Passages (2023) Movie Script

[Indistinct chatter]
[Tomas, in English] Can he come in
earlier? He was a bit late.
[Erica] OK.
Come a little bit early, OK?
[In French] Are you all
in the right place?
OK. Thanks.
[Man] Take your positions.
[Erica] Silence now.
Extras, action!
Action, Tho.
[Tomas, in English] OK, stop.
- [Erica, in French] Cut! Cut!
- [Tomas] Cut.
[In English] Come with me.
[Erica, in French] Take your positions.
[Tomas, in English] When you're coming
down the staircase,
try not to have your arms like this.
When you're coming down,
relax your arms, relax them.
- OK.
- Relax them.
Come down with your arms
hanging down, OK?
- Good. Can you try one more time?
- [Tho] Yeah.
- Here?
- [Tomas] Yeah.
[Chatter subsides]
OK. One more time.
And put your hands in your pockets.
My pockets? Here?
- [Tomas] No, no. In the pockets.
- OK.
OK. Then do...
Let's do it like this.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. It looks great.
[Erica, in French] OK, let's start again.
Take you positions.
- [Man] Take four.
- [Erica] Mark.
- [Clapperboard clicks]
- Let's go.
- Extras, action!
- [In English] Stop, stop, stop, stop.
What are you doing with your hands?
- Sorry.
- [Tomas] You hold your glass...
Why is the glass empty?
[Footsteps approach]
Your other hand, just put it here.
And hold your drink.
That's all you got to do,
hold your drink.
How are you holding your drink?
Talk to each other. Have fun.
[Erica, in French] OK, we're rolling.
[In English] It's good, Tomas?
[In French] Get into position.
[Tomas, in English] Stop.
It's not that you have to come down
the staircase,
you want to come down the staircase.
It's not even about the staircase.
It's about you going to have a drink,
going to have some fun.
This is just a transition moment.
But we are turning it
into a huge drama moment,
because you're not able to make some
fucking simple steps down the staircase!
Everybody's waiting for you.
Just make your steps.
Just walk down the staircase!
It's not that hard!
I don't want you to... Like...
I don't want you to show us
your physical problems.
I just want you to come down
the staircase, see the space.
It's a place
that you've known for a while,
and you like it,
and you're going in the space,
and you're going to order a drink
and have a cigarette
and you like it
because it's your favourite brand, OK?
- [Tho] OK.
- Great.
[Indistinct, lively chatter]
[Electro-dance music in the background]
- [In French] You good?
- And you?
You came to eat pistachios?
Yeah. Wanna go on somewhere?
I don't know.
Your place? My place?
- Nope.
- No?
No, not right now.
- How come?
- I don't want to right now.
The shoot's over. Let's go.
Yeah, but it helped me realise some stuff.
There's no point talking now.
It's a party.
- I want to go home alone.
- Stuff about what?
The two of us. It's not what I want.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm serious!
Excuse me.
[They laugh]
[Music volume increases]
[Agathe] Evening.
Can I get a beer?
Poor guy.
He was cute.
[In English] The boy you shooed away,
he's very beautiful.
- Don't you think?
- Yeah, maybe.
Sorry to intrude. I thought
maybe you wanted to talk to someone.
Baby, let's dance.
No, no, no. I'm not...
I'm not in the mood.
Oh, not in the mood.
It's my party and my husband
doesn't want to dance with me.
- I'll dance with you.
- [Tomas] You'll dance with me?
[In English, then French] OK. Bye.
[In English] Let's go.
Can you at least try not to look so bored?
We're trying to celebrate here.
I've worked all day, Tomas,
I just don't feel like dancing.
I don't feel like dancing either.
- Just try to be supportive.
- [In German] Aye, aye, Herr Freiburg.
[Funky, electronic music]
[In English] I have to go.
I have to wake up early tomorrow.
You're such a pain in the ass.
See you later.
[Agathe] Don't think too much.
It's OK.
You just have to listen to the music.
- What's your name?
- Agathe.
I'm Tomas.
I know who you are.
I know you
But, damn, I wanna know you more
Your touch is rain on the water
A spirit in the darkness
And I just can't get enough
Because I'm like the wind
I need to move
Come on
Stay a little longer
I'll hold you tight, it'll be alright
[In French] Alan's more
a virtual kinda guy.
Prefers relationships through a screen.
[Music plays in the background -
Ce soir, by Kumisolo]
[Laughter in the background]
[Music volume increases]
- [Agathe] You're not cold?
- [Friend] Huh?
You're not cold?
[No audible dialogue]
[Music continues in the background]
I had no reception so they
couldn't text me confirmation.
I gave up,
like it's not meant to be.
