Pattas (2020) Movie Script

(Neyyattinkara Sub jail)
Dont presume her to be like other woman
She has mastered the art of Adimurai
( ancient Tamil martial art)
She has pierced the throat of the
foreigner who killed her child
Leave me
I hate that laugh
Wake up Sakthi
He broke my leg
The new sun has come into my house
It plays beautifully
The shoulders are loaded with joy
When I lift you,
my hunger vanishes
You are the shadow near me
that will bloom to the dawn
You are the one who spreads through the sky
You are the abundant beauty that glows
Come dear the best language
The path that the flowers have opened
I am the broken statue
You are the life that blossomed from it
Can the water go away from the sea
Can the fish live on the shore
Every second as I think of you,
my heart melts
This small face in its purity,
wipes out all the pain that I endured
To cherish you again in my lap,
my womb is in penance
To lead a life without you;
where do I commence ?
You are the only reason
for my existence
Will the sun ever vanish away from the sky?
Is there a purest form of love
better than a mother's love?
Rest your head
to this lullaby
Close your eyes
to this lullaby
Rest your head
to this lullaby
Close your eyes
to this lullaby
In Bangkok
This is the finals for the
eight year of the MMA match
MMA is mixed martial art
Its a game where within a
cage people fight and win
Anyone who knows martial
arts can participate
The rules and regulations
for this is special
Amongst the games which are money spinners
This game occupies a
very prominent spot MMA
Richard is going to win the finals
for the fourth consecutive time
He's too ferocious in the fight
Whoa! Adam is knocked down
Richard won the match
The success formula behind Richard
is the person who leads him
His father, his coach and former
kickboxing champion Nilan
I am very happy to announce that
MR Nilan is going to be
our contact in India
The place will be Chennai
I have being waiting for
this moment for many years
I am very happy
How come your son is the
champion for all these years
Isnt there anyone else in India ?
I guess, there is no one in India
who is as talented as my son
Show your strength Bro
Punch it on right
Punch on the left
87...It shows the same power
on both hands for you
I think the machine is faulty
Did we come here to check this?
Come lets get to work
(Thambaram thailaya kuppi
Kathi para kappi)
Dont you know when we are at work
you should turn your phone off
Sorry bro. Forgot to
put it on silent mode
Its our guy, let me check what he wants
- Tell me bro!
- Dear!
Can you please renew my internet
As you are in jail, I took
pity and recharged it for you
First stop sharing your
hotspot to these attendants
What to do! Instead of money
they want internet
Next month I will come out
Then you come and do it
Dear! Listen, Puncture!
Which is your best
moment in India?
My first championship cup
Its always a special moment for me
And it has a special place in my
heart and my academy in Chennai
Why this one is treated special
and kept in a glass box
I think its silver
We can pawn this
If it was silver he would have pawned it
Its rusted
Then we will wash this well
and use it for our restroom
Its very stressful without a mug
Is it!
Then pack everything
Tik tok freak
Hey Alexa! Play the
song for funeral dance
See who I am!
Shes clueless whats happening around her!
Look at her dance
Give the phone
Sir I am from the police
Its at your academy
that theres a break in
Theft at the academy ?
- Tell him I am not here
- No, you're not the thief
- Dont tell them I am here
- Did we steal together
Your daughter is asking me not to tell you
My daughter ?
Sadhana is your
daughter isnt it ?
Shes my staff. Give her the phone
But you were showing
off like the owner!
Why did I leave you behind?
What were you doing until
everything was stolen?
What's with the long face?
Sorry sir
Go. Show them the CCTV footage
They first targeted the CCTV
Show them the hard disc.Should
I tell you everything
Not just the hard disc, they
did not spare even the cable
But the thieves who came are really dumb
They didnt take the cash from the office
They just took away all
these old cups and shields
Idiot! Senseless!
Do you know the value of that cup?
Worthless tin!
It wont even total to RS 350
Whats the pride in gathering all this ?
Hey we took this for something else.
Give me whatever you can
Else you will shower in lakhs
We are now millionaires
- Like I'll believe that!
- What are you blabbering?
Sorry bro! Without your
knowledge I swindled a big sum
When? Where?
This lunatic
Separate them
Yes, come in
Whats this?
Its a cheque for five lakhs
They have signed it and left it there
Thats why I just took it
On the way here I spoke to the manager
It will be shared in 70:30 ratio
Did I show you my worth?
Its invalid
Its invalid
Then why on earth do 10 people give this
after they play and pose for photographs
Thats a dummy given for advertising
Its invalid
- Are you sure?
- Will they give such a big cheque
As the value is big I assumed
the cheque will also be big
Shall I tell this out
- No
- No need?
Can we leave?
We will take it with us
Its smooth and can be used to sleep on
Its really shameful
Babu, find out who is behind this soon
- The inspector is here
- Catch the thief before I reach!
I will take care
Dont worry, they will be
near the dump yard area
- We will catch them
- Impossible, sir!
- Its the work of audio thief
- Audio thief? Who are they?
They are doing theft from 1990s
They will acknowledge the theft and leave
behind a gift for the house members
We have taken 25 sovereigns
of gold from your house
As a token of our appreciation
we are leaving this nosepin
As you enjoyed the circus,
we swindled everything
For the children to celebrate we are
leaving this gift pack of fireworks
Happy Diwali!
We came in search of you and took
away all the wealth from your house
In view of the upcoming festivals,
heres the pot to celebrate this pongal
Wonder what they left for us?
He has left dates for us
- Seed-less?
- What should we do?
He'll tell us
Lets take one each
Dont touch!
- Fingerprints
- Genius!
You can't nab them even
with their footprints
They are not the one
with the mind to theft
Theft is their mind
They are the incredibles!
I am area boy
I am a naughty boy
Without any qualms
I am man of the mass
I am filled with love
I am filled with glee
Without money
I am still happy
Dont try to show off with me
You will be gone before you can think
We will be hand in glove
And celebrate our friendship
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
Chill bro
Winner winner
chicken dinner
Bro, chill bro
Bro, chill bro
The fuel price has shot up
As we dont have the car,
its no problem
In chennai theres no water
I dont take a bath,
so its no problem
I wont think about tomorrow
When its a secret I wont open my mouth
Those who trust me will never be let down
Those you ditch me
I wont take it to heart
Dont try to show off with me
You will be gone before you can think
We will be hand in glove
And celebrate our friendship
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
I am area boy
I am a naughty boy
Without any qualms
I am man of the mass
I am filled with love
I am filled with glee
Without money
I am still happy
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
Chill bro
Super chill bro
Go for kill bro
We are winner winner
chicken dinner
Winner winner
Chicken dinner
Winner winner
Chicken dinner
I am telling you not to scream
Shut up
Gosh! So, you're finally
getting released?
At least now be sensible
Keep it here
At least now, after getting out
from here, live a decent life
- Shes an arrogant lady!
- Go, mind your business
Go Kanya! Finish him off!
Have you checked her things properly
Yes ma'am
- Give it to her
- Okay, ma'am
You could have
easily shortened it
Unnecessarily you tried
to escape 4 times and...
extended this to 16 years
Sign here
Your PCP account is closed
The salary that you worked
for is RS 4.60 lakhs
Your bag
After you go out, control your anger.
Calm down
Will come back
Never say that when you leave
the jail or a place of death
Leave now
I will come back
I think the cops have sniffed us
Just pretend as if you know nothing!
