Pati Patni Aur Woh (2019) Movie Script

Hey! Catch him. Catch him.
This guy in a scuffle with a female
the constable of lucknow police,...
...seems like a terrorist.
But he's not.
So the question that arises is...
how did this young man land up in
this criminal like situation.
And if the question arises
then let it... because...
There is no question that does
not find a answer in Uttar Pradesh.
You've rocked the damn district
Chintu Tyagi.. You've topped it!
And I have rocked the damn country..
I've ranked 34th!
I topped my exams, Dad.
My Topper...
Not even a peep from Hitler Tyagi.
What's there for him to say? First,
you aced your engineering exams...
...and now the Civil
Works Entrance exams.
Let's plan a bachelor trip together.
No pressures in life ever again.
"No but, no why...
Free-free bird in blue-blue sky."
Meet, Mr. and Mrs. Tyagi.
- Hello.
- And that's Mr. and Mrs. Tripathi.
And I'm the would be bride's uncle...
B.R. Pandey
and that's
...Sharma's samosas.
Have a sweet.
Have some tea?
Do you watch too many films,
Mr. Tyagi?
The girl serving the tea doesn't
always have to be the would be bride.
So...what are your hobbies?
I like sex a lot.
- I see...
- What?
you've come with a list of questions?
I am an Engineer you see...
So I always come prepared.
Do you see that motorcycle
blocking the road?
Yes.....we also had to circle around
the block to get here.
Belongs to my ex-boyfriend.
We broke up six months ago
but he still hasn't gotten over me.
He parked it there day
before yesterday in anger
In a dare to see who gets
a marriage proposal for me
So you don't want to get married?
If I didn't want to....
you wouldn't have been sipping tea here!
Rebellion did not suit me....
So I thought I'll try restriction now.
I guarantee you, I did that honestly....
and will do this honestly too...
I'm just a little
high maintenance though.
And I've never got a chance
to display my emotions.
So what say, Mr. Tyagi?
If virginity is not an issue...
...should we release traffic?
That way, the bride and groom are that way.
Why are you giving it to me?
- Greetings!
- There he is.
- Where were you?
- Well, I was just...
Why are you 'all up in knots'
at your own wedding?
Hello, uncle. How are you?
I'm just a bit...
I'm just a bit nervous.
Come with me.
I have a cure for your nervousness.
I'll count the envelopes...
I'll be right back.
- Where are you going?
- I'll just keep this somewhere and come
Scram. Come on.
Hold it.
Out with it.
So what's making you nervous?
I don't know why but I've been
thinking about 'Neha' all evening.
Who 'Neha'?
What do you mean who Neha?
Neha Singh.
My ex from I.T.
Are you out of your mind?
Here.. you're on the
verge of becoming a president here...
...and you can't get over
an old campaign partner
She dumped you three
years ago without giving you a reason.
I just had one relationship in life
which lasted for one n half months.
And here I am making a life-long commitment
to someone I spent less than a minute with.
Dad, I tell you!
Chintu Tyagi.
Stop this pysco babble..
Down this drink and get on the stage!
Be a man!
Drama queen.
Wanna be Romeo! Idiot.
What took you?
- Where were you?
- Congratulations.
- Welcome, Welcome....
- Hello, welcome.
All by yourself...Huh
"My eyes are asking."
"My heart doesn't have peace
where should I look?"
"Where are you looking?"
"How do I tell you that
I keep waiting for you?"
"Stolen my slumber....
you have stolen my slumber "
"My heartbeat says..."
"My heart won't beat without you."
"You are the only one I have.
What do I have to do with the world?"
"You are my nights. You are my days."
"I don't want to live
a moment without you."
"You are my nights. You are my days."
"I don't want to live a moment.."
"..without you."
" my journey is with you."
"Where do I want to go?"
"I want to spend my life with you."
"Don't stay away from me.."
"..even for a moment."
"You are the only one I have.
What do I have to do with the world?"
"My eyes say you should always
be in front of me."
"You are the only one I have.
What do I have to do with the world?"
"You are the only one I have.
What do I have to do with the world?"
Chintu Tyagi...
How's work?
Great, Dad!
- Good.
- Thank you.
So now....what have you thought
about the future...?
About what, Dad?
I mean future... you
know...future... future!
Stop all this word play both of you...
I'll come straight to the point.
You have been married
for three years now.
What have you thought
about starting a family?
I'm giving it a thought mom!
I don't know much about now son..
...but back in our days, we didn't
have to give a thought to have kids.
We had to give quite "something else"
One must have a reason to have a child.
What was our reason to have you then? enlighten us?
Ask dad about it
You always have time to discuss about
things that are out of context.
But never about what is required
Every Sunday you hear the same advice
on starting a family...
...but ever seem to talk
to them about us shifting to Delhi.
You're always going
on and on about Delhi every developer out there is waiting
for me with baited breath, almost wishing?
chintu tyagi will come one day
and take over our business"
Delhi is the capital of this
Country, not my father's property.
Where there's a will,
there's a way, Mr Tyagi.
And where there's love,
there's concern.
I've told you a million
times "Get out in the open"
"Make a prize catch"
But no...
What can one do if someone enjoys being
tamed by a ring master in a circus?
Are you calling me a circus tiger?
I'm at least calling you a tiger
because I am your wife.
Those unwilling to get out of a pond are
deserved to be called toads.
Toad it is then!
I am happy in my pond....
And I am going to hop around here only
Fine, hop all you like
But don't expect me to produce tadpoles.
I was born here.
This city gave me name,
fame and my reputation.
What's wrong with Kanpur?
Kanpur never got in my way... ever.
Move it, bro.
Why can't you just call?
Why do you make missed calls like
a petty thief?
It's bad enough I Give you time....
You want talk time too?
Yes, after all your time
is getting expensive.
Gupta had no idea what's going on.
He ran around all day with a
radio in his hand like a clueless alien
And I was just....
Hello, Mr. Chintu Tyagi,
where's your attention?
What is it?
Before passing 10th grade..
dad said...
...if I ace 10th grade,
life will be a bed of roses.
He said the same thing
before 12th grade..
Upon the promise of this "bed of roses"
... he got me to do engineering,
Get a job, and even get married.
So now this "bed of roses"
is not in my fate,
...or then my own dad screwed me over.
What's troubling you lord Buddha?
You have everything in life.
A home, a car, a are an
officer in the Public Works Department.
Who do you want to be now? Superman?
You get it? don't you?
Then why doesn't my wife get it?
Was it the same old
Delhi argument again?
Sister-in-law gets too tough sometimes.
Sometimes I feel,
only Neha loved me truly!
Why do you always get stuck on Neha?
You really piss me off. life...
there's a reality and a fantasy!
Fantasy buddy, fantasy!
Everyone has a right to fantasy.
But you cannot forget
your reality for that.
And this is your reality.
- And Delhi?
- Stop your stupid rant.
I'll bring Delhi for you right here.
Good morning, sir.
Mr. Sharma is calling you.
- Again?
- Yes sir.
What the hell Bablu?
This betel leaf is abnoxious.
It's bullshit.
Did you not like it sir?
Spit it out if you don't like it.
I'll make you another one.
Spring has arrived in Kanpur city,
and nobody informed me...
What is she doing here?
There's no way she's coming here....
must be her spot to meet her boyfriend.
She is coming this way, sir.
Damn! She is coming this way!
My Betel leaf timing is completey flop
- Hi...
- Hello.
Which way is the plot
Liasoning department?
Plot liasoning department?
It's our department, sir.
Oh yes! That's our department,
in this building.
I wanted to meet
Mr. Yugal Kishore Sharma.
- Sharma? There's no one here by that name...
- Sharma is our boss, sir.
Our boss! of course!
You know what,
take the third floor to the first lift.
I mean...take the third
lift to the first floor.
It's the brown door
in the corridor on the right.
He'll be waiting for you there.
Ok... Thank you.
Pleasure is all mine.
Damn it.
Chintu Tyagi, you won't believe
what just happened with your brother.
You don't work.. that's okay..
why do you insist on eating your head
It's not about eating your head
its about scratching it.
Take a wild guess who
just came to meet Mr. Sharma.
- Who has come?
- Who has come?..
You should ask who hasn't come
Remember that poem by Javed Akhtar...
