Passion's Web (2007) Movie Script

(reel winding)
(ominous music)
(horns honking)
(dramatic music)
[Mandy] Mom we're gonna be late.
[Janet] I'm coming, I'm coming.
(dramatic music)
Don't worry sweetie,
we'll get there on time.
Mom, don't forget to
bring down my red sweater.
[Janet] Got it, coming.
Can't you find something else to where?
Something cool maybe?
They'll just have to take me as I am.
Let's go.
(dramatic music)
(buzzer buzzing)
when you used to hurt women,
did that excite you?
[Raoul] Maybe, but I'm
not like that anymore.
[Janet] So you feel you've changed.
Yeah, I took the sex offender course.
You grew up very angry
Raoul, do you think
you could ever leave all
that anger behind you?
Yeah, I want a clean start.
Janet, a minute?
Ah sure.
(dramatic music)
[Lloyd] So what's your
take on our friend Raoul?
He's a borderline schizophrenic
and a pathological liar.
My guess is he'd rape
again within 48 hours.
Are you in any hurry to leave?
Lloyd, I've interviewed 12 men today,
haven't had a breath of fresh air since
Donna, my babysitter wants to go home.
Why would I be in a hurry to leave?
Well I got one more.
His hearing's coming up,
I just need your take.
What's the catch?
No catch, it's just marked.
I want your opinion.
So you want someone to
take the parole board heat?
Janet, would I take
advantage of a colleague?
Oh heavens no, you're the warden
because you're a pussycat.
[Lloyd] That I am, thank you.
Hello Ms. Downy, I'm afraid
I'm going to be late again.
[Mrs. Downey] Well I'll just go ahead
and make dinner then all right?
[Mandy] is that Mom?
Tell her I'll be home soon okay.
Hang on Mandy wants to talk to you.
Mom what does isolationist mean?
It's when a country protects itself
by withdrawing from the rest of the world.
I'll help with homework
when I get home, okay honey?
Promise, bye.
(sighing heavily)
(buzzer buzzing)
[Robert] Pretty sunset tonight.
Hard to tell from a dirty window.
Robert Moss.
And you've been here how long?
16 years.
Armed robbery.
A man was shot and killed.
My partner did the shooting.
He never got caught.
And what were you thinking
when your partner shot him?
I wasn't.
You had a gun in your hand too.
But I didn't use it.
Father Bracken wrote you
quite a nice recommendation.
Are you religious?
Not really.
But you work with the priest.
Bracken lets me teach a
couple of classes for the guys.
What do you teach?
Appellate law, existentialism.
You know convict stuff.
You earned your college
degree while you were in prison,
so you used your time well.
A con doesn't use time, he survives it.
So how do you feel your
incarceration has affected you?
You mean do I think it's made me
a better citizen or something?
This really isn't a place to
brush up on your citizenship.
It's a place when you think.
What do you think about?
In 16 years, what
haven't I thought about?
What about feelings?
[Robert] Feelings?
Yes, anger, fear, remorse?
Remorse, that word
doesn't mean anything to me.
Mrs. Tarr, half a lifetime ago,
this stupid little drunken ass
thought he'd throw in with a buddy
and make some quick cash with a gun.
I've read 758 books since that night.
And I still haven't found
any one word to describe
this aching, endless pain I live with
every day because I made that choice.
So if you have one wish, anything,
what would it be?
I'd wish for that night back.
Do you have any questions
you'd like to ask me?
Do you have any kids?
I meant questions about you?
In here a man gets
real tired of himself.
I have a daughter.
You don't have a ring.
Mr. Moss I'm going to schedule some
psychological tests for you.
So all the stuff they
say about you is true?
What do they say about me?
That you don't treat cons like animals.
No one should be treated like an animal.
(buzzer buzzing)
What, so now you want public
tours of the evidence room?
You find that switch blade Boris,
or your ass is goulash.
Janet, get in here.
How's the killer business?
[Chuck] It's booming.
[Janet] Find out anything?
Yeah, uh Moss.
There we go, Robert F.
Anything besides armed robbery?
No, the guy doesn't even
have a traffic ticket,
until of course he robs a
bank and somebody gets shot.
Yeah, a sister and a nephew.
They're clean.
What's your special interest in this guy?
I just don't want to be wrong about him.
You wrong, you see through
these guys like glass.
This one's different.
You talk to him and there's like
a whole person sitting there.
I want to believe he's ready
but I need to be certain.
Hey, say uh my divorce
papers finally came through,
that makes us both available right?
Chuck are you asking me out?
It's been a while, I
guess I'm a little rusty.
You need to get out, have some fun.