Those two sir
How come!
I know sir
- Told you, don't mind them! You pothead!
- We?
Come here
They are calling us bro
Bro! My stomach is churning
Can I go home and come?
- Shut up and come
- Thats a great idea bro
I heard about the two
of you in this area
Do you know about the audio thief
The cassette companies
have shut down ages ago
Now its only about memory card
I will tell them
Audio thieves are those
who steal from a house
After that they sarcastically leave
behind cash for the house expenses
- Ever heard of them?
- I dont know
They dont know sir
I am listening
Will you do some work?
It depends on the work
- Yeah
- Yes
In this area if someone is loaded
with money and spends it unreasonably
You should inform us
From today you both
are police informers
- Okay
- Sir
Thanks for giving us a Police job
For your physique you
want a police job
Hes looking at me!
Why, arent you doing?
- Sorry sir
- Salute sir
- Be sincere while on duty!
- Yes sir!
Follow them
What are you doing?
What do you want?
Look, two guys are peeing
from your compound wall!
- Peeing?
- Yes. See there
Look at them both spraying all over!
- These fellows are trouble!
- They are facing the camera and doing it
Hey, who's that?
Hes so dumb
Guard, no hurry. Take your time
Bro, this way
Here is the MMA agreement copy
Greetings master
Come Vicky
Your daughter?
Yes master
- Whats your name?
- Mahirani
Very nice name,
what will you eat?
- Chocolate or ice cream?
- Chocolate
Bring a chocolate
Tell me Vicky
Master, its about
They have selected you to play
in Australia through auction
You have come here to
get a code of conduct
Because I havent taken you
anywhere and promoting my son
You are leaving from here?
Yes master. Even I have a family
What promotion is it?
Can you match their techniques?
Lets get into an agreement
As you are going out I dont know
your skill level and condition
You need to uphold the name of the academy
- Babu
- Sir
- Get the agreement drafted
- Okay sir
Thats not necessary
If you want the code of conduct
Put the gloves and come up
Boys continue
Hey! Catch her
Catch her!
Fire! Its burning
Stop the fire
Stop the fire
Hold it! Hold it!
Look at these
- Hey who is this
- Come inside
- Are you in a running race?
- My dear, its you
In sometime my heart
almost exploded
I though you will give me a grand
reception as I come out of jail
You guys are running
for your life
- Where did you keep your hand now?
- It was itching so I just kept it here
Scratching, just get lost
Our firework, just blew
up a big boxing academy
How did this mode of
terrorism brew within you?
When we go to get some stuff
we should just get that
We cannot burn things down
If we didnt burn it it would bend
Can you tell me something
that I will understand
The one responsible for all this is the
girl Sadhana in the opposite house
Yes that girl
That girl!
Whats your problem with that girl?
Shes a timid girl who does not
raise her head as she walks
Its because of girls like
this that we have rains
( talking)
How docile
You take it. You keep it
Sister you get the water
Hey you are standing here for long.
What do you want ?
Give me a Re 1 shampoo sachet
Whats this nonsense
through the night
- Its gas bro
- Then join a cylinder company
For subsidy I cant pledge my pride
From when did you have pride?
- Seriously
- Hey firework
- walk by the side
- Why?
For how long will this
girl walk behind you
Oh God!
You are going to school
Cant you ring the bell?
No uncle if if I ring the
bell it will be noisy
They might be discussing something
important and it will disturb them
- Thats why
- You go my dear
See in the age of
liptop, Facebook
Look at this girl in our street
- Flashback?
- Yes
That was during the time
she went to college
When she started working, that
petty thing developed horns
Uncle who posted memes got arrested.
Puncture, you're next
How come you are leaving early ?
I am getting 70K salary
Dont I need to leave early
Do you know whats 70K?
Its seventy thousand
Hey shopkeeper
Do you have shampoo in a 5 liter pack?
I have kerosene in 5 liter pack
Then pour it out and
burn down your shop. Good day
Ladyfingers , brinjal, potatoes ,Carrots
Hey vegetable man
Do you have broccoli
I dont sell country chicken
Country brute, you ask for something else
Iceberg lettuce,jackfruit, avocado,
black olives Do you have any of these?
I have nothing like this?
Then why the onions did you come?
I came here to sell onions
Then give half a kilo of that
Its okay leave it
Shes a working girl
Shes earning something
She will show off for sometime
Is it a big deal?
If she shows it someone else its fine
If she shows it to us!
Oh my god
What did she do?
Where will everyone keep the alarm?
Near the head or near the ear
She kept it for the entire area
Bro, the show's over. Let's go home
Sadhana alarm has gone off
Now we all need to get to work
First, we must find a place to bury you!
As if hes a big agitator
trying to change the world
She wants to exercise
and for that...
Take that stone
- Take that!
- Game over!
You broke it off. Now what?
Dont talk in
between, listen fully
Bro if we are angry she annoys us further
I was just wondering why
Sadhanas alarm didnt go off
- There you go
- Why is he promoting her everyday?
Break it dude
You are screaming as if
you have an electric shot
What happened?
Whats this?
- You just gave it for few people and closing it down
- Theres no water
Give me half a pot its urgent
It's empty
Hey shes having a
separate tube for herself
Shes taken more than half of it
If they ask her to do rainwater harvesting,
shes harvesting it for herself
Bro, my stomach is churning
Why are you going into
my house bathroom?
Dont let him in. I am going
- You wait
- Dad, you go
Will someone go to the
bathroom to keep a bomb?
Hes going to attend
natures call
Go to your house
Dad, you go
Let me go
If you get all the water in
this area where will we go
Why are you talking in this volume?
Reduce it. Else it will explode
Bro, the storm is
going to leash out
Don't fear bro
Let me use the bathroom for this
If I take a bath in salt
water it does not suit me
So I am paying RS
2000 and buying water
If you want, you pay and get water
You dont know whom you
are locking horns with
Time to get some brand new clothes
Who is this parking the
vehicle right in the middle?
Instead of the middle can
I park it in your mouth?
What are you doing in my area? I will fly
pigeons on your face. Get out of here
This is the pick up point for Sadhana madam
Its her order to park the car here
Bro, the election money
is playing in full swing
We need not go for jobs
for at least a month
We can have a blast!
I need to go for the job
Move the vehicle
Madam gives RS 500 above the meter
I am watching you, youre talking like #$&
Move the vehicle else will stamp it over
Keep quite. Madam is coming
Whats this they are wearing
coordinated costumes
Still their dresses are incomplete!
It stinks of garbage
For our standards should we live here?
You dont have to, you can
live in the graveyard
Ignore him, we should live in
posh areas like Poes garden
At the age of being in the pyre
he wants to be in Poes garden
Alexa play the song ( old
Tamil song mocking them)
Who is Alexa?
Must be her dad's mistress
Awesome dear
Come on, dear
We were struggling but the
entire area was glorifying her
#New moon Festival
# Cricket
Lets take a selfie
We decided to show her who
is the real show off!
We have donated RS 5000
for the temple offering
Are you delighted with
the flex hoarding?
Yes! Looks good
Why cant you just say Puncture?
