PAW Patrol: The Movie (2021) Movie Script

[creature grunting]
-[triumphant music plays]
I'm okay.
[tranquil music playing]
[seagull squealing]
[baby turtle grunts]
[baby turtle grunts]
-[upbeat country music playing]
-[man humming]
[CB radio chirps]
[man over radio]
Truck 416, what's your location?
Just passing through a sleepy little town
called Adventure Bay. Over.
[gasping] Ah! That's cold, that's cold!
Ooh, ooh! I got blue slushie
in my skivvies!
Ooh, ooh! Cold, cold, cold, cold!
Ah! Look out, little guy!
No, no, no, no, no!
-Hang in there! Oh, no! Whoa!
-[tires screeching]
[driver] Oh, no! [groans]
[driver yells]
Ah! No, no, no!
[driver screams]
-[driver] Hello! Down there!
Oh, my. That's not good.
That's not good at all.
Good morning there, friend!
Looks like you're
in a particularly precarious predicament.
Call the police! Call the fire department!
Call everybody!
You're in Adventure Bay.
Here, we call the PAW Patrol!
You're gonna call the who?
[rock music playing]
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
Whenever there's a problem
'Round Adventure Bay
Ryder and his team of pups
Will come and save the day
Marshall, Rubble, Chase
Rocky, Zuma, Skye
Yeah, they're on the way
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
Whenever you're in trouble
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
No job's too big, no pup's too small
PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!
So here we go PAW Patrol
PAW Patrol
PAW Patrol
[Ryder] All right, pups, here we go.
Let's work together out there.
Rocky, I need you to shut down the bridge
and control traffic.
Arf! Flares!
[tires screeching]
Zuma, I need you
to keep that waterway clear.
Nobody under the bridge.
[Zuma] You got it, Ryder!
Waterway secure!
Chase, it's all up to you.
Use the winch in your pup pack
to get the driver and bring him to safety!
Chase is on the case!
Arf! Grappling hook!
[woofs] Awoo!
Sir, don't be alarmed. I'm coming down!
Oh, thank you, thank you,
thank you, the rescue team is here!
A dog?
Actually, sir, I'm a puppy.
A baby dog? That's even worse!
You're in shock, so I'm not going
to take that personally.
Now, let's get you out of here.
No way! I'm waiting right here
for a real rescue.
I changed my mind, I'll go with you!
Ryder! These cables
aren't going to hold much longer!
Let's go, Chase. Get him out of there!
[Chase] We're coming out!
[driver groaning]
[Chase] Don't panic.
I need you to stay calm.
No deal! I'm freaking out!
Then you're really not going to like this!
We're not going to make it.
We're not going to make it!
You can open your eyes now.
-Oh, we made it. [laughs]
-[crowd cheering]
Great work, PAW Patrol!
-[rooster squawks]
Everybody get back!
The truck's leaking gas!
Oh, come on, that's not gas.
That's the stuff I've been hauling
from coast to coast.
That is pure Canadian maple syrup!
Okay, time to clean up this mess.
Deploy waffles, pancakes,
and French toast!
[all laughing]
It's okay, little guy, you're safe.
You can come out now.
Let's get you back to your family.
There you go.
Great work, pups.
Another perfect rescue.
[team howling]
[upbeat music playing]
Oh. Um Hey. Excuse me?
You dropped something.
I'm done with it.
Buzz off, wiener dog.
"Wiener dog"?
Maybe you should just pick that up
and put it in the trash!
[chuckles] Yeah? Or what?
Or I'm going to pick you up
and put you in the trash!
-[passengers gasp]
Hey, I don't want no trouble.
I'm pickin' up the trash,
I'm pickin' up the trash.
Thank you.
We've all got to take pride in our city.
-Don't ever forget that.
-[announcer] This is the D train
This is my stop. It's been a slice.
I'm going to turn my life around.
I really am.
Hey, Liberty!
[Marty] It's election day
in Adventure City.
I'm Marty Muckraker,
reporting live from City Square.
In a surprising twist,
the leading candidate
has dropped out of the race,
leaving only one name on the ticket.
Mayor Humdinger,
who has just won by default.
Mayor Humdinger. Ugh!
Just saying it makes my skin crawl.
No dogs. By order of the new mayor.
Excuse me?
Yeah, you heard him. No dogs.
He's more of a cat person.
Now beat it!
If those are the rules,
those are the rules.
You gentlemen have a wonderful day.
Ha-ha! Did you see that?
You gotta show these dogs
you're the alpha.
You're not the alpha. I'm the alpha!
-No, I'm the alpha!
-No, I'm the alpha!
I'm the alpha!
Right this way, ma'am.
-I'm the alpha!
-No. I'm the alpha!
-Thanks for the lift!
-[woman] Happy to help.
[Liberty] Excuse me, coming through,
make way, pardon me, underfoot.
[announcer] Please welcome to the stage,
a man who needs no introduction.
He's literally the greatest human being
on the planet.
He's me!
[rock music playing]
Thank you, thank you.
I want to start off by thanking
each and every one of you for choosing me
to be your new mayor.
[woman] You were
the only name on the ballot!
You could only vote for one name anyway,
so what does it matter?
I won this election fair and square.
