Patient Seven (2016) Movie Script

- Give me two more.
- Raise you two.
- Oh, raise me two?
Jacks and kings,
what do you got?
Ah, it's all me.
You suck at this game, man.
- I know.
- You needed to gamble more
when you were growing up.
- I can't tell you
how excited we are
that you chose our
institution to do research
for your new book, Dr. Marcus.
- Well that
pleases me to hear, Dr. Victor.
- Please, call me Paul.
May I call you Daniel?
- Actually, no.
I only let my friends
call me Daniel.
Paul, have a seat please.
Have you had a chance to--
- oh, finished it last night.
Very, very impressive
work, doctor.
A riveting read.
We're lucky to have you here.
- Well thank you, that's
so nice of you to say.
My only hope is that i
can make a difference
in the lives of
your patients here.
- I have no doubt that you will.
Though I must say,
you certainly have your
hands full with this group.
I can assure you of that.
Do you mind if I ask why these
patients stood out to you?
- Not at all.
The research I'm
going to be doing here
is in support of a
new book of mine,
which is going to be addressing
the fundamental difference
between true mental illness
and that of a created
psychosis brought on by
a patient's need to
buffer the subconscious
against some horrendous
or horrific act
that's been occurred
upon them in the past.
Or it could be hiding a much
more sinister, darker issue,
which is,
that they're lying.
And they're hiding some heinous,
horrible act in their past
that they're guilty of.
- Well, in that case,
you've picked the
cream of the crop.
These patients suffer from
a variety of mental
health issues,
probably the most
severe I've ever seen.
Everything from
paranoid schizophrenia,
extreme phobias and
delusional disorders.
Causing nearly all of them to
commit some terrible crime.
- Which is why I chose them.
Now, were they
informed that I was
doing research on a new book?
- Yeah, they've
certainly been told.
Whether they remember or
not remains to be seen.
- Well, I believe that...
Being honest with a
patient is a way of
unlocking their trust.
- Of course.
As requested, all the
patients have been
moved into a joint holding area.
And I've given specific
instructions to Kyle and Shane--
- Kyle and Shane, they are?
- They're the orderlies I've
assigned to assist you today.
Kyle is my nephew.
Not the brightest young man,
but certainly
capable of escorting
the patients in and
out of the office.
Unfortunately, our operational
budget has been cut
by the board of directors.
So we do what we can
with staffing these days.
- Well, when this new book
comes out and it's a success,
I will attribute
your institution
with all the research
and hopefully that'll buffer
some of your costs
in the future.
- I have faith that it will.
And I do hope the
office we've provided
for the interviews will suffice.
Due to the severe nature
of mental illnesses
of the patients you've selected,
we have to keep them
under maximum security.
- Well, I'm sure
it'll be just fine.
- Well, if there's
anything else you need,
just have one of the
orderlies come find me.
I'll be on my afternoon rounds.
- Thank you very much.
- Enjoy the sessions, doctor.
- Absolutely.
- Dude, this place blows,
i don't get any service.
- Dude, what the hell?
- Gentlemen.
- Yes?
- Could you bring in
patient 110984, please?
- Yes sir.
- For the record,
patient 110984.
Jill, 27 years old.
She's been institutionalized
for over 17 years.
The patient claims
her mother tried
to murder her at the age of 10.
Patient has been
exhibiting behavior
not unlike anorexia or
bulimia for the past 11 days
and has refused water
for the past 48 hours.
Okay, thank you, that'll be all.
- Dr. Marcus, I don't
think I'm supposed to--
- and this is the order I'd
like to see the patients in.
Your name is?
- Kyle.
- Kyle.
Thank you Kyle, we'll be fine.
Hello Jill.
My name's Dr. Marcus.
- What do you want?
- I'd like to help you.
- Why are you recording me?
- Oh well, that's so that
you can help me help you.
- Uncuff me.
- Well, I'm afraid i
don't have the key.
- That's bullshit.
