Pawankhind (2022) Movie Script

'Pawankhind is your last movie
in your physical existence.'
'After getting infected during
second wave of Corona'
'You departed with your favorite computer.'
'In your last seven days of life
you compiled the movie Pawankhind.'
'As if you had predicted that
these were your last moments.'
'And at any cost you must complete
the movie till you breathe the last'
'and you succeeded in it.'
'To narrate the history of
Shiv Chhatrapati and his valiant heroes.'
'Today while watching
every frame of the movie Pawankhind,'
'it is impossible to forget your face.'
'And then...'
'Feel like questioning the fate.'
'What was the hurry'
'to take away the charmer of compilation.'
'But friend, be at peace now at least.'
'Even today we are not in a state
to bid you adieu.'
'But we do not let the tears
that your memory brings,'
'cross the edge of our eyelids.'
'You know why?'
'While still sitting
in the same chair of yours'
'you will be looking at us
and saying with mischievous smile.'
'Why did you stop?
Remember Shivaji Maharaj.'
'And let's finish this task.'
'Oh the epoch-making liberal
sun Chhatrapati Shivaray...'
'You awakened the thirst of
Maaval revolution of freedom.'
'Many sacrificed their lives
for achieving this freedom.'
'Engraved the golden history on the rocky
and black chest of Shayadri Ranges.'
'The ravine, gully, cliffs and borders,
valleys, ranges and mountain pass'
'Have turned sacred by taking
the sacrifice of your holy blood.'
'Oh great Chhatrapati Shivaray,
this grand offering'
'Is presented and proudly devoted
to you and at the feet of'
'Bajiprabhu, Bandal Army chief,
and the valiant of Bandal army'
'who sacrificed their lives at your feet.'
'Victory to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.'
Can I ask you something?
With the coronation ceremony so close,
why have we come here at this
holy place of Pawankhind?
Our throne is built with
courageous sacrifice of
our brave hearts my son.
Sacrifice is now an important
part behind this coronation,
and this tradition started from
the foothills of Pratapgadh.
'The day was "Champa Shasthi".'
'After ending the terror of Afzalkhan,'
'Sambhaji Kavji took his head and
put it in front of Aaushabheb.'
Place his head inside the
main gates of Rajgadh fort.
Start the offerings.
From here on, the Maratha fire started
spreading, from Pratapgadh to Karvir.
And no enemy can withstand
the Maratha fire storm...
You are right my son.
'And then this Maratha wild fire
marched straight till Bijapur.'
'The first milestone
was the fort of Chandan.'
'During this attack I was accompanied by'
'Netoji Palkar,'
'Siddi Hilal,'
'Hanamanta Rao Kharate'
'Hiroji Ingle,'
'Bhimaji Wagh,'
'Sidhoji Pawar,'
'Godaji Jagtap,'
'Sardar Mahadik.'
'All these warriors were
winning their battles.'
'Through Satara, Khatav,
Mayani, Ashti, Wadgaon,'
'Velapur, Karhad, Pali, Nerale,'
'Kameri, Kole.'
'We reached Karvir'
'in just 10 days the reign of
swarajya expanded 5 times.'
'Adilshahas favorite fort,
Panhala was just 10 miles away.'
'It would have proved to be an
important addition for swarajya,'
'and thus we had to conquer it.'
My king.
Rayaji... where is Baji?
'No matter how big
the fort of Panhala was,'
'we were not going to waste
time by forming a perimeter.'
Har har Mahadev!!!
Har har Mahadev!!!
Har har Mahadev!!!
'We attacked the fort by all three sides
at once and conquered it in no time.'
On one side while we were
marching towards Bijapur,
Maval was being protected by...
'Aausaheb was fighting and protecting
Maval from the foothills of Vasota.'
'The Maratha empire was
winning all the battles'
'one by one and the happiness of
the marathas was reaching the sky.'
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"Water sings, wind sings even
the sky sings in his praise"
"King Shivaji's glory is known to all."
"As the name Maratha thunders"
"the enemy gets frightened."
"All the enemies arrogant castle"
"will collapse with our might."
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my mighty king."
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my mighty king."
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my mighty king."
"Our blood, oh my lord"
"is our offering to for."
"We are ready to sacrifice our
lives at your feet oh my king."
"In any battle, oh my lord"
"we fight with all our might."
"Like the holy bhandara"
"we put it on our forehead
and our blood rages with it."
"Our blood, oh my lord"
"is our offering to for."
"We are ready to sacrifice our
lives at your feet oh my king."
"In any battle, oh my lord"
"we fight with all our might."
"Like the holy bhandara"
"we put it on our forehead
and our blood rages with it."
"We request to you, oh our king"
"please accept our lives as an offering."
"In a battle along with you"
"We loyal Mavalas
will fight for you"
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my mighty king."
"O my king Shivaji"
"O my mighty king."
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"Water sings, wind sings even
the sky sings in his praise"
"King Shivaji's glory is known to all."
"Our king has arrived winning the world."
"King Shivaji's name echoes
through the universe."
"Water sings, wind sings even
the sky sings in his praise"
"King Shivaji's glory is known to all."
'Many were of a big support
to Aausaheb at this time.'
'The most important one was...'
'Justice pride...'
- You dare molest a woman on this land?
Here take this...
Whip him... whip him.
- No.
'Master of politics...'
We will not pay any tax to Adilshahi...
it is not the way of Bandals.
'The one who would always oppose
the Adilshahi was a fierce woman.'
'Deepai Bandal,'
The army of Adilsha retreated.
'Her son Rayaji Bandals wife,'
'Bhavani bai was under
her care at that time.'
My daughter in law,
that's enough now...
I am sorry.
It's ok,
what were you looking at if I may ask.
Goddess Jagadamba herself.
Come... come inside please.
This plate?
My daughter in law...
my son Rayaji will come home any
time after winning the battle.
So not to waste any time this
holy oil lamp is kept ready.
It's always kept lit without
fail for his arrival.
Is it...?
Then let's do one thing.
We will send a message to Shivaji Raje...
Enough of this campaign and
send Rayaji back at once.
Please come.
You had asked me to
go and visit Bayo bai.
Should I go?
Yes, yes.
Please go and enquire about her health.
When Baji and Phulaji are not
around, she is like our mother.
We need to look out for her.
Come Aausaheb.
appreciating you is never enough.