Well, maybe not fair,
but who's keeping track?
You know,
they call this place Adventure City,
but what's so adventure-y about it?
The truth is, it's boring.
-Libraries? Boring!
Museums? Boring!
Cute little dog parks?
-Ugh! Definitely boring!
But don't worry.
I'm going to put the adventure
back in Adventure City!
When I'm done with this place,
you won't even recognize it.
[phone ringing]
PAW Patrol. What's your emergency?
What? You answer your own calls?
Oh, my goodness,
I didn't even think I was gonna
[gasping] I can't believe
I'm looking at the PAW Patrol!
I am such a big fan!
This is off the leash!
Is there something we can help you with?
Yes, yes, yes!
My name is Liberty,
and I'm calling from Adventure City.
Something terrible has happened.
Humdinger was just elected mayor.
He's the worst mayor
in the history of mayors!
And that's being generous.
You're telling me? This guy's a disaster!
He's going to destroy the whole city.
Please, we need your help.
Come quickly!
Adventure City's in trouble.
Come on, pups, pack your things.
No city's too big, no pup's too small!
What's wrong, Chase?
I'm not going.
We have to go. They need us.
I'm never going back to Adventure City!
What's got his leash in a knot?
Chase has a history
with Adventure City.
He has a lot of tough memories
from that place.
He was abandoned there as a pup.
The city was so big, and he was so small.
It was a hard life.
-[horn blaring]
The city can be a scary place
when you're all alone.
-Is that where you found him?
-That's right.
And I brought him back here
to Adventure Bay.
Let's talk about this.
I don't want to go back to Adventure City.
I know it was tough,
but that was a long time ago.
I'm afraid if I go back there,
everyone will see
I'm still that scared little puppy,
and not the hero they think I am.
I promise it will be nothing
like it was when you were little.
Everything will be fine.
Come on, Chase.
Those people need our help.
We're the PAW Patrol, this is what we do.
Trust me.
Okay. I trust you.
Now, can I get a yelp?
-Ow-- Awoo!
-Come on. You can do better than that.
[Ryder] Attaboy! Let's get to work.
Skye, Chase, Rocky, Marshall, Zuma
It's not my fault!
I couldn't decide what to bring.
So, I brought everything!
Get there, come on.
Come on, come on!
-See? It fits!
PAW Patrol is on a roll!
[all] Road trip! [howling]
[pop music playing]
[laughs] Bye!
[pop music gets louder]
Wake up, pups, we're here!
-Check it out!
No way!
[Rubble] It's amazing!
[Skye] This place
is so much bigger than Adventure Bay.
You okay, Chase?
It's a lot bigger than I remember.
It's like they super-sized it!
[Humdinger] Ugh! Rain!
Does it always rain in this lousy city?
Okay, which one of you eggheads
is in charge?
I'm the lead egghead. Kendra Wilson.
I've got a fireworks celebration tonight
and they're going to cancel it
because of the rain.
I hear you have a weather machine
that sucks up clouds.
Is that true?
You're looking at it.
It's a free-floating
remote-controlled weather containment
and analysis apparatus.
What? I don't understand
a word you just said.
We call it the Cloud Catcher.
It flies around and sucks up clouds,
then brings them back to the lab,
so we can study them.
Excellent, excellent.
Well, kitties, it looks like
our bad weather problem is solved.
I want all those pesky rain clouds
sucked up by the end of the day.
Oh! Mm. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.
The Cloud Catcher is for studying clouds,
not for changing the weather.
And I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.
Suck up those clouds
or I'm closing this university forever!
Wha Uh, well
I guess we could try using it
to clear the rain clouds.
-Just for tonight.
That's what I call scientific consensus!
[buzzer buzzes]
My top hat!
Here you go, boss.
That's incredible! [giggles]
We'll have the sky clear by sundown.
Ugh. I've got a bad feeling about this.
I'll hang on to this remote!
People are going to love these fireworks,
and more importantly,
they're going to love me!
All right, pups,
keep an eye out for the new headquarters.
-We're almost there.
-Whoa, cool!
-Dude, I can't wait!
-Where is it?
-There are so many buildings!
I wonder which one it is.
[team] Whoa!
[Zuma] Yeah. Couldn't have missed that.
[all] Whoa!
Welcome to our
new Adventure City headquarters.
-[Rocky] Whoa!
-[Rubble] Awesome!
-[Rocky] Now that's a view!
[Skye] Whoa
How can we afford this place?
Officially licensed
PAW Patrol merchandise.
This stuff sells like hot cakes!
We've got everything we need
at our fingertips.
-[Skye giggling]
-[both] Marshall!
Next time, warn me
before you stick a building up my nose!
This is so cool!
It's so high-tech!
[Ryder] And check this out.
There's even a new and improved
pup treat dispenser.
[angelic singing]
What? It's a beautiful thing.
Last but not least,
this is our mission prep area.
Everybody's got their own cubby.
Ooh, ooh, ooh! I want that one!
[Ryder] No, Rubble, don't!
That cubby belongs to
-[machine whirring]
[computer] Skye!
It's not important how it looks,
it's how it makes you feel.
I think you guys are going to have to
cut me out of this thing.
Actually, I'm good.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I've gathered you here tonight
for a very important reason.
