Paw Patrol: Ready, Race, Rescue! (2019) Movie Script

Ready, race, rescue pups
Speeding to the rescue
Revving up their engines,
zooming all the way
Ryder and the speedy pups
will rush to save the day
[engines revving]
They're racing fast
in Adventure Bay
Rescue pups, they're on the way
To save the day
Ready, race
Rescue pups
Ron Rapidfire here at the start
of an exciting road race -
the Adventure Bay 500!
Check out this spectacular race course,
built by Adventure Bay's
own the PAW Patrol!
[audience cheering]
Starting lights coming in!
Pup power!
All right!
Our track looks ready to race, pups.
The fans anxiously wait
for a glimpse of their favorite racer,
the Whoosh.
If the Whoosh wins
the Adventure Bay 500 today,
he'll not only win the race,
but he'll have enough points
to win the season championship!
Wow. The Whoosh's car
looks even faster up close!
But the Whoosh
doesn't look quite right.
That's better.
Now his super-turbo, ten-cylinder,
nitrous-infused race car
and his smile are shining.
[Skye laughing]
Marshall, you must be the Whoosh's
biggest fan pup ever!
I am! I've seen every one of his races!
I can't believe I'm finally
gonna see him in person...
if he slows down long enough.
[making engine noises]
Whoops! I'm good.
The Whoosh is sure to be tested
by this fast field of challengers,
Riff Rockenbock...
This rocker's ready to roll!
[hard rock playing]
...Lionel Lightspeed...
Science concurs that my race car
is significantly faster
than the speed of light.
...and Willy Widewheels, Jr!
Like Daddy always says,
"Watch out for the wide wheels."
But the Whoosh's fiercest competition
is that sneaky, fast speedster known as...
[engine revving]
Me! The Cheetah!
Yes, like the wily wildcat
she's named after,
the Cheetah has three speeds,
fast, faster, and fastest.
[tires screeching]
Eat my dust, pups.
The Cheetah is really fast.
Yeah, she's fast,
but the Whoosh is faster and nicer.
I hope so. But where is he?
There's my favorite cousin.
Hi, Cheetah. Nice trophy, huh?
Even nicer with this first-place face.
When we--
I mean, you win this trophy,
it's going to look great
back home in Foggy Bottom.
[engine revving]
[audience cheering]
The Whoosh!
[audience cheering]
Hey, fans!
Would have been here sooner,
but I had to brush my teeth
after breakfast.
It's a great day for racing!
And it's always a great day
for flossing, kids.
See, guys?
The Whoosh is the best.
It's really him!
Everyone thinks he's so great
just because he wins a lot,
and he's nice,
and he's got twinkly teeth!
Now, racing's a team sport, folks.
So, say hello to the heroic helpers
who will keep the racers running -
the official
Adventure Bay 500 pit crew!
Getting to work on those cool race cars?
That pit crew is really lucky,
whoever they are.
-[horn honking]
-[Skye] Wow!
-[Rocky] Cool!
[all] Awesome!
The official pit crew is... you, pups!
That's why I built this,
the Mobile Pit Stop.
We'll be able to fix cars
right on the track!
[Rocky] Amazing!
Nobody but me touches
my cheating--
I mean, Cheetah mobile.
No way I'm letting those nosy pups
get near my ride.
But now's our chance
to do something sneaky to his!
Cousin Humdinger,
use my secret sticky glue on his tires.
Roger that, cuz.
That should slow down that show-off.
If you can't beat 'em...
-cheat 'em!
-Cheat 'em!
[both laughing]
Racers, take your starting positions.
It's time for the Adventure Bay 500!
[audience cheering]
[engines revving]
The race is ten laps around the track.
And now, our official starter,
Mayor Goodway!
Good luck, racers!
Ready, set...
[Ron] And they're off!
Whoa! Except for the Whoosh,
who's stuck at the starting line.
Pit crew pups, something's wrong!
Ooh, ooh! I can help!
I'm ready for a ruff, ruff repair!
Pistons, check.
Cam shaft, check.
Super charger, check.
Engine looks good.
There's something sticky on the tires!
-Hydro Blaster!
