Pause (2018) Movie Script

By A.B. Seahorse Film Productions
In association with Soul Productions
With funding from The Ministry of
Education and Culture of Cyprus,
Greek Film Centre,
See Cinema Network
Produced by Andros Achilleos,
Stelana Kliris, Tonia Mishiali
Ioanna Soultani, Panos Bisdas
Written and directed by Tonia Mishiali
Stela Fyrogeni,
Andreas Vasilliou
Mrs. Elpida Agapiou?
Mrs. Elpida Agapiou?
Mrs Elpida Agapiou?
You may go after the lady.
Symptoms are more or less
normal for someone of your age.
Vaginal dryness, hot flushes,
loss of sexual desire,
memory lapse or loss, mood disorders,
fatigue, hair loss, weak nails,
night sweats, sleep disorder,
with or without night sweats,
hypersensitivity, gum
disease, mental confusion,
lack of concentration, dizziness,
urinary incontinence, bloating,
weight gain, allergies,
body odor, bleeding,
depression, anxiety, arrhythmia,
headaches, itchy skin,
gastrointestinal disorders,
indigestion, stiff muscles...
Breast pain, joint pain,
panic attacks, irregular periods,
dry eyes, emotionalism,
Nothing to worry about.
Good morning.
I'm in a hurry on my way to the
hairdressers, I'll come by for coffee later.
They have successfully\decreased.
The Supreme Court cancelled the law...
...the Parliament had voted
in favour of loan sharks...
...the prohibitive cost, ensuring it's
continuation in international markets.
This is reflected by government bond yields,
which are currently at all time lows.
...the rate reached sixteen percent!
In order to raise funds
via bond issue we had to
pay back to the investors
an interest rate of sixteen percent.
Is it normal?
It's normal.
...whereas at the peak of the financial
crisis, the interest rate was sixteen percent,
four years later, in 2016, it
was reduced to 1.6 percent.
The best interest rate ever recorded,
even compared to the pre-crisis period.
I'm going to bed. Goodnight.
I'm thinking of going to the
hairdressers today. To dye my hair.
My white roots
are showing a lot.
Your hair is just fine.
I need some for gas money too.
Stop driving around all the
time. I'm off.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Careful, lady.
Three fifty three.
Hello, my girl. Grandma left
you all alone, okay?
Come here!
Sweet little baby.
So what happened with the doctor?
What did he say? You went yesterday?
And is it menopause,
as I told you?
I know. I used to have lots of symptoms too.
The worst was weight gain.
But after menopause, I felt
great. You need to be patient.
Mine is premature I think.
That's nonsense.
I haven't lost my sex drive yet.
I even get by without my
You know you have to
take it easy, right?
What did he prescribe?
Hormones, vitamins, creams,
anything you can think of.
You don't have to take everything.
Just have them when you don't feel well.
Or give them to Costas when
he drives you crazy.
Put some in his coffee!
He will definitely be ill.
I wasn't listening.
What did you say?
You were just pretending.
I forgot to show you the photos
of the new hair technique!
You can extend your hair as
much as you like. Come, come...
You were supposed to show
me hair.
This new method, facial fat
It's simpler than lifting.
They take fat from your belly
and inject it into your lips.
And your cheeks, eyes, wherever
you want.
I booked an appointment.
Did you see the new painter
who's painting our building?
Andrey is so hot.
It will take him two weeks to
paint all the floors.
What was I saying? Ah yes...
The consultation is free.
It says that you look at
least 10 years younger.
I think it's time for you to go.
Recovery takes only a few days.
Not that I need it, of course.
Costas will be here soon.
It's past his time. He's got
high blood pressure, right?
High blood sugar, high
cholesterol, plus he drinks.
I read an article online which said that the average life
expectancy of men living with that combo is less than 60.
How old is Costas again?
Isn't he way over 60?
Make him some deep fried foods.
I'll email you that hair technique.
You check your emails, don't you?
I told you to go on the balcony,
you can receive stronger signal from there.
Hello Costas.
Come, baby, come...
