Pass Over (2018) Movie Script

Yo! Kill me now!
Bang! Bang!Nigga...
What's up, my niggie?
You know.
You know I know.
You know
I know you know.
You know I know
you know I know.
You know I know you know
I know you know.
You know I know you know
I know you know you,
uh, you know... nah.
Shit!My nigga!
Shit!You see, you--
Fuck you, nigga, damn.
Shit be funny, though.Okay, maybe I...
You, uh, you know...
You... shit!
Yo, Moses, man...
What you dream there,
Same thing I always
dreamin', Kitch.
Oh, that
promised land?
That's the one.
Champagne on ice?You know it!
[mimics phone ring]
Hello? Room service?
Yeah, let me get them
two lobster rolls.
That's crazy, right?
Mad butter on that shit.
Champagne all cold
and shit?
Chomp, chomp.
And that caviar?
Best not forget
that caviar.
Yo, you like fish eggs?
No, my niggie, caviar.
Nigga!What, nigga, damn?
Man, caviar is fish eggs.Yo, what?
Yeah, nigga, damn
tiny-ass fish eggs, ugh!
Click.This nigga...
Yo, Moses, man,
I didn't know.
Could write a book with all
that shit your ass don't know.
Probably be more
like ten books.
Yeah, you right.
Yo, Moses, man.
They come at you.
The fuck you think, man?
Ain't let 'em break you,
though, I mean...
You let 'em
break you, Moses?
Who the fuck I be?
Oh, you Moses,
man, you Moses.
Nigga... damn!
Best be glad.
I ain't break... them.
[mimics slowing audio]
[both laughing]
There you are, Moses.
Now that's what's up.
You heard.Yo, that's what's--
Man... what you fix
to do today, man, damn?
I don't know.
What you fix to do?
I got plans, you feel me?
Big old plans.
You got plans to stand there
and stroke your dick?
Man... fuck you, man!
Nigga, what kind
of plans you got?
I plans to... rise up
to my full potential.
Be all I could be,
you feel me?
Left! Left!
No, fuck you, nigga,
that shit ain't funny.
Yeah, well, I was just
saying, I thought it was.
Nigga... Man, I got plans to
get my ass up off this block.
This block here?
Yeah, nigga, damn,
man, I ain't stutter.
nigga, dance.
'Cept you get your black ass
up off this block, man...
where you going?Yo, what?
I said you get your black ass
off this block, man,
where you gon' go?
That promised land.Miracle!
Promised land,
top ten.
Let's go!Nigga!
Come on, my nigga,
let's play.
Man, ain't you tired?
Go, just go.
Collard greens
and pinto beans.
That's two.
Nigga don't play,
that counts as one.
Yo, how you figure?It's one plate of food.
One plate of--Nigga!
One hot plate of collard
greens and pinto beans...
Brown bunnies.
My bright red
Superman kite.
Drawer full of
clean tube socks.
Now that's
a good one-- four.
My brother North here
with me, back from the dead.
Your moms here too.
Soft sheets,
I'm sleeping on 'em good.
Ooh, seven.
My woman next to me,
she... [kiss]
...sleepin' on 'em too.
Since when
you got a woman?
I don't.But you said...
It's the promised land,
If I want a woman,
I'ma have me a woman.
A'ight, nigga, damn,
just asking if you
got a candidate?
I ain't met her yet.
Shit, but that's a'ight.
I'll know her when
I see her, man, best believe.
Ah, see now, Moses,
now that's deep.
"I'll know her
when I see her."
Yeah... I guess I knew
Rochelle was fix to be mine
first time I seen ta-ta.
She ain't yours, Kitch.
Yeah, I know.Yo, do you?
We get up off this block,
she fix to be mine.
Yeah, "fix to be."
A'ight, nigga, damn,
you got your eight.
World peace?Nigga...
Just playin', man.
Let's see...
Man, how the fuck
you 'spect
we fix to get up
off this block,
get on to that
promised land, when we--
Yo, Kitch, man, first of all,
I ain't said "we."
The fuck you mean
by that?
I mean,
yo ass ain't comin'.
Yo, what?
You ain't invited,
nigga, damn.
Yo, Moses, now
that's fucked up.
How you figure?
Uh, 'cause...
you my nigga.
You got plans means
I got plans right with you.
Moses... I got plans
right with you, right?
Yeah, okay.Yeah, okay, what?
Okay, yo ass invited!Yes!
Yo ass gon' rise up
to your full potential.
Too high!
Gon' get up off this block.
Man, you remember
that Sunday school?
Old Reverend Missus
be like...
"Said, uh,
do you wanna cross
that River Jordan now,
Do you wanna crossthat
River Jordan now, chillun?
Oh, pass over...
Yeah, my nigga, damn.
I feel like we could do
this shit, you feel me?
Get up off this block!Amen.
Be all we could be.Yes, Lord!
Yo, Kitch,
you with me, dawg?
No, I am not.
Yo, nigga, damn,
man, what the fuck--
Man, look around you.
The fuck we fix to cross?
Ain't got no river.
It's a "megaphor."
A what?
A megafor--
My nigga, damn,
when one thing
be like something else.
Besides, don't
need no river.
Shit, we got two feet.
Man, my feet hurt.
Got corns and shit.
Man, here you go.
