the left?
- Go left.
- Exactly.
I ended.
- How did it go?
- Very good.
19 good and bad?
A this is what I call
a disgrace.
Then we go to the extra question.
How do you describe someone who disobeys
... Down a tube instead of using the stairs
his father built him?
Try again.
You approach.
- Felix, can you help?
- A wild?
Wild? Maybe that's too harsh.
No. I was thinking more "unreliable".
Go to glue before they stick you on your toes
- Ready?
- Ready
Red. Purple.
- What?
- Are you Penelope?
- Yes. Why?
- I have something for your aunt.
Aunt? I have no niguna aunt.
What is that?
Dad, I do not know what happens.
Good work!
Are you progress, you know.
- How do you think you did?
- Mal
Come on. Only someone older
have that aim, you know.
Well, okay.
The approach went well...
... And I think the delivery was wrong this time
- But I stumbled a bit at the end.
- Okay, you did good, right?
Are you ready?
What !?
Excuse me, are you. Peter lapato?
Who are you?
To tell you honest, choosing the
star tonight was difficult.
There was much disobedience this week.
Thought I forgot that rules are important.
And they are rules, we will become
So finally I decided that...
As anyone deserved to have the honor of being star...
... Tonight we will share.
To be fair, Ariana
was close to doing.
Aside from an incident with a mother
Tuesday. It was a star.
He spent extra time in the garden.
Fulfilled its missions successfully.
is becoming one dedicated model.
Thank you, Ariana.
Now our other star
's another story...
Sometimes he likes to be noticed.
But his performance this week has been impressive
And he deserves to be rewarded.
It's a hardworking guy.
And it reminds us daily that is a
star with a heart that...
... Clear and strong beats.
In fact, the last two months,
has been our leader on the board.
Good work!
Please keep trying
Come on, Ariana!
Hey, sorry
get you out of the fun.
I could not sleep without...
... Fix this mystery.
Do you know what they are?
I found them outside, on the ground...
Just... I liked.
Yes... good. It's funny, right?
I like you've become curious
But that's the tricky part.
Some things look good.
When I was a boy...
... Like you.
The only memory of my mother
was a perfume bottle.
After his death,
was my favorite toy.
Always he claimed that was something different.
A cowboy. A soldier.
A doctor.
One day I learned something new that
If you use it with some matches...
... You can create a heinous and ruthless
Clearly I remember the feeling.
I stood there, confused, watching my hand
Wondering how something that smells so good...
... I could cause me so much pain.
I remember hearing the sirens.
What is closer and closer.
And you know that's what hurt me most
Who knew
those sirens did not come for me.
And that's the way of the world.
This is your danger.
But here you should not worry about those things.
If you want something you ask me
only and you will.
- Right?
- Yes
When was the last time
I said "I love you"?
- Why you know how much I love you, right?
- I love you too.
It is important that you appreciate what you have.
And to protect him.
Your beautiful mother and your brothers,
that go with me everywhere.
You'll have to look after them.
Be the older brother.
Your protector. And who wants to destroy
- Right?
- Yes, of course.
's Beautiful, Leo.
You must like that, honey.
- How do you feel?
- I'm fine. I've been sleeping a lot.
says it's important to listen to my body.
I have done and I managed to sleep.
But every time I fall asleep,
I have a very strange dream.
Can not remember what happened to Alexander.
I'm standing on a beautiful hill.
Is covered with a thick green grass
and much puppies.
When I look up, the hill
extends to infinity.
And then just the bass.
- Why not just go up?
- I do not know, only the low.
It's easier that way?
Yes, I suppose that's true.
Is easier.
One of the greatest pleasures of sowing in winter is
have time to plan it.
The garden is at its wet state.
By making it ideal
to rethink things.
While autumn leaves,
it takes its colors and...
... Leaves a leafless garden.
That is not necessary.
- What you said?
- That's not necessary.
Your garden has leaves.
Sorry, I do not understand.
Some vegetables and cabbage
can be harvested in the winter.
Well, yes, Leo. You are right.
But just so you know we are sowing here
... And only spoke to them to plant in winter
Without being very specific about
our small winter garden.
You're not planting peas.
's Right. We do not have any.
We pods, okay?
- Can we continue, please?
- The pods are mutated species.
You know what?
