Passato prossimo (2003) Movie Script

- He's great, right? | - What's his name?
Nick Drake, an American | singer-songwriterfrom the 70's.
Neverheard ofhim?
Is that bad? | - Sure is.
I'm kidding, | he's unknown but a genius.
He made three albums then died.
He was 25. No, 26.
- How did he die? | - He was...
Well, he was...
- Just a second. | - Okay.
- What? | It's betterif we take my car.
It's only two hours, | it's all the same to me anyway.
We gotta get Carola, she has | an audition with a French director.
- She's coming with Filippo. | I guess so.
Is this my CD?
- When'll you give it back? | - Later.
- How did Nick Drake die? | - Sleeping pills.
His mom found him, in England.
Isn't he American? | - No, English. Why?
I told this chick he was American.
Oh well, later.
He killed himself | with sleeping pills, that's it.
- Poor thing! | - Yeah.
I'm Carola Baiardo | and I began acting at the age of 10,... a small commercial.
I've done lots of theater,...
...and recently I had a small role | in a small film,...
...small stuff.
Before we begin I'd like to say...
...I'd be willing to give you...
...some pussy to do this film.
Much better.
- Sure you won't be back tonight? | I'll be gone all weekend.
- That biologist again? | - No, I'm sick to hell of him.
- How do you do it? | - Same as always, Carola.
Fuck, my dear!
It can be fun at times, you know?
- Good luck. | - You bet.
- Hi! | - Hi!
- Well? | - My car's not ready.
Now what?
I don't know.
He said to stop by tomorrow.
I had to take the bus, | what a madhouse!
- What about a taxi? | I had no money.
- How'll I get to Claudia's? | I don't know.
Lend me your car, | or are you working this weekend too?
What am I supposed to do?
I don't know.
Send them to hell.
- Did you read my script? | - Yes. - So what?
Your character's well written, | but the story's banal.
That's what they gave me, | what am I supposed to do?
Send them to hell.
Are you enjoying this?
You don't seem like a chick who...
- A chick who? | - Who moans.
- What? | - Nothing, you make me laugh.
- At least that. | - What are you saying?
If you want to know, I even came.
Where are you going?
Seeing that you came.
Andrea, what's the time?
I have an audition! | - Midday.
It's so late!
I'm going out!
Good moming.
Oan you watch him for 10 minutes?
10 minutes max, thanks.
Thank you, thank you!
Filippo behave, okay?
Sweaters... | It's chilly at Claudia's.
Cell phone.
Goofy gear.
So I can brush my teeth.
Cell phone.
Come in.
Good moming.
Have a seat.
- Carola Baiardo. | - Vittorio Badaloni.
I'm Bertier's assistant. | - You're not Bertier?.
Guess not.
I was impressed by your Italian. | I am Italian.
Photo and resume.
- Yes, but the director?. | - He's not here.
Maybe that was yourimpression.
- What was she like? | It's hard to explain.
Gimme an idea, a few words.
Stiff as a board.
Absolutely nothing, zero. | How do you call it?
- What? | - When a chick doesn't...
- Frigid? | - Right, she was totally frigid.
How can you be frigid at 25?
Good, good.
The cast is almost complete.
- We needed a different actress. | - Different?
An 18 year old blonde, | your agent misunderstood.
Stand there anyway.
In three years | I'll be a rich and famous actress.
And I'll buy a lovely house | in the countryside.
I'll have animals, chickens, pigs, | like a farm.
And I'll wear overalls.
These'll be mere bad memories, | you'll be a very bad memory.
Three years max.
An actormust be | the craftsman of himself.
One must know how to construct | a character's identity...
...with the same precision | and passion...
...of a carpenter | who makes a table,...
...a chair.
This is the secret to...
- Good evening. | - Good evening. Is there a problem?
Problem? Not forme.
- License and registration, please. | - Certainly.
Is the vehicle yours?
It's my girlfriend's, | I can't find the car documents.
I'll give you mine.
- Are you related to the actor?. | I'm his son.
His son?
When'll daddy be on TV?
Soon, he's almost done | shooting a movie.
- Send him my regards. | - Of course!
If you are an actortoo, | I ask you an autograph.
No, I'm not.
One artist in the family | is more than enough!
Go ahead, Mr. Stella. | Everything's ok.
- Say hello to daddy. | - Sure.
It's my agent telling me | I got the part. Come on!
Claudia, we're already on the way.