"Like a budding rose, like a
poet's dream, like the rays of the sun."
"Ain't no sunshine
when she's gone" Buddy!
Are you high?
Hang up dimwit.
Bring the file from
Mr. Yadav's cabin.
Some people aren't destined
to hear good things.
Come in.
Keep that file on the table
and crank up the speed of the fan.
And go give the yellow file
to Mr. Sharma.
Don't forget to order some tea
on the way.
And where's this fragrance coming from.
From here.
Tapasya Singh.
Will you shake hands
or should I order tea for you?
Abhinav Tyagi.
- Sorry, I thought...
- I was your peon.
- May I sit?
- Yes...
- Yes, please.
- Thank you.
Mr. Sharma sent me to you.
Actually, I have a leather
and garment boutique in Delhi
and the cost of manufacturing there
is too high.
So I was looking for an option.
And Aditi, my friend... AD.
She knows Mr. Sharma.
Actually, her dad knows him.
And he suggested it will be relatively
inexpensive for me to rent a plot here in Kanpur.
- May I?
- Yes...
I came here to give him the highlights,
but he's watching the live show.
Hi, AD.
Yeah-yeah, it's all good.
He's very sweet.
- Oh nice.
- He's actually put me on someone else,
so I am good.
- I will call you in a bit.
- Okay, bye bye bye.
- So from tomorrow?...
- From Tomorrow?
- Plots...tomorrow...
- Plots...tomorrow...ok.
Thank you, nice meeting you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
So nice to see you!
You disconnected the intercom
and connected a direct line here.
You're back to talk crap again.
She converses in English like a dream.
You're always showing
your English off to me.
But in front of her you become
"how I wonder what you are"
Should I tell you something?
When girls speak fluent English...
...they seem like Katrina Kaif!
Don't they?
The approach to the problem
is with the equation.
Force equals Mass into Acceleration.
Got it?
The unit of Force being Newton
kg meter per second squared.
Newton kg meter per second squared
Come on... note down
this equation everyone.
Hey listen...
What's your name?
Rakes Yadav.
What were you looking at?
Was looking at you..
You look like a film star to me.
Really? Which one?
Kareena Kapoor.
She's my favourite.
I'll slap you and get
your head in the right place
Open your ears
and listen to me very carefully.
This is Physics
If you fail, Kareena Kapoor
won't come and help you pass..
Do you understand?
Now get lost.
And listen...
Next time a girl asks your name...
..don't say Rakes...
it's pronounced "Rakesh"
- what's up hubby dear?
- What are you doing?
Giving Kareena Kapoor competition.
I've got sweets packed from "Thaggu's"
Come home early please
That's interesting!
You're bribing me with Kanpur's best!
You're talking as if I've never
done anything for you ever.
- Come over.
- No...
I'll first go to the gym Mr Tyagi...
You get home, I'll be there soon.
What's with you and this gyming habit.
Yeah right! smoking is a
rather better habbit, isn't it?
Gyming never did anyone any good, right?
I don't need the gym, Tripathi.
I am a born star.
You don't seem to believe it though
Bye for now.
Hey! Abhinav... my boy..
Hey!...How are you?
All good?
Hey! how lovely!
So you're here?
No. I'm still on my way.
There's too much traffic.
Then get off your car and hail an auto.
You will reach faster.
Bless you. Bless you.
This is why I'm a fan of your's...
All of Guddi's family aside... "sense-of-humour"
bond with you..
is exceptional.
Just like a friends.
I swear I married Vedika only
to be your friend, Uncle.
Spectacular....mind blowing!
What a sense of humour.
Let's go.. lets go..
Now, this is what you call destiny.
If I hadn't come to Kanpur to distribute
Kanupriya's wedding cards...
...I would've never been lucky enough
to eat Thaggu's sweets.
why are you getting your daughter
married only to eat sweets?
I'll send you a box every
week... even otherwise.
Hear that, Guddi?
Your husband's sense of humour?
You're a lucky girl.
- Have some more sweets, Uncle.
- I will... I will..
- Where is the groom from?
- He's from Delhi.
He owns a garment business.
- Where did you say?
- From Delhi.
Should I call you a cab uncle?
It's a two hour drive back...
you should leave now.
How I wish, Abhinav!
You see these?
All these cards are for Kanpur.
It will take a day or two more.
But don't worry...
As soon as the work is done... I'll be
gone Saying goodbye's over the phone.
After all it is a digital age.
Isn't that why people usually
courier invitation cards, Uncle?
Sense of humour.
Isn't it.. Guddi?
Keep it up, my boy...keep it up!
Kanupriya has an Arts Masters' and
I slogged to get a Masters' in Physics...
But it's her who deserves
a Delhi lifestyle. Isn't it?
People in big cities don't
have time for love, Tripathi.
They don't ogle at their own wife like lovers,
even after three years of marriage.
Are you ogling at me?
I am only ogling because
you're sitting far away.
And what if I came closer?
Then... you think
you have a digestive pill?
I think I'm suffering
some indigestion.. dear....
Yeah right away..
Good for nothing old man!
Of course you'll suffer indigestion
after swallowing a box of sweets?
Here you go.
Thank you so much, madam.
Hold it right there
Mr. "thank you so much"
- Where are you coming from?
- Landmark Hotel.
100 rupees to bring her
here from the Landmark Hotel?
What does your rickshaw run on?
Aloe Vera?
I was about to break for lunch.
I told madam earlier...
Then you should've eaten your lunch
- Why did you do her a favour?
- It's okay, let it be.
- It's fine.
- What fine? How is it fine?
He is robbing you in my city,
in front of my eyes...
Who is robbing?
Are you returning 50 rupees
or would you like a tight slap?
Hold it right your tongue
madam has paid me willingly.
So what are you acting
like Shahrukh Khan for?
- Shahrukh khan is it? Shahrukh Khan?
- Let it be.
- I'll show you Shahrukh Khan...
- Please go. Please...
- Get away..
- Please go. Listen.
I'll complain against your registration
at the Transporatation Office.
- I don't care.
- I will...I will
It's okay, let it be.
It's not's Abhinav...
Abhinav Arvind Kumar Tyagi,
M.E.(Civil)I.I.T Kanpur.
Project Head, P.W.D.
I am so sorry, Abhinav.
I am really sorry.
And I don't like creating
a scene on the road either.
Mr. Sharma gave me your responsibility,
which is why I even cared.
It really is your choice otherwise.
Pay somebody a 100 if not a 1000...
I don't care..
I am...really sorry, Abhinav.
I am sorry.
It's okay, Nevermind.
Let's go.. I'll show you the plot.
(Indistinct murmur)
I am sorry.. I forgot your name.
Never mind...
It's not like my name
is Jamshedji Tata...
...that one will remember
it forever upon hearing it once...
Then what are you still angry about?
I am furious at that rickshaw driver.
He took away a 100 rupees for dropping
you from Landmark Hotel to P.W.D.
And he was calling me Shahrukh Khan!
In that case I will get the
same rickshaw driver again tomorrow.
Then you can slap him....
Sorry.. what was it?
Tight slap right?
This plot is too big.
My job will be done in half this area.
Doesn't matter.
I'll show you all the
plots in a week's time.
You can choose the one you want.
- Thank you.
- Come...
- May I ask you something, Ms. Tapasya?
- Yes Ofcourse...
Do you handle your
entire business alone?
Yes. Why?
Do I not look qualified enough?
No, I didn't mean that.
Are you from Kanpur?
Oh yes! One hundred percent Kanpur.
You don't seem like it..
Huh? Why?
Wait! Don't get offended.
I're not like
the others I've met in Kanpur.
You're different from the usual.
What's up Chintu ji?
Why so confused early in the morning?
Tell me something, Tripathi.
Why don't you wear western dresses ever?
Western dresses?
What for?
Why give flight to Rakes Yadav's...
...imagination for the sake
of your satisfaction?
Who is Rakes Yadav?
It's Rakes.....not Rakesh!
He's a fan of mine...even
without western dresses.
Are you going to wear any
shirt or just stare at them?
Ok tell me something...
Which amongst these is different?
What do you mean by different?
Wear that one.
This one is different?
No Chintu ji, it's just ironed.
I'll go layout breakfast for Uncle
Which one is unique.
