Passport to Shame (1958) Movie Script

Careful miss.
You nearly went in the gutter.
Hey Mike look, ain't she a beauty.
Expensive though I bet.
Not that one, this one.
Ah, you couldn't afford either.
I'll get that deposit by Monday,
I've made up my mind.
Yeah and I'm gonna be
queen of the May.
I'll get it...
no matter what it costs,
what it is I'm gonna get it.
Mike, I'm gonna get it.
185, 190, 200, correct?
Thank you very much Mr...
Hadril, yes yes. By
Monday she'll be all mine.
You should see her,
she's a beauty.
Anyone'd think it
was a pretty girl.
More important than a
pretty girl for the moment.
I don't think you
quite understand.
This is a taxi, it's
the beginning of a...
a whole fleet of taxis. I don't
know, maybe 5 years from now...
Repayments on the first
of the month, alright?
Oh sure.
Thank you very much Mr Hadril.
And listen, if you want a free
ride you know where to get me.
United Loan Company
Oh yes
How long?
He's only a kid mister and he's sick.
I'm sorry, no security, no loan.
But I've absolutely no security.
Don't worry about security, your
signature is perfectly good
I assure you, as long
as we can help you.
It's terribly kind of you,
I been so worried.
You look quite happy now.
Thank you.
Paris called. There's a 5 minute delay on
the line but they might come through sooner.
She looked a good prospect.
She'll never be able to pay.
Anything from Vienna?
No, but Zurich have got two girls for us
and there's still Paris.
United Loan Company.
Oh yes, hold on a moment.
Your Paris call.
Hello Aggie, how's tricks?
You have? Good.
Hold on a second.
Paris have a girl for us.
Got a husband ready?
Cab driver, just been
in here. Dead broke.
What's she like?
Here name's Malou.
I think you'll agree with me.
We're fixing it now.
Malou, watch the till for a moment?
31,740 ok.
May I have another coffee please.
Did you get throught
to London alright?
Yes thank you.
You we're very lucky. Sometimes
it's very difficult to hear.
I would never make a call
from here. It's too noisy.
This was business
that couldn't wait.
I hope it was successful.
I left for a second and
5,000 francs is missing.
What do you mean?
Where's the money?
I didn't take any money.
And what's this?
1, 2, 3, 4... 5,000 francs.
I didn't take any money.
You little thief.
I'm calling the police.
No, please don't.
He says I took money from him.
Oh nonsense. You didn't touch a penny.
Don't shout at me you... foreigner.
What's the French word for liar?
Vous menteur.
Alright how much, how much,
how much are you short?
Well come on, combien?
Don't you understand French?
Cinq milles francs madam.
5000 francs, but don't madam,
I didn't take any.
A donnez-moi...
What the hell's the word for change?
The money yes, and quick, vite vite.
You shouldn't madam, I didn't.
Get your things dear.
You're coming with me.
I don't understand a word you're talking
about and perhaps it's just as well.
Ready dear?
Hey it's Johnny.
So he did get his new car.
He's like a kid with a new toy.
Hey watch out, this man's crazy.
Poor Johnny, it's your new cab.
I saw the whole thing.
Did you get the number?
No i'm afraid not.
I could give a description of the
lorry to the police and they might...
Alot of good that'll do.
Well, it's better than nothing.
I don't think we should let these people
get away with this kind of thing.
Come, let me give you
my name and address.
Let's slip in there.
I had her three days.
Three days.
Well here's my name and
one of my addresses.
Hey, what regiment were
you with during the war?
Canadian highlanders.
Marines me.
Do you remember Dieppe?
The only thing I can remember
is the money I owe.
These money lenders, who are they?
United loan company.
United loan, oh yes.
I know them, off Dean Street.
Yes well, maybe I can help you.
You come there tomorrow at noon.
Don't forget, at noon.
You don't even know me.
At Dieppe one of you mob pulled me
off the beach and saved my life.
Cost him half his leg.
I didn't know him either.
Your property now, sir.
You know i'm fixed.
Gonna be a long time before
I can pay that back.
