PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups (2018) Movie Script

Mighty Pups, Mighty Pups
They're here
to save the world
Whenever they are needed
When things are
looking tough
Ryder and the Mighty Pups
Have the mighty stuff
No job's too big
No pup's too small
Mighty Pups,
they're on a roll
So here we go, Mighty Pups
Mighty Pups
Chase, Skye, Marshall, let's go.
PAW Patrol is on a roll.
[Tires squealing]
[Siren wailing]
[Siren wailing][Tires screeching]
I guess this wasn't the best
way to clean the silo top.
Don't worry, Farmer Al.
Ryder has everything
under control.
Marshall, raise your ladder.
[Barking] Ladder up!
Skye, we'll need air support.
This puppy's got big air.
Marshall, can
you pop his balloon?
I got this.
Chase, catch him!
[Barking] Net!
[Laughing] Whoa.
Thanks, Ryder, pups.
Whenever a big balloon
needs popping,
just yelp for help.
Let's head home, pups.
Bye, Farmer Al!
See you later.
[Two sirens wailing]
Ladies and gentlemen,
you're about to witness
one small step for a mayor
but one giant leap for... me!
[Laughing evilly]
Please hold your applause.
I am about to become
the first mayor on the moon.
[Barking]And after that,
mayor of outer space,
henceforth known
as Outer Humdinger!
[Laughing] Outer
Humdinger was my idea.
I'm a genius.
Right, Uncle Mayor?
My spirited nephew Harold.
[Laughing evilly]
[Imitating his laugh]Keep typing, Mission Control.
I want to lift off before the
PAW Patrol gets back
and stops my foolproof plan.
Not to be a know-it-all
naysayer, but I'm not sure
that rickety rocket
has the power
to push past the pull
of our planet's gravity.
Oh, yeah? Well, you don't
have to be a rocket scientist
to know that X minus Z
to the third power equals--
Ah![Computer buzzing and beeping]
[Buzzing and beeping]
[Jets firing]
Color me corrected.
Harold, to be the first
mayor on the moon,
shouldn't I be on that rocket?
I'm really sorry,
Uncle Mayor. Hey, look.
The rocket isn't headed for
the moon after all.
It's headed for-- Oh. This
isn't going to be good.
Beautiful night
for stargazing, Everest.
Whoa. What's weird and twinkly
and headed right
toward Adventure Bay?
Looks like it's
a rock from space.
We'd better warn Ryder
about that meteor.
[Communicator ringing][Beeping]
Ryder, come in. Hurry!
Hi, Everest. What's up?
A meteor, headed
for Adventure Bay!
[Pups gasping]
We have to get
everyone to safety.
Everest, clear the
beach. We'll cover town.
On it.
Let's roll.
Trajectory of meteor plus
velocity of my rocket,
carry the three, divided by pi
means it should be
heading right--
There it is!
Well, I got to get
a shot of this.
[Camera snapping]
Earth to nephew. I'm
out of here!
Uh-huh. Be right there!
Add four and multiply by two...
[Horn honking]
[Tires squealing]
[Siren wailing]
We'll form two teams.
I'll take Rubble and Zuma
to clear this part of town.
Chase, you lead your team
over there to clear that part.
Me? Lead a team?
I know I can count
on you, Chase.
Team Ryder, follow me.[Pups howling]
Team Chase, follow me.
[Pups barking and howling]
Take cover, everyone! A
meteor is headed this way!
[People gasping]
Everybody, stay chill!
[Both screaming]
[Barking] Megaphone.
Attention Adventure Bay.
A meteor is on
course to hit town.
Clear the streets.
[Screaming]Oh, no!
A meteor? Oh, no! Let's go!
Everyone, take cover!
Clear the streets!
Ryder, this is
Team Leader Chase.
Looks like the
streets are clear.
[Chickaletta clucking]No, Chickaletta! Come back!
[Chickaletta clucking]Well, they were clear.
Mayor, Chickaletta,
abandon street!
Oh! [Yelping]
My poor panicked purse pet!