To celebrate me!
Prepare to be blown away
by the most breathtaking fireworks display
you've ever seen!
Time to light up the sky!
[audience grumbling]
Yeesh! This is less than spectacular.
You, ponytail man!
Why are you taking so long
between fireworks?
I'm building momentum, man.
I have a whole routine
mapped out in my head.
Nobody's got time for your self-indulgent,
hippy-dippy art project.
They want spectacle!
[chuckles] Rock and roll, man!
[audience] Whoa!
Yay! They're all for me!
[Butch yelps]
-[man] Oh, boy!
Ooh, wow!
How often do you get
to see fireworks this close?
[shrieks] My top hat!
-[Butch] Here you go, boss!
This is why dogs hate fireworks!
I'm no expert,
but aren't fireworks
supposed to explode in the sky?
Let's see what's going on!
It looks like Mayor Humdinger's
fireworks display
has turned into a fireworks disaster.
We've got to stop those fireworks
before they burn down the city.
Time to suit up!
Thanks, robot arm!
PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder sir!
[team] Whoa!
[Rubble] Whoa.
[Ryder] This is your new car.
So cool!
Oh, I could get used to this.
You better hang on to your hat.
[computer] Chase!
Ready for launch in five
four three two one.
[rock music playing]
-PAW Patrol
Go, go, go, go, go
Go, PAW Patrol
[computer] Marshall. Go!
Go, go, go, go, go
[computer] Skye. Ready for launch!
PAW Patrol
-Skye is go for launch.
Whoa! That's got a kick to it!
PAW Patrol
[Ryder] PAW Patrol is on a roll
Are you kidding me?
-[horns blaring]
-[indistinct chatter]
Come on! This is ridiculous!
Green means go!
Green means go!
Green does still mean go, right?
You're taking Main Street at rush hour?
No wonder you're stuck in traffic!
[grunts] I'm Liberty.
We spoke on the phone.
So nice to finally meet you in person.
What your team needs is a pup like me.
I know the city like the back of my paw.
Uptown, downtown, crosstown, midtown.
Twenty-four-seven, 365,
I'll get you where you need to be!
Well, we could use a hand
getting out of this traffic jam.
That's what I'm talking about.
My first assignment!
-Get out of the way! Move!
-[yelps] Okay!
Move, move!
You've got to know how to talk to people.
Now go!
[Rubble] Excuse me.
-[Marshall] Pardon me!
-[Rocky] Coming through!
[Zuma] Have a nice day!
[Liberty] Turn here!
[sirens wailing]
[Liberty] Left!
[tires screeching]
Right, then right again, right away!
[Ryder] Whoa! Whoa!
[Liberty] Woo-hoo!
Ha-ha! You see that? I'm like a furry GPS!
Ah! Turn left!
[Ryder] Whoa!
You have reached your destination.
-[fireworks whistling]
Now we know what happens
when you give Humdinger fireworks.
The PAW Patrol?
What are they doing in Adventure City?
Chase, set up a perimeter.
Chase is on the case!
[tires screeching]
-[woman] PAW Patrol!
Arf! Shields!
Marshall, Rocky, put out those fireworks!
Let's kick the tires and fight some fires!
Mr. Mayor,
we've got to get you out of here.
I can't believe
the PAW Patrol crashed my party.
-Yes, sir.
-I can't stand those dogs!
Everyone knows you're a cat person.
-I can't stand them!
-Yes, sir.
[Ruben] Hey, wait up!
-[cats grumbling]
[fireworks whistling]
Time to fight some fireworks!
We're gonna need more water!
Arf! Water cannon!
Yes! Now that's what I'm talking about.
Nice work, Marshall!
Thank you.
[Ryder] Rocky, you're up!
Okay, I got it from here!
And crush 'em!
Whoa! Whoa!
Whoa! Whoa!
Ride 'em, cowboy!
[Skye laughs] Look at him go!
[siren wailing]
[Chase] Perimeter secure!
[people yelling]
Ryder, we've got people
trapped on the balcony! I'm going in.
[Ryder] Copy that.
[siren wailing]
Arf! Eject!
Arf! Parachute!
Everything's going to be fine.
I'm going to get you out of here.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Ryder, help!
Marshall! Chase needs help!
[Marshall] I'm on it!
Stand back! Get away from the edge!
[indistinct chatter]
[Ryder] Help me get him down!
-[man] Careful.
-[woman] Help get him off.
[indistinct chatter]
It's okay, buddy. I've got you.
[photographer] Say cheese!
[team] Cheese!
Hey! Hey! Anyone want a picture with me?
I'm kind of like
an honorary member of the PAW Patrol.
You should have seen me out there.
I was like, "Turn left, turn right,
turn left, turn right"
It was amazing!
[bulbs flashes]
You look okay. How do you feel?
I can't believe
I forgot to disconnect my parachute.
It's Air Rescue 101.
Well, that's why we're a team.
Everyone pulled together,
and things worked out okay.
But what if they didn't?
What if something happened to those people
and it was all my fault?
[Marty] Guardians. Heroes.
Cute little dogs in adorable outfits.
Whatever you call them,
the PAW Patrol were here to save the city
from Mayor Humdinger's
disastrous fireworks debacle.