Everyone has heard about your
campaign against Afzalkhan.
You have always shown us
the right path Aausaheb.
At first we were even scared
of anyone's eye onto us.
But now we Marathi
women have the courage
to rip the eyes of such scoundrels.
Yes, what's the matter?
It seems like Soyra bai saheb is here.
That's why I came back.
Soyra bai?
Aginya has got some great news for us.
Thus is thought of coming here at
Janavli and giving you the news.
We have captured Panhala.
Praise Goddess Jagadamba.
What are you waiting for,
get some sweets for all.
What happened Aausaheb?
After hearing about our sons successful
victories, our ears are at peace,
but the enemies' ears are alerted.
Sometimes I feel
our sons' lives should not
be in danger for our dreams.
My son's life and our empire,
both are on the stake.
If Shivaji keeps winning this way,
then my son Hazrat Adilshahs
life will be in danger.
Rustama Jaman,
I had sent you for a reason right?
But what happened,
you lost and came back.
Why didn't you die right there?
Shivaji had left his mountain
and come down in the open.
How big was his army?
And you had 30000.
Yet you lost, how did this happen.
He ripped apart a lion
heart like Afzalkhan.
His father Shahaji Raje says
that he does not listen to me,
what can I do?
Should we hand him the
Adilshahi throne just like that?
Speak... why are you all silent?
We tried but...
Apologies badi begum saheba.
Can I say something... if you allow?
There is no place for traitors
like you at my palace, Siddi Johar.
Apologies my queen.
Whatever you have heard about
my mutiny are all rumors.
Someone has spread
these rumors about me.
How should I believe you?
One chance...
Give me one chance to prove my loyalty.
I promise I will get that Shivaji...
Keep quite...
One traitor is speaking of
defeating another traitor.
Traitors like you
are destroying our homes,
and over there Shivaji is
destroying the Adilshahi sultanate.
It seems like we will need
a wall to stop Shivaji.
At Panhalgadh, under my orders,
by Rayaji Bandal and our warriors
under Baji Prabhus supervision.
Panhalgadh and Vishalgadh were
being rebuilt and restructured
Making it stronger...
After this part is done...
then the wall...
This jaggery is too sweet.
Of course...
but don't just eat it.
if mixed with limestone powder
the wall of the fort
will be stronger than ever.
Just like my physic...
that's why I am eating it.
Yes, yes.
But the Bandal army
was full of warriors.
Why were warriors
doing all the civil work?
My son,
when you need to fight for you freedom,
you have to take
the sword in your hands.
And when you want
to maintain the freedom
then at that time you need to take
plough, axe, holy books in your hands.
The nation whose youth who
fail to understand this
never can never find freedom,
it becomes a prison
like the Mughals rule...
While the reconstruction
of Panhalgadh was going on,
Bahirji Naik came in with a news.
Shaistekhan was entering
the Deccan plateau.
He was coming from the north
'and at the same time
down south,'
'badi begum was planning
something against us.'
What a cute pigeon.
So this is where you are?
Yes my queen. I was just...
I did not bring you
here for your pleasure,
but to pleasure my son Ali Adilshah.
He is waiting for you in his chambers.
What if we send Siddi
Johar to deal with Shivaji?
but you yourself insulted him in the
palace meeting in front of everyone.
And yet I want to bestow
this campaign onto him.
After Afzalkhan, only
Siddi is a capable warrior.
I still don't trust him,
but if I punish him today there
will be anarchy in the empire.
and the empire should
always benefit at all cost.
If Johar wins, we win.
and if he loses,
he will die at the hands of Shivaji.
In any case, we benefit.
Siddi Johar.
There is good news for you.
Badi begum and Adilshah have decided
to give you a chance to prove yourself.
Thank you my leash.
Thank you.
We accept your apologies.
We are giving you a chance
to prove your loyalties.
And we bestow the degree
of "Salabatkhan" onto you.
Forgetting all the old mistakes
prove your loyalties to us.
Destroy Shivaji for us.
Yes my queen.
Yes my king.
Come commander.
Accept the campaign.
Thank you my queen.
Thank you my lord.
Khassu khassu khassu...
Khassu khassu khassu...
Khassu khassu khassu...
Khassu khassu khassu...
Khassu khassu khassu...
Khassu khassu khassu...
Looking at the conditions around
Panhala, Siddi will try to trap us here.
According to Bahirji Naik, Shaistekhan
is entering the Deccan plateau.
It is not advisable for all
of us to be at one place.
So all of you need to return to your
posts and protect our swarajya.
Godaji Rao, you should go to Saswad.
Sarje Rao... Rohidkhore...
Give Netoji Palkar my message...
he is to keep patrolling with his cavalry.
Swarajya needs his wind like speed.
We will teach Siddi a lesson here.
Till then we are to run the
administration according to Aausaheb.
Leave at once.
But my king...
how will you be alone here?
Rayaji, Koyaji, Baji,
Phulaji all are here with us.
But my king, what if there
is any misfortune here.
No Godaji,
the recent reconstruction
of Panhalgadh and Vishalgadh
has been under the watchful
eyes of Rayaji and Baji.
Thus the Bandal army is with us.
Also Trimbak Pant's
people are with us too.
Do not worry about us but
think of our swarajya.
My king, our swarajya
is here because of you.
I will order half the Jedhe
army towards Rohidkora,
but let me stay here with you.
Ok you can stay with me.
Godaji Rao, you need to
leave as soon as possible.
Jai Bhavani.
Fazalkhan, you will control
the backside of the fort.
Yes my lord.
The left side is your to control,
Rustame Jaman.
Your eyes are to be fixed
towards Kolhapur.
You know the area very well.
And you my son in law Siddi Massoud,
I trust a lot of work towards you.
Order my father in law.
Your army will be on the move
always with additional people.
May the marathas
attack us from anywhere,
the perimeter should not be broken.
Your army will face them.
Have my guests arrived?
On their way my father in law
A special invitation
was sent to Rajapur.
Guest? Who are these special guests?
Thank you.
Can you see the distance
from here to fort?
Will the cannon ball reach the top?
- Yes.
That's enough my brother...
its 500 already.
The land and health...
are a waste, if not toiled for.
he is not eating properly.
He is a spoilt child...
A special horse of the Bandal clan.
What happened?
Even you miss her like I do?
Eat properly.
Can I tell you something Koyaji?
