Pasolini (2014) Movie Script

Are these actors masochist?
If I chose them, they are.
Is sex about politics?
There's nothing that isn't politics.
When your last film, Sal, will be released,
will you scandalize again?
I think to scandalize is a right,
to be scandalized is a pleasure,
and those who refuse to be scandalized are moralists.
the so called moralists.
Why aren't you a militant anymore?
What do you mean?
You are not a political militant anymore.
I am more than ever.
Are you nostalgic of the period in which people insulted you in the streets?
They're still insulting me.
Does it provokes you a certain pleasure?
I don't deny it
since I'm not a moralist.
What is the profession you prefer?
Poet? Writer? Scenarist? Actor? Critic? Director?
In my passport, I simply report: "writer".
Dear Alberto
I send you this
so that you can give me advice.
It's a novel
but it's not written like
true novels are:
its terminology is
the one used in essays,
in some newspaper articles,
in reviews,
in private letters
or even in poetry.
This is the advice I ask from you:
is what I've written enough,
in order to decently and
poetically say what I wanted to say?
I'd like you to consider,
before advicing me
that the protagonist
of this novel is whoever he is
and, analogies between his
story and mine aside,
he disgusts me.
This novel is of no use
to my life anymore..
It is not a proclamation.
It is the preamble to a testament
the testimony of that little of
knowledge that a man has gathered,
a totally different knowledge
from what he had expected it to be.
or wondered.
Good. Come on..
Ninni.. Pieruti
You're back...
We've been so far away one from another.
I'm getting up, mom.
Hi Pieruti.
Hi Graziella.
How did the trip go?
It went well, thanks.
Listen Graziella...
you have to read Sciascia's last novel,
you can take it from my desk
it's a really important book.
Thank you, I'll read it.
Carlo Levi called to say hi.
La Stampa's editor
would like you to call him back.
I've copied your speech for the radicals'
meeting and I've put it
on your desk.
That's good, thanks.
Carlo was not the only powerful individual
to adapt to such an official feast
destination for opportunists
for snobs
for background actors,
for officials and bureaucrats with ladies.
And he wasn't the only one
who had to make the best of a bad situation.
At the center, unmoved mover,
was the Head of State..
Even during the democracy process
the holy game of kings kept being played,
and the ritualistic life
of royalty is still well spread
among the bourgeoisie...
Meanwhile all around Carlo,
who just entered, there was pure chaos.
I've been attacked by
certain journalists lately,
journalists related to ENI
So many disappointments.
That's why I had to do it my way.
I tell you, tell the Americans
that the government has no intention
whatsoever of taxating oil.
Sure, sure, sure.
Vincenzo Cazzaniga is highly esteemed
in the very Vatican Bank.
The Agnellis get their money back
through the Vatican Bank.
To us Andreotti and
honesty are the same thing.
Because if he says that those bombs in
Milan are not our problem,
it means that they're not.
Well then, we adapt
we adapt to all this.
OK, that's right.
as you well know, is dead.
We're mourning it.
Mine is not a tale, but a metaphor.
The meaning of this metaphor
is the relationship between
an artist and what he creates and shapes.
as you well know, is dead.
We're mourning it.
Mine is not a tale, but a metaphor.
The meaning of this metaphor
is the relationship between
an artist and what he creates and shapes.
Andrea Fago, or the "eating man",
took as usually the Alitalia DC9 flight,
on a calm spring afternoon,
a flight ought to land on Cape Town.
- There you go.
- Thanks..
What's your name, miss?
At what time we're done, Caterina?
We land at 12.
And are you going to have lunch with someone?
May I invite you?
Why not?
Those would be some hours of quite
and beautiful travel.
First of all Egypt,
and its Nile,
and its green trees,
and its palms and
the cornfields, and the dark ocra villages.
After that Sudan,
and its neverending
southern desert,
so wonderfully pink.
I would like to insist that
this desert's pink is
really something:
but it's even more impressive
its vastness.
It never ends and never changes,
from Kartoum to
Rudolph Lake.
what gives a feeling of terror to this desert
though is the fact that
it is not a desert,
but a huge hollow country,
forgotten by both God and man.
