Pataas (2015) Movie Script

"Oh World famous..."
"...your story,
your preaching is our Bhagavad-Gita."
"Oh World famous..."
"...your greatness,
your history builds our future."
"Immortal leader."
"Accept our greetings."
"Accept our greetings."
"Accept our greetings."
- May I come in, sir?
- Come in, Ramesh.
The engineer fighting against
the illegal constructions of GK...
...GK has threatened to kill him, sir.
That officer has complained against GK.
Sir, GK treats our department as trash.
He is caught well.
- Ramesh.
- Sir.
Go and take immediate action.
Yes, sir!
- GK!
- Hail!
- GK!
- Hail!
- GK!
- Hail!
- GK!
- Hail!
- GK!
- Hail!
GK... he treats Central government...
...and State government with ease.
In short, from state to central...
...He is a powerful MP who
has kept politics in his fist.
They both are his namesakes. Active
partners in all his illegal businesses.
He is GK's younger brother Nani.
Position and GK are dear to him.
Do you know the good news that
I am going to tell you on this birthday?
My brother Nani is going
to enter politics very soon.
Will you adore my
brother as you adored me?
Yes, we do. We do!
Excuse me, sir.
I don't mind even if a cat
crosses path whenever I go out...
...but if policeman comes across--
You have constructing shopping
complex illegally on government land.
Minister has given orders to stop them.
You threatened to kill the
officer who is fighting this issue.
He has complained against you.
You need to come to the station once.
- What is the name?
- Engineer Sumbramanyam.
- Your name?
- Ramesh.
I have small work on the way. Will
you come in my vehicle or follow me?
I will come in your vehicle.
Engineer who gave complaint.
How did it happen?
Sand lorry hit him.
Sand lorry?
What is the name?
- The minister who gave tea.
- Shyamala.
Will you come in vehicle or follow me?
I will follow you... follow.
My men were constructing some complex...
...and you had given some letter
saying it is illegal.
If you give another approval
letter then our men will start the work.
That is the land given to social
work foundation from government.
It is not possible
to give you illegally.
Social service?
By giving 33 percent
reservation to ladies... have been involved in everything.
You talk as if you are talking to a
vegetable vendor or bangle seller by...
...saying not possible and don't want.
Shyamala, I am giving you
five minutes time. Give the letter.
However you may threaten me,
I cannot do this favor to you.
So go home and do cooking.
Nice upma. Very tasty!
Lot of programs come on TV.
Watch 'Ma Inti Vanta' and 'Abhiruchi.'
Good time pass!
What I am saying--
R and D Minister has
been removed from Ministry.
A statement has been released
from Chief Minister's office.
MP GK's illegal construction site--
The engineer who filed
complaint is not there.
The Minister who gave
permission is not there.
That is your suspension order.
In my 15 years of political...
...I had never entered
the police station.
And no policeman entered my house.
Will you tell me to come to station?
I hate police.
Hey, DGP! GK.
Hyderabad's kind.
It is not possible by anybody to...
...make he lose hold on this city.
Victory is not permanent.
Today it is yours, tomorrow it is mine.
Good. Positive attitude.
I liked that in you.
I wanted to see a policeman
from your department who will stand... front of and twirl his moustache.
Search in the map as where
will such a person is found.
Jharkhand forests! Eastern Zone!
ASP Kalyan and team
enter into the forest!
The area where terrorists
have kidnapped a central minister.
Home Minister is on line. Talk.
I will talk!
- Mr. Naidu!
- How are you?
Are you asking how I am?
Am in AC room like you?
It has been one week here.
Hand over their leader
to them and take me away.
"You are crazy."
"It was fun! It was fun!"
"It was fun."
Brother, we received information
about police coming.
Rascal! Will you call the police? You!
- Where did I call them?
- Everyone take position!
Go that side!
Brother, nobody is inside!
Hey, police! Come out!
Otherwise I will kill him!
When you have come, then come directly.
What is this child's play
by sending the empty jeep?
Hi my dear kidnappers! How are you?
Good morning, JP sir.
I am ACP Kalyan Sinha.
JP sir, come. Let us go.
Where will you?
By carrying a twig on the shoulder... have come as if you are
attending a tree plantation program.
Where is the gun?
- Catch it!
- Oh!
Don't move! Bullets will hit me!
Come, JP sir! Mission completed.
Let us talk for ten minutes.
You have shown your power.
You saved me very well.
I almost got a second life.
You should do something to me
if your second life were to be alive.
What work?
They have thrown me in
these forests after I passed IPS.
You should give me promotion
and give posting to me in Hyderabad.
On one hand there is firing, so how
can you talk of promotions and postings.
Let us go out without
some bullet hits us.
- No possible?
- No possible!
What is this?
What is your nuisance?
Did you come to take me...
...or take my dead body?
Look, sir. You want your
life and I want my promotion.
Look into the work fast!
Are you a policeman or opposition man?
Mr. Naidu! I am minister JP.
The policeman whom
you have sent to save me...
...has fought well here.
Give him promotion immediately
and post him in Hyderabad.
Yes, I told him. Now let us go.
Sir, work will not happen through phone.
If the fax copy of my transfer
comes to my phone through MMS...
...then only we will go out from here.
Your demands are more
than the demands of terrorists!
Look into that MMS matter!
Sir, it is bit complicated.
- Complicated?
- Yes.
I will kick you once...
...and then you will understand
what is complicated.
Sir! Sir! Send the MMS fast!
Sir, MMS has come.
What will you do by
going to Hyderabad suddenly?
One person with my life.
I should play with his life.
Hello! Where is your DGP?
See there once.
Who is he?
Sir, he came to take joining orders.
Don't you have sense to salute
a senior officer when he passes by?
Leave it, uncle. What is
the need for formalities between us?
Come, let us go and take orders.
This is your joining order.
Which zone they must have given?
Oh! West zone? Jubilee Hills,
Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Costly areas!
So I can earn very well.
What will you earn?
Name! I will work
hard and earn name, sir.
- Work sincerely.
- I will do, sir.
I will work in such a way that you
will feel why I joined this department.
I mean there will be no
criminals if I work sincerely.
And then you will not have work.
That is what I meant.
Bye, sir.
- Sir!
- Stop it!
Do you think I am
a politician or police?
Form in a line!
I don't know how you
behaved with previous ACPs.
Henceforth how you should be...
...and how to perform duty...
...I will teach you.
- Am I clear!
- Yes, sir
- Say it loud!
- Yes, sir!
- Let's take the pledge!
- Yes, sir!
- Sir!
- Sir!
- From today...
- From today...
- ...our hard work and intelligence...
- ...our hard work and intelligence...
...either physically or mentally...
...either physically or mentally...
...not for money but...
- Come on!
- Not for money...
...we will use for us, for
our children and future generations...
...we will use for us, for
our children and future generations...
illegal business, land grabbing...
...we will take whatever
we get at any place...
Settlements, illegal business,
land grabbing...
...we will take whatever
we get at any place...
Without taking any risks like
patrolling and chasings...
...we will settle down financially...
Without taking any risks
like patrolling and chasings...
...we will settle down financially...
...we take oath witnessed
by conscience and soul...
Why did you become so much emotional?
Are you all sincere?
No way!
Sir, you are the officer
who has come for us!
All the previous ACPs,
DCPs have filled their pockets but...
...nobody cared for
weak and poor CIs like us.
You are a Che Guevara for Cuba.
You are a Alluri for Manyam.
You are God who appeared
in khaki dress in this age of Kali.
Yes, sir.
Sir... our blood for vermillion--
- Sri Surya--
- Stop it!
How will you live when
rates are increasing so much?
Let all of us work hard and earn.
- Yes.
- One slogan for us!
If not now then when!
If not now then when!
If not now then when!
I liked your emotion very much.
Introduce me to this city in this flow.
New king of Hyderabad has come.
24 carat -like 420 boy!
Wonderful! Wonderful!
He has changed the station to bank.
Undercover money minded!
That's really wonderful, my boy!
"Hey, friends!
Shout and thrash the enemy!"
"You will be the hero
if you thrash anybody."
"Every person has a date of birth,
will anyone has date of death?"
"But note doesn't have
all time expiry date."
"However powerful you might be,
even if nobody asks for you."
"By the time you leave this place,
you fill my pockets."
"You are our God!
You took birth for us."
"We will garland you and worship you."
Look my dear thieves!
We will give you protection
in all the costliest areas of city.
You commit thefts comfortably.
You should give 20 percent
from it to our police brothers.
Stop it!
Not only that, use technology.
Facebook, twitter, etc.
What do we gain if we use technology?
Mad thief! One person on facebook
will say, I am flying to Chennai.
It means he says
he is flying to Chennai.
- You land in his house over here.
- Wow!
