Peace Hotel (1995) Movie Script

No, not my business!
Don't kill me!
Let me go!
There was a story saying that
ten years ago
a big and notorious troop of
mounted bandits
were killed by a guy
who was as terrible as the God of Death
Not anyone could escape
No one knows who this guy is
No one knows where this guy comes from
No one knows his name either
So, the people called him...
The killer
What the hell was happened
on that night?
Why did he kill so many people?
No one knows the truth
But, all believe that
This must be related with a woman
After that night
he marked the boundary by stabbing
a sword there
He opened a hotel, the Peace Hotel
In the following ten years
This hotel let many poor people
who are utterly helpless stay
At that time, there was such an
understanding among the people that
No matter what a person did
no matter who he offended
If only he reaches the Peace Hotel alive
his foes could not pass the sword
and went into the hotel
No one could harm
that person's life again
And the Peace Hotel
will never bother the affairs
between them
They won't support anyone
They won't protect anyone to leave
In these ten years,
no one dares mess up in this Peace Hotel
And Peace Hotel has never broken
the rule to send anyone out
Until the arrival of this woman
Please give me a deluxe room
I want a hot water bath.
If ready, I'll be in the restaurant
Please give me a glass of wine
And if there is any precious food
just bring me some
You have no money!
How dare you cheat with this fake stuff?
You know, so many nasty people are living
in this hotel
How dare you swindle here?
Don't you want trouble?
Why don't you show this ring
to your boss first?
Bring some food to me at once
If I get starved, you will be in trouble
Go and get it now!
You'd' better tell him...
I didn't intend to have any re-union
Tell him to serve me a room,
I will stay two days only
I won't see him again
I don't want him to care
about my business
Do you know our boss
who you have just mentioned...
is the notorious Killer?
I don't know killer
I just know he is my damn husband
If I could choose again
I wish I had never met this guy!
Got it?
Boss has had a lover
He established this hotel in order to
wait for her return
The woman who you have waited for
10 years is back!
The man who bought my virginity...
lay on me like a mountain
I cried
I heard those procurers and
procuresses crying
They cried one after another
I knew it's him
He killed all the procurers
and procuresses
Did he kill the man and save you?
How are you?
How are you?
A boy without trousers! Return it to me!
When he reached the 2nd floor
I was already raped by that man
so bad!
I'll never stop blaming him for the
rest of my life
Why was he so late?
Come on, wear the trousers
Don't let your dick catch cold
Come on.No
Please wear it No
I traveled with him
from province to province
His foes kept on chasing us
he killed whoever came
Once he showed his sword,
he would not let anyone alive
Once he saw blood, he would never stop
Dare you do that again?
You are a big creep! Yes, I am a creep
How dare you?
I am sorry...
please don't hit me that heavily!
You are a big wolf!
Dare you do that again?
Please hit slightly!
How dare you? It's just for fun!
Dare you do that again?
Stop!Or I will be angry with you
Dare you do that again?
He killed and he lost his mind
He killed those deserved to be killed
and those who didn't
He killed men and beast too
He killed whatever
movable in front of him!
He couldn't forget seeing
that man raping me
He released himself by killing
For me. He became an insane killer
Shit... please don't cry!
Was your ass stabbed by the branches
inside the forest?
10 years ago, I was pregnant
I followed him to his station
I was going to deliver
When I was delivering,
I held his hand and said
I wish
there would be a Peace hotel
Once getting there
we won't be afraid of enemies' revenge
We needn't hide a gun under the pillow
when sleeping
Don't cry, this is my fault
I love you, kid, don't cry
He showed me the baby
That's the first time I saw our son
His little eyes were not yet opened
He was sucking his own little fists
Promise me,
don't tell your mom about the trousers
All right? Promise me please
Come on, have a kiss
Come on, have a kiss
Come on, I am sorry,
come on, let me kiss you
He killed everyone in the station,
so what?
He opened the Peace Hotel
Because of my words, so what?
He saved
so many people's lives in these 10 years
so what?
Our son was still the same...
He was dead!
Mistress, please give Boss a chance
He is totally different now!
He is so nice to people!
Say us, we dare not go out of the station
So he go buying food himself
In these 10 years, he's been quite lonely
He hasn't known any other women
My son is his only playmate Yeah!
He regrets it so much!
Why not give him a chance?
Right, Mistress,
please give Boss a chance
I forgot to buy your mom medicine
for hemorrhoid piles
She will babble again!
We forgot to buy a bra for Auntie Skinny
she will cry
Don't blame me!
