Pattaya Heat (2024) Movie Script

You might not know
how this road became
so globally well known.
It's thanks to the American soldiers.
It all started in 1966.
The first go-go bar opened here.
I was born in that year.
Right now, I'm the boss here.
Despite being
just a low-rank police officer,
no matter where I go, people respect me.
No one was bigger than me on this road.
Mr. Simon is actually the boss.
He's the real boss here.
Ja-Chai! Please help me!
Leave me out of this! Get off!
Help me! Simon is going to kill me!
- I don't know what you're talking about!
- He'll kill me!
- Hands off me!
- Ja-Chai, please!
Please! Ja-Chai!
Boss, please listen to me.
He owns hundreds of businesses,
both underground and above-ground.
He can do whatever he pleases.
Now, listen carefully.
Why did you do me dirty like that? Huh?
Do you remember
what the money I gave you was for?
To start a new life!
Not gambling and losing it all, asshole!
Chai! You're a cop!
Chai! You're a cop! Chai!
Hey, Ja-Chai! Where are you going?
Wait a sec. I've got
something to talk to you about.
This is where it all started.
Last night, I went to Mr. Simon's club.
Hey, Ja-Chai!
Hey, come on. One more time.
Here's a tip for you.
Fucking hell.
You can't just leave like that.
Give me another round!
Remember this gun.
From this point on,
this was where it all branched out.
I need 500,000.
- Don't gamble if this isn't your day.
- No! I have to.
I just lost my daughter's treatment fee.
I need to get it back.
I'll definitely take this back. Trust me.
Take care of it.
Five hundred thousand?
For this old thing,
I can give you 100,000 at most.
Mr. Simon is under
someone else's oversight,
his stepdad.
His name is Nicholas.
He's on his deathbed.
Mr. Simon now runs all the businesses.
May I take your order?
What's your bestseller?
Well, that'd be the Neapolitan.
How about a Hawaiian?
Yes, we have that.
Great. One Hawaiian pizza, please.
One Hawaiian pizza.
Any drinks?
What are you drinking right now?
Lemon tea.
Here's your order.
I'll get you the change.
No need.
This is good. You made this yourself?
My husband did.
Your husband...
is such a good cook.
I made this lemon tea.
What's that?
It's a gift for a friend.
A gift?
Is it an antique? Does it shoot?
Have you pulled its trigger?
Maybe to kill someone or something?
Killing people?
I don't have to kill anyone anymore.
I'm Simon.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Simon.
See you.
Of course.
Are you Fah?
I'm Thod.
I'm Thod, Singh's brother.
Is Singh here?
Why are you here?
Is Singh here?
Singh! Singh!
Did you break out of prison?
Why do you think I shouldn't talk to him?
I took care of him since childhood!
You have two weeks.
No more, no less.
Learn how to make pizzas
and put your ass to work.
Thod got out of jail and helped
his brother run his pizza restaurant.
This is around the same time
Mr. Simon came to me with the gun.
These stories weren't going to blend,
but ultimately, they did.
That's life.
Something unexpected
can change your fate forever.
Ja-Chai, just let me know
if you need credit.
Hey, Ja-Chai.
You know that at Lion Star,
we're extremely profitable.
But do you know where our money goes?
I need to send it to Bangkok,
to have it turned into gold
before it's shipped back to me.
However, things went wrong
the last few weeks.
Wait. Who is this lady to you?
- My wife.
- Your wife?
The same person as on the movie poster?
- Yes.
- Seriously?
- She's your wife?
- She is.
Oh wow! She is a movie star?
How amazing.
-Mr. Simon,
-What a man!
let's continue your gold story.
Where is your wife now?
She passed away.
She did?
- Many years ago.
- Really?
What a shame.
No wonder I've never seen you with anyone.
Mr. Simon, I...
I don't think I can help you
because I'll retire soon
and live off of my pension.
Just do this for me
and you won't ever need your pension.