Stand back, Mayor. I'll
get her. Easy, Chickaletta.
Calm down.[Clucking]
[Clucking][Megaphone feedback screeching]
[Chickaletta clucking]
Ryder, I need help.
Chickaletta's on top
of Town Hall,
and she won't listen to me.
On my way. Get your ball
launcher ready.
Ball launcher?
Okay. Lead her to safety with
these corn treats.
Great idea! Chickaletta,
come and get it!
It's working!
Oh, fantastic!
Got you![Meteor approaching]
Run for cover!
the meteor's headed your
way. Is the beach cleared?
If I didn't have a savvy
sailor's stargazing skills,
I'd swear we're
downright due to--
I've almost worked this
out. The meteor will land--
All good over here, Ryder.
[On communicator]
Glad to hear it, Everest.
Whew. Close one.
Come on out, everyone.
The meteor missed us.
That was close.
Come on. Let's see
the meteor close up.
[Pups exclaiming happily]
Thanks for saving
Chickaletta, Ryder.
Guess I didn't do a great job
of leading Team Chase.
Just keep trying. I know
you can do it, Chase.
Now, let's go check out
that space rock.
Not so fast, Ryder.
I need to interview our
hometown hero.
[Chickaletta clucking]
How does it feel to save a
chicken from a meteor?
[Ryder laughing]
We're okay, Wally.
[All exclaiming happily]
I wonder why
the meteor's glowing.
You don't have to
be a genius to know
it's the interaction of our
atmosphere with cosmic...
um... stuff.
What happened?
Oh, my!
Careful, Ryder.
There's something
weird about that space rock.
It's still glowing!
Well, it was.
To celebrate our near
miss with space danger,
I say we put the
Adventure Bay meteor
on display at Town Hall!
We'll move it for you, Mayor.
But it's stuck pretty deep.
See if you can move some of
the sand away, Rubble.
I dig digging.
Don't even need a shovel.
[Something powering up]Huh?
Um, how did I run so fast?
And how did I get so strong?
[Powering up][Sneezing]
Excuse me.
Whoa! That's solid ice.[Powering up]
Until my paws melted it. Cool!
But, you know, hot.
It's not too hot to push.
[Powering up]
Hey! You got my brain wet.
[Powering up]Whoa!
Huh? Wow!
I can fly... without wings!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
[Grunting] Did I just
make a whirlwind,
or am I just really dizzy?
Looks like both.
Something weird
is going on here.
[Powering up]
Weird and cool,
like super-tools!
Duck![Others shouting warnings]
[Horns honking][Tires screeching]
No fair! You pups have
Sure looks like it. But how?
Allow me to offer
a flimsy, farfetched,
but possibly factual theory.
Maybe the amazing meteor's
powerful properties
souped up the pups.
[Something rumbling]
Look at the Lookout!
It's glowing!
It's super, too!
Cap'n Turbot must be right.
Just us pups and
the Lookout got zapped.
That's why we're the
only ones with powers.
[Pups exclaiming in wonder]
Let's go get that meteor.
Lucky super-powered pups.
I have to walk all the way
back to my Uncle Humdinger's.
Sure wish I had
some rocket shoes.
[Powering up]
Huh? Ah.
[Rockets firing]
I just made myself rocket shoes!
I have superpowers, too!
But I forgot to
make an off switch!
Safe and sound in our Town Hall.
I can't wait for
everyone to see it.
[Pups exclaiming in admiration]
And I can make any gadget I want
just by moving my hands.
See, Uncle Mayor?
The parts go right to
where I point.
It's a combination popcorn
popper, juice squeezer,
and frozen yogurt dispenser.
[Popping rapidly]
So, if that meteor
could give me superpowers, too,
I'd be a super mayor!
Well, Uncle Mayor, I have
some good news for you.
There's still plenty
of energy deep within it.
We just have to tap
into its power.
Yes, yes, yes!
I want the meteor!
But it's in Town Hall.
We'll need a super-vehicle
with super-cool gear
to break in and take it.