You say its Puncture alias Puncture
You call yourself Firework alias Sakthi
I dont have a second name
Thats why
Get lost
Now you will know whos
eminent in this area
When she sees our banner
RS 10000 for porridge drinking
Sadhana Sha
As if shes from the family
that ruled the capital
Changing it from a porridge pouring to a
porridge drinking festival
We invite Sadhana Sha to bring
cheer and joy to this area
Sadhana madam is going to drink the
porridge now. Is everyone ready?
"3 2 1"
A special thanks to all who have come
for this porridge drinking festival
I cant participate in
todays musical function
As my owner is traveling abroad
I am responsible for his movable
and immovable properties
We will be responsible to bring it down
We went there to damage her academy
The police who came to investigate made
us informers and roped us with her
You are police informers?
Reduce the shock
To find the cups stolen under your
management I have assigned two informers
See my informers
Notice their style
They are the useless
scoundrels near my house
They are not worthy of a penny
For a person drawing 70K
I dont need their help
Didn't I give you a clue that
thieves used sneezing powder
These guys are useless
Thats from your point of view
From my point of view
they are good informers
Greetings. I'm fine
Whats this ?
- Handle
- Did she ask police to handle her?
No its the handle of the
cup lost by your owner
You know who found it?
My intelligent informers
Yes baby
Irrespective of what you
say I wont go with them
Dont you have to change
the taint on you
It has to change
Then you should travel with them
She was boasting of her 70K salary
Just see I will make her
spend the entire 70K on us
(Thambaram thailaya kuppi
Kathi para kappi)
Will the thief be in such places?
Will the thief be on the streets?
He will come to places like this
to spend the money. Come inside
The opposite house heroine
You are a lemon mint cooler
You are slightly glamours
So whats the big deal
Youre a XXL torture
You are the movie running theater
Your are the daughter of Peter
Dont boast lady!
If you cover her with a cloth shes a tiger
If you catch her with a net shes a rat
If you offer her grains she
will fly away like a pigeon
Shes the smart kid
If you go near her she will splutter
Shes a certified rowdy
She will give us the same glares
My goodness shes a tough nut
Shes a cool smart pants
Shes a jubilant gem
Shes a cool smart pants
Shes a jubilant gem
The opposite house heroine
You are a lemon mint cooler
You are slightly glamours
So whats the big deal
Youre a XXL torture
You are the movie running theater
Your are the daughter of Peter
Dont boast lady!
The headquarters of cheating
I am way smarter than you
Your head weight
add eight kilos to you
Theres no business to insta
if you are not there
In installments I will
burn your money my dear
Shes a doll for me now
Its now our job to steal
The town will be painted red
of my smart pants
Shes the smart kid
If you go near her she will splutter
Shes a certified rowdy
She will give us the same glares
My goodness shes a tough nut
Shes a cool smart pants
Shes a jubilant gem
Shes a cool smart pants
Shes a jubilant gem
The opposite house heroine
You are a lemon mint cooler
You are slightly glamours
So whats the big deal
Youre a XXL torture
You are the movie running theater
Your are the daughter of Peter
How much is the juice?
How much is the juice?
RS 200
With the glass?
Rs 500
It will be fine
- Cheers!
- Uh-oh! It broke
- Sorry Cylinder!
- The accounts will tally
Until we recover everything from the
accused your salary will not be 70K
It will be 7K
It you try to go elsewhere for a job
Your certificates are all with us
How dare he refuse to give my certificates!
- Firework
- Who is it?
Coming. In a minute
The missing cheque
If its open will you just barge in
Whats this ?
This? Puncture is basically
a sports person
They gave it to him when
he was man of the match
What sport?
- Pubg sport!
- Pubg sport?
Of course
They are jumping, running,
chasing,shooting. Its a sport
Then why have they given the cheque
in the name of my boss Nilan
Is it written like that?
He must have given so they
must have put his name
You have stolen the
cheque and lying to me
Whats this noise? Wont you
let me relieve in peace?
Hes telling you and you are
questioning him.
Youre doubting us? Wont you believe us?
Its the washroom cup
Its shinning because of
the fantastic maintenance
Its not the washroom cup
Its my boss cup, its
his sentimental cup
For a year, I polished it everyday
Bro, she found out
- I told you so many times to throw it out
- Then how will I clean up?
Run you crack head!
You both are the ones who
stole at our academy
Wait I will get you caught
with the police right now
Call him
Before that theres a short film.
Do you want to see it?
It will be interesting
Hold it. It will be comfortable
Hey owner do you
have a conscience?
Or at least some brains
If you had why would you make
that dumb guy the manager
Hes asking me to sweep, to mop
And hes asking me to
polish the cup that you got
Watch one day I will get people to steal
it and will then dump it at the dump yard
Is it nice?
At the palatial bungalow
young girls street dance
We will also tell the police
It was this girl who drew the
plan for us and asked us to steal
You are in the opposite house.
The manager already doubts you
The police will easily believe it
They will handcuff you. They
will drag you across the streets
Those who kept the flex for you.
Sadhana sha army
They will smear your flex with cow dung
From the time you got this
job, how audacious you were
Thats why we did this. Got it?
You created a ruckus. In
return I created a ruckus
That's it. Go now
Hey Cylinder!
Broccoli! Do you
want some broccoli
Theres the five liter shampoo
No give me the one rupee sachet
Bro, as this Sadhana has toned down
The entire neighborhood is dull
Where's everyone?
Yes. The whole place looks empty
You seem to have feelings for that girl
My eyes are always sturdy. It never waters
Bro that hot head is
talking to the rouges
What are they doing here?
Bro, I think they are coming for us
Lets check
- Hey Sadhana
- Here
Why are you giving them money?
Why do you care?
Because of you guys my
certificate is locked up
I thought I will steal it with their help
I got a job in another place
1 lakh salary, certificate must
If I ask they wont give. Thats why
We will get the file
Send them back
Its because of us that
you have this trouble
We will get it for you
Send them away
What's Cylinder thinking?
- One minute
- Yeah
Get out
Get out
- Hey Puncture
- You are taking away our client!
I will bathe you without water
and will wipe you without towel
Leave. We know how to take
care of our area girl
- Am I right, dude?
- Damn it!
If I slit you
Should I hold it?
Do you know whats kung fu?
Hes a black belt in it
Hes showing us a circus.
Lets teach him a lesson
Come on
- Police
- Bro, they got scared
Will come later
Why? Come now
- Police! Police!
- Who cares!
Is sister fine?
You have become friends?
We sing the song of friendship
Dont let go of him.
Hes a brilliant boy
He won't spare the audio thief
- Like you will ever do that!
- Come
Theres a spark on his face
Till this man is the police
theres no problem for us
Then take the file and
burn down everything
If my file alone goes missing
they will have their doubts
Bro, shes a seasoned house burner
So you took that girls file
and burnt down the place
This is your file right?
Thank you
Also dont quit
immediately from the job
Just go for few days.
Then quietly leave the job
Did you call me?
- No
- Thats fine
Puncture told me that you have
taken great pain to get the file
She might develop feelings for you
Look Cylinder, basically I
dont like this nonsense
Get lost
Cool buddy. Take care
A lemon juice for me
- Bro, what did she say?
- She said "Get lost!"
Cool buddy!
No need for a complaint.
We will take care of it
I enquired about the Kanyakumari
She was in Kerala sub jail for 6 years
Then they shifted her to Kannur Jail
Have asked for the details
- Hello
- Sir , retired commissioner Gangadharan?
