Party Central (2014) Movie Script

Let's party!
Maybe they all
wanna be fashionably late?
Oh, face it, guys.
No one's coming to our first frat party.
This is gonna be
the worst night of our lives.
This is gonna be
the best night of our lives!
Cheer up, guys.
We thought this might happen.
And that is why we came prepared.
A door station?
Where did you get a door station?
Beach Ball to Throw Rug.
Come in. Are you in position?
Roger that, Beach Ball.
Operation Party Central is a go.
Mike, what's going on?
Just wait.
We're not just gonna
throw the biggest party of the year...
We're gonna steal it.
The girl was totally eyeing me.
Like, all five eyeballs right at me.
I know, I saw that, too.
Fuzzy Rainbow to Beach Ball,
I'm sending some your way.
Roll over, honey. You're snoring.
Welcome to Party Central!
- All right!
- Cool!
Hey, man, I saw your girlfriend
making out with some slug in the closet.
Janelle? Whoa! Janelle! Baby!
Who's Janelle?
Well, hello!
All right! Righteous!
I think it's working!
This party's lame.
Where are all the girls?
Give me! We need girls!
This party's lame.
Where are all the guys?
Hi, there.
- How low can you go?
- Goodbye!
- How low can you go?
- Adis!
How low can you go?
Henry, wake up!
Something just went into the closet.
There's nothing in our closet, dear.
Food's here!
All right! Let's get this party...
Where'd everybody go?
This is the best party ever! Yeah!
Go Squishy! Go Squishy! Go Squishy!
Go Squishy! Go Squishy!
Scott Sebastian Squibbles!
What is going on here?
Mom? It's not what it looks like.
Is that a door station?
Are you boys doorjamming?
No, no, no! Mom, Mom.
We were just... What's doorjamming?
Sherri! Sherri! Sherri!
Sherri! Sherri! Sherri!
Mom! I don't think this is a good idea!
Okay, that's it.
There definitely is something in there.
All right, fine.
You want me to check, I'll check.
How many times do I have to tell you?
There's nothing in our closet.
Mom! That was awesome!
Who's pledging Oozma Kappa?
Timmy, can we sleep with you tonight?
There's monsters in our closet!
That's what I've been trying
to tell you!