Here's a treat...
This operator has good offers.
The internet is really cheap.
Do you think we could subscribe?
What do you need internet for?
So we can talk with Irini.
How are you going to talk to
Irini on the internet?
Are you bloody kidding me?
It's possible. On the computer.
You can talk to Irini on the
From the computer, we can talk as long
as we like, we can also see the baby.
You can talk to her too.
You talk to her and that's
You don't need no internet.
Put your headphones back on!
I can't hear anything!
Put your headphones on, I said!
They're broken!
Hello, my love...
Hello, my girl Elpida.
Hello Grandma!
What do you have there?
What do you have there?
Show Grandma...
How beautiful!
Did you make it?
Where did you make this?
At school!
Do you want to show Grandma
the hearts you made? Come on.
Grandma, she will now show you
the beautiful hearts she can draw...
Show the board for Grandma to see.
Do you want to send a kiss?
Do you like it? Send a kiss.
Kiss kiss, Grandma.
Someone's at the door.
Shall we talk tomorrow?
Sure, mom. Take care.
Say bye to Grandma!
Bye, Grandma!
We love you very much.
Who is it?
Who is it?
What happened to you?
You did that lifting?
Was is successful?
Aren't you in pain?
What's this?
You sold my painting with the daisies?
What did you put in the food, garlic?
I didn't put any garlic.
You know I'm allergic.
I found someone to buy your car.
A friend from the club who
collects antiques.
Do you know how much they're
willing to pay for such wrecks?
Why sell my car? How am I
supposed to get around?
Where do you want to go?
Sell yours.
I need mine.
I need it too.
I can take you to the supermarket
if you need to go...
What have you done?
What have you done?
Why did you sell my car?
Why did you sell my car?
Why did you sell my car?
You sold it, why? My car...
Why did you sell it?
Because, because...
Because we need money to live by!
Because my pension isn't enough! That's why!
That's why! To have food.
To pay the doctor when
we get old.
Let her go! Let her go...
Do you understand now?
Only I know what it's like to
work hard under the sun all day
so that my wife and daughter
can have a good life!
Let her go! You filthy bastard!
Leave, leave, leave...
Leave, leave, leave...
Here you are, freedom, go!
Leave, leave...
You don't have to eat it all
just because you made it.
I'm sorry my love, I shouldn't
have talked to you that way.
I know you're going through
a lot lately.
Come sit next to me so
that we can talk.
Are you alright?
Thank God.
My beautician changed my appointment.
My daughter can't pick her up earlier.
Can you look after her?
Sure... come here.
I owe you one. Bye baby!
Has she eaten?
The girl climbs up to the skies,
Oh girl, sweet girl, with your
blue eyes...
Sweet dreams, girl...
Who is it?
Hi... my name Andrey. I'm the
painter. You?
I'm glad to meet you, Hope.
Can I come in? I need to paint
from your balcony.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Bravo, bravo!
Thank you so much. With sugar.
So sorry.
Why didn't you ask me to drive you
to the supermarket? supermarket?
What an asshole, filthy bastard.
Do you know how happy it makes me
when I hear about husbands dying?
Go fetch my my work clothes. I'm going
to help a friend with some handiwork.
Your coffee.
You're still here? Go fetch
my work clothes.
Your coffee, you forgot it.
Jesus, what's wrong with you?
What are you looking at?
Go get my clothes, I said.
I'm off.
I won't be home for lunch.
I'm off.
Where have you been?
Where have you been?
Elpida, where have you been?
I said, where have you been?
Painting class.
Why are you late?
I asked why are you late!
Is that all you have to say?
You don't remember I don't have
a car anymore?
Ask me if I'm okay... how
my day was...
I cook for you, I clean up after you,
wash your clothes, I'm your nurse.
Am I not allowed to do
something for myself?
Is this how you thank me?
I called you to pick me up,
but you didn't bother to answer your phone.
Do you know how long it took me to walk home?
Carrying all that stuff?
That's why I'm late!
Your class is too far.
Don't pick on me, I'm not
feeling well.
