Parumu no ki (2002) Movie Script

I go to the darkness of the white forest's spring
To rid myself of memories
Many bitter fruits of the silverberry
And the sad fruit of the kusupia
In the garden full of black flowers
As my tears flow
It is these I must eat
A Tree of Palme
Original Story and Screenplay
Takashi Nakamura
Art Director
Mutsuo Koseki
Character Design
Toshiyuki Inoue
Director of Animation
Mamoru Sasaki
Color Design
Kayoko Nishi
Animation Checker
Kumiko Ohtani
Director of Photography
Takashi Azuhata
Shuichi Kakesu
Sound Director
Masafumi Mima
Takashi Harada
Music Producer
Shiro Sasaki
Animation Producer
Katsumi Yamaguchi
Taro Maki
Takashi Nakamura
There she is!
What happened? Where did she go?
Hey, come on!
Did you see her?! She's a fiend!
She's been up to The Roof... to Touto and back.
To think this Sol Tribe warrior was a woman...
It's Palme, I'll bet...
He's woken up?
How many years has he been silent?
I'm an old man now...
so obsessed with a sap that doesn't exist...
I've lost track of time.
A niger triggerfish!
He's after it again!
Baron! There's going to be lightning!
No, Xian!
That's not crosskahla!
It's a stone! It's just a stone!
Snap out of it, Xian!
No, Palme!
Silent once again...
You're made from kooloop wood.
Without your oil, you'll put down roots
just standing in the sun...
like the trees out back.
I have no problem with you
turning back into a tree,
but since I can't erase your memory...
I'm not certain what effect that would have.
The kooloop tree thrives on the
particles of memory it draws up
from the remains of ancient
civilizations buried in the soil.
What kind of grotesque monster
would you become?
I found it! Look, I found it!
A crow-snake egg...?
Wow, a crow-snake egg... where did you find it?
At the Pointed Rocks, just like you said!
Let's go there again when you get better.
It was very strange...
Look! I brought you kusupia flowers
and berries! Bunches of them!!
It was very strange...
Look! I brought you kusupia flowers
and berries! Bunches of them!!
When you were feeling blue,
Palme was out picking flowers,
making your meals, and running
around full of energy.
Wasn't he, Xian?
But the moment you died,
he just stopped functioning.
Here we go again...
Xian... Xian...
Is that an egg, Xian?
Palme's talking!
What kind of an egg? I'll take good care of it.
Wh-who are you? What are
you doing in my house?
Koram. From Tamas.
Tamas? You're from Below?!
Wh-What are you doing here?!
I want the Egg of Touto delivered to Tamas.
Take this sap. It will keep the egg alive.
Don't talk nonsense! To go Below...
The light of crosskahla?!
It's her!
Th-This is...
What? Crosskahla?! I don't believe it!
Xian... Xian spent her life searching for that sap!
It makes the same sound as the
pendant you made to imitate it.
Let's go to the Pointed Rocks.
Where did you get this? Does it
still exist down Below?
In that condition, where could she have gone?
"The Egg of Touto"...
"The Egg of the Roof?" What could that mean?
Keep it down, will you? My boy's asleep.
Move, old man!
You old drunk!
Wake up, boy! C'mon!
What the hell?
It's a puppet!
Palme! My dear Palme!
This guy's giving me the creeps.
Palme! My dear Palme!
This guy's giving me the creeps.
A Sol Tribe bag!
It was caught on the cliffs out back.
Where's the egg?
Gone, of course.
Where's the egg?
Gone, of course.
Gone, of course.
Where's the bola pointing?
I don't know. It's not reacting.
The crosskahla has the power
of the sun that travels
across the roof of all Arcana.
It will awaken your dormant functions
and allow you to stay alive.
It's the sap I've been looking for, but
it doesn't matter anymore.
You chase after the niger triggerfish
and call that woman "Xian"
because you want to live.
I can't stop you now.
Listen to me, Palme. Deliver this for her.
Go and find your lost sense of purpose...
for her sake and for yours.
This is the life force she gave you.
Xian... what more could I possibly do?