Watch out, kitties! We're
on our way to Adventure Bay!
Activating tinted windows,
so no one can see who we are.
[Tires screeching][Clanging]
But you can't see to drive!
Can, too!
[Tires screeching]
Now, get that meteor!
Got it. Placing meteor
in containment compartment.
Our precious space rock!
And you've wrecked
our Town Hall!
[Tires screeching]
And my tulips!
Hi, Mayor. How's it
going down there?
It's gone! Someone took the
meteor and drove off with it!
We'll get it back, Mayor.
No job is too big.
No super-powered pup is too
PAW Patrol to the Lookout!
Ryder needs us!
Um... but...
how do we get up to the Lookout?
I just built a
new Lookout launcher.
Just jump on the big paw.
[Howling] [Barking]
It's fun!
[Barking] Whoo-hoo!
[Howling] [Laughing]
Watch out!
[Bowling pins tumbling]
Instead out of the Lookout,
maybe we should call
it the Look-Ouch.
[All laughing]

[All exclaiming happily]
[Jets firing]
And is that a jetpack? Sweet!
I got to keep up
with you mighty pups.
Mighty Pups? I like it.
Mighty Pups ready for
mighty action, Ryder, sir!
Good, because we have
a mighty challenge.
[Beeping]A mysterious vehicle
just snatched the
meteor from Town Hall.
Who would want
to take the meteor?
I don't know, but they can't
be up to anything good.
We have to stop them and get
that space rock back.
[Beeping]Mighty Skye,
you'll fly up high and spot
those meteor-snatchers.
And you won't get dizzy with
your new wind-rider wings.
This mighty puppy's
going for a spin.
[Beeping]Mighty Chase,
use your super-speed to
catch up to that getaway car.
And to slow your super-self
down, you have a new drag chute.
Mighty Chase is ready to race!
All you Mighty Pups have new
mighty gear in your Pup Packs.
[All exclaiming happily]
Just one question. Skye can fly,
but how will the rest of
us get back down?
In superhero style.
[Beeping]Check it out!
[Pups exclaiming happily]
Mighty Pups are
ready to go, go, go!
Whoo-hoo! [Barking]
Mighty Pups
Go, go, go, go, go, go
[Jets firing]
Go, go, go, go, go, go
[Barking] Wind-rider wings!
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Rocky, Rubble, Everest
Zuma, Marshall
Go, go, go, go
Mighty Pup power!
Skye, find that getaway car.
Roger, Ryder.

Headed for Foggy Bottom!
I wonder if that's a
not-so-nice mayor we know.
Time to find out, Mighty Chase.
On it!
[Powering up]
Step one: take
the meteor. Check.
Step two: take it
back to Foggy Bottom.
What's step three, Uncle Mayor?
Ah! Learn to drive better!
Stop![Tires screeching]
Whoever's in there,
give back that meteor,
or face the Mighty Pups!
Never! Step on it, Harold!
Uh, I mean, mysterious driver.
Okay, Uncle Mayor.
I mean, mysterious mayor. Oops.
It's Mayor Humdinger
and his nephew Harold!
Think you can keep up with him?
These mighty paws
uphold the laws.
[Jets firing]
Mighty Rubble,
the Humdingers are headed
back towards town.
Use your super-strength
to build a roadblock.
Mighty Rubble's
ready for trouble.
Hmm. Not quite mighty enough.
[Metal scraping]
This road is definitely closed.
No, Harold!
Stop![Tires screeching]
Stop? Uncle Mayor,
I think you're forgetting
I'm a mighty nephew.
Activating amphibious mode.
[Barking] Drag chute!
I almost had him, Ryder.
It's okay, Chase. I have a plan.
[Beeping]Mighty Zuma!
They won't get away
from this Mighty Pup.
[Barking] Surfboard!
[Powering up][Howling]
Time to do the wave!
Whoa, whoa.
[Beeping]Mighty Everest,
time for the big chill.
[Powering up]
Ugh. Harold, I think it's
time we gave up
and begged for hot cocoa.