They do, nigga,
What the fuck, man?
You scared?
Yo, tell the truth,
dawg, is it?
Fuck you, man.
You heard they picked off
Ed, though, right?
Yo, word?
That's what they say.
Yo, light-skinned Ed,
or Ed that got
them dreadlocks?
Yo, that nigga dead?
Po-po smoked his ass
last night.
My nigga...
Damn, man, when it come
to killin' niggas,
them po-pos be
the angel of death itself.
Yeah, nigga,
damn, they do.
And I ain't trying to catch
no bullets from them.
Yo, what,
you think I am?
Well, is you?
Nigga...What, nigga? Damn!
Yo ass know good and goddamn
well ain't nothin' gonna rile
them po-pos more than a nigga
that don't know his place.
And right now, me and you,
my nigga, damn.
Our place right here.
Yo, Kitch, man,
not for nothin',
but all that shit
right there?
Plantation bullshit,
you feel me, nigga?
Do what you can?
What can you do?
Yo, I could leave
your black ass here!
Yeah, ain't got nothin'
to say to that,
now, do you,
old faggot-ass nigga?
So, you leavin'?
Go ahead, then.
Go, man.
Yo, what?
I said you leavin' me, nigga?
Go ahead, then go!
Yo, kill me now.
Bang, bang.
[audience chuckling]
Yo, Kitch?
Almost forgot, my nigga.
You hungry?
It's not delivery,
it's DiGiorno's.
No, it ain't,
my nigga, damn.
Damn, nigga!
Domino's then. Shit.
Yeah, that's a'ight.Man, that's a'ight?
Yeah, nigga, damn,
it's just a'ight.
It's pizza, nigga, damn.
It's crust,
my nigga, damn.
Don't nobody
eat their crust.
I do.Well, bon apptit.
Nigga...What, nigga, damn!
Man, nothing, man,
it's just...
Man, what?
Well, the least thing
you could do
is just say thank you.
Thank you.
For this whack-ass,
dry-ass nasty crust.
Oh... fuck you, nigga.
Damn, I eat this
shit my own self.
Be my guest.
Oh, punk-ass, nigga.
"I'm getting off this block
right with you, right?"
Yo, Kitch, come on,
man, you mad?
Yeah, man, I'm mad!
No, man, I'm good.
My nigga.
Yo ass a trip.
Yo, you is, too.
Moses, man...
you think we really fix
to get up
off this block
for real, though?
Not fix to.
Nigga, damn we is.
I know, nigga,
damn, we fix to is.
Nigga...What, nigga? Damn!
We fix to get up
off this block--
Not "fix to."
Nigga, damn,
we isgon' get up
off this block,
you feel me?
Oh, we is.
We is.[mimics ring]
Room service?
Yeah, it's me again.
I know I'm such a pain.
But could you also send up,
I don't know, like, caviar?
Six bitches.
And, uh, 15 bars
of gold bullion
because we be out
this bitch, click.
Ay! Hey-hey!
So what, my nigga?
You in?
Uh... yeah!
I feel like we could
do this thing right here.
Yo, that's what's up.
Eating caviar,
my nigga, yeah.
Henny, get some Harold's.
Dark meat, comma, okra.
Gizzards, boy, you know
we 'bout to eat some gizzards!
Pass over!Oh, pass over.
Pass over!
Pass over
Pass over!
[two loud bangs]
Yo, man,
what the fuck?!
Nigga, damn, them po-pos!
My nigga, damn, man.
Since my brother,
Yo, may he
rest in peace.
Thank you, dawg.
Man, since them
po-pos got him,
all this shit's so...Yeah, yeah.
I know.
Moses, man...
you want some weed?
Yo... do you?
what the fuck, man?
Damn, we gettin' up off
this block, we 'posed to--
Man, we 'posed to rise
above that shit.
Be on our grind.
And that right there...
Man! That's some
real plantation shit.
So where it's at?
Where what's at,
nigga, damn?
This weed you on about,
my nigga.
Damn, man, where it's at?
Oh, man,
I ain't got no weed.
Then what you say
you had some for?
I... didn't.
I said you want some weed?
Of course I want some weed.
My nigga, damn, it's weed.
Yeah, too bad
I ain't got none, shit.
Man, I should fuck your
dumb ass up, you know that?
Moses, man, now be cool.
Man, come here so I can
fuck your dumb ass up.
On about your weed
that you ain't got!
I said sorry!
Fuck sorry, nigga!
Damn, say "Uncle."
Auntie, nigga.
Say uncle!
Grandma! Grandpa!
Best friend.
Stop that!
Titty twister!Ooh! Nigga!
Say uncle!
Say it!
Uncle, uncle,
goddammit, uncle!
Yeah, I thought
you would.
You know that
you ain't really
hurt me, though,
Man, I know I could.
Round two.Mwah...
What? Ooh!
[both grunting]
Gimme that leg, boy.
Man, don't do it!
[both gasping]
Yo, fuck, man!
What the fuck?!
Well, salutations
and good evening to ya, sirs.
How long your ass been
standing there, man? Damn.
I think
I've startled you.
That was not my intention.
Yo, man...
You police?
Goodness, no.
What on earth gave you
that idea?
White folks
around this way,
they either po-pos
or they Mormon.
Yo, you Mormon?
Goodness, no.
