Pattabhiraman (2019) Movie Script

Come, my loving girl
With a of pinch of kunkum
Oh my sweet little heart
My dear Ganesha
Tell me
l'll feed you a mystifying feast
And Pachadi on a
comer of the leaf plate
Gimme Kondattam, Pappadam,
Upperi and Vatti
It's time to enjoy the swing
and feast all together
My dear Ganesha
And Pachadi on a
comer of the leaf plate
Is the rhythm of life
This is a day to
rejoice and celebrate
My dear Ganesha
And Pachadi on a
comer of the leaf plate
Gimme Kondattam, Pappadam,
Upperi and Vatti
Leave I say
Bro, stop eating!
Damn! Move a bit from the way
That the feast is gonna spoil
Why not? He is known
to everyone
It was delicious!
I want you to prepare
the feast, Pattabhiraman
This feast, l was compelling
him to take up,
Visit home, Pattabhi
- Sure, sure
-All the best
Don't even think about it
is not getting a bride?
- Then what else is your concern?
- Nothing
What's wrong in it?
I am a member
of laughing club
We laugh before and
after saying something
She's my wife
to chuckle him up
- No need to talk, nothing, nothing!
- No, I wanna speak
Do you like 'Rasam'?
(A dish)
Red chilly, Pepper
When it boils and
turns brown
You can add somejaggery,
if necessary
For a little sweetness
The bride should like Rasam
and should know how
to prepare it
Non-veg is a must forme
- My leave got wasted again
-You get in first
So, his 43rd venture is
also done away with
No no, no need
Everything has
been loaded, bro
and the spineless idiots may be
dumped at one place for ever
Bro, don't dare to comment on
my husband's spine
BRAVO! I liked it
I'll be back soon
Can't predict it, mom
Peyad, Thirumala, Tambanur,
Kizhakkekotta (Names of bus stops)
Then, why does he bother?
- Come!
- Better!
-I guess you knowthe reason
Bro, Is this packet milk?
I'll take care ofthe
affairs here
Forthat, I've not
drunk tea
We'll meet, Beware!
Sir, forget not
I'll wait
An outlander, I guess
On a branchless tree,
Green tree!
Hi, I'm Vinayan
-Is it?
-This is Venu, l'm Rani
- Hey Venuetaa, has he come?
- Who?
That Pattabhi or Kittabi?
| go a little goofy at times.
Might be it will cure, right?
When he goes for food inspection,
he forgets that it's an inspection
It is this Valsan sir, the secretary
asked me to meet
AVanarasena (An army opres) is
fast approaching through Rama's bridge
Military strategies alien
to the demons
who is a matter of fear
to this entire universe?
Let the army get
ready for a war
To behead the huge
slot of enemies
He's the one who sends
kissing smiley everyday
Valsan sir, you rocked
the stage
Is this for money or
just a passion?
I'll get you familiarized with
Thiruvananthapuram in one day
-Where is the Lankan king, Ravana?
- lt's war time
| just understood that he
is Hanuman in this play
The wealth we need,
he has already been
deposited in this land
That is how it works in
Ridiculous, Swami!
We just have to flatter them
DearAmbru, don't eat
it on the steps
Didn't you get fish biriyani?
Didn't I tell you?
This is not what you think,
this is some othertechnique
You can reap more
than what you sow
Are cigarette companies
manufacturing money?
- What's that?
-I called him names
Hi 2 in our office
(Health inspector)
We'll buy a HO Next week is the 'Peravaasthuli'
So, I guess you got an outline
of Thiruvananthapuram?
- Sasi,
There're signs of
thunder here
What Sir, Is this not milk?
Get lost, YOU!!
That's rig ht
l'm Pappan, Mandalam
For pure milk, the market
rate is Rs. 48/-
This is not cow milk
- I'll get itjust now
- I'm also from health
When you shamelessly
beg from the public,
Atleast one minute,
Live as a dignified politician
I guess you accept bribes
from only big hotels
I meant, praying for
your health and life
Welcome to a new episode
of 'Ruchi' (TASTE)
Pour some oil
After sauteing it,
We add the vertically
cut onions into it
The chicken is magnated using
Garam Masala, Pudina
leaf and...