I think it was enough talk.
Now, let's...
Is it okay? So all continue digging...
Alexander, there. Over there.
Leo left alone to work on their projects.
The green is your favorite color?
Well, we'll put it with
that of everyone else.
As Andr
I have finished with your hook.
And maybe one day you'll have your own new backpack
What do you think?
I do not like backpacks.
So what do you like?
Feathers Tangier.
Feathers Tangier?
Do you like the feathers of Tangier?
What are they?
Are you more and do not know what they are?
Uncle Charlie! Uncle Charlie!
Uncle Charlie! Uncle Charlie!
My little professors.
My princess,
how you've grown!
Hey, I need more jewelry.
- Charming. What do you need?
- Braceletes, earrings...
Definitely gold. A brooch...
- How much are we talking about?
- Well, it has been somewhat slow.
Are simple but there are only three.
- Three?
- If.
Come on, Charlie. What am I supposed to do?
Keep children is not cheap, you know.
No, they are not.
Look at this, is good.
- It's simple.
- According.
- What about you? How are you?
- I survive.
David: a mission, 50 coins.
Nicholas None.
Alexander: 5 missions, 250 coins.
For our children, their light
Do not sleep.
Wait until I fall asleep.
Okay, honey.
- I want to sleep before.
- Okay
Mom, I have to go now.
- Come on.
- You already know the rules.
Wait, I'm almost done.
'll Get your goodbye hug.
Why? Why?
Look, okay.
No, it is not.
Sorry, ignore me.
get a little crazy women.
I'm fine.
Go, see or be late.
How much?
Pay the man.
- How much?
- 8.30
8.30, sir.
Your fingers are so slippery as my flat.
Being a good son to your mother.
If not mistaken,
it is not for you.
- Hello.
- Hey there.
How did it go?
- Did not it arrive?
- Yes
Do not you stop somewhere?
Go change, fast.
- Hello.
- Hey there.
What is it?
- I brought meat.
- You've done?
Why did you do it?
Did not I asked you to?
You were sad.
Well, now you break the legs and put it
Do you mind?
Do not worry, this does not hurt
has a hypnotic effect on him...
-... And it calms immediately.
- In this state no matter whether it is male.
- Do I read?
- Leo, what do you do?
Leo, what do you do?
We need your help now.
Ariana, you're in charge.
It was crazy.
It came out of nowhere.
Rosa tried but could not stop it.
Come on, Leo. Leo?
Do I read?
I'm going in.
It's okay?
Come on.
- Give me that. Do not you think it's dangerous?
- The becoming extinct!
No one wants to extinguish.
Just live your life chicken, Leo.
As you live a life of child
These chickens will eventually die and will swallow...
Leo! What do you do?
I'm sorry, Gregori.
I do not know what's wrong?
No one is allowed to talk or communicate with Leo
They should leave him alone.
With its chickens and...!
... His violence!
Chickens have a fun life.
What it is funny?
- Just born to die.
- C'mon darling...
All die.
What you do before that's what it matters.
How do I do something before them?
Well, you have no choice.
Just wait. I promise you.
Okay, what I have.
Is it a giraffe?
You leave me in suspense.
Well, I guess you can already see.
Sweetness is beautiful.
That's you. That's my brother.
And below, protecting.
Are you okay?
- Alexander?
- If?
You take care of the chickens while I'm gone?
Where are you going?
I'll go get some feathers of Tangier.
- When?
- Tomorrow morning.
Gregori found some under a tree.
We are going to investigate.
He said he will not take long.
Okay, I'll take care of the chickens.
Hey, why love
both chickens?
Because chickens are the closest relatives
Tyrannosaurus rex.
I do not want to be also extinguished.
Okay. I must go now.
Alexander? You need to get up.
Come on.
We must go down, fast.
I know it's early
what we wanted, but...
... We have not yet had the opportunity to talk
what happened to Leo.
Personally, I was a little confused.
I know that many have never seen
that anger and aggression. I'm really sorry.
Had much time
not face that kind of behavior.
Last night, I did not stop thinking about it.
While lying
I wondered how to help Leo to feel better.
To avoid another incident.
Then I thought that all hypotheses and ideas were useless
The best person to discuss it would be Leo...
... So
in the morning I went down to the cage.
I was there.
