Passe-passe (2008) Movie Script

l'm looking for child heart surgery.
Take the elevator to the 4th floor.
Get out of the way.
Are you family?
Dr William is coming.
Don't worry. Wait here.
She's on combination therapy.
Why? My daughter's not an addict.
Child heart surgery is important.
lt allows us
to save children's lives.
lt just makes the hospital look good.
William won't be too pleased
to hear you say that.
He'd like to get credit for his work.
Prep him for the operation.
How's he doing?
Pressure's down.
Time to go.
We're nearly ready.
Let's go.
He's stable. lt's fine.
-Clamps fixed.
-Good work, Dr Wiman.
Praise from Nurse Cardinal!
Unusual, yes.
Remove the cannula.
Clamp the vein line and we're done.
The nurse is right.
That doctor's a bastard.
He gave the wrong diagnosis and
the woman lost a leg because of him!
That's a cowboy, not a doctor.
Nurses fall in love with doctors
because they're underpaid.
Your lipstick...
-We're going out?
-The ambulance is on its way.
What? You're a doctor?
Don't speak.
l don't want to go out.
Wait here.
Mrs Marzouki?
She's in her room.
Just let me get that.
Your mobile"s off?
-l'm busy, Max.
-How many laptops did you deliver?
-l have 29.
-l counted 30.
-You counted wrong.
Max, they're here for Mum.
Screw that. l have 29.
Move your ass and find that laptop!
Just a second.
We'll get started.
l'd rather be with her.
We're used to it.
What is this shit? Darry!
-l don't understand.
-Screw that!
Her toilet bag?
Move your ass!
Stop yelling, Max!
What is this shit?
Let's go.
l"ll waste this guy!
Put Carine on.
-l'll refund you, ok?
-l"m not stupid!
l'm losing you, Max.
Excuse me, can l talk to her?
Not right now.
lt's the right decision
and we mustn't waste any time.
See you later.
We need a document
with her date of birth!
You have the rest.
But we need that too.
Do you understand?
Date of birth?
You're in love with the doctor
like the others.
lt's no use.
lsn't anyone with her?
Her son's coming by scooter.
-An admission?
Madeleine Marzouki, ne Gradz.
Stage 3 Alzheimer's.
Hello, madam.
Mum... Are you ok?
l'm Sacha Lombard.
Welcome to the Petrov Clinic.
We need her date of birth,
then we'll go to her room.
August 22, 1942.
l have to see Max,
but l'll be right back.
-All right?
Don't worry.
By stage 3, the neurones
can no longer connect.
She's lucid
less than 10% of the time.
You're not talking to your mother
but to someone like her...
...who'll live in peace here.
l'm going, Mum.
Goodbye, monsieur.
You've put him in a foul mood.
Try to calm him.
lt's Darry.
The jerks!
Found it?
No, l had to take Mum to the clinic.
Shit! Your mother...
Still tied to her apron strings?
They moved her
to the Petrov Clinic today.
Can you make us coffee, baby?
Come over here. Come on!
l'm not gonna bite you.
Did Pietro tell you to say
there were 30, not 29?
-He did!
Next time, it'll be 25 for 30.
What is this?
Jerking off on the Net
with the missing one?
Cut it out. There were 30
in the living room all night.
A guy came in the morning
to pick them up.
-Maybe he took it.
-He's my foster brother!
Why are you all wet?
lt's raining.
You wear me out.
You're no good at anything!
You even manage to screw this up!
29 isn't 30!
Dealing with the Corsicans,
you learn to count.
Look, Max, l'm sorry.
l promise that next time...
No, there won't be a next time!
You're a dreamer, a dancer,
like your mother.
Your sister's the same,
whimpering all the time!
She'll bring in the coffee
with the cups chinking,..
...terrified of dropping them.
She's lucky she's pregnant, l swear.
Make sure you find that laptop.
Get it?!
How can you shout like that?
l'm not shouting! My voice
is just bigger than yours!
Like my!!
You Marzoukis...
Give me some air!
You get him mad and l pay!
No, he's always mad.
With you, with me...
He thinks with his balls.
Leave him.
You don't know him.
He can be very sweet and calm.
Calm? When is he calm?
ln bed, for instance.
You're really pregnant?
-Do you want coffee?
Working again soon?
Maybe. l'm practicing.
How'll you pay the rent?
Why didn't you come?
She didn't recognize me last time.