My mind state is no different...
I still remember our last visit.
Here you are.
What are you doing with
the holy ritual plate.
Now what can I do.
Right at the time of the
blessing the wife disappeared.
Now who will bless the husband?
Thus the husband is looking for his wife.
Now will you not do
the ceremonious blessing?
See I am going.
Don't say that...
Say you will be back.
You speak as if I will not return.
Don't talk like that.
Bless me...
and not while crying...
smile and bless me.
Even if the god of death
"Yamraj" comes to take me,
I will request him to let me
see my wife smile one last time,
then he is free to take me
away wherever we wants to.
Smile please...
Smile please...
Don't do this.
Do not cry like this...
Everyone is waiting outside.
and bless me.
First tell me,
when are you coming back.
I will be back before
the oil lamp runs out.
- Dadasaheb...
We are not at home,
we are at Panhalgadh.
The sound came from the Pavangad side.
Come on.
There cannons are not reaching
the walls of our fort.
What do you think?
but my experience tells me
that if the wind supports them
the cannons will reach the walls.
'By the time Baji
was telling us this,'
'one cannon ball came and
hit us near the walls,'
'We kept thinking
that how is it possible?'
'To find out the answer we told
Bahirji Naik to do some sleuthing.'
'One of our mavalas named Harpya was
in the enemy camp, helping Bahirji'
Hey you, come here.
What now Naik?
Don't worry, we will fool him easily.
Yes my lord.
Who are you guys?
Fazalkhans soldiers.
Where is your duty?
On the fort...
On the way to the fort...
So why are you here?
He is new here.
Got him here to show him our cannons.
They are very strong.
Get lost from here.
I had to hear a bashing from
our lord because of you.
Sorry my lord.
Let's go, let's go.
- Hey... which way are you going?
You idiot...
Come make haste...
I will not leave Siva this time.
I will place the cannons at such places
that they will break
apart the entire fort.
I will take my revenge.
I will avenge my father Afzalkhan.
How may cannons in total Naik?
200 till now.
He says he will take revenge on our king.
Revenge on our king?
My foot!!
Come on.
I was trying to get a clap from you Naik.
Siddi Johars perimeter is too strong.
Even an ant cannot enter without noticing.
There are watch towers at every step.
The watch party keeps
changing after every while.
We need to do something about this,
but Naik,
what I keep wondering is
how did one of their cannon ball
almost reach out fort walls?
Yes my king.
I have not seen such a long range
cannon in this region before this.
Those red monkeys are with them this time.
The British.
They have brought the long range
cannons with them from Rajapur.
One of them is named Henry,
and the other is Gifford.
What names are these...
Henry? Sounds like a buffoon.
And Gifford?
Sounds like a slap on the face.
This is exactly what should
be done with those British.
They must have felt that we are finished,
seeing Siddhi march on us from one side
and Shaistekhan from the other,
thus they have joined hands with
our enemy and are helping them.
They are the real dacoits who entered
our lands under the pretext of business.
They are more interested in the politics
and administration of our nation.
These Dutch, Portuguese, British
all are sailing
in the same ship against us.
These are not humans, but demons.
In the coming future these
British will prove
to be a nuisance to our nation.
These British are poking their noses
again and again in our business.
So... should we crush them?
Not crush...
but finish them once and for all.
Let's leave now.
No Rayaji...
not in a haste.
The enemy is alert now.
Tomorrow when their guard
is down... we attack.
Break down the towers and
dismantle the cannons.
And most important...
Teach the British a powerful lesson.
Come on Phulaji...
"Here they come"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
"Marathas are here"
Stop, stop... what are you doing?
Come on Rayaji...
Come on lets go... listen to me...
Hey let it go...
Come on.
Come on.
'Here as we were trying
to destroy the enemy,'
'Aausaheb on the other hand
was taking care of our people.'
'She had special attention towards
Baji Prabhus mother, Bayobai.'
How is it?
'Aausaaheb used to go to Shind
at the place of Bajiprabhu Deshpande.'
Its good...
Did you make it?
She has made it with extreme efforts.
Baji likes it.
Extreme efforts I see...
then I must eat it.
Usually not a morsel
goes down our mouth
thinking about the well-being
of our children.
I can see that on your face.
Not to worry.
My son is there with our king.
That is the reason I fear little less.
Because of people like Baji and Phulaji,
Sivba can achieve the dream of swarajya.
But that swarajya has a caring and
supportive mother like you my queen.
Thus it is growing big and
strong like a Banyan tree.
But this tree has the
support of mothers like you.
My queen...
Please start...
The essence of our swarajya was
spreading like the sandalwood.
but a snake had coiled itself
to this sandalwood tree...
and this was bothering Aausaheb a lot.
Then she decide to take
a courageous decision.
Please wait.
Who will look after the
administration in your absence?
You will Soyra bai.
Learn to take care of our people and
our administration in my absence.
... yourself?
Since last 4 months our children
are stuck on Panhalgadh,
should we not go and help them?
But Aausaheb, you and Raje will be there,
and that Shaistekhan is
marching towards us,
what are we supposed to do?
Let him comes,
before that I have to help get our
swarajyas pride and hope back with us.
Start preparing.
Aausaheb... and here?
You came here like a coward, knowing
your king is stuck amidst the enemy.
Did you not feel ashamed
while turning back?
But Aausaheb...
You have no answer...
Now I have found the solution.
I will personally go and
cut the head of Siddi Johar.
I was on the campaign of Bijapur
by the orders of Raje himself.
The Mughals intervened in the region
of pune, thus I came back here.
Raje is stuck on Panhalgadh right?
Not to worry...
Goddess Bhavani is with us...
I will leave at once and break
army surrounding the fort Panhala
Yes Aausaheb.
In spite of us, if you have
to enter the battle field,
we will not be able to show our faces
to our god on the day of judgment.
I Siddi Hillal and my son Siddi Wah Wah
take an oath,
we will free Shivaji Maharaj.
We will leave at once.
We will free Raje in a few moments
and return here in front of you.
Will you?
And in case of
any misfortunate accident...
I will not show my face again.
I will break any mountain in
the Shayadri to get Raje back.
We will be back.
Let's go.
Har har Mahadev!
My lord... my lord...
What happened?
The marathas have attacked my lord.
From where?
Yes father in law... let's go.
- Come on.
You will not go anywhere.