Well, this was the desert
in which the Alitalia DC9 crashed.
All that I'm going to tell you
was not displayed
in this world's theatre but
in my head's.
It took not place in the space of reality,
but in the one of my imagination.
And eventually, it played out not according
to the contradictory rules
of the game of the existence,
but it did according to the
contradictory rules of the game of my reason.
Andrea Fago wathed those men
who where coming towards him.
Those ancient men
he knew so well.
He contemplated them, no, he recognised them
Then a smile,
an amazing smile stretched his lips
and enlightened his eyes.
That smile was enigmatic because
it was so human,
that it came from the mind.
the continuity between me and them,
and back between them and me,
breaks: I'm a shape
whose knowledge is illusion.
There's the list of the interviews for Salim.
About the movie release,
Mr Agnelli wants to release it
in Milan first.
He believes that we will have better odds
with the censorship.
Let's hope he's right.
Some optimism... Would you like this?
Let me try it.
Aunt Susanna, this was sent me by Gaetano
Perusini, only for Pier Paolo.
Ah, from Rocca Bernarda.
Is there.. Furio Colombo too?
Yes. It's for la Stampa,
for their new
literary section.
But they want to make it as soon as they can.
Ask him if he can come by this afternoon.
Now, Graziella,
where have you been these last days?
We've been to the pinewood in Castel Fusano.
A beautiful place.
Full of beautiful flowers.
And what about you? E' piaciuta Stoccolma Pieruti?
Yes mommy, but I think we would never be able
to live there, you and I...
And what do you think about Montale's Nobel?
I said at Stockholm that
they should have given it to Sandro Penna, and not to Montale.
By the way how's Sandro doing?
Did you see him lately?
Sandro is poor and sick...
now he's complaining since
he isn't able to chew anymore.
I don't get why he doesn't want
to use a denture...
now he has this bad habit
of calling on the phone here at night..
And he talks, and talks, and talks..
Last time, aunt Susanna put the phone
on the table and she
went back watching the tv...
You should write down everything
he says, instead.
He is a great poet.
It's Laura.
Here she is...
- Hi, Graziella!
- Hello Laura.
How do you do?
Very well. What about you?
Welcome back Laura.
Good morning!
How's it going?
Well, well.
What about you?
Get me a chair.
How was your travelling?
Fine, fine. What about yours?
Zagabria... your Jancso pal
tortured us for the whole movie
we shot without a break
these last two days, all day and all night.
It was madness, mom.
And did you manage to give him what he wanted?
Of course.
In the beginning he tried to
stop me from improvising
but in the end... I've helped him
shooting the orgy sequences...
Ah socialist actresses
such a wonder, eh...
I adore them, they're real professionals!
They put this hemorrhoids cream
on thei pussies to
hide the wrinkles..
I'll start putting it too.
But here... on the eye wrinkles, look!
Since I don't have the money for
expensive creams... Oh, so good!
Are you hungry?
No, but you can't imagine how much I missed
the Italian food in Jugoslavia,
because there the food is awful
I don't know why communism and
fine cuisine are always apart...
Ah, I brought you something that... well...
I hope you like.
Croatian Folkloristic Music.
Ah, thanks.
And I've brought something for the girls too...
You're welcome. And Susanna...
Oh, you're so sweet.
We didn't have this one.
May I?
Of course.
Some wine?
Yes, I'd like some..
Ah... you can put your jewels there.
Is it true Laura that you
dubbed the Devil's voice?
Yes, Graziella, I've worked under the Devil..
The Hollywood cinema...
Help somebody who served the Church, father.
Oh.. Oh honey come here
and let me show you how communists dance,
They dance,
and they even dance well, look..
Here you go, this way,
Take it...
Graziella... you should
use more make-up
you're so pretty..
Come on Graziella, dance with me some more...
Good evening.
Good evening. Here.
Good evening.
Good evening, make yourself at home.
May I offer you some coffee?
No thanks, water is just fine.
How do you do?
Well. Take a sit.
Let's get started right away...