Why bother?
l left home a long time ago now.
l prefer Mum as a happy memory.
That's easier.
l persuaded Max
to pay for the clinic.
Don't play the martyr!
l didn't mean money.
You never do!
You have none. lt's easier.
l have France's
dumbest brother-in-law!
l wish l could change him
like a wheel.
My brother-in-law's a total loser!
Believe me,
the guy's a grade-A asshole!
What"s going on, Darry?
A car, a laptop...
Stealing from the family?
Leave Carine out of this.
Bring it back or l"ll call the cops,
you hear?
l hear you!
You're yelling for all you're worth!
l'm keeping your fancy car
and l'm gonna paint it green!
That fucking loud enough?
Now put Carine on!
Sir? Everything ok?
You can't stay there.
Thank you! So kind!
l hadn't wiped with leaves for years.
Not very comfortable but it works.
As a child, we didn't have 3-ply,
just the rough local paper.
lt's really too kind!
l wasn't sure about leaving it
but when you need to pee...
lrne Montier-Duval.
Darry Marzouki.
You're a godsend.
My chauffeur had to leave.
His wife is sick.
A terrible business.
l love BMWs.
They're so comfortable.
And this one seems especially good.
May l?
Just put it in the back.
We"re not in Locarno to negotiate.
Trade control is a decoy.
Governments have to show the way.
Things have to change.
The poor get dumped along the way.
A young no-global militant
interviewed for RTL.
The things you find along the way!
That was a fridge back there.
Taking the motorway?
No, l prefer to drive at my pace.
Breaking it in?
Let me buy you lunch.
l know a lovely place near here.
Thank you but l have to go back
to Paris.
-You work?
-You could say that.
-Minimum benefit?
-You have to return the car?
To your old company?
No, not at all.
Sorry, l tend
to analyze things rapidly.
Where were you heading?
South. But l have to go back
to Paris first.
l need a service station.
You're right. Fill the tank.
Those spots on your nails...
You need fluoride every morning.
We'll find a pharmacy.
-You have to be in Paris by...
-By 2.
You'll never make it!
lt's 1 :40 already.
lt's 12:15.
ls that a Swiss watch?
-Geneva does time best.
See how this grabs you.
Take me to Geneva,
via a couple of top restaurants.
l buy you a watch there
and you'll be on time from now on.
l can't.
Are you in a position
to refuse work?
That's your phone.
Hand me the pump.
l'll answer it then.
Don't touch that phone!
The joke"s gone on long enough!
Not so loud, please.
What is this shit?
-My wheels!
-l don't understand.
-Screw you, bitch!
-Screw you too!
Stay out of it!
What do you say?
l'll drop you somewhere.
This is a bad day.
Take your time.
There's no hurry now.
Let's have lunch and think it over.
lt's gone up so much!
Carry on, l'll take care of it.
Answer it, if you want.
No. How much do l owe you?
This is lrne. l can"t talk now.
Leave me a message after the tone.
lt's Serge.
Call back by this evening
or l can't help you.
Things are dangerous.
We can still send you abroad.
Think it over.
Call me back.
This place is huge.
Take anything that links her
to the minister:
papers, diaries,
photos, letters...
A mike.
We can't hear a thing today.
Found anything?
No, nothing.
-Maybe she has another place.
-And you?
-Nothing in the bedroom.
Lots of shoes.
-86 pairs.
-86? lmpossible.
No, it has to be a code.
That voice before this one,
the man who coughed...
Did he sound familiar?
He's the minister's friend.
Do you think...
l'm going to let Hang Soo know!
Got a cigarette?
Buy your own next time.
Come in!
Good flight, Hang Soo?
Sit down.
-What's happening?
-Things look bad.
The French have found out
about the weapons delivery.
The judge knows the minister
diverted the profits...
...and took a cut of his own.
He's after evidence.
That's why the delivery is held up.
What about lrne?
She must be scared. She's fled.
Recently, the minister had stopped
coming to see her.
Perhaps they've fallen out.
Was she in love with him?
l'm no expert on women.
-Do you know where she's gone?
That's all?
The minister's friend called her.
We decoded lrne's number.
Do you want us to look for her?
l'll let you know.
You have a way to get into her place?
-lt's safe here.
-l'll catch up.
Are you coming?
This won't be good.
-lt won't?
-Look around.
Families, no couples,
no businessmen.
