Party, Le (1990) Movie Script

Liberty isn't just
a brand of yogurt.
Hey Cloutier!
Save me a seat up front, ok?
When the fuck is happy hour?
Good morning Canada,
medication rounds...
Hey screw, go home!
A nigger's sucking off your wife.
(Kinograph) Montral
Hey, Coma!
Thanks for the comic.
Spade, my boy...
tonight we're goin' out!
That's fine Mr. Tremblay.
Leave the rest.
Almost done.
See you tomorrow.
What're you doing here?
I'm working on the show.
Let's see.
It says from the paint shop
to the gym.
Nothing 'bout here.
I need some tools.
Sure... against the wall.
Go on.
Ok, strip.
Shit, looks good.
Not bad, try some.
Hell, it's still fermenting.
It's only been two days.
Turn around.
Open your mouth.
Tongue up.
Stick it out.
Turn around.
Bend over.
Spread your cheeks.
I said spread'em.
Raise your foot.
Other one.
Papa 5 to Papa 7.
Papa 1 in.
The gear from the show's here.
I read you, out.
Beat it.
Got much longer?
A half hour.
Bloody thing!
They'll be here soon.
Almost finished.
And move that cart.
Christ I'm scared.
G. G. Gagnon.
Your name?
Pat Marteau.
Mo Mongrain,
as in Romo Mongrain.
Nice moustache.
Same color as your boots.
Same line last year.
He's heard it.
He knows'em all.
Mr Leroux! You're back!
I sure missed you guys.
How's it look?
Perfect, just perfect.
The cash?
Boyer stashed it.
Your name, please.
Loulou, Rose...
I'm a dancer, and you?
This your first time in jail?
Me too.
Sylvie Nantel.
Name, Miss?
Maurice Leblanc, honey.
Your queen bee just flew in.
The blue ones cost a pack
the black are two.
Where'd they come from?
That dancer at the St-Jean show,
remember her?
I'll pay you later.
Jesus I'd love
a piece of her ass!
A brunette with glasses
named Marie-Jose Drouin.
Just about Pierrot's size.
Check the readhead.
Ya listening?
Cool it. Marie Drouin,
wears glasses.
You'll get your pass.
I'd sure fuck her.
The ass on that blonde...
Too skinny! With mine,
you get your money's worth.
Grab her good...
Take that, bitch!
Hi, I'm Jacques.
Your boyfriend sent me.
- How is he?
Having a rough time.
He can't take this,
I know him.
Getting you in
sure gave him a lift.
When can I see him?
Soon as the show starts.
We arranged the whole thing.
The inmates' committee?
I don't understand.
Might seem strange
to an outsider.
It's what they call
Who's "they?"
Prison authorities.
they'll do anything for the boys.
Look, I managed
to get this through.
Pass it on.
If you wanna get high...
Now the party can start.
How do you?
We use what we find
in the kitchen.
That's from tomato juice.
Ain't bad.
I'm Spokes, and you?
Like some peanuts?
How'd you get'em?
Well, you know...
400 thieves under one roof.
Papa 1, all clear.
Go ahead.
I wouldn't stand by the door
if I were you.
C'mon, Coma, move it.
The guy with the Elvis wave...
He's the warden.
Who's the lady?
Don't know her.
Some bitch.
Must be his wife.
The man in the turtleneck?
Father Miron.
He's ok. Usually
he avoids that gang.
Boyer's not here?
Not yet.
Wait, I'll check.
And in back?
The psychiatrist.
Now there's a fuckin' sicko!
Sons of bitches.
Don't know the other guy.
A son of a bitch.
All SOBs.
Then you've got
evaluators, psychologists,
They're all sons of bitches.
So if I understand, everyone
here's a son of a bitch.
They're guards.
It's black or white...
Isn't that a little simplistic?
That's how it is.
You got those in the cage,
and those who lock the cage.
Even when a guard's ok,
it doesn't change reality.
And what's reality?
That's reality.
And it's a son of a bitch.
Hi guys!
Happy to see me?
Even as a screw?
Better not joke about that.
Could be a long evening.
You weren't going anywhere tonight?
What is it, Boyer?
You can't keep me in deadlock,
not with the party.
I don't make the rules.
Try to understand.
Ain't my job to understand.
You know the rules,
no cash in prison.
Act human for once.
Put me in the hole tomorrow,
but lemme out tonight.
It wasn't even my money.
Whose then?
I'm no stool.