- Why do you want to be
out of your restraints?
Is it so that you
can pull out your iv,
continue hurting yourself?
Is that what you wanna do?
- I'd rather be dead
than be here any more.
- Really?
I have something
I'd like to try.
I can make this very
quick, very quick.
I can say that
you lunged at me after I let
you out of your restraints.
And I had to defend myself.
And you know what,
here's the best part.
Nobody's going to give a damn.
So you just sit
there nice and calm
and it'll be over in a second.
- Are you crazy?
Why would you do that?
- Well, I did just prove
that you don't wanna die.
- I don't wanna be here anymore!
- Well.
Maybe I can help you with that.
Tell me what happened.
Tell me what happened
with your mother,
with your mommy.
- She was trying to kill me.
- How?
- You already know
what happened,
you have everything right
there in those folders.
- All right.
Look, I could send
you back with a
recommendation for
electro-shock therapy.
Young lady if you think
your stay here has been,
believe me, it can get
a hell of a lot worse.
- What do you want from me?
- I want the truth.
Not what's in the
files, I want...
I want what you remember.
- Will you help me?
- I can try.
But first you're gonna have to
open up, be honest with
me, tell me the truth.
And I will know if you're not.
This is going nowhere.
- They say I'm crazy!
But I'm not.
- All right.
- I loved my mom.
She was a good mom.
Until she started seeing it.
- It?
Seeing it?
- Honey.
Why are you in the bed?
Did you wet the bed?
Oh god.
Oh my god!
Oh my god, honey, what happened?
What happened Jill?
Was there somebody here?
Talk to me!
Oh my god.
- Mom.
- Mom?
What are you doing?
- Huh?
- What happened to the hallway?
Oh no!
You're doing it again!
- Open up!
Open the door!
It's your mother, open the door!
Open the door!
Put your hand on the
door and unlock it!
It's your mother!
Please, let me in!
Oh god, oh!
Get outta there,
you're in danger!
My baby.
Oh my baby.
- Why did you kill
somebody you claim to love?
- I had no choice.
- Did you hate your mother?
- That's a messed up question.
- Which only you know
the answer to, hmm?
- I wanna go back to my cell.
- Where was your
father during all this?
- He wasn't there, he was...
He was out with my sister Katie.
- Ah.
Did you ever wonder who
the real monster here is?
You want everyone to
think of you as this poor,
helpless victim,
who had no choice.
- Screw you!
- When in fact,
you're actually a cold-blooded
With an electra complex
who wanted mommy
out of the way so she could
have daddy all to herself.
Isn't that right?
- No!
- Were you eventually going
to kill your sister too?
- No!
- - Were you?
- You know nothing!
- Hey hey hey.
Okay, breathe.
Breathe, calm down.
Shane, I need backup, now.
- I hate you!
You're evil!
Get me outta here!
Who are you?
Who the hell are you?
- Gentlemen, when
you get a chance,
bring in patient
John Doe, estimated
to be in his late 50s,
was found wandering in the woods
wearing nothing more
than a bathrobe.
John Doe, or jd as
they call him here,
claims to have no
recollection of who he is.
- At least this one won't
give us any problems, huh?
- Yeah, he's the
shy, quiet type.
Isn't that right, jd?
- He has no known family
and authorities were
unable to establish
his identity through
fingerprints or dental records.
He was admitted to this facility
five years ago.
After several violent encounters
due to a recurring nightmare
and an unexplainable fear of...
Plastic wrap.
This patient's loaded.
Jd here stays baked 24/7.
- Wonderful, okay,
get him outta here.
Bring him back when
he's more coherent, hmm?
- We can't do that, sir.
That's Dr. Victor's orders.
- This patient is violent.
- I'm right here, you know?
- All right.
What's your name?
- Jd.
- Jd, do you know which,
which city you're in?
- They won't tell me.
That was wonderful.
All right, all right,
go on, get outta here.
Leave him here.
Go on, go on.
