Pearl in Paradise (2018) Movie Script

- Okay ladies, this is the spot.
- Thanks, Charlie.
This is so exciting.
I can't believe I'm
actually doing this.
Like a 400 year old shipwreck.
A 400 year old Spanish shipwreck...
...that's never been seen and
never been photographed.
Do you think there's
gold down there...
...or is that just an old legend?
Please tell me I didn't
forget my extra battery.
Hey Alex, what do
you think dad would say...
...if he knew I finally got
my dive certification?
I think he'd be really happy.
Hey Charlie?
- Yo.
- What is the visibility?
- At least 80 feet.
Aha, that's what I like to hear.
These photos are
going to be perfect.
Oh, this is so exciting,
my first big dive.
I know and I'm glad
we're doing this together.
Oh yeah, it makes
me way less nervous.
Don't be nervous, you
just stick with me, okay?
You're gonna do great.
You're gonna love it down there.
- Okay girls, here we go.
- You ready?
These are gorgeous, Alex.
The composition, perfect.
- Thank you.
- The sense of detail, exquisite.
- Thank you.
- The lighting's like a painting.
I don't know what
else to say, Sharon.
It is some of my best work.
- But they're two days late.
I know, but I just wanted
the photos to be perfect.
I had to use Ben's
Swiss orchard shots.
- What?
- And you know I didn't want to...
...use Ben's Swiss orchard shots.
Do you know what your problem is?
No, but I'm sure
you're gonna tell me.
You're too much of a perfectionist.
I happen to think
that perfectionism... an admirable quality.
- What did I say last week?
You said that this
shoot could be my ticket... the Creative
Director position.
That's right.
You have a lot of great ideas...
...about the types of
stories we should do.
And I know you're dying
for more creative control.
But how can I trust you
to put an issue together...
...when you miss your
own deadlines?
Do you know what this is?
A list of all the
deadlines I've missed?
It's Ben Watson's resume.
He wants to be
Creative Director, too.
Ben Watson?
Oh come on, Sharon,
you even told me...
...I had a better eye than Ben.
And plus, most of his photos...
...don't even make it
to the magazine.
Except for those
apple tree shots.
Do you know what he
has, that you don't?
Organization and discipline.
Sharon, the meeting's starting.
I'll be right there.
Now if you'll excuse me.
The cover story for our
30th anniversary issue...
...fell through and I have to
figure something out fast.
I'm thinking 30 of
the best scenic views...
...or something like that.
I don't know, it'll come to me.
There, look how organized I am.
Huh, pearls.
Legend of the Blue
Polynesian Pearl.
Hey Alex.
Ben, hey.
Congratulations on your
shots making the cover.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, it was great.
Can I help you?
Just like I'm busy here.
Did Sharon tell you
the idea I pitched...
...for the anniversary issue?
- Nope.
- Chan Dan Ya.
- What's that?
It's a cliff in China
that spits out a stone egg...
...once every 30 years.
Perfect for the 30th
anniversary, don't you think?
That's my sister.
Yeah, how are you?
Renee, I...
Tourists began flocking to Fiji
to find the pearl after...
...the release of the bestselling
book Pearl in Paradise.
Although it has never been found,
locals believe the...
...rare pearl is buried somewhere
in the rainforests of Viti Levu.
When's the next book
coming out, Colin?
If you don't mind me asking.
- Why thank you, Molly.
You know I just turned in the
final draft to the editor... with editor notes and all
that, mid, probably February.
- Did you decide on a title?
- I did.
Treasures in Taipei, but
shh, don't tell anybody.
Blake Montoya goes to Asia, huh?
Now, I don't have to go to Asia.
I can just read the book, right?
That's right.
You've probably been there
a million times anyway.
Usual raspberry scone and jam?
Yeah, you know what, I'm gonna wait
though until my agent gets here.
She should be here any minute.
Thank you, Molly.
I'll call you back in ten.
Colin Page, nice to meet you.
- Who are you?
Rita didn't tell you?
I'm Derek Foster and I'm
gonna be working closely...
...with you from now on.
Rita's been my
agent for 10 years...
...and now I'm getting passed
off to a junior agent?
No, she'll remained involved.
It'll just allow her to
focus on a few clients...
...that need more
attention right now.
You can trust me, though,
you're in good hands.
Sir, what can I get you?
Uh, non-fat latte, extra foam, two
We don't have those here.
Just regular coffee from a pot.
What are you drinking?
It's an organic Ceylon
tea from Sri Lanka.
He brings his own.
Just a regular
coffee, two Splendas.
I'm not gonna lie to you,
I'm a really big fan.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You've got a couple really
remarkable successes.
Pearl in Paradise sold 23,000
copies in its first week.
It's impressive.
Impressive for eight years ago.
Okay, eight years ago
you were in high school.
I'm wise beyond my years.
Let's talk facts,
you're last three books...
...have tapered off dramatically.
- I wouldn't say dramatically.
The sales report, the
last two barely sold enough... stay on the shelves.
Online was even worse.
Diamonds in Dubai
made 2,000 downloads.
What's going on C. P.?
Talk to me.
What are you my therapist now?
Look, I read your manuscript
for Treasures in Taipei.
And I can see why the
publisher's rejecting it.
Hold on a second.
What, they rejected it?
Editor thought it was a greatest
hits of all your old stuff.
Same ole, same ole.
She wants new.
She wants fresh and
I agree with her.
You really, really
played it safe.
I have never had a
manuscript rejected from Rita.
Just rewrite it.
Get rid of Blake Montoya
and create a new character...
...with higher stakes.
No, I can't get rid of him.
Blake Montoya, the fans
like Blake Montoya.
They love Blake, they're
not just gonna spend pages...
...learning a new char...
I'm calling Rita.
Now look, Rita brought me in
to help you find a new approach.
We have to reinvent
you as an author.
If you trust me, I can
help you make a comeback.
- And if I don't?
- The publisher is gonna drop you.
And Rita will, too.
Oh, boy.
Sharon, check this out.
What is the traditional 30th
wedding anniversary gift?
Is this a rhetorical question or do
you actually want me to guess?
Pearls, for the cover of
the anniversary issue.
So there is this rare blue pearl...
...buried somewhere in Fiji and
I'm gonna be the one to find it...
...and I'm gonna photograph
the entire thing.
- And how are you gonna do that?
- Glad you asked.
So there's this guy named
Colin Page and he wrote a...
...romance-adventure book
about eight years ago.
International best seller.
- Pearl in Paradise.
- Yes.
- I love that book.
Okay, so in the forward,
he claims to be the...