I have a stomach ache.
You left me starving.
Make up your mind.
Take my blood pressure, I have
to go.
And bring my pills.
I forgot my toolbox at the club.
It's Eleftheria, I know you're in, open up!
I heard you arguing. Are you
Get your handbag and come
with me.
Somewhere nice, you'll see.
Look at me... I'm a mess.
I'll do your makeup in the car.
Let's do this some other time.
I won't take "no" for an answer.
You'll come and we'll have a great time.
I'll take your shoes.
I don't feel like it.
I'll also do your makeup and
you'll look awesome.
And I'll bring you home before
Costas returns.
When they arranged my marriage,
I was glad to get away from my father.
You were just leaving one
dictator for another.
I felt sorry for him at the beginning...
he went through a lot in his childhood.
You went through a lot, too.
They arranged your marriage in a
foreign country and to a horrible man!
He never said one thing nice
to me.
Never gave me a hug, not to me
or to Irini.
He doesn't care about anyone...
Except his parrot.
His birdie?
As if I didn't exist.
Do you know how many times I prayed
to God for my husband to die?
Don't give me that look...
So that I could escape! There
was no other way out.
Where could I go, all alone with the kids?
How would we live?
Who would take care of the children
since I had to work all day?
Plus my mother was nagging
at me...
"What will people say if you
leave him"?
Until I saw him with that
That was it. I cursed him.
I said, "I wish that your
dick falls off".
It was the worst thing I could tell
him, as he was so proud of his tool...
Indeed, I'm not sorry at all.
Shortly after, God heard my
His dick dried out, literally!
He couldn't get it up, and
it withered away.
That was it, he couldn't take
it anymore.
He died shortly after.
I said "finally, freedom".
To freedom.
To hope. Bottoms up!
Ahhh, thank you.
Come, come, come...
Get up, save that for later.
At the disco...
They bought new lights, laid new
carpets, and opened it's doors.
But you weren't there, and
neither was your smile.
Half of my life is gone, what's
yours is gone too.
Music no longer has rhythm,
the night has ceased, I forgot how to dance.
Feeling annoyed by their
laughs, distressed by the smoke.
Looking all around me, yet you
are nowhere to be found.
At the disco...
At the disco, the rhythm is
no longer familiar.
The dance you taught me feels
But you weren't there, and
neither was your smile.
Half of my life is gone, what's
yours is gone too.
Music no longer has rhythm,
the night has ceased,
I forgot how to dance.
Do you hear our neighbors?
They're at it like rabbits.
How much did you drink?
You stink!
Hi, Irini darling...
I'm fine... and you?
I am.
I'm going...
...I'm going home.
What happened?
I finished my work...
Bye bye, Hope.
Are you ready? Let's go.
Go where?
For coffee with Mary, did you
I don't feel like it.
Come on, it's my treat.
Another time.
- We agreed, it will make you feel better.
- I said no!
Are you sure?
Alright then.
Shall I leave her with you?
It won't be long, just for two hours.
You are perfect, thank you.
Boy or girl?
Where have you been?
Are you alright?
Take a seat. Sit here.
You were nowhere to be found.
I thought something happened to
So I went to your bedroom to
And I found him on the bed,
lying on his back.
With his pants down...
I didn't know what to do, so I
called the hospital.
An ambulance came and picked
him up.
They said... he must have been
lying dead for a long time.
I'm sorry, Elpida.
Where are you going?
Written and Directed by
Tonia Mishiali.
Produced by Andros Abchilleos,
Stelana Kliris, and Tonia Mishiali.
Coproduced by Ioanna Soultani
and Panos Bisdas.
Stela Fryogeni.
Andreas Vasiliou.
Popi Avraam.
Marios Ioannou.
Prokopis Agathokleous.
Marina Mandri.
Georgina Tatsi.
Andrey Pilipenko.
Cinematography by Yorgos
Lydia Mandridou.
Edited by Emilios Avraam.
Sound design by Christos
Art direction by Marios
Costumes by Christy Polydorou.