As a professional journalist,
it's important that I remain unbiased.
That being said Yikes!
An embarrassing start for Mayor Humdinger,
but an incredible debut
for the PAW Patrol in Adventure City!
[Humdinger] PAW Patrol? PAW Patrol?
I'm sick and tired
of hearing about the PAW Patrol!
I came to Adventure City
to get away from them
and make a name for myself.
Now they're all over the TV
stealing my headlines!
Butch! Ruben! Get in here!
-[Humdinger grunts]
-[both] Ooh!
Sorry, sir.
I want the PAW Patrol off the streets now!
Find them, catch them, and lock them away.
-Yes, sir.
-Right away, sir.
The PAW Patrol have humiliated me
for the last time!
Sorry, did you say something?
What? No, no!
I was just having a private moment!
Now get out of here!
[somber music playing]
[somber music continues]
[wheel squeaking]
[grunts, hums]
[laughs] Liberty!
I hear that sound, and I know it's you.
[laughs, imitates wheel squeaking]
I know, I know,
I've got to get my wagon fixed.
So, how's the fruit business, Tony?
Well, it would be better
if I wasn't always giving you free fruit.
Hey, you hear about that fireworks fiasco
last night?
I didn't just hear about it, I was there.
Honestly, Tony,
it was the best night of my life.
For a few hours, it was like
I was a real member of the PAW Patrol.
Imagine that, huh?
"The newest member of the PAW Patrol,
Yeah, right, I wish.
I heard that new mayor
is monkeying with the subway now.
You better stay off those trains, kiddo.
Stick to your wagon.
Thanks for the tip, Tony.
Hey, Liberty. Take one for the road!
-Thank you!
[sighs] Another perfect day
in Adventure City.
Enjoy that sunbeam, kitties.
Mr. Mayor!
The Cloud Catcher's hygrometer
is overloading the capacity
of its pressurized internal
containment chamber!
What? Do I look like a scientist to you?
[sighs] We need to bring down
the Cloud Catcher now!
And ruin this beautiful weather?
The Cloud Catcher
wasn't designed to run non-stop.
Nonsense! As long as I'm mayor,
the sun will always shine
on Adventure City.
Now get her out of here.
-[both] Get out of here!
What are you doin'? I'm the one
who tells people to get out of here.
No, you're not. I'm in charge!
-No, I'm in charge!
-I'm in charge!
-I'm in charge!
Citizens of Adventure City!
As your new, and already favorite, mayor,
I proudly present the next step in my plan
to put the adventure in Adventure City.
The Humdinger Hyperloop!
The kookiest, swoopiest,
loop-de-loopiest subway
the world has ever seen!
Mm-mm. I am not riding that thing.
Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor!
Have you considered the possibility
that this is the single dumbest idea
that anyone has ever had ever?
I'm an unqualified elected official.
[laughs] What's the worst
that could happen?
Oh, look!
Here comes the express train now.
-Throw the switch, kitties!
Whee! [laughs]
[passengers yelling]
[brakes squealing]
Ooh! That is not good.
Butch, get the car.
Ruben, get the kitties.
Time for me to vamoose!
[phone ringing]
[Ryder] PAW Patrol, what's your emergency?
Help! Help us!
Mayor Humdinger stuck a loop-de-loop
in the middle of the subway track,
and now, we're hanging on for dear life!
This is a new low for subway service
in this city,
and that is saying something!
Hang tight! We're on our way!
Okay, pups.
We've got to rescue the passengers
on that train
before the whole thing
comes crashing down.
Let's move!
-PAW Patrol is on a roll!
Marty Muckraker reporting live
from Mayor Humdinger's latest disaster.
In a surprising twist
that surprised nobody,
the shoddily built upside-down subway
turned out to be
a steaming hot pile of,
dare I say poop.
-[horn honking]
-[child] Look, Mom, the PAW Patrol!
[sirens wailing]
I can't believe Humdinger thought
this was a good idea.
The subway's wild enough
without a stinkin' loop-de-loop!
Hey, Liberty!
Reporting for duty.
Unofficially, of course.
You know, like an honorary member. [gasps]
[structure groaning]
Rocky, I need you to stabilize that loop.
Rubble, see if you can lock it into place
with some quick-dry cement.
[both] We're on it!
Skye, I need you
to secure that loop from the air.
[Skye] Let's take to the sky!
Don't worry, Ryder,
I've got crowd control under control.
Stand back! Give us some space!
PAW Patrol at work!
I'm an honorary member at the moment,
but my authority
should still be respected.
[structure groaning]
Arf! Hydraulic arms!
-[man] Hey, look!
-It's Skye!
Time for a little more power.
Arf! Afterburners!
Okay, Rubble, let 'er rip!
[howls] Rubble on the double!
-[Rubble] The track is secure!
-[Skye] Yeah, Rubble!
[Ryder] Nice work, Rubble!
Chase, we've got to rescue those people.
Are you up for it?
Chase is on the case.
[passengers gasping]
[woman] Hey, it's Chase!
[indistinct clamor]
Hang on! You're gonna be okay.
Arf! Zipline!
[passengers] Yeah!
Chase! Chase! Chase!
[Ryder] How are you holding up, Chase?
I'm fine.
[Ryder] Are you sure?
