Pathinettam Padi (2019) Movie Script

['Vancheesha Mangalam' by the great poet,
Ulloor S Parameswara Iyer]
Namaste, Dhanu.
- Hi.
How are you?
- Welcome.
- Hi.
Hi Steve.
Steve, this is what we
call 'Athithi Devo Bhava'.
Dhanu, it's the passing out ceremony of
the first batch of students here today.
The students are all in
that excitement & energy.
Those are all classrooms.
- Yeah?
The fact that students are not feeling
suffocated in concrete buildings...
That itself, is such a relief.
These 30 acres upon which the school
stands now, belonged to Palayckal family.
Now, with the two farming villages nearby,
and the colony at that foothill,
all three sides are
part of us now.
It's more appropriate to say
that we're a part of them.
Is it the prayer practice?
This is Fayiz Mohammed.
Our own maestro.
The schools in old Travancore, used to
start by singing 'Vancheesha Mangalam'.
Yes, it's a prayer from us to the past.
Well done!
This is oil paint, right?
Do come.
He's expecting you.
Achuetta, they are here.
- Namaste.
We just saw the whole campus.
It's beautiful.
The functional model that the
students of this school developed,
for the rebuilding of villages which
were destroyed by the floods in Kerala,
has been officially selected
by our State Government,
and made a part of the
implementation policy.
It's for the first time in history,
that a school project is getting such a
recognition from the State Government.
This project will receive funding
through global partnership.
When the faces of thousands who thought
that they had lost everything,
turn bright with happiness,
all credit goes to 'School of Joy'.
Malayali is awesome, right?
The state and people
who abandoned monarchy,
and brought Communism to power through
ballot, for the first time in the world.
They have always
supported good causes.
Credit goes to them.
Christian and Steve have come as
guests of the State Government.
They want to meet the smart
boys and girls of this school.
But I came to meet the person hiding behind
the wooden board that says 'School of Joy'.
One who's not easily accessible...
One who doesn't brag on social media...
An enigma.
Ashwin Vasudev.
What magic have you
performed on these kids?
I'm so amazed.
Have you thought about the
great wonder called 'Human'?
The one who created millions of Gods.
The one who created 18 Puranas,
and two world wars.
He himself will rule the
world as a Jinn or a Janab.
He will play the buffoon
with a half-moustache.
He can create a new life in a glass tube,
and create explosions from atoms.
He is the music, painting and dance
which intoxicates the world.
The moon, Mars and the
stars are within his palm.
Dynasties, palaces and statues built
upon the blood of his brothers,
can be destroyed by him on the streets,
by shedding the same blood.
For the fire of his faith, candles
and empires would stand witness.
He is peace.
He is destruction as well.
In this world, a human is the
greatest God, and Demon too.
Learning begins when we choose whom to be,
among those two.
The kids here try to learn everything,
and not just the good.
In fact, we shouldn't be
teaching kids to write answers.
Instead, they should be
taught to ask questions!
Don't ask me where I dug this out from.
Is the little rebel Ashwin Vasudev,
present in this photo?
I'm not there in this picture.
Yet, I'm there.
I clicked this photograph.
More than friends whom
I considered my own,
this enemy who fought against
me from the opposite side,
created this Ashwin
whom you see today.
And thus,
my story...
... is theirs too.
'18th Step'
Back then, there were two
kinds of schools in our city.
Government Model School, where children
of ordinary folk used to study.
My dear Rao grandpa...
You started this ideal institution
naming it 'Model School'.
Do you know what its
current condition is?
Out of 300 days in the school calendar,
around half would go by as protests,
and strikes!
Even if there's a small problem, they
would turn this capital city upside down.
My blood pressure which was at 120,
has now reached 240.
My heart may burst and
I may die any moment.
One of God's messengers has landed
here to save this school and me.
You should also pray that he
stays here somehow, Grandpa!
The second one,
was our International School, where
only rich children used to study.
Bless us with love and mercy.
It's the 25th day since the strike
of the expelled teachers commenced.
We're not able to reach a
compromise, despite several talks.
We'll recruit new faculty
and run the school.
Both schools had their own
gangs and underworlds.
What united those two schools that
had no chances of coming together,
were Kowdiar bus stop and
a double Decker bus.
Model School's gang leader was Ayyappan,
who was much senior to us in age.
City Police Station Head Constable
Vijayan Chettan's son.
Enough, Vijayan.
Ayyappan's right and
left hands were,
Ambotty, son of Stanley Moore,
who was the Godfather among mechanics,
and Suran, son of the owner of
Attukal Theaters, Manakkad Pappan.
Even though they had
their own bicycles,
they used to come all the
way to the bus stop,
to see the bratty girls
of Cotton Hill school.
Their red fort was the makeshift
shop owned by Ambili Annan,
who used to get small scale
hit-jobs done by children.
If you've come to study,
you should study.
Or Ambili Annan will have to
teach you certain things.
By playing arm wrestling,
placing bets with union workers,
the ones who grew up as rogues,
taking money for conducting strikes,
came to be known as the
'Fellas of Model School'
In that world inhabited by Comrade
Abhayan who was mad about politics,
and the little Mandrake
called Paradeshi Patteri
who lost his way & reached
Thambanoor bus stand,
there was only one thing
that they didn't like.
Our school gang.
Two things that they didn't have,
were lavish in our gang.
Money and good looking girls.
We're not afraid of rules!
Our furious fights used to
happen in movie theatres
and at Poojappura ground, where
we played Cycle Polo.
It would be right to say that the
enmity of years between these schools,
were maintained by these gangs.
In Ayyappan's gang,
apart from Suran and Ambotty,
there was Giri, who used to
come from the railway colony,
the Karate twins Don and Duke,
Puthran, who was hot-headed,
despite wearing the sacred thread,
Hari who had decided to
dedicate his life for Mohanlal,
Ibru alias Kunjikka,
who was the school romeo,
the studious Ajith Nair alias Aji,
who was their collective brain,
break dancer Shogun,
Bakan, who got a TC from some school
in Thrissur, for good conduct,
and Kombi, who never
missed his aim.
And we were their enemies.
City Police Commissioner's
son, Monty,
the NRI import, Sony,
seafood exporter Babychan's son Godfrey,
Khanna, the owner of a
textile shop at Palayam,
Kiran alias Kiran D,
George, who had an extra screw,
and the man of passion, Tittu.
And, the number one enemy
of Ayyappan's gang,
In that ground, it never
mattered who won the game.
What mattered was who would
do a foul against whom!
To defeat everything,
that was the only way in
front of both the teams.
After the exciting neck to neck grand
finals, we have the champions.
And I request Dr. Hashir Abdul Gafoor
to give away the trophy.
Sir, a few words.
Who wins on the ground
is not important.
One should have a
sportsman spirit in life.
All the best to both the teams.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you.
We are the champions!
What are you doing?
- What nonsense!
Dude, leave him.
Hey boys, no!
We'll sort you out later.
- Leave me.
Oh shit!
Devi, are you okay?
Dude, come.
- Devi.
Are you okay?
- Devi, are you okay?
Don't stay here.
Let's go!
There's so much blood!
Come! Let's go!
- Oh my God!
For Ayyappan, who instantaneously reacted,
whenever he saw injustice,
time found a perfect
role to play.
Today, he is a Major
in the Indian Army.
The one who bravely leads a group who stops
enemies from infiltrating our borders.
See! That's our target.
Before sunrise tomorrow,
our flag should fly there.
Since there was an avalanche
in the eastern side,
there won't be any trouble
from them tonight.
They would also be
thinking the same.
That we won't trouble them.
Who's aware of all
this, in our state?
That we're fighting in
such conditions here....
When will all this end?
I don't know when it would end.
the war against neighbours,
started from school.
Friends from school.
They are still with me.
Can you find me in this?
This one?
This one.
We learned from those times,
when they couldn't predict
what we would do,
and we couldn't predict how
they would retaliate, right?
Captain, shall we start?
- Yes, sir.
Come on!
Captain, take cover.
Every war that happens
in this world,
is either for land,
or for women.
That's how the saying goes.
If the bullet I took on my chest today,
was for our land,
back then, what shattered my heart,
was her look!
say her name!
say her name!
Say her name!
say her name!
Lift him!
Say her name!
Put me back down.
Say her name!
say her name!
Ayyappan, say her name! We won't
leave you until you say it.
Say her name!
Don't mess with Ayyappan!
Ayyappan's heart can't be
shaken by some random girl!
Shall I go?
The one who captured your heart...
Whoever that celestial beauty is,
we will find her, bro!
Brother, don't start the bus.
Paru... - Did you perform the
drama at Pachalloor yesterday?
My aunt saw it.
Don't disgrace me.
She said it was really good.
- It's not that.
Third seat from the front.
The fair girl, with a bruised forehead.
Need to know her name.
I can't go ask names
of random girls.
It's not for me!
It's for Ayyappan.
Start the bus, brother!
Is it yours?
- Yes.
Wow! What a nice watch!
Thank you.
What happened to your forehead?
I had a small accident.
What's your name?
- Oh! Devi.
It's Devi.
Hey! It's Devi.
'Sparkling a rainbow on a drop of blood,
within the bat of an eyelid'
'Spreading a smile on the tip of a tear,
you disappear, far away'
'As sharp as a piece of glass'
'The look that you give me'
'Its piercing my heart, I am in pain.