That's better! Hit it, Whoosh!
Thanks, pup.
You really know cars!
Oh, I could never drive as fast as...
I'm okay!
I don't need an x-ray scanner
to know you've got
the heart of a racer.
Now, I've got some catching up to do!
Now, Whoosh is back in the action
and starting to make up ground.
[engine revving]
The Whoosh is catching up!
What happened?
Oh, one of those pesky pups
unglued our sticky scheme.
-Now what?
-Watch and learn.
I've got lots more dirty tricks.
Lionel Lightspeed
in his solar-powered car
is challenging the Cheetah.
[engine revving]
-[tire pops]
Oh, no! It looks like Lionel
somehow lost all of his wheels at once!
Rip and Willy avoid disaster,
but the Whoosh just goes faster!
He's caught up to the pack!
It appears my chance of victory is over.
Don't worry, Lionel.
The pit crew pups
will get you back in the race.
The tires are ready!
According to my calculations,
I should be able to accelerate...
-[all] Now!
-[tires screeching]
[Ron] Wow!
The PAW Patrol
fixed Lightspeed's ride
with barely any 'vroom' to spare.
But now, Lionel's way behind.
After three laps,
the Cheetah clings to the lead.
But there's seven more to go!
Looks like Riff's sound machine
wants to dance with the Cheetah.
[loud music playing]
Time to add a sad song to your playlist.
I call it The Foggy Bottom Blues.
Where'd the road go?
Blue fog?
Some weird weather must have
blown onto the course!
Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
-Aww. What a muddy mess.
Winch attached!
Ruff! Retract!
Dude, you need a major car wash.
Your engine's heating up!
[barking] Hydro Blaster!
Now, to get you back in the race!
You're ready to rock, Riff.
Go, go, go!
Rock on, pups! Whoo!
[loud music playing]
Thanks, pit crew pups.
[Ron] Wow! The pit crew pups
have had their paws full today.
Everyone's back in the race,
but the real battle is between
the Cheetah and the Whoosh.
With two laps left,
it's not gonna be an easy finish
for the Whoosh.
Come on, Whoosh! Pull ahead!
He needs to take the lead now.
No, it's too soon.
The Whoosh always takes a pit stop
near the end of the race.
That way, he has new tires
and plenty of fuel for a big finish!
Good call, Marshall.
I'm coming into the pits!
Roger that!
Pit crew pups, get ready to ratchet.
The Whoosh may fall way behind,
unless the pit crew pups
get the job done fast.
-The Whoosh is good to go!
-Not yet.
He always has a good luck energy bar
before the end of the race.
And it's sugar-free.
My smile says thanks, pit crew!
[engine revving]
The Whoosh is back on
the track in record time,
but the Cheetah now has a big lead.
Cousin Cheetah, you've gotta go faster.
Nope. I'll just make him go slower.
-Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
-[tires screeching]
-[tires screeching]
Whoosh, are you okay?
Must have banged my arm when I landed.
I'll check it out.
[barking] Scanner!
It's really sprained.
I don't think you can race.
I gotta try.
But don't worry, buddy. Agh!
Ah, you're right, Marshall.
I can't drive like this.
I'll have to drop out.
But you'll lose the race!
[all groaning]
Sorry, pups, but the Whoosh can't drive
his race car if he's injured.
It's got a triple turbo,
super-charged power plant,
interchangeable torsion-bar suspension,
and don't get me started on
the high-performance braking system.
But you could drive it, Marshall.
What? Me?!
You know as much about my ride as I do.
Maybe more! What do you say?
The Cheetah's getting further ahead
every second.
[all cheering, barking]
Okay. Let's do this.
[engine revving]
This race is so easy,
I can win it backwards!
Get the cameras ready,
the winner's about to take her final lap!
With one lap left,
it looks like nothing can stop
the Cheetah from defeating
-her arch rival the Whoosh.
Wait! Here comes the Whoosh's car!
But who's that driving it?!
Now racing for Team Whoosh,
[audience cheering]
You can do it!
-[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
Look at the rookie race driver
handle the Whoosh's powerful machine!
The wily Cheetah has a real race
on her hands now, folks.