Mayor up, Uncle.
[Beeping]Activating laser.
[Everest gasping]
Oh, no! They're headed
for Foggy Bottom!
Not for long.[Beeping]
Skye, turn that
Humdinger-mobile around.
One mighty whirlwind coming up.
While you do that,
I'll set up a Humdinger trap.
But I'll need to head to the
Lookout for a better view.
[Jets firing]
Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa!
Your uncle has a crummy tummy.
Time for step four...
[Beeping]...Mayor runs away!
[Jet firing]

[Beeping] The Humdingers are headed
back to Adventure Bay.
Rocky, use your energy
tools to send them
down the side street
that's behind you.
This one-pup road crew's
going to make them take
a wrong turn.
[Powering up]
[Harold shouting]
Now, Marshall,
use your mighty heat to
melt the street under them.
I'm ready for a red-hot rescue![Powering up]
[Hissing and bubbling]
[Harold grumbling]
Mighty job well
done, Mighty Pups.
Thank goo very much.
And another great plan, Ryder.
You're the best leader
a pup could have.
Yeah!Ryder's the best!
Ah, you haven't heard the
last of Harold--
[Feedback screeching][Whirring]
[All laughing]
Bravo, Mighty Pups!
You saved our meteor.
Rubble, time to take the
meteor back to Town Hall.
[Barking] Super-strong claw!
Chase, you're in charge
of guarding Harold
until his uncle can pick him up.
The other pups will help you.
You want me to lead again?
But I didn't do
too well last time.
That was last time. A good
leader doesn't give up.
And I know you've got
what it takes.
Yeah, Chase. You can do it, dude.
In that case, Team Chase
won't let you down, Ryder.
I know, Chase. Meanwhile,
I'll work on a plan
to clean up the messes
Harold made all over town.
Check in with you soon.[Beeping]
Team Leader Chase,
how should we guard Harold?
He'll never get away from
me with my super-speed.
So I'll watch him.
But you pups could go help
Ryder by starting the cleanup.
Grand idea... beginning with
my poor trampled tulips.
This way.Okay, Harold.
I'm not letting
you out of my sight...
[Beeping] matter what.
It'll take more than one
pup to stop Mighty Harold.
[Laughing evilly]
Whoa. This is high!
[Gasping] Wait! Harold!
Now what do I do? I'm
supposed to be the leader.
So this is the famous
PAW Patrol Lookout.
New plan: make it
Harold Humdinger's headquarters.
Then I'll get that meteor.
Time for a Humdinger super-suit.
Better check on the pups.
Marshall? You've already
started cleaning up?
Yup. All the pups are
pitching in.
Sure are.
We're a clean machine.
Whoa. [Clanging]
Oof. [Grunting] [Chuckling]
Thanks, pups. But
who's watching Harold?
Don't worry. Chase is.
Well, he was.
Harold's escaped!
What do we do?
[Harold laughing triumphantly]Harold?
magnetic super-suit remover.
[All gasping]
Hey! My super-suit!
And my Pup Pad!
Ryder, I'm so
sorry! Be careful.
Too late.
Activating Ryder hider.
Look out!
[Grunting] Whoa!
[Grunting] I'll find a
way out of this, Harold.
Good luck. [Laughing]
Ow. [Grunting]
What's going on? Ryder?
What happened?Harold happened, that's what.
This is Harold Humdinger's
headquarters now.
Don't worry. We'll
get Ryder back... somehow.
To the Lookout...
or... where it used to be.
Yeah. Good luck with that.
No wonder Uncle always
works with kittens.
Whoa! Hey!
I need to get out of here.
First things first:
pop this bubble.
The pups need me.
I got to contact Chase.
But... how?
Maybe I can
build another Pup Pad.
Okay, Mighty Pups.
We got to get up there
and rescue Ryder.
[Other pups agreeing]
We're with you, Chase.
What's your plan?
My plan? Oh, right.
A leader always has a plan.
Uh... how to rescue Ryder.
