Pee chong air (2004) Movie Script

The Sisters
I've wasted a lot of
my time looking for you.
It's strange...
...that you're the one who comes to
So, you're ready to tell
me everything that happened, right?
If the same thing happened to you...
You'd never...
You'd never want to see anyone again.
Saturday 2:00AM
Are we almost there yet?
This stuff is heavy and you
won't let us use the elevator.
What's the big deal anyway?
Will you just stop complaining?
It's damn annoying.
Damn it!
We were doing fine playing in Bangkok.
But no, we had to change the scenery...
Who's idea was it anyway?
I found a better paying place for you...
What else do you want?
In Bangkok, better musicians
will just eat us alive.
Isn't this place here
close to where you live?
Why don't you go sleep at your
place, so we have more space here?
That's none of your damn business.
Come on guys...
We'll play cards and in a
couple of hours it'll be morning.
What's the matter with you?
Go to the bathroom if
you need to take a piss.
Totally insane!
Hey, what's that you're staring at?
See that piece of cloth?
Did you see it when we came in?
I don't know...
Didn't notice it.
But I didn't...
You bastard!
Always trying to scare me.
I didn't see it either...
This is the first I've seen it.
What the hell?!
What the hell is wrong with all of you...
Just this and you all look
as white as boiled chicken.
You asshole!
This is your idea of a joke?
Don't you dare!
I'm serious! Let me go!
Hey! Where are you going?
Let me go, Kob!
Kob, hurry up! He's getting away!
What are you holding me down for?
If you don't quit it, I'll get serious.
Where the hell did Kob go?
I don't know what's wrong with him...
They just left one after the other.
Why is it so hot in here?
Who the hell turned
off the air conditioner?
No one did.
Uan, what's wrong?
Oh, it's nothing...
Who took this down?
If we don't put it back,
we won't hear the end of it.
Hyai, put it back.
Why me?
Just do it.
Can't a friend ask you to do something?
If you can't do it then
don't, I'll do it myself.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Hey, Hyai.
Hyai, where are you going?
Damn you!
Now, I have to do it...
Uan, What's wrong?
Pim, don't do anything.
Just quickly come downstairs.
Wait... Hello?
Nui, let's go!
Hey, Nui!
Nui, let's get out of here!
You all saw it, right?
You're going to be okay!
Please, somebody help!
I think it was more of an accident.
What do you think?
What are you so afraid of?
That woman...
Saturday 04:00 AM
Pim, have you called his house?
Did you call?
I called, but no one answered.
I want to go home...
And what about Boy?
You're going to just leave him?
He's dead!
But he's your friend!
But I'm going home...
I thought you said you
didn't want to go home...
Didn't you say that your
home was worse than prison?
So, how come you want to go home
I don't know...
But right now I want to go home!
I also want to go home.
My name's Tawan.
I've been here for so long,
I can't find my way back home...
Take me back home with you.
What the hell?
We don't live at the same house.
That's all right, I
want to stay with you.
It's okay.
I'll have someone else take me home.
Well, where do you live?
Here, this is my home.
Here, let me see.
That's her, right?
Who's the woman in the picture?
That's my sister, Saeng Daow.
She used to work in the hotel...
I don't know exactly what she did, but
she'd go upstairs with men for hours.
It took days before they found
her body hidden under the bed...
But without her head.
Did they catch the
person who murdered her?
Hey, wait...
Forget about that now...
So, where was her head?
He cut off her head and tied her
hair to the air conditioning vent.
And how did they find her head?
You dumbass...
So smart about everything else...
They found it the same way you did!
Get away!
Don't come near me!
Get the fuck away from me!
I said don't come near me!
Stay away from me!
Put the gun down!
Put the gun down!
Stop it! Kob, put the gun down!
Stop shooting! Kob,
put the gun down first!
Kob! What the fuck is wrong with you!
Don't you leave me!
Let me go!
I don't want to die!
Let go of me!
I want to go home!
Let go!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Do all of you normally do drugs?
But what you're telling me now...'s completely opposite
from the police report...
The hallucinations
could have come from this.
The police found it in your friend's
pants after you all took off.
Saturday 11:00 AM
No one knows of anybody
by the name Tawan...
No one by that name was ever
on the patient list, either.
And what about the dead body
that was found in the hotel?
Everyone claims that
they've never heard of her...
...or the headless body ever
entering this hospital at all.
