Paterson (2016) Movie Script

I had a beautiful dream.
We had two old children.
If we had children,
would you like it if they were twins?
Yeah. Twins...
Sure, why not?
One for each of us.
We have plenty of matches in our house.
We keep them on hand, always.
We have plenty of matches in our house.
Morning Donnely.
Ready to roll Paterson?
Yah but, you gotta know more.
Tell me.
Well, Hurricane Carter,
he was a famous boxer...
and he lived right back there,
Paterson baby.
He looked just like Denzel Washington too.
They locked him up.
Why'd they lock him up?
They say... he shot some people up with a
shotgun in a bar and all that.
I know he didn't do it.
But then they finally let him out.
Yo, years later though!
But yeah...
You think before that, Hurricane Carter
ever shot somebody?
I don't know.
What are you gonna be for Halloween?
My mom found this picture on Instagram...
of these kids, they were shadows.
So they crept up next to the kids, other kids,
and they used to spook 'em out.
And looked like shadows.
One year I was actually a
Subway sandwich.
You can buy that one?
Um... no. I built it...
Dante Alighieri, the Italian.
Because of the bake sale this weekend...
I thought that if my cupcakes sell really well,
it might be kind of a sign.
A sign of what honey?
My dream!
To have my own cupcake business of course.
Oh... that'd be nice.
Thank you for dinner.
You're welcome.
I made these myself.
What do you think?
Oh yah, that's really good.
I painted them.
I like how all the circles are different.
Was your sandwich for lunch okay?
Yah, it was a really great sandwich.
I'm glad.
Did you get a little writing done?
I did, yeah...
You know darling...
I really think you should do something
about those beautiful poems.
They should belong to the world,
you know?
The world...
Well now you're trying to scare me.
I am not.
I'm serious you big dumbell.
Do you think having such wonderful feet
helps you as a bus driver?
Driving that huge machine?
Hmm... yeah, maybe.
Does somebody need daddy to take
them for their nice little nightly walk?
Just remember...
We could be rich from cupcakes.
Well I'm ready for that.
Oh come on Marvin!
Thank you.
Hey Paterson!
Right on time.
Hey Doc.
Look what the dog dragged in.
- How you doin' Paterson?
- Sam, good to see you.
Good to see you!
I don't think you ever met my brother before.
He lives in Philly.
- This is my brother Dave.
- Oh, wow!
- Hi, uh... nice to meet you.
- You too. You too.
So, uh... Sam and Dave...
Our folks were big soul music fanatics so...
that's that story.
I see.
Hey you know that Dave Prater from
the original Sam and Dave?
He used to live right here in Paterson.
Oh yeah, I know.
Got him right here baby!
On the wall of fame.
- Well it was nice to meet you!
- You too. You too.
Well Paterson...
my friend.
How's life doing?
Uh... yeah. No complaints.
Yeah... same ol' same ol'.
Yo Doc!
The Rutger's game is on.
You never gonna get a damn
TV in here?
Hellll no!
Okay, okay!
I'm just askin'.
I'm gettin' my ass kicked today.
Who are you playin'?
You look beautiful.
I was dreaming that we
were in ancient Persia.
And you were riding on an elephant.
A big, silver elephant.
A silver elephant...
You looked so beautiful.
Did they have elephants in ancient Persia?
I don't think so.
Not silver ones anyway.
Morning Donny.
- Ready to roll Paterson?
- Yeah.
Everything okay?
Well, now that you ask...
no, not really.
My kid needs braces on her teeth.
My car needs a transmission job...
My wife wants me to take her to Florida...
but I'm behind on the mortage payments.
My uncle called from India...
and he needs money for my nieces wedding...
and I got this strange rash on my back.
You name it brother...
How 'bout you?
I'm okay.
Okay, well, have a nice day.
Okay. You too.
Yeah... I doubt it.
You know that cute little brunette
from the donut place?
- Yah, yah, she's pretty hot.
- Yah it turns out she lives in my neighborhood.
Yah, the other day I come home from work,
I'm tired, I'm havin' a beer, right?
I hear a knock at the door,
I open it, it's her.
- Really?
- She's all made up...
- lookin' like really good.
- So what happened?
So we just talked there at the door
for like... a while, you know?
And she was like laughing a lot...
She was, you know, making eye contact you know...