This is my race! Get out of my way!
If you say so!
[engine revving]
Marshall's taken the lead
as they head for the finish line!
That pup's finished all right.
Now to slingshot to victory. See ya!
[tires screeching]
What? Whoa!
What did I do? What do I do?
And the winner of the Adventure Bay 500
is the Cheetah!
I guess the race is over, huh?
-[gasping] Marshall!
-Are you okay?
Yeah, but I lost.
It's okay, Marshall. You tried your best.
I guess my best wasn't very good.
You almost won!
-It was really close.
-Great try!
[both laughing]
-Are you all right, Marshall?
-Yeah. I'm sorry I let you down.
I was just about to win,
but then I lost control of your car and--
I know you feel bad,
but you'll do better next time.
I don't think there'll be a next time
cos I don't want to race again.
Exciting news, racing fans.
There's going to be another race!
Due to the Whoosh finishing last
in this race,
we now have a tie
for first place overall.
Can you believe it?!
A tie?
Oh, Chickaletta's positively pecky
with excitement!
So, in just a few days,
we'll hold a final,
season-ending championship race,
a winner-take-all,
round-the-world road rally!
You can keep this one.
I'm going for the big win
because I'm gonna be first, first, first!
The question on everyone's minds,
though, is,
Whoosh, will you be back
on the track to race for victory?
Sorry, but until my arm heals,
it's not safe for me to be
on a race course.
[audience groaning]
But then, you can't win
the championship.
Hmm. What about...
Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no!
No way!
I do not want to lose for you again.
If I coach you,
I bet I could teach you
how to be a great racer
and win this thing!
You'll have the best pit crew
to back you up.
-We're here for you, buddy.
-Come on, give it a try.
Erm, okay, if you really want
to coach me, Mr. Whoosh.
But I don't think that'll help.
I believe in you, Marshall.
You just have to believe in yourself.
How about that, folks?
In spite of the spin-out
that cost him victory,
the PAW Patrol's Marshall
is courageously
climbing back in the car
to race for Team Whoosh!
Good luck!
I'm gonna need it. [gulping]
Okay, you ready to get started, Marshall?
I guess so, Coach Whoosh, sir.
[chuckling] Great.
Let's start by practicing in a vehicle
you're more comfortable in.
My fire truck?
Exactly! Hop in and let's get driving!
Now, just take it nice and slow
and drive around those cones.
Once you feel confident,
then you can go faster.
Faster? How much faster?
Cos I don't think I can go fast.
I'm okay!
[Chase] Marshall!
[Rubble] Marshall!
[Rocky] Are you okay?
I'm fine.
I can't even practice race good
in my own fire truck.
Marshall, I've got a very serious
and important racing tip for you.
Smile, buddy! [laughing]
Racing's fun!
-I can definitely do that!
-[tools whirring]
Car's fixed and ready to go!
That's more like it.
Now, let's reset the cones
and get back to practice.
[engine starts]
Hmm. That pup's getting
driving lessons from the Whoosh.
We'd better report this to cousin Cheetah.
Er, why am I watching this?
It's really boring cos I'm not in it.
The Whoosh is training that pup
to race against you
in the championship,
and he almost beat you last time,
Yeah, but all it took
was one dirty trick
and that pitiful pup spun out.
But with the Whoosh's coaching,
he may not be so easy to cheat!
Hmm. Maybe you're right.
We need to upgrade my race car...
by taking the best parts
from everyone else's!
Ooh! Nice naughty plan.
And that's just the beginning.
Gas up your blimp!
We're going car shopping!
[both laughing]
[kitties laughing]
With the Whoosh off coaching that pup,
now's our chance to take his car, kitties.
[Mayor Humdinger laughing]
Air Humdinger to Cheetah One,
the Whoosh's race car is officially taken.
Excellent, Cousin Air Humdinger,
but this is just the beginning.
I'm gonna win this championship for sure!
Ha-ha! Nice!
Two seconds faster than
your last practice run, Riff!
[Riff] Bet I can beat that time!
I'm gonna up the tempo.
[loud heavy metal playing]
Up the tempo, down the tree.
Air Humdinger to Cheetah One.
