Partner (2023) Movie Script

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Good morning, Doctor
Hi, Elisa
Doctor! Project DX is ready now
Yes, yes, I know.
The project name is Energy.
Main content of an invention is...
Knowledge transfer.
Connecting DNA of the deceased person...
Through a chemical DX...
If we transfer that to the living person...
the knowledge and...
the mannerism of the deceased
person can be recreated.
Attempt Number 76...
is ready for testing, Doctor...
Chemical Dx.
Elisa, note this.
We'll mix the chemical DX
which we researched with the
Cat DNA...
and will give this to Dog.
This feline nature...
will come to the dog.
This is this Year's research.
What, Man?
Why did you come?
I came to give coffee, Sir.
If this research becomes successful...
People like Kamarajar, Einstein,
Newton, Abdul Kalam...
Can we recreate positive talents of
these goodwill people, doctor?
Why not...
Definitely we can.
Then why did Government ban this project?
In this project, how we
can bring good ones...
likewise we can bring
efficient bad ones too...
For instance,
Bin Laden, Hitler, Idi Amin etc
Oh no...
Project completed, Doctor
Come on.
Elisa, copy everything and
put them in chip.
Okay, Doctor.
I'm gonna use this on human.
All my invention-formulas are...
in this chip only...
It's very very important.
Don't think that he is big scientist like
doctor Vaseegaran by seeing what he is doing.
He is his assistant.
He became something by getting
knock on his head by chitti...
So Doctor Vaseegaran sent him back.
He often discovers
something like this...
Without sending for Government's approval,
he himself approves and keeps.
On the whole, he is a psycho who
lives as a scientist.
What, Brother. Will you
able to arrange the money?
Just now we've arrived...
Everything will go well
When you see this black vest and
unbuttoned shirt, you would've known
He's the hero.
His name is Sridhar.
He doesn't like to work
in his hometown.
He wanted to make progress
with his own business...
In business, he had a huge loss.
Without any other option...
He had come to Chennai to see his friend.
So, he is the hero.
but his bank balance is zero.
You know. it's zero?
Move away
- What happened bro...
- Everyone who comes to Chennai is zero
Wait, I will call you later.
He is the friend whom
our hero came in searching.
His name is Kalyan.
He decided to get married
after achieving his goals but...
Parents selected a bride for him...
So now in order to marry that girl
and take her to Maldives...
For honeymoon, he's saving money.
On the whole, he is the
corporate guy who went nuts
Hi, Sweetie pie...
Very important one! What's the matter?
Can you take a month off for me?
If I take a month off, will you and your
dad go begging for the food or what?
You won't sleep if you
didn't tease my family.
Your friend, that Sridhar...
Yes, pine tree...
He is just coming there.
He wanders demonically for money.
If you join him, you too will
wander the streets like a dog
Be careful.
Need to wander in the streets?
I came to pick him up.
See to it, dear.
From next week, the hard
times for you is going to begin.
Since you're with me,
then what is there for
me to worry about
the arrival of bad times
After saying so much, if
you went and join him....
Then love break up will happen. Hang up.
Even he's having another affair.
How did she know his full profile?
Is he worth for waiting?
I would have escaped if it
was told five minutes ago.
Hey dude.
Come, man.
Hey Devil doll.
Formal shirt and formal trouser!!!
Sunglasses...amazing, dude.
And so, I can come wearing
half piece to see you?
Not like that, Kalyanaraman.
Look here.
Not Kalyanaraman.
Only Kalyan. Say it.
Only Kalyan.
Why did you come now?
That's nothing, dude.
In native, we were both wandering
around unemployed together.
Now monthly one lakh.
You got a job in TCS.
I'm not jealous at all, man.
But my mother is...
annoying me by saying that Sister
Ponnamma's son is working in TCS.
Your entire family is jealous of you, man.
That's why...
I started an awesome business.
I made a shrimp farm.
Shrimp laid babies?
Only interest was doubled.
Please don't open up the flashback.
Look here, Uncle.
Don't talk too much.
Give back the principle
amount of 25 lakhs with interest.
Or else get your daughter married to.
Only asking her for getting married to
not for keeping her as a mistress.
You are lecher!!!
You want my Sister?
Hey Sridhar...
Hold him.
How dare you....
Come on, man. Will see...
To whom?
Be patient, man.
Be patient
Raising your hands when speaking...
In front of elders.
Are you a great man?
You don't have the capability
to pay back the money.
What you all deserve to
talk about dignity.
What did you say, man?
Stop, man.
I said stop.
What wrong is there in what he said?
I can take care of you
for being given birth to you.
But can't be responsible
for your debt.
Clear his debt if you
have honour, man.
You are raising your hands
away from it.
Then are you telling to get
younger sister married to him?
Any other option?
Man, deal with your problems afterwards.
I will print the wedding invitation and
send to you on 10th of the next month.
If you want, come and have
the feast and go.
Within 30 days, the
marriage will take place.
All of you come.
- Hey...
- Only non-veg meals.
Hey, I know how to proceed
my younger sister's marriage.
Within 30 days, I will throw
your money on your face, man.
Brother I'm here.
Don't worry.
It's your fault. It has come this far.
Why do I need to become victim
for the debt you have incurred?
Look here. I will die if I
need to run a family with him.
Hey! Don't speak like that.
Oh king,
I won't die that easily.
I will die only after
writing down your name.
Don't think that you can go to
Chennai and roam around happily.
If you don't come here with money,
Police will come there with corpse.
So you didn't come for
your younger sister's problem.
Because of your sister, you shouldn't
have any problems...
That's why you have come here.
For the mistake I did, my younger
sister should not become a victim, man.
Then do I need to die?
Why did u come now?
If I get a personal loan of 25 lakhs,
I will go to native in the next bus.
25 lakhs?
Yes, ma.
What, man? You are asking it as
if it was 10 rupees from the purse.
Man, you get a salary of one lakh rupee.
Won't they give a loan for 25 lakh rupees?
They won't give it all, man.
Don't lie.
Look here. My marriage
is in the month of January.
When asked for a loan
of 7 lakh rupees,
They beaten me by saying why
are you getting married?
What Kalyan? Are you getting married?
Feeling shy...
Who is the bride?
He won't leave, it seems.
Bride is Sengamalam, hometown.
She's our mason's daughter.
She's like a cotton mattress.
She's like a cotton mattress?
Everyone calls like that, man.
Everyone calls like that?
No, man.
They call sack face. Leave that.
Hey, what if whatever face it is?
Who will come and give us the girl?
My father arranges a girl
for marriage since I do IT job.
Your family doesn't tolerate this.
Take 500 rupees.
Buy a snack at Marina
beach, eat it and head to town.
You insulted our friendship!!!
Income 500!
- Hey!
- What?
I came to this place
believing you are there.
If you were in my
situation, would I have left?
Then you're keeping the
given money in the pocket.
If I hadn't taken you to the net
centre during the tenth standard,
would you have gotten this software job?
The whole town knows that
why you took me to the net centre.
Do you know how much did
my father and mother beat me?
Leave that, dude.
I can't go to town without 25 lakhs.
I will do anything for this.
Will you do anything?
I will do whatever I want.
Swear on you.
Chennai has developed
terribly in two years, right?
He is our psycho-scientist
Pradap's old student.
John Vijay.
While working with him,
He stole his chip without his knowledge...
And sold it in America.
Earned millions.
He has come to India
to do the same thing.
To steal his chip...
He would spend as much as he wanted...
And take as many lives as he wanted.
Well, what's the status
of our project?
I saw it with own my eyes, sir.
After testing it on animals,
He validated it.
Pradap is very happy, Sir.
The dog yells like a cat.
The cat yells like a dog.
50 crores project.
Last time I was involved.
This time, no one should
know that I'm involved.
You do one thing.
You arrange a team.
They should not be too smart or too stupid.
They should only listen to our words.
Like how the horse
tied to the bridle, obeys.
What's this, man?
So many girls?
They are not only here,
but also in liquor shop.
Hi Hansika.
Hi Kalyan.
Not even a granny in town
will respect you.
If I live, you don't like it.
Hi Kalyan.
Hi Asha, cigarette
pocket is visible. Hide it
Thank you.
Smoking in the office?
Yes, dude. It's NR company, man
All of them will always be tensed.
They smoke.
They drink. They go intoxicated
and beat their husbands.
They will throw grinding-stone on
their husbands' head to kill.
If asked, they will say feminism.
Now this is our society, dude.
Man, please get me a job
somehow in this office itself.
Oh...We will see.
Good morning, TL.
Didn't hear...
Good morning, TL.
Didn't hear.
Didn't hear...Didn't hear...
Didn't hear...Good morning, TL. Hello.
Didn't hear.
Didn't hear.
Good morning, TL.
Didn't hear.
Hi, Kalyan.
Hey take your hands off, man.
Hey go away, girl.
You've a day off today.
He dallies though he's a newcomer.
Go away...
What? He's standing outside as if
the one who didn't pay his school fees.
Why are you standing outside, man?
- Come on. Come, sit.
- May I come in?
- Thank you, man.
- Hey...
That's my chair.
Get up and go away man.
Sit in front of me.
Sorry, dude.
As soon as came, you sat in my chair.
AC is low...
What's that you're hanging
on? Get it down, man
What you've done,
you're sitting cross-legged?
Everyone is waiting for you.
Have you seen?
If I'm not here,
The work won't happen in
this company. Do you know?
12 inch, 4 inch
What, man?
Tools, man.
You said it's a project.
He's doing something with that box.
Oh, it got struck.
Shut up!
Everybody, clap...
Pan masala...What's this, man?
That's Kalyan!
What, man?
Is this stolen from Marwadi's house?
It's HR's project.
Not only that it's related to his dignity!
No matter what we do,
we can't protect his dignity.
Why did he keep this so long?
Didn't I tell you that the work
would be over, if Kalyan came.
Shut up.
Go for the lunch break.
Oops, looks like he did find out!
Remove your specs,
- Remove your specs, man.
- Okay, man...
Why, man?
You said it's TCS, IT service and all.
Man, still I say it's TCSS company only.
But not an IT company that you think of.
Then what?
Theft concession service.
Theft concession!!
Man, keep that down.
Come. I'll explain about my company.
- What?
- Come on, man.
For this theft job, you're hyping.
Man, everybody is watching.
Take your hand.
Look at there.
All are engineering students
who sold field land to study.
For that?
I've given job in each department to everyone
on the basis of their qualifications.
What is that, man?
Computer science.
Hardware work as well as software work.
They rob computer, laptop...
And can hack account...
They can rob foreign people's
money which is in ATM.
I've taught them all sort of theft works.
That's corporate theft!!
Yes. Hey...
Where is your father working, man?
He's in prison.
In prison?
He's the former employee.
What's this?
Stealing the bike, breaking the car door...
Taking out engine take place, this is
where all these works take place.
The silencer you saw there.
As soon as Thalapathy finished his fight
sequence in 'Kaththi' and kept it...
Our boy immediately
brought it here and dusting it off. See...
This is my job.
Electrical and communication.
That means TV, Mobile, AC, OC. All of them...
You've given job for all the engineering
departments in one place itself.
They studied such a great course
and doing this disgusting theft work.
If they have been given work outside,
why should they do this work, man.
You who do theft work, don't
comment. Go away, man.
If it's the case, no one in Tamil Nadu
make comments. Come on, man.
The next department to look at
is the most important department.
What is that?
Sales department.
Everything which is brought
here will be put up online.
Neem oil, tissue paper, cow urine...
The thing hanging around your
neck that is also our product.
Look, I've come from native believing you!
Did I ask you to come, man?
Hey man, come to town and I'll kill you.
This is me, dude.
In my life, every day,
every second will be like this.
HR is waiting for you.
Go tell him I'm coming.
Hey that cauldron is
calling me. Come let's go.
I'm not coming. Go, man.
In afternoon, after having lunch,
he will be like a sluggish hen.
In that time, I'll get you the job. Come.
Hey, I can't do this
theft job and all, dude
Vikravandi vaigundam.
HR of this company.
Despite doing the theft profession,
His devotion to the Super Powers and
that of to the profession are high.
Without asking Super Power,
he won't do anything.
Only after lighting the lamp, he
will send his staff to do the robbery.
What, Nathiya?
It's taking much time to unlock
a stolen laptop password?
You say, you're a computer engineer!
Even if you go to Iand write the coding!!
All of you go, go.
Get out. Go...go...
Hi, Kalyan, why are you late?
What did you do since you
came early? Go away, man
- Hey dude come on.
- I'm not coming. You go...
Go away.
Sir, good morning.
What's the time now?
Watch has stopped working.
Look here.
It's half past ten. Is it the
time to come to the office?
If it's the good office, I can
come at the proper time.
This is just the office of robbery
gang. What if it comes when?