I have to buy
so many things for you all
It's not surprise for me
to forget one or two
Never mind!
Someone will keep you warm at night soon
Boss, Mistress has returned!
Have you bought the thing I need?
Where is the slippers I want?
Your letters!
Thank you...
I am sorry to hide inside your room
Are you the Mistress
who our Boss has waited for 10 years?
What mistress? I am a fake
All people are nasty here
Don't you worry your identity
would be disclosed?
No, my family will come here soon
Do you know my surname?
Soong Tze-wen is my elder brother
Soong Ching-ling and Soong Mei-ling
are my sisters
I've been here for ages
I don't know much
about the outside world
How about Chiang Kai-shek and
Sun Yat-sen?
They are my brother-in-laws
They are financially supported
by our family to the president
And the Generalissimo
I just know the Emperor Ping of the
Soong Dynasty
And a guy named Soong who delivers food
Emperor Ping of the Soong Dynasty
is my dad
The Soong who delivers food
is my grandpa
You are daughter of the Emperor Soong?
So, are you a princess?
Can't you imagine that?
Well! Can you lend me...
some money to rent a room?
When my family comes,
I will pay you 10 times of it
How much do you want?
As much as you can
If you lend me more
maybe, I can let you be an official
Thank you
Well, may be I sleep with you
Just pay me some money
$10 by hours and $20 by night
If you think I am terrific,
get some clients//for me
I will give you commission
No! The Boss of this hotel
is so stubborn
He won't let others hook and gamble here
Living here is like staying in prison
He won't let everyone
step out of the hotel
You'd better go after taking your bath
I'll leave your some coins
That's enough for you
to hire a store room
Why don't you counter offer a price?
What a dummy!
Pal, come on cheers!
Boss, don't kill me!
You are so pretty!
I am not hungry
Open a bottle of wine for me please
And bring me some snacks for the wine
Take more bottles of wine here,
I will take them to my room later
And, bring more cigarettes for me please
Sit, you must be tired
When I see Mistress wearing your clothes
I know you two have become reconciled
I've said, for woman
She will forget all hatred
after making love
Damn you creep!
You have brought so many followers
while you are in fugitive
I can tell you are a big Boss
Have I seen you before?
I came here after sunset
Why do you come here?
I killed
miss, how about you?
I stole a piece of national treasure
If you want it, just offer a price
See this fountain pen,
if you can take it out
And find a buyer, you will be rich!
Let me show you
Open like this
I have got one upstairs
which is of the same look
How can you compare yours with mine?
This pen was used by Emperor Hsin-feng
for signing insulting treaty
See this lighter
It's opened in this way
I have one which is of the same look
How can you compare yours with mine?
You know? Lin Tsi-hsui
used this to burn the opium!
This watch is great too!
What's its historical background?
Have you ever heard of Emperor Ping
of the Soong Dynasty?
This was the favorable watch
of Emperor Ping
When he died,
he wanted this to be buried with him
Let me show you
Don't pull too hard
It's opened like this!
See!There is a picture of Emperor Ping!
You swindled and then stole
Just take it back
And you want to rob too?
Please mind your words
You can't insult me like this
Do you know who I am?
The daughter of Emperor Ping
Dog, Bitch
Skinny Fook Sau
Yes, coming...
Who am I? Mistress
Anything wrong...Boss?
Nothing happened, let me help you
I am going to get changed
Take everything to my room later
What are you doing?
She is choked
Mistress is choked by the sour plum
Don't you ever touch my stuff
Return everything you have stolen
from my room
My ring
What are you doing?
Behind the screen
How about sleeping with you
for the rent?
Where did you work, Seven Skies Nightclub
or Paramont Nightclub?
Paramont Nightclub
You know using the rouge
of Fa Heung Hall
Wearing the cheongsam of the
Lo Kai Fook Tailor's
But you wear such ugly shoes
I don't think you have been a clubgirl
for long
Six months?
No.Five months
Why do you come here?Gambling?
Do you owe the loan shark money?
They want me to pay with my body
I paid and they didn't admit that
I was so angry,
so I took a pair of scissors
I stabbed into the ass of the loan shark
That's why he sent someone to kill me
But, I know some rascals too
Maybe they can help me
Don't you want more trouble?
Do you want such person to help you?
And then you want to pay them by
your body too?
Take a seat
Are you Cantonese?
I have seen many Cantonese snacks
inside your bag
Do you have any family?