Ja-Chai, I've cleared everything for you.
You don't need to do a thing.
Walk in, show the document,
and my people will do the rest.
They'll hand you the gold.
You just put it in a car
and drive back to me.
Just like that? Put it in the car
- and bring it back to you?
- The gold in a car,
drive back to me. That's it.
So, why me?
You have many men that could do that.
In 1998,
a 16-year-old girl
went on a trip with her family
from a fishing village near Pattaya.
They planned on having
a beautiful holiday in Pattaya.
On their journey,
a tragic event happened.
It was a car accident.
Her dad, mom, and little brother died.
The girl survived
but only after seven surgeries.
That girl is Gee.
Hey, Gee!
- Where's the guy?
- There.
Is he coming up or what?
Not anytime soon.
- What does that mean?
- Well, he only talks to me.
Then we don't need this conversation.
You can talk to me
and I'll pass it on to him.
Why would I come all the way here
to talk to you?
What's next? Are we going to talk?
Fine, it's a no.
Start the engine!
Ms. Gee.
Hok's coming out.
There's Hok. Hok!
This is Ms. Gee. She's big around here.
I heard you are a good fortune-teller.
See you tomorrow at Na Kluea Market.
The first thing Gee did
after getting out of the hospital
was to visit a fortune-teller
to learn the craft.
A few years later,
she became the most
mysterious fortune-teller in Pattaya.
She knows a large number of people
and, of course,
her insight
is just as vast.
Okay, let's go.
I'm just a fortune-teller.
You don't have to believe me.
Many people don't.
Six months ago,
you were transporting Simon's gold
from Bangkok to Pattaya.
On your way, at Khao Chi Chan,
you were stopped
by the police and customs.
Police! Do not resist!
Do not resist! Get out of the car!
This is the police. Do not resist!
Do not resist!
I will spare your life,
but I can't let you get away like this.
Do you understand?
I can't let you live
without understanding the consequences.
Mah? I'm begging you.
No, Mah. Please.
Mah, please.
To get the gold,
Simon needs to do two things.
First, withdraw the gold as an exhibit.
This is so that customs is not involved.
Secondly, he needs
an obedient police officer
to help transport the gold
and bring it to Pattaya.
Hey, Gee!
I got some good stuff.
Want to eat together?
this isn't a one-man job.
Do you have a team?
Have you ever heard of Thod?
What the fuck?! Who are you?
Why did you shoot him?
Fuck you!
Let's play together.
- No, fuck off!
- Let's go!
Fuck you!
Help me!
Last ball!
Who are you?
Please, don't kill me.
I... I... surrender.
I'm scared.
I have a family.
I promise I won't tell the police.
I didn't see anything.
Please! I'll keep my mouth shut.
- Welcome!
- Welcome.
For this reason,
Thod began helping his brother,
but he didn't just sell pizzas.
He distributed drugs on the side.
That caused the pizza restaurant to grow.
One Neapolitan pizza, please.
And the special salt, please.
- Who is it for?
- Alan.
Thank you. I hope to see you again.
Thank you. Welcome. Welcome.
Singh, are you going to deliver that?
Oh! Two to go and a drink.
You're very sneaky, aren't you?
What are you talking about?
Since you came back,
we've had many more customers.
Is it because of that special salt?
Don't worry.
I'll keep it a secret for you.
Fah, don't do this.
Don't do this.
Hok wished to exact revenge
on Simon for gouging his eye out.
He decided to work with Gee.
But he knew
that he needed someone
to deal with all of this.
Have you been playing tennis lately?
You believe that story too?
I don't care.
That's made up.
A rumor, at best.
What happened to your eye?
Why do you need to know?
Does it make you uncomfortable?
The thing is,
if we do this together,
you can quit dealing drugs
from this pizza place.
Yes, as simple as that.
That's because, from now on,
you're not a lowlife drug dealer anymore.