Religion? Whoa.
Yo, nigga, damn,
'cause if you Mormon,
I tell your ass right now,
fuck Joseph Smith, nigga!
Damn, I do not care!
I'm not a Mormon.
Or police.
You have my word.
Man, fuck your word.
You got I.D.?
I do, in fact, I do.
Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa!Keep them hands
where I can see
that shit, you feel me?
I take it not too many people
wander down this way?
Yo, why you askin'?
No reason, really,
just, um...
Just making conversation.
Say, uh, would you
mind if I sat down?
Yo, what the fuck!
It's just
I have been walking
all around, and,
my feet are tired.
It's because
I've got weak arches.
Always have.
But if I sat down for just
a minute, I'd feel good.
Or not good,
exactly... better.
If I sat down for just a minute,
I'd feel better.
Man, ain't your
white ass got a couch?
No, you're right,
of course.
What you doing
'round here, man?
I'm not quite sure,
What I mean is, I started out
in a quite familiar place.
But then, I got all
turned around and now,
gosh, golly, gee...
I think I might be lost.
You got that right.
How 'bout you head on back
the way you came?
I should do that.
You're right, I will.
I guess it's just, I did so
wanna get where I was going.
Where that is?
What's that?
Where are you going?
To my mother's house,
of course.
I like to bring her food
from time to time because...
because she's ill.
You see, she's ill
and I'm her only son.
Yes, I'm going
to my mother's house.
Or I was before I got
all turned around.
You fellas aren't hungry,
are you?
Why you asking?Yes...
Well, gosh,
it's just so late,
I can't imagine I'll get
to mother's house now.
And I've got this whole
basket full of food.
Good food!
Be a shame
to let it go to waste.
No, man, we good.
We is?Yeah, nigga, we is.
Ain't on no charity game,
feel me?
No, of course--
I'm not implying that--
Gosh, I mean,
if anything,
I feel like I'm the one
who needs your help.
What with my aching arches
and all of this food
that I can't
finish by myself.
But no, the last thing
that I wanna do
is be some kind
of nuisance.
The last thing that I wanna do
is be some kind of pain.
[two loud bangs]
Is everything
all right?
Yeah, man, we good.
Well, are you sure?
Man, mind your
goddamn business.
No, right, it's just...
It seems like something's
got ya spooked.
It's them po-pos,
nigga, damn.
Those what?
Police, white man,
They out here doing
just what they do.
Killing niggas,
What kind of killing?
The kind that keep
a nigga in line.
What, nigga, damn,
ain't you heard nothing?
No, I'm sorry,
no, I haven't.
This nigga here.
Say... it isn't safe
out here.
You fellas
should do something.
Call the poli--
Or, I don't know...
do something.
Same shit, my nigga.
Just the day
that's changed.
But aren't you scared?
If I were
in your shoes...
I would be terrified.
If I've troubled you,
either of you at all,
I am awfully, awfully--
mm, I should go.
Yes, I will, I'll go
right this instant.
How 'bout I leave
all this here anyway?
Yeah, I'll just
leave this here.
And what you do
or don't do with it...
Well, gosh, golly, gee,
that's up to you.
There's cold stuff
in there.
Hot stuff, too.
So, if you do
eat some...
...don't wait too long.
What kind
of hot food?
What's that?Nothing, man!
We good. Hope you find
your mama.
But what about
your friend?
I said... we good.
Does he ever let you
speak for yourself?
Yo, what?
Your feet
really hurt?
Weak arches.
It's the pits.
A'ight then, we fix to
let you sit down, okay?
But first let me
ask you this.
Yes, of course.
Yo ass ain't here
to smoke us, is you?
Kill me now.Bang! Bang!
I'm sorry,
I don't under--
Did you come out here
to kill me
and my friend?!
What a question!
That ain't
no kind of answer.
No! I didn't!
In fact, and please,
don't think that I'm not happy
that we've met.
I am.
I think you're
both delightful.
But I told you, I was
going to see my mother.
If I hadn't gotten
all turned around,
I wouldn't be
out here at all.
Man, it's cool, sit down
and rest your feet and shit.
Nigga, we don't
own these streets.
Thank you,
thank you, both.
That's awfully, that's--
that's awfully kind.
[whistling "Camptown Races"]
Oh ho-ho-ho-ho!
That does feel good.
To take the load off.
I mean, gosh,
my feet are tired.
Oh, good for you,
but what about
that food, though?
Ain't gotta beg,
nigga, damn.
Like your ass
ain't hungry.
What's that?The food?
Nigga, damn,
what kind?
Ooh! Right!
The food! Heh!
What do we have here?
We have...
cold cuts.
Mother does love
her cold cuts.
String beans.
Apple pie...
Ice cream...
Strawberries, blueberries...
Goji berries.
I don't know
what those are.
Turkey legs.
Chicken legs,
Chicken ala King.
Beer and wine
and water, too.
'Cause Mother
doesn't drink.
Hot dogs, hamburgers...
Fresh roasted peanuts!
[Moses laughing]
Dim sum?
Why the hell not?
And! Last but not least...
Collard greens
and pinto beans.
Yo, Moses...
that's your favorite.
What's that?
Your favorite?
Well, gosh, golly, gee--
mine too!
Cook the collards
down in fatback.