Get the door on the way out.
All right jd, I am...
Dr. Marcus.
- What are you doing?
- I'm recording you.
You have a problem with that?
- Like I have a choice?
Can you, can you put
that away please?
- Is there a problem?
Oh my god, the
charts are right on.
You do have a problem
with plastic wrap.
- Can you put that away,
- Mmm.
All right, all right,
look look look.
I'm wrapping it up.
Putting it away.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- All right jd, you are,
in spring valley
mental institution.
Do you remember
being brought here?
- I only remember one thing.
- Ah good, what?
- Why should I tell you?
- Hmm.
Well, if I'm gonna help you,
I have to know what
makes you tick.
- No no.
- - Yes.
No, no!
No no no no no!
Get it off me, get
it off me, please!
Take it off, take
it off, take it off!
- Not until you tell me
what it is I want to know.
- Help!
Help me, somebody, please help!
Help, someone please help me!
Help me!
- Out!
Right now.
- Please, take it off!
- Are you gonna
play ball with me?
You gonna give me what I need?
So you don't
remember who you are,
where you come from?
Why don't we start with this...
Little problem you have
with plastic wrap, hmm?
- I was on vacation.
In the uk.
And he killed me.
- He what?
- He killed me!
- Who?
- I don't know who he was.
Or why he did it.
In the dream,
I could see
and feel
and hear
- Trick or treat!
- Fuck off.
- Excuse me!
Oi, that's no bloody
way to talk to children!
- Audi's in the garage.
Now fuck off!
- Evening, ladies.
- How's it going?
- Werewolf is mine, marry me!
- Marry me!
Oh shit mate, look at this!
- Mate, what are you draggin'?
- Hey!
Excuse me, aren't you?
Sorry, didn't you go
to Truman prep school?
- No.
- You did, didn't you?
You did.
I'm Alan.
Alan Fletcher?
I was a prefect
while you were there.
I haven't seen you since then.
You never really did fit in.
How are you anyway?
That's a brilliant
costume, by the way.
That's just genius.
Come look at this,
look at all that blood!
- Ah, that is an
amazing costume, mate!
You're meant to be a
killer or something, right?
- I am a killer, yes.
- And that's the
body in the bag, is it?
Latest victim type of thing?
- Brand new.
- - Hah, brilliant!
Fucking brilliant!
It's bloody heavy.
Can we give you a hand or two?
You take your Halloween
shit seriously, don't you?
You got an actual body
in there or something?
Help him, dickhead.
It's so heavy.
Anyway, what's on
the agenda tonight?
Have you been to a party?
- No.
- Listen, we're heading to
this pretty sweet loft party,
just down the road here.
I mean, our costumes
are a bit last minute,
but yours, we would really make
an entrance with this thing.
I know it's late, but you
will pop in for just one,
won't you?
Our pal Jack, I mean,
he's got to see this.
He's so into his horror
shit, he's gonna love it!
- I'd rather not
get sidetracked.
- Mate, mate,
don't be so bloody boring.
Please, just one drink.
It'll be really, really quick,
you'll be back on the
streets killing in no time.
- I shan't stay long.
- Yes!
This way then, killer!
- You know Terry, i
think that's racist.
- How's that racist?
- It's just my mom's
cleaner's black,
so I know about this stuff.
- Yeah, well your mom's racist.
- She is a bit racist.
Wait wait, stay there,
I'm gonna go find Jack,
don't move, all right?
Listen, listen, you have
to come and see this.
His costume.
Look at it!
- Now that is a
fuckin' costume, mate!
- Nice face paint.
Let me guess,
American psycho?
Hey babs, pour us a round
of the reagent, man!
I wanna do a shot with the
best costume in the house!
Fuck me!
Are you responsible for this?
- Of course.
- The detail, man!
I can just about make out
that nasty wound, and...
Oh, the blood is perfect!
You've got some serious
talent right here!
grab one.
A toast.
To our new-found friend.