You're recruiting me
while calling me a lowlife?
No, you're worse.
You're going to ruin everything
your brother has built.
Do you understand?
Can you drink with me?
- You've had too much drink. Stop.
- I only had one drink.
Why can't you be my drinking friend?
Fah, stop messing with me.
I'm not. I'm inviting you to drink.
You're drunk. Go home.
All my life,
no one ever bats an eye for me.
You act like this and expect people
to take you seriously?
- Like this?
- Yeah.
Like this?
Fuck you. Fucking do it!
Damn it!
- Motherfucker!
- Brother...
Fuck you!
Fah, what happened?
Why don't you ask your brother?
What were you thinking?
Everything's fine. I'm a bit drunk.
A bit drunk?
- Singh, he was going to rape me!
- Thod!
Do you know what you've done?
What did I do?
Ask your wife.
Ask me?
Do you know
that your brother has been dealing drugs
from our pizza place?
Thod, is this true?
You ruined your life,
and now you're going to ruin ours?
I bring more customers to your business.
You call that ruining? You're nonsensical.
Nonsensical, you say?
Then what the fuck are these?
What are these, huh?
Hey, why?
Fuck off!
Fucking Thod!
- What are you doing?
- I'm calling the police!
You can't do this.
You're pointing your gun at me now?
Shoot me.
Do it!
Fucking do it.
You can have an honest job,
but you won't take it.
What the fuck are you even doing?
What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
Killing and dealing drugs,
this is all I'm good for!
Get the fuck out
and never step foot here again.
Fuck's sake!
Get lost, asshole!
What's in the bag?
I said, "What's in the bag?"
Let me see it.
Hok didn't succeed,
so Gee had to get to work.
She arranged a dinner.
No, a murder.
Papa Nicholas.
Hey, Papa.
He's gone.
But he deserved to die.
He's a bad man.
A devil.
Without him,
I would've run Lion Star a long time ago!
But this asshole never once in his life
gave me a chance to take over.
He just delayed
and delayed it until death!
For fucking God knows what.
He raised me as if I were his son.
I remember when I was a lowlife
on the street.
The first time I got stabbed
and was injured badly,
stayed at my bedside at the hospital.
All day and night.
And I was the one who killed him!
I killed him!
I killed him at the hospital.
I took the pillow,
suffocated him with it...
until he died.
I kept calling him Papa.
He would never have a chance
to hear my voice
because he's already dead.
He'll never hear my voice again.
What happened to your face?
I walked into the door.
The pizza girl.
Mr. Simon.
You know each other?
The Angel Pizza girl.
Of course, I know her.
We know each other.
It's done. Let's begin.
Angel Pizza. How can I help?
Hello. I'd like to order a pizza.
The Napoleon... Neapolitan pizza thing.
I want one.
And deliver to where?
VIP room 1 at Lion Star.
That's it.
One martini, please.
I'm not sure, but that police officer,
he goes in and out of the casino
regularly. Can you find him?
Do you have a lighter?
By this time,
- Thank you.
- I didn't realize
that I was one of the chess pieces
in Gee's plan.
Are you a regular here?
It's a shame,
- Yes.
- but I had to do it
to get the treatment money for my kid.
My name is Gee.
How is your luck today?
What the fuck are you doing?
Are you crazy?
Good evening. It's Angel Pizza.
What's that?
- Fuck you!
- What the hell?!
Do you fucking know who I am?
- Fah?
- Singh.
You two know each other?
- That's my wife!
- Get the fuck out!
Wait. Did you mean him or me?
Who did you talk to?
Fuck you!
The gun!
The gun!
Fah! Hand me the gun! Hand me the gun!
Nicholas, Simon's stepdad,
used to tell me this.
He said,
"Don't kill because of love.
Don't kill because of anger.
Don't kill because of fear.
is purely for benefits."
Simon made a mistake.
That complicated things.
The problem worsened every day.