She wanted to hang out.
So, then what?
Well we just, you know
we had a really nice conversation...
and then, you know, I...
was really tired and everything...
and hadn't really showered or anything so...
she left.
She left?
Yeah, well you know...
- I know what she wanted, right?
- Yeah. Yeah for sure Jimmy.
- These females are outta control.
- Right?
- Yeah, yup...
- They're outta control.
- Yeah, well? I had a similar thing happen last week man.
- Oh yeah?
Yeah, check this out...
I'm at Larry's barbecue party on Sunday, right?
- Larry had uh... barbecue?
- Yeah. The barbecue party...
and uh... I'm just standing out there
on the deck, right?
And I had already eaten a lot and
I'm just havin' a beer, right?
- Right.
- And you know that blonde friend of Larry's girlfriend?
- That um, Rita? I'm not sure you've met her.
- I dunno, Rita...
- Well she is like super hot, right?
- Oh yeah.
- And just like stacked too, just beautiful curves,
like an animal.
And you know, she comes over to me,
and she asks me what I'm doin' later...
- Oh, right.
- Yeah, right?
So we talked for a little while and uh, she was
like really flirtacious too man, you know...
Yeah, and finish my beer and... well man, you know, I had to
get up early for work the next morning and all that so...
- You split?
- Yeah. You know...
but it was cool though.
- I mean I knew exactly what she wanted, right?
- Right, yeah...
I got her number too.
She gave me her number.
So did you call her?
Nah, not yet. No.
- Cause I figured I'd wait a couple of days.
- Right.
- You know?
- Okay.
I should call her though.
- Yeah.
- I should.
You uh... you workin' late tonight?
- Yeah, I need the overtime.
- Yeah, me too.
Are you okay down here honey?
Uh... yeah.
Yeah I'm finished for now.
Now darling... you have two important things to talk
about before you and Marvin go out for your walk.
Oh... okay.
Two important things.
One's about you and one's about me.
One's about your writing...
and you know what it is.
Please. Please make some copies.
You know that I know your poetry is really, really good.
And some day you might just decide
to let the world get to read it.
-Well I really don't...
No. Look me in the eye for a second.
Look me in the eye.
You are a great poet.
All your poems are still
in that one notebook.
- Your secret notebook.
- My secret notebook? Yeah.
So... will you finally just go to the
Xerox place or something?
Please! Just do it.
It would take about 10 minutes to make
a copy of your entire secret notebook.
I think it would take a little longer
than 10 minutes.
Okay, okay.
15 or 20 minutes.
I would even do it for you.
Baby, I've been asking for a year at least.
Yeah, you have.
Well maybe I could do it this weekend.
You promise?
- Yeah, okay.
- Thank you! I'll feel so much better.
What was the thing about you?
Well... it's not as important as that,
I've been thinking about music lately,
and then I saw this guitar on Youtube...
that Esteban demonstrates and
it's in black and white...
it's called a Harlequin.
And it's so fantastic that I really think
I need to learn to play the guitar.
And it comes with lessons, dvds, instructions so...
in no time at all I could be playing
away and realizing my dream.
Uh... which dream is this?
Don't be silly!
To be a Country singer.
- Oh.
- Maybe even a big star like one of the greats.
Like... Tammy Wynette or Patsy Cline...
and I can wear black and white and
have my own distinctive style.
- I have a very strong visual style, as you know.
- Yes, yes you do.
Yeah, definitely.
Well... you really need this guitar?
Oh yes, and they say it's so important to
learn new things as you get older...
and well music, you just don't know
where it could lead.
it's only a few hundred dollars.
I know it's expensive but we
can pay a little each month.
And have free two day shipping.
- A few hundred dollars...
- It comes with lessons and instruction books...
and a tuner and extra strings and
hardcase and everything.
Well I think um... maybe...
Maybe you could be a Country singer some day.
- Really?
- Yah, I mean I wouldn't put it past you.
Oh honey, thank you!
Thank you! I love you.
And I love you too handsome.
And I love you too handsome.
Hey, who's going out with daddy?
Who's my good boy going out with daddy?
Marvin's going out with daddy?
Who's going out with daddy?
That's a good boy!
Good boy!
Aw, look at that!
Look at that right there.
- That's cute man.
- That's an actual creature.
Hey, yo!
