Paying Guest (2009) Movie Script

I just want a smaII
pIace in you heart.
I am a paupe but stiII
I have a high statue.
I just want a smaII
pIace in you heart.
I am a paupe but stiII
I have a high statue.
Whethe you stay in the
heart o in the house..
You have to pay
high ent fo both..
Thee ae many unknown deams.
Pay the advance ent.
Paying guests.
We ae the best.
Paying guests.
We ae the best.
The best.
Wake up.
Wake up, Iazy peopIe. It's Iate.
Ae aII of you dead?
Wake up.
Paag. Paikshit. Bhavesh.
Wake up. I have to catch my fIight.
If you aII ae dead, then say so.
I am coming.
Let me open the doo.
WiII you go though it?
Did you aII undestand anything?
O ae you aII just
nodding you heads?
- Yes.
Yes, M. Kiska. You'e going
to India fo a few days.
And Iike aIways,
we have to foIIow you instuctions.
Paag. - Eveyday.
We have to boom and sweep.
We wiII do it, M. Kiska.
- Tust me, M. Kiska.
We wiII Iook afte this
house as ou own house.
Bewae. Bewae, if you conside
this house as you own.
You aII ae paying guests.
Paying guests.
I am the owne. The soIe owne.
Kiska MigIani. Who is the owne?
You. M. Kiska MigIani.
Thank you. And my ent?
- Yes, si.
Ae you giving it now?
- No, I am just scatching.
You aII wiII ot.
You aII wiII neve efom.
When I didn't efom,
then how wiII you?
Look, I want my ent upon I etun.
You know Kiska MigIani vey weII.
Oh, cab dive, why ae you
staing at me? Let's go.
Kiska MigIani.
God wiIIing we wiII eceive
the news of you death.
Paying guests.
Paying guests.
Paying guests.
Paying guests.
Hey, guys. Good mo..
Good aftenoon. How ae you?
And whee is you boss?
Whee is BaIIu Singh?
BaIIu Singh is hee.
What is the eason
fo coming Iate today?
Si. Si.
Soy, si.
I had gone fo a hai cut.
You went fo a hai
cut at the time of wok.
Si, I gew my hai
whiIe I was woking.
Fogive me, si. I made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
I appointed a fooIish,
Iazy man who is neve on time.
Look at this, si. You made a
mistake. And you'e fiing me.
I am ectifying my mistake. Got it?
Is this the age to ectify it?
Get Iost. Otherwise, I wiII go mad.
- Si.
My business is not doing weII.
And you ae so Iazy.
The business is bound to be poo,
Look at this. You ae seving
ancient ecipes to the customes.
I have been saying that
I'II cook something new since Iong.
I wiII do some new expeiments.
But you do not agee.
You paents too conducted
an expeiment. - Is that so?
This is the esuIt.
Si, you'e getting pesonaI.
You'e insuIting me.
Was I honouing you tiII now?
Was I paising you?
Si, a Iast chance. Last chance.
Okay. It's the finaI waning. Okay?
Bing the cIothes on time. Okay?
Fom the Iaundy.
Why ae you puIIing my chain?
Ae you taveIIing in a tain?
Ae you taveIIing in a tain?
Si, I am a chef.
Okay. But you'e Iate. So?
- Si.
Namaste (Geetings) India.
- HeIIo. Can I taIk to M. Bhavesh?
Speaking. - M. Bhavesh,
I am caIIing fom
A few days ago, you
gave an inteview.. the post of a chef
in Gand Hyatt though us.
Yes. - CongatuIations, M. Bhavesh.
You have got the job.
I got it. Wow! Thank you. Thank
you so much. Thank you so much.
In fact, you can join fom tomoow.
Fom tomoow?
- Yes.
Okay. I wiII come. I wiII come.
Paying guests. Paying guests.
Paying guests.
- Is anybody thee?
WiII somebody teII me why
I am going to the maket?
What did you say? What did you say?
I am a bad cook. I am a bad cook.
I have got a job in
a seven-sta hoteI.
As a supeviso chef. Got it?
With my fist saIay, I wiII buy a
packet of chiIIi powde fo you.
Do you know what you wiII do with it?
- What?
AppIy it on you back.
I don't want you and you
odinay job. Got it? HeIIo.
Namaste India.
- HeIIo. Is M. Bhavesh thee?
Yes, speaking.
- I am caIIing fom
Yes. Hang on. Hang on.
Now, hea it. Hea it, BaIIu.
- Yes. TeII me, ma'am.
M. Bhavesh Makhwana,
I wanted to infom you that..
Ma'am, not Makhwana.
- Sisodiya.
- Vema. Vema.
Yes, ma'am. Bhavesh Vema.
PIease make
the necessay coection.
Bhavesh Vema?
- Yes.
Aen't you Bhavesh Makhwana?
- No.
Then I am soy. Bhavesh
Makhwana has got this job.
Soy fo the misundestanding.
Ma'am, pIease undestand.
PIease undestand. Look..
A misundestanding.
A misundestanding.
This is a powerfuI ca meant
onIy fo the powerfuI peopIe.
OnIy a tough man Iike you
can handIe this steeing.
This is a smooth ide onIy
fo the young geneation.
I can't imagine this steeing
wheeI in the hand of an oId man.
Tust me.
Yes. But 25 Iakh baht is a big pice.
Perfect and expeienced peopIe Iike
you don't cae fo the pice, si.
Si, don't mind. If I had been
you son and not the saIesman..
..then I wouId have said,
Dad, buy it fo mom.
Because Iike he, this ca too
wiII stay by you side aII you Iife.
Tust me.
If I had been you
boyfiend and not the saIesman..
..then I wouId have said just
one thing upon buying this ca.
Yes, you'e a beauty.
But with bains.
Tust me.
What wiII you have? Cheque o cash?
If you have cheque,
then cash won't do.
If you have cash,
then cheque won't do.
Tust me.
Ae you witing MughaI-e-Azam?
- What?
WiII you take fou weeks to wite
just fou Iines? - I am done.
Read it out.
- Hea it.
The ancho says,
WeIcome, my fiends.
We pesent ou today's
episode which is Iike..
..the moonIight, a tip to the
stas, Iike the goat's skin..
..Iike the faiy's Ieg.
You wiII die a sIow death.
Fustated wite,
you think you ae vey smart.
TeII me. If you had been
in my pIace..
..what wouId you have witten?
Look, a poet is being intoduced.
ObviousIy, it shouId
begin with a poem.
Fo instance, teas ae fIowing..
Wounds ae fesh. I am heaIing it
with the baIm of wods.
It's onIy wods and wods ae aII
I have to take you hearts away.
And to take you hearts away,
today, we have with us..
..such a pesonaIity in
ou studio whose wods have..
It's mine, I was.. don't quieten me.
He is speaking my Iines.
He is taking my shot. - Shut up.
What shut up?
- Cut it.
He is speaking my wods.
WonderfuI Iines! What wods!
What is this?
Pape. This is the
estauant's pape.
In it, it's witten that you
ae seIIing me this estauant.
Yes, my dea bothe.
I wiII seII this estauant
and ecove my shae of money.
SeII the estauant?
I shouId seII this estauant?
I shouId seII my fathe's deam?
I shouId seII it to a useIess,
ogue man Iike you?
I too am the son of the
man who is you fathe.
I have a ight to this estauant.
- Right?
The peopIe who fuIfiI thei
duties shouId taIk about ights.
What duty did you fuIfiI as a son?
You spIuged you shae of money.
Now, onIy this estauant is Ieft.
It's fathe's Iast memento.
And you want to seII this too.
Listen to me caefuIIy.
I won't even seII a singIe
bick of this estauant.
Who wiII buy a bick?
The entie estauant wiII be soId.
Eithe whiIe you'e
aIive o afte you death.
I give you a week's time.
If you don't seII this
estauant and give me my shae..
..then you know my powe.
- HeIIo, M. Singh. How ae you?
WiII I get something to eat?
I am vey hungy.
BaIIu Singh, is eveything fine?
Yes, Inspecto. Eveything is fine.
I am his younge bothe Ronnie.
- Not Lonnie. Ronnie.
Ronnie. He means to say Ronnie.
That's what I am saying.
My name is Ronnie.
This knife?
This knife is ou
fathe's Iast memento.
He was a chef. He wouId cut
onions and tomatoes with this knife.
Right, Bothe?
I'm Ieaving. I wiII come next week.
I don't need an expIanation.
I want esuIts.
Lazy feIIow.
Eveybody wants saIay fo fee.
Go compIete the weekIy saIes eport.
Go. Why ae you staing
at me? I said get Iost.
Why ae you Iaughing?
Tust me. Now, it's you tun.
Hi, good moning.
Wow! You'e Iooking
vey petty today.
How many times I have toId you
to stand staight in font of me!
I hate this body Ianguage of yous.
Soy, ma'am.
I head you wee again Iate today.
Switch that thing off.
- Yes, ma'am.
WiII you just stand ove
my head o wiII you sit too?
Thank you.
Ma'am, didn't you hea?
I soId two cas today.
I head it. Good.
- This is my wok.
FIirting with femaIe customes.
Thinking that you'e a fiIm heo.
This is you fuII time job.
I do it fo fee,
ma'am. I am soy. I was..
Switch that thing off.
You ceII is inging, ma'am.
Ma'am, I don't mean it. I was just..
You took undue
advantage of the situation.
Whethe you seII the ca o not,
you wiII sueIy entice a giI. Right?
Ma'am, pIease..
Yes, this is my office.
I am moe concened about my
eputation than my pofits.
Did you get it?
This is the finaI waning. I don't
want any oadside Romeos hee.
I need seious saIesmen. Undestand?
Ma'am, you..
But, ma'am..
- I said get out.
Okay. It's enough. It's enough.
I can't take this anymoe.
I am esigning.