She started
wrapping everything in plastic.
The table,
TV, fridge...
You need to take your medicine!
Let me in! You need your medicine!
Please let me in.
...glasses, and dining ware.
There was nothing that was left unwrapped.
Leave me alone. I want to be alone!
That's what happens
when you don't take your meds.
Get out!
- Where are they?
- Leave me!
Get out!
Thank you for the second drink.
When I was 16,
I lost my family too.
Don't look at me like that.
I don't have any secrets.
My job is to keep others' secrets.
Go on with your story.
And what happened
to your daughter after that?
I'll tell you next time.
Open your fucking eyes!
Does this look like a car accident?
What do you think made these holes?
- What are these holes?
- You need to ask the police.
I'm only responsible
for issuing the autopsy report.
I don't need to ask anyone else
because I have your shitty report here!
Who? Who asked you to make this report?
If you have doubts
about the autopsy result,
you can request a forensic evaluation.
That's all I can do to help.
What if I know who killed your brother?
What do you say?
What did you just say?
everyone Gee wants
has gotten in the same boat,
except me,
an old policeman,
an old, greedy policeman.
Draw one card from each group
and put them in any order you wish.
If I jump in,
the plan will be complete.
- I want to know...
- Silence.
The answers are on the table.
You are responsible for something valuable
or someone important, right?
Are you going to begin your voyage soon?
You are too accurate!
That's what the cards say.
But you will face troubles
in this job of yours.
Is there a solution?
- Change your route.
- Change my route?
- Change your route.
- How?
How would I know?
I don't even know where you are going.
Your fate depends on you.
Change your route and you'll be safe.
What are all these? Bombs?
No idea. Probably beer.
I took this job of yours.
Tell me the truth.
Let's finish this first.
I've been wondering
why you want to take revenge,
though you never cared
whether Singh lived or died.
What are you talking about?
I saw you pointing a gun at Singh's head.
You can't do this.
Pizza, pizza. Any pizza will do.
That's not yours or anyone's business.
Chonburi, so what?
Do you know the Shark Gang?
The Shark Gang is a criminal gang
formed by fishermen.
Mah, I know the Shark Gang.
I fucking know who they are.
Ja-Chai, what about this Shark Gang?
My informant told me they gathered
at Samaesarn a few hours ago,
armed to the teeth.
Shit. What now?
- Change our route.
- Change our route?
- Change our route.
- To what?
- The bypass.
- The bypass?
- The bypass.
- Bypassing Pattaya?
- That's it.
- No! No!
Then I'm out.
- You won't.
- I won't.
- You won't go.
- I won't go.
- Are you sure?
- I won't go.
- You won't go.
- I won't go.
If you were to pull the trigger that day,
it wouldn't make any difference.
Only I can kill him, no one else.
That's my rule.
I have a question.
Why did Singh have to die?
This is one of our cards.
Only we know how Thod's brother died.
If the pizza place was still in business,
Thod wouldn't have joined us.
So, Singh had to go.
Am I also one of your cards?
Stop fishing.
Come with me.
The fuck you looking at? Get in the car.
What are these men for?
Get in.
Ja-Chai, wake up.
Wake up!
I wasn't sleeping.
You don't need to shout.
We're nearly at the junction.
Changing route?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
Why do you keep asking me questions?
You're not my fucking boss!
Be nice to me, please.
I've been very nice to you.
I would've blown your head off
if I was in my prime.
If not because of Mr. Simon,
I would've done the same.
Why are we stopping?
I'm starving. I need to eat.
- Why now?
- Fuck off.
I could eat a horse!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you believe in destiny?
This is destiny.
This billboard. Do you see that woman?
- Do you see her?
- Huh?
- My wife played in this movie!
- What the fuck are you on about?
That's my wife.
I haven't seen this movie in 30 years!
I need to watch it.
I have to.
- We'll move after I'm done.
- What the hell?!