Too many desserts.
l hadn't been for a while.
Sorry to disappoint you.
No, this is fine.
You don't know.
Keep it simple:
steak or ham and salad.
No, l'll have sweetbreads with ceps.
My mother used to make that.
Well, not often. lt was...
Too expensive?
With what l'm offering,
she can make it every day!
Not anymore.
She mixes up sugar, meat,
washing powder. She has...
-Ready to order?
We'll both have sweetbreads with ceps
and bring us a Chteau L'Angelus '90.
No, a Chteau L'Angelus '53.
Does Mr Louis still do desserts?
No, his son does now, madam.
Louis is dead.
Can he do raspberry baked Alaska?
His father's was divine.
l almost had a fling with him.
He had green eyes
and made delicious cakes.
You're in catering?
Chteau L'Angelus '53.
l'm glad you're here, Darry.
l can't abide solitude
and l love life's pleasures.
l think we'll get along well.
To us!
Environment Ministry
Social services...
...isn't an easy ministry.
lt's tough but you get a budget.
lt induces feelings of guilt, see.
l'd have been brilliant there.
Accepting the environment
was a dumb idea.
l'm a stranger to guilt.
-That can help.
French intelligence
didn't bug lrne's place.
So who did?
How should l know?
Mr Delanourre to see you, sir.
l'll call him this afternoon.
Thank you, Diane.
l'll find a way out.
Nothing links me
to this arms deal yet.
Were you at her place often lately?
No idea. Five or six times.
-Just for a drink.
-Drink makes you talk!
We never talked about Korea again.
She didn't care. She did it for me...
...and also for the money.
Her instincts guide her.
Why has she run off?
Because l...
An anonymous letter
has implicated her.
lt was her or me.
She'll bring you down.
And us too.
No way.
She's not like that.
Find her, l'll talk to her.
She took something?
She had received half the overheads.
-We owed her a tidy sum.
-ls that all?
She came to my place one evening
and she may have copied...
...a few secret files.
l'm not sure.
She has you by the balls!
lf she was going to the press,
she'd have done it by now.
Believe me, Serge, she isn't
vindictive, she's sentimental.
That's worse.
What's your secret, Darry?
My what?
She dumped you?
My guess is
you were dumped unexpectedly.
Not at all.
l'm the one who walked out.
l even left my keys behind.
lt's hard to be precise
when l'm tipsy.
How was the wine?
No, exceptional!
Learn to tell the difference.
The wine was stupendous,..
...the dessert perfect
and the rest plain.
For you maybe. l found it pleasant.
How ideological.
This isn't some canteen!
Fine cooking delights the palate
with flavours and textures.
lt's art!
Art? ln sweetbreads?
Let's not quibble.
ls that your usual hairstyle?
A quick trim
would make you look better.
Chatting me up?
Certainly not!
Let's get the bill and go.
We'll stop in Lyon
to get my roots done.
You're paying me for the trip so far?
Absolutely! 500 euros.
Plus 500 for the hair salon
and 3,000 to Geneva.
l can't take you there.
-Why not?
-l just can't.
That's no reason.
...the World Social Forum...
lt's because l'm going
to the World Social Forum.
You? What on earth for?
l'm going... Well, we're going
because l'm not alone... force the world
to control trade.
To control...
lf you worked,
you'd see the world differently.
5,000 to the hair salon
and then to a station.
No, l have a problem with trains.
l get claustrophobia.
l'm a pain and a bit drunk.
-Your phone!
-Keep it. Answer for me.
The World Social Forum...
What a joke!
What a joke.
You're only going for the forum?
And, with your pals, you'll protest
against multinationals,..
...the free market, money...
That's right.
That's why l'm in such a hurry.
Why oppose the free market?
Why? Because the free market...
l mean, the basic principle
of the free market... to exclude
those who aren't...
Deep down, are we profitable too?
ln my case, that changes by the day.
ls that all?
You've never asked yourself
if you're profitable?
l've made my living since 17,
with ups and downs...
...but l don't complain.
Some people work 32 hours a week
or 29 even,..
...go on strike all the time
and complain non-stop.
That's their problem!
Just a second.
There's not just you, there's the...
-The unemployed?
-For instance.
True, no one wants to be unemployed.
But you won't embrace life,
mouldering in some public service.
Show some exaltation!
A job's the main thing,..
...even in public service.
l offer you work as a chauffeur
and you turn your nose up at it!
