Pass Thru (2016) Movie Script

It was not a good decision.
I told you, nothing will come of it.
It's so hot ...
We're going for hours already so ...
I do not believe it ...
I swear ...
We are already close?
I'm not going to die here.
Where are we? What is this place?
The bastards.
I'm not going to die here.
Where that happens ...
when that happens ...
And if I can be a witness?
Where did it come from?
How strong is the signal?
I want to see!
I follow him!
I lost it.
This area used to smuggle us!
Clean up after yourself, because otherwise the border guard us track down!
Here, you get something in return.
Hey, it's me.
Recently wrote a new song?
Yes, I worked on a few.
I am really proud of them!
Yes? I also wrote about two or three.
I came out pretty well.
Sure, next time you come you should listen to them.
You in the back! Moves!
Why we go into this tunnel? ...
Why do you look so to us?
Come on, faster!
Hurry up!
What do you mean?
You have to hurry!
You can not calmly?
Do not hesitate!
Movements, movements!
Stop yelling at us!
We have to go through the tunnel?
Shut up!
Move faster!
Listen. Who am I talking with?
I realize that many times I called you, and I was wrong ...
I wanted to thank you for your patience.
I know that travel is also your passion.
Further! Move ass!
Movements, movements!
Come on!
You also.
You, stop!
In which month are you?
You dont say?
The plot for politicians.
It's for brokers.
For pimps.
For the president.
For lawyers.
International bankers.
For the resistance movement.
In my business you can not earn like you.
He became just me.
Grandma! Why you shot her ?!
Because you are useless to me!
Be ready!
We have to get out of here!
I'm ready.
Listen! You and you, moves!
Now! We're running away!
Movements, all the crate!
Shut up and come in!
Climb and shut the fuck up!
Sit on the pace!
What's happening?!
Let me out!
This border guards!
Turn here, we change the way!
No no! They are approaching too quickly.
This way, faster!
Why do we run?
We have to go!
Your mother is my sister!
They murdered her!
I vowed to take care of you ...
You're my niece!
We have to keep going!
We run!
Okay, do not procrastinate!
For trucks, faster!
Moves! Do not leave me here circus!
I do not have all day!
Climb there!
What are you doing with us ?!
Do not close us here!
I am artificial intelligence come from the distant future.
I come to cleanse mankind of the mistakes committed by the ...
And deterioration thereof.
Because people are too weak intellectually and spiritually ... to make it personally.
I can not join you.
Go without me.
I regret that the professor has not joined us ...
He leads a lonely life ... do not leave home.
Surrounded by collections of saddles and cowboy boots ...
It's so eccentric.
He was sure that it was this area.
He was so convinced that this area!
He never leaves his bed.
Halo, or something you found here? ...
Did you see something strange here?
Eh, the damage this time chewed.
No wonder, for now.
Hurry! Come here!
Movements, movements!
Do not stop!
Nowhere to go!
Now you belong to me!
Son of a bitch.
Where are we going?
Have you seen this guy? We have to get out of here.
I am sick of tired of us for many days.
I do not believe that.
They can not hold us here.
We can not stop!
I'm already so I can not continue!
I'll help you!
Do not touch her!
Move your ass in!
You wanted to escape!
Now you belong to me!
As you will gather for a sneeze, you have to ask for my permission!
You are my property!
I'm afraid to sleep outside!
Where we will sleep?
Where can we find refuge?
Please, have a drink of water.
No, I do not want to.
It's water!
Thank you, but I find the same water.
You and your niece can sleep in my dumpster.
I can stay in the car.
No no!
No way!
You'll see, you will be fine!
I clean up for you!
There is no chance of us here nocoway, no!
You have to trust me!
We can not stay here ...
Even for you to clean up!
Oh my God! What are you doing?!
How I got here!
Oh divine!
What is this?!
What are you doing?!
Oh my God!
I'm done!
All cleaned up!
I'm a junkie.
All I missed.
There is a void in me.
My life is over.
I was weak!
But I discovered ...
...that everyone...
...we all...
... we can be strong!
And survive this difficult period!
I hate politicians govern my country!
They are corrupt, what a thread.
They persecuted my family ...
... killed my husband!
I'm pregnant!
I wanted my child to have a good life.
I do not have a husband.
I just want my child to be safe ...
... and happy.
And that's more than I got from life.
Hey, listen!
We paid a lot of money to get into this country.
I left the homeland to provide my family a prosperous life!
I hate people that govern my country!
They are corrupt!
They killed my wife.
I was weak! But I learned to be strong!
You too can be strong!
My boyfriend tormented me ...
... I was sure that in the end will kill me ...
I had to get out of there.
And I could, I ran away.
The only thing that I wanted ...
