Paulette (2012) Movie Script

Plum Pie Contest
My Dream Villa
Cake-making Diploma
Father Baptiste, I've sinned.
I put roaches in the food of
the Chinks who now run my restaurant.
Try to understand me, Father.
And God, try to understand me, too.
Those Chop Sticks, those Ay-rabs,
those Negros who invade France...
They stole our jobs.
Come now...
Don't let hate and anger
fill your heart.
They are always bad counselors.
I don't mean you, Father.
You deserve to be white.
I mean the jigaboo
with my daughter.
And the Chinks
who took over my restaurant.
They drove Francis to drink.
It ended up killing him.
Your business failed.
It's not the fault
of those who took it over.
Don't make all foreigners
the scapegoats of your misfortune.
Say 10 "Our Fathers"
and 5 "Hail Marys".
But don't start again, Paulette.
Don't start again!
Buy my Prigord cheese!
5 euros for 5!
Try this, lady.
You too, sir. 5 euros for 5.
Go on, sir. Plenty for everyone!
Taste my cheese...
Too cheesy!
Let go of that!
I saw them first!
What'll I eat tonight?
- The phone...
- What phone, Rachid?
My sister's phone.
Your all-inclusive week in Marbella
for her phone.
Is it working?
Why wouldn't it be working?
Home Encyclopedias.
I can see you're interested
in interior decorating.
That's lucky as I'm here
to tell you about...
our special offers.
This elevator busts my balls!
Oh, shit!
Shouldn't we call Maintenance?
Are you retarded?
They don't come here anymore!
My humble respects.
I hope you'll be proud of me, honey.
I hope it comes out well.
Oh, yes, good!
Not bad...
1, 2, 3...
8 PM in Paris,
2 PM in New York.
Here is today's news
on Sept 11, 2011.
Tonight, we bring you
a special edition
on this very emotional date.
What is the mood today?
10 years already...
If only you'd listened to me
and drunk a bit less,
we might've kept our restaurant.
It says "September 2001"
on the walls of New York...
10 years
since the World Trade Center...
3,000 dead...
A sad date...
10 years ago...
Are they doing it on purpose?
Why aren't they out working?
The 35-hour week,
retirement at 60- what a joke!
Hello, Miss.
I didn't know your husband
was my wife's neighbor.
"Sept 11, 2001."
Did he die in the Towers?
Did your wife die,
'cause of an April Fool's trick?
Died April 1, 2004
Lazy bastards!
Why not go out begging?
Jrmy, wait!
I've walked in shit! Oh, fuck!
Fuckin' pain!
something's moving on its own.
You smoke too much!
What's he up to?
There he is.
Good evening, gentlemen.
It's all there.
We gotta check.
That's business.
I've never seen so much cash.
What is this?
Thank you, young man.
Have a great evening.
You too.
Hi, Mom.
Say hello, Lo.
- Hello who?
- Grandma.
Don't call me that.
What, then?
He shouldn't call me anything.
When'll you be back?
I'm working late...
Around 5.
That all there is?
If you're not happy, don't eat it.
I'd like a TV like that.
What kind?
Why don't you like me?
'Cause you're black.
You're Debbie,
the new recruit, right?
Yes. You can call me Deb.
OK, what else?
No new leads.
Look at the DNA!
Really, Francis,
this new cop is so dumb!
It's not difficult. DNA's everywhere,
even on butt hair!
I'm not home!
Paulette, let me in.
My mother-in-law's a bit strange.
Lt. Marchal.
We have some questions
about drug trafficking.
Hi, Paulette.
You use blacks
to arrest drug traffickers now?
Don't mind her,
she's always like that.
We're on an investigation.
I thought you could help us.
We've arrested a kid from here.
Jrmy - heard of him?
Thank you, but...
Don't want any?
No, I'm used to it.
So, you've arrested Jrmy?
For trafficking.
Trafficking what?
Much money in it?
Well, 400 to 500,000 euros
a year, yes.
What? That little shit,
500 grand a year!
He's just a dealer.