If you have a family, just go home
Stay here
if only you are utterly helpless
there will be a train to the South
passing here at 6 am
Leave from the front yard
I hope you would get onto the train
Go and take a room downstairs
Thank you
Take this for your funeral, you asshole!
The water is cold,
do you know adding some hot water?
Bring some ginseng tea for us
You are blind,
you don't need to sleep, do you?
Mistress, we can't stand it any more
Let's play tonight
I lose much money
just forget the money I owe you,
is that alright?
No way...
So, keep on betting
Don't cry in front of me
Tell me!
What have you done before coming to
the Peace Hotel?
I used a pair of scissors to stab into
the ass of a small potato
Small potato?
The small potato has some followers
Get out
Don't you think they come for me?
I am not that capable
Shau Siu-man, you killed our senior
Get out of here at once!
Who is Shau Siu-man?
Who killed their senior?
Confess now!
The one in red cheongsam
The on in red pajamas! Oh, it's you!
Not me...None of my business
Aren't they coming for you?
Of course not!
If I was wrong,
I would have been your servant!
I stabbed the one
who is lying on the cart
But I did stab his ass twice only
He could chase after me for a long way
by that time
I didn't know why he was dead suddenly
What are you doing? Drop the gun
Haven't you fought enough before?
Are you the Killer?
The bitch inside you hotel
killed our boss
Hand her out at once
That bitch stabbed him with a pair of
scissors first
Then she took his gun
and treated him with 7 shots
She stole 30 gold bars
from our Grand Hall
I don't care
whether she killed you boss or not
since I opened the Peace Hotel
I don't wish anyone
to mess up my place
If you respect the dead,
take him away now
Bury him as soon as possible
Don't you think this rusty sword...
could forbid us
from taking the woman and the gold?
We are all killers
How many people have you ever killed?
Our boss has killed as many as you did
But I am different from you!
Everyone saw me killing
If you don't hand me the woman
and the gold
I will come and get her myself
and I would like to see
whether you can kill all of us or not!
If you are so single minded,
I have nothing to say
I can't rehearse killing in front of you
I have to ensure
the safety of everyone
staying in the Peace Hotel
If you want to get her by force,
I am glad to play with you
If I can't kill that woman
within 21 days
I will disperse my Grand Hall
When will you send me away?
It's a piece of cake for me
to kick you away
Search the place
where she has ever been
See whether she did hid the gold of the
Grand Hall or not
If I had gold
I wouldn't have been that helpless now
Mistress, you should be blamed!
Why did you mess up with those bastards?
In these ten years, I have been alone...
Do you still pretend to the Mistress?
Isn't she the Mistress?
Isn't she the woman who you have waited
for 10 years?
I haven't waited for any woman
If anyone pretends to be my woman again
just kick her out of here
Aren't you the Mistress?
How about the money you borrowed?
Return my money...
If that woman comes out, just kill her
Get lost!Go and clean the floor,
you bitch!
Clean the toilet later!
Wash the bowls
Prepare the dinner!
And make soup for us!
Boss, why not hand that woman to them?
Good idea
If your foe comes tomorrow
I will hand you out too
I am sorry.I don't mean it
Boss doesn't want to kick the woman away
He must have slept with her last night
No need to wait, let's eat
Boss, let's eat.Let's eat
This what I can do
You'd better send my away
so you won't have much trouble
Hold her Damn it!
Make her drink every drops of it
My husband and my children...
They are waiting for me at home
My husband has got lung disease
That's why I worked in the
Paramont Nightclub
I miss my children so much!
Return the picture to Skinny
I forgot to bring my family picture
with me
Then I will tell you a top secret
In fact, the Grand Hall doesn't aim
at me
They just want my...
Confidential name list!
Don't you ever touch
Doggie's exercise book
I've told you that's confidential!
Why did you peep at it?
She deserves it!
Can you claim yourself a human being?
Don't you ever bother me again
Everyone comes to the Peace Hotel for
they don't want to die
I haven't seen one
who scares death as you do!
Since you have come here
you'd better regret
If you escape this time
I hope you to learn how
to be a human being
Don't waste any time and effort
No matter what tricks will you play
I won't send you away
Go back to your room
I know how foolish I am
They come here in order to pick on the
Peace Hotel
I didn't kill, I haven't stolen the gold
Don't you think you needn't be killed
for stabbing that guy?
You know the truth
But you didn't apologize to me
And you are like the Buddha
to let me stay
When you are angry
You just release your anger on me
You said I lied
in fact yours is the biggest lie!
If you were pure
you would never have come to
the Peace Hotel
They don't trust you
If they break in
Can you kill them all?