A little while ago.
- When did we leave? | - 15 minutes ago.
Traffic? Not really.
- Oream and cigarettes, got it? | - Yes.
We're all fine. | Answerit!
Carola had an awesome audition!
What's this cream gonna be for?.
- Carola, your cell! | It's not mine. -What?
- Claudia, I'm not yelling at you. | It's not mine!
Talk to you later.
Am I ringing?
It's you! Hi!
I was confused, | a cell was ringing.
I'm not home, sorry.
No, I'm leaving Rome | with some friends.
No, I'm in a car, | I'll be back Monday moming.
I'll be back in Rome | Monday moming!
What a mess, I can't.
I'm already too far.
Fine, I'll hang up and shut it off.
What's wrong?
- The frigid chick. | - Who?
A chick who left her cell phone | at my house.
I took hers too | because it's identical to mine.
Now she says she needs it.
- She's coming to get it? | - Yeah, like I'd send a courier!
What a pain!
- Why's she frigid? | - She didn't react.
- She didn't react? | - Hey, it wasn't my fault!
Drug store!
When's the last time you fucked?
- You? | - The same.
It's us!
Here you are!
I could hardly wait!
I got asked for an autograph!
They mistook you for someone else!
What are you laughing at?
- Dive in! | - No.
You were bom at the sea | but you can't dive.
Gianmaria, dive in!
- Carola, say something. | - Dive.
You too?
Not head first, I don't know how.
As you like, come on!
Come on, Gianmaria!
Always making me dive. | I don't feel like it.
Come on!
I can't! | - Come on, cannonball!
I can't do a cannonball! | It's easy!
Come on! Come on!
Boulder style!
You're ridiculous but I love you, | kiss me!
- Get off. | - Kiss me!
I rock, right?
- Did you like my boulder?. | - Bravo!
Come with me to the kitchen.
- You got asked for an autograph? | - At a snack bar.
- Cool! | - Yeah.
- Frog? | - There and back?
Just there.
Gets worse and worse here.
Look at those stains!
It's cold, right? | In the winterit is.
No, it's worse today.
- Did you bring Nick Drake? | - Yes.
- No way! | - Why?
I thought you'd forget.
In fact.
Don't tell me it's scratched, | I was super careful.
Is it scratched? | - You forgot it!
You didn't bring it!
I left it in the stereo!
What a surprise!
That was all I asked you!
"Sorry, I left it in the stereo. "
Don't laugh, | you're pissing me off.
It'll rain on you tonight. | - Let's get a bucket then.
Shut up!
- Hope there are no animals. | - Animals!
Is there a motel nearby?
I know, lots of things changed.
- Last time you came? | - Almost a year ago.
- Yes, last summer. | It was June.
- The shelf that was here? | - The bookshelf that was there?
What happened to it?
I'll tell you later, | go put your stuff in yourroom.
The one where you slept | when you were pissed off.
Watch out for drafts.
- Sh! | I said nothing wrong.
What, when he was pissed off?
When we fought he'd go | sleep in the other room.
It seemed so childish. | - Why?
Not childish,...
...but like a film, he'd grab | his pillow and go to the otherroom.
I'd laugh, the more I laughed | the angrierhe got.
Too bad we don't hang out | like we used to.
Oh well.
No, not at all.
- Nothing. | I hearyou.
He's involved, I'm involved.
- Why didn't he come? | - Alberto?
He works in Milan!
He'll be back Monday night.
But I'm fine, totally happy.
He's a guy that...
He's really...
He's cute, really sweet.
He's delicate.
- Alberto? | - Alberto.
He's very sweet, thoughtful,...
...considerate, | he always surprises me.
Sweetie, he surprises her!
Where's the bookshelf?
Don't bother, Edoardo.
It only works nearthe window | in the living room.
- You got a cell too? | - Are you kidding?
No, I noticed | everyone put them there.
I'm waiting for an important call. | - Coppola?
Said he'd call in the aftemoon.
Francis Ford | doesn't function before lunch,...
...but you'll see, he'll call.
I had an important audition last week | forthe leading role,...
...I'm waiting for a call | from my agent...
How are you?
I've been waking up with a rash | on my legs, then it goes go away.
I took an allergy test, | but no results.
Guess I'm allergic to the moming.
Let's go downstairs.
- Should I put on a CD? | - Yeah. I'll roll a joint.
- Are the doors closed? | - Yes, Carola! Which CD?
