Peace Breaker (2017) Movie Script

I've counted all the money.
Where are you now?
Can you hear me?
I'm out.
What's wrong with you?
The police is checking!
Sit down.
Stand still and don't move!
Search them!
are you withholding something from me?
What are you talking about?
Where the heck are you now?
I am on my way.
You said that thirty minutes ago.
Which road took you so long?
Can you hang on a minute?
Hang the hell on!
Relatives are gossiping without you here.
Where's Weiwei then?
Weiwei is burning joss paper with her aunty.
Come over here quick!
Captain Guo led the raid of Jinyang Nightclub with guys from headquarters.
Why didn't you tell me?
Captain Guo led the raid of Jinyang Nightclub?
You didn't know it or you lied to me?
Where are you going?
Just to have a smoke.
Our own guys!
What on earth has happened?
Get your hands off me.
Nobody leaves this place now!
You're the rookie, aren't you?
What are you doing? Get your hands off!
Put your hands away!
Daddy, why are you so late?
Are you coming now?
Daddy will be right there.
I am hungry.
I want nasi lemak (a popular Malay dish),
want nasi lemak?
Mum too.
Mummy wanna more cucumber.
Daddy's gonna buy it for you.
Be a good girl. I'll call you later.
All freeze!
Put down anything in your hands!
What brought your drug enforcement division here?
Isn't this going too far?
Your boys got caught collecting money at Jinyang Nightclub.
Just play along.
Let them play.
We'd walk away after they're done.
you prefer the department against corruption here?
Search carefully. Search it inside out!
Captain Guo, what happened?
Those guys,
went to Jingyang
to nab an international drug dealer.
I called you but nobody answered.
Why you don't get out of there?
Now this is perfect.
We're under suspicion of money laundering,
and harbouring the drug dealer!
Harbouring the drug dealer!
Where is this officer Gao Jianxiang?
His mother passed away.
He left for the funeral. So?
Captain Guo.
Just open it.
There's nothing to hide anyway.
I'm afraid this wouldn't be ok.
Jianxiang is not here.
And I don't have the key.
Excuse me, sir.
Routine sobriety test.
I am Gao Jianxiang,
detective office, Dikaios Division.
It must be tiring
to work under such weather.
I should be leaving then.
I seem to smell alcohol.
Have you been drinking?
Please do me a favor.
I am is hurrying to my mother's funeral.
And I had a drink.
Please accept my condolences.
But we still have to proceed with the tests.
Pardon me.
My mother passed away.
And I am in a rush to go to the funeral parlour.
Hold on sir.
Get off the car!
And a crack in the windscreen.
What's it?
Hey guys.
I am Gao Jianxiang,
detective office, Dikaios Division.
I had a drink today
for my mother's funeral.
Can we
just let it go?
His identity hasn't been confirmed yet.
What about my I.D. number?
there's one extra digit.
No way.
please come inside of the vehicle for further verification.
We can just do it here.
Could you just call the service center and verify?
Gao Jianxiang, 760829075031
twelve digits, right?
Hold on please.
Search his trunk.
Don't touch my car.
Identity confirmed.
It's officer Gao Jianxiang from the Dikaios detective office.
Stop it!
Could it be that Jianxiang made electronic ledger books?
this pad needs password.
I don't know.
Where is officer Gao?
Where is the funeral?
Sorry sir.
They were simply performing their duties.
Hope you could understand.
Who beat my head? Step forward!
You think police can beat people up?
Sorry, my apologies.
why so late?
Where is my nasi lemak?
Sorry. I forgot it.
I knew it.
I thought you were in a car accident.
What took you so long?
finish your meal quick.
We are gonna see grandma for one last time.
We need your assistance
to track down the drug dealer.
Unlock the pad.
Here you go.
what a cushy job
you have here?
Have you found any leads?
What on earth do you want?
Chinese police.
I told you.
They're here after an international drug dealer.
Captain Zhou,
how about this?
Just let Jianxiang deal with the funeral first.