Listen up! Try not to get too much sun.
And visit Cote Ploire someday.
Xian always wanted you to see the
beautiful city she came from.
Wake up, Palme! Open your eyes! Open them...
Go Below, Palme!
Go to Tamas, Palme!
Bolas! Stay real quiet!
They give me the creeps!
They'd be downright bad luck if they
smelled of death. Scary!
Hey! Out of the way or I'll run you over!
It's Jamji!
Here he comes!
What the hell are you doing? Move! Move!
Of all the luck!
Out of the way! I can't get through!
Don't touch! I won't allow you to steal them!
More locks every time!
Damn! I'll give Roualt the signal!
Damn you! Ow!
Pu's giving us the signal. Roualt!
How long does he intend to keep doing this?
What's Shatta thinking?
Stop complaining!
I'm saying it's childish! Here goes!
We're getting you out. Stay back.
He missed!
He won't be selling kids for a while!
Serves him right!
Come on!
Hey! Quit dawdling or you'll get lost.
Did you hear me?
Forget that! Go home and
you'll get sold off again.
Parents are worthless.
We're going to knock over the Boss of this town
and take Flamingo over.
We've got big plans, see?
For that we need money.
We'll buy a kooloop tree and get rich off the oil!
Not so fast, Roualt...
The night patrol returns!
What a great haul!
Roualt, there's a trader at Gyariko's.
Darumaya? Great!
It's been a while since we've been able
to see Gyariko's treasures.
That slug only opens his warehouse when
she comes, so we gotta hurry!
Where were you, Pu? Hey, a crow-snake!
Come here! Where did you come from?
It's his. It goes wherever he does.
He says his name's Palme.
He says his name's Palme.
One of those kids we rescued?
He's slow and completely useless.
One of those kids we rescued?
He's slow and completely useless.
Palme! Don't you have somewhere you need
to be? You'd better get going!
He kind of looks like us... Where are you from?
Stop it, Mu!
If you pay attention to him, he'll
never leave you alone.
If you pay attention to him, he'll
never leave you alone.
We're going to Gyariko's.
A new guy?
Hey! Isn't this cool!
Let me have it. C'mon, what do you say?
Cut it out, Roualt! It's his!
Who cares?
In exchange we'll let him join
our gang, right, Pu?
Join our gang?!
Take care of him. Let's go!
What are you sulking about?!
And no playing cute!
Hello, Gyariko! How are you? It's Darumaya.
Don't just stand there, get in here!
Look! Gyariko's opened up his warehouse!
Oh, you're such a tease, Gyariko!
It's true!
I was there all the time!
When Gala danced, every man
in town would be there.
They were all so infatuated with you,
no one would do any work!
That was years ago.
You dimwit! You need to show
him those items too!
Where'd he go?!
It's been a while since the last time I saw you...
You've grown into quite a
beautiful girl, haven't you?
Oh, that's right! I've got a present for you.
A tailor from Kumochi Forest
brought it. It's very beautiful.
If Gala had worn it, it would've
suited her perfectly.
What's wrong? Don't you like it?
It's a little big,
but soon you'll be as lovely as your mother.
Look! Isn't it beautiful?
Listen, Palme...
to survive in this town, you've got to listen to me.
It's for your own good!
To the fountain of the white forest...
What are you doing?!
Oh, no!
Well, well! What have we here?
Who gave you this?
You don't have to tell me. But next time
I hope you accept my gift too.
Ow! Settle down, Palme!
Don't worry! We'll get it back for you later!
Ow! Settle down, Palme!
Don't worry! We'll get it back for you later!
What's going on?!
Pu dropped his pendant!
'Cause he's such a goof!
This place is hardly ever open!
Stop it, Roualt!
Damn it! Let go of me!
Grab him!
Damn it! Let go of me!
Grab him!
Grab him!
Take it easy, Roualt!
Take it easy, Roualt!
Shut up!
That's enough, Roualt! You'll kill him!
Let him die! Let go of me!
I told you he was weird! He acts
like nothing happened!
He's sick.
I'd say he's probably in shock from
being taken away from his parents.