We're after the big boss.
A guy called Vito.
Hello, Paulette.
Coming to play cards?
That's where it all happens.
Leave me alone
with your damn cards!
Mrs Courtine,
I'm appointed by the Court
to seize your belongings...
Fuck you!
A year's outstanding payments
on a loan,
2 years' unpaid
gas and electricity bills,
on your rent and service charges.
You're not solvent,
so I'm seizing your belongings.
You can't!
I'm on a minimum pension.
So, we have...
2 reproduction armchairs,
1 standard lamp...
Not my lamp!
Not my TV!
A dresser, style:
country or rustic.
If you have a complaint to lodge,
phone the Court.
Their number
is on the paper I gave you.
To pay your bill, say "Pay".
It worked just now.
Please repeat.
I didn't understand you.
- Going out tonight?
- To a party.
Call the guys up, then.
- Where is it?
- In Paris.
What d'ya want, Grandma?
I want to see the boss.
What d'ya say?
Get off me, jigaboo!
Say that again.
Get off her!
What d'ya want?
To talk to Mr Vito.
That's me.
Who is it?
Mr Vito, I know what you do.
I want in.
What do I do?
I want to sell drugs.
This is no old people's club!
I ran a successful business
for 35 years.
Go to bed, Grandma, it's late.
And I don't know what you mean.
We thought you weren't coming.
Hello, my darling!
- Look!
- No!
He'll need a dentist.
I'm with Maria,
you're with Rene.
She doesn't know her own name!
What? It's true, isn't it?
Yes, but we take it in turns.
Hi, Walter!
That's all we needed!
You're lovelier everyday.
Mr Walter!
It's true.
OK, whose turn is it?
Are you gonna be long?
Where's Francis?
Rene, just play.
we played at the restaurant?
She should be put out of her misery.
What a pain.
Go on, play, Alzheimer!
Ousmane, Lil' Yves, that way!
Hurry up!
Now what?
It's Grandma Paulette!
Here's something you lost!
You fucker!
Go on, whack that mutha!
Square, triangle!
Where d'ya get that?
In a trashcan.
Listen, Mr Vito,
I know that Jrmy and his pal
sell drugs.
I saw them.
I promise I'll keep quiet
if I can work for you.
I can't afford to eat.
I worked my whole life.
She lives in Block Victor Hugo.
There's a job going
now that Jrmy's in jail.
And the force are after you.
The what?
The cops.
Who'll suspect me?
A little old lady is a first for me.
It may not be so dumb.
I'll give you a trial run.
90% for me,
10% for you.
You have a deal.
Know what to do?
5- gram bars.
Want me to show you?
No. What do you think I am?
What the fuck?
What're you doing?
Hey, I'm a trailblazer!
Keep the damn noise down!
What does this shit sell for?
Francis, do you know?
Ousmane, you have a visitor.
What's happened?
Everything's fine.
Why are you here?
I came to say hello.
- So, Osama...
- Ousmane.
How about showing me around?
I've never been in here.
The thing is...
Where do you put the seizures?
You know...
Counterfeit cigarettes, dope...
Show me,
dear little Ousmene.
100 kilos!
What's that worth?
200 to 250,000 euros.
That much!
It's our biggest haul.
And this?
5 kilos. 10,000 euros.
Double that on the street.
What's a gram worth, then?
Where can I find some hashish?
- Hash!
- OK, I get it.
You get stoned?
By the station in the underpass.
- It's not good at your age.
- Sit on this!
Want some dope?
Some what?
Do you want some drugs?
You work for the cops?
The drug squad - bravo!
No, I sell drugs.
Whatcha doin', loser? You dealin'?
Who are you to sell shit to an oldie?
I'm not.
Go on, beat it! Scram!
If I see you dealin' here,
I'll kick your head in!
Beat it!
How much for a bar?
Well, 25 euros.
5 grams. I weighed it myself.
I only have 20.
You here often?
I'd rather buy from you
than those kids who sell me crap.
And with you, I can be sure
you don't work for the police.
What an idiot!
