Pataki (2017) Movie Script

'DGP Agni on duty.'
Corporator, MLA, Law Minister
Housing and Urban Minister
Social Welfare Minister,
Home Minister
and the party president,
Rudra Pratap
are going to be here.
So, be alert.
- Yes, sir..
Dear police,
today is a day to rejoice
for the entire
police department.
Because today it's
the cornerstone laying ceremony
for a township that is going
to be built for you people
on around 50 acres of land.
You all know the person
giving it to you.
And he is none
other than our guide
Mr. Rudra Pratap.
Now, Mr. Rudra Pratap
is going to speak
a few heartfelt words before you.
Listen to his words and rejoice.
Welcome, Mr. Rudra Pratap..
I hate police.
I hate police.
Mr. Rudra, why did you say
that you hate the police
in front of so many policemen?
A cat will hunt a rat.
An eagle hunts a snake.
A tiger hunts a deer.
Is it because of anger?
No. It's because of hunger.
This is a natural phenomenon.
Sir, should we keep mum
even if Rudra Pratap
disrespects the police department?
I will drag him..
- Ganesh
forget about touching him,
we'll have to take permission
from many people
even to meet him.
He has grown beyond measure now.
And it's hard for us
to put him behind bars now.
It's been 20 years since
I last entered
the police station.
After that, I never let any
policeman step inside my house.
Then why did he donate
50 acres of land worth crores
to the police department?
That's not a donation.
Alms. I gave it away as alms.
I will be happy to know
that the police
are at my mercy.
He is not scared of the law.
He doesn't care about
what's right or what is wrong.
He has no sympathy.
Rudra Pratap was a common man.
But now,
he has made the underworld
than the police department.
He has bribed
all the state and central ministers
to act in his favour.
He has two pillars
which support him to do anything.
One is Deshpande,
a very intelligent criminal.
He has the blueprint of Bangalore
that tells how Bangalore
is going to be after 25 years.
And the other is Imran.
He is a notorious criminal,
who is leading
Rudra Pratap's
underworld dealings.
He deals with people
who go against Rudra Pratap.
Sir, why is he not arrested
despite so many crimes
committed by him?
We are like Gandhi's
three monkeys.
We should just keep our mouths,
eyes and ears shut.
Because our law demands
only proofs and witnesses.
People are scared
for their lives.
So, no one dared
to complain against him.
You are new to your job.
You will understand
as you proceed.
Let's go. - Sir,
isn't there an end to this?
Long ago,
when Narakasura was killed
the festival of lights
started to be celebrated.
In the present time, someone will
surely come to kill Rudra Pratap
so that people celebrate
his death as well.
I don't know anything, sir.
I don't know him.
Then why did you run
after seeing me?
Who is the other guy
who ran away?
I don't know him.
But the one who was killed
is Sandeep Patil.
He is MLA Shankar Patil's
As you know Ravi Kale
and him, were enemies.
He was waiting to kill him.
Some stranger killed him.
Call Kale.
Let's sell this
dead body to him.
Do you want to sell
this dead body? - Hello.
Your enemy Sandeep Patil
right in front of me.
I have a gun.
Do you want me to shoot him?
Who are you?
What will you get
knowing who I am?
Do you want me
to shoot him or not?
Okay. I will give you
Rs. 10 lakhs if you kill him.
Keep the money ready
and watch the news.
'This is breaking news.
- He is dead.
'Sandeep Patil from Hubli
is found dead.' - Who are you?
I tried to kill him many times.
But I missed it.
You fulfilled my dream.
Where should I send the money?
why don't you come here?
I want to meet you.
I will come when
the time is right.
Pack the money in a bag
and keep that bag
in Ayodhya hotel which
is near the old bus stand.
You are very brilliant.
You earned Rs. 10 lakhs
using a dead body.
Shall we go to Ravi Kale?
He has already
sent us the money.
He wants to meet me.
Let's go and meet him.
"You are awesome
and beautiful.."
Mr. Kale,
you wanted to meet me, right?
When did I tell you
that I want to meet you?
Who else, apart from the
police do you expect to come
when you murder someone?
What murder are
you talking about?
What murder, you say!
I know that you got
MLA Shankar Patil's brother
Sandeep Patil killed.
I got the shooter's
phone in the spot.
This has the call history
about your calls
after and before the murder.
Take a look.
Many people call me every day.
How can you suspect me
just because of that?
You told him,
'I don't care who you are.'
'I will give you Rs. 10 lakhs
if you kill him'.
You left the money in Ayodhya
hotel near the old bus stand.
Is this enough or do you
want more evidence?
No, sir.
- Leave me.
Okay. Tell me how
much you'll give me?
Rs. 10 lakhs, sir.
Hey, you idiot!
Isn't there any difference between
a shooter and a policeman?
Don't you respect me?
How dare you fix
the same price for both?
- No, sir.
Rs. 20 lakhs is ready.
Take it.
You earned Rs. 30 lakhs
in 30 minutes!
The one who was murdered
is Shankar Patil's brother, right?
- Let's go to his house.
Won't you spare him too?
I think you loved
your brother a lot.
It's not just love.
He is my life.
I have proof about
who killed your brother.
Who is it?
Is it Ravi Kale?
Even Ravi Kale doesn't know
who killed your brother.
Is it?
- Who else is it?
Sir, don't worry.
I have the proof.
I will file a case.
No. Don't file any case.
I will take care of him.
Give me the proof.
Sir, I'll get a gold medal
if I submit
the proof to the government.
What will do with
that gold medal?
I will give you
whatever you want.
I will give you
whatever you ask for.
Who is he?
I don't know if you
can get me a transfer
in such a situation.
Why can't I?
Where do you want
to get transferred to?
Tell me.
It's done.
At least tell me now.
Who is he?
You somehow helped me
to get a transfer.
If you can give me some money..
- Hey!
Oh, God!
You are amazingly talented.
You are very smart.
This happened because of you.
Take it.
I'm very lucky to have met you.
"The season of happiness is here."
"Two hearts have become one."
"The season of happiness is here."
"Two hearts have become one."
"We have overcome
our differences."
"We have exchanged promises too."
"The kisses we exchanged
are overwhelming."
"I am intoxicated with your love."
"The season of happiness is here."
"Two hearts have become one."
"We have overcome our differences."
"We have exchanged promises too."
"The kisses we exchanged
are overwhelming."
"I am intoxicated with your love."
Hey, what happened?
People call us sinister.
But you said that I'm lucky.
You even gave me money.
Please, dear.
Please make me your mistress.
- Hey!
Get off.
- Don't refuse.
Hereafter, I'm all yours.
- Hey!
you can't meet me anymore. - Why?
I got transferred.
- Where to?
Silicon city, Bangalore.
When will the DGP be here?
- He will be here soon.
What kind of a man is DGP?
Sir, he is very strict.
Criminals are scared of him.
Trying to buy me off
is not as easy as
killing the innocent.
You bloody idiot!
He's here.
This is your joining order.
Thank you, sir.
Which zone could it be?
North, south, east or west..
South division.
Jayanagar, Thyagaraj Nagar,
Adugodi Basavanagudi
Siddapura central, JP Nagar.
Favourable division!
I can earn a lot.
Earn a lot?
What are you talking about?
- I meant a good name. - Oh!
I will work hard
and get a good name.
Look, stop being naive
and work sincerely.
Sure, sir.
I will compel you to think
about me
every waking moment
of your life Hereafter.
I'll make you desperate.
- Sir, what I meant was
if I start working seriously
and sincerely
we will run out of criminals.
Then you will start feeling bad
that you have no work to do
and eventually,
you'll become desperate.
Can I leave now?
You idiot!
You don't know how powerful I am.
In Karnataka,
I'm the most powerful one
after power star.
Hey, I will break your bones
and hang you.
Rascal, scoundrel!
Speak up.
Hey, I was just kidding.
You didn't have to scream
so loudly.
Hey, don't take out the razor
to kill me.
Oh, it's hair oil.
Hey, what are you doing?
Hit me, sir.
- Hey!
Do I look like a masseur?
I'm a policeman.
Symbol of truth,
justice, equality..
A new ACP is going to be here.
His name is Surya.
He's a young and energetic officer!
Welcome, sir..
Stop it.
Do you think I'm a policeman
or a politician?
Quick. Stand in a line.
Yes, sir.
I don't care how you used to be
with your previous ACP.
But Hereafter, I will teach you
how a cop should be.
Is it clear?
Yes, sir..
- Say it loudly.
Yes, sir..
Now take an oath!
Yes, sir..
- God..
- Hereafter..
...we will not..
- ...we will not.. for the people!
- What..
Come on.
- for the people..
We will be selfish.
We will be selfish.
We will work for ourselves..
- We will work for ourselves..
...and our families.
- ...and our families.
Including settlements,
robbery, real estate dealings
we will be benefitted
from everything.
Including settlements,
robbery, real estate dealings
we will be benefitted
from everything.
We are taking an oath
Why are you guys crying?
Are you guys very sincere?
I swear on my mother
I swear on all our mothers,
we are not sincere.
You are like God to us.
Our previous officers
were so selfish
and they made money for themselves.