I can't wok with an insoIent
and an aogant giI Iike you.
- Yes, ma'am.
How dae you!
- You ae sick. You ae mad.
Ma'am, Iife is Iike an echo sound.
When you ask a question,
you get you answe.
So, pIease ise above this hated.
And give you Iife a chance to
beathe. PIease, just eIax.
Go easy on youseIf.
Rajan gives my Iines to othes.
What do you think? I don't know
what his witing capabiIities ae?
If you know his
witing capabiIities..
When I saw you,
a chod stuck my heart.
Yes, if you know his
witing capabiIities..
..then why don't you do anything?
How can I do anything?
You know that Rajan has been
ecommended by the channeI head.
And thee is my fathe too.
Whee ae you going?
- In you cabin.
Fathe has given stict instuctions.
You can't ente my cabin aIone.
Okay. I am not aIone.
My feeIings ae with me. Let's go.
What happened?
- It got ton.
- My pant.
Paag, you too. Fathe wiII come.
Come on. Wea the
costume meant fo the show.
- Open the doo.
- Fathe. - Open the doo.
You fathe aIways comes at the
ight pIace but at the wong time.
I know that the idiot is inside.
Whee? Whee is that
idiot Paag? Whee is he?
Paag? Who?
Paag. He didn't come hee.
He came hee. I know.
The secuity guad toId me.
I won't spae him. Paag.
Fathe, beIieve me.
I am you own bIood.
That's why I can't beIieve you.
That idiot is hee.
I wiII find him and
I won't spae him.
When I saw you, a
chod stuck my heart.
Love shone though the eyes.
A chod stuck my heart.
What kind of intoxication is this?
HeIIo. Yes.
MeIo and Stewad company.
I don't need Iife insuance.
Thank you.
Can I taIk now?
Idiot, I won't spae you.
- I need an insuance.
AIpita, don't cy.
Look, I am aII ight.
You start cying
ove tiviaI issues.
At Ieast eIax today. You
know I am Ieaving, ight?
What time is the fIight?
At 2 o'cIock. What about you?
When ae you coming to Pataya?
The joining date wiII
be confimed tomoow.
You job is confimed.
Life wiII be geat when my
job wiII be confimed too.
Listen, don't fIirt
with giIs in Pataya.
AIpita, you know me.
I am a God feaing peson.
I neve do bad deeds.
If I do good deeds,
I wiII be with you.
If I do bad deeds,
I wiII go to heII.
AIpita, I was just joking. Chee up.
Listen, I have to go ight now.
Okay. Whee wiII you Iive in Pataya?
My cousin Paikshit is thee.
I wiII diectIy head to his
bungaIow fom the aiport.
M. Singh. M. Singh.
So what if I Iose the job?
I don't even cae.
What does Aarti
ma'am think of heseIf?
Don't I have any seIf-espect?
M. Singh, I wiII caII you back.
Paikshit, foget you seIf-espect.
And entice him.
Whee wee you,
Bhavesh? Whee wee you?
I was eaIIy missing you.
What do you mean?
Can't a fiend miss anothe fiend?
I mean, we ae best fiends.
We ae Iike bothes.
You don't beIieve in bothehood?
What nonsense. Ae you fine?
ActuaIIy, I was just
thinking about us. - Us?
I mean we aII thee fiends.
We aII thee fiends.
God fobid, if anything
happens to any one of us..
If thee is any pobIem..
Fo instance?
Fo exampIe, you Iose you job.
'How does he know that
I Iost my job?'
You ae unempIoyed.
You don't have a penny.
You don't have anything to eat.
You ae oaming aound bae.
Who wiII support you?
Who? Who?
I am thee. You fiend.
You best fiend. You bothe.
NatuaIIy. Now Iook.
Leave me.
Assume that I have Iost my job.
- Don't say that.
Assume it.
- Okay.
Won't you support me
if I am unempIoyed?
Of couse. Is this
something to ask? I am you fiend.
A buden has Iifted fom my heart.
- Yes. Me too.
I wanted to say something.
- Me too.
I Iost my job.
Me too..
I am missing you peopIe a Iot.
ActuaIIy, I was just
thinking about us.
Us thee fiends.
We aII thee fiends.
We ae Iike bothes. Bothes.
What? You guys don't
beIieve in bothehood?
God fobid, if a
caIamity befaIIs on one of us..
God fobid..
Fo instance?
Assume that you both Iose you job.
- We have Iost it.
Paying guests.
How wiII we suvive
tiII we get a new job?
Don't woy. I have some savings.
We wiII use it.
No. You have saved that money to
send to India. It's fo you famiIy.
Aen't you both a part of my famiIy?
Don't taIk nonsense.
ChiII. Look, the pobIem won't be
soIved by meeIy taIking about it.
Let's go and Iook fo
some new jobs. AII ight?
Yes, Iet's not bIow
the job this time.
Come on.
- Let's go.
Hang on.
AII this is fine. But what about him?
- Who?
ExactIy. Kiska MigIani.
As soon as he etuns, he wiII say,
Who is the owne of the house?
Kiska. Kiska MigIani.
I can't do mimicy.
- Who wiII pay the ent?
We wiII coss the
bidge when we come to it.
Fist, Iet's soIve the
pobIem egading the job.
Pay that thee is no new pobIem.
Okay. Okay. Okay. I am coming.
I am coming.
HeIIo. HeIIo. HeIIo.
- HeIIo.
Ae you going thee?
- Yes.
Can you teII me who is the owne
of the house? - Kiska (Whose).
Of this house.
- Kiska.
Who is the owne of this house?
Kiska. Can I go?
Whee ae you going?
- Inside.
Inside? Whee?
- In the house.
I am taIking about the same house.
Who is the owne of this house?
Okay. What is this?
- An entance.
What is beyond that?
- A poch.
Beyond that?
- A house.
I am taIking about the same house.
Who is the owne of this house?
Can't you see this house?
Hang on. Who ae you? What ae
you doing? What's you pobIem?
Thank God, you have come.
He has made me go mad.
I just asked him a tiviaI question.
Look what he has done to me.
You have come. TeII me.
Whose house is this? - Kiska's.
Not Iike that. Ask whose?
Why shouId I ask that?
I am teIIing you. It's Kiska's.
This house. This house. This house.
- What?
Who is the owne?
- Kiska.
Who is the owne of this house?
Why ae you beating him?
Who ae you? Who ae you?
- Paikshit.
Do you know him?
CouIdn't you have
caIIed befoe coming?
CaIIed? I caIIed you so many times.
But you numbe was not eachabIe.
Okay. Now that you have come,
keep in touch. Chees.
Keep in touch?
I have come to stay hee.
- With you.
Any pobIem?
No. Look, Jayesh.
Kiska MigIani, the
owne of this house.. the most heartIess
and gumpy man in the woId.
That's the pobIem. - Why don't you
Ieave this house then?
Look, my fiend. This is Pataya.
It's easy to get giIs hee.
But it's difficuIt to
get a house and a job.
We can't affod to pay the
advance ent and the deposit.
Kiska MigIani didn't take
deposit and advance fom us.
Yet he Iet us Iive hee.
So, we have to toIeate him.
Look, I am going to
get a fIat with my job.
If I get the job, you
peopIe can Iive with me.
I wiII pack my bags.
Wait. Wait. Let me get the job fist.
When wiII you get the job?
- Afte the inteview.
When is the inteview?
- Afte two days.
Two days. We give you two days.
You too wiII emembe us.
GiIs ae fast and
the sevice is sIow.
Thank you.
Whee ae you guys going?
No, thanks. I don't dink.
- Why?
It's a sin to dink.
And those who commit sin,
go to heII.
This is not Iiquo.
This is shebet.
Yes. Bangkok's bamboo juice.
This is bamboo juice.
- Yes.
I can dink that.
- Bamboo.
Okay. I wiII be behind you.
You have to epeat whateve
I say in font of this giI.
- But..
You wiII get he. Tust me.
Say hi.
- Hi.
TeII you name.
- I am Bhavesh.
HeIIo, I am Maia.
- BeautifuI.
You ae vey beautifuI.
Thank you.
You hai is Iike
the fIow of meIody.
You hai is Iike
the fIow of meIody.
You eyes ae Iike
steaming hot bIack coffee.
You eyes ae Iike
steaming hot bIack coffee.
You Iips ae Iike
yummy stawbey ice-ceam.
You Iips ae Iike
yummy stawbey ice-ceam.
What's the ate?
- What is you ate?
I am soy.
Say now.
Say now.
I am savouy. ReIish me.
Stike with the eyes.
I am savouy. ReIish me.
Stike with the eyes.
I am the damseI of heaven.
Take me in you ams.
Lock it.
Lock eyes.
Lock eyes.
Shake you body. Get down. Down.
You ae hot baby giI in town.
Let me show you what is going on.
Come on, giI.
You got it going on.
Get enaptued by my siIky body.
SteaI my heart and my Iife.
One moe time.
Befoe somebody eIse takes me..
DaIing, make me yous.
DweII in the fagance.
ReIish my Iips.
I am the damseI of heaven.
Take me in you ams.
Lock it.
Lock eyes.
Fo you mind.
Say yeah.
The heart is fiIIed with Iight.
My heart is beating fast.
One moe time.
I give a signaI with
my mesmeising eyes.
I wiII give you whateve you want.
You won't get it again.
Read my heart.
Launch any attack.
I am the damseI of heaven.
Take me in you ams.
Lock it.
Lock eyes.
Lock eyes.
Lock eyes.
Kiska, whee ae you?
Wait. I wiII kiII you today.
- Stop it.
What happened?
It's the photo.
- Come out of the photo.
He is not in this county.
Good. Good.
He is not in this county.
Otherwise, I wouId have kiIIed him
and gone to heII today.
Saw how much my bothe Ioves me?
If Kiska had been hee then..
Kiska. Kiska.