Ya got no heart.
For $50!
Ya can't be serious!
Lemme out, ya goddamn pig.
Open the door, slob!
You trash!
Slime! Shithead!
Just wait fuckin' cocksucker.
I'll cash you in!
You'll leave here with a tag
tied to your big toe!
And now let's bring
on the band
.38 Calibre!
We ain't come
like some boy's choir
We ain't here
to put out your fire
Gonna see these walls a-crackin'
An' feel this joint a-rockin'
No time for tears,
no wimps here
When we put on a show
Wanna see the fuses blow
Get the blues on a roll
Let the sun set in the west
Our rock'n roll
will do the rest
Got far to go,
so let's get it on.
Smash the lock on that door
Badman's gonna settle a score
C'mon boys,
break those chains
Roll your troubles,
we got a light
No time for tears,
no wimps here
Whe we put on a show
Wanna see the fuses blow
Get the blues on a roll
Jesus, take it easy.
That thing cost $300.
I was goin' crazy,
had a 24-hour hard-on.
Sorry, maybe I'm...
It's ok.
I don't know women,
been in jail all my life.
How old are you?
In 22 years, I been out
6 months... 5 years ago.
Only 6 months?
And before?
The orphanage.
And then, 3 years in reform school.
When I got out
felt like I was from Mars.
I spent too long in jail.
I had this girlfriend.
One day I found her with a guy
in bed.
A cop.
I went berserk.
I slugged him, just once.
He never woke up.
Been in a coma 5 years.
.38 Calibre!
Know how an Eskimo pees?
You must've had some dreams?
All you can do in here is dream.
I had a list this long
in my head.
Visit Florida, see the ocean,
All that.
Gambling in Vegas.
It's wonderful.
Visit Niagara Falls,
take the train out west.
All I did was see
an Expos game... two.
Oh yeah, and once
we ate at Da Giovanni's.
God that was great.
But mostly I worked.
At night I'd stay home,
watch tv.
He says, "Hey screw,
the steak's horse meat."
"What do you mean?"
"I yelled 'Woah! '
And it bucked."
They found Boyer's cash.
He won't talk.
I went and bought
a fancy purse, this big.
Cost me $3,500.
I said, "Hold on,
that's way too much."
It's made of foreskins.
Rub it and it's a suitcase."
He's in deadlock.
What's deadlock?
He's locked in his cell
till tomorrow.
He can't come?
But why?
What's with those bastards?
Why can't the fuckers
leave us alone?
We'll use gas.
Go ahead!
My eyes!
My eyes!
My eyes are burning!
Lemme out!
Easy now.
He says,
"It's a screw's brain.
Never been used."
I love your beard!
C'mon fast. Suck me.
What's he doing?
The guy shaving his arms.
It's for his act, a surprise.
No thanks, not tonight.
When I was a kid,
all my pants were patched.
Everyone made fun.
At 15, I swore I'd make'em stop.
Got real nice pants.
Never needed welfare.
When I want money, I take it.
What did your father do?
My father?
He worked at Continental Can.
What did he do?
Stack boxes.
At 50, the bastards fired him,
replaced him by a lift.
When he died all he owned
was his dentures
and a torn handkerchief.
I don't want that.
When my feet hit the street
people're gonna know it.
Move it!
Listen to me, you fucking rat.
We're not done with you.
Two pigs are sitting
in their patrol car.
Two filthy swine.
Y'know, drooling,
snorting porkers.
Complete animals...
An they're bored.
One of'em says,
"Feeling hungry?"
"A little."
So he pulls up behind a diner,
points to the trashcans
and says, "Dig in"
Don't you worry about killing,
taking human life?
What about my life?
When you're poor,
you'd do anything to break out.
Yes, but violence...
It shows ya got feelings.
Where are you from?
What part?
The west, N.D.G.
And what did your father do?
He was a doctor.
That's the difference between us.
There is a penitentiary...
Not that song crissakes.
I've heard it a thousand times.
Only one he knows.
It's as if they have to sing it. end my life
Like other guys have done
The light of day isn't made for us
It's at night that we run free
You who've lost everything you own
Tomorrow'll bring your reward...
The gates of the penitentiary
Will soon slam shut on you
Get this.
He says, "You're rather
withdrawn, Mr Simard."
That's a brilliant insight
for a shrink.
Wait, that's not all.
He says
"Your file's empty.
How can I recommend you for a pass?
I've nothing on you."
Nothing on me!
