Patriotes, Les (1994) Movie Script

You can not stay there.
- Why ?
- Security reasons, back off.
- Can not you see we're down?
- Clear!
- What is it ?
- Car is broken.
They lie.
- What are you talking?
- They lie.
Come with us.
Hello? Hello,
32 car calling central.
- Your name ?
- Ariel Brenner.
Shut up !
He asked a question!
Your name !
You have noone else to
Stop! Let him go!
What were you doing
in front the house of the minister?
I told you
car were broken!
If you continue to lie,
we will break your arms!
Stop, we were having a test
for Mossad!
We had to monitor
this house...
This is a test to enter the Mossad.
Call them, ask them!
Is it true what your
boyfriend says?
And the next time,
Avoid tellin us lies!
And forgive us!
Call me Pinhas.
I have a few details
to specify.
Remember the word Mossad.
Do not use it ever again,
It does not exist.
You will surely
intrigue your loved ones.
Tell them you work
in national defense.
If you are asked questions,
This is the fundamental rule,
silence is always suspicious.
Answer, but lie.
If asked what color is
wall here ...
say they are gray or blue.
One more thing, story,
circulating about me ...
That I ripped someone's balls
during questioning.
Well, that story is false.
Who are you ?
- Uri how?
- Eisenbach.
How do you want us to agree
if you lie in the first question?
I'm really Eisenbach.
Shoud I put Eisenbach?
Put what you want.
My name is Eisenbach.
There, I noted the name of the candidate
to identify you.
I put Eisenbach?
I do not understand.
You do not understand ? Exercise
is not started, you idiot!
What excercise?
I do not believe it !
Why they send me
such morons?
OK, you're here to lie.
But I must know who you are,
to be able to grade you!
I leave you
a last chance.
Be careful what
you'll respond.
Be careful.
Your name is ?
I said Eisenbach.
Now it begins.
Your name ?
Your name ?
OK, we'll stop.
You did not pass this exercise.
It's done.
Well, now that you have failed ...
You have nothing more to
lose, right?
So tell me,
what's your name ?
Your real name ?
You can leave.
OK, here's the exercise.
We will refer you person.
You're going to try to find out his name,
address, profession.
And many details as possible
on his life.
You must also
get an appointment.
You go about it as you want,
we do not care.
Provided he suspects nothing.
Oh, that one.
Go ahead.
You have fifteen minutes.
Afterward, you'll write us a report.
And no lies!
Excuse me, I thought.
Neither do I.
But I work a lot
with France.
And you,
what are you doing ?
you know what you gonna do?
You're going to tell your friends Mossad
to stop pissing me, OK?
What are you talking about ?
You are sick ?
Not bad not bad...
This is what to do,
Call me Oron.
You're doing an exercise, your instructors
are called Barak and Pinhas, OK?
Right now, at the pool,
there is an American bronze.
He smokes cigars.
It addresses
and trying to find out who it is.
Become friends with him.
this is not an exercise.
Your instructors know nothing.
In your report on me,
say what you want, I'll confirm.
I finished the exercise.
I'm tired.
I can go for a drink,
five minutes ?
It is normal that yours
size bib
the American cultural attach?
Come, that's better.
We are security,
you just have to be addressed
by a stranger?
If you want to follow us,
we will explain.
To do what ?
He only asked me the time.
That's all ?
That's all.
And it's ten past one.
In that case...
Excuse us,
there are a lot of pickpockets here.
Ariel Brenner, an option is taken
on him to unit 238.
I'll file a complaint against you.
I'm fed up
your methods to the con.
Ariel Brenner
Assigned to the unit 238
Bernard Groner
A member of your family?
An uncle ... Died.
You thought
he was with us?
Not especially.
The computer does not know everything.
You are Ariel Brenner?
Your mother is dead, right?
Two years ago.
Call me Yossi.
It was you who led
Munich team.
That's what we said.
Operation Moses,
it's you too, right?
It lends me many exploits.
You have been assigned to the unit 238?
The famous atomic unit!
Warning !
You had dinner ?