No way! This time the remote
cheated me, that's all
What's that?
Lem m e see
What is it? Can you
tell me it's recipe?
You can call it,
'Oonesham Valinji'
The curry cooked up using
the available veggies
Not in the SAME department
That's my wish
But, you serve POISON
Pattabhiraman sir's
assistant, Sukoor
l'm ovenNhelmed
Take your time,
no hurry
At last, one of my
wishes got fulfilled
That's not catchy
My Facebook lords,
be with me!
I'm gonna get a
good reach today
- How beautiful these ceremonies are?
-Ambru, Are you less hungry nowadays?
4000, 4000, 4000
Yes, yes! Design is
very important
Who wants it otherwise also?
What a hecking companion?
But it will take two
more years
Which is the entrance?
Dear Sukoor,
Say Cheese, all of you
How crazy!
I'll call you at night
His Hecking PALACE!
Can't you see the car?
Who the hell is this?
l'm his favourite
- Didn't you invite him for house warming?
-What for?
Wait Swami,
Sad that my Sir doesn't
have an uncle like his'
He has not gotten up
from bed for 2 weeks
He does not go along
with Remya
Now, walk yourself
Weren't you saying that
he doesn't walk?
You skipped one
Just a minute,
Good food make
good medicines
Excuse me, I'm an
health inspector
First lemme know
what his problem is
You needn't check this hotel
I'm the Mayor of this city
It's natural to have
a big-wig customer
We'll come
These children have
not started living yet
the honey you feed
immediately after birth
When these kids ask
for colorful food,
We get forfree
But for me, to
overcome that
The first thing to clear out is
the fat from animal waste
Those who eat it
is sure to suffer
No one can stop a defiant
officer from his duty
would support him in the
fight against this social evil
keeps a doctor away
Just make this
your priority,
You were saying that
there're corrupt officers
What if Vigilance
locks me in?
Bribery is a TRUTH!
Problem is when it's
not closed
Bog off from here without
creating issues
Health department conducted
a contentious raid
They collect samples from fish
markets, vegetable markets etc.
This is just the aftermath
of Pattabhiraman's ego
Should I come with you?
No, no, I'll manage
Don't be a Puppet
oftheir hands
Let them give poison,
kill and eat us
' The KITCHENS at home'
When you starve
The crops are adulterated,
And we eat poison now
The crops are adulterated,
And we eat poison now
Then you fight in the name
of caste and religion
The sharing dies, happiness dies
The days of harmony absconds
The man is ever ungrateful,
for the food he eats
Those days are gone when mankind,
grew and ate good crops
They grew rice, Yam, sweet
potatoes, jackfruits
They grew rice, Yam, sweet
potatoes, jackfruits
Those ate these lively dishes,
grilled on the forest woods
Eat POISON now
Rise man-kind,
We're falling down
Save us from this disease
causing poison
Not only you, Sir
Not only you, Sir
he's a fighter of god
He's called a fraud
or a terrorist
My wife abandoned me
That Pattabhi is the reason
why my wife left
It was the bribe money
I used to give
All these females are mad
I give half of my
earnings to him
Sir, you do one thing
- Who the hell is that?
- Is he my father-in-IaVIf?
Your boozers party
can't be allowed here
Heck with you!
own Ambassador car
in front ofthe it
Were you not saying that your dad
was a government officer?
I have been leaving
him to his madness
A little
House cleaning,
With pleasure
Pattabhi's food is
always special
You can't be perfect
Have they started
dining together?
God! Is this public property
getting privatized?
Matching differences is
not the idea of marriage
I won't be able to
adjust with that
I'll kill you if
you kiss her
With a person who wear
poison on her lips,
Darling, kisses!
I will've to go bananas
looking at your wife
OthenNise also, these girls
shouldn't marry
I picked your number from
Corporation office
When silly people like us
From where did you eat?
Is there a Vineetha hotel in
front of Thaikkad hospital?