My lord,
I will go now and teach
those marathas a lesson.
I say your force will not move from here.
I lost once; this does not
mean I will lose again my lord.
Try and understand
the ethics of war Rustam.
They are attacking so
that our perimeter weakens
and Shivaji can get a chance to escape.
Do as I say.
Your force will stay put.
Go and control you position,
and the rest prepare for attack.
No matter what happens,
the perimeter shall not break.
- Khassu...
My son...
'Netojis attempt to break
the defense failed,'
'and dissolved into
the cries of Siddi Hilal'
'who mourned his son
Siddi Wah Wah's death'
My son... my son...
Why did you call for
so many leaves father.
Sometimes in war along with the enemy,
one has to fight with the nature too.
I do not understand.
You will...
'We reached the walls to see
the condition of Siddi's camp'
'in the middle of the pouring rain.'
'But his experience had
seen the best of us.'
'he had kept everything intact
despite the heavy rains.'
What is the condition of
the ration on the fort?
Already the ground was taken by the enemy,
now it had the support of the sky too.
There is enough ration as of now,
but I do not think it will
last the whole season.
What do you think Phulaji dada?
There are 3000 people on the fort.
We are good as of now,
but time will test us soon.
If we leave the fort now,
then the people here will have enough,
as Siddi has no interest
in capturing the fort.
his true intention is to capture me.
if we manage to escape now,
the enemy camp will have to
leave and we can attack again
with better force and energy.
Yes my king.
I had told you to look after the
reconstruction of Vishalgadh.
What is the update on that?
Its ready my king.
How far is Vishalgadh from here?
22 miles.
So on a dark rainy night,
we should leave Panhala
and go to Vishalgadh.
But what about the defense
perimeter of Siddi Johar.
How we escape from that will
be decided by Bahirji Naik.
now you are my lord Shiva
and you will show me
the path out from here.
Yes my king, give me 2 days.
See there are 50 tents here
and around 50 tents over there.
One tent can accommodate
6 people so how many can a 100 do?
In a 100...
Don't you understand one time uncle...
Go to your position.
My lord.
You guys again...?
Did you have food my child?
Please eat... ok...
Yes I will.
Please eat... its rainy season...
please eat...
Yes I will... now go.
My lord...
He is my uncle... Adores me a lot.
Keep all that nonsense to yourself ok.
Yes my lord.
Be alert.
These idiots and their relatives...
Show me the path.
There is a small valley on
the right side of the camp.
There is no army over there,
but a patrolling party is present.
Massoud has his people
patrolling every 2 hours.
Is it?
We shall see.
I'll see you soon.
Naik! Where are you going...
go from this side.
Yes... yes...
Are we supposed to go and check the
path Raje is going to take?
Now since we have to make sure
that Raje goes out safely,
we have to check the path first.
Our king is like our God Vitthal.
Lord Vitthal is going
to go from here, right?
Lord Vitthal's path.
And so,
we have go and check the
path before our king.
now come on.
Once we cross the foothill Masai,
our path will be clear.
But Naik, the rain will
prove to be an obstacle.
Not an obstacle...
but a dear friend.
Because of the rain the enemy
camp is at a standstill right.
But Naik how will we find
the path at night?
These are the sticks or the Jotvanti tree.
These are kept in the armory.
There is a Phosphorus inside it... what?
Make sure you have the Jotvanti sticks
and gun powder with you...
We may need them anytime.
- Lets go.
But Naik,
what I don't understand is,
how will we see the path with these?
such a simpleton you are.
This is Jotvanti.
Looks like an ordinary piece
of wood in the morning,
but at night...
It's glows like a firefly.
Look behind.
Keep one thing in your mind Aginya.
If you have to even sacrifice
your life for our Raje
you should do it.
Life will be accomplished.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Will not ... get lost.
It's me. I have a password.
Is it?
Then tell me the color of your blood?
our blood is of one color...
That is Bahirji Naik.
I was telling him the same thing.
Bahirji Naik. Yes.
Are we to go from here?
Right from this direction,
from the small hill below
the other side of the jungle,
there is a path from the north
which joins the Masai region.
The depth is low in that side
and the water flows with such noise that
no one will hear anything but that.
once we cross the Masai
plateau through the water body,
the enemy will be left behind.
On the left of Masai plateau,
there is Kuwarkhinda.
then Khotwadi.
once we cross a small
passing near Khotwadi,
we arrive at Ambewadi,
Kalakwadi, Ringewadi, Malewadi, Patewadi.
From here we arrive at Mhasavda.
Then Pandharpani.
Then once we cross the
water body near Kasari,
Vishalgadh is just 4 miles.
This is like searching a pearl
from the sea, isn't it Naik?
That is easier Baji.
But Naik,
hopeful while travelling
through this path,
we aren't going through Ambaghat, right?
no my king.
that path is shorter and easy,
but if we go from there, we will
surely be caught by the enemy.
So be it...
this is the path we shall take.
So when do we leave.
Let the enemies permission come first.
Enemy's permission?
Rayaji Rao... let me explain.
Gangadhar Pant looks after
our ration details right?
Ask him to see me.
We will make use of
his sweet talking skills.
In this letter,
our king Shivaji Raje writes,
to general Siddi Johar,
consider me as your friend.
It is my fortune, that you
decided to come to my region.
It was in my mind to
come as soon as possible
and meet you as you arrived.
But my feet were frozen
by your terror and army.
Only a doctor like
you can cure my problem.
If you access me with parley,
I will put aside all my fear
and come under your guidance
if you allow
thus take pity and provide a poor
person like me with protection.
So this means that
Shivaji is scared of us?
Yes my leash.
Scared of me?
Yes my leash, at least according
to the letter it means so.
Your Shivaji was scared of Afzalkhan to
if I am not mistaken, the consequence,
Afzalkhan was killed.
I am sorry,
that was a little misfortunate.
But now it was not happen again,
I swear on goddess Ambabai.
We will think about this.
Now leave.
But what are we to think of this?
Yes huzur... huzur.
Come after 2 days.
We will think of something for you.
Yes huzur.
Is it not good?
No, no its very good.
Then let me serve you one more.
Baji, swarajya is in danger,
Raje has called onto you.
Elder sister,
Elder sister, any problem.
Its bitter,
but he ate it anyways.
what's the matter?
Why are you being so emotional about it?
Since that day, she feels
like she will not find peace
till she serves him
his favorite sweet bread.