Shaking like a mouse.
Was so cold and begged
get out of there...
... To talk in,
where it was warm, you know.
He refused and said that nothing would remove
nobody there, ever.
I was obviously not thinking clearly
It was hard to leave it there but
realized I had no choice.
And this morning when Rosa went to look, he was gone.
Good. Now everybody...
... Let's not forget that...
... These are the acts of a child with mental problems
Rosa will go and get it.
All we can do is wait.
I hope you decide to return.
His mother checked into the tunnel...
Do you want more?
Come on.
Take more chicken, Alexander.
A growing boy needs more protein, you know.
It is great.
Your mother cooked to perfection.
Come on, Susanna, please. Give
Alexander slightly chicken.
Please sweetness. Eat chicken.
Just try a little.
Madito can eat the chicken, please!
- Come on, eat it.
- Please, dear, try it for myself.
Come on, eat it!
Gregori, maybe if we give...
Eat it!
Eat chicken!
Eat it!
Go to your room!
Go to your room!
It's called Tobias.
He born early this morning.
Ven. Come and meet your brother.
Hello, Tobias.
Every time you eat, burp and
it back to sleep.
You should never think of doing anything for himself.
I do not think. You know, he can feel everything.
Babies can feel
energy that we do not notice.
It is important not to have
negative energy around.
What kind of power do I have?
Let me see.
Have good energy.
and I would follow anywhere.
Now we took the air.
You bring to this.
- Gregori lie sometimes?
- Than?
That night when Leo
kept chickens.
Alexander, is enough!
I do not want to know about them.
They left.
No longer form part of our lives.
Mom, I think Gregori lies.
You do it very well.
Continues as bring a towel.
Well, you have a strong grip.
That's fine.
No one will catch if you are strong.
Do not worry.
I will teach things like that.
This is my job.
I am your protector.
Good morning, sleepyhead.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks Mom. Thank you, Tobias.
Gregori said to descend after breakfast.
According .
Why you not use your necklace?
I'm dumb.
Pegajozos No more kisses.
Good. You're growing, Mr. Alexander.
Do you have your gun?
Sometimes I worry...
Protect... that too, guys.
We take a joint decision...
... We would do anything to protect them from the evil
Thought we could give
a better life than we had.
One where they could defend themselves,
Relax, enjoy time together
But you will not be pleased when
Leo defended.
I see.
I will not speak of that.
It's too much for me.
If you do not eat chicken for that,
is good. I get it.
On the other hand, Leo
was a problem child.
Why fighting?
For nothing!
Do you want to fight for something worthy?
Add and ask Sylvia
by the scar on his thigh.
ask what Sofia by train never go away...
... Penelope or his younger brother
front of his house.
I'm glad you did not have to suffer the same
your mother and me.
Because here everything is fine.
're Safe.
What would you rather?
What hit you or you hit first?
Hitting first.
I like.
Hello. I can help?
- Are you Carl Telman.?
- Yes
Who are you?
Alexander? What about Alexander?
Do you have an aunt?
Yes, I have an aunt.
So what happens?
I have something for you. Her aunt.
Sorry. I do not understand.
- Is that blood?
- Yes
Well you should not whine
as a girl, mate.
Looks so real.
Where did you get it?
Then you rub it on the chest, so... Yeah.
And to finish it, you keep
double foot massage.
Yes. They take their
strong ankles, is not it?
What happened?
You're good?
- I'll get some bandages.
- Ruben, Tobias cares, right?
What happened?
- Okay.
- You're good?
Alexander, where are you?
Alexander, are you okay?
Bands to suit your knees
but you were gone.
So what happened?
Something went wrong?
Well, give me Tobias.
I'll take care of your knees.
So what you want to do...
on your birthday?
Anything you want?
According .
I want to do what I want tomorrow, too.
I'm sure I've made mistakes.
All we have done.
But you will grow
and I remember everything I taught you...
... And regret
everything you're thinking now.
And you'll see in hindsight and say
"Gregori was right. I had it."
Now, come on, give me Tobias.
Is very cold down here, please.
He can feel the bad energy.
Energy bad?
- Alexander
- A bad energy?
You may think you know something about life...
... What it is good or bad.
But you do not. You're just a kid.
A little boy.
The only reason you can use that weapon is
because I taught you.