Yo my man, lemme holla at you a minute.
Hey yo, that's a English Bulldog, right?
Uh... yeah.
Yo I told you man, them dogs
are poppin' right now.
Yah that dog mad expensive, right?
Yeah, well... expensive to feed.
Yeah, this guy yo...
No, I feel ya though, but man,
dog like that get jacked.
Ya know what I mean?
Like dog-jacked my G.
Ya feel me?
Ya'll look on that?
Well it gives me somethin' to
look forward to then I guess.
Aight money...
Hey yo, be safe out here, aight?
And cuff that dog,
it's real out here bruh.
I'm gonna go cuff ya Marvin.
Okay Marvin, don't get dog-jacked.
I got somethin' weird,
maybe for the wall.
What's this?
You know this cat?
Iggy Pop?
Oh yeah, Iggy and the Stooges.
Paterson, New Jersey
Teen-age Girls' Club.
Names singer Iggy Pop
World's Sexiest Man.
June, 1970.
Does it go up?
Yah, sure. Why not?
It's Paterson.
All right!
Iggy Pop, on the wall.
Hey Doc, who's that right next to Uncle Floyd
holding the guitar?
I finally got ya?
Well that's new.
That's Uncle Floyd with Vito's
little brother, Jimmy.
He's a band leader on the
Conan O'Brien show.
Well that's a little past
my bedtime.
Hey Marie, another Ginger Ale?
- Thanks Doc.
- You know Paterson, right?
Uh... not really but we've seen each other.
Hey Paterson.
Hey. Hey Marie.
You drive the bus, right?
Yeah, I do.
Your name really Paterson or
they just nickname you that?
Uh... no. My real name is Paterson.
Well that's kinda crazy, right?
Aw shit...
- Everett's still not gettin' it.
- Not yet the numbskull.
I've been breaking up with
him for two weeks now.
What am I gonna do?
- Marie, baby, I need to talk to you.
- No.
Please! Just talk to me
for a few minutes.
No Everett, we've talked enough.
More than enough.
- Hey Paterson.
- Hey Everett.
Thanks Doc.
Man, what would you do?
You love somebody...
more than anything...
in the whole damn world...
you... worship her.
You don't wanna be alive without her...
and she says she doesn't want you.
You're just... dirt.
Damn brotha!
You should be an actor.
I am... an actor.
Aw yeah... that's real funny.
Man dyin' a heartbreak.
That, that's hilarious.
We, are sympathetic.
Have another drink Everett.
On the house.
You up?
Alright now. Hold her hand now.
Watch out, watch out, watch out.
Alright, we're looking both ways.
Hello darling!
Hello honey.
I'm painting.
Hello Marvin.
I see that.
What do you think?
Does it make everything more interesting?
Yeah, it's very interesting.
How was your day?
Oh, the usual.
Get any writing done?
I did a little, yeah.
Working on a poem for you.
A love poem?
Yeah, I guess if it's
for you it's a love poem.
It's kind of inspired by our
Ohio Blue Tip matches.
Does it mention the little
megaphone shape the letters make?
Yeah actually, it does.
How beautiful.
I can't wait to read it when it's done.
I also painted new shower curtains.
You should see them.
Oh, okay.
You know what else I did today?
You uh... planted an unusual
vegetable garden in the backyard?
No, silly.
That you have to do in the spring.
- Oh...
- No, I ordered my present that's from you.
- Present that's from me? What?
- The guitar!
The Esteban Harlequin model.
- Ohhh...
- I'm so excited. It comes in two days...
I didn't get to speak to
Esteban on the phone though.
Well, I'm sure he's really busy honey.
Don't make fun of me!
Hey... look out though.
Cause Nashville? Here I come!
Look out Nashville!
I'll get dinner ready.
We're having something new.
What is it?
It's like a grain sort of?
Like Couscous but different.
I read that it came from
the ancient Incas...
and it's really good for you.
We're having Quinoa Marvin.
(freestyle rapping)
Hey Pugsley, what are you lookin' at?
Ah, I'm guessin' this is your human ball and chain,
right Pimpin'?
Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I think it's
something really interesting that you are working on.
Well, I'm still workin' on it
you know.
I'm trying to figure out, how...
how to spit it out.
But thanks.
I really appreciate that.
Your laboratory?
Wherever it hits me is where it's goin' be.