Finally, someone who
appreciates Halloween
as much as I do!
Let's raise hell!
- Tnt, please.
- Coming up.
- Now that
is a brilliant costume
you came up with.
Wine please.
- Hmm?
Well it's not really a costume.
- Right.
You're right, sorry.
More of a prop, isn't it?
And the suit is great.
Sort of a mental James
bond sort of thing.
I'm Maggie.
- Hello Maggie.
It is just brilliant.
I mean,
how long did it take
you to stuff that thing?
- Well it's more
of a roll, really.
Like a pig in a blanket.
- Well it is just brilliant.
Just never seen
anything like it before.
Not that well done, anyway.
- I'm sure there
are plenty of us.
Best night of the year for it.
It's much harder to
go walking around
with a dead body on
a regular evening
than it is on Halloween.
But we manage nonetheless.
Just have to know
what you're doing.
- Of course.
- Cheers.
- All right all you ghouls
and all you monsters out there,
hope you're enjoying
yourselves so far tonight.
Spooky, spooky night.
Look guys, I'm really sorry,
but we've just got
10 minutes left
behind the bar tonight,
just ten minutes left.
- Well I must be going now.
- What, no!
You can't go, it's Halloween!
Jack will be having
an after party.
You're having an
after party, right?
- Mmm.
Yeah, yeah sure!
A few of you can come back
to mine for a night cap.
- Brilliant.
- No, really, I must be going.
- Why?
You haven't got work in
the morning, have you?
- I've got work right now,
I need to bury that
thing before 3 am
or I don't get the bounty!
- The bounty!
Oooh, a prize!
Like a Halloween scavenger hunt?
That's what you meant
earlier when you said
there's plenty of us doing it!
OMG, I'm so thick!
Well we can help you.
It sounds like so much fun!
- I don't--
- come on guys!
We've gotta do this!
- Mate!
Of course we'll help
you bury the body!
And get the fuckin' prize!
The least we can do, mate.
- To the woods!
Right in here.
Start her up, my friend!
Come on!
- This will do.
Stay here.
- Where are we?
We were driving
for over an hour.
- Perfect!
- Right gents.
Follow the trail and
you'll spot a bonfire,
get it lit, drop him in
the hole and cover him.
I'll come and join you
shortly to finish things up.
- Ah, dick!
- All good?
- Yeah.
Feel the weight on
this little bugger.
- Wow.
Yeah, that's really
got some clout to it.
There you go.
- What the fuck?
What the actual fuck?
- Alan.
- Keep back.
Keep back!
- Alan!
- Fuck!
No, please!
Please, no!
- All done here.
What do you fancy doing?
- Did you get your prize?
- So to speak.
Do you fancy coming
back to mine for a bit?
- Only if you're sure.
I wouldn't wanna keep
you up any longer.
- I'm sure I've got
one more in me tonight.
Is there a problem, officer?
- Trouble
with the Van?
- No, we're fine.
We literally just
headed out here to
get away from the city
lights for a while.
We're just heading home now,
had a bit of a mad one.
- I see.
Yeah, well make sure you do.
We've got lots of nasty
reports this evening,
don't want any more.
You two be on your way.
And you, make sure she
gets home all right.
- Absolutely, officer.
Take care now!
- Did they fall for it?
- Yeah mate,
fuckin' hook, line and sinker!
Some bloke knobbing his bird.
Fair play to him actually,
she was quite fit, you know?
- Oh man!
This is so much
better than last year
when we dressed up as priests!
- I fucking
love Halloween!
- So let me get this straight.
You have this
recurring nightmare...
Where you're murdered,
wrapped in this plastic,
carted all over town
and yet you could see,
feel and hear absolutely
everything that was going on?
- Yes.
- That's absolutely amazing.
You know what I think?
I think you're a lying,
manipulative miscreant.
Who's given up on life
and decided to live
in this institution where
you can get three squares
and a free bed every night.