...only person who knows
where this pearl is.
Fantastic idea, Alex.
You take the photos,
he'll handle the writing.
Call this guy's agent and find
out how soon he can leave.
- No, no, no, no.
- Problem?
Well, I was just gonna call him...
...and interview him and then
I was gonna go on my own.
He's a best selling author.
Can you imagine the guest
piece he'll come up with?
But I sort of imagined this first
person photographic narrative...
...of my journey through
the rainforest...
...which would parallel
my emotional journey.
I'll take the photos and
he can do the writing.
Great idea, glad
you thought of it.
Have you read the book?
- Yeah, yeah.
- You should read the book.
- Yeah.
Hey Sharon, look I know I,
I know I really messed up...
...but if I can prove to
you that I am disciplined...
...and organized enough
to pull this off...
...will you give me the
Creative Director position?
- You'd certainly have an edge.
- Is that a yes?
- An edge.
- I'll take it.
I'm not going to Fiji.
Well no, I'm busy.
I don't have six days to traipse...
...around a rainforest
looking for a pearl.
I know you're a homebody...
...but National Discoveries
has 2,5 million readers.
That's 2,5 million
people who will remember...
...what a talented writer you are.
That's 2,5 million
additional people... buy Taipei when it comes out.
It's just...
It's a bad idea.
- No, it's a good idea.
You know where the
pearl is, now go get it.
Oh wait, oh no, you didn't lie...
...about the pearl being real,
did you?
No, no, no.
I mean I have never seen it,
but I'm sure that it exists.
And you know where it's buried?
Well see, I might
have oversold that part...
...just a little bit.
Um, I mean, you know, I know
the-the general vicinity.
What are we talking, a few square
feet or a few square miles?
See, I don't know. I don't know.
Can you find it on Google Maps?
Look, can we please just
pass on this article idea? Please?
- Listen to me, C. P.
- Please don't call me that.
I told you it doesn't matter
how fantastic the rewrite is...
...if no one buys it.
This article is the thing
we need to save your career.
Well, there is this woman,
um, that...
...I spoke to, her name is Serita.
See. There you go. Go talk to her.
I talked to her plenty, it's not
that. She has a journal that her...
...her great-grandfather wrote that
might have some information...
...about where the pearl is buried
but I don't know because...
...I, I could never convince
her to send it to me, so..
So, you never saw the journal?
No, her great-grandfather
was British and he earned...
...a living by harvesting clams
in the Navua River, and...
...rumor has it,
he found the blue...
...pearl which is
based from the legend.
And so,
that would make him the only...
...person who has
ever seen it, so..
Great! She probably knows where
it is. You basically found it!
I'll forward your boarding
pass, you leave tomorrow.
Are you sure you're okay
apartment sitting for me...
...for like the millionth time?
- Of course.
Hey, have you,
have you seen my Merino socks?
I have no idea what
you just asked me.
Found 'em.
Okay, so legend has it that
the pearl comes from a clam...
...instead of an oyster,
which makes it more rare.
- Yeah, I know.
- How are you gonna find it?
A few good maps, an expert
guide, maybe a little faith.
And what will you do with it?
I think I would just donate
it to a museum in Fiji.
Yeah, I think people
need to see it.
Plus, it's not about the money,
I just want the promotion.
I don't understand why you want
to be Creative Director so bad.
You're gonna be home a lot more...
...not traveling as much,
managing staff.
I know.
I know, Renee, but I just...
...I wanna inspire people
to go on adventures.
You know, go see the world.
Experience it, try new things.
Exactly how dad
inspired me, you know?
Yeah, yeah I do.
So wait, are you saying
that your globetrotting days...
...are behind you and you're
ready to settle down?
- No.
- Okay, so listen to this.
If a couple finds
this pearl together...'s true love and they're
destined to be married.
So who's this guy you're
meeting up with again?
Stop it.
I know what you're doing.
Here, this is his book.
A Blake Montoya Adventure.
Okay, so if this guy
claims to be the only one...
...who knows where the pearl is...
...why didn't he bring
it back with him?
I don't know.
I'm gonna ask him though.
Maybe he did.
Maybe he just didn't tell anyone.
Well all I do know is that all of
my research about the pearl...
...leads me back to this writer,
so apparently he's the expert.
Done, ta-da.
So it's 16 hours ahead in Fiji...
...which makes it 9:30
in the morning, yeah.
She should be awake.
- Hello?
- Hey Serita, hi.
It's Colin Page, do you...
Colin, it's so nice to
hear your voice again.
How's New York?
- Well, New York is New York.
How's Fiji?
- Beautiful as always.
That's great. Okay, do you
remember when we were talking... would always
ask me to come to...
...Fiji while I was
researching the book?
How could I forget?
And do you remember that you said
if I were to come to Fiji...
...that you would show me your
great grandfather's journal?
Let me guess. You're coming Fiji.
Yes, I am!
Wonderful, I can finally
put a face to the voice.
Uh, yup. Same here. Same here.
I don't know where that old...
...journal's got to.
Haven't seen it in years.
Well, um, well, if...
Um, maybe I'm gonna be there in...
...a couple of days. Do you,
maybe you could look for it?
I'll do my best, Colin.
Okay, I would
appreciate it, Serita.
I'm really looking
forward to seeing you.
- Me too.
- Bye-bye.
Oh excuse me, sir,
I think this is mine.
Sorry, I think it's
mine, it matches my set.
Ah yeah, yeah,
no, I'm 100 percent sure.
I've got my name on it.
It has a tag.
With my name on it.
It's a tag with my name on it,
I have a tag, no.
No tag.
All right, well why don't
you just open it up.
I'm sure those fall
off all the time.
- Right here?
- Yeah, where else?
I still don't have time.
Yeah, here it is, there's mine.
That's my name.
All right.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention.
All right, hang on.
Well, hi.
Thank you.
- Hi, welcome.
- Thank you.
That would never happen.
You're all checked in,
Miss Anderson.
- Ah, thank you.
- You're most welcome.
Anything else?
Ah, could you tell me if
Colin Page has checked in yet?
- I'll check.
- Thank you.
- Uh, not yet.
- Okay, can I leave him a note?
Colin, I can't wait to
start this adventure with you.
Let's meet in the lobby
tomorrow at eight for breakfast.
The party's just getting started...
...DJ Isikeli is going to keep
you moving, Fiji style.
All right.
So much for writing.
Surprise me.
Okay, hi, excuse me.
Excuse me, is this noise,
is it gonna be this loud all day?
Hey you.
I see you finally found your bag.
I was right, wasn't I?