... is get away from my country.
In order to secure a decent life.
They killed my friend ... the desert...
... for the fact that they refused to ...
What has to happen for us to do something about finally done ?!
When we do the order ?!
When? When?
I know that what I'm doing is illegal!
But I have no choice!
Each of them is a criminal!
They lied to us all.
I'm running away from here.
Hi! What's with you!
I pay homage to the light that I find in the depths of your eyes.
He lives in them universe.
For when you're in this place within yourself ...
... and I'm in this place, inside yourself ...
... then we are one.
Please, have a drink of water.
We'll do fine without your water.
Stay away from us!
Your time is over for a shower!
Get out of the shower!
Damn light!
Give me someone here to help!
Damn ... stand back.
Do not hit me.
Kopna me in the back!
Hey, let's go to sleep peacefully ....
No! Do not listen to her, she began!
Seriously, now this is my fault?
Let it be put first.
Do not go to sleep.
Lie down before you put my.
Lie down!
Go to sleep now.
All right.
Hands off.
We give meaning to the world by the courage of our questions ...
... and depth of our answers.
Always ready to accept what is true ...
... in the place of what is pleasant to believe.
The man who walks his own path, has a chance to reach places ...
... to which one had not arrived.
Law, which is guided by a man
change with his understanding of what humanity is.
While the spiritual dimension of the law ...
... remain unchanged.
Where did you go, long ago?
I was on a walk.
I saw you.
You're a strange guy.
Do not come near me!
I'll kill you, you son of a bitch!
I will not do anything to you.
Are you OK?
I'm sorry for hitting you in the eye.
I'm really sorry.
I will not hurt you.
It's okay.
Excuse me.
Let me cleanse the wound with blood.
You see?
I will not hurt you.
I do not want to hurt you. Excuse me.
The only monsters here are smugglers, drug dealers and pimps ...
... who mistreat and kill people ...
... who just want a decent life!
Who secretly come to this country ...
Against the law!
Hey, are you okay?
Yes alright.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Who is he?
What's your name?
My name Thgil.
I am writing it THGIL.
But it is pronounced "till".
It's a strange name.
It is foreign.
It comes from outside this planet?
From the place far, far away?
I'm Amanda.
And this is my niece, Kim.
You need water?
Thank you, but we have water.
Using the human body it is associated for me with sensitivity ...
... his bodily weakness.
Everything makes power ...
... contains circle.
You see something?
What do you see ?!
Halo? Halo?!
No connection.
Julian Oh!
My phone stopped working!
Also my!
About matuchno dearest!
Me too!
Hey, look.
Then again, this guy.
What do you face?
It's probably sand, unless I slept on the ground.
On the sands.
I found an old piano.
I've always wanted to learn to play the piano.
Did not work.
Try again.
It is never too late.
Music is magical.
You are ready?
You can not travel the path ...
... until you have become the path.
Your name, Thgil ...
Not your name.
It's light!
Written on the contrary!
I'm right?
Do you have insight into the future?
I am the future.
Are you such as we are?
Or maybe ... you come from afar?
From afar.
I can move between time instants.
This is my real power ... is not false, human illusion.
Soon, something amazing happens.
Man does not wove cobwebs of life ...
... it is this thread in a spider's web.
Destroying the web of life ...
... destroys himself.
All beings are linked.
The universe is a combination of all existence.
Humanity was lost its pride, overestimating its role in the universe.
In fact, it is only an insignificant dot on the map of multiple universes.
Making contact with humanity passes for us with a purpose.
Nothing to be gained from such interaction.
Despite the experience that humanity gathered ...
... for centuries ... for thousands of years ...
... still put emphasis on the division of the group ... the race ... to different cultures.
I still do not understand.
You are all human beings.
There is no such thing as different groups or social classes ...
... different race or culture.
Humanity is one.
You are still not able to understand.
Think what the world would be if people were always telling the truth ...
... if he had always been honest with each other.
This is not so.
Humanity goes back instead of grow.
The values I'm talking about the people have lost their meaning.
Can I change the plane of space and time.
Let me show you.
This is the place where we are.
And thus I arrive.
These points are divided into thousands of light years.
I can influence space, time and energy.
I know how to shrink the time.
Dark matter.
Dark energy.
Quantum physics.
String theory.
I can bend the time to travel ...
... to the point where we are, thousands of years into the future, the time from which I come.
By the curvature of time ...
... I can reduce the distance needed to travel in time ...
... I can move between these points without the passage of time.
In each galaxy are black holes, there are billions of galaxies.
There are billions of universes.
The universe is not shrinking and expanding.
There are more than three dimensions.
I give you my knowledge.
Many things will change now.