Sir you enquired about Kanyakumari
- She was released 4 days ago
- Thank you
Nilan, she was released 4 days back
Your doubts are right.
The one who came was Kanyakumari
Did this work for you?
It wont work for me
She get 70K, for her a guy
who gets 90K will suit best
For our range, we
need to work hard
Work hard?
Is it easy to steal? Do you know
how much we need to work for that?
True true thats our duty
With this hard earned money the girl
should know how to run the family
Else it should be someone sharp
who runs the business with me
Then it will be double okay
I am proud to have brought you up
Thank you buddy
Fine you said
Neither Love nor money invoved yet you
have risked so much and burnt it down
If your face gets caught on CCTV
Are we animals at the zoo to
show our faces to the camera
Who is this? Looking just like a monkey
Sir, a persons face is captured here
Dad Our MMA website is blocked
They spoke to me from the technical
department. Whats happening dad?
Whats happening?
I will take care. You go
One person has covered his
face cleverly and escaped
If two people have come along
Then she has some major plans
Sorry sir. I am late
I offered prayers for the MMA to go well
Heres the offering
I told them to burn the files
They have burnt the academy
We should not spare her
Leave it I will handle this.
You take care of MMA
Greetings sir
Unofficially I need a small favor
Why are you using such phrases.
Please tell will get it done
I will send a photo of a
lady through WhatsApp
Yes sir
Our men need to find her
Definitely sir
Either alive or dead
Alright sir
Get your license
I dont have proper papers. If they
catch me they will fine me heavily
Please get down.
Your address is close by
Please get down.
Its just close by
Nearby sir
- Leave
- Okay sir. Thanks
Lady! Come here
Which locality? Wheres your house?
Just close by in Kanchipuram
Where are going at this time?
To my relatives house
Whats in your bag?
Just clothes
Open your bag
Wait, that Cylinder is caling me
Show whats inside
I told you to just burn the files. Theres
another woman who has come with you
I didnt take anyone with me
- You didnt?
- Did I say that in Hindi?
Alright. Be careful
Oh! I know how to take care of myself
I will blow it once please
- Please sir
- Me?
Let me do it first
Careful dont suck up the machine
There's nothing, sir
- How come you have so much cash?
- Its my cash
- You need to see the higher officer
- Hang up. I'll take care
Shut up
I felt something was
fishy when I saw you
Take everything and follow me
Sir, the driver must not be drunk
but the passengers can be
Here sir, you're looking
for this, right?
- You guys go home. I'll come later
- Aren't you coming with us?
Buy more booze while coming home
- Sir
- What is it?
That lady has a lot of money
She appears to be strange
Who is that?
I asked her to come behind
She was here.
It was this lady
- This one?
- Yes
Leave it
You look like a respectable person
Just give the bag and leave.
Its best for both of us
My hand! My hand!
Let go of my hand! It won't
look good if I hit you
Its intimidating?
You dont know about me. Get lost.
I am sparing you out of pity
Looks like someone we know
What Bro? Did you
manage to get something
Well, dude...
I went. Think that lady is awesome.
She just gathered over a dozen people
Thats why just
handled them and came
Who, you?
I saw it
I saw your style.
I also her supremacy there
Look, he's feeling embarrassed
When we when to pee we saw it
Dont talk about this to anyone
She might be a rowdy baby
In our job if we get caught we are doomed
Aren't you ashamed to talk like this?
That lady has loads of money
Thought I'll trap her
somehow but she got me
- Sir
- Yes Sanjeevi
- Sir we saw the lady
in the picture - Okay
But when we tried to catch her
Just say it!
She was hurt on the
head and she died
We were about to do that
You bring the corpse to Ennore yard.
We will talk there
Okay sir
If we take her there
its of no use
If we finish her off
At least we will get that money
Let's get done with this.
These guys!
Get down
The station is close by. You need to sign
Get down
The police are going to do something.
Take a video of it
Give that bag
Give it!
If you dont give it
Give it!
Hey, trying to assault the police!
Just see how viral this is going to be
It's fake one
This is the real one
It's not fake. It's real
This is Adimurai
Mother of all martial arts
Adimurai evolved from South
of India in Tamilnadu
Its the mother of all
self defense martial arts
From Adimurai evolved Cailat,
Veronkai, Puttupiruvu, Eduteri
All these have transformed world
wide as Silat, Karate, Judo, Akiton
Our Muay Thai also evolved from Adimurai.
When foreigners conquered
India they banned Adimurai
Slowly it vanished from the Indian soil
People started to forget it
Now when I see someone performing
it with such precision
I am taken aback
Hows it? When you tried to catch her,
she got hurt on the head and died
- Sorry sir
- You!
As they tried to extract money
and since the video went viral
The commissioner asked the case to
closed as the fault was on them
Your treatment wont work
Adimurai will only cure it
As the academy was hit by fire
They fear the safety of the players
and ask us to shut down MMA
I am going to meet the
technical director in person
By the time I am back from Bangkok
I should hear the news that shes dead
Who are you? What do you want?
This one?
My son Puncture,
my older son Firework
Thats me Kolusu. Hows the combo?
If I had taken something from you,
let me know will return it
Dont come in search and hit me
Are you new to the job?
Forgive me
It was my situation
I brought him up a thief
I thought he was dead
You have brought him
back in-front of my eyes
I dont know how to say...
Where is he?
- Take a big one
- Big
- This?
- Ok,bro
Don't snatch like monkey!
In matters of food I am a monkey
I didnt deny that
One guy is eyeing me for long
Let me check him out
- Go! Got Kinder joy?
- I don't sell those
Then why run a shop like this?
What dear ? Youre eyeing me for long?
I want to check if you are
the same monkey face?
Hey thats me
The quality is so far.
Cant you get a new phone?
He burnt the academy and
look at his audacity
Bro they found out that we
burnt down the academy
Catch them
- Dude, take off!
- Bro, run!
Catch them!
( recorded message to
recharge the phone)
Theres no signal
They should be roaming somewhere around.
Wait here will get them
Yes its a good salary. They
want me to join in two days
Ms. Sumathi, you've put on weight
Firecracker, you'll explode soon
But looks like you'll explode first
Did see two guys run this way?
They went to the right!
Tell me
How many times should I call?
Wont you answer ?
Four times! Whats it?
That day I asked about that lady.
You said you didnt know
Now shes in your house.
What are you both plotting ?
We are running for our life.
They have identified punture's face
If I get caught, I will definitely
rope you and your father in
Come soon. They are here
We have been hiding for a long time
Sir, I saw the lady
who came to kill you
Saw her?
Ennore yard
I will take care
Yes Nilan
Ganga I got the information that
Kanyakumari is in Ennore yard
Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Youre Kanyakumari?
Uncle wanted you to come to Ennore yard
I dont know where it is?
I can take you. Come
You go get the car
Drop her near Ennore yard
Puncture, why are you inviting trouble?
- Yes, chief?
- Where are you guys?
We got that guy. We are chasing him
We found that lady. Come near Ennore yard
That guy is just close by
That lady is most important. Come soon
Take the vehicle to Ennore yard
Quick! Quick!
That day you were boasting
thats it your area girl
Come now
Get lost. Do you know how many of
them are chasing us from morning?
- I didnt get caught with anyone
- Firework!
I was searching for you all over
This is his father
- Hey! Firework
- Hey!
