Paskal: The Movie (2018) Movie Script

Officially established on October 1, 1982.
The establishment of this special force
is to execute special missions
that is related to national security
and at the same time,
in line with the global movement
to fight against maritime terrorism.
Launched on August 27, 2008
with two Royal Malaysian Navy ships,
KD Lekiu and KD Sri Inderapura
at Gulf of Aden.
Malaysia was the first country in
the world to launch armed forces operation
to protect the nation's assets
while crossing over this dangerous ocean.
During the Fajar Operation,
commercial vessels from other countries
also sailed along to seek protection
provided by the Royal Malaysian Navy.
Since the launch of Fajar Operation,
six RMN vessels served the tasks
for 306 days with hundreds
of commercial vessels
successfully escorted across Gulf of Aden.
Fajar Op is a collaboration of
three branches of Malaysian Armed Forces.
Royal Malaysian Navy, Malaysian Army
and Royal Malaysian Air Force,
as well as Navy personnel
and PASKAL members.
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-Those fish are huge, sir.
-For supper.
That's a painted sweetlips. I caught it.
Not interested.
Take this.
Hey, we're going home.
All of you are squeezing in here.
I purposely cleaned up my weapons earlier,
so that I could read.
Come on, Misi.
Read as much as you want when you're home.
In our case, we need another kind
of satisfaction when we're home.
We're not the only ones married.
If we're married,
we need to constantly remind ourselves.
Do you know that my wife
has a lot to do at home?
Handle our kids, take care of her work.
The salary of commandos like us
is insufficient to raise three children.
Then why did you get married so early?
You should've stayed single
like Mr. Arman, easy.
Not at all.
Mr. Arman has his own responsibilities.
-That's the way it is.
-It's fine, sir.
After this, I'll tell them
not to send PASKAL.
Navy cadets are more than enough.
Even though those pirates are dumb,
but they're not stupid enough
to attack the ship that we're escorting.
Watch your mouth while at sea.
Okay, Tan Sri.
I'll update you later.
Thank you.
Fleet Commander,
Laurel 11 is under pirate attack.
The ship left the convoy
in position Three Charlie.
All crews have been ordered
to assemble at the citadel.
Fleet Commander, this is the citadel.
Where is Three Charlie?
Fleet Commander, here.
Instruct both of the ships to turn back.
Order the captain of Laurel 11 to darken
the ship and proceed to the citadel.
Mr. Yusof, get me all the information
about this ship.
The owner, the cargo on the vessel.
All possibilities.
-Listen to me!
Both of you go this way!
Both of you go that way!
-The rest come with me!
Everyone, go to the citadel.
Why are the lights switched off?
In the name of God,
most Gracious, most Compassionate.
Praise be to the Lord of the Universe.
May peace and blessings be bestowed
upon Prophet Muhammad,
his family, as well as his friends.
You who believe,
when you meet a force, be firm
and remember Allah often
that you may prosper.
Grant me this prayer,
the Lord of the Universe.
We have these, Fleet Commander.
-Thank you, Mr. Yusof.
-You're welcome.
-Lieutenant Jason, Superlynx Pilot, sir.
It's nighttime.
Commander Maznan.
My team is ready, Fleet Commander.
BM5, new intel.
There is one Laurel 11 crew
unaccounted for.
We're going to be rich!
Two of you go that way.
The steering wheel is locked.
Answer it.
Answer the phone.
Let's get a hostage!
There is no reasoning with these people.
Remain kill zone distance.
-Where is the helicopter?
-There it is.
Let's teach them a lesson.
Return fire.
Continue firing this way!
Get them out from here,
they've got a sniper!
Keep going!
Get us away from here!
Mother boat under attack,
they turned back!
Ali and Ahmed were also killed.
No more backup, we better leave now!
We need hostages now!
Let's find them.
Both of you, go that way. You, follow me.
There is a helicopter coming.
Watch out and run this way.
Where are they? We have to look for them!
Get down!
Hey, what's happening there?
Hey, what's happening there?
There is no one there?
I think we're the only ones left.