No one cared for us.
Hey, just go away.
We are living on
government rations.
They won't even give it properly.
Instead, they have introduced
many schemes
and have made our lives miserable.
My first duty is to make
you guys rich.
You are the God who came
into our lives as a cop.
Hail Lord Ganesh..
Stop it!
Hereafter, our duty
should be making money.
We should concentrate
not on the bullet in the gun.
- Then?
But on bullet rice.
- Yes, sir..
Hereafter, we have only
one aim and one voice.
When will we have good days
in our lives, if not now?
When, if not now..
When, if not now..
When, if not now..
"I'm here only for you."
"This land shelters us."
"Why are you crying?
Why are you sad?"
"Why are you crying?
Why are you sad?"
"All of you are going
to live happily."
"We're all going to live happily."
- I like your emotions.
Let's enjoy
this moment.
"Hail Lord Ganesh.."
"Everybody sing to
this awesome song.."
"We will be happy"
"as he's become a cop."
"We will be happy."
"It's going to be a festival
every day."
"He treats prisoners
like his students"
"and fans like his friends."
"He is awesome. Salute to him"
"There are numerous Gods.
But he's our boss."
"I'm the man.
I'm golden star's fan."
"I'm the man.
I'm golden star's fan."
"We will be happy.."
"as he's become a cop.."
"He has entered when the
drama is about to end."
"He has entered.
Just sing and dance."
"He has entered when the
drama is about to end."
"He has entered.
Just sing and dance."
"I'm the terror."
"I will settle everything
with violence."
"I will deal everything
with ease."
"Do your duty all the time.
Sometimes, loot the bad people."
"Get updated on time."
"Just be in time."
"It's going to be fun
every time he comes here."
"I'm the man.
I'm golden star's fan."
"I'm the man.
I'm golden star's fan."
"A royal man."
"We can't live
with an empty pocket."
"We can't survive if we don't lie."
"He is a hero.
- Boss."
"Garland him.
- Boss."
"Get a tattoo of his picture.
- Boss."
"Dance and whistle for him.
- Boss."
"Look clearly.
All are his fans."
"I'm the man
who is a fan of the golden star."
"I'm the man
who is a fan of the golden star."
"We are celebrating after
he became the police officer."
"We are celebrating
as it is like a festival every day."
"Kohl lined.."
"Your kohl lined black eyes.."
Hey, sir.
Dear, get it out of your pants.
What? - Don't you know, idiot?
I meant money.
Hey, don't irritate me. I don't
have any money. - Get it out!
If you don't give us money,
we'll curse you.
Don't you know?
- Will your curse affect me?
Don't you dare!
Wait and watch. Your bike
won't start now. Try all you want.
Go to hell.
- Okay, leave now!
Let me see how you will go.
Let me see how it won't start.
- Give me, old man!
What happened to this?
Thank you.
- Ma'am.
You look tired
of kicking the starter.
Did you understand the power
of our curse?
Remember this.
- Take the money.
Break your curse.
- Now you are on the right track.
Close your eyes and
remember your ancestral deity.
I'll liberate you from my curse.
Close your eyes.
Go on.
Sir, take the money out.
- Hey! Go away. I won't give.
Hey, I think you know
that if you don't give
I'll curse you..
- Hey! Stop!
Do you think I'm a fool?
I have an eye
on my bike's silencer.
'He has seen it. Useless fellow!'
- You can't cheat me.
You aren't a fool
but a stupid guy.
Why didn't you have an eye
on your keys?
Ma'am.. Please return my keys.
- I won't.
Please give it back.
- Try to go. - Don't keep it.
Give me the money.
- I'll give you money.
Now you are on the right track.
Take your keys..
- Hey!
How dare you collect money!
Do you know whom you've touched?
- Who are you?
Hey! I completely belong
to ACP Surya.
What! Does she belong to him?
- Soldiers. - Yes, sir.
Fill my pockets. - Okay, sir.
- 'I found you at last!'
"My life partner"
"is a genuine one."
"He is a perfect man"
"without a curse or a jinx."
- Oh, God!
It'll be hard to find him
if I lose him again!
- Hey!
Hey, Basanthi.
When did you come from Hubli?
I'll come wherever you go.
Hey, dear! When I see you
I become speechless
my heart remains silent,
the coyness increases
and I fall in love with you
yet again.
I have said everything.
Think and decide. Okay?
Okay, leave.
Tell me.
Yes, I'm coming.
Hey, girl!
Hey, girl!
Hey, idiot!
Can't you hear?
I'm shouting for a long time.
What is your name?
Okay, bye. Be careful.
- Boss..
Apparently real estate agents have
started a revolution against us.
- Greetings. - Greetings.
For the injustice
that you all have faced
I, Sudhakar, the president
of the real estate committee..
I, Prabhakar, the vice president
of this committee..
Are chastising the injustice
done by ACP Surya.
If he continues to ruin
all our settlements
then we will have to drop out
from our businesses
and start serving tea..
- "Shall I prepare hot and.."
We are not scared of such tricks.
We have come across
many people like him.
We have been in business long before
he came to this position. - "Hot.."
Oh, God!
Everybody run!
"Shall I prepare
hot and delicious 'Kajjayas'?"
Why did you show us the power
of your punches, sir?
Are you asking why?
Just look at the ambulance again.
"Shall I prepare
hot and delicious 'Kajjayas'?"
What is this concept, sir?
What's up with you wearing
the attire of Lord Yama?
Why has the government allotted
number 108 for the ambulance?
Because humans may suffer
from 108 kinds of sicknesses.
That's fine.
But why is this 801, sir?
People like you suffer
from 801 kinds of attitudes.
If 108 treats people
who are ill and who are suffering
801 will..
Will treat people
who stand against us.
With complimentary 'Kajjayas'.
This is injustice! - "Shall I
prepare hot and tasty 'Kajjayas'?"
Hey! You talk against them
right in front of them!
Stay quiet.
- Dear Lord.
Where else will this
treatment continue?
Sir, the ACP is crossing the line.
I'll kill him. - "Hot and tasty.."
Sir, I'll not spare him.
I'll kill.. - "Hot and tasty.."
Give me a few 'Kajjayas'.
Do you want it for free
or will you buy it?
Is it for free? Sure, give it.
Then try to abuse ACP Surya.
He is a scoundrel
and an idiot and..
"Shall I prepare hot and tasty
'Kajjayas'?" - Oh, God!
Do you want 'Kajjayas' for free?
Take it.
He nearly broke my bones. He is
an idiotic man.. - "Hot and tasty.."
He's dead!
Hail Lord Ganesh.
Hail ACP Surya. - Hey!
- Yes, boss.
The idol is installed there.
Why are you turning towards me?
Boss, you are God to us.
Thanks to you, my children, who
were studying in government schools
are now studying
in private schools.
I have bought gold ornaments
for my wife, boss.
My wife is happy
as she feels it was worth
marrying me.
I've bought a flat in Katriguppe.
I'm planning to name
the flat after you.
I've bought an i20 car
for my father
an i10 car for my mother
and another car for myself too.
Now all my family members
have a car each for themselves.
We have settled to this extent.
But you are our boss.
From your earnings, all your future
generations can live happily.
- Yes, boss.
Do you know why the government has
fixed 18 as the legal voting age
and 21 as the legal age
for marriage, for boys?
At the age of 18,
we can handle the nation easily.
But to handle women, we need
more time and experience.
Moreover, the girls of
this generation.. Oh, God!
They can't be judged easily.
'She looks good
in all kinds of dresses.'
- Yes, boss.
I was able to judge a girl,
for the first time.
There are firecrackers
in my heart.
It's better to check if she is
in love with someone else.
If not, you will be hurt.
I have great experience
in all fields.
I'm sure she's the one for me.
Hey, my girl is going.
He has fallen in love.
'The legal system has gone worse
in the city.'
'Women don't feel safe even to go
and buy vegetables in the market.'
Give me a bottle of Brandy.
Hello! Brandy.
- I'll give.
And a bottle of rum
whisky, wine, gin, vodka
and strong beer.
Take it.
- Ma'am.
You forgot to buy soda.
If we mix soda,
the quality will be degraded.
I only consume raw.
'Alcohol consumption
is injurious to health.'
You said that you'll give me
the details of the rape
that you committed last week,
if I get you liquor.
Yes, I'll tell you, ma'am.
I'll tell you the breaking news.
Listen to me, girl!
What's this? He's disrespecting you
once he got drunk. - Hey!
Ignore it, Sunday.
We only need the breaking news.
Tell me, Mallesha.
How did you rape?
Last week's rape is old news.
I'll give you
the latest breaking news. Listen!
The reporter of SV TV, Sangeetha
is going to be brutally raped
by me, Mallesha,
the owner of a fish stall.
The cameraman will now escape!
"Come to me, my beloved Sangeetha."
"I was made for you.."
- Hey, loafer!
You drank the liquor that I bought.
Now, you're planning to rape me!
I will..
I had warned you earlier!
Hoping that you will report
the case in full depth
you made a romantic
cocktail for him!
He would obviously
have such plans in mind!
Oh, my God!
He's chasing us like a wild hog!
