Patriots Day (2016) Movie Script

- Hello, how are you? - It is definitely there.
The door does not open.
- Are you sure? - Absolutely.
Hey friend, come on, open the door.
I heard in there.
Harrold. Draw their weapons.
Last chance, Harrold.
Harrold, Harrold.
Fuck, fuck you.
Are you kidding? Could not they kick the door bitch?
- Harrold, put some clothes on. - Please do not fuck.
- Do not do it. - Hey, do not you hear me?
Come on in; put some clothes.
- Where fuck you taking me? - Do not do anything.
Shit, for kicking the fucking door.
- Thank you very much. - Hello.
7th floor, upstairs.
What happened to that girl?
Well, only he had a date with this woman.
And this girl came out of nowhere.
And he hit me with a "suavecita".
- His daughter says that you pushed. - I just wanted to make sure.
- To escape. - Did you push?
After the "suavecita".
- So ... - What is it, Tony?
This is certainly a chance the commissioner comes to visit.
- Is this a homicide? - Not at all.
Do not you fuck? Is not it a homicide?
- No. - No, sir.
No sir.
- Why are you bleeding? - I was trying to explain.
That woman is a damn crazy and hit me with a "suavecita" whore.
-In the head. -To that shit you mean with "soft"?
-How a brick or something? -No.
It is a "soft", you know with what you put soft clothes.
-Would an iron? -An iron.
-A plate, so said. -For the love of God.
-Is called "suavecito". -Shut up.
A moment, what captain?
I need to have another job, I can't stand this shit.
You dug that hole.
You know, the knee is killing me.
-I think that I should get some rest. -You hurt the foot and give up already?
I gave a very strong kick, I stretched more.
I heard that they suspended it.
Hey, I heard you, idiot.
I'm sorry, that's what I heard.
What did you hear?
I heard that you had been suspended.
Do I am suspended?
-No, Sir. -It is not suspended.
Would you be here if I had been suspended?
No, it would not be him.
Because in this fucking game, you are replaceable.
Put an end to this shit.
Harrold, no to drugs.
In fact, you're right.
Go home, get some ice in the knee.
And you sleep a little, the race is in 5 hours.
Do I have to go to the marathon seriously? Please.
I don't get the clown costume.
It is the last time, Tommy.
Leave with a big smile and officially are out of everything.
-Yes? -One more day.
It will be cute, beautiful girls, fresh air.
As a picnic, picnics all like.
-Pizza delivery for Patrick. -Hi, baby.
How was work?
A sweet old man gave me this pendant.
Mr. Flannigan.
His wife died a couple of months ago.
In stage 4 should keep them very comfortable.
I suppose that before his death told him that he wanted that I had it.
Or I don't know.
Maybe it's as sweet as sad.
See him and hug him.
It is very cute.
Is it not beautiful?
And you made me dinner?
How does your dissertation?
Two paragraphs of several lines.
And I was watching cute apartments to share in San Francisco.
-Yes? -Yes.
You sound excited.
I am very excited for having left work for today.
I think I'm doing my masterpiece.
But I want to run.
Tomorrow? No, honey, there are three things you can do.
1 look at the marathon. 2 run the marathon.
And the 3 is supporting the Red Socks.
-Yes, to the Red Sox. -Socks.
-Sox. -Red Socks.
-Red... - Red Socks.
-Red Socks. -There you go.
I would like to stay in bed with me all day.
Do you know what I think?
I think that the reason of the Ms. Flannigan, so you had it
It is that you know you abrazaras it when I gave it to you.
You are a very sweet man.
I know.
Bless you.
For the Red Sox.
Yes, by the Socks.
-Socks. -Sox.
Well, let's see.
I've got it.
-Hi Li. -Hello Sean, how are you?
Wow, what put there? It seems to be running tomorrow
She definitely could.
-I can play it? -No.
Oh, no.
What about that concert of jeans?
-Zack Brown Band. -Yes.
-Yes. -I'll get 10 entries.
It will be a cultural experience, do well?
They have the best education, MIT, Harvard, the BUVC.
- And they will all be there. -Yes.
-See you. -Bye, guys.
Hey, you know that I like my fried chicken.
A cold beer on a Friday night.
Me too.
And my very tight pants.
-Very well. -Do well?
It is ok.
Thanks really to come.
Yes, I'll be there.
Well, Yes.
-Sorry, only taking the clothes in the morning. -Tommy, my God.
Salt once from my room.
But this is our fourth.
You know that officially I can tell you the level of alcohol in your blood
By the frequency of the scratches in the lock.
It is a pattern of time.
I took only two, we are going, it is medicinal.
And I have the career.
-We will. -In 4 hours and 42 minutes.
-Elephant. -Sorry.
-Do well? -Come on, just go.
-We are in the morning. -I will come with you.
-No, wants you to go. -We will.
-I love you. -Don't wake me.
-Sorry. -Hey, what you are talking about?
It back to sleep.
It's cute, right?
It is expensive, for what do you need a luxury car?
Luxury cars love the girls.
You do much effort looking for a girl.
Well, I learned from you two.
I will rest when you do.
Well, they will then be a very private sleep man.
Well, we then talk.
It was great to talk with you.
Good bye.
Come on, take this.
Would not you like? Are not you thirsty?
Let's go.
Come here.
Do we want juice or milk?
Mami, mami, flakes.
Here, baby.
We are going to the fourth.
The uniform is dry. Missing the microphone and batteries.
You had not used your uniform in a long time.
Yes, it was on purpose.
-My God. -Come on, let me see it.
Not stop.
As I turned.
You have to cut your hair first.
-I aversion it. -Very well.
Just above.
I see myself as a clown?
Why do you laugh?
-I'm not laughing. -I look like a clown.
-No. - is the color.
It is so that they do not pass. If someone of the marathon
You can reach the goal, as the more VIP city
All will break the balls.
-Do you have my whistle and my stop sign? -Come here, give me a kiss.
-I love you. - And I love you.
-See you certainly do well? -Well.
-We are at night. -Do not patees to any police.
-I'll try. -I would hate that to happen.
My dear.
You saw me yesterday, right?
Then, only me or I'm getting more handsome each day?
Just come here and I'll show you how good looking you are.
I would like to have time for that.
I love you.
Do you want a muffin or a bagel?
-Bring me a muffin, please. -Soon, love.
-I love you. -I also.
-Hi Tiesha. -Hello Sergeant Jeff.