This is the most beautiful bunch of brutes
this country has ever given.
They have a motto:
"Everything to prevent peace."
Jewish ethics is not really
their cup of tea.
Why ? Jews should
be better than others?
Those draw no lesson
tests we endured.
They want to live in peace,
that's all.
God wanted to check
the strength of the human soul.
He said to the Jews,
it's you that I will try.
You will suffer and I'll see
if you stay human.
And in fact,
he himself is that judge.
He wants to check if his creation
is not an error.
Much is at stake for him.
He is afraid, afraid of being mistaken.
Afraid of his own bankruptcy
through that of our people.
I do not believe in God.
I think random.
That's all.
I fight to defend me
and to defend my land.
There is no God.
The land, it's nothing.
It is sand.
Well, tell me about Leopard.
This is the code name
a French engineer ...
I know all that.
Where are they?
I do not know.
Why do they not ask,
their ?
It's yours
to account, right?
Yes, but I like to check,
especially with them.
And if you, Mossad chief
you do not know what
your worst competitor,
you will not stay long
Mossad chief.
I control.
We can not
control these people.
Everything is arranged.
I love Mr. Haydon.
He is very direct in business.
It is a real pleasure.
We are friends.
This is not too cold?
No, it's perfect.
Mr. Prieur,
you know you have
a fortune at your fingertips?
Really ?
Many countries are ready
to pay very, very expensive ...
beyond that
you can imagine
to acquire technology
you are the expert.
I imagine.
My society
sells nuclear power plants
to countries that do not.
For a course peaceful use.
You never thought
to take advantage of your knowledge?
And if you work in collaboration
with us ?
You have the technology,
we have contacts.
You would be very well paid.
It's interesting.
You could start
by keeping a record.
Your plant project
is an excellent prototype.
Something displeases me
in this story.
Speaking ...
It would bother me
Haydon let out of it.
Israel does not apologize.
There will not be
of holocaust
in the history of the Jewish people.
Never again. Never again.
We managed to get us
List of French personnel.
Our analysts thought
that Leopard had the right profile.
Forties, married, no children.
Questions ?
What was based
sex, ambition.
They do not care about us.
The bitch she belonged to the Mossad?
The killing of Ahmad Sa'adi,
it was you?
How do you prevent
the bitch about?
I can not answer.
If she is Jewish, she lives here.
If she was goy, is dead.
I was at the conference this morning.
This is found
the best hummus?
Go instead to Jaffa.
Jeremy Pelman.
Nice to meet you.
You know what that means?
This is the highest level
I work for the NSA.
Electronic intelligence,
If Gaddafi called his mistress,
we know it.
If he cut himself shaving,
we also know.
The CIA, beside us,
this is a post office.
We have embargoed
intelligence against you.
Since your raid on the plant,
we encounter many,
but we will not give you any
sensitive information.
They say you sabotage
our diplomacy.
I am Jewish
and I would help.
Say, you do not want
take your crap here?
This is not an office!
He tried to integrate the CIA 68.
They refused after passing
In addition, he smoked marijuana.
And they still received
The CIA has not sent the file.
It is a storyteller.
In college, he did believe
his father was the Mossad.
He suggested
he was himself an agent.
The Mossad does not want him.
They know?
"It is rated doubtful."
The handwriting analysis
is catastrophic.
He married a goy,
no children.
Good then ?
How he contacted me
is aberrant.
And its information?
Analysts Aman are admiring.
"Never seen" they say,
and they want more.
Well, here!
We will call this source:Aladdin.
Nobody will know who it is.
No archives.
No computer.
No secretary,
no written report.
You're in occuperas.
Your name is Raphael Chavit.
Here are all the details
of your coverage.
You do that since when?
From the beginning.
Everything goes through you?
What do you want to know ?
Have you ever seen this girl?
You made the papers for her?
Stop, Yossi wonder
To learn what you
in the head.
I prefer to have nothing to say.
Are we exfiltrated this girl?
I have not made of paper
for her.
We do not see the difference?
No. Except me.
Viewing buffers to light.
For transparency, you can see ...
