Peddha Kapu 1 (2023) Movie Script

This is a story about the conflict
that happened in 1962
on an island along the Godavari River
which shattered the lives of common people.
Who is this girl?
Somebody left her here.
Should we raise her?
My life's a hell for being born as a woman.
You too shall face the same when you grow up.
She's a girl too.
Give it to someone else or even better, sell her off.
It would help our financial situation.
Whom shall I sell her to?
Somebody might be willing to take her in.
Give her to them.
"Oh, my little birdie."
"Oh, my daisy, have you separated
from your mother? "
What a hyperactive child!
Where did you get her from?
Did you see this?
She is selling off a child.
Violent clashes took place in a village across
the river, there has been a mass exodus it seems.
Now they are selling off their children too.
What harsh times!
"but you became a saleable item today"
"You are flickering as flame flickers in a breeze."
" Who wrote your story to be filled with tears?"
What is it?
We have six already.
She wants to give us one more
No need. You may go.
"Will this world solace your pain?"
"Be it a Myna in a crow's nest
or the Shakuntala brought by the birds, "
"it is always a girl who suffers this fate!"
I've been observing her the whole day.
She is roaming the whole village carrying that child.
I wonder where she found her.
You are taking her as if you are buying some goods
It's a living being, you have to raise her,
are you aware of it or not?
My great-grandmother's name is Lakshmi Taiyaaru.
I'll name this child after her.
Can anybody touch fire?
I am able to.
Get lost you all!
Bloody hell all those who left that
village have come to our village for a livelihood.
You couldn't live there,
what makes you think you can live here?
Gone are the times when one would
search for what he has lost at the place he lost it.
One has to wherever it may be.
find opportunities along the way,
Hey, elder one Go to Setu's shop and get the
4 kilos of rice that he has promised to give.
Mom, I'm studying.
Younger one, you go and get it.
Mom, I'm studying too.
Ask him to go.
Hey, go and get it.
You go.
Go and get it, dude.
-No. You go.
Hey! Stop it.
Why do you need these studies which
don't teach you to put a brave face on during tough times?
Go and get the rice. Go!
You should be starved for four days,
Come, sit.
She is Gowri, Subbanna's daughter.
Poor child!
Forget the past. Think about the future.
I want water.
I will get it for you
On either side of the Godavari,
for 15 villages in either district,
Sathyarangaiah is the King!
Does he put on a crown?
No, he doesn't.
He doesn't like to.
But he must bestow it upon him.
Assembly for the victory of people!
I want to fight against hunger,
but don't have enough food.
I want to fight atrocities
but don't have enough strength.
Idiots first they get on posters
and then they sit on our heads
On March 29, 1982, a great leader started a party
and filled the lives of common people with hope.
Greetings to the Telugu youth, greetings to the
Telugu motherhood, good luck to the Telugu nation.
Harijan, Girijan and Dalit communities..
What is this? Mr. Ramarao spoke just the other
day and you are already building a camp for him?
Who do you think this party is formed for?
Not for people like you who make money by lending
money to others, this party is formed for people like us.
Do you think he will win?
You'll be the first one to be ousted if he wins.
Okay. Okay. It's not so easy though.
We are waiting for you sir.
Winning 250 constituencies of this state is one thing
but winning this constituency is a whole different ball game
This is very complicated.
If we win this, it means we won the State.
The one who works harder will be
rewarded with an MLA seat.
Who will give us a proper understanding of this area?
You formed a new party?
To do what?
Do you think you can teach us some new
politics which we haven't seen already?
How will you know everyone's past,
their history, their struggles?
How many surveys can you conduct?
How many inquiries can you make?
We can't rely on the existing parties.
Somebody should come up with
a new school of thought, right?
What is the foundation of your party?
What are your ideologies going forward?
You may promise that your new party will enhance people's
but only God knows whether it will happen or not.
Let me tell you something, listen.
One lady jumped into a well,
she had no support, nobody came to help her.
She's gone now.
Nobody knows where she's gone.
Can you bring her back?
Tell me. Can you bring her back?
This is not just a lone incident.
There are hundreds of such stories.
Whom shall you help?
Does your party have compassion even for
someone who resides in the remotest area?
Does it?
Every village has four directions
but this village has only two
one is Satyarangaiah and the other is Bayanna.
There's no other way for anyone who lives here.
One will kill you by pretending to be your saviour
and the other will kill you like a beast hunts its prey.
By the way, our people have already left,
be for you came,
to get a flag pole which would hoist your flag that
can be seen from as far as seven villages apart.
Hey, Is it done?
How dare you lift your head in front of me!
Hey, you scoundrels... how dare you!
Bow your head down.
How dare you hoist a flag here
as per Satyarangaiah's wishes.
Hey! Everyone, listen carefully.
I know what's going on here.
I know that these scoundrels
are in favor of Satyarangaiah.
More than half the population of this
village are my supporters...
who have made me victorious in the last 15 years.
Are they idiots and only you are sane?
Hey! Kill them all. Kill them.
The new party is going to change
the face of politics in the village.
Since they are our people, they'll spread
rumors about what happened here.
Guys, you may go back to Satyarangaiah.
Brother, hold it...
Lift it up
Lift it up
We can't...
Let me take some time...
This is not just a flag.
It's our self-respect.
It is not just as tall as this tree,
it's as high as the sky.
If you find the depths of everyone's heart,
you will know the height of that flag.
Should we lose our battle?
Should we give up here?
Let's see who can stop us.
Let's erect it, bloody
Go head-to-head
Lift it.
You go up...
Come.. come on...
Had we beheaded them when they laid their hands
on us, we wouldn't have to see this day.
We are erecting the flag here.
We are erecting it right here.
I shall see who's going to stop us.
Hey, let's see who can stop us.
Hey, dig not one grave,
dig graves for the whole village.
Bloody scoundrels!
Kill the entire lot and bury them down.
I don't care if you behead them or stab them,
but I don't want even one of them to stay alive.
Go! Show them who this Bayanna is! Go!
Peda Kaapu!
Peda Kaapu!
Hold tight.
Go there...
Hold tight.
Go and tie the flag
[indistinct voices]
Peda Kaapu!
What is this Man?
Here, no one even values their own lives.
What is the political background of this town?
When they have strength,
they strive for political power
and when they lack it,
they adapt to being on the other side.