We know he's in the Lookout,
but we don't know exactly where.
So, Skye, fly up there and see
if you can spot Ryder!
Skye the spy is ready to fly!
Everest, make a giant ice ramp
that we can use to
run up to the Lookout.
Ice or snow, I'm ready to go![Powering up]
Marshall, you go first.
[Powering up]Here I go--
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa! Oh, no!
I'm okay!
I guess sending our mighty
hot pup up an ice slide
was a bad plan. We should
have just used the launcher.
Okay, Rocky-- No, wait.
Rubble-- No, wait.
Both of you, to the
Lookout launcher.
You got it!
Maybe I should go with you, too.
We should go one at a time.
[Gasping][Pups shouting in alarm]
We have to catch them!
I'll make a snow pile for
them to land on!
[Powering up]
[All groaning]
I know just how you pups feel.
[Powering up]
Sorry, everybody.
I really thought
my plan would work.
That's okay, Chase.
Even Ryder's plans don't
always work out the first time.
Right, but he
always keeps trying.
It's just time for plan B.
One problem: I don't have one.
Except... someone else
try being leader.
[Something rumbling]
Don't look at me.
My only plan is lunch.
[All pups except Chase laughing]
My tractor beam is
almost complete.
Ouch. Silly antigravity-izer.
Not there.
There. Now to get that meteor
so I'll have even
more superpower. Ha!
Oof. Crummy oversized helmet.
[Powering up]
Oh, once again, Chickaletta,
life is back to normal
in Adventure Bay.
Except for that mysterious ray
snatching our meteor.
Oh, no! Not again.
[All gasping]
[Thudding]I did it! [Laughing]
You're all mine, meteor.
But it's no fun just
talking to a rock.
I know.
I bet my nephew
thinks he's so great
just because he didn't
run away like me.
But he doesn't have
a moon mayor hat!
[Ray firing]
Testing. Chase, can you hear me?
[Sighing] Really
wanted that to work.
But I've got to keep trying!
Ah! Whoa!
Now, Harold has the meteor
and Mayor Humdinger.
It's time somebody
told that Harold dude
to knock it off.[Splashing]
Sorry. My bad.
It's up to you, Chase.
Ryder made you the
leader for a reason.
[All barking and cheering]
Oh! Whoa! Oh!
Uncle Mayor, I just
flew you in to say...
Look! I got the
meteor, all by myself.
Harold is a genius
He's the mighty meanest
Cute almost-rhyme, nephew.
Now, tap into its twinkle power
so I can get super-mayor powers.
[Imitating an airplane engine]
Actually, I've decided
I'm going to be the
super-mayor of Adventure Bay.
You can be my Uncle
Assistant Mayor.
[Imitating an airplane engine]
What? No fair, Harold.
Automatic hat-snatcher. Slick.
This is Mighty Pup Chase.
That's Harold the
Mighty Mayor to you.
Not for long. You
need to let Ryder go
and give back that meteor.
Let me think about that.
I'm a mighty nephew
That means I outrank you
Maybe, Harold, but you've
made a big mistake.
You captured Ryder.So?
He's PAW Patrol's leader.
Those pups won't stop
trying to free him.
And with their mighty powers,
they might... just... do it.
[Gasping] Oops.
Um, I just need some sort of...
Mighty Pup rounder-upper,
a super-machine to capture them.
And I can build that!
But I'll need some
extra-big parts.
So much for trying to
talk to Harold.
[Pups encouraging him
all at once]
[Ray firing]
Shucks and husks!
I just cleaned that!
How is all this junk going to
make a Mighty Pup rounder-upper?
I'll show you, Uncle
Assistant Mayor.
But first, I need
to hide my creation
until my big villain reveal![Ray firing]
[Thunder cracking]
[Power tools
whirring and banging]
Me thinks that racket means
our mechanical mischief-maker
is up to more mayhem.Like what?
If Ryder was here,
he'd know what to do.
If we could just make
that cloud go away,
we could see what
Harold's up to.
