Payload (2011) Movie Script

You can tell by the call of three we have entered the stratosphere are comensing final decent over.
Stand switched to a secure channel wait for my mark and dump the payload.
Copy that.
ten nine eight seven six five four three
two one zero
Told you I could do it. I never doubted
Bullshit. Language Simon, language.
Come on Dave get your ass moving get up.
Lets go. Were in real luck its clarks town cat.
If we cut here and here we'll get in real quick.
Get your dad out of here.
Well well well three Carter boys. What are we peddling this evening? Just gonna get my
dad to the medic.
Any thing to declare? No sir
please sir can I get my dad... Whats that?
All right.
Lets have your IDs then. Day passes.
Welcome to Clarks town.
You wanted to know if Adam Carter came
yeah he's here now. Check him in i'll deal
with it.
Where are the other girls Many?
This isn't the deal get over here.
I gotta whole lot a hungry men here and she
ain't gonna feed them all
Im gonna take something from you and make it fair on me.
Guys take two ton off this can before we
load it back on tomorrow's crawler.
Fucks sake. For fucks sakes
You better make sure I get what I paid
for or I'm too stick you in a dress
and a wig and put you in a small dark room with these animals
got it.
So Officer Henshaw what seems to be
the problem?
I'm pretty sure we need that carbon
fiber up at the space doc. Sir it seems
Many here had a stowaway and what has
that got to do with the carbon, Sir
we're taking her in for questioning
perhaps you'd like to question the
prisoner yourself, Sir?
Adam you might want to ask you boys to
You knew that was my can Adam who
else will put a shoot on it now it seems
you've got a problem
you've got a family to feed and cloth
and educate I worry for them.
I really do I can fix this
all I ask for is the girl.
Did you think I wouldn't work it out
you can't hide her sex forever
she's gonna be worth a hell of a lot of
money one day and you know that she'd be
better off with me and that if those men
get their hands on her
it's a fair deal.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Kate's right.
Where not giving up Divina.
No, no.
Well I am fucking useless.
it's time to feed me to the wolf's
I'm getting Divina and were going.
What makes you think it's going to be
any better up there?
It has to be.
What do you know.
She never came back.
Maybe she diden't want to see your ugly
face every day.
We're going.
Look I'll help you can you give me your ID card I'll see what I can do.
Just stay in the fucking ute okay, okay?
Where do you think you're going?
Just going for a walk.
I'm here to ask for a new deal. Hurting
either one of us thinking to save your
I think you know that already.
Maybe you've got some smarts after all.
I want to be on the first call out of here tomorrow
in your turn you'll get me I'm smart I work
you have my word. That isn't even a trade
you're just not worth as much
I got one too many mouths to feed
already just the way it is
I'll collect your sister in the morning.
What about my dad. What about him?
How much would it be worth?
He's a broken man what do you mean? You know exactly what I mean.
Some parts of it might be worth
something to someone. It would be a fair trade.
You and him in exchange for the girl is
that what you're proposing?
Yeah yeah I guess it won't be painful
you've got my word.
How can I trust you? How can I trust you?
Thank you for uplift.
Thank you don't thank dad.
Well can I. Come on lets go. You can't it's just how it is. Why?
Why? He's in operation okay come on we
better go.
don't be late to the call. T minus five minutes to up link. All athurized personel to report directly to there stations.
Pass cards.
Stand back.
Continue on.
Keep going.