Zakuro will make us some medicine.
Okay, but he's not joining the gang, all right?
A kooloop-tree puppet?!
I have to wear those gloves.
To Tamas, eh?
Many centuries have passed since the
people of Arcana went Below.
Who knows if you could even reach there?
But Zakuro, the townspeople say that sometimes
you can see people from Below
up here in Arcana.
Maybe there's a way out that
we don't know about.
Speaking of kooloop trees...
They say there's an ancient
kooloop tree in Tamas
that has miraculous powers.
Does that have anything to do with Palme?
I don't know. But he doesn't come
from any ordinary kooloop tree.
I know!
We'll ask Shatta, he'll know!
He came from Below!
I completely forgot about that. Right, Pu?
Pu? Huh?
His neck's full of wires!
You can see inside his head!
No wonder his head's so hard.
Cut it out, Roualt!
Pu! What did you tell them?!
Let's think about this, Mu.
We'll sell him for a good price to Gyariko.
He's eccentric. Once he sees the puppet,
he'll pay whatever we want.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
He's eccentric. Once he sees the puppet,
he'll pay whatever we want.
Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
We could even trade him for a giant
kooloop tree that gushes oil!
We're not finished talking just yet.
"Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling"...
What are you doing, Mu! That's kahla oil!
If you try to sell Palme, I'll set this on fire!
Careful, Mu!
Here, Shatta!
What's the matter, Mu? Calm down.
You'll be as bad as the grown-ups you hate!
Settle down, will you? It's just a
kooloop-wood puppet.
But he's one of us!
Let's not fight. Even puppets don't
want to get torn apart.
We're going to pawn him off
on some rich sucker.
There's nothing wrong with that!
Roualt! You...
What's with this dagger?!
Where did you get it?
Uh, well...
From him?
Don't move!
Hey! What happened?
What? What?
Hey! What happened?
What? What?
What? What?
Look! What's that light?!
Look! What's that light?!
Palme! Hurry!
This way!
Wait! Let me talk to him!
Mu! Wait! Mu!
From Gyariko? Give it here.
I'm sorry!
Don't touch my clothes!
Gyariko sent you that.
Sending presents to little girls who
haven't even grown breasts yet!
For Heaven's sake!
You're just like your father!
He never said a word. He always had that
stupid grin on his face...
He had no stomach for anything, your father.
And now I'm stuck looking after
the child I had with him.
This is what my life's become?!
Say something!
We're going to Toroi.
What?! You're going Below with this... thing?!
We can't just leave him like this!
So what'll happen to US?
We're the only family we've got!
What's wrong, Palme?
I go to the darkness of the white forest's spring
I go to rid myself of memories
Many bitter fruits of the silverberry
Many bitter fruits of the silverberry
Many bitter fruits of the silverberry
And the sad fruit of the kusupia
Xian! Xian!
And the sad fruit of the kusupia
And the sad fruit of the kusupia
In the garden full of black flowers
Xian, look! Lilias!
In the garden full of black flowers
In the garden full of black flowers
As my tears flow
Xian! Hey, Xian!
As my tears flow
As my tears flow
It is these I must-
It is these I must-
I was calling you.
Didn't you hear me?
What's wrong with him?
That's right! The pendant!
Popo! Your pendant!
So you had it, Xian...
Thank goodness!
Sing. Please? Sing for me.
Xian! Sing for me!
I love it when you sing, Xian.
Shatta, you saw that blue light that
came from his neck, right?
That's some incredible oil!
Roualt, I'm taking this dagger.
Xian! Xian! Xian!!
Let him out!
Let him out!
Xian! Xian!
Please! He just mistook her for someone else!
You pests! Crickle! Get these runts off the ship!
You want to sell him!
The scholars of Toroi will go gaga for him.
There they are!
What the hell...?!
We're going to crash!
We're going to crash!
Who are you?!
Xian! Xian! Xian!
They took Palme!
They took Palme!
They took Palme!
Forget about that puppet!
You dummy! He means money!
What a day!
Crickle! Don't just stand there,
get this boat moving!
Settle down!
