Paw Patrol: Jet to the Rescue (2020) Movie Script

PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
Jet to the rescue
Whenever they are needed
When things are looking tough
The pups take fight to save the day
The supersonic way
There's no height too high,
when the pups fly
PAW Patrol rules the sky
So look up high PAW Patrol
Jet to the Rescue pups!
[dreamy music]
[Skye] So what do you think of Barkingburg
on your first visit, guys?
[Everest] It's amazing!
Tracker, look at those old building.
The city is magnifico!
[bell tolling]
It even sounds magnificent.
Now, can you tell us what
the big surprise is, Ryder?
-Yeah, tell us!
-Come on, Ryder.
-Yeah, tell us, dude.
Okay, pups, now that we're here,
I can play you this important message
from the princess.
To Ryder and the PAW Patrol,
you're my only hope.
I urgently need you to come
to Barkingburg Castle...
[all gasp] join me for my Royal Birthday Party!
-A birthday party?
-A birthday party
[pups cheering]
[pups howling]
-We're here!
[Rubble] Party time!
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present Her Royal Highness,
the Princess of Barkingburg!
[people cheering]
Thank you all for coming to my party.
Earl, please announce my special friends.
First up, the lovable, adorable,
positively regal...
Royal Kittens!
-[Earl] Henry and Elizabeth.
Kittens before me?
The Royal Pup, Sweetie.
That's more like it.
-[blows nose]
People of Barkingburg--
[Earl] Ryder and the PAW Patrol!
-[people cheering]
Hey, I think they like us!
Yeah! I can really feel the love.
Busby, they're cheering louder
for the PAW Patrol than they give for me.
When I'm queen, I'll be the only pup
people cheer for.
[all] Happy birthday, Princess!
Feliz cumpleaos, Princesa!
Muchas gracias, Tracker.
Encantada de conocerlo.
I'm delighted to meet you.
Did you hear that?
She's glad to meet me!
And you must be Everest.
I've heard of your many daring rescues
on ice or snow.
-I'm ready to go!
We have a special surprise plan for you,
your highness.
We'll give it to you after the party.
I can't wait! I love surprises!
Hello, Barkingburg!
I hope I'm not too late for the party.
Would you please announce me? I'm...
The Duke of Flappington!
-The Duke of Flappington?
-Where's that? I've never heard of it.
Hmm. I didn't see his name
on the invitation list.
Happy birthday, cousin!
I didn't know I had a cousin.
Yes, Your Highness.
He's from a distant branch of the family.
Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, cousin.
Duke of Yuckington.
[laughs, snorts]
That's Flappington.
It's just a short flight away! Zoom!
Hmm. Is that a pilot uniform
you're wearing?
It is. I'm an excellent flyer.
I'd live in the sky if I could.
You're a pilot too?
I'm all lived up
for meeting another flyer.
-[eagle screeches]
-Ah! An eagle!
[people screaming]
[Ryder] Pups! Protect the Princess!
[Duke] Don't be afraid!
It's just my pet eagle, Jean Claude.
-[imitates bird]
Oh, what a relief.
Are you okay, Skye?
I'm fine.
I'm just really afraid of eagles.
Don't be frightened. I trained him myself.
Jean Claude, bow to the Princess.
What charming manners you have,
Jean Claude.
Ooh, Your Highness,
it's time to receive
your royal birthday present.
A royal birthday present?
What could it be?
The Earl of Barkingburg.
That's a paw-some security feature.
Only the Earl's voice can turn off
the laser beams.
I give you... the gem of Barkingburg!
It's amazing!
[Duke] There it is.
Thank you, Earl. It's beautiful.
Why haven't I seen this before?
Because it's only given
to the future king or queen--
When they reach the age of 10...
is how these royal customs usually go.
Busby, if I had that gem,
I'd be the future queen.
[trumpet playing]
Ah! Your Highness, that means it's time
to cut your birthday cake.
I'll try the gem on later.
Follow me to the banquet hall, everyone!
Now's my chance to take the gem, Busby.
[tense music]
Now's my chance to take the gem,
Jean Claude.