Add a pinch of sugar.
That's how
Mother does it, anyway.
So...So what?
Can we, like, can
we get some, man?
Help yourselves.
Dig in!
Yo! That's
what's up.
This shit
right here...
[mouth full]
This shit hits the spot!
What the fuck, nigga?
Golly, gee,
where are my manners?
Give it here,
man, damn!
Go ahead... take a bite.
That's so fucking good!
I'm pleased
you like it!
My nigga, damn, where did
you procure all this food?
I grow it.
Yo, like, organic,
that's what's up.
[whistling "Camptown Races"]
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
[both chuckling]
Yo! Mister, yo!
[audience "oohing"]
My name is Master.
Yo, what the fuck?What?
[laughter and applause]
What the fuck?
What's the prob--
Oh, right.
Oh, gosh, heh.
I never, gosh, I never heard it
quite like that before.
That's awkward,
that's so awkward.
Well, it's just a name.
A family name.
So, pass it down
and pass it down, it...
I hope you don't think
that I would...
I would never--
I have never-- it--
Well, it's just the name!
It doesn't mean a thing!
Means something to me.
Okay, well, uh...
What's your name?
Who, me?
Yes, of course.
Uh, yeah.
Okay, uh...
Well, well,
my real name Percy.
But that's awful,
so most folks
call me Kitch.
Kitch.And you are?
Nigga!Your name is--
No, man, no!
He Moses.
Feel me?
Well, gosh, golly, gee.
Now there's a name!
[clears throat]
Let my people go
Huh? Huh?
Man, I thought you said
you wasn't religious.
I'm not anymore.
But as a child,
well, as a child--
Yeah, man, whatever.
Have I done
something wrong?
No, man, you good.
Are you sure?
Moses seems upset.
I mean, he dealing with shit.
But, uh, damn, man,
that's just life.
Well... as his brother,
I guess you would know.
Ah, no, man, Moses,
man, he ain't my--
We not brothers.
You're not?Nah, man, we not.
Could've fooled me.
I mean, don't
get me wrong!
He my nigga!
You feel me?
No, I'd rather not.
Man, what?
Because you just said...
Gosh, you really
like that word.
What word is that?
The, uh, the "N" word.
What N word?
That... N word.
Nigga, what N word?
The N word that
you keep saying.
Man, what the fuck,
what N word your ass
on about?
Nitro, uh...
The N word that
I'm on about is...
Never mind.
Whoo, wish
a nigga would.
Oh! That N word.
Yeah, it's a'ight.
I mean, every sentence.
"My N word this,
My N word that."
Man, quit acting like your ass
don't say that shit.
What shit?
That N word, nigga.
It's true, nigga!
All white niggas
say that N word.
What?Or if they don't...
best believe they want to.
First of all, first of all,
I don't know
what all white n--
people, "all white people"
even means.
I'm just one person.
And second of all,
second of all...
I don't say that word.
But you want to, huh?
No, Moses, I don't.
Yeah, he do.No, I don't.
Yeah, he do.No, I don't.
It's cool, you wanna
say that N word?
Me and Kitch could
probably teach you.
Now look, you need
to hear me on this!
Gosh, golly.
I would never, ever, ever...
say that word, I mean...
My mother told me not to.
What the fuck?
Your mama breastfeed
your ass, too?
Well, no.
But I do love
my mother.
I love my mama, too.
Don't mean my ass
can't say the shit
I feel like saying,
you feel me?
Well, maybe it should...Yo, what?
Now, look, uh,
Moses, Kitch...
I just met you fellas.
And, uh, gosh, you know,
the last thing that I wanna do--
But what's your point?
Well... well...
Yes, yes.
Feelings, fine.
But it's so, I don't know,
distasteful for your peop--
For-- for-- for people who...
Gosh, golly, gee,
it's just, you know--
If I can't say the N word...
why can you?
Because, my nigga, damn,
it's not yours, feel me?
Bad or good, man,
it's not yours.
Everything's mine!
No, you're right.
Of course.
Gosh... will you look
at the time?
I've gotta go.
Moses, Kitch...
Did both of you fellas
get enough to eat?
Yeah, man...
we did.
We almost did.
Was everything...
It was fine.
That's good!
I'm just glad that
it didn't all go to waste.
I'm so happy
I've met you fellas!
But now it seems
I have got
to be going.
[bang bang]
and good evening...
to you both.
Yo, nigga, you good?
Yeah, nigga, damn.
What the fuck, man?
What?Uh, "What kind of hot food?"
Hey, you ate some too.
Only after your dumb ass
let him sit down.
Nigga, don't act like
you ain't glad we ate.
You right!
Ooh! Nigga, damn.
Wanna eat again?
Nigga...Yeah? Do ya?
Man, better
save that shit.
You right.
Yo... who the fuck you
think that white dude was?
Yo, Moses, man,
I don't know.
He wasn't
them po-pos, was he?
He ain't talk
like po-pos.
Nah, nigga, damn, ain't
act like po-pos neither.
Yo, Moses,
he Master!
He said that, I was like,
"What the fuck?!"
What the fuck?I was like "What the fuck?"
What the fuck?!
Said he ain't know nothing
about them po-pos? Shit.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
What, nigga, damn?
That white dude mama...
Nigga, damn.
I think I got a plan.