Today is day of?
It is a day of muffin, dear.
We have blueberries.
Wow, you are an angel.
I try, just for you.
How's school?
Do your kids let you study alone?
Thus it is, they have no choice.
And a Cup.
-Have a good day. -Equally.
Opening up the VIP section of everything.
We have verification of credentials, right?
Hold on. Hey, Tommy.
-What happens? -I need a favor.
In fact, it is a gift, I'll give you the finish line.
-We will. -No, no, no.
It is the time of the "for nothing".
You'll see some idiots.
He smiles in front of all the VIP.
And make them remember how great is all this.
-Only... do a second can I talk to you? -No, no, no.
If you're the beauty saying thank you.
I say nothing.
It is the only way to recover your work.
- But... - No.
No more words, I just want you to be happy.
In how long you expect to finish the race?
-By under 3 hours, I hope. -That won't happen.
Good luck.
-What are you looking at? -They just hire a Minion.
Do you want to move a little bit? I have to get to Hopkinton.
He told them to you, not me. Move the barricade.
Carol, I need a favor, my knee starts to hurt much.
I hope that does not me it get so tense and breaks, do well?
I'm at the finish line, so I can find.
I love you, my love. Thank you.
What about Eric, Buffy, Bran and those guys?
They are my friends.
Don't think about that.
Never mind.
Brother, I'm not cowering me for nothing.
I only thought of Martin Luther King.
Martin Luther King was a liar.
He was a hypocrite and a fornicator.
Well, I am a fornicator. 253 00: 15:42, 747 - 00:15:43, 767 would think is funny?
Come here.
-What? -You are my brother.
-Do you understand that? -Yes.
-Do these isto for this? -Yes.
Good morning everyone, it's great to have them with us.
In the Boston Marathon.
These are live images of the line in Hopkinton.
Where start all things big to come.
Lieutenant Billy Allen, Boston police.
Daliza Lasiza, who think it probably is...
We have the Honourable presence of six members of the Council
The Athletic Association would like to express
His sympathies to the families of the victims.
Newtown residence.
We are sorry, a minute of silence.
26 seconds.
26, 25, 24
23, 22, 21
20, 19, 18
17, 16, 15
14, 13, 12
11, 10, 9
8, 7, 6
5, 4
And here are the athletes.
To run the Boston Marathon 117mo.
It is the oldest Marathon in the United States.
You can see each year the massiveness of participants.
All sides gather.
Donnie, what do you do with night vision?
Why do you have night vision? That is infamous.
This type, owe me $20.
What accounts?
Why are the $20?
Because I spoke with her.
Nothing spoke you, don't lie to me.
He said that it will come to the concert by Zack Brown.
It is a big mistake.
-That girl is cute? -Gold, they should build it.
You should take it to classic, as something pop.
Something pop?
-Yes, the pop. -It is named something pop.
Enough, go to the right, catch it.
-Pull the grenade. -I'm going.
Wheel and do it at once.
We will, it's a team.
It is so fast it almost passes to the camera.
The route is from Hopkinton to Boston.
Back to women, that go with six seconds.
Go, this society.
-My God. -You are grateful to God, isn't it?
Yes, this is the last time, so we'll see.
-When do cut you hair? -When forget to shave your legs.
This is our new "Rush Runner" application.
It is messaging of personalized meal.
How the fare?
The rates are very simple and economic.
I'm sorry, I couldn't find my jacket.
Already, we can take something?
-Before to go. -Safe?
-Get drunk. -Affection.
As more competitors come to the finish line.
This is a first, so they can know it all.
Are you ready? We fly.
-Would you like to see MOM in the race? -Yes.
-Will we see Mami in the race? -Mami.
-I saw what happened. -Let's go.
We roll.
-Pope. -Very well.
Hey, you look at the people here
-You must greet them. -Thanks, really.
How you be? do well?
Well, there was an interruption in the 900.
All are very encouraged.
The street is one extension of the buildings.
It is a very pleasant sight.
Behind the Boston Stadium, packed with fans.
In the game.
Hit the ball and is going away more and more, it's a Home Run.
-For the Red Socks. -Yes, fucking.
It seems that it will reach the finish line first.
Is there someone more along the way?
It is very fast.
There are only 3, 2...
1 and is now.
This is the winner of the marathon.
This is what the Boston Marathon is really.
Many amateur runners reach the goal.
There is much commotion around here, it seems to me that they have already entered enough.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sorry.
-Very well done, Billy. -Thanks, Jeff.
Jeb is lobster, which has crossed the target.
Hey, no.
-Break time. -I don't rest time.
-Hey. -Nena.
-You are here alone? -Yes.
Don't you know that you should be saving a little rest?
That is the meaning that I brought this, remember?
Sure that that was your plan.
-I wait? -I cannot, should I return and get out of this.
-I love you, thank you. -I love you also.
Hey, it returns there.
Did you see that?
There it goes.
The general in his campaign costume.
Sir, I have a damn "suavecito" deal that had done with you.
-Hey, grab this guy. -Get out of here.
Let's go.
-Come on, how do you feel? -Knee hurts.
Your back hurts, my balls hurt, the pain is sometimes
As above the pain itself, it is incredible.
Talks about Davis.
No, the Vice is set at 3.
Would vice? would the Vice President?
-Let me, let me tell you, Commissioner. -We are out there.
Guys, the lobster is back.
It's true.
Our competitor in wheelchair goes forward.
Very fast runners head competition.
Today, there is so much history for all runners.
From our team, after cameras.
Thank you for this race.
They are pumps, we will, they are bombs.
The 94-unit, we have explosions.
All available personnel to the finish line.
The staff at the finish line.
Is it what it seems?
Again, multiple injuries.
Come on, someone who can help us, please.
Lord, will be fine, Yes?
It will be fine.
How much more will this take?
Bring a stretcher, now!
All units to the finish line.
We need help here.
Again, multiple injuries.
-Tommy. -Carol.
-Tom. -Are you okay?
Quiet, quiet.
You're fine, you're fine.
Come on, here, Carol, go with him now.
Take home, now.
Unit 94, come to the goal.
Unit 94, I have to hear it from your supervisor.
Listen now, I need you to clear it immediately.
Keep trying it with ambulances.
Quiet, it will work.
Madam, has fire.
-Quiet. -Lie down.
Lord, can find some help?
-To anyone, please. -Yes.
-Come on, here. -Are you okay?