Looking at the way
he's running after us
I guess he'll rape even me!
Hey, white cockroach!
Get lost, you black swine!
- No!
Look, there are policemen!
Thank God!
Please save me, sir..
- I'm coming for you!
He's here..
It's our ACP!
Take the money.
Move away.
I'll rape this girl
and go for a ride to heaven.
- Yes.
Why just heaven? I'll take you
to all the three worlds.
Take me.
You accept cash from everyone
and pardon them.
Why did you slap me like this?
Our society is twisted because
of corrupt officers like you.
You're laughing!
You seem to be in a romantic mood
early in the morning.
Crackers are bursting in my mind.
Ask her to come here.
- Boss.
How can we ask her to come, boss?
She's from the press
and you're a policeman. - So what?
Call for a press meet.
What's up with the fan effect?
Why did you call
for the press meet?
Is it about the murders
taking place in the city?
Is it about the sex racket?
- Is it about chain-snatchers?
Or is it about child labour?
- Is it about the recent rape case?
Wait, we'll tell you!
Will we call for a press meet
and keep mum?
First, all the men go back.
All the ladies, come in front.
Is this some kind of a new concept?
It's a BMTC bus concept.
Who are you to say that?
I'm his fan.
If you're his fan, celebrate
his birthday, cut a cake for him
or put up a hoarding for him.
Don't try to be over smart here.
I live for fans,
and I live because of fans!
I have this status, thanks to them.
There are whistles in the theatre
because of them!
So, shift!
Tell us, why did you
call for this press meet?
Yesterday it was a salwar kameez.
Today, pant and shirt.
When will you drape a saree?
- What?
Boss, you can ask her to drape
a saree after your marriage.
Come to the point, boss.
Is that what you say? - Hello!
- Yes, boss.
What is the purpose
of this press meet?
Will you continue working
even after marriage?
Is this a press meet
or a personal meet?
Isn't ours a channel too?
Don't we have microphones?
Why aren't you speaking to us?
"Shall I prepare hot
and delicious 'Kajjayas'?" - Boss.
Cool, boss.
My dear friends from the media
a police officer in Delhi fell
in love and married a journalist.
A big round of applause!
You've called for a press meet
for such great news!
"Shall I prepare hot
and delicious.." - Boss..
Cool, boss.
- No, boss.
Actually, our boss is feeling shy
to share the news.
I'll tell you all.
Our boss was inspired by the story
of the police officer in Delhi
falling in love with a journalist.
He has now decided
to marry a journalist.
If any of you girls are interested
in getting married to our boss,
you may approach him.
The combination of a policeman
and a journalist will be crazy.
If you show interest in this..
Not interested.
Go and try in Delhi.
You may find someone.
You people consider
press meets to be a joke!
Don't ever invite us
to such silly press meets!
They didn't serve
tea or coffee either!
Why do you want tea or coffee?
Do you want hot 'Kajjayas'?
Hot 'Kajjaya' will be delicious.
- Okay.
Sir, we've been waiting
for the ACP for so long.
I'm suffering from acidity
due to hunger.
Either conduct the meeting
or buy us lunch.
The meeting has been held
for ACP Surya.
How can we conduct
the meeting without him?
We should get the ACP
into trouble today!
What are you doing here? Are you
making land deals with the DCP?
No.. - Yes, sir..
- Yes, sir..
Which land dealing
are you talking about?
We've come to complain
against ACP Surya, right?
Good Lord! He landed us in trouble!
I can still smell the aroma
of the 'Kajjaya' you gave us, sir.
What 'Kajjaya'
are you talking about?
I'll tell you in detail.
Sir, please go ahead.
Should we buy it or is it for free?
- It's for free!
Then I'll take it on behalf of
my family members too. - Yes..
"Shall I prepare
hot and delicious.."
Our ACP is coming.
- Hey.
Is he the King of Mysore that
you're informing us about his entry?
Go and sit.
- Yes, sir.
Sir. - You won't get anything
if you stay here. Here.
Greetings, sir.
Why are you late?
- What can I do?
He said 20 and I said 30.
He wasn't going to compromise,
and neither was I.
In the end, we settled for 25.
It took this long to deal with it.
He's talking about the settlement
in such detail in front of you, sir!
Which settlement
do you have in mind?
I was talking about lemons.
I said I want 30 lemons for Rs. 50
and he said he'll give 20.
Oh, God!
I was exhausted from the haggling!
The prices of vegetables
have shot up!
What's the price of drumsticks
in the market, sir?
As much as brinjals.
- What about chillies? - Hey!
Shut up! Is this a conference
or a marketplace?
Just sit down! - Sir..
- Will you please sit down?
Thank you, sir.
Tell us your complaints.
What should we mention, sir?
There aren't only 1 or 2 complaints!
From minor pick-pocket cases
to major real estate settlements
he goes and strikes deals
with the culprits
doesn't even call them
to the police station
and handles cases personally,
rather than professionally.
He doesn't have even
the slightest professional ethics.
Look how he's playing the fool
right before you!
Even before we file the FIR
he fixes a share
and makes a settlement.
He's unfit to be in the department.
Suspend him, sir!
What is this, sir!
They know nothing about the law.
They think suspending an IPS officer
is as easy as suspending a PC.
A committee should come from the
centre, there should be an enquiry
and evidence should be found.
There are so many formalities.
Ask them if anybody has given
a written complaint against me.
How can anybody
file a complaint, sir?
Apparently there is an 801 van
in which there's a photo of his.
He distributes 'Kajjayas' for free
and people who wish to complain,
eat the 'Kajjaya' and go away.
Let that be. Has anyone from
my zone complained against me?
Gowda, where is Manavu?
Manavu? - He's here.
- He's here, sir. - I'm here, sir.
What's the mileage of the Skoda?
14-15 kilometres for a litre, sir.
How does he know
that you bought a new car?
He bought it for me
for my birthday.
Where is our SI, Mahesh?
- Sir!
You didn't invite me
to your new house.
I've organised the housewarming
ceremony for Varamahalakshmi.
I'll come to the office
and give you the invitation.
Give it to the DGP, first.
- Yes, sir. I definitely will.
Sir, this is the way it is.
We work, without causing any harm,
while sharing such understandings.
While carrying out the duty
seriously and sincerely
I have an understanding
in every task I carry out.
Excuse me, sir!
We came to light only after
he entered our lives.
The local rice we once used, is now
replaced with expensive rice.
It's okay, Gowda.
I wish to make a humble request.
Don't arrange such useless meetings
and waste our DGP's precious time.
What do you think of our DGP?
If the three visible lions
of our emblem
stand for justice,
equality and integrity
The fourth lion, which is invisible,
stands for the police.
Police. - Police. - Police!
By police we mean Agni!
Come on..
Shall I take your leave, sir?
He has a motive for coming
to Bangalore.
Get going..
Good morning, Mr. Rudra.
- Good morning.
This is elixir!
- Hey, wait!
Listen, mister. Mr. Rudra's
leftovers are like God's oblation.
Mr. Rudra is my God.
- Hello, sir. - Hello! - Hi, Dad.
Greetings. - Hi, sir,
- Come, prince.
We are here to talk about you.
Vikram, his son and Imran's brother
have raped a software girl.
they've beaten up a policeman.
That's why DGP Agni
has taken the case seriously.
Just send the three of them with me
to the police station.
I'll arrange for bails for them and
bring them back at the earliest.
What do you say?
They are youngsters.
- Yes..
They are always excited.
They made a small mistake because
their uncle is the CM.
Do you want to arrest and
name them rapists for that? - No..
Is this why I made you
the Home Minister?
As the party president,
I will strip you of your post.
Imran, give me the phone.
- Will you throw me out?
Have you decided to do it?
Instead of excusing the mistake
made by your follower
you have decided to throw me out.
Okay, I will correct my mistake.
And you will see
how I am going to do that.
- Hey, DGP!
You weaved a false story about
a rape case last night, isn't it?
My boys partied
on the road last night.
For such a small reason,
your policemen..
Mr. Rudra, how come I don't see
the police here? Where are they?
Sir, the victim herself
filed a complaint against them.
She has withdrawn her complaint.
DGP, I dream to make my son
a political leader.
I won't tolerate it if someone
creates hurdles. Do you understand?
The weather is so romantic.
- Yes.
My life is dull like an old
black and white movie. - Yes.
When will it become colourful?
- If you waste time doing nothing
you'll feel like you
wasted all your life, sir.
Shall we catch someone
and make them bribe us?
I am not talking about that.
- Then?
I am talking about the girl I like,
my future wife.
Call her here!
How can we have her come
here at this wee hour?
Call for a press meet. - People
watch lewd videos at this time.
Why would you want to hold
a press meet now?
Inform them that two guys
were trying to rob an ATM
and that we caught them red-handed.
- Two robbers? - Yes.
Where will we get two robbers
at this time, sir?
Hello, boss.
- Hello, boss.
How can you plan an ATM robbery
and a press meet
out of nowhere?
Because of you, our reputation
has already been tarnished.
- Sir?
Why are they worried about
the image they have lost already?
Do this. Smear coconut oil
and chilli powder on the lathi
and take them to a task.