We can call him in tomorrow for further explanation.
He's not gonna run.
What do you say?
Now that no evidence points to their harbouring that drug dealer,
let the department against corruption take over for further investigation?
My condolences.
the casket is about to be nailed shut.
Come quick!
Got it, right away.
We're brothers,
I will do anything I can
to help you out.
you need to be prepared.
Sorry there is no envelope.
My condolence.
Visitors, please.
For security of our park,
our parking lot will be closed at 1 am.
If you have car parking in the parking lot,
please drive them away before 1 am.
Thank you and good night.
Before we nail shut the coffin,
do you have any last words to your mother?
Or is there anything she likes,
you want her to take away with?
Master Yang gave me
this jade pendant.
Please take it with you.
Come Weiwei.
Tell grandma,
tell her to rest in peace.
Grandma, rest in peace.
I will be a good girl.
I will be a good girl.
Nail one,
may the family grow and prosper,
Nail two,
may the best blessings,
Nail three,
may the son to come,
Nail four,
may the hall be filled with offspring,
This nail is for
offspring and union.
May your sons and grandsons blessed with wealth forever!
Use your mouth.
Bite this.
Come forward to the spirit tablet.
Put it into the burner.
Hammer all the nails!
Visitors, please.
For security of our park...
It's going to be the last night.
Can I,
stay with my mother for a little longer?
Do you understand Mandarin?
I understand it but can't speak.
We are closed now.
You must leave by 1 am.
I will check later.
This balloon?
This balloon
is for my mother.
Your mother?
What a loving son!
I am sorry.
Sorry mum.
Scared me.
Do you hear that?
You know what,
this morning,
we had a little baby.
You mean the one
with the mother passed out and got hospitalized?
Where are you running to? Wait for me!
Is there anybody inside?
Security control room, do you copy?
That door seems locked.
Check it out for me.
No problem.
There seems something wrong with the CCTV.
Can you get the key for me?
I am getting it to you.
Lend me this, please.
Don't need to come up.
I can drop it to you.
Alright, just don't throw it too far.
When the door opens,
watch for the surprise!
You nuts!
Help me please!
Mum, help me!
Is the CCTV working now?
Still no image.
You're still here!
I fell asleep.
Did you hear something strange just now?
No, I only heard my mum speaking to me.
Nothing else.
We have to farewell by morning.
Please look after her tonight.
I shall leave now.
Your mother's balloon.
Thank you.
Bye bye.
Lower slowly.
Be gentle.
You hit it on the other side. Be careful.
Hold on, hold on.
This old madam is too heavy!
Don't be rude!
Tell them to be gentle.
Put it down, put it down!
Dust to dust.
Ashes to ashes.
your children and grand children are all here today.
Good journey.
Rest in peace.
I am sorry!
What a devoted son!
Just paint the wall one more time,
all the furniture can be moved in.
I know, but we cannot breach the contract.
Bye bye!
Look how fast the car runs!
faster than the doll.
Mummy bought it for me.
No girls would play with toy car.
My doll was stolen.
By whom?
How would she know?
So bad to steal from a child.
How despicable!
Stealing a pity thing like that,
this thief
must have difficulties.
Detective Gao Jianxiang, Dikaios Division.
How could you just randomly
park the car in the street?
How dangerous it is!
Sorry sir.
Please look at my right side.
Inside the explosion-protected box,
is the improvised explosive device we got this time.
Though it just contains a little CPO explosive,
it is able to inflict massive damage.
It can be remotely operated within a range of 20m.
This is our first time
seizing such a new type of explosive device.
The trigger of the bomb is very handy.
Totally brand new!
Fortunately it's a squad car.
Otherwise it can't be fixed so soon.
Yes, I was lucky this time.
You do.
What the heck are they up to?
Uncovered an underground explosives factory,
here comes the press conference!
Press this button,
the bomb would go off within two minutes.
Don't worry.
The bomb has been put into an explosion proof box,
which is able to contain any of the damages.