Can you?
If you can, you won't bother anything!
You won't let me wait for death
right here!
The Killer opened the Peace Hotel
it's the biggest lie in the world!
Do you want me to launch a massacre
after certain time
so as to make you believe me
to be the Killer?
If you don't trust me, just go out and
let them kill you!
Hurry up...
Bring me wine
If anyone dares to kill in my hotel
and around this station
I will kill without mercy
And I will kill the men who
followed with
as will as the man behind!
I will kill everyone in his gang too
Just like the massacre launched on the
night of 10 years ago
Give way...
Place the tables together
Go and help!
Go and take some medicine here
Put her on the table
You'd better go out
Go out, don't bother us
Go out first
Boss, she is dead
Boss, she is dead, it's real
Get out
Wake up...
Wake up!
She is alright, she is awake
Wonderful! Those bastards are gone
Let's go and take a look
Let's celebrate!
Come on...
Bet, bet now
Don't you have to work?
Don't be so much!
Yes, Boss
Come in
Boss, I've cooked some fish congee for
Miss Siu-man
Do you have to take care of Doggie?
Yes.Just drop it there
Thank you, Boss
Small has appeared for 5 times
I want to bet $10 on Big
Come on, bet now...
Bet $10 on big please.Alright
Three sixes, all lose
Well, we lose
Why didn't you scold me?
I always ask those
who come here to change his temper
But I haven't changed by bad temper
I have to learn how to be a human being
Do you know how my dad taught his son?
My dad was a war-lord, he had 4 wives
When I was small
he always held my hand to shoot those
he caught
I didn't know anything but just thought
it was funny
He told me, if I killed one or two
I would be a killer,
I would be a nasty guy
But when I killed thousands of people
I would be a hero!A supreme hero
When I was twelve,
he was defeated by others
His head was chopped off
by another hero
I had nothing but had to run away
Once I went into a village
I was so hungry and I was sick
I stole a sweat potato from the field
Suddenly a man rounded my neck with
a rope
I fell on the ground and was dragged
away by him
Before I was breathless,
I caught a bamboo
I stabbed him to death!
Later, I was surrounded by 6 strong men
They beat be with farming tools
At last, I killed them all
Do you know...
how the villagers treated
the boy who killed 7 adults?
I stayed in that village for
10 more days
No one dared to bully me
Whatever I want to eat
They didn't say a word
Before my departure
5 or 6 boys who were older than me
wanted to follow me
At that moment
I strongly believed that my dad's
words were true
The following ten years
I always remembered his words
I built up my own gang
I killed numerous people
I became a notorious and horrible man
Until that night...
Was the real mistress
killed on that night?
In fact, you are similar in many ways
You smoke,
you drink and you love gambling
You are so bold too!
But when she sang on stage
Terrific!She is so charming!
Come on, have some congee first
Come on
Isn't it delicious?
Old man, do you want to go?
The killer shouldn't save that woman
If I were the man from the Grand Hall
I'd come back for revenge
You big mouth!Go to hell
I've said Old Man will leave!
You lose $10
Stranger, do you want to leave?
What's wrong?
The Peace Hotel is not peaceful at all,
that's why I have to leave
Why don't you say a word to Boss?
What should we say?We paid every penny,
you remember?
Go to hell
Ask them to come back
Boss, they paid all the rent
The men from the Grand Hall haven't left
Go Back...
Hubby, take care of our son!
I was once lost and disappointed
Feeling puzzled and scared in the crowd
How can the lost one moor
When I find this love
I look forward to it
I am enlightened by you
Igniting a candle in the dark
You arouse my passion
I am freed because of you
You change my destiny
Accompanying the one who's crying
The swing in the rain
Swinging just like my heart
Change my fate
Protect me from the snow
I am lost no more
I got into trouble in the past
I was wrong but you heal my pain
You are helping me
Nothing is impossible in my life
I sing this song in peace
Thanks for re-creating me
You change my destiny
Accompanying the one who's crying
The swing in the rain
Swinging just like my heart
Change my fate
Protect me from the snow
I am lost no more
I got into trouble in the past
I was wrong but you heal my pain
You are helping me
Nothing is impossible in my life
I sing this song in peace
Thanks for re-creating me
Thanks for loving me
Boss, why not dance with Miss Shau?
Go dancing!Go!
May I be excused?
Go dancing...
Shit!The men from the Grand Hall
come again!
Boss, I am scared!
Damn it!What are you afraid of?