Wow, sir!
We got a load of
Guntur chillies yesterday.
I have got it grounded.
But still, let me check with them.
- Go ahead.
- Tell me, sir.
If we produce you as thieves with
your faces covered, is that okay?
The ACP won't spare us
if we don't agree.
The punishment he mentioned
is scary.
Sir, call for the press meet.
What happened? - Where do you think
you are going? Come back.
Only Ms. Sangeetha has the right
to ask questions.
Please come, Sangeetha.
Gowda. - Sir?
- What's the reason for the change?
It's simple, sir. Constable 801
took them to task yesterday.
Even the press has been given
the 'Kajjaya' treatment.
Can you please take the masks off
the thieves' faces?
We cannot do that.
- Why would we do that, ma'am?
Politicians are looting
the entire nation.
We are trying to make small money,
but the police won't spare us.
Sir, why aren't you
saying anything?
Hey! The camera is switched on.
Cover your face. - Oh, no!
Please tell us
how you caught them.
If she keeps fleeing away all the
time, who'll give me her address?
Why should she share
her address herself?
Why don't you use your smartness
and get it instead?
Is that so?
- Yes!
The guy with the camera!
What is your name?
- Sunday? That's a weird name.
I was born on a Sunday. Therefore,
my parents named me that.
Sunday is a holiday.
How were you born? - What?
'He is right,
how was I born on a Sunday?'
Think about it when you are free.
Now, give me Sangeetha's address.
No, I won't tell you. - Didn't we
catch a thief who stole
one kilo of gold recently?
- Yes..
Give him half the quantity.
House number 700/84,
Srigandha Kaval, Nagarbhavi
second stage, Bangalore.
Sangeetha, her sister, Geetha,
her brother-in-law, Pratap
and their daughter,
Saanvi live there.
Ms. Geetha likes policemen.
Therefore, her father lied
that civil engineer, Pratap
is a policeman
and got them married.
If you go to Sangeetha's house
and tell them you are the ACP
they will get you married
to Sangeetha for sure.
- Sir!
Sir, what about my share of gold?
- We did catch the thief that day.
As it was a Sunday,
we could not seize the gold.
Oh, no!
Oh, God!
Hello! I know that you
are trying to woo me.
I am sure that's why you called
for a press meet at this hour.
No matter how hard you try,
I won't fall for you.
Do you get it?
- Yes.
Soldiers. - Boss?
- What's our next programme?
Sangeetha darling!
- Who are you?
She asks who I am! I am in love
with your sister, Sangeetha.
How dare you stand before me and
call yourself my sister's lover!
I will..
- Ma'am, he is the ACP!
Please come and sit down.
- We have convinced her.
Ma'am, you have a beautiful house.
But the furniture
is not nice at all.
Change the horrible furniture!
Does my darling, Sangeetha,
watch this TV?
- Change it all..
If we go on replacing everything
she'll tell us to replace
her husband too.
Please change everything!
- Damn!
Does only one gold chain
adorn your beautiful neck? Damn!
Thank you, sir. All we have
is a small house in Kengeri.
Ma'am, Kengeri does not come
under our limits, sorry.
Oh, no! Hey!
Who do you think you are pushing?
Do you know who we are? Police!
- Police!
We have hired a policeman like you
as our cook.
Is a policeman your cook?
H-He is my husband.
Why are you standing, sir?
Please sit down.
- What is it, darling?
What is this, sir?
Won't you land in trouble
if you go out in this uniform?
Why won't it? I will land in
bigger trouble at home though.
Geetha, it is hot inside.
Can I take off my uniform?
I find this nuptial chain heavy,
shall I remove it, too?
The tempering will get charred.
I will go back.
Sir, the one you are searching for
is upstairs.
Aunt, your lover is here.
Sister, why did you let him inside?
Hey! Why did you come to my house?
Darling, you look good
in this dress too!
Get out!
Shut your mouth!
Your fiance has come home
for the first time.
Is this how you speak to him?
Go and talk to him with love.
Oh, my!
I feel like I got electrocuted.
- Sir?
Please capture this beautiful
moment. - Yes, boss.
Are you ready?
Please smile.
Please sit carefully!
Our boss will get too excited
Leave me! Get out
of my house right now.
Or else, I'll telecast a live
programme on the news channel
that you are physically
and mentally torturing me
and get you fired from your job.
Do you think you can do that?
You are dependant only
on one news channel.
Your channel has
over 10 competitors.
I will run a live programme
with him and state
that you are blackmailing him
with your channel's support
and you are torturing me
because I did not support you.
I will plead the viewers.
I will weep my eyes out.
What will you do then?
- There's nothing you can do.
Saanvi! Are you against me?
Do you think you can lie to me
and get away with it?
- Yes!
Can I take your sister
to a restaurant?
Sir, do you need my permission
to take your fiancee out?
But she wouldn't come
if I invite her, would she?
But she has to go
when the whole family goes.
I have to wear the uniform
to a restaurant too. Fate!
Hey, Dad!
Pass me some noodles.
Hey! That's not how
you address your dad.
You should give him respect.
Sorry, sir.
- It's okay.
Will you respectfully pass me
some noodles?
'That's some way to show respect.'
- Yes?
You are touching my leg, not hers.
- Sangeetha.
The place you are sitting in
is not nice.
It's better you sit there.
- Thank you, ma'am.
What are you doing here?
Oh, is it?
Sir, please give me your autograph.
Dear, why are you staring at me?
Give her your autograph!
Shall I, sir?
- Go ahead.
'I wonder why she wants
my autograph of all!'
Dear, why don't you say something
powerful too?
I won't fear, no matter which part
of the state I am sent to.
Because all I have is a few pairs
of clothes and a suitcase.
Mr. Dhanraj..
- Let me go.. Mom!
Oh, dear!
You were awesome!
Hello, friends.
We will now announce
'The most visiting
best couple of the year' award.
And the award goes to ACP Surya
and the beautiful lady, Sangeetha!
How's that possible?
It's my first visit here.
They will give you a prize.
Why don't you just take it?
- Thank you.
Wait, my love!
"Hey, beautiful, just turn back
and look at me once."
"Hey, beautiful,
try to fall in love with me."
"If you stare at me"
"it feels like there are fireworks
in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
"It feels like there are fireworks
in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, just turn back
and look at me once."
"Hey, beautiful,
try to fall in love with me."
"Listen to me, darling.
I won't make you wait."
"If you agree,
let's go on a date."
"If you don't, I'll feel bad."
"I'll come with you to"
"cafes, salons, shopping
and wherever you want me to."
"I'll take care of you
when you fall ill."
"If you hold my hand"
"it feels like there are
fireworks in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
"It feels like there are fireworks
in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
"Hey, baby!"
"You are the woman I want."
"Come to me and give me a hug."
"My heart beats faster
as soon as I see you."
"I'm going crazy."
"Hey! My adorable queen!"
"Shall I cuddle you, girl?"
"This is a season
to fall in love."
"Don't give me reasons not to."
"If you break my heart"
"I'll end my life."
"Even if you scold me
and get mad at me"
"I'll not lose my temper."
"I'll be your sunglasses
when it's hot"
"keep you warm like a sweater
when it's cold"
"and be your umbrella
when it rains and protect you."
"I'll take you out for dinner."
"It feels like there are fireworks
in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
"It feels like there are fireworks
in my heart."
"Hey, beautiful, it feels like
there are fireworks in my heart."
Let's start!
you bat and I'll do the fielding.
Hey, get the wicket.
- Boss is out. Out..
Not out..
Third umpire..
Not out..
- Boss?
Are you receiving money in time
from the real estate
and finance companies?
The government may delay in giving
our salaries.
But we receive this in time, boss.
Oh, no! You hit my crotch!
- Go..
Is there anyone in our
jurisdiction who has escaped us?
Yes, boss. The president of the
ruling party, Mr. Rudra Pratap.
Why didn't we go there yet?
It is not that easy
to deal with them, sir.
Is it?
- Boss
forget about going
inside their house
the police have not been able to
even go close to their house.
Rudra Pratap is no ordinary man,
He's powerful and knows people in
the state and central governments.
Then, we certainly have to
do something about him.
How was that!
- Out!
'You are getting down
like a retired constable.'
'You're an ACP.
Be more confident.'
- Hail!
Hail Mr. Rudra Pratap!
- Cheer for him.
Hail Mr. Rudra Pratap!
- Hail!
Hail Mr. Rudra Pratap!
- Hail!
Sir! I'm ACP Surya.
I'm your fan, sir.
- Fan?
You are my idol
since my childhood.
I've always wanted
to become like you.
So, I'm your fan, sir.
Do you know
in the past 20 years,
you are the only police officer
who has touched me.
Sir, please don't joke.
When did I touch you?
Hey, didn't you touch my feet?
Sir, as your fan,
don't I have that right?
You definitely do, Surya.
Hereon, you are not just an ACP.
You are Rudra Pratap's fan,
ACP Surya.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll always support you.
Take this.
- Thank you.
Shall I leave, uncle?
You have the garland and
the bouquet, don't you? - Yes.
"Who is this guy
who is high?"
"Who is this girl, who is high?"