We're talking about a dead
person here, not a patient...
No one here knows.
Damn it!
Who the hell do you want us to ask?
I don't know what her name was.
She had no relatives or friends.
So, we just cremated her...
...even though they
didn't find her head.
Did the hotel claim any
responsibility for this?
No one wanted to talk about it...
After the cremation,
everyone just went silent.
They didn't even bring back her head...
So, it's become a curse
that anyone who sees her...
...will either die without reason...
...go completely insane like Saem.
So, there was someone
who saw her like we did?
Saem, come out here...
Saem was the one who took her head
out from the air conditioning vent.
From then on, he saw her
face every night while asleep.
He didn't dare fall asleep...
...until I took the curse off him.
How's that?
He had to sleep in a
coffin with a person...
...who died a violent death every
night before midnight for 7 days...
...with my help that will release the
Does this mean that all
four of us must do the same?
And what about the lady behind you?
Won't she also join you?
Behind us?
There's only the four of us...
Besides, I thought you were blind...
No wonder Saem didn't
want to greet you...
It's because she also came with you.
You see, I've never heard
of anything like this before...
But if there really has
been a murder committed...
...and even the Buddhist priest knows
about it then so does the police...
Manoon, I want all the details on the
prostitution murder case immediately.
Saturday 7:00 PM
On that day, the Buddhist told me
to stay inside the temple church...
He told me not to leave for any reason...
...while the rest set out
finding those coffins...
...before their time ran out.
What happens after
the clock strikes midnight?
Hyai, what the hell are you looking at?
Did you notice?
All the cars are blinking
their headlights at us.
I blink in return but then
they honk their horn at me.
There! There's another one.
Damn it!
What is it with these damn
coffins? So damn hard to find...
Are we going to survive this?
Shut your fucking mouth!
That's it...
Can I not go?
I want to go home...
Just drop me off at home.
All right pal?
What the hell is your problem?
Please, I'm asking you...
Here, turn here. My house is just here.
Aren't you afraid of dieing anymore?
I'll be safer at home.
The most I'll get is a good beating...
At least my father won't kill me...
Turn right here. Stop right here...
You don't believe in this curse, right?
If I do, then what?
I'll have to sleep inside a
coffin like that crazy guy?
Right, you guys go ahead...
We'll see what happens tomorrow.
See ya!
Hey! Hyai! Wait!
Nui, forget about him...
We can look for it by ourselves.
Where is everyone?
Ma! I'm home!
Hey, little one...
Did Aunty spank you again?
Sir, there's only two coffins...
Is there maybe just one more?
You got two for one
damn bottle of whisky...
What else do you want?
Why don't you die, then
you'll have another one...
Hey! You don't have to be rude.
Calm down, man...
It's better than nothing.
Gets two and complains...
We've got to hurry back
or we won't make it on time.
It's already past midnight...
The Buddhist priest said
the ritual wouldn't work...
That's not true...
He's lying to us...
It's hard enough finding the
coffins, he has to do the ritual...
Why do I have to wait for
death? What have I done wrong?
Uan, when it's time.
We all must die...
There has to be another way...
Another way?
What other way?
Anyway I'm going to die...
Even the Buddhist priest can't help me.
That ghost will break my neck...
Damn you!
It'll never let you get away!
We're all cursed!
We're all gonna...
Uan, that's enough!
Where's Hyai?
We can't leave him alone.
What's wrong, Nui?
Hurry up.
No more! No more!
Let me go! Help!
Help me! Help me!
Don't come near me!
Wake up! Wake up!
Is this the wrong house?
No, I remember the mailbox.
All right, then let's go in.
I'm not going in.
I'll wait in the car.
It might get stolen.
How the hell is it going to get stolen?
We'll be right out.
We'll just drag Hyai out to
sleep at the temple, it's safer.
I still want to wait here.
That's okay, Nui...
Let him wait.
I can guess that it was suicide.
Your friend had problems at home.
Before we left his house...
...his parents came back...
We didn't know how
to explain it to them.
They wouldn't listen...
They just kept blaming us...
And where did you all go that night?
That night we decided
to go back to the temple...
But Uan...
Uan had this stupid idea.
Sunday 03:00 AM
This is the safest place...
Sunday 03:00 AM
This is the safest place...
Aren't you going to
keep it for the ritual?
Let's just get past tonight.
It'll be kind of like being reborn.