Yo, what?
That white dude
said his mama told him
the N word
ain't no good.
Man, fuck that
white dude, Moses.
Yeah, I know.
But po-po out here
killing niggas, right?You right.
Especially them niggas
that's trying to pass over.
And you and me,
we gettin' up out.
We is.
Yeah, nigga, we is.Most def.
But with them po-pos
coming round here,
how the fuck
we 'posed to do it?
Yo, Moses, man,
I don't know.
It's easy, nigga, damn!
Let's give
all that shit up.
Uh, what shit, nigga?
That N word, nigga.
Nigga...White nigga don't say it!
And po-po don't be killing
his ass in cold blood.
You right.
So, maybe, maybe
we stop saying that shit,
then po-pos
do come through,
nigga, they ain't
gon' know it's us.
Nigga! That shit
right there is so crazy!
That I think
it just might work!
Them po-pos come 'round here,
we gon' be made.
Like they ain't
even see...
Whoo, nigga, feel you!
Yo, man,
what the fuck?!
Yo, Moses, man, I concur.
But what we fix to call
ourselves now, though?
[inhales sharply]
Nigga, damn, man,
I don't know.
Moses...Yo. Word?
We fix
to call ourselves...
like this, like...
Salutations and good evening,
Yo, what?
Like this, like...
Salutations and good evening,
Salutations and good evening,
Say, gentlemen!
Say, gentlemen!
Good day, good sir!
Good day to you,
good sir!
Well, salutations, sir!
And yes, sir,
good morning.
Yes, sir!
Hello, sir.
Yes, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Yes, sir, good day
and salutations!
Salutations and good--
[clears throat loudly]
You going somewhere?
Got word you boys
were going somewhere,
but I said, no... no.
Not my niggers.
All right, both of you,
hands behind your head.
Now I know that you like
to think of yourself
as some kind of...
Some kind of alpha dog.
Woof! Woof! Woof!
So, we're gonna do this
nice and gentle,
just like we always do.
Now... who are you?
Lazy, violent...
Mm, that's good.
And where are you going?
Nowhere.What's that, nigger?
Nowhere... sir.
All right, then, boys.
Let's keep it that way.
[whistling "Camptown Races"]
[resumes whistling]
Yo, Moses, man.
You a'ight?
Fuck them po-pos, man!
I know.
Talking shit like
they got power.
Ain't got no power
'cept their gun.
Their fucking badge, man.
Fuck them, fucking police!
Fucking bullet chasers.
Fucking pigs!
Yo, Moses, man...
That shit don't mean nothing,
Yo, how you figure?
'Cause, my nigga,
damn, we still here!
The sun coming up good.
It's a new day.
And we still up
on this block, but...
But then again...
it could be worse.
Could be dead.
But we still livin'.
Me... we still here.
So, so tomorrow,
tomorrow, we fix--Nigga!
Say we fixin' to get up off
this block, my nigga, come on.
I ain't playing, man.
I need this.
Say we fixin' to get
up off this--
Nigga, we gon' get up off
this block so fast
it's gonna be
It's gonna be like--Like Speedy Gonzales?
Andale, ndale!Arriba, arriba!
Like them chosen,
Them good book niggas.
Pass over.
Pass over.
Pass over.
We gon' get up off
this plantation.
Get up off this block.
Then we gon' walk--
Walk right up
to that River Jordan.
It's gonna be deep.
It's gonna be wide.
And we gon'
stand there like...
like chosen.
Like niggas this world
ain't never seen.
Then that river, man,
it's gonna part.
It's gonna open up
just for us.
Ain't gonna need
no swim trunks.
Ain't gonna
need no boats.
Just walk on through.
And life,
this life right here,
ain't gonna be
no jail no more.
You hear me?
Ain't gonna be
no ghetto.
No plantation.
It's gonna be sweet.
So sweet, my nigga.
So pure,
so sweet.
Like milk and honey?
My nigga.
Like milk... and honey.
[breathing heavily]
[electrical zap]
Yo, kill me now!
Bang! Bang!Nigga...
What's good, my niggie?
You know.
You know I know.
What you fixin'
to do today, man?
Damn, damn.
I don't know,
What you fix to do?
I don't know either.What?
Said, I don't know,
nigga, damn.
Quit playing.I ain't playin', shit.
You wanna cross
that river now,
don't you, chillun?
Said, uh, you wanna cross
that River Jordan.
Promised land, top ten,
let's go.
Said I don't wanna
play games now, Kitch!
All right, count for me,
then, I'll go.
Nigga!Oh, I'm sorry.
Can you not count?
Fuck you then,
I count for my damn self.
Please don't!
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine, ten.
One, two, three-four,
five, six, seven-eight,
nine, ten.
All right, just stop!
Who me?
I'll play one round,
then you gon' leave
my ass alone, a'ight?
Nigga, don't play.A'ight, nigga, damn,
funky ass nigga.
Count on.
Man, I ain't
said nothing yet.
Hurry up, then!
Mmm, let me see.
What do I want?
[clicking tongue]
What do I want?Kitch!
Fresh out the box,
Jordan 1's.
Not thrift store, fresh out
the box is needed.
One.Man, I ain't finished.
So, then when Rochelle
see me, she be like...
Uh, nigga,
I'm still gonna pass.