We will carry your child to help you.
Leo, Leo.
It will be fine, Mr.
Well, are you ready?
Without moving, well.
Okay, I hear it.
Check this out.
-We will be soon. -See you.
Let us all, now.
-Are you ready? -That's my wife.
It will be fine, we will already.
Send two ambulances for the goal, now.
This is the unit 94, I approach the area of the pump, all cleared the area.
Stop, the riders also.
Right now.
All runners.
Respond soon.
I need a fucking ambulance here.
I am on the site of the second pump.
We need reinforcements.
-Are there more bombs? -, Quiet, you are not well.
-What is that? what? -Look at me.
Look at me, come here, now.
Guys, stop already the race.
This is not the track, we will lift it.
We are going now.
Listen, we have two victims fatal.
One was only 8 years old.
-Really? -Yes, we have to remove all.
This is crazy.
-I shall, but leave me this alone. -No, we have two to handle.
Remove all from this area.
-Right now. -I am at that.
Hello, is anyone here? Someone?
The 94-unit, we have to confiscate all cell phones.
I have to find my son.
-Your son? -My son.
Don't worry, we will find it.
I don't know where is.
Come on, contain, all will be well.
We have to get him.
Tell me, can you move your fingers?
Good, good.
You have to breathe, do well?
I have to find my son, his name is Leo Woolfenden.
It has three years, they separated it from me.
I have to find it.
His name is Leo Woolfenden.
We must notice, to leave people remaining.
We have 6 blocks from perimeter covered.
All is well here.
Here we go.
Here we go.
-Here was the first? -Yes, the second was for the restaurant.
Communicate that we need the probe team immediately.
I already did it, we collected all mobiles.
To have all the videos possible.
Them need all to make a big scene.
-Are how much area covered? -6 blocks from here. This is the Center.
-We are going to extend it, that is 10. -Well.
It can that they have coordinated more bombs.
How much did the impact?
Three deaths, which let us know.
There is a child, who was on the street.
-What are you doing? -I said that there is a child there.
There is a body, we have to abort, tell them to stop it.
Come on, tell them to stop it.
Who fuck you are?
Sorry, Sergeant, can that tracks in the blood or under the body have.
We can not risk to move it.
What happens, eh? tell their parents that their son is dead in the street??
-Leave it, Tom. -To shit.
-Just calm down. -Okay, Billy.
-Well. -Now it is OK.
We have to find out who caused this and we should do it fast.
I would say that terrorism.
Knights, in the moment in which we say terrorism all changes.
It is no longer an internal matter or a local research, it is much more.
All are involved, it is terrible.
We will have many negative reactions by the people.
And if we make a mistake there is no turning back, I mean, I've been through this.
We only call what we already know it is.
And we have to report to Chicago, New York and Washington of what happened.
The accusations will be flowered for what they are doing.
It is terrorism, we will take it.
Then, what do you need?
Lots of space.
To listen.
I want that there.
The researchers in that corner, we need installed media.
And that the evidence review there.
I guarantee that we will assume all functions assigned.
Okay, Chief we are at it.
Commissioner Davis, the New York Post reported that a 20-year-old saudi was accused.
Can you confirm it?
At this time we have not charged anyone.
We ask the public to please help us in our research.
Anyone with photos or videos from your phone.
We ask you to provide them to the Boston police.
I need you to give me access to the following databases.
Travel, Visa.
I need access from phone towers right now.
AT & T, Verizon, T-Mobile, with trace.
I am now following Boston flights.
No, no, I'm talking about J Fox.
I need you to locate it immediately, that is.
The service of the FBI has received 12,000 post in less than a minute.
My god.
And it is locked.
-Put it back online. -Yes, Sir.
-Now. -Yes, Sir.
24-year-old woman, Jessica Kenski.
-Pulse 101 per minute. -TA 84/45 mmHg.
The least we can do is a biopsy.
The soft tissue is also committed, I don't think it's salvageable.
There is too much damaged tissue, we have to amputate it, there is no other way.
-I need to clean this wound. -Take here.
-The leg is injured, it has no ID. -The leg doesn't look right.
Well, the vessels are fine, but there is no viability here.
There is blood supplement.
We have to amputate, sierra.
Amputating under the knee, left leg.
We are recreating the scene, everything must be exactly where it was.
We have to stop this here.
A moment, don't let that on the ground or have excess DNA.
Carol, answers the phone.
Carol, are you listening to me?
This way.
If they were separate parts, they also put them.
I need help placing cell phones where they were in the Park.
-Do not remember bombs? -Carol, called as soon as you see the message.
Just put the bags inside more bags.
Quick review cameras, we have to complete the import.
We move in the process?
Yes, sir.
They now say that it was not an explosion.
Hello? Carol, I have called you a lot.
-Tommy, by God, are you well? -Yes, I am well.
-Are not wound? -I'm fine, my mom is here, with all.
-Thanks to God. -They say that there may be more bombs.
-Please be careful. -I will have it.
I have to go.
Not bad? I will call you as soon as you can.
I love you.
Sergeant, use a regular telephone, are under care.
Better to move the back, huh?
-Please don't bother me now. -I am not bothering. You did very well today.
Honey, I am.
Love, I had a hard day today.
I will do it, don't worry.
I love you also.
What makes those people there? They were not even there.
-What is this? do a fucking joke? -It is the FBI, Tommy, they are in charge.
-So get yours. -Yes, boss.
That kind of there is triple fucked 1. On what you want to
-2. It has to do things - what is the third?
It will say that the best thing we can do is to not do anything while we were there.
Hey, those guys are looking for you. I don't want to do problems at the moment.
-Just get your fucking job. -Well.
We have no evidence.
If it was an attack suicide.
We know that the explosives were detonated by remote control.
It is likely that these pumps are homemade and it seems-
that it did more.
-What do you propose? -We must call the Guardia national.
I believe that we need a couple of S.W.A.T. teams
And most importantly
There are two bathrooms in this place, and one is broken.
We are in that.
I have to say that we are dealing with more than one guy-
with a degree of sophistication.
Sorry, agent DesLaurie.
-Es agent DesLauriers. -Sorry for that.
-Look, just wanted to say. -It is not the place or the time.
I worked in homicide, do you know what matters most in these cases?
Witnesses, have to go to hospitals -
and review the victims, anyone could see the guilty, you know?
Tommy, leads to some men for this.
And keep in mind-
another bomb can be in a place of the city.