Another person from twitter
will say he is at Joy Alukas.
- It means he says he is at gold shop.
- Attend him over there.
- Oh great!
- Live a luxurious life as thieves.
God bless you my children!
"Make the list of famous
and popular people."
"Fix them to the policemen."
"Cases will be excused
if currency notes are given."
"You will become white
if you give us your black money."
"Salary is not sufficient
after working day and night."
"You will settle down
if you extort for one hour."
- "Our God! Our God!
- Lord!"
"You are our God!
You took birth for us!"
"We will garland you and
tonsure our heads for you."
"Come! Come!
Come! Come here, Bullet Raja!"
"Come! Come!
Give me Kakinada's almonds."
"We are your devotees, Lord!
Grant our wishes."
"We are there for you always.
Start the tsunami!"
"Businesses of rowdies
and goons are closed!"
"Money will flow in huge number
if I come and stand in centre."
"Everything should
be under my law and order."
"Vacate the sit hearing my siren sound."
"CM or PM has only five years term. | "
"I will be there for 25 to 50 years,
I am such cracker."
"You are the BP in our body,
you are the Zandu balm to our heads."
"You are the policeman
who looks after our well-being."
Hey, stop! Stop!
- Where?
- Why so many people are sitting?
Where is the driver inside?
- Mr. Reddy!
- Sir!
Smoke will come if you stop auto.
But if you stop some car, your
wife will get some jewellery. Go ahead!
- "Sri Surya--"
- Do your work!
Hello! Hello, girl! You!
Hey, girl! Hello!
Beat you.
Can't you hear when I am shouting?
Oh... sorry.
Your name.
Kavya... nice name.
- Bye.
- Sir!
Sir, those real estate people
have started revolution on us.
We are worried with our own
problems and try to solve them.
Why is he bothering us?
For the injustice that happened to you,
as chairman...
...and vice-chairman,.
we condemn it severely.
If he continues settlements like this...
...then we should set up laundry
shops in front of the land we sell.
Remove ACP! Save real estate!
Remove ACP!
We will not get frightened
of such warnings!
Let any number of people come.
We will finish them!
Run Milkha run!
What is this preaching
of Gita early morning, sir?
Turn behind and look at the van... 360 degrees.
What is this concept, sir?
What will 108 do?
It saves people who are in danger.
It saved people who meet with accident.
Whenever some incident occurs, it will
reach on time and drop everyone on time.
Our 801 is quite opposite to it.
It will thrash any person
who goes against our sir.
It will kick the person
who gives complaint.
If anybody acts smart, it will come
and pick up the person on time...
...but drops them at his will.
What are these schemes?
- Get inside!
- No!
Is it necessary to talk like
that when the vehicle is close?
It came out in flow.
Sir, you became police by mistake.
Otherwise you would have become
PM with these schemes.
Who will do and who will get it done?
Everything is Lord Krishna's plan.
You have thrashed us so
why do you blame it on Krishna.
Come! Come!
Why did you do
the same after telling me?
It came out in flow.
Sir, where else in the city
these vehicles are being run?
That ACP
What is he in front of our influence...
Where is he?
'Entire women are
shivering out of fear.' No!
They cannot even visit
a shop and buy milk packet.
Give one quarter brandy.
Whisky too!
Gin! Beer!
- Vodka!
- Here.
Thanks, dear.
- What about soda?
- I don't use.
You said you will tell me about liquor
smuggling if I give you alcohol, right?
- Tell me! Tell me!
- I will tell you, sister.
Take breaking news.
Why did the expression and tone change?
News is important to us.
You go ahead. Speak out!
In the hands of this Yadagiri,
a reporter from...
...TV5 will be raped brutally.
Cameraman escaped!
Even my wife too never
offered alcohol with romance?
Rascal! Will you rape
me after drinking my liquor?
Hey! Whoever tills the land,
they should get the crop...
...and whoever offers beer
should sleep on bed.
- You come!
- Run!
- Why did he become reverse like that?
- Will he not do then?
He would have bought his
alcohol if you had given 100 rupees.
You bought it, made the drink...
...and offered him romantically.
So will he not commit rape?
See how he is running like a
gold medal winning athlete in Olympics?
Who will save us now?
- Our God!
- Stop it, Reddy.
Sir, because of your grace...
...I have shifted my Akruti
to corporate school from colony school.
Duplex house in Madhapur. Good
architecture. I gave advance too, sir.
Very good.
I-10 for mother, I-20 for father.
I-pad for brother, I-phone for sister.
Entire family has become I.
You are happy, right?
Why are you nagging?
Is it sufficient if we are happy?
Shouldn't you be happy?
If you too search a
beautiful girl and love her.
Keep quiet! No love for me.
You will say like this now.
If we make a Maniratnam's frame...
...a beautiful girl will
come running from down to up.
She is coming in real.
- Sir! Greetings, sir.
- Hey!
What? What?
- No!
- I will thrash you!
- Superb!
- Did I do it well?
Hey, come! Let us go. He left.
Okay... okay.
If you offer liquor
to every person like this.
What is it, Reddy?
Background looks black and
white but girl is seen in colour.
Has your heart beat increased?
Has your entire body become cold?
Almost the same.
So you had fallen in love, sir.
- Oh!
- Yes.
We have to focus on that girl.
How will you do, sir?
She is from press and you from police!
- Let us keep a press meet.
- Oh!
- Have all channels come?
- Yes, sir.
TV 9, ETV 2...
...NTV... where is our channel?
Where is this fan effect coming from?
- Mr. Reddy.
- Sir, I am your fan.
First tell us why did
you keep this press meet?
Is it about the murders
happening in city?
Is it about illegal activities?
- Is it about drugs racket?
- Robbery?
- Child labour?
- Rapes?
Mr. Reddy, these men sitting
in front are torturing me.
- See them.
- Why don't you say?
We will tell you? Will we not
tell after calling for press meet?
All men go back and women come in front.
What is this concept?
RTC bus concept!
Mr. Reddy...
Tell me.
Why did you call for press meet?
Do you always wear jeans and t-shirts?
Do you wear saris too anytime?
What is your domination on our girl?
Take her to your house after marriage
and make her wear whatever you want.
- Oh?
- Yes.
Why did you call for press meet?
Will you resign from job after marriage?
What is the need for her?
You are a man and earning well.
- Oh?
- Yes.
Hello... is it a personal
meet or press meet?
Are we not from TV channel? Don't
we have mikes? Will you not talk to us?
Where is this coming from?
It will not look good if
we make press people is tin vehicle.
Say something and send them.
Sweet boy... please.
My dear media friends.
Take my statement.
Yesterday in Chattisgarh,
our police constable Parmesh...
...has loved a reporter
Rita and married her.
This is news and there
should be press meet for this!
What does sir intend to say is... getting inspired
from Chattisgarh incident...
...he too wishes to
marry a lady journalist.
Press and police
combination looks crazy.
If anybody from you is interested...
...then you may submit applications,
sir will look into them.
Not interested! Try in Chattisgarh.
What is it with your girl?
Why is she talking so harshly?
Will she talk smoothly
in the first meet?
Wait for two, three meetings.
- Oh.
- Yes.
Isn't it?
Hello! Don't ever keep these
press meets for giving such stupid news.
Our time is wasted!
He is getting irritated
on small matters.
Small small things.
- Mr. Reddy, focus on them.
- We will do it very well.
Sir, instead of waiting for that ACP...
...if we do dieting then at least belly
will reduce. Start the meeting, sir.
This meeting is for him.
What should we do if he is not present?
Let him come.
Anyways ACP.
What are you doing here?
Land dealing with DGP?
What is it?
Didn't we come to complaint against him?
It seems one vehicle
is behind us like satellite.
Which vehicle?
Sir, you please do your work.
We will do our work.
- What work?
- Come, I will tell you.
- Where?
- Thai massage.
- How much?
- Free!
- So first for me!
- Enter inside.
ACP is coming! Sir.
He is the king of Mysore!
Tell him to come.
- He has come.
- Why are you so late?
What should I do, sir?
He said 30, I said 20.
Finally settled at 25.
Have you seen it? He is talking
about settlements in front of you.
Why do you say settlements, sir?
I am talking about rupees.
Do you know how the prices
of vegetables are increasing?
What is the cost of tomatoes?
- Will you please sit down?
- Sure, sir.
Tell me your complaints.
What should I tell you, sir? Real estate
business, partnership with thieves.
What are those schemes and nuisance?
Sir, we are filing cases
and he is doing settlements.
Sir, people like him shouldn't
be there in department.
Suspend him, sir!
Is it so easy to suspend an IPS?
Committee should come from central,
they should conduct inquiry.
Evidences, witnesses.
Sir, has anyone given
a written complaint on me?
How will we give?