It was mine.
- Sorry.
Yeah, and also for the record
you happened to take my cab...
...but that is neither
here nor there.
What are you talking about?
What is that?
I have no idea,
but it's really good.
You want one?
- No, no, no...
...I'm a tea, I don't know.
I'm a tea drinker.
- You're what?
- Tea, I drink tea.
- Tea?
- In this climate?
Oh no, any climate.
Yeah, no, it's...
Anyway I gotta get back to
my room and get some work...
...done before I head out tomorrow
morning on this ridiculous thing.
Back up to your room?
Come on, you're in the
middle of paradise here.
Bartender, can you
get him one of these?
Okay, twist my arm.
Yeah, just slow down.
So tell me about this ridiculous
thing you gotta do tomorrow.
Okay, yeah.
So I'm a writer
and eight years ago...
...I wrote a book called
Pearl in Paradise...
...and so tomorrow
I'm heading out...
...on a trekking adventure
through the rainforest...
...with a photographer
that I've never met... help her write an article
for a magazine I don't read.
Thank you.
You're Colin Page.
- Yeah, I am.
Have you read my book?
- Yes.
Yeah, I actually just
got through reading it...
...about five minutes ago.
That's a coincidence.
What'd you think?
- Well I just couldn't put it down.
- Thank you, I appreciate that.
And you are?
- I'm Alex Anderson.
National Discoveries.
- National Discoveries.
Or you can just call me your
ridiculous thing partner.
Um, that...
Okay, hold on a second.
Let's try this again, shall we?
Are you Alex Anderson,
the famous photographer...
...from National
Discovery Magazine?
Because I'm a huge fan.
- Oh you are?
- Yes, I am actually.
- Are you really?
No, honestly I am.
When I found out we were
doing this article together...
...I went online and I looked
at the last 10 issues...
...of your work and I think
you're very talented.
Well thank you.
Yeah, I mean I don't know
anything about photography.
Did you actually read my book?
- Yes, I did.
- Yeah?
But what'd you think?
I thought that Blake Montoya
was a phenomenal character.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, he's attractive and smart...
...and he always knows what to say.
I mean he's basically
like the perfect guy.
I can understand how women
all over the world love this book.
For me, some of the
technical details...
...didn't ring true, but that's...
- Which ones?
- Do you have all day?
- Are you?
I'm joking.
I'm joking.
How do you know where the pearl is?
- Now that is confidential.
I can't, I can't
reveal my sources.
- What?
- Yeah.
- You're not gonna tell me?
- No, I'm gonna show you.
Okay, all right,
I can respect that.
Well can you at least tell
me what it looks like?
I don't know what it looks like.
- What?
- No, I've never seen it.
I don't know how big it is.
I don't know what color it is.
I made all that up for my book.
Okay, but why didn't
you just dig it up...
...the first time you went to Fiji?
- Well, that's the thing Alex...
...I've never even
been to Fiji before.
You've never been here?
Are you serious?
Nope, I wrote Pearl
of Paradise entirely...
...from my home office
in Saratoga Springs.
Okay, so let me
get this straight.
So you never been to Fiji, yet you
know where this pearl is buried?
That's, yes, that's
what I'm saying.
And I have my sources.
Oh yeah, yeah, your
confidential sources, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You know for someone
who's never been to Fiji...
...your description's like spot on.
Exhaustive research, all
my books are like that.
Well wouldn't you
rather go see a place... person, you know
like feel the energy?
- I can get all that in a library.
- Library?
Come on, you look.
You can't get, you can't
get this from a library.
Okay, if I do my job well, then the
reader can stay in the comfort...
...of their own home
and they can travel...
...the world using
their imagination.
And if I do my job well,
then I can inspire people... go and see the places
that I take photos of.
- Huh, fair enough.
- Yeah.
You know I remember the first
time I ever took a photo.
You do?
Yep, I was in middle
school and I went hiking... these foothills with my dad.
He was a big hiker.
And the sun was
setting and we stopped...
...the light was just perfect,
but then I took a picture...
...and I brought it back
to school with me...
...and there was
this boy at school.
...who was so inspired
by my little photo...
...that he took his dad to see
these very same foothills.
And I think that was
actually the first time...
...he ever went hiking
with his dad.
- That's cool.
Yeah, it was cool.
That's the moment,
that's when I knew...
...this is what I wanna do
for the rest of my life.
That was it.
You know I think with my
photos and your writing...
...this article is
gonna be really good.
Here's hoping.
- Oh, it is.
- Yeah.
Now I'm just right up here, so.
Okay, well do you still wanna meet
tomorrow morning at eight?
Yeah, eight's fine.
Ah, I might be 8:15.
I'll wait.
Thank you, Alex.
- Bye.
Ben Watso n already turned in
his article on the cliff in China?
Yesterday afternoon,
Now the only reason
I'm telling you this... because I need something
really great from you on time.
Okay, I promise you'll get that.
Hold on.
Hey, can I call you right back?
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Hi, Alex, it's Colin.
What exactly do you pack
for a three day hike?
Yeah, well did you
bring your entire closet?
Well you know I
wanted to be prepared.
Yeah, but it's only prepared
if you bring the right things.
Okay, well.
No, denim retains moisture.
These are rated
five star online.
These are zero stars
for the rainforest.
There's no waterproof
lining here, no tread.
I mean these are great
if you wanna walk...
...through a parking lot.
- They're sunglasses, Alex.
They're not polarized.
You're not gonna be able to see.
This sounds like
a lovely experience.
You know what this can
be a lovely experience...
...if you have the right clothing
and the right attitude... might actually have fun.
And then we can both be
little Blake Montoya's.
Come on, let's go shopping.
Okay, can I make
a list real quick?
No, no, no, no, I don't do lists.
It's all, it's all right here.
I do, do lists,
so I need to, it's a...
...peace of mind thing, hold on.
- Are you coming?
- No, what if we forget something?
Okay, but if you're
gonna forget something...
...won't you also forget
to put it on the list?
- What?
- Come on.
It doesn't even make sense,
if you, you, you... put it on a list
when you remember it.
Hold on, so if, so if your
boss chooses your story on...
...the pearl for the cover,
you'll get a promotion?
Yeah, and then I get to have more
control of the kinds of stories...
...we do and when I
become Creative...
I wanna do more like these.
Hi, can we have two, please?
Have you ever had these?
- Coconuts?
Well they're called Neo Domo,
they're a type of coconut, yeah.
Thank you.
- Cool.
Thank you.
- They are amazing.
Cheers to trying new things.
Yeah, well that's, that is...'s a lot sweeter than
I thought it would be.