Continue the search.
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Hurry, come up.
Good job, all.
-Congratulations, Fleet Commander.
Let's go home.
Sir, I'll take my leave.
Sir, please excuse me.
I'll see you later.
Isn't your mom coming?
Okay then, sir.
Peace be upon you.
Oh my God.
Mom, wake up.
What's wrong with your hand?
Mom, where's the medicine?
Which one is yours?
Please sit down, Mom. I'll do it.
Since you're not around,
I'm already used to taking care of myself.
I've bought a burial plot in Lumut.
It's two plots away from your dad's.
I don't want to die here.
That day, if Lily wasn't around,
I would've been dead.
She's already having a hard time.
For no reason,
I'm making things harder for her.
All you heroes are the same.
You and your dad.
Move! Hurry!
Hey, what are you doing there? Move!
Hurry up, idiot!
I'm stuck!
Damn it!
What's wrong?
I'm stuck!
Are we stuck in a traffic jam?
Hey! What if someone died just now
because of you?
You want to rest?
All of you, go for commando rest now!
So weak!
You wish to be a part of PASKAL?
Why do all of you want
to be a part of PASKAL so much?
That you're willing
to be tortured like this?
-Sub-Lieutenant Arman Rahmat!
Why are you here?
Answer me! Why are you here?
Ready to sacrifice for the country, sir!
You don't have to tell me
the slogan of RMN!
Answer me honestly, why are you here?
Answer me!
Answer him, idiot!
I want to know what my dad died for, sir!
What are you guys looking at?
Do you know
that I was by his side when your dad died?
Do you know that he must
have wanted me to train you
harder than he had ever been trained?
Since you do,
then go on!
-Commando, PASKAL!
-Commando, PASKAL!
Only a few of you will complete the test
and become part of PASKAL.
If you want to make it through,
I want you to really make up your mind
why do you so desperately
want to become part of PASKAL.
Hey, Man.
I feel like I want to poo.
What should I do?
If you want to show off your strength
or which one of you has got the balls,
look for the reason
deep within your heart.
-Left, right, left.
-Left, right, left.
-If your reasons aren't convincing enough,
-Left, right, left.
-then I'd suggest for all of you
-Left, right, left.
-to just give up!
-Left, right, left.
-No, sir!
-No, sir!
-I said give up!
-Left, right, left.
-No, sir!
-No, sir!
-Who else? Quick!
-Left, right, left.
I think my ligament tore.
I can't find it.
Come, let me see.
As you wish.
You must regret quitting your studies.
Otherwise, you would've become a doctor.
You wouldn't have to go through this.
It's just swollen.
I don't think it's a laceration.
But you can get an MRI scan
at a hospital if you don't believe me.
If I go to the hospital and get admitted,
there will be one less person.
It'll be easier for you to pass. Smart.
But I never thought Bob would give up.
If anyone of us were to pass,
he should be the one.
He is strong.
It's not about strength.
The important thing is here.
So you think
you have strong inner strength?
I'm not that strong.
It's God that guides me all this while.
But Mr. Arman's strength is just unfair.
He is strong genetically.
His dad was a legend.
What are you looking at?
-My girlfriend's photo.
-Let me see.
Mighty Gagak.
-Hurry up!
-Hurry up!
Undoubtedly, the talent
and strong spirit in all of you
have brought you all to this.
I didn't know it was at the beach.
Here, we will dedicate ourselves
to the country.
Thank you, sir.
Maybe one of you
will contribute the greatest sacrifice
for the country
which is your own lives.
Not all your friends and families
will understand our job.
So, make it as a faith.
-Strong heart, never give up,
-Strong heart, never give up,
-never surrender!
-never surrender!
Hello, brother.
-It's not that nice.
-Already pretty.
Hey, wait a second.
Come here.
What's up?
Is your mom coming?
It's okay.
Today, we are your family.
You both earned it.
Relax, we're chilling today.
Report for duty tomorrow.
They want me to choose three candidates
to train with the SEAL Team.
Who's the other one, sir?
If Lily knows about what happened
in the swamp that day,
do you think she would still marry you?