What are you doing by the royal vault,
Your Dukeness?
Oh, I was just hoping to
get another look at the gem
because it's just like mine.
That looks like the gem of Barkingburg.
Only it's yellow.
It's the gem of Flappington.
Legend says when the two gems united,
they become all powerful.
Really? Powerful enough
to, say, make someone queen?
Why don't you try to open the vault
and find out?
But only the Earl can open the vault
without setting off the alarm.
Or someone with a very sneaky plan.
Someone like you, Sweetie?
Help me take the gem of Barkingburg,
and I'll share the power
and the throne with you.
You'll be queen.
It's a deal.
[Princess] Do you have to leave so early?
The party is just getting started.
We'll be back soon, Your Highness,
with your birthday surprise!
[alarm blaring]
Alarma! An alarm!
It's coming from the throne room!
Good heavens! Someone is trying
to break in to the royal vault!
[Chase] There!
Someone's sneaking out of the throne room!
Follow him!
[pups barking]
My Princess, I just saw a thief run off
with the gem of Barkingburg.
But that's impossible!
Only my voice can open the vault.
The vault is still closed, Sweetie.
But I'm sure I saw the thief with the gem.
The Earl of Barkingburg.
-Silly Sweetie.
The gem is still safe!
Oh, thank goodness.
What happened to the lights?
Oh, no!
[Princess] Now the gem really is gone!
The thief must have snuck back in
when the lights went off.
Oh, dear. We must run
and tell the PAW Patrol.
The plan is working perfectly.
[laughs, snorts]
[pups barking]
Ruff! Stop!
In the name
of the Princess of Barkingburg!
PAW Patrol, the gem of Barkingburg
is missing from the royal vault!
We've got to catch that thief!
[pups barking]
He's going into a secret passageway!
[pups barking]
[laughs, snorts]
He must've gone up this way.
[door clanking]
Give back the gem of Barkingburg!
[Chase gasps]
The stairs end!
Oh, no! It's a trap!
I've gotta warn Ryder!
Jean Claude? What are you doing here?
-Look out!
Ryder! Oh, I'm too late!
[all screaming]
[all gasp]
[all screaming]
[all] Whoa!
[radar beeping]
[Ryder] Where are we?
It sounds like they're trapped somewhere
in the castle.
We've got to find them. But how?
I saw the thief pull a lever
in the secret passageway.
He knows where they are.
What have you done
with Ryder and our friends?
[pups barking, howling]
Ugh! They were supposed to be trapped
with the others.
No problem.
I'll get to drop on them another way.
Watch out!
Fine. If I can't trap them
inside the castle,
I'll trap them outside it.
[pups panting]
The gem is ours.
-[both laugh]
Which way did he go?
[Everest] What?
Oh, no! How do we get back inside
to rescue Ryder and the others?
I couldn't warn them in time.
I was too scared of that eagle.
It's okay, Skye.
We'll get them out, together.
Let's try calling Ryder.
If we can reach him,
he can tell us where he is.
Good idea! Everest to Ryder.
Are you there?
Nada. Nothing!
We're gonna have to find a way
back into the castle!
Whoa. How it sparkles and shines.
Our plan works, Jean Claude.
Now, give me the gem
of Barkingburg, Sweetie.
You should call me queen now.
Fine, give me the gem, Queen Sweetie.
It's all yours.
For now.
[laughs evilly]
At last!
Look at that!
This ancient scepter was made
to hold the gems.
Now let's see what that power can do!
-The throne, it's--
The gems have the power
to make things fly!
Give me the scepter.
It's my turn to try it out!
Why would I, the new King of Barkingburg,
share my power with you...
a mere pup?
Pup? You said I'd be queen.
-Give me that gem!
[both grunting]
[both groaning]
Aha! Attention, passengers,
you're about to make a water landing.
Enjoy your swim, Sweetie!
How dare you treat
the future Queen of Barkingburg like this?
I'm flying, Jean Claude.
Just how powerful is this scepter?
Yes! I don't have to rule on the ground,
I can be king of the sky!