When Pattabhi eats there,
Put on speakers, Sir
After His Highness Maharaja,
No one has ever complained
about the food here
Where's the kitchen?
It's here
0h! Poor guys!
Your name as well
as your Rasam
Its' chill when served hot
There're Iaddos and
Jilebis in the car
He does nothing
without gains
Sign it
Let it be colorful.
Ain't I right?
You should've one
since you bought it
That is my Bro-in-Iaw
I'll explain
Uncle, you're already here?
Rasam (Fun) after
marriage is normal
'One being subservient
to the other'
One girl really shocked me
even if! choose any
other in the world
Beyond this,
-Aren't you Pattabhiraman sir?
Dasappa, It's more
chilling this year
I had come this
way last night
Banana flitters
- How far is it?
- It's nearby
Oh! It's freezing cold
He's there
Around 6-7 months, Sir
Close the shop and
get into the vehicle
Kadaikudi Ratnam Karthikeyan.
Aguy of 19 landed in
in search of ajob.
In a small room opposite
to Sree Padmanabha temple,
I just knowtwo things.
You gifted me everything.
Towards this mission,
starting from today
You can also keep food in it.
For inaugurating
'Akshaya Patram',
Greetings, all of you!
Initially, I pass my wishes
to K.RK. group.
Under a wooden Almira
in our college canteen,
Anybody could take it and eat it.
And some yummy Pulissery.
So, its taste helped me
to forget my poverty.
This is the taste that
The senior who fed me everyday.
She asked me,
That's not my cup of tea.
slangs are fine.
Shall I serve Rice soup?
These local curries,
Are you sure?
Why not?
He's a god like person for us.
Valsan Sir can help Pattabhi
to become a millionaire.
Heck with his Ethics!
But, we were supporting you.
It was a visual treat
to see Uncle coming.
Even Maharaja ( King)
did not have such a charm.
Don't you wanna hear
This chance is something
that came to you.
I'll shake his mind for sure.
By the time he changes his mind,
The local tastes are
introduced to us by.
It is Unnipathiri,
a special dish
When the skies shine,
with scars of colors
Searched the lady flower,
the ripples, on the land
When the sun burns,
Beyond the horizon
When the skies shine,
with scars of colors.
You're introducing local dishes.
The birdie flies
up in the skies
Seeking the treasure,
In its new spicy world
In this transient fun,
disappears the days forgone
Searched the lady flower,
the ripples, on the land
The skies shine up,
with scars of colors
And fly like a threadless kite,
In the brim of hooch
Gone were the days of love
When the skies shine,
with scars of colors
The rain drizzles nearby
(Humming song)
Yourwife is breaking
the legs on TV.
The storm is yet to come.
I'll not allow There's
no need of it.
It should be there life long.
Hey, Be active.
The rich is to be rich always.
(Indistinct chattering)
Jealousy! What else?
Valsan, It's me.
Among them, 3 were
caught by the police.
Check all the shops.
They're pesticides
like formalin..
When it's time, people go.
Nothing, a call from office.
with me for some time.
When! asked fridge
and washing machine,
Hello Sir,
I know
I'm going to catch those
chickens you supplied.
Sir, fridge and TV,
I'll send them home
Valsan has his fiefdom.
No one else is allowed there.
One Iakh!
Sir, see this.
It's good to keep an
advance with me,
You rocked, Sir.
If anyone calls from
the department,
Nothing is full for him.
It dies after 40 days.
The only remedy is
effective checking.
6"" Even this Yamadharma ,6TM
Valsanna, your phone is ringing.
Our son is not well
What are you saying?
All these are bribes.
It's me
Valsa, Hey Valsa,
Sit Pattabhi.
Let Sukoor accompany him.
I'm a grade-1 health inspector.
- Congratulations.
- Hi Sukoor 'Sir'
So, I spare you.
Mr. Pattu,
Heard that you are
a famous chap now
Lemme go.
Munchkin, did you
like our food?
What's it, Sir?
I don't care your
We had planned a
venture together,
- Oh! You meant yourself?
- Eh?
You test the food here
I'll test the kitchen
We use fresh coconut oil,
grinded in our own...