There are 801 vehicles and some song.
Nobody knows where they are
coming from and where they are going.
Okay. Will zonal officers
working with me...
...will anybody testify against me
- Ask our DGP Rangarao?
- Sir, how is i-20 car?
It is giving 18 per litre.
How does he know that you have i-20?
He has given it.
Or else ask our ACP Venkat Reddy.
- Where is he?
- I am here.
Hello... hope you liked your new house.
What? House?
When is the house warming ceremony?
We are planning on 25th. I will come to
the office and give the card tomorrow.
It is okay... it is okay.
In fact we all have
come to an understanding...
...and are working together
with honesty and sincerity.
- What? Working?
- Sir, I mean.
While we are working...
- ...what are these meetings for.
- Sir!
Sir, our lives have seen
light only after this God came.
- Hey.
- Lord!
Please! Please!
Please by keeping this
kind of time wasting meetings...
...don't waste time for being a DGP.
By the way, who is he?
If the three lions stand for honesty,
sincerity and justice...
...the fourth lion that is not seen.
Agni! Yes.
Bye, sir.
He has come to this city
with a different intention.
GK! Good morning.
Come, Home.
- Subba Reddy.
- Sir.
Is it the plate from which
GK sir has eaten?
Yes, sir.
What is that greed?
If you ask then they
will give another plate.
Raja, it is not that there
are no more idlis in this house...
...or that I don't have money.
It is to symbolically say that we all
are living by eating GK's leftover food.
Uncle, call from Bhanumathi.
Should I send Qualis or Innova?
Hell with her!
She is not taking my call.
Is she in touch with you?
Tell him.
Tell him the entire personal matters.
- Hi, Chevibothu uncle!
- Hi, Nani.
See there once.
Hey, what are you doing on
roads at midnight after drinking?
On police uniform.
Hey! Did you beat police?
Raja, why do you feel so
happy as if he secured a state rank?
DGP has filed the case.
I have settled the matter.
Make our boy--
Tell me so that I understand!
Raja, make our boy say sorry to police.
We gave him minister's post
by licking everyone's feet at centre.
So why does he tell us to say
sorry instead of doing favour to us?
"Even if we make a
dog sit on golden throne..."
" will still behave like a dog!"
What is the confusion?
Sumathi or Bhanumathi?
- You!
- No!
Brother is MP and
uncle is Home Minister!
Boys committed some mistake
so instead of covering it...
...why do you complicate it.
Is this the assurance that
you give to our future generations?
Phone... phone... give the phone...
- I will get him sacked!
- Raja, wait.
Will you get me sacked?
Will you really do it?
Am I such a fool? Cannot I save my post?
- Raja and Nani! Beat me!
- Uncle.
Beat me! Beat me! Beat me!
GK, your brother beat Home Minister.
Will a person who beats the
Home Minister cannot a beat policeman?
Is it a big case?
Should we take tension for it?
Am I not there who eats your leftover?
Shall I talk to the DGP?
- Tell me, sir.
- Last night our policemen...
...have thrashed our
boys after drinking heavily.
Just now I have learnt about it.
Suspend them for two weeks.
Sir, it is--
Suspend them! They will sit at home
and take rest with wife and children!
My dream is to see my
brother as a political leader.
If anybody comes in between,
I will get hurt.
Better luck next time.
Small doubt.
Raja, why are you so
much angry with policemen?
Why is a cat angry on rat?
Why is a tiger angry on deer?
They will hunt them
and satisfy their hunger.
Nature instinct.
It is related to nature...
...and also a nature behaviour.
I hate police.
What shall we do now, Reddy?
If we raid some rave party then...
...we will pay our chit fund
money with the money we get there.
Stop it, Reddy.
You have become very commercial.
See how romantic the climate is.
I want my darling.
How will you meet
your darling right now?
We will call for press meet.
What will you call press
meet for at 12 o'clock midnight?
Two thieves are caught red-handed
while stealing inside the ATP.
From where will two
thieves come right now?
We are still making rounds of Apollo
for the pains from your 801 thrashing.
Sir, our lives will get ruined if you
now talk about thieves and press meets.
Reddy, motivate them a little.
Are they writing entrance
exam so that we motive them?
They are going to central jail.
Is it okay if we put masks?
What masks?
Call the press!
Sir, how did the robbery happen in ATM?
Hey, why are you rushing to him?
What do you want to know? Go away!
Only those channel people should speak.
- Come, madam.
- You come.
Sir, how come there is so much
change in them?
It is nothing.
Our 801 went around in their
area for one hour yesterday.
They have crushed like flour.
vehicle is taking press people too.
Remove the masks of thieves.
Why should we remove the masks, madam.
You leave out people
involved in big scams...
...but will you catch us for
committing small thefts.
- Yes.
- Why don't you talk, brother-in-law?
What should I talk? There are cameras.
My God! I don't know anything!
How much amount is stolen from ATM?
Yes, Reddy?
Why is your girl so irritating?
Will she not be like that? Her
job is like that. She has many tensions.
- Oh?
- Yes!
I know you are trying for me.
However you may try,
I will not fall for you.
What is it with your girl?
How can she not co-operate little bit?
- How will I know the details?
- Why will she tell them.
You are a police officer.
Use your brain and know them.
- Oh?
- Yes!
Last night we caught a thief, right?
Who? The one who
stole one kilogram gold?
Give half kilogram
from it to this fatty.
Flat number four, house number 104.
Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.
Only her sister and
brother-in-law stay in her house.
Her sister is mad and
passionate about police.
That's why they got her married
to a big businessman... lying to her saying he is police.
There she said she will live with him...
...only if he wears uniform
on Saturdays on Sundays.
If you go to their house then
she will get you married to her.
Sir, my gold.
Thief is caught but not the gold.
Mr. Reddy.
What is our immediate action?
Well, it will be beneficial if we
go for her elder sister by leaving her.
Well said, Reddy! Well said!
Mahi! Darling Mahi!
- Where are you, dear?
- Who are you?
I love your sister.
How dare you! Do you love my sister?
- Sir is ACP!
- Brother-in-law?
Come. Come. Sit.
nasty furniture in this costly house?
- Mr. Reddy!
- We will change it.
Old TV in a modern showcase?
Change it! Change it!
Why is your beautiful neck empty?
we have another house in Langer house.
- That doesn't fall under our area.
- It is okay.
Brother-in-law, first you sit.
I should give treat you well.
What will you take?
Coffee? Tea? Cold drink?
Yes, Kantham?
Don't you face problems if
you go out in uniform like this?
Why will I not face problems? Recently
I went to forests for eat forest food...
...maoists attacked me.
Kantham, it is very hot in the kitchen.
Should I remove the dress?
Sacred thread is heavy.
Should I remove it?
Sister, pack the lunch box soon.
Sister, why did he come home directly?
- Hey, go away from here!
- Keep quiet.
Brother-in-law came home for the first
time? Why do you tell him to go out?
- Go and talk to her for some time.
- Ah!
Come! Come!
- What is this, sister?
- Wrong, bujji.
Why should I talk to a stranger?
- I understood.
- What is this?
- Click!
- Do you have any sense?
- Selfie!
- Hey!
What the hell!
This pose is good!
Go out I say!
Otherwise I will do a live
show in our channel by saying... are harassing
me and get you thrashed.
- Sister-in-law.
- Wait, brother-in-law.
What will you do?
You have only one channel?
There are 20 channels against you.
Brother-in-law and I will sit
on live show and you have pinched him...
...bit him...
...and touched him. What will you do?
Sister-in-law, I want
to go to restaurant with your sister.
- Take her.
- She will not come with me.
She will come with family.
Will you eat burger?
Sister, when there so
many chairs empty in front... why should we sit
close and tight like this.
It will be good if
we all sit and eat other.
It will not look good
if we sit far away and eat.
- Yes, brother-in-law?
- Yes.
Well said.
Come home. I will see you.
Police uncle, autograph.
Tell one dialogue too.
Policeman will go to police station...
...and not to post office
if he gets transferred.
Hi, friends! Now we are announcing...
...'Most Visiting Best Couple
of the year' goes to...
...Mr. Kalyan and Mahathi!
How come I am most visiting?
I came here for the first time.
Yes! Yes! Clap for them!
- She is going.
- Mahi!
"Oh my oh my baby!
Don't leave me and go!"
""Oh my oh my baby!
Just smile and give me a look."
Though so much poetry
came out with deep feeling...
...she didn't even turn back and see.
Thanks, Reddy.
"Hey, girl! Don't make faces."
"Don't hurt my live,
don't burn my heart."
"Hey, girl! Don't snub me."
"Don't get irritated,
don't turn your eyes red."
"Show me a teaspoonful of sympathy.
Share fistful of love."
"Put a basketful of love in my account."