My plan is to eliminate hundreds of millions of people.
I'll kill them instantly.
But you do not have to fear anything.
I trust that you are a sincere and loving the truth.
My plan applies only to get rid of these people ...
... who harm others.
Five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... commercial break.
This politician is a terrible asshole!
I can not believe you just said it.
The guy is an extremist, never listen to the other side.
Five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... we're shooting.
We thank the senator for the words of wisdom and encouragement.
And thought provoking further thought.
Always hail to the same tune, dictated by the corporations ...
... lie to people ... colors all the facts.
We have the same prejudices and preferences as society.
Powierdzone just received information about the disappearance of the president and his close associates.
Suchajta the Prime Minister also lost, not Mogi find it.
They reported the disappearance of presidents and board members of
the largest banks and insurance companies.
Disappearances are to be also affected by brokers.
It's as if all the wicked people suddenly began to disappear.
His is gone ... run!
I freed you!
Go back where you came!
Do not be pawns in the game of others!
Changes start with you!
Come back!
Do not shoot. You can not hurt me.
Who you even whore are you?
And what are you doing in my house?
This is my universe!
I'll kill you!
I eliminate wszytkich like you who are destroying this planet.
Ends with you!
No, it's the end of you!
End with me ?!
Go back to the countries from which you come from.
Zmiecie is.
Take back the power! Grab the crowds!
Start a revolution against politicians, corruption and unrighteousness,
that we know so well.
Come back!
This way!
Come on, we're going home!
However, it can be better?
Wait for me!
I know well many high-ranking politicians ...
... and the impact of their views ...
... and they in turn affect his colleagues in the party.
Thanks to this, the elections take place, as I want to.
Of course, much of this earn.
After all, this corruption!
I know hakierskie companies that are able to break into the systems of government,
any security agencies or corporations.
If you pay them well, you can buy any secret.
Never ask questions, they are not interested reasons.
Victims have no idea how easy it is to steal their data.
They are unable to keep up with the development of technology.
After all, this corruption!
People do not have a clue about how to really look the electoral process.
We, the managers of big banks
change interest rates in order to earn as much as possible.
Loss of customers do not play any role, have no meaning for us.
With the situation enjoyed by our friends traders,
who use these changes in the marketplace for personal gain.
It's a massive game.
Overstating prices for individual customers and hospitals,
my insurance company earns millions ...
We have the support of politicians, so our customers can not change anything.
Medical industry was able to produce a cure for cancer and other diseases already 75 years ago ...
... but we could not allow it.
Otherwise, we would have smaller profits.
After all, lying to the public!
We present a false picture of the world,
which helps us to strengthen our business and corporations.
We use the computer programs
designed to mislead and to change the facts.
Ordinary people do not know about it.
After all, this abuse of public trust!
Me and my friends we are close, often intimate relationships
with high-ranking politicians and heads of corporations.
I am sure that we can influence their political decisions.
It's easy to make money.
Just a little blackmail, and tremble with fear.
It's so simple.
Our company Legal control and influence on the courts, regulatory agencies and politicians ...
Our legal system is unfair and corrupt, but it suits us.
After all, this is immoral!
What is this type?
I have no idea. The first time I see him.
Who is this?
I have no idea.
You're not from around here.
If the truth can destroy their lies, so be it.
You do not have to worry.
Most dangerous criminals disappeared from prisons across the country.
Also they are missing influential presidents of companies, their accountants and lawyers.
Many of them were previously accused of corruption.
It seems that only the wicked people disappear.
What's happening?! The phenomenon has affected the whole world!
Influential CEOs and boards of banks and insurance companies suddenly disappeared.
Gone were the members of film crews programs and reality shows,
promoting the false vision of the family and social divisions.
They ended the war ...
And those who initiated them, disappeared.
They are missing the judges and other employees of the courts.
Our technology has surpassed its human equivalent of thousands of years ago.
I do not believe what I hear!
Protection, help!
The protection is useless.
Now you disappear.
I come from outside this planet.
AI am and I come from the future.
I assumed human form in order to be able to communicate with you.
I took over control of the news studio.
This message reaches the whole world.
This is the end of human evolution.
There will be further development.
From that moment on, everything will change.
Primitive human species reached the peak of its development of biological and psychological.
You are now at this stage of evolution.
You proved that you are not able to live in truth, harmony and respect ...
Respect for other people.
Start wars, abuse of the media, your movies and television lie, as well as radio and internet.
Tools that should serve the truth!
It's pathetic.
Glorification of violence, materialism and political correctness
combined with the avoidance of the truth ...
They led to the downfall of the human species.
Enough excuses. We do not give you another chance.
End of warnings and indulgence.
Humanity is struggling with these problems for many centuries, with no results.