Alright, standby!
Isn't this promotion going too far?
This kind of promotion is necessary
to show the competency of the Dikaios Division,
isn't it?
You are right.
You close to officer Chen Changmin from Drug Enforcement Department?
Who's that?
Are you joking?
Captain Guo said,
the mere mention of your name, he will offered help.
The guy is really something at the headquarters.
It was him who straightened out the books thing for us.
Captain Guo must have got it wrong.
Hey brother,
do not lie to me
or I will be pissed off.
Could you say some good words for me?
I would love to have a cushy job at the headquarters.
Are you even busy right now?
Not really.
What the heck!
What the heck!
I just got it bake painted!
Thank god.
Our own man did it.
Don't worry, guys.
We used the explosives-protected glasses.
Morning guys!
Officer Xu is here,
to assist in the investigation of an international drug dealer.
Our task is simple.
That is to assist the investigation.
If I offended any of you last time,
please accept my apology.
Now let me brief you on the case.
Jin Yongde,
an overseas Chinese originally from Fujian,
owns hotels, KTVs
and nightclubs in East Asia.
According to the intelligence we collected,
he's the head of an international drug ring.
He ran these businesses
as a cover for his drug dealing business.
The confessions made by the drug dealer in Xiamen shows,
Jin Yongde's drug supplier
named Eden Zhang,
Chinese name Zhang Chen,
half Chinese half Indian.
He's got a prosthetic left eye.
The very guy we were after at Jinyang Nightclub on 15th
was Zhang Chen.
And he's hiding somewhere in our district.
Our job is simple.
Arrest him.
This is a binational operation,
and all I ask is to be fast, precise and forceful!
All of you, don't let me down!
Is everything clear?
Yes sir.
Block the intersection!
This Zhang Chen has murder record.
Watch your back out there.
Go ahead, ahead! Liu Hao!
Gao Jianxiang.
Gao Jianxiang!
Where's your gun?
Captain Guo, where's your gun?
I don't think he's here.
How do you know?
By instinct.
Do you have that?
With all the money you spent on lottery,
I never see you win anything.
And you say instinct?
You two, Jianxiang.
You! Go over there.
Be careful, Gao Jianxiang.
All units standby!
Police! Freeze!
there's nobody in the room.
nobody in the back alley either.
Officer Xu.
Is there anything wrong with your intelligence?
He was here for sure.
I.D. card.
there's still leftover of instant noodles here.
He might have caught wind of our operation and escaped.
From today on,
our team will take turns to stay here and monitor.
This guy left in a hurry.
He may come back to get something.
I'm detective Gao Jianxiang from Dikaios Division.
What's going on?
We got a report that
a car accident happened here last night.
What's the time of the report?
Just now.
The accident occurred on the night of the 15th.
Somebody got hit right here.
The body was put into the trunk.
The guy ran away.
Do you have the identity of the informant?
The reported call was made from a public telephone.
He hung up right after.
What happened, Gao Jianxiang?
Why are you here, Li?
I am here for a hit-and-run car accident.
It is said the guy put the body into the trunk.
Into the trunk?
How brutal!
Do you have any leads?
I have got no obvious clues so far.
God is watching.
Liu Hao, you go with them
to the security control room.
Maybe we can find something about Zhang Chen.
I am going too.
Captain, I can handle this.
I can also go.
You stay here!
Go for what?
I just went by,
and bought some food for you guys.
Hao, come and eat.
You get it done finally.
So generous of you today!
Captain Guo has told me,
to treat officer Xu well with hospitality.
He's not here.
Don't wait for him.
He's attending a meeting with the seniors.
It's gonna be a while.
I've bought too much.
come and have a bowl of
bak-kut-teh (a Chinese pork rib soup dish).
Thank you.
Have you found any leads?
Nothing. Check this out.
This camera happens to
have no visual of the scene from this angle.
Eat some.
What was that?
Rewind it!
Zoom in on it!
This road is quiet with minimum traffic.