Can't get that from
a book, now can you?
Here, here, here you go.
So if we don't get a
picture of the pearl...
...then you get neither the
promotion nor the cover?
But I have a secret weapon.
And do you, do you like beige?
- I prefer blue.
- Try these.
Oh, look a solar shower.
- What's that?
- A solar shower.
You fill it up with water,
you hang it up in a tree...
...and then the sun
heats the water...
...and when you're done
you just pack it up...
...and you're ready to go.
How cool is that?
Look at that.
I mean most women I know
wouldn't wanna take a shower...
...from a bag hanging
in a tree, but.
Oh yeah, they
just read about it.
This is a lot of stuff.
Yeah, there's a little
expedition happening.
Well, look at that.
- Oh little blue pearls.
So this is in reference
to the legend, right?
You find the blue pearl and
then you find true love?
Yeah, it's too bad no
one's ever found it though.
All those doomed relationships.
Well Colin here,
did write a book about it.
It's a fiction book, but still.
- Wait, Colin.
You're, you're Colin Page?
- Yes.
Oh my gosh, I've read your book.
I read all your books.
Oh papa, papa come here.
- Hello.
This is the guy who
wrote Pearl in Paradise.
Blake Montoya, in the flesh.
Oh it is a pleasure to meet you.
Actually, I'm...
I'm Malakai and this
is my daughter, Daniela.
- Hi.
- Hi, Daniela.
This is my friend, Alex.
- Hi, I'm Alex Anderson.
- It's nice to meet you.
- We love that book.
My business has
tripled because of it.
People come from
all around the world...
...just to find the blue pearl.
- Bula.
- Bula.
But they always
leave empty handed.
Well, they've come
to find the pearl.
Well, how romantic,
when's the big day?
- Oh no, no, no.
- Ah, no, no, no, no.
We're not, it's a strictly
Professional. I'm a photographer
for Natural Discoveries Magazine.
I cannot believe
the real Blake Montoya... standing right
here in my store.
Actually I'm not,
I'm not Blake Montoya.
He's just a character
that I created.
I'm a writer, I'm an author, so...
My name is Colin Page.
I'm Colin Page.
I know that, but how
different can you be?
You wrote it.
Blake Montoya came
from somewhere, right?
Hey Daniela, call your mother
and tell her to come down here.
Oh no, no, no, you
don't need to do that.
I'll just text her.
- Will you autograph it?
- Sure.
- Malakai, M-A-L-A-K-A-I.
- Okay.
- And Daniela.
- Sure.
Do you guys happen
to know of a local guy...
...someone that can
take us on a hike?
It would be my honor,
if I could take you...
...and your fiance up to
find the pearl, no charge.
We can leave in the morning.
- Yeah, oh yeah, that'd be great.
But are you okay?
I mean it's gonna be three
days out of your time.
Two days, there are roads
part way up we can drive.
- That's great news.
- No, no, no, no, no.
I have to take pictures along
the way for the magazine... we'll be hiking.
We could pull over and
you can take pictures...
...of the things...
- Can I go with you, please?
My daughter will come,
she's an avid hiker.
- The more the merrier.
- Yeah, no, we'll get the photos... your Editor-in-Chief sooner
if we do that, if we don't hike.
I have so much to learn from
an experienced outdoorsman... Blake Montoya.
I'm not winning
this argument, am I?
- No.
- Ah, pictures.
Well, Mr. Blake Montoya,
hope you've done your research.
So, um, these boots seem very
heavy. Are they really the best?
The best.
Best of the best, my friend.
- So her name is Serita?
- Yes.
And she works
here at the library?
I mean I just wanna interview
her for the article.
She knows about the pearl?
She does, but I think
it's always important... get a local
perspective, you know?
Have some unique insight, it
could be valuable, important.
But I thought that
you were the expert.
Oh I am.
But you can never learn
too much about the pearl... you're gonna get
some beautiful photographs...
...if you haven't already.
It's right here.
- Colin.
- Hi.
It's so nice to see you.
And this is?
- Hi, I'm Alex.
It's nice to meet you.
- Thank you.
- The both of you.
Please sit.
I found the journal
for you, Colin.
Ah, that is amazing, Serita.
It's a collection of handmade maps,
notes, even some poems.
Do you, um, do...
Is it okay if I leaf through it?
My great grandfather,
he wrote many poems... his beloved wife back home.
- Oh that's sweet.
It's like a love story unfolding
right before your eyes.
Would you mind if
I took some shots?
Of course.
The journal can be
read in many ways.
You can see it for what it is
or for what you want it to be.
Okay, this is amazing.
Serita, I appreciate it.
Yeah, me too.
And you know it's nice to
finally meet you face to face.
Well you can learn
a lot from a face.
Would it be alright if I
borrowed this for a few days...
...just to get your
grandfather's perspective...
...and I promise you that I
will guard it with my life.
I have no doubt in
my heart you will.
Ha, that's great.
This is great.
Uh, he loves his research.
The Pearl of Love. When all
seemed lost, I turned my back...
...on the rocks and followed
the path of my tears where...
...I fell asleep for
50 years and awoke... the prize of your
bright starry eyes.
I saw them reflected where
your love forever lies.
- Hi. You came down.
- Hey.
Yeah, I thought I'd take
a little bit of a break.
- Yeah.
- How's the food?
It's excellent.
- Good.
- Yeah.
Really, really good.
- I just wanted to let you know... excited I am about tomorrow.
- You are?
- Yeah.
That is my cue to
get back to work.
No, no, no, no, no.
You have to dance
with me, come on.
It looks like fun, try it.
Come on, dance with me.
Oh boy, I haven't
danced in a while.
All right, well I
know you know how.
Come on, just loosen
up a little bit.
Nobody's looking at
you, don't worry.
You're doing good, see?
Blake Montoya can dance, right?
Well, I'm not Blake, so.
I love this music.
This is nice, huh?
- Yeah.
- This is fun.
- This is fun, you're right.
Ah, look at that.
Now you really get to
show me how you can dance.
What are you doing?
I should get some work done.
I should get some work done,
but I will see you tomorrow.
Bright and early.
- Okay.
- Good night, Alex.
- Colin.
Okay, night.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- Hey, you look, you look great.
You look like a character
out of one of my books.
And you look like you're ready
to hike the Fijian rainforest.
- Hey.
- Hey guys.
- Bula, let's hit the road.
- All right.
- Hey, woo.
- Thank you.
Hey, I brought my camera, too.
Maybe you can give
me some pointers.
- Sure, yeah.
- Thanks.