"Millimeter length of smile is enough."
"Centimeter length of smile is enough."
"We should reduce the miles
of distance between you and me."
"I will give you flowers,
I will worship you. I beg you. Love me."
"I will give you money, I will treat
you as a queen. I beg you. Love me."
"Like the kohl in your eyes,
I will read your entire dreams."
"I will remain like
the sound of your bangles."
"I will tell you sweet things
by becoming your earlobes."
"I will become betel leaves
on your lips and share the sweetness."
"I will draw your photo like a dream,
I will guard you like a fence."
"I will make our story
special from others."
"I will remain like a tattoo,
I will become the promise."
"I will make you walk
by becoming your toe ring."
"I will give you flowers,
I will worship you. I beg you. Love me."
Sir, she felt shy.
It means she had given the signal.
Yes, girl?
"I will become the rain
of love in summer for you."
"I will become the
warmth hug in this cold."
"I will become the first ray
of light at dawn and wake up."
"I will come as moonlight
for you in dark."
"I will hear you before you call me,
I will be seen before you think of me."
"I will become love
to your unseen life."
"If there a is sound
for a heartbeat."
"I will become breathe to your wishes."
"I will give you flowers,
I will worship you. I beg you. Love me."
"I will give you money, I will treat
you as a queen. I beg you. Love me."
About that ACP--
Hi, DGP. If there is
TV near you then turn it on.
The GK complex
having many litigations... finally opened morning.
Police tried to stop its construction
but it has done the opening.
GK sir is a very good human being.
I wish he constructs many malls like
this. He will always enjoy my support.
ACP met me today morning and
told me to give sweet news to you.
ACP is not a stranger.
He is your real son.
Whatever move you make from now...
...I will give you counter
with your son.
Good afternoon, DGP sir.
- Take sweets, sir.
- Why?
GK sir's mall is opened.
Sir, there is a new enthusiasm
in the department...
...after knowing that DGP
sir is your father.
- Oh?
- Yes!
But why is sir looking dull.
Sir, take care of your health. You
will hear many such sweet news from now.
Bye, sir.
Sir, we traced his records.
He changed his name
to Kalyan school and studied... an orphan school in Uttar Pradesh.
His childhood photo
is coming through fax.
See that star! There! There!
See how many colours are there!
- Mother, will father come?
- Yes, son.
Yes, sister? Didn't sir come home yet?
Is he working on festivals too?
We too are doing jobs and are
happily spending time with children.
As if he alone is serving the country!
- Come early in the morning.
- Okay, sir.
Why didn't you bring
crackers to the boy?
Sorry, dear. Shall we go and buy now?
- I don't want!
- Son!
Father is like a friend or guide to son.
But for me,
he remained like a photo in album...
...and signature in progress card.
Only mother would stay with
me in both happiness and sadness.
So, you study. I will be back soon.
- Oh!
- What happened, mother?
What happened, mother?
That squad---
Father! Father! Mother fell down.
We need to take her
to hospital immediately.
Come soon, father. Please, father.
Sir, situation is very serious there.
We should go immediately.
- Gurunatham.
- Sir.
- My wife is undergoing pains.
- Sir.
Take her to the hospital urgently.
- You go with the boy.
- Okay, sir.
- I will come in half an hour.
- Okay, sir!
Come on! Move! Get in!
Mother! Mother!
Condition is very critical. If we
don't perform operation immediately...
...then there is a danger
to both mother and child.
Make arrangements for operation money.
That day father was not
there to stand by my side.
I didn't have money
to get mother treated.
Sorry, son.
Both mother and child have died.
I was not in a position
to go to my wife that day.
He was too young to
understand even if I tell him.
He left the house
because of anger on me.
As a police officer,
your duty was correct.
As a son, his grief was correct.
Sir, he will understand you one day.
He is coming. Is the camera ready?
Maa TV camera. Perfect!
We should catch him red-handed! Come!
We are searching for you since morning.
You are found now.
- What is the matter?
- We have changed.
We have joined your route. That's it.
- Here is your share.
- Okay.
Sir, it is okay... take it.
- What happened to him?
- Sir, he is practicing yoga these days.
Leave him. Sir, you take it.
Sir, our feelings will get
hurt if you don't take. Take it, sir.
Mr. Reddy, you take cash
from him and cash from him.
Sir! How did you find out?
Hey, you brought
camera from channel guy.
Is it necessary to bring cap too?
Waste fellow!
- Maa--
- Rascal!
Sir! Is our van moving
in these surroundings?
Greetings, sir. I am Kavya's father.
Hello, sir. Where is Kavya?
- What is all this?
- Computers opening.
Mr. Reddy, we would have called
Samatha for Tamanna for opening.
They are asking for money.
Oh no need! We will do it.
- Who are these children?
- Orphans, sir.
They too are handicapped like her.
They too should lead their
lives confidently like her so...
...she adopted them.
She is getting them
educated with her earnings.
Sir! Sir!
Yes, Reddy? I think her character
will disturb our character.
Come. Come.
We can make more money
if we take IG Kashi too with us.
Join him! Join the entire
department of the state.
- Okay, sir.
- Shut up
Hey, why did DGP sir came
searching for me at this hour?
Sir is duty minded.
Your father wanted to
talk to you for one minute so--
I waited for many years by thinking... is sufficient if he talks
for one second.
If you listen to me once--
- What happened that day was--
- Look, Mr. Kashi.
I became police with
the anger against sir.
I came here with the anger on sir.
I met GK with the anger on sir.
I will do a lot with the anger on sir.
Convey it!
Mother, this will look
good for sister, right?
How do you know that
sister will be born?
I will have sister.
Because of you, I lost my
sister immediately after her birth.
God has given this
relationship to me again.
I am very happy.
You don't enter my life again
and make me lose that happiness.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Climate is superb!
If we have a girl in this
weather then it will be even better.
There are software companies all around.
Infosys, Infotech.
There will be many figures on road.
- Hey! Stop!
- Hey! Leave me!
- Leave me! Please!
- Come!
Handle this case carefully before
the pressure from media builds us.
Okay, sir.
- Give me update regularly.
- Yes, sir.
"My eyes are saying I love you."
You said you will leave me
if I talk for ten minutes. Tell me.
It is okay for Sister and
brother-in-law. If you too say okay...
...we will get married in Hitex
and arrange reception in Hyatt.
I want to become a maoist
urgently and kill you with landmine.
Oh! Beauty of girls' becomes
double when they talk like rebels.
- Go to hell!
- Yes, Reddy?
Is your girl in love with someone?
Talk with respect!
What do you think of our girl?
What is our caste and clan?
Yes. I am in love with a boy.
- Girl!
- Who is he?
- I will not tell you.
- Tell me who he is.
I will not interfere with you at all.
Tsunami star Subash!
I met him at press meet recently.
First we started talking
and then we became one. Okay?
- Mr. Reddy, what is his bio-data?
- He is a old NRI.
He is thinking of dollar
dreams at this age.
He is torturing the public
by making stupid movies every Friday.
Where can we find this bare body guy?
Start camera! Action!
- Okay?
- Sir, shot okay!
Sir! Superb, sir! Excellent!
- Superb fight!
- Sir!
- Superb, sir!
- Shut up!
Is it this dust,
mud and action all the time?
- Isn't there romance?
- Romance?
Recently you said hug.
Your back suffered catch when
we planned it and you fell on bed.
Back will not suffer pain every time.
I am using medicines.
Follow directors.
Jayanth made Pawan do it, Puri
made Mahesh do it and you make me do it.
What is it?
Lip lock!
What is it with her? She is vomiting
when I didn't go anything to her.
We shouldn't encourage young directors.
They are attracting the heroines.
Good morning, Babu.
Yes, producer. What is the matter?
I heard you gave the title of
'Kothimir' to our movie. It is not good.
Shut up!
They have watch Prakash's 'Mirchi'. Will
they not watch Subhash's 'Kothimir'?
Use the phone if you are idle,
don't use brain. Get lost!
- Yes, mister?
- Sir, it is--
- Hey, Ramana!
- Sir.
Why did NTR and Bunny shake like that...
...because of my dance
in pub last night?
You are old so they must have
got frightened by seeing your shape.
I mean he thinks they
are frightened of your dance.
His explanation and
your expression don't sync.
- Pack up!
- Sir! Sir!
- See this photo once.
- Look into my eyes.
"Mesmerizing eyes."
"Look into them slowly."
- Who is this girl?
- I love this girl.
In order to escape from me,
she says she loves you.
If you say no then I will continue.
Open offer! Why will I miss it?
How can you love my lover?
Mister, according to section 801,
you are inviting problems on your own.
Yes! If required I will borrow them.
Tsunami star Subash!
Girl is mine! Guys! Pack up!