I can do this!
Chase! Chase!
I can do this.
Chase! Chase! Chase!
[Chase] I can do this.
I can [gasps]
[whimpers, pants]
[Ryder] Chase? Chase, do you copy?
[breathing heavily]
Ryder, we've got a problem.
-What's going on?
-[Skye] It's Chase.
Something's wrong.
He's just standing there.
Chase is in trouble. Skye, bring him down.
Marshall, get your ladder up to the train.
I'm on it!
[siren wailing]
[passengers gasping]
I think I can reach them from here.
Arf! Ladder!
[Marshall] Please exit the train
and proceed down the ladder.
[indistinct clamor]
This should speed things up. Arf!
Ladder slide!
[woman] Here goes nothing!
[Ryder] Nice work, Marshall!
I'm coming out to get you.
What's wrong?
Tell me what happened.
I don't know.
I just
It's okay. Everyone's safe.
Let's get you down.
Okay, that's all of them.
Good job, pups.
I don't know what happened.
I'm just glad you're okay.
I'm sorry.
No, it's my fault.
I thought you'd be okay in Adventure City,
but it's still too much for you.
I'll be fine. I just need to
You're not fine.
You need to take a break.
We'll take care of the rescues
for a while.
What? No!
That That's not fair.
I'm sorry, Chase.
I know it's hard,
but it's the way it's got to be.
I didn't even want
to come to Adventure City!
I trusted you.
You said everything would be fine,
but it's not!
What kind of leader gives up on someone
the second things get hard?
Chase, wait!
[traffic rumbling]
[Ruben laughs] What do we have here?
Looks like we got one of them PAW Patrols
all on his own.
Get the net. [laughs]
[Ryder] Chase?
-[Marshall] Come on, Chase.
-Chase? Chase!
Hey, buddy, where are you?
Where'd you go, bud? Chase!
-Oh, no.
-Where did he go?
I was right behind him.
I turned the corner and he was gone.
He just disappeared.
What are we gonna do?
I don't know.
There's no way for us to track him
if he's not wearing his pup tag.
We might not have a tracking collar,
but the city has eyes,
and the city has ears.
Somebody had to see something.
Okay. Where do we start?
We need to pound the pavement.
-I'll get my jackhammer!
No, not like that.
"Pound the pavement" means
we're gonna need to talk to everyone.
Ask questions.
Leave no stone unturned.
Then I'll get the stone-turning attachment
for my dozer.
-Can someone please explain it to him?
-[horn honking]
-Out of the way! Learn to drive!
Someone should take away his license.
Stop this vehicle right now!
I'm a police dog and you're under arrest!
Oh, no! You hear that, Butch?
We're under arrest.
Hey, why do you get to wear the hat?
'Cause I took it from him!
Well, I'm taking it from you!
-Give me that back, it's my hat! My hat!
-No, it's my hat!
-Hey, hands on the wheel!
[Butch screams]
So unprofessional!
[Chase and Ruben struggling]
-Quit squirming!
Put me down! Let me go!
-[buzzer buzzes]
[grunts] Welcome to your new home.
What is this place?
It's Fuzzy Buddies Obedience School!
Isn't it awesome?
-We're gonna learn so many new tricks,
like sit, and roll over, and uh, sit.
Ugh. Barney, how many times
do I have to tell you?
It's not an obedience school anymore.
Mayor Humdinger's goons
took over this place
and turned it into a jail.
Old Humdinger's not exactly a dog lover.
-He's more of a cat person.
He's rounding up all the dogs in the city,
and locking us in here.
That's terrible.
Never let your guard down in here.
There's one guy you gotta watch out for.
He'll sneak up behind you
when you least expect it.
Ah! There he is!
Don't worry, guys, I'll protect you!
Leave my friends alone!
He got away!
I gotta get out of here.
So, what's your story, kid?
[sighs] I don't even know anymore.
I thought I was
a member of the PAW Patrol,
but now I feel
like they're better off without me.
What makes you say a thing like that?
I keep messing up
and letting everyone down.
Ugh! I can't even
with all this negativity.
Just ignore her.
She's all bark and no bite.
Now pick yourself a doghouse.
You're gonna be here a while.
Come on, in here!
Que gusto verte!
How's life treating you these days?
Carmen, I got no time for chitchat.
We're in a jam and we need your help.
Have you seen this dog?
No, I haven't seen him.
If you want,
you can put his picture up on the wall.
Lots of dogs going missing lately. [sighs]
I'm keeping my eyes open, but
it's like they just
How long has this been happening?
It started a couple days ago.
Now, half my customers are missing a dog.
This can't be a coincidence.
Somebody's got to be taking them.
Dog-napping? Who would do that?
Humdinger! It's got to be him.
He hates dogs more than anything.
But where is he taking them?
I think I know how we can find out.
-I'm a dog.
I'm also kind of
an honorary member of the PAW Patrol,
so I'll be the bait.
I get captured, you tail me,
and boom, we find out
where he's taking them.
That might actually work.
We just need to figure out
how to get Humdinger's attention.
Leave that to me.
Marty Muckraker here,
bringing you an exclusive interview
with recently disgraced Mayor Humdinger.
Thanks, Marty.