[Music continues]
[Music volume decreases]
[Tomas breathes heavily]
[Bicycle brakes squeak;
Traffic rumbles]
[In English] Good morning.
[Door closes]
We went to Erica's
and I fell asleep there.
I'm sorry, I should have called.
[Martin] Mm-hmm?
You know what I was doing last night?
No, but whatever it was
you sound very excited.
I had sex with a woman.
Can I tell you about it, please?
Yes, of course.
I felt something I hadn't felt
in a very long time.
- And...
- I don't need to hear this.
It was exciting.
It was something different.
It's sick what's happening between us.
For real.
You hate me, don't you?
[Martin] Can you not do this now?
[Tomas] Leave my suitcase alone!
Leave my fucking suitcase alone!
[Martin] Just stop it!
- Tomas...
- [Tomas] This is my suitcase.
That's mine.
[Tomas] Fucker!
I'm going to my class.
- [Tomas] Don't leave like this.
- Get off!
It's fine, Tomas. It's fine.
You are tired. I'm tired.
[Tomas exhales deeply]
Just... rest a little bit.
Take a nap. Relax.
We'll be fine.
This always happens
when you finish a film.
You just forget.
All right?
[Door closes]
[Agathe, in French] That's why
I feel squishy.
- Huh?
- [Agathe] I feel squishy.
- [Erica] Your dream body...
- [Agathe laughs]
[Erica] Gotta work on it.
[Man] Agathe!
[They laugh]
[Man] Agathe. Can we talk a minute?
Two minutes, even.
No, go on. Talk.
What's the problem?
There is no problem.
You're great.
So why avoid me last night?
No, I didn't avoid you.
It's just...
It's just I have nothing to say.
That's all.
You're on my back,
demanding explanations I don't owe you.
It's over.
I didn't want to say it in public.
- Keep them.
- They're your keys.
I know, but keep them.
- Baby, take them.
- Don't call me baby, please.
I can't kiss you?
You bitch.
[Man on recording] Second take.
[Erica, in English] Hello.
Sorry to interrupt.
Just leave these downstairs when you go
and we'll clean out the space.
The interns are leaving too and
they'd love to have a picture with you.
Do you mind?
- If we can do it quick.
- Thank you.
[Erica] Can you take a photo
of us, please?
- Over here.
- [Agathe] Everybody?
- Hi.
- Hey.
[Erica] Let's stand here.
OK. That's everybody?
[Erica] Yes.
- We're good?
- Yes.
Push in. I don't know your name.
[In English] OK, let's smile.
[Interns giggle]
- [In French] Here, I took two.
- [Erica] Thanks.
So, I made a reservation...
Thank you...
See you soon.
- [In English] Are you a photographer?
- No.
I mean, I just...
She invited me to come.
- [In French] Where we going, Erica?
- Les Triplettes.
[In English] Don't forget
to leave the keys.
- Yes, thank you.
- You're not coming?
No. I'll try to work.
- OK.
- [Tomas] Um...
- See you another time.
- [In French] OK.
[In English] Goodnight.
[Tomas] Agathe!
[They moan and breathe heavily]
[He grunts, moans]
[He moans, she giggles]
[They moan]
[They breathe heavily]
[He moans]
[Agathe] Shh!
[Agathe] You're making too much noise.
[Car rumbles]
[Car door closes]
[Bird squawks]
[Rooster crows]
[Martin] Sorry.
Thank you.
It's kind of dry.
[Tomas] Yeah.
[Martin] Night-night.
[Tomas] Can you really say
that you're in love with me?
[Thunder rumbles in the distance]
Maybe we have to take more risks.
Not always be so careful.
Now you're falling in love with
someone else, you're taking that risk?
I didn't say I'm in love with her.
I said she...
I'd say you were in love with her.
[Tomas] You don't believe me?
[Martin chuckles] I didn't say
I didn't believe you.
[Tomas] You could say you're happy for me.
[Martin] Oh, listen,
you can pursue anything that you want,
anything that excites you,
but can't dictate how I feel.
[Tomas] I'm not dictating how you feel!
I'm sharing with you how I feel.
- [Martin] OK.
- [Tomas] OK.
I love seeing you grow.
I love seeing you live your life.
- OK?
- [Martin] Mm-hmm.
[Tomas] Mm-hmm.
You're my brother, Martin.
[Martin chuckles]
[Martin] Oh, my! That's a new one.
Look, all I'm saying
is that you could help me.
How do you want me to help you?
By being with me.
By being patient.
[Martin sighs]
[Rock, funky music;
Indistinct chatter]
- [In French] Evening! How you doing?
- [In English] Good. Thank you.