Sir, you are dealing
very badly with a youth hero.
Blow it.
- You said youth.
- Breath is not reaching.
Why should I enter into fight with you?
Call the girl too. I will give you
clarity from here and then I will leave.
Wish you happy birthday, Babu.
But that ill-fated day is tomorrow.
One entire day is spent in 801, Babu.
Did you thrash one whole day?
You need call sheet?
Who is he? Who said he loves my sister?
- Green shirt Greek hero!
- Oh no!
This guy! Old rascal!
You look like a broiler hen suffering
from bird flu. Do you want my sister?
Rascal! Stop!
Tsunami star Subash!
Oh my God! Sir, is that you?
I like you very much!
I like your 'Police
Debba' movie very much!
I acted at that time
and now I tasted it.
Look into my eyes.
"Like a spreading poison."
The required person has come.
If we discuss the matter then FIR and--
Shut up!
There is timing and
rhyming for every dialogue.
Before sir writes FIR...
...if we say here is
no affair between us...
...I will go in my Safari.
- Wow!
- Superb rhyming, sir!
Will you sacrifice
our love by fearing police?
Suba, I love you.
I just love you!
Get back!
Wow! Wow! You got thrashed so well, sir!
- You are a real hero, sir.
- Stupid woman!
Do you have sense? They are killing me!
Tell her. What is her age and my age?
Girl belongs to sir.
Guys! Pack up!
- Greetings, sir.
- Move away!
Hey, Mahi! You--
Why do you make it late?
Express the feelings inside you.
Should I do? I hate you!
I hate your character!
I hate your attitude!
I am a journalist.
There is no need for the
man who marries me to be great.
It is sufficient if he is not like you.
You must be aware that a software
engineer got murdered in the city.
We identified a number plate from
the place where the murder took place.
That number plate is registered in
your brother's name with your address.
So you both come to the station once.
Yes, Brownie! Why are you barking?
Don't you know how to
behave in front of elders?
It seems it has become very arrogant.
If we keep her inside
the cage and thrash...
...for few days then
it will become fine.
GK sir, you filed a complaint
saying your car is lost.
It is found in old city, sir.
I worked hard and found the
car but number plate is missing.
Hey, number plate is found by DGP sir.
Where is it? Give the number plate.
AP9Z 4737.
Hey, it is the same.
GK sir, your work is done.
And my payment--
If you give the statement
then I will leave.
Will you tell me to come to station?
When a policeman lowers
his head in front of me...
...the blood in my body
runs with high voltage.
I feel very good!
I hate police.
Sir, this is just sample.
You will see a lot in coming days.
Morning, Mr. Kashi.
Why did sir tell me to come urgently?
Do you know how big
mistake you are committing?
Keep quiet, Mr. Kashi.
Why do you talk irritatingly like him
saying right and wrong?
He doesn't care for his
wife and children except duty.
Listen to me and you too
get released from him soon.
Sir, make some money before you retire.
Do you know who these people are?
They are not politicians who does
scams or criminals who commit crimes?
They are the most
respectable police officers...
...who laid down their lives
for the country.
Policemen who lets off a bike
if you give 500 rupees to them...
...and policemen who strikes
off the case if you give 1000 rupees.
They are found one in every street.
But in spite of knowing
they are going to die...
...they join the police
and sacrifice their lives...
...are one in thousands.
It is sufficient...
...if you live like him for one day,
one minute and one second.
There is a heart behind
every police badge.
This heart has mother, father, sister,
wife, children and all relationships.
By overcoming all of them
and by turning his heart into stone...
...these policemen have move
ahead by considering their duty as life.
Every day before leaving for duty,
I am proudly await...
...when will I join these photos.
What did you say? Don't I care for wife
and children even when they are dying?
Because of my not coming
to your mother that day...
...I could save lot of mothers
and children over there.
You must have faced loss...
...but many people
over there got justice.
I will act with honesty, courtesy
and regard for the welfare of others...
...and will endeavour to develop
these sprit of the cops...
...for every policeman
who took this vow...
...duty first, family next.
But you are supporting that
GK because of your anger on me.
Do you know this is
the case of a girl's murder?
Do you know who the girl that died is?
Do you know who killed her?
Do you know how they killed?
Who are you? Leave me!
Where will you run?
Hey, who is it? Leave her!
What happened, dear?
Kavya... Get up, Kavya.
No! Girl is missed!
You have disturbed the entire mood!
Kill her!
Kill her!
After Kavya's father came
out of come and told the truth...
...we came to know
that it is Kava who died.
These days we think why should we
care when injustice occurs on roads...
...but in spite of being handicapped...
...she died in the hands of those
scoundrels while trying to save a girl.
GK is trying to save
his brother with his power.
Shall we leave the rascal?
It is okay if you don't
accept me as father...
...but don't know whether you
do justice to the girl as brother... only decide it.
Good evening everybody.
Software engineer
didn't die in this case.
A special girl by name Kavya.
Children of bigwigs are behind it.
I will not spare anyone
in spite of any pressure.
I will arrest everyone.
Our department took this
case with great challenge.
We need your media support too.
We are taking action based on
the complaint given by Kavya's father.
We will close this case very soon.
- Sir, they are killing me.
- Srikanth, let's move.
Sir... sir... sir.
Sir, they are killing me. Save me, sir.
Hey! Why did you hide behind him?
Do you think he is police?
He comes running like a dog
if I show him a hundred rupees note.
Come and take this 100 and leave him.
He seems to be feeling inhibition.
Go and drag the old man.
'ACP Kalyan on duty!'
Brother, ACP is killing me.
- ACP Kalyan!
- Oh! Sir has changed!
I will trample sincere officers.
You will trample them if
they are sincere from beginning
But if a eccentric person
like me turns sincere then...
...he will bury you alive! Bloody fool!
Hey! You cannot tolerate
the speed with which I come!
My route is not highway
so that you will come in speed.
Hard road!
You will die if speed becomes more.
- Hey, you don't know about me.
- No need!
My blood boils if you
tell about bio-datas.
Today is the last happiest
day to you and your brother in life.
Eat your favourite food, drink your
favourite brand and sleep peacefully.
From tomorrow,
cases, arrests, protests...
...roadblocks all throughout the day.
You will go mad!
It is fun for you to
play with police, right?
A right policeman has entered your life.
Come! Let us play!
Tell me, Reddy.
Bail is brought to
get GK's men released.
Hey! For how long should we wait.
Sir, bail papers.
This is the way to ask for bail.
- Reddy.
- Sir.
Leave them.
Come. Come.
What is it, sir?
They behaved indecently with our
lady constable for rejecting the bail.
Who? Me?
What is it, sir?
Why did you put our guys in jail
when they came to give bail?
Here is the bail!
Release our guys.
Mr. Reddy.
Yes, sir!
Hey! Sir... what is this, sir?
You tortured our SI and CI
very brutally for not giving the bail.
Who? Me?
If anybody comes inside, you are
keeping us in jail by filing some case.
We will give the bail outside
and take them from outside.
Come on, guys!
- Attention!
- Sir!
Brett Lee!
- Hey! This is bomb!
- I know!
- Have you gone mad?
- Not mad!
I will keep this one
and you keep the bomb.
Hey, ACP! What is happening?
Will you attack our
station for not giving bail?
Who? Me?
Hello? Sir,
Home Minister is on the call.
Whether it is Home or CM over the phone,
matter is the same.
The person who gives food, pays salaries
to the rascals inside the jail...
...if he is here within 15 minutes ...
...with his id card,
aadhaar card and pay slips...
...only then anybody will go out.
Otherwise if they come with
bail then they will get thrashed.
Hey, does he think I am
Home Guard or Home Minister?
Gk has not entered the
station till now, right?
Yes, sir.
He will be in this station
in another 15 minutes.
Raja, our guys will not
come out until we go inside.
Please, Raja.
Greetings, Mr. Home Minister.
Id card, aadhaar card, pay slips...
entire proofs are there.
They are my men. Leave them.
You came to the station
for the first time.
What will you take? Coffee? Tea?
Don't want coffee, tea.
It is hot outside.
We came in sun.
Arrange for coconut water. Yes, GK?
Why do we need your respect?
First release our guys.
- Release them, Reddy.
- Sir, we will not come.
- We will not come, sir.
- We will come out.
Sir will gesture and they salute.
We will receive double thrashing
after entering inside again.
No, sir.
- We will not come, sir!
- Come out, guys!
He will start a poem
if he changes his mind.
Come, GK. Let us go.
I will get him transferred
from here in 30 minutes.
What is the problem
with both father and son?
My brother had killed that
dumb girl with his friends.
If you were to prove it...
...courts, witness, judgments,
postponing... it is a big process.
I will take my brother in this gap...
...and make him sit in parliament.