I came by seeing the good time, sir
- Here hold this.
- Don't throw it down.
- It's very old. Use it with care
- Divine Ganesha...
It's not for showing to face, Sir.
Do you know how much money that Sait
has earned by keeping this bell with him?
Stop your nostalgia.
Just tell why did you call me, now?
There is friend named Agnikunju.
- Agnikunju!!!
- Yes.
He's minister.
He's coming with a big project...
If catch him like that...
Look there, he has arrived.
It's not a party office, man. IT office.
Fraternity, unity,
equality...Greetings, sir.
He's minister, Agnikunju.
From his name itself, you
must have known who he is.
You might have seen womanizer...
But the paper which has a
written word 'woman'...
should you not have seen a womanizer
who collects it and puts into his mouth.
- Come on, man.
- Come
I can't. Go.
I said come, man.
Come on...come on...
Look at sir...look at sir...
- How are you?
- I'm good.
You won't come without any purpose.
Yes, bro.
Don't ask donation for
your party, Bro. No business.
Bro, I didn't come for that, bro.
Brother has acted in
an important film, bro.
Congrats, bro
He acts well.
Well, everyone goes from cinema to politics
How do you do it in reverse order?
When will the film be released?
The film shouldn't be released.
That's why I came to you.
What are you saying, bro?
I've acted in A grade film.
No censor for it, man.
No need censor for this.
They will release as it is.
- Good news!!!
- Bro...
I had gone to meeting in Kutrallam to
strengthen the southern zone as it is weak.
A woman from the central
zone had come there
- I made her to be with me.
- Who is he, man?
Went for half an hour dating...
Assuming we're talking
something about alliance...
Someone from the northern
region came and took a video of it
He's asking for ten lakh rupees.
Ten lakh rupees isn't a
big matter at all for you.
Throw away the entire money in his face!!
Why you too, bro?
I agreed to give ten lakhs including GST.
Then what?
At present, I'm a minister.
There's a talk that I'll be Deputy
Chief minister in six months.
Deputy Chief minister?!!!
Yes, bro.
When I become Deputy Chief minister,
If he hinders and takes an extra print...
If I'm threatened by him daily that I'll be
overthrown, where will I go, bro?
Then I can't even become a councillor, bro.
It's so disgusting.
Yeah, man.
With the help of your boys
Do it without a trace, man.
What would they say it, man?
What would they say it in technical terms?
Hook or something?
Oh, you meant hack.
Yeah, that is it, man?
Except us, no one should know about this.
Not even the slightest
thing should leak out.
Is he a minister whom I voted for?
- Who is this boy?
- He is our...?
Well who is he?
You too don't know!!
Stay, that's nothing.
I will take care of it
That's nothing.
- Sir...
- Bro wait...
Tell who he is, man. He seems to cry.
Sir, he is my boyfriend
I mean he is my childhood friend, sir.
Newly appointed in our company.
New appointment!!!
Hey, Culprit
Look here.
Don't join me in this.
Hey do you want to stop your
younger sister's marriage or not?
For that?
- Then be quiet.
- Hey...
There's no HR interview!
There's no aptitude test!
At least, you should have done a group
discussion. Without anything, how is it?
Sir, he's Sagittarius, Scorpio star...
Aravana gotra.
Then, it's okay.
You don't have the IT look, man.
You are like a wanderer on the streets
looking for coconut oil to your head.
You gave an appointment to him!
I've seen your movie seven
times. You're so sensual.
Shall I make a copy?
Oops, everyone watched it!
They'll tease in detail.
Don't cry lamenting in the office, bro.
He's the one who is going to erase you.
Oh is it? Saviour!
Born lion for IT!
My treasure...
Please erase it off completely for me.
Okay, Sir. Let's get rid of it.
Shall we move?
Go, man.
I just asked you for a job.
You're telling me to steal for that.
- Don't I have...
- Nobility in native?
Hey, look here.
Don't speak disgustingly.
Then what, man?
- Are you an industrialist in town?
- No.
- You've mortgaged your younger sister
the loan you bought. - Sister!!!
Do you want 25 lakhs or not?
I want, man. But if told to steal?
Dude, which one doesn't have theft?
Take and have look at this,
man. See what's the price man.
But 650 they say.
This bottle costs 10 rupees
But they say 30 rupees.
Do you understand?
Now you're drinking... this original or duplicate?'re coughing!
If you go to hospital with this cough,
they would say that you're
tested corona positive
and pour ginger milk into your mouth by
saying they've found the undiscovered drug.
Because of that, there's no
food for many days, isn't it?
What do you say, guys?
- I drank ginger milk multiple times, bro.
- See he too drank.
Look here.
Doing it knowingly is not the only theft,
Doing so unknowingly is also theft.
Think about it...
Bro, what side dish do you want?
What, man? Does any new virus
arrive? You're wearing a mask.
I myself know that there's nothing.
My landlord is wandering in this side.
Fearing him, I'm wearing the mask.
Nowadays, the mask is of great help
to deal with the debtor. I leave, bro.
See, how tricky they're!
What are you doing man if you are
told to close the shop at 10'o clock?
Bar is full, Sir.
Within half an hour, we'll close it.
That's okay
Inspector asked for a case of
beer. Send it to him. What? Okay...
Get going once you finish
drinking, Okay?
What, sir?
How much you got?
7 rupees.
I'll be standing at the end of the street.
Come there. Next
collection is from you, man.
You saw, right?
The law and order is
also doing the same.
He's putting the sacred string.
You've opened my eyes.
I opened either your eyes or nose.
That's not a big deal.
Here after, we capture the main one.
Do you get it?
You, big face!
Tell, you Tamannaah face!
You're and all telling about the face.
It's wrong, man!
Face means dappu
Dappu means maalu...maal means thuttu...
Get a night and day and come.
"We run like a ghost in search of money"
"We search for ghee with butter in hand"
"We run like a ghost in search of money"
"We search for ghee with butter in hand"
"It's a mere paper"
"few go wandering for it"
"Given various names like thuttu, Maalu"
"Caught red-handed, bravo partner"
"Caught red-handed, bravo partner"
"No work will happen in town if no money"
"That big shots going in Audi car"
"No work will happen in town if no money"
"That big shots going in Audi car"
"Dappu, Maalu, Paisa
put your hands in nicely"
"Be mass! Live classy!"
"Dangerous place, look around always"
"I don't take, take your share"
"No work will happen in town if no money"
"That big shots going in Audi car"
Come on. Hold this key.
Go inside.
What, man? It's circling!
- Put it there. Put your hand on it.
- Man...
I'll start the bike outside
and give a miss call.
You run and come. Go...
Partner, come outside.
Let me come out later on
you come in first missed the most
important one here and went outside.
Still in the habit of fainting if
you see the knife is not gone?
Give, man. Give...
Feelings after doing everything!!!
It's not just the hard disc.
That film is this, right?
Thank you very much, man.
If you fell on feet like that
He'll give 10 or 12.
Man, can't you see it
from his crying, he'll give.
What? You're insulting your
brother just by saying 10 and 12.
I'll give you more than that.
Take that box, man.
18, 40 take one per person.
I'll transfer the amount
to Vikravandi's account.
He showed that he's a politician.
Whatever you need,
come and visit your brother.
If it's not high?
Come to grove.
Will have it hot.
Partner Swipe the card
"A decent IT guy who works in IT"
Yes. Okay.
"With this educated brain"
"I am going to do forgery work"
"Choose the man"
"steal the money with a plan"
"Will do the same even if it's Ambani"
"Choose the man"
"steal the money with a plan"
"Will do the same even if it's Ambani"
"Rich get richer dear, richer dear"
"Poor get poor dear, poor dear"
"Lala shop's Laddu but
that boondhi gets money"
"No work will happen in town if no money"
"That big shots going in Audi car"
"Multi-colour note, Gopinath's coat"
"You wear stylish, treat doubly"
"Dangerous place"
Do you think, I didn't know you stole a
huge sum of money from Sait's house?
From now on, it's
confiscation, wherever I see you.
"No work will happen
in town if no money"
"That big shots going
in Audi car"
"Caught red-handed, bravo partner"
"Caught red-handed, bravo partner"
I have spoken high about you
to uncle and have taken you by bail.
The work must be
completed perfectly.
It's a great place.
Yes, everything is
just great place.
Hey Annathanam
In jail, became dried fish, gave work to
my hand again and again.
My hands are gone dry, man.
People go to jail just for the
name sake,You must have seen
These three people go
to jail just for food alone.
Why are the three of
them are coming and going?
We ourselves don't know.
And you won't understand till the end.
Who is this glamorous guy?
Wearing the night suit and coming.
Who are these guys?
They are the ones who have taken
us out by bail.
What profession?
Blood donation.
Not for us but for others.
A thing has to done by you.
Then you have to look for a good priest
Why do you look for us?
A job has to be done by you.
How will the job get done without
telling what kind of a job is it?
Need to steal a chip.
Why do you need three of
us to pick up your own chip?
He's hitting while speaking.
Get my tab.
He is a scientist.
That chip...
It is in that house.
I don't know what or
how you people will do
But I want the chip.
That's very very important.
What, Sir?
Break into the store and steal the jewelry
extort money from commissioner's daughter
or cut the chain that lay
on the old woman's neck
or else sighting the aged aunty.
Like such we have been
doing our business with dignity.
What, Sir?
Five lakhs.
Five lakhs!!!!
Five lakhs bro...
It's been months together,
we haven't seen the money
Listen to what I say.
Don't make noise.
Slip away with five lakhs.
Let's take one lakh rupees per
person and settle down in ECR
Okay. Okay. Don't speak.
Don't speak.
Yes, temple-monkey! Look here.
Boys somewhat feel not okay with five lakhs
since they charge on hour basis.
He was our roommate in jail...
For that I will do it for you.
But next time for these silly jobs...
Ask these guys to duck out.
Brother, it's time to play with kids.
Go play.
Hey white babes
They look beautiful.
Will these people work properly?
Dude they may be crazy to look at but
they will finish the work perfectly, dude.
I'm Reshma.
Leave it. Sit down
- Hey...
- Hey...
Tea or coffee
No thanks.
If you are sending resume to my company,
Then you must be a talented guy...
Yeah. Definitely sir.
- Don't want.
- C, C++...
Python, Java. I'm strong in
all the programming languages.
He knew everything.
Having two years of experience in HCL.
Got three kilos of plastic?
Man I saw it on facebook, Man.
- Man, don't insult one MD while having
another MD beside you. -Plastic?
Just keep your mouth shut, Man.
Sir, who is he, Sir?
He is my assistant.
- And also my company partner.
- Oh! Okay, sir.
- Partner...
- He only tells like that.
Sir, this is my resume.
He reads well. Native Anglo-Indian.
Looks beautiful in the photo also.
What are you, dear?
This is what you said.
Didn't I say?
In English?
- Hey, hi...
- Hi, Priya.
Is interview in the coffee shop?
Okay. Okay.
All the best.
- Thank you, dear.
- Do well.
Your ointment...
That is appointment, you stupid.
Sir, she isn't come for
interview. She is a doctor.
Let it be, Reshma.
Let her sit in our office
from morning to evening.
Keep the hospital open after six and
torment someone. What, dear? Is it okay?
Shut up.
Shut up?
Are these guys interviewing you?
What, dear? No respect even for MD!!!
I received a call from my dad.
I have to leave urgently.
Actually, you...
One minute.
Don't you remember me?
ID no. M202526, height 5'6", weight 62...
Favourite food is Burma food...
Favourite place is Mahabalipuram...
Favourite actor is Thala AjithKumar.
How do you know all these stuffs?
I'm your husband.
Should have become husband.
Tamil Matrimony ID no. Is M202026.
My name is Sridhar and
my business is Shrimp farm
Shirmp farm?
Shouldn't have mentioned Shrimp farm?
Sorry, sorry. On that day I
gave a like to your profile.
I don't like that business.
I left that business.
Now everything has changed.
I'm into TCSS...Theft...
Are you working in IT field?
Yes, TL Team Leader.
Okay. Time's up. I will leave.
All the best.
All the best is for what?
Definitely, will get a good girl.
- That's what you are.
- Hello...
Did you finish the interview?
By thinking that this would be a real Icompany, she is speaking fluently.
That's why I'm giving
her homework to do
Okay what sort of an interview
did you take here?
Only love feelings, Dude.
What it is, dude? Love comes to you
at the first scene itself.
Let's take the chip and settle down.
Man, ironer.
Shall I iron my shirt and come?
Shall I slap you on your ears?
Does anyone iron their dress and
go for robbery at anywhere?
Need to be neat.
No need for this.
- Pun?
- I will punch you in the mouth, Stupid.
There is something here.
Samaa, the chip is just here.
Let's take that correctly and leave.