Why did he suddenly brake the car?
Somebody happened to be crossing the road.
Someone was crossing the road,
and the driver stopped.
And then,
he hit the guy.
You got the photographs of the accident scene?
Yes, here you go.
Here, you see?
If the accident occurred here,
the skid mark can be perfectly explained.
The hit happened here.
And the skid mark is here.
Makes sense.
There is a dog, Jianxiang!
The witness dog was found!
Stop here.
you drive a Honda.
This is a Honda, isn't it?
Yes, it's Honda.
But it seems to me a dark blue one.
The headlight pieces found at the scene
match a Honda.
But the plate number is
it's 8, right?
check it out.
the resolution is too low.
It is so foggy that nothing can be identified.
Where did you get the food from today, Jianxiang?
It seems not very clean.
It was from the same restaurant we usually eat at.
find out all the vehicles with plate numbers
that begin with WWM.
Run them by the garages,
and check their recent repair records.
This should dig the offender out.
There must be over thousands of vehicles
with plate numbers starting with WWM in Kuala Lumpur.
And we are short of manpower recently.
I've said it long ago.
Our biggest enemy is ourselves.
It's 8. It's indeed 8!
How many times have I told you
not to smoke at home.
Is Weiwei sleeping?
I bought her a new swimsuit and goggles.
She was hoping to show them to you,
and ended up falling asleep.
Why bought her a swimsuit all of a sudden?
Didn't we agree
to go to Sanya at the end of the month?
Do you remember it?
Never mind. You have to go with me anyway.
My parents almost forgot your face.
There's something, maybe you can help me with.
I've been busy dealing with stuff in the department recently.
You gotta let me finish first.
My cooking workshop is almost done with the upgrading work.
But the landlord wants to take it back.
What about the liquidated damages?
He would only pay two months rent as penalty.
The upgrading work has cost me much more than it.
I am so angry about it.
Can you sort it out for me tomorrow?
Honey, I am a police officer,
not a gangster.
Didn't I tell you
to take a closer look at the contract?
You didn't think it through,
before agreeing to the contract.
The owner is exercising his lawful right
to take advantage of you.
What can you do about it?
Anyway I will find someone to deal with him tomorrow, okay?
Master Yang said if I can't open it up this year,
I'm not gonna make it in the next five years.
You went for fortune telling again?
This Master Yang never had it right.
He is very good.
Do you remember that day, when you were about to head out,
I told you to drive safely.
And the day winded up with you getting into the crash, right?
That was a coincidence.
He told me another thing.
Don't get mad at me if I tell you.
Master Yang said,
your mother
had an affair.
And she is still
having his company now.
My mother is deceased.
But Master Yang was so sure about it.
And he added that it was a foreigner.
But how could she find a foreigner?
She was so conservative.
But Master Yang said
like it was real.
Detective office.
Officer Gao Jianxiang please.
Yes, I am.
I am offering crime information.
Hold on.
Yes please.
I saw Zhang Chen.
I am sorry?
I said I saw Eden Zhang,
that is Zhang Chen.
A child playing prank.
You think I am playing pranks?
I did see Zhang Chen.
Do your own job.
Stop playing pranks.
Zhang Chen was hit by a car.
I am asking you!
Why did Zhang Chen disappear after the car accident?
Officer Gao Jianxiang driving a Honda.
Am I right?
Detective office.
He wants you to answer
your mobile phone.
If you hang up on me again,
I will tell the police.
You are a murderer.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Are you looking for someone else?
If you continue to be like this, we can't talk.
Playing dumb?
I think that cop from China
may be interested in the clues about Zhang Chen.
What have you said? Say it again!
Okay, I am gonna say it one more time.
You hit Zhang Chen in Gongye Road on the night of 15th.
Bro Xiang!
You behaved as if nothing had happened after committing a murder,
it is a waste that you are in the police force.
Is there any misunderstandings?
It must be hard for you
to fix the squad car?
Also cost you a lot of money, right?