- I hope it's not cut with tires.
- Tires?
Don't worry. If it's good stuff,
I'll be coming back.
- It's all there.
- Sure?
Go get the gear!
- 10%, right?
- That's right.
Thank you, Mr Vito.
What is it, boy?
What is it, Delinquent?
Go on, Delinquent.
Scram, you hound!
Good boy!
Get off me!
Keep your mangy dog back!
Your dog knocked the lady over!
- He's on a trail.
- He's on my mother-in-law.
No, I'll carry it.
I'll manage.
No, I insist.
It's heavy.
What's in it?
No, it's OK.
That's a good one!
I didn't know you could be so funny.
Well, thanks.
I bet the elevator's out of order.
I'll take it upstairs.
Thanks a lot.
You know, I'm really pleased...
we can talk
and things are better between us.
You've stopped calling me Darkie.
- Tell me something.
- Yes?
What does a cannabis dealer make?
Paulette, open up!
Oh, shit!
If you don't open this door...
Where did you get to?
We keep calling you,
you never answer.
You don't even come to play cards.
Are you redecorating?
It smells good.
It smells really good!
No entry!
What're you hiding?
Someone's in there.
A man.
Let's see.
Not possible.
- Is he...?
- Naked.
Stark naked?
I'll tell you later.
Who is it?
The janitor?
No, she can't stand him.
Not Father Baptiste?
No. And he's black.
Doing it in the kitchen!
It must be very physical.
- Passionate.
- Yes.
What is she doing here?
1 euro a can!
A can of tuna, 1 euro.
2 steaks, 1 euro!
Shit, Afghan, ganja!
- Is it good?
- Yeah.
Got any money?
Beat it!
You ripped me off.
You owe me 20.
Here. See you.
Hi. Got any more?
5 bars for the price of 4.
A bargain.
Here you are.
I don't touch that.
Top-quality gear.
When will you reconnect the phone?
Tomorrow or the day after...
Not today?
This has to clear.
Fucking trade unionist!
Who's this?
Come now, Rene,
it's Paulette.
I didn't recognize you.
What's that coat?
It's leather.
The bag's new, too.
From that guy of yours?
You know.
In the kitchen.
Drop it. You're like the pigs.
- The what?
- "Pigs".
My humble respects, Miss.
You look ravishing!
- It's him.
- Old fool!
No, it's not him.
- Who, then?
- A youngster. Listen to her talk.
- Where are you going?
- Tell us.
Later. Not now.
The body of Christ...
Father Baptiste, I've sinned.
You put roaches
in your neighbor's food?
Worse than that.
The sin of lust?
No! Worse than that.
What have you done?
I sold drugs.
Hash, ganja...
Paulette, you know it's not allowed!
I know it's wrong, very wrong.
A moment of distraction.
Don't do it again.
I earn money, I meet people...
I can pay off my debts,
I can buy myself nice things...
I feel as excited
as when we had the restaurant.
I want to make a donation.
I want God to profit from it.
Put it in the box.
I want nothing to do with it.
An Ay-rab would steal it!
No, thanks!
I'd rather give it to you.
The collection at Mass
won't pay for the new roof.
Go on!
It's Granny Junkie!
Go sell your shit!
Don't go, Granny.
You got good gear.
Whatcha got in your bag?
Granny Junkie!
Give me that.
Not so proud now, you old bitch?
How dare you?
You're white!
Oh, yeah?
Are you nuts?
Shut your face!
What? You said you'd just scare her.
She's like my granny.
She takes clients off us
on our turf.
Get outta here! Time to retire!
Fuck off to the countryside!
We don't need you.
If I see you again,
I'll rip your fuckin' head off!
Stop it!
You've gone crazy!
What'll I tell Vito?
Those little shits stole
half my takings.
A 5-gram bar...
A bit of tire...
Not enough tire.
What's happened?
Why wear Dad's sunglasses?
I have to work overtime.
I won't keep him.
You must...
You chose to have a black bastard!
You be quiet!
Where's the TV?