Do you know what a politician is?
Do you know what a politician is?
Politician means king.
He makes hundreds of
policemen like you salute him.
Politician means leader.
What we say is final.
Public is behind us.
Politician is magician.
He will perform magic.
Chevipoku, he shouldn't go anywhere.
He should be here only.
I should play with him.
Hey, ACP.
I am giving you one week's time.
If you have guts then bring
my brother and put him in jail.
One week. Try it.
One week is too long.
Three days are enough.
You said you want to see a policeman...
...who stands in front of you
and twirls his moustache.
My son has come.
- Well done.
- Thank you, sir.
Sister, this is uncle's office.
How come there is so much change in you?
- There is a change in him.
- Oh! Come.
The only evidence we have
in this case is that software girl.
Sir, she left Hyderabad out
of fear after the issue happened.
Try from all possible angles.
At any cost, we have to trace her.
It is a great thing for me
to come here because of my height.
So promotion is difficult now.
Where is DGP sir's room?
- He is in meeting?
- So ACP sir?
He too is in meeting,
It is not possible to meet.
Anyway, it is okay, brother-in-law...
- Sister, waiting is not possible by me.
- Give the phone.
Hello, I came to uncle DGP's office.
We thought of talking
about promotions, right?
- Madam! Madam!
- From those two--
I will show you SGP's room, madam.
- You are very sharp.
- Thanks, madam.
- Why is the fan turned on inside?
- SI sir!
What is the nuisance inside the cell?
Fan is turned on inside.
Go to hell inside!
- Did you understand?
- Come, madam.
Come. There is a good command in you.
Really thanks, madam.
- Come.
- Greetings.
Who are you?
- You said uncle.
- You said busy.
To talk to ACP about
my sister's marriage--
Oh! My sister is the name of the serial.
Her husband is its producer.
They complain to sir because of the fight
between director and producer.
No! No!
Not serial, it is real.
- This is tagline. It is very nice.
- Sir!
Let us go!
What is it? Father and
son met with great difficulty.
What will he think if you
talk of sister and marriage?
Take some gap,
find his mood and tell him this matter.
I am sorry if I disturbed you.
Now you look like the person
whom I want to marry should look like.
You are fighting for
justice in Kavya's case.,.
...and I feel proud as a girl for it.
I am ready to do any
help for you in this case.
Not as reporter but
as your life partner.
"Girl is superb!"
"She is hot!"
"She is killing with
her gorgeous looks."
"The boy is gutsy."
"He is rocking."
"He has blasted my heart
with his gun-like looks."
"My heart...
heart... heart... heart... is lost..."
"Come... come...
come... enjoy to the fullest."
"Babe, prepare a fruit salad."
"I will serve you hot. Come... come."
"I like this girl very much,
I will get her."
"She is slipping away
like a lotus flower."
"The boy is brave heart.
He suits me in every aspect."
"He fixed on me and mixed
up by giving hugs and kisses."
"Like a mango pickle,
my mouth is watering upon seeing you."
"I think you will not wait anymore."
"Come! Come!
Come! Come to the night carnival."
"Yes! Yes!
Yes! Play the game of kisses."
"Your looks are fruit salad."
"Come here, girl. Oh dear."
"How do you do? What do you do?"
''Beautiful eyes,
gorgeous looks, you are too hot."
"Come into my dreams, live with me."
'Fall in love and see how it feels."
'You are my dream girl!"
'Come, baby! Come!'
"By applying Cinderella scent
and by putting jasmine flowers..."
"Will you come to Gowliguda
touring talkies movie?"
"If I come to movie with you,
and if all lights are turned off."
"You will get tempted
before the titles start.'
'Hey, don't give me tension
at the time of interval."
"You don't show me the
climax scene in the beginning."
"3D d d d you are such figure."
"Body... you are making it hot."
"Baby, prepare fruit salad."
- Hello.
- Hello, ACP. Good evening.
It seems father and son is
working very hard day and night.
There is breaking news
to put brakes to your speed.
Turn on the TV if it is nearby.
A new twist in Kavya's case.
The three youngsters who surrendered
say they committed the killing.
How is the shock?
Sir! Sir!
Sir, these are the items
we found at the murder spot.
You tried to put my brother in jail...
...and now the time has come
for you to salute him.
Brother ACP.
Turn on the TV if it is near.
As expected by everyone, MP GK's
brother Nani is made youth president.
Hail Nani!
Nani has been elected as youth
president for Navodaya college...
...GK's followers and
party leaders felt happy.
On the way to Parliament.
Gate two. Shock number two.
inform all the district headquarters.
We have to trace the girl at any cost.
Come on! Quick!
Srinu, he said he will
arrest in three days...
...and is drinking
sweet buttermilk coolly.
Sir, girls location
is traced in Tirupati.
- Good! Kashi.
- Sir.
With him security, shift
that girl immediately to Hyderabad.
Govinda! Govinda!
DGP sir, we heard that
girl is found in Tirupati.
Before your staff reached there, our
men brought her home in Indigo flight.
The girl who is the
witness in this girl...
...I am going to get her married
to my brother in half an hour.
She will never testify
in her life at all.
Brother ACP, talk something.
I want to hear your voice.
Brother GK... Indigo flight.
You made ten scoundrels
sit in flight for the first time.
Waste of one lakhs rupees!
That girl was not at the spot
when the murder took place that day.
She is the primary
witness to this case but...
...not main witness.
The main witness and
death sentence to this case...
...I have caught the direct witness.
Hey! What are you talking?
If there is TV nearby, turn it on once.
- Hey! TV! Turn on the TV!
- Okay, brother.
Whether it is the district
where I am born or you are born...
...let it be any district,
I will create ruckus!
Seetaiah! He will not listen to anybody!
- Turn on the news channel!
- Oh!
New twist in Kavya's case.
The four people who confessed
to the crime are proved to be fake.
Police has caught the
key witness in this case.
You watch who the witness is.
Items found at the place of murder.
Sir, I have seen GK's
brother killing Kavya brutally.
I couldn't do anything that day in fear.
But ACP sir came and encouraged me so...
...I came out
and I am telling the truth.
Sir, hang them in
the middle of the road.
Brother, what is there
to feel shock in it?
Since she was the witness so we
thought of getting her married to him.
Now she is the witness
so let her get married to him.
True! Look how good the couple
looks like a bollywood hero and heroine.
- Rascal!
- No!
You said your brother
is on the way to Parliament.
Take diversion!
On the way to central jail.
Out of three days I said,
one hour is left.
In the next 60 minutes, entire
city will be filled with siren sound!
Red alert!
Sir! Sir! Sir!
I have locked, sir.
Wasim! Tiger of old city!
What? You are acting very
smart in the city these days.
Do you have guts to
arrest my friend's son?
If you have then come to old
city in ten minutes and show your guts.
Come! Come and show your manhood!
Give it to me fast, it's my turn.
Come on! Search! Search!
Search! Search the entire house.
Hey, ACP!
- Let him be anywhere, drag him out.
- You--
Talk to me!
Come on! Come on! Do it fast!
Sir, he is caught.
Leave! Leave!
Bhai! My son?
This is my area.
You cannot go by facing my men.
Thrash the rascal!
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Arabic! (Chanting from Quran)
Wasim Bhai! Quran! Holy book!
I think you know
the meaning of sentence.
It is a big mistake to save
the person who commits mistake.
If you do it then even
God will not forgive you.
Wonderful, son!
JP sir--
Brother-in-law, Bhanumathi
is telling to put money in account.
- You!
- No!
Control! Control! You stop it, rascal!
Why do you take tension?
I am the central minister.
We have played with... many policemen.
Let that ACP come. We will see.
What is it with him?
Wherever we go,
he fires bullets on us rapidly.
Does he have a bullet factory?
What is all this?
GK, policeman has come
to your house for the first time.
If there is at least
this much chaos then... will be remembered all your life.
Do you know it is a big crime...
- fire bullets in an MP's house?
- Brother... you want logic in
spite of all these happenings?
Mr. Reddy.
Our sir came to arrest here...
...and because of
GK's men attacking him...
...ACP sir behaved very intelligently...
...and have fired one bullet
on leg and two bullets in air.
- Oh?
- Yes.
Why does he get fired by asking for it?
Non-bailable warrant.
Top most doctors in the city.
Tell me, doctors.
Unable to tolerate the allegations
leveled against him...
...he suffered high BP.
Because of that,
brain suffered intra-cerebral...
...and entire body became paralyzed.
Court has given permission to...
...shift him to America
urgently for treatment.
This is law!
Evening five o'clock flight.
- Emirates.
- Mr. Reddy.
Hey! Why are you pouring petrol?
Don't worry, GK.
Nature cure. Where science fails...
...ayurveda works.