Very good, my boy.
- Let's go.
- Thank you
What, Man?
The bell is ringing.
Shall we beat the bell back?
That's an old joke.
Chip is just somewhere here, man.
It's the corner of wealth.
I'm going.
Go yourself.
It's the corner of Super Power.
You go.
There is no corner in this side.
Then let him go.
- Correct.
- Please, take me.
Don't shout.
Don't shout.
Hey, who are these guys?
How did they come into the lab?
- They are...
- Sir, sir, cool sir, cool sir.
Look at them, sir.
Look like they came
to steal the old bucket.
What will they do against you?
Don't speak anything, sir.
How much Vijayakanth's film,
I would have seen?
Here take this.
What is this, man?
What, Man?
A body is standing here.
Skeleton bro...Skeleton...
What, man?
It doesn't have anything.
Is this a home of scientist or
that of giving human sacrifice.
There are skulls everywhere.
What? It's slippery.
Samaa...Help me...
Come on, man...
Come on, man...
This room looks different, man.
Samaa, it appears that the chip is
just here, Samaa. What do you think?
Man, look here.
Every Saturday, they will conduct
a dance performance, it seems.
Look, it just keeps spinning.
Where would the chip be?
It will be here only.
Let's search.
- Hey...Hey...Careful.
- Yes yes
Turn it on.
What? Looks like drunk liquor and
flying in the air.
Man help me.
- Samaa...
- There's something in this house.
No, I didn't come here.
No...I don't want.
Help me. Help me, Samaa.
Run. Don't stop.
Let's go...go...
What, man? Ghost beats both
of us hard in the air.
But you are enthusiastically
celebrating the Hoil there.
Samathanam, Hoil?
I'm almost died.
In the room, only
corpses are there.
They have cut a person in half.
He intentionally sent us here.
We shouldn't be here
even for a minute.
- Let's run man...
- Man, let's hit
What happened?
Where is the chip, man?
Hey you, are you
all human being?
The three of us happily wandered around the
prison by having porridge thrice in a day.
You brought us here to
fetch you something
Trying to kill us by the ghost.
You might seen the ghost beating up...
Have you ever seen the ghost
painting like this?
Yes, he's such a great collector!!!
What happened?
By thinking that it is an easy job to
take the chip. We went there.
The ghost there has beaten up
us heavily and sent us.
If you look at them,
they are like those who steal the
sheep and sell them in the market.
Trusting them?
They don't know the difference
between the ghost's place and the lab.
Get the duck out of this place.
What? Do you want the fritter?
He tells us to go outside.
Where to go?
Why do we need to go outside?
We can't go. Look here.
We were in prison in peace.
But you brought us and left us in the
ghost's region. It has torn us into pieces.
Look here it's either life or death
You have to take care of us as a family.
Or else arrange the passport
and send us to Bangkok.
Or send us to jail.
- From now on, you've to nurture us.
- Yes.
It's like he brings up by beating.
50 crores worth project.
I should not involve myself directly
in this matter. That's why I told you.
But you with these
useless fellows...
Is this a mere game for you?
Ask them to get out.
They messed up something.
Keep them with us and use them
for any emergencies, Uncle.
Use for rage...
Don't use for urgency...
Go, man.
I've got the right girl.
You are the father of her baby.
Your pair fit is super.
I don't know where will I find her?
High risk!
Let's go in that side.
Does police come for raid?
He runs in haste.
What happened, dude?
You park the vehicle.
As soon as arrived?
Hey, do you think I am
like that glutton HR?
Mind your business.
That's it.
Will not let me be happy.
Yesterday, you dragged me down without even
seeing me as a team leader, where did you go?
Man, leave it.
Yesterday only, I saw
that girl downstairs, dude.
Partner...Partner...You are the
matchmaker for me and for that girl.
Shut up.
Don't speak without
understanding, partner.
Who am I?
You don't look like the one who
came to stop your sister's marriage.
It's like you will be the one
who will get married first.
Man what kind of habit
is this? Throw it down.
Hello, everybody...
Beat him with sandals.
No matter whatever we speak,
he always comes across, man.
Okay, leave him dude.
Man, there is no conversation
between you and me
- I came to speak with Bro
- Speak, man.
- Bro.
- Tell, Bro.
I've discovered something new.
- What is this, man?
- It's GPS tracker.
It shows location.
What a lie it is!
What is it?
Nothing, dude. They said, it's in all
the OLA, Uber. That's what I've said.
Oh that OLA...
What can we do with this tracker is...
Those who purchase gold for marriage
or those who withdraw a huge
amount of money from bank.
If you see, all these
people will come by car only.
If we set up this tracker in their cars,
If set it, driver will loot it...
What a invention, Bro!
- Man...
- Will prepare a plan and call you
Come on, partner.
What, dude?
Did they give for not wearing the mask?
- Well done, dude.
- Thank you, man.
See, in order to give a
better life to your sister
you go by every signals and sell chains.
I'm very proud of you,
my partner you are mass...
- Insane partner. Listen to what is said.
- Why?
That ambulance guy said that
that girl would be here at 8:30.
If we somehow managed to give
her this keychain which has GPS in it,
We can find out about her
whereabouts immediately.
I will follow her, impress her, love her...
get settled down, dude.
Asked him to come like a chain seller...
came like a Jain boy.
- Head...Undo your hair...
- Come with me for that
Wait dude will tear the trouser...
Leave it, man.
Look here. Just 30 seconds.
Will you somehow take this keychain
and sell it to that girl and come?
Okay, Brother.
Sell it, man. Sell it. Sell it
Buy a keychain, sister.
Man, boy is performing well.
- He is performing better than us.
- Sister, a keychain costs just 10 rupees.
It is coming out of your
mouth. I'm very happy, dude.
I just said including you, dear.
- Come. Shall we ask the crowd?
- My mother is one eye blind, Sister.
I feel sorry when seeing such people
in this world, dear.
Man, fall on feet, fall on feet...
- Sister, shall I fall on your feet?
- Hey, brother.
Don't fall on feet.
Come here.
- Who is that, man?
- Is he?
Dear brother, hold this.
Give that one, man.
Oops, he pulled off man.
- Why, dear? You have to buy something.
- Sir...
- I buy it with love. Keep it. I love you...
- I'll give Shinchan keychain for you.
I love you too, dear.
Sir, I'll give a good keychain.
Catch that.
Hey, is the keychain on the table?
- It's in her hip. They will kill us
- What to do, man?
Sir I will give you three, two or
even more offers instead of this, sir.
No no, my wife liked it very much.
Hey man, signal is on.
Move man
I told you to give it to that girl.
Snatched bro...
- My life is in that aunt's waist.
- Why did you give it, man?
Why are you lamenting, now? We
will go and catch them in next signal.
Come on, man. Come. Get on.
Start the bike.
Get on.
I'll go closer. Somehow you catch it.
- Okay. Okay. I will take care of it.
- Keychain, baby.
Go, man. Go...
Dear, people coming behind
us are following me, it seems.
Someone is doing the same
mistake that I did 20 years back.
His looks are wrong.
He is staring at my hip, dear.
Do you have something like that?
Oops, what dear?
Why is he going to look at your hip?
Just shut up and come.
- Partner, go...Go...Go...
- Take it...Take it...
Don't stop. Go on.
- Hey...
- Dear, he pinched my hip.
Stop it.
- Damn it. Hey Unkempt-head, I said stop.
- Brainless fellow he pinched my hip and moving on.
Even I don't touch my wife's
hip without her permission.
Dude, signal.
Get down...Get down...
Bro my payment.
- I will come and give.
- Ok, Brother
Dude, will she buy?
Four more signals are there.
She will buy it somehow.
- I will kill you.
- Look at there, man
Sister, my mother is one eye blind.
Hey I've seen you in the last signal.
Sister, I sell things in every signal.
Please buy one, Sister.
But how could you come
from that signal to this.
Sister, to buy a keychain worth 10 rupees
you are raising 10 questions.
If you didn't buy this now, you
will see me in the next signal.
Sister, only 10 seconds are left.
Please buy it, Sister.
Okay give.
He gave it...
Partner she bought it partner.
"Making me feel why I saw you"
"Without staying in my heart,
you're showering like a rain"
"Come on, night bird.
My heart can't bear it"
"In search of you, I never
closed my eyes"
"You beautifully poured like a flower rain"
"I got drenched myself
in that in memory of you"
"Making me feel why I saw you"
"Without staying in my heart,
you're showering like a rain"
"With eyes, you are
seeing in mirror like air"
"You're tying and dragging my life"
"You're changing me like a kite thread"
"You're kidnapping me along with wind"
"You're tying and dragging
down my heart in a peculiar way"
"You're getting me attracted
by thinking about you"
"Come on sweetheart,
Kill me with your beauty"
"There is nothing to utter,
you're pushing my heart away"
"She made me to ask
whether it is dream or real"
"She made my mind to cross its limit"
"You made me ask why you saw me"
"You made me write down
your name in my heart"
"You came to find night
bird, you got me struck"
"You made me to speak
about you by closing my eyes"
"Without knowing myself, I'm lost"
"To give my heart, I melted down"
"You're showering like a rain"
"You're showering like a rain"
You're showering like a rain
"You're showering like a rain"
You're showering like a rain
"You're showering like a rain"
You're showering like a rain
Hey, where is your boss?
Tell, Amudha.
What are you doing?
That...I arranged quarter
of the money, deaar.
Here, he gave quarter of
the wedding invitation.
I wrote the quarter letter.
If needed, shall I send whatever
written so far?
Look here...
Come on guys...
Arrange the money as soon as
possible, brother.
- Amudha...
- Hey man, Samathanam...
He's going, will you also go along?
- Will call you.
- Hello...
Our project will fall into the
hand of someone else, man?
Don't you know about brother?
- Have we ever missed the project we took?
- Will you arrange the money?
- Okay...
- We'll get it...
- I'll talk to you later.
- We ourselves can't take this project.
Why because, the ghost has
beaten you, nicely...
They're all small boys...
Sitting in the glass cage...
They do something...
Only if the ghost attacks them too,
will they adjust to us.
We plan and take five lakhs.
- Come on, man.
- 2.5 for you and 2.5 for me.
Hey man, what about me?
You're the one who is going to divide,man.
you've that responsibility.
What dividing?
Hey, don't I have a share in money?
Is this why you took me out of the prison?
Then, when will I learn the profession?
Hey, quarter-burnt eagle...
- First, you learn to speak and then
learn the business. -Hey...
Beetroot body...
Come here...
Who are these people?
They are your kith and kin. See...
Who are you?
How are you?
Man, to which temple are you
going to donate your hair?
Mundakanni Amman Temple.
That's my family deity, man.
Is it?
Here you go...
Let's tonsure together.
He looks like he watches film hidden
in the Parankimalai Jothi.
Say Hi to him!!!
Who are you, man?
Hey man...
Whether they put smoking card or
not, they put him in all the films.
What brother?
He's a very talented person.
Why did he become like this?
What joke, did he say,
you're falling and laughing.
- Hey, partner.
- What, dude?
They're planning something.
Come. Let's see.
Just talking with them for two
minutes is annoying me.
I'll go and talk with my lady-love.
- She'll be busy with someone.
- I won't come, man. They're mad, man.
Seeing his looks, he will ask
a lot, it seems.
We know all the details
about your company.
Have you searched
anything in Google?
We didn't search anywhere.
He speaks pompously!
Okay, tell me.
Coming to the point.
Come, Dad.
I'm also Sarpatta.
Be quiet, man.
There's an independent
villa in Boat club.
- It's an individual house.
- Hmm...
There's an old man in there, very aged one.
Lots of machines around him.
In the midst of all, there's a chip.
Chip means Ship, right?
How can ship be inside the house?
I need that.
20 lakhs...
- 20 lakhs!!!
- 20!!!
20 lakhs!
- 20 lakhs...
- Single payment.
Somehow I should do this alone and
take away all the money.
- Sir...
- Boss...
I did a Google search for the
address they said.
That house is haunted.
Big amount, big risk.
I said so then you take care of it.
What, Sridhar?
Talking about the ghost in this era?
- You believe in Super Power, right?
- Yeah.
Then you should firmly believe
in the ghost.
If there's a hero in the film,
there's a villain too.
Like it comes in the film
'Maragadha Naanayam'? Is it like that?
Aah that serious ghost.
We came after discussing well.
If you give a full detail about
your project,
10 to 15 days are enough, right?
...we'll contact you once we're done
with verification
I'm sorry.
I can't wait so long
- Do it tonight itself.
- Night?
Buffoon dress...
What will happen if u wait for
one more night?
- Who is this guy?
- Aah...this guy...
- I don't know who is he.
- Boss...boss...
He's telling to do it tonight itself.
Today is new moon day.