Have that one on Dieppe.
Where's that...
Nick, we still have a couple
of rooms empty next door.
I filled them, two girls from Zurich.
Where's that French girl?
Paris is getting her a passport. It
takes a day or two so I came on ahead.
She should be here tomorrow
to start her new job.
What job?
Companion to a nice,
kind English lady.
You're going to keep her here?
Of course. I tell you
Nick, she's a special.
Alright. Don't wear that
dress when you meet her.
You look like a...
a what, Nick?
Wear those tailored suits
I had made for you.
What's the matter? Saville Row.
Natty tie, elegant shoes,
Eton hat...
and an umbrella.
Quite the gentleman.
What's wrong with that?
You're still just a kid
from the East End Nick.
Fortune telling.
I'll have a car meet
that French girl.
Did you say East End?
Don't you ever bring that up again.
Or I will kill you.
What did he want?
Oh nothing. Finish reading the cards.
Next door's buzzing like a beehive.
The girls are busting the...
Let them bust.
Now come on. Where were we?
A letter, and some money.
Nick never gives money away.
I wasn't talking about Nick. I was
just telling you what the cards say.
What does it say about getting married?
Well, there's a middle-aged fair man.
I wonder could it be this one.
Widower, 53, steady job, own home...
seeks companionable lady of refined
taste with a view to marriage.
What's the joke?
You and your respectable prospects.
You've been reading those
matrimonial journals for 2 years now.
You'll never leave Nick.
I want to, the way he acts now.
And I will too, if the
right man comes along.
Well the cards say you're
not getting married until...
The cards.
You don't know how
to read them anyway.
Won't get married til when?
When do the cards say?
Aggie, I need a new bed
for my sister Maria.
She can't sleep properly
on that one.
We haven't got any beds.
Besides, your sister isn't
one of the working girls.
What about the bed in there?
It's booked.
Now come on, when do the cards say?
Do I get that bed for Maria?
Vicky, read the cards.
Oh very well.
Take the bed from room 43.
That one's reserved
for a new girl.
A special.
Here, they're all yours. My...
niece won't need them now.
But I can't.
Come on, take your things off.
Especially that mac.
And you won't need that hat.
Is that your best frock?
It's my only one.
Try this.
It's beautiful.
It should fit you.
Damn, now I have to fix this stocking.
You know I bet this new girl doesn't
have to mend her own clothes.
Oh stop moaning. You
do alright don't you?
Come along my dear.
I'll help you into it.
Anyone at home?
You know Nick, for a moment
you looked like a customer.
Cut it out. -You took the
words right out of my mouth.
Now remember this girl's
valuable property.
She's not going to
be easy to handle.
How do you know?
Experience... and instinct.
A woman is like a guitar,
it depends on the player.
And you're a maestro.
Now this first thing we've got
to do is to get a husband.
I've got one.
And so I told the old lady
exactly what my lawyer told me...
the only thing to do is to get the
girl married off to a British subject.
Then she won't need a labour permit
and all her troubles will be over.
But of course, I haven't got
an eligible bachelor handy.
Except you.
I can't afford to keep a
taxi, never mind a wife!
Ah well, you know best.
Of course all you'd have to do
is to go through the ceremony.
Afterwards we get the marriage annuled.
You know, for non-consumation.
Two minutes and it's all over.
The old lady, she's so keen to
keep that girl as her companion...
she'd give you 200 and think
of you as doing her a favour.
Course you'd have your own cab again.
And you'd be doing me a favour too.
Favour, every time I meet
you I'm making money.
Look, here is my lawyer's card.
Go and see him. I'm sure
he can fix up something.
Good evening Mr Biaggi.
I'll marry her for half the
price, how about that?
You know the girl I
was talking about...
she's pretty too.
Vicky, I want you to...
Good looker isn't she?
So was my sister once.
That was Nick. I'd
nothing to do with it.
You know that don't you?
She's talking about suicide again...
Vicky I've got to go out for a few
minutes, keep your eye on Malou will you.
Why me?
Because you're the only one Nick
will allow in the other house.