After today's little subway snafu,
I just wanted to assure the public
there will be no more
embarrassing mishaps.
-[Liberty growls]
Put a cork in it, windbag!
Somebody get this filthy dog away from me!
[Liberty laughs]
[Butch] Gotcha!
Oh, no! Please! Let me go!
Don't take me to exactly the same place
you took the other dogs,
in this white van,
license plate number YVP 8624!
You, with the pants on your head,
-get me a new pair of pants.
-Right away, sir!
When my new pants arrive,
we'll take this interview from the top.
Um, Mr. Mayor, we're live.
If this goes viral,
I'm canceling the Internet!
[woofs] Get back here! I'm gonna get you!
[buzzer beeps]
Was this one easier to catch,
or are we getting better at this?
We're definitely getting better at this.
Chase? Chase?
Anybody here seen a German Shepherd
about yay high, always saying,
"Chase is on the case"?
Hey, buddy!
I came to bust you out of here.
Puh-lease. This scrawny little purse pup
is going to pull a jailbreak?
You talk a lot of trash
for a dog who looks like a toilet brush.
Come on, Chase, get up.
You shouldn't have come after me.
Now we're both stuck in here.
Of course I came after you.
I might just be one small pup,
all alone in the big city,
but I can still make a difference.
I can still be a hero,
just like you.
-I'm no hero.
-Yeah, right.
And I'm a purebred show dog with papers.
Oh. You're serious.
I used to think I was a hero,
but it turns out I'm just scared.
So? Who cares if you're scared?
Heroes get scared all the time.
-They do?
-Of course they do.
But even though they're scared,
they push through and keep going.
That's what makes them heroes.
While you chew over that knowledge
I just dropped,
I'm gonna get us outta here.
We're stuck in here, Liberty.
That door is always locked,
and it's the only way out.
Well, there's one thing
I forgot to mention.
I brought backup!
-On the double!
[team] Yeah!
[team] Chase!
[both] What's going on in here?
Get 'em!
[dogs] Charge!
[dog] I'm gonna get ya! I'm gonna get ya!
[dog] Yes, we're free!
-All right, pups, let's roll.
Chase, you ride with me.
-[Liberty] Whoa!
-You cool back there, Liberty?
[Liberty] I'm doing great! [yells]
Come on, you bucket of bolts,
don't quit on me now!
[Ryder] Chase and I have to make a stop.
We'll meet you back at headquarters.
[Marshall] Aye, aye, Ryder, sir!
See you there.
[Chase] Where are we going?
[Ryder] There's something
I need to show you.
Do you remember this place?
This is where I found you.
Why would you bring me here?
I know this place reminds you
of the worst time in your life.
But there's more to it than that.
It's also a great place.
I remember the first time I saw you.
You were a tiny little pup,
all alone in the big city.
[tires screeching]
-[gasps, grunts]
-[horn blaring]
I know. You saw me and took pity on me.
Not at all.
What I saw was a brave, heroic pup.
Even though you were too small
to look after yourself,
and you were up against
all those scary things,
you got back up and kept going.
I didn't adopt you
because I felt sorry for you.
I chose you because you were
the bravest pup I'd ever seen.
I know Adventure City
has been tough for you,
but I also know that deep down
you were born to be a hero.
So, what do you say? Wanna go to work?
Ready for action, Ryder, sir.
[frantic beeping]
[hip hop music playing]
[Humdinger grunts]
Here you go, boss.
Let's make history.
-Mayor Humdinger!
Don't sneak up on me like that.
The Cloud Catcher's precipometer
has short-circuited
and the barometric pressure
has dropped below 87 kilopascals!
What? I never know
what you're talking about.
Dumb it down for me!
We've got to bring down the Cloud Catcher,
it's gonna blow!
Hogwash! Give me that.
-[gasps] What are you doing?
There's a free-floating meteorological
weather containment system overhead,
and the anemometer readings
are off the charts!
[all] What?
We're all in grave danger.
In danger of having the time of our lives!
Thank you, Kendra,
for that lovely introduction.
You're making a big mistake!
Ladies and gentlemen,
members of the press,
and most importantly,
influencers with over 10,000 followers,
we are gathered here today
for the grand opening
of Humdinger Heights!
[crowd gasps]
I took the tallest skyscraper
in Adventure City
and stuck a brand-new tower on top,
turning it into the tallest building
in the world!
And I've put my office right at the top.
Now you'll have to look up to me,
and I'll always look down on you.
[giggles manically]
Hashtag Humdinger!
[frantic beeping]
Oh, no!
Marty Muckraker reporting live
with a correction
to this morning's weather forecast.
Instead of clear blue skies
and gentle breeze,
it will now be pitch-black skies
and hurricane-force winds.
This just in.
I've been lying about my hair!
Yikes, that's looking gnarly.
Ah! [whimpers]
Lightning is frightening!
[phone ringing]
PAW Patrol. What's your emergency?
What's the emergency?
The mesoscale convective system
is causing exponential thermal lift
and catastrophic downbursts
at over 190 knots!
[all] What?
It's a super bad storm.
Come on, guys, keep up.
Finally, somebody gets me!
This is not a regular storm.
It's being caused
by a weather-control device
that's unleashing weeks' worth
of bad weather all at once!