Who are you?'
'As the fights get furious,
you walk around silently'
'I'm searching for a path to reach your shore,
through many doors, in every corner'
'You are the origin of the beauty that has
possessed my heart like an ocean of dreams'
'Dreaming that you would come before me,
someday, sometime'
'I am roaming and wandering in search
of you, where are you hiding?'
'As sharp as a piece of glass'
'The look that you give me'
Catch him!
Ticket! Ticket!
- Give the tickets back!
Stop! Stop!
Come on, look at our tickets!
Come on!
Come one by one!
When did you come?
- Been some time.
Can't you chop off this hair & beard?
- Come.
See you later.
Eat it.
- I don't want it.
If you don't want,
don't eat.
Since he filed his application
following Vijayan's advice,
my sister's son got an admission
in REC, in general quota.
Thanks a lot.
Children should listen to their elders.
Ask your mom to get back the mortgaged
jewels, without delaying it further.
Does she still like Masala Dosa?
I mean, Devutty.
She's still studying well, right?
Leave him only after he eats.
Okay, Ajith?
Mani, add it to my tab.
There's no Vada?
Vada has gone to Palani.
It's not hot either.
Shall I serve something hot?
Get lost!
That's what we haven't seen wherever
we've gone as part of our study group.
Cheruthalam sir is the guide, right?
- Yes.
He'll give you a chance to make
the project very detailed.
Do one thing.
Come home one day, Charu.
We're doing some activities there too.
- Definitely.
This is my daughter Devaki.
- Hi.
This is my elder one.
I know him.
I keep seeing Ayyappan,
at the student centre.
Shall I leave then, Chechi?
- See you.
What are you eating?
You always blame me for not eating.
Now you're scolding me
even when I'm eating?
I've told you several times...
not to give her stuff, people
buy from random hotels.
It's because you send me there
to get this every month,
that I bring back what
Dad gives me from there.
What did you think?
That I'm raising you both,
because he's paying for it?
He's returning what he has borrowed
from me at various instances.
And that's not his
charity or anything!
Where are you going?
Raghuetta, this is a master plan we
prepared for the functioning of our school.
If you present it in the
upcoming committee,
it will be great for our unit's
activities this year in our school.
That can wait.
That's not the biggest problem
that your school is facing now.
It's him.
Sit, dude.
Ayyappa, I'll tell you something.
You better stop your
hastiness & anger.
If you interfere in unwanted
matters & start fights,
don't expect me to intervene.
It's because they are always
troubling us, Raghuetta.
Since we're ruling, people would
consider this as our arrogance.
What a leader needs is
tact and benevolence.
Show some maturity, man.
I know out of my own experience that it's
difficult to control anger at your age.
Shall I tell you something
that's not in the manifesto?
[Prayers to Lord Ayyappa of Sabarimala]
Hail Lord Ayyappa!
Be blessed!
Kunjikka, please stop it.
I saw here while standing at the bus stop.
- Isn't this over yet?
So you can't eat fish
or egg for 41 days now?
Not just that. He can't fight,
he can't swear.
Ayyappan also needs
some change, right?
What is this?
[Sabarimala devotional song]
Hail Lord Ayyappa.
When did you begin the pilgrimage?
It happened yesterday morning.
That's good to know.
Niyaz, don't you want your bag?
I forgot it, bro.
- Aji, come here.
What is it?
- Have you gone to Sabarimala?
Buy something & eat for lunch.
I'll come only after taking
mom to the general hospital.
See you.
Bro, will there be a strike today?
- Get lost.
If you stuff all these kids in that,
won't they suffocate & die?
The comrade has awakened.
- Get lost, you rascal.
Anyway, I've to ride
till here to drop Aji.
These kids stay near our house.
Otherwise, they would
have to walk 4-5 kms.
While going back, I
take them also along.
Well, you just want to laze
around on that wall, or what?
Shouldn't we do whatever we can?
What are you good for?
This is why I keep saying that
the school needs its own bus.
Raghuettan has promised that
he'll talk to the minister.
Don't hit me! Who are you?
- Ayyappa!
What is all this?
If I knew who hit me,
I could have told you at least that.
But now, I can't say that too.
By the looks of it, it might be
brothers of your girlfriends, Kunjikka.
Get lost, you brat!
I swear on God and this snack!
None of my girlfriends have brothers.
I've chosen each of them so carefully.
What about me then?
Who's so brave to hit him on his
head in front of our school?
They must have mistaken me.
I got beaten up instead of them!
Otherwise, why should
anyone hit me, Teacher?
He's coming back
home on time now.
He's eating on time as well.
If you're planning to take him
away from here for this issue,
I'll plant firecrackers
in your snacks!
We're leaving.
- Take care.
Hey! Make way!
Are you leaving?
- Bye.
Hey Suran!
[Singing a 90s film song]
Is it Shine who's
shining the headlight?
Oh! You?
Suran, want to come along
to drink a Sharjah shake?
- Sharjah shake with ice!
You also want it?
Ambotty, don't leave him.
Call Ayyappan!
Ayyappan, come fast!
Let's go.
Where are you off to?
- Boss!
Did you see this?
Shouldn't we avenge this?
Don't show your hooliganism,
by taking my boys from here.
Stanley Moore is running
a motor garage here.
They have lots of work here.
Go inside.
Don't you have anyone
who cares for you?
Where is Ayyappan?
- He went to Sabarimala.
Via Erumeli or Pamba?
He usually visits Vavar's
mosque, via Erumeli.
So he'll come back day after.
Then he'll host a festival for
the guys who bashed you up!
Wow! A dove!
Careful, Ayyappan.
Where are they?
- They are on top.
Until one among the three of us comes
down, don't stop this bus anywhere.
Ayyappa, be careful.
- Okay, brother.
Should I tell my dad?
- Great.
For what?
Shall Ayyappan start his game?
I'm with you, right?
Go Monty!
I'm gonna get you!
Go get him!
You want to break my head, huh?
Move, you...
- Ambotty!
Give me your hand, man!
- Ambotty, don't leave him.
Messing with this Ayyappan?
Get the money for all the damages
from these guys, brother.
If you ever dare to
mess with our fellas...
You will crawl through this MG Road,
wearing that red tie alone!
This is Model School's word!
Son, come here.
Did you have rice gruel?
- It got over.
This much rice,
and so many children.
Then how will the
gruel be sufficient?
Hey! We can only give them
from what we get, right?
Don't worry.
I've written to higher authorities.
Everything will be all right.
Giri, did you see this gap?
- Yes.
Let's adjust with
this piece now.
We must change this
before the next monsoon.
Dude, this gap.
Which post office did you
steal this box from?
None of us writes or receives
letters in our Pound Colony.
Come on!
Fly it, Kombi!
'Exploring this way and that way, can you
find a way to reach our destination?'
Select an important
suggestion from this.
And then, make it happen!
Let that be an inspiration for
other students and the teachers.
We came to talk
about such an idea.
There's a bus that has been lying idle for
the past 15 years, in our school godown.
If all of us repair it, it will be
beneficial for students coming from far.
That might cost a lot of money!
It is our desire.
The idea is good.
But it's not possible!
Sir, this is our dream!
Isn't a working model enough?
If this bus goes on the road,
won't there be some safety issues?
If they actively go forward,
it will happen.
Our school can set a
great example then.
What you said is true, Teacher.
Even if we find funds for this,
is any of this possible?
That's what he said.
It's not possible.
A great victory would tarnish
cowards from our vicinity.
Now I should speak to nothingness.
School is nothing but an open prison.
Since the system has
declined your proposal,
you should go underground.
Comrade, the school bus is
a prestige issue for us.
But we're not able to get
this plan into motion.
You must help us, Comrade.
Satheeshan, give it.
Aji, take it.
- There are five.
Collect properly & return
it in the evening.
Got it?
- I'll write it down.
'Human Chain'
'Model School Bus Fund'
'Who reached the other shore?'
'Who came and told us about it?'
'Who reached the other shore?
Who came and told us about it?'
'Was it a wolf or the ones with
wolves growing in their hearts?'
'Or the ghosts who stand guard
for the golden treasure?'
'That's how this game goes on....'
'Exploring this way and that way, can you
find a way to reach our destination?'
'Exploring this way and that way, can you
find a way to reach our destination?'
'Who made a blunder?
Who discovered that?'
'Who made a blunder?
Who discovered that?'
'Was it the tiger or the
public dressed up as tigers?'
'Or the people who dress up to
make money for every meal?'
'This is a deadly game,
and that's our philosophy'
'Exploring this way and that way, can you
find a way to reach our destination?'
'Exploring this way and that way, can you
find a way to reach our destination?'
'What is this trouble?'
'A tiger is coming
out of the jungle'
'What is this trouble?'
'A tiger is coming
out of the jungle'
'Through many paths and by lanes,
destiny will write a new story'
We have with us,
someone who is completely qualified to
take up the leadership of our school,
respected Nandan Menon sir.
He has made many
great achievements
by being part of Indian Space
Programme since its inception.
He has taken up this
responsibility selflessly,
without any monetary
I welcome Mr. Nandan Menon.
My darlings!
I studied in an ordinary
Government school.
I came from nothingness.