That's how politics unfolds here.
That's okay; they are alleging that
Bayyanna is attacking everyone here...
but are you standing by Satyarangayya?
Do you believe he is correct?"
When the village meeting is held here,
do you not attend?
You are currently here, aren't you?
Stay a few more days and observe.
You will know everything then.
If something wrong happened to us,
we will not take anyone's side.
Neither Bayanna would come
nor Satya Rangaiah would come.
These bloody loyalists of either side
would just keep waiting for their arrival.
They don't care about either death or the dead.
Don't look that side.
Your eyes should be here but still talk about them.
Don't nod your head.
We came early in the morning.
Would they call us today?
Erecting a flagpost is not as easy as
beheading someone.
It will take time.
Come, let's have some tea.
Hey, who gets the harsher punishment?
The dead or the one who killed them?
Idiot! How can the dead be punished?
I just wanted to know the law.
What do we have in law?
The law asks us to eat and sleep.
Hey! Hey! Satyarangaiah is coming.
He is coming
He is going to thrash them.
He has gone in six times during the whole day.
He won't come and he won't let us leave.
I don't know what magic he has done on him,
he is not letting him go.
Stop with your nonsense.
Do you know what the judge has to say about this?
He says he didn't study law to
preside over such idiotic cases.
Why? Why should we think like that?
Can't we think that aspires to live a life like us?
True. If you are asked to speak senselessly,
you would go on for eternity.
You need to be tightened up.
What are you staring at? Get up.
I got him out saying it was a case of riot.
Where is Rambhola?
He is coming.
Satyarangaiah is on his way.
He spares no one.
Good for nothing! I was harping to everyone
that if somebody gets in a fight with my boys,
they won't walk out alive,
and if they have to be alive their
parents must pray to God to save them.
But you are going around people
in court to save you, is it?
In that case, why did you even get into the fight?
Didn't I ask you to not put green chilies in it?
What? You can't eat a bloody chili and
you want to fight people?
Useless Useless brats
Stop it already. Don't you have limits
while speaking? Go away.
Only you know how to talk, don't you?
Hey, you.. come
There's nothing wrong with stepping ahead.
But we don't know where the danger lies.
Forget about what she talked about.
If we are living a life, our today must be
better than our yesterday,
and our tomorrow must be better than our today.
We got into it now.
We will see the end of the tunnel.
First, you must have each other's back.
The loss of even one son is a loss too.
Start the vehicle.
Hey Gauri, look at her.
Gauri, what are you doing here?
Why are you collecting feathers?
Did you come all this way for these feathers?
We have a useless father at our disposal.
You can't mend the ways of an alcoholic.
Even if he quits alcohol,
we won't be contributing to the world anyway.
Right, I am just pursuing him to quit alcohol that's it.
Also, people often comment that I was bought by him.
So I'm more concerned that he will die before
telling me about my history and my parents.
There will be someone somewhere
who will be your parents,
and at the right time, they will
definitely occur in front of you.
Hey, Papdi Babi
What? Papdi Babi?
To where?
I have no hesitation in lying.
I'll come wherever you take me to.
I don't want to come back to this village.
Come, let's go.
Why do girls fall for such loafers?
You, oldie!
Stop your acting.
Come, hop on.
Is it time to make an offering to Goddess?
Idiot! why did you bring the rooster so late?
It's not so easy to catch rooster.
One must be very athletic,
climb up the houses and jump down the attics.
Trust is your weakness.
Alcohol is my weakness.
Don't do this for me, do it for the Goddess.
Let her bless this village.
Don't you have any other saree? Why do you keep
wearing the same saree for all the occasions?
If your husband is not getting one for you,
why don't you ask me?
I'll buy you one.
Scoundrel! Who are you to buy me one?
Wretched one! Come here
How dare you...?
Drop the knife.
Will you kill me?
Come, kill me.
Leave me.
Bloody scoundr...
Leave me.
(humming a song)
She has a pure heart.
She has no bias toward anyone.
You are right.
The youth today seems to be in a constant hurry...
I vividly remember every outfit
you wore over the past six years
But while I was beating him,
I stopped swearing as soon as you appeared.
When I am very angry and frustrated...
If people like you were in my life
then I would have control
That's why I need you.
For a lifetime..
"The way she behaves..."
Let's go.
To where?
I have no hesitation in lying.
Let's get married.
Let's go away.
If you don't feel it's wrong until you do that wrong,
then it's not really wrong.
Let's go.
"You are the reason...for the...
commotion in my heart..."
Will you come here daily?
"It is showered because of you"
"The way she behaves..."
"She won't hesitate..."
"Even if I try, even if I cross the parapet"
"I don't know why she doesn't find me attractive"
"If I look at you and make it obvious,
If I eat you just by gazing at you, "
Peda kaapu!
Look at there...
I have no hesitation in lying.
Day after day, I'm increasingly convinced
that he's the good looking guy.
Gowri, take these bangles.
And this?
These are black beads.
These are given post-marriage.
It is worn as it is believed it would
do good to the husband.
Since it does good, why wait until getting married?
Are you out of your mind?
Would you follow anyone without
understanding the other person's intentions?
Wait. I'll just enquire.
Wait here.
What are your intentions about me?
If you are taking this long to answer, that means,
you definitely have some intentions about me.
Tell me. Tell me the truth.
What are you thinking?
He has bad intentions.
Hug me tight for another hour.
If you leave, I'll thrash you too as I thrashed him.
"Otherwise, won't I increase the pace?"
"If I look at you and make it obvious,
If I eat you just by gazing at you,"
"Will my hunger be satisfied,
Will it curtail?"
"The increased heat in the shadows of the steps
reached the point where the sun sets"
Am I the first one to kiss you?
I'll break your jaw.
Am I the first one to kiss you?
Don't make that face.
I feel pity for you.
You are the first...
Did you see the difference between
these chairs and those chairs?
What are you waiting for? Get up.
The Peda Kapu people have become
uncontrollable since the erection of their flag.
Stop this nonsense.
They are our people too.
That's the problem.
Gowramma, put some sense in their head.
Why? Don't you know it?
Don't you know it?
Don't you know that your son is a womanizer?
Everyone looks down upon women,
is that not because of people like you?
Peda kaapu!
She is your would-be sister-in-law, right?