Dinner, a movie, let me take you.
I am so flattered, but don't you think
that might mess up a great friendship?
Yeah, maybe, sorry I asked.
I'm not.
(Chuck chuckles)
(horn honking)
Mandy, you're father's here.
Hey Daddy.
Hey honey, all ready?
Yep, can we go to the science museum?
I got to make a solar system.
One solar system coming up.
Bye sweetie.
Love you mom.
You still busy with work?
Very, how's Gail?
She's got the flu.
Don't bring Mandy
home Sunday sick please.
Gail will be staying at
her place this weekend.
It's just the two of us.
Goodbye Janet.
(soft dramatic music)
(phones ringing)
(soft dramatic music)
Good morning.
So how'd I do on the test, did I pass?
It's your psychological
tests, there's no pass fail.
Yeah, but am I stupid?
You're not stupid.
No kinks?
Nothing outside the range of normal.
So that means kinks but not big ones.
Nobody's perfect.
Not even you?
Mr. Moss your tests are strong.
Your IQ is one of the
highest I've ever seen here.
You might even be smart
enough to fool people.
Are you a con man?
Nothing outside the range of normal.
Mr. Moss if you try to
hustle me, I will spot it.
You'll have to earn
every inch of my trust.
Do you call all of your convicts mister?
Do you have a problem with respect?
My father made me call him Mr. Moss.
And what did he do
to make you resent it?
Why should I tell you?
Robert, we both know what this is about.
It's about parole.
Nobody makes parole first time, nobody.
(buzzer buzzing)
I'm sorry, that was stupid.
(bars rattling)
(inmates outside talking)
Thank you for coming.
I know how busy things
are at the university now.
I always find time for you Janet.
So, what's new in your life?
Or do you spend all of
your time behind bars?
Only you would ask a question like that.
I like to keep my eye
on my favorite student.
Julian between work and Mandy,
I hardly have time for anything else.
[Lloyd] Janet.
Ah, Lloyd Mayfield,
Father Bracken, I'd like
to introduce you to Dr. Julian Dot.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Well his record inside is pretty good.
Robert has a generous heart,
he's always helping people.
You're dead sure about this?
Sure as I've been about anything.
I think Robert Moss is honestly
working towards redemption.
You worry about saving souls father,
I'll worry about recidivism.
Lloyd let me work with him.
What do you mean?
He's been in here a long time.
We need to know if he's capable
of adapting to living on the outside.
The only way to be sure is if
I spend some more time with him.
How much time?
Meet with him once or twice a week.
I think I can help him.
Well it's not my job to help him.
You get too humane here,
they call you soft on crime.
Have I ever let you down before?
It's always a first time.
Nice to see you.
(soft dramatic music)
I talked to the warden,
you have work to do.
I did a stupid thing last time.
Just don't do it again.
I don't know how to
act around women anymore.
Let's move on, put it behind us, okay?
Okay, come here.
Have you ever read,
yeah, Les Miserables, Victor Hugo?
No, it's about a convict
who survives prison
and becomes mayor of the town.
(chuckles) That sounds hard to believe.
The world is full of
possibilities Robert.
I just need to know if
you're ready for the outside.
[Robert] Just tell me what to do.
[Janet] Be honest.
[Janet] Yeah?
I'm not hiding anything.
Would you be willing to
take a lie detector test?
Sure, whatever you need.
Good, I'll set one up.
Hey my sister's visiting
Saturday, you want to meet her?
Sure, yes, I think
that would be helpful.
Okay, bye.
It's you.
Come on, where am I going to wear that?
On dates, wear a dress
like that on dates.
(soft Christmas music)
I'm thinking about quitting my job.
Quitting, you've only
been there five years.
I'm burning out.
You just need a vacation.
It's not as simple as that Lynn,
I'm starting to have feelings
that I shouldn't have.
So takes the cases of easier prisons.
God, I've always said those max
ones were way too dangerous.
I love the danger.
Work around those minimum
security country club prisons.
Won't you take one of our cases more?
Lynn, I love the danger.
You are sick.
Hey Stolver.
You think you're hot now that
you got that shrink bitch in your pocket?
You stupid ape.
Hope his damn appeal.
Watch yourself, he's crazy man.
I like the grass.
Wish I could lay on it.
I can bring you some.
You can't bring grass
inside a prison Kevin.
(family laughing)
The thing is though,
the eyes are all wrong.
A tiger's got to have fierce eyes,
to scare the other animals.
(Robert growling)
(Kevin laughing)
He worked a long time on it.
He wanted to bring you something.
(child imitating gunfire)
(Kevin laughing)
Did you have to drive a long way?