Most of the nasty people are living in
this Peace Hotel
Our lives
are saved by the Peace Hotel
Come on, let's dance
Let's dance and drink!
How dare they mess up our only shelter?
If 12 come, I will kill a dozen
Let's dance
I am sorry!
This hotel made you become the scapegoat
I hope this hotel can save you
Do you have a wish?
Will you miss me like missing
your passed woman?
Great!Send her away
You needn't care about us,
we won't be scared
He will go back to the Peace Hotel
Jump onto whatever train you see,
and never come back
If you send me away
How about you and the hotel?
I won't go
Go!I don't want you to be beaten
to death again
If you die, whatever I do will be useless
If you like me, let's run away together
Hold this.
Beat him...
Have you beaten enough?
I take that Shau Siu-man
did kill your buddy
I haven't kept my promise
but send her away
This is my fault
My hotel hasn't offended you
You just want face do you?
Now, you have gained what you wanted
Forget it, alright?
You are wrong!
That bitch did kill my buddy
and she stole my gold
But she isn't called Shau Siu-man
She is called Lam Ling
She is an actress
She is a bitch!
She is my woman, Ting Moon's woman
She slept with all my buddies
It's a piece of cake for me to catch her
But I let her alive intentionally
That's why I sent her to the Peace Hotel
I just want her to flatter you
To make you break your promise and
send her away
If you get the gold,
you needn't return to me
She deserves it
10 years ago,
your buddies risked their lives for you
Some of them betrayed you
but you killed everyone in your troop
10 years later, you open this hotel
and you try to cover those scums
Do you think you can face your buddies?
Red cheongsam
Wine glass with lip-stick mark
You love her,
you are right to send her away
If she couldn't cheat you
to send her away
I would have killed her
You were my follower
You are the kid
whom I let go on that night
You did so many wrong things
on that night
Since you killed your wife
you killed all your followers
you should not let a kid go
Even your wife allied with your buddies
to set a trap to kill you!
You should have been killed 10 years ago
All of you listen!
If you don't want to die,
come out before sunset
I will launch a massacre in
the Peace Hotel after sunset
Get the medicine...
I'm alright...
You shouldn't take any medicine
He didn't counter attack
That's why he was seriously hurt
Why didn't you counter attack?
Why do you drag us down?
Why did you send that woman away?
They want to kill us all!
You saved a woman
and you want to pay our lives for it
You betray us for a woman!
We have been following you
for years
you haven't sent any one of us away
Are you crazy?
If not were Boss, if not were this hotel
all of you would have been killed
for ages!
You charge us!
We charge $4 a day
to provide you accommodation and food
think we have to ensure your safety too?
Damn you blind man!
Don't fight!
Shut up!
I know you are all scared
If you listen to them and
go out of the hotel
I can't take care of your safety anymore
Trust me once more
If you stay in this hotel
We can stay peace
Fook Sau
Follow me to get the guns
Fook Sau, lock the door
Don't kill me, don't kill me...
Skinny, you can't go out
You made mistake
and you want us to die with you?
Don't go out!
We are like prisoners to stay here
with you for 9 years
Do you want my family to die
with you now?
Dog, I beg you!
You can't let Doggie go out,
he will be killed
Who do you think you are?
Let's go
Hands off...
Buddies, please bless me
Boss, don't blame them
Those who come here
are all afraid of death
If most of the people stay
three of us will have guts to stay
I am sorry, Boss
You have trusted me for years
Why can't you trust me one more time?
Either live or dead
please let us choose it ourselves.Boss
Sorry, Boss...
You bastards!
You promised not to kill us!
Why do you kill us?
Don't kill me!
Go, away!
Run away!
Get lost!
Thank you for your gold
Thank you for sending me
to the Peace Hotel
Thank you for sending me to hell
So I can tell
who is the heartless creep
And who is the real man!
I am now getting into the Peace Hotel
If you like, beat me to death again
Doggie, run!
Boss, please don't kill me!No!
Wake up, please wake up!
The Peace Hotel is no longer the same
for the Killer is gone
We, who betrayed the hotel for our lives
have to run our own ways
That was the last time I saw Boss
After that
I hid with my parents in a little
fishing port in the South
Two years later, our foes came to us
They killed my parents
As I know, other people say the blind men
Fook, Sau and Skinny,
they had similar endings
I have heard many gossips about Boss
Someone said he saw Boss
in North East China
Someone said, in a station of the North
Boss helped a young widow
and her son in the hotel she operated
I hope
either one stories is true
Although I did see
my friend leave me on that day