Open the fridge
- Sir, 5 of us after 12 years of...
- STOP it
Even the last drop
of blood I forgo
bashing on her head
with a grinding stick
Can't you keep
a board saying
Ripper, pass him to us
-You must finish it right now
- This much?
Kill him!
Don't leave him
Where are you going?
EAT I say!
Move me not
How's your motion?
( POO/fonz)
That's why she asked
about his motion ( font
color: "#ffff00"movement)
His spine is broken,
Broken, BROKEN!
Foryour dumb-attitude!
Not out of respect
The porottas are standing
stiff inside my stomach
She didn't come
back that night
It's this for some time
It's nice to hear
Try walking without these
crutches, Sakhave (Comrade)
Regarding adulteration
in food
Did you see, Solomon?
Quantity is 1 kg itself
Forthe same product
Duplicates are not
scarce here
All these are manufacture by
The same company's
Let the result come
We shouldn't let him free
He can be a robber
or a hunter
The reputationl built,
by 50 years
'A living Martyr'
You know!
We need to send all the
reports to Pattabhiraman Sir
Pattabhiraman Sir
is a rebel
So, call in that number as
soon as you reach Delhi
See you soon
- Move from here
Is this Pattabhiraman Sir?
I had called back
in that number
I had trusted you
I'm in fact,
sad for you
What proof do you've?
Starting from your
wife appearing
It's up to you
to believe
The Pattabhiramanl know
Didn't you speak
about the cash?
Oh! There're a lot
of customers
- Is this the amount we fixed?
-Yes, it is
I'll keep it
Full jar is the fashion
You first eat food. Food
is awesome here
Then have a Kulukki
Dip your hands
It's the health inspectors of
Thiruvananthapuram district,
If you are happy and you
know, clap your hands..
You should've thought
it before
It's after thinking a lot,
he bought a car
Great! At least he
wanted to help us
It's out ofthe wish to
live, I'm asking you,
Then, your dismissal
is sure
We just have to
dig it out
can't be vented out
at my hotel
There's a big police force
accom panying the search
Inferior curry mix
This is not my Ego,
That's why you shut
down my hotel
To cook food together
- Come in, Sir
- Nope, no need
Tanooja will tell you
the details
to know your
next step
who admires the
health inspector,
anything is possible
Solomon had only
one wife to loose
What the hell are
you gonna do?
They're my Home-g uards
More than Maya's
case inquiry,
Venu, get me all
the cut pieces
For keeping up
your promise
What happened?
- Gimme the phone
-I don't have it
-I don't know
- Uncle, I'm sick
Son, kiddo,
Look here
Com e,
I gave given some Mooru
Presence of lactic acid
has lessen the poison inside
Did someone do
it deliberately?
You destroyed Pattabhi
This chance was
given by god
If anything happens
to them..
Are you playing
with kids' lives?
Please tell
fresh food
It's 12,500 in wholesale
Not only in Palakkad,
He'll face the
Abhilash, I'm in front
ofthe police club
that led to Pattabhi's
Hey Pattabhiraman,
Our police have found out
It's after questioning
for 7 hours
Crime-sheet to be
ready soon
Protests in Social media
Pattabhiraman has been taken
outside for examination
Kerala is keen on what
Pattabhi wants to say
(Indistinct chattering)
while he is taken outside
for examination
been taken by
the police
It's from a secret place
near Marthandam,
By this, we can expect
the mystery to unveil
Both Pattabhiraman
and Jaison
confirmed as the co-culprit
The police might
be taking them to
They're going to
our factory
Whatever happening here
Speak out, Sir
Till now,
The HELL, where
dreadful poisons
These are the scenes
of adultery
We can see a varieties
of chemicals here
Starting from Coal Tar,
All items we use in
our daily lives
onething is sure...
of my people and me
To erase me from
the scene,
She shouldn't reach home
It was to beg pardon,
seeing the money I
received from you
It's Vineetha, who
was suspected
It's here we see
a U-turn
There're thousands like him
and eat..
to derail a family
How many children...??
For that, the laws
should be amended
Our children?
The generation ahead
will decide