[Tess] From Allentown,
it's about an hour.
Janet gave me a lie detector test.
I passed no problems.
Were you two close as kids?
Oh God yes.
Robert was the best big
brother a girl could have.
He always took care of me.
I guess it's kind of the
other way around now.
I don't ask for much.
You don't, you really don't.
I didn't mean anything.
I'm going to go get us some sodas,
I'll keep an eye on Kevin.
[Tess] Oh thank you.
(soft dramatic music)
The guards wouldn't clear
these, but I hold rank.
Merry Christmas.
I don't know what to say.
They wouldn't let me bring anything in.
I know how hard it can
be around the holidays.
Kevin's getting tired, I have
to go, find him some dinner.
Okay, but when will I see you again.
Soon, I promise.
[Robert] You know where to find me.
Go give him a kiss.
[Robert] Thanks for coming kid.
Bye Uncle Robert.
Bye sweetie.
[Janet] Happy holidays.
You too.
My daughter's waiting too.
It's a busy world out
there, things to do.
I'm glad I came.
Ho, ho, ho.
Oh honey, you look so pretty.
You're going to steal the show.
She has a solo.
I know.
What if I fall on my face
or something Aunt Lynn?
You're not gonna fall on your face,
you're going to be wonderful.
[Mandy] How do you know?
I know because I love
you and love always knows.
Always Mommy?
Mandy looks like the director's
calling all princesses now.
Knock 'em dead huh?
Have fun sweetie.
Good luck.
You haven't looked this great in years.
Oh, it's just an old dress.
I wasn't talking about the outfit.
It's Christmas, I'm happy.
There's a gal looking
particularly sluttish.
Oh no claws tonight, okay.
We're all here for Mandy.
But she is.
(knocking intently)
Okay here we go.
One, two, three hit it
Yeah baby.
(hip hop music)
(classical music)
[Inmate] Nice shoes.
[Robert] You'd like a pair huh?
(loud smacking)
(Robert groaning)
(classical music)
(audience cheering)
(audience cheering)
It was such a great show,
and you didn't fall down.
We're so proud of you.
(phone ringing)
Oh sorry, sorry excuse me.
(phone ringing)
I'm coming, I'm coming right now.
Hey, Moss told me to call you.
I took your number out the medical office.
Did you call the doctor?
He'll be here in the morning.
Did you tell him it was urgent?
I told him it was urgent.
He damn near died.
Can you get him some pain meds?
Nah, everything's
locked up, you know that.
It's nothing I can do.
All right, I'm going to
wheel him into the men zone.
(Robert coughing)
Robert, Robert, what happened?
Cons get jealous,
I got new shoes.
(Janet sobbing)
[Lynn] Oh you got everything?
[Mandy] Yep.
[Lynn] Okay good.
Thanks for keeping her overnight Lynn.
I wish I could help today too,
I just can't take off another day.
What's the big emergency Mom?
Just something at work.
What, riot, a breakout?
A cruel system that stinks.
Thanks again, come on.
See you guys later.
Oh your show was so wonderful sweetie,
I'm sorry I had to miss ice cream after.
What were you doing?
I was helping someone who needs me.
(dramatic music)
When did they chain you?
[Robert] A couple of hours ago.
I asked for pain pills.
They chained you for that?
Those damned shoes.
No, no, I wouldn't
change 'em for the world.
God you are so beautiful.
No, I'm not.
Robert things won't always be like this.
It'll get better for you.
I'd do anything to hold you, anything.
(Robert groaning)
This man almost died, he
needs privacy and quiet.
There's a screen over there.
(soft dramatic music)
(Robert coughing)
You'll get better and we'll see
about getting you out of here.
Your words are so gentle.
There's a world of
gentleness waiting for you.
Touch me, please.
We may never be alone again, please.
We man never be alone again.
(Janet shushing Robert)
Kiss me, I don't even
remember what it feels like.
Oh Jesus, you don't know.
I do, I do know.
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace
(everyone clapping)
[Janet] We'll work on that.
[Grandma] Time for pie and ice cream.
[Mandy] Then can we open presents.
[Grandma] You betcha.
Pecan or pumpkin?
[Grandpa] I'm needing some eggnog.
[Janet] Yes Dad, I was
thinking that same thing.
[Grandma] Now, pecan
and pumpkin, okey dokey.
[Lynn] Why so quiet?
It's Christmas Eve, we're
supposed to jolly up the place.
I'm jolly, ho, ho, ho.
You know the more I
think about it, the more
I think you should quit your job.
Oh that was a passing thought.
That's why they call
them passing thoughts.
They're thoughts that pass.