Don't stop! Shake them off!
Damn it!
The crest of Soma!
He's caught!
Where are you, Xian?
I'm coming to you!
It's inside him?!
I'm coming to you!
No... no... I'm not Xian.
I'm... I'm...
There's no mistaking it. That's the
capsule Soma gave to the Sol Tribe!
So this is where she hid it!
The Egg of Touto's inside here!
I'll cut it out of him!
Damn it! The crosskahla's seeped into his body!
The oil preserving the egg will leak
out if not removed carefully.
Let go of him!
A kid from Below?!
Tell me! Who gave you that dagger?!
Stop! Guns don't work on them! Hota!
What are you doing?!
Damn you!
Xian's dead, Palme.
You don't have to bring her flowers...
or make her meals any more.
She doesn't need them.
Xian... is dead.
Baku! They're gathering around
the bola! Stab it to death!
Your job's done. Go join your friends!
Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
He's wrecked!
Take him to the ship!
Take him to the ship!
Is anyone here?!
Pu! You double-crosser! I'll remember this!
The transformer's busted.
Damn! If that puppet falls into the
hands of the scholars of Toroi,
they'll take the capsule apart!
Quick! I can't breathe!
This is the last filter.
And if that happens, not only will our
tribe remain banished...
Soma will destroy our villages!
I know.
You know, Gus...
It's strange.
The Egg of Touto is what the Sol Tribe
were so desperate to reclaim.
So why did she hide it in that puppet?
There's not even a trace of her.
Who cares?
If the capsule is for real, that's all that matters.
All we have to do is work out a deal with Soma.
He's not moving at all.
We'll get the scholars of Toroi to fix him.
You believe Darumaya?
When we reach the valley of Toroi,
we'll look for a chance to get him out of here.
C'mon! Let's just forget about it
and leave that pile of junk!
It's Palme! He...
That thing's going to make us a fortune!
We risked our lives to bring it here.
I expect you to give me a good price.
What?! Not even a can of oil?!
Look at it, Doctor! This is no
ordinary kooloop tree!
Been shopping, eh? Sawadust of the Sol!
Who are you?!
You're growing a lot of kooloop trees.
The Mohi Tribe?! You've been
banished! Why are you here?
Why, you! No one who abandoned his
comrades talks to me like that!
Soma would kill you for desertion!
Were you sent from Tamas to bring me in?!
Was a woman from your tribe here?
I don't know. I'm not a man
of the Sol Tribe anymore.
And I don't intend to ever go back.
I suppose that doesn't matter. We need
your help. You're coming with us.
I want nothing to do with you! Now get out!
If Sol blood flows within you, surely
you'll want to hear us out.
No, Palme.
Do you intend to turn into a
tree in a place like this?
Remember, Palme.
Xian's alive. Don't fall asleep!
Xian's... dead.
She doesn't need me.
If that were true, why did that girl's
music remind you of Xian?
Why did you rest your head in her lap?
Think, Palme.
Xian is alive even now, within you.
I don't believe it!
They took the Egg of Touto?!
You'll see.
It's them again! They're still alive!
Crosskahla flows in you, Palme.
The oil Xian spent her life looking for!
It's true!
Xian's alive inside me!
She's got lilias in her hand. She's smiling at me!
You have inside you the memory of being loved.
It's inside you.
Koram? Is that you?
It's Koram!
No, Baku!
K-Koram's here!
Mother? Mother!
Baku! Hey, Baku!
This is terrible...
You again?!
What are you doing?! Get out of here!
You're better!
Hi, Baron.
Is that all?
Your mother vanished?!
Is that all?
Your mother vanished?!
Just forget about it.
She gave you this. So hold on to it!
She really said "the Egg of Touto?"
Touto is far above the rock roof
Touto is far above the rock roof
that covers the sky way up there.
The only things that live there are giant heads!
Which is why it's not a place
that people can go to!
That's what Koram said.
Alright. I'll come along.
The people Below abandoned me,
and they're planning something.
The people Below abandoned me,
and they're planning something.
I want to see with my own eyes what that is.
What about our plan to take over Flamingo?