[laughs evilly]
[Duke] I'll build myself a city
in the clouds,
but I can't move my domain
from this silly chair.
I have just the thing.
[all grunting]
We'll never get past these doors.
[radar beeping]
Shh. Escuchen. Listen.
I hear something.
[eagle screeching]
-[water splashes]
How dare he lift my kingdom into the sky?
Whoa! What's going on?
Where is that beam coming from?
From that... giant eagle!
-Princess, are you all right?
-I'm fine.
My birthday party has turned
into quite an adventure.
We must have landed in a long-forgotten
storage room.
-PAW Patrol, report!
-Chase here!
-Rocky here!
-Zuma here!
-Rubble's in the house!
I'm good! I mean it's me, Marshall.
So that means Sky, Tracker, and Everest
aren't here!
-They didn't get caught in the trap!
-Maybe they can help us!
Sky, Tracker, Everest, do you read me?
There's no answer.
These super fixed stone walls
must be blocking your signal, Ryder.
Then we'll have to explore the room
and look for a way out.
-Look out, Marshall!
-Look out, Marshall!
That wipe out was pillowy soft.
[all chuckle]
Oh, Marshall.
Marshall, you found something!
I did?
This stone has markings on it.
A window!
Things are looking up, pups!
[ominous music]
[Skye] All of Barkingburg
is being lifted into the sky!
Dad, do they have flying cars
in Barkingburg?
Cars can't fly, son.
People are inside those houses
and cars up there!
We have to help them!
How are we gonna stop that...
...giant eagle, though?
Wait, I hear something.
That's the sound of an engine!
It's coming from the giant eagle!
[heroic music]
You're right, tracker. That's not a bird.
It's a jet that just looks like one.
A giant scary eagle jet
still looks like a giant scary eagle
to me.
[Duke] I can see my house up here.
Oh, wait, I meant your house.
This is so much better than ruling
from a throne.
-[imitates clucking]
[imitates eagle screeching]
Who is king of the sky?
It's me!
And I'm also a fabulous pilot
if I do say so myself.
Aren't I, Jean Claude?
I can't see who's flying it
from down here.
Oh, no, it's the pups!
It wasn't my fault!
Barkingburg is in danger.
Ryder and the others
are trapped inside the castle.
-Can you help us?
Did you say you want my help?
Sorry, I only help me.
Oh, no! Look up there!
That giant eagle jet is coming back.
[pups gasp]
Huh? She's gone!
We should've know she'd run from trouble.
Let's see if I could get a signal now.
Ryder to Skye, Tracker, and Everest.
[Ryder] Can you read me?
[pups] It's Ryder!
We're here, Ryder! It's us!
Estamos aqu!
-[pups cheer]
Well done!
Ryder, we're trapped outside the castle.
And someone in that giant eagle jet
is using a strained beam
to let Barkingburg into the sky!
-[Ryder] What?
-[all gasp]
No way!
We're still trapped inside the castle.
So I need you to take the mission cruiser
to headquarters.
So this is a...
[pups] Mission pup?
Yup, and Skye is going to lead it!
-All right!
-[Rubble] Go, Skye!
You want me to lead the mission?
You're our most experienced flyer.
I know you can handle it.
No eagle jet is too big,
no Skye is too small!
Everest, Tracker, Skye,
to Mission Headquarters!
[pups] Ryder needs us!
[dogs barking]
Robo-Dog, put your metal to the metal
and take us to Mission Headquarters!
[tires screech]
[suspenseful music]
[pups barking]
[pups barking, howling]
Ryder, we're mission ready.
Thanks for hustling, pups.
Here's what we know.
[Ryder] The Gem of Barkingburg
has been stolen,
and now, someone in an eagle jet
is raising Barkingburg into the sky.
-[man gasps]
-[woman] Oh, my goodness!
Could the thief be the same person
in the eagle jet?
You might be right, Skye.
We've been captured,
so it's up to you three to stop him
and help the people of Barkingburg.
But how are we gonna save them
way up in the air?
You've got the perfect gear
for this mission.
All-new flight suits and high-speed jets!