Show your skills dear
I have no sentiments
Thats for you
My eyes never tear up
Dont lose focus while talking.
Finish my dad
Do a clean job. Dont be angry dad
Watch out!
Get lost!
- Don't leave me!
- Catch them
Look there
Bro she wont leave
without giving the money
Someone is chasing there.
Someone is chasing here
Lets loot the money from her and
get away from here for sometime
Our brains are the best!
Where did she go?
What uncle?
A lady came in search
of me Did you see her?
No uncle
- Fine
- Who is she?
Thats Fireworks mother
- Please play the radio
- Really? You want to hear songs now?
Shut up and sit down
Steal it
Youre stop is next
You let go in the end
I dont know why. I feel something
strange when I see her
Why are you looking at her face?
Look at the money
Theres no passion
Put your papers and leave
Hey, that day I was in a
good mood and didnt steal
Today I will definitely do it.
Let go of the bag
- Wait listen to me
- Leave it
- Listen to me
- Leave it
You should have that fear
- If I see you in my area
- Wait
One minute
Did you nab it
Super bro
Hold her hands
Leave me
Leave me
This is our biggest sum so far
Its in bundles
Leave me
- What happened?
- Nothing
On her hand my name Sakthi
was tattooed. Thats why!
Are you the only Sakthi?
Stop worrying for all this
First we need to discard this bag
Else they will sniff out with a dog
Fly away
Three dimensional rule
Just get him killed
Learnt to escape from the jungle
Will break all the handcuffs
to save the pride of the clan
Will take up Adimurai to wage this war
Will play in this arena
This is the group that fed on bravery
Why isnt Ganga answering the phone?
Brother dont know who he is
Hes creating a rampage here
Who is he? Show me his face
Will show now
What kindled you from inside and
make you fight is Adimurai
Its the first self defense
martial art of Tamilnadu
Its was in the army of the Cheran,
Cholas and the Pandya kings
From your ancestor Vellappa Mentor,
came Muthaiya Mentor
He was a master of the craft
Even when the invaders cut his fingers
He thought the craft to others
and spread its greatness
One such student who
surpassed the mentor
Was your father, Diraveyaperumal
Diraveyam lost his parents
The dynasty and pride left
behind by them was his wealth
Theres no one here to unlock
the knots of Diraveyaperumal
If you challenge him,
this is bound to happen
The only son of Muthaiya
Mentor was Nilaparai
But he was not skilled in Adimurai
Our mentor always dreamt
of him learning the craft
Dont you know the pulse points
where one will flip and fall
Theres a rule written for the
action and reaction for each hit
and the Subsequent reaction on
each nerve, vein and muscle
It was written on the palm
leaves 1000 years ago
Why was it written?
Only to pass it on for the
next generations to come
Lets see if it has reached you?
Recite the scriptures for this technique
( reciting the scriptures in ancient
Tamil about the technique of twist)
Complete it
They will press it with four fingers
Yes master?
Recite the scripture
No need Master
I forgot, learnt it long back
Forgot! You?
Recite it
( reciting the action and reaction to
tackle the know in ancient Tamil)
Heard it?
He knows it. He just...
Trying to protect him?
He cant receipt a word
I will do it, if I have
a competent companion
Competent companion
Kanya the craft of weaponry and
mastering the skill these scriptures
When you perform recite the scriptures.
Let our man hear it as well
(Reciting ) The pride and devotion
with with one performs the skills
Come on my man
(Reciting ) In lighting speed
will the attack be for
It will split into two and
one will sustain the war
Will pounce like a tiger
and capture the crown
Did you see your friend?
He deliberately lost. Cant you see?
Get lost
Get lost. You heard the master!
She learnt after you. You have lost to her
Learn at least something from Diraveyam
Leave it
In the second part instead of
parting left you parted right
Else your knife would
have raised high
Our master says this only for you to excel
How can I learn?
Only if I am skilled can I perform
Leave it. Its your father
When I failed in 10th grade As
he insulted me before everyone
I should have stabbed him with the knife
Its a mistake to have spared him
What are you talking?
Did I stab?
I am only taling in anger
Dont you have some decorum
even when youre angry?
Talking like a lunatic
I am a lunatic
You wont understand the pain
and insults of this lunatic
If you keep back answering.
What should I say?
What junior master, standing alone?
Didnt find a partner?
Will you partner with Kanya?
Asked if you will partner in a fight?
Morning won over your friend.
Next in line is you
I wanted to ask you. Do
you have some sense ?
At least you could have let go!
Junior master, should I let
go because hes Mentors son?
More than that the faith my
mentor has in me is Supreme
I am sorry. Give way
Where are the powder box
and nits comb going now?
We are going to find her
a groom like a superhero
Oh shes a dream girl
Irrespective of what you
say I am a dream girl
Come and see the number of men eyeing me
Where, where?
Come with us will show you the crowd
Will come tomorrow
- How are you grandma?
- I'm fine
- Give this medicine to Angalam when he comes home
- Ok
Don't drink it thinking
it's some juice
- Then it'll affect your health
- Ok, dear
See you, grandma
What dream girl, theres seems
to less powder on your face?
Did they shut down the powder company?
Theres no dearth for this teasing.
You forget what we discussed
Master! Greetings
Is she taking like a graduated girl?
I want unburden the responsibility
and get her married
Shes adamant that she doesnt like anyone
Shes already going for
martial arts like other men
Why is self defense only for men?
Just see, will marry a man
whose a master of Adimurai
Will teach my child
in my womb the craft
I will make him the master of masters
What did I say, I forgot!
You said you will help me find a groom
We will get her married
according to her wish
Wherever he is we
will bring him here
He got the right grasp and struck him well
Hows this groom?
The pride of a man is his mustache.
He does not have that
I see
You wanted a man with moustache, right?
Hows this groom, Kanniappan?
If I get married to him,
before me he will deliver a child
They brought a person in the
last trimester for the game
Name: Subramani
He has a mustache and no belly
I dont like his name
Whats the name that you like?
Junior mentor can we have a sword fight?
With you
You will get it to my neck
and it will bring me shame
What? Remove that knife and talk
Single sword, parting scripture
You asked the name that I like
From my younger days I like you
That why I learnt Adimurai
I feared our status disparity
and did not tell you
Now I am telling you
I like you a lot
I too like her
I think its only right that I tell you
There are some many desires
Dont know how to express it
Its because of you the eyes didnt rest
Cant find the reason
The world is ours
If you are with me
The heaven will open
If I walk with you
The life is sweet
When I rest on your shoulders
The wings will come out
When I hold your hands
Theres no need to utter a word
This is love
Inseparable you are always
there in my thoughts
Irreplaceable you are
always glued to my heart
Dont leave my heart
You are always in my thoughts
Without a loss
With guard you in my heart
The feud between Master and his son
exploded during the baby shower
Why cant you get me married?
Whats this in public?
A wife is not just for sleeping
She should be for the heart and the mind
Do you have it?
Useless fellow!
Whats all this? Why are you doing this?
Despite your fathers words
he did not listening
You are reason for all this
Hes constantly comparing
with you and humiliating me
To get away from this humiliation I
decided to go away from this place
But you won't let me do that either!