If you have a problem,
we'll settle it in Pattaya.
- I'm out!
- Hey!
May I take your order?
Two dishes of rice with fried pork.
I miss you so much.
Something to drink?
Or maybe milk?
How about a martini?
I'll take anything,
even poison.
How old are you?
Old enough to fall in love.
- Why is it so slow?
- I'm hungry.
- Well, you can stop by...
- Otherwise, you will die of hunger.
Excuse me. Here's your drink.
Ma'am, your drink.
Hey, why does it taste fucking bitter?
Is yours bitter too?
The shooting started. Are you afraid?
I'm afraid of having to shoot you.
Then don't.
Goodbye, beauty.
Will you betray me?
Betray you?
I miss you.
I miss you so much.
That's my wife.
Fucking hell.
The total reward is 560 million baht.
Today, I'll wire the money
to the accounts Gee gave me.
After today,
we'll be no one to each other.
Do not make contact.
I wish you all luck.
The first share is 50 million each.
I'll wire it to everyone's account.
However, it must
not be touched for a year.
Got it?
Then, I'll wire you the rest.
I'm sorry that after today,
we won't see each other again.
I'll find you when you're needed.
Good luck.
This is the last number
that called my brother's pizza place.
Thod, wait! It is a misunderstanding.
Thod, are you mad?
- This isn't what you think it is.
- Thod, listen.
Singh died because of Simon and Fah.
But that's your number!
That was my plan. It wasn't his idea.
I don't care whose plan it was.
Tell me the truth!
Point your gun at me.
I just needed you on my team.
- I had no idea it'd turn out like this.
- I'll show you a video
and you can think about this again.
One, two, three.
Bring the food.
This videotape contains the movie
Sugar Plan.
Do you know where I got it?
I looked online and found it was on sale
at the Thai Film Archive.
Do you know how much I paid?
Thirty baht.
It could've been free.
However, 30 kilograms of gold
is worth 560 million baht.
I don't think you realized it.
If you hadn't stopped to watch this movie,
the gold would've returned
to me in Pattaya.
I had to fucking lose 560 million baht
for this ass movie!
I had to fucking lose 560 million baht
for this ass of a movie!
Fucking eat this shit! Eat it!
I fucking said it.
How do I...
Can you eat it now?
Can you? Fucking can you?
Eat it!
Chew it! How does it feel, huh?
A 560-million-baht movie.
Does it taste good?
Keep eating!
Good boy!
Just like that. Keep eating.
I didn't fucking tell you to stop.
Why did you stop!
Keep eating!
Just like that.
Don't stop.
Don't stop. Keep going!
Eat more! Yes!
Eat it!
Mr. Simon.
I'll find a way to get the gold back.
Aside from that stupid golden gun,
what gold can you even bring back?
From now on, your only job
is to be a lapdog under my command.
Mr. Simon.
Listen to me.
I'm a cop...
not a lapdog.
I'm not a lapdog.
Your fate depends on you.
Change your route and you'll be safe.
I announced
that I would sell my gun again.
Not long after,
a mysterious man contacted me.
Are you Ja-Chai?
And who are you?
You don't need to know.
I'm no one. It doesn't matter who I am.
So, no name?
You can call me anything.
Do you have the goods?
I do.
Can I see it?
Five million?
One hundred-year-old golden revolver.
Now, take me to the buyer.
Where is your buyer?
Hey, calm down. We are on the same team!
I'm not. I'm a cop.
Of course, you are!
And is it wrong to hug a cop?
Get off me!
Let's have a seat.
I am the buyer.
Fucking liar.
this is Thod's brother's pizza place.
It became run-down like this
because Singh died.
Simon killed him.
What are you trying to say?
You don't make any sense.
Alright, listen carefully.
At the same time,
poor Fah is confined in Simon's hotel.
She faces her fear,
waiting on the trial of her fate.
How much longer do I have to stay here?