Keep your mouth shut!
"How to survive a heatwave... "
It stinks!
It'll never work.
Please open the door, Grandma.
What's the smell?
I've baked a cake.
Can I have some?
Is this Mom?
You look like you're having fun.
Leave that, you little shit!
What did I do?
You muckraker!
I didn't do anything!
Open up or you'll be for it!
What're you doing?
Lo, let me in.
Please, kid... Honey...
You're mean!
I was mean,
but I won't be mean again.
Come on...
My little Lo,
please let me in.
I was wrong to get upset.
I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry.
- Did you touch this?
- What?
Don't tell your mother.
What's in that box?
If you like, I'll give you
a big slice of chocolate cake,
because you've been good.
I don't want any.
I'm gonna tell Mom.
Sweetie, I'd like us
to get to know one another,
see more of each other.
I may tease you,
'cause you're black.
I'd have preferred you to be white.
That's the way it is.
But deep down, I like you.
You're a liar. I'll tell Mom!
Just you wait n' see!
Quick... Water...
Why are you mean to everyone?
Why don't you like anyone?
You saved my life, jigaboo.
'Course I did, you're my grandma.
Sorry I'm late.
My battery was dead...
That's OK.
Was she mean to you?
Did she hit you?
No. Come on.
You're dolled up.
Expecting someone?
What's wrong?
It tastes funny.
Salt, pepper...
And something I can't identify.
Tastes like cinnamon.
You put cinnamon in it.
With less sugar, salt, and pepper,
it'd taste different.
It's not bad.
I'll have another piece.
Japanese restaurant?
Aren't you hungry?
4 pizzas.
Japs don't do pizzas.
They do raw fish ones!
Noodle pizza!
What's so funny?
Tell us what you put in the cake.
What is it?
It's him.
Mr Walter?
I'm on fire. I want you so much!
Stop it.
Who is this?
Come on... I'm waiting!
Don't mess around.
Wait, wait.
Miss Paulette!
It's me, Walter!
Francis, thanks to jigaboo,
I think I have the solution.
Agns tried to reach you.
She was worried.
What's wrong?
Are you OK?
I just woke up, that's all.
It's 2 PM.
Really? Thank you, Ousmana.
How do you know her?
She said you had a tiny dick.
- What?
- You got nothing in your pants.
Where are you going?
Didn't you get it?
- I'm selling cakes.
- Are they good?
- Paws off!
- Don't touch me!
- Stop it, Zak.
- Beat it, you!
You diss us and take our business.
Your business is selling cakes now?
Missy is a baker!
- Pick on someone your own size!
- She your gran?
Don't diss my gran.
Shut your mouth, camel face!
Yeah, very funny, you clowns!
Tasty Afghan cookies!
Space cakes!
Afghan cookies! Space cakes!
Afghan cookies!
Any dope?
No, I bake cakes now.
Cakes aren't my thing.
Afghan cookies!
As it's you, I'll give it a try.
I'll have one. How much?
That's a lot.
There's the labor. And it's organic.
Space cakes.
How much?
- 20.
- 20?!
Can we sample them?
No, you can't sample 'em.
It's the 3rd time this week.
I'm a born businesswoman.
Talking of which,
I hear that dealers get
30% rather than 10.
- Who said that?
- No matter.
But next time, I want 30
or I'll go elsewhere.
Mr Vito,
you wouldn't take advantage
of a penniless old lady?
- 25!
- 30.
- Can I help you?
- I want a TV.
Of course. What do you want?
A 20 or 30 inch screen?
That one?
That one is the Ferrari of TVs.
60 inches, full HD,
progressive double-scan...
3D, of course,
but it's not for you.
What's 3D?
I want that one.
See the price?
Do you want a 20-month loan?
Cash, asshole!
He asked where you lived.
It's my girlfriend's birthday.
She loves your cookies.
I want to order a cake.
For how many?
6 to 8.
Come back tonight.
- Granny Junkie...
- Your cakes are amazing!
Come in.
What do you want?
A dozen Afghan cookies.