- [In French] There, on the left.
- Thanks.
[Martin, in English] Hello, darling.
- [Clment] You OK?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.
You're looking good.
Where's Tomas?
He is editing.
Sorry. It's so rude.
- Hello.
- [Ahmad] Hi.
- I'm Martin.
- Ahmad.
[Clment] Ahmad is a new client.
Wonderful writer.
[With a French accent] Nice to meet you.
Clment talks about you all the time.
He even told me about your studio
in Montparnasse.
- [Clment] Maybe we can visit.
- Yeah. Any time.
What do you write about?
I don't know.
I haven't written that much,
so I don't even know if I have a subject.
I try to write about
things I know about, I guess.
His novel is wonderful. I just sold it,
so we're celebrating tonight.
- Do you want a Martini?
- Sure.
- I'd love to read it.
- You will.
How long have you been in Paris?
- About six years.
- OK. Great.
- You like it?
- I love it.
- And do you like it?
- Yeah. It's my city.
- [Clment] Another scotch?
- Yeah, please.
You guys hungry?
Mm-hmm, let's eat, yeah.
- [Clment] You hungry too?
- Yeah. I'm starving.
[Indistinct chatter;
Soft pop music]
What are you working on now?
I'm the fiction editor
for a literary journal.
But what's your next book?
Hmm... I'm not planning to write
another book.
Why not?
You've been such a success.
No, I'm not very interested
in thinking of myself as a writer.
I only liked writing this book
because at the time I was anonymous
and people didn't know
that I existed. So...
- I felt free.
- Of course. I don't buy that.
- [Clment] He'll write another one.
- No, don't talk for me, please, Clment.
- [Clment] You'll write another book.
- Well, right now...
- [Tomas] Of course you will.
- Right now I want to do other things.
- [Tomas] What other things?
- Tomas.
What? I'm curious.
[Waitress, in French] Can I
get you anything?
Yes, another gin and tonic,
[In English] If I have an answer,
I will share it with you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[Electro-dance music]
What an arrogant prick.
I don't think so.
Clment says the book is wonderful.
He's sold it everywhere.
Hopes it'll be a big success.
Of course he does.
How else can he afford his drug habit?
Clment does not have a drug habit.
Then he should.
It might make him more interesting.
Where are you going?
[Tomas] I'm going to the editing room.
[Tomas] Yeah. I'm not tired.
You're lying.
[Tomas] Don't be melodramatic, please.
[Tomas] Hi. Good evening.
Shh! You're going to wake up everyone.
- [Tomas] What? No.
- [In French] Yes.
- Agathe?
- [Agathe, in French] What?
Can you come here?
[Tomas] I wanted to look at you.
[She chuckles]
Here I am.
[Tomas] Well, and here I am.
You good?
[Tomas] Yeah. You too?
I'm happy to be here.
[Agathe chuckles] Me too.
[Tomas] You want to join me?
[Janet Penfold sings] Won't you buy
My sweet blooming lavender?
There are sixteen blue branches
One penny, all in full bloom
You buy them once, you buy them twice
It makes your clothes
Smell sweet and nice
[He joins] Come on you young ladies
And make no delay
My lavender's fresh from Mitcham
And we're round once a day
Some are large and some are small
Please take them in and show them all
T'was early this morning
When the dew was a-falling
I gathered my sweet lavender
From the valley, all in full bloom
Won't you buy my sweet,
Blooming lavender?
There are sixteen blue branches,
A penny, all in full bloom
It makes me think about a song
that my father taught me.
You want to hear it?
[She clears her throat]
Quand nous chanterons
Le temps des cerises
Et gais rossignols
Et merles moqueurs
Seront tous en fte
Les belles auront la folie en tte
Et les amoureux du soleil au cur
Quand nous chanterons
Le temps des cerises
Sifflera bien mieux le merle moqueur
You make me shy.
- I think I'm falling in love with you.
- [She scoffs]
You say that a lot, I imagine.
I say it when I mean it.
You say it when it works for you.
I say it when I feel it.
[TV on in the background]
[Tomas] Hmm.
You sure that that one's yours?
[Tomas] Yes, I'm sure.
[Martin] That's not my fault.
Not my fault either.
[Footsteps nearby]
[Tomas] You're reading his book?
[Martin] Yes.
[Tomas] It's a brick.
I'm halfway through it.
It's good.
It's well-written.
[Tomas] I thought you didn't like fiction.
I like this one.
[Tomas] I left a couple of boxes.
I'll come back over the weekend, OK?
- Yeah. I might be going to the house.
- [Tomas] Mm-hmm.
I'm not sure yet.
I actually wanted to talk about that.
I had a call last week
from an estate agent.