Ah, well... good luck.
Thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
Appreciate ya!
Later Pimpin'!
All right, sit.
(unintelligible joke involving
a bear and a bazooka)
I love how you smell when
you come home at night.
What do I smell like?
You smell faintly of... of beer.
How do you say his name again?
It's like Gaitano Geh...
- It's Gaetano Bresci.
- Gaetano Bresci.
Yah, he um... he co-founded this anarchist
newspaper here in Paterson...
but it was in Italian, called,
La Questione Sociale.
La Questione Sociale.
Yeah, he was born in Italy
but he lived here.
He was a weaver.
An anarchist weaver.
This was in the 1890's... and at
that time in Italy people were starving.
When they demonstrated this Italian general had them
fire upon with like muskets and cannons which...
of course, resulted in a bloody massacre,
with like 100 people dead.
Was Gaetano Bresci there?
No, he was here in Paterson, but when he
heard the king of Italy...
King Umberto the first decorated this fucking
general for bravely defending his royal house...
so Gaetano Bresci went over to Italy somehow and
he shot Umberto I, four times with a revolver.
- Whoa! Did they kill Bresci?
- No. They captured him and put him on trial...
like famous anarchist's lawyer and everything,
but since there was no Capital Punishment in Italy...
at that time... like... 1900...
I mean... nor is there now...
You can't be a member of the European Union
if you practice Capital Punishment, of course.
They are not like here.
Anyway... they sent Gaetano Bresci to like this
prison island where they put all the other anarchists and...
after like a year he was found dead in his prison cell.
Well, yeah. Most likely by the guards,
there's a possibility he committed suicide.
Gaetano Bresci...
Do you think there are any other anarchists
still around in Paterson?
You mean besides us?
Not likely.
What time is your first class?
- It's at 10:00.
- Wanna grab a coffee?
It's all warmed up for ya Donny.
All used up is more like it.
You okay?
Well, since you asked... no,
not really.
My mother-in-law's moving in...
My cat got diagnosed with cat diabetes and,
the medicine you know... it's also expensive
and now my daughter started taking violin lessons...
and I'm losing my mind with the sound of that.
What can I say Paterson?
Ya know, sorry.
Well, it's just my burden I guess,
my particular burden.
Well, see ya tomorrow.
Excuse me...
Are you okay here all alone?
I'm fine. I'm just waiting here
for my mom and sister...
she's upstairs in that building over there.
Do you mind if I sit down until
your mom comes down?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- Are you a bus driver?
- Yeah.
Do you ever drive one of those...
accordion buses?
Well, accordion.
No, I just drive the regular one.
Did you ever drive a fire truck?
No. Just uh... buses and cars...
and drove a big truck a few times.
But uh... that's it.
Are you... uh, interested in poetry?
Actually I am kind of.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I write poetry.
I keep it all in this notebook.
Secret notebook.
Oh, you're a poet.
- Yeah.
- That's great.
Would you like to hear one?
Sure, sure.
It doesn't really rhyme though.
That's okay. I kinda like 'em
better when they don't.
Yeah, me too.
This one's called, "Water Falls".
Two words though.
"Water... Falls...", okay.
"Water Falls."
Water falls from the bright air.
It falls like hair.
Falling across a young girl's shoulders.
Water falls.
Making pools in the asphalt.
Dirty mirrors with clouds and buildings inside.
It falls on the roof of my house,
it falls on my mother, and on my hair.
Most people call it rain.
That's a beautiful poem.
You really liked it.
Yeah, I really do. I think it's beautiful.
Water Falls...
Thank you.
It doesn't rhyme exactly.
No, but the first two lines do.
In a nice way. And some nice
little internal rhymes too I think.
Kinda rhymes.
Oh, my mom's done.
That's my sister. We're twins.
It was nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too!
Nice to meet a... real poet!
Do you like Emily Dickenson?
I do, yeah.
She's one of my favorites.
Bus driver that likes Emily Dickenson...
Water falls, from the bright air.
Falls like hair.
Falling across a young girl's shoulders.
I'm so excited to see what you think.
Some fresh Basil.
I grow it myself on the windowsill.
We're having pie for dinner?
Yeah, but a dinner pie.
What do you think is inside?
Uh... inside the secret pie?
Uh, I dunno...
No. Not fish silly.