What, nigga?
You know I'm right.
Don't mean you gotta ruin
my list.
Fresh out the box,
Jordan 1's.
Tickets to the most expensive
concert this summer.
That Rochelle and me
go to-- on a really,
really wonderful
first date.
A fish tank.
With two sharks
in it.
A starfish.
And a stingray.Three!
A big-ass house
in the Gold Coast
to put my big-ass
fish tank in.
A bright yellow Ferrari.
Nah, Porsche.
Nah, Ferrari.
Yeah, a bright yellow
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta,
sitting in the driveway.
Nigga, what?Nigga trust.
A'ight then.
Like, three dookie
rope gold chains.
Me and you seeing
that sunrise
without them po-pos
messing our shit up first.
Seven.And then them po-pos,
they'll never
come back 'cause, like,
I don't know,
like, they...
like they guns
don't work no more.
'Cause they get
fucked up
by God and shit.Nigga!
'Cause God sent down
plagues and shit, like,
fuck you,
Egyptian po-pos.
Here's some locust.
Then some-- ooh, what's
some other plagues?
Like a dragon breathing fire
on their po-po.
There was dragons
in the bible?
Yeah, nigga in Habakkuk.Yo.
And wizards in Isaiah.Man.
Or, or was it
talking snakes?
A'ight, man, I get it.
Yo, do you?
Look, I ain't said
your list wasn't good
or nothing, just...
ain't real life.
Yeah, better than sitting and
feeling sorry for yourself.
Do what you can,
what can you do?
Yo, Kitch.
You mad?Yeah, man, I'm mad!
No, man, I'm good.
My nigga!Ooh...
Yo ass a trip, man.Yo, you is too.
Yo, Moses, man,
you want some weed?
Man, here you go.
Yeah, do you?
Why? You got some,
Yeah, nigga, I do.Yo, what?
Just playing.
Ga-ga, ga-ga!
But we do got
that pie, though.
What, Nigga, damn,
we do.
How you figure?
That white dude, nigga,
that picnic.
What picnic?Yesterday, nigga, damn.
Had a picnic yesterday?
What, you saying
there wasn't?
Saying I don't
really know.
Coulda sworn that shit
was yesterday...
Coulda sworn that shit
was just a dream.
Nightmare, most likely.
Why salutations
and good eve--
I'm good.
What kind is it?
Hell, what?
That pie, nigga, damn.
Man, you got pie?
No, nigga,
my ass got weed.
Yo, word?
Just playing.
We could eat some.
Find out that way.
Yo, what?
That pot, nigga, damn.
Oh, well, let's eat.
Yo, nigga, wait!What, nigga, damn.
You remember that nigga
broke into that shelter?
Took two loaves of bread
and some nasty ass cheese?
I remember.
What happened?
Po-pos took his ass to jail.
Nigga got three, four years.
I heard he got six.
Yo, word?
Yo, nigga, I'm straight.
You're what?That pie, nigga.
Damn, you eat it.Moses...
I mean it, nigga,
damn, go crazy.
That nigga that got
locked up.
How you think
his life turn out?
I don't know.
Could still be locked up.Could be dead.
On the other hand,
could be fine.
How you figure?Coulda got out early,
Good behavior
or some shit like that?
Good behavior?Man, I don't know.
Good behavior.
Or... or...
If he is still locked up,
could be in one of them
art programs, watercolors,
some shit like that.
You know it take
a village.
Yo, word,
he could be fine.
Getting that GED,
that Bachelor's even.
That JD/Ph D.
Yo, what that is.Nigga...
Let's say it ain't,
though, let's...
Let's say that shit
got tragic.
Yo.Now if it was me,
if I'm there
to get locked up...
All for stealing
two loaves of bread
and some
nasty ass cheese.
And I knew
two niggas hungry?
Just like I would.
With pie.
Like the pie
we got right now.
I want them niggas
to celebrate, feel me?
I tell them niggas
life is short.
Enjoy that pie
in my honor!
Yo, nigga...
You right.What is we doing?
Chomp, chomp.[chuckling]
Moses, man,
that pie ain't here.
Quit playing.No, my nigga, damn.
Yo, Kitch, nigga, damn,
you saying that pie
was just a joke?
No, nigga, there was pie.
Then where is it?I don't know, nigga, shit.
Well, where'd you put it?Here! Nigga, here.
Then where it's at?I don't know, nigga, shit!
Maybe it was just
a dream.
The American dream.
Nightmare most likely!
[both groaning]
Yo, Moses, man...
We still getting up off
this block, though, ain't we?
Live up to
our full potential.
Get that milk
and honey.
Nigga, I'm starting
to think my ass
might be lactose
intolerant, feel me?
And that honey?
Shit, that honey
fuck with
your glycemic index,
nigga, damn.
Nigga...What, nigga, damn, it do.
Come on, man,
you still got heart.
You Moses, man.
You Moses.
It's just a name, nigga.
Damn, that shit
don't mean a thing.
Mean something to me.Nigga!
Don't you see we fixed
to do this thing right here?
'Bout to get up off
of this block.
Pass over...
Just like
you said we was.
Just like Reverend Missus
said we was?
Say, I said, Moses...Here you go!
Lord, I do declare,
you about
the best little boy
up in this Sunday school.
You about to live up to
that name too, ain't you?