And don't forget, shut the
connecting door after you.
Oh, hello.
Hello. I'm Vicky.
Are you a friend of Ms Agatha?
What have you got there?
I just saved it from
breaking his neck.
You know, you remind me of someone.
I shall call him 'Mignon'.
Means cute.
Mignon. Mignon. Mignon.
Have you known Ms Agatha long?
Aggie? Long enough.
You like it here?
Oh I love it.
Never had such a job.
You can believe that.
No thank you.
Do you think she'll let me keep it?
I don't see why not.
We've all gotta have
something in this life.
Yes, a decent job.
And I've got one here.
What do you work at?
Don't you work at all?
Oh yes, i'm in the
entertainment business.
Really, what do you do?
No I mean, what sort of...
Oh don't ask so many damn
questions you worse than a kid.
Look, don't take
any notice of me.
I'm like that at times.
It's alright.
You know you do look like her.
Like she was.
My kid sister.
Malou darling, I want you to meet my business
adviser and good friend, Nick Biaggi.
How do you do?
Better as a friend than
a business adviser i'm afraid.
Hello Vicky, what an
unexpected pleasure.
Well now I've been trying to
get you a working permit.
There isn't any
difficulty is there?
I'm afraid there is.
A very serious one.
The official quota has run out and no more
permits are being issued until next year.
But what am I going to do?
There isn't anything she can
do except go back to France.
I can't!
The police.
Oh miss Agatha. I won't
leave you, I won't.
Isn't there any way?
I've consulted four solicitors and only one
of them an any sort of suggestion at all.
But that i'm afraid was quite crazy.
What was it?
Oh it's not worth talking
about I assure you.
May I help myself to a drink? Would
you care for one? - No thanks
But what was it?
Well he said the only thing would
be one of those one-day marriages.
You marry a British subject and
then have the marriage annulled.
Oh, you mean a 'Mariage blanc'?
You never see the man after the ceremony.
Many French girls did that after
the war to get to America.
It's not so terrible is it?
But where should we find a husband?
And you think he's giving
you 200 quid as a favour?
You actually believe this malarkey?
Pass me the wrench.
You can read it in all the papers.
How they bring these girls over
just to get them British passports.
So that they can't be deported when
they put them out on the streets.
Well don't you ever read the papers?
Yeah I read the papers.
Must be a blocked fuel pipe.
Do you want to press the starter?
You don't even know what his name is.
Nick what?
Nick Biaggi.
Biaggi, don't you know who he is?
Why he's the biggest pro...
Look Johnny face up to it will ya.
Suppose... suppose... Johnny I'm
trying to say something to ya.
Look suppose it's a tart he's brought over.
I don't care who he's bringing
over. He's my friend.
Look Johhny, suppose it's an
innocent girl he's brought over.
What are you trying to make
out of me, a boy scout?
All my chances got smashed
like the cab got smashed.
That's life... It get rough sometimes.
Oh you're gonna start telling
me what life's about?
Rough... It's a glorified rat race.
And I'm gonna start running til I get
out front with all the smart guys.
And I don't care how rough it gets.
The Sundown Club, Curzon Street,
Mr Sanderson.
I think he's had quite a few.
Think about it Johnny.
Hello gorgeous.
Got a hot tip for you
Try How's ya father in the 3.30.
Best horse of the day in all.
Is he in?
Sammy White's waiting and
so's Nick's taxi driver.
When the girl arrives i'll see
her and the taxi driver together.
Send Sammy White in.
Will you come in please Mr White.
Well Mr White, what sort of perjury
can we commit for you today?
Well all I can tell you...
Mr Heath? -Oh he won't keep you
long. Will you take a seat.
Thank you.
Nice day isn't it?
You wouldn't be...
no you couldn't be.
I beg your pardon.
Nothing, nothing.
Go ahead.
Would you care for a cigarette?
No thank you.
You're from the continent
aren't you? -Yes, France.
France, wonderful country.
Have you been there?
Yeah, once during the war.
We did a raid on the Brittany coast.
At dawn. Very beautiful.
Sand dunes and the pines
coming out of the mist.