So obviously I wasn't serious.
Le's get back to the Christmas thing okay.
Aren't the holidays a
rotten time to be single.
Would you like a drink?
[Grandma] Yes thanks.
Something bad happened at work.
A prisoner I know got beaten.
It's a prison Janet, that stuff happens.
Why do you always have
to feel responsible?
It happened to somebody
I was trying to help.
And this time it happened
because I was trying to help him.
Excuse me?
His name's Robert, he's had
a really bad deal in life.
Bad, and it's so awful to feel like
I made things worse for him.
Have you lost your freaking mind?
You of all... you're
falling for a convict?
He's also a man.
He deserves a chance.
He's not a serial killer
or a pedophile or a rapist.
He was 19 years old, he
made a stupid mistake
and he robbed a bank with his friend,
and he didn't even pull the trigger.
He's also the kindest,
brightest, most sensitive
man I've met in years, inside
or outside prison walls.
Most of the men you meet
are inside prison walls.
What if he's just using you to get out?
Well I think I've had some experience
picking up on those things.
He could be the one for me.
Or he could be the worse
mistake of your life.
I can save this man.
Oh, you've got to be kidding.
Now sainthood is part
of your job description?
One pecan, one pumpkin,
nothing ever changes around here.
I waited patiently for the Lord.
And He inclined unto me
and heard my calling.
And He put a new song in my mouth.
Even of thanksgiving, unto our God.
Sweet dreams.
Mommy, can I go to the prison with you?
I want to see it.
That's no place for you.
Then why is it a place for you?
Because I'm needed there, and it's
always good to be needed.
By bad men?
Daddy says their dangerous.
Your daddy is a very smart man
but he's never even been inside a prison.
They're not all dangerous.
They're just people without
hope and I help give them some.
Know what I hope?
That nothing bad happens to you.
Nothing will.
You re such an angel.
(phone ringing)
[Operator] Will you
accept a collect call from
Robert Moss, an inmate
at Logan State Prison?
All right.
[Robert] Merry Christmas Janet.
Are you there?
How did you get this number?
[Robert] Don't be angry.
I'm not angry.
Merry Christmas, how are you feeling?
[Robert] A lot better
since hearing your voice.
Where are you?
[Robert] In which room?
In my bedroom.
Look Robert, I'm glad you called.
It's nice to hear from you but I'm tired,
I'm about to go to bed.
[Robert] I just need to hear your voice.
I'm glad, I really am.
[Robert] I got to go too.
Merry Christmas.
You too.
(buzzer buzzing)
District Attorney Lockwood
is not going to like
you standing up for this guy.
Yeah Lockwood doesn't
like anybody or anything.
Nope, unhappiest bitch I've ever met.
But one lean mean legal machine.
Look, I'm not the only
one who believes in him.
Robert has many supporters.
He was one of the most
trusted inmates at Logan,
and I have tests and experts backing him.
And the law says he's eligible for parole.
So Lockwood can.
You sure you don't want
to go out with me sometime?
I know, bad question.
You've always been so good to me.
Oh well, I'm just a heart
on a sleeve kind of guy.
(phone beeping)
Gotta go.
Janet, if you ever need me.
I know.
(phone ringing)
No appointment necessary.
Robert it's not appropriate
for you to call me at home.
You look great.
You smell great.
Okay yeah, it was a
mistake for me to come here.
The kind of mistake you like to make.
Come here, I've got to put
these books away, come here.
(suspenseful music)
I would never do anything
to ever hurt you.
We have to be careful okay.
(upbeat music)
Okay, someone might come in.
[Robert] It's fun.
You're lying.
(upbeat music)
It's been a long time.
(upbeat music)
Well I think we have to take
each man's case on an individual basis.
I put Robert Moss away for 25 years,
and 25 years is what he'll pay.
I've never been so
careful about an assessment.
He's passed every test,
even a lie detector test.
He's served hard time for 16 years
and he didn't pull the trigger.
He walked into that bank
with a gun in his hand.
The law says he's
eligible for parole now.
I suppose you're another expert
who claim Moss is harmless.
I find no over violent instinct in him.
Sometimes the law needs a heart.
(judge sighing)
Excuse me.
Janet sometimes when
the law has a heart,
it's called hybristophilia.
When a professional woman
falls for a man behind bars,
there's always reasons.
But sometimes it's the danger,
the thrill of living on the edge.
Julian that's not what this is about.
Robert Moss deserves a chance.
In this case I agree, but be careful.
Don't let hope blind you, okay.
(soft dramatic music)
Yeah, and maybe a little scared.
Me too, well we have
a few hours before you
have to be at the halfway house.