Sir, you should
attend our function.
Has anyone among you
attained puberty?
Shut up, you clown!
It is our desire to have you
inaugurate us.
Boss, they are talking dirty.
Don't agree..
Sir, please don't refuse.
You have to open ours.
What function is this?
Sir, it is for the toilet.
Sir, men have a separate restroom.
And women have a separate restroom.
But we don't have one
exclusively for us.
That is why..
Even the government couldn't think
of such a good idea.
We should not keep it to ourselves.
- Isn't it, sir?
It should be made popular.
So, what should we do?
Press meet.
How did you come up
with such a good concept?
If we go to women's restroom
they send us out.
Oh! Move aside!
- Go to the other one!
If we go to the men's restroom..
Desperate men!
They don't let us go out.
Oh, no!
We didn't want all this fuss.
So we built our own restroom.
Thank you very much.
If anyone wants to come in,
they may. I'll show the restroom.
Happy birthday.
- No. It's not mine.
Is it? I thought it was yours.
- Hello, sir.
I'm Manvitha's father.
- Hello, sir.
My daughter never felt bad
because she is dumb and deaf.
She has adopted these
physically challenged kids.
She wants these kids to lead
a confident and good life.
So, she is educating them
with her money.
She celebrates each kid's birthday
and enjoys it like it is her own.
These kids are her world.
These kids mean happiness to her.
Boss, what happened?
I don't know if this is
out of happiness or sadness.
I realised that even I can cry.
- Nothing.
This is for my little sister.
"My heart.."
"My heart cares for my sister."
"For this cute girl.."
"I'm her brother."
"From dawn till dusk"
"I dream of a hundred things
for you."
"In every dream, I will be
with you like your shadow"
"and protect you."
"You are my strength
and my inspiration."
"You are my hope."
"You bring out the child in me,
you liven me up."
"Do I even have to tell you?"
"My heart.."
"My heart cares for my sister."
"For this cute girl.."
"I'm her brother."
"From dawn till dusk"
"I dream of a hundred things
for you."
"Your laughter is very precious."
"You remind me of my childhood."
"If you are with me"
"I forget the world."
"I can win the world."
"Only I can understand you."
"And I feel good about it."
"My dear, you are very precious."
"My heart.."
"My heart cares for my sister."
"For this cute girl.."
"I'm her brother."
"From dawn till dusk"
"I dream of a hundred things
for you."
"For you.."
"I remember very well."
- Hey!
Where are you going?
- Why?
- Hey!
I want to tell how I feel
to the sun that shines
in my heart, and embrace him.
Why are you guys interrupting me
like dark clouds?
Mind your own business.
- Hey.. - Wait!
We are not interrupting you.
You are interrupting us.
- Sangeetha must be the only woman
in our boss's life.
Not a worthless person like you.
Hey! Who the heck is Sangeetha?
Surya belongs to me.
I won't let anyone
come in between us.
I am like a ray of hope
born for Surya!
You are confused
about your own gender.
How can you propose to him?
She is so funny!
Shut the hell up!
It will be decided today.
Thank you.
- Surya!
Will you marry me or not?
Basanthi I have promised
Sangeetha that I'll marry her.
I'm sorry.
You apologised so easily, Surya!
I came with high hopes
to talk to you.
Will you give this to me
as a memory?
- Thanks.
I think I'm about to cry.
You shouldn't see it.
It is a belief that it is a bad
omen to see transgenders cry.
Listen! You are the guy I loved.
You should have a good life.
You should be happy.
That is what I want.
It looks like it is going to rain.
My life has become so tragic!
Your memory, this stupid rain,
your laughter, your nose
your moustache, your voice,
your heartbeat
your sunglasses, your manliness..
I can't stop thinking
about all these things.
It has shattered me
and broken my heart.
It is raining heavily and
it's getting late. Come, let's go.
Time is a very bad thing.
Time is good for hands.
Sorry, for holding hands.
But, Mr. Surya,
thank you very much.
You taught me what love is.
You are great..
Basanthi, don't talk rubbish.
Come, let's go.
Oh, no! Don't touch me..
I fell in love just
because you touched me once.
If you touch me again, I'm scared
what would happen to me!
I let go..
Go and lead a happy life
with Sangeetha.
Bye. "I don't know why
I feel like this today."
"You broke my heart."
Yes, sir.
we have to protect the citizens
and see to it that the criminals
don't go unpunished.
But we have to provide security
at the inauguration
of Rudra Pratap's club
that was built
by looting the citizens' money.
This was ordered
by the Home Minister.
This is the fate of police.
Do you see, DGP?
The property built illegally
has been provided with
legal security.
This is Rudra Pratap's power.
Don't brag, Rudra Pratap.
When the time is right, I'll show
you the power of the police.
After all this
are you still dreaming
about arresting me, DGP?
Positive attitude! By the way,
do you know who the chief guest
for the inauguration
of this club is?
Welcome, sir.
Are you shocked to see
who the chief guest is?
He is none other than
the most corrupted officer,
ACP Surya, the son of
the most sincere officer,
DGP Agni.
Your own flesh and blood, your son.
I didn't know that you are my son.
- Stop!
This relationship can't be revived.
It had died long back.
You are a hero in
the police department.
I'm a villain to you.
I will come in your way,
every time you take a step.
Do you want to know how?
Just wait and watch!
It is the DGP.
Good morning, sir.
Good morning, sir.
Where is Surya?
He has taken a leave to come to
the amusement park with his sister.
- Gowda, I'm on leave.
If it is anything related to work,
tell him that
I'll go and meet him tomorrow.
I have not come here in
my official capacity.
I'm here to talk
to you as your dad.
In my childhood,
I was deprived of happiness
as I lost my mother
and sister because of you.
Thanks to you.
Now, again you come as my dad
and snatch away the little
happiness that I have.
- Surya!
Please! Let me explain.
Spare me ten minutes of your time.
The children in my colony used
to go for cycling with their dads
burst firecrackers
and celebrate festivals.
But I grew up as an orphan
even though my dad was alive.
Now how are you even
able to face me.
I beg you
to please leave from here.
Surya, listen to me.
- Sir!
I guess the DGP
didn't understand what I said.
Make him understand
and send him away.
He is our boss' father.
- Oh!
I feel lucky to have found
a sister like Manvitha.
His presence shouldn't
cause a mishap.
Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Once she is done playing,
drop her home. - Okay, sir.
Tell me, Manvitha.
Surya, I'm here to tell you..
What is it?
I don't like to talk to him.
You promised to leave me
if I spared ten minutes for you.
Now tell me what it is.
Your sister..
- You bloody!
Hey, don't take me wrong.
I mean
your sister and brother-in-law
are okay with me.
If you give your consent,
I'll marry you
at the Palace Grounds
in the presence of my fans
and take you abroad
on a honeymoon.
What do you say?
Instead, it's better to kill
you here and go to prison.
What do you say?
- Boss!
My darling looks prettier
when she talks like a rebel.
Stop right there, my darling.
- Get lost.
- Boss!
Her anger makes me think
that she is already
in love with someone. - No, boss.
Ms. Sangeetha has a great stature.
She is very precious, sir.
Yes! I'm already in love
with a guy.
Hey, I should be the one to react
but why are you all overreacting?
Who is in for a competition
with me?
I won't tell you.
- If you tell me who he is
I'll never disturb you again.
- Well..
It's him.
Smelling star Subhash.
My love.
Three months ago..
This is my love story.
Do you understand?
- Yes.. - Bye.
Soldiers, what's his biodata?
Earlier, he used to play
petty roles in the movies.
When there was a boom
in the real estate market
he sold his grandfather's property
bit by bit and made six movies.
No one would pay
and watch his movie.
But he wouldn't leave.
There's not even a single director
in India to showcase my talent.
We should bring someone
from Hollywood.
'His talent is already unbearable'
'and he wants someone
from Hollywood.'
I don't like this mind language.
Should I? - Sorry, sir.
ACP is here to meet you.
Tell me what it is!
Sir, I'm in love with a girl.
- Okay!
To escape from me, she told me
that she is in love with you.
If you deny her words,
I'll continue wooing her.
Many girls are crazy about me.
Poor crazy girls.
Out of them, I don't know
who your girlfriend is.
It's her.
"You are my unquenched thirst,
now my heart likes you."
"At least now come to me."
"This is a request."
I love her very much.
So.. - Hey!
How can you love my girlfriend?
"Shall I prepare hot and delicious
'Kajjaya'?" - Boss..
Mr. Smelling star!
You better think about it again.
According to section 801,
you are inviting your death.
I'll give you many more
acres of land.
But I'll never compromise
on this issue.
That girl is my beloved.
"Shall I prepare hot
and delicious 'Kajjaya'?"
Happy birthday, sir.
- Isn't that silly day tomorrow?
No, sir. You spent the entire
day in the 801 van.
So, did they hit me black and blue
the whole night? - Yes!
Sir, you are misbehaving
with the youth star.
If my fans get to know about this
the entire nation
will be shaken up.
Blow this balloon, sir.
- Okay!
Hey, youth star!
You are blowing the balloon
in instalments.
I've been eating in instalments
to grow seven-pack abs.