Didn't you teach her to be at home?
Do you want to get your jaw broken? Bloody
Don't you have respect towards elders?
Stop it.
Guys, stop it.
Who are the girls who went away?
Come forward.
You said that you went along
with the Sathyarangaiah's men.
Did they give you any money?
Or buy you any gifts?
Or anything else? Tell me honestly.
I was told that my pimples would go away.
That my pimples would go away.
Did they go away then?
You, shameless fellow!
Will you ask the same
thing to your daughter?
You would understand only when
someone holds your wife's hand.
Every day someone or the other holds
your hands four or five times.
Can't you tell the difference?
How dare you speak such lowly words to girls!
Hey, stop it...
Listen to me...
How dare you speak such lowly words to girls!
Don't you have any respect towards women?
Stop fighting.
They'll come once they are called for, aren't they?
Do you think so? Do you?
Nobody will come running to your call.
Nobody will come running to your call.
Nobody will come running to your call.
Do you know what's happening in the world?
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry is raising his voice.
Even the ones who once didn't dare
to sit in front of us.
Hey, did you let the buffaloes into Bayanna's field?
Brother, will you get up once?
Just once.
Brother, I'll talk a little disrespectfully.
This guy
I'll get a little more disrespectful, okay?
Him, that fool
Let me drop it a notch.
This useless fellow.
All your pride was burned
down to the ground by him, brother.
Did you get what he is telling?
That your pride in the village has vanished
and your caste is completely rotten.
And that if someone lays a hand on you,
you are in no capacity to defend yourselves too.
He is saying, scoundrels, Satyarangaiah's
pride has been ruined completely.
Is that what you mean? Right?
How dare you say that! Idiot
Who is that scoundrel who disrespected us?
Who is that?
We must use our full might
even for the smallest of prey.
It's a lie, Brother.
He is not a small prey anymore.
It's your job to defend us. Instead,
you disregard us in front of everyone!
You work for us and you degrade us in front
of everyone How dare you. Scoundrel.
If we call, she should come to us.
Whoever she is.
Hey, leave me alone...
-I'm going to kill you today.
Hold him. Hold him down.
I'm going to kill you today.
Hold him. Hold him down.
If the woman raises her voice,
you should stamp on her throat.
Instead, you have surrendered to her like
an eunuch! Shame on your masculinity!
How dare you...?
Get up. Get up.
If you are this haughty.
We are your elders, how haughty should we be!
Speak out! You...
If you are this haughty. We are your elders,
how haughty should we be!
We shall pass down our blood to the next generation.
We shall pass down our blood to the next generation.
But you should spill your blood for the next generation.
This is our law.
This is our law!
Stop it. Stop it.
So many people have ganged up against one man.
Are you man enough?
What? Hit me. Hit me
What has gotten into you that
you are beating him so badly?
If anyone harms my son again,
I'll skin them alive. Beware!
Hey! Scoundrel
Get lost!
Inform your son If you are this haughty,
how haughty should we be?
And you work like a donkey for these idiots.
Leave me.
Get up.
Get up...
I'm asking you...
He says, if you are this haughty, how haughty should we be?
What does he have?
What more does he have?
How are we inferior to him?
How is he superior to us?
Calm down!
Leave me.
Listen to me...
I won't spare them.
Satyarangaiah will take care of it.
The politics of this constituency
is different from other constituencies.
Nobody would understand it either.
It is not something to be taught or learned too.
I could not still figure out if you dominated the
surrounding villages or if he dominated them.
But you both never aimed high in politics.
So far, with the lack of any alternatives,
despite all the fights,
people would vote for the only
National party when it comes to any major election.
But now things have changed.
Now that we have entered the fight, the National
Party would definitely plunge into action.
That's why if both of you could join hands,
your combined supporters
would make us victorious.
I don't know if you are in your senses or not,
but if you praise anyone other than our Satyarangaiah,
you might disappear from society.
What? Satyarangaiah?
Is he still alive?
Where is he?
Can you see him?
Get lost.
What? What are you talking about?
Are you blind or what?
Or, your eyes are closed
I will shear down each one of you. Beware!
How dare you...?
-You bloody scoundrel...
Stop it.
Get up.
Get up.
Get up and hit me.
I'll make three beautiful girls stand in
front of you without any clothes.
Can you do anything?
Can you at least lay your hands on her?
I'm talking about his masculinity.
Just about his masculinity.
You can't take care of your own father
and you will become a leader, is it?
You couldn't harm us in the last 15 years
but now when some stranger is offering you
an MLA ticket, you think you can rule us, do you?
Hey, come. Come.
Satyarangaiah died today.
His son would have kicked him on his chest
while he was a child, today he kicked his pride
Come here!
"Salt falls into fire due to evil sight"
"That flame became the light of Goddess
Durga's eyes"
"To the sounds of the drums,
Lordess Peddamma possessed someone with rage"
"The honing of a sword is always red,
no matter if it is filled with turmeric"
"Agitation over difficulties arises along with sorrow"
"Even if there is an end to the forest,
there are no limits to hunting"
"The soldier doesn't know why a war arises"
"Isn't there any other way that doesn't
use blood to write the rules of war"
"Did the weakness go with that one line that day"
"Isn't there any other way that doesn't
use blood to write the rules of war"
"Did the weakness lose one day with that one line"
"Every time they searched for a way
that was covered in blood"
"The eyes filled with evil raised a trap,
and it adds to the difficulty every time"
"The traps he laid were always
associated with a great festival."
"Eyes alone can't capture the beauty of the
riverbank and the Godavari River confluence."
"A calm Godavari, the stars softly gleam,
Unleashed, it becomes a mighty, unstoppable stream."
"This earth, soaked in the blood's trace,
has asked, 'Who am I?'"
"There is nothing to say the backstory to the stream."
"Should we narrate the history of the
wounds inflicted upon the edges of the teats?"
"The honing of a sword is always red,
no matter if it is filled with turmeric"
"Agitation over difficulties arises along with sorrow"
"Even if there is an end to the forest,
there are no limits to hunting"
"The soldier doesn't know why a war arises"
"Isn't there any other way that doesn't
use blood to write the rules of war"
"Did the weakness go with that one line that day"
"Isn't there any other way that doesn't
use blood to write the rules of war"
"Did the weakness lose one day with that one line"
"Every time they searched for a way
that was covered in blood"
"The eyes filled with evil raised a trap,
and it adds to the difficulty every time"
"The traps he laid were always
associated with a great festival."