I can iron a damn shirt, Tripathi.
But this one's different from usual..
How does it look?
Very good, Sir.
- It's okay really.
- Okay?
Oh you mean this?
There are many left to show you.
Here, keep this.
What is this?
Up until you select a plot,
set up a manufacturing unit
It'll take you a couple of months
Why waste money on hotel
bills unnecessarily?
I know this real-estate
agent personally.
Select a really nice flat on rent,
to stay in.
That's so sweet.
Last night I was thinking,
I should drop the whole Kanpur idea.
Huh? Why?
Just like that...
I don't know the people nor the city..
One needs a reason after all.
I am a reason!
I're my responsibility.
And the city? It barely takes
an hour to fall in love with Kanpur.
Really? How?
- Shambhu.
- Yes.
- Start the car.
- Yes, Sir.
Gossain Sir wouldn't stop beating me...
...while the compass stayed
still embedded in his back side.
Each time I said....."Sir, at least pull the
compass out first" he would beat me harder.
So nobody knew who kept
that compass on his seat?.
It was Fahim Rizvi, who else?
That guy who swallowed
his betel leaf on seeing you...
Oh yes...
Your laughter.
It's weird, I know.
No, it's cute.
It just hides itself
behind your moustache.
Thank you.
So you didn't complain about Fahim?
Never Ms. Tapasya. Well,
I have always been the decent type.
...and he is a friend.
I'd do anything for friendship.
- So how long will it take me?
- For?
To be your friend.
But you are my friend.
That's a lie.
You don't call Fahim,
Mr. Fahim... do you?
Shall we leave... Tapasya?
Much better.
So she laughed on the
Gossain episode. So what?
That's what..she couldn't stop laughing.
There was a three inch
hole in Gossain's back side.
All of Kanpur laughed at him.
What's so special if she did too?
Why are you yelling?
You are just chasing a promotion.
By the way, the two of you left in the
car but only you returned. Why is that?
- I dropped her at her hotel and came back.
- 'Dropped her at her hotel and came back.'
You never dropped me
to a grocery store till date.
Why are you getting so worked up?
I am annoyed because you are faffing all day
long and my work at office has increased.
And that Sharma...puts a straw in my neck
and sucks the blood out of me sip by sip.
The Cantonment area has
changed dramatically...hasn't it?
Must have changed for you...
You went there after 10 years...
You know...
The last time I went
there was with Neha.
Neha, again?
That witch doesn't stop haunting you.
Yeah say..
Will you be coming home Mr Tyagi?
..or should I send a pillow
and blanket to the bridge?
You rest your head on Fahim's
lap and sleep there itself.
How will I get sleep here Tripathi?
I won't be able to hear
your Uncle snoring here.
So how long will it take me?
To be your friend.
You called, Sir?
Oh yes, come in Tyagi.
That girl...Singh
Tapasya, Sir.
Did you finish with her?
- What, Sir?
- Finish her work? What else?
No, Sir.
It'll take a while.
It isn't troubling it?
- I can hand it over to Rizvi if you like...
- No, Sir. I'll do it.
I mean I'll manage. I'll do it..
So sweet, Tyagi.
You're a very sincere man.
I am learning from you, Sir.
Good boy.
- Good morning.
- Hi.
Right on time.
How about some coffee, Tapasya?
No, I am good.
See? I didn't call you Ms. Tapasya
By the way, you never
mentioned that you're married.
- What?
- Sharma sir said...
Oh shit...
Are you all right?
I'm hurt.
I'm very very hurt.
But it's Okay.
So when will you introduce
me to your wife?
If it's hurting too much,
then just ice it.
Actually, I think when I finish
setting up my home...then
Then what?
Then you can visit me with the wife.
Get me some ice.
Sir, shall I get soda too?
Why would you get soda?
Only ice.
Is that hurting a lot?
No... Not at all.
Listen, call me when you've
had a look at the documents.
And don't forget to
ice where it's hurting.
Ms. Tapasya...
We were supposed to
go see some plots tomorrow?
No, not tomorrow Abhinav.
Not tomorrow?
Then how about the day after?
I'll call you...
And ice where it's hurting, okay.
Sir, where would you like this ice?
Look, Chintu ji is here.
Welcome back, son-in-law.
Have some piping hot fritters?
Would you like some tea?
I'll get some more hot ones for you.
All good with you?
I'll go wash up.
Just come here.
Do tigers ever need to wash up?
Here you go...
Guddi just made them piping hot.
Have some.
I saw you yesterday
at about lunch time..
In High-Tech city...
With some lady.
I was about to call out to you
when your car zipped away pass me.
Must be some official work, right?
You figured out it was official work?
I had started to assume...
that stuffing your face with sweets and fritters
was the only thing you considered as work.
Sense of humour, Uncle.
You're the only one
who gets mine... right?
Here... stuff some more. I'll be back.
We're leaving tomorrow, uncle.
Allow me... the lotion?
What's up?
Why does his highness want
to serve the commoner today?
Because nobody gives a
damn about his highness anyway
Will you come with me to the Cantonment
area tomorrow, Tripathi?
It's a half working
day at office tomorrow.
What an exciting plan!
It's a half working day
for you, not for my classes..
You're talking as if..
if you take a day off...
... it will keep a few kids from
becoming the president of the country.
You come frustrated from the
office and then vent it out on me.
Believe me..
The two of us are meant to be in the clubs and
restaurants of Delhi, not in Kanpur's cantonment area.
Why are you burning your
youth under the sun?
Why do you care?
Why do I care?
I am a friend of yours, I am concerned.
What if you get a sunstroke?
Who am I?
Chintu Tyagi.
Yes, but who am I?
Abhinav Kumar Tyagi.
I am a middle-class Indian Man.
The Indian middle-class male.
So whether I get a sunstroke or
loose motions, no one gives a damn.
I'm the unfortunate bull that toils all day
ceaselessly and yet sometimes goes to sleep,
With no respite.
I care for my mother a little and
I'm a mamma's boy in the eyes of my wife
I show some affection to my wife,
And my mother terms me henpecked.
If I move to the big city,
I'm the murderer of tradition.
And yet if I stay back in a small town,
then I'm the road block to modernism.
If I pay my taxes honestly,
then I am broke.
And if I don't pay them, I am a thief.
If my wife works,
I am an opportunist.
If she doesn't work and sits at home,
then I am a sexist.
If I ask my wife for sex,
then I am a beggar.
If I turn down sex with my wife,
then I am a persecutor.
And if I find my way into
somehow having sex with her
...then I am a bad cultured person too.
Are you high early in the morning?
No, not are high!
Every man's happiness lies
in his own hands, Rizvi.
Isn't that before one gets married.
Shut up.
My father, my mother, wife, and you...even you are
involved in taking away my happiness from me...
But not anymore...
Not anymore.
The receptionist told
me you have come here..
Is it some important work?
The other day in jest you asked
for my friendship.
So I gave it to you.
Uncle, pass the ball too.
Yes, son.
The only option left...
now is for you to trust me
And me to trust you as a friend
What do you mean?
The other day you said I have never
mentioned about my wife.
It was intentional.
And I just came here to say that
you shouldn't mention about her either.
Because my wife...
My wife's having...
Having what?
Uncle, pass the ball.
Take it yourself.
The thing that destroys many lives.
Bad omen?
I wish it was a bad omen?
My wife is...
Having an affair.
Love affair, passionate escapades,
romantic relationship.
This is why I always try not
to mention my wife to no one.
This is my grief,
and I'll endure it alone.
But...your wife...
If you never mention about
Vedika ever again...'ll be doing me and my little
left reputation a big favour.
The rest is your decision....
Keep walking Chintu Tyagi.
Don't look back for anything...
How long has this been going on for?
Since the time I fell in the pool.
Not this.
I meant your wife's affair.
we got married 3-years-ago
So around 2.5 years ago.
That's ridiculous.
Love isn't ridiculous, Tapasya.
Love is love...
But clearly, she loves someone else.
So why doesn't she just leave you?
Because her boyfriend is jobless.
The poor thing is helpless.
What's the name?
I meant her boyfriend.
Yadav... Rakesh Yadav.
So what are you still
doing in this marriage?
Waiting for better days to arrive.