I want to see with my own eyes what that is.
What about our plan to take over Flamingo?
Are you going to abandon us, Shatta?
Besides, how will you find a hole
that leads down Below?
He'll find it.
You're Popo, right?
Don't be afraid. I was made to help
Xian after she got sick.
But she died.
I'm sorry I thought you were her.
I want to hear it.
The song that Xian always sang.
Don't worry. I won't make
the same mistake again.
Once I deliver the Egg, I'm going
to Xian's hometown.
It's called Cote Ploire.
Look, Popo!
Stone light is falling from the Roof!
Aren't they beautiful?
Come here.
Selene flowers.
Look, Palme!
What's that, Popo?
Crystallized honey the insects collected.
Crystallized honey the insects collected.
It's beautiful!
It smells nice.
Don't you think?
I don't know.
Because I'm just a puppet.
That doesn't matter.
You're the only one I've told about this place.
Popo, your face is all white.
I want you to come with me to Xian's hometown.
You want me...
You want me to go with you?
Mother! I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
But Palme wants me to go
with him! He wants ME!
You've got the wrong idea, you pile of junk!
You're a puppet! You shouldn't go
around messing with people!
You can't hide that.
Mother, please! Let me go with him!
Let go!
Mother, please! Let me go with him!
Let go!
Let go!
But I've never... I've never...
But I've never... I've never...
Take your hands off me!
The best thing for you to do is listen to me!
I'm just... I'm just...
I'm just your puppet in the end!
How... how dare you speak to me that way!
Mother? Mother!
That old lady will never let her go.
C'mon, let's go.
Are you OK? We're going Below, you know.
You shut up.
You shut up.
Keep back!
Keep back!
Stay there, you old cow!
Shatta, I'll trade you the girl
for the oil in the puppet!
Don't be stupid, Roualt.
That oil is Palme's blood.
Have you gone nuts?!
That oil means real money!
If you aren't going to, then
I'll take over Flamingo!
Come here, Palme!
Hurry up! Don't you care what happens to her?
You can have my oil.
No! Stop it!
Stop, Palme!
I'll be back, Roualt.
Crickle! Quit your lollygagging! I'm setting sail!
From Mother?
Mother... I'm sorry!
Let's go.
Stay away from me! Get out of here!
Th-that thing is possessed by Koram!
My mother's dead. What can a dead woman do?
Are you Shatta? You're alive?!
Then you're Koram's son. What did she say?
Did she really go to Touto?
I don't know.
Look at this.
You'll never get oil raising plants like these...
...oil raising plants like these...
Come here!
It's faint, but it smells like down Below.
What?! A way in?
Sawadust found the old entrance.
A smell?
Koram and I were still infants
when we came up here,
but I remember the smell.
Ever since I can remember, we
were scouring the earth
looking for the stone pillar that
leads up to Touto.
The brave Sol Tribe were the chosen warriors.
Our parents were willing to risk their lives.
The people of Tamas placed their
hope in a new lifeform...
The human Soma made... Laala.
In Tamas there's a giant kooloop tree.
Zakuro said it had miraculous powers.
Try to find that kooloop.
You know, you'll never get oil
raising plants like these.
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
You know, you'll never get oil
raising plants like these.
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
Th-the kooloop's talking!
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
Th-the kooloop's talking!
Th-the kooloop's talking!
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
The kooloop tree feeds on
the memory of civilization
You'll never get oil raising plants like these.
The kooloop tree feeds on
the memory of civilization
that is dissolved in the soil and reacts to it.
It's a mutation.
Soma is a kooloop tree that evolved
over centuries of those mutations.
But Soma grew old just like any other kooloop.
The tree began to wither.
And that monster tree bore fruit...
For long ages Soma acted as a god.
But there was one essential thing he
couldn't put into Laala.
A soul.
The energy that is the source of all
things exists in Touto.
That's why we headed to the Roof!
In order to find the Egg, we journeyed
into unexplored regions.
The expectations placed upon
us kids was overwhelming.
So it really is true that a person was
made from a kooloop tree?