"Salt falls into fire due to evil sight"
"That flame became the light of Goddess
Durga's eyes"
"To the sounds of the drums,
Lordess Peddamma possessed someone with rage"
What happened? Why is he running?
My son!
My son!
Sir, you've been waiting since a long time.
How long will you stand there?
Come, let's sit and talk.
Hey! I left my son's body in the graveyard
and came here.
Instead of burning on a pyre,
it's getting drenched in rain.
If you don't bring Satyarangaiah here while parading
him naked through the roads before the rain stops
You will see the demonic side of Bayanna today
Hey, listen to me this one time.
Nobody will put a step ahead.
We've lost a lot of brothers for Satyarangaiah,
now we don't need him anymore.
Only people who are either educated
or scared for their lives
and incapable of doing anything
on their own, approach the court.
You know that we killed your son
yet we stand in front of you.
That's our courage.
What about your bravery?
Now justice is on whose side?
To find that out,
how many get beheaded on your side,
and how many get beheaded from our side.
The number of heads decides which way the justice sways.
Hey, bloody sissy!
I'm sad that my son died
but the sense of pride knowing he kicked
you in front of your people is more than that.
He is dead and your son is alive
but yet there is no difference.
But listen carefully,
I have brought you to the centre, soon I will
drag you to the roads. This is my promise.
Hey, if politics was just about slandering others
or indulging in cheap or degraded work
then we would have done that a long time ago
But we have been appropriated with administration and
authority since ages, that's why we think before acting.
You stupid Aren't you living a life of hell
because you're deprived of the same authority
because of me and my people?
Are you still concerned about authority?
Kill them!
Stop it!
I killed him.
I killed your son.
If you dare here take me if you can!
I killed him.
People are ready to lay their lives for Satyarangaiah
but I will do much more than that if required.
Come, take me away.
Get me. I killed your son.
He did this for our village.
How can we let them take him away?
In fact, we should carry him back on our
shoulders parading him all the way.
Lift him. Lift him.
Sir, please excuse me.
I need to feed my child.
We can deal with this later.
Where is your son?
In fact, we came here to kill him.
But he is not here.
Don't say that, sir.
Where will he go leaving us behind?
I'll feed him and come back.
I won't permit it.
Excuse me, sir.
Didn't I tell you that he's not here?
Excuse me, SIR!
Get away from here
Can't you understand?
I'm scared of what they will say about him.
Wait, madam. Wait there.
Where is my son?
Please have a seat, madam.
Where is my son?
Please have a seat, madam.
If you try to insult me,
I'll take all of your head back with me
I know my place and I'll sit here.
Bring me my son.
Get me my son.
What is this?
Something is suspicious.
Get me my son.
Get me my son.
Peda Kaapu!
Get up! Get up!
Why are you crying?
Do you think my sons are incapable?
Each of them has a thousand years of life.
He'll come. Go and do your work.
He will definitely come.
Where else will he go?
I'll still say the same. It will be an easy
job if both of you would join hands.
-He's upstairs
Bayanna's son is already dead,
which practically means Bayanna is also dead.
Now only Satyarangaiah remains.
He is like a demigod for the people, just like NTR.
You just go ahead and give us the seat.
We'll conduct our internal meeting and start campaigning.
It's been 10 years since we took part in any campaign.
He's been degrading Bayanna since he
started talking. Should I just kill him?
The police won't reveal his whereabouts
no matter how much we ask.
We don't know if he's alive or not.
Only you know what happened to him.
He went to jail for your sake.
Hence it is your responsibility
to find out what happened to him.
Kill each one of them.
Don't spare even women and children.
Kill them all. Go!
Kill them all!
Slash them!
Kill him.
Keep it with you.
I'll come again at night.
Give it to someone else or even better, sell her off.
It would help our financial situation.
Whom shall I sell her to?
Gouri didn't bring someone else.
Don't say this to anyone.
Don't let anyone know who she gave that
kid to or where that kid has been raised.
Hey! Where did you hide her?
Where did you hide her?
Speak up!
You tell me.
Where did you hide her?
Tell me where you hid her.
Tell me. You...
You are really strong.
He can't handle it, even if there is a minor setback in his life.
He always wants someone to support him.
Now I'm concerned about how he's doing
and where he's living without anyone.
Now I am experiencing a new fear.
What if Gowri were alive,
and your brother were not...
Oh God!
Even if it were to happen the other way around,
with your brother alive and Gowri not...
I'm not able to bear it.
All of my belongings are being thrown away.
Oh my God!
Where on earth did you come from?
You scoundrels.
Once upon a time, you recounted the story
of a woman who had fallen into a well.
And she wasn't saved...
and you remained unsure of her fate.
What is her name?
Do you know why you couldn't win?
It's because of fear.
I own everything.
People are born to work for me.
Their lives have no other purpose than this.
You've thought in this way and made some
mistakes because of that pride.
This is where your fear comes from.
People who are waiting are more than those
who are enduring their pain.
Their desire to live and
their hope to reach a certain stage.
God writes fate for some people,
but he takes some people with him.
He wrote fate for you but ended up giving sadness to them.
Still, they didn't step back.
They raised their flag.
The people who brought that flag are not the ones
who can be born a crore times or who can die a crore times.
They're the ones who can be born once in a crore.
Look, Sathyarangaiah.
No matter at what stage you are, if you want to
see their flag, you have to head up and see it.
It's at the point where their self-respect is.
Why do you think I am saying all this to you?
Do you know that you have a daughter?
Do you know that she was raised here?
Do you know that the ones who raised the
flag were the ones who nurture her?
Consider the decision to either raise or
lower your head in their presence.
You want to say something.
But are not able to.
I think you're enduring so much.
Stay here.
Don't go anywhere.
The father will come.
I suffered because of what happened at that time.
Now do you want to insult me by making
her stay with the people in the village?
Where has she been raised?
The member of that party said that my daughter
has been raised with the people of this village.
Where has she been raised?
Has she been raised by the people who
work for me to lead their lives?
I'll ruined your life.
Then I'll see how you can roam
around the village after losing your virginity.