Trying to keep my share of honesty
I cannot believe this.
Looking at you...
no one can imagine your back story
Well...a person's truth
is never visible on his face.
I am a very unhappy man.
Here you go.
Buy yourself some rasmalai.
Thank you.
"You are a little crazy.
I am also a little crazy."
"There is little sorrow
in happiness too "
"It's not necessary that
everybody should be the same."
"Live carefree wherever you are"
"The paths that we have taken."
"I Wonder where we will meet again."
"Your destination
and my destination."
"Are now interlinked."
I will wear this
for Kanupriya's reception.
Are you listening?
Are you planning to call the fire
brigade at your own sister's wedding?
You will sin...
- Listen...
- Yes.
Some Tapan Singh Boss
Relative is calling.
- Should I answer it?
- Wait, wait, wait...
Hi, what were you doing?
I was taking a shower.
So 11:30, office?
- 11:30...
- Yes.
- I'll be there.
- Okay.
It's my Boss's relative.
He's chewed my brains...
"We met just now."
"The series have started."
"You tell me. What is the reason?"
"That both the hearts have united."
"We are flying."
"We are flying."
Should I pack it?
Yeah, pack it.
"We are flying."
And brother..
pack that yellow dress as well.
- I'll pack it...
- Separately.
"We are flying."
"We are flying."
"We are flying."
Isn't it like the one Akshay Kumar's
Heroine wears.
But where will
I wear this and go, Chintu?
in Chintu's arms
- You'll get tired.
- Thank you.
I checked Vedika's FB account yesterday.
She looks happy in the pictures.
Of course, she's looking happy,
thanks to Rakesh Yadav.
I meant in her pictures with you.
On your honeymoon.
Who doesn't look happy on
Their own honeymoon, Tapasya?
It's biological.
"We are flying."
How does this sound?
Brother, you came back again?
And sister-in-law.
I think I am mixing you
up with someone else.
He seems crazy.
"We are flying."
"We are flying."
Have you seen my husband here before?
Aren't you the one who was
in toilet?
- What?
- Can I get a selfie?
- Are you high?
- Madam, please.
- "We are flying."
- Sir, please get it done in two days.
Hey! You're back again?
Have you made a daily pass to PWD?
No sir.
I'll call you tomorrow, okay?
Ms. Tapasya.
How wonderful.
Your business partner
hasn't arrived yet.
- How come?
- Yes, even I am waiting for him.
The best place to wait
in Kanpur is my cabin.
I've been waiting there
for five years myself...
For a promotion.
Please come....
We can have a conversation.
- Okay, sure.
- Ladies, first.
Hey! Hey! Hey!...
What do you think you're doing?
Drop me to the classes.
- I'll be late for office, Tripathi.
- No, you won't.
It hardly takes 20 minutes to reach
from one end of Kanpur to other.
- This isn't Lucknow or Delhi.
- Let's go.
Not Delhi again.
Do you always come prepared
with lucknow-delhi taunts?
Your name should've been Khushi,
Prasannta, or Happy.
Have you noticed the smile on
my friend's face since he met you?
He's all praises about you.
But.. he deserves all the praise.
I mean the situation
he's going through...
...I wonder how he finds
the courage to smile.
Yeah...the situation he's going
through is really difficult.
Do you know about the situation
he's going through?
- Yeah.
- Wonderful.
I mean it's wonderful to know that
you also know what he's going through.
So far I was the only one
burdened by this information
By the way...
do you know everything
he's going through?
Yeah...or maybe
I don't know.
I much do you know?
How much?
Look out...
Isn't that great?
And look, Ms. Tapasya.
Your wait is over.
Here comes the victim of circumstances.
Mr. Shravan kumar
Hi, bro.
How dare you say my mother figure
type sister-in-law is having an affair.
Bloody despacito...
- What else could I do?
- What would you do?
You're married. You're a liar...
and now you want
to fake innocence as well.
I like spending time with her.
But as soon as she found out that
I am married she began to hesitate.
What did you expect me to say?
That I am married...I am happy..
Please spend time with me...
I like spending time with you.
She would have clobbered
me with her shoe.
Being a husband seems
to be a sin in this country.
- I couldn't think straight at that point...
- Oh, you couldn't think straight then... you'll think in a way
where ice or ointment won't help.
This is Agnipath, brother. And
no one has ever been able to escape it.
Tell me something..?!
What if Tapasya gets serious? Then?
Don't forget I am Abhinav Tyagi...
- the guy Neha dumped without giving a reason..
- Not Neha again...
You're trying to base all
your life's experiences on...
...that one witch who dumped you.
Think about it...
- If Tapasya falls in love with you...
- Rizvi, she's out of my league.
She friendly with me because
my wife has a boyfriend.
She sympathizes with me.
How can she fall in love with me?
So what else do you want from her?
Love of a mother?
I want my share of happiness.
Someone's finally laughing at my jokes.
Went around in my own city.
And my laughter, which you have
been calling weird since childhood
She finds it cute.
And I like it.
Are you sure there's nothing else?
- Swear on you?
- kill me only..!!
By the way..... Who is Rakesh Yadav?
No one...
Imaginative character.
How are you, sir?
Vedika, come sit.
- What brings you here?
- It's my cousin's wedding.
- I see...
- so here's the leave application.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you, sir.
Dear Vedika Madam...
Just like the moon shines
bright in the dark night...
What kind of an application is this?
No, sir. This is not the application.
This is.
Dear Vedika Madam...
Just like the moon shines
bright in the dark night...
In my classes, you're best
teacher on demand.
Yours truly, Rakesh Yadav.
- What is this?
- Poem madam..
No. This is evidence.
If I hand this over
to the Director...'ll get rusticated
from college and classes.
I guess you feel offended madam...
Fine, I'll apologize.
Madam. Please just do me a favor.
What favour?
I know you will never
give me your number... I never bet on it.
Because I am a Yadav
and I never make a losing bet.
I made a bet that
I will give you my number.
Please, madam.
Help me win the bet.
I will come in handy, madam.
Here's my card.
And even if you want to throw it...
...then please do it
after you cross the junction,
so I win the bet.
Listen, Tripathi,
I'll be back from Fahim's place.
- At this hour?
- Yeah...
He got locked out of his house,
and the key's inside.
He gave me a spare key.
Have you seen it?
That's what he said.
Found it.
Come back soon.
Sister-in-law, how are you?
I've been giving missed calls
to Chintu, but he isn't coming out.
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
I shouldn't have been here?
You called him over to your place
and came here yourself.
You're too much, brother Fahim.
How could you leave
it inside the house?
- Who?
- The house keys, who else?
He's taken a spare key with him.
Now scram and send him home quickly.
He did the right thing.
Very good.
I'll go get him.
Get married, brother Fahim.
Me too?
No, sister-in-law.
Chintu must be waiting.
There, that way.
- Abhinav.
- Where are you?
I am occupied right now,
call you later.
To hell with your occupation...
You can't imagine
how scared I am.
As you could've landed in big
trouble today and me with a black eye.
- There, there, there.
- What happened?
When you use my name as an excuse,
you should tell me at least... you foolish person!
I just went to your house
and met sister-in-law.
Why are you making
such obnoxious sounds?
- I fell down.
- definitely have fallen too low.
I saved you this time.
But next time I will not let
you off so easily.
I am warning you.
Give me a frost stick.
Are you okay, Abhinav?
Should I get the pain-spray?
There is no spray for this pain.
I should leave now.
I am sorry you got hurt because of me.
Don't be silly.
I got to meet you...
drove the lizard away...
...I bet no one's having a better
time than me in Kanpur.
- Ms. Tapasya, how are you?
- Hi.
I heard our knight in shining
armour slay a lizard last night.
Yeah...and he even got hurt.
Yes he did get hurt...
What's inside this? Pain spray?
You seem to be in a hurry?
- It'll get cold.
- Who?
Butter chicken, Fahim.
And if you want to join then
come to Abhinav's cabin.
No, you feed the brave warrior
and I'll settle for betel leaf.
As you wish.
Happy lunch to you both.
Change for 100.
Hurry up.
Oh god!
Chintu Tyagi.... you are dead.
what brings you here?
- Am I banned from the PWD office?
- No, your enemies should be banned.
I was only asking about
this surprise visit.