With my hands
I capture the sky
When you look
I fold my hands
I never call out my name
Theres not a day where I
have not called out your name
I should cross seven lives I
should shoulder you every time
Even when I age, my eyes
should search for you
When my life leaves the body
Your face should come infront of me
Dont leave my heart
You are always in my thoughts
Muthaiya mentor, Nagarkoil
small town Special tournament
Mathanda Marpor competition
Whats this?
Will you furnish copies of sports
that you played on the streets?
Wheres your sports certificate?
Sir this is Adimurai
Its our martial arts. Its in
existence for over one thousand years
I am learning it for over 12 years
My father was also a tutor
The branches of this are
karate , Muay Thai
Did I ask you for the history?
- Amarnath
- Sir
- How many years did you learn Karate for?
- Three years
In three years he learnt
karate and became a police
Go and drink his
Like a crazy man learnt it for 12 years
Are you and father mad to have learnt it.
Raising your hand with me
Take this away!
Bringing in garbage like this
Is there a government
recognition for all this ?
Sir I was telling you because
you were unaware of it
Sir I can perform with skill
Sir my mother is of hope that
I will become a policeman
- I fall at your feet
- Get lost
Please sir
Elango who learnt Adimurai from your father
Committed suicide as his police
dream did not materialize
For our performers of
Adimurai It was a huge shock
You used to always pamper him
I told you will get you a police uniform.
Here have it
Next time I should see you in this uniform
See him with all the respect and garland
Did you buy the police uniform
to see him in this state
You gave me hope that I will
get my dream job ,Master
I only received humiliation and rejection
Several sports from other
regions are recognized
But the sport of our soil
Adimurai is not recognized
This should not continue
You should take care of those
dependent on Adimurai my master
Good morning
Regarding the petition I gave
I read your petition
If the Government helps all those who
learnt Adimurai will get jobs in schools
Many families will prosper
It has to be handled by the minister
Sir, you had promised to talk
about Adimurai in assembly
Assuming I talk in the Assembly about this
The opposition party will
ask what is Adimurai
See, even I am unaware of it
See, pertaining to this
you prepare a report
Of all involved,some videos and some papers
Then will take this to the government
To gain government recognition,
we decided to do all they asked for
For Adimurai we built a community
This community is not just my dream
Having learnt the craft of Adimurai
and waiting the government approval
Its the dream of
all those in pain
We can lose our wealth and materials
We should not lose our identity
We aped the western and wore pants
and shirt. Thats not a mistake
For that we should not degrade those
wearing our traditional attire
In the name of modernity we are
forgetting our traditions and customs
If we continue this we will have to see
our traditional millets in showcase boxes
Whats good for us,
our soil knows
Isnt it our responsibility to
preserve the pride of this soil
And we should take it
to the next generation
To teach the world the pride of warriors
our ancestors built the Kamdalur salai
To teach the world the pride of
Adimurai is this institution
( instructing with the phrases of Adimurai)
Just as we were preparing for
the government authorization
Nilaparai returned home after
five years with foreigners
Oh my! You have almost
become a foreigner
These people came with you?
Yes they have come
here asking us a favor
- Will tell you later
- Okay
This is Catherine
- My wife
- Greetings sister. Yes, you told me over phone
My son Richard
Richard, cant you
give him a Tamil name?
This is also nice. Come
Diraveyam , this is Edward,
Catherines brother
For sometime I was in Madras. Samuel
fathers son went to Italy to be a pastor
I went with him and learnt it there
In five years?
This is called kickboxing
To explain in your parlance,
its like wresting here
But its world famous
I am a champion in this
Happy for you
Theres something else within you
Our master did not understand that
All your companions do the same?
- Yes
- Nice
I want to start a
kickboxing school pan India
Got permission from the government
Then I remembered you
Those who know Adimurai like you
will learn kickboxing quickly
If you come as tutors for the academy,
we can mint money
What do you say?
What are you thinking?
Will tell you
What are you wondering?
Come in, I'll explain
Pinnal Nilai pose. Remember?
My favorite
- What's that?
- The doll I made
Our pride
- Here
- No, thanks
Coconut water. Very hot; body cool
There are 1200 students
studying under us
This is master's favorite section
At times, he sleeps here
Hows our institution?
You wanted me to know why
I was silent in the car
See that?
You have made my task easier
With just some small alterations
A ring set up there
A kickboxing storeroom,
an office there
In three months this will become
the main academy for India
Can earn in crores
I will be Number 1
You should be the next in line
and take care of everything
Hey. Respond
As a friend I can give you my life
what youre asking for is above my life
Hey sorry
I just felt like asking
Fine. I will leave
When our place is here,
where do you want to go?
I came here only to gather
people for kickboxing
I dont think it will be appropriate
Gather good people
Why do you think otherwise?
Whatever suits you do it.
Stay back here and do it
I will do all that you
and your partners need
Saw this?
Van Damme
Today hes the worlds greatest action hero
How is the fight in the movie?
Do you know the name of this fight?
This is the worlds leading sport
Just say its popular
dont say its the best
Is it even a sport when
you shield your hands?
Our Adimurai is no way inferior
Which one? After learning for 12 years
You all fight with hunger and poverty
Is that what youre talking about.
Look at me
I went out. After five years
see how I have come back
This is not just a fight.
Its a money spinner
To sell yourself for money
is not bravery
If what you have learnt is
superior, can we fight one on one?
I am ready.
Are you ready?
- We will never fight with woman
- What?
Hes using foul language with our sister
How dare you?
Was it a good punch?
Whats this? Getting into
trouble with the host?
Look here
If you and your companions have
to leave this place alive
Ask him to fall at his feet and apologize
What's he saying?
Hes asking you to say sorry and leave
I never ask sorry
If you want and if
youre able hit me back
Whats he saying?
Asking you to hit if you can
Take these gloves. You're like a leper
Its a broken hand,
so wear a glove
What the hell was that?
Thats the palm cut
Can you give a befitting reply
with your boxing to this
Punching a wall is not bravery
Show your bravery by
fighting with me
Tell us when and where
He's there
Tomorrow here
Master, you are talking back with him?
We can talk tomorrow go
Scared , not for
me, its for you
My mentor did not teach me to lose
The fight is proof
- Hes saying we can fight and prove
- I understand that much
What can I do?
If he loses...
all your Adimurai people should
learn kickboxing from me
Wait, Master is talking
and youre walking out
If he wins...
you and your team should fall on the
feet of this young boy and seek pardon
If we lose hes asking
us to fall on his feet
Yes will do
The rules for this game
The principles of adimurai
Kailpol, Salait, Eduthari, Malla...
and Pootupurivu techniques
can be used for attacking
Under the rules of kickboxing Knee
kick, front kick, rounder kick...
Front hook, back hook,spinning kick...
and all punches can
be used for attacking
Each round is for three minutes
One minute rest will be given
The players in the arena is will considered
defeated when they fall out of the arena
My dear! Even now its not late
If you join the foreigners and fall on the
feet of the young lad, it'l be humiliating
Lets shake hands
You think I am the old Nilapirai
Will you ask your guys to learn kickboxing?
Then we will shake hands
Round 1
Master, please sit
Drop him out
Drink some water
Round 2
Learnt to escape from the jungle
Will break all the handcuffs
to save the pride of the clan
Will take up Adimurai to wage this war
Will play in this arena
This is the group that fed on bravery
What's that?