It got damaged
during a patrol a few days ago.
The insurance company has accepted the claim.
I think you must have misunderstood.
Misunderstood? A hit-and-run with the body in the trunk.
Plate number WWM-3357.
Son of a bitch.
What on earth do you want? Tell me!
You got angry?
So you are actually hiding something.
To be quite simple, give me Zhang Chen.
I will contact you later. Be obedient
and be a good cop.
Borrow me a light, please.
Are you blind?
Move the car!
You want to get beaten or something?
May I leave now?
Didn't we have an agreement?
I'll give you $100 for 1 second of stopping.
Are you alright?
Where is the guy? Where is he?
He just got off the car.
You can't run away!
You got nowhere to escape!
You bastard!
Didn't we agree I'd come for you?
This is my colleague.
Our own man.
Our own man.
Our own man.
He's a cop.
He's a cop.
Let me think.
He and the murderer I was tracking down
look exactly alike!
You got this wrong.
This is officer Chen Changmin,
who helped with our investigation.
Gao Jianxiang.
Gao Jianxiang.
You're bleeding.
Let me wipe it off for you.
It was a harsh blow.
He is pissed off.
Turns out we're friends.
What's this called?
This is called 'friendship grows out of fight'.
It's all our own guys.
What brings you here?
I almost forgot.
I was holding my pee,
and looking to use your toilet.
Then I ran into him,
thinking he was the murderer,
and forgot to pee.
Go ahead!
Go now.
Gao Jianxiang.
Well done!
Doctor said I had prostate problems.
Wherever I go,
I use the bathroom first off.
A sick dog.
There're two kinds of dogs.
who lower their heads at the sight of their owners.
And those
who'd only lower their heads after lessons learnt.
I wonder what kind of dog are you, officer Gao.
What do you want?
I've told you what I want on the telephone.
I want
Zhang Chen.
Why what?
Many folks died early
because of
too much curiosity!
How do you relate to Zhang Chen?
Zhang Chen and I
are the
victim and witness of the car accident.
How did you know he was dead?
Wasn't he?
Let me see.
If somebody happens to find out that
you hit and killed the wanted fugitive
and hid his body.
What will happen then?
Just give me Zhang Chen.
And everything will be fine.
I really have no idea about his whereabouts.
I want to track him down too.
Can you give me a hand?
Do you realize that
I am able to squeeze
the shit
out of you.
I hate it most when people touch my butt,
especially for so long.
You got me!
That was a harsh blow.
It hurts!
But of course,
it hurts less than
being hit and killed by a car.
Didn't I tell you that I have problems with my prostate?
You shouldn't have kicked it so hard.
What an adorable fat ass!
Come on, let me help you with this.
Let me help you.
Hello, is anybody home?
What's wrong with you, kid?
You don't like your ass touched?
Are you always
inclined to mess things up like this?
Why can't we just have a good talk?
Now where is Zhang Chen?
Where is Zhang Chen?
He is...
He is...
Now listen up, get Zhang Chen ready,
and wait for my phone call, okay?
Zhang Chen!
Where the heck have you gone?
Why don't answer my phone?
Even turned the mobile off.
Where are you now?
I thought that Changmin might have killed you.
When he came for you that night,
I knew it wouldn't be a good thing.
The applicant's name is Li Dongshun,
38, with three previous convictions.
Send over all his files right now.
And also
the location of the cellphone he's using now.
I can't, Jianxiang!
This is violating the rules!
Unless we have formal approvals.
Stop fussing around.
Send them over.
I'll take all responsibilities for it.
Did you hear me?
Did you hear me?
How much do you need this time?
For Lucy?
It's not about me.
It's about Jianxiang!
He asked me to pull up a file,
which is against the rules.
What is it?
This Gao Jianxiang has been sneaking around.
Hao, this is what we got from the traffic office to close a case.
Go check if your car is here.
Check it out.
Stand still! Stop there!
Stop there!
I am not here to arrest you!