We're going to fly?
What if the eagle jet pilot
sees us, Ryder?
Your jets have a super-secret stealth mode
so you won't be seen on any radar.
Tracker, your jet is equipped with a cable
so you can pull those floating cars
back to the ground.
I'll fly to the rescue!
Volar al rescate!
And Everest, your jet has a claw
to help you rescue anyone
in the floating buildings.
In the air, Everest is there!
And Skye, you'll need to fly your jet
up to the big eagle
and stop whoever's raising Barkingburg
into the sky.
You mean, I'll have to get close to it?
I know you're afraid of eagles
but I believe in you.
Just remember, it's a jet,
not a real eagle.
We'll find a way out of the castle
and join you as soon as we can.
All right! Mission PAW is on the roll!
-PAW Patrol!
-Go! Go! Go! Go!
[engine whirs]
Go! Go! Go! Go!
-PAW Patrol!
-Go! Go! Go! Go!
I've never flown this fast before!
So this is what a jet speed feels like.
-Jet to the Rescue pups
Listen, team. Go into rescue mode
and look for people who need help.
I'll go check out that...
...eagle jet.
[both] Arf! Rescue mode!
[clanking, whirring]
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Huh. It's really freezy today.
-Whoa, whoa. Oh, my goodness!
-[cat meows]
Hold on, ma'am,
I'll fly you to the ground!
Arf! Claw!
Oh, no!
I've got you, Kitty!
Thank you!
Look, a flying pup!
Pups can't fly, son.
Arf! Cables!
It's safe to get out now.
Thank you!
[Skye] It looks even bigger from the air.
Being a pilot is really a hard work.
Stop here, Jean Claude.
I want to have some fun
and build more of my kingdom.
Perfect! Nothing on my eagle eye radar.
The sky's all mine!
Remember what Ryder said.
It's not a real eagle, it's just a jet.
[Skye] I think this is close enough.
Now, let's see who's flying this thing.
-Huh? Jean Claude?
-[Duke laughing]
It's the Duke!
And that looks like...
the gem of Barkingburg!
Skye to Ryder and mission team...
Go ahead, Skye.
The pilot of the eagle jet
is also the thief.
It's the Duke of Flappington!
[all gasp]
-My cousin!
-My word!
He's put the gem in a scepter,
and he's using it to zap Barkingburg
into the sky!
Then the only way to stop him
is to get that gem back.
Do you think you could grab the scepter
with your hook?
I'll have to fly closer to this eagle jet,
but I'll try.
You can do it, Skye.
[Everest] We're coming to help you,
team leader!
[both] Arf! Stealth mode!
I'm shocked someone from the Royal Family
would have such bad manners.
Even if he is from a distant branch.
We've got to get out of here
and help, pups.
I think I found just what we need
to make our great escape.
Don't lose it, reuse it!
Ready... pull!
[pups grunting]
[all] Yeah!
-We did it!
-All right!
Go on up, everyone!
[pups barking, giggling]
Whoa! Next stop, the moat.
Yuck! Moats are so wet.
Whoa! Look at Barkingburg!
[all gasp]
-Oh, dear.
-Oh, my.
-Robo-Dog, come in.
Bring the mission cruiser
back to the castle,
-and hurry!
[heroic music]
We've got to get that gem
away from the Duke!
Okay, I'm going in.
I'll be right behind you.
Yo tambin. Me too!
Arf! Hook!
Oh, no! I've ruined or cover.
The Duke will see us!
Well, well, well.
Three little pilot pups.
So you thought you could sneak
on the big bad bird?
Jean Claude, activate the claw!
-[Tracker] Uh-oh!
-[Skye] Look out!
[Tracker] Oi, oi, oi.
Skye, the Duke has us!
Oh, no! Sorry, team, this is all my fault.
It's that pup who's afraid of eagles!
Don't just sit there, come on!
Is this what you're looking for?
Don't worry about us, Skye!
Si! Yes!
Go for the scepter!
How can I get it
without getting too close?
Maybe if I close my eyes?
You'll have to try harder
to get it all the way up there.