He won't come hee. He is a cowad.
- Coect.
I am toIeating him fo
the sake of the house.
Otherwise, I wouId have
thashed him Iong ago.
Kiska is not so bad.
- What?
I feeI Iike stabbing him.
Stabbing him.
You'e ight. He is an idiot.
Look at his name. Kiska MigIani.
His mothe aised a question on
his birth and Ieft him to be aised.
When he has to taIk
to us on the phone..
..he gives us a missed caII.
So that we caII him back.
And we have to pay fo
Iistening to his nonsense. - Coect.
Kiska. Kiska.
You ae not coect.
ContoI you emotions.
ContoI you emotions.
Why ae you feeIing bad?
Just now you wee saying,
I wiII kiII him and go to heII.
I won't spae him.
- Not spae him.
Stop it, Bhavesh. Stop it.
No. Laugh. Laugh.
Look at his face and Iaugh.
He is standing Iike this.
Say moe.
Say moe. Say moe.
We ae fooIs and idiots.
- Yes.
What ae you saying?
- Yes.
We couIdn't ecognise M. Kiska.
M. Kiska.
Why ae you addessing
a begga espectfuIIy?
I am teIIing you, Paag.
Once we get a pemanent
pIace to stay, I wiII..
Kiska. Kiska.
I wiII take his bIessing.
I wiII touch his feet
and take his bIessing.
His mothe who gave
birth to such a geat man.. not an odinay mothe.
When did you etun,
Kiska? You didn't teII us.
You shouId have
given us a missed caII.
Idiots. Get out.
Paying guest.
So many times I toId you
guys not to dink so much.
But no, one fo the oad,
one on the oad.
One unde the oad.
Now, we ae on the steets.
Fist, we Iost ou job,
and now, ou house too.
Why ae you teIIing us? TeII him.
AII this happened because of him.
We wee ceIebating
his aivaI, ween't we?
Am I you fist baby who
has been bon afte 14 yeas?
That you wee ceIebating
my aivaI?
Did I have a deam that
Kiska's fIight wiII be canceIIed..
..and he wiII come back?
TaIking nonsense.
Now, the question is
whee wiII we Iive?
Okay. Don't stess out. Let it be.
Jayesh wiII get a job in two days.
And we wiII get a pIace
to stay. Right? - Yes.
The inteview is afte two days.
Afte the inteview,
I wiII get the job and then the fIat.
It wiII take aound 20-25 days.
- What ae you saying?
Look, we can do one thing.
We aII wiII contibute
and coIIect the deposit.
So that we can get a
smaII fIat on ent.
This is my contibution.
My contibution.
It's nothing.
ExactIy. We have nothing.
Because we have to send moe
than haIf the money to ou famiIies.
We spend the emaining on ou
suvivaI. In short, nothing.
Foget it. Why ae
you getting seious?
Since coIIege, we have faced
aII the ups and downs togethe.
So what if ou time is bad?
We have each othe.
We wiII face this
pobIem too togethe. AppIause.
- We have to do one thing now.
Find a fIat whee we don't
have to pay the deposit..
..and the ent too fits ou budget.
That too within 24 hous.
Otherwise, we wiII have
to sIeep on the steet.
What ae we waiting fo?
Let's go fo it.
What the heII? Let's go fo it.
Let's go.
Ae we going to find a
house o pIay a hockey match?
It's the same thing.
We ae in a foeign county.
Ou income is Iess.
And we don't have a pIace to stay.
Hea the tune of the heart.
It gives onIy tension.
We just need a pIace to stay.
Why ae we being punished?
We just need a pIace to stay.
Why ae we being punished?
Thee ae many unknown deams.
Pay the advance ent.
Paying guests.
We ae the best.
Paying guests.
HeIIo. Yes, Paikshit. Any news?
No, M. Singh.
At times, we have a
budget but not a fIat.
At times, we find a fIat but
it doesn't fit ou budget.
A few days ago,
I saw a paying guest..
..equiement in
Ty thee. Maybe you wiII get it.
Okay. What's the addess?
DaIing. DaIing. DaIing.
You aIways foget. Remembe it.
- Sit. Sit.
TeII me. What's the matte?
- BaIIu, we want you fIat on ent.
Why wiII I give my pesonaI fIat
on ent?
I wiII give the fIat
which is on hie.
I am taIking about the same fIat.
- So, say mango.
But it's the season of oanges.
Why shouId we say mango?
I mean, say fo the sake of it.
Look, we have decided.
We wiII give that fIat to a mango man.
Mango man?
- Common man.
It's the same thing.
- They don't know.
Okay. QuickIy give the infection.
- Infection?
- It's the same thing.
They don't know.
- Yes.
I am Paikshit Pandey.
He is my bothe Jayesh Thaku.
Did you Iike ou house?
- It's beautifuI.
- And vey weII maintained.
It's fuIIy ai-conditioned.
- Wow!
It's fuIIy ai-conditioned.
It's vey coId duing winte.
It's vey hot duing summe.
Though thee is an Ac.
AC doesn't mean ai-conditione.
It's accoding to cIimate. - Yes.
- Yes.
TeII them you conditions.
- Yes.
The fist condition,
the ent is 20,000 baht.
You won't give me any deposit
o advance. Is it acceptabIe?
- Yes.
The second condition. Dinking,
smoking, coming Iate at night.. not aIIowed in this house.
Women stay in this house.
- Women?
It's not acceptabIe? Leave. Get Iost.
No. Women meaning?
My siste-in-Iaw, Sweety's
younge siste. She stays with us.
She has gone out of town.
Is it acceptabIe?
She is you siste-in-Iaw.
Whethe you Iet he stay hee o not,
it's none of ou concen.
Is the condition acceptabIe?
- Yes. It's acceptabIe.
It's acceptabIe.
It's acceptabIe.
BaIIu, the thid condition.
The thid condition.
Ae you maied?
No. We ae not maied.
What?! Look, we wiII give
ou fIat onIy to coupIes.
You wasted my time. I can't stay
in this house a moment Ionge.
Let's go. Come on.
BaIIu, what ae you doing?
This is ou house.
Ae you seizing it? Leave. Get Iost.
BaIIu, Iisten to us. BaIIu.
- Leave.
- Listen.
My heart sings in
the season of monsoon.
My heart sings in
the season of monsoon.
You Iove dweIIs in my beath.
We ae maied.
Hang on. Just now Jayesh said,
We ae not maied.
You didn't hea it ight.
You didn't hea it ight.
He said, We'e newIy maied.
Right, Jayesh?
NewIy maied. We head,
not maied.
- Look.
BaIIu, I undestood.
They ae newIy weIded.
- Wedded.
It's the same thing.
- They don't know.
So, we both coupIes wiII
shift hee tomoow. - Yes.
We ae Ieaving.
We wiII meet tomoow moning.
Take cae, Sweety.
- I wiII take it.
Take cae, BaIIu.
- He wiII aIso take it.
And you too take it.
- We wiII.
Look, we don't have any othe option.
PIease ty this size.
To heII with you and
you stupid idea. Got it?
Am I teIIing you to change you sex?
I am just teIIing you
to to change you dess.
Just fo a few days.
Once Jayesh gets the fIat,
we wiII stop pIaying this dama.
- ExpIain to him.
Thee is a diffeence
between maIe and femaIe.
Thee is a diffeence
between eaI and fake.
We wiII be caught in a jiffy.
Got it?
That's what I am saying.
They won't come to know.
I have met them. They both ae
idiots. They Iook Iike idiots.
It's vey easy to fooI
them fo a few days.
Come on. Ty this size.
Look at both these desses.
Supeb. It wiII suit
you both. BeautifuI.
Listen, we ae not
doing the ight thing.
I know. It's not ight.
But it's not wong too.
Because we ae not
committing a theft.
We ae not committing a obbey.
We ae not steaIing anybody.
They need paying guests.
And we wiII stay as paying guests.
- What? I won't do this. - Hang on.
Guys, pIease.
We don't have a job.
We don't have a house.
It's eaIIy important. PIease.
Okay. Okay. Paying guests.
Fist pobIem soIved.
What wiII we do
about the second pobIem?
- This pobIem.
Oh, God. That's why you toId
me to buy the tennis baIIs.
Look, ou honou Iies
in you hand. CaefuIIy.
Yes. I don't know why I feeI
they wiII defame us vey soon.
Good. Vey good.
I just need a giI.
Then aII my pobIems
wiII be soIved.
I wiII find soIace.
Thee wiII be jamboees at night.
Paying guest.
We ae the best.
We ae the best.
We ae the best.
Paying guest.
- HeIIo. Come. Come.
Sweety, she is..
- Kaishma.
She is Kaishma.
- Kaishma.
His wife. - His..
His wife.
And she is Kaeena.
- Hi.
His wife.
Jayesh's wife?
- Yes.
Isn't she too taII?
You see, we both got
maied in chiIdhood.
I was bon.
He was not bon popeIy.
I got maied.
- Okay.
Now, he Iooks Iike this.
And I Iook Iike this.
Sweety, which
company's tea bag is this?
Thee is no coIou, no taste.
It smeIIs diffeent.
What ae you doing, BaIIu?
- What happened?
This is not a tea bag.
It's my fathe's taIisman.
Whee did you keep it?
You too. Come on.
Come hee. Meet him.
He is BaIIu. My husband.
- Okay.
- HeIIo.
I thought you'e pIaying Kabbadi.
God bIess you. God bIess you.
BaIIu, she is Kaeena.
She has got newIy maied to Jayesh.
- Okay.
And she is Kaishma.
Whee is Kaishma?
We ae famiIy.
Why ae you feeIing shy?
- Yes.
She is my wife. Check he out.
She is a beautifuI giI.
Yes. She is beautifuI.
She is beautifuI.
- Yes.
If you Iike he so much then
we wiII keep he with you.