So, I'm blowing the balloon
in instalments.
Who is that? Who is the one
claiming to be my sister's lover?
He is the one.
He is a black cowboy.
Is he the one? - Even you are
of the same complexion.
Hey, old man.
You look like a rusted engine
and you want my beautiful sister!
One minute! I'm not an old man.
I'm young.
Is this look convincing?
I'm smelling star Subhash.
Sir! Is it you?
I admire you a lot.
- Okay!
I love your dialogue,
'How are you?'.
- Yes!
How was that?
- Hi, darling Subha.
My enchantress!
Take this, darling.
How can you love me
when you can't tolerate my smell?
Showing intolerance to my smell
is an insult to me.
I hate you..
Sorry, Subha.
Dust allergy.
I'll love you more
than anyone in this world.
It's the same with me.
I'll love you more than my smell.
Hit him..
You patiently took their beatings.
You are really great.
Shut up, you queen of exaggeration.
She is praising from then.
They have been hitting me
black and blue.
Tell them that I'm not in love
with your sister.
Look at the age difference
between us.
She is ACP's beloved.
Yes, I got it. I found the title
for my next movie.
My beloved angel.
My beloved angel. - Did he lose
his senses because of the beatings?
Subhash! - Smelling star Subhash!
- Darling!
Don't play such silly acts with me.
At least now,
accept the fact that you love me.
No girl would love
such a careless police officer.
You are unfit
to be a police officer.
A police officer should be sincere
valiant and brave.
And you..
Damn it!
- Boss!
How will a police officer
be valiant and brave?
Boss! Look there.
'You bloody rascal!'
'You would have never
seen such belt.'
'The most powerful belt
of them all.'
'The police belt.'
Here, I'm the police and the thug.
Your beloved is here.
"You are great.
You are my dear one."
"I am the puppet in your hands."
"I am your puppet.."
Stop it!
Just as you think of movie stars
you lose your seriousness
and sincerity.
Movies are different from life.
You are a corrupt police officer.
I hate you.
I hate your character and attitude.
Stop it!
Hey! Get down!
- Hey!
Who are you?
- Come with me.
Come with me, my darling!
- Leave me..
Leave me..
- Come on!
You might have heard
about the recent murder
of a girl who was a
software engineer.
We found a car's number plate
at the crime scene.
It is registered in your son's name
and your address.
So, you both will have to
come to the police station.
Hey, Tony!
Why are you barking?
Don't you know how to behave
with people superior to you?
I think the dog is mannerless.
Punishment should be
enough to teach a lesson.
I meant the dog.
You filed a complaint that
your car was stolen, right?
I found it with great difficulty.
I found it near Bommasandra.
But, sir, there's a problem.
I couldn't find the car's
number plate.
It seems the DGP found
the number plate. - Is it?
Though I try to work sincerely like
the DGP, I end up making a mistake.
Come on.
Show me the number plate.
Oh! If you give me a statement now
you don't have to worry about
the car. The case will be closed.
DGP, how dare you call me
to the police station!
When cops keep their head high
and speak loudly before me
my blood boils.
Because I hate the police.
Mr. Surya, do you know how big
a mistake you are making?
Come on, sir. DGP and you should
stop lecturing about justice.
Sir, DGP won't bother even if he
loses his family
because of his sincerity.
Please listen to me.
Realise this sooner
and make handsome money
and innominate properties
and settle before you retire.
Do you know who they all are?
They are not politicians who are
scamming money from the public
or criminals who have
committed a crime.
They sacrificed their lives for
their duty and the country.
They are the most respected
police officers.
Few policemen
let go rule-breakers for Rs. 100
and let go of the case
for Rs. 1000.
But ones who do
their duty sincerely
and sacrifice their
lives for the department
are rarely found.
Instead of accepting bribes
and living for 60 years
living as a sincere police officer
for a day is enough.
Every police officer
has a kind heart
and it beats for his family
consisting of his mother, father,
brother, sister, et cetera.
They share a bond
which is invaluable.
They think beyond the family ties,
remain strong-minded
and sacrifice their lives for
the duty. They are the real heroes.
I am waiting every day,
every second and every moment
to have my picture hung
amongst theirs
with all my pride.
You hate me because you think
your mother died because of me.
She was only a mother to you.
But she meant everything to me.
How would you know
what I went through
after losing my wife and
living away from you?
I considered it my first duty
to stop the disaster
over saving your mother.
It wasn't my decision.
It was my uniform's order.
'I will act with honesty, courtesy
and regard for welfare of others'
'and will endeavour to develop
the Espirit De Corps.'
For every police officer who has
taken this oath
duty comes first.
His family comes next.
But you are supporting Rudra Pratap
because you are furious with me.
You know that this is a case
regarding a girl.
But do you know who
the dead girl is?
Do you know who murdered her?
Do you know how she was murdered?
Leave me..
Hey! Catch her!
Only after Manvitha's father got
out of coma and told us the truth
we found out that
it was Manvitha who died.
Few people don't care
and choose to walk away
when they see someone
dying on the road.
Though she was a special child
in the attempt of saving
another girl's life
she was killed gruesomely
by those horrible people.
Rudra Pratap is using his influence
to save his son and
his son's friends.
Should we spare those hooligans?
It is okay even if you don't
accept me as your father.
You considered her your sister.
Will you help her get justice
as her brother?
Decide it for yourself.
Sir, please save me.
Please save me from them.
- Who do you think he is?
He is our boss' great fan!
Just like how we give treats
to a pet dog
we have paid this man
and bought his loyalty.
This police officer will obey us
if we give him money.
Go and bring that old man here.
'ACP Surya on duty.'
Sir, the ACP is thrashing us.
ACP Surya speaking!
Have you switched sides?
Wear the uniform that's
provided by the government.
But take my money
and be loyal to me.
You will be safe.
Don't try to act smart.
Don't dream of seeing your
photo in the newspaper or on TV.
Don't make me your enemy
unless you want to be dead
in some burial ground.
I know you have
the support of politicians.
Don't you dare cross the line.
Don't raise your voice.
You are going to die very soon.
If you try to be a sincere officer,
I will burn you to death.
Hey! If a dishonest officer like
me becomes an honest officer
he will become your worst
nightmare, you bloody fool.
Don't mess with me
I am a tornado.
Practice restraint
if you wish to live a bit longer.
Or I may have to kill you today!
You have no idea
who you are dealing with.
That explains your behaviour.
Stop it!
Don't remind me of your history.
It makes my blood boil.
I advise you to live today
as if it's your last day.
Because it's the last happiest
day for you and your son.
You won't be able to use your
bathrooms as you used to.
I am going to keep you busy,
24 hours a day.
Count your days!
You don't respect cops, do you?
I guess that's because you haven't
come across a policeman like me.
I am here to challenge you
in your game.
Let's begin the game!
Surya thinks whatever he witnessed
in his childhood is the truth.
But the truth is something else.
'Lord Ganesha!
- Be victorious..'
New clothes for you.
Surya, why do you look dull?
His dad promised him to get
an idol of Lord Ganesha.
He has not returned yet.
Don't worry. I'll get it.
Look, what your dad
has bought for you.
He didn't buy it.
My uncle bought it.
I don't want Ganesha
or any idol for that matter.
Kid, you have hurt your leg.
You should get your dad with you
while learning to ride a bicycle.
I am unable to spend quality time
with my family.
Your brother is harassing us.
Sir, the public think that
your brother has your support.
You are a policeman.
But your brother is a big crook.
Will you keep your brother's
actions under check
or do you want us
to teach him a lesson?
Dear, I am going through
a lot of pain.
Please take an off today.
Rudra Pratap has held somebody
captive and is torturing him.
I will be back
before you know it.
Mom, why are you crying?
Nothing serious.
I am crying over
your dad's goodbye.
I need your fingerprints here.
Cousins are said to be enemies.
And you just proved that.
It doesn't matter who has erred.
I won't tolerate injustice.
I won't even spare my own son
if it comes to that.
- Please put my dad on the phone.
To me, duty comes before my family.
The bail order.
Listen, carefully.
That was my last ever imprisonment.
I am not going to be behind bars
ever again in my life.
I, Rudra Pratap
will never let any policeman
enter my house again.
You made me wear handcuffs, right?
I will make you salute to me.
If only your dad
was not a workaholic
had he been at home at least today
there was a good chance of saving
your mother and the baby.
Dad, forgive me.
You have made no mistake.
You have to forgive me.
No. I misunderstood you.
Honestly, let me tell you
something, Dad.
You are my hero.
Dad, you are my hero..
Dad, I am sorry.
Tell me.
We got a bail order to release
Rudra Pratap's gang member.
How long do we wait..
Sir, I got the bail order.
Sir, bail order.
Now you're behaving yourself.
Yes, sir.
What's happening here, sir?
How dare you misbehave with our
lady staff for the delay?
You mean, us?
Here's the bail order.
Release them.
Hurry up.
- Yes, Boss.
What's happening here, sir?
How dare you manhandle
the sub-inspectors of this station?
How dare you torture them?
You mean, us?
Hey, ACP!
We know what happens
when we get the bail inside.