Want me to tell you?
- Uh... yes please.
- Okay.
Cheddar cheese and Brussels sprouts.
Yeah! Baked into a pie.
Doesn't it sound delicious?
You love Brussels sprouts and
you love Tuna cheese.
I do, yeah.
No, it sounds very original.
Is that a new recipe you found?
No, I made it up.
A secret pie.
I made a small one for Marvin.
He really seemed to like it.
Mmm... hmm...
Secret pie.
Honey I'm glad you like it.
Speaking of secret pie, I wanted to tell you
something about your secret notebook.
Did you ever hear of the old Italian poet,
Petrarch? Is that it?
He perfected the sonet.
I read online that one of his early books
of poems was called, "The Secret Book".
Just like yours.
I didn't know that.
You read that?
You just happened
upon it online?
And also that he wrote all his love poems
to a beautiful girl called, ta dah... Laura.
That's true.
So you have many things in common with
other great and famous poets. You see?
Do you not like it there?
It's the waterfall.
It's your favorite place.
I'm not sure.
Oh yeah, it's nice there.
So remember you promised to finally
make copies of your poems this weekend.
I will, as soon as I have some free time.
You promised.
This weekend.
I will. No.
I promised.
So why don't you recite me something...
just a few of the lines maybe from a love poem.
Well, I... I can give you a
few lines that I didn't write.
Are they by your hero,
Carlo William Carlos?
William Carlos Williams.
I know darling, I was teasing.
No, it's a poem by a girl I met.
A girl you met?
Yeah, no. Like a little girl I met.
Like a 10 year old girl.
She was on the bus?
No. I met her on my way home
from work near the old factories.
She was waiting for her mom
and her sister...
and I noticed she had a notebook
of poems and she read one to me.
From her own secret notebook?
Yeah, exactly.
The picture of the falls
make me think of it.
Just remember how it started.
Water falls from the bright air.
Falls like hair.
Falling across a young girl's shoulders.
Almost like one of yours.
Did she have long hair?
No, she did. Yeah.
Laura, what's all that flour and stuff for?
For my cupcakes, remember?
Saturday's my turn at the baking
booth in the farmer's market.
I remembered this morning but now
my god, it's the day after tomorrow.
I have so many cupcakes to make.
Oh my.
You don't like your pie?
No, I do.
Our own Romeo and Juliet.
Or maybe more like Anthony and Cleopatra.
Speaking of Romeo and Juliet...
Abbott and Costello.
No, Lou Costello has got to be the most
famous person from Paterson.
Yeah, probably. I mean, yeah.
He's got that statue and he's got his own park.
Right. I mean Alexander Hamilton's
got a statue. Others got statues.
But not they own park.
Hell even (Phinney Whop?) don't have no park.
Yeah ol' Lou Costello.
I wonder where Bud Abbott was born...
Jersey also.
Asbury Park.
Uh... 1895 maybe?
You knew that.
Well hell yeah man.
I know a lotta shit about a lotta shit.
That Lou Costello.
Who's on first?
Uh... Who's on first.
What's on second.
I don't know who's on third.
Wait. Who's on first?
Who's on first.
Who's on first.
I'll tell ya who's on first.
And I'll tell ya what's on second too,
but you ain't gonna wanna know.
I can explain sweetheart.
No, let me explain.
That is my cookie jar money.
That is money I've been savin' up
so I could get my hair fixed...
That is MY money. MINE!
I promise. I will replace it!
I will replace it after this
weekend's chess tournament.
Chess tournament?
Doc, you gonna need a chess 'tourniquet'
if you don't put that damn money back.
You okay Doc?
Paterson... you still don't
got a cell phone?
Uh... no, no.
I don't want one.
It would be a leash.
What about the better half?
She got one?
She's got one, yeah. And a
laptop, and an iPad.
She doesn't want you to get one?
No, she's okay about it.
She understands me really well.
You're a lucky guy.
The different shape can be
folded into something greater.
I'll tell you somethin' greater.
Hey Doc, what does Abbott and Costello
have to do with Romeo and Juliet?
Please stay, please!
I would rather drop dead.
Is there anything we can do?
I always say... I'll try to change things
with ya, make 'em even worse.
Good morning!
You're up late honey.
Your silent magic watch didn't wake you up.
Yeah I was a little bit late today.