You can only tell her after I'm dead.
I don't have enough cash.
How much do you have right now?
Not even three hundred.
-May I borrow it first?
-How much?
That's a lot.
Don't let her see it.
How is this?
You look great in anything.
Then I'll take this.
If we are always equipped with weapons,
then that's not peacekeeping.
Do you think we're safe
with this big UN logo?
I think it makes us an easy target.
We weren't even given any weapons.
How are we going to defend ourselves
if something happens?
Get that woman.
Get her!
UN army!
I think someone is still left behind
in the truck.
Don't! They're watching us!
Wait for the backup!
We're running out of time.
Man! Hey!
They're nuts.
They are not carrying weapons.
We can fight back.
So what should we do?
Go! Let's move!
Let's move.
Shoot them!
I acted according to the situation, sir!
If we were given weapons,
this wouldn't have happened, sir!
You were an observer.
You shot someone who surrendered.
Was that a rightful act of a UN observer?
Joshua's death was not on me, sir,
but RMN.
What kind of country
sends their soldiers to die?
-I'm not finished yet, sir.
They have discharged you.
What's on your mind actually?
There were witnesses.
No military court, nothing.
I gave my everything.
This is what I get?
Joshua died in vain.
I got fired.
Before you become the victim
of this useless system,
you better leave as well,
Where is Joshua, Arman?
Where is Joshua, Arman?
Why didn't he come back, Arman?
Nobody even cares about us.
Let alone Joshua's sacrifice.
Uncle Arman!
-Gosh, I really love you.
But the timing is always bad.
I will be back offshore
in a few more days.
I understand.
We can take care of Joey.
You do not have to send him
back to the peninsula to your mom.
I heard you're going back to Lumut.
I still don't understand you and Josh
up until now.
-So much that he left me and Joey.
I'm just being annoying.
Did you know
that I paid half for the ring?
Has Joshua paid you back?
How much?
There's no need to know.
It'll make Josh look bad.
The cat is already out of the bag.
If I tell you how much,
then you'll know how cheap the ring is.
So there's no need to know.
Come in.
How is your mom doing?
Thank God.
The doctor said
not to make her feel stressed.
Thank you for helping us skip
the angiogram queue.
I don't know how to repay you, sir.
But you're not here
to talk about your mom, right?
No, sir.
After Joshua's incident, I was expecting
to receive this kind of e-mail from you.
But I didnt.
So? Why now?
For family, sir.
Whoever's left.
Then all this while,
who do you think you did all this for?
I can help you become a trainer
at KD Panglima Hitam.
I still have friends over there.
Thank you, sir.
But I need your help one last time.
We have a mission.
You'll only work for a day.
It's in KK.
Take this as your farewell party.
Yes, sir.
They're waiting. Let's go.
Good morning, sir!
So you've heard?
Everyone has, sir.
Do you think my decision is wrong?
I'm in no position
to answer that question, sir.
In your opinion, where will God put me?
For me, fate is not a straight line.
It's full of branches.
They're like branches on a big tree.
So we have to choose the right branch?
Only you know which one, sir.
None of the choices is perfect, sir.
Then what's there?
There are only branches.
One after another.
All the way to the end.
ALWAYS THE BES Okay. Everyone, listen.
This is our target,
Rudi Rusly Parjo,
the pirate leader that escaped
the Orkim Harmony incident
three years ago.
According to our intel,
we believe that he'll meet his contact
whom we have not yet identified.
The location will be
in the middle of the Filipino market.
But why now, sir?
He's been hiding all this while.
He's showing off now.
His criminal activities
have increased recently.
He spent the extra money
to hire ex-special forces
from neighboring countries.
But seriously? Isn't the middle
of the market too exposed, sir?
I would have chosen the same venue.
They have weapons
and they know we will not engage.
If they open fire in public,
we will be in trouble.
That's why we have to be careful.
What about the method, sir?
If I have to think all by myself,
what's the point of this meeting then?
We play by deception.
We'll distract their attention,
then catch them in transit,
swap them into different cars.