You will cook up a story
to put them back in the jail.
Therefore, come out and take
the bail and release them.
- Yes..
How dare you attack
the police station?
Sir, Home Minister
is waiting on the line.
Hello. - I don't care
if you're the Home Minister.
I want to know who's the employer
of the imprisoned miscreants.
I want you to gather his identities
and address proof
and come to the police station
in 30 minutes.
If any other bastard
shows up with a bail
then there will be a repetition
of what has happened.
What does he think of me?
I am not a home guard.
Damn him!
Mr. Rudra..
Rudra Pratap had not been to the
police station for 20 years.
But he will be here in 20 minutes.
to the Home Minister.
ID card, Aadhaar card,
address proof and pan card.
They work for me.
Release them.
You have visited the police station
after 20 years.
Would you like
to have something, sir?
Coffee, tea, Complan, Horlicks,
boost or anything?
No thanks, mister.
It's too hot today, you know.
How about a tender coconut?
Do you want it, sir?
All right. Release the boys.
Sir, we are not coming out.
It's like asking for trouble.
The ACP will come up with a new act
and will somehow imprison us again.
We don't want to get out, sir.
- We don't want to get out, sir..
Damn you, cowards,
step out of the jail
before he changes his mind.
Don't worry, sir. I'll get him
transferred in 30 minutes.
What problem does the father
and son duo have with me?
My son and his friends
killed a deaf girl.
If you wish to prove
that he is guilty
you have to produce the witnesses
in the court for their testimony.
Before the judge
passes his judgement
I will make my son a politician.
Do you have any idea
who a politician is?
Politician is the present day king.
Thousands of policemen like you
salute me on a daily basis.
Politician is a leader.
We call the shots around here.
Politician is also a magician.
He can do magical things.
Home Minister, do not transfer him.
Let him work in my jurisdiction.
ACP, I'm giving you a week's time.
Arrest my son and his friends
if you can.
One week.
Give it your best.
- Give it your best.
I don't need a week's time.
Give me just three days.
He is standing right before you.
He has looked you in the eye.
He is the police
who's confronting you.
He's my son!
Well done, my boy.
- Thank you, Dad.
Not dad, call me sir.
Duty comes before the family.
- Yes, sir..
I wish you guys were here
a few minutes earlier.
You could've live streamed hot news
to the entire state of Karnataka.
We are here at the right time.
We are not here for official news.
But for personal news, boss.
The press and the police
have only official interactions.
But media is oblivious to the fact
that even they have a personal life.
Therefore, I called the press meet.
Ma'am, I can't discuss my personal
life in public. I am a policeman.
Please do not waste our time.
Tell us why you called
this press meet.
Didn't you call for press meets
day in and day out?
Was it not a waste of time then?
Sir, learn to operate
your camera first.
Sunday, shut up.
Were you not inspired
by the Delhi incident?
You had plans to marry
a lady journalist, right?
Are you still looking out?
'He's morphed from being a corrupt
officer to a correct officer.'
'There's no need to bring up
the Delhi incident now.'
Of course, I wanted to marry
a journalist. It's in the past now.
Therefore, I'm going to marry
the girl my dad chooses for me.
I see. What will
become of that girl then?
'Who's that girl?
Never heard of her..'
Which girl?
Dumbo, you are aware
of everyone's problem in the city.
There is a girl who thinks
about you all the time.
Don't you know
who that girl is?
It's none other than me.
"Oh, God, I started growing
a moustache for my girl."
"Should I shave my moustache?"
"Oh, God, I started growing
a moustache for my girl."
"Should I shave my moustache?"
"I liked you in the first place
for your moustache."
"Don't shave your moustache."
"My moustache gets in the way
when I try to kiss you."
"That's all right.
You look good with a moustache."
"I want to grow a thick moustache
after hearing you."
"I have come after you
by deserting daily soaps."
"Let's get married, the inauspicious
month is around the corner."
"I will come to your home
with thousands of people."
"Let's treat them all with a feast
for the morning breakfast."
"A moustache is the symbol
of pride and honour."
"Oh, God, I started growing
a moustache for my girl."
"Should I shave my moustache?"
"I will start a family with you
by kicking the rice bowl."
"I will make babies,
I want you to look after them."
'We three murdered that girl.'
Day one. Shock number one.
Greetings to you, ACP.
I know that you want to
send my son to jail.
For that reason,
you are working at a swift pace.
You are hell bent upon
handcuffing my son.
But I suggest you get ready
to salute my son.
Supercop ACP, switch on the TV.
'As expected by the citizens, the
chairman of Praja Prakash party'
'Rudra Pratap's son, Vikram Pratap'
'has been elected as the youth
president of Praja Prakash.'
He is going to win in the Bangalore
central by-election in 2 months.
My son is going to be an MP.
And he's on the way
to the parliament.
Day two. Shock number two.
We need to find Sonam's
whereabouts, okay? - Yes, sir.
Sir, I found Sonam's location.
Is it?
- She's in Mysore.
Make all the necessary arrangements
to bring her safe from Mysore.
Catch her!
Kill her.
We are losing our sleep over
the recent developments.
Where's ACP Surya who asked for
3 days' time to solve the case?
Hey, ACP.
I heard that
the main witness, Sonam
is dead in an accident.
I know you got rid of Sonam
and you're relaxing right now.
Sonam wasn't there
when the murder took place.
Sonam was only the primary
witness in this case.
She was not the main witness.
But there is an eyewitness who will
make your son get a death sentence.
And I have found him.
What are you blabbering?
Switch on the TV, dear.
- Hey, switch on the TV.
'Why are you so scared
of men in the uniform?'
'I am not armed.' - It's 'Inspector
Vikram', a comedy movie.
Switch to the news channel.
'There's a new breakthrough
in Manvitha's murder case.'
'Three people, who voluntarily
'didn't commit the crime.'
'Police have found the eyewitness
in this case.'
'Who's the eyewitness?'
'Look for yourself.'
'Rudra Pratap's son
and his friends'
'murdered that girl brutally.'
'I am the eyewitness for that.'
'I was scared to come out
with the truth.'
'But ACP infused
courage in me.'
'That's why
I am stating the truth now.'
'Don't let the criminals
slip away.'
'Hang them!'
'Didn't you tell me that your son
is on his way to the parliament?'
Take a diversion
to the central jail.
One more hour to go
for the completion of three days.
For the next 60 minutes
the city is going to
be engulfed in sirens.
Red alert!
Boss, no one's home.
Parvez Aalam,
the lion of Shivajinagar.
I have heard a lot of
brave stories about you.
Are you brave enough to arrest
my friend's brother?
If you do, I want you to come
over here in 15 minutes.
Show me what you are
really made of, jerk!
Greetings, sir.
Officers, search.
Search the entire house.
What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Sir, I found him.
Let him go.
- Let go of my brother.
Leave him alone.
What do you think you are doing?
ACP, this is my fortress.
Nothing moves around here
without my orders.
My dear brothers,
don't let him pass.
'Allah is the greatest..'
'I seek refuge in God
from the outcast Satan.'
'In the name of God, the Most
Beneficent, the Most Merciful.'
'Praise be to God,
Lord of the Worlds.'
'Greater is a sin
to give refuge to a sinner.'
'The Almighty forgives not
such sinners.'
Mr. Parvez
Quran is a holy book.
I assume you know
what I just recited.
It's a bigger crime to help people
who commit crimes.
If you help criminals
Allah won't forgive you!
Well said!
The ACP is taking everyone to task.
What the hell is he doing here?
- Hey, what is it?
Sir, ACP is attacking us
like a wild elephant.
He's ruining everything in his way.
I don't know
when he's heading this way.
Lord Venkateshwara of Tirupati,
save me.
"The firecracker is here!"
What is all this?
It's the first time that
a policeman has entered your house.
There will obviously
be a little noise.
ACP! You're creating chaos in the
ruling party's president's house!
Do you know what kind
of a crime this is?
Did you have to say this
after the show you just witnessed?
Oh, my God!
My leg! - Gowda.
When the policeman
went to Mr. Rudra Pratap's house
with an arrest warrant, to arrest
Rudra Pratap's son, Vikram Pratap
Mr. Rudra Pratap's aides
attacked them.
And hence, the ACP had to open fire
in order to save himself.
Boss. - Boss!
- Here, Gowda. - Yes, boss.
Non-bailable warrant.
Did Rudra Pratap lose his mind
after seeing our boss' grand entry?
They are the city's
topmost doctors.
Tell me, Doctor.
Unable to bear the accusation,
the patient suffered from high BP.
Due to this, there was an
intra-cerebral haemorrhage
and the body lost
complete strength.
Hence, he needs to be admitted
in Argentine, a hospital in USA.
The court has granted permission
for the same.
He's flying to the US at 5 p.m.!
Put it, boss..
Hey, Surya!
- Everything will be all right.
What are you doing?
You need not worry.
This is an Indian treatment.
It will definitely show results.
What do you say, Doctor?
Can I have a matchbox, Doctor?
- Matchbox?
What do you think of us?
We're doctors!
I have a lighter.
Here, sir.
The firecracker treatment
is working. His limbs are shaking.