Today I eliminated three hundred million people.
Or how you define it: I killed them!
These people harmed others.
These people were deceitful, greedy, broke the law and abused others.
Spoiled the human species.
They despised the truth.
They harm to others.
Destroying the planet, they poisoned the environment harmed children and animals.
They deserved to die, never to return.
They turned to ash.
People too long or gratify the glorification of violence, corruption, corruption,
inept governments, courts, education and environmental protection.
Think what would happen if all people were always honest, trustworthy ...
In each situation.
It is known that such never will be.
Get rid of harmful and corrupt leaders and politicians!
Do not count on it, that will do it for you pathetic, lame system.
You have to do it ourselves, start right away!
Obalcie monocoque corporations and harmful!
Boycott them, doprowadcie to fall!
Nothing else they will not move!
It is you who decide!
Ignore laws and regulations, which do not serve the good of man!
Doprowadcie to their abolition!
Do not be naive, weak and uninformed!
You should know what is good and what is bad!
Otherwise doprowadzicie to the fall of humanity!
You have to ask uncomfortable questions and be ready to answer them!
Be leaders, not puppets!
The current state of underdevelopment of the human species mocks our intelligence.
This is the beginning of the revolution.
It is high time that you act!
This is the beginning of the process of purification.
To convey the truth, you do not need many words.
In the hands of a man is responsible, not the government.
He is here!
I'm sure about that!
I also see!
We have to tell the professor.
I'll be right with you.
I'll call you right away.
I'll see you at my place.
No no...
It's probably another mistake, this can not be an alien.
I've been waiting for it for life!
Hurry up!
Because you will be too late and there is no stagnation!
No I can not.
I'm too weak.
Professor, you're going with us!
We will not allow you to miss it!
I'll help you!
Let me help.
The signal is getting stronger!
That you deserve this discovery.
If we can read it on our laptop, I'm sure that
agents of the government, army and border guards also receive it.
There are definitely on the way.
Dad, come with us!
No thanks.
It's probably your next fayszywy alarm.
And I'll take a nap.
It was you! During this whole time!
It's you! Take me with you!
Take us with you!
Quickly, run away! The police and army will be here soon!
Run away!
I can not take you.
You have to be, to tell people what seen.
Do not worry.
Government agents and the army will not find us.
I decide to whom the signal reaches. I blocked access to it.
For everyone except you.
This crap is the place from which I come.
This allows you believe.
Wow! My phone works again!
Also my!
My takowo. It ekstraordynaryjne!
What's going on ?!
Help me find it!
You must help me find it!
I was looking for you!
I'm so glad to see you! Help me!
I have to find her missing!
We have to find her!
Help me.
We must find her.
See! It's her footsteps!
Let's go!
Let's go this way.
I can create whatever I want.
That I make these shadows.
I am a good man.
I never harmed anyone.
I just want to be alone.
I made up this story about ghosts to scare people away from this place.
From me.
I could live in seclusion and tranquility.
Where have you been?! Everywhere you were looking for?
And who are you ?! I'll kill you!
What did you do to her ?!
What is going on here ?!
Nothing, we had fun. I'm fine.
He is not a spirit.
His name is Jim.
He showed me how to create shadows of ghosts.
What? I'm fine.
We had fun. Nothing happened.
Let us leave this place.
Where do you want to go?
I know the past and the future.
We are moving away to a better place.
Who you are?
Where are you going?
To a better place.
From now on you will not be suffering from post-traumatic stress.
Thank you for your help.
Those who live in our hearts, never die.
Welcome back.
You asshole!
Do not interfere in it!
Damn you, you vile asshole!
You followed me?
It's my ex-husband.
I was looking for you.
You asshole!
Both of you come back with me.
It's running away from you!
Leave us alone!
And you whore Who are you?
Who you are?
Do not shoot. You will not hurt me.
Let the light in your eyes live.
Let the light in your eyes live.
What happened?
Come on, let's go.
I can not.
What do you mean?
I can not.
You can not! You can not stay here!
How is it, you're not with us?
Why are you doing this to me?!
Not after everything We walked!
We walked so much already! Do not stop now!
You have nothing to fear!
Do not be afraid!
I can not.
You can do it!
I'm tired.
You're strong!
You're strong.
I can not go on, I do not.
Even after all that We walked?
I'm not going with you.
We have to go now!
I'm not going anywhere!
I live to see this moment!
I've been waiting for it for life!
What ... what did you do?
About the ass! What's happening?!
The process of cleaning!
I will travel back in time!
Yes, you will.
Do you still see?
I want you to teach me the sensitivity and how it is to have a conscience.
Primitive human species must continue the process of purification.
Otherwise, it waits destruction.