And she said there was a couple
interested in looking at it.
- What do you mean by "looking at it"?
- Buying it.
They liked the look of it
from the outside.
[Tomas] It's not for sale.
I know it's not for sale,
but I won't be able to afford it alone.
[Tomas] I can pay my half.
I don't want to share a house
with you, Tomas.
[Tomas sighs]
Can we talk about it
in a few weeks, please?
They might not still be looking
in a few weeks.
We don't have to sell
because somebody wants to buy.
It's ridiculous!
- Martin...
- [Martin] I have to go.
I'll call you on Saturday, OK?
We can talk about it.
Seven o'clock.
[Martin] Go on.
Are you going to stay
for a long time?
[Tomas] Of course. Very long.
[She inhales deeply]
So, it's not just for storage?
Of course it's for storage.
[In French] Welcome.
[Soft pop music in the background]
[In English] Hi.
It's me.
It's seven o'clock.
I said I was going to call,
so I'm calling.
I don't need an agenda
to talk to you.
What's that music?
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I'm gonna go now. I'm going.
Bye, Tomas.
- Sorry.
- It's OK.
- [Opera music in the background]
- [Martin chuckles]
I wish he'd leave me alone
and stop calling me.
Yes, you cannot
do anything about it.
What do you mean?
I mean, you cannot change
someone like him...
what they think,
what they want to do.
If you don't want to talk to him,
just don't pick up the phone.
- It's easy.
- [Martin] Mm-hmm.
- [Ahmad] Mm-hmm?
- [Martin scoffs]
What do you think?
It's wonderful.
[Agathe] But you don't think
it's too much?
You're not paying attention.
I am. I said it looked wonderful.
You're OK?
Maybe Martin's right.
I can be terribly self-involved.
[They scoff]
Do you always believe what he says?
He knows me well.
So that's why you left him?
[She sighs]
And me?
Do I know you a little?
[Tomas] Yes.
A little.
[She scoffs]
[She moans]
[She moans]
[She breathes heavily]
[She moans]
[Children chatter]
[In French] Morning!
Put the chair back.
Measuring yourself, Lo?
Thank you.
Sorry I'm late.
Thanks for almost behaving.
How are you?
[Class] Good.
- You all did your homework?
- [All] Yes.
"My Weekend." Great.
Who'd like to start?
Go ahead, Marc-Aurle.
[Student] You're very beautiful, ma'am.
- [Student 2] Maybe she has a boyfriend!
- [They laugh]
[Student 3] Is that true? Do you, ma'am?
No. Perhaps.
In any case,
it's none of your business.
Let's start.
"My Weekend. After school,
I played football with friends.
"Then we went to the movies together.
"On Saturday,
I played table tennis with them.
"Then we all had dinner in a restaurant."
[Agathe] All right.
- You, Valentin?
- OK.
"Saturday morning,
I did homework until noon.
"After lunch,
I drew for the rest of the day.
"And I went to bed around 10-11 o'clock.
"Next day, same thing,
except I was asleep by nine."
[Agathe] You can go to bed
when you want?
- No.
- Yes.
No, no, no.
[Door closes]
[Shower runs in the background]
[In English] Hi, there.
It's me.
I just came to pick up the boxes.
[Ahmad] Tomas.
[He inhales deeply]
[He sniffles]
[Sirens blare in the distance]
[Agathe] I hope you're hungry.
Not very.
[Agathe] It's weird.
Sometimes you eat so much
and sometimes you eat like a girl.
You don't have to cook for me.
[Agathe] It's not only for you.
I just like it, that's all.
[Cookware clangs]
You like this book?
[Agathe] It's funny,
because I met the writer.
I was at a party last year...
I mean,
we only talked for a few minutes,
but he was really interesting.
Sort of like his book.
- [Tomas] Meaning what?
- I don't know.
I found his book very original.
So far I'm not impressed.
[Agathe] You know what?
I was thinking, maybe,
we should have, I don't know,
like a small party here.
With some friends of yours.
[Annoyed] I don't want to have
a little party.
It's OK, it's just that there's friends
of mine you haven't met yet.
Can we just wait for a few weeks?
You don't want to have a party with me?
I do. I want to have a party.
[She scoffs] It doesn't seem like that.
[In French] Bon apptit.
[He sighs]
There you are!
Oh, wonderful!
That's just great. Good job.
Look at those colours.
- [In English] Yeah?
- [In French] Really good.
May I snap a photo to capture
the moment for posterity?
- Thanks.
- It's great.
- [In English] Were you closed this summer?
- Yeah, for all of August.
We were away. That's why these
took a bit longer than I thought.
[In French] Thank you.
- Great.