That's different!
What will you say?
What's your message?
What do you mean?
What's your programme?
Aren't you sick of asking questions?
Live from Locarno: the Agriculture
Minister"s meeting...
...with organic farmers, the South
Korean arms deal scandal...
Thank you.
What are you doing exactly?
Just practising.
Are you a conjuror or something?
l'm not working now
but l'm off to Las Vegas soon.
l see.
A different kind of social forum.
lt's ringing!
Shall l answer? lt's Carine.
No, wait! Give it to me.
Hello, Carine?
Hold on, don't hang up.
What's your husband up to?
Thought about an abortion?
l'm just asking. We can talk.
...has summoned the minister,
Pierre Delage, for questioning...
...along with one of his associates,
lrne Montier-Duval,..
...who did not attend.
She is currently away from Paris.
Stop threatening me. We're family!
You know your husband is a gangster?
lt has to be somewhere!
Where do l find it? Tell me!
Where do l find the money?
ls she there? Put her on.
l'll find a solution.
No, Mum, there are no trains.
Can you put Carine on, please?
Your daughter...
The brown-haired girl in your room.
Me too.
No, Mum, don't cry.
Don't cry, please.
The battery's dead!
l'll buy you a charger.
l need a computer.
We're not far from Mcon.
Come on.
No, my brother-in-law
won't pay for the clinic.
-Can't your father go?
-He's dead.
He is?
-They're going to throw her out.
-Not tonight!
You don't understand. She's alone.
She's lost. l'm all she has!
So don't give in now!
Let's go!
We'll go if l want!
And if l don't, we won't go!
You're not alone
on this planet, dammit!
You're lucky l had my charger.
l'm the only place open this late.
From that angle, we're lucky.
-What's your name?
-Darry Marzouki.
That's not French.
-No, it's Turkish.
Marzouki from Turkey.
May l use your phone?
Why isn't it working?
What do you want to do?
l'd like to print the files
on this USB key.
That's pretty.
ls it real lizard skin?
Yes, from Cartier.
Look, it wasn't slotted in right.
My God!
l know him!
l've seen him on TV.
A games show, right?
The wrong key!
l need the green one in my red shoes.
lt's my life insurance.
l have to get it.
We're going to see your mother.
Do you think l'm stupid?
Ok, we're going back to Paris
to get my USB key.
At least that's clear.
Get it
and l'll pay for the clinic.
-For three months.
-Six and l didn't say yes.
ls it dangerous?
For me.
Not for you, l think.
You have a masters in lying?
Have you got everything?
l have to close now.
Thank you.
Thank you!
A year! You'll pay the clinic
for a year!
Did you hear that?
Have you ever been in prison?
l hear it's cold, awful food...
So l hear.
How did l pick the wrong key?
You got the red one from the green
shoes, not green from red.
Have you seen the time?
Where were you all afternoon?
Too much work.
You know Hang Soo is in Paris?
On his own, l hear.
-No idea. Can l come in?
l'm working for you.
-l'm not alone.
-lt won't take long.
We need you
to complete the delivery.
l want nothing more to do with this.
We need to neutralize lrne.
The Koreans see to Hang Soo.
And we...
We what?
We pay her to keep her mouth shut!
Try harder. The group will
pay you a little more.
-Surely they don't want to...
People go missing every day.
You're joking?
What files did she take, Pierre?
Come on, show me that trick.
l'm already driving you.
l don't do card tricks too.
l'm on a 35-hour week.
Not very classy.
l can't be missing much.
A coffee for the road?
Come here.
Come on.
Take the aces.
Not easy.
May l?
-Do you have the time?
-The time?
The time.
-How do you do it?
-l never did it that well!
Why don't you work anymore?
A stupid business.
A magician friend closed a door
on my fingers.
Twelve fractures.
l had an audition
at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
l had to cancel.
l tried doing the act with my left
hand but doors closed on me.
So to speak.
ln politics,
they slam doors on you too.
This was different.
He was my best friend.
-He was devastated.
And he left for Las Vegas?
Well, yes.
He did the audition instead of me.
He needed work. He was in deep shit.
American, espresso, sugar?
Then my girlfriend went to join him.
She had no work with me anymore.
That's terrible!
Yes, it's terrible.
Go to Vegas and beat them up.
lt's over now.
l'm going there
to find work through contacts...
They humiliated you! React!