I wouldn't want Filippo to run away.
I'll help.
- He's good, right? | - He didn't do a thing!
He's good anyway.
- Put on something fast. | - No, something relaxing.
- Nina Simone? | - She depresses me, memories.
- Put on whatever you want! | - Gianmaria will decide.
- This. | - Who?
It's a group, you don't know them.
How do you know?
- The Bathers, know them? | - Of course!
He doesn't know them!
I swear, the song that goes...
Make me a filter.
Do you have a paper?.
- Just old ones. | It's for Filippo anyway.
Forhis needs, poop, pee...
- No, Filippo reads! | - And sings too.
He's correcting Claudia's thesis.
It's forhim to pee on. | - Let him out.
Filippo doesn't go out!
He's a dog, dogs go out!
There's lots ofland, | he can have some fun.
He's always closed inside.
Ifhe gets lost in the dark, | you'll go find him!
You're right,...
...I'm cold in here, nevermind | outside searching forthe dog.
Are you cold? | I'll get anotherheater.
It's mine!
I was getting worried. | - Lowerit.
Then we'll all play the "shut off | our cell phone" game, okay?
- No, you're waiting for Coppola. | - Right.
Tomorrow afterlunch, | I'll ask Claudia.
- Afriend is coming | to pick up her cell. - Okay.
Directions? Claudia will tell you.
Put this...
There's a plug behind the sofa. | Hello!
Hello! Hi!
- Listen... | - Where's the joint?
- Claudia's got it. | - What's she doing?
She's talking to that cell phone | chick, what a pain!
- Who? | - Exactly, who is she?
You took her phone,... make her drive 100 km | and it bugs you?
It's not like I stole it, | she forgot it!
You've got the cell phone disease!
I gave her directions.
She's coming tomorrow | with a friend.
- Oan I raise the volume? | - Let's hear these Beatles.
I hand in the first chapters | of my thesis...
...and my professor says | I wrote a load of crap.
At this rate, I'll never graduate!
I think it's possible. | - But it's too complicated!
Sure, just taking off...
You need money, time.
We don't have to stage a show | in fifteen minutes,...
...but we need to know | if we want to do it.
- We'll need a director, right? | I'll find you plenty!
The truth is | you don't want to do it.
You're already pissed, | imagine if we actually do it.
They ask you for autographs | and it's goodbye theater.
- Only films! | I wish!
Anyway, you didn't think that | three months ago.
- What does "anyway" mean? | - Nothing.
No, you're talking about me.
Seems the ego inflates | all too easily.
- You're bugged because I work? | - That's not it.
You're bugged | 'cause I work more than you.
- Oalm down. | - No!
You can afford to get the urge | to set up a 1970's troupe.
Since I can't afford that | 'cause urges don't pay...
What does "afford" mean?
Don't make me say | what you already know.
If I had your last name, | I'd play theater too,...
...and if I failed I could say | I was kidding.
Sorry they're giving me work!
Instead ofbeing happy, | you throw this at me?
You misunderstood.
Let's pretend | I misunderstood.
I hate when people fight!
I neverknow what to do | in these cases.
It's better for things to surface | orthey'll linger.
They'll straighten things out | and it'll be fine.
Don't worry, people fight!
But now I'll have to calm Edoardo.
When it comes to his father...
You know how he is.
- That's his problem. | - Unfortunately, it becomes mine too.
You'll sleep with him tonight?
But this is part of the game.
If you get involved with a person, | you have to help...
Or you send each other to hell, | like Luca and I did.
Or you remain alone.
You buy a dog.
Dinner's on!
Gianmaria, grab the trivet.
Where is it?
- The pot holders! | - The dishes!
- Not too much forme. | - Eat up!
- This is all we have. | - How much, Edoardo?
Is there bread? | - Bread with pasta?
- He eats bread with bread. | It's a habit!
- There's nothing for you! | - Filippo, come here!
Don't bug uncle Andrea, | you've your own food.
- How much, Carola? | I've got my own tidbits.
- Here you are. | - Thank you.
- Buon appetito! | - You bet!
- The cream is good, huh? | - Great!
I always like to add some in.
- Odd that you're not Taurus. | - What?
- Tauruses adore cream. | - What are you saying?
Are you Sagittarius?
- Do you like mozzarella? | - More or less.
No, you really like it.
Oareful, it's very hot!
- You make it next time. | I make bad coffee.
I'll teach you.
I have to tell you something.