The ghost will have its full power.
We ate mutton biriyani.
Then your wish!
Ghost also likes it!
- Sir no sir...
- One payment, 30 lakhs.
Hey dude...
what is this, man? you are increasing
ten by ten!
What is there in that chip, man?
What, Dad? Aah...
It has nothing to do with you.
I completely don't understand what you say.
Shut the fly up!
Snail fry!!!
- Tell you'll talk to Super Power.
- Wait...wait...
Whatever it is, I always
ask my Super Power.
I'll ask and come.
You don't reduce the
payment, please.
They'll take up the project,
it seems. Hey...
Where are they going, man?
They will speak aloud saying that it's
a secret. You hear it.
Hey, red-coloured shirt...
Boss is talking for three hours by
holding his breath.
You're telling that you go to
Super Power, and all.
What is this, boss?
Order a delicious and hot fried rice.
Are you a human being or what?
Shall I make a call and ask Dad?
No balance.
Oh no!!!
He started praying.
He will definitely start believing us.
He has given permission.
- How is it?
- What He gave? Look at the lamp.
Oh, the lamps are off!
The lamp is also off. 10 t0 10:30 is
inauspicious time.
Did you see the shirt of the man
who is sitting there?
That colour isn't your lucky colour.
What to do now, man?
Is money important or life?
Life is important!
Very good
30 lakh rupees though?
Then die, man.
Speak with respect.
See...the hand trembles...
Bad time has arrived.
- Is it? -If you take this project,
you'll definitely die.
Tell, it's cancelled.
He's telling to take the life
for 30 lakh rupees!!!
Sir, what is Supreme Power saying is...
Since all of my workers are going onsite...
I can't do this project.
You have made a great decision, boss.
If your mind gets changed,
Call me.
I will make a master plan.
Why are you showing that man's photo now?
With the commission money he gives,
how can I stop my sister's marriage?
Look here. He said okay
to 30 lakh rupees.
If we negotiates more, he'll agree to
50 lakh rupees.
I can stop my sister's wedding too!
You can also go for honeymoon with Sengamalam
to places like Thailand, Australia...
Okay. Leave that, that's my problem.
What's your problem?
That's good. Go to this location and
make a deal.
- Okay come, let's go.
- How can I come, Partner?
I was the one who said no to the deal
in front of him!
- Then who will go?
- You only...
Partner, he said that he would give 30L to
our boss who has no face value.
For your face structure and the getup that
you're going to put up...
Not only 30L...
He'll write off his entire property, man.
That is your face value, partner!
Umbrella for him and for you and all?
Catch it, man.
What brings you here, man?
Which means?
He's asking what do you want.
I want 50 lakh rupees.
Give it quickly. Auto driver is waiting.
- Aah...
- Hey, gave a fruit worth 50 paise...
- Do you want 50 lakh rupees? are you mad?
- Hey...
I didn't ask it for the fruit, man.
50 lakhs is for the work that
I'm going to do.
I know the full details of the chip
you're looking for.
I know what its value is in
the market today.
I went to the house and did
all the services.
What service did you do?
- He would have done water service, man!
- Oh! Is it?
I know very well how to get that chip
I'll get it and give.
Boss, he's a good trickster, boss.
- No...-You're wasting your precious
time with him. -No...
He looks like a witch doll.
- No...-Take off his jerkin and kill him
drowning in the pond, boss.
- No...
- Look at his appearance!
- Hey get lost, man.
- You can leave now.
By the way, John...
- Boss, don't shake hands with
him. Insult him and send him away.
He's the great James Bond! He'll depart
only after shaking the hands.
Are you all keeping the fruit
inside the pocket?
Now see it, man
- Boss, boss, boss, the light inside is on, boss.
- Boss
He did something.
What did you do, man?
Hey, that's not a fruit!
I've fixed a small atom bomb in it.
I've connected all of them with wifi.
If you receive a single call from
your boss's phone,
They will all explode.
After explosion...
Shruthi Haasan will spread
out everywhere.
That's citric acid, man.
That's it, you wild cow.
If that's spread out,
you all will be...
You too have the fruit. He
did a magic with you.
Having two fruits! Boss, boss
don't take it, don't take it
Where are you dropping your
hands, man? Come here
Here is your phone.
Take it.
Of all the magic he did, this is
the best one, man.
I came to your place
and stole your phone.
Can't I take that small chip from
that house, John?
It's just a teaser, man!
Why did you take photo
in my boss's mobile?
I should not have any problems
in future. That's why...
Boss, he thinks with foresight.
I always have a straight vision, man.
He syncs with Thala.
You can celebrate birthday
party with these guys...
The project can't be done.
He's teasing us, bro.
Hey guys...
Will you shut up?
Go, get me the money.
How much, uncle?
Aah...50 lakhs.
What? He told to bring it!
Remain in this attitude
until taken away
I count it after going home.
- Hey...
- Hmm...Aah...
If the chip doesn't
arrive on time,...
I'll cut your two lemons
and make juice.
No need for that.
Because I also owned a juice shop.
Hey, will he do it, man?
He has dealt with you so long!
- No, no, he'll do, he'll do. He's big
in size. He'll do well. -Hey you...
I'll go like Arjun in 'Suriya Parvai'
Bro, Brother is calling you.
Tell him to come and see me in house.
Kalyan Gold 916!!!
Oh my gosh! Big mouth! Brother,
greetings brother.
What dear? You're walking in the road!
That's nothing, brother.
I've given the bike to fix puncture.
They would've fixed it.
- I'll pick up and leave, brother.
- I'll drop you. Get on...
Get on, man.
Brother's vehicle is on the road.
You aren't getting on.
Sit comfortably. Like this
comfortably. Brother...
In this getup...
You look like Hollywood
artist Willsmith.
You too look like
Ravi Mariya, brother!
Oh my...don't know what's
going to happen.'re not looking at me...
Talking something and looking at the bag
often. What's the matter?
I bought a BP pill for my uncle VTV Ganesh
and going, brother.
Who? For that hoarse mouth!
- Can't believe it!
- Brother, brother, brother...
Brother...25... 25
50 lakhs is inside. Am I right?
If caught by accused, they will only take
the bag and send you away.
But caught by these guys, they will
take the bag... well as kill and bury you in
the banana grove.
Brother, what? you're talking in
your mind voice?
- No mind voice, brother. I'm talking
directly to you. -I heard you.
Don't look at me so disgustingly.
You've done a great help
to me in my life.
As for me, suitcase will come to you from
me. I won't steal your suitcase.
Here, take it.
Brother, I'll tell one thing, now.
Do you know for what work I went
and came back?
I signed in a small contract.
Six bags like this are kept inside.
Look at me. Look, brother.
What brother?
Bindi is sticking in the seat!
- Whether you do good thing or not! Hey...
- It seems, She forgot to take it off.
Stop the vehicle.
Oops! is he!
From now on, it's confiscation,
wherever I see you.
If he sees, he'll snatch it away!
Hey man, Om Saravana...
What, man!
I've moved your promotion file to CM!
Then why did you come across
and stop the vehicle?
Sir, there's no siren
in the vehicle.
There's no party's flag too.
That's why we stopped, sir. -Oh...
- By election is coming!
- Yes...
That's why...An order from the
higher authorities
We are alert throughout the city.
They've told us to look after
the money distribution.
- Sir...sir...
- What, man?
A lentil merchant is having
50 thousand rupees, sir!
- What? 50 thousand rupees!
- Yes, sir.
Just for 50 thousand!
- Is there any documents?
- No documents, sir.
First, confiscate it.
- Tell him to come to court and talk
whatever it is. -Man...
Innocent, the lentil trader is...
Who is he, sir? Hiding his face by bag.
His face is just an average one.
That's why he is shy to show it.
Look at the question being asked. Go, man.
See over there. Go away, man. -Okay, sir.
As soon as you see police...
Why are you taking the bag and wandering
like a samosa guy does in theatre?
No, brother. I'm scared to see the police.
- Wherein, I'm terribly afraid to see him.
- Yeah...yeah...
- Brother...
- What, brother?
The fort has arrived as we're speaking.
The time has come for brother to
go into the fort.
- Speak at least a little for the people,
brother. -Okay, brother.
- Shall I get down, here?
- Of course, brother.
- If I get down, there's no safety for
money. -What're you thinking, man?
- Aah, brother...
The time has arrived to ask
a favour from you, brother.
This time!!!
Okay, man. Ask it fast. I'll do it quickly
Keep this bag with those six bags and
keep it as the seventh bag.
At 10 o'clock morning, I'll come,
ask and take it.
Is it called a help among our friendship.
Don't embarrass me.
- Is it a matter! -Keep it underneath,
brother. Don't open and look at it.
Brother, in the same way, brother...
You should give this bag, only when I
come and ask for it.
- Make a promise!
- Swear on brother. -Super.
Sir, that girl's blood samples
are in here, sir.
She's a North-Indian girl.
The accident happened at the place where
she came for tour and the brain was dead.
The DNA details of that girl and...
...anatomy details are in this pen drive.
Count it.
Okay, sir.
I gave such a buildup to you, man!
After doing everything...
Giving a pose like the statue of
Athi Varadar! Get up, man.
I have no choice but to give money
to that minister, partner.
But it's good that it happened
in a way, partner.
If money caught in the hands of police,
nothing would have been left.
For now, it's good that
the minister has money.
But, will he give money
as soon as we ask?
I told him to give it whenever
I come and ask, partner.
Definitely, he'll give.
Okay, partner.
First, we should make
a plan for that chip.
No...first go for two
round of liquor.
- And then we'll plan.
- You...
What? What?
- Okay will do.
- Bring the glass.
- Sir give it, sir.
- Hey
Go to this address.
- Buy Chemicals and medicine and come.
- Okay, sir.
Start the DX project, immediately.
Doctor, now itself?
Yes. Right now.
Initiating Project DX.
Doctor, What are you doing?
Elisa, Chemical DX is ready.
The DNA blood cells which I brought...
...belongs to that North-Indian girl.
Everything is matched perfectly
to my anatomy.
Okay, doctor.
But why?
I'm going to test this on myself first.
Only then, I can know that
the result works.
No, doctor. No.
It is very harmful.
I won't allow this.
It can endanger to your life!
Listen to my words!
It's very dangerous.
You are disturbing me.
This is my project, my dream.
Go to sleep mode.
Doctor, no...
Mind is disturbed.
Mind is disturbed.
Take a last peg before the success.
Come silently.
What, man? He took and kept
liver in the bottle.
All we need is chip. Just look for it.
Come on.
What? The dog's face looks like
a crushed tiffin box!
What a dog yells like a cat?
Hey, shut up.
Hey, partner.
Hey, partner.
Come, man. The era of destruction
has begun, man!
Dog is barking, partner.
What else will the dog do other than bark?
Partner, dog didn't bark like a dog
but sounds like a cat.
You are irritating a lot...
You didn't believe me! Now see...
Hey, bark once.
- What, partner? It became silent as soon as
it saw you. -Talking with unnecessarily about what, man!
Let's look for the chip. Come.
Go quietly.
Partner, did you see there?
They cut the human and put
inside the fish tank!
Partner, the science lab would
be like this only, partner.
- Is it Science to pluck the eye and kept it
out? -Okay...
Who is doing this work?
They say Waste after the man is dead
and gone into the soil...
...but sealed inside the bottle.
Why did they hang Bijili Ramesh here?
Hey man, do I look like that?
Don't say like that.
Won't he feel sorry?
Hey! What?
Have I come to shave?
Showing it by lifting.
Put down.
Is the brain yours?
You took it and put
it on the table!
Not sure where that chip is.
Let's see how much the water is there?
Who built the wall
across the stairs?
Now how can I climb up and open
the water to Tamil Nadu?
The reason for all these is partner.
Hey, partner...
Oops, the liver is spilled.
Who are they?
I think this is 'Ratsasan'
Christopher's house.
What, partner?
You opened the freeze and
drinking the liquor?
I'll take a tequila.
Have a salt?
Always thinking about the liquor!
Do you know what it is, man?
You're keeping your hand inside!
Don't know, sir.
You tell me.
Looks like there's an acid inside.
I think the scientist is up there.
What? He's going without
saying about this.
Let's take and keep this.
Hey, Kalyan...
I'll kill you, man.
- No, partner. They say...
- You're going overboard.
...You should not leave wife
and liquor behind!
Man, scientist!
Hey, he's a school boy, man.
His father bought him a dress
for the Pongal festival...
He's wearing and roaming inside.
You're scared by seeing that.
Who are you, man?
Look at his appearance, he's the scientist.
No doubt.
Thrash him up and ask where the chip is.
Let's take the chip and go.
No other way. Come, come, come on.
Let's make a scene.
Give the chip or else I'll tell this
to Janagaraj uncle
With whom?