You can see he cIoseIy
with a magnifying gIass. Okay?
- What?
- What?
Whee is ou oom?
- Room. You oom is thee.
Come on. Let's go.
- Yes.
This Kaishma.
- Yes.
She seems to be famiIia.
BaIIu, you think taIisman
and tea bag ae the same.
And you'e saying
Kaishma Iooks famiIia.
I think you'e not in you senses.
Did you find onIy this pIace?
What's the pobIem? What happened?
I used to wok fo BaIIu Singh.
He had fied me.
What? I toId you.
We aII wiII go to heII. Come on.
Stop, Jayesh. Bhavesh, Iisten.
If BaIIu had to ecognise you then..
..he wouId have ecognised
you by now.
It's just fo a few days.
Nothing wiII happen. Tust me.
Can I come inside?
- Come.
I was saying that
today's meaI is on ou behaIf.
Get eady soon.
We ae waiting. Okay.
BhaIIe. BhaIIe. BhaIIe.
We wiII come. We wiII come.
We wiII come fo sue.
What ae you doing? Naughty.
What ae you doing? Whee
ae you going? - Soy. Soy.
Is it difficuIt fo you
to Iive Iike a nomaI guy?
What pobIem do you have?
This is the Iimit.
What do you think?
I wite the scipt of my Iife?
I don't Iike to be a giI. Got it?
Seema, open the doo.
Again the cupboad.
- Seema, open the doo.
Open. Open the doo.
If I ask you, did Paag
come hee, you wiII say no.
So, I won't ask you.
- Then?
I wiII catch him. I wiII catch
that idiot. And I wiII thash him.
I won't spae him today.
- Fathe.
BeIieve me, Fathe. He is not hee.
Geat! Move!
I toId you. He is not hee.
Fathe, I am you own bIood.
When I saw you,
a chod stuck my heart.
Love shone though the eyes.
A chod stuck my heart.
I won't spae him today.
- Fathe.
Seema, Seema, save me.
This goon wants to ape me.
Who is he? - No. I..
I am uined.
Oh, my God. I didn't Iive anywhee.
He showed me the knife and
God knows what aII things he saw.
This IustfuI man.
CaII the poIice. CaII the media.
CaII the pess.
CaII Rakhi Sawant. I wiII expose.
I wiII expose him.
Kaeena, pIease stop it.
- What?
He is my fathe.
- Yes.
I am he fathe. I am you fathe.
I am eveybody's fathe.
Fathe figue.
What kind of fathe is he?
He shows the knife
and sees the figue.
Oh, God.
I am soy. It's my mistake.
It's a misundestanding. I am soy.
Who is she?
Fathe, she is Kaeena. My fiend.
She had come fo scipt-witing.
Now, she is Ieaving.
Yes. I am going to the poIice.
- Good.
- I am not you mothe.
Okay. I am soy.
But don't caII the poIice. - Why?
Because he is my fathe.
- So?
You fathe doesn't have
the ight to ape me. Got it?
My honou is moe pecious
than you fathe's honou.
PeopIe didn't even spae the moon.
So, how wiII they
spae a vuIneabIe woman?
PeopIe wiII continue
to point finges at he.
And she wiII
continue to feeI suffocated.
I won't endue this
suffocation anymoe, Seema.
Neve. AbsoIuteIy neve.
Instead of being defamed,
it's bette that..
..I expose this so-caIIed
decent man.
I found it.
- What?
I found the wite.
What a diaIogue!
What wods! MaveIIous!
Moon and defamation of a woman.
MaveIIous. You'e my pemanent
- Paying guest.
Hi, Singh.
- Paikshit, how come you'e hee?
I have come to take my due cheque.
- You won't get it.
- Because Aarti ma'am has said so.
Aarti ma'am has said this?
I want to taIk to you.
- Me too.
HoId on. HoId on. If you
think I have come to say soy..
I am soy.
Soy? - I am soy.
I am soy fo my bad behaviou.
And I am soy fo eveything.
And I want to thank you. I want to
thank you fo changing my Iife.
I don't undestand.
Paikshit, eveybody's
Iife is not the same.
I saw my Iife though
my daddy's viewpoint.
Afte his divoce, I saw him
fighting with his own seIf.
I too became Iike him.
Angy with myseIf, angy
with Iife, angy with eveybody.
When I eaIised it's my
own Iife, then I knew..
..I have the ight to
Iive it on my own tems.
When I did this, I eaIised
I didn't Iose anything.
Good moning.
Good moning?
- Good moning fo a new Iife.
You Iook much pettie Iike this.
Thank you.
Good moning, si. Si..
- Foget it.
- You intoduction.
I know. You ae achitect
Jayesh Thaku fom India.
You have sent designs fo ou
new pIant. - Si, my designs..
Foget it.
- What, si?
I saw you designs in the e-maiI.
They ae good. I am impessed.
I have appointed you as an achitect.
- Thank you, si.
Stop it.
- What, si?
Stop staing at my face.
And sign you appointment Iette.
Okay. Si, one moe thing.
By when wiII I get the apartment
which the company is going to aIIot?
Foget it.
- No, si. I can't foget that.
Foget you woy.
When the pevious achitect Ieaves,
you wiII get the apartment.
It wiII take aound 10-15 days.
ExceIIent, si.
Thank you vey much, si.
- What, si?
My hand.
In the end, so many
peopIe peished in Iove.
Hearts boke, houses wee uined,
wounds wee infIicted in Iove.
Why don't we too peish a bit
and expeience the joy of Iove?
Meet you again in the next episode.
TiII then, pemit you
fiend Romeo to Ieave.
Take cae. Goodnight. Bye.
Cut it. Okay.
Vey good. Vey good.
What a scipt! Mind-bIowing!
Ms. Kaeena is my choice.
She is a fabuIous wite.
Thanks. You gave Iife to my wods.
Come hee and change the battey.
- Yes.
- I think he is caIIing you.
You hai.
- Yes. I tied a new styIe today..
I won't spae you. Idiot.
You fooI me. I won't spae you.
Hang on.
Cheng speciaI pudding is eady.
But it's not compIeteIy eady.
We wiII bake it in the micowave.
And then we wiII eat it togethe.
Cheng speciaI pudding is eady.
But it's not compIeteIy eady.
We wiII bake it in the micowave.
And then we wiII eat it togethe.
I won't spae you.
- Paying guest.
Paying guest.
But it's not compIeteIy eady.
We wiII bake it in the micowave.
And then we wiII eat it togethe.
- Wait.
Now go.
- Okay.
Paying guest.
Fathe, cooI. CooI.
I am cooI..
You fooI.
- Paying guest.
This is the Iast waning.
If BaIIu Singh doesn't
seII the estauant..
..and give me my
shae of money, I wiII..
- Kaishma.
Siste, who is he?
What was he doing with the knife?
Siste, what's going on?
Who is she? Is she the new maid?
- Does he stutte? - Yes.
You ae scaing siste
with the knife.
This is ou pesonaI matte.
Chandu, you know that
I Iike maids.
- Maid?
Come, I wiII finish
you wok. Come. Come up.
I think she woks onIy upstais.
Can I kiss you? - Bad mannes.
Didn't you Iean anything in schooI?
I didn't go to schooI.
- Ladies fist. Fist me. Okay?
Tun you face.
- My God, cuent.
Stand staight. Vey good.
ShaII I cIose my eyes?
- Yes.
Now say, haiI Lod BajangbaIi.
Ronnie is my younge bothe.
Foget it.
Kaishma, I am gatefuI to you.
You heIped Sweety. ReaIIy,
I am vey happy. - No, I..
No. In today's woId,
a kin is not kin.
Do you know? You took the
toubIe fo me. Thanks a Iot.
But thee is a pobIem.
- What?
Now, you peopIe can't Iive
hee as the paying guests. Soy.
Because now, you peopIe
ae ou famiIy membes.
You aII ae ou kin.
So sweet! It means, now we
won't have to pay the ent?
No, you didn't undestand.
FamiIy membes who pay the ent.
What happened?
Who cooked this?
- Kaishma. Why?
I think I have tasted this befoe.
Siste-in-Iaw, I wiII just come.
ShaII I aIso come?
Do you know Bhavesh?
Who is Bhavesh?
- The chef.
I don't know any Bhavesh.
Who is Bhavesh?
He is a ogue, useIess, Iazy man.
He was the chef in my estauant.
- Siste-in-Iaw.
BaIIu, his name too sounds so cheap.
Hea his name. Bhavesh. Oh, God.
I feeI weid when I hea it.
- FooI.
- Whee? - What?
Whee is that adoabIe Bhavesh?
Not adoabIe, he is
an idiot. I fied him.
I aIways used to teII him..
That the customes ae tied
of eating the same kind of food.
So, do something new.
Do some expeiment.
No, he didn't Iike to wok.
I fied him.
- You did the ight thing.
But today, afte
eating you tasty food..
..I feIt if that
useIess chef Bhavesh..
..had cooked such
deIicious food in my estauant..
..then my estauant wouId
have touched geat heights.
Kaishma means to say,
May Bhavesh ot in heII.
May he ot! May he die a
teibIe death! What do I cae?
May he suffe fom cance,
paaIysis, AIDS.
Eat this. Eat it.
You Iike it, don't you? Eat it.
Kaishma. Kaeena.
What ae you both doing?
We'e pIaying catch-catch.
You too catch this.
This baII is not fo pIaying.
Keep it hee.
The baII is meant fo pIaying.
Whee is Pai? Pai.
- Yes. TeII me.
Pai, Iook what they ae doing.
What if somebody sees them?
Nobody wiII see us.
- BaIIu and Sweety have gone out.
That's why they ae pIaying.
Otherwise, wouId I have Iet them pIay?
Whee did they go?
- PIay.
Whee did they go? - They have gone
to eceive somebody fom the aiport.
Don't woy.
- Yes.