- Dad.. No..
How was the firecracker treatment?
How was it!
The other day you were boasting
that a politician is a king.
Do you know what police means?
Police means power.
The impact of which,
will be like that!
Police means fear.
This is how it feels.
Police means courage.
That will be like me.
Until he gets the death sentence
for brutally murdering Manvitha,
a mute girl
I will not relax!
I'm arresting your son on time,
just the way I had promised.
I'll give you 3 days' time.
Do whatever you can.
Use influence
from the state or centre.
Get your son released
if you have the guts!
Get going, you fool!
- Dad..
Hey, Rudra Pratap!
A commonman
has a teaspoon of anger
but a policeman has tons of anger!
Tons of anger!
They're laughing at me.
Can you hear them?
What happened?
- Sir..
- Ask them to shut up!
Hey, sit down!
When the youth leader
is behind bars
the students
shouldn't remain silent.
Instigate student unions
that are under our control.
The entire city should tremble..
Down with ACP Surya!
Hail Vikram Pratap!
Down with ACP Surya!
It's the comedian!
Dear students, stop the strike.
All of you have a bright future.
Don't get misled by Rudra Pratap
and spoil your future.
We very well know
how to build our futures.
I'll commit suicide right here
if you don't release our youth
leader, Vikram Pratap!
Ask your ACP to shut the hell up
and release him. Otherwise..
I'll chop you up.
It looks like the police
are arranging for an orchestra
to encourage our protest.
Do you want us to dance here?
He has brought CRPF to scare us.
It's not the CRPF
who have come here.
'Mothers Rapid'
'Protection Force.'
Police correct the mistakes
made by citizens.
Teachers correct the mistakes
made by students.
Parents correct the mistakes
made by their children.
Dear Mothers!
Take position.
The mothers are teaching
their children a lesson.
Let's motivate them.
Get ready!
Hey! What are they doing?
We won't go to the college
or write our exam
till Vikram Pratap is not released.
What time is your exam at?
- At 2 p.m.
Okay, tell me.
What is the use of capacitor?
How does a processor work?
What is impulse?
What will you write in the exam
when you don't know anything?
You go to the salon
at least ten times in a month.
You cover your face
and go out with boys on bike rides.
You spend all night
on social media.
Can't you prepare for your exam?
Can't you do that?
Please leave me!
- What's with your hairstyle?
It's 'monkey style', Mom.
- Monkey?
Do you go to the college
to study and tame a monkey?
How dare you show a razor blade
to the police!
You deserve to be punished.
Get up, my Son!
I like this style too!
- Do you like it?
- "The lion.."
She's ferocious like a lioness!
My mother won't beat me.
Am I right, Mom?
I am not your mother today!
'Onake' Obavva!
Oh, no! Obavva!
Let me go!
I adore Rudra Pratap more than
I love my mother.
"A lion.."
"A lion.."
"A lion.."
"A lion.."
- Hey! Stop right there..
Where do you think you are going?
You can't run away from me.
Hey! Stop there.
Why are you running?
I sent you to study
and you're protesting here.
You deserve to be thrashed.
Sir, please give a name
to this operation.
Like 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'
let's call it
'Swachh Vidhyarthi Abhiyan'.
Oh! That's superb, sir!
All clear, sir. - Thank you, all..
- You are welcome, sir.
How was the live telecast, uncle?
You have two days' time.
All the best!
Damn it!
"A cracker!"
'Manvitha Charitable Trust'
"He is a tough cracker, and he
will make you lose your mind."
"He is a tough cracker
who will toss you away!"
ACP Surya has won
the hearts of the masses
with his sincerity and bravery.
We'll only support ACP Surya.
Mr. Surya is doing a good job.
- He's a role model to us.
It would be great if you
transfer ACP Surya.
It would be a risk to transfer him
at this point in time.
The masses would rebel against us.
The high command won't agree to it.
What the hell!
My monetary support and I
are the reason for the growth of
our political party in Karnataka.
I've worked so hard
for the sake of our party.
You must learn how to raise
your voice against our enemies
and not your superiors.
Our political party
has grown a lot.
We don't need you anymore.
You may leave.
All hail.. - Rudra Pratap!
You mustn't revolt.
- Get out of here.
Who the hell are you to say that?
- We're fans of ACP Surya.
We won't give up even if
the ACP comes here. - Yes..
Do you want to get beat up..
Hey, get out of here..
Down with.. - Rudra Pratap..
We can hear praises
about ACP Surya, all over.
We are the followers of ACP Surya.
- I condemn Rudra Pratap's acts.
The high command has been notified.
You'll lose your position
of the Party President.
Did you come here to tell me this?
You damn traitor!
How dare you call me a traitor!
Though you had consumed a part of
this drink, I drank the remaining.
I've always supported you.
Understand this, you retard!
Go to hell!
- Greetings, sir. - Get lost!
Sir, I've found Basanthi's address.
- Surya!
Help me, sir..
- Surya..
Surya, follow Sangeetha.
I'll follow Basanthi.
You guys go to the control room.
Sangeetha, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Hello? - Don't be relaxed
that you got your girlfriend back.
This was my plan to make
your dad, the DGP
come to me. This is a trap.
I'm going to kill the main witness
to the case, Basanthi
and your dad, who's your support,
and save my son.
Hey, you.. - Don't shout!
And don't waste your time.
If you have the guts, come and save
your dad and Basanthi.
Your dad has entered my arena.
Come and collect his body.
Hey! - Sir..
- Help me, sir..
Shekar! - Sir..
Please help me, sir.
- Sir..
Sir! - No!
Come on!
If one is a very sincere
police officer
they'll either be suspended
or killed, just like yourself.
Don't feel bad that you're
dying by yourself.
I'll make your son join you soon
on your way to heaven.
Hey, bastard! My son
is following the law and order
just because I insisted on it.
He's going to break the rules
the moment I die.
If a cop dies while on duty
there's bravery written
all over it.
But your death
at the hands of my son
is going to be tragic.
Basanthi! - Surya!
Dad.. - Surya..
Dad.. - Surya..
Not everyone is lucky enough
to die in their children's arms.
Please, Dad..
- I'm so lucky! - Dad..
Please don't say that..
- Don't cry..
I'm not going away from you.
I'll be reincarnated in
my next life as your son.
And I'll always be behind your back
calling you 'Dad'
and troubling you.
Why're you saying so, Dad..
- You must feel so irritated
to have me around.
Why're you saying so, Dad..
- Son..
Please don't ignore me
in my next life
just because I didn't
give you time in this life.
Okay, Dad..
- Surya!
Everyone in the department
praises your smile.
Come on!
Give me a smile where you
put your hand on your moustache
and twist it!
That's the way..
I'm waiting for the day
when my photo
will be one among
all these other ones.
Hello? - You must be agitated that
all the evidence that you
had collected has been destroyed,
isn't it?
The court is going to condemn you
for having arrested
the innocent
and would release our children.
This is the power of RP!
Hey, shut the hell up!
Do you think I'm a loser like you
to accept defeat? - Hey!
I've collected evidence to send
your son to the gallows.
You're most welcome to listen
to the death sentence tomorrow!
Hey, what are you saying?
He must be having strong evidence.
We must save our children
before they enter the court.
Actually, I don't have
any evidence.
Then the court would
declare them innocent.. - No..
They mustn't escape the punishment.
We must do something.
What are you going to do?
I don't know what
I should be doing.
I don't know..
Sir, the three of them escaped.
I'm very scared, Dad.
Don't fear, my Son.
Surya can't enter my strong house
so easily.
He isn't a God
to break through walls.
We aren't politicians to change
colours as soon as we get money.
We're the police!
Nothing would've happened if we had
produced them before the court.
They would've been proved innocent
due to the lack of evidence.
We take a lot of risks
and collect evidence.
But you produce fake evidence in
the high court and supreme court.
If justice is served,
they'll face a few years in prison.
We're taking care of them with the
money paid by the public as tax.
Many girls have lost their dignity,
and even their lives
just like Manvitha and Bhuvana.
That's why
I've set this day
as the 'Death day' for them
right in front of
all these people.
Until now,
you only saw one face of mine.
But today, you'll find out
what my wrath feels like!
Hit him!
Smack him! Kill him!
Hey, let him go.
Oh, God!
Surya! He is your cousin.
Pardon him at least
for that reason.
Didn't you realise that
while killing your brother?
Surya! Please, I beg of you.
I'm your uncle.
Don't be so stone-hearted.
No relations are considered here.
You are a criminal and I'm a
police officer. That's it.
Hey, Surya! I'll do whatever
you ask me to do. Please!
Let him go! - Sir!
Ask him to say, 'I love police'.
Not just once,
I'll say it 1000 times.
I love police..
But I hate criminals!
- No!
- Rolling!
Boss! - How will a policeman
be valiant and brave?
Ms. Sangeetha.. Sorry!
They are overacting.
One more..
No! It's the first time.
How are you? Let me show
you how it looks inside.
What does advertising mean?
What do you have to do?
- What to do?
Press meet.
"They will have a blast."
Okay! Cut it.
"He's the brave one."
"He's always on duty."
"He's a devotee of Lord Shiva."