Why? You don't like this place?
I don't.
I want to be free.
You want freedom?
Freedom after killing someone?
I did not.
You did it.
Oh, Fah.
I can hire hundreds of people
to testify that you killed him.
You're a monster.
A devil!
I love you.
I love you.
I really love you.
I don't care about your feelings.
I only know that this is the first time
where I felt like
I wanted to protect this woman.
I wanted to win over this woman!
Make this woman mine!
Make my kingdom her kingdom!
To give her my whole world.
And look at you and how you treated me!
I gave you everything.
You just had to stay here for a few days!
Do you think
you fucking deserve my love? Answer me!
Mr. Simon.
Just don't leave me.
Hey, do me a favor.
Give Thod a call.
Everybody sit down and talk.
It's time to end it.
And that's the story.
Poor Singh. He lost everything
because of Simon.
- This has nothing to do with the gold?
- Yes.
Nothing to do with the gold.
But we're doing this
because it's the right thing.
We want to avenge Singh.
That has even less to do with me!
What matters is that you stole the gold
and made my life a living hell.
You're in too deep now.
It wouldn't be a cakewalk
to just leave now.
Or you can turn a blind eye
and once it all ends,
you can spend all your money
on your daughter.
Treat your daughter with the money,
but never return this to Simon.
And only then will I pay
for the golden gun.
In fact, Singh doesn't have
anything to do with me.
It's all about the money.
I slowly thought of a new plan
to save them...
I'll call you.
...and also, my retirement plan.
As for Gee's money,
my daughter was taken to a hospital.
Her treatment and payment
were done before the New Year.
That included my resignation letter, too.
Everything went according to Gee's plan.
It's my plan.
I told you I didn't have a weapon.
Smell of blood.
What smell of blood?
I can smell blood.
It's everywhere.
Come in.
Come in!
Have you ever been to Hong Kong, Fah?
This is a flight ticket to Hong Kong.
Once you get there,
you'll get another three million baht.
What do you mean?
Why should I go to Hong Kong?
To change your story.
What story?
Tell me what happened to Singh.
If you tell the truth,
you can fly away with the money.
I'm sorry, Thod.
Since the incident,
I've been afraid to see you.
Gee called me that day.
She told me that Mr. Simon
wanted to own Angel Pizza jointly.
So, I met him here, in this room.
Mr. Simon wanted to open
Angel Pizza here, in Lion Star.
We negotiated our agreement.
Everything went so well.
Mr. Simon asked Singh to sign the contract
and told him to bring pizzas to celebrate.
While Singh was here, he got upset
seeing me with Mr. Simon.
He had always been this way.
Whenever he saw me with another man,
- Angel Pizza!
- he would burst with anger.
In reality, Mr. Simon
only picked up the wrong glass.
He mistakenly picked up my glass.
Mr. Simon didn't want to hurt Singh.
He knew that as small as Singh was,
he didn't stand a chance.
Mr. Simon walked away,
but Singh wouldn't stop.
I later heard from the police
that Singh chased Mr. Simon down the road.
Singh crashed into a tree.
I'm sorry,
but can I say something?
That day, I sat there.
What a lying bitch.
You walked in,
so I left.
It just so happened that I planted
a cigarette box with a camera.
It recorded everything.
And right here...
is where Singh died.
Can you remember that?
If you can't,
how about we watch a short movie?
It seems that this
won't be easy to handle.
One of us has to die. Is that right?
Hi, everyone! Konnichiwa!
Ja-Chai, what's this?
Mr. Simon.
I retired today!
Retire? That's none of my business.
It matters to you, actually.
This is a good day.
We'll take in the good things
and forget all the bad things.
Hey! Sak, go get some wine glasses!
- Get me champagne glasses!
- Mah! Get him out!
- Get out.
- But the champagne!
- Drink the champagne first!
- Get out!
The cake's great too!
It's the best in Pattaya!