So take the IDs of everyone in the hospital.
We have conflicting reports about the marathon events during the day.
It is said that officials have pointed to the main suspect.
-No one has been arrested... - Tam.
I need whole milk you seek, this is 2%.
It is milk, she will not see the difference.
She can that do not, but if I do it when she is sick.
-Feed the baby in the room, let us. -What is supposed to give you?
-We have nothing. -You feed the baby in the room.
-Seriously, we have nothing. -I'll see, go to the room, now.
Go away.
I will make him that milk.
Put bombs at that level was critical
Go get the proper milk, see.
-What? No. - don't want to hear more shit.
Go get the right milk.
I do a couple of questions? Did you see something before the explosion?
-No. - did someone with Backpack?
Thank you very much, thank you very much.
Have someone has asked you something?
What is your name, sweetheart?
-The leg is killing me. -We have many kinds of painkiller.
-Do use Vicodin? -No Vicodin, no.
-Something simple, please. -Tylenol then here is.
Thank you.
Hey, do we have the name even?
No, the doctor said he was with his wife, all I have is this ring.
Says PD and J, 8.25.12
You have to be in another hospital.
Let me make some calls.
Yet they keep people out of a 15-block area.
As we said earlier.
Here you go.
-Do fried rice? do egg rolls? -Yes, everything is there.
It was a day of fear.
-My name is Dunny. -I am Kara.
-Happy to meet you. -An equal taste.
You are in...? Boston?
Yes, I live here.
I live in Cambridge.
That is not far away.
-Hello John. -Hi, how are you?
Go tomorrow, isn't it?
Terrible, would go into this?
No, it's Boston and NYPD.
-What about you? -Everything is ruined.
The radio does not work and the right window does work when I use a lever.
How is this lever?
Yes, low, but only when I force it.
It is very rare.
Excuse me, sir.
Sorry to bother you.
-Is she Jessica Kenski? -Yes.
She is my daughter.
Look, I understand, back then.
Lord, how can I help?
-She communicated something? -Not much.
He only asked her husband.
We don't know where it is.
His name is Patrick Downes.
Can you help us to find it?
We will take care of that, do well?
-Is it OK? -Thank you.
My god.
-Hello. -What are doing here?
So what shit happened beyond outside? What's going on?
Is it the evil Al Qaeda or what?
Is Al-Qaeda?
Are you in my fucking couch with that?
-What is what? -Sorry.
-Please answer, tell me. -Was it Al-Qaeda or what?
-Is this a joke? -We need a little space.
-Please say what happened. -What happens?
Remove them all please. Out of here, we will.
-What the hell is that? -Out, we will.
-Sorry. -Out!
Let's go. Need Tommy
I don't know.
I don't know.
It's okay, honey.
I don't even understand what I saw.
See all that blood...
on all sides.
They cut off the foot.
Her boyfriend.
It was the marathon also and they were well.
As good guys, you know.
And suddenly it happened.
Then they helped me to move it from soil.
We moved it with care.
The blood started to come out, everywhere.
And there was 8-year-old boy.
And we had to take us to his family, to his parents.
I have images in my head.
They will not.
You were there.
Please do not get angry with me for calling you that you were.
I should not ask you that you were there.
He could not know it.
It was not your fault.
I'm sorry, Carol.
I am asking you that you were.
I am having done.
They are a few sons of bitches, Carol.
We need to find to those sons of bitches until they hurt someone else.
In three seconds.
This man, White Cap.
Put it back.
It is the only one who moves away.
The boss wants to talk to you.
Sergeant Saunders.
Thanks for coming so quickly.
Whatever it was, I did not.
I was told that you cubras that area.
Yes, why?
Okay, that of White Cap.
It reproduces.
It had a White Cap?
-This is type, no? -We believe.
It has to be.
Very well.
Then, suppose that I am White Cap.
Exactly, at 2:45, I am seen by security cameras.
In front of the restaurant.
Now, Sergeant, as you can see, we have recreated the scene of the crime.
Now, move us from place.
We move to where?
Towards the boom.
Before the explosions.
We need to trace its source.
You know the street, isn't it?
Do you know the places that have security cameras?
Yes, I know what you're doing, you're doing a time line.
-It was 2:45? -Proper.
Well, then.
Let's see what's at 2:44.
-The Crate and Barrel. -Does anyone else see it?
Crate and Barrel.
Yes, sir.
See it, 2:44 pm.
He was in front of this place.
It is ok.
I will call the office, looking at the CAP.
Checked card receipts.
That you use facial recognition.
Well, Sergeant, Crate and Barrel.
2:44 pm.
Who I see now?
There is a camera in front of the street.
Alvin Luis?
Alvin Luis.
Does anyone have it?
-Nothing, Mr. -Isn't it?
No, sir.
-Let's move on. Does that follow? -Wait a moment, let me think.
Just in such a time, no.
He came to us in that direction.
-You know. -Thank you.
Remember that abandoned child?
We've been busy.
I have it almost.
That social club that opened a year ago.
I got it.
We, at 2:42 pm, I have his face from another angle.
It is the same, by Chin, but not yet enough for facial recognition.
Come on, quickly.
We have to go to 2:40 p.M.
The House of the Whiskey.
The Whiskey House.
I have it, 2: 37, of standing talking to someone.
This using a hat and sunglasses.
It is as if they knew.
Sons of bitches.
Damn piece of shit.
They are two.
Give me a kiss.
-Outside. -For.
Well, you have to put so the Bunny.
-How? -Yes.
-What? -How?
There is a very strong police presence, the organization is still pending,
Did you think to leave earlier?
Come on, I will help you.
Your baby doesn't know how to tie laces.
-Tar. -No, I don't.
Can we have 0 I like on Facebook?
We have limited stock, we should invest.
He left images.
He was wearing glasses and that complicates much recognition.
Come on, we need the help of national security.
These photos should be made public.
Still, have a couple of decent tracks but...
The city hates these types.
-I agree. -So, do not say anything?
This is our situation now.
But we are sure that they are partners and are known.
-It's okay. -Well, very well.
I need a boss.
-I find the answers? -You need answers.
And that you suspend again?
These photos are of suspects that we don't know who they are.
- And that puts them... - at our disposal.
So what? And if we make a mistake?
Does the sense that we are giving you and if none of this? I crucify.
Does not seem to me the typical murderers, do you know?
What is the classic stereotype?
Do you have it rated?