What do you say, doctors?
Yes, I saw.
- Do you have matchbox.
- We are doctors.
- We have lighter.
- Oh!
Hey... brother...
Sir, nature cure is working.
There is movement in sir's hands.
Now watch, Mr.
Reddy. Entire body will run 10k.
- Hey!
- Brother--
Hey, ACP!
Yes! That's it!
He showed us a short film over there.
He is showing him
an entire film festival!
Very good! yes!
- Mr. Reddy.
- He found us.
Yes. Did you find us? I am coming.
- When did you come to the city?
- In the morning.
In the adjacent street...
...Finance Minister's
elder daughter attained puberty... I came to meet him.
- What is your work here?
- It is on the way so to say hi.
- What will you do now?
- What will I do? I will say bye and go.
- Brother... brother.
- Brother.
What did you say?
Politician is king and trash.
Should I tell you what a police is?
Police means power!
Its impact will be like that.
Police is fear!
It is like this.
Police is arrogance! It is like me.
This street dog killed
a girl brutally...
...and I will not spare him
until I get him death sentence.
I am taking your brother
to station on time as I said.
I give you too three days time.
Whether you use money,
men, or hold legs or collars...
...or seek recommendations
or influence... rascal!
Do whatever you can!
If you have guts then get
your brother released from station.
GK, generally every person
has one teaspoonful of temper.
And the guy who wears this
dress will have it in tons.
What, sir? Why did you arrange
such a big party suddenly?
My son has shown the
power of police to GK.
How come we don't celebrate it?
This is for my son.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Kantham, I told you that real
police don't attend...
...parties in uniform.
Did you listen to me?
It is okay. They will think
that you came directly from station.
Yes, sir? It seems you
are coming directly from station.
Didn't I tell you? Come.
Why is she coming like that?
Yes? I wore sari with great difficulty.
Why don't you make a comment or like?
Mr. Reddy, her sari is nice, isn't it?
Hey, why do you tell him?
You said to give a comment or like.
- Therefore I directly shared it.
- Oh!
Okay. Now I will go and share
our matter with your dad directly.
- Hey... hey, Mahi!
- Excuse me, sir.
- You--
- TV reporter.
I am travelling
with your son in Kavya's case.
Good. My son should
always have your support.
These are common between
wife and husband.
Her feeling is that press and
reporter are like wife and husband.
- You come.
- Say one dialogue.
Do you think I am a coward
to fear if you scare me?
Excuse me... you--
My husband.
You said her husband
is producer of serial.
Sir, that is side business.
This is profession.
He is not a police at all.
My husband is police.
If he is police then why
did you file complain with us.
It is... sir, his zone is different.
- Which zone?
- East coast.
Why is he telling the train's
name when I am asking the name of zone?
Sir, he got confused. Eat zone.
What is your designation?
Why do you ask me?
You must have fixed to something.
You tell him.
East zone DCP.
I am DCP of east zone.
Hello, mister.
Where did they transfer me to?
Who knows? Who knows?
Sambar is over there! Go!
Ask in inquiry.
Be careful, father.
Thanks a lot.
When your needed the father...
...I was not by your side.
But when I needed the son... are next to me.
I am sorry.
No, father.
I have understood your value...
...and the value of this uniform.
Brother-in-law, mason Raju is online.
He says to cover
these holes with cement.
What I said was,
we will stick a colour paper...
...and so the light coming
from out will be colourful.
What do you say?
Public is laughing at us.
Do you hear? Can you hear the laughing?
ladies are laughing a lot.
I am thinking how to
get my brother released.
Should it be covered with cement?
Should we stick a paper?
- Are all these necessary?
- What shall we do now?
Youth will not remain silent...
...when youth leader is inside.
Provoke all the students'
unions that are under our control.
City should be held to ransom.
Release our leader!
Break them!
Mr. Reddy.
My dear students!
Please vacate this place and go.
All of you have a good future.
Don't ruin your lives
by following GK's words.
What will you teach us about our future?
If GK's brother is not
released within half an hour... will be set on fire.
We will commit suicide and die
if you don't release our GK's brother.
I will climb the cell tower
and die by jumping from there.
- Police!
- Go Back!
- Police!
- Go Back!
- Police!
- Go Back!
- Police!
- Go Back!
- Police!
- Reddy! Move.
Why did you arrest us, sir?
Did you think how
humiliating it is for us?
What mistake did we commit, sir?
If citizens commit mistake
then it is the mistake of police.
If students commit mistake
then it is the mistake of teachers.
If children commit mistake
then it is the mistake of parents.
- Our children--
- Wait!
Our children are going
to school and studying well.
What mistake did they commit?
- Are they going to school and studying?
- Watch it live!
GK is like my father.
So who am I?
There will be no college, exams and
studies until GK's brother is released.
I swear on my mother and say...
...we will not move from here until
we see happiness in the eyes of GK sir.
What? Have all cops
planned picnic on flyover?
They brought extra
CRPF by fearing us.
CRPF has not come!
Mothers Rapid Protection Force!
- Mother?
- My dear mothers!
Take positions.
Come, Reddy. Let us play caroms.
Sir, only after blood is seen there,
red should be won here.
Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat!
- Hey!
- No! No!
Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat! Beat!
Beat! Beat!
- At what time is the exam?
- 3 o'clock.
Okay, tell me.
What is the use of capacitor?
Tell me. How does a processor works?
What is impulsion?
How will you write exam
when you don't know anything?
No college? No exams? No classes?
What will you do?
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Singham! Singham! Singham!
Mother, why are you watching like that?
What is that face as if there
is a power cut while watching serial?
Mother, my heart is skipping its beat
when you are watching silently?
Say something.
If possible then forgive
or else punish me.
Please accept me as your son.
Please accept me.
I will accept!
Ah! No! No! No!
No! No! No! No!
All mothers are
thrashing their children.
Where will you escape?
Will you undertake
strike by skipping college?
mother... You are finished today.
- Mother!
- "She is a Goddess!"
"Goddess of fury!"
"She is the ruler of world."
- Mother!
- Sir, give some name to this operation.
Like 'Swatch Bharat' ,
let us name it 'Swatch Putra.'
It is nice, sir.
Get in, rascal! No student
should talk of strikes from now!
Sir, everything is clear.
Thanks, mother.
- Hello.
- How is the live telecast, brother GK?
You still have two days time.
All the best.
Brother, police has
hidden the eunuch somewhere.
"He is totally mass!"
"He is total class!"
"He is the hope of box.
He is a cracker!"
"Look at this police!
He is a bursting cracker."
"He is the cracker that
ends up everything illegal!"
Brother-in-law, Bhanumathi
has uploaded a photo on face...
...and she says you didn't like it.
- She is scolding badly.
- Hey!
- Gk!
- Hail!
- Release GK's brother!
- Oh!
Henceforth 801... Challa brothers' 801.
Transfer like GVK 108.
Remove the tent.
- What if we don't remove it.
- Play the audio.
Fruit looks nice from outside.
There are insects inside
if you cut it and see.
Is this the glass in which you drank?
One man show in the entire city!
ACP Kalyan has become the
real hero for public and police.
ACP Kalyan has stood by girl
and has become a hero for public.
"He is total mass."
ACP Kalyan sir is really very great.
"He is the hope of box.
He is a cracker."
- He has showed what police power is.
- "Look Police man."
"He is a bursting cracker."
- GK should be removed from the post.
- GK should resign.
- We support Kalyan!
- We support Kalyan!
they say Nani will be hanged for sure.
So if you transfer the properties
from his name to my name... will be safe.
Registrar is online.
Entire body got injured
due to ACP's thrashing.
Don't pierce it with a needle!
Hello. Registrar sir,
my uncle is not interested.
- Get in touch after Nani dies.
- No!
My sister gave you
to me while she died so.
So I am sparing you without killing you.
- Uncle.
- Raja! GK Raja!
It is finished! Case has become public.
Situation went out of control.
If you can--
tell me so that I can understand.
Matter is known at the centre.
Your post is lost!
Did you come to tell this matter?
Disloyal dog!
Am I a disloyal dog?
Hey, brother Nani beat the
police and they have come home... let us say sorry...
What did you say when I told this?
Will you humiliate me by calling me dog?
Anyway, I still tolerated it.
Our boy is harassing girls. I told you to warn him a bit.
You said it is okay.
You still humiliated me. I tolerated it.
Finally I said I will transfer the ACP.
You said not to do it.
You said he should be here
and you will play football.
Are you Olympic player to play football?
I will tell you Sumathi's poem.
Hear it, rascal!
14th page, 6th chapter.
3rd poem. A strong man
says he will not fear anything...
...and gets bitten... ants and die.
He finally dies!
You will die the same death.
I used to drink...
...your leftover drinks.