Do you know you could practically smell
the pines as you were getting closer.
Then the spandaus opened up.
They were hidden in
the pines.
My brother was killed in the war.
What part of France
do you come from?
Ah Paris.
Is it really as gay
as everybody says?
Not when you're hungry or frightened.
Have you seen any of the
English countryside?
You should, it's beautiful,
real beautiful.
Beautiful as... oh well.
This waiting around just drives me mad.
What are you here for?
Oh, just some legal business.
And you?
Well, yeah, that's what i'm
here for, legal business too.
Don't worry about a thing Mr White.
Ah Ms Beaucaire, oh & Mr McVey too.
The bride and the groom have met.
It's quite simple really, we defray all
incidental expenses, even the ring. Try this.
Try this.
Oh it seems a bit loose.
Oh it'll do.
Is there anything else
you want to know about?
No, I don't think so.
The perfect marriage.
One day only.
You want that cigarette now?
Thank you.
Been in this racket a long time?
Game, business. Whatever you call it.
Don't act stupid.
Don't you be rude. Do you
think I enjoy doing this?
What are you doing it for?
And what are you doing it for?
For the money honey.
I do it for my job.
It's the first decent job i've had.
Yes decent.
Good food, good clothes
and no worries.
And the woman I work for is kind.
What about Nick Biaggi?
He's just a friend of hers.
And when he knew I had
to have British passport...
he said there were plenty of men
who'd marry a girl out of price.
He was right there wasn't he?
I don't know why I feel miserable.
Not bad.
That's not yours.
It is now.
A souvenir of my beloved wife.
Why are you like that?
What have I done?
Oh nothing.
Want it back?
It doesn't matter.
It's funny...
my mother used to say "Marriage is forever".
I think I prefer the fresh air.
I need it more than you do dear.
Repeat after me...
I call upon these persons here present
to witness that I Jonathan McVey...
I call upon these persons here present
to witness that I Jonathan McVey...
Do take thee Marie Lousie Beaucaire
to be my lawful wedded wife.
Do take thee Marie Lousie
Beaucaire to be my...
To be my lawful wedded wife.
To be my lawful wedded wife.
Will you please place the
ring on the bride's finger.
I now have pleasure in
declaring you legally married.
May I wish you good
luck, good luck.
Good luck.
Will you sign the
register please.
Bride and grrom first
and then the witnesses.
The first installment.
What am I supposed to
say, congratulations?
Well you got the
money anyway.
I wonder what it's going to
cost that girl. -Shut up!
You saw what happened. It's
all legit and above board.
You saw the woman she worked for...
That old bag, she was on
the beat 10 years ago.
You're crazy.
Look, who are you trying to
convince Johnny, me or you?
Listen, if anything ever
happened to that girl...
Kind of a nice face
though didn't she?
Nice face.
Come on, we're on
call in 10 minutes.
Well well, here comes the bride.
Poor Mignon, she must be hungry.
Go on, it's time you went to work.
So soon after a wedding?
Have a heart.
I have and it's made of gold.
Go and dig for it.
Little pig, no wonder
you're getting fat.
It was nice though.
You know.
I wouldn't have minded if it
would have been a real marriage.
You think i'm crazy.
Well what do you know about love?
You don't know anything.
Hey where are you going?
Mignon, Mignon come here.
Mignon, Mignon, Mignon.
Mignon please don't be naughty.
Mignon where are you?
Mignon come come.
What was that?
Funny, I thought
I heard something.
Hello, yes, just a moment.
For you sir.
Hello, Aggie, how's tricks?
I told you never to leave
her alone. Stay there.
Yes Nick, yes Nick I will.
I'll be over.
But you see I...
Oh... Mal...
Malou my dear.
Oh but Malou.
Don't touch me.
But Malou what is it?
What's upset you?
Calm down. Now
Malou listen to me.
Let get off me.
Mignon come.
Listen you stupid little...
Nick wants to give you everything.
You're lucky, you could
have it easy, I didn't.
She hit me. She hit me.
It's alright. Let
the boys do it.