Everything is clear between us, but we must answer to the people.
We cannot lean back and continue analyzing data.
That tells you your instinct?
My instinct tells me that it may be the subjects we are looking for.
I'm not ready to make public photos.
We need to give our people more time to work.
Not bad.
It is determined.
We will wait.
It was a beautiful day-
in Boston.
Then, in an instant.
The beauty of the day is overshadowed.
For millions of us, what happened on Monday.
It is personal.
It is personal.
So we got together to pray.
And we ask.
But we also met today.
To reaffirm that the spirit of this city.
It is intact.
The spirit of this country.
It must remain undamaged.
-Hi, Li. -Hi Sean.
-Hello, I love those glasses. Are they new? -Yes.
Thanks, we needed a break from classes.
-We believe that coffee would like to. -Thank you, Yes.
Coffee, that's great.
Well, we have to go back.
- But Saturday, do Zack Brown? -Yes.
It is true, I will make sure that all come, quiet.
We will just be you and me.
It is ok?
-Yes. -Yes.
-This is the best. -Yes?
Prefer it this way, Yes.
Ok bye.
-Goodbye. -Goodbye.
See you.
Come on, we have to do this fast.
The situation in Boston remains delicate.
We prepare to assist your request for reinforcements.
The maximum speed has been reduced to 25 for this month.
The warning period is over.
Go a week, Sergeant?
I would take on that mission.
I am expert in these cases.
Well, you're very brave.
We have new information.
We are not yet close to identify suspects.
We need to publish those photos.
If we release them now we have zero control over the situation.
We are forcing these people to react.
Now, Boston is against us.
Come on, we have a situation unchanged.
Who has this problem?
In this city? The problem is that everyone wants to talk about theirs.
The issue is that they are talking about it with the wrong people.
Do you publish photos of the suspects and hopefully, trust me.
We will have Boston working for us, I assure you.
Understand it, Boston.
But I can't do magic, this decision goes over.
Don't worry, I will call right now, it's my fucking city, do well?
It releases those damn pictures.
One moment, please.
Do not give me lessons of intelligence, that is what I do.
We have a problem, Fox has the photos.
-If we do, they will do it. -Repeat again.
Fox will release photos in 20 minutes with or without our authorization.
Well, for this I need the cooperation of all.
But when this is over, I'm going to find the person who gave them the photos.
And I will destroy.
I'm not dear to Fox News-
leading this investigation.
What should we do?
Do you publish photos and we'll do a press conference.
Initially, we had a single suspect.
Not knowing if the individual was working alone or not.
The FBI has now reached a new suspect.
Estamps trying to identify
These two suspects.
It is said that they make it public now-
because they need help in the investigation.
The other appears walking behind a short distance.
If someone outside recognizes, at least one designated men-
or they contain some vital clue.
We don't want to lose more lives. Please call the FBI.
I was in the crowd, just after the second explosion.
He was talking on the phone.
With a black jacket and a white Baseball Cap.
No one should try to stop him. Just to inform the agents of law.
Did you see the news?
I saw the news, it is better to not send me messages.
Were you there?
Who you write?
No one.
All our things together.
It is time to go.
Can you give me a gun now?
We can not risk yet.
-Just saying that I would have... - Yam-
you will have your weapon.
The pictures are blurry. They do not serve them.
The pictures are good.
The pictures are really good.
Hey, where is Yam?
I don't know, did you see the article?
Because it is rare as you.
What shit you say?
-Don't we know it. -They look as if they knew something.
We only came to find some things from him.
Go guys, I have to prepare myself I have classes. 927 01:03:06, 216 - 01:03:07, 862 - my shit is not stolen. -Fuck you.
Fuck you, don't touch my stuff.
You should join now
Now if we are going
Where did you find that grass?
There back.
Of course, in the things of Yam.
Shit, there are grass here.
What are those things?
They are nails.
What shit are they those things?
They are tiptoeing, do you know?
-What? -I'm talking about that this is for making bombs.
Are they so smoked not realize?
What shit wrong?
-Do not know, I found it. -Really?
-We find it. -Very well.
Put that back in the backpack.
Come on, put it.
What do I do?
It's hot.
-Then were cheerleader? -Yes, it was doing jumps and spins.
Then they threw you high and then...
In fact I got a bruise, in my final year of University.
I tried to walk, and half of my body did not.
I wanted to be able to walk, but he couldn't. I was alone at the time.
It was here like you, would alone, true?
Yes. In principle, it is always difficult to be alone.
But then you make new friends.
At last.
Are there in?
And if it communicates with the other cops?
You wanted a gun, now you have to get it.
At least to you don't want the gun.
Good morning, what is your status?
I am in the same position for 45 minutes.
I have eyes on the main avenue.
When you are finished-
I have a family breakfast for 30 minutes.
I can do it?
Unit 144, scroll, fast, and expected orders of location.
-We'll - Yes, it is very dry here
Then on the day, I'm ready.
Come on, take away the weapon, are going.
Oh, no.
Leave me alone
-We will. -Fuck you.
Release the weapon.
-Let's go. -Wait.
-Hey. -We will.
-Almost I have it. -Go now, piece of shit.
Come on, now.
All units, deployed by Westwide.
An officer has been shot.
Looking for suspects and witnesses near the scene of the crime.
The description is of a Caucasian, it is not in the neighborhood,
We are still trying to locate suspects.
Please open, can you help me please?
Yes, I just wanted to...
Hey, no.
Hold on.
Don't move.
What's your name?
Do you know something of the marathon?
Yes, I knew what happened.
Do you know who did?
I did.
And now, I just kill a police officer.
Where is your money? Give me your wallet.
Come on, give it to me.
-Only get all the money. -Grasp.
Your name is Dunny.
My name Dun Ma, is composed.
Sounds like Dunny.
I lie back.
Ok, it's fine.
I am sorry.
What the hell?
Open back.
Open back.
Slow friend.
Let's go.
Give me the keys.
Stay in the car.
I will bring pressure cookers.
-Already are? -Yes.
Get into the car
Slowly, soft
It only takes the auto
It's okay, everything will be fine
Well, we will
If you need something, just say so
Look at me.
Get into the car.
Go to the car and you will be in silence.
Go to the auto
Enter right now.
-Hey, watch it. -Yes.
Not bad.
Does this auto connection iPhone?
Oh, no.
Are you sure? And Bluetooth, does it?
I will put my mobile with music.