I was on the yearbook staff
in my high school, you know?
That is very cool.
You know I would say the
key is to find something...'re passionate about.
Something that really inspires you.
- Oh, this is beautiful.
- Yeah, it is.
Well, let's go, Mr. Montoya.
We don't have
to go in there, do we? In there?
Yeah, it's a jungle, Colin.
You're not afraid
of spiders, are you?
Dang it.
I don't like this.
Blake Montoya.
Malakai, what is it?
- It's a Tagimoucia orchid.
- How can it be?
- A, a what?
A Tagimoucia.
It means to cry in your sleep.
It's beautiful.
That's the national
flower of Fiji, isn't it?
Isn't that right?
Yeah, but it only grows
on the island of Taveuni.
Northeast of here.
I've never seen
one on this island.
It means something.
Yeah, sometimes things
appear when least expected.
- It's really something actually.
- Yeah, it is.
- You okay?
- Thanks. Yeah, no I'm fine.
- Got you.
- Thank you. I'm good.
Sorry, sometimes I
just get all wrapped up... getting that shot.
- You sure it's not your shoes...
...because you know
you need the ones...
...with the tread.
- The boots with the tread...
...and the waterproof lining.
- And the waterproof lining.
Yeah, I've got all that.
Who taught you that?
A very wise woman.
Very good at what she does.
- She is good at what she does.
Wow! Okay, I have
never seen this...
...many shades of
green in all my life.
That's because you never
leave your house.
Do you know that the color green
actually has an effect on people?
It changes our brain. Makes us more
creative. Makes us better readers.
Always goes back to reading with
you, doesn't it?
Oh, watch your step.
Oh look, it's an old balabala.
Ah, that's beautiful.
That is very cool.
Why don't you try this?
- Really?
- Yeah, go ahead.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Oh no.
I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, it's okay.
Are you okay?
- I'm okay, but your lens.
You know what actually
I don't think it's broke.
Alright, I have some lens wipes
in my bag here. It'll be okay.
I thought I put 'em in here.
Do you have any?
No. I must
have left 'em at home.
This is my only short zoom.
- Can I see it for a second?
Um, okay, just don't
wipe it on your shirt.
You'll scratch the lens.
- I know.
So the tannic acid
in black tea acts... a non-abrasive
cleansing agent.
To dissolve the dirt.
Look at that.
Good as new.
how did you know that?
Ah, a bit of research.
I know a lot about tea.
In Diamonds in Dubai.
Blake Montoya was trying
to catch an exporter...
...who was smuggling gems from
Europe in crates of tea.
Aha, Blake Montoya
strikes again.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
So, what else can tea do?
Oh, my, my goodness. It acts as
a diuretic, it's a melitropic... can help you
defend against heart...
...disease, cancers.
What can't tea do really?
Alright, we'll stop here
and make camp for the night.
Ah, that's terrific.
Ah, not here.
Down there.
Down there?
It's too steep to hike,
so we'll tie off a line... be safe and descend by rope.
Did he just say descend by rope?
Good to go.
Who's going first?
Ah, actually I think that one of us
should probably go first.
- No, no, no, no, I got it, Alex.
- I can go, I can go.
You can watch me go down.
Alex, it's a rope,
how hard can it be?
- Seriously I can help you.
- Seriously I'm fine.
I just pitch it down, right?
You throw the rope out.
Why don't you just tell them
you've never done this before?
All right, guys.
See you at the bottom.
How hard can it be?
- You okay?
- Hey, I'm coming down.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Come on.
- Don't move, are you okay?
- No, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I'm all right.
- Are you sure?
- I'm okay.
- You fell pretty far.
We're gonna build,
we'll go pitch tents.
Yeah no, Daniela
and I can do that.
One of you guys go
gather some firewood.
Yeah, we'll do that.
Colin, this way.
- All right.
- This way.
I'm okay.
You know I could have
helped you out there.
What would
Blake Montoya have done?
He would have been the first
to grab the rope just like you.
There you go.
I gotta be honest.
It was thrilling.
I mean until obvi, until
it wasn't and then it hurt.
It just hurt.
- It looked like it hurt.
So what does your
boyfriend think...
...about you being
gone all the time...
..when you're trekking
around the world
...taking pictures of
volcanoes and wild animals...
...and stuff or is that,
is that too personal?
No, no, it's not too personal.
Well trekking around the world
and taking pictures of volcanoes...
...and wild animals and stuff is...
...exactly why I don't
have a boyfriend.
Turns out in relationships, people
actually wanna spend time together.
Imagine that, right?
- Fancy that.
What about you though?
Mr. Romance slash
adventure novelist.
I mean you must have women
lined up around the block.
Ah yeah, I do, which is why
I moved into a gated community.
No all kidding aside,
yeah, I date...
...but it just never seems to last.
Because I think they
expect Blake Montoya.
And I'm not Blake.
And even Malakai and
Daniela expect him...
...and he's you know this
adventure seeking guy...
...who lives for danger
and Colin Page... a writer who sits in
a room all day long alone...
...telling stories for a living.
- Yeah, but Colin Page is...
...he's smart and nice.
He's got a good sense of humor.
He's maybe even a
little good looking.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I got a maybe?
A little?
Just, just a little.
And in the haze of
the dawn, they saw it.
"Could that be it?"
Valencia asked.
"Is that the pearl?"
Blake craned his head closer...
...and saw the magnificent
opalescent shimmer.
At last, they found it.
It is an honor to be
reading your book with you.
Papa, don't interrupt.
My favorite part's coming up.
They kiss after they
find the blue pearl.
Do you think the pearl's
gonna look like that...
...when we find it?
Do you think the clam's
gonna be there, too?
That is confidential.
Starry night.
The pearl of love.
When all seemed lost I
turned my back on the rocks...
...and I followed the
path of my tears.
Where I fell asleep
for 50 years.
- Busy?
- Oh, hey.
Here you go.
Native fruit to Fiji.
That's amazing, thank you.
I didn't think you'd
ever tried it before.
I get the sense this might
be your first time to Fiji.
You got that from
our first day hiking?
I got that from the first time
you walked into my store.
Ah, geez.
Was that obvious?
Malakai, I gotta be
honest with you, man.
I am a fraud, in every
sense of the word.
Yeah, I wouldn't
say that my friend.
The only person
you can be is you.
No, there's something
that I have to tell Alex...
...that I haven't told her yet.
I don't know where the pearl is.
- I know.
- You know?
- Of course, nobody does.
It's a fairy tale, it's a myth.
It's good for business
and a fun story...
...and people come from
all around the world...