Take cover. We're on our way.
[motor revving]
[computer] Chase Ready for launch.
[computer] Marshall. Go!
[siren wailing]
[computer] Rubble. Go!
[horn honks]
[computer] Rocky. Go!
[laughs] Woo-hoo!
[computer] Zuma. Go!
[Liberty] Ah! Go get 'em, pups!
You know, Liberty, I've been thinking.
You're kind of like an honorary member
of the PAW Patrol, right?
I suppose you could say that.
I mean, your words, not mine.
But to be an official member,
you'd need a faster vehicle, right?
[sighs] I know, I know,
my ride's a rusty old wagon
with a wonky wheel
that goes "ee-oo, ee-oo, ee-oo".
You don't have to rub it in.
-[gasps] Is that
-It's yours.
Okay, Liberty, play it cool, play it cool.
[squeals] This is amazing!
It's the greatest thing
I've ever seen in my life!
I've never been so happy!
It's like my whole life
has been building toward this moment!
All my dreams have come true! [sighs]
-It's so amazing!
Looking good, Liberty.
[computer] Liberty! Ready for launch.
The voice said my name!
I can't believe this is really happening!
[computer] Five
Wait, I'm not sure I'm ready for this.
-[computer] Two
-You might want to hang on.
[computer] One
[Liberty] Woo-hoo!
-Yeah, Liberty!
-[Marshall] Nice wheels!
[Skye] Welcome to the team!
Oh, I can't wait to do that again!
[Ryder] Okay, team, we've got no idea
what we're heading into.
We're gonna have to improvise.
Closing in on Humdinger Heights!
[people yelling]
[splutters] Things are getting
pretty hairy out here!
Rocky, Marshall, Rubble,
get those people inside!
Zuma, Liberty,
make sure the streets are clear.
[Liberty] Aye, aye, Ryder!
-[Skye] Incoming!
-Look out!
Arf! Net!
Nice catch!
You can count on me, Ryder.
The Cloud Catcher has gone critical.
There's no way to bring it down!
-We'll see about that.
-Be careful up there.
Don't worry about me.
I can handle a little turbulence.
[thunder rumbling]
Zuma, this is Liberty.
Streets are empty, everyone's safe.
[Zuma] Copy that. Good job, Liberty!
-[man] Help!
-Hold on!
There's a car in the water. I'm diving in!
Arf! Submarine!
-[man] Help!
-[woman] Help!
I'm right behind you, Zuma!
[Zuma] Copy that!
-[motor revs]
I'm in your raft, headed downstream.
[Zuma] I'm closing in on the car.
Arf! Scuba suit!
Ooh! It's the PAW Patrol!
Everybody say cheese!
-[Zuma] Cheese!
-Now is not the time for selfies!
Okay, the rescue raft is in position!
Ryder, this is Zuma!
The family is safe
and we're headed to dry land.
[Ryder] Good job, pups!
[thunder rumbling]
[people screaming]
You have to get out of the street
right now! It's not safe!
The mayor is up there!
I'll get Humdinger. You get her to safety.
Everybody inside!
[grunts] This way! Follow me!
Everybody, stay away from the windows!
Hey! That's my hair!
Where did you find it?
The hair found me. It was my destiny.
[grunts] Well, it's my signature look!
Buy your own hair!
[bell chimes]
[thunder rumbling]
[Skye] Cloud Catcher dead ahead!
This is gonna get bumpy.
[thunder rumbling]
[tower creaking]
It's okay, kitties,
we'll just hunker down
and ride out the storm.
[bell chimes]
Mayor Humdinger?
Yes? How can I help you?
-Ryder? What are you doing here?
This tower isn't safe.
We've got to get you out of here.
[machine whirring]
Oh, no, the power's out.
That means the elevator's dead.
We have to go now.
Nice try! I'm not going anywhere with you.
Huh? Oh! Ah!
My top hat!
Okay, fine. I'll go with you.
[cats grunting]
But I want to make it very clear,
this is not a rescue.
It's, uh an "assisted exit."
You can call it whatever you want,
as long as you get in the elevator now!
I'll release the cables manually
from above.
Once I've lowered you down safely,
I'll rappel down the elevator shaft.
Hmph! Show off.
Even though we've had
our personal differences over the years,
I take no pleasure in doing this.
Doing what?
[laughs] Actually,
that's pretty satisfying.
One one thousand, two one thousand,
three one thousand, four one thousand,
five one thousand.
[bell chimes]
Oh! [laughs nervously]
Nothing to worry about, everything's fine.
[thunder rumbling]
Okay, pups, Humdinger's out!
I'm coming down.
[Chase] Nice job, Ryder!
See you on the ground.
That's not good.
That's very not good!
[grunting] Whoa!
[Chase gasps]
[motor revving]
Arf! Shields!
[siren wailing]
Arf! Motorcycle!
[motor revving]
[Chase] Suction tires!
I'm coming, Ryder!
[thunder crashes]
Ryder? Ryder? Where are you?
Ryder! I can see your light. Hang on!
[heart thumping]
I can do this.
I can do this.
I can do this!
Arf! Grappling hook!
Oh, no!
Disconnect pup pack!
[Ryder] I chose you because you were
the bravest pup I'd ever seen.