Mr. Tyagi and I are going
to have lunch together.
- I've bought Chole Bhature for him.
- Means double lunch.
- Why double lunch?
- The delicious lunch and your love.
So double...
But Abhninav's not in his office...
or maybe he is.
His car's still parked here.
So Maybe.. he's in his cabin....
What are you blabbering, brother Fahim?
Take my advice and get married.
I don't want to die by getting married
Yeah say...
Did you polish off
the butter chicken from Delhi?
Time for some lucknow chole-bhature
Have you become a caterer?
Your beloved wife's coming up.
Eat now
Who was it?
Fahim's got a stomach ache.
You know what,
get the lease agreement cleared.
But I can get that
done tomorrow Abhinav.
Never wait to do a good deed. Or
you might not a get a chance tomorrow.
- Get up. Get up.
- Okay...but what's the hurry?
Come on.
Why wouldn't I be in a hurry?
- I am a very professional man.
- Wait a second.
Sir, I wanted to talk
to you about the lease.
Not today, dear.
I have a meeting with the DM.
- Let's do it tomorrow.
- Okay,
Sir is...
Sharma sir is...
You seem busy, Mr. Yadav.
- Hello, sister-in-law.
- Hello.
Have you completely lost it?
Hanging by a thread.
Did you get your share
of happiness now?
Help, Lord. Help, Lord.
Help, Lord. Help, Lord.
Help, Lord. Help, Lord. Help, Lord.
Help, Lord. Help, Lord. Help, Lord.
She doesn't listen.
- Have you seen Abhinav?
- Yes, he's up...
Not up, not up...
He went that way...towards left...
Are you listening, Mr. Tyagi...
He just disappeared
without saying a word.
And he's not answering my calls.
- I'll try calling him again...
- No need at all...
Why will you call him again?
He won't answer your calls.
Let's do this. If I meet him...
...I'll tell you to call me.
I mean if I run into him
I'll tell him to call you.
Of course.
Swear on god..
Sister-in-law... Sister-in-law...
Oh, God.
Why are you sneaking in through
the window, Mr. Tyagi?
Why are you coming from
those doors...Tripathi?
What do you mean where am I coming from?
I had some time off, and thought
I'll have lunch with you.
So I brought Chole-Bhature...
Come on, let's eat right away
or the bhature will get cold.
What are you standing
over there and thinking?
Come, come.
I am famished.
Bhature is Fine, but what were you
doing outside the window?
These bloody pigeons
made a nest out there...
...and turned the ledge
into a romantic spot.
But I took care of that
once and for all.
I got rid of their nest.
I was trying to call you
but your phone was unreachable.
- Where is it?
- My phone.
Must be somewhere here.
We have intercoms so
that gets the job done.
Radheshyam, bring two plates.
Sir, should I get snacks too.
Why would I need snacks?
Can't you see my wife's
brought lunch for me.
And hurry up.
Hurry up, Tripathi, you can't
imagine how famished I am.
Opening Mr Tyagi....
Chintu... in case you
have too much money these days,
Put your property on my name
He left his mobile at the shop
downstairs, sister-in-law.
I didn't leave it there,
I must have forgotten.
You're so careless, Mr. Tyagi.
Feed him, sister-in-law.
The guy's been slogging all
day without eating a morsel.
You know, work is
worship (Tapasya) for him.
Yes.. come... come.....
Keep praising me.
You know what...why don't you climb up
on this table... get rid of the plates
...and feed us too.
Can't you see husband-wife are trying
to spend some quality time together?
Go on. Go on.
You had climbed out the window
to fix the broadband wire.
Is it done?
Do you need any help?
Broadband wire?
- Sister-in-law... Sister-in-law...
- Yeah...
The nest was right here...
...and this is the broadband wire
which we were trying to fix.
Enough with the acrobatics,
brother Fahim, you'll fall.
He'll fall down.
No, he's used to this.
Yes...its a habit...habit..
It's done.
- So where are you taking me for lunch.
- The restaurant's just ahead.
Uncle's left some cash
for the suit piece.
There's a Raymond Shop
in Z Square Mall...
...come and choose what you like.
There is no need to choose.
You can buy whatever you like.
You know that our choices
are so alike, buddy.
- Fine "buddy", I'll choose one for you.
- Who is it?
But if you get the time
then come here.
I will be in Z Square.
I want to speak with Fahim as well.
I have something to say to him...
Tapasya wants to say...
The call dropped...
Call him after lunch.
- Where's your restaurant?
- Just here...
Take the next right, Shambhu.
- Right...
- Yes, right... Mummy...
- Mummy....
- Whose mummy?
I just remembered a place
that serves home-made food.
That's where I'm taking you.
- Take us there, Shambhu.
- What is this, Abhinav.
- Shambhu, stop the car.
- Why?
Because this place has got a food court
and bowling alley.
So we'll grab some lunch first
and then go bowling.
See Shambhu, she's turned
into a true Kanpuriya.
All thanks to you, sir.
Get down.
Come on.
It's Z Square.
- So?
- So?
Fahim's mom ordered
salad here last week.
She must have gone by now.
Let's go.
No...she found a
grasshopper in her food.
That must have flown too.
We will eat something else...
You don't get it, Tapasya.
This mall doesn't offer good food,
or bowling.
The pitch is damaged...
I'll take you to a better mall
where you can get bowling and batting...
Oh god Abhinav....
Sit inside.
Shambhu, let's go.
Don't just stand there.
Listen, mister...
Wasn't there a Raymond's showroom here?
There was...but it closed down long ago.
Why don't you try Mega Mall...
Thank you.
Now this is what you call a Mall...
The name is Mega...
and expensive by status..
Come on. me some suit pieces.
Yes, madam.
Children are nave.
Innocent and nice.
Yeah, Fahim.
And these kids...
say, father.
Sorry Tripathi.
Listen...I am completely confused
between blue and grey.
They both don't seem right.
Buy any one you like, Tripathi.
In fact, buy the blue one.
I wore grey at our wedding.
Have a ball.
And take lots of gifts.
And also goodies with it.
- Where are you, Mr. Tyagi?
- Me?..Office...
outside office, but in a
restaurant having lunch with Rizvi.
I'll call you later, bye.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
We're having a fun class
In Mega Mall.
This was your problem, wasn't it?
- Sister-in-law. How are you?
- All good, brother Fahim.
I'm trying Mr. Tyagi's number
but he isn't picking up.
He isn't picking up....Of course...
how will he..
Mr. Sharma just dragged
him to a meeting.
One can't get anything done
around here without your husband.
I think if he continues
working like this...
...then someday the government
will name PWD after his name.
If you keep supporting him like this,
then some day he will.
I'll tell him to call
you once he's back.
Our most honest employee here..
Abhinav Tyagi.
Its okay, its okay.
I'll be right back.
- Take a look at the quality of the cloth.
- What now?
- Hello...
- Just choose which colour...
Sorry for disturbing you.
But he doesn't have blue
or grey which I like.
- What are you saying, madam?
- Just buy black, Tripathi.
I look good in any colour, you know.
Take it...
Madam...I'll give you a discount.
Your turn.
"you should bathe in cold water..."
" you know how
to sing or not... one should sing."
So Tripathi,
what are you packing for?
Oh no...
were we supposed to leave
for Lucknow today? is the 10th.
We were supposed
to leave on the 13th.
Yes, but I am leaving today.
This is also right...
She is your cousin sister after all.
Everyone will be happy
to see you there a day or two early.
The boss has been keeping me
so busy lately, that I can't...
Is the project important?
Yes... very.
The Tapan Singh one?
Huh... Yes, Tapan Singh. That only..
Never mind... Work first.
Come over if you finish on time,
otherwise no problem.
My leave was approved,
so I am leaving early.
I'll try my best...
And anyway... I'm getting
Delhi exposure on this project..
I am doing all this for you, Tripathi.
- See you.
- I'll drop you.
I've made my arrangements.
I couldn't have waited
for you to leave me.
Yeah, hello.
Remember you said something
about taking me to Delhi.
What? Are you serious?
When am I not serious with you?
Okay, done.
"You are a little crazy.
I am also a little crazy."
"There is little
sorrow in happiness too"
"It's not necessary that
everybody should be the same."