You are a pathetic
waste of human life,
and I'm going to make
sure that you live
in this self-made
nightmare of yours
for the rest of your life.
- No, no, no!
- Don't touch that.
I want the patient to
remain wrapped in plastic.
Doctor's orders.
Now get him out of here.
Bring in patient 100174.
Born in reykjavk, Iceland.
Gabrielle fled to the
United States in the hope of
avoiding prosecution for
the murder of a woman
she believed her American fiance
was having an affair with.
Upon her capture,
her fiance's attorney
struck a plea deal
with Icelandic authorities
to keep her stateside,
with the condition that she stay
in a maximum security
psychiatric institution
for the remainder of her life.
She's been in this facility
for over 10 years now.
Gabrielle continues
to deny the charges,
claiming they were
attacked by zombies.
After a detailed
observation by Dr. Victor,
it has been concluded
that she suffers from
severe bipolar
disorder, depression,
and is prone to extreme, and
often violent, outbursts.
She claims to suffer from
a recurring dream of a...
So-called zombie attack.
- Come on, get her up.
We gotta go.
- Ah.
Please, have a seat.
- I think you're wasting
your time, Dr. Marcus.
She hasn't spoken a word
of English in years.
Why do you believe this is
such a waste of your time?
Well first, I'd like
you to just have a seat,
so why don't you just
sit down?
Gentlemen, I won't
need you any further.
I'll call you if I do.
Yes, I wrote those.
Are you impressed?
I wanna help you.
And I know you understand
what I'm saying, Gabrielle.
I'm writing a book.
Along the way, I might
be able to help you.
I really do wanna help you.
Nobody believes you.
Maybe if you told me
what happened,
I could help you find
peace in all this?
I'm going to turn
on the camera now.
- It's okay.
It really is.
I understand, I know
what you are Gabrielle.
are a
sick, evil, jealous person,
who brutally murdered a young
lady because you thought
she was having an
affair with your fiance.
And on top of all that,
you want everyone to
believe that a zombie
bit her face off.
- Go to hell!
- Oh, look at that.
The murderer speaks English.
- You liar!
You said you would help me!
I'll kill you!
- Got her.
- Next.
Originally from New Zealand,
Sarah has been institutionalized
since she was 15 years old.
Her parents moved her stateside
when she was 12 in
hopes of getting her
the best mental
healthcare possible.
After attempting suicide,
her parents thought it best
that she be admitted here.
She often wakes up screaming
in the middle of the night and
keeps asking for her shovel.
- The sedatives are kicking in.
I'm sick of this job,
she tried to bite me!
- Stop being such a pussy, okay?
- Are you boys ready
for me yet, or what?
Fuck it, let's do this.
- Come on.
- Where the fuck is
my bloody shovel?
- Hey!
Watch your mouth!
- No no, that's fine.
Leave us.
It's all right, I'll be okay.
I'll be fine, I'll be fine.
Sarah, I am Dr. Marcus.
- Hmm, I gathered that.
- I'd like to ask
you a few questions.
- About the murder?
- To start with, yes.
- Ludicrous, you know.
I was put away for the
murder of my best friend.
- You deny doing that?
- My friend was unhappy,
she committed suicide.
- Yeah, but you buried the body.
- Before she did it she asked me
to hide her away afterwards.
It's that simple.
I was just trying
to be a good friend.
That's what I told my parents.
They decided to
move us stateside,
hoping that I could
get some help.
But I don't need any help.
I didn't do anything.
But I bet it'd make
a juicy chapter
for that book you're
going to write, huh?
- Does it bother you
that I'm writing a book?
- Your fame is mine,
isn't that right, doc?
- Sarah, I'm here to help you.
Why don't you tell me what
really happened?
- It was just another day.
I guess it wasn't
exactly the average day
in the life of a 12 year old.
- Well what do we say?
- Let's just tell
her it's going to be okay.
- We don't know that!
- I don't
know, I've never had
to deal with a
situation like this.
- Well neither have I!