My daughter,
to tell you the truth,
more than the sweetness in the food,
sweetness needs to be
present in the relation.
Are these cannons real?
Cannons... cannons...
It's ok... sleep well.
sometime back,
I was told by our superiors that
I look like our king.
You dare compare yourself with our king?
Our king is like our God.
Yes, that's right.
Like lord Bhandoba Khandoba.
That's right.
So why will I compare myself
to these great deities.
That's why?
But during the gods festive celebration,
don't we dress up like our Gods?
So that is what I meant.
Naik...I... was... just...
Come to the court.
Naik... Naik...
All because of you.
What did I do?
What happened?
You look stressed.
No brother, no stress.
I am thinking about our king.
Brother, we have crossed
half of our life by now.
We saw many hardship and
endured it upon us too.
But this young lad came into our lives
and the maval region changed its fortune.
When we went to meet Shivba Raje,
what was his age at the time.
He hardly had any mustache growing on him.
But understanding and decision
making was far superior for his age.
Such a powerful hold over his command,
which would embarrass many experts too.
Sometimes I feel like that
this man is no ordinary person.
Shivaji Raje is not just the
king but a savior for all.
And thus he should live on for all.
His safety is our priority.
Do you see this enemy camp
spread across the fort.
How are we going to escape the
coiled up snake called Siddhi,
I do not understand.
With your guidance...
Baji, do you remember
when we were kids some Mughals
had entered the village of Rahal
under the pretext of extortion.
At that time you alone had
defeated 10 enemy soldiers.
Do you remember?
As our mother sent me for you,
I saw the enemy running
away from you yelling,
this boy is the devil himself...
Remember that?
That boy has now grown up.
Baji, you are the
guide to the Bandal army.
I believe it for sure,
escape this situation.
I believe it for sure.
Brother, stand by me like this forever.
I have heard that there will be some truce
between our brave heart
Siddi Johar and that Shiva.
How will there be a truce?
What can I say, these are big
decisions by powerful people.
Have you seen that lawyer of Shivaji,
who keeps coming all the time?
Every time he comes, he gets some
precious tokens for Siddhi saheb.
What are you saying?
I have even heard that Shivaji Raje
might meet up with Siddi Johar.
You see, the power of money
can do anything.
It's the most important weapon.
And small timers like us will
keep soaking in this rain forever.
It's not rainy today.
What hmm? Go and stand there.
Stop being lazy and go back to work.
"No matter how smart the enemy is"
"Let it be"
"No matter how smart the enemy is"
"And then?"
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
All of this is like
the tiger in the forest.
of this is like the tiger in the forest.
Like the tiger in the forest.
Naik, it means same thing right,
except for my tone and accent.
All of this...
See now I am making mistakes
because of you
All of this is...
- All of this is...
"What are you saying Naik?"
"The enemy is sitting
down at the foothills"
"setting up the perimeter,
it has been a while"
"and the Mughals are keeping
an eye from the other front."
"Then what did our king do?"
"Our mighty king laid down a plan"
"What did he do?"
"A brilliant plan."
It seems the idea we used during
Afzalkhan is proving useful here too.
What do you mean?
is scared of Siddhi!
This is what I told him, and
that idiot thinks it's true.
"King set up a plan"
"King set up a plan"
"King set up a plan"
"King set up a plan"
"Look listen hear... our king has a plan."
"Our king has set up... a brilliant plan."
"King Shivaji... has a brilliant plan."
"Our mighty king... has a brilliant plan."
"Such a master plan"
"our king has in mind"
"He sent the messenger to the enemy camp."
"There was anxiety in the enemy's camp."
"The mediator created confusion
with his tactful thinking."
"King Shivaji will come for a
meeting and a truce will happen"
"King Shivaji will come for a
meeting and a truce will happen"
"King Shivaji will come for a
meeting and a truce will happen"
We will meet your king for sure.
But what if the same thing that happened
with Afzalkhan happens here too?
Absolutely not.
I swear on goddess Ambabai my lord.
Only 20 of us will come down to meet you.
Think of it, you have an army of 40000,
and just 20 of us.
What are we going to be able to do?
What say?
Please give that.
"Oh God, Naik,
will there really be a treaty?"
"Who can measure our mighty
king's unfathomable mind?"
"Who else will know, what our
king is thinking but you Naik?"
"I am telling the truth...
I only know this..."
"Look Our king has a set up a plan."
"Our king has a set up a plan."
"King Shivaji...
has a brilliant plan."
"Our mighty king...
has a brilliant plan."
"Our mighty king...
has a brilliant plan."
"Siddhi Johar lost his wit."
"Let him think he has won the game."
"Our king has tricked him right."
"He will not realize
how he has been tricked."
"He will not realize
how he has been tricked."
"He will not realize
how he has been tricked."
"He will not realize
how he has been tricked."
"Thus our king is great."
"Like a God, for us marathas."
"Like lord Krishna
from Mahabharata's war."
"Thus I say..."
"No matter how smart the enemy is"
"no one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
"No one can withstand the
brilliance of king Shivaji."
Tomorrow night we will start the decent.
But it's a full moon tomorrow.
What if we are spotted in the moonlight?
You are aware of the condition
of the rains this season.
That's right.
The visibility of the daytime is not
that great, night time is much worse.
Hmm... ok. Proceed.
We will have 2 palanquins.
One palanquin will have Shiva in it.
Yes Raje.
But Naik... Shiva...
... he will act
like you doppelganger.
Shiva will come from a different path.
Once he avoids the patrolling party,
he will come and join us.
We just have to do one thing.
While descending,
we have to make sure that the enemy
is not alerted by our presence.
can I suggest
one thing from my experience.
Trimbak pant, you are the commanding
officer of the fort Panhala,
please go ahead.
While you are on your decent,
we will fire the cannon 2 times.
This will divert the enemy towards
our direction of the main gate,
and you will get more time.
Naik, may I ask why the palanquins?
these Mughals have a habit
of portraying royal attitude.
Looking at the palanquin, they will
mistake Shiva as our Raje .
And they will keep having
the discussion with him.
Ok we will do as you say,
but if needed we will leave the palanquin,
or it might slow us down.
I refuse to put my comrade's
lives in danger at any cost.
Siddi's people will be alert.
If time comes each one of us may have
to take on against a hundred at a time.
The Bandal army is with you.