"The hearts of the villagers are overwhelmed."
"The overwhelmed hearts are tearing up"
"Those tears have become the Godavari River. "
"Sister guards your life with her life."
"Mother protects you like a branch
holds on to its flowers"
"But the source of life is now gone!"
"A stonehearted person must have
written this in fate.."
" which took you away like the
moon's reflection in the water."
"The death noose has become your cradle."
" You are a brave soul,
your bier will be your palanquin"
"The whole village will parade
with you on your final journey."
We'll stay here until you show Gouri.
We won't move from here.
Hey everyone sit down
Do you know who she is?
Do you know her birth details?
Who do you think she is?
She was born to Satyarangaiah.
Why are you staring at?
She and her birth.
Everything is strange.
You won't learn a lesson even after
knowing everything. You idiots!
Who raped her and killed Gowri?
It's Satyarangaiah.
His brother? It is not known if he is alive.
I think they must have killed him by now.
Are you still thinking that he is alive?
At least realise it now.
Know the truth.
I don't know where to start.
And I don't know where to stop either.
But I know only one thing.
Except standing against what's happening.
Do these many people suffer just because
of one person's selfishness?
Does he really need to crush
every single one of their lives?
Do people have to sacrifice their lives?
Do you know why we are working for you?
To live.
Only to live.
My father used to tell me one thing.
To live a happy life means to live today better
than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.
Forget it!
Our current lives, however, are meaningless.
In the same manner that dogs are living, so are we.
Do you know what's meant by faith?
It's the naivete of my brother.
What mistake did he make?
And they have beaten him in front of everyone.
They have beaten him.
But they insulted him in front of everyone.
Do you know how bad he felt?
If you people have that much pride,
then how much pride should we have?
If you people have that much pride,
then how much pride should we have?
If you people have that much pride,
then how much pride should we have?
Now tell me, how much do we have?
That is how capable we are.
A common man who is in a helpless situation
covered his courage with blood.
[Song playing]
I didn't expect that these partygoers would
have such a significant impact on our village,
but I was wrong.
I've been roaming around,
keeping my hands on my cheeks.
Right now, there exists considerable
esteem for that party among the public.
Even dogs will win, no matter who the opposition party is.
Satyarangaiah lost his chance at the right time.
Do you think Bayanna will deny this chance?
Who will ignore it if it's this easy to become a leader?
Why are you still talking about Bayanna
and Satyarangaiah?
Why? Even if our son gets elected as an MLA easily.
He will win.
He will win.
He will win.
It's our time.
Bayanna announced in front of everyone
that your father has another daughter.
Do we have to be afraid about that?
The labourer who works under us
killed your father and ran away.
Do we have to think about it?
People are talking openly that the sin Satyarangaiah
committed is as big as the flag in the village.
What if the whole village should get to know
about the politics we are doing by using that flag?
We have to let out the truth that we've been hiding.
My brother-in-law didn't say
anything out of fame or respect.
But now we have to cross that.
We have to stoop low for that.
We have to stoop too low that him, the people who
support him, and the people who are behind this...
Come on...
You... My shoulders hurt carrying chairs to others
The one who doesn't properly sit in the
wheel chair asked me to kill you.
Even though he asked me to kill you,
it's up to me whether I can kill you or not.
Till now, your guy has been the competition for me.
No one knows where he is.
If I kill you too, then, no one can be a competition for me.
Hey! Stop!
Leave him.
Why should I leave him?
Do you want to threaten me by chopping him
off just because I killed Satyarangaiah?
He didn't just fight with us,
he chopped everyone's heads off.
You don't even dare to touch,
how can you chop off heads?
In the upcoming elections, people shouldn't
chant any other name other than mine.
If they do anything other than that,
then I'll search for them and kill them.
Look! I'm saying this.
I'll kill him again if he's alive.
If he's killed, then do a procession in the
whole village and ask for a few votes.
He's the competition for me forever.
I'll chop off his head and put it in your hands.
People just talk about it for a few days.
And then it becomes a memory.
I'm not sure how many Satyarangaiah
Pedakapu would have to kill, Gouri.
If you behave like this, then there won't be
anyone I can call father.
Come. Let's go to the house.
"How many heartbreaks do you have in your fate.
Innumerous tales of deaths haunt you..."
"There is no end to this agony of pain."
"This burning pain will not be doused."
"The tiredness won't go away, will it?"
"Will this ever-growing pain never subside? The pain of ages!"
Grandpa, bless your daughter.
I'm contesting in the elections for the first time.
Aunt Sunanda, don't forget to
cast your vote tomorrow.
Aunty, get Uncle to support me in the rally. Okay?
Don't forget.
Hey, Seetha
You are coming tomorrow, right?
Did you see your co-sister?
She is going to conquer kingdoms.
Look how she is going door-to-door.
She won't listen to anyone.
Her brother is earning,
can't she just stay at home and have a decent life?
Does she have to rally these people behind her?
What do we even know about politics?
Shut up already. Mind your words.
Somebody should step ahead, right?
Her education should not just help her
instead it should help the entire community.
Let her go the way she is.
I don't care who comes.
We will sell all our assets if required,
but we are going to make Akkamma victorious.
You might disregard your own family member
but we won't let her down.
Akkamma, don't bog down to anyone,
we are behind you.
If you all support her like that
she'll continue her wandering forever.
Let her wander if she wants but
ask her why she is making your daughter follow her.
And where is that idiot?
He too will become just like her.
Where is he roaming?
Calm down. He'll come back.
You keep
You keep pampering him
My mom always tells me that
we shall always suffer hardships.
Why should some people face hardships?
Why should only a few people enjoy wealth?
Why can't everyone have a similar life?
Dogs We are being ruled by dogs.
Useless rogues!
What gives her so much attitude in life?
In all the 15 villages in the surrounding,
all the candidates are
contesting on your name without any opposition.
For the first time, someone has challenged you.
These people are barking with her support.
And Baiyanna is trying to exploit this situation.
People should perceive you as a good person.
I'd advise you to leave from here.
This child is a blessing.
He can't walk. Lift him up.
What's the price of the buffalo?
Rs. 70k
What about the buffalo?
-Almost 80k.
And what is his price?
You don't know?
You are not even worth that buffalo,
and you announce to the villagers that you'll
sell off all your assets to make that witch victorious, is it?