I still used to eat your leftover food.
Try to understand
and become good. Rascal!
Brother, we found the eunuch's address.
- Listen to me, Mahi.
- I will not listen.
I will tell your dad
today and fix our marriage.
- Why don't you wait for few more days?
- No possible.
Hello, girl.
- Hello, uncle.
- Come, dear.
You came at the correct time.
There is good breaking news. Watch it.
- What is it?
- I am planning to get my son married.
Nice decision. With whom, uncle?
Our Kashi's daughter.
I am not related to it.
What does your daughter-in-law do, sir?
Software job in America.
- Oh?
- Yes!
Mr. Raghu,
keep the camera in front of Kashi sir.
He is ruining the life of a reporter
for the sake of his own daughter--
Commissioner Kashi Vishwanath.
Commissioner joined
hands with SI Reddy and... involved in liquor business,
drugs mafia, human trafficking...
- grabbing--
- Hey, stop it.
Madam, don't spoil my career.
He said it for fun.
"Will you fix the bed,
I will give you Bandaru sweets?"
"I will buy you sari and blouse,
will you come to the fields?"
"We are young, hot and enthusiastic."
"Let us love, oh my queen."
"Hey Rambha!"
"Rambo has come."
"I will not melt down like others."
"I will give you a slip
if you play tricks, rowdy SI."
"We are young, hot and enthusiastic.
"But still I will
not fall for you, dear."
'Hey, Samba."
"Rambhahas come."
"Oh smart girl!"
"Oh smart girl!"
"Don't provoke me, dear."
"I will shake, move..."
"...and rein you."
"Whatever you do..."
"...I will not be caught."
"Entire town will see..."
"...don't trap me."
"I will give you various gifts,
if you hug you if you fall in my arms."
"Listen to me and come, oh queen."
"This is the tribute to Balaiah!"
"By showing batons--"
"By showing batons..."
"...don't threaten me, oh hero."
"If you love..."
"...come to me sincerely."
"Colourful babe!"
"Let us find a place."
"Your love and my love."
"Let us make it hot."
"There is sweet, spicy and sour."
"Why should we make it late?
Come, oh dear."
Sir, I will present the witness in the
court by tomorrow morning 10 o'clock.
Hey! Mahi!
You follow Mahi! I will go this side.
Mahi, are you okay?
Don't feel happy that
your girl friend is found.
I have kept you far away
from my coverage area wantonly.
It is a trap.
I too will get my brother
released on time... breaking your hands and legs.
The eunuch who is the
witness in this case...
...and your father who supports you...
I am killing them both.
- Hey!
- Hey, don't waste time.
Moreover you are at a long distance.
Come... come... come.
Hey, it seems dad too has come.
Come and collect the body.
Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir!
Save me, sir!
- Sir!
- Sir!
Reddy, father is not taking the call.
Trace his number and identify
the location urgently!
Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!
Ramesh, don't shoot!
Save me, sir!
Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir!
- Hey!
- Sir!
Sincere police will get suspended...
...or die.
Your son too will join you in sometime.
Hey, mad.
My son is following law and order
and others rules because I am there.
The moment I don't exist,
he will break the rules.
He will...
...kill you.
You death in my son's hands...
...will be col.
Father... father.
As an Home Minister,
I would always tell DGP that... are in the hit list of
terrorists, so be careful.
I will tell only one word on DGP.
All the deceased people are good.
Jai Hind!
As expected by everyone, GK's brother
and his friends are released on bail.
- Srujan! D6 news.
- Hail!
Sir, the three accused in
Kavya's case got released bail.
Reddy, I think the train is on time.
Sir, Falaknuma is late
by 15 minutes on this track.
Repalle passenger is
on right time on that track.
Shift to that track.
"Train is coming.
Her style is wonderful."
Sir! Passenger might apply brakes.
Yes, sir. Shatabdi and
non-stop don't have brakes there.
Why do you shout like that
when train is coming? Come!
If you have TV nearby then turn it on.
GK's partner Ravi and his son...
...have died in a train
accident today morning.
While crossing the track for toilet...
...sources say they
had been hit by the train.
Only three hours.
You are finished.
Reddy, is the lorry ready?
Sir, even the garland is ready to put.
Leave me! Leave me!
Sit! Sit!
Now let us what the witness says. Come.
Did you see the accident live?
I saw it half an hour back.
How is it?
I have seen both father and
son drinking brandy on roadside hotel.
And then?
I don't drink more than a quarter.
Will you come on highway
by drinking full?
How dare you are!
Finally what do you say?
Public! Don't drink and drive!
Second wicket too is out!
How can he drink and drive?
He doesn't have the habit of drinking.
ACP is diverting the
topic with these killings.
Tamanna is coming!
Now you want to hear
from the witness, right?
- Sir, you are--
- MS Taman.
Taman is my fan. Public--
Nobody comes when asked to vote.
Will you come in huge
numbers when it is Tamanna?
What is this? Where are you going?
Look at him! He died in trampling.
Its paining.
From the bottom of my heart...
let Tamanna's fans stay alive.
She is so sensitive.
What is the mystery behind
these serial killings?
Sir, not only the police...
...maoists kill politicians too.
Logic! Press people have come.
What should I tell them?
You know it very well.
All the deceased are good.
People who are alive,
are sweet memories of deceased people.
Hope you don't put
me in those sweet memories.
It depends on your performance.
I will perform very well!
Sir! Sir! Sir! Sir!
What is this? Are you journalists?
Let anything happen to our
face but news is important to you.
Ask me!
They are saying police
is behind these sequel murders.
These are natural deaths.
So do you support them?
Are you trying to hide the truth?
Are you afraid of the pressure?
Media friends...
...whenever I undergo
frustration these days...
...I am using an item for mental peace.
Entire state knows it.
- Do you know?
- What is it, sir?
- What is it, sir?
- What is it, sir?
Jai... thanks for your pepper spray.
Hey, ACP! I know I am your next target.
Everyone related to Kavya's case... dying one after
another so I have...
...brought high security
from government.
Security officer
too is sincere like you.
Cop who doesn't comprise.
I will be in Delhi in next hour.
I will return with
the power that I lost.
I will teach you a lesson!
- At what time is the flight?
- 10 o'clock.
- Uncle--
- My words... hey!
Do you want to trace
my location by making me talk?
Oh... I think airport too has come.
Nani and I kept telling you
that route is changed. Did you listen?
Cop who doesn't compromise.
You followed the profile very well.
Have you seen the photo?
See there once.
I hate police!
For your security...
...there was a bumper offer
in the department yesterday.
Everyone got ready...
...but I won the lottery.
I am in my safety.
What is your--
Our blood has one bad habit.
Whoever the person might be in front
of us, we just confront him directly.
Eye to eye! Face to face!
We don't backstab like you.
Your brothers deaths are decided.
Hey! Hey!
- Hi!
- You--
Tsunami star Subash!
I am the witness to your death too.
- I will not spare you.
- Hi, you are crying.
Sir, once I want to
hear him say I love police.
Not just once...
...I will say it hundred times.
I love police! I love police!
But I hate criminals. Aim the guns!
Eye witness is next to us.
Who are you, sir?
Oh! Tsunami star? You?
What happened to this city?
On one hand there is river
Musi and on the other hand it is smoke.
We cannot avoid paying heavy penalty.
Movies have become less,
so he came to ads.
- He has become old.
- Shut up!
I started like that
for content connectivity.
I came here because the
climax location is tempting.
By then Gk came here
to hide these mills.
He said hi and offered a cigarette.
I said I don't have the
habit and told him to get out.
He got fired when I looked at him.
You will die in installments
if you smoke at smoking zone.
If you smoke at no smoking
zones then you will die instantly.
Please have awareness!
In how many getups should I say?
- Sir--
- I know.
To how many people should I say?
Will you not listen?
Will you not change?
Hello! Wait.
- There is a small information.
- Two states.
Two 801. Two Chandras.
They are telling to implement.
There is a toll free number too.
Audio is very powerful than video here.
Prawn and Crab production! Missile!
Ready to launch! Opening shot!
Police means power!
Police means arrogance!
Police means fear!
This is not enough.
Very good. Very good. Congrats, sir.
Why are you not clapping?
Sir, why do you play police
at the age if dying?
Shut up!
You wondered when Rajini
did 'Robo' at this age.
So will you not watch
Subash's 'Missile'?
- How can you compare with him?
- Pack up!
- Which forest is it?
- Chattisgarh.
As if you didn't find
any minister in the country... have kidnapped only me.
Call the Prime Minister and tell him... change my port folio.
Tell it is the demand of kidnappers.
- Whom are you calling?
- Home Minister.
Rascal! The person who saved us... him.
Even if we get kidnapped
in South African forests...
...he should come and save us.
Cut it!