Something that many
first world countries
that take pride in squandering and
extravagance couldn't achieve,
was achieved by our country,
because people with great vision,
inspired from their nothingness,
had born and died before
us, in our country.
After all the achievements, the night
I got a recognition from the country,
what came to my mind,
were not the the stars
shining in the sky.
They were the stars
born on this land!
Our children.
They constitute my dream now.
This bus which was rusting in a dark
godown for more than 20 years...
These children have repaired it.
We're felicitating these children now.
Thank you, sir.
Did you have support from outside?
- Yes.
Our teachers were all
very co-operative!
Get lost!
Hello Father.
- They didn't create any trouble, right?
No, no! No problem.
- This is Aymanam Roy.
He's my cousin.
- Hello Father.
When I heard that my
sister was troubling
our relatives & cousins in Thiruvalla,
Changanassery and Kottayam,
by visiting them often,
after completing her studies
from Sophia College...
She has studied so much, right?
So I thought, let her teach now.
And she will be comfortable here.
What's your name, dear?
- Father Philip.
What is it, Father?
- Show her around the school.
Why not? - I'll see you in some time.
- Take your time.
This is peon Thankachan.
Hey Paru, pass.
Hi guys.
I am Annie.
Anna Jones.
I'm joining tomorrow.
So I'll be around for a while.
Woah! Too much politics, huh?
There's a history to it.
I'll tell you later.
Wow, bro!
Beware of them.
They are the villains here.
Good morning, Father.
- Good morning.
Go to your class.
Enough of your respect.
Good morning, Father.
What's your subject, Teacher?
- Huh?
I'm not a teacher yet.
I studied psychology.
I'm planning to teach English here.
That's good.
The one who teaches that subject
here, is slightly mental.
He would need your
psychology skills.
For whom? You?
- Not for me.
Here he comes.
Good morning, Joy sir.
You don't deserve a good morning
from me, Father Philip.
You left last night saying
that you'll come for
the physical test of the
cadets in the morning!
Where were you?
When I enquired at the kitchen, I was told
that you went to the market for purchasing.
But Father Barsar told me that you
sent Thankachan to the market,
and went to invite board members
for the teachers' recruitment.
Christu Das said that you escaped
from this Parish itself!
Why are you so complacent,
Father Philip?
Shall I tell you the truth?
I had a stomach upset this morning.
Coaxing Father Pattakalam & Father Job,
you pulled strings against the
teachers protesting outside, right?
Can't you give them the compensation
that they deserve, Father Philip?
Who is this?
Hi lady.
Me, myself Joy.
Joy Abraham Palayckal.
- Whose?
I mean... whose Annie?
Annie John? Annie Thomas?
Annie Jacob?
Annie Masquerene?
- Well, it's just Annie.
Plain and simple.
Just like that.
Welcome to the circus, Annie.
See you.
Good morning, students.
Where there is a will,
there is a way.
Great men walked on
earth before us.
Today, our school is the
best school in the state,
because of our commitment
to excellence.
I now invite Father Pulicken, to
address the gathering, please.
Dear students...
I should be talking in English.
But when my heart is full of joy,
I start speaking in Malayalam.
But if you talk in Malayalam,
I'll demand a fine, by the way.
Two students...
Meenakshi Madhav,
Ashwin V.
These very skilled students will
be your headgirl and headboy.
Meenakshi's poems have been
published by Oxford publications.
They are wonderful poems!
V Ashwin, who was granted
NTSC scholarship last year..
I didn't notice him
because of his studies...
He is a very good fighter.
By knocking out the star
fighters of other schools,
he has brought a gold medal for us.
When the strike is intensifying outside,
we are ready for anything.
If it's love,
then it is love.
If it's a fight,
then so be it.
Now I invite Meenakshi Madhav
and Ashwin V to the dais.
Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin!
I now invite our school headboy,
Mr. Ashwin V, to address this assembly,
and share with us, his emotions.
These are all his bloody tricks!
Monty, this is called jealousy!
He deserves that!
Ashwin! Ashwin! Ashwin!
All the girls are on his side now.
All the teachers are
also in his pocket.
And now, he's the headboy too.
Now we'll have to bear
with his attitude too!
Hey! The party is on me, guys!
Congratulations, bro!
- Thanks, bro!
Let me guess!
Weren't you slandering
about me now?
Monty, believe me.
I haven't played any games
to become the headboy.
See, we can ruin this year
by playing petty politics.
Or we can stand together strongly,
and make it the most
memorable year in our lives.
I know...
There are many problems.
But trust me!
We'll give a reply that the local
school would never forget, together.
Hands on that!
- Yeah!
'Wind waves'
'And a sky full of stars'
'Wind waves are whispering
untold stories to the rain'
'Whom are the stars winking at,
while the world gradually goes to sleep?'
'Why is the morning dew drop
dancing on the tip of a leaf?'
'While the sun goes down
minding his own business'
'And the breeze
is going wayward'
'Isn't everyone like us?'
'Aren't they all seeking ecstasy?'
'While the dreams keep shining the light'
'As the blue sky kisses our palms'
'A bird with blue feathers
is flying up above'
'Down below, the earth
is full of valleys'
'There are a lot more distances to cover'
'As the blue sky kisses our palms'
'A bird with blue feathers
is flying up above'
'Down below, the earth is full of valleys'
'There are a lot more distances to cover'
'As dreams stretch out
a thousand hands'
'The heart desires to
reach out to them'
'I feel like humming the tunes of my heart,
through my lips, without anyone listening'
'I feel like locking eyes with you'
'I feel like binding the sky
and the earth together'
'As the world has blossomed for us'
'Isn't this magic?'
'As the blue sky kisses our palms'
'A bird with blue feathers
is flying up above'
'Down below, the earth is full of valleys'
'There are a lot more distances to cover'
'As the blue sky kisses our palms'
'A bird with blue feathers
is flying up above'
'Down below, the earth is full of valleys'
'There are a lot more distances to cover'
Hey! What happened
to your thigh?
A rod pierced into it.
You should be careful
with rods, man!
Don't laugh!
What is this?
This is the list of the
people we owe money to.
Let me see.
Who's going to pay
all this and when?
Why are you talking
like this, Abhayan?
You can't put a price for
everything in the world, Abhayan.
Such virtue!
It's not that, Abhayan.
- Then?
Did you see everyone's face here?
- Yes.
Now look at my face.
- Sheesh! Why?
Not for that.
Didn't you see the happiness on the faces
of the children in the morning, Abhayan?
Shall I switch off the light?
- No.
That guy from Thakarapparambu
will thrash me like crazy!
Don't get me talking.
- He'll come now. We owe him money.
Listen to me.
We have other big brothers, right?
What they're saying is right!
We have other ways to
collect money, right?
You don't have to be scared.
- Come on, walk.
I don't think we'll be able
to pay all that money back.
How can you say that?
- What's that?
The bus is burning.
- What's that?
Come fast!
Our bus!
Dude, it's burning!
What a night, guys!
What a night!
We're burning their bus,
having the best liquor of our lives.
Give them what they deserve, man!
Write their bloody names on the wall!
Hey! They're coming!
We've lost everything!
Run! Run!
- Faster, guys!
Come on, run!
- Come on! Fast!
Fast, guys! Jump! Jump!
- Catch them!
Don't let them go!
Ambotty, catch them!
- Ayyappa!
Guys, give me your hand!
Give me your hand!
Fast! Fast!
- Catch them!
Catch them!
- Jump!
Catch him, Ambotty!
Tear it.
Put the fire out.
- Throw it.
Stop, you scoundrel.
Our bus is gone!
Someone, put out that fire!
Our bus is gone!
Our bus...
We don't need any
more proof, right?
No one should touch it.
It's the new name that they gave us,
coming to our school's courtyard.
The love and affection of all
our friends and brothers....
They burned it down,
in a single night.
Whoever wrote this,
until he comes here and erases this,
it should remain here.
It should sting our eyes!
It should pierce our hearts!
If there's even one man
who's loyal to his mother,
come along!
Let's go and question those cowards
who swore at our fathers....
- Come!
Long live the revolution!
The blood on the war field stands witness!
We will avenge this!
Long live the revolution!
When you wage a war against us,
let us remind you something!
You won't see your
mother before you die.
We don't care a damn
about the police!
Wherever you may go and hide,
Whichever darkness you
may seek refuge in,
we will avenge this!
We will avenge this!
Dude, I was in the bathroom.
Then Kiran asked me to
come to the chemistry lab.
When I came in here,
both doors got locked.
- Dude, Joy sir.
Sir, why are we here?
Sir, why have you
locked us up here?
Did you hear the commotion
happening outside?
For burning their bus,
they are furious enough to
burn this whole school down.
I don't know whether the priests here
believe that you burned that bus or not.
But I know one thing.
It wasn't you guys who did it.
Something that you snorted in!
That's what made you do all this.
I know!
- Sir.
I've told you a hundred times not
to supply this stuff to them.
I won't surrender you guys to them,
inside the school premises.
But for whatever you've done...
Face it!
Take it easy, man!
Bro, look!
You know where I got
this from, right?
You bloody...
- Dude, hold on! Acid!
If we go out after throwing
this on your faces,
we'd be cheating our brothers
who have come with us.