Just ask you something.
You son of bitch.
I have a big family to support.
Why is Chen Changmin after Zhang Chen?
Say it!
What can I say if I know nothing about it?
I really know nothing about it. Let me go.
Okay, I'll let you go.
Thank you.
Zhang Chen.
Zhang Chen stole the key from Jin Yongde.
What key?
The key to the vault.
How's Chen Changmin connected to Zhang Chen?
I don't know.
It's about drugs.
What drugs?
By using the intelligence offered by Zhang Chen,
Chen Changmin swept all drugs in Kuala Lumpur.
While the drug enforcement were busy destroying the drugs,
Chen informed Jin Yongde to recover the 'drug water'.
They three developed a stranglehold on the drugs market.
Then Zhang Chen stole the key to the drugs warehouse.
Where is that warehouse?
How would I know?
Where is that key?
Zhang Chen is a drug dealer.
He would stuff any important things in his ass.
Or it should be with Shadie.
Who is this Shadie?
It's me, Liu Hao!
What are you doing here?
What else are you hiding from me?
How do you explain the accident before you crashed the squad car?
Hadn't I intercepted this,
you'd have been held in custody.
I was set up by Chen Changmin.
Hasn't he been helping you all along?
The man I hit that day,
was Zhang Chen.
Chen Changmin killed him,
and planted it on me.
But why did he kill Zhang Chen?
The drugs.
Chen uses his position to switch the drugs.
And worked with Jin Yongde and Zhang Chen to sell drugs.
Blending drugs in wines,
through Jin Yongde's hotels and nightclubs,
they sold them out.
Chinese police found evidence against Jin Yongde group.
To protect the drugs
and himself,
Chen murdered them.
He killed Jin Yongde first,
then Zhang Chen.
Trust me.
Look at you.
You even got nervous when you collect the money.
Where could you get the balls to pull such a thing.
Turn me in!
I don't wanna run away from this.
Gao Jianxiang.
Is this your first day as a cop?
Don't you understand the rules in the police team.
You are not his match.
You would be the only one sacrificed if I turn you in.
I don't have a choice.
That is the money we got today.
Take this money,
and your family,
get out of Kuala Lumpur.
Are you nuts?
How can I leave you behind with all the mess?
What can you do here?
If anything happens to you,
what to do with Xiaoye,
and Weiwei?
I am alone now.
Listen up,
take this as a break.
Let me deal with this mess.
It's Chen Changmin.
Let's see what he says.
Officer Gao!
Do you miss me?
Please get off the car now!
I have something to talk with you which
I can't make the decision alone!
Get off now!
You got to check what's going on.
I'm out.
Where are you?
I am right in front of you.
Move 10 steps forward.
20 steps and you will see me.
I am here. Where are you?
I am right behind you.
Gao Jianxiang,
isn't the crane operator's skill good?
Come out!
Don't hide behind.
You bastard!
I am not hiding!
As long as you hand over the body of Zhang Chen.
You always complicate
what is supposed to be simple.
I am reporting you now.
Karma is going to get you!
I am so scared!
An impetuous man can't make a good police officer,
neither can he make a good father.
Come and listen to this voice,
see if it's familiar to you.
Excuse me?
Is this 13/F, #147 Chaosheng Road?
Who are you?
Don't touch my family!
I work with your father.
Is he home?
Daddy's working now. He hasn't come back.
It's okay.
I brought you a present.
Who's that? Weiwei.
It's daddy's colleague.
Let uncle come in.
Get the body ready for me!
Don't make things
so complicated again.
Isn't it right, Weiwei?
Can I use the toilet?
Where's Weiwei?
She is asleep.
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong?
What happened?
What on earth has happened?
What is it?
Listen to me,
take this money,
and Weiwei,
wait for me at Sanya.
Do you hear me?
It's alright.
Promise me,
you won't
risk your life for anything.
We'll be waiting for you at Sanya.
Weiwei, come and help mummy pack up.
We are going to your grandparents' house.