So... In what you have written,
in your articles, you gave many versions
of what you hate
and therefore you have opened a fight
against institutions,
ideologies, powers,
abd against some people,
now to make our conversation
a little bit less complicated
I'll call all of this "the situation",
but it's clear
that I'm referring to that scene
you usually speak against.
But I want to make this consideration,
let's put that you have a magical mind,
you move your hand and everything disappears,
everything you hate.
You are then alone, alone and with no means whatsoever,
with no expressive means I mean.
Yes, I get it, oh,
you're talking about a magical mind...
which not only I'm looking for
but which I also believe in, not because
I think myself as a wizard,
but because I know that
by hitting the same
nail even a house can collapse.
Those who made history
were not the
courtisans and the cardinals' assistants
but those who were able to say "no".
Refusal has always been
an essential gesture and therefore
to work it needs to be
great, absolute, and absurd.
Common sense has never
stopped the situation.
Now, we have three points:
what is "the situation"
why we should stop it or even destroy it
and how.
Good, now explain "the situation".
You perfectly know that what you write,
and your language have the effect of
sunlight going through the dust.
That is a beautiful picture
but it is hard to understand.
Thank you for the sun metaphor, but I
want a lot less.
I just want
that you notice this tragedy.
What is this tragedy?
The tragedy is that there are no
human beings anymore, there are only
weird cars crashing one against the other.
And this tragedy started
with that universal
and perverse educational system
that shapes all of us,
from the manager class,
down to the poor.
that pushes all of us inside
the arena of having
everything at any cost.
This is the reason
why everyone wants the same things and
why they behave all the same way.
So if I have in my hands an administration
meeting or a financial maneuver,
I use those.
Or I use a crowbar.
And when I decide to use a crowbar
I make my violence
to get what I want.
Why do I want it?
Because they told me that
it's a virtue to want it.
I exercise the right to my virtue.
I am a murderer, and I am a good person.
So people nowadays don't mind
killing at all..
That's where the scenery has changed,
now there's the desire to kill and
this desire binds us as
sinister brothers of
a sinsiter failure of
an entire social system
that produces gladiators who were
all tought to have,
possess and destroy.
You see all of us as
farmers with no school education,
ignorant but happy.
I will spit it out for you,
I descend to Hell.
and I know many things that for now
won't bother your rests.
But be careful.
Hell is coming up to you.
It's true, he wears
many clothings and
wears many masks.
All of us are victims and
all of us are guilty.
But the desire, the need...
for the crowbar,
to assault, to kill,
is strong and is in all of us.
And it won't exist much longer
the private
and risky experience of those people who...
how can I put it..
has touched a "violent life".
But don't make a fool of yourselves.
You lot
with your school
your tv
with the calm of your newspapers
are the great preservers
of this horrible order
an order based on the idea of possessing
and on the idea of destroying.
Let me get back to the first question.
You magically wipe out everything,
the compulsory school,
the elected officials,
the tv itself.
What do you have left?
I have everything left.
to be alive,
to be alive in the world,
to see, to work, to understand, my books
My movies.
I would keep making cinema
even if I were the last man on the Earth,
maybe I'd keep making it
because I need it
because I like making it and I would make it.
Either I kill myself... or I make it!
I, I... by making cinema
by making it
I somehow express myself.
And if this expression of mine
gets alienated,
who cares!
In the meanwhile I've expressed myself
as free as I could.
Now enough about myself
I've just
talked too much about myself,
everybody know that
I pay my experiences
on my skin, maybe it's me who's wrong,
but I'll keep telling you that we're all
in danger.
if this is your vision of the world,
I don't know if you would accept the question,
but how can you push back
risk and danger?
It got late
it's better for us to stop here.
Maybe you could leave me these questions.
There are too many absolute arguments,
leave me some time to think about those.
To write it's much easier to me
than to talk.
I'll add some notes and I'll
leave them to you in the morning.
Do you have headline?
We're all in danger?.
Damn the fascists all to Hell!
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Good evening, Pierpa'.
Are you closing up?
No, it's always opened for you,
Come in, Maestro.
How are you?
Where have you been?