Moreover, we'll have to meet
those losers whom you'd hire,
to beat us up in the dark.
So let's fight it out
in the open, properly!
What say?
If you're sure about
who your fathers are,
bring along as many
people as you can!
Me and my fellas will be
at Poojappura ground.
We'll see!
Let's show them, boys!
Come on!
Beat them, boys!
- Come!
Come on!
What is it?
Don't worry, Father.
I'll handle it.
I came in person, because this would affect
the future of the students of both schools.
It's only because of that.
The legal hassles...
Francis will handle that.
I told you, right?
I'll handle it.
You may go now.
Father, you can leave.
I'll bring them.
Their parents are here.
Send them home at the earliest.
Go and talk.
Where is Ashwin?
- Sir.
By the way,
Father has compromised the case.
There's nothing to worry.
What can we do about this?
Another public nuisance shouldn't
happen in the name of that burnt bus.
We will investigate and
find out what happened.
But that will take time.
Father left after discussing a compromise
plan that will be beneficial for you.
They will give you an amount
as a compensation.
You can buy not just one,
but two buses with that.
Now you shouldn't fight each other for
that on the road for that, hereafter.
Around 12 boys are in the
hospital with broken bones.
Well, sir...
We don't need a single
penny from them!
If we accept the money from them,
that's not called 'compensation'!
- Sir...
Open your mouth only when I ask you to!
You heard me?
- Sir...
Can you touch even the shadow
of at least one of those boys?
No, right?
I'm saying this for your information...
Each of these boys were born
to fathers and mothers.
Don't show the arrogance of your uniform,
on our children's cheeks.
Let the investigation
take its course.
Note down all their names &
addresses and let them go.
But sir...
Yes! We did it!
Come on, Monty!
Monty, I was worried
whether your Papa,
the Commissioner would ruin it,
by showing off, cinema style!
This is only because we could use
Commissioner sir's influence...
Or else, we'd be standing like this in our
underwear, at the police station now.
And not because Father
Pulicken spoke to them!
Guys, listen!
Titumon wants to say something!
This calls for some celebration!
Where is it?
- Come! Come on!
Take it, fast.
Take it, fast.
- Slowly! Don't be so greedy!
Where is it?
Did you get it?
Must be a success party, huh?
Joy sir!
Shame on you guys!
I haven't come to advice you.
I came to give you this.
It's a suspension letter.
Now you needn't go to the
school for some days.
Happy, right?
Sir, how many times has he hurt
our boys at public places?
So how else can we give an answer to him?
- Exactly!
You should have asked this question
before doing this atrocity.
It's not by destroying the excellence they
achieved with so much effort,
that you should become excellent.
You should have shown them something
more brilliant than that.
Finally, you wrote whatever you guys are,
on their wall!
- F U all boys!
I've also gone on a shortcut drive
to find happiness through a needle.
My life got messed up, totally!
For 4-5 years, a chemical factory's
siren rang through this brain!
I started it as a
style statement!
And what happened?
In this same dormitory,
under this same roof...
You know what happened?
Depression, hysteria,
and then suicidal attempts too.
Since I had my elder brother
in my father's position,
I got a return ticket back to life.
I had to fall at the management's feet, to
turn this borderline dismissal of yours
into a suspension.
Trust me, guys.
You will have to quit this habit.
Ashwin, aren't you a boxer?
A fighter needs the perseverance
to hold on until the last round!
We will fight this out!
We can win this game together, guys!
Now there's no point in staying here.
Pack your bags.
Let's go.
Where to, sir?
I've told your guardians that
this is a special study tour.
Study tour?
- But the place we're going to....
That's a surprise.
Susan Aunty, look!
Solomon, was this the surprise you
were talking about? - Of course!
Solomon Chachan and Susan aunty!
We belong to them
for one week now!
Welcome to Palayckal house.
This bachelor said a big lie &
imported aunty from America.
There he goes!
- Hey Champ!
How was your journey?
- Great.
- Hi.
This is the house where
I was born & grew up!
And the reason I shifted the
annual day rehearsal here...
Open stage, free food...
free accommodation...
Free accommodation?
By the time you freshen up,
breakfast will be ready.
Drama and music are all fine!
But me and big boss will have our eyes
on everyone! - There he goes again.
Boys should stay in that
out-house over there.
Girls should stay here.
Once dinner is done, I'll
let the dog loose. Mind it!
I'm here, right Chachan?
I meant you mainly!
- He's jealous! - Of course.
By the way,
Susan aunty is a great cook.
She's known for her cook books.
So many of us are here, right?
We'll also join.
She's really fast.
What speed, man! I've cooked
for so many people, right?
Well, well!
Didn't you serve lunch
for big boss yet?
He won't let anyone sleep tonight.
Listen, kids...
He is the creator of this house!
He is still very much live.
Look carefully!
He can see everything!
'O beauty, spreading your feathers
all over this snow filled path'
I'm out of practice.
Love failure?
'O beauty, spreading your feathers
all over this snow filled path'
I'm not at all ready for this.
Annie, I'm an investment
banker in London.
I have some fixed deposits that
I earned with my own efforts,
and my ILR status would be
ready by the coming Christmas.
Moreover, I'm a Christian guy with
great pedigree, from Mullassery House.
What among these are you
not ready for, Annie?
Aby Mullassery is perfect.
I have nothing to do,
coming into Aby's life.
Leave that.
Who's the guy?
I won't come, Chachan.
Will you come here or
should I come there?
Thank you.
Check if the salt &
pepper are enough!
The smell of pepper!
Why don't you get dressed?
- Some for me!
What is it?
- Hey! Where are you going?
I'm going to the market,
to buy some beef.
See you!
'A star anyone would bow down to'
'On the path where angels descend'
The star's position would be here.
Make the angels stand under that.
It's not liquor.
It's just black tea.
Tea! Tea!
So cute, right?
'O beauty, spreading your
feathers all over this snow filled path'
Hey come, Angel.
It's okay.
Nothing wrong.
Here. Have a drag.
Hey! Angel!
Ashwin, leave her.
Monty, don't do this again.
Come, I say!
It happened to her
again yesterday.
Slight withdrawal symptoms.
I spoke about it to everyone.
Everyone promised that
they won't do it again.
I trust your words.
But Ashwin, one thing.
For you....
Please don't break my trust.
[Indistinct instructions]
[instructions continue]
Angel, are you okay?
I'm perfectly fine.
'O beauty, spreading your
feathers all over this snow filled path'
So here we get into the magical world of
Sir William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.
Go slow! Go slow!
Slowly! Slowly!
Devi, did you see Ashwin?
- No. I didn't see him.
Where are you going?
The play is about to start. Come fast.
- Just five minutes.
Keep quiet, Mathukkutty sir.
I've been looking
everywhere for you.
Angel, what are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed
to be on the play?
It's all messed up, man!
I'm really nervous and...
I think I'm going to ruin this play.
You will be fine.
Be calm. Go with the flow.
- No, Ashwin.
Can you do me a favour?
I badly need that magic pill, Ashwin.
- No.
I can't help you out.
Didn't we give our words to Joy
sir that we won't use it again?
No, Ashwin.
- Yeah.
I have something better.
Close your eyes.
Oh my God!
- Is this your practice?
It's not like what you think...
She wanted that thing, man!
- And did you give it?
Forget it.
Monty, go.
Bro, don't make this worse.
Monty, no!
Wait, man.
- Don't let spoil her life, man.
- She can't handle that thing.
Come on, Angel.
Ashwin is feeling sad.
He asked me to give you this.
Ashwin asked you
to give me this?
He's already high.
Let's have a good time.
This is mine.
Monty! It's dangerous.
Let's go to the corner.
Give me the stuff.
Hey babe.
Take it.
No, Ashwin!
Stay away from me!
It's Miranda's entry.
Where is Angel?
Jo, she's here, but
she's very nervous.
I sense something
really strange.
It's just a tension that
any actor might have
before the first bell of the play.
- This is not that.
Angel, dear...
Get up!
Stay away from me.
One tight slap! Are you sleepy or what?
- Get up!
Come! Come!
- Come on, angel.
Send the kids to the stage, fast.
Ferdinand, get ready.
Mini Teacher?
Hey! Hey! Angel!
What happened?
What happened?
- Christu Das!
Arjunan, the play should happen.
Let Ann go, instead of Angel.
Everyone move.
Stay away from me.
- Move, man!
Move! Make way!
All of you move.
Just make some way.
Mini Teacher, move all that stuff.
Is she having fits, sir?
No, Ashwin!
Stay away from me.
Teacher, pump her stomach.
- Okay.
Christu Das, ask Father
Philip to arrange a vehicle.
I'll inform the hospital.
You handle the situation here.
Teacher, can you make some ORS?
She's dehydrating.
I'll bring it.
Devi, please take care.
What's this, Jo?
It's a bloody drug overdose.
- What?
Ashwin, I hate you.
By the looks of it,
seems like it's 'that'.
- Pregnancy.
Sir, please.
Father Pulicken is here.
She has fainted after
some hanky panky.
You're also responsible for spoiling
that Ashwin and his friends.
If incidents like these happen,
us teachers shouldn't close
our eyes to them, Joy.
Anyway, you all will bring a
great name to this school!
- Joy sir.
No, sir. No!
Don't do anything.