Even if a cloud burst of
enemy swarms towards us,
for you we will face them all.
Rayaji, Baji make sure to take 600
of you most expert warriors with us.
We will travel on the path
shown us by Bahirji Naik,
and Baji carry extra weapons along.
We might need them.
Jai Bhavani.
Your king was supposed to meet me today.
Yes... but what happened...
He was going to come along,
but you do realize
the weather is not good.
This everlasting rain.
is down with fever,
how should I explain his condition?
Such fierce fever,
even as drop of water touches him,
it evaporates in a blink of an eye.
the more delay you cause,
you problems will increase.
knows of this.
Thus he was going to come
down to meet you today.
But, his health is not allowing him.
Why don't you come on the fort.
I insist you come,
I will arrange for everything.
No no, why will we come up on the fort?
We will not come up on the fort.
You might trick and kill us.
- Fazalkhan!!
Am I not speaking with him?
What do you say? Will you come along?
Pant! It's better if things go as decided.
The rations on your fort will replenish,
but we will not move from here.
You need to think.
Tell you what,
come down today before sundown.
Its hassit right?
it means you can leave.
Let's go...we have to deliver
the message with haste.
I am telling you,
these Marathas are planning
to trick us for sure.
Do not take them so lightly.
I know,
but even we are far superior then them.
Let them use all the tactics they can.
Make sure everyone is more alert.
Come, my king.
Koyaji, where is Rayaji?
he is waiting
for us up ahead on the path.
So who all is coming with us?
600 of the finest from the Hirdas
Maval region are here with us today.
These are our Bandal brothers.
Waghoji, Shankraji, Pilajirao,
Yashwantaraoji Bandal.
these are the
brave warriors of Hirdas Maval,
Tukoji Chor, Vichare, Gavhane,
Chikne, Khutwad and Salunke.
The ones who's knife is as good
as their sword on the enemy;
these are the famous
barchi bahaddar Damgude.
They are Shiravle, who are known
for beheading all of their enemies.
, how can I name everyone,
We all are the Bandal army.
And every solider form
this Bandal army is ready
to put his life on
the line for you my king.
like you requested, 600 expert
warriors are with us along the way.
And yes your brother in law,
Shambhu Sinha Jadhavrao
is with us too.
My brothers in arms.
It's a full moon today.
We bow down to the mood god on this day.
But today our mood god has been
damped into darkness by the clouds.
And the epitome of our swarajya
is trapped by Siddhi Johar.
To free him, we all have to take the
most difficult task of our lives.
The path is dangerous,
but we are the blessed ones who
are privileged to take such a path.
History remembers only such brave
and blessed warriors with pride.
The enemy is waiting for us thinking
that we are helpless and doomed for,
but what he doesn't know is
that we are those brave hearts,
who dare to not only look
inside the jaws of death,
but count its teeth and
push them down its throat.
And thus we are known as...
we are known as... Marathas!!
My dear esteemed marathas,
come lets march into
the jungles of Shayadri
and find our way out of this darkness
and into the light of swarajya.
Come; let's praise the moon god in the
sky with the power of our 600 swords,
by placing his shine into them.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
even I will come along.
even the fort of Panhala is as
important as accompanying me.
You and Trimbak pant, will take care
of the fort till I call on for you.
- Lets go.
Father in law
it's just me.
You look stressed.
I don't know what will
happen in this campaign.
We will win, what else?
We will catch Shivaji for sure.
There is no other option.
There is treachery from all directions.
Along with Shivaji and his men,
the royal Adilshahi sultanate
too wants me finished.
by the grace of Allah,
Shivaji should not escape,
or else my destiny is doomed for.
My anxiety is because I can
feel something is wrong.
That Shivaji, that treacherous Shivaji.
I told you not to trust his men.
He did send in a peace proposal,
but right now they fired cannons at us.
Even we retaliated.
Did he attack?
Fired on us just two time,
nothing after that.
Are you insane?
It was not an attack,
the firing was a diversion.
Go on your patrolling,
search in all the directions.
Sometimes I wonder if you really
are the heir of Afzalkhan or not.
Doesn't the rain this
season seem a bit dangerous?
For the protection of swarajya,
Goddess bhavanis sword
is lighting up the skies.
We need to move before the
patrolling party returns,
or else we might get stuck here.
Come on sit in this palanquin.
I am ordering you to come with us.
I am ordering you to come with us.
We will face the wrath altogether,
come on.
"My king..."
''My king Shivba"
"My king..."
''My king Shivba"
My king, allow me to speak beyond my bond.
My fortune is blessed,
the deeds of my parents are blessed,
the moment I put on your clothes,
this Shiva Kashid was no more.
This is your soul now.
My king, you may not realize it,
but I can see my heaven from here.
What else do I need?
People speak about how a normal life is.
But in my care, people will say,
this Shiva was such a fortunate one,
that he died our kings death.
I will live for a thousand
years post my demise, my king.
Allow me to take your leave.
My king, please, let's go.
Time is against us.
Come on everyone. Come on.
"Hey lord Vitthala"
Let's go.
march onto
battlefield... They never look back."
Seems fine. Let's go.
march onto
battlefield... They never look back."
march onto
battlefield... They never look back."
"Please bless me with
a firm and brave mind."
"Please bless me with
a firm and brave mind."
"Hey lord Vitthala!"
"Please bless me with
a firm and brave mind."
"Please bless me with
a firm and brave mind."
Wait, wait, and keep the palanquin down.
From here on, we all are going on foot.
- But Raje !!
The path ahead is difficult, Naik.
If we continue like this,
we all will be caught by the enemy.
I refuse to put all my brothers'
lives in danger, come on.
Let's go.
I may have seen something back there.
Hope these marathas are not
planning to backstab us!
"My king..."
"Keeping our family one side,"
"we will sacrifice for our mother land."
"Keeping our family one side,"
"we will sacrifice for our mother land."
"We pray to you oh lord Narayana,
to bless us."
"We pray to you oh lord Narayana,
to bless us."
march onto
battlefield... They never look back."
march onto
battlefield... They never look back."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world," - Betrayal...!!
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this,"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this,"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this,"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this,"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
"Saint Tukaram, says this,"
"I will not turn away from war."
"You should look after the rest to come."
Father in law
Let me be, Massoud.
Leave all that.
It's time to celebrate.
I have got a special present for you.