- Yeah?
- What do you think? Good, isn't it?
- [Martin] Mm-hmm.
[In English] What would you
use these for?
- Martin? Martin?
- For the visitor...
- Martin?
- ..go back with a souvenir.
There is someone to see you.
It's Tomas.
Um... One moment. Sorry.
[In French] What do you think of it?
The colours are beautiful.
[In English] What do you want?
You said you wanted to talk
about the house.
You have to give me your keys back.
- What keys?
- For the apartment, Tomas.
- I don't have it here.
- Liar.
[Tomas sighs]
These are Agathe's.
You can't just turn up
any time you want any more.
Why not?
Did I scare your friend?
You have to go. I'm busy.
We had our first screening.
And it didn't go very well.
So what? It was the first screening.
I have to go.
[Boy, with a French accent] I didn't
really understand much of it
the first time to be honest.
But when we watched it again,
I kind of got into it.
Particularly the black and white.
And how old were you
when you saw it first?
I don't know.
Dad, how old was I?
[With a French accent] Maybe eight
or nine. But you slept then.
That gave me my favourite kind of movie,
the ones I sleep through.
But you're lucky to watch
movies with your parents.
I mean, mine, they were working a lot,
so I was with my grandmother,
my mum's mum,
and she never had much money,
but she was beautiful
and she loved art, so...
[Indistinct chatter;
Delicate music in the background]
Um, and she was the one
taking care of us
and choosing the movie
we have to see in the cinema.
And she was offering us tickets
and we'd use the money
to go to the fun fair.
- Eating candy cotton.
- [Boy] What's candy cotton?
[In French] You know, barbe papa.
[Boy, in French] Oh yeah.
It's been so long since I had any.
It's yummy.
[In English] Why don't you go say hello?
I don't want to say hello.
[Woman, with a French accent] Tomas,
you remember Elias's father?
[Tomas] Mm-hmm.
We couldn't talk together
and even sit in the same place for,
I don't know, like four or five years
without a lawyer in presence?
And now look.
We are all going on vacation together,
we are like family...
It can happen.
I just want to give you a little push.
[He chuckles]
It's not that important.
It's just a bit strange.
- [He scoffs]
- [Woman] Yeah, for sure. It's strange.
[Knocks on the door]
They have everything.
[He chuckles]
No, I know a guy there who can
show me all the different shades.
- [Tomas, in French] Hello.
- [Martin, in English] One second.
Sorry. What did you say?
Actually, that would be brilliant.
Well, tell him I'll give him
a really good tip.
It's just I need to get it
all done in one day, you see?
[Tomas] Get what done in a day?
[Martin] OK, well,
text him right now, then.
Who are you talking to?
[Martin] No, no, I'll come tomorrow,
either way. Yeah.
OK. Text me when you know.
What's going on?
They're coming to view the house
this weekend,
- the couple I was telling you about.
- [Tomas] Why are they coming?
I told you I don't want to sell.
Well, they're coming anyway,
and I want to paint the window frames
before they do.
- Then I'm coming with you.
- [Martin] You don't need to do that.
[He scoffs]
You can't tell me what to do.
It's my house too.
[Martin] Well, I'm leaving really early
tomorrow morning.
Fine. I'll crash here.
[Footsteps approach]
[They breathe heavily, moan]
[Martin groans, Tomas moans]
[They groan, moan]
[Tomas] Oh! Yes, go on.
[Tomas grunts]
[Martin] Shh!
[Tomas] Oh, yes!
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
[Tomas moans]
- Oh, yeah!
- [Martin] Fuck!
[Tomas grunts]
Oh, yeah.
That's OK, it's OK, it's OK.
[They breath heavily]
- [Martin] You OK?
- [Tomas] God, oh my God.
Oh my God.
Oh, yeah...
[Tomas moans]
[Martin breathes heavily]
[Martin groans]
[Martin grunts]
Good morning.
[Curtains hooks jingle]
[Martin] Mm-hmm?
Agathe is pregnant.
[Martin] Did you sleep with me
to tell me that?
[Tomas sighs]
[Martin chuckles]
Was it intentional?
[Tomas] I knew it was a possibility.
And how does she feel about it?
[Tomas] She's happy.
She wants a kid.
And you?
[Tomas] Yes, I do.
Do you?
Do you want to have a kid?
Well, you know the answer
to that question.
[Edith, in French] Now then...
Not there.
Find me a corkscrew, will you?
How do you expect me to find it?
There's crap everywhere.
- [Edith chuckles]
- [Agathe] I'll find it.
- [In English] Where have you been?
- Don't be mad.
[Agathe sighs]
[Tomas, in French] Hello.