And space cakes.
Rachid, why do you do that?
They'll only deal with you.
The others are real jealous.
Pierrot's up to something.
Be careful, lady.
I'll tell you something.
These jerks thought
you wanted to screw me.
She's not straight.
Shut up, Pierrot!
You don't bring in this much.
- And you...
- My jacket!
Keep cheating at Infamous 2
and I'll smash your fingers.
Want a drink?
No, Mr Vito, I'm not thirsty.
4 kilos this time. OK?
Is someone bothering you?
I'll waste him!
Chill out.
Calm down.
- That's not it.
- What, then?
I'm tired.
You should've said.
Momo, take it to her place.
C'mon, sit down.
What's this, bro?
What does she want?
Listen to her.
She wants to offer us a deal.
What deal?
You'll see. Sit down.
Not for me.
Help yourselves. It's oven fresh.
There's enough work for everyone.
I just bake the cakes.
And I give you 10%
for every customer you bring me.
We're all happy.
Wow, this is so good!
Shut up, you!
Don't talk to me like that.
It is good.
Just 'cause we don't bake cakes...
This is a great idea.
We're getting screwed.
Guys who eat space cakes
smoke less spliffs.
With your belly full,
you want to smoke.
And when you smoke,
you want to eat.
It busts my balls!
I can't even get past.
It's cool, you get stoned
at your age.
My buddy says:
"Anyone can toke up. "
I don't understand him.
What's "toke up"?
I'll tell you later.
Mrs Paulette...
Do you know Granny Junkie well?
"Granny Junkie"?
Even her grandson, Lo.
Her daughter, Agns.
And her son-in-law, a policeman.
There you are.
Thank you. Goodbye.
Why are you here?
We're pissed.
Fuckin' A.
Madam doesn't play cards.
Or when she does, she falls asleep.
What's your little secret?
I sell cakes.
Imagine "The Bold and the Beautiful"
on a TV like this!
And you bought that
with the sale of your cakes?!
Do you think we're stupid?
No, I don't think you are.
We thought we were your friends,
but if you don't trust us,
keep your little secrets.
We'll find someone else
to play cards.
Come on, Rene.
Don't go. You're my only friends.
Very well. Spit it out.
Remember the cake I baked for you?
There was hash in it.
Yes, hashish!
You know, ganja, cannabis!
That's what the funny taste was.
I know it's wrong,
but I'd had enough of being broke.
That's great. You're so right!
Sheer genius!
Work more, earn more!
But I don't touch hard drugs.
Of course not.
Hurry up.
They're restless.
I can't manage alone.
Won't you help me?
We'll share the profits.
You bet!
Afghan cookies...
Paris Marrakesh.
Ganja sponge fingers.
Granny Junkie meringue.
It's real quiet.
Even the bums have stopped drinking.
'Scuse me, dude.
Where's Paulette's crib?
I don't understand.
What did she say?
I'm coming. Come in...
Hi, Paulette.
We've just dropped in
to say hello.
- Are you busy?
- No.
Bye, Paulette. Bye, guys.
By the way, will you...
Yes, goodbye.
Wow, your little business
is doing really well.
Everyone's talking about it.
Not by the book.
On private premises,
without a license.
Don't make trouble
for old ladies who bake.
What's in it?
It's a secret, isn't it?
Thanks, bye. It was rockin'.
- Freshly made!
- Rene!
I'm not just a pretty face!
A space...
- No, wait.
- A meringue...
- They're not cooked.
- What do you mean?
You can see they're not.
So, how are things at home?
Well, Agns is having black thoughts.
You can't blame her!
Things are tense.
It's bad for Lo.
Who's getting that?
Yes, we're coming, we're coming!
Granny, got any space...
Meet Osama and his colleague.
They're cops.
They're investigating
drug trafficking.
It's OK, Paulette.
Just pretend we're not here.
How's it going?
It's like the dealers
are on vacation. Right, Ousmane?
What the hell are they doing here?
Idriss and Momo, such nice boys.
They run errands.
I'll fuckin' waste 'em!