Mm-hmm, 'bout to lead
these boys right off
of these streets of violence,
streets of anger.
Lead these boys right on
to that promised land.
You finished?Man, you was always
that Reverend Missus'
favorite, huh?
Reverend, too?
My nigga, damn,
they say that shit to you.
Make all of that shit
seem real.
Yeah, my nigga, damn,
but now she dead.
Nigga, don't go there.
Reverend Missus.
My brother...Look.
That nigga that got killed
last night.
Nigga that's gonna
get killed tonight.
Yo, Kitch.What, nigga, damn?
Man, how many niggas
we know been killed?
I'm asking,
my nigga, how many?
Your brother!
Your brother, North,
knew all of this shit
right here.
Ain't fixed the whole
us back,
you feel me?
You fell back,
nigga, way back.
The least then
we could do is try.
I have been trying!
Well, try one more time,
please, Moses!
Come on, man.
A'ight then.
Ed from
the other night.
Fat Jay.
That nigga that roll
with Jay.
Dumb Terry.
Walleye Terry.
Walleye Terry cousin.
Mike that got
that messed-up knee.
Big Mike.
His brother.
I ain't never know
his name.
Andre.Nigga, which Andre?
My nigga, both.
Tylique.Okay, man, I--
Nah, man,
I ain't finished.
Uh, that tall dude,
got that elbow rash?
That nigga, Martin.
That other Kev.
And there's many more.
My nigga, damn.
I know there is.
A'ight then, nigga.
One more try.
Pass over.
Pass over!
Pass over.Pass over!
[two loud bangs]
Man, this shit here
is whack!
Yeah, my nigga.
I know.
Yo, Reverend Missus.
Yo, Reverend Missus!
How the fuck
you expect we fix
to get up off of this block,
pass over,
when these fucking red, white,
blues keep passing over us!
We never liked
your potato salad!
Yo, Moses.What, nigga, damn.
I kind of did.
No, my nigga, damn,
no mustard, you feel me?
Hold that mustard!
Yo, you right.
Yo, Kitch.
What, nigga, damn?
Let's say them po-pos
come back.
Keep coming back,
and you and me
never get off
this block.
Man, what your ass
gon' do?
Nigga...What nigga?
Damn, I'm asking.
I don't know.
Take it, I guess.
For how long?
Told you, nigga,
I don't know.
Yo, Kitch,
you my nigga, right?
Most def.
A'ight then.
Nigga, damn, let's
do this shit right here.
Pass... over.
My niggie.
Come on, man,
let's pass over.
Go on, nigga!
Pass... over.
You heard me,
nigga, damn.
Pass... over.
You mean...Yeah.
What, nigga, you scared?
I spent my whole
damn life
thinking why niggas
so fixated on heaven!
Nigga, damn,
I want that good life now!
You feel me?
But I don't know, man,
maybe there is something
to it.
Why niggas stay
killing each other.
'Cause in these red,
white, blues,
that river don't part
for niggas like us.
That river crash on us.
Drown us whole.
We ain't chosen.
Nigga, damn, we Egypt,
you feel me?
But I understand
if you don't want--
No, man, it's...
It's good.
But what we fix
to do it with, though?
We ain't even got
no gun.
Ain't got nothing,
We got that rock.
That what?
That rock, nigga, damn,
let's just use that.
Come on, my nigga.
A'ight, man, after you.
No, nigga, damn, man,
after you.
Oh, no, man, after you.Nigga!
A'ight, nigga, damn,
it's just--
You is scared,
ain't you?
Yeah, nigga!
I hit you upside
the head, then what?
You pass over?
Leave me here
all by my lonesome?
You ain't thought
of that, did you?
No, I ain't.
Shit, fuck, shit, fuck,
shit, fuck, fist fuck.
My nigga...Shit.
Fuck fist?Fuck you, nigga.
I got it.
How about we don't do
the whole thing all at once.
Don't what?
Said, my nigga, damn,
not all at once.
I hit you,
just a little.
Then, when it's your turn,
you hit me.
But just a little...
Yeah, nigga, damn, man,
just a little.
That way you and me,
we still--
Yeah, what happens
if that don't...
Kitch, man...
I believe in you.
Yes, dawg, I do.
Well, thank you,
man, I...
I'm touched.
So what... my nigga.
You in?
Yeah, let's do this thing.Huh.
Yo, Reverend Missus!
You better have them
fish eggs ready 'cause...
we 'bout to pass over to
the promised land!
All right, nigga.
Let's do this shit.
No, wait-wait-wait-
What, nigga, damn?
What you want?It's just...
Think that I should face
this way.
Yeah, right there.
That might be better.
Yo, Kitch.
What, nigga, damn?
Sorry I ain't the nigga
you thought I was.
Yeah... this don't
change nothing.
You hear me?
This don't change
Pass over.
Pass over.
[distant siren blares]
Yo, nigga, did you
hear that, dawg?
Yo, kill me now.I can't.
Why not?I think somebody here.
Yo, how you figure?Uh-uh, somebody here.
You going somewhere?
Uh, no, sir.
I said,
you going somewhere?
What's a matter, boy,
can't talk?
All right, then,
stand up.
Come on, boy,
you know the drill.
I don't know why
you boys insist
on making me
treat you like this.