Come, king Shivaji.
You were trying to betray us?
Betrayal, and me?
Absolutely!! You were trying to run away.
Mind you tongue!
Marathas never run away,
they make you run away.
Is this a way to talk with
such an honourable guest?
King... come ... come and have a seat.
Now this is the right way
to receive a king.
I was on my way to meet
you looking at you defense,
that's when he caught me.
And now he says that
I was running away.
I will not tolerate this insult.
Marathas will die but not
tolerate such insults.
Apologies, king.
It's ok, a senior like you asking
for forgiveness, doesn't look good.
How can I be of help?
Just a little request.
We either want you in
the Adilshahi sultanate,
or we want our land returned back to us.
Lord Johar, all of this is
like the tiger in the forest.
The ones whose power is supreme,
his claws leave a mark for sure.
And my claws are very well
known to the Adilshahi sultanate
because the king of this jungle is,
Shivaji Raje.
We are impressed by your courage.
But administration
doesn't work on courage,
some things need to be thought on.
we want Javli and Pratapgadh,
that's it.
Not possible.
If we hand over Pratapgadh to you,
you will coil up like a
snake around swarajya.
You are a very stubborn king.
The one who is stubborn at his
principals, is a true Maratha.
Khan sahab,
I have been looking all over for you.
Why? What happened?
We caught Shivaji!!
What are you saying?
I have seen it with my own eyes.
Where are you going?
I do not believe you.
I need to see him with my own eyes.
If he really is Shivaji...
I will kill him.
Do not intimidate me
with the fear of death.
Marathas do not fear death.
Don't get annoyed, king Shivaji.
But let me remind you something.
You have seen my power.
Yes but still...
At least think about your people.
I know that the rations on the
fort are going to be depleted soon.
You have a point.
What happened? Are you ok?
is up ahead.
Come on ... quick ...
Where is Shivaji?
What is the meaning of
this obnoxious behavior?
Lord Johar, where is Shivaji?
He is here, sitting in front of you.
This is not Shivaji.
Fazalkhan, have you lost your senses?
Have you been doping again?
- No...!! And this is not Shivaji.
I have seen him, that one time.
I will never forget that face... ever.
This is not Shivaji.
Trust me, I am telling you my lord,
this is not Shivaji.
What is he saying?
This is not Shivaji.
No... my father... we caught
the royal palanquin.
The royal palanquin belongs to the king.
That is not always necessary.
My final respects, my king.
"I hold your name as weapon,"
"I flaunt this proudly
in front of the world,"
I am jealous of Shivaji.
How did he get such brave people?
You thought you can save your king?
I knew he might run away,
towards Vishalgadh
but he doesn't know that my troops are
placed at the foothills of Vishalgadh too.
Would have spared him
if he would have come here.
He will not survive over that.
I don't want to kill you,
but in the end you are the enemy.
Massoud, go now all of you.
Shivaji will not have more that
a thousand people with him.
Go with 10000 of ours, but get me Shivaji.
Now no more forgiveness,
get him dead or alive, I do not care.
If Shivaji escapes this time,
I will kill you all.
Through the jungle.
Come on quick.
'For 12 hours in the night,'
'everyone was running
through a deep muddy path.'
'by sunrise, we reach Pandharpaani,
near the mouth of Ghodkhinda.'
What happened?
No matter how fast we run,
the enemy is not far behind.
You do one thing,
ahead, we
will stop the enemy over here.
Why me? Koyaji will
take Raje ahead.
Nobody is going ahead.
If you are caught,
the entire Maratha empire
will lose its hold.
What is there beyond karma, Rayaji?
History will tell,
after many successful battles
a Maratha king died here.
If that happens, it will tarnish
the image of the Bandals.
The next generation will ask us.
Weren't the Bandals there with our king.
How dared the enemy touch our
king while the Bandals were there?
Then the Bandals can tell that
their king was a stubborn one
and did not pay any head.
Let's face the enemy together.
That's enough my king.
We are out of time.
But Baji...
Try to understand me my king.
Do not risk our Maratha empire, our hope,
our future just by your decision.
Aausaheb must be waiting for you.
If we are defeated here,
how and what answer do I owe her.
The entire Maratha empire
is dependent on you.
I am but a humble servant and yet I am
speaking to you in this commanding tone,
forgive me.
But sometimes for the sake of the kings
life we servants need to take command.
Consider this, I am of your fathers age.
And thus ordering you
to go to Vishalgadh.
Yes Baji.
No Baji.
I will not leave you, Phulaji,
Rayaji and all my brothers over here.
Do not worry my king.
Now this is our last stand.
People strive to engrave their names,
our names will be
engraved into this soil.
My king this is our salvation,
this is our heaven.
Allow us to celebrate this holy war.
A devotees name is always taken
along with lord Panduranga.
Please do to take away our chance
of doing the same with you.
No Baji.
My king, I refuse to see
any harm come upon you.
Millions may die but not the
guardian of the millions... my king.
But Baji...
- That's enough.
If you don't listen to me
I will rip my heart with your
knife and die at your feet.
After that fight if you want to.
Baji... hurry up...
The enemy is almost here.
Go my king.
at all cost.
Go my king.
Go my king.
We are here.
Go my king... go ahead...
Don't waste time. Let's go.
My king, I request you.
You leave.
Go my king... go ahead...
And fire 5 cannons once
you reach Vishalgadh.
Till then we will stop the
enemy in this Ghodkhinda.
Go... go...
Baji, we are going to meet again.
Jai Bhavani.
Jai Bhavani.
'The morning sun was hiding
in the sky that day,'
'as if he wanted to take the blessing
of the fierce mavalas that day.'
The marathas have yet again chosen
the hellish jungles of Shayadri.
But today even the Shayadri
will not be able to save them.
Fazalkhan, Rustame Jaman,
we will make small troops here.
They will not be able guess
how we are going to attack.
They are just a handful,
we will tire them out.
Yes Baji uncle.
Tell us what are we supposed to do.
Told you to leave with our king,
why did you stay back?
When old people like
you are waiting for a fight,
are we young lads supposed
to wait and watch?
Thus I stayed back.
Now tell us according to your
experience, what do we do?
Hear me out.
Today you are to fight for yourself.
Ask yourself, why are you fighting?
If you don't get an answer,
I will tell you.
For freedom...!!