I've been locked up here 6 years!
He says...
"According to our reports,
you're always moping around.
Know what guards call you?
'Mr Smile."'
Mr Smile!
I think it suits you.
That was the limit.
I stood up and said
"What? You treat us like dogs
and we're supposed to like it?"
And now for a real beauty
a lady you'll lose sleep over.
Look but don't touch.
Our steamy,
stimulating Alexandra!
You're on.
Cut! Next song.
Get outta here.
That was at Christmas,
your Dad was Santa Claus.
Was he drunk?
- Slow!
The kids said Santa was "slow."
Nicole and Louise...
Hard to recognize'em after so long.
Jules is the youngest.
Super kid.
He has asthma,
I had to rush him to hospital.
Hope he's ok.
He's there now?
But you said
you'd had it with your job.
This is different.
In clubs, nobody pays attention.
At least this is useful.
His birthday.
I wouldn't call this suitable.
Don't take it seriously.
Watch out, it's Bulldog.
You shouldn't be here.
Get out.
Hand it over.
Beat it.
That was super!
You little doll.
I thought the guys'd explode.
Like it?
Never saw anything so great.
After taking Abitibi by storm
and a 6-month consecutive run
at the Hotel Royal in Mascouche
here he is, zanier than ever
Mr Funnybones, Mo Mongrain.
Recognize me?
Hold on...
Now do you recognize me?
Why? Does the smell ring a bell?
Know why I put this tie on?
It's as long as your dong!
It's as long as your dong!
Warden, these kids deserve a break.
Tomorrow, everybody out!
Our bookings are down.
So we tour malls
with a stuffed lion.
Roland's the tamer,
I take photos.
Is he a magician too?
He's a fire-eater.
Swallows knives,
glass, anything...
A screw's in the infirmary
cause he's got a frog
growing on his head.
The doctor asks,
"How'd that start?"
The frog answers,
"A wart on my bum."
A show 's different.
You have to act, like in a play.
In real life I'm shy about
undressing for the doctor.
Don't you mind being considered
a sexual object?
If they think I'm a sexual object
that's their problem.
I'm a dancer.
Thanks a lot.
I'm an artist.
An artist?
Yeah, are you surprised?
'Cause I strip, you mean?
No, not that.
I prefer that to posing on tv
next to a can of dog food.
Ever heard of fags?
Are there any here tonight?
These 3 fags were talking
about reincarnation.
"You believe in it?"
"Me too."
"How do you want to come back?"
"I'd like to be a sparrow,
bouncing on a branch
with a woodpecker.
Get the idea?
"And you?"
"As a horse.
A stallion galloping
through the fields."
"What about you?"
"As an ambulance."
"Are you nuts?
Why an ambulance?"
"When there's an accident
they'll open me up wide
shove a man in me
and off I'll go."
Here's a quickie...
How's a fag remove his condom?
He farts!
Mo's fuckin' good guy.
I'll mention the story
you told me.
Hope so.
Waitress, secretary, reporter...
When a guy hires you,
what's he look at? Your ass.
Same for us all.
And when reporters say
this is a freak show?
Reporters can kiss my ass.
Have a seat.
Why do you do it?
It's a living.
Beats slaving in a factory.
Ever do that?
Yeah, in fiberglass.
We made pedalboats.
At night I'd barf my guts out.
I also spent 4 years in a bakery
creaming 2000 mokas a day.
Before that I worked
as a char at CBC-TV.
That was the pits.
They treat you
like a piece of shit.
So struttin' my stuff on stage...
Sorry, 'beautiful,
gotta do my makeup.
And magic...
where'd you learn
to make things vanish?
In stores.
Are you Lili?
Yes, you Laplante?
Nice to meet you.
There'll be three of us.
Three? Frank said two,
who's gonna pay me?
Settle that with Frank, cause...
Over here,
it's more private.
Take it, bitch.
Nice to see Brother Andr,
but why the pinups?
Before he left Dad said
"Jerking off'll make you
skinny as a saint."
Thank you very much.
See you next year,
God willing.
Don't go, Mo.
I'll tell you a secret.
Mo's got too much class
but I'll tell you.
At noon today,
Mo's 5-year-old son Jules...
was rushed to hospital
with a severe asthma attack.
But Mo still came tonight.
Cause he's a pro.
Cause he promised you.
Cause for him this matters.
Mo Mongrain!
Don't drink so much.
I love him, dammit!
I love him!