You need some things.
(soft dramatic music)
Are you all signed out?
I'd sign anything to get out of there.
Why, it's only been five weeks,
eight hours, and 14 minutes.
How's your parole officer?
You know he fills
out forms for a living.
Wanna get a burger?
Wow, it's really nice.
[Janet] Thanks, this is home.
I'm gonna let you give yourself a tour.
Make yourself at home, I'll be right down.
(soft dramatic music)
(fire whooshing)
(soft dramatic music)
Well sit down.
(soft dramatic music)
I always dreamed about a
chair like this my whole life.
Well it's a very special chair.
It has a little trick.
(soft dramatic music)
(jazz music)
This is day one.
It's the first day of my life.
Yeah, I could get used to you.
I always felt like
I had a special power.
You know I could make the world my world,
and the way it should be you know.
Really, now it finally holds true.
You can do anything you want Robert.
It's all up to you.
Why don't you stay tonight?
I'll call Tess, Mandy isn't coming
home 'til tomorrow night anyway.
You know me in a way nobody, never has.
[Janet] Does that bother you?
I don't know.
There's some things about me
maybe people shouldn't see.
[Janet] Me too.
(soft dramatic music)
Yeah, well thanks for
taking Mandy for the rest
of the weekend David,
I really appreciate it.
I have a lot of things I need to get done.
Yeah, okay, bye.
(mechanical whirring)
[Robert] You keeping
us a secret from your ex?
No secrets, I just didn't
volunteer the information.
We have to be discreet Robert.
People talk, I could lose my job.
What's the matter?
I can't make a damn cup of coffee.
Calm down.
What the hell is this thing.
(beans shattering)
I'm not a very good pupil am I?
Hey, let's get out of here.
(upbeat music)
Is this me?
You look great.
Yeah but it's, you know
when I look at myself,
I don't know this guy.
You clean up nicely.
This shirt makes me look
like that guy you know,
in that movie.
You know he's respectable
and then he knocks
back a potion and he's rotten all the way.
But that's not you.
I wish I could give you
half of what you give me.
I was having a thought about that.
I would tell you if you
come a little closer.
He knows I'm on parole?
I told him everything about
you, he needs a good employee.
Why is doing you a favor?
Just a friend.
It's nothing to me.
It takes guts to start over sweetie.
These are nice people.
It's a good place to start.
You look great.
[Robert] Mm-hmm(affirmative).
[Janet] Okay, that's enough.
They're waiting for you, good luck.
(soft music)
Boss goes deep with Andrews,
he goes, it's a touchdown!
Go long, go long!
- Nice.
- Nice honey.
[Janet] Hi.
[Jane] Hi Tess, hi Kevin.
You guys having fun?
Yeah, the kid's got one hell of an arm.
Robert, Mandy's going to
stay home with us this weekend.
Great, it will be nice to
spend some time with her.
[Grandpa] Janet.
[Janet] Yeah.
How is Robert adjusting
to life on the outside?
He's doing really well.
It's a big step, he hasn't lived
a normal life since he was 19.
He's needy and vulnerable, we're
taking it one day at a time.
Well I know it's got
to be rough for him.
I just hope it's okay for you too.
It's more than okay Daddy.
Robert really wants to succeed you know.
He's just relearning social skills.
It's a lot, it's not
going to happen overnight.
Fred, Robert makes Janet happy.
Can't we just all be thankful.
[Janet] Here, here.
(glasses clinking)
You know Dad, I didn't mean for
Robert to come into my life.
But now that he has,
I'm gonna make it work.
It just seems like he's trying to hard.
He just wants so badly to be accepted.
He's adjusting, he's
right where he should be.
I have a good feeling about Robert.
He's got a decent job, he works
hard, and Mandy likes him.
And we are going to be supportive.
It would be great if you
could give him a chance.
Yeah, let's see if he
can adjust to my serve.
[Janet] It's just a one day conference.
Don't get along too well without me.
[Mandy] We'll be okay mom.
Have fun in Atlantic City.
Win the jackpot and get rich.
I'm already rich.
Be back before bedtime, be good.
(phone ringing)
Robert, I'm full.
[Babysitter] Tarr residence.
You can't be full, eat up.
And tell your mom what a
great breakfast I made you.
[Babysitter] Sally, is that you?
Oh good heavens, don't
move, dear I'm on my way.
I have to leave.
My sister has fallen
down in her apartment.
Come on, she's frail, she's scared,
I have to go and help her, I'm sorry.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
Oh that's okay, we'll
do fine on our own.
Mandy, I'll call your dad and tell him.
You don't have to do that.
I'll call in sick, I'll stay.