How dare you!
This village won't have 500 people in it,
and for this tiny village she is rallying around
and you guys are following her, huh?
For the first time ever, even though you are a
woman,you took a step forward.
To tell you the truth, your people are more
numerous in every village than our people.
If your people and our people unite,
then who is Satyarangaiah in front of us?
I came for this from that village to this village.
I'll go any distant.
Don't step back.
Everyone, listen carefully.
For the upcoming elections, whomever you want
to support, raise your hands for them.
Then we'll tell you who the president is.
Raise your hands without fearing anyone.
The whole village is here.
To raise your hands against us?
Raise your hands.
So you came to raise your hands against me just
because a woman told you?
Raise your hands if you have courage.
I'll kill your hands if you raise them.
If that's the case, then I'll raise my hand.
Bayanna, because of the anger towards
Satyarangaiah, you came here from somewhere.
You've been pretend as if you were helping
them just to get support from them?
I'll raise my hand.
I will.
Do whatever you want to.
You want to chop them off? Come!
Democracy should exist in name,
while dictatorship should reign
If they don't want to raise their hands any more,
Cut off his hand.
Chop them off!
Now raise your hands.
I said to raise your hands.
Raise your hands.
Raise your hands.
You... Raise your hand.
You competed against us.
Raise your hands.
He is one of you.
He is one of amongst you.
They killed him.
You've been working for him, right?
But they're killing our people.
They could've given you food.
But will you stay calm if they hurt your self-respect?
Kill those scoundrels!
Don't you have blood?
Kill those scoundrels!
Kill them.
It should take another 6 to 7 generations
for them to think about politics again.
Kill them all.
Don't leave anyone.
Why did you come?
We're planning to blame Bayanna
for everything that's happening.
In an instant, this riot proliferated to all the villages.
How dare she compete even though she knows
that her opposition is Santyarangaiah's people?
I want to see her.
Your winning is nothing but crushing under me.
Your growth is nothing but sleeping with me.
You created conflicts in every village by using me.
Now I'll create a scene in every village
by using your name.
Everyone gets to know about this before the sun rises.
When everyone from those 15 villages comes and
spits on you, then you'll drown in that saliva and die.
No one gives you a certain position in
democracy because of your fame.
However, your fame will be destroyed now.
If they learn about what you did, they
won't vote for you, instead, they'll kill you.
You'd sacrifice all you have to safeguard your prestige
but I'll stoop down to any level to win.
There is only one option for you.
Leave that power for me.
Leave it to me.
Come and get her in.
I'm saying to take her in.
Now fame is more important than power.
Until now, politics happened in the surrounding
areas only in the name of your father and grandfather.
You'll get it back, the one that you'll leave now.
It's important for me not to lose anything regarding
your fame, just as it is for you not to lose your position.
She will stay here.
If any of you deny it, then I'll tell everyone
personally what happened, not Bayanna.
If the intention of politics is to do good for people,
then anyone can do it from anywhere.
I won't ever believe that there is good and bad in politics.
You can't do anything by going out.
Stay in this house and do whatever you want with our fame.
You've seen it.
He used you, and he will use you too.
Other than anything else, all you need is patience.
Now that's what you want.
Sometimes it takes days, and sometimes it takes years.
We've seen tears in people's eyes,
but since Bayanna won,
we're seeing blood in people's eyes.
He set fire to farms and our own people.
He's not even sparing kids, either.
His intention is not to win us over;
instead, it is to destroy us.
The situation is worse outside,
but your wife is creating a scene in the house.
I don't know what happened.
"How many heartbreaks do you have in your fate.
Innumerous tales of deaths haunt you..."
I can't raise her nor can I kill her.
Someone would be willing to take her in.
She should not grow up here.
No way can she grow up here.
Give her to someone or leave her
at some random place.
Hey, stop...
She shouldn't be alive.
Kill her.
Kill her.
Otherwise, I'll burn you and your people.
"Will this ever-growing pain never subside?
The pain of ages!"
"Will this ever-growing pain never subside?
The pain of ages!"
If people like Pedakapu are born 100 times,
then it's enough that people like Satyarangaiah and
Bayyanna are born once every few years.
Our lives will be this way.
It's not that people like Peda kaapu should be born.
And not like people like them should die.
No matter where and when a person is born,
there should be an environment where
they grow up in a positive influence.
It should never die.
I won't think twice before telling the truth.
Whatever you think will happen soon.
"Little goat, oh little goat,
don't linger where you stand,"
Flow like the river, halt at fate's command."
"Butterfly, butterfly,
wear the beautiful saree"
"Spread your wings and soar high"
"Drenched wings paint the sky with rain's embrace."
"Let's not get angry, let's not dance,
let's not waste time anywhere,"
" and let's enjoy every day freely like kids"
"Let's not get angry, let's not dance,
let's not waste time anywhere,"
" and let's enjoy every day freely like kids"
"Little goat, oh little goat,
don't linger where you stand,"
"Flow like the river, halt at fate's command."
"The sunrise is in the east,
don't hide it in your hands"
"Don't waste your time on dreams
by closing your eyes"
"Even if it's the dark clouds or the full moon,
they shouldn't hide without giving any light"
"Even if the paths of both are different,
the destination is the same!"
"Like us, a profound bond binds them together.""
"Let's not get angry, let's not dance,
let's not waste time anywhere,"
" and let's enjoy every day freely like kids"
"Let's not get angry, let's not dance,
let's not waste time anywhere,"
"Until happiness becomes a shadow
and never leaves you"
"Little goat, oh little goat,
don't linger where you stand,"
"Flow like the river, halt at fate's command."
What's going on here?
It seems that Mr. Rama Rao will call at 3 pm.
Who else? Mr. NT Ramarao.
You'll get beaten to a pulp very soon.
Ramalakshmi, It seems that
Mr. Rama Rao will call at 3 pm.
To whom?
To our village.
Somaraju, It seems that Mr. Rama Rao will call at 3 pm.
Hey, Move...
Master, we are waiting for you.
Mr. Ramarao doesn't do anything by
asking people like us
He asks common people like you.
He listens to everything we say about every area's situation,
and he directly makes a call and asks whom to give it to.
Then who among you will give an answer for that?
Who will talk to him?
Who else? Our Master will talk.
He's always high. So he doesn't care.