No place left to smile
No place to speak out
No place left to burn
No place left to bleed
Ain't enough walls to shut me in
Ain't enough holes to bury me in
Rottin' away
A living corpse
Rottin' away
A living corpse
No place left to run
No place left to rust
No place left to pray
No place left to cry
Ain't enough walls to shut me in
Ain't enough holes to bury me in
Rottin' away
A living corpse
It's going fine.
The bars don't destroy you.
Time does.
Time goes by,
but not for you.
Life goes on,
but not for you.
They've got you.
To you time means something.
You can say...
"That was the year
I got married," or...
"the year I went to the sea."
For me two years ago
or ten are the same.
Every day's the same.
Nothing happens.
That's prison
Nothing ever happens.
If you had something to wait for...
but what?
The murders and rapes,
what about them?
The violence isn't
what you think.
It's just as dangerous outside.
Real violence
is when every Friday night
for 5 years
I eat shepherd's pie
knowing that in 3 years
4 years
5 years
at supper Friday night
there'll be more
goddam shepherd's pie!
The next song was written
by a guy here...
Claude Cournoyer!
C'mon up, Claude!
You took my picture
You gave me a number
But I got your portrait
And I'll never forget
I want out, you slime
Out, ya hear?
Your steak's rotten
And this cesspool stinks
Hey you, screw!
Screw you, screw!
Lemme outta the hole
I wound up inside
Cause outside was'too small
My boss sucked my blood
Had to be him or me
But you, ya fat jerk
Ya never stepped outta line
You're here cause you like it
You can't hack it outside
When I get outta here
I'm gonna find yer house
The world's just too small
For both of us, you louse!
Gonna grab me a crowbar
Just wait'n see
Gonna scrap your car
And piss on your tv
I'll whip out my knife
And slash your balls
I'll fuck your little wife
And she'll love it all
Hey you, screw!
Let me outta this cell
Move your butt, screw
Gonna send you to hell
Madam, I came here
to enjoy the show.
But this is outrageous!
Some days I get up
I can't take it.
I can't go on.
I feel like I'm gonna crack.
I wonder if I'll ever make it.
But I do.
Gods knows how.
I ask myself if I'm normal.
A normal human being
couldn't take this.
You break or get harder than them.
I think I must've
become a monster.
No you haven't.
I heard you in Val D'or
8 years ago.
I was on a binge,
drunk and depressed.
You turned me around.
I've never forgotten.
You have to sing.
I don't feel like it.
You have to.
What's the point
if he's not here?
The guys've been waiting for weeks.
Well I have too, goddamit!
Sons of bitches!
Won't let us love each other!
The fuckers can't take that
with their fuckin'
bullshit rules
their fuckin' papers
an' their fuckin' numbers.
I love that man!
Do you understand?
I love him, fuck!
I dream about him at night.
I dream about his ass
his belly, his thighs...
I'm gonna fuckin' go crazy.
That guy's all I've got.
That goddamn man.
He's inside me deep.
I'm here but I can't touch him
cause of those fuckin' bastards!
Early in life I figured out
My daddy didn't love me
And so I set out to find
A place where I'd be wanted
Travelled to the edge of madness
To be understood
For all the love
that we've betrayed
I still tremble in your arms
With a bouquet of troubles
On my knees in front of men
I wish you all the best
Happy birthday, Mom
Everything I've ever wanted
Aches so deep inside
And although love has hurt
You'll always be my light
With a bouquet of troubles
On my knees in front of men
I wish you all the best
Happy birthday, Mom
Yet for all these words
I write you
Love is all I want to know
It's my desire,
my one true way
Your son
the queen
it is love
that makes us love
It is love
that makes us dream
It is love
that wants us to love
It is love
that makes us cry
But all those who think
they're in love
And those
who just pretend they are
She's goin' all out.
Must be 50 she's had so far.
...who think they love
Will never be able
to cry
Love means that
sometimes you must cry
Love means that
you must always give
For her this is paradise.
Nothin' but cocks round here.
We oughta keep her.
A slut like her in prison...
it's manna from heaven.
It takes oh so many tears
To earn the right to love
Hey you!
I'm helping.
Get the hell outta here.
Ok, don't throw a fit.
Sorry, Miss.
You get to know every crack
every heap of fly shit.
Try locking yourself
in the can for a week.
How do you keep from going crazy?
Some guys lift weights
or others it's books
leather bags, the Good Lord
Me, I draw.
Bet you draw birds.
How'd you know?