Hey, tell him about us.
Hey, scientist...
We've come from far and wide.
Give the chip.
We'll go house.
- You're talking like a nuts!
- What?
What is this?
How dare you come into my lab?
No one can take my formula.
- Who are you guys?
- No, scientist!
Whatever it is, we can talk and settle.
Go out.
I said no, right?
He's threatening you with the sparklers...
- and you're afraid of it.
- Sparklers?
It's a machine which gives electric
shock if you touch it.
How does it gives electric shock, man?
- It'll give, now.
- Then do it.
Hey, partner.
It's locked, man. Come on, open it, man.
Come, man.
Hey, how does it get locked man?
Hey, I sat and it's locked, man!
Hey go there. Do something to
that machine. Go.
Are you going to put the clothes
in washing machine?
Pressing the button slowly. Press
it well man.
Press something, man.
Press red and black buttons down.
Why are you pulling the wire?
Press the button.
Oops, don't know which one did he pull out?
The alarm goes off.
Come, man!
What a noise!
The sound is tearing off my ears.
Come on, man.
It isn't stopping though I
press any buttons.
If you can't do...
Wake up the scientist by sprinkling
some water...
Bring him here, man.
Go, man.
- Aahh...mother...
- Shut your mouth up.
The problem is because you drank.
We came for the chip and got trapped.
It's opened, partner.
If it's opened, come man.
Sitting like a judge!
Something came out from this and
pricked in my neck, partner.
Because of this sound, someone will
come here, man! Come quickly, man.
Come, come. Let's run.
We'll look for chip later on. Come.
Take and let's play with it.
As desiring for the money...
We would have died, partner.
That goggled-eye man...
He was about to trap us in
such a big matter.
Where is he climbing up with his fingers?
- Tell me.
- What are you thinking?
I'm thinking about how can we get back
to the lab and get the chip, partner.
I think that you're wondering about how
you can sacrifice me.
Nothing like that, man.
You don't talk anything.
Let's talk about whatever it is
in the morning.
Do you know how scared I am?
Chest hurts.
Take the pain balm and apply it.
Pain balm!!!
- Asked to apply the balm?
- Apply it?
- I'll apply it.
- No need.
If your girl asks, will you not apply.
I won't see you face to face when you said
that you'll not apply the balm.
Good bye.
Who is this? Looks like
'Aranmanai' ghost.
Is Sundar.C behind?
Not at all.
It's me!
My beautiful face has gone and
the ugly face has come!
What will I do?
My bracelet has gone!
This t-shirt isn't this much big!
Trouser is unbuttoned!
Oops! I don't know
what I'm going to do.
My beautiful hair do is also missing!
Oh beautiful
voice has gone too!
-How beautiful and dark I was!
-Dear? Hey...
-Everything has turned white, man.
Who are you?
Dude, I'm Kalyan, man.
Kalyan? Dear?
Keep quiet, girl.
-Hey, what are you searching there?
-Hey who is this girl, man?
-You slept with me at night
-What did you do, man?
-How did you come up with this?
-How beautiful, I was.
How am I now?
You look good.
But I'm not that kind of guy.
You don't understand what I'm
coming to say.
Put undergarment here...
Put the t-shirt on to that girl,
Where did you go, man? -Hey...
Hey, Kalyan...
-Why are you banging the washroom
door, man? -Hey open the door, man.
Before the marriage itself?
It's tough to get a girl for your face...
In this, you get this hooker.
-Hey come out, man.
Are you a nuts?
It's locked outside.
You're banging the door.
I was sleeping with you at night.
Look man I became like this in the morning.
My hair style and all has gone, dude.
The dress is loosened, dude.
Holy shit!
-How will I explain and make him
understand? -Is she crazy?
Got it. Got it.
Yesterday, we went to steal at
the scientist's house...
Got into trouble and both of us ran away...
You came from hometown and
didn't you ask for 25 lakhs?
What else...what else...
Did I not make you join in TCSS? coffee shop...
Didn't you pick up a girl?
Didn't you brainwash me by saying,
go to honeymoon Shengamalam?
You are the one who made the whole plan.
Everything I said is true.'s true
How do you know all these?
Who sent you, girl?
Referring me as a girl?
I'm a man.
No matter how great don you are.
I will do anything for my friend.
What did you do to my friend, girl?
If you didn't tell, I'll stab you.
Don't show the knife, man. I'll faint.
Still in the habit of fainting when you
see the knife is not gone.
Hello, it's you...
Why did you tie me up now, man?
Who are you, girl?
Who sent you?
Where is my friend, Kalyan?
As soon as you showed the knife,
did I not faint?
Which woman does not faint as soon as
she sees the knife?
I kept saying...
Again and again, you're...
I will punch in the nose. -Hey...
You're a woman. If not, then that's it!
He keeps saying that I'm a woman.
Put the hand inside the pocket
and then you'll know.
I've been watching since you arrived.
Asking to put hand inside the pocket.
I'm not that kind of guy.
I already have a girl.
Put the hand inside that pant pocket which
is hanging there and you'll know.
Oh! that pant!
Do you understand now?
This is my friend's ball.
That's my ball.
It's stolen from the scientist's house.
I brought it to play in the room.
What? are you irritating me?
Not just spying on us...
...What? are you telling a story?
Crazy, where's my friend?
Is the needle injected on me by the
button you pressed, man?
Is this you?
Yeah, it's me.
Forgive me, partner.
I told you hooker and all.
How do I change now, man?
Let's do one thing.
We'll go to that scientist...
Telling what has happened...
By injecting some needle, we'll transform
you yourself again.
Injection again!
-Oh my gosh!
-One minute...
The house is put up for the rent.
Where is the one who was here, brother?
He did an awkward work, yesterday.
What did you do?
For the little rat, he vacated the house
and went, man.
He ran away!
-He has gone!
Do you know where is he now?
Tell me if you know.
He has already kept 200 rupees
in debt and gone
-I'm also looking for him.
My life is gone.
-He emptied everything and went.
-Hey man, stay.
-You thief.
-He's annoying.
Don't lament, Kalyan.
The guy who gave money is calling, man.
If I get caught in his hand,
...we're dead.
You spoke a lot.
He'll thrash us. Finished.
-Partner, switch off the phone.
-My life is gone, dude.
-Switch off the phone.
-why man?
Okay, okay. That's correct.
He's cutting the call off.
I guess he's deliberately cutting
the call off.
He hung up because he doesn't need you.
Look here.
For the money, we have...
We'll get the scientist greater than him...
We can transform you somehow.
Will I change?
I think so...
Let's see.
Partner, look here.
First we need to buy you ladies dress.
Then get the money from the minister.
And then we'll transform you.
Are you happy?
Happy! Happy!
Okay. Leave it.
-Tell the truth.
-'True tell'.
-Where is that Kalyan?
-'Where is the true?'
-He has stolen away the money from me.
I don't care about the money.
'What an English!'
But if you didn't give that chip,
I'll drop the bullet into the chip.'ll drop...
Look here.
You whether drop the bullet or drop
the thunder on head...
Do whatever you want.
When he came personally and
meet you without me,
I fired him on that day itself.
Don't you understand?
I fired him from the work here.
Now everyone get out of my company.
Staff are afraid!
No need for peace anymore.
Watch out, man. He's scared!
-Will smash...
If I come to know, it was done
by you two...
Your death is in my hand.
No. In my boss's hand.
After I die, you, red shirt, take me
in your hands and go.
Look how he's talking, man.
Boss, the reason for all this
is that thief.
If that thief gets caught in my hands,
I'll crush and throw him
like a chick, boss.
How much he talked, that ugly face!
Vikravandi Vaigundam!
You'll face troubles, man!
Keeping the ones who don't know
how to do a job,
-Look, I came to do a big work with them!
-Fortunately, I didn't get beatings since I talked.
Ask him to catch a chick!
Shut up and go
-How my dress is!
-It's super
-Hey shut your mouth up.
-It's torture...
-Why did you wear this dress?
-You dressed like a male.
You are a woman. Believe it first.
Go inside. Change the dress and come.
-I'll take it off. Now see dude.
-Ladies dress...
Now see...
Who is this?
Why are you here?
That too in ladies selection.
What are you doing here?
To give a surprise to you...
I came here to purchase something...
You gave a shock to me.
Are you telling the truth?
From your talk, it seems like I came
here with a girl...
You're talking like now I sent the girl to
trial room and standing here
-She believed me. Crazy girl!
-Don't tease, come.
Let's select a dress for me.
What is this?
He came with one girl.
Now, He's going with another girl.
It's difficult to get a girl.
But he has two.
I'll get you caught up...
I'll take her...
-And I'll go to Dubai
How is my dress? isn't it good?
She's calling you.
It's you only...
I'm asking you only, man.
-Whether the dress is good or not?
-Who is she?
You stay here.
Sridhar is your name, right?
She's calling you!
-Dude, it's Priya.
-It's the good opportunity.
-She'll kill me if she sees.
-Like that...
-Let's get her...
Hey, Is the dress good or not?
It's fully covered...
-You're flirtatious.
-But that was good.
Come...come...I'll skin you inside.
-I'll check it in the trial room.
-Trial room???
Of course. I should wear and check
it in the trial room only.
This...this dress will be perfect for you.'ll put it on once.
Don't I know what your dress size is, Baby?
Let's directly put this on the bill
Will you talk like that anymore?
-Okay. Time is up. I'll leave.
-Do it soon.
Bye, Priya.
See you...
Who is that?
Go and see.
Oops! It's these crazy people.
Oh my gosh!
Looks like they'll break it by knocking!
I'm coming...I'm coming.
Are you fine?
Where is he?
Dude, Get him.
Leave me.
What? What?
Daddy is entering!
Leave me, brother.
Brother, tell them to leave.
Saying that we'll take the formula chip...
Got 50 lakh rupees...
If you switch off the mobile,
Did you think that you can escape?
-What are you saying, brother?
I think he lost the ability to hear
an ear after being crushed.
Hey you lanky guy...
We're saying that your friend has
stolen 50 lakh rupees.
What, Annathadanam?
You're correct, Samathanam.
With you too?
He stole and went away with 10 lakhs which I saved for
my sister's marriage, that crazy fellow.
Who? Me?
I'm wondering how to do the marriage, from
whom I can get the loan, brother.
Are you acting?
Think well.
On that day, I was the one who told not
to take the project in the office.
Why am I going to act, brother?
Yes, bro.
You're beating him, leaving the one
who took the money.
This is bad, man.
Thank you, friend.
You West-Indian...
You're being with us knowing
all the matters?
Anyway, that guy and the bag will be here.
Or else...
-Search the house.
-Yes, boss.
What are you doing?
I'm searching.
What are you searching for?
We'll get whatever we search in Google.
-Will you search for my missing
undergarment? -Samathanam...
I'll thrash you. Go.
If this man sees me, he'll lean on me.
It's okay if that guy wasn't found out.
The bag should be found out.
He won't even leave the mannequin
in the cloth shop.
If he sees my skin tone...
-Oh my gosh! You're beautiful. Who are you?
-I will come myself. Okay.
-Okay. I'll give the money.
-Just give me the bag.
-Just give the bag and come.
-Brother no brother.
What does this have to do with you?
-Don't do anything to me.
Come my dear sister.
Follow what I do.
Go with a flow.
-Act like a woman.
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything
Who is this beauty?
Looks beautiful.
The trouser is torn out.
What? Did you do anything to her?
I didn't do anything.
You will rape with your eye itself.
How can I rape with eye?
How will the child be born when
I rape with eye?
How will I conduct your wedding now?
That cruel guy took the money and left.
If the money isn't available now,
-Both of us will drink poison and die.
Then can't I live happily?
-Can't I get married, brother?
-See it, sir.
I'll conduct...I'll conduct...Boss...
This fair woman has some trouble.
We'll help her by giving
5 lakh rupees, boss.
-I'll punch your face.
You help us somehow, sir.
-I've never touched the white woman. Come.
No, boss. I touched her with
the intention of helping.
An innocent child she is...
Couldn't get back 50 lakhs given? Out of
this, you need 5 lakhs!
I searched all over the house.
Other bags are there but the dog
(referring the man) isn't there.
You're here instead.
Did you search all over the house, sir?
If he is found, get my money and
give it to me, sir.
If you get him, bring him to me.
-Definitely sir.
-Okay sir.
-Okay we'll do it.
Bye, daddy.
It's Kalyan's voice!
That's the same guy's voice.
Don't know how my voice is back?
You too heard his voice, right?
It should have heard...
It should have heard...
When I who gave 10 lakhs, even heard it...
You gave 50 lakh rupees.
Can't you hear it?
-It should have heard...
Correct, friend.
Keep an eye on them.
He said to keep an eye on them.
Why one? I'll keep two eyes on them.