You spent a thousand years under slavery,
now time has come to remove the slavery
the sun wants to shine
under our kings guidance.
that sun should not come under an
eclipse, thus we have to fight.
I know all of you are very tired, stressed,
hurt, but do not leave it all today.
Reclaim your freedom from your injuries,
from your tired breath,
from your dying strength.
Your fight is not with the enemy,
it is against weakness,
it is against time,
it is against your own fear.
You might think how do we win today?
Then only remember your king.
Stand up on this ground
with firm feet, and fight.
Till the last drop of blood and
last breath leaves your body.
I assure you,
if we save our king today,
then your names will be engraved in each
and every corner in the holy Ghodkhinda.
And then you can ask for
your right with dignity.
That right is called... swarajya.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
Har har Mahadev.
You are standing all alone...!!
Move aside...
or else we will mince you to death...!!
Get lost!
Attack... charge...
Attack... charge...
Har har Mahadev
It's an army of demons over there...!!
See how they ran away...
Don't laugh... there's more to come.
Rayaji... take him back...
Take him back...
The enemy...
Our king...
Budhaji, please take care of him
We are supposed to go
together, do not go alone...
'Harpya was running with his
life from any direction, just to warn us.'
Let's go...
Pick him up. Get him behind. Come on.
Aginya, what have you done?
For my king...
'The Mavlas who had ran through
the night, were tired yet kept fighting.'
'and yet were still
fighting post 6 hours.'
'the sun was still in the clouds.'
Come on.
Dare you to attack me face to face...
Baaji uncle...
- Yes.
Give my final respect to our king.
Tell my mother, her son
fought till his last breath.
No... hold on... Rayaji...
I will take your leave.
Rayaji... listen...
I told you not to wait
here with me. Why insist?
What am I supposed to tell Deepai now?
'The sun was on his way
to set down.'
'But it seemed like even he was'
'at a standstill watching
the glory of the marathas.'
'The marathas were fighting
for 9 hours by how.'
I have never seen such
a warrior in my life.
I cannot stop praising him.
He is the great warrior
like Rustam and Isfindiar
But he is our enemy.
Baji has been shot.
Take him back.
Leave me...
The cannons have not been fired yet...
I will fight on.
Oh no!
Elder sister!!
Elder sister!!
What happened?
Ants... on the food...
Naik... wait...
What happened?
There is an enemy army at the foothills.
Adilshahi army...
But we have to proceed.
My dear Baji, Phulaji, Rayaji are
fighting for my life at the Ghodkhinda.
We cannot wait.
Come on.
- Wait my king.
Let me suggest something.
Yes Koyaji.
The Bandals have a traditional
warfare style.
We had used that to defeat Khilji.
Which one?
Hurry up.
Har har Mahadev!
"O my motherland,"
Shambhu... be careful...
I am Jadhavrao I will not spare you
Salute to Jijau masaheb!
I will fight...!!!
Koyaji, you have to go up on the fort.
Ready the cannons.
I will not leave you here.
Our men are fighting
over there. Listen to me.
I am to look out for you.
Koyaji, I order you to ready the cannons.
Yes my king
Naik, do anything but I need some cloth.
But where...
Hey all of you
remove your quick...
Who is it?
It's our king!!
Goddess Humzai, please help us.
They want us to do
something with the cannons.
Come on let's go.
Move aside...!!!
Har har Mahadev...!
"O my motherland,"
"I request you, to give rest to my son"
"My son has sacrificed his life and
offered his blood at his kings feet."
"My son"
The cannons have been fired yet...
I will fight...
I will not let any one pass...
"My son"
Light the cannons,
Baji is waiting for the signal.
Ready the cannons.
"O my motherland"
"My son is tired,"
"give him rest now"
I am telling you... fire the cannons.
"on your holy lap."
Come quick.
I am waiting...
Final respects, my king.
Should we kill him and move on?
Shivaji has already reached Vishalgadh.
This devil...
We shall not leave him.
'Baji Prabhu, Rayaji Bandal and
300 of the brave Bandal soldiers,'
'fought for 12 hours in the Ghodkhinda.'
'They laughed while taking 40 slashes
of swords on their body for swarajya.'
'Finally they were at peace.'
'The origin of the Kasavi River was mixed
with their blood and was holy thereafter..'
Mother Bayobai,
Baji received martyrdom...
If had 2 more sons I would have
surrendered them for swarajya right away.
The honor of holding the prestigious
sword of our swarajya lies in your care.
I would request you to hand
it over to the Bandals.
You spoke the right words, my king.
The Bandals lost 2 of their generations
in the battle of Ghodkhinda.
These people are brave like that only...
to make up for this loss,
not just my honor
but the lives of all the Jedhes
are at your service.
Kanhoji Raje ...!!
Yes Deepai.
Come Deepai.
Come and accept the honor of holding
the prime sword of our swarajya.
Till we live on,
our every generation will fight
for our Shivaji Raje .
And what happened with Siddi Johar?
Badi Begum was angry with him.
Yes mallika-e-allia.
Shivaji was sending many precious
gifts every day, for Siddi Johar.
Not just that mallika-e-allia.
That good for nothing wants to join
hands with Shivaji against our sultanate.
Where is Siddi?
He will reach Bijapur in 2 days.
Wherever he may be.
Before he turns out to be of
trouble for our sultanate,
he needs to die.
The sultanate orders that
Siddi shall not see tomorrow's sunrise.
'The sultanates
which are built up with greed,'
'they do not understand the
meaning of sacrifice and devotion.'
My corporation is possible,
only because of the sacrifice of
our brave soldiers
We earned this Marathi kingdom
but we earned something far greater,
and that is these priceless people
who sacrificed for us.
Always remember this.
Prince Sambhaji, look
at this place carefully.
This is not just the
origin of the Kasari river.
of valor and sacrifice.
This is not just a mountain pass
This is a holy place which will
inspire people for the next 1000 years
to fight against injustice...
"King Shivaji is in every breath.
King Shivaji is in our passion"
"King Shivaji is in our every strike.
King Shivaji is in our sprit."
"To live in the name of king Shivaji.
To die in the name of king Shivaji."
"O' my king Shivba."
"King Shivaji is in every breath.
King Shivaji is in our passion"
"King Shivaji is in our every strike.
King Shivaji is in our sprit."
"To live in the name of king Shivaji.
To die in the name of king Shivaji."
"O' my king Shivba."