Smash their faces in!
After a shock or a trauma,
it's important to...
l don't need your advice.
Where are you lrne?
Where have you gone?
Answer me.
You can go.
l'm staying a while.
Hang Soo,
be careful when you leave.
They may be watching the building.
All right, l understand.
See you tomorrow.
l've been thinking.
We need to tail the minister.
All right.
Got that?
The corridor opposite the door.
My bedroom is at the end,
with my shoes to the right.
All right.
-What number is it?
They may be watching the building.
-l don't believe it!
Please, keep driving!
What do we do now?
Speed up, Darry! Turn left here.
What's going on exactly?
Sorry, this is a bad time.
We have to get my USB key.
That may not be wise now.
Think of your mother.
24B72, remember?
Can you bring me
my red Herms scarf?
lt's in a drawer by the bed.
Need lipstick or a belt too?
Thank you, Darry. l'll wait here.
You scared me!
Sorry. lt's not there.
-lt is.
-lt isn't!
l shook all your shoes.
Want to go up?
My brain's stalling. l need a bath.
A bath?
l've never known such luxury before.
A last bath has to be
in the best conditions.
Champagne, madam?
Maybe the key was elsewhere.
Try to think.
l'm sure they've found it.
l'm finished.
Thank you, sir.
Are you involved in the arms deal
or the commissions' scandal?
l just helped a friend out.
l was the go-between with the Koreans
and now l have to take the rap.
That must be pretty humiliating.
l can't get used to it.
l screwed up somehow.
l thought l'd found my place.
Why is everything
always so temporary?
ls your friend the minister
in the paper?
l hope you'll smash his face in.
lrne, are you there?
Yes, Darry, l'm here.
Why are you called Darry?
What's it short for?
lt's not short for anything.
lt was Mum's idea.
She was an actress
when she was younger...
...and she did a play
with Darry Cowl.
l think he was...
the first man in her life.
Whenever she called me for my bath,
she'd think of him.
That's a real love story.
Did he know?
Darry Cowl? No.
You know, Max, l can't talk as loud
as you, but l look at my
...and, believe me,
it's a lot bigger than yours.
To my!
What are you doing?
You wanted to shag me?
You snore a bit.
l do?
l'll answer it.
lt's for you.
For me? No one knows l'm here.
She can't talk now. Can l help you?
l don't know. One night or two?
One, l guess.
Let's get out of here!
Seen my trousers?
-The bag!
The bag!
The stairs!
Lovely evening.
Where's the car?
lt was here!
lt isn't now!
l dropped you at the hotel.
l tried to use the garage so...
lt's this way! Come on!
We're not being followed.
You can't tell.
Are you paranoid?
lt's best to be paranoid
in my situation.
What now? We need to find
a really safe place.
l'll introduce you to my mother.
l've been thinking...
Who took all the mirrors?
One of the doctors, probably.
l was thinking:
l did three years of balet...
...but signing me up for boxing
would have changed a lot.
You never know, but we spent
our childhood singing and dancing.
lt's not very formative.
l find it hard
fixing my priorities now.
At times, l don't know where l am.
A bit like you.
You've nothing to say?
You see, Mum, the Russian prince
education wasn't...
But you have to tell children
they're little princes.
That's what they are.
Your problem is
you never believed me.
You recognize me?
-Did l ever slap you?
l was a little princess too.
Everyone said so.
Everyone said what?
Want to go to the garden?
No, l prefer to walk in the corridor
between rooms 210 and 213.
All right.
l've been thinking of you a lot.
Me too.
l remembered your eyebrows above all.
lt's silly.
They're what l remembered.
lt's the start of a Photofit.
l remembered your beauty spots.
l counted them. All 17 of them.
Are you a nurse?
No, l've lost my trousers.
l'm all over the place.
l don't know when it'll stop.
Well, l'm torn between Locarno
and Las Vegas.
l'm not ready for Vegas.
l know Locarno. lt's on a lake.
lt's windy.
May l ask you why you're here?
Could you take me to Locarno?
Yes, l could.
Your eyes are very pretty.
They have two colours.
They're periwinkle blue
and water lily green too.
Asshole! you, bugger you,
your mother's a slut!
l'll rip your eyes out
and dump them in the can!
Eat your cock, you piece of shit!
l shit on you!
l shit on you...
That's our little
Tourette's syndrome.
A special form of Tourette's
unleashed by emotion.