Long Live NTR!
Long Live NTR!
Do you think there will be calls if Satyarangaiah is alive?
We would've directly met Mr. Ramarao.
What else are you useful for? You stupid!
Shut up!
keep quiet...
Long Live NTR!
Long Live NTR!
Don't you have any manners at all?
The call was disconnected.
Stay quiet!
We can't control our village people.
Hello, Brother...
We are thinking of giving a MLA ticket to one of you.
Shall I give it to Peda kaapu?
You'd give it to Peda kaapu, sir?
Please make it possible, sir.
We will make sure he emerges victorious.
[people cheering]
How can he choose him for the seat?
How did he know about him?
They're willingly giving a seat to the one who killed people.
It's all because of you.
Since 15 years, no one has been able to harm us.
You couldn't take revenge on the person
who killed your son.
You thought someone else killed him
instead of us and spared that person.
But now he has become a threat to us.
He got a seat.
And he'll get votes too.
That's it!
Everything has come to an end.
In this area, nobody takes the police
and the law seriously. They believe in instant justice.
These fools look at you like you
are some hero for what you did.
No one is going where there is jail and the law.
Even if they want to go, no one is
stepping forward to give evidence.
That's how people are treating you
by keeping you in their hearts.
Now why are you being meaningless and saying no?
No matter what it is, you must devour it when it is hot.
Otherwise, you'll be left with ash.
My father used to say that even if one son dies,
it is a suffering for his mother.
It's fine if my brother is alive.
If my brother dies, no matter how many people
are responsible for his death, no one will survive
I couldn't save my own brother.
How can I save people?
How will they believe me?
I'll ask once I become eligible.
Yes, brother.
I betrayed you.
that party people said that they'd give
tickets to our people.
Why not me?
My grandfather,
my father,
After, my son,
if possible, his son,
will all work under you.
Because we don't have any other option.
But what will happen now will not only
blow your and his minds,
it will blow mine too.
Believe me.
What's your intention behind taking off that flag?
Does that mean you're giving seats to Pedakapu?
Otherwise, does that mean you won't get
seat no matter what you do?
He who was once among us is now allied with you.
do you want to do something by using him?
If you do that again, then we'll chop off
the heads of 10 people before that.
I am also one of you.
My blood is red too.
I don't know whether your blood is red or not.
I'll check, you...!
People sacrifice something
before doing anything big, right?
I forgot about it earlier.
I'll kill him first, and then I'll think about her.
It's true that I rejected any power
But if someone tries to bury our existence in the land,
We will bury them in the same land.
Other than war, there is nothing that
can give peace to a human being.
Other than war, there is nothing that
can make us realise we are alive.
I once advised, stay away from conflicts.
But I'm saying this now.
Kill everyone.
No one should be alive.
"The Veda of sickle..."
"The ones who peruse it acquire a necklace of conflict..."
"The positive way is the way the steps are going..."
"Large smiles on people's lips"
"The sound of the throats that are suffering"
"The man with nails who walked into a war is gambling"
"The brazier with fire is flowing like
a river because of thirst"
"The sword doesn't check the time to do its work"
"The land where he fought,
where the blood is still dripping"
"The changes that he brought
transferred hope from one to the other"
"He'll break those horns that gore you. "
"He is courage personified. "
"He is the weapon that grows
on the hands that once served."
"He is the consequence of all the
hardships that gave light to the fire."
"He is the saviour who will restore
the smiles of the deprived."
"Even if you go alone, even if toxicity increases, the
roots will become the beginning of new beginnings"
"Even if the fame is gone,
even if the depth is gone, he won't be left alone"
"Fear of being born again...
as a human is our downfall"
You gave everyone hope, which they don't have.
You brought that vibe that they had never experienced.
Against us.
Against me.
If any of them step forward using you...
Go away from here.
We were the ones who helped you raise the flag.
We were the ones who made you think about it.
If we are not here, then what's the use
of your party in this village?
You helped raise the flag.
But who raised it?
You made people carry it.
But who carried it?
Numerous parties will come and go.
And yours is one of them.
You'll be there for a few days,
but you'll be gone after that.
So why create a scene?
What you said is right.
The parties will remain active for a few days,
and after that, they'll be gone.
But no matter which party it is, a leader will start it.
Then that party will form another few leaders.
The party is not important here.
The person is important,
and so is their personification
To tell you the truth, I forgot about the party after
coming to this village and seeing the situation here.
I wanted to stand up for a person.
I searched for that type of person,
and I found the perfect one.
There is one thing other than
parties, flags, and rules.
It's humanity.
It's not in you, but in him.
That's the reason he will remain.
I'm saying this because you were also saying it.
I'll announce Pedakapu's name in this village.
Do whatever you want to.
If I have any work with the country,
then I'll burn the village.
If I have any work with the village,
then I'll burn my family.
If I have any work with the family,
then I'll burn a person.
Then what if I have work with me?
Don't let this fire enter your house.
I erected a huge cutout of mine
to make a mark in your heart.
Now to get my mini copy from you,
what shall I do to you?
Tell me...
Tell me...
I've always said that they'll live for 1,000 years.
They were jinxed by me.
I don't know where he is.
And I don't know what will happen to him.
I've thrown away books with my own hands,
as they won't benefit anyone.
I've supported them but have lost my courage now.
Studies may not help a person live.
Courage may not help a person live.
But patience will definitely make a person live.
How on earth could a woman have done this
much politics by staying in a house with patience?
What do you mean?
Killing Sathyarangaiah and helping our guy get a seat.
Do you know who is behind all this?
Who is it?
Who else?
Now our son is like a weapon in Akkamma's hands.
Though Gauri lost all her family members,
She sacrificed herself to unite a mother and child.
Still, I don't have an answer to the
question that she asked me years ago.
Everyone can use someone's illetaracy,
poverty, and lack of unity.
This is what happens in this world.
But do you know what Satyarangaiah used?
He used our strength.
He used our courage,
which comes with our naivet.
We shouldn't surrender ourselves.
We should never lose it.
We used our strength for someone else until now.
Let's use it for ourselves now.
Don't let anyone lower their head.
Make everyone raise their heads.
Be strong.
Kill them to give us that courage.
Kill those scoundrels!
Let's see how far he'll go.
Every person is born for some purpose.