-I have the target in sight.
Time to take that rock 'n' roller's ride!
[Mayor Humdinger] Whoopsie.
Whoa! Giant snowball! Run!
[cheetah laughing]
Gotta call Ryder and the PAW Patrol!
-What's up, Jake?
-More like what's coming down!
Giant snowballs!
Riff and I are running,
but they're rolling at us fast!
But not faster than us!
No snowball is too big,
no pup is too small!
PAW Patrol, to the Mobile Pit Stop!
[all] Ryder needs us!
[all] Marshall, look out!
Hey, I won by a nose.
[all laughing]
PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir.
Thanks for racing over, pups.
Jake and Riff are running
from giant snow boulders.
-We're gonna need all paws on deck
and we got to get there fast.
Ryder, we're fast,
but we gotta be super-fast
to save them in time.
[gulping] Super-fast?
This rescue's got a need for speed,
and we have the Mobile Pit Stop
to help with that.
All right! PAW Patrol is on a roll!
PAW Patrol
-Robo-Dog, lower the ramp.
Pups, drive into the Mobile Pit Stop.
Let's get ready to race and rescue.
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go, go, go
Go, go, go
Ready, race
Rescue pups
Look at the size of those snowballs!
Rubble, use your scoop
to stop those snow boulders.
Rubble's really on the double.
Rocky, quick, get 'em out of there!
Green means go, go, go!
-[ice cracking]
-[tires screeching]
Thanks for the lift.
Great job, pups.
Maybe next time,
I'll go fast enough to help.
Thanks PAW Patrol.
Now, I can get back to practicing
my sweet--
Wait. Where'd your rockin' ride go?
Your sun-powered race car
is extremely extreme,
Lionel Lightspeed.
Thank you, skateboard-riding youth.
I'm Daring Danny X.
Would solar panels
make my skateboard go faster?
Possibly. Observe, Daring Daniel.
That's Daring Daniel X!
Time to throw some shade
on that sun-powered speedster.
[powering down]
Excuse me!
Could you please move your blimp,
so my solar car can go?
-[both coughing]
-[Danny] Whoa!
I'll call the PAW Patrol!
-Daring Danny?
Lionel Lightspeed and I are in the desert
and a massive sandstorm
is heading for us!
On our way!
PAW Patrol, race to the desert super-fast!
Hop on my skateboard, it's faster!
We've got to get to them
before the sandstorm does.
think you can speed up ahead,
so they can grab your ladder?
You can do it, Marshall.
I can try! Gotta go faster.
Just stay calm and steer steady.
Oh, no! Not again!
I can't do it, Ryder!
It's okay, Marshall.
Pups, we gotta hurry.
We need to get 'em off that board
before they wipe out.
Skye, transform your car into jet mode.
This puppy's ready to launch!
You guys got here extremely fast!
Thanks, PAW Patrol.
Indeed. You have my gratitude.
But my race car appears
to have vanished.
Another missing race car?
Something fishy is going on here.
Cheetah One,
our final target is practicing
in Farmer Al's pasture.
Roger that,
Cousin Air Humdinger.
One dirty trick coming up.
Or should I say... muddy?
Where'd that mud bath come from?
Now, where'd my car go?
Whoa! Whoa!
-Stay away, Garbie.
The silo's smoking.
I gotta call the PAW Patrol.
-Hi, Farmer Al.
Hi, Ryder.
I'm stuck on top of my silo... again!
[sniffing] And I think it's on fire!
On our way!
PAW Patrol, to Farmer Al's!
His silo is on fire!
Fire? We're really gonna
need you this time, Marshall.
You can do it!
Put on your race face.
Okay. I can do this.
I have to do this!
If this silo gets any hotter,
it'll pop all the corn!
I'm coming, Farmer Al!
Whoa! Whoa!
I can't control it!
Sure you can.
Just stay calm and steer steady.
[tires screeching]
It worked! Thanks, Whoosh!
[barking] Water cannon!
-[barking] Ladder!
-Way to go, Marshall.
-Super-fast rescue.
We knew you could do it.
Oh, thanks, Marshall.
You're a regular silo-saver.
[chuckling] And a me-saver too!