Put her on the sofa.
Get out, you too.
I know what you want me for. I
know what you're business is.
I won't do it!
You don't know anything.
You can't keep me here.
Look don't make a scene.
I don't like scenes.
And I don't like
violence so let's...
You know what I did for some of
the girls who used to work for me?
I picked them out of the gutter
and I gave them their chance.
I suppose you thought I was going to put
you in the streets with all the others.
Nonsense, no, not you.
You are going to the best
places with the best people.
And you know what?
No man is going to touch you. Not
for 3 months, 6 months, maybe longer.
But then it's going to be
the right one. A top client.
An ambassador, a visiting diplomat...
a cabinet minister, the cream.
I'm going to take you out of the gutter
and put you in the international set.
You'll be big, you'll be
somebody, bigger than me.
And in 5 years from now...
we'll make a fortune.
That's what i'll do for you.
If you play the cards
the way I deal them.
You'll be reserved for special
customers and for me.
You know what you are?
You're a mug, suck.
You've could had it easy all fo your life.
No. Johnny.
That low-life cab driver, you
turn me down for him you fool?
You could've been my girl.
Come in.
Take her next door. Room 43.
What are you going
to do with her?
I'll teach her. Turning me
down for a cab driver.
Is he in?
Why yes but...
Ah, unexpected but welcome.
I've got these papers...
Where is she?
The one I married.
I've no idea.
No look, just out you're signature there...
Where is she?
If it's a question of money, and it
generally is, i'll try and get it for you.
Where is she?
You spilt me milk.
I'll break your neck.
I've told you, I don't know.
Where's Nick Biaggi?
Yeah, I want his address, otherwise
I'm gonna make a lot of noise.
That's all you want?
June, get Nick on
the telephone quick.
Nick... he's here.
The cab driver's causing trouble.
He wants to see the girl.
He demanded your address.
No, I sent him to Grant Street.
That's the whole story.
Here's a snapshot of her.
And the man behind all
this is Nick Biaggi.
Why don't you call in the police?
Don't be daft. What've we got on him?
We don't even know if
she's working for him yet.
And the police'll be asking Johnny
some fuuny questions about...
marrying a French girl
just to get a passport.
Alright, she's our
business. Hey boys?
Sooner or later she's gonna
wind up on the streets
like all the Biaggi girls.
And that's our chance.
Now you all know what
she looks like?
The minute you spot her telephone
Miriam, she knows what to do.
And what are you going to do?
I'm going to do the rest.
I've told all the other
boys so everyone's primed.
Take Park Lane, Oxford Street,
Shaftsbury Avenue, Piccadilly...
is a rough square, she's
bound to be in it.
It's up to you and them and luck.
Don't worry Johnny, I'll
be praying for you.
First call Bond Street.
Hello dearie.
Sorry, wrong face.
I'm hungry, give me
something, anything.
If you want food you
got to work for it.
I gave you your chance.
You could've been...
I go the police, I'll
go back to France.
You are wanted by the police
in France for the cafe job.
Remember? We framed you.
Get Maria.
I won't do it. I don't care if
you kill me. I won't, I won't.
Have a look at her face.
No, no.
See what a few drops
of acid can do?
Maria too was a girl who
wouldn't look at a man.
Now no man will look at her.
What's this?
You killed that man.
I couldn't have, I couldn't
have killed a man.
The pictures prove you did.
No, no.
You did my dear.
They're fake, They're fake.
You try and convince
somebody else of that.
And now?
Put her on the streets.
Nick, you're crazy. She'll
go straight to...
It's alright, her first customer
will be one of the boys.
Try and pull yourself together.
It's the only way. You must try.
Malou. Go on.
For your own sake, try.
I can't.
Don't think about it, just do it.
Malou, they're watching you.
I don't care if they kill me.
They'll do worse than that you
little fool. Don't you realise?
You saw Maria didn't you?
You saw what they did to her.
My kid sister.
The one that used
to look like you.
Blue 47, are you reading?
For crying out loud, Blue 47.
Mike's found her. Bayswater
road near Flanders place.
Ok Miriam.