Well... some days something inside
just doesn't wanna get up.
Ever feel like that?
Oh my.
I have so much to do.
I know it's silly but I'm so excited
about the new farmer's market.
Becuase if my cupcakes are a big sensation...
then I might be on my way
to a very succesful business.
That would be... amazing honey.
And you know what else?
My guitar should arrive today.
My Harlequin guitar direct from Esteban.
Is Esteban going to deliver it personally?
Who knows?
Mmm. Smells good.
I like your technique.
Morning Donny.
You okay?
No, not really.
You don't even wanna know.
What's going on?
I think it's probably best if we stand
as far away from the bus as we can.
It's not going to catch on
fire or anything, is it?
It could explode into a fireball.
Well, no mam.
It's just an electrical problem.
What's gonna happen to us now?
Are we standed here?
No, no, no. Another bus will
come get us shortly.
Dear God!
Why is he going back in the bus
if he just told everyone to get out.
I think we'll just get 'em off
over there if you don't mind.
Thank you very much.
Okay people, let's join the rest
of the passengers if we could.
- Did we run out of gas?
- We got plenty of gas...
this is just an electrical problem.
Sabotage probably.
Okay... let's come over here.
Another bus will come
get us in a minute.
Okay everyone, I apologize again
for this inconvenience.
I think it's best if we wait here
for a few minutes and uh...
I'll call now for a replacement bus.
Don't you have a smart phone?
Uh, no, I don't. I don't.
Not with me.
Would you like to use my phone
Mr. Bus Driver?
Oh, if you don't mind, thank you.
So what's gonna happen to this bus?
Uh, well, a big truck is going to come
and tow it back to the depot.
- Awesome!
- Thank you very much.
K, I'll just be over here.
I apologize again.
Hi, this is Paterson, bus #23,
I have a situation.
Pluck all those strings together.
There ya have your first chord.
Just sit down darling for a
second and listen to this.
I've been workin' on the railroad...
All the live long day.
I've been workin' on the railroad...
Just to pass the time awaaaaaaaay.
But it's pretty amazing right
for someone who never played before.
It's very amazing.
You just learned all that today?
Yeah, from these instructional DVDs.
And I've been baking all day too.
Well I'm very impressed.
Isn't she beautiful?
Yeah, you two were made for each other.
What's it called again, The Jester?
- No, The Harlequin.
- Harlequin.
And thank you my love.
You look a little drained.
You're home a little late.
Was your day okay?
Well it was until the bus broke down.
The bus broke down?
Was it dangerous?
No, it just sputtered out.
It was an electrical problem.
Electrical problem?
Could it have exploded into a... fireball?
No, no.
It's just an old bus.
Well I think they should get their best driver
who is also a great poet a brand new bus...
it's the least they could do.
City of Paterson?
Not likely.
Well honey I'm just glad you're okay.
Maybe you should get a smart phone.
Just for emergencies.
You know I don't want one.
The world worked fine before they even existed.
I know darling but sometimes
they make things easier.
Honey since the kitchen's a mess with all
my baking going on, couldn't we order out?
Like, a pizza?
Pizza's fine with me.
And after dinner, while you
and Marvin go out...
I could practice just a little more.
I wanna learn the rest of that song, at least.
So what do they do, what, send a mechanic on
site, or tow the motherfucker, or what?
Yah, yah. They come and tow it back to the depot,
and they send a replacement bus for the passengers.
Man that coulda been a lot worse.
Damn thing could have exploded
into a fucking fireball!
Hey, Doc, if you're not doing
anything tomorrow...
they're having the new outdoors
farmer's market again.
And I know for a fact...
there's going to be some fantastic
cupcakes for sale in the bakery booth.
Oh, tomorrow's, uh... Saturday.
I got that big chess tournament
going on over there in Camden?
Right, right.
Okay. Well, good luck.
Yeah, thanks.
Hey fellas.
- Hey Marie.
- Hey Shorty!
How you and uh...
Romeo doin'?
Please, Everett.
And we're not doing.
If anything he's acting worse.
I think the key word is acting.
Well, how well do you
really know him?
We've known each other
since we were kids...
and I really do care about him,
it's just...
this whole girlfriend thing
was a big mistake.
It's cool.
He just needs to act out.
He's always been that way.