If that's the case, then I absolutely
must go see Soma!
Popo! Maybe I can become a human too!
If I bring him this, I'll bet he'll make me human!
Make you human?
It's no good being a puppet.
If I were human, your mother
wouldn't talk to me like that.
You want that?
What are you doing, silly?! It's only this deep!
What's so funny?
What an old dock!
It's falling to pieces!
The pit leading Below is just up ahead.
You know, I don't think this is a very good idea.
If this doesn't work, the only other way
is the Stone Pillar of Toto we climbed
when I was still a child.
The Stone Pillar of Toto?
Let him go!
Back off!
Let him go!
Back off!
Get off!
Please! Take me! I want to see Laala!
You have a warrior's blood. That woman,
she's your mother, right?
Wait! Wait for me!
Are you OK, Palme?
I'll pull you up. Hang on tight.
I'll pull you up. Hang on tight.
I'm glad he's alright...
Hey Shatta! Is it far to the Stone Pillar of Toto?
I don't know.
It's pretty big, so we should be able to
see it if we head due west.
What's that darn Popo doing now?
C'mere, c'mere!
C'mon! This way!
Look, Palme. The floating grass follows you!
Hey, Palme!
Man, they're slow. Wasting time...
Mu, come with me!
Watch this, Palme!
Here goes!
Look, Popo! It's like a balloon!
What's the matter, Popo?
It's just a piece of dead grass! Come on.
Yeah! It's just a piece of dead grass!
Hota, are you OK?
I think we've ended up near the Tamas border.
The village is in ruins!
The Mohi Tribe's been wiped out?
There's no sign of most of the border
tribes. They've all been slaughtered.
Help us. If that capsule is the real thing...
it must be destroyed right away.
A revolt against Soma?
Soma's rapid aging has left us like this.
The life force is disappearing from
everything here Below.
Isn't that why Laala was to be born?
That's what we thought.
But Soma's killed more than half
the people of Tamas...
and the rest are dying.
Is this Soma's will?
Soma's intelligence comes from the
memory of ancient civilizations.
They say they flourished, then fell to
slaughter and destruction.
It's only a guess, but perhaps the
memory is repeating itself.
Or perhaps Soma intends to negate the
world he created, including us...
and give it to Laala.
We shall prevent the birth of Laala and
break away from Soma!
We of Tamas shall take control of our destiny!
Where are you?
A bola...
Did you show me a dream of my father?
Come here...
Here she is!
Come here...
Here she is!
Palme! I found Popo! Palme!
We've been looking all over for you!
What were you doing?!
You shouldn't be wandering around like that!
A bola!
I'll get rid of it!
I'll get rid of it!
This one's gentle...
You! Get out of here!
Stay away from her!
No, Palme! The poor thing!
I was worried about you!
Popo, you're acting strange!
Things like this start hanging around
because you never cheer up and act human.
At this rate I'll never become human!
I... I...
Palme... that's enough.
Come on, Palme.
Look! That's the Stone Pillar of Toto, right?
Yep. We're almost there.
An aguri!
It's just a baby! What's wrong?
An aguri!
It's just a baby! What's wrong?
It's shaking!
Take cover!
You're the aguri from earlier today!
Come here...
Come on! That's it.
Nice aguri...
That's awful!
And after we went to the trouble of saving it!
Palme, did you do this?
Then who did?
Then who did?
Who else could have?
I... I don't know anything about it! I don't! I don't!
How long are you going to stay
like that? Enough already!
Do something, Palme! She's
been like this all day!
It's time to go.
Do you want to turn to stone?
I want to become human.
Aren't you sad?
I'm a puppet.
You didn't used to be like that!
You're strange now!
I know I'm strange! That's why I'm
trying to become human.
What's this?!
Soma awaits.
Soma is waiting for you.
For... for me?
Soma is waiting.
Soma's waiting for me?
Soma is waiting for you to come.
It's gone!
What was that? A ghost?
It's gone!
What was that? A ghost?
Soma's waiting for me!
Hurry, Popo! Quick!
Palme! Take it easy!
What, Shatta?
Are you OK, Popo?