Unfortunately, | good things come to an end,...
...and quickly.
Sometimes | it makes you feel like dying.
You're sad when something good | gets taken away.
We had to sell it all, | the house, everything.
Please don't ask me anything,...
So 27 years of wonderful things | and memories...
You know how I am.
It was yourhouse in a way too.
I wanted to have you here | for these days.
Strange I haven't cried yet.
- You're not tired? | I'm hungry.
I'll get a snack, want anything?
- Good question. | - Too vague?
I thought I saw:
...friendly cocoa cookies,...
...wild potato chips, | but at this time of night...
- Or Gentilini cookies. | - A sure shot!
What do you want?
I think I like someone.
I want a monologue about him! | I think!
Let down your guard, | finally some good news!
Who is he, what's he do?
He's Filippo's vet, | his name is Filippo.
33, not handsome but we like him. | And I don't know.
You have to know!
This is what happened.
Filippo, dog, had otitis.
I took him there, | he prescribed some drops.
We get home and Filippo | won't let me put the drops in.
- So? | I had to call him again.
And he came over.
He closed early and traversed Rome | to come over.
- Nice. | - Wait, he wouldn't let me pay him!
I invited him to dinner.
He stayed until 2,...
...we talked all night, amazing.
- When did this happen? | - Thursday.
Have you spoken since?
He called to ask my weekend plans, | but I was coming here.
- Call him! | - Now? It's 2!
Then call him tomorrow!
I thought you'd be sleeping.
Did anyone call, | are there any messages?
They'll call. | What'd you do?
- Hungry! | It happens.
How's it going with...
I never remember her name. | - Elisa?
- Your girlfriend. | - Elisa.
We argue. | I was on the phone with her.
Was she mad | because you came here?
No, not at all.
Is she pretty? | - You never saw her?.
- No, when would I have? | - She's pretty, Polanski-esque.
Pretty, blonde.
That's it.
So you're only with her | because she's Polanski-esque?
No, because she's pretty, | smart, isn't an actress,...
...and when we went out | she didn't ask about my father.
Sometimes I feel like I've settled.
No, relaxed.
I feel I'm not well | and I'm not happy,...
...then I think it over | and, all in all, things are fine.
What would you call this?
- Sad. | - Sad.
You'd say "sad"?
Then I'm a bit sad.
Let's hug.
Let's both cry, | and get all emotional.
You never told me why you left me.
I did tell you.
Then maybe I didn't understand.
- What time is it? | - Maybe I'm a fag?
Already 3!
Forreal, if I were homosexual?
You, homosexual?
I've thought about it lately, | seems we all are a bit.
With this hormone deal, | we all have a female side.
Yeah, we're all fags!
Good night!
Latently, some more, some less.
Shut off the light!
- No, think about it! | - About what?
The fact that | you always have to touch, kiss.
- That's affection, got it? | - Gimme a cigarette.
But even these gestures | of affection...
...could latently...
Latently, you smoked joints | and drank,... everyone seems like a fag.
I haven't had a woman | in a year and a half.
A year and a half.
And I could care less, actually.
Let's say I'm fine anyway,...
...I mean, if I think about it, | it bothers me.
But there must be a reason.
- You think you're... | I'm thinking about it.
- But do you like women? | I don't know.
...but I don't know how to explain.
If you like pizza, you eat it.
Some people eat a different kind | every night...
...and some eat the same one | each night.
"Margherita" pizza, every time.
Occasionally, | you don't like the pizza,...'s too raw, too cooked...
Or you want pizza | but the pizzeria's closed.
For me, either it's closed...
...or I don't like the pizza, | I can't find one.
One what, a woman?
Maybe it's a transitional period,...
...maybe first you stop | thinking about women,...
...then you start | thinking about men.
...I'll help you, | we'll find you one.
Maybe a "Capricious" one.
You men!
The ashtray!
I'll put it back.
Let's go to the cafe.
- What time is it? | - 11.
I'll wake everyone up.
Breakfast at the cafe!
- You still feel like a fag? | - A bit less.
See, you slept on it.
So cold, the big chill!
- Edoardo? | I'll let him sleep.
You bet!
Open the window?
How do you feel?
Like someone who acted like an ass.
Is there anything I can do?
Come on! Come on!
It wasn't me!
I hope that wasn't my aunt's vase!
Was the blue vase valuable?
Why can't they all disappear | at the blink of an eye?
I'll go see | what's left of my house.