"Live carefree wherever you are"
"The paths that we have taken."
"I Wonder where we will meet again."
"Your destination and my destination."
"Are now interlinked."
- ''Now we are flying.''
- This is my home.
It's nice.
And that's my work.
That's nice too.
So...I'll check-into some hotel nearby.
- Do you have a problem here?
- Not at all...
I mean your society might
Have a problem with it...
This is my home,
and I don't have a problem.
But if you're uncomfortable,
then you can check into a hotel room.
I am comfortable. very comfortable.
Go...get me some tea.
Mr. Mishra.
What are you doing on the terrace?
Come down and apply mehandi
on Kanupriya...come
I am getting married
in your backyard sister
Pray that my marriage
is also like yours.
You're amazing.
You grow on people like
an addiction before they know it.
You too.
So what will you have?
Are they your friends?
- your friends?
- He's my ex...
We were together for four years.
One day he suddenly proposed
for marriage...
...and I said yes.
Maybe out of the fear of losing him.
Dad was extremely happy.
He really liked him.
But everything started
happening too soon.
I pretended to be happy
watching Rishabh happy everyday...
...but maybe I could never prepare
myself for marriage.
But by then it was too late.
Dad's anger, Rishabh...
It seemed like he stopped
understanding me anymore...
Should someone get married just
because it's a good proposal...
...or for the wedding preparations, or to save
yourself from humiliation from relatives.
And yet...90% men in the country
give the same excuse for marriage.
Bunty finished college,
get him married.
Sweety turned 18,
Let's get her married.
It's winter...
Lets get someone married...
Let's go somewhere..
To meet Tapasya Singh.
Hi Adi.
This is Aditi, who sent me to Kanpur.
I know.
Yeah, Adi.
"My eyes look deeply drugged.
I have a fair complexion."
"along with that, I have a
beautiful face. The eyes are watchful."
"girl, you are so coy.
Why do you feel shy?"
"You have killer eyes.
It's killing me."
"You are so intoxicating.
" You are like a drug.....
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"there is a scene between you and me"
"on the Moonlit nights."
"With the hero."
"I will gaze at the sky for stars."
"with disco lights."
"I am excited."
"We will keep dancing till we sweat."
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"There is a scene between you and me"
- Say..
- Hail all to brother Doga!
"Your beauty is exceptional."
"It drives me crazy."
"Today your lover will die
in your trance."
"tell me honestly,
Why won't I feel afraid?"
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"there is a scene between you and me"
Stop it. You've had enough.
Enough is when the alcohol starts
spilling out of the glass.
The thing is....
Don't use my punch lines on me.
Stop behaving like Minakumari
and tell me what's wrong.
I am stuck in the biggest
crisis of my married life.
My husband has become characterless.
I was with you from matrix
to graduation without commitment
And he couldn't even tolerate
three years of marriage.
You lectured me on future.
Is your future sorted?
Maybe the fault is in me.
I can't see one.
I love you for everything you do...
...and more on the things you don't.
how can anyone love someone else?
You're back, Tripathi!
How was it?
What's this?
You left with only one suitcase,
and returned with three.
I just left the city for a few days...
...and you changed your world.
The trimmer slipped from my hand..
It happens sometimes..
how's the project coming along?
It's going well.
What was the name?
Tapan Singh.
Tapan Singh or Tapasya Singh?
Why Mr Chintu? What for?
You could've just said it once
that we are done, Tripathi.
I would have left myself.
Why did you have to
make such a mess of it?
Who told you?
- I will explain...
- I wouldn't have believed God on this.
Because I trusted you.
Do you know what trust means?
Trust is the name of a bird behind which
the love bird also flies away
I saw you holding her
hand and throw the ball down the alley.
I heard you lie.
The bird flew away
Tripathi... you're getting me wrong
There's just one thing
left to understand.
What was lacking?
What was my fault?
You didn't do anything wrong.
Nor have I done anything wrong.
I couldn't think straight...
And didn't know how to tell
You that I was bored with life.
You were bored?
And what if I was bored?
I stay awake when you get fever.
I wash your dirty underwear
and you got bored!
Is there thrill in your life now?
You can continue living
with this thrill...forever.
I am not taking anything
that belongs to you.
If I find something that came by mistake
then...I'll send it back
with the divorce papers.
Tripathi. Please...
are you coming from somewhere?
Are you leaving?
The broadband connection
was loose, brother Fahim?
So I severed it once and for all.
Thank you.
Let's go..
Stop posing Uttam kumar
If that cab leaves today....
...then you'll be the next victim
of India's growing divorce rate.
I don't understand, Fahim!
What should I do?
What you should do?
Go run... beg and plead in
front of my sister-in-law...
All I can do now is plead.
to Vedika,
her father, my father.
I have become a serious sinner.
I am good for nothing now.
Maybe I was never good for anything.
If I was...then from Neha to Vedika...
I've seen many as but you're
a cut above the rest Chintu Tyagi.
Your wife's leaving you...
...and you can't remove serpent
Neha's poison from your viens
I am going to suck it out today,
once and for all.
You weren't the only one
in her trap, everyone was
Hear it today as to why she left you
Because she did it with me...
that's why!
And after giving it to me... how could the
helpless girl pretend to love his best friend
You bloody conniving...
- Curses... You call yourself my best friend...
- Chintu.
... you ruined my life
No, no.
All my life I lived under
the complex that I am a loser.
Neha left me without a reason.
But you bloody double-crosser...
- I knew you wouldn't...
- Shameless.
have the courage to hear the truth.
Because you've been testing
my courage for the last 22 years.
She was giving it to you.....
and you were taking it....
Someone is ringing the bell.
I think sister-in-law is back.
- Hi, Fahim.
- Is Abhinav here?
Yeah. He's been waiting for you.
Go ahead, I am leaving.
What are you doing here?
What else do you expect me to do
if you don't answer my calls all day?
Someone will see you.
This is my house?
Why did you come here?
I came to meet Vedika.
- Vedika.
- Why?
- Vedika.
- But why?
To free you from this guilt.
What do you mean?
Look at your face.
Everything that is
happening between us, and...
...what almost happened in Delhi.
It's the result of
your unnecessary guilt.
Does Vedika think about
you when she's with her boyfriend?
Because she is happy with him.
You also have the right to be happy.
But you won't agree to it
until Vedika doesn't say it.
You should believe me. I am a woman.
she won't have a problem in saying this.
- Vedika.
- Tapasya.
- Tapasya.
- Vedika.
This is all my fault.
This is my doing.
Vedika doesn't have a boyfriend.
I lied to you.
You're lying to me now.
What are you scared of?
You think she will feel bad?
No, she won't.
Trust me, okay.
- Vedika...Vedika..
- I am not lying.
She doesn't have a boyfriend, Vedika.
I mean Tapasya.
For God's sake, Abhinav.
If she doesn't feel embarrassed,
then why are you?
What are you saying?
Okay, take a look at this.
He writes half page long
poetry on Vedika's page.
Rakesh Yadav is a student of her class.
Rakesh Yadav is for real.
Dare you laugh, Fahim Rizvi.
I'll tie a stone to your stomach...
drown you in river ganga and hang myself.
Middle-class man.
happiness in your own hands.
Along with Bahubali one,
they want to enjoy Bahubali two as well.
You have turned your
life into Bombay Velvet.
Hey! Hey! hey!
Where are you going?
I am your childhood friend.
Can't I even laugh at your predicament?
Go ahead and laugh then.
In fact, don't keep it to yourself.
Let the entire city
know about this incident through radio.
Shut up.
Stop being Salman Khan
from the movie tere naam.
And leave for Lucknow tomorrow morning.
I'll convince
sister-in-law to come back.
You don't have to worry as long as
This Hanuman is with lord Ram
Are you sure?
I won't get into a mess?
Guddi's father...
My sweetheart...
Listen to me...
I am floored on you, my sweetheart.
Got rid of your moustache?
I am very sorry for
everything that happened.
We are sorry, son.
Why are they sorry?
I had my doubts when
she came alone for Kanupriya's wedding.
But who knew the situation will
grow out of proportion
It's not grown out of proportion,
son.... it's completely out of control.
All I can do is apologize...
- No son, we apologize.
- Right, papa.
Is she taunting us?
Don't know.