In Stockholm.
Ah, and what's there to see?
They translated my
Le ceneri di Gramsci.
Ah well done!
Have you felt the tension in the streets?
Two boys have been killed
right around the corner.
One of them was a 16 years old
And to have justice they killed
someone who had nothing to do with it.
Rome it's done for, my friend.
You should leave it and
go live in another country.
And what should I do in another country?
I can only cook spaghetti.
You can't even imagine
how many would die
to eat your food in France or in Germany.
No shit...
with the disgusting food they have!
Pierpa' tonight I made your
stake with a little bit of salad on the side.
Good... but
I'll be waiting for Ninetto.
No problem.
Dear Eduardo
I'll write down, at last,
the movie I've been talking to you about for so many years.
Oh you don't have time to go to sleep
in the evening that is already 9 o'clock in the morning!
I'll entrust Epifanio to you entirely:
because I feel like it,
because I want to.
Come here!
Let's make it this way.
Epifanio it's you.
It's the you from the dream,
apparently idealized,
but actually real.
you know that coffee makes you nervous!
I hope, with all my heart, that you
will like the movie, and that
you will accept to do it: but overall
I hope that you'll help me and give me the strength
to face such a burden.
You're drinking it right on my face!?
Look, let's do something nice.
Now I go and grab something to eat,
then I come back, and we make a good
coffee, and we share it.
a little bit ofr you and a little bit for me. Alright?
Hurry up though!
Move it Epif!
I've just hired you and
I've to fire you already?
Come on!
Up! On your feet!
Move it Epif!
Don't worry, Carolina!
Everything is fine!
Yeah, everything is fine...
I'm grabbing something to eat!
Move it!
On my way!
Can we have some coffee?
No, let's go and buy something.
I want my coffee!
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!
Sorry, I'm just...
Ok, no problem
Epifanio, the Messiah is born!
They all said it at the market!
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!
Who told you?
What do you mean by "who told me"?
Everybody did!
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!
But you believe to everything they tell you!
Who knows what you've understood
That time I'v asked you some trouts,
you got back with anchovies!
Oh well... I'm goin take a dump!
The Comet!
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!
The Messiah is born!
Epifanio! Where are you going?
I'm going to look for the Messiah!
Dang it!
Who the hell is gonna make me some coffee now?
Here! Here!
How are you, Aldo?
I'm fine, thanks.
Oh, hi!
Go to Paolo.
Here you are.
You're so beautiful.
Aldo, what are we going to eat?
Well, tonight I'd have an exquisite pheasant
that I hunted myself...
if the lady doesn't mind though, right?
Yes, yes, it's alright,
and something for the baby.
Right away! Some wine?
Yes, yes, wine is fine.
You're so beautiful.
-Sweet child, Chicchetto!
-He's always hungry.
He's always eating.
Want some wine?
Good evening.
Good evening.
Look at how he smiles.
How much he smiles.
So? Eh?
What happened to dad?
There you have the comet!
The Messiah will be born!
Let's go! Let's go!
Good morning.
Good morning, how are you?
Good, what about you?
May I see your papers?
What a fine piece of ass has that one!
Are you foreigners?
You can tell.
Good way back.
Thank you, have a good day.
Morning, how are you?
May I see your papers?
Sure thing. Here you go. Show him the paper, c'mon.
You look smart...
You're foreigners, aren't you?
May I ask you a question?
Do you prefer men or women?
What kind of question is that?
We like women, right?
Oh! You have already got used to it, haven't you?
No problem.
May I give you an advice?
You'd better go to the bourgeois restaurant,
in the city center
you will feel more comfortable.
Enjoy the city.
- Have a good day.
- Thanks.
Romano! Eh?
I got you!
Him too?
No, he stays a little bit here and there.
Are you sure you're not even a little...
Eh? No?
A little what?
But why are you here?
I'm here for the money, though.
You're lucky,
you know you're lucky.
Ah really?
Not only this is
the most leisured city in the world.
This is the town of lesbians and gays.
And today, my friend, you're lucky!
Because we have a great event!
Do you want to come?
How much does it cost?