- - Good!
- What are
you doing, honey?
- Making a card for Vic.
- Oh, that's,
that's wonderful!
- Do you think she'll sleep
with the angels like Nana?
- What, no.
- Absolutely not, honey.
- Poor Vic.
I found one, and
it's really nice.
But it's 37 dollars.
- Oh honey,
what's wrong?
Oh, you dropped your ice cream.
Here you go, here's two dollars.
Go and get yourself another one.
- It was three dollars.
- Christ!
Here you go, here's five.
Give me back my two.
- I only made 12 dollars today.
- Fuck!
- I'm sorry!
- It's okay honey.
Laser fuck!
- That'll be two dollars, daddy.
- Shit!
Shit shit shit shit shit!
Oh shit.
- Yeah I heard
that when I was 24.
Christ, shit, bitch,
fuck, ass,
fuck, cunt, fuck, cunt!
- Nine.
- - Fuck!
- 10!
I still need five more dollars.
- The police still
can't tell me anything.
What do you think?
- Well, I think
it'll be fine, just fine.
- You can't
give up hope Jenny.
- How's Sarah coping?
- Well, her best
friend is missing, so--
- clive!
- - Well, she is.
I'm sorry Jenny!
- Come here, Jenny.
Look what you've done.
- It wasn't me!
- Shh shh.
- I got it!
Did you hear that?
You must be so tired.
Now you can finally sleep.
- Why'd you do it?
I mean, if you were trying
to help your friend,
then why...
Why try and kill yourself?
Fear of spending the
rest of your life in an
institution like this?
- You're the doctor.
You tell me.
- Everyone else
around here might be
buying your smug
little act but I'm not.
- Get bent, you twat!
- Now we're really
getting somewhere.
- No, we're not.
- Gentlemen, please.
I'm going to send you
back to the holding tank.
You keep living your
sorry little existence,
but me,
I'm still gonna have a good day.
- Ah.
- Get her outta here.
- Where's my bloody shovel?
I wanna shove it up his arse!
Get the fuck off me!
Doctor's gonna be sorry
when I find my shovel.
- It's time to see
the doctor, jessa.
- Jessa hasn't
spoken a word since
she was committed
to this institution
over seven years ago,
when she was found guilty
of killing her mother
and her sister.
She claims an evil
spirit possessed her.
After repeatedly telling the
story to multiple doctors,
she simply stopped speaking.
- I don't know why
you picked her, sir.
The girl's a mute or something.
- Yeah but she kind of
talks with her hands.
- Which is why I need her
out of those restraints.
Come on.
- Well if she does one
knock, that means yes,
or she likes it.
And two knocks means
no, or she hates it.
That's pretty much
all we've been able
to get from her so far.
- Thank you Kyle,
that's very informative.
Do you know who I am?
Good, good, good.
I'm here to help you.
Now, I'd like to try a little
See if I can't
relax you, get that inner
voice of yours to come out.
Have you ever been
hypnotized before?
Do you mind if I try?
Jessa, I need an answer.
Look, I know you're frightened,
that you've got
things that haunt you.
But I'm not frightened,
i can help you with that.
But you have to let me.
Thank you for trusting me.
All right.
I would like you to
just concentrate
on this crystal.
Come on now, breathe.
Take a deep breath.
Go inside.
That's it, go inside.
Free up that voice
that's talking to you.
Let it come out.
Tell me what happened.
- Takes a real sick person
to do something
like that to a dog.
Sorry girls.
Norman's in doggy heaven now.
- Was it you?
- She made me do it.
- The bad lady?
Jessa, there's no such thing--
- she's getting worse.
Don't you believe me?
- Jessa...
- I'll be home by
11 at the latest.
And eat before it gets cold.
Jessa sweetie, you listen
to your sister, okay?
And go to bed on time.
Come lock up behind me.
If she seems sad, there's
ice cream in the fridge.
My girl.
Always has it together.
- She won't leave me alone.