It's colder inside than outside.
Enough, are you sick?
It's so nice here,...
...we should come more often.
Some friends you are, really.
Good moming to you too!
You could've called me, | the cafe, breakfast...
We brought you some!
- You have something to do. | I know.
And I feel ready.
Filippo? Carola!
Filippo's fine too.
I'll be here until tomorrow, | maybe even Monday,...
...we haven't decided yet.
How are you?
I have a tape in the car.
Sorry, I lost you for a sec.
Filippo and I were wondering | if you wanted to come by.
Filippo insisted.
You decide, I'll be here | for at least 40 more hours.
If you come, bring warm sweaters.
Maybe he'll come by later.
That's it,... of those cute, nice guys | who make you think:
..."Yeah, I'll put out".
I don't know.
- Why'd you fuck him? | I liked him, he made me laugh!
- Nice. | - What's that mean?
"I fucked him because he's cute". | Atad superficial!
Right, and you...
You can sleep with a cute guy, | but if you're not enraptured,...'s fine all the same.
Let's not forget to buy bread, | we're out of it.
I told you there wasn't enough. | If you eat 4 buns each time...
I ate four, | maybe because I'm nervous.
- Why? | I had an important audition.
I was hoping to hear | something yesterday.
What audition?
That film in Morocco, | the leading role.
I'm petrified!
Everyone knew, | there were 300 people.
- You did it last week? | - 10 days ago.
- You did it too? | - Yes.
- Oh! | - Yes, but not...
I'm not convinced, | plus I have a TV gig soon.
A disputed love-story, | two episodes.
A doctor who falls in love.
Well, you should give | your agent a call.
If they hear anything, | they'll call.
- Who is it? | - The frigid chick.
- Who? | - The cell phone gal.
Edoardo, will you open it?
Oheck the gate too!
It's you?
- Hi! | - Hi!
- How are you? | - Fine.
- You know Monica? | I've seen your face before.
May we come in?
- Hi! | - Hi!
Sorry, I was washing dishes.
I'm Francesca.
- You have a great house. | - Really!
I'm Monica. | - Nice to meet you!
- Sorry for barging in. | - No problem!
Everyone's in there.
Go in, I'll be right there.
- Thank you! | - This way.
- Hi! | - Hi!
- Hi! | - Hi!
- How's it going? | - Okay, and you? - Fine.
Sorry, I'm such a scatter brain!
Don't worry.
Sorry you had to come | all the way here, but I couldn't...
No problem!
I'll get your phone, | or we'll forget again.
- Gianmaria! | - What?
- What are you doing? | - Guess.
The frigid chick brought a "pizza" | that'll make you go nuts.
- Got it? | - Yes!
Hurry, orit'll get cold.
- Want some coffee? | - Sure.
Gianmaria makes a mean coffee.
- Where is he? | - Right here!
- Monica, want coffee? | - Sure, thanks.
- Hi, Gianmaria. | - Hi, Monica.
- The coffee man? | - The cell phone girl?
No, it's her.
- Gianmaria. | - Francesca.
- Who wants coffee? | - Everyone.
Then there's not enough.
Gianmaria, will you do me a favor?. | Please!
I'm fundamental here. | I'll give you a hand.
- Oute. | - No, perfect.
How do you know? | Maybe she's a dunce.
Don't be prejudiced.
I'm not, now I'll get the chance | to know her.
Oheck out herfriend!
- Here we go. | I know you like her!
I saw her for a minute, | I don't know yet.
- She seems cute. | - Very cute.
But don't breathe down my neck!
You've got nothing to do?
I'll help you. | - Don't worry!
It'll take a second! | - Thanks.
- Are you an actortoo? | - No, I work.
My uncle has a shoe store,...
...I work there | a few times a week...
- Good thing. | - Why?
I'm not crazy about actors, | except for Francesca.
You vanished!
It's 4.
Andrea's friends are staying | for dinner, let's go buy bread.
What's wrong?
- What time is it? | - 4. Why?
- He's not coming. | - How do you know?
It's still early, | you just asked him this morning.
Maybe he was busy | or didn't feel like driving.
- He could call and tell me! | - But cell service here...
If you're upstairs, | you won't hear it ring.
- My key chain lights up. | - What?
When my cell phone rings, | this key chain lights up.
How useful!
You're insensitive | to my personal tragedies!
I think he'll come!
- Can I say that? | - Say whateveryou want!