Easy to live with
if you can accept it.
She comes here regularly.
-What's her name?
-Sonia Yacovlev.
The cosmonaut's granddaughter.
Are you ok?
Not too close, please.
l'm so ashamed...
lt can happen to anyone.
l get wound up too.
l'll give you an example...
l'd rather not.
Kiss me instead.
Kiss me all over.
l'm not used to being paid this way.
May l use the phone?
Ask for Pierre Delage.
The minister?
Environment Ministry.
Go on.
l'd like to speak to the minister,
Pierre Delage.
Please hold.
Diane, is Pierre there?
Yes, l"ll put you through.
About time!
l've been calling for ten days!
You don"t realize...
The loudspeaker's on.
Tell the gentleman here l earned...
...the money l'm paying him.
What? Yes.
You earned it.
Happy now?
Do me a receipt for her son?
l'll leave you.
Thank you.
ls the loudspeaker still on?
l have to see you fast!
Did you rat on me?
Of course not. Are you crazy?
The Gare de Lyon caf in an hour.
Trust me, dammit!
ln an hour... St Clothilde's.
Sit down. Pray!
Hello, l'm a doctor.
l'm with a very religious patient
who's having a mystic fit.
Could you help me
get her out of the church quietly?
God is running late.
Let's change confessionals.
He's late? Again?
The bastard! He promised me!
Careful, you hit a wing mirror!
l need to relax somewhere.
The clinic can sedate you.
l'll see my mother...
We can't go back!
Your mother doesn't even know you.
Maybe, but l know her.
Me! Know who l mean?
The guy who's been driving you round.
lt's not your mother,
you're after that girl!
l've had enough!
l've met plenty of lesson-givers
in my time...
...but you top them all!
Go on, run. Like all men!
Give me a break!
l was preparing a bonus for you
but forget it.
A bonus?
Give me my phone.
You think you can buy me?
lt"s my car or your balls, pal!
Not now, Max.
You hear me? l"ll bleed you!
lrne Montier-Duval on the run?
Change of plan.
Leave me be.
This gentleman's taking me to Orly.
-lt's on my way.
-She's not going.
-Come on, dammit!
What's going on?
My thoughts entirely.
l don't want to go to jail.
Pierre has to negotiate.
You'll negotiate?
l have to try.
Give me 5,000 euros
and l'll drive you.
Lyon. He's meeting ecologists there.
You can join your pals.
No, my group is in Locarno.
lt's not the same.
l can help you.
l'll give you stuff
to hassle that bastard.
Thanks, but we have our own methods.
What are your methods?
Traitor! Limp!
Think l"m stupid, you prick?
We negotiate or
nothing will stop me!
l don't have that file
with me right now.
What damn file?
l'll find it and call you back.
Get me out of this, Pierre,
or l'll destroy you.
l'll make you sorry you were born.
We'll do as we said.
l'll be in touch very soon.
-When's our flight to Locarno?
-8:27 PM.
The meeting's set?
l'll see to it. Darry!
Come here! Darry!
Get back here, fucker!
Wait till everyone goes in.
This fabric is really itchy.
You don't mix orange with green.
l look like a salad.
l'd have preferred a suit too.
Why don't l drive you to Paris
for the sales?
You didn't have much time.
But you see me as a vegetable!
The fishnet tights are a fantasy?
l had a crazy dream.
We were on a boat and you were
pulling penguins out of a hat.
You threw them into the sea
and they became rabbits and drowned.
They drowned? Why did they drown?
l used your mum's computer.
Her computer?
l've booked a hotel in Locarno.
My bags are packed.
l'm still kind of in Lyon.
l'll take you as soon as l can.
We'll eat octopus salad,
we'll make love all day,..
...and, the first Sunday, l'll take
you to Las Vegas and marry you.
l'll slice your nipples off,
you slob!
l'll feed you your balls
until you choke, asshole!
l love you too.
l'll meet you at the station.
Call me.
Come on, let's go!
Did you hear me?
Could l have a minute without you?
lt's not a health risk.
Let me speak.
Only the regular consumption
over a long period...
-That's true, but...
-Let me finish.
l'm sorry but we live
on the riverbank...
...and the ban runs from the dam
all the way up to Vaugrs.
lt's unfit for consumption,
it's bad for fish but not for us?
PCB is like dioxin!
How will you corner him now?
We'll improvise.