Good news.
- TeII me.
I got the job.
Yes. And I aIso got a fIat.
In a few days, I wiII
get the aIIotment too.
Yes. Yes.
CongatuIations. CongatuIations.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
- Wate. Wate.
Who is Jack?
Come on.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Hey, JiII. - Jack feII
down and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Come on. Come on.
ReIish this youth, my fiend.
It won't come back again.
Have meiments and enjoy.
Why fea the woId?
Come, Iet's just chiII.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down and
boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jack and JiII.
What wee you doing up that hiII?
What wee you doing up that hiII?
When I Iook at you..
Something happens.
When I hoId you hands..
Why do I feeI this way?
Let's come cIose.
Why fea the woId?
Come, Iet's just chiII.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jack, Iay that back.
Get on top.
- How is that?
Baby JiII, just chiII.
Who did you get in bed with?
Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick.
It goes on Iike this.
I want to kiss you.
My heart aIways says this.
Thee is a chance and
an opportunity too.
Why fea the woId?
Come, Iet's just chiII.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
So, these ae you paying guests..
..whom you wee paising aII the way.
Yes, KaIpana. Let me
intoduce you to them.
He's Paikshit.
- Hi.
And his wife, Kaishma.
- Hi.
And he's Jayesh, and
his wife Kaeena. - Hi.
Cheate, Iia, faud. You idiot.
- Tommy.
Who's Tommy?
- My dog.
What eminded you of you dog?
Someone hee did.
I Ioved and tusted him so much.
And Iook what he tuned out to be?
What did he tun out to be?
DeceitfuI and an idiot.
He hurt my feeIings and emotions.
I'm sue that dog must
have had some heIpIessness.
Thee wasn't any heIpIessness.
Cheate. He's a cheate.
He'II ot in heII.
How dae you?
- AIpita.
I am eaIIy soy.
My fiend is sIightIy sentimentaI.
ActuaIIy, she's sIightIy
senti and moe mentaI.
No. ActuaIIy, she came
with me fom India.. she must be tied.
Okay. Now, eveyone teII me,
who is she? - Yes.
Let me answe.
You younge siste, KaIpana.
Kaishma, how do you know?
You showed me you famiIy aIbum.
You gave me such
detaiIed infomation..
..about each of you eIative.
So, now, I can find you
eIative in any cowd.
I am vey happy to meet aII of you.
Isn't it? - Even, I am
eaIIy happy as weII.
Excuse me, no puIIing. We ae women.
ActuaIIy, my fiend is vey upset.
I'II go see he.
- Of couse.
ShaII I come aIong?
- No. no.
We'II go and settIe ou new ghosts.
- Guest.
Ae you enjoying?
Leave me.
- UncIe.. - She's the one..
What's wong with you?
- No, souI mate.
SouI mate, she's the one.
She has aII the quaIities..
..which my Iife-partne shouId have.
I want to cook a new ecipe
of Iove with he eveyday.. my entie Iife.
Excuse me, you'II make the ecipe..
..but we'II Iand in the fie.
Foget it.
- AIpita, Iisten to me.
What can you say? It was my mistake.
I thought you wee
diffeent fom othe boys.
But you tuned out to be one of them.
It was my decency that
I didn't eveaI you secet.
So not tustworthy. Cheate, Iia,
faud, seIfish. - No!
You've gown so bIind,
that you didn't see anything.
AIpita, ae you okay?
Get Iost. Taxi.
AIpita, Iisten to me.
AIpita, Iisten to me.
And teII me
eveything fom the beginning.
Whee did you meet?
How did you meet?
Who said 'I Iove you' fist?
The fist date.
Maiage. I want to know eveything.
It was a omantic
and pIeasant evening.
Oh, Siste-in-Iaw, how omantic.
I was sitting beside
my dying mothe.
The docto said,
if I don't get the medicine..
..then my mothe wouId die.
I an towads the medicaI stoe..
..but on the way, the goons..
- Goons. - Oh, my God.
Fou huge goons. And
they suounded me.
And that's when he aived.
- Yes.
Yes, Paikshit came and..
- He thashed the goons.
No, Paikshit didn't
thash the goons.
Instead, the goons
thashed Paikshit.
And then they Ieft.
And didn't Paikshit do anything?
- He did.
- He chaIIenged the goons.
He said, Come one by one,
I'II teach eveyone a Iesson. - Then?
Then the goons
thashed Paikshit one by one.
And fIed.
- The goons.
No, Paikshit fIed.
- He fIed Ieaving you aIone.
No, I wasn't aIone,
the goons wee thee with me.
But unfortunateIy, it
was too Iate by then.
My mothe was no moe
Oh, Siste-in-Iaw.
I am so soy, Siste-in-Iaw.
No, I mean she
wasn't at home any moe.
The neighbous took he
to the hospitaI. - Okay.
Joking. Come, sit.
Who is it?
Who is fIashing the
Iight on me and wants to die?
Stop. Discussion finished.
It's time fo action.
MuIi. - Even the God of Death
cannot swindIe MuIi's money.
You ae just a oadside goon.
Just watch, I'II shoot you
and you'II neve eaIise..
..whee it hit and
whee it came out fom.
No, MuIi si, don't do that pIease.
What's wong with you?
Did I say something to you?
I was taIking on the phone.
- Saved.
But si, I wouId've
epaid you money Iong back..
..if BaIIu Singh's conies
wouIdn't have interfeed.
They ae such amazing women.
They punched Ronnie so had.
- Quiet.
I kept quiet because they wee women.
Otherwise, you know my stength.
Have you seen a donkey Iaughing?
Once a Iine is dawn on the neck
with this, the donkey starts Iaughing.
In two pieces.
No, no. PIease.
Disconnect the caII, and
aange fo the money.
He's taIking on the phone.
He's taIking on the phone.
Thank God. Thank God.
Thee days, onIy thee days.
You won't see me fo thee days.
If I get the money,
eveything wiII be fine.
Otherwise, no one wiII see you.
He's taIking on the phone.
He's taIking on the phone.
Thank God.
He's taIking to us.
He's taIking to us.
Money. QuickIy.
Hey, stop shaking.
Has that deadfuI man Ieft?
- Yes, he Ieft.
Those paying guests have
ceated aII these pobIems.
I'II have to show those
paying guests my powe.
HeIIo, Namaste India.
HeIIo, BaIIu Singh.
This is Ronnie speaking.
Why ae you speaking?
Don't you get tied of speaking?
I know what you'II say.
You waned me to seII
the hoteI within a week.
And the time's ove now.
And now, you want to wan
me and give me moe time.
- Shut up.
I know, you'II taIk
about my paying guests now.
You'II theaten me that
I shouId go and wan them..
..not to interfee between us.
Listen. They ae not
just my paying guests..
..they ae my famiIy membes.
They ae my younge bothes.
Get that.
They teat me Iike an
eIde bothe, espect me.
If you say anything against them..
..I'II foget any eIation we have.
Get that. Disconnect the phone.
You fooI, aen't you ashamed?
Disconnect the phone.
BaIIu. - What's wong
with you voice, idiot?
It's me, Sweety.
- Sweety, fogive me.
I thought it's that useIess feIIow.
Just ode, say.
We've eceived an invitation,
fo fou pIay. - What?
Fou pIay. We've have been invited.
- Fo foepIay?
- Who has invited us?
The dama company, BaIIu.
The theate nea ou house.. hosting fou diffeent
pIays togethe. Fou pIay.
You mean fou pIay, fou damas.
It's the same thing.
But BaIIu, out of those fou,
I want to see onIy one.
So, come home eaIy tomoow.
Because the fist one
starts at 5 o'cIock.
And you know, BaIIu, if
you miss the starting..
..then you don't enjoy the cIimax.
It's okay, you know
I am vey punctuaI.
I'II be thee on time.
Just teII me whee I have to come?
I stiII emembe, the most
omantic evening of my Iife.
Wow. - I was tying the Rakhi (a thead
signifying bothe-siste bond).
- To my cousin bothe.
And then Paikshit aived..
..and said, Let's go
to a omantic pIace.
Wow, how omantic. -
Whee ae you going? - Hee..
And then, he took my hand and said..
- What?
- What?
Bothe o fathe I don't
have anyone except fo you.
I am absoIuteIy aIone.
So, can't we become
each othe's companion?
- Then what?
I can stiII feeI the
shive of his hands.
I can stiII feeI his
beath on my face. - What?
I stiII do.
- Okay.
His fagance can
stiII be feIt in my beath.
- Then what..
Both ou beaths wee
entangIed togethe. - Yes.
AII diffeences wee done away with.
- Yes.
And aII that was Ieft was poidge!
- Poidge?
Soy, I got too emotionaI.
Siste-in-Iaw, you
ae vey mischievous.
You stiII haven't seen much.
Enough about me.
TeII me. How does he Iook?
- Who?
You boyfiend.
- I don't have a boyfiend.
Wow. Now.. now, don't teII me. Lia.
TeII me, how does he Iook?
I eaIIy haven't met anyone yet.
And the boy shouId have
things that I Iike as weII.
Like, teII me.
He shouId be a good cook.
He shouId have a good sense
of humou.
He shouId be.. obviousIy handsome.
And he shouId taIk poeticaIIy.
And if he comes in a cowboy costume..
- Yes.
Then I wiII just..
You mean..
- Yes, absoIuteIy.
And the most important thing.
He has to be an animaI Iove.
- AnimaI Iove?
If you can't undestand the
feeIings of a speechIess animaI..
..then how can he undestand
the feeIings of humans?
TeII me.
- Yes.
You'e.. you'e absoIuteIy ight.
Give you siste-in-Iaw a
kiss befoe going to bed.
Good night.
- Good night.
- Yes.
It's stange, but I feeI you wiII
find you cowboy deam man tomoow.
- ReaIIy.
- SeiousIy.