Okay! It's settled.
-His contact, sir? Take him too?
-Take them all!
For investigation. Understand?
-Understood, sir!
-Understood, sir!
Can you explain, Mr. Arman?
Will you become a boatman
at Pangkor Island after retirement?
I'm not retiring.
The Commander said
he can recommend me as a trainer.
You are overqualified to become a trainer.
Plus, you are still young.
I'm not suggesting that the other trainers
are not good, they are great!
But we need you more in the field, sir.
Besides, I don't want
to report to Mr. Ustat.
He is not so friendly.
The target has entered the market.
I see him.
Okay, sir.
Everything is okay, sir?
The target is moving to the blue section.
Ustat, pay attention
if he passes that area.
Sir, keep the change.
Thank you.
Sir, I'm on your six.
The target is making contact
with the vendor.
-That's his contact?
-Not sure.
Where are they going?
Did you guys see them exchange anything?
Ustat, stay close
to this possible contact.
I see him.
The target is moving toward the sea.
I lost him.
You lost him?
It's okay.
Let me find him.
Misi, standby there.
In case they reappear.
By the sea.
-How should I know?
Rudi's contact is Jeb.
Jep? Jep Sepahtu?
Jeb saw me. Our cover's blown.
Why did he meet Rudi, sir?
Like I mentioned earlier.
He hired ex-special forces
as his bodyguard.
Jeb is the best candidate for him.
He always thought about
what he would get for his skills.
Rudi is able to give him anything.
It is alarming for pirates
to get an ex-PASKAL like him.
Because he knows all of our SOPs.
Indeed, it is alarming.
But for now, he is not your concern.
All of you are already on leave, right?
Have you packed your stuff already?
Not yet.
Not yet?
I don't want to go to KL.
I want to stay here.
Uncle Arman is here.
Let me ask him if he has the time
to bring me around.
Man, your old friend is here.
Old friend?
He said he used to work with you
and Josh back then.
What a beautiful place.
How did you know I was here?
Come on, Man.
I know where my friends live.
Lily told me
you're getting transferred to Lumut
to become a trainer.
Stop bothering them, Jeb.
If you really are going to Lumut,
I'll definitely leave them alone.
It's a good thing
that you want to become a trainer.
Inspire the new generation.
Tell them all about
what PASKAL did to your dad
and your best friend.
I sincerely hope
that they are smarter than us.
Quit while they still can.
"Quit while they still can"?
Then become a rogue like you?
Like me?
Since I don't need to follow instructions
anymore, I'm doing just fine.
I sleep on money every night.
Join me, bro.
Otherwise, you won't be able
to afford this.
You think PASKAL will give you all this?
It's what you want, not me.
You live the life you want
and I'll live my own.
When will you realize that in this world,
many things are more important
than your stupid sacrifice?
Jeb, what do you understand
about sacrifices?
Do you think I don't know?
Do you know what happened to me
after I left?
It's impossible for this country
to accept people like me, like us.
I do not mind listening
to your confession this late at night,
but you don't want to lose your hand.
What are you going to do?
You know what I'm capable of.
I support your idea of going to Lumut.
It wasn't my intention
to get Joshua killed back then.
Don't make me accidentally kill you too.
Lily, I need to borrow your cell phone.
Cell phone.
Jeb came to find me at Josh's house.
Track my cell phone
to detect his location.
Arman, please go home.
Let us take charge of this.
No, sir.
This problem involves Lily and Joey.
Jeb knows we're on to him,
he won't sit still.
It's okay, sir.
I'll gather all the intel I can, okay?
All right then.
You try to gather all the intel you can.
I will provide what I have.
Yes, sir. Thank you, sir.
You're late.
Let's go.
Has the package reached the location?
My dear Joey.
-Hi, Aunty.
-Hi, Lily.
Wake up, Arman.
Arman! Wake up, Arman!
-You'll wreck it.
-Uncle Arman.
-Yes, dear.
-Lily has left.
She's in a rush.
She said there is an inspection.
What kind of inspection
this early in the morning?
What happened to you?