It's my mother-in-law's.
Hands up!
Is Miss Paulette not in?
You're crazy!
Do forgive us, sir.
I wanted to invite her to dinner.
Mr Walter,
Paulette will be delighted.
- When?
- In 1 hour.
Now, gentlemen,
Paulette has to get ready.
Yes, of course. We won't keep you.
Yes. You know it?
Come on, Paulette.
Good evening.
Mr Walter, we've given you
our best table.
Thank you. Meet my friend Paulette.
Come this way.
Been here before?
Yes, Mrs Paulette is a regular.
She never bugs us!
Paulette, to think we've been
neighbors for so long...
What did you see?
I've told you 20 times!
We went to resupply Paulette.
2 cops were there, drinking tea.
And then?
Then, I'm sure he's gonna bang
the old bag's brains out!
Thank you for a lovely dinner.
I want you!
I can't wait anymore!
You drive me crazy!
Not tonight.
- Why not?
- Not the first night.
Why not?
Some other time... maybe.
Give her a good screw
and get it over with!
Are you angry, Francis?
There's no reason to be.
- Father...
- Don't tell me.
I can fix the roof.
God is grateful, but that's enough!
I feel like I'm changing.
At my age, it's scary.
I didn't like anyone.
I hated Chinks and blacks,
but I enjoyed my Chinese meal.
I get on well with an Ay-rab.
I've patched things up
with Lo and my neighbor.
God moves in mysterious ways.
Think so?
I'm sure of it.
What will my Francis think?
I think he'll be very pleased
to see you happy.
What about me?
- How was the boat trip?
- Great.
What's wrong?
You care now?
I lost my job.
It was bound to happen.
I'd like nice clothes.
Or weekend breaks.
My life is ugly and shitty.
I keep fighting with Ousmane.
This might help.
Where's this from?
We bake cakes.
It's going well.
I don't want your cash!
Where were you when I gave birth
or on Lo's birthday?
Never a gift!
Now you remember him!
Keep your damn cash!
Leave me alone!
I wanna play!
Screw this shit!
Shut up, you!
That's a real woman.
- Vito.
- Now what?
Taras wants to see Paulette.
Shittin' me?
I thought their breasts were bigger.
Flat as boards!
Yes? You're here?
Mrs Paulette, please come with me.
Mr Taras is waiting.
I'll be right there.
- Hey, Paulette.
- Hi, Rachid.
Hey, Paulette.
Paws off!
Punch him, Paulette!
She's clean, boss.
Give him a right hook!
Mr Taras, delighted to meet you.
Who are the tarts?
Whores or your friends?
Cheers, Mr Taras.
Sales have tripled in a month.
What's your secret?
If I tell you,
it won't be a secret.
But as Francis, my husband, said:
"The trick is
to vary the menu
to increase the clientele. "
Hear that, Vito?
Yeah, vary the menu.
Why didn't you think of that?
I dunno.
Grandma, take his place.
- Take drugs out of the ghetto.
- Wait.
You and me, we're going
to increase business.
And me?
Fuck me!
There's no signal in this shithole!
Fuck and shit!
# She told me to go up there
# whistle on the hill
# To await her
with a small bouquet of wild roses
# I gathered flowers
I whistled as much as I could
# I waited and waited
# She never came
Kids love cakes,
so imagine if we sell
in nursery schools.
Nursery schools?
They'll soon be junkies.
Then, crack,
heroin, cocaine... Another level!
Imagine all the cash we can make!
But, Mr Taras...
What? Make 'em chocolate pastries.
Kids love chocolate.
Start tomorrow.
Why are you here?
Who gave you this pastry?
Mom did.
My pal's going to the seaside
with his gran.
Would you like to see the sea?
You bet I would!
Did the rental guy
say how many gears this has?
6, he said.
There's at least 2 I haven't found.
Are you happy?
How does it work?
Try the red handle under the seat.
The living area.
The first bedroom.
And here's the second bedroom.
We wish you an excellent stay
in our hotel.