Go, go and sIeep.
- Good night.
Good night.
Paag. Paag.
This is it.
BIess you.
My God. M. Bhavesh.
Oh, my God, I don't beIieve my eyes.
M. Bhavesh Vema.
It's a deam come tue.
- It's okay, eIax.
No eIax.
I started my own cookey
cIass afte eading you books.
- ReaIIy.
Yes. Si, autogaph pIease.
Oh, sue. Sue.
BIess you, bIess you.
- Thank you.
M. Vema, I didn't know
you wee an animaI Iove.
You see, those who
don't Iove animaIs..
..can't undestand
the feeIings of humans.
I Iove animaIs.
You see, they ae not Iike us.
They ae not deceitfuI o fake.
Wheneve I watch those
beautifuI coIourfuI bids..
..soaing in the skies, I wish..
I wish, I couId fIy
in the sky as weII.
You see, they don't
Iook fo a chance to sing.
They don't Iook fo Iogic to Iive.
And they don't Iook
fo a eason to be happy.
But stiII, we Iook fo them to eat.
- Shut up.
Excuse me. Excuse me, soy.
- It's okay.
Seeing thei innocence,
thei chiping..
..I wish, we couId
Iean to Iove Iike them.
I Iove animaIs.
Excuse me, si. What is
you favouite ecipe?
Of couse, of couse. Let me think.
Hot dogs, chicken, seekh (babecued)
kebabs, mutton fied ice.
Fied pomfet.. pok chops,
beef steak, stuffed tukey.
Roasted duck..
- Duck.
You ae an animaI Iove.
- Of couse.
I meant they shouId be banned.
I am a pue vegetaian. You see.
I eat vegetabIes that
die and faII off the tee.
Such a nice thing to say.
Oh, my God, my idoI.
My heo, he's a vegetaian.
It's okay, it's okay.
What ae you doing?
- No moe meat.
I won't eat meat any moe.
Now I'II be a vegetaian as weII.
- Okay.
Can I kiss you hands?
- Yes.
Can I suck you finges?
Geat cook. Geat cook.
Okay, Secuity, secuity.
Cute.. dog.
Oh, no! Cowboy!
Excuse me. Excuse me.
- HeIIo.
Bhavesh.. Bhavesh.
I just head you convesation.
- ReaIIy.
I've eaIised that thee ae
peopIe who think so high..
..about bids and animaIs.
God has given them this ight.
And no human has the ight to
take away this ight fom them.
Eveyone doesn't
think the same things.
I don't think Iike eveyone.
So, you'e a chef.
- Yes, a simpIe one.
Seeing the eaction of
you fans, it doesn't seem so.
Whee do you wok?
Have you head about
HoteI IntecontinentaI?
The manage thee is
my fiend's husband.
Take a ight fom thee,
hoteI Fou Seasons.
On the beach oad.
My fiend is a eceptionist thee.
- Yes.
Take a Ieft fom thee,
hoteI Gand Hyatt.
Have you eve been thee?
- No.
Thee. I wok thee as
the supeviso chef.
Seems Iike they pay vey Iess.
- What?
Otherwise, you wouId have
asked me fo coffee by now.
WouId you Iike to have Iunch?
- Lunch?
By the way, they pay me
a good saIay.
Hi, thee's good news fo you.
The channeI's ceative head..
..just Ioved you
scipt-witing styIe.
He says, this shouId be
the way to wite a scipt.
In fact, he has said that
if Kaeena doesn't give..
..the next scipt, then his
job can be in toubIe as weII.
- So?
So? - So, he wants to
meet you now, idiot.
But the idiot..
- Papa, cooI.
Okay, cooI.
I am cooI, aIways cooI.
Hey, you..
- Papa.
Did you have any
difficuIties on the way?
By the way, I wouId
suit moe on this chai.
Those who wea taditionaI
don't taIk about suits.
Idiot, I am asking you
to get off the chai.
Then sit on you chai.
- You do.
You do suit this chai.
You do suit it.
Be seated. Don't woy about me.
I can sit anywhee. Anywhee.
I've decided that you
shouId be given a chance.
Ty. Chance.
I am eady to appoint
you as a tempoay wite.
You ae PiIIai not Reddy,
but no thanks.
I want a pemanent job
with a thee-yea contact.
I wiII take you neck..
- Papa, emembe.
- CooI, cooI.
I'II have you neck checked.
Such a sweet voice and neck.
But making you pemanent
is a pobIem.
Okay, then I'II Ieave.
You suit, you ae weII suited
to become a pemanent wite.
And the thee yea contact?
- That..
I'm Ieaving..
- I have to give it.
I had to give you that. Confimed.
- Something eIse?
Yes. I want to may
you daughte Seema.
And I want to become the
pesident of this county.
What do you mean?
- Get out.
I am going, I am going.
Fathe, he's eaIIy going.
- Let him go.
If I Ieave, you'II Iose you post.
Who toId you that?
Seema, you. You too.
Fathe, I Iove him.
- But I don't Iove him.
He can't support a famiIy.
- Si, I wiII support he.
But you'II have to support
the est of you famiIy.
Quiet. See that, see that.
Fathe, pIease accept. PIease.
Okay. You suit it.
- You two ae weII suited. - Yes.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Bye, bye.
Bye, bye.
What ae you doing hee?
- What ae you doing?
I am seeing he off.
- This is wong.
Wong? I have been doing it
this way since I was a chiId.
How do you do it? Like this?
I don't mean this?
- Then?
I am taIking about KaIpana.
We aIeady have so many pobIems..
..and now you'e adding
moe pobIems.
Look, KaIpana is
M. BaIIu's siste-in-Iaw.
But she is eaIIy amazing.
Look, we'II be caught.
You stupid, what ae you
doing in my Iove stoy?
I was going home fom the office.
And I got down fom
the bus when I saw you.
Come on, Iet's boad the bus again.
Whee ae you going?
- Don't you want to go home?
Like this? Who'II don
the get-up, you fathe?
Don't you dae dag my
fathe in this? - Why?
Because onIy I can do that.
And anyway, that get-up
wiII Iook vey stange on him.
Thee's a caII.
- HeIIo, yes, M. Chow Chow.
I'II go change.
- Setting.
Si, don't you woy,
I have seen the designs.
You've got nice muscIes.
- Up o down.
What do you want?
- Rape.
We want to ape you.
You ae such a fooIish man.
You didn't have to take
such a Iot of toubIe.
Hand it ove to me,
I'II take it home and use it.
We want to do it hee, and not home.
How can I?
These ceams, potions and faciaIs..
..cannot be used pubIicIy.
This is not an
inauguation of a beauty paIou.
It is not paste,
he's tying to say ape.
No, I am saying it.
Rape. You wiII ape me.
She Iooks happy.
She'II be even happie to
see my muscIes. Come on.
Come on, take he.
Come on, Iet's go. Come on.
Come on, come on. - We'II have fun.
This is the ight pIace.
Leave me. Leave me.
Leave me. Leave me.
Look, no stange has
eve touched me.
Is she egetting it
o encouaging us?
Leave me, Iet me go.
Leave me. Leave me, Ieave me.
Leave me, Iet me go.
How can we..
- No, don't say anything eIse.
You'II say something,
and it'II sound Iike something eIse.
Do you know what you did
duing the Iast HoIi (festivaI)?
He toId aII the
giIs of his buiIding..
Can I smea coIou on you?
And it sounded Iike something eIse.
You know, they thashed us so badIy.
Didn't you feeI ashamed
getting beaten up by women?
Shut up. - You dae
defame me in font of a woman.
Don't you feeI ashamed?
- Go outside and keep a watch.
UntiI then, I'II deaI with he.
- No.
- Come on.
Leave me, Iet me go.
Leave me.
- You don't know my powe.
Hey, woman, get eady to ceIebate
the nuptiaI night with me.
Bewae, bewae.
Don't you dae touch me!
- I mean, don't touch.
But I can touch you.
No, no, no.
I'II Iay down my Iife,
but I'II neve sIeep with you.
Afte you die, you'II be
useIess to anyone. - Quiet.
You IustfuI man. -
You besmiched woman!
You dae hit me.
- Stop.
Siste-in-Iaw. Ae you fine?
Siste-in-Iaw, have no fea..
..because you
bothe-in-Iaw is hee.
Hey, Bothe-in-Iaw,
you intentions don't seem ight.
Hit him, Bothe-in-Iaw.
I won't spae you.
Save me. Save me.
He's tying to ape me.
Save me.
- Hey.
Ae you hurt?
Sit hee.
You idiot.
- Hit him, Bothe-in-Iaw.
I won't spae you.
I won't spae you.
I won't spae you.
You want to ape he.
You want to ape he.
You want to ape he.
You want to ape he.
Siste-in-Iaw, ae you fine?
Idiot, it's bette if he apes me.
- Yes.
Those two goons wanted
to take advantage of me.
We'II deaI with him.
Is this how you'II deaI with him?
What couId we do..
he wouId have found out.
And if he had found out..
..then we wouIdn't have
been abIe to face anyone.
ReIax, take a chiII piII.
You ae a man, why ae you tense?
Do I Iook Iike a man?
Even my homones
have started changing.
- And his Jayesh.
Did Jayesh come thee to
save me o beat me up?
I didn't undestand.
If he had aped me,
it wouId have pained Iess.
Foget it, you speak so much.
Anyway, guys, M. BaIIu and
Sweety shouIdn't know about this.
UnnecessaiIy, this
matte wiII get bIown up.
And thee wiII be a
pobIem which I don't want.
But what about that Ronnie?
We won't spae him.
He dae ty to tanish ou honou.
- FooI.
- You..
What is it?
- You ae eating the appIe.
Does it Iook Iike a watemeIon?
No, actuaIIy, I can see
something eIse in the appIe.
- HaIf.
Question. Whee is the est of it?