Then she says: | "Am I boring you?"
She doesn't want to bore the listener | but balance the conversation.
- Got it? | - Yes, she wants to balance!
If she has a boyfriend?
The glass is always half empty for | you, she doesn't have a boyfriend.
- You asked her?. | - No, it came up in conversation.
- Are you sure? | - Gianmaria!
It looks bad that we're out here, | let's go in.
Don't forget anything, | no one will be here for a while.
Windows shut,...
...gas off,...
...pool engine off.
Get the gate fixed, already!
That's mine.
- Hello! | - Hello!
Fine, and you?
How's it going there? | Did you eat already?
No, I'm at a snack bar.
- Claudia, shall we clearthe table? | I'm coming!
Honey, can I call you back later?.
Give me a little attention | when I call.
I'm not being cold!
I don't think so.
I'm cold then.
Every time I call, | you have to hang up.
Not true.
Knock it off!
Knock it off, | you're being ridiculous.
Talk to you later.
Please, don't start again. | Bye.
What a pain!
- What happened? | - A pain in the ass!
He always thinks I'm lying!
- Why's he acting jealous? | - Because of Edoardo.
I dunno,...'d think I'd left | for the Crusades!
He calls six times a day, | checks up on me!
"Albi, do you mind | if Edoardo comes?"
"No problem!" | Then don't break my balls!
Must be my fault.
I can't handle my relationships,... things.
I've lost all passion.
Like college, I've been writing | my thesis forthree years!
So what?
Come on, it's not right.
I get bored, | I don't like anything anymore.
I'm gonna get plastic surgery, | all over.
I refuse to be ugly and saggy | at age fifty!
I'll get it all pulled.
Who is it?
It's Filippo.
- There's a guy named Filippo. | - Yes, Carola's friend. - Filippo.
- Hi! | - Hi!
A bunch of people!
Five of us came at first, | then two friends came up.
- Amazing house. | - Yes, but don't mention it.
It's best if you don't.
- Give it to me. | I'll take it.
Another one?
You know, | I smoked my first joint with my dad.
At 14!
It was one of the first nights | I came home late,...
...he was on the couch enveloped | by a cloud of smoke.
I rememberthis strong smell, | the scene struck me.
A shaman!
You vacation there?
Strange we never | ran into each other!
Well, I'm not exactly | a huge beach-goer.
If I can avoid it, | I don't go to the beach.
With this kind of work | you feel tired, unmotivated.
You become hardened, you make | comparisons, you judge others.
He passed me | this poorly-rolled doobie,...
...I look at him,...
...and with his eyes glued | to Laurel & Hardy, he nods yes.
I think I'm the reincamation | of a midget Viking.
The ones who live in the cold, | kind of gloomy,...
...with furs on, a sword, | wind blowing theirhair...
I suffer because I search for truth | in gestures, words,...
...and maybe | it's just a show forkids.
There's no Blue Fairy | betterthan me.
- What's his deal? | - He likes to be crepuscular.
I have a headache, | I'm going to bed, have fun.
Maybe we should leave too.
You can sleep overif you want. | There are plenty ofbeds!
That's nice, but I can't.
Excuse me.
You want?
What's on your mind?
I was searching...
...for a good excuse forus to leave | the crowd, but I can't find one.
- You want to go outside? | - No!
It's getting cold in here.
I'm sure I have an extra sweater | in my room,...
...if you want.
If you want?
If you want.
What's upstairs?
Bedrooms and a bathroom.
Want to go up?
If you feel like it... | - Sure.
If you're curious to see it...
I'm curious.
I want to see it.
I'm very curious.
What's this exodus?
My graduation was my mother's | greatest satisfaction.
- Yourmajor?. | - Literature.
They never studied,... they suddenly saw me | as an important person.
If you graduate, | they think you're intelligent.
Now I work in a shoe store.
Who cares? You're intelligent.
- Do you study? | - Yes, restoration.
I'm almost done.
So... put ruined things | back in order?.
More orless.
- Oute, huh? | - This is Claudia's real room.
She never changed a thing.
It's fantastic! | - Look at the fairytale books!
It'd be nice if the prettiest | Blue Fairy read me a tale.
- Really? | - Come on.
- Pick one. | - One about animals. -Alright.
- The fox and the grape? | - No.
- The frog and the ox? | - Yes.
Once upon a time...
I'm excited, | it's an important part,...
...a rare occasion to work | with true professionals.