We came here every summer.
where's the house?
We're too late, Alzheimer.
Not too fast!
Is this where you came with Mom?
I'd forgotten how beautiful it was.
No, Mom.
I'd tell you,
but she's not being mean.
Sure you won't be scared alone?
No, he won't be scared.
Why were you mean
for so long?
You're not so mean, after all.
Be careful, though!
You know, if we're here,
it's thanks to you.
I'll tell you when you're grown up.
Mr Taras, I've thought it over.
I want no part of your cake business.
Why? Because I think it's wrong.
Know what, Russky?
Screw you!
How about a drive along the coast?
Just us two.
7, red, impair.
You're very lucky!
- What's your name?
- Alzheimer!
Are you OK, my little Lo?
It's time to go home.
What happened?
Problem, Mr Vito?
There is a small problem.
Taras hates it
when people say no to him.
What'll you do?
We'll burn your feet
with a blowtorch.
Then, we'll cut you into little bits.
- We have the kid.
- Little Lo!
Now listen,
you do what Mr Taras wants.
Or I'll turn the kid
into sausage meat!
Please don't hurt him, Mr Vito.
He's not involved.
Her birthday?
No, she took Lo to the seaside.
I warn you, it's the police. Open up!
If you don't open up,
I'll call a SWAT team!
We have Lo, so shut up!
Pardon me.
- What happened?
- Nothing.
- You've been burglarized!
- No.
I'll get a patrol here now.
No, Ousmane, there's no need.
The wind just knocked over
a few trinkets.
Hurricane Katrina, more like!
It's fine, really.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, thanks for coming over.
I just have to tidy things up now.
They're bluffing.
Lo's tough.
They mean business.
Mom, open up!
Is he here?
- Who?
- He's not?
- Who?
- Lo, dammit!
He disappeared after school.
I thought he was here.
Vito kidnapped him.
Who's Vito?
He supplies the drugs.
We started dealing hash.
That idiot Vito thought
we were screwing him.
So, he kidnapped the kid
to blackmail Paulette.
I'll call Ousmane.
No, don't do that.
They might hurt the kid.
Who is it?
Where's the kid?
Or we'll bite your balls off!
Momo, what're you playing at?
What's going on?
What the hell is this?
What're you doing?
Don't point that at me.
They're mean.
- Not so smart now.
- Drop it.
- Free the kid first.
- What?
- It's not up for negotiation!
- What?
Now what?
Untie him!
I don't care if I die.
- Untie him.
- Really?
Just do it!
Run along, kid.
Where's Momo, dammit?
I dunno.
OK, Taras.
Granny, be reasonable.
Mr Taras, never...
Never will I make space cakes
for kids Lo's age.
OK, Taras.
Idriss, the blowtorch.
Oh, fuck, what a mess!
What did you tell the cops?
I wouldn't tell the police.
And it's not my fault
if my son-in-law's a cop.
What is this shit?
At the moment, my daughter
is having relationship trouble.
So he came over to discuss it.
Never had relationship trouble?
Shut up!
Drop your gun!
Don't move!
Get going, you!
I'll deal with him myself.
I suspected
when I saw your apartment.
Do you know about the cakes?
What cakes?
Vito says you're dealers.
He has proof.
Is that true?
I know, Francis, I shouldn't have.
You've been gone 10 years now.
How can I get by
on 600 euros a month? How?
I'll miss the kid.
I grew fond of him.
Free Paulette!
Free Paulette! Free Paulette!
Paulette equals Bob Marley
In view of their age,
Paulette and her accomplices
were given suspended sentences.
As you can see, the verdict
was hailed as a victory
by their supporters
who have now calmed down.
What'll we do
without the hash?
No more vacations,
shopping, and restaurants.
We had fun while it lasted.
Don't worry. I have a plan.
I don't understand a word of this.
Hello, Rene.
- Good trip?
- Great.
It's good to see you.
Hi, Lucienne.
Hello, Walter.
Hi, fella.
Hi, Maria.
Those little bars in the tea box...
I didn't tell Mom.