Actually, I had some help
from the best racer in the world -
the Whoosh!
I knew you had the heart of a racer!
Somebody took my big wheels!
Your race car's gone, too?
That makes three missing cars!
And they were all
supposed to race in
the Round-the-World
Road Rally Championship!
But without their cars,
none of them can be in the race!
So, we have to try and find
those missing rides, pups.
Chase, you and Skye race back
to the desert and look for clues.
[both] On it!
Rubble, Rocky, and Zuma,
search Jake's Mountain.
-[both] On it!
-Robo-Dog and I will check here.
What do you want me to do, Ryder?
Keep practicing with the Whoosh
and get ready for the big race.
Oh, right, the race.
Marshall, if you can pull off
a high-speed rescue,
like you just did,
you're totally ready to race again!
Okay, I'll do it, but you'll be there
to coach me, right?
[chuckling] Of course.
Okay, attach that solar panel here
and make those big wheels tighter.
Quick, kitties!
With all these, ahem, "borrowed parts,"
your race car will go even faster!
Who'd even dare try to challenge you?
[both chuckling mischievously]
[Ron] The Round-the-World
Road Rally Championship
is just hours away,
but injured superstar the Whoosh
is still coaching his racing replacement
to drive like the wind!
With the Whoosh's wise voice
in Marshall's headset,
the Cheetah will have a tough time
keeping pace with that pup.
We've gotta do something!
Like try to make your car even faster?
We need to take that pup's racer.
But if we take his car, then there'll be
no one left to race you.
I'll be the winner
and I won't even have to race!
If you can't beat 'em, cheat 'em!
[both chuckling mischievously]
[kitties chuckling]
Whoo-hoo! This is great!
I think you're ready to learn
my slide-and-glide move.
[tires screeching]
The slide-and-glide
is my favorite Whoosh maneuver.
Okay, start with a hard turn,
a little brake, straighten it out,
and then go full-throttle!
[gasping] Marshall!
Do the slide-and-glide! Now!
Got it! Hard turn. A little brake.
-[tires screeching]
-Straighten it out,
and go, go, go!
You missed, kitties. Try again.
Whoa! What is that?
Hey! Put me down! Stop!
Don't bother me now, kitties.
We've got his car.
Now, let's get out of here
before the PAW Patrol shows up.
Now, to activate my turbo jet
and escape with our prize!
[chuckling mischievously]
Whoosh! Oh, no!
-Ryder, this is Marshall. Emergency!
-[Ryder] What's wrong, Marshall?
Mayor Humdinger just took the Whoosh
and carried him off in a big blimp!
I bet he has something to do with
all these missing cars too.
Skye to Ryder! We've spotted
a clue in the desert, tire tracks.
Us too and they have...
a kitty paw pattern?
The Cheetah and Mayor Humdinger!
They're up to something, all right.
Pups, we have an emergency.
Everyone to the Mobile Pit Stop!
Air Humdinger to Cheetah One.
Mission accomplished.
-I've taken that pesky pup's race truck.
Excellent cheating, cousin.
What can I say? I'm a Humdinger.
[both chuckling mischievously]
Let me out of here!
What's going on?
Keep it down, fella.
I'm trying to tell my cousin I took--
The wrong guy!
Erm, Air Humdinger?
What do you mean "wrong guy"?
Er, slight change of plans,
Cheetah One.
My kitties sort of nabbed the Whoosh
instead of the pup's race truck.
This might work out even better.
He can't win without
the Whoosh coaching him.
Er, yes. Right.
That's exactly
what I was thinking, too.
That pup probably won't even be able
to find the starting line.
[Cheetah] Just keep the Whoosh
away from the race until I've won.
[engines revving]
PAW Patrol ready for a new mission,
Ryder, sir.
Thanks, pups. We'll have to find
the missing race cars later.
We have a bigger problem -
the Whoosh is in danger.
-We need to rescue him.
-[all gasping]
Mayor Humdinger captured him
with his blimp
and he's headed for Foggy Bottom.
We've got to get to the Mayor's hideout
[whooping and barking]
[Ron] It's a beautiful day
for the Round-the-World
Road Rally Championship!