[thunder rumbles]
I can't believe you found me!
You can always count on me, Ryder.
[electricity cracking]
[gasps] Come on, we gotta get out of here!
I can't. I'm stuck.
On three, pull as hard as you can.
One, two, three!
-Come on!
Ah, it won't budge.
One more try.
[both groaning]
You did it!
We did it.
I told you you were a hero.
Now come on. Let's get out of here.
[thunder rumbles]
Just a little bit further.
Oh, great. Lightning.
Arf! Net!
[computer] Target acquired.
Got it!
Don't got it!
[computer] Warning. Warning. Warning.
Come on, baby, turn it around!
Okay, Cloud Catcher,
catch this!
What's that?
[laughs] Whoo!
-[Marshall] Yay, Skye!
-[Zuma] Awesome!
[team] Whoa!
Good job, Skye!
That was totally awesome!
You're definitely my favorite pup.
I hope Ryder got insurance on my 'copter.
That'll buff right out.
He's okay!
-[Marshall] All right!
-[team] Yeah!
Okay, okay. Give him some air.
How do you feel?
[laughs] Covered in drool.
I can't help it, I'm a bulldog.
My tongue is too big for my mouth!
You did good, pups.
[team howling]
Time for me to get out of here!
Hey! Mayor Humdinger!
You are under arrest for gross negligence,
public endangerment, and dog-napping!
You can't arrest me, I'm the mayor!
He's getting away!
Arf! Mini-drone!
[shrieks] Hey, hey, hey!
Hey. [yells]
Put me down!
Nobody makes a fool of Mayor Humdinger
five times in the same day!
[shrieks, grunts]
-Well, this is humiliating.
-Here you go, boss.
That's better.
[Kendra] Adventure City is our home.
It's up to all of us to take care of it.
[announcer] Stand clear
of the closing doors, please.
[Kendra] But once in a while,
a group of heroes
go above and beyond the call of duty.
They look out for their neighbors
before they look out for themselves.
And they're so darn cute,
I just want to squeeze 'em!
It is our great honor
to present the key to Adventure City to
[both] The PAW Patrol!
[cheering and applause]
Me and the PAW Patrol, we go way back!
And to think I knew them
before they were famous!
Hey, Rubble, I got something for you.
I am never taking this off!
I want to take this special occasion
to introduce you
to the newest member of the PAW Patrol.
Adventure City's very own
[cheering and applause]
My own pup tag?
Welcome to the family, Liberty.
I'm official.
Hey, check it out!
I'm officially official!
Official member of the PAW Patrol
right here!
[team howling]
Thank you for this honor.
The PAW Patrol
will always look out for Adventure City.
Remember, if you're ever in trouble,
just yelp for
[phone ringing]
Ah. That's so embarrassing.
I thought I had this thing on silent.
Ryder! Something big
is going down at the waterfront.
We need the PAW Patrol!
PAW Patrol ready for action, Ryder, sir!
Sorry, folks. Duty calls.
[cheering and applause]
[rock music playing]
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
Whenever there's a problem
'Round Adventure Bay
Ryder and his team of pups
Will come and save the day
Marshall, Rubble, Chase
Rocky, Zuma, Skye
And Liberty!
You make me dance, yeah, you do
You got my heart beating rhythms
When you move
Don't need no plans, feeling loose
Like there's a rainbow of magic
Next to you
When it's good, when it's bad
Yeah, you got me
Not alone in this town
'Cause you make me feel
Anytime that I call you'll be ready
And when I turn around
I see you there
You got a way to make
a problem disappear
Up to the clouds
I'm spinning round
And now you know why
'Cause no one in this world
Can make me feel loved
In the way that you do now
No, no one in this world
Can make me come down
When I'm in such a good mood now
Good mood
Hop in my ride don't you know
We got the sun always shining
Wherever we go
Don't need no map, we just roll
Let the vibe give direction
Take control
When it's good, when it's bad
Yeah, you got me
Not alone in this town
'Cause you make me feel
Anytime that I call you'll be ready
And when I turn around
I see you there
You got a way to make
a problem disappear
Up to the clouds
I'm spinning round
And now you know why
'Cause no one in this world
Can make me feel loved
In the way that you do now
No, no one in this world
Can make me come down
When I'm in such a good mood now
Good mood
Good mood
You make me have a good mood
You make me feel, yeah
Ooh, you make me feel good
Good mood
Good mood
Good mood
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
Wherever there is trouble
Around Adventure Bay
Ryder and his team of pups
Will come and save the day
Me and Ryder ride around town
In Adventure Bay
If somebody needs some help
Them pups will be there right away
The captain's coming, come along too
If you got four legs or you got two
Let me hear the names of the crew
We've got Marshall, Rubble
Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye
They're on their way
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
Whenever you're in trouble
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
If something's going wrong
Call the PAW Patrol
You wanna have some fun
Call the PAW Patrol
Who's gonna save the day
That's the PAW Patrol
We gonna tell them one more time
We've got Marshall, Rubble
Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye
They're on their way
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
Whenever you're in trouble
PAW Patrol, PAW Patrol
We'll be there on the double
No job is too big, no pup is too small
PAW Patrol, we're on a roll!
PAW Patrol, here we go