Joey, go eat your breakfast.
You said you quit the field work.
I fell from Josh's bike yesterday, Mom.
If you can't quit your job,
you can just tell me the truth.
I can find a graveyard in this area.
Hold on.
My wife is on staff and I want
to pick up her car at the parking lot,
but she's not picking up.
Can you please help to check
if her car has arrived?
The plate number is SD 5588.
The car came in five minutes ago.
Listen here carefully.
You have a security breach right now!
Lock down the port
and don't let anyone go to the oil rig!
-Hi, Yana.
-Hi, Lily!
-Hi, Wan!
-I'll see you soon. Bye.
-Okay. Bye, Lily.
Hello, Wai. Long time no see.
-No need to work?
-I'm here.
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Sir, they are targeting SPC oil rig.
Lily works there.
They are using OHSAS Ramdec Bhd
as their cover.
With that cover,
they can even get the blueprint, sir!
Where are you?
Call ASP Mazlan.
Tell him to send troops
to SPC Offshore now.
Call SPC too.
Tell them to stop all vehicles
going in and out of the oil rig.
-Issue APB to arrest Jeb and Rudi.
-Send it to IPD KK and SPC Offshore too.
Auxiliary police.
Follow me.
Jala One, Jala Two.
An APB is issued
for two first-class suspects.
Information shows that
they are now at Sabah Port.
All units nearby to head there now.
We've received the instructions
and are heading to the location. Over!
We've received a report.
Close the gate first.
We need to investigate.
Reopen the gate after it's done, got it?
To all passengers,
we've received an instruction
to close the gate.
Details to be informed soon.
Now, please be seated.
-Oh gosh.
-You can't do this.
-Don't move!
You are right.
The police have arrested five people.
A group of staff from Ramdec
managed to leave before the lockdown.
Panjang and his boys have been arrested.
We're all that's left.
Your barge friends better be here soon.
Pick up the phone.
Now everyone, move to the corner!
Now, go!
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
Do not be scared, do not worry.
We only want money.
The government owns the money,
-but your life is in your hands.
Lily, can you hear me?
Lily, tell me what's happening over there.
You look familiar.
Get up now.
Move out!
What is that?
Take it out.
Take it out!
While you're at it,
can you send a message to their boss?
We want 100 million by tomorrow morning.
We will provide our offshore bank account
details when your minister calls us.
A friendly reminder to your hero friends.
If they try to do anything,
your friend's widow will get it first.
You've done your part.
Now leave the rest to us.
We have requested
Paan and Amin's team to get ready.
Sir, send me too.
I can't send you alone.
Your boys...
Prep asset ready for three teams.
Believe in me, sir.
Dear, I think I can't go back this time.
I will see you next time.
Over there, sir.
My barge friends are here.
One of the terrorists is an ex-PASKAL.
They are asking for 100 million.
Other than that,
they reject any further negotiation.
The oil rig has three layers, sir.
And we are 16 nautical miles away
from the oil rig.
We do not want to show
a bad example this time.
If we want to avoid similar case again,
we can't connive the act of the pirates
of South China Sea.
Besides, the SPC threat this time
seems like a direct challenge to us.
Laurel 11 was hijacked
by Somalia pirates earlier.
Because they paid two million US dollars
for the hijacked ships earlier on.
We cannot connive to them anymore.
Otherwise, this will never end.
But what about that ex-PASKAL?
He's just an ex-PASKAL.
We believe we're capable
in resolving this matter.
We don't know the number of hostages.
The number of pirates involved
is unknown too.
The intel on the oil rig
is there are 62 workers.
I suggest we hand it over to Arman.
He was the CTG of Jerung Emas.
Sir, Jeb knows all of our SOPs
under this kind of situation.
For now, we have to change
our usual tactical moves.
May I?
Alpha One, follow me
and give me ten minutes.
Alpha Two, standby to act at 0415.
I finally understand.
The difference of a bad guy like you
who serves to expect rewards
unlike Arman or Josh.
Get up!
What's that?
They've come!
Where are they?
They're there.
Kunalan, there.