It's free for you!
C'mon, trust me!
Good evening.
Good evening.
And what should this place be?
This is the Fertility Festival
It's an important thing for this city.
You must understand
that here at Sodoma,
gays make out with gays and
lesbians make out with lesbians, all year along.
But on a special day,
that is today,
they gather,
have sex and make babies.
After that, lesbians go back to be
lesbians and gays go back to be...
Gays go back to be...
Wait a moment, before opening the door...
shouldn't we knock?
So that we don't disturb...
What are you talking about?
This is the city of tolerance!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
Dick, dick, fuck you!
Cunt, cunt, fuck you!
It's moving.
Oh yes! It's moving!
We must go!
Let's go! Let's go, c'mon!
Epifanio's soul departs from
his body now that he's dead
Nunzio a fiche waits for him and
we finally understand that he's actually an angel.
Epifanio is really happy about it
and Nunzio tells him:
Let's go to Heaven.
So they start walking
and they go up to the sky
leaving planet Earth behind them,
The two of them go far, far, far away
up... but they never reach Heaven.
Epifanio asks "Where's Heaven"?
Nunzio replies: "There it is, uop there.
so they go up and up
and up again but they don't
reach Heaven until
they're too tired and they stop.
Heaven doesn't exist.
Epifanio takes a piss,
then he turns around,
and glances at planet Earth.
You can hear from there
far noises,
music, voices, poor people's songs,
fashionable songs, revolutionary songs.
So Epifanio give a look at the planet and says
"At last
I'm glad I've followed the star,
because thanks to it I had the chance
to get to know better
this planet I love so much...
So he turns to Nunzio and asks
"Now what?"
and Nunzio replies: "There's no such a thing as the end.
Let's wait, something has to happen...
I want to shoot this movie as soon as I can.
I'm going... Bye.
Jack Palance, can I drive it?
You don't even have the license for it.
Were have ya been?
Far away.
That's beautiful.
Did you steal it?
No, a friend of mine gave it to me,
he bought it in America.
How's it going tonight?
I can't complain.
Are you hungry?
- Good evening professor.
- Good evening.
Ah thanks.
Giuseppina, the professor is here.
Good evening, Professor.
Good evening.
What would you like to eat?
What would you like?
He will have some spaghetti
and some chicken breast..
And as for me... I've already eaten.
What can I take you to drink?
A beer for me.
Nothing for me, thanks.
And now... Are you working?
I work at the body shop, now and then.
Do you like it?'s a pain in the ass,
scratchin' all day.
You're welcome.
But... Do you like cars?
What about mine?
A bit, yes.
I can let you drive it.
I already have one but
the start engine is broken,
and I'm broke.
Do you have a girlfriend?
What do you do with her?
Do you like going dancing?
Sure, she likes going going dancing
I do too.
But it's too expensive.
You don't need money to dance.
You always need money.
But it's not like... you get in trouble, is it?
What do you mean?
With... the police.
Fuck the police they're
Last time they arrested me
because of some bullshit
It's good, isn't it?
Good evening.
See you soon, professor.
Why don't we go to the seaside?
Yes but how long does it take?
I've got things to do.
Don't worry, it's totally worth it.
What the fuck are you doing?
Look at that sexy car, faggot,
it's yours?
What the fuck do these two
faggots think they're doing showing their asses?
What do you think?
Let me tell you what
these two faggots are doing.
Take out the money, cunt.
Go to the car!
Get this faggot up...
You fucker...
Get him up... You suck so much,
Imma break your dick, fucker...
You cocksucker!...
Get this shithead up.
You faggot...
You fuckhead...
You cocksucker!
I'm breaking it...
You really are a faggot...
You cunt!
I aint't get it...
He was here.
I'm sure, he was here.
Listen, I can't take it anymore!
Just like all comets,
even this comet I've followed
was bullshit.
Ma senza non fosse stata ska strunzata,
Earth, I would have never known you..
But... what now?
What now, nothin.
There's no such a thing as the end.
Let's wait.
Something has to happen.
I can't take it,
I just can't tell her
that they killed her another son.
Let me tell her.