I can finally see Morocco,...
...if I have the time.
It's Claudia. | - Come in.
- Talking to yourself? | - No, thinking out loud.
- Everything okay? | - Yes, I'm kind of tired.
- Can I sit down? | - Sure.
Still sad?
Yes, it's a lifestyle now,...
...being happy is superficial, | betterto be sad!
Happiness makes me sad | after a while!
Gianmaria says it's my fault | you didn't like it.
- That's not true! | - Come on, it is!
I'm cool, but let's talk about it.
- Am I embarrassing you? | - No!
- Has it happened before? | - Yes, it's normal.
And you?
- You always did that! | - What?
When we were together, | you loved to curb my enthusiasm.
You think a kiss from me is... | What did you say?
...I don't think so.
Come on! Come on!
- Wanna go in there? | - Where?
To ourroom.
What's up?
Excuse me.
I wanted to ask,...
...I have a headache, | got some aspirin?
I'm Edoardo. | - Alberto.
If I have any, | it's in the bathroom cabinet.
- Thanks. Sorry. | - No problem.
No, don't...
Don't even...
Honey, are you insane?
- Didn't you see how he was? | - How?
Dunno, drunk maybe!
He could barely stand up, please!
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
- Did I do something wrong? | - Sorry, it's my fault.
What's wrong?
It was all perfect up till now.
I knew it would happen | sooner orlater.
I haven't been involved | like this in a long time,...
...I haven't been involved | for so long.
I'm afraid,...
...I can't get fully into it,...
...I can't relax, | I need to control everything.
Come here.
It's not about you.
I feel like a fool, let me talk!
Maybe it's a way to feel | less inadequate.
I have another audition Monday, | wanna be my dance partner?. - Sure!
Lucky Edoardo! | He auditions at the director's home.
- What? | - He told me so.
He's waiting to hear | about that Morocco film,...
...he's been trying to call | his agent fortwo days.
What do you mean | at the director's home?
- Maybe I wasn't supposed to say it. | - No, tell me.
He said he auditioned | at the director's home one night.
Maybe he just said it | to impress me.
He's got it easy, we all know.
- Did you see my cigarettes? | I smoked the last one.
Good job.
I'm going back to Rome, | I have things to do.
We'll be in touch, right?
Why are you fucking with me?
You pretended to hardly remember | the audition, but you did it.
Enough with this Morocco film!
I was hoping with you,...
We seemed to believe it, | maybe because we were 20 years old.
When that joumalist said | you weren't like your dad,...
...I almost pounded him, | I didn't want anyone to bug us.
I tumed a blind eye | even when you fucked my girl.
- We were 18. | I ignored it.
- You didn't give a shit. | I ignored it!
You were on tourthree years ago,...
...they asked you for an actor | for some silly film...
...and you said: | "I don't know any talented actors".
I was building sets in | the shittiest theaterin Rome,...
...I acted and dismantled, | till 2 am.
Once you said:
..."Hold tight, we'll make it | because we are good!".
"I don't know any talented actors. "
- Don't believe everything... | - Know what I believe?
That you're a big-time asshole.
I thought | I'd neverbecome an actor.
I didn't believe I was good, | that it was a matter of time.
I only believed it | when you said it.
What a dumbass I was!
What do you want me to say?
I don't understand this discussion.
Want me to say you're betterthan me? | You're good and I'm not?
That you work and I fart around?
You neverunderstood.
You don't know how it feels | not to be good enough,...
...and everyone knows it.
Should I change career at 28?
I'll be a plumber'cause my dad's | already an actor?. No!
I audition at the director's home, | a family friend,...
...and I don't mention it, because | if you don't get the part, it's okay.
If I don't, | it means I'm truly a crappy actor,...
...that people are right!
I hope they pick me,...
...'cause at least being my dad's son | has a purpose.
I just listened to my messages.
I got the part.
I go to Prague in 2 weeks, | then to Morocco, then...
I can't remember.
Thanks for everything.
- Bye. | - Bye.
- Hope we meet again! | - Sure!
You have such a great house, | beautiful.
- Bye. | - Bye. - Bye.
Albi, will you check the gate?
It was open when I came.
- Are you sure? | - Yes, it didn't close.
Where's Filippo?
- Wandering around. | - Where?
- Maybe he went upstairs. | - Forwhat?
I don't know. | - Then be quiet.
Why, it can't be a hypothesis?
Filippo ran away!
Oall him.