Sorry, no Bluetooth.
Do you care that shit really?
Nobody that matters to me Yes.
Buckle up for safety.
Come on, are you listening to me?
We now reanimaremos.
It has no signs of life.
Crap, John.
He's gone.
Had not given, I mean, he's are.
Without pulse, it's gone.
Here be careful, slowly.
Just relax.
Can I drive?
-Can drive? -Yes.
-No. - why?
Brother, I have never driven this model.
You will not drive this car.
Overcome it.
Wrong, official address.
Hey, you turn.
-Do you have a House? -To a couple of streets.
Well, come out of the streets.
The events of the Boston Marathon have been described-
as the worst act of domestic terrorism since the attacks of 9-11.
Either way, along a line of...
You rot.
Do you know that it is a lie, Dunny?
-Yes. -As of 9/11.
No one caused the collapse of the towers.
It was the same Government.
-Yes, I know it. -Do you know it?
I think that you say because you do not want to be killed.
I'm sorry, it's just that I didn't know about 9/11.
You have to educate yourself a little.
Well, if that is a nation of shit, is very fucked.
The Government is to blame.
The Government.
To make America a butcher's shop.
Many people died on 9/11.
Many voters.
-I knew it. -Of course that does not.
Everything is conditioned by the media.
Take your wallet, take out a card.
Give me your number.
I need your PIN code.
-6228. -Do you have it?
It takes so much money as you can, okay?
-Made are crap. -Tam, so much money as you can.
It is ok.
Times Square is to...
Looking for, the way...
Time for New York...
342 minutes.
Do I leave? You can take the car.
Would you like to go?
-Yes. -Would you like to get out of the car?
You ask me to leave the car?
No, I leave the car, you keep it.
No, you will not go anywhere, stay here.
Please keep the car.
Please I have a family, in China.
I have a mother, I have a father.
I have a brother.
I don't want nobody out injured.
Just let me go.
Close your fucking mouth.
Full tank.
Does the card, only cash.
-Buy something to eat also. -It's okay.
-Would you like something? -Do not
-Are you hungry? -No, thank you.
I'll be looking for something.
Fuck you.
Hey, escaped.
So what shit happened?
Call the police.
Calls to the police, please, I was kidnapped.
They have a weapon, called the police
This is the emergency line, what is your emergency?
Well, I am owner of a shop in the West, and there is a young...
You want to talk to you about something.
Hello, please help.
Two men came to my self...
And they stole it.
All units. We have a situation, in the Beverly Street.
A man reported to have been kidnapped by armed...
By two with characteristics similar to the suspects for the attack.
Official answering the call.
I still don't understand why we do it. Why are we doing this?
Do we why take another car if this is better?
Because they are looking for this.
-Idiot. - But, why not we look for another?
-We are looking for a better car, something functional. -Now shut up.
-Take the bloody bombs. -Listen to me once.
We are looking for a car that looks like this.
Listen to me please, listen.
You are ignoring me as a setting, listen to me.
Me distracted, that what you're doing, would understand?
This is not my fault. You're kidding? This is your fault.
You were in charge, I was sitting back, so don't blame me.
Do not play more, we can not play more, do well?
-I need that you already calmes. -It's okay.
-Shut up once, would understand? -Yes, clear.
-Yes? -Yes.
-If not, I shoot you. -It's okay.
Me distracted.
So as it is.
We will do it as well, we will go there, we will put the bloody bombs and that's it.
-It's okay. - And you'll be quiet, do well?
-Yes. -Right now.
Get in the fucking car.
Attentive to the Mercedes, I will follow.
-Do understand? -Yes.
Hey Phil, what happened?
-You are here. -Hey, what happened?
Wait, I will talk about.
Lord, how are you? Are you ok?
Took my car to that area.
It took me around the neighborhood.
-They said they were going to put a... - put what?
I took and said they would make an explosion in New York.
-What? -There are a few madmen, assassins.
-Wait, just calm down for a second. -They were there, in the marathon.
You said the marathon? They said they did?
Yes, they tell me, they put the bombs.
What kind of auto drive?
It is a Mercedes Prack.
The car has GPS.
The number to track down it...
How do you you know that number?
I only remember him.
You know, they are dangerous, you have to catch them.
You know, take many balls escape as you did.
You're very brave, I hear?
Go and catch those sons of bitches.
All units, looking for a black SUV Mercedes.
Possible suspect of murder.
Looking for the vehicle and wait for further orders.
Unit 364 in response.
Hi, Chris.
Good night, care at the time of the change.
Sam, Joey, I think I found the Mercedes they were looking for.
I'll give back to see better.
He stopped.
This in Laurel Street with Dexter.
A moment, Reynolds.
I'm behind you.
You know when you're ready.
Fuck, shit, Jesucristo.
Fire, fire, all units here.
Street Moore 61.
Jesus Christ.
-We will now. -Very well.
Throw your weapon and advances.
Surrender, don't escape.
-Are you ready? -No, no.
It takes the pump.
Come on, quickly.
Careful, now.
-Jesus. -Shit, I can't see.
-Joey. -My fucking eyes.
Follow me, listen to my voice.
Come on, I need reinforcements here.
Let's go.
Go, go.
-Come. -What shit are these types?
We need reinforcements in the interception of the Mercedes black.
Unit 94 responding.
Son, what is happening?
Get in the fucking basement.
We can do it, we can shoot down them.
-How much more you have? -This is my last.
-Shit. -Hell.
Well, you are going well.
Are you ok?
Shit, I will go to find the Minigun.
Stupid, pieces of shit.
What the hell? Sir, I have something useful.
Jack, brother.
Hey, care.
-Are you okay? -Yes, I am glad to see you.
-Cover my Fanny, will. -It's okay.
Come on, come on, now.
-We need to fire, we will. -Come on, now.
-We will. -Hell.
Hell. Welcome to Watertown, sons of bitches.
Fuck you dog.
Hey, are you okay?
Fuck you.
Joey, you take your gun, we will.
We will, we will already.
Come on, salt of the car.
-We will. -Now.
Lord, help us to shoot.
Go shit, I will flank.
This is ours, this is.
Are you well? are you?
-We will now. -No.
Die bastards.
-Fuck. -Jesus.
Come on, quickly.
Go to New York, and finish it.
We will kill everyone, everyone.
I'll fuck them.
Fucking lucky.
Fallen officer.
Come on, help the fallen officer.
Donie endures.