You know, I've been thinking,
I want to buy your mom
a thank you present.
What do you think she'd like?
I know she needs a new watch.
Yeah, a watch?
(dramatic music)
Get in the car.
Oh hey, I'm Robert Moss.
Yeah I know who you are.
My daughter's not staying here with you.
Janet left her with me.
No, she left her with
Mrs. Downey who called me.
You want to take it up in a court of law?
I didn't think so.
Let's go, come on.
(suspenseful music)
(Robert screaming)
(heart beating)
(suspenseful music)
[David] Yeah I know who you are.
My daughter's not staying here with you.
You want to take it up in a court of law.
(heart beating)
Anybody home!
Well hello to you too.
That's quite a welcome home.
Where's Mrs. Downey?
[Robert] She had to
leave, family emergency.
[Janet] And Mandy, where's Mandy?
Ms. Downey called David.
When he found out that
she was alone with me,
he raced on over here and stole her.
We were having such a good time with her,
there's nothing I could do about it.
No, no don't go.
Get her tomorrow.
Okay. (chuckles)
Are you all right?
I couldn't be better.
Why, are you surprised?
Well of course not.
Wow, the place looks great,
better than when I left,
even without Mrs. Downey.
Yeah, I didn't blow it up or burn
it to the ground or anything.
Robert, you seem so upset.
You look like you're about
to count the damn silverware.
Come on, I'm jet lag,
it's been a long day.
At least let me call Mandy okay?
No, no, wait.
(suspenseful music)
Turn around.
Turn around.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
[Janet] Robert.
It's a beautiful present
for a beautiful lady.
I hardly ever get gifts.
[Robert] Open it.
Robert that is so sweet.
But you shouldn't be
spending your money on me.
Put it on, it's going to look great.
(soft music)
That looks great on you.
Thank you.
(soft music)
(loud moaning and heavy breathing)
Okay, okay Robert.
Okay slow down, slow down, slow down.
(loud moaning and heavy breathing)
(Janet laughing)
(doorbell ringing)
I'll be right back.
(ominous music)
[Detective] Ma'am, Detective Kelly Sims,
Logan Police Department.
[Janet] Can I help you?
[Detective] Is Robert Moss here?
[Janet] Yes.
[Detective] We'd like to
ask him a few questions.
Robert, could you
come here for a moment.
(ominous music)
These officers would like to see you.
[Robert] What about?
Where were you last Friday at 3:00 p.m.?
At work.
[Detective] Can you prove that?
Yeah, check my time card.
What's going on here?
Last Friday afternoon the main branch
of the Logan City Bank was robbed.
A police officer was shot and killed.
And what's that got to do with Robert
He's a parolee ma'am, and he fits
the general description of the killer.
Don't you read the parole reports?
Robert is doing wonderfully.
He lives with his sister,
he has a great job,
he didn't do anything.
That's all right.
This is a homicide, we
got to cover all the bases.
What do you expect,
they're just doing their job.
We may need to call you in for a lineup.
Well a con's got to do
what a con's got to do.
No, a con's got to do
what we say he's got to do.
On Friday when I was in Atlantic City,
after David took Mandy,
you went to work right?
Yes, clocked in and everything.
Nancy worked that day
too, she'll vouch for me.
Don't worry about it.
You know for a man who
doesn't actually lived with you,
you sure are cooking Robert a lot, I mean.
I have to cook for Mandy
anyway and Robert likes it.
After prison food I come
off like Wolfgang Puck.
So you think you might
rejoin the world again?
See some friends even?
I don't know, Robert needs
all my attention right now.
Every little detail of life
that we take for granted,
it's all brand new for him.
But I miss you.
You know there's something new.
Oh it's a gift from Robert.
Isn't it sweet?
He gives you a watch worth
maybe five grand, you call sweet.
Oh come now, I'm sure it's just a fake.
If that's a fake, it's
the best one I've ever seen.
Lynn it can't be real.
Well it is an older model
but it's worth about $5,000.
Are you sure?
Quite sure.
(ominous music)
Are you interested in selling it?
[Robert] So, you got a hot date?
Wouldn't you like to know.
[Robert] I'll see you tomorrow.
[Robert] Bye.
(suspenseful music)
[Robert] Well surprise, surprise.
You have to take this back.
[Robert] I'm not gonna take it back.
Don't ever spy on me.
[Janet] It's a crazy waste of money.
[Robert] Never again.
Okay, no more spying, I just want to know
how you got the money to pay for this?
If you think you can
crack a whip over me,
you're making a big mistake.
I just want an answer.
I'm paying 50 bucks a month
for the rest of my life, okay.