...just to find the blue
pearl, but nobody ever does.
No, Malakai, I'm sorry.
Look, look, look, look, I
know generally where it is...'s on the other
side of the river.
It's there, I just don't know
exactly where it's buried.
And that what I was hoping
was that this journal...
...would, I don't know,
provide some clues...
...some link to my missing...
See he found it.
Well he claimed to
have found the pearl...
...he knew where it was.
Perhaps you have to ask yourself...
...if he found it, why
would he have left it?
Look, my friend, Ku
operates a eco-village...
...not far from here.
About three kilometers away.
His father, Akamu knows a
great deal about the legend.
Maybe he can help.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
That would be awesome.
Colin, good night.
Good night.
- Thank you again.
- Night, all right.
All right.
I'll see you tomorrow.
...where I fell asleep
for 50 years...
...and I woke to the prize of
your bright starry eyes...
...and saw them reflected where
your love forever lies.
I didn't know you
were such a poet.
Uh no, um, this is
the, this is the poem...
...that Serita's great
grandfather wrote to his wife.
It's a love poem.
And it's, I don't
know, this journal... filled with, look at it,
sketches, and pressed flowers.
And then you got a waterfall.
What do you think
all this stuff means?
I don't know.
It's a mystery.
Speaking of mystery,
look up there.
I love the night sky.
My dad used to take me
camping when I was little...
...and I always used to sleep
underneath the stars.
I loved it, I still do.
Look at that one right up there.
Straight ahead right there.
That's Sagittarius.
I figured you'd like it 'cause
it's shaped like a teapot.
- It's a teapot.
- Yeah.
And right next to
Sagittarius is Aquila.
- You know constellations?
- Yeah, I'm, I read the Odyssey...
...while I was in 8th grade I
became a bit of a star nerd.
Uh-huh, I read that.
- Yeah?
- I loved it.
Yeah, great book.
- It's a great book, yeah.
That book made me wanna learn
everything I could about stars.
Made me wanna travel the world.
Yeah, you know I always
wanted to do this piece...
...on astronomy for the magazine.
And what I would do is I would
create a travel map, right?
And I'd start in the
Northern Hemisphere...
...and I would show you
all the constellations...'d see as you traveled south.
- That's a great idea.
- Yeah?
- Why didn't you do it?
Last Creative Director killed it,
so I just kinda forgot about it.
It's a brilliant idea.
Promise me that
you'll revisit it...
...because that is a trip
that even I would make.
- Really?
- Yeah.
All right then, I'll keep
that in my back pocket.
Well, I'm pretty tired.
- You gonna go to sleep?
- Hey Alex.
- Yes.
Sweet dreams.
You too.
So this is your
friend's eco-lodge, huh?
Totally off the grid.
Operated by my friend, Ku.
Once was a place his
grandmother lived.
The villagers all moved out,
but she wanted to preserve it.
What I wanna do is interview
Ku's father for the article.
Yeah, I think that'd be great.
This place is lovely.
I've, um, I've asked him.
- My friend.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You finally made it.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you.
- Come to see.
- Remember my daughter...
- Of course.
- Hey, good to see you again.
- Good to see you, Daniela.
This is Colin, the famous
author of Pearl in Paradise.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.
Alex, a famous
American photographer.
- Pleased to meet you, Alex.
- It's nice to meet you.
Ku, can Colin
talk to your father?
He's not here.
But he's coming over for dinner.
You could meet him then.
Yeah? That would be
perfect, thank you.
Please come with
me, right this way.
- How are you?
- Not too bad, man.
It's good to see you.
You've done some renovation.
Yes, yes, yes, you like it?
Well thank you guys so much...
...for having us for dinner,
Mr. Akamu.
- Just Akamu.
- Akamu, sorry.
Um, so Alex and I are working
on an article together...
...about the pearl for the
magazine that she works for.
Natural Discoveries,
I'm taking the pictures...
...and he's writing the article.
Yeah and Malakai said that you know
a great deal about the pearl.
As do you.
I know your book.
A fine tale.
- Yeah well, thank you.
Which leads me to
ask you a question.
Do you think that the description
of the pearl in my book...
Lived up to your
experience of it?
I've never seen it.
I'm confused.
- How do you know it exists?
- Because I do.
A British man wrote
about it many years ago.
Right, right, I have his journal.
Should I, do you wanna see it?
There is a little known
legend among my people...
...about the origin of the pearl.
The legend of the fisherman.
You've done your research.
Wait a minute, the legend
of, that's not in your book.
No, no, but I mean I
know of its existence.
You can't find it anywhere online.
There's no written record of it.
It's oral history.
Do you know it?
Could you tell us?
600 years ago, there
was a poor fisherman... love with the daughter
of a wealthy aristocrat...
...who would not let them marry.
One day, while he
was looking for clams... the Navua River, he
navigated through a tributary...
...and there he found a giant clam.
The clam opened, revealing
a beautiful rare blue pearl.
The fisherman was ecstatic.
What luck!
He thought if he gave the
pearl to the young woman...
...he'd prove to her and her
family that he was worthy...
...of their daughter's
hand in marriage.
So he put the pearl in a wooden box
to present to the family.
As he sailed back, the rains
came rocking the small boat.
The pearl fell back
into the water.
The fisherman was so devastated...
...he couldn't bring himself
to face the young woman.
He spent his remaining years
searching in vain for the pearl.
And cried in his
sleep for 50 years.
Over the next few centuries,
the tributary dried up.
And it is said that the
fisherman's decades of tears... flow over the rocky shores
that remain in its wake.
It is believed that the
pearl represents the love...
...that the young woman and the
fisherman should have had.
He spent his entire life
going after the pearl...
...when he should have been
going after her heart.
He thought that the
pearl would make him...
...worthy of her love,
but he already had her love.
He lost his faith in her.
The pearl itself was worth nothing.
Its worth is what
is accorded to it.
Find the fisherman's lost love...
...and you will find the pearl.
Now, enough talk, please eat.
This looks, this
looks very good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Iced tea.
- Iced?
Uh-huh, it's perfect
for the climate.
I see you're coming around, huh?
Ah, baby steps.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
So you can't sleep either, huh?
No, too excited about tomorrow.
It's just like when
I was a little kid.
I never could go to sleep
the night before me...
...and my dad went on
our little adventures.
- Yeah?
- I just felt like we're so close.
You know, my sister was
asking me what would...
...we'd do with the
pearl if we found it.
- What would you do with it?
- Donate it to a museum.
Yeah, sure, I like that idea.
...a great museum in Suva actually.
Yeah, show the world it's here.