-Come on, he resists. -Only it endure a little.
Come on, official fallen.
Come on, come on.
All available units, black Mercedes heading East or Northeast.
For the vehicle.
-On the ground. -What shit happens to you?
-Are they stupid or what? -We hear black truck.
-Sorry, do well? -Is there, we will.
We will move now.
7716 in control.
I need an ambulance at the Avenida Lorelai.
It is in custody, shot and killed.
I repeat, shot and killed.
We have to hurry.
He's gone.
Come on, urgent intravenous hydration.
Pallets, loaded 200 please.
Charged to 200.
-Do not respond. -Charge 200.
-Loaded, would clear? -Cleared.
-Direct shock to the heart. -I have it.
I need to back out now.
-Please exit here. -I'm from the FBI.
This has to happen right now.
-Step back. -Well.
Tell me what response in EKG.
-Nothing, loading. -No pulse.
-Do something? -Nothing.
Already, I will declare it.
1:35 am, dead.
Tamerlan Tsarnaev, lived with his wife, his daughter and his younger brother Dzhokhar.
The ARTSOG just let.
That it evacuated a block from perimeter, make that two.
-Understood, we have a problem. -What?
-Black cap Tamerlan Tsarnaev. -Yes.
I know him.
Known how?
-It was on a watch list. -Well, give me the list.
-Here it is. -During the persecution...
One of the suspects was wounded seriously and already in the hospital...
He was pronounced dead.
Now stretches an intense search...
By all Watertown...
Official cooperator in the related case, reports that the suspects...
They had another planned destination.
Did you hear? We have confirmation of identification.
-Of black hat. -Yes, I heard.
What about White Cap?
How do we ensure that it is still on the perimeter?
Because my men are reviewing everything.
How are you?
We are reviewing the report.
This has been a report that was seen South of Watertown.
He could have escaped to New York.
It is ok.
An officer attacked and the other at risk.
For Boston...
I'll call them.
We power the city until further notice.
We will comply transport groups and do a census immediately.
In addition to that we must review each place.
The entire city will be reviewed.
Seriously do you want to do this, Governor?
-I will speak with the Marshal. -This seems like the dark ages.
We have laws and people have rights.
It is murder.
It is not causing more damage to the city.
We power it.
Thorough scrutiny will begin in the city...
On the occasion of the events in Boston...
All connections for exit and entrance to the city will be closed.
The streets and avenues are closed until further notice.
Please follow our advice to stay at home with the door closed.
They will only open the door, where you're an officer of police outside.
They must stay inside.
Close the windows, the doors, unless requested otherwise.
Please, open the door.
-Anyone in the House with you? -No, I'm only.
He is supposed to be in so back out and close the door.
-Goodbye. -Bye, dad.
Thank you.
By order of the FBI who contact the wife of the suspect, Katherine Russell...
It will be stopped at the site, without notice, not to seek her or interviewed.
-He said to stay away. -Yes?
-You you came? -No, never.
-Who did it? -Don't know.
AG, the CIA.
The fucking President, how will I know?
These are documents, residence.
Things we see all the time.
And sex.
Much, much sex.
How sex would be?
While we wait to interview the wife, take a break.
Do we have to talk to her with hearing aids?
-What's that? -We are men.
-We are looking for someone who can. -I am at that.
-Idiot. -Bastard.
You miss the best.
Just let me go.
I don't want to go to that stupid party.
Come on, come on.
-Down, down. -Down.
Let me see their faces.
Let me see them.
Don't move.
Look at me.
I regret to tell you that it is not White Cap.
We call of Criminalistics and forensic.
I repeat, we don't have White Cap.
No, negative.
Not bad.
It seems that the boys shared room with White Cap.
It seems rather complicated.
They are called Black Falcon, have the wife.
It wasn't what I expected, Commissioner?
You already know it.
Special Agent DesLauriers.
We are looking for the Special Agent DesLauriers.
I am DesLauriers.
I'm Mike Thomas, can I speak with you?
We are going to handle the interrogation from here.
-Anyone has come to speak to him? -Not yet.
-This is all we have. -We are well.
We are well, thank you gentlemen, we take from here.
Do you not respect the Prophet?
Are there more bombs?
My name is Raronika.
I was born in a land with 3 wars.
With soldiers on the sides.
With a mother who could not write his own name.
You were born in a room full of flowers and balloons.
Your mother was a nurse.
-She called you Katie... - do not know anything about me.
Your best friend, Gina Crawford...
Working at Starbucks in Cambridge...
Where you tried to convert to Islam.
Between cakes and macchiatos.
-You know nothing. -Are there more bombs?
More bombers?
Sending a message to Gina just after the bombing.
He said: "more people is murdered every day".
"In Syria and elsewhere, innocent people."
Did you see the TV report?
We found waste pump in your apartment.
In the table in the kitchen, in the dishwasher.
The kitchen in which you make breakfast for your daughter.
Are there more bombs?
Tamerlane you met in a bar.
In your years of College.
-I want a lawyer. -Tell me Katie.
Other rewards?
What the wife of Mohammed?
If a husband's returns shaid what are the rewards for his wife?
You can not understand any of this.
-Are there more bombs? -I want a lawyer.
-No. - isn't it?
Not what?
-No. - I have rights.
You do not have a shit, love.
-Are there more bombs? -Am I under arrest?
-Are there more bombs? -No, and you can not hold me.
Who shit are these types?
Are there more bombs?
You're completely crazy, you lost your head.
The fucking head.
Your husband is gone.
My dear.
You're now a widow.
And you left your child.
Who will grow up knowing that his father was a monster.
And you not even kissed before leaving.
He did it?
Katie, for the love to your daughter.
Are there any other pump?
For a moment, the marriage is a complete dance of duality.
Strength and submission.
Beautiful and generous.
The tireless love of two masters.
One carnal and one divine.
The life that a woman lives.
It is difficult and dangerous if not subject to her husband.
There is a place saved for her in hell.
Yes, my husband kissed me before you go.
And I kiss again when you see him in paradise.
And you can not prove anything.
Excuse me.
What do?
I think she knew it.
But you will never taste it.
If there are more bombs than outside-
She will never tell us.
How would that a mother to a daughter?
Good luck.
Tell me that you have something because we need some light.
She is not talking.
Mr. Gobernador read a list of national security surveillance.
Black cap is in it.
He was there all the time and we lost him.
All that's left us.
And what we need is not aggression.