Answe. The est
went into his stomach.
Kaeena, whee's Kaishma..
Kaishma, Kaishma..
Kaishma is vomiting.
congatuIations. CongatuIations.
Thank you, thank you. What fo?
Kaishma is vomiting.
- So what? We'II get he teated.
What is thee to be
so happy about it?
Kaeena, Paikshit is
going to be a fathe.
- What? Fathe.
- Siste.
- Siste. Siste.
- Idiots.
Come in. When did you aive?
I just aived. Move.
Come hee, come hee.
- What happened?
Sit, sit hee.
It's such good news, Kaishma.
How do I say it? How do I say it?
- Siste, say it.
It's wonderfuI news!
Siste, but you have to say it.
- Yes, Siste.
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news! Listen to me.
Leave me.
Siste. Siste.
- Yes.
These men can neve see women happy.
They aIways keep interfeing.
Don't you dae interfee again!
Shut up, and be quiet.
Idiot. Yes, Siste, what is it?
Kaishma, a new guest is
aiving in this house.
Wow! New guest. Wow!
My God, it eaIIy is good news.
CongatuIations. CongatuIations.
If you eaIIy want to congatuIate,
then congatuIate him.
Him? Why?
- He's the fathe of the chiId.
- Yes.
- Yes.
The fathe of the chiId.
- Yes.
Idiot, foI.
Aen't you ashamed?
You betayed you own..
- What ae you saying, Kaishma?
Siste, just think.
- Yes.
When BaIIu finds out about the chiId..
..what wiII his pIight be.
What can happen to him?
Heaing about the chiId,
he'II dance with joy.
M. BaIIu wiII dance
with joy upon heaing..
..that Paikshit is
the fathe of you chiId?
No. This is injustice.
You'II make the mistake, and
a heIpIess woman Iike me..
..has to bea the bunt.
HeIpIess woman.
- Yes.
You wee vomiting, you ae pegnant.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Me.. me.. me..
- Yes, you.
You'e pegnant Iike evey
nomaI woman in the woId.
Now, eIax, and Paikshit,
Iook afte he.
UntiI then, I'II infom
the entie neighbouhood.
Siste. Siste.
- No, no.
- Siste. Siste. - Siste.
Why am I taIking Iike this?
HeIpIess. You've got
youseIf in a fix now.
It's wonderfuI news!
It's wonderfuI news!
Go vomit.
- I didn't know..
..that she'II take the wong meaning
of my vomiting.
Why is this happening with me?
Why is eveyone afte me?
Someone wants to ape me..
..and someone is
decIaing me pegnant.
Listen, Iet's go and teII siste..
..that I am not pegnant,
it's because of the wom in the appIe.
Go and teII him ight now.
- HoId on..
Jayesh, now, it's you tun.
Wow, it's eaIIy wonderfuI.
Sweety gave me such good news.
You made me eaIIy happy.
CongatuIations. CongatuIations.
CongatuIations. CongatuIations.
- Listen, M. BaIIu, my wife..
You don't have to
woy about anything.
Kaishma is ou esponsibiIity now.
We'II take cae of eveything.
M. BaIIu, Iisten to me..
- We'II Iook afte he evey minute.
Don't woy about the money.
You eIde bothe is
thee to support you.
M. BaIIu.. teII him.
M. BaIIu, Iisten to us..
BaIIu, Iet's go.
- Let's go.
- Whee do we have to go?
You fogot, didn't you?
We've have to go to the Guudwaa..
..and pay fo Kaishma's chiId.
It's a wonderfuI day today.
You have to obseve a fast.
- Yes, I emembe.
It's a wonderfuI day today.
Lod has bIessed us with his gace.
You know, KaIpana has said..
..that she has
chosen he Iife partne.
And then I was toId that soon..
..a smaII chiId wiII be
aiving in this house.
But M. BaIIu..
We couId neve become paents.
Fo yeas, this house
emained IoneIy.
We couId neve imagine..
..that we'II hea the giggIing
of a chiId in this house.
God is so unique. He is so unique.
He sent this coupIe hee
and fuIfiIIed my desie.
Thank you vey much. Thank you.
Come on BaIIu, afte the Guudwaa..
..we've to go fo wife-swapping.
- What?
She means wife's shopping.
It means the same. - It doesn't mean
the same, it's wong.
Come on, we'e Ieaving.
- Bye.
You just watch,
we'II aII ot in heII.
Hi, Paikshit.
- Hi, Siste Sweety. Good moning.
Good moning.
Thee's someone hee to meet you.
- Yes, Iook.
- Hi.
How come you ae hee?
- I was just passing by.
I thought why don't we
go to the office togethe.
Of couse, that's perfectIy fine.
It's good, I was on
my way to the office.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go, pIease.
How am I Iooking?
- Diffeent.
ShaII we go?
- Just diffeent.
BeautifuIIy diffeent.
Nice, isn't it?
Come on, Iet's go.
What is this, Paikshit?
You fiend has come
home fo the fist time..
..intoduce he to Kaishma.
Who's Kaishma..
Kaishma, doesn't matte. Come on.
Hi, eveyone.
Good moning, Siste.
- Good moning, Jayesh.
It seems, I've..
neve seen you befoe.
- Aarti.
I am Jayesh, Pai's cousin.
- Nice to meet you.
Same hee.
Pai, did you
intoduce he to Kaishma?
Why ae you aII so adamant..
..about intoducing he to Kaishma?
Come on, pIease.
When eveyone is insisting so much..
..then intoduce me to Kaishma.
By the way, who is this Kaishma?
Maid. Maid?
- Maid?
Bye. Bye-bye.
I was just saying bye to them.
PIease, come on.
- Bye.
Listen. What about my bye?
She's Kaishma.
- Geetings.
Ms. Kaishma Pandey,
Paikshit's wife.
Aarti, congatuIate them.
She's expanding.
She's pegnant.
She's going to be a mothe.
It wasn't pIanned.
And the fathe.
- Guess who?
Pai, be back soon.
I feeI vey scaed these days.
You.. You'II definiteIy go to heII.
Look, ma'am, I am soy.
I didn't want to hurt you.
It was not intentionaI.
ActuaIIy, we got maied
so suddenIy..
..that I couIdn't invite you.
Okay, I'II give you a speciaI teat
tomoow, fo my maiage.
Okay, when I have a daughte..
..I'II give you the fist invitation
fo he fist birthday.
What's the pobIem?
Aen't you happy that I am maied?
You don't Iike my wife, Kaishma?
What's the pobIem?
I'II teII you what the pobIem is?
You ae not happy.
And you can neve be.
Because you Iove me.
And I am not asking you this,
I am teIIing you.
Because Iove is
something that you can't hide.
These denched eyes,
suIking face, boken heart.
You can't hide them.
And one moe thing,
fo you kind infomation.
I am not maied.
And the one you saw was
my fiend Bhavesh Vema.
He's a guy, a boy.
He's been acting as
my wife fo many days now.
But thee's nothing
eIse we couId have done.
We had no othe option.
We wee heIpIess.
Look, AIpita, if you stiII
think I cheated you, then..
Do you have a handkechief?
- Yes.
How many?
- One. But why?
One handkechief
won't be sufficient.
I feeI Iike cying a Iot.
- No.
PIease fogive me.
I doubted my Tommy.. soy,
I doubted you.
PIease fogive me.
I am eaIIy soy.
It's okay.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
You image dweIIs in my eyes.
I've neve seen such a beauty.
You image dweIIs in my eyes.
I've neve seen such a beauty.
SimpIicity in you voice.
GIitte in you eyes.
I might just go cazy.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised. Lod Be paised.
Citicise my Iove.
So, it is you, what can I do?
It comes aIive in my
heart and in my mind.
Having you back Iiving on my mind.
How can I feeI, it's aII mine.
Seeing you gace and beauty..
The moon feeIs shy of you, by God.
By God, of you.
By God, of you.
Seeing you gace and beauty..
The moon feeIs shy of you, by God.
By God, of you. By God, of you.
Don't paise me so much.
I know what you desie is.
I am fIooed by you.
You ae my Iife.
You'e the unique ceation of God.
You ae so enchanting.
I might just go cazy.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Let me take you in my ams.
Mesmeise you with the chams.
Take you up and take you down.
Make the heart go ound and ound.
Baby, come cIose to me.
The magic that you'II see..
I'II Iove you. I'II stay
with you whateve you do.
My attitude, my gace
is most enthaIIing.
The entie woId Iooks at me.
I am the most beautifuI.
I am the most beautifuI.
I am the most beautifuI.
My attitude, my gace
is most enthaIIing.
The entie woId Iooks at me.
I am the most beautifuI.
I am the most beautifuI.
Since I've seen you..
I've Iost my senses.
I've fosaken the entie woId.
And chosen you.
The estIessness is gowing.
Ou Iove says just one thing.
I might just go cazy.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
Lod Be paised.
That means, you ae Kaishma.
And he's..
- Kaeena.
I can't beIieve that
I couIdn't ecognise you.
I don't know whethe my get-up
was nice o was it my fate?
But that is what has happened.
We've decided that
we'II teII M. BaIIu..
..and Sweety eveything today.
Yes. And they can punish
us in anyway they wish to.
But we can't pIay
with thei emotions.
Come on, Iet's teII M. BaIIu
and siste Sweety eveything.
Hang on, guys, hang on.
It can't happen diectIy Iike this.
You'II have to teII them
that whateve you did..
..was you heIpIessness,
and not you wiII.
But we wiII have to teII them.
How do we teII them?
- Do something about it.
Come up with a stoy,
take someone's name..
..teII them a stoy.
Do anything,
but just don't hurt them.
You ae ight.
Fist, we'II need to
show them a smaII taiIe..
..and then the entie fiIm.
Come on. - Hey, aen't you
going to change you get-up?
Go change.
These women tuned out to be men.