[In English, with a French accent]
Good to meet you.
[In French] Very strong handshake.
You're a very strong man.
[In English, with a French accent] You are
just in time to have lunch with us.
- [In French] Edith. Nice to meet you.
- [In English] I wouldn't want to miss it.
- No.
- [In French] I'm really late. Sorry.
No problem.
[Tomas, in English] Can I help?
No, I already did everything.
- I am here now.
- [Agathe sighs]
- I'll take a quick shower.
- [In French] You're shitting me?
[Agathe's parents converse
in the background]
[Edith, in English] So, is your family
still there, in Bremen?
- Tomas?
- Yes.
- [In French] Yes, thank you.
- [Edith, In English] Mother? Father?
It's a terrible city,
but they love it there.
- [In French] Vegetables?
- Yes.
[In English] And I have a brother
in Munich.
- [Edith] Hmm.
- [Agathe] Really?
But I thought you were an only child.
[He chuckles] No.
[Edith] Does your brother have children?
Yes. Two. A boy and a girl.
Mm-hmm. Nice.
[In French] OK, interrogation over?
- [In English] And...
- [She clears her throat]
..don't you think you will
ever want to move back?
- To Germany?
- Yes.
you might go back one day?
One day.
I'll translate.
- [In French] His parents are in Bremen.
- [No audible conversation]
He doesn't rule out
moving back to Germany,
which we should bear in mind.
That's all he said, and that...
[Tomas, in English] And does it worry you?
[In French] You have a baby on the way.
You forgot?
- [In English] There will be a baby.
- Yeah, yeah. I understand.
I'm not going anywhere.
[In French] Yeah.
[In English] You were married
when you met our daughter.
- Yes.
- To a man?
[In French] Mum. Mum...
- I'm asking.
- You already know.
I'm asking.
[In English] You know...
- I don't appreciate this conversation.
- Let me speak.
It will not be easy for her
to raise this child alone.
[Tomas] Mm-hmm.
Well, it's our child.
We don't need your advice.
[In French] All right...
Want some salad?
[In English] I don't want to talk with you
any more.
- Sorry?
- I'm done.
- [In French] Hold on...
- [In English] What are you doing?
You know... Tomas, Tomas, Tomas.
- [Tomas] Huh?
- [Edith] We want to make sure...
- [Tomas] Mm-hmm.
- [Edith] No, listen to me, please.
[Footsteps recede]
[In French] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
We worry.
You understand?
- You went too far.
- [Edith] No.
- You knew the answers.
- [Edith] It's natural.
- He's my grandchild's father.
- You knew he was with a man.
- Why ask?
- [Edith] I need to get to know him.
That's no way to do it.
[Edith, in English] Listen, Tomas,
I just want...
- [Tomas] Yeah, but what do you think?
- Let me speak, please.
[Tomas] Do you think
I'm going to Germany?
We just want to make sure
that Agathe
will get the support
she needs from you.
- Yes, of course.
- To raise the child.
- That's what we want to hear.
- What do you want to hear?
That you'll be here,
you'll be responsible.
You know? You...
OK, but what does it change?
I can tell you now.
I will be here and I will be responsible.
Are you happy now? I mean...
I can't prove it to you
unless it happens, right?
[Edith] You don't...
I don't understand what
this conversation is good for, I mean...
You've got to trust me
at least a little bit.
To trust you,
I need to know you.
To know you, I need to speak to you,
I need to eat with you.
We need to eat with you,
to spend time with you.
- I understand, so let's have a dinner.
- [Edith, in French] It's not theory.
[In English] Let's have a dinner, right?
Let's spend some time.
[Doorbell rings]
[Footsteps recede]
- [Door opens]
- [Martin] Hello?
[Tomas] Hey.
[Footsteps approach]
- What?
- I need to see you.
[Martin] Get off.
Stop it. Stop it.
I'm so happy.
- What's happened?
- You were right.
The screening tonight went really well.
- Why are you here?
- I wanted to tell you first.
Go on, let's have a drink.
- No, you can't stay here.
- One drink, come on!
One toast. Come on.
It was really great.
People were clapping.
It was for real, you know.
It was good.
The movie is real good.
- Everything OK?
- Yeah.
- [In French] Hello.
- [Tomas, in French] Hello.
- [In English] I'll be right with you.
- [In English] Yeah?
Just give me a few minutes.
You have to go.
[He scoffs]
He already means more
to you than I do.
[Martin] That's enough.
You can't turn up in the middle of the
night. This isn't your house any more.
That really hurts.
[Martin] Are you fucking kidding me?
[He lowers his voice] I need
to talk to you.
- [Martin] No.
- Yes, I do. Please, sit down.