You tell us what to do.
Greetings Mom and Dad.
Please find the heart to forgive me.
I am finally going to do what
I should have done three years ago.
It took me time to
realize that my happiness..
...doesn't lie with Chintu....that
middle-class, horrible guy you chose for me.
But with Doga who I chose.
I am leaving forever.
Your daughter, Vedika.
Sister-in-law eloped with Doga?
Isn't Doga the guy who parked his bike in
the middle of the road three years back?.
Not park, son... he blocked the road.
You didn't come for Kanupriya's wedding.
- So?
- He did.
But I swear I never felt
anything at that point.
Do you have any idea
about his feelings now?
Where can I find this Doga?
What does he do?
Uncle was saying that he runs
a small Tour and travels business...
I mean a small shop in Gomti Nagar.
- Let's go, Tyagi.
- That's all I know, son.
She ran off with a bloody shopkeeper.
This is too much.
I went pray
but came back observing a fast.
I had heard this before...
Here, a package for
Haj is also in the deal.
I've heard about sister's
and daughter's eloping.
But you're the first man
whose wife has eloped with someone.
And I didn't expect
this from sister-in-law.
What did you say, you leach?
Lord Ram doesn't have to worry
as long as he has Hanuman with him.
Now I am in a mess.
Don't blame it on me.
Didn't you hear what uncle said?
You didn't attend Kanupriya 's wedding.
And should I remind
you why you never went?
Give me the phone.....
you focus on driving the car.
Son Abhinav....
Greetings, uncle.
God bless you. God bless you.
You didn't attend Kanupriya's wedding.
Yes, I didn't attend
Kanupriya's wedding.
What will you do?
Ask for the address.
Yes...I'm asking
Do you have the address for
Durgesh Tours and Travel Company?
Doga's address. Yes, I do?
Where are you planning to go?
Just send me the address.
Sense of humour.
What work do you have?
It's personal.
How personal?
You doga has eloped with his wife!
Have you lost your mind?
His wife must have eloped with him.
Doga never elopes with anyone's wife.
Your Doga is the incarnation
of the great Lord Krishna himself.
I am just asking for his number so that
my wife doesn't take advantage of him.
Why don't you call your wife?
Is Doga the Prime Minister?
Yes say, Kaali.
Some guy called Abhinav
has come to office.
- Abhinav.
- Yes.
He claims that his wife is with you.
Yes, she is. So?
So... nothing...
He's getting impatient
to talk to his wife.
What do I pay you
15,000 every month for?
Crush his impatience.
As you wish brother Doga?
- Please leave.
- Come on.
Come out.
Out. Get out.
Leave me.
Is this how Lucknow treats people?
What is this?
What is this?
Let me show you the
how we treat our guests?
Beat them.
You'll break a button.
- Will you get out of here or not?
- What have we done?
You'll break a button.
I heard you came to Lucknow
looking for some kind of hospitality.
Sir, try to understand our situation.
What's your name, son?
Fahim Abdul Rizvi.
It will take one second for an encounter...
you can explain your situation later.
Fine. Make me understand....
Make me understand....
My wife ran away.
Ran away? On her own.
How did you do it?
Make my wife also run away...
What are you saying?
She is my wife.
I love her.
Your wife?
Are you sure?
- I mean what now?
- What now?
Why don't you arrest that Doga?
His men attacked us first.
- Did she run away willingly?
- Yes.
Then it's pretty clear.
Adultery is not a crime anymore.
Haven't you read the
High Court's Instructions.
Look son, I am letting you off with a
warning because you don't belong to this city
But if I catch you making a commotion Again
anywhere in Lucknow city, you'll do time for good.
Now leave.
Rizvi, you be extra careful.
With Doga.
Father called me on a short notice.
Come in.
who is Rakesh Yadav?
Rakesh Yadav?
Who told you?
Thank you.
What is she doing here?
This nice girl told us everything.
I admit I've always
been very strict with you...
...but that doesn't mean you won't
tell me about such a big situation.
I kept saying over and over again...
Plan a family. Plan a family.
- If only you two had children...
- Please, mom...
Please help yourself.
- Tapasya, what are you doing?
- Serving biscuits.
Why are you getting furious on me?
I am just telling the truth.
I thought she will stay faithful
to you all your life.
But who knew she would elope someday.
I heard the boy is just 19-years-old.
- 19 years old?!..
- Yes, 19 years old!....
Wait a minute, father.
You're getting it all wrong.
We're absolutely right, Chintu.
Her phone's switched off since morning.
Because she finally has her freedom.
I have been trying to tell
him that since yesterday.
But he keeps defending her, father.
Please Tapasya,
at least don't call him father.
Let her call us whatever she likes you
tell us where is out daughter-in-law?
- She is in Lucknow.
- Lucknow?
Give me a couple of days
and I'll set things straight.
And come with me, Tapasya.
Salutations... Goodbye.
- Nice meeting you...
- Enough goodbyes.
- Be careful son.
- Let's go.
What...What were you doing?
Trying to bring some
happiness in your life.
Abhinav, I am really sorry if you
feel that I've crossed the line, but... were never going
to tell your parents.
There is nothing to tell, Tapasya.
The only lie was what I told you.
I was out of my mind.
If you really consider me a friend...
...then come with me and tell Vedika's
family that there's nothing between us.
But why should I lie?
Abhinav, It's been almost a month
since something started between us..
started? What started between us?
Listen.. Abhinav, I really like you.
So just clear your head
and then come talk to me okay.
I am waiting.
Why is she wearing that suit?
Pandey, who the hell is Doga?
Must be Rakesh Yadav's pet name.
Who is Rakesh Yadav?
And by the way brother...
Doga is his real name.
He's been like an eclipse in
Guddi's life for the last nine years.
Nine years?
You mean he's been in love
with Vedika since he was 10 years old.
I thought has a part
of the coaching classes.
- Coaching class?
- Yes...
But why would Doga
go to a coaching class?
He single-handedly can conduct
a class with the whole of Lucknow city.
But Tapasya said that he
studies in her coaching class.
Who is Tapasya?
She is unacquaintance to Abhinav's boss
The poor girl is helping him out.
Is she the girl I saw with Abhinav,
in the innova.
Haven't you created
enough trouble for us already?
You see our children
with different people in cars.
Why don't you tell us at that time?
At least Doga knows
Vedika before the wedding.
But their Abhinav has been roaming around
with some Tapasya after the wedding.
Listen sister...
Please mind your language.
Its not our son who ran away...'s your daughter who eloped
with Rakesh Yadav.
Who the hell is Rakesh Yadav?
I'm saying...
I saw Doga with Guddi in a jeep.
They can't even decide
who their daughter has eloped with?
And they are pointing fingers at Chintu.
Mister...please control your wife.
Or else...
Just because I am quiet doesn't mean
she has the liberty to say anything.
- Calm down brother.....calm down.
- What calm down?
I am finding
a solution to this problem.
You're the reason for this situation
You fixed this relationship
even though you knew.
you see the problem today,..
after 3 long years.
But their daughter has also
eloped three years later only...
Your Chintu has also shown his
true colours after three years only.
To hell with Doga, and Tapasya.
Who the hell is Rakesh Yadav?
Leave him, please.
First take him there.
- And tell him you better understand.
- Hey...
- Rakesh Yadav.
- Yes...
Aren't you the guy
who drops madam here sometimes?
What do you mean he comes to drop her?
He's her husband.
I see.
I want you to meet
my father and a female... tell them that you have
no connection with Vedika madam.
Your will doesn't matter here.
I am Yadav.
It's my choice what
I want or don't want to say to someone. wife...your madam...
...ran off with someone else.
How could she run off
with someone else in my presence!?
- You bloody...
- time is not favoring us
Look son, if you know your limits,
you'll be in profit.
You look like a decent guy to me,
so I am willing to help you.
But I won't go to anyone...
As far as finding madam...
Keep my card.
Stay in touch, and we'll find madam.
Is it done?
Yes. They will just call on the
token number and hand you your passport.
Think again, Vedika.
What if he jumps from one of
the PWD buildings after he finds out.
I didn't expect this from you, Doga.
You've known me for nine years.
Have I ever thought twice
after making a decision.
I can vouch for the first six years.