What are you gonna do to Sally?
- Sally is you.
And this is the bad lady.
- Doesn't look like her.
- See.
I think the bad lady,
she tied herself to you.
And all we have to
do is untie her.
Like a shoelace.
- But what if she
doesn't wanna let go?
- We'll make her.
- That's what she looks like.
- Bowl of reflection,
stones of protection,
may the reason of our harm
feel the power of this charm.
Powers of the witches rise,
course unseen across the skies,
hear me beckon,
hear my plea.
Spirits bared, I summon thee.
Pass me that candle.
- Kara?
- Close your eyes.
Demon who dwells in
slivers of night,
uncloak your
shadows to my sight.
Guardians of the ancient towers,
Grant me now thy sacred powers.
Let this child be set free.
Such is my will, I banish thee.
Let this child be set free!
With all my might,
i banish thee!
- Keep going!
- I banish thee!
I banish thee!
Don't touch my sister!
- She's gone!
- Hey.
Are you all right?
- Yeah.
Just glad you're home.
- Tough night for
both of us, huh?
You should get to bed.
- I wanna stay in here a while.
- Well don't wake her.
- Kara.
- I tried to stop her!
- Mom!
- Mommy made the same
sounds as Norman.
I wonder what
sounds you'll make?
- Don't!
Don't do that, leave her alone!
- But she could hurt herself.
- She's not gonna hurt herself.
I want her to come out
of this on her own.
- What did I tell you?
- Woah, that's a first.
What do you know?
- That was absolutely
amazing, young lady.
It was an incredible
first session.
Now, I do not want her sedated.
I want her to be
left to herself.
I want her to be able to
come to terms with this,
come to terms with being
a psychotic killer.
- No!
No, no!
- It's okay.
It's all right, it's over.
It's over, it's okay.
It's okay.
- Time to go.
Damon, you're up.
- Damon believes in
vampires, he always has,
always will, no matter
what the doctors tell him.
He was arrested after
hiring someone to kill
several people who he
thought were vampires.
- Sir?
- Damon, what a pleasure.
Have a seat.
- I'd rather not.
- But I insist.
- I wouldn't mess
with this one, doc.
- You gentlemen can go.
I'll call you if I need you.
- Shall I begin, Dr. Marcus?
- You don't waste time, do you?
- They told me about you.
They said you were
really interested in
hearing our stories.
- It's true.
- Actually, I tell my story
to anyone who'll listen.
Problem is, none of the
other doctors believe me.
- Well I'm not
like other doctors.
You see, as a child,
I used to love vampire stories.
Your case, it intrigued me.
So I'm gonna ask you,
do vampires really exist?
- Humor me if you like.
I know the truth.
I had been following
certain people
til I was sure.
I hired someone to kill them.
Do you know that
vampires walk in the day?
And they don't turn into bats.
And they only feast on blood
when they're hungry.
- That's fascinating.
- Mm-hmm.
You learn all kinds
of things when
you track them all over
the world like I have.
People like you put me away.
They have no idea
of the evil
that walks in this world.
Found a pack of 'em
living in england.
- Yeah, but somebody
believed you, didn't they?
Why don't you tell me about
this man you hired
to kill the...
- Ah, it took some time.
But once I showed him,
he believed.
- Di Collins reenters the room.
Interview resumes.
The suspect has refused
to offer his name
or address for the third time.
I'm gonna call you John.
That all right?
We found you wandering
through the station.
We were worried because
you were someone we
wanted to talk to.
Know why that is?
Janet gray.
Did she break your heart?
Because you broke hers.
You cut it right
out of her, John.
How did that make you feel?
She was just a girl.
But Reggie, Reggie was scum.
Dealer, pimp.
Chelsea fan.
That's three
strikes right there.
You took it a bit
too far though.
- That's a foul,
you fucking muppet!
Some people would give you
a pat on the back for that.
But this...
In the bath?
That isn't normal
behavior, John.