It's important.
I have to talk to you.
I swear I'll leave, OK?
Make it short and get to the point.
Don't touch me.
You always said you wanted a kid.
And now we can.
We can do this together.
- We can do what together?
- We can be family.
I thought that you were in love.
I'm confused.
[He weeps]
I really love being with a man.
I love you.
Please don't leave me.
[He sighs]
[Footsteps approach]
[Ahmad] Shall we go
and get something to eat?
I'm not hungry. Maybe later.
What's wrong?
It's over, Ahmad.
[Ahmad] What's over?
I'm not in love with you.
I'm sorry.
OK. I see.
Your relationship with him is a mistake.
You'll see.
I think we could make something
really good together, but right now...
I'm just very sorry for you.
I'm sorry for both of you.
[Zipper scratches]
Look, you're weak and you're sick.
You can't see it yet,
but you won't survive this.
Either of you.
[Footsteps recede]
[Door closes]
[Slow, '50s R&B ballad]
You're always making cake on the weekend?
[Man] Sometimes.
[Indistinct chatter]
Cooking is one
of my favourite things to do.
[They converse, lively]
[Music continues]
- Want to try?
- What are you making?
I'm making a cake.
- I can't eat all this ball.
- No, you can't.
- But it's good?
- Go on, try it.
[In French] Here you go.
[Martin, in English] Has
everyone got wine?
[Lively, indistinct chatter]
[Tomas] Capitalism, like they
see them selling themselves,
- selling their art, selling their acting,
- [No audible conversation]
because I make them.
I turn them into professionals.
What is really bad with me
is when I do the bridge, like this one.
- I can't... I can't do it.
- Oh, yes.
[Tomas] I cannot even
pull my arms straight.
So my arms are here and then
I just open my ribcage
to compensate, but, if I go here...
- This is really good.
- Are your legs straightened?
[Tomas] This is, like,
the best posture,
the best thing I can do
in my morning routine.
But do you feel pain now?
Um... No, I don't feel pain now,
but I do, actually.
[General laughter]
[He plays A Perfect Day
by Carrie Jacobs Bond]
When you come to the end
Of a perfect day
And you sit alone with your thoughts
When the chimes ring out
With a carol gay
For the joy that a day has brought
Do you think what the end
Of a perfect day
Can bring to the tired heart
When the sun goes down
With a flaming ray
And the dear friends have to part
Well, this is the end of a perfect...
I didn't know
you needed help getting hard.
[Martin] What?
Or is it the novelist?
For fuck's sake. Give that to me.
- Who needed...?
- Stop it.
- [Tomas] I might need it tonight.
- [Martin] Just leave it please.
- [Tomas] Can I borrow one?
- [Martin] Don't be a fucking idiot.
[Tomas] Don't be selfish,
let me borrow one.
Let me have some fun!
[They giggle]
[Tomas] Quick!
You're a selfish little git.
[Martin] Ow! Stop it!
[Indistinct conversation;
[They shout] Oh! Ow!
[Tomas chuckles]
[Martin] Don't!
Stop it!
[They breathe heavily]
[They moan, quietly]
[Car rumbles]
[In French] Thanks.
[In English] Call me
when you're home, OK?
[Agathe] I'll call you in a few days.
[He hums A Perfect Day
by Carrie Jacobs Bond]
[Muffled shout]
[Cars honk]
[In French] You're sure I can't
fix you some food?
- [Agathe] Positive.
- [Edith] Hmm?
[Agathe] Positive. But some water
maybe. There's some chilled...
There must be some in the fridge.
- OK.
- [Mobile buzzes]
- It's him.
- [Agathe] Don't answer it.
[In English] Hello, Tomas. It's Edith.
What do you want?
No. She's very tired.
I'm OK.
No, I was out for one or two hours,
but now I'm OK.
My mum is taking care of me.
What do you want me to say?
I told you I'm OK.
See you.
[In French] You should've
severed contact with him.
Mom, please, I need quiet
and some kindness.
You want me to go?
As you please.
[She sighs] I see.
[Door opens]
[Door closes]
[Martin, in English] This is him.
And what's over here
and darker is him.
And that's us.
So, we need to clean this and this,
and not touch that and that.
[With a French accent] OK.
And the messes we clean up?
[Martin, in English] Yes. Um...
Everything that's less
than one centimetre
from the edge you clean.
OK. I understand.
You're leaving early in the morning?
- No, tonight.
- Oh, OK. Go, go.
OK. Will you just call me, then,
if you have any problems?
- OK. No problem.
- [Girl] Good luck.
- Tell Tomas "Good luck" from me.
- [In French] Oh, thanks.