What, sister?
Do you need 'bye' that much now?
I thought of saying bye altogether.
That's also acceptable.
You ran rapidly inside when you saw them...
Don't you alert me?
I thought you would manage.
Oh is it?
How did you speak in your
same old voice all of a sudden?
One from this.
Throw it there.
Brother, do you need tea or coffee?
Wheat commodity from River Ganges...
Hey how long has it been since she arrived?
It's been half an hour, brother.
Has it been half an hour?
Hey, What's our party's principle?
Women's freedom. Women's rights.
Value women as Super Power.
-Send her soon.
-Okay, brother. Okay, brother.
Greetings, brother.
How are you, brother?
-No corruption at all.
-Great, brother.
What's the matter? You
came to see me.
Yesterday, my friend gave 50 lakh rupees.
-We came to take it.
Brother here...
-50 lakh rupees?
-Whose 50 lakhs?
That 50 lakh rupees given by
Kalyan, yesterday.
Where is Kalyan?
Kalyan went outstation
for an urgent work.
That's why he told us to get it.
The phone is switched off.
Yes brother.
Yes? Brother?
-'No brother', say only 'yes yes'
or 'yes, uncle'.
-See how he is behaving.
You don't get tensed.
Kalyan's money is safe with us.
But what brother said is,
You should give this bag, only when I
come and ask for it.
Make a promise!
I too agreed and made a promise.
Words and promise are important
for Agnikunju.
This Agnikunju won't go
against his promise.
My words went against me.
Won't you go against the promise
given in the election?
Don't ask that. They'll kill you.
That's hereditary habit.
Then, who is she?
She is Kalyan's sister.
Is she Kalyan's sister?
-We've the same personality.
That ugly man has a beautiful sister!
-What a combination!
-If you talk about my face,
I'll kill you.
Who? Who will kill?
Who? Who will kill?
-You're doing that to people.
-What is that?
You're doing good to people.
That's it. Good.
Brother took the hard disc for you.
Just finish a job for us.
I'll do anything for you.
Let me do what you want.
Oh my gosh! He is getting attracted.
I'll also be in his film, it seems.
-Words and promise are important
for Agnikunju. -Super!
Her approach was nice though.
I'm very strong about my policy.
You can go now.
No brother. We need some money urgently...
I said I'll give the money to Kalyan.
Don't you understand?
-I get very angry when she gets angry.
Why don't you give the money
and send them off?
Is it the money that we don't have?
I can earn that money with
the half of my signature.
Have you seen her?
She's shining like a coral reef!
Don't I have to make use of it?
Yes brother.
If the money is given right away,
she will disappear instantly.
That's why I put it on hold.
Only if it is kept in pending,
Coming and going will happen.
That's how the communication will start.
The relationship will happen
and then I'll...
What are you brother?
-Still don't you understand?
When she holds your hand and tells you
that she will do anything for you...
Still you don't understand!
The hands clasped together.
-Finish immediately once liked
-Okay. Super.
We'll give.
Brother one minute.
-Come here.
Sir said he would give the money.
-Then come and We'll take it.
-Don't rush.
You have done good works, it seems.
-But a small obligation.
If you go and relax by having
tea and smoke,
Sir will be with her...
He'll discuss with her and send her
What are you thinking of?
You want money or not.
-I want...
-Then send her.
-Sir,she is ready.
-What does he say?
They said they would give money.
-Super dude.
-But there's a condition.
They said they would give the money
only to the family.
-Then you're his sister.
-That's correct.
-You only...
-Alright, I'll go and get it
Today is first night for Kalyan.
The name itself is Agnikunju.
What is he going to do?
What? He's sweating like anything.
What, brother? Is your
close-discussion over?
It's not a discussion. It's a combat.
She beat the crap out of me.
-Did she beat you?
She's shining only in her appearance...
Skin is rough.
Voice is hoarse.
She looks like a man on the whole.
She looks like the black buffalo,
has been whitewashed up.
Whether I win the election or not.
I'll finish her.
I didn't even finish a smoke.
He has come soon.
Is the minister weak in this sort of work?
It's enough if I get the money. Dude...
Where is the bag?
Where the bag is!!!
-You're asking where the bag is.
What? You sent me inside
after knowing everything.
Swear on you.
I promise.
Send Kalyan's sister and I'll give
the money, he said.
What is there for me to do in
the home without respect
So I came for a smoke.
He made me a liaison.
When would we get the money?
When would we catch the scientist?
-Your dear one can't bear it.
-Don't get too emotional.
Come. We'll plan some other thing.
Get on.
I should receive the money
somehow from the minister.
What? Romance?
-When did you come from the town?
He forgot. He's caressing her.
With getting married in one week,
can come this far!
-How can I manage this?
-How beautiful, you're!
-As it is...
-Who is she? Giving a kiss and all.
-I'm Kalya...
Kalyani. She is the one whom I'm
going to marry.
Kalyan has told a lot about you to her.
That's why She is showing her love to you.
She is Sait girl
Very expressive.
Brother, where's he?
He should have come before a week itself.
Still he didn't come.
He didn't even make a single call to me.
I came modern.
Look here.
I brought the cloth to stitch
a coat suit for him, brother.
-Is it a good brand?
-It's Raymond.
-You're getting too emotional.
-Where is he, brother?
I can't be there without
seeing him, brother.
No, dear Sengu. Why are you crying?
-He'll come...
-Don't touch and talk. She is my beloved.
Look here.
The moment, you arrived...
He'd got an onsite work abroad.
He'll come back. Don't worry.
Wondering why has his phone been
turned off for more than four days?
I came here in such a hurry.
He happily went abroad!
That too without me.
Though he's not good looking...
He's working in TCSS...
I agreed that If I married him,
he would take me abroad.
If not, what's the point of marrying him?
Look here, brother.
The person who studied with me is
working in the post office.
-It's a central government job.
-You don't get tensed.
-Now and then, he writes a letter to me.
I'll accept him and get going.
If he calls you, tell him, brother.
-It's not like that.
-Whether the work is important or me?
-He has gone for you only.
-Of course.
-What's the meaning of your talk?
Don't get tensed.
Don't make decision in haste.
Look at the work of taking passport.
We'll together go for honeymoon to Bali.
Don't make confusion.
Referring to both of you.
She's expressive, know.
It's that.
You don't worry.
He'll be back within two days.
Don't accept anything.
-Oh my gosh!
-Brother water please.
Go. Get her some water. Quick.
Baby is getting excited.
Take diversion. No?
Listen here, They're all fraud.
You're gorgeous. They may
even sell you out.
Be careful, sister.
I'll take care of it.
-Then I take a leave.
You inform brother.
Don't go to post-office.
You scientist...
You played in my life!
She will not go to postman, man.
Drink, drink, drink,Kalyan.
Drink, drink.
Wrong Spot...
What to do, man?
Dude, pour the liquor.
-Not enough, man.
Drink at once...
We'll loot the money...
and finish the job.
Till then be patient for a while.
What is it?
Need to tolerate for few days?
Be a woman for a day...
then you'll know
My pain.
How many rubbings,
how many caressing,
how many letters,
how many warnings,
how many disturbances,
how many teasings,
how many looks,
Oh my gosh!
The gaze that everyone has is
-It takes a lot of courage to live as a woman, dude.
-It's a wonderful social message, dude.
Salute to the ladies!
Salute to the women!
Salute to the girls! Everyone!
What, dude?
Have you changed completely?
Yes, dude.
Back then, when I saw a girl,
I would feel weird.
I feel weird when I look at myself.
Now I feel weird.
-What is that?
One more thing...
Look here.
Price is higher than gold
You can't see a single girl
here without these things.
(Singing a song)
For the speed at which Sengamalam
had gone...
She would have given birth to
a baby to postman by this time
But he's been thinking of her.
My Priya is the best.
Who is that?
I'm coming.
Why are you knocking
for so many times...?
What a...
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
Who is she?
This is Kalyan
She would not believe it though.
Staying with me all the
day saying that you love me,
but staying with another
girl in the room at night?
Was she the one who was
in the cloth shop that day?
She is but...
-You saw me and pretended to know nothing
-She is not
It's not she, he.
I'm talking like crazy, right?
Get up, you bloody.
Dude manage it.
Hi sister.
Dress is super.
Where did you get it?
Romancing at morning itself.
I told you to help.
I did romance at night itself.
That's different...
Since your life became like
this, don't play with my life, dude.
Oh! Dear???
Are you cooing her
in front of me?
You're keeping
her with you.
Then why did you love me?
I believed you so much.
I thought you're my everything but you...
-How can I make her understand?
Sister, why are you
fighting with dude?
At night I had liquor,
I'm having hangover.
Get inside and make
some lemon tea.
After drinking it,
we'll solve the problem.
-Who is sister to whom?
-Listen to me.
-Drunken woman.
You're the one who runs a family
with another woman's lover.
-You shouldn't drink lemon tea.
-You should drink poison. Go and die
-It's not like what are you thinking of.
Who is the problem, dude?
I'm the problem
Is it?
Get out first.
You're behaving like this!
Hey, this is my house.
Oh, then you're not with him?
he's with you, right?
Yes, you're right.
You're the new comer.
He and I have been in
contact for many years.
You bloody cheat!
-Priya, listen to me Priya.
-Do you look like a woman?
-Roaming around with shirt and loincloth.
-Priya. Hey shut your mouth for a while.
-Where did you get her?
You cat-face!
-Priya, listen to me.
-Hey leave me.
-I just told I'm a rowdy.
Why did you do this?
Basically I am a boxer.
-Hey leave me.
You beat me for this
kind of a girl.
When did I beat you?
Whatever, keep this drunken
woman and run a family.
Don't say that, Priya.
-If you come behind me from now on...
You will lose your honour.
Don't look at me anymore.
Priya, in angry, you'll
look like Jaangri.
-Sorry, partner.
-Oh my gosh! I didn't wear trouser,
partner. -Insane!
Control yourself. Don't be angry.
What to do?
First find the way to get the money.
There is no other way. We're
going to minister's house tonight,
steal the money and escape from there.
Stop in that shop.
Let's have a tea and a smoke.
Give me two teas.
Boss, they are standing at tea shop.
Is she drinking milk?
I guess she'll drink tea.
Still the money isn't paid.
Should I come and pay?
No, you will delay. Shall I pay?
Darn it!
Sorry, boss.
Dude don't look there immediately.
The people who gave 50 lakhs are...
...Standing behind there.
See through the mirror.
Crazy people...
- What are they doing here?
- Bloody buggers...
- Look here.
- What?
Undoubtedly just get on and sit back.
I tell you
Brother cancel the tea.
Bro, they're going bro.
Don't shout. They don't know
that we are standing here.
- Go. Go.
- Samathanam
The vehicle is low on diesel.
It's very important! Go.
They're coming behind.
Oh my gosh! He's taking
away my white beauty.
He's capable of doing it.
Then you cannot do it too.
Go. Go.
Be quiet.
Go. Go.
Crazy guy, he put indicator
on the right and goes to the left.
He's going correctly, you idiot.
We should go to the left.
- Stop the vehicle...Come back.
- Hey stop it.
There is no diesel in the vehicle.
First of all, it's not a
vehicle at all. Get down.
See if any vehicle is coming.
- (Singing some song)
- Oh my gosh! Disgusting!
Hey, chase that vehicle fast.
Catch that vehicle or else I'll stab
you in the back. -Hey ride it.
How many times do I need to say?
Gently press the clutch.
Gently put the accelerator. Be gentle.
Put the clutch gently! Put the
accelerator gently! What's this?
Dude L board dude...
Inside here's old ones.
Outside there's L board.
Why did you bring me here?
Before those three madmen come here, we
should manage to get inside. Come on.
Come fast.
Oh my gosh!
- Partner's partner
- I'm over, today.
Alright then. I'll get going.
- You take care of it.
- She's going to reproach violently!
- Priya.
- Excuse me ticket where please.
She's not a woman. That is Kalyan.
Stop it.
You did enough.
You didn't give me any chance.
- Priya, please. Priya that woman isn't
woman at all. -Move.
Oh my gosh!