[Pups cheering][Clucking]
This puppy's going to
give it a spin!
[Mayor Goodway gasping]

It's a giant robot!
[All gasping]
Lower me down so
everyone can see me.
[Laughing evilly]
[All gasping]My tulips!
[All shouting in panic]
[On loudspeaker]
Mighty Pups,
prepare to be captured.
[Laughing evilly]
What do we do, Chase?
I don't know! Just don't let
that robot catch you!
Uncle Assistant Mayor,
my bot's too big!
Load the meteor in it so
I can tap its power
and make my masterpiece move.
But don't let the
Mighty Pups see you doing it.
Bossy. Now I know
how my kittens feel.
Okay. Let's try this again.
Hurry up, Uncle.
I look silly out here in
a glitchy pup rounder-upper.
[Gasping] I must be picking up
the Humdingers' radio frequency.
You try loading a meteor
into a giant robot's backpack.
Giant robot? Meteor?
What are we going to do, Chase?
I'm thinking. I'm thinking.
Time for some mega meteor power.
[Beeping][Whirring and clanking]
[Powering up]
[Clicking and clanking]
It worked. Now, where was I?
"Prepare to be captured."
[On radio]
[All gasping] Peekaboo!
Everybody, run! I'll
try... something.
[Pup barking]Marshall! What are you doing?
I'm your backup pup.[Thudding]
[Both gasping]
Guess I should have backed up.
My meteor-powered
pup rounder-upper rules!
[Clanging]Oof. This helmet doesn't.
So that's what he
did with the meteor.
We're in real trouble now.
Oops. Didn't mean to
tell him that.
Better finish this.
A pup treat delivered
on a zip-line? Yum!
No, Rubble! It's a trap!
Yum, yum.[Whirring]
Oh, no!
Look out, Skye!
Not Rocky, too!
[Laughing evilly]
Some leader.
I couldn't even stop my team
from being captured. [Sighing]
What would Ryder do?
What would Ryder do?
Wait. Ryder says a
good leader never gives up.
So neither will I.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go
We're going to stop you
and rescue Ryder, Harold.
Mighty Pups, I have a plan.
[Pups shouting encouragement]
Mighty Marshall, it's time
to go hot dog on those nets.
Super idea, Team Leader Chase.[Powering up]
Now, Rubble, use your
Go, go, go, go
No job's too big
No pup's too small
Mighty Pups,
they're on a roll
Go, go, go, go
Mighty Pups
Mighty Pups are on a roll.
Hey! No more Mr. Nice Robot.
Zuma, make a mini
lake in front of him.
[Powering up]
A puddle? To stop massive me?
Everest, some ice would be nice.
[Barking] Ice board!
[Powering up]
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Should have learned how
to skate. Whoa!
Mighty Pups
[Thudding][Harold grunting]
Oh, not again.
Uncle Assistant Mayor
to Harold. What's
taking so long
to catch those Mighty Pups?
Those pups are a little
more mighty than I planned on.
Yes! Way to go, pups.
You've got a meteor
in your backpack.
It'll give your robot
way more power than those pups.
I got to tell the pups
to get that meteor
out of the robot. It's
the only way to shut it down.
A little fog won't stop
my pup rounder-upper.
Try to keep up, Harold.
Super rocket
thrusters coming up.
[Powering up]
[Rockets firing]
Missed me! Missed me again!
You're not even trying.
Whoa!I got you this time.
[Clanging] Whoa!
[Barking] Drag chute!
[Clanking] [Scraping]
[Thumping] Uh-oh!
Help me!
Oops. Oh, no.
This can't be good!
[Gasping] But that is.
Uncle Humdinger,
we have a problem.
The robot accidentally turned
the Lookout into a rocket ship!
Problem? I'm going to be
the first mayor
on the moon after all!
We got to catch
that rocket ship Lookout,
or we might never see
Ryder again!
Then let's hurry.
Here's the plan.
Skye, you're going to fly us
all up to the Lookout.
Then we'll use our mighty
powers to rescue Ryder.