Assistance Bayswater Road,
Johnny's on his way.
There may be trouble.
Everybody near stand by.
Do you really think
there'll be trouble?
Are you kidding? With Mike there he'd
sooner fight than have his breakfast.
I think i'm ill.
That's the stuff they gave
you. It'll wear off.
Go on.
Alright sweetie.
Get the girl away Johnny.
Leave this lot to me.
Well come on never mind about him,
they're getting the girl away.
Well come on, get after them, scarper.
Are you alright?
Yeah I'm alright.
It's you again.
Come on, get up.
They're coming closer.
And then they said the French
police want me for stealing...
But they framed me, I didn't
steal anything Johnny.
And... And when I refused to...
you know what.
Nick beat me.
And then he gave me something,
a cigarette or something...
and when I came to,
they said I killed a man.
I don't know Johnny, I don't know.
You didn't kill anyone.
That was a frame up too.
Oh maybe it's all lies.
I don't know but...
I just feel lost.
I'm gonna make you some coffee.
You know there are 72
ways of making coffee?
That's what some guy told me. I
frankly think he was kidding me.
Johnny you don't understand.
They wanted me to...
Look. Real cream, top of the milk.
I always save it for coffee.
Oh Johnny you...
Stop, you're with me, you're
alright. Nothing to worry about.
I don't want to cause
you any more trouble.
Well, didn't you're mother say
that marriage was forever?
Drink your coffee and shut up.
But you just can't accept me
as a wife like... like that.
Look, you've been very kind I understand.
But this was business arrangement.
You had no choice.
From the moment I set eyes
on you I had no choice.
But it isn't fair to
you, listen Johnny I...
Malou, I think that's very
good coffee. And you know...
I've got a spare room that my mother
uses when she comes to town.
You have a mother?
What type of a crack is
that? Doesn't everyone?
Don't look at me like that.
I can't explain these things.
You know when I, I went to the fights...
and I'd 5 pounds in my
pocket and my fare home.
And there was a skinny little bantam-
weight of a kid climbing into the ring.
He was the skinniest little
thing you ever saw.
And I was sitting close to
him and he looked down at me...
and gave me a funny little smile.
And suddenly I got that feeling.
I took those 5 pounds out my
pocket, gave it to the bookmaker...
and I pointed to the kid.
I didn't even know his name. And all
the while this kid was watching me.
Brother when he came out of that
ring, when that bell sounded...
He was in there right,
left, left, right.
Either you
belive or you don't believe.
That's French, that sounds
pretty. What does it mean?
The heart has reasons that
reason doesn't understand.
Let's not try to understand.
It's a beautiful night.
It's raining.
I feel good.
So do I.
You look good too.
You look a little tired.
I'll go fix your bed.
I can do that.
You stay right here and do me
just one little favour will you?
Drink your coffee.
What's the use of my
making good coffee if...
There's something you should know.
Nothing did happen
to me in that awful house.
Thanks to you.
Go to sleep.
He wanna put a big steak on that eye.
You want something?
No n...
Coz you might find it.
We was just going.
Forget it Mike. The men
didn't look at me.
Two more coffees please.
When a woman's out
with me I pay.
I'm not a woman, I'm a...
You're a woman and
you're out with me.
There's no need to be so tough.
Why's a girl like you on the game?
And why don't I
mind my own business?
I need money.
Who doesn't?
I need it quick.
What for?
I have a kid sister.
And you want to send her to college?
I want to send her to
hospital for an operation.
How's the head?
Singng like the birds of dawn.
Hey, it is dawn.
Yeah good, fine. Ok me lad,
see you in a half hour.
Well, you can stop worrying.
That was Mike, he says that
Vicky's ok and so is he.
You have a good friend in Mike.
So have you in Vicky.
Oh I love French cooking.
But it's only eggs.
Yes but there's that certain
something you know.
You do your own cooking?
Well sure, always. See with the...
But you do not wash
your curtains do you?
Why you're talking to the future executive
of the McVey taxicab Co Inc Ltd etc.
Oh I'm going to be busy this morning.