Sir, no.
Don't do anything, sir.
You guys will never learn!
I told you so many times!
Didn't you give me your word?
You broke that too!
Now go to hell!
you spoiled that innocent girl!
Sir, we didn't do anything.
I was only trying to stop her.
Please believe me, sir.
- Now, wait.
Trust me, sir.
If something happens to that child,
I won't spare any one of you!
I'll make sure that you are
called to the management.
No, sir.
Sir, no!
What happened?
Did Joy sir come and show off?
Didn't I fall at your
feet and tell you?
That she cannot handle it?
Joy sir....
We'll handle him.
Now all my charms are overthrown.
The only power I have,
is my own.
The gentle wind you blow
with your applause,
may fill my ship's sail.
Without applause,
my plan to please you has failed.
Abhay, you were here?
- Kiran D?
We have to tell you something.
Come! Come!
Leave me, man.
Unless I'm relieved by prayer...
which wins over the God himself,
Nobody's watching.
Annie Teacher!
No. She won't see us.
This is between us.
Indulge me!
Forgive me!
And set me...
We're not talking to you now as
Ashwin's guardian or sister, Gauri.
You are a committed writer
and media-person, right?
This problem came to our notice,
while this institution
was getting liberated
from the shock of
a grave tragedy,
The drug called Methamphetamine
found in the blood sample of
the girl who was the victim...
She won't get it without
an external help.
When we asked her who
provided this to her,
her silence ended with one name.
In this situation, we cannot go
forward without making corrections.
Sorry to say...
This council has decided that Ashwin cannot
continue his studies in this school.
Let me say this with all due respect
to honourable academic council,
Not as anyone's sister.
But this dismissal was the most simple
punishment that you could give Ashwin.
If he has done it, it should be taken
up by a proper police investigation.
So if more people are involved in this,
we would be able to find
that network and eliminate it.
But if you do that, many more
people would come to know.
Media will write about it.
That will affect the
goodwill of the institution.
One student's dismissal is better
than that any day, right?
My responsibility as a
guardian begins here.
Ashwin & I faced our childhood
without parents.
Growing up is not easy.
The responsibility of correcting any child,
begins at home.
There will be a day, when he would
stand before you as a good citizen.
That's my duty, as a sister.
Your real journey begins when you
think that everything has ended.
Let him stay here and
complete this year.
When you are here, I didn't look for
any other place for Ashwin to stay.
What are friends for!
He was expecting that you would take
him along, when you go back to Bombay.
Now I'll have an assistant to
help me in teaching Maths.
I took such a decision about him,
after a lot of thinking.
Joseph sir,
hereafter, you would be his local guardian.
This account belongs
to both of us.
You will start a new chapter of your
life tomorrow, from this same city.
This is a new beginning.
All the best.
Okay sir.
Ayyappa, look who's standing in
front of our school gate.
Close the gate!
The wound is full of
sand and glass pieces.
Whatever accident you
may claim it to be,
just be thankful that
the Lord saved you.
Did you buy the medicine
for the injection?
Here you go, Mummy.
Allen, shall I give you an injection?
- Yeah!
I'll give the injection for you!
Erase it!
Time and history stand witness!
Go and wipe it off!
Go like this!
The blood on the war field stands witness!
This earth and the sky stand witness!
Wipe it off!
We will have our revenge!
We will have our revenge!
Time and history stand witness!
Joseph sir...
I'm not going back to
that school again.
If I go there,
they will kill me.
I'll talk to the headmaster.
You won't have to face
another violence from there.
Why are you experimenting
with me, sir?
Of all the places,
why this school?
If you survive here,
you can survive
anywhere in the world.
If you run away from here,
you will always be running
away from your problems.
Hey! Ashwin is here.
What are you doing here?
I'm leaving this town forever.
But before I leave,
I need to know something.
For everything that happened
to Angel that night...
Was it her who said my name?
Or did you guys make
her say my name?
Tell me, you rascal.
Where is she?
I want to meet her now.
Bro, that's never going to happen.
All the problems ended that night.
If you meet her, that would
lead to a new issue.
So it's better for our future....
that you don't meet her now.
Wasn't it you who gave
it to her that night?
Who gave it to her first?
Try to remember!
Wasn't it you?
Who made her life dependent on it?
And now you're acting like a Saint?
Get lost, Ashwin!
Hey! Leave him, man!
We lost Joy that night...
... because of me.
Leave it.
It's all right.
- I lost my temper.
I myself don't know
what all I told him.
We'll sort all that out tomorrow.
But now, this evening...
this stage...
Only that should be
on your mind now.
I don't want to do this play.
Joy, what all are you saying?
After practicing for
all these days,
and those kids who are
all dressed up...
None of them know all this.
Isn't this a problem
that has a solution?
Cancelling this maiden
production because of that?
Now, that's cruel.
He was really honest when
he told that to me, Annie.
You feel so because of your
blind affection towards him.
That boy has done this before,
and he hasn't quit that habit.
Isn't that the truth?
- Annie...
You don't know him.
I know him really well.
Even if the entire world
doesn't believe him,
I will stand with him.
Because I know,
the feeling of being
broken inside.
let the play happen.
If Jo had returned from
the stage that night,
the management wouldn't have
made a wrong decision about you.
Angel confessed everything to me.
no one,
no one gave her a choice
to say the truth.
Shall I leave, Miss?
What happened that day...
I'm trying to make myself believe
that it was an accident.
Even though both of us
know that it wasn't one.
Whatever Jo left behind, is in this.
You were a huge
part of his dream.
If you are able to realize that some day,
to this world,
to our midst,
Joy sir might just come back.
'I stood in the rain'
'Your voice still rings in my mind'
'The soft touch and memories of the rain
that falls into the river in my eyes'
'I stood in the rain'
Thank you Christu Das sir.
It was Joy sir who suggested your
name & convinced the priests about you.
You should be thanking
him for that.
'The changing seasons gave dark colours
to the words in the sky and disappeared'
'The changing seasons gave dark colours
to the words in the sky and disappeared'
'Someone drew a line across my heart,
with indelible ink'
'I stood in the rain'
'I stood in the rain'
'I stood in the rain'
'Your voice still rings in my mind'
'The soft touch and memories of the rain
that falls into the river in my eyes'
200 acres of land
beyond this gate.
My brother gave it to me.
He is in Stanford.
He's a professor.
I'll tell you about
him gradually.
'I stood in the rain'
That's why the dogs were
all barking so loudly!
I had made a call to this house.
No one picked up.
Who's going to call us now?
Chopped it off!
The bloody phone-line.
Come. We're in a family meeting
at the northern courtyard.
Keep the bag there.
They will guard it.
Do you know who this is?
Between intelligence and madness,
God drew a line.
That is this incarnation!
John Abraham Palayckal.
St. Thomas came on
one such night.
Back then, this place was the
house of Kolangara Pottis.
The Namboothiri ancestor of
all my great grandfathers.
It was while he was relaxing by
chewing betel leaves after dinner,
that he heard a 'Hi' in Hebrew.
The Namboothiri replied in Sanskrit.
He understood that Thomas hadn't
come there asking for food.
Back then, this Northern courtyard...
was the biggest
library of this town.
They spoke for one whole night.
He learned about the story
of Jesus who was crucified.
At dawn break,
Thomas left.
But whatever he said,
never left Namboothiri's mind.
Don't you know what he did after
deciding to become a Christian, uncle?
He burned all the manuscripts in the
library, at this same courtyard.
For the dead to leave our minds,
everything that reminds us
about them should be burned.
Like this.
Let us...
do this to our Joy also,
and liberate him!
He is Joy's student.
He has come here earlier.
For this moment to arise.
'Blackbird singing in the dead of night'
Year 1968.
It was Joy's favourite song.
John Lennon...
and McCartney.
They wrote this for him.
Have you ever thought what good are
flowers & candles, for the dead?
They don't need all this now.
These are to remind us always...
that there are colours and lights
remaining in our lives, even now.
The promise I made to Joy sir...
I wasn't able to correct them.
All the corrections begin...
Hey! Look at me.
... from within oneself.
Joy got a second chance...
to reclaim the life he had lost.
But before he could do that,
he had to go back.
Now, life has offered
you a second chance.
I'm not going back there.
Don't be adamant that the
entire world should love you.
We should learn our
biggest lesson from ants.
Be it any rain or storm,
they always stand together holding hands.
For that, the technique that
they adapt, is very simple.
He will be there with the
one right next to him.
Without leaving his hand,
holding his head close.
You should convince one person
who's right next to you.
Once you convince him that
you will be with him for anything,
a new world would
open up around you!
It was your hand that Joy
sought and held on to.
Where his hand disappeared,
this hand would be there.
Go back!
And stay strong!
You are that dream!
The greatest gift that
can be given to Joy...
will be your success.
Aren't you going to class today?
- Let's bunk today.
Then so be it.
He has come again!
What is he doing here?
Stop there!
Catch him!
Catch him!
You scoundrel!
Kneel down over there!
Why are you here?
That period is over, right?
Can't you go back to class?
Didn't you recognize him, sir?
Or can't you see properly?
He's not eligible
to enter our school!
Are you going to
send him to the class?
Potti sir is not like that.
If you do something like that,
then who will teach us
instead of Potti sir?