My anarchist grandfather
taught me to protest.
We're talking to the
Levanthal group.
The negotiations are making headway
and we'll pressure them...
...until they cut back
waste by 40%.
His brother's on the Levanthal board.
He'll block it.
Say it to unsettle him.
Not without my group's consent.
Damn your group! Politics is ideas
that meet circumstances.
Get the mike. We'll stun him.
No, that's your problem.
Our programme is different.
Keep putting things off
and you'll get an ulcer.
You're the psychosomatic type!
Excuse me...
l'll get psychosomatic outside.
We know that with Levanthal,
we take one step forward...
...and you take three back.
lt must be hard
managing a case like this...
...with relatives on the board!
Max, it's Darry.
You've been pissing me off
for years now, you're an asshole,..
...and if my sister miscarries,
l'll shed no tears over it.
Let's stay focused.
lt's worse each year.
We'll have no drinking water soon.
You're the troublemakers.
l can't accept that!
-We've changed things...
-Choose if you're in or out!
Or we call the press!
All right?
You can't say
you didn't know, minister!
You don't really fight the polluters.
There's no real drive.
Get down!
Over there?
You're a useless negotiator!
l screwed up. Give me a break!
They're behind us?
l think so.
l'm sick of running. Let's stop.
What do you mean?
l can't keep running forever.
You'll lose the money.
l'm not up to it.
""l'm not up to it.""
You have to move your ass.
Sorry, but snivelling won't help.
l'm all on my own,
l don't have the files.
l've nothing to use!
What if l came to Locarno?
No, it's not your kind of thing.
As if l give a damn!
Listen, stop complaining, ok.
lf you're being followed,
he's scared.
That means you can negotiate.
Yes, but l'm scared too!
lf anything happens,
send this to Paris Match.
Why are all my men liars?
There's someone to see you.
There is?
Here she is.
-Sonia Yacovlev?
-That's me.
-Are they still there?
-l don't think so.
Darry, do something!
-What are we doing?
-Still nothing.
-You think...
l love dancing normally.
How about you?
lt's been a long time
but l used to take ballet classes.
You dance well.
Posture is very important.
Especially for a slow one.
Think they're outside?
l don't know.
Why kind of magic tricks
did you do, Darry?
All kinds of things. l did a lot
with my girlfriend.
l'd make her disappear.
l'd cut her into bits. Tiny bits.
The most spectacular one
was when l attached her...
...with handcuffs and chains
to a large, black stake.
The stake fell into a pool.
She was under water and had to free
herself in less than a minute.
Did she manage it?
Most of the time.
All right.
That was Pierre.
He's at the Galopin in Lyon.
lt's a restaurant where we often ate.
This skirt is...
Do you think it's going to go well?
Of course. l'm here.
l'll just powder my nose.
Wait here.
l'm sorry, Darry.
l'll catch up later.
-Excuse me, but...
Yes, l know, but who is that guy?
lrne has a very important meeting.
All right?
She has to go now!
l can't go there on my own!
You can't sing Sinatra in Korean!
lt shouldn't be allowed!
What can l get you?
A Ballantine's, please.
On the rocks?
No... Yes.
You'll be like a queen.
A queen?
Whatever you want.
l'll do what you want.
Come with me.
l'm going to jail.
Kiss me.
Come in.
l just spoke to Zhang.
The French have delivered
but it's fishy.
-What's going on?
-l don't know.
But it's dangerous for you.
l'm coming.
Come with me.
l think this is yours.
l work with Pierre Delage.
He's had to leave for Locarno.
l know lrne. Where is she?
She's in Locarno too.
What a coincidence!
l have to talk to her.
She must return the files.
lt's getting dangerous for her.
She knows that.
She wants the minister
to ask the judge to sort things out.
Fine. Come on.
Come on!
What's that in your pocket?
This? lt's not mine!
Never mind.
lt spoils the cut of your suit.
Enough messing about.
That young woman
said she's going to Locarno too.
Sonia? Why's she in that car?
She's waiting for you.
Hold on. Let's call lrne
and arrange to meet.
Tomorrow morning in Locarno
is better.
Piazza Motta. Ok?
lrne will bring the files.
l'll get Sonia.
Stop farting about.
ln a case like this,
you have to toe the line.
lt's wiser for all concerned.
l think we've said it all.
Go easy on her, she's a bit...
My grandma sang this to me
when l was little.