Yes, I see them.
-Hey, no.
Gosh, this is pissing me off.
-Shoot them.
-Shoot them.
-Shut up.
-Shoot them.
-Just shoot.
-Right in the front.
-Just shoot.
-Just shoot.
-At the back.
-Run that way.
Where? Not that.
-Come in!
-Stay there.
We've been surrounded!
Follow me.
They are behind the building,
at the back of the metal wall,
near the stairs!
Do not let them come out from there!
Keep shooting!
My plate got the bullet.
Do not let them out of there!
I can't see him!
How impudent!
The rest, come out now!
Push them back!
Do not be a coward!
Come out now!
One, two, three!
Jeb, they got the upper deck.
Now, I'm bringing them to the wormhole.
Yan, are you okay?
It hurts like hell, but I'm alive.
This is about national security.
We have pirates from the Philippines here.
Charlie, clear out all corners
and pay attention if any of them come out.
Ustat, Zero and Bravo One,
follow me to compound one.
Bravo Two, follow Yan and Misi
to compound two.
Then Charlie, standby for the hostages.
Check their IDs at the pontoon.
All right, let's move.
Why is it me again?
I'm killing all of you!
Jeb, I can't stay here anymore.
I have to go.
No problem, I will take it from here.
Let's play.
Are the lights off on your side too?
Yes, sir. It's pitch black.
Everybody okay?
Sir, have you found Lily yet?
Jeb is in the back.
I've been waiting for you.
Do you see the C4 on her body?
It's not only meant for her.
It's for all of us.
It's for this oil rig.
I really don't get it.
What made you do this, Jeb?
It's because I'm smart
and not stupid like you.
Now you drop your weapon.
You guys are easy.
Drop your weapon now!
-Drop it!
I'll put it down.
Your handgun too.
Now, let's see who's the best PASKAL.
Always the best, right?
Yan to Gagak.
Damn! Faster!
Do not let them cross over
to the Philippines water!
We lose our jurisdiction over there.
Do you know why you're not qualified
to be a part of PASKAL?
Because PASKAL is always the best
when we work together.
None of us is egoistic
and selfish like you.
It's not that
I'm not qualified for PASKAL,
but the stupid system doesn't fit
a person as great as me!
Hang on, Jeb.
Hang on, Jeb!
Hang on!
I'm still better than you.
-It was Arman who brought me back.
-Thank God.
It was PASKAL that brought us all back.
I'm sorry.
It took me this long to understand.
If your dad was still alive,
he'd be proud of you.
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Thank you, Fleet Commander!
Thank you, Fleet Commander!
Thank you, Fleet Commander!
Thank you, Fleet Commander.
Thank you, Fleet Commander.
Respect Fleet Commander!
Forward, salute!
I don't even know their full name, Misi.
It makes sense.
Where did you get that from?
Lieutenant Commander Arman Rahmat.
Fleet Commander.
Can I have a chat with you?
Have you been here before?
All of them died serving our nation,
but their names remain confidential.
However, it doesn't mean
their sacrifices were forgotten.
Your dad used to report directly to me.
He once told me
that his job
was his higher calling from God.
It's sinful if none of us
is willing to do it.
Other than him,
who else would?
No one but your dad.
We are risking a lot indeed.
But with our sacrifice,
not only do we get to serve our country,
we are also capable
of saving a lot of lives.
And reuniting families from being shredded
by unfortunate events.
Have you ever thought
that our job is great?
My country and my family
are the same to me.
Lieutenant Commander Arman Rahmat.
Fleet Commander.
This film is dedicated to the heroes
who have worked hard
to defend and protect the country.
Saving hostages from
armed Somalian pirates in Gulf of Aden.
Accomplished in three hours.
No hostages or PASKAL were injured.
A perfect mission.
Lt Kdr Anuar Bin Alias PGB, served
as an Observation Officer in Univem II,
saved four civilians who were threatened
by a group of rebels in Huambo-Alto Alma.
He was the only member of RNM
who was awarded with PGB
by Yang di-Pertuan Agong on June 2, 2002.