Ha! I knew she'd fly away scared.
So, Jean Claude, what should I add
to my kingdom next?
Um, maybe a Barking burger restaurant.
All these king-ing is making me hungry.
Did I do it?
I did it!
Now, to fly away from this eagle.
Don't look at me, I can't fly.
-That's my scepter!
I lost it!
She's diving too fast!
Look, Skye!
I'm too low!
No one can stop the king of the sky!
[sighs sharply]
Ryder was counting on me
to lead this mission.
And all I did was get my team captor.
[ominous music]
[Sweetie] Ugh, that sneaky Duke
still has my gem!
-[imitates clucking]
My kingdom is almost complete.
All I need now is a kingly home
to rule from.
Let's get out of here, Busby!
[all gasp]
Everyone, brace yourselves!
Not the castle!
All my friends are up there!
[sighs sharply]
I was supposed to stop the Duke
but I let everybody down!
Higher! Higher!
I want my castle
to look over the entire kingdom!
Whoa, this is high!
Everyone, stay close to the castle!
The Princess!
We have to do something, Busby.
Everest, we have to get out
of these claws!
I'm trying, but they're too strong!
[both clucking]
No one puts my Princess into danger
and gets away with it.
Yes! We did it, Busby!
We broke the Duke's pin.
Wait, what's wrong with my jet?
Behold! King Duke's flying castle!
It's not your castle
and it's not going anywhere!
[laughs, snorts]
[all cheering]
The castle is saved!
Hear that, Busby? I knew
they would be cheering for me one day.
-[people cheering]
They're safe! Sweetie came back to help!
She didn't run from trouble,
she flew right into it.
Sweetie took the castle I took.
But if I can't have it, I'll make sure
my cousin can't have it either.
-[bell tolls]
-Come on. I have a big idea!
I'm the only one left who can stop him!
I have to do this!
Ryder, I'm going to complete this mission.
Starting by getting you off that ledge.
I knew we can count on you.
-[Princess, Chase, Rocky] It's Skye!
-It's Skye!
-All right!
Arf! Hook!
Climb on, everyone!
Come on, guys!
-All right.
-Let's go!
-[pups laugh]
Thanks, dudes.
We're all aboard, Skye.
-Thanks, Skye!
[Rubble] Yay!
Well done, Skye!
Thank you so much for the lift.
No problem!
Now, I'm going after that eagle jet.
[Robo-Dog barks]
Good timing, Robo-Dog.
Let's get to Mission Headquarters
and gear up, pups!
[pups barking]
Okay, this is it.
Her again?
Turn us around.
We'll scare her once and for all.
I'm doing it! And I'm not scared!
Now, I got a gem to get
and a Duke to stop!
Let's see how brave she is
when my other eagles come out to play.
Hit it, Jean Claude!
Eagle drones. Look out, Skye!
They're coming for you!
No problem!
Maybe just a couple more drones.
Look out, Skye.
There are more coming up behind you!
Copy that. Thanks, Sweetie.
I've gotta shake them.
I'll never get the gem
with all these drones on my tail.
[Ryder] Hey, team leader Skye.
It looks like you could use
some air support.
-PAW Patrol!
We'll take care of these drones,
you get that gem from the Duke.
Let's jet to the rescue!
[pups] Ruff! Rescue mode!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
How do those pesky pups escape
from the castle?
And why do they have to have jets?
Pups, I'll lead the drones away
and you round them up!
Roger! Flying ace Chase is on the case!
Ruff! Wedge!
[Chase] Gotcha!
Let's recycle the trash!
[powers down]
[Rubble] Rubble on the jet speed double!
Hey, those drones are not garbage!
Everest, Tracker!
Get ready to make
the turbo-fast break for it!
-[Tracker howls]
-[Everest] Thanks, Skye!
Muchas gracias!
Ready, set... let's jet!
I'm ready for a high-flying rescue!
Water cannons!
-PAW Patrol!
-Go! Go! Go! Go!
Jet to the rescue
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Jet to the rescue pups
High five, Everest!
Really high!
All my little eagles, gone!