[In English] Will you still be here
when I get back, Killian?
- When do you get back?
- Um... End of the month.
I'm leaving the 5th, so...
OK, well, I'll see you then.
- OK.
- Ciao.
[Martin] I wanted to see you because
Tomas says you haven't
responded to his calls?
I know we took time
to respect each other, but...
honestly, my relationship with Tomas,
that's off-limits.
Well, that might be difficult,
given the situation.
[Agathe] What situation?
I don't even want
to speak about him any more.
You know we're going to Venice?
Mm-hmm, I've heard.
I'm happy for you.
[Martin] And we're leaving tonight.
- Tonight?
- Mm-hmm.
So, I wanted to see you
before we leave
to give you this.
[She scoffs]
[In French] Thank you.
[In English] I wasn't expecting it.
It's really, really soft.
[He chuckles]
OK. I see he hasn't told you.
[She sighs]
He hasn't told me what?
I had an abortion.
I mean, it's funny he hasn't told you.
No, he...
- How are you doing?
- I'm good.
I'm fine.
I mean, I really wanted
to start a family, but...
I realised that,
between you two, it's...
I would disappear.
And I'm not sure I'm capable of that.
[Martin] No.
Will you try again with...
someone else?
[Agathe] One day, maybe.
If I have the chance.
- I'm going to go.
- [Martin] Sure.
I hope you can exchange it.
[Martin] No, no, no. It's fine.
Thank you.
Take care.
[Martin] And you.
[Ambulance siren blares]
[Tomas] What do you think?
I don't like this bow tie.
We should try to get a new one
when we get there.
What are you doing?
Can't you see?
I'm not going.
[Tomas] Why not?
I'm miserable in this relationship.
And I don't want to be in it any more.
[Tomas] You're going back to him?
I don't know. Maybe.
It doesn't matter and it isn't any
of your business one way or the other.
[He scoffs]
One way or the other.
Tell me what he's like.
He's smart.
He's kind.
He can be a bit jealous,
but not too much.
- Sounds like me.
- No.
He's not like you.
[Martin] I saw Agathe today.
[He scoffs]
I want you to promise me one thing.
I want you to promise me
that when you get back,
you will leave me alone.
I don't want to see you again.
I'm not interested in you any more.
- [Tomas] I'm so unhappy.
- I don't care.
I want my life back
and I don't want you in it.
I'm warning you,
don't come near me.
[He sighs]
[Traffic rumbles]
[In French] Fifty lines, no more.
Continuing this dialogue
between the two women.
- Any way you want.
- [Class complaints]
Fifty lines, that's all.
No more.
You'll see, dialogue goes really fast.
[Student] Can we do it in pairs?
You can do it in pairs or on your own.
[Children chatter]
But you take turns,
one character each.
Has everybody read it? Shh!
Hands up. Has everybody read it?
- [Student] I have.
- No?
[Class goes quiet]
- [In English] What are you doing here?
- Inviting you to come with me to Italy.
To Greece, wherever you want to go.
[Children whisper]
I don't want to be with anyone but you.
[In French] Um...
Don't worry, he's a friend.
You can start your homework.
In pairs or on your own.
I'll be five minutes, all right?
[In English] Let's talk, then.
- This wasn't the right place.
- No.
Forgive me.
I sincerely ask you to forgive me.
Look at you.
It's like you're not the same person.
Even your face is ugly now.
- Make me beautiful.
- I can't.
Yes, you can. I've changed.
I'll prove it to you.
I hope so for you.
[Agathe, in French] No, don't touch me.
[In English] Please,
give me one more chance.
One more, I'm begging you.
[He whimpers] Please.
[He cries]
[He murmurs, plaintively]
[Door slams]
[He sighs]
[Woman, in French] Sir, you have to go.
[He shouts in German]
[Children chatter, laugh]
[Free jazz noisy music]
[Music continues;
Traffic rumbles]
[Music includes a distorted
version of "La Marseillaise"]
[Music intensifies]
[Dissonant, jazzy version
of "La Marseillaise" continues]
[Jazz music transitions
into "A Perfect Day"]
[Preben Torntoft sings "A Perfect Day"]
When you come to the end
Of a perfect day
And you sit alone
With your thoughts
While the chimes ring out
With a carol gay
For the joy that the day has brought
Do you think what
The end of a perfect day
Can mean to a tired heart
When the sun goes down
With a flaming ray
And the dear friends had to part?
Well, this is the end of a perfect day
Near the end of a journey too
But it leaves a thought
That is big and strong
With a wish that is kind and true
For memory
Has painted this perfect day
With colours that never fade
And we find at the end of a perfect day
The soul of the friend we've made
[Music concludes]