"Oh my dear lady,
the sky is on fire"
"This Ellora, came here"
"The butterflies in everyone's heart"
"Look at the colourful lights,
glaring the eyes"
"One, two, three round"
"Going beyond the limit"
"Even Tamil as Tanglish, the woman speaks"
"Shake hand in hand"
"Repeat, repeat, put it repeat"
"Flee, flee, I don't flee away"
"Repeat, repeat, put it repeat"
"A worn out from the new,
I'm that currency note"
"I'm the china bazaar
doll who wore a salwar"
"She is the crimson red single woman"
"Listen dude Everything I say, is true"
"Embrace the palm, benefit for you"
"A mustacheless man"
"I turned out to be"
"As time passes by, always"
"I will be the dream in your eyes"
"Turn on the beats"
"Sing with beats! Dance with beats"
"For you and me, the same beat"
"Turn on the beats! Sing with beats"
"Day and night"
"For me and you, the same beat"
"I'm like the mackerel
who slips away from hands"
"Many foldings in my hips"
"Touch it, I'll finish you off"
"Don't dance you hornless deer"
"There's no cat that doesn't drink milk"
"There's no man who
isn't enchanted by beauty"
"The bee celebrating the flower"
"No one here is the sage"
"Turn on the beats"
"Sing with beats! Dance with beats"
"For you and me, the same beat"
"Turn on the beats! Sing with beats"
"Day and night"
"For me and you, the same beat"
"Oh my dear lady, the sky is on fire"
"This Ellora, came here"
"The butterflies in everyone's heart"
"Repeat, repeat, put it repeat"
"Flee, flee, I don't flee away"
"Repeat, repeat, put it repeat"
"A worn out from the new,
I'm that currency note"
Didn't I already say...
that they've something
to do with his house?
Brother and sister would have gone
to talk about some marriage alliance.
Will anyone go with sister at
midnight that too into that bush?
Yes. Why does he take her into the bush?
Rope in the hand.
Definitely suicide.
No, no.
When I'm here, why
does she commit suicide?
I told her that I would help
her to get married.
Why are you helping,
marry her instead.
This is the name for the grid.
It's red in colour.
You forgot to put this grid.
- Brother is sharp.
- Thank you.
Shall we play Ludo and go
in the morning?
Just the sake of getting
inside only, I'm making a plan.
Why are you bothering so much for it?
See how I'm going now.
He was in Kuttralam.
Now only he's climbing up correctly
Oh my gosh! I'm stuck, Samathanam.
I help you.
What is this? Both of
them climbed so easily and fast.
What if tree gets twisted
when I climb up?
Hold it.
Come. come.
Come. come.
said this cupboard only.
Inside this?
It'll only open if you
put a fingerprint on it.
Is it? Partner. What to do now?
I tell you an idea.
Come and I tell you.
The clan profession, I learned thirty years
ago. It's going to help me now.
What? A big mountain is moving and coming.
See it, sir. He's going to
walk on the rope to feed.
See whether the habit goes away.
That's Samathanam, Dude
Concentrate on tree.
You culprit...
Oh my God!
A wife as well as a consort?
Need a cello tape to get his finger print?
Cello tape
Turn him around on that side.
Whichever side he turns
he will be happy, right?
- Hey, turn around.
- Be careful.
What? He is having feeding bottle
in his mouth!
Hold it.
- In our ruling period, only to those below
the poverty line people...-Constrict him.
What did you do?
Let's try once again
- In our ruling period, for women jeans and t-shirt
will given...-Compress him dude -Compress Partner
- It looks like he'll wake them up
by his oration.
The money is all gone.
- What to do now?
- It's over partner.
- Leave it.
- Dude...
I'll look if there is a powder.
- What? Powder?
- Search in that side.
Is he going to do makeup?
Hold it.
What to do with this?
You crazy, spill it.
Do I have to spill here?
Spill it on hip completely.
- Now I'm going to take the finger print.
- Look and do it carefully.
- Oh my gosh!
- He fell down.
See where he's imprinted his finger print.
What a brain you have!!
Get up.
Get up.
Oh no!
Open it...Open it...
Yes it's opened.
Open it dude
Take it.
Oh God!
- Oh my gosh!
- Keep it. Come.
Come quickly
- Partner.
- What?
As it happens to be so,
Can I take a ten lakhs
for my wedding expenses?
Hurry up and get it. I'll be outside
Whatever it is, speak
without opening your mouth.
When you open your
mouth, noise will come. Come.
Tell me Santhanam.
It is Samathanam.
That culprit, couldn't see him
Don't know what is going on inside?
Lift it up and see, it'll be visible.
Not here, man.
Come. Come here. Come
without making any noise.
Take this blanket.
And then put it on them.
Let's just lift them up and leave.
Take it off slowly.
What? It keeps on coming.
It's his loincloth? Sorry.
Come on. Sit down.
Someone will see us.
Oops! Bring it.
Oh my gosh! Where is he?
Did you see Kalyan? His hairstyle
has changed, he has changed.
He's not Kalyan. If you see
his face, it looks different.
However you see, his
face looks different only.
A meritorious woman,
If I had stayed there two more minutes,
I would have died.
How are you here?
Kalyan is the useless
fellow. He worked for me.
I've never even seen his sister's face.
Come on.
Unaware of it, this minister Agnikunju...
without even seeing that I'm his friend...
is torturing me by keeping me locked up.
Please somehow take me away
You'll healthy with your family.
- Take me.
- What? The new moon has come.
- Take the bag.
- Hey, take the bag and come.
Come on.
Did you take? Come.
Let's escape.
What? You said you'd take me
but left me and went
Constrict him somehow.
You got 50 lakh rupees by speaking.
Beat him up and hand over him to
our boss. At least we should get 5 lakhs.
(Singing a song)
Divine! thanks a lot.
Dude, open the bag.
Partner, you open it.
You worked hard for it. Open it.
Partner, you open it.
Open it, my dear.
Fine. Okay. Devotion to Guru! I'll open it.
50 lakhs.
What? Everything is just Agnikunju.
How, dude?
Hey, the conch is ringing, see.
Pick it up first. Pick it up.
There's only three more days
left for the marriage, brother.
Nuptial pole has put up
at the entrance, brother.
No, brother.
I know this marriage won't happen
Mother is sitting at the corner and crying.
When I see all this brother...
I'm in pain.
You know it very well brother...
- that I won't write down your name.
- I know.
Here no matter what happens...
I feel like that you should be here,
brother. Come brother.
I'll come, dear.
You've finished my life
for the sin I was with you.
Whose life are you going to finish next?
Your lover is calling.
Pick up the call.
Be happy.
I said speak.
Be happy.
Here hold this.
Are you mad?
I'm going to die.
Are we only going to live?
Let it go, let her die.
- Oh! Is that woman there only?
- Will you shut up?
Hey, in the letter first name is your name.
I've written including your name.
If I'm died, just don't think
that you can be happy.
Why did she write my name?
What did I do?
Whether I live as a man or as a woman,
I must live first.
I can't live in the jail.
Dude, ask her where she is.
Switched off!
What? Did she switch it off?
Let's go and catch her.
We've three more days for
this problem. So come on.
is it hostel?
Has Doctor Priya come?
Can you tell her to ring me if she comes.
She didn't come.
She didn't?
Oh my gosh!
Straight away go to the
hospital where she works.
You often get a pain in hip.
Stop it.
Back pain.
I'll go and come.
You're screaming differently. I
can't find for what you're screaming.
You smile nicely when doctor asks.
Shut your mouth up. I'm struggling
in the pain myself.
Something it is. It's headache for me.
On that day...
person who snatched away
the keychain from my hip,
he looks like him.
You keep saying whoever
you look at is like him.
Yes? He has an unkempt look?
- It's him only.
- Don't know where I kept my key.
Did it fall somewhere?
He's not the one who took the
key, he rode the bike.
Now he has come with a woman
Look at him.
Get him and beat him.
Hey you...
Who are you?
didn't you put your hands
on my wife's hip on that day?
- He is frightened when asked. Did you see?
- That GPS in her hip...
He's discussing.
Looks like he's going to apologise.
Don't apologise.
Priya's keychain has GPS, right?
I take care of it.
What do you want?
I don't talk with women.
You put your hand on my wife's
hip in the middle of the road that day.
Shall I put my hand on
your wife's hip today?
Place it wherever you want.
What? He's telling to place it on
Want to put your hand on hip?
Here keep...
Here keep...
Hip is so whitish!
Not one, keep two too.
She's saying to keep repeatedly.
I'll keep...
Come soon.
What, partner?
Priya's location has been found. Come.
Got the location? Super!
Thanks, dear.
I'm coming.
Dear, what happened?
This Key...
Partner it shows Guindy
Yes, Guindy.
Okay just follow as it is.
On top of Tirusulam hill.
Stop it. It shows here only partner.
Does it show here?
Shall we go there and look?
Looks like a suicide point partner.
It shows Priya is here.
What is she doing here?
Who? me?
Where are you all these days?
We are looking for you intensely.
Hey, partner.
Hey, look at who is this. Scientist!
Curly-hair head!
Look, how he's gazing?
Get up and see his face.
I was a handsome man.
You're the one who turned me into
a woman like this.
In two more days, I'll be married.
Turn me into a man somehow.
- Quick. Change me please.
- Hey dude...
Whose place is this, dude?
- He's disturbing.
- Where is Priya?
- Hey Scientist, what are you doing here?
- Hey...
- Priya?
- Wait.
Alright. Is she important now?
At first, tell him to transform
me into a man
For me, my Priya is important.
- What happened to my Priya?
- Hey, shut up...
- Don't ask that. Transform me first.
- Hey witch-doll, GPS was last shown there
It showed somewhere.
First do something to me.
Let's find my Priya first.
- What Priya?
- What? Are you telling me to wait? You wait?
- Scientist, change me.
- All that isn't possible.
- I want my Priya.
- Hey, What is it with you, if I tell him?
Hey, what is happening here?
- Hey what? Look here.
- Change me first.
Oh my gosh! Don't fight.
- I'm quiet because you're a woman.
- This fellow isn't changing me.
- I kept quite so far. Be quiet.
- Leave.
- Prepare tonic to change me first.
- Hey, leave it...
Leave it.
It's Priya's keychain.
Oh god!
Hey how come did you get this keychain?
It belongs to my daughter.
This is twist!
- Hey...-Wait
- Is this your daughter?
How did you know my daughter?
I spoke without respect.
- Forgive me, uncle.
- My daughter told about you.
Talk about your family stories later on.
First solve my problem.
Who is this girl?
Actually, what happened on that day is...
How is it possible?
This is not my research.
I tried to change that mentally.
How did it happen to change physically?
You don't worry at all.
First, sit there.
There are few tests to take.
So now I'm going to inject
you an injection.
Uncle, Priya's phone is not reachable.
Where would she have gone?
Why did you inject me now, uncle?
Anesthetic drug.
- Anesthetic drug?
- Grab him.
You lunatic, why did you do this?
Nothing. He will be unconscious
for five minutes.
After then he'll be up without
spraying water.
Hi white beauty...
My sweet girl baby.
Are you again?
Why did you come here?
- Somehow, they sniff and come back.
- I love you
Did you see?
How arrogant he is! He drank the liquor
and lying next to my girlfriend.
Hey Samathanam, there's no time
to steal the chip.
He's that scientist.
- Take him. He's the cause of all the
problems. -Scientist?
He looks like a one who stitches
a size blouse online.
- Is he scientist?
- Hey...
Is this Lilliput the cause of everything?
After doing everything...
Look how cool he is, put the straw in cold
drinks and drinking, baby boy.
It's pitiful when you look at the face.
In that too, isn't it a male-sin? Then
he'll be like that.
Look at how he looks, stealthy look. Come.
- I will not come.
- Come, I'll take you to Queen's Land.
- Come, Giant wheel is there. We'll play.
- Where are you?
What? The little insects in the lab,
seem to be very large.
- Just crush them.
- Hey...
Look well, it's scientist's last child.
Scientist's child?
He's like a Chinese's child. Is
he the mini Pondirajan?
In Baahubali, I put Kattappa getup.
I've become like this by this scientist.
For whom you put dupe?
For Kattappa.
Show it?
Hey Chhota Bheem of the Chola period!
Go that side.
- You put your hand on me!!
- Go.
Lift and throw him out.
- Wait, I'll bring my mom.
- Get lost, blackmagic toy. Go that side.
Kadaram Kondan...
What, my dear Meera?
Isn't is pitiful to look at me?
We've just found out the scientist.
Within that, you say you'll take him.
Leave him.
I'm going to take him and leave him first.
And then I'll come and pick you up.
We'll give birth to a dark baby like me
and a fair baby like you.
Listen to me. Uncle only calls you.
What? are you in rush?
He told us to come straight
away to Binny mill.
- Is it?
- If we go straight, we'll bump on the wall.
Okay. Come on. Let's go.
Hey, I have a lot of works to do.
This is my ambition.
Don't spoil my work.
- Don't spoil. -I have to complete my
project. -Come on.
Listen to me. Don't be adamant.
My dear, come on.
You've played with my life.
Oh my gosh! Sengamalam...
What to say in order to wake him up?
They are taking your uncle away.
- Get up.
- Uncle...
Uncle, Father-in-law?
- Get up.
- Uncle...
- Uncle...Uncle...
- Uncle?
- You see me first.
- Hey Kalyan, where is my uncle?