Your tattoos.
They're all I care about.
Birds're beautiful.
In October I watch the geese.
And I fly.
how do I look?
Real pretty but...
if you wanna keep talkin',
better do up your blouse
cause my balls are gonna burst.
C'mon Weasel, help me.
We'll miss the dancer.
I'll wait outside.
Grace, charm, talent
and beauty...
Doesn't this stripping
bother you, Father?
No, why?
On the contrary
And call me Bernard,
not Father.
But don't you find it
somewhat... vulgar?
This your first visit?
What I find vulgar
is this prison.
Destroying men... that's vulgar.
The fact they can get a hard-on
shows they're still alive.
They take love as it comes.
11 years since I touched anyone.
It's Gramps.
Christ, you're sure dolled up.
You're late, dammit!
That watchdog Trudeau
wouldn't let me in.
Ok, sit down.
Relax, kid.
I'm a student.
I oughta get back to the spot.
With him there we're stuck.
He'll move along.
Dammit! We gotta
get him outta there.
Any ideas?
I dunno...
A fight?
One of the girls?
Just wait, he'll go away.
Stop it, that won't help.
Goddam pass!
Stop it!
take this.
No way.
Go on, take it.
Forget it.
Hell, take it.
Every time we screw them
it's a victory for us.
Faster'n lightning...
She could even make
a screw vanish.
She's stacked with talent
and personality.
She's gracious and curvaceous...
I'll show'em
I know how to party!
C'mon, Pierrot.
Ya got 10 minutes.
It'll never work.
Sure it will,
what do ya mean?
Just shut your trap.
Can I ask a favor?
Yes, depending.
Can I have your undies?
My what?
Your underwear.
Is this some joke?
No, I'm serious.
To sniff'em, of course.
Listen to me.
Pull yourself together.
300 guys are out there waiting.
They hurt too!
Feel like bawling?
So do they, 365 days a year.
So stop snivelling
and go out and sing.
Sing for your man
and for those 300 men!
Make yer clothes vanish!
Try sittin' on it!
Bye Pratte, 'n thanks.
Nothin' to it.
It's gonna work.
'Night, Miss.
Sylvie Nantel!
I want to dedicate this song
to number 7195.
To me he's Pierre Boyer
in deadlock.
Only one law
A single desire
Ever nearer to you
Whom I can't resist
I feel your shadow against my skin
I feel your breath
On my back
And rising in me
A deepening quiver
It's coming over me
The feeling of you
Closer... closer
Don't hesitate
Between my thighs
More, oh more
Deep inside me
Deep inside you
Come my love
In my arms
I'm looking for the exit.
Didn't like the show?
I have to go.
You can't,
it's not even 10.
Why don't you stay? I'm off at 12.
I'll drive you home.
My husband's waiting.
It's through here.
Thanks, goodnight.
Sure I can't drive you?
These girls,
can't've been 12, had no hair.
You wouldn't believe
the time we had, for peanuts.
Heaven on earth!
What do you want, blacks...
They're so lazy.
They got 2 speeds,
slow 'n extra-slow!
Nah, my in-laws went,
say there's no comparison.
Haiti's way more beautiful.
The sea, the beach, golf...
just not the same.
Super, didn't rain once
the whole time.
Only 2 weeks...
I went hunting last fall.
Have to go,
someone's here.
See you in the union hall.
Marie-Jose Drouin.
Won't be long.
This is Lalonde in D.
There's a Miss Drouin here.
No, a guest.
No, it's not over.
Just her.
I was in Haiti.
2 weeks, it was beautiful.
Hold on...
It's straight ahead.
Thanks, g'night.
That's it, cry.
She may be a whore,
but she's a committee guest.
You don't touch a guest!
Ya dumb SOB,
I'll tear your fuckin' head off
and I'll shit down
your goddam neck.
Hold me.
Across the borders
The prairies
and the sea
When darkness comes
With hunters,
their rifles ready
In the hands of death
He keeps on flying
still higher
The heart is a bird
In the eyes of the watchtower
On the streets of nowhere
Over great deserts
Of cold, hunger
and steel
Against the tyranny
He rebuilds his nest
Still warmer
The heart is a bird
It was only
a storm
It was only
a cage
You'll take up this road again
You'll return to the fountain
You'll drink the wide skies
Spread your wings
Ok boys, that's it.
Back to your cells.
Move it,
no foolin' ground
Ok, it's over.
Your cells.
It's finished!