Are you going to keep sulking?
You're being childish!
l have to be
to go to a risky meeting...
...for some mad cow
who's banging an Asian gangster!
He isn't a gangster.
Just shut up. lt's wiser.
Thank you anyhow.
While l have the files, she's safe.
And we're going to Locarno now!
We'll all meet up there.
lt's fate.
l believe in it.
l envy you,
having a political project.
lt's better than clinging
to a few fantasies like me.
What are your group's key ideas?
l analyse things fast.
l can advise you.
lrne, l told you a load of bullshit.
l lied.
You're not a militant?
At first, l didn't really believe you
but l thought we could...
We could what, lrne?
Found a new party together?
The party of the departed?
-ls that it?
That way you're free to invent.
lnvent what?
You can see l'm a dreamer.
An illusionist.
lt doesn't interest anyone.
lt does!
Politics needs men like you.
Tons of people focus things
but a good dreamer is a rarity,..
...believe me.
l'm going to Vegas to beat them up.
That's such a self-centred plan!
You're not self-centred
with your money?
l don't care about it!
Liar! Give it to me then.
lf you were a militant,
l'd have funded your group.
A fresh start
would have been interesting.
We'd have found a way
out of this demagogical shit.
We'd have blasted
electoral vote-catching to bits.
We'd have started
with a simple concept.
For instance,
""The country and the people"".
You see, Darry, one trail to follow
is a strong image of the country...
...that transcends community
to focus on people.
Moving from the vertical
to the transversal.
To think l could have travelled
with a gentle, fragile woman...
Eat your sauerkraut cock, turdface!
Asshole! l'll smash your brains out
and send your shit flying!
What's going on?
They're out of cocoa.
So offer her tea.
Very Cold War, isn't it?
We have the files, remember?
-We have them, right?
-ln my pocket.
Good to see you.
Get me out of this.
We're trapped, you and l.
-You look tired.
The tights are funny.
-They're pretty.
-You think l'm stupid?
What do you want exactly?
l'll see the judge
if you prove the way is clear.
l'll play along
but l want the money l'm owed.
lf l take a fall,
l can't help you. Think about it.
l've thought about it.
What files do you have?
You should know.
We met yesterday.
-l gave him something.
Don't act innocent.
You said it would be fine.
What is this?
l wonder.
To save Sonia,
l handed over the USB key.
Who is this guy, lrne?
Can you turn out your pockets?
-Are you kidding?
l don't get it.
That's why we felt safe.
-Right, lrne?
-l never took this!
-l have files on you too.
Maybe you did the deal.
You were in Seoul too.
You want to play with me?
l know the game too.
l know the game too.
-ls there anything on this?
There had better be.
Cut it out right now, ok!
Cut it out, slut!
You're a slag
and you're pissing us off, ok?
Any more shit,
l'll beat you up, slut!
Thank you.
Are you ok?
l fly back in an hour.
Want to come?
We'll have to be careful,
but we'll pull through.
Pull through?
Serge takes the rap,
we share the cash.
Just keep a low profile
until after the elections.
Think you'll be re-elected?
Why? You don't think so?
Goodbye, Pierre.
You've become too sensitive.
Want to come?
We'll head back to Paris,
via a few top restaurants.
A threesome? Whatever next?
Are you jealous?
You're worth more
than your cheap tricks.
You'll dip her in oil, chop her up,
then what?
There's no way out.
Don't you want us to try to...
You, with your instinct,
me, with my experience...
Politics is ideas...
That meet circumstances, l know.
A little like love, l guess.
l'm hopeful. That's my big failing.
Goodbye, Darry.
See you soon, lrne.
l'm sure you'll meet
a future prime minister.
Pulled out of a hat?
Yes, for you.
For you, l'll do it.
Just a second.
Go on, he's behind that curtain.
Go ahead.
Politics means taking risks.
When l come back, l'll advise you.
l hope you're good.
lt's you?
No, l'm not signing that!
You don't sign, we don't sign.
Why? Because it's crap!
lt's defensive, repetitive
and as boring as hell.
We'll find something else.
Can we do that?
We'll manage without the unions.
lt'll make a change.
lt won't kill us.
You and me, that makes two.
Two is a start, right?
l'll rewrite the text tonight
and we'll go for it!
Show a little exaltation!
Do you need something?
A light.
Madeleine, l'll never forget you.
l love you. Darry.