Without telling me where my Priya is,
you went away uncle.
Dude, first undo the knot.
She's disturbing. Where did they go?
Those lunatic people said that
they were going to Binny mill.
At dawn, this city will see
only brother's face.
Oh my gosh! Brother's wheat commodity!
(Phone is ringing)
What? He's calling at the time of
the rooster crowing.
Brother, that guy is taking your dear one,
Kalyani and going on the bike, brother.
What is it?
Is someone taking away my River
Ganges' wheat goods?
Hey you keep telling me where and
all he is going.
Okay, brother.
Keep me updated.
Take care that he doesn't do
anything to her.
- What? Om Saravanan is standing for
the collection. -Come. Stop it.
- Bad boy.
- Stop it.
- Sir...sir...
- Stop it.
- I didn't drink.
- What did you do?
Anyway, you'll ask me to blow.
Let it be.
In the early morning,
getting the girl on the bike...
Where are you going at overspeed?
- We both are lovers.
- What is it?
Knowing that we're going to get married.
Our uncle, rowdies are chasing
behind and going, sir.
What? You said they're chasing behind
but pointing the hand forward
It's not that sir. Those who chased
at front, went forward.
Those who are chasing at back,
are coming behind, sir.
Totally two teams, sir.
- Full and full, the gala wedding, sir.
- Yes.
- Need to tie the nuptial badge
within the auspicious time, sir. -Yes
Oh! you're talking very sentimentally.
- Alright! -Aah sir, no need of
wedding money envelope, sir.
- No problem.-Hello, you only have to give
me the money envelope.
pity, sir.
Here, keep this card.
Call me if you're in danger.
- Do note the number, partner.
- Sir, that girl's papers are correct. Shall I send her?
- Send her.
- Okay, sir.
That's Priya. He's caught.
If I say I'm going to die, you'll feel and
come behind I thought.
Oh my gosh! We're searching for you.
Have you gone to the extent
of marrying her?
No dear. It's not her.
I'll not die anymore.
She's not understanding!
I'll kill both of you.
Your dad is in big trouble.
We can only save him if we go.
Only then the problem can be solved.
Monster nail file.
Hey Sama...
By keeping this monster nail filer...
What are you going to do with my boss?
He is like a child.
See he doesn't even grow.
If you tickle him, he'll tell
where the chip is.
Milky face. If having decoction,
make a coffee and drink.
I don't know where he went. Look here.
Untie the knot in my hand.
I will bring him up myself.
I'm innocent, boss.
Hey Sama...Hey...
Just untie the knot in the hand.
If he doesn't close his mouth, I'll put
in your mouth, man.
- Idiots
- I'll bring him up. Believe me.
- Is it mouth or canal. It's so big.
- Tell me now...
Where is the chip?
You won't tell?
Johny Johny, yes papa.
Want a liquor, no papa.
At least tell me the formula papa.
I forgot the formula and all.
It is in the chip.
Then keep it in the mouth until
the chip arrives, papa.
Untie the rope.
Hey, let it all be.
Here is the way.
Who told you to break the wall and come?
Who will give the money?
Will your father pay?
It's enough if the climax has come,
you'll show heroism.
- Just to hype up the situation.
- That's why you knelt down. Is this needed?
- Shut up.
- Hey shut up.
I thought of abducting you myself.
You voluntarily came and entrapped.
- Where is your friend?
- He's by my side.
- What are you blabbering?
- Don't you understand?
Kalyan transformed into Kalyani.
Look here. If he has to transform
over again...
It can only be done by this scientist.
Oh! No...
Not only that. He's my uncle.
Look here.
The chip you are looking for, I will buy
and give not one but two.
Untie the knot.
- Boss he's lying. Punch in his mouth.
- I know how to get the chip from you.
For that, unnecessarily...
Don't tell a fabricated story that he
changed into a man and woman.
I don't know how to make him understand.
At least you tell.
He sent us without knowing what
was in that lab.
- What to tell him? Insane guy!
- Hey...
Lift and tie the net, man.
Are we going to beach, boss?
Yes, we'll go to beach and
play with ball, rascal.
- Hey listen to me.
- Lift it up.
Our Agnikunju.
He would even let the water
ignited by his sight.
Oops! He will kill by spraying spittle.
Boss, Agnikunju has come.
Hey shut up or I squeeze you.
Oh my gosh!
- Partner.
- Who made my dear one to kneel down?
- It's him.
- It's me.
Who is this guy? He looks like he
who stole Kabali's coat and wore.
Oh my gosh! They are teasing each other.
Do whatever you want to anyone.
But, my River ganges' wheat...
Why are you showing your undergarment.
Throw it down.
He's targeting you.
You leave my River Ganges' wheat goods.
50 lakh rupees for any goods taken.
- Brother tell me brother.
- In the vehicle...
Put 500 rupees bunch, bring 50 lakh
rupees in a big bag.
I will stay like this until the last.
- But only save me from him.
- Partner.
I will take care of him.
- 50 lakh rupees!
- Check it brother.
- It's that same bag?
- Our money.
Hey if it's correct, untie the knot.
Did you taste in between the gap?
- Taste?
- This is not my kind.
Have that fear in you.
That's my girl.
- Look at him.
- You crazy people...
- Respect is enough if you've it in your mind.
- Crazy. Didn't I say? Crazy guy.
- Dear, rosewood...
- Brother...
- You're so whitish in colour.
- Don't do it.
- Don't do. Hey tell him.
- Brother, as you think of marriage...
- Don't overdo it. -He's threatening me by
bringing his face closer. Tell him to go away.
- Don't...
- Brother listen to me. Brother she's a man.
- Hands up.
- A man?
I can't give up my girl for that.
I'll do anything for my girl.
Because I love her one-sidedly.
You too?
- Did the other side person know it?
- That's named one-side.
- Hey hands up
- Hey no, no, don't shoot me.
None of you know where that chip is.
My daughter secretly kept it
in the bike keychain.
- She herself doesn't know this.
- Is this it?
Partner, the chip as well as the scientist
both are important to us.
I'll take the chip. You take
care of the scientist.
Only if you transform, will
you get the money.
- Only if I get the money, I can stop
my sister's marriage. -Yes, partner.
- I'm going this side. Catch it. Take care.
- Give it.
Hands up. Partner, I'll take the scientist.
You take your girlfriend and
escape from here.
- Hey Agnikunju...Here it is...
- Hey don't leave...
"Partner partner What partner"
"Going going where Partner"
Just come with us.
"What partner"
Quick. Give the chip.
"You're the crime partner"
"Partner partner What partner"
"Going going where Partner"
"What partner"
"You're the crime partner"
I'll not let you go.
What? One minute, come...
- Is this your mouth?
- Then is it a canal?
"Hey partner"
- When did Kalyan transform into Kalyani?
- All those things, only your dad knows.
"You're the partner"
"You're the crime partner"
If we see a place, we will not go
without staying for two days.
- If you give for lease for a day...
- For lease?
Go away, you crazy. It'll become a case.
- To whom you're talking about the lease.
- I fell at your feet?
- Lease is okay. I gave agreement to Aadhi.
- Who is that?
The one who is fighting like a hero.
That's him
- Sir...
- What's your problem?
That big fellow sent me to you to make
an agreement to that place, boss.
- Agreement to which place.
- Don't speak as if you don't, boss.
Kalyani is our agreement.
There's no use of that place for you.
Don't you understand?
I'll turn that place into
a useful one, boss.
I'll give my life for her, boss.
- Will you give a life?
- Yes, boss.
- Will you give a life?
- Yes, boss. I'll come tomorrow, boss.
- I've mistaken you. I love you.
- One minute.
Is it time to say love?
Look here. There's a phone and
a visiting card in my pocket.
Call the number on that visiting card
and tell to come soon
What to say?
Tell him that there's a problem in
marriage. He'll understand. Go.
Take this
Why is he unzipping the trouser
for the chip?
Problem in the marriage?
I'll come now, immediately.
White beauty, I don't want the chip.
I want you.
You won't mesmerize by seeing my face.
Wait. I'll put an injection and seduce you.
- What, dude?
- Kalyani, I'll finish you today.
Go away that side.
Dude, What have you put inside?
The needle got twisted.
You've injected the needle in
where the injection is.
There is White dhoti Minister.
He's your enemy.
- I'll go. I'll go now.
- Kill him, Sama.
I got it myself unnecessarily.
- Partner.
- What, partner?
- Chip. Chip.
- Yes, yes, I'm coming.
She's climbing so fast like
a circus people.
Wait. I'm coming.
Hey, give it.
Oh my God!
The big guy fell and broke the glass.
Oil is filled in the tank
Wait. Don't move.
Then we'll fall inside. Don't move.
I'm saying don't move
- Stay like that.
- Don't move. It's cracking.
Kalyan, if the keychain fell
into the oil tank,
You're Kalyani for lifelong.
- Partner...
- Hey Sama
If you move, You'll be died, man.
Go. Go and push that oil tank.
Don't move. Just lie down.
- It's cracking.
- Hey push.
Don't step on it. It'll break down.
I'll fall inside.
- Just don't talk. Listen to me.
- You don't talk. It's all because of you.
- Shut your mouth.
- Catch me. Baby...
Oh my God!
This one fellow
I'll take it
Stop laughing & come down
Fall down from the top one more time.
If we put this in facebook,
we'll get a lot of likes.
Life is going to end. He is giving like!
Go and search the keychain.
- Police are coming...
- Boss, boss police boss.
- I didn't invite.
- You didn't invite?
Will he send us to the jail as before?
Boss, look there, the minister. Come on.
Let's ask him an idea.
- Who is that? Jumping in front of vehicle.
- Give me a hifi
What? I thought you'll tie the marriage
band in an auspicious time.
You're jumping from the top.
Where are they allowing to tie it, sir?
Without even tying it, we're going to
do the nuptial night.
Oh my gosh! It's wrong.
Don't talk like that.
There's one more auspicious time. You take
her and tie the marriage band.
- Right. -I'll go and take care of them.
- I'll go.
- Sir, you came alone. You didn't call a
force. -What?
- Don't I look like a force?
- Strong force, sir.
- Full force.
- Come on, police.
Come, let's escape
Lower the rope.
Partner get on the vehicle.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I got the money.
How, brother?
That's none of your business.
Want to stop the marriage or not?
First, go and stop the marriage.
I'll bring money.
I'll try my best.
Oh my gosh!
You also change
That's nothing.
- Ghost...
- Priya...
- It's not the ghost.
- I'm scared.
That's another incarnation of Kalyan.
Uncle, give that mirror.
Let him look at his face a little.
Here. Look.
Oh my gosh! Scientist!!!
Who is this?
Not a human, not a beast, you
brought an alien.
Take a good look.
A bald head!
I had a curly hair, you know?
Scientist, it's okay if I didn't
get my old face.
I cannot be with this face.
Partner, What? He did like this.
Hey, crazy Kalyan, be happy.
It's a big thing that you've
transformed into a man.
Uncle will take care of the rest.
Priya, say bye to Kalyan.
Bye, dude.
- Quick go.
- Partner.
Uncle bye it's getting late for hometown
- Don't leave me.
- Don't panic just for this.
I'll make use of you thoroughly.
There're lots of things that you've to see.
Will I leave you?
Turn around. You're beautiful.
How many days you will do research on me?
Make a decision quickly.
The work is going on only for that.
Shut your mouth up.
Scientist, I can't sleep at night.
She's waking me up by tapping.
Somehow, you change her as it is. Please.
Even after coming here, your torture
can't be bearable.
Scientist, untie this.
Today, We're going to test on him.
Test for me? Oops! They'll talk rubbish
about me in the Legislative.
- I'm going...
- He's running. Catch him.
We've to get that chip from
the scientist's house.
I see.
Very very important.
Handle it carefully.
- Okay.
- Annathanam.
We gave the chip and the scientist
in the hand.
Leaving both, they're starting again
from the beginning.
Believing him, four brainless
fellows have come.
Seeing him, he looks like he's tonsured
in KizhTirupati...
And is going to get Laddu in MelTirupati.
Seeing him, he looks like he's renting
out Guna's cave.
There's no hair. At least there's a comb.
Think of it as hair, let's comb.
Are we already accustomed?
I like you.
What if Sengamalam goes.
Let's get this girl.
It seems now. Why so many people
came behind me?
Cute boy.
- What, brother-in-law? Have you come
from the city? -Yes.
Are you eager to see your uncle?
The problem has come.
Sister, throw the bloody bag into the face.
I told my brother will come.
This wedding will not happen.
Shall we go?
- Stop.
- What, man?
I printed the invitation, put the shamiyana
and did the decoration
See to it and give me some more money.
He decorated too.
For that?
The girl I love.
Can we both get married in this
auspicious time?
What do you say, Priya?
You'll get from me