That is just not fucking odd.
- I hunted her.
Four missing girls,
all her friends.
No coincidence.
He killed seven.
Prostitutes, addicts, homeless.
And they'd been
at it for decades.
Dig up their garden.
Count the bones of
the children you find.
I know this won't
stop you for long.
Sorting the truth from
the fiction took a while.
But removing the heart.
Holy water.
Those methods work.
They couldn't
exist on their own.
They needed
protection to survive.
Someone to keep watch.
- You're confused, John.
You're scared and confused.
- A confused man wouldn't have
watched you for three months.
He wouldn't have snuck
into this room an hour ago.
A confused man wouldn't
have a stake in his hands.
- When he was caught and
arrested for the murder of...
Ordinary people.
He led them to me.
- Did that surprise you?
- We weren't finished.
- Killing vampires?
- Precisely.
- Ah.
- There's another one out there.
The main one.
And I won't stop
until I hunt it down
and kill it.
- Gentlemen, would
you join us, please?
You know Damon, i
have to tell you,
of all my patients, you've
been the most fascinating.
It's been an absolute
pleasure meeting you.
- The pleasure was all mine.
- I loved my mom.
She was a good mom.
Until she started seeing it.
- I could see,
and feel,
and hear,
- Where the
fuck is my bloody shovel?
- Hey!
- There's
another one out there.
The main one.
And I won't stop
until I hunt it down
and kill it.
- The hell?
- Found my shovel, doctor.
- What are you people doing?
You know who I am.
- We sure do, doctor.
We sure do.
- Damon there are
no such thing
as vampires.
There just isn't.
And I'm not a vampire.
He's having a hallucination,
he's drawing you people into it.
- Hmm, nice try,
but I'm not buying it.
- I'm not a vampire.
- Hold him down.
This won't take long.
- Ah!
I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.
No, I'm not.
No, no!
No, no!
- It's okay.
Just breathe.
Just breathe.
- You know who I am?
Do you know who I am?
- Yes, we know who you are.
Thank you gentlemen.
You're not a renowned author.
You're not a doctor.
You're Daniel Marcus,
patient 050980.
You've been a patient at this
facility for over 30 years.
You were admitted after
being found guilty
of murdering your mother, aunt,
uncle and cousin,
while on a skiing trip.
Your attorney managed
to have you placed here
in our care after
an insanity plea.
- Paul...
- We've discussed
this before, Daniel,
it's doctor Victor.
Only my friends call me Paul.
And we're not friends.
Another bad dream.
Well, hopefully,
we can get you to see the
truth about what you did
and the delusions and
nightmares will eventually stop.
Pains me to leave you
here in a single cell.
But with all your
recent outbursts,
you've left me little choice.
The other patients, and
even some of the staff,
are frightened of you.
I'd like to move you back
into the main ward, but,
I'm gonna need you
to help me help you.
I'm going to give you one more
chance to tell me the truth.
Take me back to where it began.
- I was young.
I didn't wanna hurt anybody.
I didn't hurt my family.
I wouldn't hurt my mother.
I wouldn't hurt her.
- Shh.
I wouldn't hurt my mother.
- Well I was hoping
we would make
some progress, Daniel, but...
You just wanna tell
outrageous stories.
- They're all true.
They're all true.
- You really expect
me to believe
your tall tales
about serial killers,
demons, vampires,
ghosts, zombies?
The truth is, you murdered
multiple people in cold blood,
starting with your own family.
Instead of taking
responsibility for it,
you'd rather make
up fairy tales.
Well you might have
everybody else fooled,
but you're nothing but a liar,
who faked his mental
state of health
to avoid the death penalty.
You can stay down
here for the rest
of your miserable
life for all I care.
You know what?
I am still gonna
have a good day.
- How's that for
a good day, huh?
My patients need me.
I only let my friends
call me Daniel.
You can help me help you.
I'm still gonna have a good day.
Time to make my rounds.
- Welcome back--
oh help!