He needs some kind of drama...
and then he gets over it.
Well he's not gonna do
anything crazy, is he?
If you ask me, everything
he does is crazy.
Speak of the devil.
Baby, I need to talk to
you for a minute.
Everett, why can't you
just forget about me.
Because I'm in love with you.
Well you can't have me.
Okay... then... NOBODY MOVE!
If I can't have you then I
guess nobody can.
stop acting crazy.
You wanna see crazy?
I'll show ya'll crazy!
Smooth move Paterson.
Ya damn chucklehead.
Comin' in here, clearin'
out my place...
I outta kick your black ass.
Without love...
What reason is there for anything?
Thanks Paterson.
That was very heroic.
Yeah, wow, okay, I dunno...
If it wasn't for you...
crazy motherfucker might have shot
himself to death with a piece of foam.
Good morning.
What time is it?
It's Saturday morning baby.
You were out a little late last night.
There was a...
an... incident... at the... bar.
Incident at the bar?
What happened?
- A guy had a gun.
- What?
Well he had what I thought was a real gun
and he threatened this girl and...
My God, he threatened a girl?
He threatened to shoot himself...
Well because he's in love with her.
It's complicated, anyway,
and I tried to stop him...
and I knocked the gun away and...
turns out it was a toy gun
that shoots little foam pellets.
It sure looked real though.
Oh honey.
Oh that's so frightening.
You acted so heroically.
I told you that place
could be dangerous.
I mean anyone could just walk in there
at any time with a shotgun or something.
Now you see what I mean?
- Uh... yeah.
- Yeah.
It was only a, only a toy gun.
Why are you up already?
It's Saturday.
I have to get my cupcakes,
go to the farmer's market.
I do now.
I smell cupcakes.
I still smell a hint of beer.
Wow! This looks
fantastic baby.
Thank you.
Thank you!
Who's sitting in daddy's chair?
Who's sitting in daddy's chair, huh?
William Carlos Williams?
Oh, no. Carlo William Carlos.
Will you read me that
one I love so much?
This is just the same.
Comin' up...
This is just the same.
"I have eaten the plums
that were in the ice box..."
"and which you were probably
saving for breakfast"
"forgive me"
"they were delicious!"
"so sweet..."
"and so cold."
Oh I love that poem.
Yeah, that's a good one.
And some of yours are just as good.
Now remember your promised.
I promised.
I better get going.
Could you put the rest
in the boxes?
This is the last of 'em.
- Oh thank you.
- Oh wow.
All together like this they look great.
I'm so excited.
Okay they should be good
if you just drive slowly.
Yah, yah. I will.
You're not takin' him with you?
Oh honey, I can't.
Maybe you could take him
for a walk later, huh?
Love you!
Yeah, I love you.
Alright, come on Marvin.
Come on Marvin,
can't we stop here for a second?
- Honey?
- Down here!
How'd it go?
Oh, honey I'm so happy.
You won't believe this but
I made $286 dollars.
What? How?
My cupcakes were a huge hit,
everyone's talking about them.
That's fantastic!
$286 dollars, cash money baby.
I know it's no big deal...
it's just silly cupcakes but I'm
quite proud of myself.
Oh, yeah. You should be.
Can we celebrate?
Are you... yeah,
what should we do?
First of all I'm gonna treat.
I'd like to go out to dinner,
and then go to the movies.
We haven't gone to the movies in so long.
Oh, no we haven't.
What should we see?
You know that one theater at the mall now
shows old, scary movies on Saturday nights?
We can see an old, scary movie.
I'm gonna get changed and get ready.
I'm very proud of you.
And you my little man.
You're gonna have to stay
here and guard the palace.
Honey, should I change my shirt?
That'd be nice.
This is so much fun!
It's like we're living
in the 20th century.
- This is Mr. Parker, Lota.
- How do you do?
Oh, don't be afraid.
How... do you do?
Mr. Parker has come to
us from over the sea.
She's a pure Polynesian.
The only woman on the entire island.
Well I'll leave you two
young people together.
I've got work to do.
Won't you sit down?
You come from the sea?
Well, rather...
3 days on an upturned lifeboat.
You go away?
Tomorrow morning.
I wish you would not go away.
Well, that's very nice of you but...
I must.
You come back, again?
Well I... I don't know.
How does it happen that you're
the only woman on this island?