I bunk in some.
One per page.
Never the same.
This is my signature.
My wife, Catherine.
Cathy, I want you Rafi Shavit
Tel Aviv.
- Did you have a nice trip ?
- Yes.
Jeremy loves Tel Aviv,
he talks about it all the time.
Can I talk to you for a moment?
I have no secrets for Cathy.
I want to talk a while.
I wanted her to see you,
I talk to him so much from you.
You have to understand,
she is my promised land.
Let the outside of it.
For his own safety.
It's silly, anyway,
I tell him everything.
I should maybe go ...
No, we are two types
with a woman,
it's more natural, right?
Let's sit down.
I understand.
Okay, I'll talk to him.
I will talk to him !
Make a note if it reassures you.
All you get
on moderate Arab countries
The same for weapons
Soviet in the region.
Terrorism ?
No, enough is known about the subject.
Where is Pelman?
I have not seen him today.
You know he has fulfilled
its safety record?
It's old, that!
They called me,
it's still not sent them,
they are furious.
Go see the communications.
Be assigned a code name
in telephone booths.
Israeli towns names
no example.
After each call you join
the cabin as I have named.
Perfect, very professional.
You have something for me?
No, not today.
You have not seen Pelman?
No, I have a package for him,
but it is not there.
I'm taking care of it.
We do not want information
on your country.
We do not operate on the USA,
we work in the USA.
Of course,
that's exactly what I think.
- Where were you ?
- Outside, for my research.
What research?
In your report on Libya.
It's been five weeks
I asked you that!
So what ? It is an analysis
you want, or telegram?
Yes, but not a whore
I like work that is well done.
You work too
on movement
of the Soviet fleet?
This is the background, you'll understand.
It would be better for me to understand,
you follow me ?
Good evening.
Everything is fine ?
Cake, hold,
take a look.
We can talk ?
We can talk.
Scope of Libyan missiles.
anti-aircraft systems
Tunisian and Algerian ...
Everything is there, I followed the list.
Looks like you prepare
a small raid, right?
Dany ?
- Sorry ?
- Dany !
And him ? No problem ?
Him ?
How you make your lists?
You already know
Are there to find?
It is not a question,
It will take how long,
You come back tomorrow night.
Tomorrow evening ? OK.
Take a drink.
Good idea.
Rafi, do
this is one of your famous ...
It's for...
The music.
Is this a joke?
How can you think
I'm doing it for the money?
- It's a work.
- No.
It is an honor, a duty is ...
We will speak again.
This is the kind of place where
you quickly notes when you're tracking.
That's it. Give me your ticket.
Take this.
Here are your instructions.
You'm leaving tonight.
Do not go home.
Learn it and swallows the paper.
Now tell me about our friend.
I want to know as if
I met myself.
How is it
that you treat this source?
By chance.
Why Mossad
does not he care?
Aladin contacted one of our agents.
Change of interlocutor
would have been too risky.
Are there any details
Should not we know?
If the Prime Minister wishes,
I will provide
All details.
It is not helpful at this time.
Now I need to know
if I can continue.
Yes of course.
If we had to wait
they spin us like this
equipment ...
I warn you that if Aladin is
US sooner or later it will be taken.
And then, the diplomatic crisis
will properly gigantic.
If, by chance,
Aladin is American ...
This is a scenario
very unlikely.
Good evening, Mr. Pelman.
Good evening, Allan.
What time do you have?
Quarter to five.
Should I hurry, I have
bring it to the Atag. See you tomorrow.
It's Friday!
Oh yes.
Have a nice week end.
Mr. Pelman!
You bring me the documents?
If it is closed there,
I prefer to know them here ...
No problem.
Here Masada
you know of course.
The view is incredible!
And to mount, it's terrible.
When we think of those
who fought ...
That's the Negev.
We went to a kibbutz.
they grew
amazing orchids.
And beautiful fruits and vegetables.
We ate with them,
and we stayed the night.
These are the people
who welcomed us.
It's Yad Vashem, of course.
It was really...
Something ... it was ...
Very moving.
You went there?