Someone gave you credit?
A hell of a lot more
credit than I got from you.
(suspenseful music)
[Reporter] They were
taken to the hospital,
but no word yet on their condition.
In other news today,
Officer Karen Hollister,
32, mother of a young son,
and wife of police officer
Wayne Hollister, shot to
death during an armed robbery
at Logan City Bank will be laid to rest
with full police honors
at Pinewood Cemetery.
Her killer is still at large.
State lawmakers are (talking fading out)
(Janet screaming)
[Robert] Hiding something?
Don't scare me like that.
Don't tell me what to do.
No one's hiding anything.
I know, just kidding.
I just popped by to say
hi on my way to work.
You came all the way by just to say hi?
Well, I'm off to the salt mines.
[Janet] Have a great day.
[Janet] Mandy your
ride is here, let's go.
(soft music)
(ominous music)
(Janet sobbing)
(suspenseful music)
(guns firing)
(suspenseful music)
Mom, what's going on, you're scaring me.
I just need to take you someplace.
[Mandy] Where are we going?
Just get in the car Mandy.
(suspenseful music)
[Mandy] Mom, why didn't you tell me
we were going to Nana's house?
[Janet] Because I didn't know.
(suspenseful music)
Did something happen?
No, no, everything is fine.
Why don't you go inside and let Nana make
you a sandwich, okay sweetie.
(ominous music)
Can she stay here?
Sure yeah, of course.
Please tell me what's going on?
It's nothing, nothing
to worry about Dad.
This has something to
do with Robert doesn't it?
(Janet sobbing)
I think I got fooled Dad.
What happened?
He happened.
What the hell has he done to you?
I swear, if he's hurt you at all.
No, no I'm okay.
And it's not your
responsibility it's mine.
Just watch Mandy for me.
Yeah of course honey, of course.
What time is it?
I gotta go.
I love you Dad.
I love you too.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(phone ringing)
Hi, where you been?
I been calling for hours.
I ran some errands.
What errands?
I got a call from school, Mandy's sick.
What's wrong?
I think it's the flu.
I took her to David's so
you wouldn't catch it.
You didn't need to do that.
Oh that's the last thing you need
getting sick on a new job.
Don't treat me like a baby.
I'm not.
I'm doing that kid's
reading circle thing today.
I thought you were coming.
Oh Robert I'm sorry,
I completely forgot.
I can't make it now.
Thanks for your support.
I'll catch the next one.
I gotta go, I've got a
late hair appointment.
Well at least meet
me for dinner, Mario's.
Sure, bye.
Detective Chuck Sanford please.
(suspenseful music)
(children screaming)
(laughing) Who's ready
for Robert's Reading Circle?
What are we reading today?
The bullets in the bank got smashed
in the marble walls,
we've got no ballistics.
So pull a warrant, search Janet's house,
there's got to be something.
Okay, and what if we come up dry, hmm?
And we still don't have enough to convict
and the guys on the first plan to Syria.
We've got the wristwatch.
We can't link it to the bank.
Come on the guy bought his
girlfriend a present, so what?
What about Janet's safety?
You know we got to put Moss back in prison
where he can't hurt her.
For now there's nothing we can do.
We don't have enough evidence.
What if he confesses?
I'll wear a wire, I think
I can get it out of him.
What the hell are you talking about?
I will make a tape recording
of Robert confessing.
Will that do it?
Hell yes.
Janet do you have any
idea how dangerous this is?
No way, I will don't let you do it.
Chuck that officer's
blood is on my hands.
Janet, a dozen experts agreed
with your parole recommendation.
He passed the lie detector test.
The warden himself backed his release.
Moss fooled everybody,
it's not your fault.
He's gonna slip up, I'll get it on tape.
I owe it to that officer's family.
You don't owe them your life.
Chuck I have to do this.
I need to do this.
Get the wire.
We'll monitor in shifts, I'll never
be more then 50 yards away.
Starting tomorrow.
[Chuck] Tomorrow?
Tonight all the vans are on assignment.
Oh man, no it's off then.
Janet we can't do this
until we can monitor you.
No, no, it has to be
tonight, it has to be tonight.
Janet please.
At any moment, he could
realize that I know.
Fine, wire her up.
I will tail you myself, okay.
You'll carry the recorder, I won't be able
to hear what's going down,
but I'll be close by.
And if he starts to suspect
anything, run, you got it?
Just tack this back here.
Oh no, no, if he hugs me he'll feel it.
Maybe on the back of my thigh.
Turn around, turn around.
[Chuck] Turning around.
Oh God.
What took you?
Traffic, what's the pill for?
I got a headache.
I'm sorry.