Due to some mysteriously missing
race cars,
I'm not sure who's left to race.
On a brighter note,
here comes our first racer!
[loud rock music playing]
The Cheetah!
She's really tricked out her ride!
Oh, dear. The race is due to start,
but there's no one
to challenge the Cheetah.
Aww. I guess that means I win.
You can't hide me forever!
I don't have to.
Just until my cousin Cheetah
wins the race.
What?! The PAW Patrol?!
New plan -
run away until the race is over!
Oh, we just missed him!
Skye, use your supersonic jet
and follow that blimp.
This race car's gonna fly!
Everyone else,
time for a high-speed ground pursuit.
Except you, Marshall.
The race is about to begin.
You've got to get to the starting line.
But what about the Whoosh?
We'll rescue him.
You've got a race to win.
That's what the Whoosh would want.
Okay, I'll try.
But I don't know if I can do it
without the Whoosh.
Well, since there's no other cars
to race against the Cheetah,
there's no choice
but to award the first place
championship trophy to--
[engine revving]
Oh! It's Marshall!
Racing for Team Whoosh!
We have another racer!
Ryder, have you rescued
the Whoosh yet?
I could really use
his coaching about now.
We're still after him, Marshall.
-Hang in there.
Okay. I have the heart of a racer.
I have the heart of a racer.
-[engine revving]
[Ron] Ladies and gentlemen,
may I direct your attention
to the big screen,
where you'll see the wild
and winding route
for the championship race.
The Round-the-World
Road Rally Championship
will start at the race track,
but then go across the bridge
and through Adventure Bay,
all the way to the steamy jungle,
then onto the frigid polar ice cap,
then through the narrow streets
of Barkingburg,
and back here for a final lap
around the race course
and across the finish line!
[loud rock music playing]
Ready, set...
[engines revving]
[Ron] The Cheetah and Marshall
fight for position,
as they take the race out of town.
[engines revving]
[tires screeching]
Whoa! Are we sure that's not
the Whoosh in that car?
What a drift by Marshall
as he takes the lead!
I did it? I did it!
But can I keep doing it?
[audience cheering]
Go, Marshall, go!
-[feedback whining]
-[quietly] Go, Marshall, go.
Skye, do you have Mayor Humdinger's
blimp in your sights?
I see him.
Drat! That pesky plane pup found us.
Hold on, kitties.
He's headed back toward town.
[horn honking]
Marshall has a narrow lead,
as they approach
Queen Mandy's monkey temple.
I've gotta do something
to slow that pup down!
[monkeys chattering]
Time to try out my new sound-blaster
and cheat to the beat.
[hard rock playing]
Whoa! Whoa!
[hard rock playing]
Mandy, watch out!
The racer pup's saved the monkey queen!
But in doing so, he's let the Cheetah
take a very big lead.
I can't lose again!
Where's the Whoosh?
The Cheetah's in the lead,
as the racers brave
the sub-zero temperature
of the polar ice cap.
That's close enough, pup.
Time for a nice icy drink!
But first, a big wheel bump!
What was that?!
[cheetah chuckling]
[engine revving]
[Ron] Now, that move was just plain cool.
What? He un-cheated me?
No fair!
It worked! I hope I can keep this up.
-Let 'em chase us.
We just need to keep the Whoosh
out of rescuing range
until cousin Cheetah
crosses the finish line!
We've gotta save the Whoosh
so we can help Marshall.
Skye, use your hook to open the cage.
Roger that, Ryder!
[barking] Hook!
I've got this.
Uh-oh. Hold onto your scratching posts,
Slight change of direction.
He's heading out over the bay!
[Ron] As they head into
the Kingdom of Barkingburg,
the Cheetah and Marshall
are going even faster
than my talented tongue can talk!
I do hope the racers will stop
for a quick spot of tea.
And if they do,
I'll help myself to the Princess's crown.
[laughing, snorts]
[laughing, snorts]
-[horn honking]
-[tires screeching]
[Ron] Goodbye, Barkingburg.
Now, the Cheetah
and Marshall head back
to the Adventure Bay race track
for the final stretch.
Sorry for the roundabout ride, kitties.