You will have registered names?
They were already registered.
One of my uncles was there before.
Thank you very much.
Thanks for coming.
Put a code developed
- If you happen ...
- It's already done.
When I call him,
if I say the word "kitten"
she knows
she has to clean the house.
You keep records?
That, that concerns me.
Come on, do not panic.
Thank you.
You were out yet?
I do not believe it,
you were there waiting for me?
Where were you ?
At the library of the NIS.
You lie.
You're cheeky
tell me such a thing.
I'm warning you,
I'll send you a reprimand.
A blame ?
I hate
foute that one of my mouth!
I understand you need
someone to spend your nerves?
Go ahead, I'm here for.
That's enough.
No, go ahead.
OK, boss, loud!
We will put one shot,
we will have,
we'll stick together!
Call your women, boys!
Order pizza,
we go late tonight!
Stopped !
And you know what ? In eight days
I take my leave!
And I'm entitled! It's my turn !
I take my wife in France.
You remember my wife,
Cathy, right?
It is as if I would meet ...
Elvis himself!
Here they are.
Yossi, I present
Pelman Jeremy and his wife.
I was eager to meet you.
Me too.
Here Yuri,
Embassy in Washington.
- My wife, Cathy.
- Nice to meet you.
Two office colleagues.
Dear Cathy, with all
your husband has given us ...
we are sure to win
the next war.
Really ?
You did a wonderful job.
Let's sit down.
How's our friend Eagleman?
You know Jacob?
It does not bother you?
No, it's a pain in the ass, but ...
...It's okay.
Feel free to tell us.
Okay ?
four hundred ninety seven
We opened you
a blocked account in Switzerland.
We will pay them monthly payments
$ 10 000.
You will touch the
at the end of the operation.
The first payment will reach
60 thousand dollars.
Here's a little gift
for you, madam.
We also pay you a salary
$ 1,500 in Washington.
I'm a little confused.
I thought you had Rafi
warned. I do not want any money.
Mr. Pelman!
You have been recruited
by the State of Israel
and I am your superior.
I command you
to accept that salary.
Any refusal would
We want to know
that the NSA knows about our country,
what the CIA in Israel.
We want to know
if Mossad infiltrated and by whom.
They told
I do not espionnerais my country.
Your country ? Which country ?
Look at this.
This is your country.
You are now
an Israeli citizen.
You will come
you install home
and we will take care of everything.
Mr. Cohen,
Welcome to Eretz Israel.
Rafi will not be your friend.
You will be dealing with Yuri,
from now on.
Why ?
He benefits
diplomatic immunity.
Rafi, you can leave us.
Take therefore Mrs. Pelman
visit Paris.
It was a pleasure, Mrs. Pelman.
Goodbye, Jeremy.
And good luck.
You were great.
Tell us about your colleagues.
We will begin recruiting,
to create a network.
You can wait for me?
Moments ?
- It will be fine ?
- Yes.
I'll be right back.
Excuse me.
I should worry about?
Not especially.
Look, there's the wolf.
Who will he eat?
Hi, Ariel.
I must speak to you of Aladdin.
Expect us to be gone.
I am no longer in business.
Big problem ...
He does not want to continue.
He does not want to talk to Yuri.
So what ?
You hear yourself well with this type.
He trusts you.
Go talk to him.
I can not believe it.
I am amazed to hear that.
Why should I go clean shit?
Take another one.
You look great to clean shit.
You like cleanliness.
This story stinks
and I do not want to be mixed with it.
Ariel, where are you?
- Make your bags?
- No.
You can stop me,
I do not care, I will not leave.
You know I love you right?
And yet, you're really
a pain in the ass.
Why do not you married?
Marry, do children
but not a bitch, okay?
Not with a hooker.
It's very chic, here ...
very good food.
- Jeremy!
- Good evening.
I would like to introduce a friend.
- Here David.
- Good evening.
Our host.
I recommend you
the filet of sole tonight, okay?
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
You come here often ?
It happens to us.
Yuri is aware
This kind of habit?
Believe me, Rafi,
this is our only compensation.