Did uh... Doctor Morreu bring you here?
Pardon me if I seem to
be too inquisitive.
Quickly, please!
Get out!
They're vivisecting a human being.
They're cutting a living man to pieces.
Now I know about his natives.
They're his victims.
I did love it, but it
was in black and white.
Yeah, I haven't seen a black
and white movie in a long time.
My favorite part was when the lead
guy kissed the wild panther girl.
You look...
You look like her.
You do. You guys
could be twins.
Well thank you for treating
me to dinner and a movie.
I'm happy I could.
We should do it every weekend.
Now that you're the
Cupcake Queen of Paterson.
Cupcake Queen of Paterson.
Love it.
Thank you.
What is this?
Did you do this?
Oh my god!
It's your notebook.
It's what?
Your poems.
Honey I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to even say.
You usually keep your notebook
down in the basement.
I guess I...
left it up here on the sofa.
That stupid dog.
He's gonna be put
out in the garage.
Honey it's so early.
It's Sunday.
Please come back to sleep.
Please baby.
I will, I will baby.
Go back to sleep.
I don't like you Marvin.
Marvin, didn't I put
you in the garage?
No, it's okay. I let him
back in when I went outside.
No, he's going back out there.
Come on Marvin.
No. You're staying out there!
I wish you would have read me
some of your most recent poems.
Maybe I could have
remembered them.
It's okay.
They were just words.
Written on water.
Baby I'm so sorry.
I saved all the pieces.
Maybe somehow they could
be puzzled back together...
with a computer program or something.
Is there anything I can
do to cheer you up?
Should I play you the song
I've been learning on my guitar?
Oh, no. That's okay.
But I appreciate the offer...
just maybe not right now.
Baby, you just wanna be left alone?
Should I go out for a while?
No, no, no, no.
It's okay.
Maybe I'll go out.
Take a little walk.
It's you.
Hello Everett.
I'm sorry... um...
about the other night.
I kinda lost myself.
It's okay. Are you
doing better now?
I guess so.
You okay?
You look a little low yourself.
Yeah, you know...
I'm okay.
Well it's like they
always say...
"Sun still rises every mornin'
and sets every evenin'."
Always another day.
So far.
So far? Yeah.
So... I guess I'll...
see ya around then?
Yeah, yeah. Take care.
Yeah, you too.
Excuse me please.
Allowed to sit?
Uh... yeah.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Maybe not ask is
to good behavior...
but may I ask...
you are from here in
Paterson, New Jersey?
Am I?
Uh... yeah.
Yes I am.
I was born here.
Excuse me again...
but are you knowing the great
poet, William Carlos Williams...
here in Paterson, New Jersey?
Well, I'm aware of his poems.
May I ask, you too are a poet...
of Paterson, New Jersey?
Uh... no.
I see.
I'm a bus driver myself.
Just a bus driver.
A bus driver in Paterson?
This is very poetic.
Well I'm not sure about that.
This could be a poem by
William Carlos Williams.
Did you know interesting French
artist, Jean Dubuffet?
He was meteorologist on top
Eiffel Tower, Paris in 1922.
Very poetic.
Yeah, Jean Dubuffet.
Yeah, he was a meteorologist.
This I learned from your interesting poet...
Frank O'hara, New York City.
I read that too.
I like Frank O'hara.
The uh... New York School.
Uh huh.
I guess you really
like poetry then.
I breathe poetry.
So you write poetry?
My notebooks.
Oh, yeah.
My poetry only in Japanese.
No translation.
Poetry in translation is like...
taking a shower with raincoat on.
I see what you mean.
I hope this isn't inappropriate behavior...
but may I ask what you are doing here in Paterson?
I come here to the city
of your interesting poet...
William Carlos Williams...
who lived and made his poems
here in Paterson, New Jersey.
- As you know.
- Yeah. He lived here.
He was a doctor.
Ah hah.
Ah hah what?
Also, Allen Ginsberg is
growing up here.
Also, Paterson, New Jersey.
Yeah, that's true.
I leave here tomorrow.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Are you going back to Tokyo?
No. Osaka.
Oh, Osaka.
Have a good trip.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
A gift.
A gift?
Sometimes empty page
presents more possiblities.
Thank you.
That's very kind of you.
Excuse me.
Ah hah.
Ah hah.