They won't leave without completing it.
What will we do if he sacrifices his life
too to save people?
Then I'll just think that I sacrificed my
sons to save people.
Female pigeon blood is best for healing
Why did you leave me when I was a child?
Do you know how hurt I felt when I got to know
that you were in a situation to sell me
by putting me in a basket and going door-to-door?
If only I had been raised by you,
if only I were with you,
I could've been with you till now.
There is no bigger sin than
separating a mother and a child.
But what if the mother separates herself from the child...
I live a life without certainty of being alive or dead.
I thought you would lead a good
life if God gave you some
food rather than living like me in this house, in
which even I don't know how many years I could live.
That's the reason I left you.
Now I can see how much you stooped low for the
position that you even came to your enemy's house.
I experienced it earlier too.
If only you couldn't have taken me here,
would this all have happened?
It seems that you met the in-charge yesterday
so the position should be permanently yours.
Peda kaapu is alive.
Akkamma is alive.
The people of Satyarangaiah are also alive.
You ceased to exist when your son died.
He said that if only you had the dare,
then kill all of them and then meet him.
However, you came this far.
So you want to kill me too if it's possible, right?
I thought Peda kaapu killed the Satyarangaiah.
But I've gotten to know that
you're the one who's behind it.
It's not a big deal for you to kill me.
I know that you've been waiting for that day.
I also know that you'll call me before that.
That's the reason I'm here.
Are you telling me about death?
You both always thought about death
and how great your deaths would be.
You forgot about the people.
Now I'm saying it.
Will you yourself give way to Peda kaapu,
or will you also become like Satyarangaiah?
Do you think it's the same for me and Satyarangaiah?
You killed him because he was younger.
Do you dare touch me?
Is there no difference between dying after
losing and dying after winning?
I will die only after winning.
Victory is always mine.
Tell them to face me, who has the dare.
This scoundrel is the reason why
my father has been suffering for 15 years.
My father was the only faineant before you came.
But after you arrived, you made everyone faineant.
My father didn't want her to come to this earth.
But you brought her to the house.
It won't stop here.
I'll see your end.
Mr Rama Rao is coming to our village
tomorrow exactly at 3 pm.
He will announce a common man's name from our village.
The history unfolding from tomorrow
onward will be incredibly novel.
No matter how much you want to deny it,
there are high chances that they
might announce your name tomorrow.
If that happens,
then it's a step forward in our new lives.
Don't say no this time, Peda kaapu.
Decide whether you want relationships or people who suffer.
Kannababu, if only you get a chance, then
you have to kill Pedakapu rather than others.
His death is equal to 100 members deaths.
He should die.
I beg you.
On that day, this idiot pointed out and insulted everyone.
What did we do then?
We've beaten Leela to a pulp and vanished him.
Then Peda kaapu chopped off Sathya Rangayya's head.
Tit for tat.
But politics are changing.
First, maintain some distance with these idiots.
Even though we knew that he belonged to those
people, we kept him with us just because of our prestige.
Look! They got the opportunity after years.
Let's not interfere with it.
Let's give it to them.
You can't even stand.
And we won't be able to save our lives.
Hey! Look at me.
You're the son of my own uncle.
Let's not interfere with it anymore.
Let's not interfere with blood,
revenge, and fame anymore.
It won't work.
Tell him.
Everyone is united and together.
I'm done with you all.
No matter whether spitefulness
increases or compassion decreases,
no matter whether he is our guy or a stranger..
Call Peda kaapu.
Did you also come to meet Mr Ramarao?
Not because of Ramarao.
I'm here because of Peda kaapu.
You ...
[Telugu song playing]
My mother said to stop this right here.
Along with food, we are habituated to authority too.
Will we be able to leave it?
Will we stay calm if they want to give authority to
someone who hasn't even thought about authority?
Is that what's called change?
Or maybe a sign of hard times ahead?
People are thinking whatever they want
since your brother went missing from the jail.
I'm the one who hid him.
Who is a leader?
How will he look?
His eyes will be filled with the dreams of millions.
He will bear the aspirations of thousands upon his shoulders.
When his people are under threat,
he'll step forward to shield them.
After killing Satyarangaiah,
you thought are invincible, didn't you?
I'm repeating what I said that day,
if you have so much arrogance,
how much should we have!
Bloody rascals, we will kill both you brothers
and consolidate our power yet again.
Now somebody will come, give you a seat,
and you will win.
But before that, you need to be alive, right?
Why do you need fame and a position now
when you're going to die in a few minutes?
Come, get on your knees, and request me.
I'll spare you.
At least,
You should endeavor to live, even there is no food,
relying solely on your breath.
Hey! Get up!
What did our mother say?
She said to earn something,
even if it means beating someone.
Where is that courage of yours?
Get up!
It seems that you can't live without self-respect, right?
You won't lower your head in front of anyone, right?
Without a doubt, he will not survive by bowing down.
He will confront and,
if need be, even embrace death.
Chop off their heads.
Self-respect or what...
He doesn't mind whether he's hurt by a stick or a knife.
To the common people,
a leader embodies a wave of resolve.
To the common people,
a leader is simply a surge of determination.
The leader is nothing less than a meteor.
A woman's life was once saved by your mother.
Now I don't want to hurt her.
That's the reason I'm leaving you.
The decision about how you want to live
your life is entirely up to you.
After sitting in a chair, you think you're at a certain stage,
and the rest of them are sitting down. This is how your mentality is.
How can you rule?
If you want to rule, then you have
to believe that you're born to rule.
You have to believe that you and they were born different.
Until how many births will you realise this?
The people will remain quiet If they do not hear me
They'll support me, if they want to.
If they wish to offer me greater support,
they'll aid me in attaining a specific position.
It's people who decide whether
you'll be in that position or not.
Who are you to decide?
I'll be with these people.
I'll stay with these people.
Do you know whose name
Mr. Ramarao is going to announce?
Peda kaapu.
Does Mr. Ramarao allocate
a seat to someone wealthy?
No, no.
To a gang of thugs that gathers in crowds?
No, no.
For those who fought
For the one who considers struggle a destination...
Who embodies such a characteristic?
Peda Kaapu!
What did they say then?
if you have so much arrogance,
how much should we have, right?
Now answer them.
This is the manifestation of our arrogance.
Peda kaapu!
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