Show me that capsule.
Something about it bothers me.
You want to steal it!
Huh? Palme...
I knew it! You're from Below, just like those men!
What are you talking about?
Shatta wouldn't do that!
This is the most important thing I have!
I won't let anyone touch it! Not even Shatta!
Suit yourself.
I don't need this thing from Below.
I'II... I'll be fine without you, Shatta!
Soma will protect me!
Come on, Popo!
You talk big for a puppet! There's no
way you'll ever become human!
Popo! We're almost there!
I'll become a human! A human!
It won't be long now!
Soon! Soon!
Soon... Soon I'll be with my father...
We leave tomorrow, without the girl.
Gandel, what are you saying?
Do you intend to leave Koram to die?
The future of Tamas is in our hands.
I won't allow any more setbacks.
She'll die!
I don't care. I have sons.
I'm better now.
I'm all better!
We're almost there, Popo. We've got to go down.
No, Palme.
I can't!
What are you saying? After we've come this far?
All we have to do is go down there! C'mon!
Popo! We're going down! Now!
Popo! We're going down! Now!
Soon I'll be human! Don't give
me any more trouble!
Soon I'll be human! Don't give
me any more trouble!
Think more about MY predicament!
Popo! What's the matter?!
Wh-what's wrong? What is it? C'mon, get up!
Popo! Popo!
What do I do? What do I do?
What am I going to do?
Damn these things!
Tamas is down there.
It's pitch-black!
Soon I'll be human, then I can
be with Popo forever!
Father! Father!
I warned you about the storm!
Gandel! Hang in there!
It's no use. His foot's caught in the roots!
Someone get down there!
I'll do it!
Someone get down there!
I'll do it!
I'll do it!
Just a little bit more, Father! Just a little bit!
OK! He's free!
Now! Heave!
OK! He's free!
Now! Heave!
Now! Heave!
Well done, Koram!
Father! Are you all right?
How could I have been so careless?
That smells nice...
I like you just the way you are, Palme.
The way you are right now.
Can you walk?
Palme! Your arm!
It's nothing. I just got too much sun on it.
It's definitely there! It's reacting
to a very strong will!
Quick, before Soma notices!
Don't take the Egg! Please! Stop!
I need it to become human!
Popo, help! Where are you, Popo?!
It's all right. We're just taking out the capsule.
I heard that my mother left Tamas
when she was a baby.
We've risked our lives to bring that capsule here!
I'm amazed you brought the Egg of Touto.
How ironic for the brave warriors of Sol!
Watch your mouth!
What's that?!
What's that noise? Is it Soma?!
Captain! It's coming from the lab!
Was it that puppet?!
What about the capsule?
Didn't you get it? Find it!
He's going to see Soma!
Did you do this?
Help me!
Answer me! Palme!
Father! Where are you?!
What's happened?!
It can't be!
Let's go see Soma.
No! No!
Stop, Palme!
I'm sorry, but I can't let you go see Soma.
Besides, what's inside that capsule
you've got isn't the soul of Touto!
Soma won't take it.
You're lying! Soma said he was waiting for me!
Listen, Palme... it's my mother
who's in that capsule.
The spirit of my dead mother!
Stop it, Shatta!
Look! I've got the capsule!
So I'm going!
I'm sick and tired of being a stupid puppet!
I'm going to become a strong man like you!
I'm going to become human for Popo's sake.
I want to stay by her side forever!
Please! Let me become human!
No, Palme.
My mother's spirit is crazy.
You can't give that to Soma.
Come on, Palme, let's go...
let's go to see Soma.
What... what are you thinking?! Don't be a fool!
You're a human! Think!
You've heard what's happening in Tamas!
We can't let Laala be born!
Stop or I'll cut you down!
Don't you care what happens
here Below?! People will die!
Don't listen to that... that damn puppet!
Palme isn't a puppet.
You... you...!
Quick! Soma's mobilizing!
When you find that puppet, destroy it
along with the capsule!
Popo, we've got to hurry!
Father, where are you?!
I did... what my brothers couldn't.
I did it!
My body!