But I'd have to tow you somehow.
Rocky, do your energy tools
come with a big tool belt?
[Powering up]
They do now!
Good work, Rocky.
Hop aboard, pups.
Get ready to rocket,
Mighty Pups!
[Powering up]
[All barking, howling, cheering]
Here's where you get off.Hurry up, pups.
We have to save Ryder before
the tower goes into outer space.
Those pesky pups. Can't
let them get up here.
I'll just turn off the elevator.[Beeping]
Let's get up there
and find Ryder!
Rubble on the double.[Powering up]
One problem. They
shut off the elevator!
It's okay. When one plan fails,
we try another, just like Ryder.
Let's try turning those
rockets off.
Marshall, use your
bubble blaster.
[Barking] Bubble blaster!
[Powering down]
[Rockets firing]
Zuma, Everest, add
some ice to the mix.
[Powering up]
[Powering down]
Uh-oh. I hope one of these
is a restart button.
[Rockets firing]
I have to get to
the top of the tower
so I can call the pups
on the big screen.
What do we do now, Chase?
We don't give up,
because Ryder wouldn't.
We'd better hurry. That robot's
rockets have a lot of power.
Right! Meteor power.
If we can get the meteor
out of the robot,
we can stop it.
Great idea. But
where's the meteor?
Somewhere in the
robot. Start looking!
You pups can't stop me
Mayor Humdinger, this
space race is over!
Ryder? Oh!
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow.
Pups, come in! It's Ryder!
I got to find some way to let
them know where that meteor is.
Chase is a smart pup. I
know he'll figure this out.
No luck yet, Chase!
We're almost out of time!
The PAW Patrol signal!
That's got to be Ryder!
The meteor! It's in
the backpack!
Rubble, can you reach it?
It might be a stretch,
but I'll give it a
double Rubble effort!
[Barking] Claw arm!
[Powering up][Grunting]
There it is! Rocky,
can you get it?
[Barking] Super-vac!
Got it!
Now get rid of it!
We did it!
[Rockets sputtering]
[Harold and Mayor
Humdinger shouting]
Skye, quick! We got to go!
But what about Ryder?
Don't worry! I've got a plan!
Skye, head down fast!
We got to beat the
Lookout to the ground!
Everybody off!
Here comes the Lookout!
[All gasping]
Skye, we need another whirlwind.
On it! [Barking]
Wind-rider wings!

The Lookout's falling slower!
But still too fast!
I need to make the
whirlwind more powerful!
[Chase zooming]
Have... to go... faster.
[Chase zooming]
[Wind howling]
Got to find Ryder!
Ryder!Ryder! Where are you?
[Pups gasping]Ryder! You're okay!
[Ryder grunting]
[Pups barking and cheering]
[Ryder laughing] Whoa!
Thanks, pups. You all did
a mighty good job.
Especially Chase.
He was a mighty leader.Yeah!
I just kept trying
'til I got it right.
You're such a good pup, Chase.
Mighty Pups! Mighty Pups!
Mighty Pups!
[Yelping and grunting]
Are we on the moon yet?
Help? I'm stuck in
my robot's head!
[All laughing]
Don't worry, Harold.
We'll get you down.
And then you've got
some work to do.
Ahem.Aw! PAW Patrol.
A little more to the right.
[Powering down]
Whoa! I-- I think I
lost my super-strength.
And I can't fly anymore.No more powers?
To hazard a hypothesis,
the big bot drained this
amazing meteor of its power.
Cleanup duty? [Growling]
Don't worry. We're almost done.
[Clanging] [Gasping]
What do we do with
the meteor now?
Just to be safe, let's
not put it back in Town Hall.
Please?Good idea.
We'll keep the meteor locked
in the Lookout's basement.
Thank you, Ryder. And thank you
all for saving Adventure Bay.
Whenever there's mighty
trouble, just yelp for help.
Sure was fun having superpowers.
[Other pups agreeing]
Who knows? Maybe you'll get
them back someday.
Who wants a pup treat?
[Pups cheering]