But for the last three years you've
been a pretty faithful wife.
So I thought I should ask.
Faithful wife's are
out of fashion these days.
Bitches are ruling the world.
Yes, Tyagi. Come.
I am telling you with experience.
Don't mind.
Look. There are some bastards..
..who dump their wives and run away.
And some men are decent like you.
- Their wives leave them...
- Sir.
You are a very decent and honest man.
Vedika must have some choice.
- Her ex-boyfriend..
- Sir, who told you?
Who else will tell me?
The one who is supporting you
in your joy and sorrow.
can I tell you something?
Our happiness..
..lies in our own hands. Got that?
And if..
- I will leave, sir.
- Hey!
- Listen, Tyagi.
- Its okay, sir.
Sir, madam didn't come?
Thank God.
Come in.
Who do you think of yourself?
Who gave you the right to comment on my
wife's character in the entire city?
What do you think?
You can get closer to
me by proving Vedika wrong.
You can have a relationship with me?
Understand this very carefully...
Even if Vedika leaves me forever,
no one can take her place.
She is my wife.
How about some coffee?
Did you eat?
I want an answer, Tapasya.
What are you so furious about?
I haven't said anything that
I haven't heard from you
You gave me the right to
comment on your wife's character.
You only told me that
she has a boyfriend.
I am only doing what you expect from me.
I just don't understand,
that someone who
met as an unhappy man...
...why is he choosing to stay unhappy,
when his happiness is
standing right in front of him?
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
"It was supposed to be about you and me,
now it's just you"
"Please forgive me.
I will be grateful to you."
"I beg of you."
"Don't get angry."
"I will fulfill all your wishes."
"I've lost my moon"
"Now I am left with
only stars in the sky"
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
"You were my life and
you stole my life away"
"Without you,
I cannot think straight, babe"
"I've lost my moon"
"Now I am left with
only stars in the sky"
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
Sir, if we could avoid going to court..
Unfortunately, your friend
has done this in my area.
We will have to take you to the court.
I will come personally to take you.
It's husband and wife matter.
Why are you taking the trouble?
Look, had it been a husband's issue,
I would have left it on you
But your friend has become a lover...
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
"Without you..."
"Beloved, you don't understand."
"Separation from you.."
" like poison."
"It's killing my soul."
"My love, losing your
love has put my life at risk"
Poor soul is fast asleep.
Open the door fast...
Why don't you keep your phone charged?
I ran into him in the morning.
Tell him.
I found out from my
sources that my madam...
...has a flight in three hours.
Lucknow to Delhi, Delhi to Canada.
- Forever.
- Forever?
Give me your phone.
- Yes, son.
- Father, where are you?
We're on our way to
Bithoor to pray for you.
Give the phone to father-in-law.
Yes, son.
Yes, hello.
Did Vedika bring
her passport to Lucknow, father?
Did Vedika bring
her passport to Lucknow?
Her passport must be in Kanpur?
What kind of a mother are you? You don't
know where your daughter's passport is.
So... What kind of a husband is he? Even he
doesn't know where his wife's passport is.
One minute...Give me the phone.
Abhinav...son.... We have no idea about
the passport, but what has happened?
There is no time to
explain right now, uncle!
You guys reach Lucknow airport,
I'll meet you there.
Let's go, Rizvi.
What the...
Shall we go, lover boy?
We shouldn't be late for court work...
two hours are still
left to reach Lucknow.
Let's go. What are you waiting for?
Catch him. Catch him. Catch him.
Move. Move.
Why are you guys trying to be Milkha?
- Start the car.
- Catch him.
- Chintu here.
- We will lose him, hurry up.
- Come fast.
- shift behind, I'll ride.
- Did you fill petrol?
- Yes.
Let's go, let's go.
How far is the Niagara
Falls from Toronto?
Around an hour or so?
You can see it every day.
- There goes Abhinav?
- Where did he go?
Son-in-law. Son-in-law.
Who's the third guy?
The one who is seated behind.
Who is the third guy?
- I won't spare you.
- Why are the police after him?
Great. Chintu's being
chased by the Police.
Overtake from the left.
First he left our daughter,
and now he's leaving the country.
What are you saying?
Hurry up, Hurry up, Pandey, hurry up.
I can't go any faster.
Get down...catch him.
I'll handle them, you go.
Let them talk just once.
Give me one chance to talk.
I love you.
Maybe the fault is in me...
Then you tell me... what should I do?
You're the priest, Vedika.
And you want to hear
the Mahabharata from me?
The person you're facing right now is
not your husband, but your opponent.
Put your brain to work
and think of all the cards you have.
Help me win the bet,
I'll come in handy to you.
Raise your bow... and play
all your cards together.
I am Vedika.
Mrs. Tyagi.
he made me have an affair...
Mr. Tyagi is unbelievable...
And never made a move on you either.
Not physically, he didn't.
And what he did to my
heart doesn't even matter.
Why doesn't it matter, Tapasya?
I don't understand.
See history.
If women want,
they can bring about a world war.
I'm going to punish
him old-school style.
You can think of something innovative.
I've left.
Superb. I am about to reach
- What are you doing here?
- I came to meet Vedika
My happiness lies with
Doga who was chosen by me.
Sister-in-law ran away with Doga.
Who is Rakesh Yadav?
Who told you?
Thank you. What is she doing here?
Madam has a flight in 3 hours.
Everyday your wife is told by all men about
how beautiful and how desirable she is...
...but she never crossed
the line for your honor.
In the past few days,
I saw you pine for Vedika's reputation.
So next time someone tells
you that you're nice and desirable...
... do not cross
the line for Vedika's sake.
And yes.
I wanted to slap you.
But then I thought
you never got physical with me
So why Should I?
I'll send you the bill for my
shop that you vandalized.
And yes...
In the game between husband,
wife and the third person..
..third person is the name of the gap..
..that husband and wife allow
to come between them.
Don't lose connection,
and always be honest to each other.
Lord will take care of the rest.
It takes two
minutes to break a marriage... Mr Tyagi...
Marriage is no longer a compromise
in which one and the other
And nowadays women have
more options compared to men.
I was never looking
for your replacement, Tripathi.
Maybe I was trying to fill something that
was missing in our relationship through love.
And because of that..
I became your culprit...
...and yours too.
I have always been honest in my life
Never imagined I'll have
to pay so dearly for one lie.
If you ever get praised
for your smile again...
...stop for one moment and think...
...of the reason...
this smile's on your face.
I told you that in Uttar Pradesh you
will find the answer to all your questions.
So this is the journey of
how first from a male to husband...
...and husband turned
to lover Chintu Tyagi...
...of his own wife.
But even a lover is a male after all.
Come in.
Keep the file on the table
and crank up the fan's speed.
And where's the fragrance coming from?
From here.
Neha Khanna.
The plot allotment department is.....
I have quit that department.
Fahim Rizvi is in the next cabin.
- You can go there
- Oh... okay
Can I take my hand
or are you planning to come along?
Thought so.
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"When you put kohl in your eyes,
you look like an angel."
"When you wear lenses,
you look beautiful."
"You've cast a spell,
my heart's out of control."
"Your attitude is mesmerizing.
"She makes her lover..."
"She makes her lover skip a heartbeat..."
" she shoots from her eyes."
" she shoots from her eyes."
"That beautiful girl,
shoots from her eyes."
"...shoots from his eyes."
"That handsome guy,
shoots from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"Even I am secretly
in love with you."
"Night and day all
I think about is you."
"Even I was secretly
in love with you."
"Night and day all
I thought about is you."
"She would drive anyone crazy
with her looks."
"Her long and black..."
"Her long and black..."
"...curly hair, she shoots
from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"That beautiful girl,
shoots from her eyes."
"...shoots from his eyes."
"That handsome guy,
shoots from her eyes."
"...she shoots from her eyes."
"That beautiful girl,
shoots from her eyes."
"That beautiful girl,
shoots from her eyes."
"My eyes look deeply drugged.
I have a fair complexion."
"along with that, I have a beautiful face.
The eyes are watchful."
"girl, you are so coy.
Why do you feel shy?"
"You have killer eyes.
It's killing me."
"You are so intoxicating.
" You are like a drug.....
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"there is a scene between you and me"
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."
"Slowly. Slowly. Slowly."