Not to Al-Qaeda, or even the Middle East.
Come on, he is already dead.
We all had access to the same database.
Let's see, who was in the NASA looking for a Princess?
A weeping dog leaves because she lost a battle?
All learning that he beat his girlfriend?
It is not modern.
It is a fucking coward.
If we were going straight...
We have a breakthrough.
This shit was preventable.
Seven years ago-
Or maybe eleven.
I went to see the doctor.
He said that he could not have children.
Carol could not have babies.
Jesus, Tommy, did not.
Just after that.
I choked in alcohol.
And quite ruin things, it was not good idea.
Without being able to have children.
I saw three girls killed in a murder.
Children from 5 years of age.
I don't know, see them as well, they were century[3]).
When told it Carol.
No, I cried, it was something more profound.
Crying does not describe that kind of sound.
I was very wrong.
There was no pain.
It was like a war.
As a war between good and evil inside me.
As the evil attacking and defending good.
And I thought, what can I do?
So I saw him today.
Good vs. evil, love against hate.
They are those demons against which you have to fight.
It is love.
It is everything you can touch.
As if they were hunting.
Trapping and killing, all that.
And we still do not understand it.
There is no way that we could prevent it.
We support each other.
Love every fear.
I think that it is the only real way to overcome.
I always knew there was something of beauty-
Very deep in the soul of Tommy Saunders.
Four days ago.
When we saw that child's body-
That he could not return with his family.
We will be better.
I ran the marathon behind you.
It is after you.
-Behind of you. -After you.
The "of" is not said.
After you.
Hey, I'll me a cigar.
It is only here, do well?
No, come on, stay here.
-Stay. -What is that outside of the House?
-It's okay. -It is the cover of something.
It will ruin the House.
I will only take a second, do well?
-A second. -Go, you should not.
Be allowed to be there.
Lord I just received a call.
Someone believed to have seen someone suspicious hidden in a boat.
In a boat?
-A boat. -Hey, Tommy.
Hello, what?
-It is in the pot. -What?
-It is in the pot, someone there. -Is there anyone in your boat?
My boat is right there.
It is strange, as it has lost color.
- And on the ground had cloths. -Looks at the base.
We have a possible individual in a boat on the 67 of the Franklin Street.
-Do you have a basement? -Yes.
Enters the House, waiting in the basement and don't move.
Slowly, Tommy.
-Blood. -Would blood?
Fuck, fuck.
-Do you have? -Close your fucking mouth.
-Do that shit? -It is the fucking boat.
-Of which you speak? It already was. -Curse.
-Turn off the vehicles. -Fuck.
Clear the street and empty houses.
Yes, we need a S.W.A.T. team now in the 67 of the Franklin Street.
We have a possible criminal suspect in a boat.
And it may have a bomb.
To all units.
Do I receive? How often are you?
I can't hear you.
-What? -All are here, there are many frequencies.
Guys, please discipline.
Keep, please.
-It is moving. -Movement.
Cease fire.
Cease fire.
Jesus Christ.
Guys, soft arms, all.
I tell you that pot will not float very well.
We are sending what appears to be the end of the long development.
What seems to have been a search of 90 hours.
Of a suspect in 19 years, bomber.
And the transition to an incredible killing.
It is time to end this.
The units withdraw immediately.
The FBI will arrest, we'll.
Who fuck you are?
I'm from the FBI.
Relax, I already have this.
FBI? FBI in Boston?
No Ma'am, of Quantico.
Well I'm from Massachusetts and this is my fucking place and I'm not.
We are happy to be with us.
44 11
-I have the boat. -I have it.
I have the boat
11 to 28, have it in sight, expect new indications
Beware, this is to loud
I don't care a shit
Salt outside
Already, go Dzhokhar
We have movement, it is a hand moving
Unit 66, is in custody
Boston Police confirmed the custody of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
What are live, which is a good sign
This is something that full of pride and celebration
The imprisonment of a criminal as well
By the Boston Marathon pumps
We want to make public our thanks
For all that has been achieved
Boston and the Boston police
I want you to know
This shirt we wear today
Not only does Red Socks
Says Boston
I want to thank Thomas Menino
Deval Patrick
The full Police Department
The agents who were with us last week
This is our fucking sea
And no one is going to remove our freedom
Remain strong
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, him imposed 30 charges and sentenced to death by lethal injection
It is currently held in federal prison waiting for your appeal
His three classmates, imprisoned for obstruction of the investigation
The implementation of the law still seeks information on Katherine Russell
For their possible involvement in the marathon pumps
Many people, many days and weeks
They took to plan this event
But love answered instantly
The DIN was heard and a wave of destruction came
But at the same moment
People ran to us
Research in Boston took two full days
And for me it was symbolic of how strong
The city and its residents can be
I am a soldier and really believe in America
And I think that strong Boston shows
What we got up to defend ourselves among us
We are not going to take it
And let it fall
We will not go to you, but if we are looking for we will respond
It was the only time I've seen people cheer so the police
It brought me tears, really
When we capture him it was the best feeling in the world
There is a place in which to remember a better feeling
It felt as if we had won the war
In the weeks after the bombing
I had the opportunity to visit many survivors of the bombs
I was quite amazed
By the strength and endurance of the human spirit
And it was like in these individuals
It was absolutely amazing
I think that this day at Wilson Street
The bombers took lives
They took some of our sense of security
But they took much less than what left
And returned us some things that had been taken away from us
They gave us sense of strength
Of community and common cause
And I think we've seen that in other instances
Around the world
When we see in the news that another attack has passed
In Brussels, Lebanon, nice
Orlando, San Bernardino, Paris
I think that it is important to consider that people around the world
Not as surviving victims
But as peace ambassadors
I love this city
When we have a challenge we have a problem
We face it together
Always keep hope
Have faith that good always overcomes evil
You know, I've always had a tremendous optimism
And hope for the future
Going forward with Leo
I hope that he sees the world in front of him
With eyes open and many questions
And sense of humor
This has been the time of our lives harder
As well as the best
It is bizarre even say it
And it is not that I do not miss my legs, I miss them every day
But after container
Much care and kindness
The least I can do is get out of bed and try again
And try to make this world better for someone else
Two years after bombing
I had the leg for running and started to practice with her
But I knew that it could not reach the final line up
That he could see the goal
That is the great stress of the race
Because it was run by the place
Where a bomb exploded and changed our lives
Took the lives of three others