You can enter the class, right?
You will be blessed, darling!
- He's our punching bag, right?
Didn't he have enough already?
- He wants to be beaten up again.
What can we do if some people
aren't fed up of getting thrashed?
Dude, Vikraman!
- Oh no!
The same condensed silence I experienced,
before being assaulted in the lock-up.
Stand up!
Sit down!
Stand up!
Sit down!
Very good!
Don't trouble that new
admission boy anymore.
You already gave him enough, right?
When I enquired, I found out that his sister
is a senior party worker in the north.
Don't make me answerable for it.
Let him join you.
Convince a person who's right next to you.
Once you convince him that
you will be with him for anything,
a new world would
open up around you.
Stretch your hand.
- Don't hit me, sir.
You won't do your home work?
Hit me over here.
- What?
Where's your home work?
- Forgot to bring it.
Why can't you obey me?
Peeing in the class?
Where is your homework?
You've done it, right?
Then why are you stretching your hand?
This is not mine, sir.
- Then?
I haven't done it.
- Then who did it?
Look at you, Mr. Clean!
You're going down in studies!
This is not enough for you!
Who's left?
Who's left to show
me the home work?
Show me.
What's this?
Home work.
- This is all wrong.
My sister wrote it for me.
Elson, go carefully.
What do you want?
One chance.
One chance to correct the mistake I made.
Just once.
Aji, however much you beat me up for
what I did to you guys and the school,
it won't pain me.
But the condemning stares
from every student here....
I want to change that.
I can do that only
if you stand by me.
You should understand me, Aji.
Nothing will happen here,
with my decision alone.
The only one who can make a
decision about you, is Ayyappan.
Only one person in this world has the
courage to go and say this to him.
'On this moonlit night,
at the shore of Karamana river'
'I am waiting for my
lover to embrace me'
'On this moonlit night,
at the shore of Karamana river'
'My eyes are coy and full of love'
'And I keep twisting and turning on
the white sheets of my bed'
'You are confused and
I am full of desire'
'You are confused and I am full of desire'
'My lover comes to me,
caressing and embracing me'
'At this moment'
'On this moonlit night,
at the shore of Karamana river'
'I am waiting for my
lover to embrace me'
'On this moonlit night,
at the shore of Karamana river'
You're sitting here?
The next scene is
about to start.
Come there, okay?
Get the money from
the committee!
Then Suran will reach right on time.
- Okay.
How many times did I tell you...
... not to come to me, to
speak for guys like him?
If Ayyappan knows this,
he'll beat you black & blue!
- Yes.
We are leaving.
Before the climax?
What is this, Paru?
- We have to go.
The guys sitting
behind us are creepy.
She gave a tight slap
to one of those guys.
So it wasn't the balloon bursting?
They are the Thoppil brothers.
- Athira...
Can you just keep quiet?
Don't add fuel to the fire.
Can you please drop us
till that road, bro?
We might get an auto rickshaw
from the junction. - I doubt it.
- Thank you, bro.
Are you getting a smell now?
- Yes.
That's the snake's gush.
Oh no! Snake?
Don't scare us, bro.
It comes out in the night
searching for its mate.
Oh no!
Who's that?
Paru, stand closer.
I think its those guys.
Who is it?
Do something, bro.
Who is it?
Didn't I tell you that
we'll sit there itself?
What do we do now?
- Who is it?
They are walking towards us.
Was he a guy?
I doubt it.
Lift his skirt.
Paru, come here.
Check, dude.
Don't do anything.
Leave me.
- Leave them.
Run! Run!
If they had done something nasty
to my girl in front of my eyes,
would there be any point
in me staying alive?
If you guys had left
when I shouted at you,
Paru and Vidya wouldn't
have reached home.
What do I even....
Tell me.
What should Suran do?
Giri, did you see who that is?
Hey! Did you start service here?
Whom did you ask?
- Giri, please.
Aji, move.
- Kunjikka, please.
Come here.
Who told you to?
Hey Giri! Leave your hand.
I told him.
Bro, he got hold of you?
Shall I do something?
I'll click a photo & leave him now.
Hey Giri!
What, Suran? Did he promise to buy sip-ups
from the bakery for you in the evening?
You'll make me play a Telugu movie in
a Malayalam movie theatre, is it?
- Aji, take him away.
What are you doing?
- Leave me.
Suran, no!
Come on!
You go to the class!
Come. Let's go.
Suran, enough!
If you raise your
hand at anyone again,
Suran will chop off that hand!
Bro, did something happen to you?
- Leave me.
Your shirt is soiled.
What is this?
- What's the matter?
What's it between you guys?
He is crazy.
Bro, even the balance rod is damaged.
- Did you check?
We can still repair it.
This car belongs to
someone close to me.
Repair it somehow.
That's what I'm here for.
Let me search for some scrap.
Our Suran is making
friends for that new guy.
Is that true?
- Of course.
I swear on Ambotty.
Attukal Suran.
He is a fool.
That rascal must have lured
him by saying something.
But his tricks won't work with me.
A guy has come to meet me,
saying that he's your classmate.
Do you know him?
I know him, Dad.
I know him really well.
He seems to be better than your
friends who keep barging in here.
Did you see this?
It's an advance.
The first advance to
work on that engine.
- What is it, boss?
Get a body from Vanangavadi
Annachi in Salem.
Rest according to the payment schedule.
Dad, if you accept this money,
I won't touch the tools here.
He said that too.
As your Dad, I have only
one thing to tell you.
A workshop mechanic shouldn't just
learn how to repair a vehicle,
he should learn how to
find work in life too!
This boy's intention is pure.
Instead, he didn't barge
in here by saying lies.
If you leave, I'll make
my assistants work!
And those vehicles would
run on the road too!
Damn it!
Get lost!
Then what!
Hey kiddo!
Consider that money gone!
'You came with me'
'You stood within me'
'You came with me'
'You stood within me'
'I shall praise you, Allah'
'I shall praise you, Allah'
'You are the fingertip that reaches
out to me when I am alone, Allah'
'You whisper in my ears that you're not far
away, but standing guard for me, Allah'
'You are the fingertip that reaches
out to me when I am alone, Allah'
Did anything happen to you?
Just one hand of ours is
enough for these guys!
'My breath runs on your music, Allah'
'You will always shine the
light of truth, Allah'
'Enter my looks and words, Allah'
'You are the creator of the world'
'You are the end of sorrow'
'You are the illusion...
You are the magic'
'You are the witness...
You are everything'
'You are the only
true meaning of life'
'You are the origin of peace'
'You are the illusion...
You are the magic'
'You are the witness...
You are everything'
'There is nothing that's
not sacred within you'
'You are the fingertip that reaches
out to me when I am alone, Allah'
'You whisper in my ears that you're not far
away, but standing guard for me, Allah'
Are you okay?
Hey! Tittu Samuel.
On your way to the buy
the latest comic book?
I am okay, man!
- Yes.
It's her birthday today.
Lemon candy.
Nothing has been okay
there since you left.
Groups, politics...
Our whole...
Leave it.
There's something I thought
I shouldn't tell you.
Our Angel?
She is in George's trap now.
Hey George!
- Anna!
George, you're here?
- Hop on! Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on!
Let's go!
Buying mutton for them
from Buhari restaurant,
taking them for movies
at Padmanabha theatre,
and buying shirts for them from Hash Bush,
I heard you lured our boys to your side.
Aren't these old Gulf kid tricks?
I haven't touched
you until now....
because I gave my
word to Nandan sir.
That's when I heard that you paid money
to his Dad and got him out of there.
If I hear that something like
that has happened again,
I'll forget the promise
I made to Nandan sir.
Hey! Just a minute.
George, congrats.
New bike, huh?
Which showroom did
you buy it from?
Go and get it.
- You..!!
You, you...!!
One of us, wearing
this uniform...
Even if he might be a scoundrel,
you haven't grown enough to touch him!
Hey! Hey!
Didn't you understand when
I told you once? Go! Go!
If you've come to study,
you should do that.
Or Ambili Annan will
have to teach you.
'One world, one sky...
One song that the rain sings'
'Aren't you the one showering
happiness without boundaries?'
'Many colours, many fragrances,
many stars, many shores'
'I can sense you in all of them'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
Duke, come.
I need to meet that singer who didn't give
him the prize for the youth festival.
I know his house.
The concert was great.
Now there's an announcement.
Do you know who's coming to inaugurate
the new computer block in our school?
- Yeah right!
Shut up!
- Say who it is!
Honourable education minister,
Kaniyapuram Narendran.
- Yes.
But I didn't know about it!
I won't allow this.
I won't allow him to enter the school!
Bloody Kaniyapuram!
Long live Kaniyapuram Narendran!
Long live Kaniyapuram Narendran!
The minister has arrived.
Get the bouquet and
garland ready.
Namaste sir.
Long live Comrade Narendran.
Kombi, everything is okay, right?
Respected teachers,
and my young friends,
the hopes of tomorrow.
Narendran sir!
Didn't we listen to what you
spoke for all these years?
Now the respected minister will talk
only after hearing what we have to say!
Hey! Stop! Stop!
What's waiting for your new facelifts
that you've spent lakhs on,
are leaking roofs, shaking
benches and wild civets.
And many fund-eaters who are
much more hungry than them.