I'II take cae of them ight away.
You got naked pubIicIy.
- Is this how you change cIothes?
Yes. I didn't know that
the Iift was tanspaent.
Tanspaent. Come on.
You keep doing something o the othe.
HeIIo, Ronnie.
Let's go.
Ronnie, you.
So, he's Ronnie
You punched him, didn't you?
- Yes.
But he doesn't efom.
I wiII have to hit him again. - Yes.
This is just Iike inviting peopIe.
Some peopIe ae so stubbon.
I guess he was bon naked.
Why do you Iaugh?
I'II make smaII, smaII, smaII..
SmaII pieces of you, and
make minced-meat out of you.
BaIIu and Sweety ae not
aIone now, get that. - Yes.
We ae togethe.
And togethe, we'II
teach you a Iesson.
Why do you..
- What ae you doing?
You dae aise you hands on a woman.
- Yes.
Don't you feeI ashamed?
You ae a man, so, fight
with a man. - Yes, go on.
He's a man too.
No, she has such beautifuI tesses..
Oh God, Kaishma.
Kaishma, when did you get this done?
This.. When did you.. Why?
- Why?
Petending to be innocent.
Madonna's mothe's wig is in my hand.
Oh, my God, what has..
Take a Iook.
This is the tuth about
you IovabIe paying guests.
M. BaIIu Singh, they ae aII fauds.
They wee going to
make a fooI of you..
..and pIunde the entie house.
M. BaIIu, tust me, pIease.
We wee going to teII you the tuth.
We gave you a pIace in ou hearts..
..and not just in
this house. My heart.
I Ioved you moe than
my younge bothes.
What did you get?
What did you get by doing this?
What did you get by
mocking my emotions?
You pIayed with ou emotions..
..just fo the sake
of you own inteest.
You shouId have feIt ashamed.
You shouId have been
afaid of the Lod.
You must have thought that they
ae fooIs, emotionaI and stupid.
Let's pIease him with fake
emotions and piIIage him.
You mocked my Iove.
It's wong. It's wong.
Siste, pIease ty to undestand..
- Stop it.
I don't want to hea
this wod fom you.
Siste-in-Iaw, kin
wiII aIways be kin..
..and stanges wiII
aIways be stanges.
And they ae a good exampIes of it.
Hey, you.
Enough of you famiIy dama.
Hee's the pape, get it signed.
- What is it?
Bothe, it's the estauant papes.
Can't you do such a smaII
thing fo you younge bothe?
Come on, sign the papes.
- Okay.
No, M. BaIIu..
This entie pobIem is
because of my estauant.
TeII me whee I have to sign.
- Hee.
M. BaIIu, pIease,
pIease, Iisten to us.
You can punish us
in any way you want.
But pIease don't do this.
M. BaIIu, this
estauant beIongs to you fathe.
And you toId us that he
buiIt it with such had wok.
PIease, don't give it
to these goons.
Who did you caII a goon?
- Soy.
You goon..
- Idiot, fooI.
You moon, idiot.
- You idiot. Rotten egg..
I am done.
- Shut up.
- Whee?
Hey. Not you.. us.
What ae you Iooking at?
Catch them.
Yes, M. Chhabia, don't woy.
I know you've invested a
Iage amount in this show.
I pomise you.
No, don't woy. I know this
is my fist and the Iast chance.
It wiII be a big hit.
SaIim. Do you know
who you ae taIking to?
I know who I am taIking to.
I am taIking to an aogant fathe..
..who is tying to
suppess me, using his powes..
..of an empeo, but in vain.
- SaIim.
You aised voice cannot
made me change my mind.
You eign, you MughaI odes..
..can change the fate of peopIe.
But they cannot suppess Iove.
Eithe you'II wite the saga
of you defeat with ou bIood..
..o Iove wiII be
victoious once again.
OnIy the masses of
India have the ight.. decide the fate of India.
And not the Iove of
some odinay dance..
..that sways fo
a few siIve coins.
SaIim, swods wite
the sagas of wa.
They don't decide the
fate of Iove o the county.
Summon AnakaIi.
The diecto has
changed AnakaIi again.
What ae you saying?
- Yes.
- Quiet, insoIent sevant.
Come to you senses, you ae
in the pesence of the empeo.
And accept you cimes.
Do you Iove, SaIim?
- No. I Iove Jayesh.
What ae you saying, AnakaIi?
Who is Jayesh?
- Continue.
I am the king of Lanka, Jayesh.
I mean, the king of Lanka.
What's Ravan doing in MughaI-e-Azam?
- Must be a speciaI appeaance.
No one can stop AnakaIi and Ravan.
Yes, you can.
Someone can sueIy stop you.
AnakaIi, give me
the estauant papes.
Give me the papes.
Thamba (stop). - Eveyone is
standing in thei pIace.
I am taking you name.
Why ae you defaming me?
- Samba.
Ravan, daIing.
Heads up.
- Samba.
One man and ten heads.
It's geat injustice.
Chief, it must be vey difficuIt
fo him to go to discos as weII.
- 2000 pe head.
He has ten heads.
Give me the papes.
Have no fea, because
Spidey's hee. Spideman.
Who is he?
- UntiI I am aIive.. one can touch my fiend, Ravan.
- What is this SaIim, aII the whiIe?
AnakaIi, Iet's go fom hee.
The situation hee
has become vey bad.
Thamba (Stop).
No one wiII go out of hee.
OnIy these papes wiII go out
of hee.
Do these papes beIong to you?
You idiot.
These papes ae mine.
- Mine.
- Mine.
- Mine. Mine.
Why just the heart,
ask fo my Iife..
She's mopping the fIoo.
MughaI maid.
You know I Iike maids.
Listen caefuIIy, I am Umao Jaan.
Whee ae you eas?
I think she wants to teII me
a secet in my eas. - Run.
I am not Jignesh Shah,
no GoIi Shah.
I am not Ritesh Shah
o Nasiuddin Shah.
Then you must be Satish Shah.
- No.
Who is he?
By eIation, I am you fathe.
And my name is Shahenshah..
Anothe one. That means..
I have two fathes.
Mothe betayed me.
- Me too.
Who ae you?
- Osama.
Who is Osama?
I suggest, you give him
you addess..
..he'II send two pIanes
and answe you questions.
That Osama. Geetings, Bothe.
- Geetings.
Enough of you dama.
Ronnie, take the papes
and come hee.
Who is it now? - Didn't you get
an idea fom the camea teatment..'s definiteIy a
TV seiaI chaacte.
Who ae you?
- TuIsi.
- Yous.
And why did you come
in the oyaI court?
Osama, give me the papes.
You can't do anything.
Why do you interfee
in such tiviaI issues?
By kiIIing he, you'II
become a seiaI kiIIe.
It's no use, Osama. She'II not die.
She's been Iike this fo
the Iast 5000 episodes.
I have not come aIone.
I've bought Ba's oId fish.
I've bought you
pemanent enemies aIong.
- Thaku and a Sada.
This is too much. Too much.
He's BaIIu Singh.
- BaIIu Singh.
You'e ight.
Retun the estauant
papes to me, Gabba.
If you wanted the
estauant papes..
..then why sign them
in the fist pIace?
Because I became emotionaI.
But I've eaIised my mistake.
And I've eaIised who's on my side,
and who's not.
What is you name? Osama.
Give me the papes.
And aII of you come with me.
What ae you saying?
This is not a stoII in the pak?
Can you see this gun?
No one shouId move.
Who ae you, madam?
- Goddess of fIowes.
Goddess of fIowes?
- PhooIan Devi.
It's the same thing, BaIIu.
- They don't know.
QuickIy, give me you gun
and the estauant papes.
Hey, PhooIan, what's the huy?
Fist deaI with Rana.
Gun, and give me the papes.
Siste Sweety,
don't give them the papes.
I am hee.
Give them the papes.
Give them the papes.
What can I do? Give it.
I toId you to give the
papes to them. Give it.
You fooI.
- You don't know my powe.
Why do you aIways taIk about
you powe? TeII me you powe.
Right eye, minus 2.5.
Left eye, minus 5. - Idiot.
M. BaIIu, what we did
was ou heIpIessness.
Won't you eve fogive us? Siste?
- Yes.
We did Iie to you.
But ou eIation with
you was not a fake one.
BeIieve us.
UntiI we Iived in this house,
we consideed this ou own house..
..and you aII as ou famiIy.
M. BaIIu, what we did was wong.
But we ae not wong peopIe.
BaIIu.. - Sweety,
they ae aII fooIs. AII of them.
Okay, I'II fogive
you on one condition.
You'II have to fuIfiI the
deams of a smaII chiId..
..that you showed us.
No, M. BaIIu, this deam
can neve be fuIfiIIed. - Why?
I can neve be a mothe.
But you can become a fathe.
- Of couse. - Of couse.
Won't you chiIden be ou
chiIden as weII? - Yes.
How nice. How nice.
Hey, stop.
Don't you want to get maied fist?
M. BaIIu, we thought,
untiI we get maied..
In the meanwhiIe why don't
we fuIfiI you deam of a chiId.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down and boke his
cown and JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Eveybody come and jump with me.
Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Eveybody come and move with me.
Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Come on, jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Savou this youth.
It doesn't stay foeve.
Let's have fun.
Let's have a bIast.
Don't fea the woId.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down,
and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jack and JiII, watch you peopIe..
Went up the hiII..
To give anothe gIamoous thiII.
Move it down to the sound.
Come on, Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Eveybody come and jump with me.
Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump.
Eveybody come and move with me.
When I Iook at you..
Something happens.
When I hoId you hands..
Why do I feeI..
We ae coming cIose.
Don't fea the woId.
Jack and JiII went up the
hiII to fetch a paiI of wate.
Jack feII down,
and boke his cown.
And JiII came tumbIing afte.
Jack and JiII.. went up the hiII.
Paying guest.