Its a Pinal Nilai
If the Adimuari warrior comes to this state
The opponent cannot touch
the Adimurai warrior
Thats the way
My hand
Leave it
My hand
My hand. Leave it
My leg
Are you lenient because
hes your friend?
When you step into the arena,
the opponent is your enemy
Your bonds should fly
The challenge is on the
pride of your Mentor and...
What you consider is over your life.
The art of Adimurai
The time is not up. They
rang the bell before that
Look Master
Why did you ring the bell earlier?
Round 3
Hit me if you can
Look dears...
Diraveyam asked you not to
fall at the young boys feet
His heart is like that
For that we cannot hold our
celebrations of winning the foreigners
Lets burst the crackers
Is the pride standing tall
Is it exploding
It is crackling
Is you nerve wrenching
Is the enemy shattered
Valor is our clan
To chase the tiger is our task
The blend of sympathy and pride
is this hardcore Tamizhman
This beginning is new
This history is new
No mankind
Has touched our achievements
Even on the deathbed
The spear will tear our heart
The enemys sword has
never seen our back
One thousand hands will tear you down
You lift your spirits high
The one who tries to tear you
Should bow down and give way
This soil gives everything
It leads us to prosperity
With its loving hands
Will embrace us
Until you shield us
Our soil will always be supreme
Hunt the evil
Show the game
The game is ready
Take the whip
Bring down the fort
Come on
Arts thrive on this soil
This is our God
We listed to the art
We guarded our tradition
We fancied the West
Got muddled with it
Somehow we suffered with that
If you lose your roots
In some other path you will wilt
If you believe in yourself
You will create a new path
If you have pride, swirl your mustache
Will be the hand of a great fighter Kattaboman
If you have fire within
You will be the headgear of Bharathi
This soil gives everything
It leads us to prosperity
With its loving hands
Will embrace us
Until you shield us
Our soil will always be supreme
Hunt the evil
Show the game
The game is ready
Take the whip
Bring down the fort
Come on
This beginning is new
This history is new
No mankind
Has touched our achievements
Even on the deathbed
The spear will tear our heart
The enemys sword has
never seen our back
One thousand hands will tear you down
You lift your spirits high
The one who tries to tear you
Should bow down and give way
Hunt the evil
Show the game
The game is ready
Take the whip
Bring down the fort
Come on
We need more space, master
If there is no enough space then open the
weapons warehouse. Let them sleep there
Go, hes asking you to leave
Yes Master
The foreigners group has banished
Why is this scoundrel
still hanging out here?
He has come after a long time. I told
him to stay back for few more days
You have a heart of gold
and asking him to stay
As a father I know
Thats venom
Dont trust too much
Be careful
You are simply saying something
Don't you usally sleep here?
Where are you off to, now?
I won't stayback where he stays
What is it?
What work do you have here now?
Is it necessary that you have meet
that horrible friend of yours?
When you go to see your friend
cant I go to see mine?
Thats valid
Shes getting married and leaving to
Ceylon. I dont know when she will be back
Forgive me Father
The fault lies on me
What are you saying?
What I did not understand for 35 years
I understood now
I should have listened to you
No its dark
I should be sleeping alone, I will be
scared. Arent you worried about all this?
If you are home, then you'll fight
with the ghosts and save me
Its for your good dear
Even this happiness...
How many times I was
humiliated because of you
Those who have learnt Adimurai
are alert even when they sleep
You cant be killed through valor
Only through venom can we kill you. Die!
I'll feel lonely without you, which is why
I held your hand. How else do I put it?
Just one day, right
Oh is it? Hands off me! Hands off me!
Is that why you're holding my hand?
What are you staring at?
Arent you hungry?
My stomach hurts. Eating here after a
long gap,the food is not suiting me
I will have bread
You say the food our soil is not suiting you
Not bad
Come I will also eat bread with you
Come lets go
I am starving lets go
Why are you sweating so much?
Its very sultry
It's very sultry? Sister...
during childhood, we used
to play together the whole day
No sweating then.
Now hes sweating
Is it?
I feel uneasy let me go
see Master and come
At this hour?
Morning we are going for the
feast, we will talk then
Yes we are going
Fine eat
Morning we have training sleep well
- Close the door there
- Okay master
Come on, let's go! Go!
Come. Move fast
Get my son
Take her. Come
Go. Go
- Take care of him
- Ok. Ok
Hey! Who locked this door from outside?
They had poisoned the food
The children are battling for life
Hey! Hey Angalam!
Master, look at him
You always said, ask me
whatever I have will give it
To avenge the humiliation I
faced, give me your life
Master told me you are a venom
I didnt believe it
I just came out after killing him
He, you, both your Adimurai...
will be buried in the soil forever
Go away
Kill her as well
Don't spare her son either
Kill that boy
- Go from here
- How did this happen?
Listen to me.
Go away from here
Just go
I will take care
Take the child and leave
Go to some other place
Go. Listen to me
I'll follow
After I regained consciousness and saw
You were at their feet
The institution which was built
with passion was tainted as
One that was built without
proper permissions and there was
An electrical short circuit
and it burnt the place down
Nilaparai easily closed
the case on those grounds
My testimony that I killed Edward
to safeguard you was not accepted
The police searched the entire
forest and could not find you
My statements proved to be false
I was sentenced to life
for killing a foreigner
I heard your mourning
sound on the foothills
I carried you from there
For 6 months you could not speak
When someone called out
Sakthi you responded
Only then I knew your name was Sakthi
Every day I was in jail
I searched out for every
single information about him
As soon I was released I
came there to kill him
It was there that I saw you
I also knew about the tournament
MMA that he was going to organize
Our dreams that were shattered,
I decided to revive it
You should participate in MMA
You should show the world whats Adimurai
Till then I will be your Mentor
Hey, Firework
Where are you both? Cant find you?
As mother said, winning this
tournament is secondary
Killing him and laying his head on my
mothers feet will be justice served
I got hold of his car
The driver is with Puncture
After drinking you should eat
I am going to pick him up at the airport
Dont do anything
Nilan, the date remains the same, right?
Yes Ganga, as fixed MMA
will happen in 3 months
Do you know who came?
I enquired well. Its Diraveyums son Sakthi
I thought he was dead
All the leftovers are after my life
If I had left his corpse they would have
celebrated and worshipped him after death
Thats why I burnt him to ashes
Now because of the same form
and fire I am having trouble
Another thing
Hes a thief
They have seen him nab
the bag from that lady
Diraveyums son is a thief?
Its delightful to hear this
Unnecessarily I killed my father
Had he been alive now
I would have asked him to look
at the state of Diraveyums son
If I die this second,
I will die with joy
Who are you?
What are you up to? Where
are you abducting me to?
Stop the car! Stop it! You idiot!
Who are you?
Have you seen me somewhere?
I came with the rage to kill you here
Only after you spoke I realized
What a big blunder I was about to commit
What my mother said was right
I will participate in the tournament
that you are going to conduct
I will win over you
Its not a pride to just add the
fathers name as the last name
One should live up to that name
I will live up to it
My name is
Sakthi Diraveyaperumal
Come here to defeat me
I am coming alone, come and face me
Come here to defeat me
I am coming alone, come and face me
I am filled with rage
The technical head of MMA is
the overall deciding authority
We are sending Sakthis application to him
These are remains from what was
burnt down in our institution
Can you do the triangular sutra
that you performed that day?