It's as though we're living inside of
Soma! There's no way we can win!
Popo! Popo!
Palme! Hang in there!
Fight it, Palme!
I want... to be human...
Come on, Palme! Keep fighting!
Just a little more!
It's not much farther!
Please! Stand up!
Soma's waiting! You're going to become human!
No! Don't turn into a tree!
No! No!
You said you'd become a human
for me, Palme! Come on!
It's alright.
No! No!
That's enough! That's enough! Popo!
The girl will be caught in the fight!
The closer they get to Soma,
the less options we'll have.
Where's my father?!
Where did you hide him?!
You must know! I want to see him!
I'll go the rest of the way myself.
It's okay.
This is my punishment. It was
me who killed that baby aguri.
I can't stay with you.
No! I'll follow you wherever you go!
I'll stay with you always!
Answer me, Soma!
Show me my father! Don't hide him from me!
The blast! It stopped?!
It's Palme!
Is that what was in the capsule?!
No! That's the Sol woman!
Don't let it get near Soma until we're
sure the capsule's destroyed!
Yes ma'am!
Where did they all come from?!
It's my mother. They're heading for my mother!
We're being overrun by the bugs!
Popo, you'll die!
Popo, you'll die!
Please! Take me to the top of Palme!
It's going into Soma's forest!
Palme! Can you hear me?
Please! Answer me!
It's so quiet...
This place is just so quiet.
Someone's crying...
Who could it be?
A lute...
Palme, can you hear me?! Answer me!
You said we'd go to Xian's hometown! Together!
Come back, Palme!
I love you...
You don't have to do anything.
Just be with me.
Just stay here.
Why didn't I realize it before?
It's not the body that matters.
All I need is the heart Xian gave me.
As long as I have that, Popo
will always be with me.
Look, Palme!
The lilias are blooming again.
You're right.
You smell like flowers, Popo.
I heard your voice, Popo.
What are you doing?!
Save that girl!
What are you doing?!
Save that girl!
Grab on!
Palme! Help her!
Help Shatta's mother!
I know how it feels... because I wanted
my mother to hold me too.
It was you crying, Koram...
You're the one who saved me.
I can't find my father anywhere!
I'm lost!
You're just like I was.
No! You have memories! You
have fond memories!
But me... I have none... I
have no fond memories!
I never thought a heart would hurt so much.
That song...
I go to the darkness of the white forest's spring
To rid myself of memories
Many bitter fruits of the silverberry
And the sad fruit of the kusupia
In the garden full of black flowers
As my tears flow
It is these I must...
I did the best I could! I did!
It's stopped.
The bolas are leaving.
It disappeared!
It's Palme!
It's Palme!
Look! He's still got the capsule!
It's heading for Laala! It's going inside her!
The negation! It's started!
The destruction's stopped!
I know you're there, Shatta.
Forgive me.
I never once held you...
Mother! Mother! Mother!!
Soma's dead!
Pools of crosskahla oil...
There's so much of it...
You didn't become human, Palme.
I'm turning back into a tree.
But wherever you are, I'll be watching over you.
I'll always be with you.
I wonder if the blue of the sky
Let's go to Xian's hometown.
I wonder if the blue of the sky
I wonder if the blue of the sky
Will remain in my heart
Will remain in my heart
Will remain in my heart
Will remain in my heart
Let's go.
Will remain in my heart
Will remain in my heart
Even now when everything is lost
When you have children...
When you have children...
My heart will be with you
My heart will be with you
and they play in the flowers,
the wind, and the stars...
My heart will be with you
and they play in the flowers,
the wind, and the stars...
I'll always be watching over them, Popo.
I'll be with you, always
I'll protect you like the wind
caressing your shoulders
If the sunlight is too strong
I'll raise my arm to block it
On the day that love envelopes us
Let's make white flowers bloom
See a dream, my dream
And walk without turning back
When you shed a tear
I'll bring you the scent of
honey you liked so much
It shined on your fingers
I'll be by your side, quietly
Your smiling face is my happiness
Reflected in the blue of the sky
Is the path to the future you believe in
And it goes on and on