6 bullets, and 6 blanks.
Sign here.
Does my whistling sound good?
Where are you?
You will see me when you turn right.
Put Zhang Chen's body in my car
and you're free.
Zhang Chen with the prosthetic eye removed.
Why does Zhang always hide everything in his ass?
I need to get a pair of gloves.
Did you fire that shot?
He was shot first,
before he got hit by your car.
Now you tell me who killed him, you or me?
Is everything ended?
You left your gun.
Is this some kind of toy?
Are you going to shoot me?
Come on,
shoot me!
By tomorrow the police is gonna have
evidence of the murder you committed.
Shoot me!
Shoot me!
What you said,
is true?
Just shoot me!
You wouldn't get better killing me.
Shoot here!
Shoot me!
You are better than him.
You've got balls!
You must be kidding me.
Don't come near!
Give me your hand.
My bro!
We need to work together some day.
You're gifted.
Don't waste your talent.
There is a noodle house up ahead.
They serve great noodles.
Let's stop for a meal.
I am not going!
I don't wanna go! I wanna throw up.
We are finish.
We go next month.
Call me,
it's on me!
Good bro.
See you next month!
Next month!
Bye bye!
Hello, honey,
have you arrived?
Yes, we have arrived.
I am by the sea with Weiwei.
Are you alright?
I am fine.
I've packed up and
ready to go.
Okay, I am coming to pick you up.
My parents ask
how long we are gonna stay.
They don't want Weiwei to leave.
Stay for a few more days then.
I can ask captain Guo for day offs.
It should be okay.
My parents will be very happy!
Mummy, when is daddy coming?
Daddy says he's coming now.
Weiwei is happy too.
Alright then.
I'll be waiting for you.
let's take this chance
to make a baby!
Bye bye.
Six minutes!
I broke my own record of diving for your sake.
Six minutes.
Good for you.
Where are you heading?
It seems that
I do have problems with my prostate.
Don't just stand there.
Find me some disinfectants!
Don't you hear me?
I said,
get me some disinfectants!
Don't you care about me?
Don't you care?
Don't you!
How many times have I told you,
not to complicate things!
After I finish this,
we're gonna have a good talk.
If you are ok with the content,
please sign it.
Hiring gangsters,
murdering and drug dealing,
what a hell!
If his evidence is true,
you'd better be prepared.
Director, what's the next plan
with this Gao Jianxiang?
What do you think?
Bury it.
Can you ensure this kind of dirty things
would never get exposed?
what you meant by 'bury',
is to bury this thing,
rather than him, right?
Are we gangsters?
No sir.
The senior said you didn't perform well.
You have applied to resign.
Is it true?
I've been following this Jin Yonde case for 6 years.
It's been too long
to have blurred the whole picture.
Now that he's dead,
the case is closed.
I am returning home tomorrow.
But there's one thing,
I guess I'll never find out.
What is it?
The hit-and-runner?
Probably will turn himself in.
If it was you,
would you?
I would kill myself.
I am just kidding.
My wife.
Is she ugly?
My daughter.
please work on the joint at the side.
Make it sealed tight.
This is not an emperor's tomb!
Nobody would rob this!
Just strengthen it for me.
Now both of us went unemployed.
What do we live on?
At the garage,
I will find a second-hand truck.
What do you need that for?
Make it into a minivan to sell bread,
and start over.
Let's work on this together.
I'll ask the captain for permission,
to set up a stand in front of the police station.
We can give it a try.
How many cops does your station have!
There're plenty of them!
If you count the SWAT team in,
there are about 680.
Let me do the math.
A toast sells for $2.75.
Mummy, look what I found!
Let me see.
Weiwei, you scared me!
What it is?
It's an eye!
What eye?
Why is there an eye?
What are you scared of, mummy?
It's scaring. Where did you find it?
Over there.
Clean your hands.
I told you not to go over there!
Come over, let's eat something.
Terima kasih. (Thank you in Malay language)
I found the god damn money!