They can't do this to me!
I'm king of the sky!
[Skye] You aren't the king of this sky!
Land your jet and give back the gem
of Barkingburg!
Let me think about that.
Um, no.
[imitates clucks]
Jean Claude, send this pup running home
while I take care of the castle.
You don't scare me anymore!
And this pup doesn't run, she flies!
Jean Claude! I'll get you!
But first, I have to drop something
off of the castle.
Time flies when you're having fun.
If I can't have the castle, no one can.
-[Princess gasps]
-Oh, no! The castle!
-Oh, no!
He's going to drop it to the castle!
[bell tolling]
Time's up!
Say bye-bye to Barkingburg castle!
[Skye] Say bye-bye to the gem!
[heroic music]
[people cheering]
Now that's what I call stopping the clock.
Okay, team, let's put Big Benjie
back where it belongs.
[Rubble] All right! We did it!
[pups bark, howl]
[Skye] Your Highness, Catch!
Bravo, Skye!
Now, I'll take back my gem.
[light music]
Being a King is way harder
than being a Duke anyway.
Jean Claude, get us out of here.
Oh, right.
[eagle screeches]
That Duke so need to be grounded!
[ominous music]
He's making a rung for it!
This one's my mission, team.
This puppy's gotta fly!
Her again?
-She can't outfly me!
-PAW Patrol!
-Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!
We can't shake her!
Full powers on, Claude!
Yes, full power!
[engine whirs]
So long little...
What's happening?
[ominous music]
Jean Claude, I'm taking away
your pilot's license.
The Duke is pushing its engines too hard!
[whirring, powers off]
Oh, no.
[Duke screams]
I'll get you!
[Skye] My engines are heating up.
I can't hold it much longer!
I did it!
We're on the ground?
I landed my eagle jet!
I am the best pilot ever!
[laughing evilly]
Oh, hello!
I was just going for a little walk...
back to Flappington.
You're not going anywhere, Duke.
Except back to Barkingburg
to face the Princess.
Mission accomplished, pups!
-All right!
-We did it!
-[pups bark, howl]
Outstanding job, team leader Skye.
Thanks for believing in me, Ryder.
Once I got over my fears,
I believe to me too.
Princess, I present you
with the gem of Barkingburg.
Thank you, Earl. How does it look?
It sparkles and shines.
What's gonna happen to the gem
of Flappington, Your Earlness?
It would be stored in the royal vault
to keep it out of the hands
of mischief makers.
I shall only use the power of the gem
to protect my beloved people
of Barkingburg.
[Princess] Unlike my badly-behaved cousin.
Cousin, I do hope you didn't take
my little birthday prank seriously.
[all] Prank?
I got this.
Help me take the gem of Barkingburg,
and I'll share the power
and the throne with you.
He tried to get me to work against you,
my Princess.
I'd say that's all the proof you need,
Your Highness.
You can't blame a duke for trying.
Of course, I can't.
But to make up for what you've done,
I'll give you a chance
to make a clean start in life.
Keep cleaning, Jean Claude.
The sooner we are done,
the sooner we can get back to Flappington.
When you're finished
with Sweetie's pup house,
you can move on to your next job...
scrubbing the moat.
PAW Patrol, all of Barkingburg
thanks you for saving the realm.
[people cheer]
You're welcome, Princess.
Whenever our royal relative
is up to no good...
Just yelp for help!
Stop! Thief!
-Ruff! Ruff!
Naughty Sweetie.
You know I can't let you play
with the gem of Barkingburg.
But for being such a loyal pup,
how about a new tiara?
My Princess,
just knowing the PAW Patrol
couldn't save the day without me
is rewarding--
Oh, it's so shiny!
Speaking of rewards, step forward, Skye.
For going above and beyond
the call of duty,
I hereby announce you the very first
knight of the heart of Barkingburg,
I'm honored, Your Highness!
Let's hear it for Skye!
-Hop, hop!
-Hop, hop!
Skye, don't forget
the Princess' birthday present.
Oh, right!
[tense music]
Best birthday ever!
[theme music playing]