Oall what?
He's been in the living room | for two days, immobile!
In other people's homes, | he finds a spot then never moves.
He ran away!
- Where, when? | - He found the door open!
All I asked was forthe doors | to stay closed!
Only Edoardo went out,...
...then Andrea's friends, | but we were all here.
Then he ran away before.
Be reasonable.
Alberto, was the door open | when you came in?
- No. | - You see?
Maybe he's wandering, | stretching his legs!
- Filippo! | - Filippo!
I think I left it open.
I found the gate open, | I rang but no one heard me.
So I grabbed the keys | from under the vase...
...and while putting them back, | maybe the door was open.
For 10 seconds!
Well, no one opened the door for me, | I had to!
I didn't know about the dog | and the house had to be sealed!
It was you? | - No. Well,...
...I told Claudia that maybe | while putting the keys back...
It was you!
A box of cookies!
- A box of cookies! | - Here you are!
We'll use them as bait.
Come on, guys!
He won't even go up the stairs, | now he's lost in the moors?
Shake the cookies!
- Filippo! | - Filippo!
- Filippo! | - Filippo!
- Filippo! | - Filippo!
- By the way, I'm Filippo. | - You too? Alberto.
Watch out, it's slippery.
Stop, I heard a noise.
Just one?
Oan I say something?
We should only have one call,...
...we'll let Filippo the vet | decide,...
...or else we'll scare the dog, | I think.
Should I try | with a continual whistle?
- Can I say something? | - Be quiet!
You keep breaking our balls, | are you on something?
Kind of.
Sorry, I'm flipping out.
If you want to be helpful, | search for my dog in silence!
I just wanted... | I don't care!
I just wanted... | I don't care!
Geez, I can't even talk?
Found him.
Silly, you scared me to death!
He was even more scared!
What about us out in the cold?
Sorry forbefore.
Don't worry.
I'm leaving. | - Now?
Filippo didn't bring | overnight things...
...and he's been so nice. | I'll go with him.
- How's it going? | - Great.
- Bye, then. | - Bye.
...I'm leaving too.
- See you in Rome? | - Yes.
For Andrea too, | he needs to have some time alone.
He might want to talk.
I know him, he likes to be alone.
I'll get my things | then come say bye. - Fine.
- Bye. | - Bye,...
- How's it going? | I want the spicy details.
We covered ourselves with jam,...
...then I handcuffed her and while | I possessed her like an animal,...
...I don't know what came over me,...
...I asked her to beat me | with the Nick Drake CD. Then I came.
I see you're still | in the romantic phase.
I'll wait downstairs.
It was wonderful.
For real.
- Bye. Thanks. | - Bye.
You tell me if it's worth it.
Sure, | from a financial point of view.
I'm sure it's interesting | from an artistic point of view.
He's a professional, he's good, | even if he's a bit affected.
The Sun King's France, | boobs exposed, birthmark on cheek,...
...appeals to me.
Today I attempted... be like Robin Williams.
For almost a month | I've seen their wholesome eyes,... from smoking joints.
I told them I wanted to understand | who they were outside of school.
For a moment I hoped | they'd all climb onto their desks...
...and say: "Captain, my Captain". | - But?
But instead the bell rang | and they all jetted out of class.
We're ready.
Alberto likes the name Jacopo, | the problem is if it's a girl.
We're undecided between Alice, | an overly used name,...
...or Giulia, an average name, | but ancient and important.
This is what we always do | when we get home from work,...
...we sit on the bed | and think up names for ourbaby.
The fact that we're not having | a baby makes it more... amusing.
Sorry, it's the only adjective | that came to mind.
On air!
Good aftemoon, today we have | another plentiful episode.
Two guests to meet, | get to know, and discover.
A man and a woman, | a couple from the cinema world.
Maybe you've already guessed.
Less instinctive because | you release energy without thinking.
At one point, | I started listening.
I feel inclined.
I like listening to people | in silence.
It's the only way to understand.
If you don't listen, | you can't tell things are changing,...
...and often change is good.
I wish I'd been less instinctive.
Something wonderful | happened a few days ago.
I was alone in the dark,...
...and it's pitch black here.
The dog was outside, | I was immobile, frozen with fear.
Suddenly, I don't know why, | I felt like laughing.
I started laughing, | harder and harder,...
...I laid down on the floor | and fell asleep laughing.
I was still there | when I woke up in the moming.
I looked outside | and saw the sun.