Maybe that'll inspire
people to come look at it.
Yeah, I like that.
Good tea.
It's, uh, organic.
- Hey.
- Good morning.
- Good morning Daniela. How are you?
- Good morning.
- How are you guys?
- We're doing good, how'd you sleep?
Yeah, pretty
good, how 'bout you?
- Like a baby.
- A bit buggy.
Malakai, hey where's your stuff?
Oh, yeah it rained
further down the island...
...and there may be flooding.
Akamu's asked me to hang
around and help out.
You two should be fine to
navigate the rest of...
...the way by yourself, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Be careful and we'll
see you when you get back.
- With the pearl.
- With the pearl. Got it.
Hey, thanks for everything.
Rained further down
the island, really?
Seemed believable to me.
They have to do this on their own.
You know that, Daniela.
I do.
- Woo, look at this.
- Look at me.
Okay, now look away.
It's good.
- Hey.
Thank you.
- For taking your picture?
No, for this. For pitching the
idea for the article.
I mean I wouldn't have
come here otherwise.
That's really sweet.
Yeah, you're welcome.
I can't, Alex.
What are you talking
about, yeah you can.
No, I mean I have something
that I need to tell you, Alex.
And it's something that I
should've been honest about...
...before we even left for Fiji.
I don't know exactly
where the pearl is buried.
Okay, but you, you know like...
...generally where it is, right?
Are you kidding me?
I'm sorry,
I thought I was gonna be able... piece together information
from the journal and interviews.
If you are just
now telling me this.
Okay, hold on, I wanted to tell you
sooner, but then you told me how...
...high the stakes were with your
promotion and inspiring people.
And, and, and, and
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Why did you lie to me?
Why would you lie to me?
I didn't plan on this and I
didn't want to let you down.
For the first time in my life I
thought that I could be as...
...adventurous and as
exciting as this figment...
...of my imagination that
I cannot live up to.
I mean...
He always knows that right things
to say and I clearly don't.
And when you called me and you
offered me this opportunity...
...I was scared, Alex,
I didn't wanna do it...
...but I was also so excited...
...and I thought for a
second if I could just...
...that if we could do this...
...that we could find this pearl...
...that somehow I'd fix
it, but all it did... prove that I am
a disappointment.
And I'm sorry, I'm sorry
that I lied to you.
I am sorry that I
wasted your time...
...and I am sorry that I
got your hopes up, Alex.
I guess we should
head back, huh?
Colin, Colin.
For somebody who doesn't
know what to say... certainly knew what to say.
And I gotta be honest with you.
If you would've told me all
of that back in New York...
...that you didn't know
where the pearl was.
I still would've
come on this trip.
But would you ask
me to come with you?
Look at this.
Look at where we are right now.
I mean who knows what's
out there, right?
Who knows what we're gonna see.
And I wanna inspire people and
I know you wanna inspire people.
So let's do this.
Let's keep going.
You with me?
- Yeah.
What have we got to lose?
Wow, this is beautiful.
Okay, according to this map.
- Yeah.
- Look, there's a bridge...
...about a mile that way, so you
know we'd have to double back, but.
No, no, I say we cross it.
It doesn't look that deep.
- It's, it's, it's moving.
Pretty fast.
- That's not fast, you'll be fine.
Look, everything that's
important goes in a dry bag.
What's a dry bag?
Wow, you are prepared.
All right then.
Good luck.
Come here.
I got you, I got you.
I got it.
I'll get it. Here.
Come here, come here.
You okay?
Yeah. You?
All right, I told you we
should have taken the bridge.
The bridge.
I'm so sorry. I will listen to
you from now on.
I gotta tell you though,
we make a good team, huh?
- Yeah, we do.
- Yeah, we do.
All that's missing
is the pearl, right?
Yeah, the pearl.
You know what?
I don't even care about
my promotion anymore.
- Yeah?
- No.
That's crazy.
I haven't thought about
my book in three days.
Yeah, I just,
I just wanna find the pearl.
I want us to find that pearl.
I really do.
And I think that we should...
...we should keep going.
- I'm so close.
- Yeah.
Wait, are you crying?
No, I got, a bug in my eye.
- Oh, it looks like you're crying.
- My eye.
- Wait a minute. Hold on.
- What?
I just, I just thought of something
that Akamu said last night.
He was talking about the fisherman
and the decades of tears.
Right, decades of tears.
Ah, fisherman's decades of tears
flow over the rocky shores.
- You have a very good memory.
- All up here, remember?
Yeah, hey, can you just
um, can I see that journal?
- Okay.
Could you, could
you just show me...
...the page that you were
looking at with the waterfall?
Decades of tears.
- The waterfall.
- The waterfall.
- It's the waterfall.
- Yeah.
Oh my gosh.
Okay, so we are here and
the waterfall is here.
That is where we need to be.
- Bingo. Yes!
Whoa! Listen. Do you hear that?
It's a waterfall.
Woo, look at this!
You're right, you can't
get this from a book.
Right? All right, here, I wanna
document this moment.
- All right, ready?
- Yeah.
You gonna smile?
One, two.
It's not perfect, but
it's got something.
We gotta be close.
I definitely see how this place
can bring out the poet in anyone.
What did you just say?
I was just saying
how beautiful it is.
It can almost turn
anybody into a poet.
Look at this place.
- Oh my gosh, the poem.
Okay, the fisherman's tears.
It's the waterfall.
When all seemed lost...
...I turned my back on the rocks.
And followed the
path of my tears.
It's the stream.
Where I fell asleep
for 50 years.
What is that?
Tagimoucia, it means
to cry in your sleep.
- Tagimoucia.
- Tagimoucia.
Come on.
And I woke to the prize
of your glittering eyes.
And saw them reflected
where my love forever lies.
Reflected where
your love forever lies.
Colin, Colin, let
me see that journal!
- What?
- Come here. Look.
Oh my gosh.
Hold on, let me get a shot of it.
- Got it?
- Okay, yeah.
Be careful.
Do you feel anything?
Wait, I feel something.
- You do?
- Yeah.
I think, I think
we just found it.
I think we just found it.
Open it.
Ah, it's beautiful.
Those worthy of the pearl
can never have found the pearl.
Okay, hold it up. I'm gonna
get a shot with you in it.
Hold on, those worthy of the pearl
can never have found the pearl.
- We can't.
We can't take a picture.
But we, we can't rely
just on your writing...
...we have to take...
Those worthy of the pearl
can never have found the pearl.
We can't have found the pearl.
What are you talking about?
We just found the pearl.
I know.
In order to find the pearl,
you have to have faith...