Your hair doesn't look like
you went to the beauty shop.
Yeah, I didn't get there after all.
[Robert] Then where'd you go?
Thank you.
I went to get medicine for Mandy.
I should go right over there and knock
the smile right off that guy's face.
What's wrong?
He's starring at me. (chuckles)
Honey nobody's looking at you?
You think I'm I'd make it up?
I survived maximum security!
Don't tell me what I do and don't see.
Okay, sorry.
Where the hell were you?
I picked up medicine for Mandy
and then I dropped her off at David's.
God, I can't wait to get out of here.
Oh Janet, Janet, Janet, Janet, you are
the only one I can trust anymore.
(ominous music)
You haven't said a whole hell
of a lot since the restaurant.
I'm coming down with Mandy's flu.
(suspenseful music)
No fever.
Robert, you know I've
been running all day.
I need a bath.
What the hell's going
on with you anyway?
You've been acting real strange all night.
What about you, making a
scene in a crowded restaurant?
I don't like people starring at me?
They weren't starring at you
until you started shouting.
It's just like you, turn it all
around and point the finger at me.
(soft music)
How did you pay for this?
I already told you.
You're lying, no jewelry store
would give you this much credit.
So I bought it from a friend.
What friend?
The tooth fairy, what's it to you?
It's everything to me.
When I went to Atlantic City
you said you went to work.
What else did you do?
I washed dishes.
(glass shattering)
I do a good job don't I?
(upbeat rock music)
We need to talk.
Yeah, you got some
more rules for me warden?
Nancy at the bookstore, you said
she'd do anything for you.
Does that include lying and saying
you went to work on Friday?
(Robert laughing)
What have you done Robert?
I do what I want.
Tell me.
So you wanna know all
about my latest crime.
Huh, you want to compare notes?
How many people did you have
to kill this week to scrape by?
Did you rob that bank?
(suspenseful music)
Are you sure you really want to know?
(Janet breathing heavily)
(suspenseful music)
You get me so mad.
You know what else?
God you turn me on.
You just got me so furious.
I'm sorry.
(suspenseful music)
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Okay, not until I've had my bath okay.
(upbeat music)
Yeah, it's Chuck is Janet there?
(pounding on door)
Janet, whey the hell is the door locked?
You know I hate locked doors.
Sorry I forgot.
Who's Chuck?
He's on the phone.
Everything okay, you need me in there?
No everything's fine.
No I want to keep things as they are.
I'll see you tomorrow, bye.
Who the hell is Chuck?
He's just someone from work.
He just wanted to change a
meeting time for tomorrow.
I want to brush my teeth.
I can't brush my teeth?
Who cares, get in the bath with me.
(suspenseful music)
(upbeat music)
(party goers talking and laughing)
(Janet sobbing)
We make love, you turn
into something wild.
Yes, tell me about the bank Robert.
[Robert] I like banks.
You ask a bank teller just right,
she'll do just about anything for you.
What happened at the bank?
No more pussyfooting around now.
Just come out and ask big
bad Robert to confess.
I can make you do anything, anything.
Did you kill that cop?
Everything was slipping out of control.
You don't know what it's like.
The humiliation of being a
nobody, in control of nothing.
I wanted to take care of you
instead of you always taking care of me.
I wanted everything I couldn't have.
I wanted, and feeling
the power just once more.
I didn't mean to hurt anybody.
So now you know.
(Janet sobbing)
(suspenseful music)
I trusted you, I trusted you!
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
This is repayment for
such a wonderful gift.
My God, you're the best I've ever seen.
The best what?
Total manipulator.
You sensed the danger
and you loved me for that.
Yes, I'll give you that.
But I believed in you.
You think you know me.
Like outta some textbook.
Do you think I really give a damn
whether you shoot me or not?
(suspenseful music)
(Janet screaming)
Janet, you're just not a killer are you?
Get away from the door.
That cop was just at the
wrong place at the wrong time.
I had no choice.
It's just my bad luck.
(sighing heavily)
So what is it trying to think
about your last moments?
About the cop in the bank.
About not being here to
see my daughter grow up.
And about how wrong I was about you.
Well don't feel too bad,
I spent my whole life fooling people.
See, I robbed that bank because I
really wanted to give you that watch.
the thing is,
I love you.
I've loved you since the
first moment I saw you
looking through that dirty window.
And I will love you 'til the day I die.
(suspenseful music)
(both sobbing)
(gun firing)
(door rattling)
[Chuck] Janet, Janet!
(glass shattering)
(doors clanging)
(suspenseful music)
(horns honking)
(suspenseful music)
(happy music)
(upbeat music)