Why you get yourself busy right
over here and have your breakfast.
I can't believe it.
Everything, it's wonderful.
What's wonderful?
I don't know, the way I
feel, this place.
Oh it isn't much of a place.
It's a beautiful place.
You must be a little
crazy in ze head.
You are right. It has
changed. It's wonderful.
The time is now 7:40.
Hey I'm going to be late.
My husband.
Hey listen i'll get fired, i'll get
sacked. And me with a wife to keep.
Ah yes a wife.
Hey tomorrow I'm free. We'll
go out to the country and...
walk under the trees by the river.
It'll be wonderful Won't it?
What am I shouting about?
Cigar mate, cigar.
You won the Irish sweep?
No, I got married.
Thought you got married last...
I got married today. Cigar.
You're doing it wrong. Cigars
are for when your has a baby.
Oh i'm doing it wrong.
Well have one anyway.
Cigar mate.
Thanks ally.
Here we go.
Miriam my love.
A cigar for you.
Hey fellas, just in
time for a cigar.
Help yourself. Oh that reminds me.
Excuse me gentlemen but I
do have to phone my wife.
Like a kid isn't he?
No, like a man.
Cmon baby, answer that phone.
Hey it's still ringing isn' it?
Well maybe she's gone
out to do some shopping.
Oh no she had to do alot
of work, wash the curtains.
Johnny what...
Is he trying to get
home before the lodger?
Ah, my old pal the cab driver.
Where is she?
Come to pay me back some
of the money you owe me.
Or would you like some more?
Where is she?
She's not for you.
People don't break their word to me.
Any answer?
Well it's ringing.
Love must be deaf
as well as blind.
He's been gone over an hour.
Where are you off to?
I'm gonna see what's up.
He'll be as welcome
as a wet sunday.
Take it easy kid, it's me.
Mike, they took Malou.
I gotta go to her.
You're going to a doctor, that's
the only place you're gonna go.
Got no time.
Well it's a good job they
hit you on the head.
They couldn't have known
what it was made of.
Oh Johnny.
What do you think?
Send her back to France.
I've spent money on that girl.
What do you think?
What about?
Listen Heath this is important.
So's this if you still want
the Lindon Street property.
I want the girl Malou, I mean
I want to talk about her.
What do you think we
should do with her?
Get rid of her.
Didn't you hear? I've
spent money on that...
Cut your losses, you've
done it before.
This is different.
It's different.
It's not only the money.
You think it's only the money?
I've wanted to make her into my...
I wanted to make something
of her, make her big.
Get her out of the gutter.
Maybe she prefers the gutter.
Maybe she prefers the gutter.
Did you find Vicky?
She's outside.
Get her.
You know the ratable value on
this place seems rather high.
I think we should lodge an appeal.
I've wanted to make her big.
Ah, you, you were out
with Malou last night.
Do you think we can
make anything of her?
I don't think so she's...
she's just not the type.
There are such girls you know.
She could be trained.
Well couldn't she?
You can train any girl, or break her.
She's not worth the trouble Nick.
Ok, if you all say she's not worth
the trouble, she's useless...
if you all say so, we'll
have to get rid of her.
Fine, i'll get her
back to France tonight.
I said get rid of her.
Take my advice unless you
want to face a murder charge.
Losing your nerve?
No, keeping my head.
Keep your advice too.
It's yours, you pay for
it one way or the other.
Get out! All of you.
I'll have to get rid
of her, she's useless.
You're not gonna stand by
and let them do this?
Look, it's nothing to
do with me any longer.
But, just...
Look, it's the cab driver's business...
He doesn't know where to
find her either does he?
Vicky, Vicky, come quickly,
it's your sister.
Hurry Vicky, it's Malia.
Don't go in there duck,
it's too late.
But what did she do?
She's killed herself.
Mayfair cabs.
No miss, I'm sorry,
he's not on duty now.
Well it's not good going on
like that, I don't know.
No miss I'm sorry, we're not
allowed to give private addresses.
Oh, well I...
Yeah yeah yeah.
Oh do come in.