When you implement new
initiatives in this school;
to understand what happened
to the earlier initiatives,
you should spend at least 5 minutes
to walk around this school campus.
What is development, sir?
After the developments that
shake up our very foundations,
do the students here
have a decent sports cell?
Do we have a band or orchestra?
Do we have a bus that goes
beyond 10 kilometres?
Our school is an open toilet
where we have to pee in the open.
When the children of the colony
below us drink arrack,
by selling our staircases, windows and
parts of the vehicles that come here,
it's us students of the science
club, who go to question them!
We have a bad reputation of starting
fights at the drop of a hat.
We swear on our mothers,
we would!
That's because we see the
daylight robbery happening here.
There are people who
slap the students here,
because his breakfast didn't have enough
salt, or because his wife had a long face.
We're not saying that anyone
should come hug or kiss us.
Can't you stop seeing
us as enemies?
After money-lending, chewing betel-leaves
and other side businesses,
if they have time, there will
be a ritual called class!
60% of them are conducting
private tuitions outside!
Shouldn't all this end?
Even if we adjust to all this,
the problems are never going to stop.
Every campus should be a mirror that
reflects the happenings in the world.
There's no point in
proclaiming 147 here, sir.
We're not taught discipline and
schooled to be the hopes of tomorrow.
Either we'd be sitting at some
village office and scribbling stuff,
otherwise we'd be doing unskilled labour
at other states, with heavy hearts.
Apart from that, no miracles
are going to happen here, sir.
When the school bus that was built
by the students was burned,
and we came to inform you,
your personal secretary, Krishnan Kutty,
said that we'll be given a compensation.
That case hasn't reached anywhere.
A document containing all the
developments that this school requires...
When we went to present that,
no one had the time to meet us.
We have taken a decision here today.
If you want to leave this campus today,
you should accept our petition,
sign it and then go.
Or else, if you want to use the police
or army, we're ready even for that.
Mr. Kaniyapuram Narendran,
will not leave from here today.
That is our decision.
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
Long live the revolution!
I don't need the help of a
microphone to speak here.
every wall of this school,
can recognize my voice.
Kaniyapuram Narendran started
standing on his two legs,
by hoisting the flag as the
unit secretary of this school.
If I know how to enter this place,
you don't have to teach me
how to leave from here.
I will answer everything
that you asked me just now.
Not through words,
but through action.
It's not like I don't
know how to go about it.
Have you seen the children
of Idukki & Wayanad,
who go to study, by swimming across rivers,
and walking through forests & fields?
Have you seen the
glow in their eyes?
Have you seen the pain in
the hearts of the children,
who stay in the colony below
the many acres of your campus?
There are children who are much
more underprivileged than you,
who study lighting their chimneys
with their meager daily wages,
and come first, in Kerala.
I'm not someone who got a
dress stitched and ironed,
and stepped out to become the
education minister, one fine morning.
A society that elected me,
by voting for me,
with the strong belief that I
would always be there for them.
My party that has the
colour of my blood.
Both are with me.
I will place a challenge before you.
I will implement your master
plan not just in this school,
but in the Government schools
in all 14 districts of Kerala.
That's my word.
The 12 of you...
should score marks not below 40%,
in the upcoming public exam.
You do your duty well.
Come and teach me, after that!
Even if you fail in the exam,
he will implement this plan.
Then all its credit would go to him.
But if he implements it
because you've passed,
its credit would belong only to you.
he'll go to any extent to stop
you from passing the exams.
Don't expect any leniency in the
evaluation of the answer sheets.
They wouldn't have to
work too hard for that.
They themselves would happily
fulfill his expectation.
Why did you say so, sir?
This is not the time for arguments!
If you pass, that will
become a new history here.
Can there be any change
in this group of 12?
You should have thought about
it before showing off!
You start shouting slogans of revolution
at the drop of a hat, right?
Prove that exams and education
have a place in politics, Abhayan.
We won't fail! We won't fail!
Model school won't fail!
We won't fail! We won't fail!
Model school won't fail!
You should pass, brother.
Whatever you do,
you have to pass.
Bro, the kids are all quite excited.
Seems like we're really trapped!
Now he has kicked the
ball into our post!
Is that even possible, oh God?
We're trapped, bro!
- Catch!
We must win this game somehow.
I just had to score pass
marks to go to the Gulf.
If we study really hard,
we can do it.
I wish there was a crash course
we could attend to study quickly.
That's going to be
really expensive, bro.
Where are you throwing it to?
- Go and get it.
There is one way.
I know someone who can help us.
Damn it.
If it doesn't cost us money,
why don't we try it?
What did you guys think?
That I make my living by
selling guides for exams?
First of all,
this whole tradition of
exams itself is outdated.
If you write many answers
by studying them by heart,
according to a syllabus
created by someone,
the system will give
you plenty of marks,
evaluate you liberally,
and make you pass.
Or it would make you fail.
What's the point in doing that?
That does not interest me at all.
So, in this matter, I cannot help not
just you, but anyone in this world.
But in your case,
we have to defeat that system.
the plan that you guys made...
That is democratic!
The pass mark that you need
to get it implemented...
I'll help you score that.
I have 3 conditions.
I will teach you only
when I feel like it.
And I cannot come to a place you
choose, or at a time you choose.
Instead, if your guardians permit you,
you can stay here...
following the rules of this place.
I have only one goal.
I will make you guys
pass the exams.
Don't ask me how and when!
I'll shave off the heads and play drums
on the heads of those who act smart!
Complete submission.
Apart from that, you can ask
me any sensible question!
If I know the answer,
I'll tell you.
Or I'll bring someone who knows it,
before you.
This service is not free, boys!
It's not free!
There will be a fee for this.
I'll collect it according
to each one's capacity.
This a deal between each
of us, individually.
Are you okay with it?
Think about it and let me know.
No. Let's go.
We don't need this.
Sorry bro.
We agreed to this only because
you asked us to come.
He thinks he's a prince, Suran.
Let's go.
Shall we leave, Susan aunty?
What are you saying?
After preparing a feast
for so many people,
should I throw away everything
that's on the stove? No way!
Leave only after eating.
Hold this and give it to everyone.
Move! Move!
Shall we eat?
Let's have a silent prayer then.
Brother, we cannot pray silently.
Our Father, for this day, for our
friends, for this food, we thank Thee.
This is a ritual in
our Palayckal house.
We should provide abundant
food for everyone.
We should take rest,
and make our guests rest too.
And we need to serve one person.
So go ahead.
Enjoy your food.
Beef Aavikkizhi, Crab roast, Duck Mappas,
Tiger Prawns, Boiled Pearl Spot,
Roasted prawns,
Chicken curry and
many more are there.
But no one should leave
without having desserts.
All the desserts are special items.
Hey! Get me the plate.
- Get me the beef.
Boys! Boys!
The hall...
Since the hall doesn't have enough space,
we're planning to accommodate
you in 3 AC rooms upstairs.
AC in all rooms, dude!
- Okay?
If you need anything else,
you should tell me now.
So you've decided!
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
A disciplined body,
mind and intellect.
Only if you have all these, you will have
the capability to answer the questions.
- Brother.
Train them.
Let their brains become warm first.
What? - Brain.
- How?
Studies can wait until then.
Shekharan, lock that gate.
Shall we start?
10 rounds around this campus.
That's the beginning.
Oh my God!
A dog?
I can't climb this.
I'll help those
who cannot climb.
You've been hanging for too long!
You have two tasks
before you now.
Collect all the dried leaves on
this field and put it in one place.
Come here.
Move this side.
Secondly, collect one bucket
of water each from that well,
and pour it under each
tree here, every morning.
Sir, I'm scared of water.
That's why.
Go and get water.
Don't interrupt others' work.
Take it there.
Suran, it's evening and they haven't
even given us a drop of water.
The kitchen here
closed yesterday.
That aunty said that the kitchen would
open again only during the next season.
Let's live by eating the
jack fruits and mangoes here.
Get lost, you veggie!
Okay, right?
- Okay.
From this point to that point.
Come on.
Climb on it.
Those who have fallen,
climb again.
Come on, swim.
Go to that side and
start all over again.
Come on!
Come! Come!
Come on!
- Looks like he'll fall now.
One by one!
- There he goes!
Sir, we did whatever
you asked us to do.
Now we don't have any
hesitation to do anything.
But there aren't many days
left for the exams to start.
There is only one way now,
to make each one of you pass.
Many intellectuals and
criminals in the world,
without any gender differences,
have tried and been
successful at least once,
at this golden technique.
Keep secret notes.
What did you say he was in America?
- Professor.
Didn't understand, right?
Not just the questions
that may be asked.
Entire textbooks!
On tiny bits of paper,
write in the smallest letters,
fold it, roll it,
and keep them safely in places where even the
thousand-eyed Lord Indra can't find them.
As soon as you see the question,
without any space for doubts,
take out the note carefully.
Write the exam!
Isn't that wrong, sir?
Don't answer back!
Though it may seem
simple when you hear it,
you're not keeping any
ordinary secret notes.
Each of you should make your
notes in your own handwriting.
I'll check the quality of the notes,
and approve them.
Start writing!
Seek and you shall find!
Come on, go!
What did he say?
Bro, leave this to us.
We'll take care of this.
We'll give you an unforgettable
experience within 15 days.