It's just until cousin Cheetah
comes in first.
Don't be so sure about that.
Marshall's got the heart of a racer!
And my cousin's got
a car full of dirty tricks!
[chuckling] Wanna bet who wins?
I'm trying to open the cage, Ryder,
but the blimp has a turbo jet,
so it's hard to catch!
Think you can grab the turbo jet
with your hook instead?
That'll slow 'em down.
This puppy's gotta try.
One turbo rocket down.
[Ryder] Great job, Skye.
Rocky, we need to rig up a ramp.
How fast can you jack up the pier?
Rescue racer fast!
[tires screeching]
Chase, get ready to grab some big air!
I'll start ramping up!
[tires screeching]
Zuma, head to the bay
for a splash-down rescue.
Ready, set, get wet!
I hope Marshall's doing okay.
[Ron] As the two competitors
come down the home stretch,
the Cheetah refuses
to let Marshall get by her!
-[engine revving]
-[tires screeching]
Whoa! I passed her?
[growling] Enjoy the lead,
cos it's not gonna last!
Ramp's in place, Ryder,
and this pup's ready to go up!
Then, ready, race, rescue!
[tires screeching]
[meowing in alarm]
What?! Incoming pup!
[barking] Winch!
Go, go
[barking] Landing pad!
Go, go, go, go, go, go
Jump, Whoosh. Zuma's got you!
Thanks, PAW Patrol!
Zuma, time to go hero fishing.
[barking] Buoy!
Great job, pups.
Now, come back to shore
and get Whoosh to the race track.
[Ron] The crowd's going wild
as they head into the home stretch
with Marshall in the lead!
But never count out the Cheetah.
It worked before, it'll work again.
So, get ready to spin while I win.
Not again!
Marshall's in another spin-out
and the Cheetah retakes the lead!
Whoa! Whoa!
How do I stop this?
I know! Stay calm and steer steady.
[engine revving]
I did it!
[Whoosh] Way to go, Marshall!
Now, that's racing!
Weird. It's like I'm hearing
the Whoosh's voice in my head.
No, it is me!
-[all cheering]
-[Ryder] Go, Marshall!
Whoosh, you're back!
Ryder and the pups saved me,
but no one needs to save you.
You can win this race
all on your own.
Yeah! I can!
I'm on a roll!
[crowd chanting]
Marshall! Marshall! Marshall!
Slide-and-glide time!
[Ron] Using the Whoosh's famous
slide-and-glide move,
Marshall takes the lead.
It worked!
What? That does it!
The winner of Round-the-World
Road Rally Championship is...
[crowd chanting]
Marshall! Marshall!
Which way to the finish line?
[yelping, groaning]
-[loud rock music playing]
-I knew those were my speakers!
And my solar panels.
And my wheels!
[Whoosh] Wait a sec.
This looks like my car's
super-turbo, ten-cylinder--
Nitrous-infused engine.
So that's why you took all the cars,
to use their parts.
Well, looks like you're having
a bad day at the races, cousin.
Hop aboard and we'll skedaddle
back to Foggy Bottom.
The Cheetah shall return!
Oh! Ugh!
Hey, wait for me!
Did you see that, Marshall?
The Cheetah was cheating all along.
And you thought it was your fault
that you lost the first race.
I guess all I really lost
was my confidence.
[audience cheering]
It is my pleasure to present
Adventure Bay's own Marshall
with the championship trophy.
-[audience cheering]
-[girl] Way to go!
Thanks, everyone,
but this championship
really belongs to the Whoosh.
I could never have won the race
without him.
Aww, that's nice, Marshall,
but you won on your own,
with the true heart of a racer!
Can I have your autograph, sir?
a fan wants your autograph.
No, buddy, I think he wants yours.
Really? You want mine? Okay!
There's my "paw-tograph."
[chuckles] And you know, some day,
maybe you'll be a racing champion, too.
Time for your victory lap, Marshall.
PAW Patrol pit crew, let's go!
-All right!
Let's do it!
Pa-pa-pa-pa-PAW Patrol
Pa-pa-PAW Patrol
Pa-pa-pa-pa-PAW Patrol