...that the pearl existed, right?
And if picture's proof,
that's what Akamu...
...and Serita were
trying to tell us.
Proof denies faith.
And without faith,
I mean the pearl... doesn't mean anything.
Yeah, because we
would ruin the legend.
Yeah, if the value of the
pearl is what we accord it... it's a promotion at work
or it's a writing career.
It's a love that last a lifetime.
It's whatever you want it to be.
I get it.
Looking at a pearl in the
museum isn't the same as...
...coming out here to
find it for yourself.
That's right.
I'm sorry.
I just, I just really wanna
inspire people, you know?
You still can.
Hey, wait up.
Thanks, Malakai.
I'll miss you.
Thank you for everything.
Take care, my friends.
I'm sorry you didn't
find the pearl.
Yeah, me too.
Thanks, Malakai.
Well have a safe flight, Colin.
Bye, Alex.
I know, I know, what would
Blake Montoya do right?
No, Colin Page.
How do you feel?
I feel a lot of
things, but, but.
You're a writer.
Do what you do best.
Thank you, Malakai.
Thank you.
You gave me an idea!
Let's go.
- Hello, Derek, it's Colin.
- Hello, Colin?
Yeah, hey buddy,
can you hear me?
I'm back at the hotel now.
- You keep breaking up.
Okay, I'm back at the hotel.
I think my phone might be wet.
Anyway, are you there?
- So did you find the pearl?
Tell me you found the pearl.
No, but I have an amazing
idea for an article.
You keep cutting out.
I said I have an amazing
idea for an article.
- So did you find it?
- Listen, I'm...
...okay listen, I'm gonna
send you an article.
It's gonna be amazing.
Oh, this is great news.
I'll call the editor
and let her know.
Great, thanks, all right.
Um, I'll send it to you tonight.
Sharon, I have
got some great news.
- They found the pearl?
- They had to.
Colin assured me the article
is going to be amazing.
We've got our cover story.
I'll keep an eye out for it.
Alex, I just got the good news
from Colin's agent that... guys found the pearl and his
article will be submitted tonight!
Can't wait to see your photos!
I'm off to a meeting, but I'll
see you when you get back!
Hey, Alex.
- Yes?
- Oh hi.
Do you know where the woman
is who's staying in this room?
She checked out, sir.
You just missed her.
Thank you.
Hey, Alex!
Hey, whoa, hey, hey, hey Alex.
Are you leaving?
- I heard you wrote the article.
Yeah, yeah, I wanted
to tell you about it.
You don't have to do that.
I talked to my editor,
she told me all about it.
- She did?
- Yeah, well played.
You got your article,
none of the photos.
Hold on a second,
let me explain.
You know what Colin? This is all
about you and selling more books.
Why would he betray me like this?
I just, I don't understand.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know he's the one who told
me to keep it a secret...
...and to have faith and then he
just goes off and does it anyway.
Oh, sometimes people aren't
who you think they are.
Yeah, tell me about it.
- When did you get so organized?
- I just, I don't understand.
It doesn't make any sense to me.
I mean he was so, he
was so fun and smart.
We make a pretty good team.
- Make?
You just said make.
- I did?
Oh I didn't mean that. I
mean made, made a good team.
I just read the article.
Honestly, it's brilliant.
I'm sending it to the
magazine right now.
That is great.
And hey, you were right,
I was playing it safe...
...with my new novel.
Oh, is this the same Colin
I meet with a week ago?
Let's just say that
I found the inspiration...
...I've been missing.
- Well that's terrific.
So are you gonna finish
writing Treasures in Taipei?
Ah actually, no.
I gotta a whole new idea.
Hey, welcome back.
Sharon, I'm, I'm sorry.
I messed up again.
And I completely
understand why Ben... the better candidate
for this promotion...
...and if you wanna fire me...
- Fire you?
Why would I wanna fire
my new Creative Director?
You're not gonna fire me?
I'm the new...
Okay, but I didn't get
any pictures of the pearl.
Well, how could you?
You didn't find it.
- Well your voicemail.
- Oh, complete miscommunication.
Colin's agent thought
he'd found it...
...but turns out it was
bad cell reception.
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
What I really need is a photo
of you and Colin together.
- Us?
- For the cover.
You do have some
of those, right?
Yeah, yeah, I've got some.
This is hands down the best
cover story we've ever done.
Didn't he send it to you?
- Uh, no.
Well I'm emailing it now.
You need to read this.
In pursuit of a magical pearl...
...hidden deep in the lush
rainforests of Viti Levu...
...I found something
completely unexpected.
After a
challenging three day hike...
...with a charming and brilliant
photographer named Alex...
...and our two guides,
I add my name... the long list of
adventurers and lovers...
...hoping to lay weary eyes
on a rare blue pearl...
...that hundreds of years ago...
...disappeared into the swirling,
stormy sea.
A pearl that now lies somewhere... a sun-kissed valley
paradise waiting to be found.
Alex and I never found the pearl.
But the quest offered us
something more precious.
It's only when we
open our hearts...
...ready to risk the unknown...
...that life's treasures
reveal themselves.
And our hearts can love
a thousand times more...
...than we ever imagined.
And if you believe that
there's magic out there...'s yours to find.
Alex knew that all along.
And she inspired me to go on
a different kind of journey.
No, I didn't find the
legendary blue pearl...
...but I found out who
I want to be...
...and who I want to be with.
And in the end, love is the
greatest adventure of all.
Alex, I have a delivery for you.
Should I bring them up?
Yeah, thank you.
- Hello?
- Hi.
Hey Alex.
It's nice hearing your voice.
- I read your article.
- Yeah and what did you think of it?
Well, some of the technical details
didn't ring so true for me.
You're a funny girl.
Some conversations are
better had in person...
...than well, with flowers.
Did you mean everything
you said in that article?
Alex, I'm standing
in your office...
...with rare flowers from Fiji...
...which I think officially makes
me an international smuggler.
I meant every single word.
I just want you to
know that sometimes...
...I'm not organized.
- I like that.
And I don't ever,
ever wanna make a list.
- Check.
- And I don't like tea.
Ooh, all right, we're
working on that one.
- And...
- And?
In the legend, it
says that only true love...
...can find the pearl
and in your article... said we didn't.
Hold on.
It's not the blue pearl.
But it's ours.
That's that.
It's the most beautiful
pearl I have ever seen.
No, you are.
Come on. Hurry up, I'm dying
to explore the reef.
Okay, okay, I just
wanna finish this chapter.
You know I could tell
you how it ends, right?
Don't you dare.
Come on.