Its momentary. It wont
come just like that
Even the mythological Abimanyu learnt
charkayug partially In his mothers womb
We have thought you that fully
You should start with the
primary step advance
further, reach the zenith
and then stand firm
In the MMA tournament we are going
to conduct, representing Adimurai...
Sakthi Diraviyaperumal will be taking part.
Do the necessary formalities
It is a sign of respect
from me towards Adimurai
Okay Master
Its my pleasure
I was wondering how he will enter
Someone is helping him
Let him come. If we finish
him outside, its a murder
If we finish him within the cage,
its a sport
Hes Mettalian
He was arrested on charges of
drugs and is in Bangkok jail
He has told us to get him on bail
He has so far killed 6
opponents in the cage
Nilan's plan is to finish off Sakthi
You found a job for one lakh a month
Why dont you leave?
The job that you do for the ones
you like is no parallel for money
Ones you like?
What's with that stare, Cylinder?
Rain's pouring down!
So you won't bathe tomorrow
Even in those times I was
His mother is coming
Hand movement
Take a step back
Be alert. You can do all this later
Stop it now
Shes in no mood for all this
His techniques are fairly fine
He does not have the fire of his father
I dont know his techniques
I cant even remember in my dreams
How can I match his skills?
You can
Leader! Leader! Leader!
As the head hails high
The nerves split in rage
As it enters the arena
It manifests manifolds to valor
In the presence of yore
The evil will banish
As you enter all alone
The time is right for you being your innings
The wicked foxes who tease you
Should be burnt to ashes with
the fire from your forehead
The stage is waiting to see who will lose
The wounds will transform
you to be a winner
To fall and rise is the nature of a warrior
Theres no end in a war
The stage is waiting to see who will lose
The wounds will transform
you to be a winner
To fall and rise is the nature of a warrior
Theres no end in a war
In two weeks we have MMA match
on behalf of Nilan academy
You should all reach it to the public
Come here to fight me
I am coming all alone. Come here
I am burning in rage.
Come now
Come here to fight me
I am coming all alone. Come here
I am burning in rage
Come now
To combat him for the first
time Adimurai martial arts
Sakthi Diruveyaperumal
I thought you will die in prison
I thought you wont come
For the sword placed on my neck,
I still have scores to settle Kanya
Your sons death will avenge that
Nilaparai, treating Diraveyum
as your enemy is your fault
Not considering Sakthi as
your enemy is a bigger fault
Has your son fought in
about 100 MMA matches?
Dont pin hopes
Having tried for many years,
I could not master Adimurai
Will he learn it in 3 months?
Adimurai is just an art that you learn
Its his blood
Come on Sakthi
How bro?
Its our Adimurai, wont we know
We will win
- Which place are you from?
- Keezhadi
Play as you like
Break him down!
Apply the technique and
come to the lion form
Come out
The game is over
Wow! Sakthi used his Adimurai technique...
and have knocked out Mettalian,
whom nobody could knockout so far
The countdown is on, let's wait and watch
Cheer him up! Come on!
In the meantime during the chaos
Mettalian attacked with iron rod
Its still unclear if he can
compete in the next round
Only after the medical
certification will it be clear
He has to take at least a weeks rest
He cant play the next match
Doctor he has to play the next match
With just his left hand
how can he play the match
Look for our F2F committee
we have certain norms
I cant give a fitness certificate
As a foster partner I am fretting.
How can you be like this?
I accidentally brought
them up as thieves
Till date the police have not hit them
I always shield them
I took such care of them
You want to send him to
fight with a broken hand!
He will play the next match
The emotions are running high!
Give him the certificate
Let him come and play
Puncture that Mettalian who
broke my sons hand, I will...
Does that broken hand hurt?
Does it hurt a lot?
For onlookers like us it hurts.
Wont it pain for him?
Just have a peg a sleep
You will wake up brisk and see
how you spin in the morning
Wait dear, pour it
I am having
Not for you for him
That old man with the beard?
Looking at him I can say with a pinch
of pickle he can have a full bottle
Just treat is as a medicine and have it
When you were a kid, I
used to give this...
I was making him practicing
You call your mother as Mentor
What fault did our Firework do that shes
hanging him upside down and training him
You drunkard. We are
hanging upside down
Oh my
My liquor will now flow through my nose
Yes this is ambidextrous
He has the same power as his
right hand on his left hand
It shows the same power
on both hands for you
Sakthi has advanced to the semi-finals
He will face
Undefeated champion, Richard Nilan
Richard wait for the right time to
hit continuously on his right hand
And punch his collar
This is to be our game plan
Rabbit punch
Its unethical
Sorry dad. Its against the sport
The man who killed our
academy guys, Mettalin
Its a huge mistake that
you brought him back
Now you are asking me
to do the same mistake
You can win him right?
Go do that
Tell me Sadhana
Through Richard, Nilan has
planned to hit you on the neck
Through a rabbit punch and kill
you right there in the cage
And one more thing
Tell me
Hello, Sadhana
I cant hear properly
Sakthi its time for the match
Ask her what it is?
They have hit Sadhana
and broke her face
Just a minute
Hey what happened?
He found out
He has asked his son to use
unethical ways to hit you
Watch out
All the best
Former champion Richard
Nilan has given a walk over
So Sakthi Diraveyaperumall
goes to the finals
Sakthi , dont lose your composure in anger
Let the final match get over. We will see
What Kanya? Are you scared
something will happen to your son?
What dear? Hiding behind the
back is called Adimurai?
Is this what your mother taught you?
I would have let him if he was in anger
He is after your life
Get lost
Will he kill me?
Come hit me
Hit me
Can we have an agreement fight?
Right here?
Even if you walk away now
Tomorrow you will be disqualified
I will say that you threatened my son...
and got a walk over
He wont be alive to testify its false
For the pride I have killed my father
Is it your fathers blood in your body?
I am doubtful of that
Sakthi today your fight is not inside
Its outside
If you stare at me
I will burn you down
If you think of touching me
I will break you to pieces
Are you ready to face me alone
I am ready to come alone
Inform your near and dear ones
My hand!
Its my fathers blood
Get lost
There is no link between the
agreement fight and MMA
Sakthi Diraveyaperumal
can fight in the finals
Our new cage warrior champion
The undefeated Sakthi Diraveyaperumal
Me participating in this game
Is beyond winning and losing
Theres something more
important behind this
there are parents who
fulfill the childs dream
I stand here as a privileged son
who can fulfill the parents dream
My fathers name if Diraveyaperumall
He scarified his life to promote and preserve
our traditional practice of Adimurai
His dream was to reach
this Adimurai to everyone
Now my mothers dream is also the same
Beside Adimurai...
we should not forget the pride,
culture and purity of this soil...
in the name of being civilized
We should ensure the next
generation is well aware of this
That's all. Thanks
My mom is my mentor. Big thanks to her
Stop talking about my dream.
What is your dream?
Now theres a person called Bruce lee
Who has promoted his country sport
Kung fu by acting in few movies and
promoted it to the world
What a big achievement
Like him, if not to the whole world
At least the people of Tamilnadu
should know about Adimurai
That will give me happiness
That's my dream
Adimurai, the Tamil martial art...
is being considered to be recognized as a
sport by the Tamil Nadu sports ministry
Sakthi Diraveyaperumall's speech after
winning the MMA competition in Chennai...
is considered to be the starting
point for recognizing Adimurai