What I do know
is that I can't go
one fucking day
without problem
after problem
after problem.
You boys enjoy
this shit?!
Don't act like you can't
hear me, I said you boy--
Kill me now.
What the fuck
did you say to me?
You heard me, nigga.Moses, man--
I say you could talk?No, sir.
I suggest you think about
how you talk to me, boy.
The last thing I want
is for this to get ugly.
Kill me now!
[loud grunt]
I'm the one giving orders
here, nigger, not you.
What the fuck
is so funny?
I'm standing here saying
you can kill me,
but you won't do it.
What's the matter,
you scared?
Ah! Ah!
I'm just getting
warmed up.
A'ight, then, nigga.
No time like the present.
Bang, bang.
You'd like that,
wouldn't you?
You would, too.
Or maybe you wouldn't.
Maybe hunting niggas ain't fun
unless niggas run away.
Start running, nigger,
let's find out.
No, nigga.
I'ma make you do that shit
up close.
Watch it, boy.
A'ight, then.
Do it.
'Cause where
I'm standing,
my black ass dead
All that's left
is how it happens.
And who gets
to bury that body.
So, come on, nigga!
Let's go!
My pleasure.
[gun clicks]
What the--[gun clicks]
Holy shit.
I say
you could move?
Yo, Kitch,
you my nigga?
Most def.A'ight, then,
put your goddamn hands down,
you feel me?
My nigga.
Fuck that,
I'm taking you with--
You got that jail cell
coming nig--
Eight by ten,
then six by eight.
Then you gonna be
my bitch.
Yeah, what his crime is?
Breathing while black?
Don't worry
about it, nig--
It doesn't concern you.
Keep those hands
where I can see 'em!
[thunder rolling]
Unh! Stop!
Make it stop!
You make it stop.
[thunder crashes]
I was just doing
my job!
Don't hurt me.
Oh, you scared?Yes!
Yes, I'm terrified,
all right?
I'm terrified.
And when I see you,
when I can't quite see you,
the terror only grows.
[thunder crashes]
Man, this shit's
gotta change.
'Cause we are not the people
that you think we are.
Not stupid, not lazy,
not violent, not thug.
None of that, feel me?
We're just two black men
standing here,
and we ain't doing shit.
All right.
You're men.
Just make it stop.
You want all this
to stop?
These plagues that eat
your whole damn life
like locusts?
Stop killing us.
Stop killing us.
Stop killing us.
Stop killing us!
Thus sayeth my God.
Stop killing us and get
your goddamn house in order.
[electricity crackles,
thunder crashes]
Take my badge.
You're free to go.
Yo, Kitch.
Man, you a'right?
Yeah, nigga.
I'm good.
I'm real good, shit.
Nigga, plagues?
I know, nigga, damn!
Yo, plagues.
I know!
I know!
Reverend Missus!
This nigga done
called down plagues!
You hear me?
I ain't felt
this good since...
I don't know, man.
Since North was here,
I guess.
Oh, my nigga, damn,
your brother North, man,
would be bugging
right now.
You feel me, boy?
Again, straight up, like,
"Mo said what?
Mo did what?"
The fuck, nigga!
Your ass was preaching
to them po-pos, nigga!
Yo!Spoke your truth
like blood up on them
po-pos, nigga.
Like blood.
Them po-pos ain't got
nothing on us.
We free.
Oh, my God, we free!
Yo, sun coming up.
We free.
I think we just
I think
we just got woke.
Nigga, I think we just
transcended race!
O'er the land
of the free
And the home
of the...
Hey!Yo, Kitch, man,
you my nigga.Mos' def.
You gonna always be
my nigga, you hear?
But after all this shit
right here
we've been through, man.
You my brother, too.
You feel me?
You my brother, too.
[both grunting and laughing]
What we fixed
to do now, nigga?
[electricity crackles]
That sun coming up.
How about we get up
off this--
You going somewhere?
You that mother--
Who are you?
Please, don't make me
ask you again.
I'm Moses.
This my brother Kitch.
And we getting up--
[audience gasps]
[Kitch breathing shakily]
Ladies and gentlemen...
don't be alarmed.
It's okay.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I promise.
You could say that we had
a bit of turbulence.
A few more ups and downs than
we would've liked,
but all that is over now.
It's passed.
It's passed, because...
because we have done
what we were meant to do.
We stood our ground.
We caught the bad guys.
We took back what was ours,
and now, together,
we will make sure that
no one ever, ever, ever...
takes it back from us again.
Will you look at that?
The sun has come up.
[piano playing
melancholy melody]
It is morning in America.
Go now.
Enjoy yourselves.
Don't worry about the mess.
I'll clean that up.
All that we once had
is ours again.
This country
is ours again.
Isn't it great?
No one knows me
like the piano
In my mother's home
You would show me
I have something
Some people call a soul
And you dropped
out of the sky
Oh, you arrived
when I was three years old
No one knows me
like the piano
In my mother's home
You know I left
I flew the nest
And you know
I won't be long
And in my chest
You know me best
And you know
I'll be back home
An angel by her side
All of the times
I knew
we couldn't cope
They said that it's her time,
no tears in sight
I kept the feelings close
And you took hold of me
And never, never, never
let me go
'Cause no one knows me
like the piano
In my mother's home
In my mother's home