I'm thankful, bro.
This is quite an
unforgettable experience.
The transfer of pollen grains
from the anther to the stigma,
of a flower is called pollination.
Hey! If you've finished writing,
put it in this.
Okay. Lymphocytes are
taken from patients' blood.
Isn't this over yet?
- The entire textbook is there, man.
Along with this, there are 4 more chapters.
- Four?
The boys have brought
the secret notes.
- Here.
Are these secret notes?
If they write it so big
in such large papers,
where are they going to hide it?
Do one thing.
Tear all that off...
and write it in tiny letters,
in tiny bits of paper.
It's the lake in front of us,
and behind us,
is the guy from America.
And we're in the middle,
working and starving!
Will he burn it even if we
write it smaller than this?
If we don't write it,
he'll burn us.
What's happening?
Did you write it?
- How did you write it?
In our own handwritings...
How did I ask you to write it?
These are secret notes
of entire text books,
prepared by each one
of us, written in our own handwritings.
How did I ask you to write it?
To make it small...
How did I ask you to write it?
To write in tiny letters...
Have you written in tiny letters?
- Then what should you do?
We should write it again,
in tiny letters.
Then go and write it.
If we don't pass this exam...
It will all happen!
Trust me.
You've hidden everything you've
written properly, right?
Don't get caught at any cost.
If this technique has to work out,
don't copy from your neighbour's
secret note or answer sheet.
Seek from your own secret
notes and you shall find!
Dude, look.
Did you study?
They are studying!
Study, guys!
Ask if you have any doubts.
We'll tell you.
We'll tell you everything.
Sit there and study!
Everything is okay, right?
- What? Can't you go?
- 'Oh my mother earth, for your near death'
'I am singing this poem may
your soul rest in peace.'
Come to the light.
Let him come to the light first.
A special invigilator appointed
directly by the minister...
is coming to throw away
all the secret notes
you've expertly hidden in
various parts of your body.
Here comes that tornado!
Seek God's blessings!
Welcome, sir.
The school is all yours.
Nice Kurta.
The first bell will be at 9 AM sharp.
At 12 PM, they should be out.
None of your teaching staff
should be present
in the hall where those 12
students are sitting.
Now let me do my duty.
- Certainly.
None of their games will
work with Sudheer sir.
Minister Narendran is really particular...
that none of you should score even
one mark more than what you deserve.
Whoever commits a malpractice,
I'll change his horoscope.
It's better to surrender
before the war starts.
Only God can save you
in this exam now.
Stand up.
Come out.
- Sir?
Come out, man.
Why are you wearing
slippers in two colours?
They got switched when I came
out of the temple, sir.
Remove it.
What is this sticker?
It got torn, sir.
Poor thing.
Remove that sticker.
It's not coming off, sir.
The glue is really strong.
Open it.
What is this?
This is not mine, sir.
You stand up!
You stand up!
You stand up!
- All of you, come.
What is your name?
- Suran.
Attukal Suran.
Attukal Suran?
Are you a singer or what?
No sir.
I'm a ballet drama artiste.
Open that slipper
and show everyone.
You saw his footwear?
All three of them have
such stuff with them.
No, sir.
We don't have anything.
- We haven't done anything like that.
What is this then?
Sir, I had tied it
around my broken nail.
Oh God, save me!
Nothing else, right?
Sir, the cloth...
- Your hand....
Your neck is also hiding something!
That's all, sir.
What's inside?
- The sacred thread, sir.
Sacred thread? - Yes.
- Remove your buttons.
Remove the buttons.
There was a prayer meet, sir.
Yeah right!
You saw it?
Is this your prayer?
I wrote it so that I won't forget.
- Not to forget?
Come here.
- There's nothing, sir.
Come here, I say!
Move your hands.
Did you see this, sir?
Is this their skill
that you praised?
This is utter cheating, sir.
What is this?
Since they haven't written even one line
from these secret notes,
I am giving you one more chance.
It's not my charity to
this school's headmaster.
It's only because you
made a request to me.
Can you give me a hall big enough
to place these 12 at 12 edges?
Say yes, sir.
- Don't say yes, sir.
This is your last chance.
If I suspect that even one of you is
performing malpractice of any kind,
all 12 of you would
be thrown out.
Your time starts now.
Come on!
Start writing.
What do we write!
Sir, I've started writing.
It is when we forget all
expectations and lose all hopes,
that the hands of God
would intervene.
In that classroom where those
12 students were sitting,
imbibing prayers from all
the students of that school,
a huge miracle had commenced,
without their knowledge.
Seek and you shall find!
Among you, there must be people who fell on
their heads, and people who tripped & fell.
Basically, it happened because
you didn't have balance.
Torque is the idea of
balancing the act.
Depending upon the centre of mass moving
above or below the supporting level,
you will trip, and fall too.
Seek, and you shall find it.
If you apply force from this
focal point of this ellipse,
it will reflect from the
second focal point.
That's why the coin fell there.
Brother, they have somehow collected
all the dry leaves on this field.
But that's not your task.
Then what is it?
- Burn it.
Sir, can I get a match box?
I'll burn it quickly.
Match-box is science!
Real men invented it.
Right, brother?
Man should learn how
to make a fire first.
Make it.
How do we make it?
Rub stones, man!
Principle of converging lens.
Only half the force that you use to
lift a bucket of water is needed,
if you use a pulley.
So if you use three pulleys,
it will reduce even further.
That's the advantage of a simple machine.
Take it.
Hurry up!
10 minutes to go!
Just a minute, sir.
Finished writing, Ayyappan?
- Listen.
All exams are over.
I received your answer
sheets as well.
There's someone who's sure that your
efforts & prayers would succeed.
Sudheer Kumar.
Roll No. 36, 10 A.
Don't know who he is, right?
It's me.
Someone who loves his school,
just like you.
1971 batch.
And yeah, one more thing.
You know who told me that you have secret
notes with you, and I should remove them?
It's the same person who asked
you to make secret notes
of entire text books,
writing it in tiny letters.
John Abraham Palayckal.
We understood why you made
us do all that we did here,
only when we got our
question papers.
We don't know what to
give you in return!
We don't have
anything to give you!
Forget all the exams
you've written.
You may pass or fail in them.
You guys, who are going to climb on to
the 18th step, from this 17th step,
should get prepared for...
the summer exam of
your lives hereafter.
You shouldn't fail there.
Forget about the social
hierarchy in jobs that you do,
don't contaminate your lives by fighting
for the colours of skins or flags,
and stay as the heartbeat of the
people with you, for this land.
That's your responsibility.
Tomorrow is yours!
Every step that you take outside this room,
should have that realization.
Behind every achievement,
there is that lesson I learned from ants.
The exam results also proved the same.
Based on that master plan
devised by those 12 students,
a better plan was implemented
in all 14 districts.
And thus, the Government also
became a part of our victory.
Rectifying all its problems,
Mr. Moore, brought a first class
school bus, to our school as well.
Today, when we're
celebrating this success,
I remember my friends, who didn't
fail in the exam called life.
And those truthful words that
made me open my eyes to the good.
Someone who's right to next us...
If we try to understand his dreams,
if we try really hard,
a whole new world would
open up before us.
Today, my...
I tried to understand...
... him!
Ajith Nair IAS.
My classmate.
To do what his conscience
says is right, without fear,
the Nair at the end of his name, or his
designation are no obstacles for him.
I am not alone.
I've brought a gift for you.
Not just mine...
All our old friends'
efforts were there,
behind finding Joy sir's
own Annie Teacher.
And when I told her that
we're coming to your school,
I didn't have to force her.
Thank you.
For bringing back Joy sir once again,
through them.
Back then...
for Angel and Joy sir,
we did one more thing.
You needn't do anything for me.
If you wish to do something,
do it for her.
I want to see those who destroyed
the light in her life.
Just once.
They shouldn't repeat what they did to her,
to anyone else.
Before going back,
I need to fulfill that
duty as well, for Joy.
Sorry, friends.
I usually don't go to
any party uninvited.
But I came here...
to take these two guys with me,
without your permission.
Come on.
Your party is over.
You should confess to the world,
what happened to Angel and my
Joy, who stood up for her.
Come on!
Who are you, Mister?
That's a long story, son.
If I start, I'll have to talk about
a history of 30 years or so.
No one will take
anyone away from here.
That's my brother.
Those who come to me wishing to learn,
shouldn't be sent back empty handed.
That's what my teacher
taught me in 3rd grade.
I shouldn't be correcting it myself, right?
Isn't that disrespectful?
What flowed through the wound
that Ayyappan received for me,
was his unconditional love for me.
That was my greatest realization.
Don't close your eyes.
You have promised me.
Don't fail.
You gave me your word!
Don't fail.
I need you.
Come on!
What gave us the strength to face any
danger with extra boldness,
were those words that
our teacher taught us.
They have minds that can
dream beyond the sky!
The first batch among them is
stepping out of these walls today.
Bless them.
'One world, one sky...
One song that the rain sings'
'Aren't you the one showering
happiness without boundaries?'
'Many colours, many fragrances,
many stars, many shores'
'I can sense you in all of them'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'
'Are you the voice or the light?'
'Are you the shore or the wave?'
'Are you a boon,
or the mind?'
'Are you the solace?'