Enough! Bastards!
Alright, alright. Get off me now!
Stop! Don't follow me.
You fuckers can't stop nagging me!
I'll show myself out.
Don't touch me.
Fuck off! Motherfucker!
Simon is my friend.
I can do anything I want.
Stop nagging me, for fuck's sake.
The kitchen is closed today, sir.
Are you here for revenge on me?
I'm here...
to forgive you.
I don't believe you.
Take off your clothes.
Just go.
I said go.
I'm the stupid one.
I always meet the wrong people
at the wrong time.
And I always make the wrong choices.
I ran out of chances to go back
and fix anything.
But you still can.
Leave now or things will get even worse.
You can go. I won't hurt you.
Just go.
Goodbye, Fah.
- Follow him.
- Quickly!
Follow Mr. Simon.
What is your plan?
Think about it.
At such an important moment,
Simon's two best thugs are here, with me.
So, who's protecting him?
Die, fucker!
To the rooftop now!
Mah, we need you on the rooftop! Quickly!
Copy that.
I'll take your other eye, fucker!
Forgive me. I'm sorry.
You must forgive me.
I want to know
what an eyeless eye socket looks like.
Is it just a hole?
What do you see?
What does it look like?
What do you fucking see?
What do you fucking see?
I thought we were friends!
I thought we were friends.
Why the fuck did you do this to me?
I won't fucking tell you.
Why the fuck did you do this to me?
Get off me, cunt!
Stop right there, Simon!
- Ja-Chai?
- It's me!
- Fucking Chai.
- I'll shoot!
You killed Singh and Nicholas
- and now him?
- What the fuck?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
- Step back all the way!
- Ja-Chai, calm down!
Let's talk. What do you want?
- Money?
- Keep that!
So, what the fuck do you want?
I want to be a good cop,
not a fucking lapdog!
- Step back!
- Wait!
Okay, okay!
You want to be a good cop, right?
Of course, I surrender.
I surrender. Arrest me! Take me to jail.
Arrest me! You see?
I surrender.
I surrender.
But I'm retired.
I can't arrest you anymore.
- I'd better shoot you!
- Shit! Calm down!
But there's someone
who may want to shoot you even more.
I'm fine with that.
Where are you? Come out here!
Where are you?
Hok! Where are you?
Fucking Hok!
Hok! Where are you?
I forgive you.
Oh, Mah.
It's too late.
I'm still alive.
I won't die that easily!
Is that all you've got?
Is that all you've got, bastards?
Thod killed Simon.
Hok killed Mah.
I was just a clumsy retired cop
who dropped a gun into Thod's hand.
I'm taking my daughter
out of the hospital,
and we'll celebrate the New Year together.
Video this way?
Yes, and record it.
- Yeah, look over there, too.
- Film this and this.
Okay, and film this, too.
- How about a selfie?
- Yay!
- Don't forget to record a video, Dad.
- Yes.
Dad, I want ice cream.
- Huh?
- I want ice cream.
Ice cream?
I'm getting you some.
What flavor?
I'm thinking vanilla.
No problem, my lady.
One vanilla and one chocolate ice cream.
Thank you.
Do you remember me?
You were a policeman,
but you watched Simon cripple my hand.
Do you feel any remorse?
Being called a cop has its price!
I was stationed on this road
since I was newly graduated.
I always wanted to become a good cop.
However, that slowly changed.
I didn't want to give myself problems.
I've been working here for over 30 years.
I never knew
if I've ever been a good cop.
- Is this Ja-Chai's home?
- Yes.
Is he in?
He's not.
And who are you?
I'm his daughter.
Sign this, please.
you probably realize
that this was all Gee's plan.
This was her plan,
a plan that led to everyone's death.
That doesn't bother her...
because several years earlier,
after she learned fortune-telling
and returned to Pattaya,
she had been waiting for this day,
as she knew
that no matter what,
this day would come.