It's Malou, they're gonna kill her.
Johnny, you gotta do something.
Did Nick send you?
Please, you don't understand.
Alright, I'll get Mike,
he'll know what to do.
Not so fast, where is she?
She's at number 21 Blake Street where
I work. Nick's got her locked up.
I'll call the boys and they'll
get her out there in no time.
If you go in there with those boys...
that'll give Nick plenty of time
to get her out of the back entrance.
You gotta go in there alone.
There's only one guy guarding her
room so all you have to do is...
What's the matter?
Well how we gonna get
you into the house?
I'll be your customer.
Come on, get dressed.
My back still aches from that beating.
Hey what about the guy that's on guard?
I'll fix him.
You'll see.
With any luck you should both
be out of there by 4 o'clock.
Well, just in case.
Hello Mike,
I want you to come to 21 Blake street
at 3.45 with a whole bunch of boys.
At 4 o'clock, if i'm not outta that
house, you come and get me.
And tell Miriam to put out an
assistance call for 4. That's right.
Let's go.
It's on the next floor, room 43.
Now give me a few minutes just
to get rid of the boyfriend...
and you go in there
and get her quietly.
Only be careful because the
place is full of Nick's boys.
Hello. Looking for a girl?
I got one. Just waiting for her.
Some other time.
Sure, you know where I live.
Don't drop in to tea will you. Bye.
Don't you talk to any strange men.
Not without a chaser.
I haven't got a chaser.
I have.
In here.
You crazy?
but not for a drink.
Assistance Blake Street,
assistance Blake Street.
Trouble, everyone there
at 4 o'clock.
4 o'clock.
Taxi, taxi.
Assistance Blake Street,
assistance Blake Street.
Johnny's in trouble.
Well damn.
Malou, it's me Johnny.
Go away please.
No it's me, it's Johnny.
I don't believe you.
It's another trick.
Keep clear, i'm gonna
break the door in.
Go away please.
I said i'd show you.
Malou's room.
Get the others.
It's nearly time now.
Hey come on fellas, out, quick. Come on.
Alright boys, come on.
Hey what's happening?
What are they going to do?
Get them.
Come on.
Malou. She musn't get away.
Keep going, i'll take care of 'em.
In here, quick.
Vicky what are you...
I've got to hide.
In there.
Quick, quick, get her out.
You alright?
Yeah. Let's get outta here.
Have they gone?
They're gone.
Good work, open up.
I said open up.
Vicky, what the hell are you doing?
Vicky, have you gone crazy?
Let me out please.
Where's Vicky?
Vicky, I've got fifty thousand
downstairs. Half of it is yours.
I'll give you...
I don't want your money.
Give me back my sister.
What are you talking about? Vicky.
Give me back my sister's life.
You took it.
Don't go Mike you'll get killed.
Hold onto her and don't let her go.
No Johnny don't go. Johnny.
Hey Mike, Mike.
Vicky, Vicky, open up.
Get her out quick.
Come up somebody and get
me down. Get a move on.
Right lads, but take it easy
now, he's a tricky customer.
Steady, steady.
What's the matter with you all? Come on.
Are you alright?
I think so.
Where are you going?
I'm after Nick Biaggi.
Oh leave him be, he's gone back.
I've got money, i'll pay you.
I'll pay you as much as you like.
The street'll be full of policemen
now. They'll deal with him.
Come on.
I can't leave Biaggi
out there to die.
Johnny come back.
I'll pay you.
No Johnny no.
Go back Johnny, go back.
Come on back here, we
can get out this way.
Right, up you go and don't rush them.
Give them a chance to quieten down.
Easy there, easy.
You can't get in there.
I'm trying to save your
life Nick, now come back.
Hold on.
I can't hold on much longer,
it's getting too hot.
I'm gonna take you with me.
Nick, Nick.
Nick, oh Nick.
Come on, you're alright.
Oh Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.
No no.
I'm only crying because...
I know, perhaps it's best this way.
Come on my cab's over there.
Oh Johnny, when I saw you up there I...
Don't worry, it's all over now.
I'll be seeing ya.