It is not going well at all.
I can not control anything.
They are too greedy,
they do not realize
one day or another
all going to blow in our faces.
It's been months that I ask
a house with two issues.
It's so unbelievable?
If you come get me,
I'm done !
It is not death
a house in two ways, right?
You did not tell me ...
I have to deliver
every week now!
- Every week ?
- Exactly!
You talked to Yuri?
Fuck Yuri! They take
too many risks and I'm scared!
What if I do this shit?
I did not drive the hell!
We stop for tonight, let's review Us
Tomorrow, I'll do it.
Is Pelman,
what do you jerk off, fuck?
It's been four hours
I expect the records!
Oh yes ? And now,
you have someone?
So magnez your ass
and bring them!
Before I guts you!
Open the window.
Jeremy, you can follow us,
please ?
I go there,
what is happening ?
Follow us, please.
- You stop me?
- It's just for an interview.
Take a seat.
Jeremy, what were you doing
with these documents?
It is a court or what?
What were you doing outside
with these documents?
First you explain yourself
and after I answer, OK?
Perfect, perfect.
Here Arthur, head of security,
and Mc Kenzie, FBI
you see the topo?
Then, answer!
You better know well
what you do.
Mr. Pelman ...
What did you do with these documents?
I was bringing to a type
that the required clearances.
His name ?
That's the story?
I know it is forbidden, but
everyone comes out documents ...
His name.
You're not going to piss this guy
anyway, this is not a spy!
Nobody talks spy,
Mr. Pelman ...
We just want to know who
you bring these documents.
He is an analyst in the Navy.
His name is Peter Mc Coy.
This is already a fault.
Yeah, it's worth
to this circus?
McCoy left
there is a quarter of an hour.
So what ? He was not expecting me.
How come ?
I did not tell her
when I will make it.
You have his address?
I would like to talk to you.
So you have nothing against him.
It may decide to get out of here
when he wants.
One can spin it?
No, all my guys are on a mission
until tomorrow morning
and I'm not even sure
to have them.
We'll have to play tight.
I can call my wife
while you search whores?
We had an appointment
and it must be worried.
Of course.
It would make you shit to let me
alone or take me elsewhere?
This is a blow to private thread!
OK, we go out.
He spoke of a kitten?
Yes, I have told you!
I am going to leave you
a few minutes.
It will be fine ?
So ?
What do we have to do ?
That would be good
if you went with me.
Sorry ?
We'll take care of Jeremy, but you
should leave the country with me.
I do not understand.
Come with me,
this is what is best.
I do not believe it...
I do not believe it.
There was no plan.
There was no fucking plan!
I do not believe it !
You used us
and now you throw us!
Come with me.
Can I help you
to leave the country.
And I'll give up Jeremy?
What are you doing?
Catherine ...
I am Israel!
I request political asylum!
Your passport !
I am an Israeli citizen.
We ask political asylum!
Heave me this car!
My name is Jeremy Pelman.
I am an Israeli citizen.
I too am an Israeli,
get out!
I work for
Israeli intelligence.
Call them,
Yossi Shavit or ask Rafi!
Call them,
I belong to Mossad!
I'm in trouble!
Do not make sudden movements.
My name Pelman,
I am an Israeli agent.
Call Tel Aviv, they will confirm.
Ask Yossi!
You have to leave !
You did not understand
what I said ?
You are on Israeli territory,
we can bring you down.
So, go, please.
Get out, now!
Could you tell us
your source of Aladin?
You answer to a commission
appointed by the Prime Minister,
do not forget it.
I want to talk about it
the Prime Minister.
Aladin is it still productive?
You understand
that your silence is a confession ...
Aladdin is still productive.
Pelman Is Aladin?
I let him believe
if Pelman was not American.
To preserve the true
Aladdin identity.
You know Pelman
is good for life?
So what ?
You want me to cry?
I spent all my tears
long ago.
Ariel Where is your agent?
On a mission.
They say he disappeared ...
That's what we said.
If he speaks,
the whole country will pay.
I do not see what you mean.
I advise you to find him.
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