Don't think of me in a bad way.
I'm asking you...
Close the coffin for me.
Uan, wake up.
The reason for his death, we believe
it was lack of oxygen.
But what do you expect from
someone stupid enough to...
...sleep in a coffin
with the lid closed?
But actually he didn't
close it all the way...
He left an opening for air to breathe.
There's only the two of us left.
Pim, would you like to meet Saeng
How? She is not a living human being.
Are we just going to wait
for her to come to us?
But where can we find her?
We'll start from the place
where she was murdered.
He cut off her head...
...and tied her hair to
the air conditioning vent.
Did you see anything strange?
No, nothing at all.
Here, that's all that is left...
Oh, there is one thing
that you should know.
Saeng Daow was pregnant when she
The letter that the
hotel employee gave us...
...was written by Saeng
Daow but was never sent...
We decided to go to the address that
was on the front of the envelope...
...and deliver that letter hoping that... might release her from
this pain and suffering she's in.
Who let you in?
I'm sorry.
Excuse me, Ma'am...
Ma'am? This letter
is addressed to you, right?
It's a letter from Saeng Daow.
Saeng Daow...
Saeng Daow, my child...
Saeng Daow ran away from
home a long time ago.
I never received any news from her.
I didn't know where to find her.
Her father died when
she was just a child.
I raised her with the
money from my new husband.
Who's the girl standing
next to Saeng Daow?
Oh, that's Tawan, my other daughter...
Saeng Daow loved her sister very much.
They went everywhere
together, they never were separated.
Tawan was close to her sister.
She cried, wanting to go with her.
Saeng Daow just ran away
and didn't tell anyone.
She left her sister even
though they'd never been apart.
Tawan must have been really lonely.
And what happened to Tawan?
Tawan would just keep
herself in the room.
Every time I saw her she
would be sleeping here.
I never thought that one
day she wouldn't wake up.
Who's in the next room?
That's just my husband...
He's probably hungry.
Go on, it's getting dark.
I think the both of you should be going.
It's dangerous driving back at
night. You should go on now.
Hurry up, and go on.
Go on!
It's nothing, just go.
Go, go, go, go...
And don't come back...
I'm sorry, Saeng Daow...
So, we still don't know anything, right?
Why is Saeng Daow so angry at us?
It might not have anything
to do with us at all.
She probably just doesn't like us and
wants to kill us because she's crazy.
So, what now?
You want to go back
and sleep in the coffin?
So I can die the same way Uan did?
No, thanks...
We'll just let the Buddhist
do the ritual for us first...
It might work.
Don't you want to know
more about Saeng Daow?
The more we know the sooner we die...
Did you see anything over at her
Like what?
Like under the bed?
S-S-Saeng Daow...
You've wasted a lot of time already...
Will you please tell me
something I can put in my report?
Like in the accident...
Did anything peculiar happen?
I really can't remember much of it...
Everything seems to be a blur.
Pim. Where are you?
Pim. Where are you
Pim! Where are you going?
Pim, come out of there!
Come on, Pim...
Come out of there, Pim!
It's dangerous!
Come out!
I don't know what else to ask you...
All your responses just end
up back on the same story.
It's because of a ghost...
All right then, what about your friend?
Where is he?
We had a difference of opinions...
He thought that the Buddhist
priest would be able to release him...
...from the curse by
performing the ritual.
So, he went back to the temple... try the ritual one more time.
What about you?
Didn't you think of doing the same?
If I did, I probably wouldn't
be here now telling you about it...
Because from then on,
Nui just disappeared.
To this day, I still can't find him.
Your story is quite unbelievable...
It's creepier than any book I've read...
But your characters seem to
have the same names as mine.
I'll tell you what...
I'll tell you a story of my own...
I had a suspect here once,
waiting for interrogation.
He was a psycho.
We believed he killed people
as a sacrificial offering.
Whatever it was...
Later that night, he tore his clothes
off and hung himself on the jail bars.
There was writing on
the wall written in blood.
Did you know what was written?
Saeng Daow
He might be the murderer in your story.
So, do you still see Saeng Daow?
Is she here now?
Anyway, you're probably tired...
You can go.
But I'll still need you to come back and
make your statement one more time.
I hope you'll cooperate.
If the same thing happened to you...
You might not ever want
to see anyone again.
With all do love and
respect to my dearest mother.
I'm so sorry that I ran
away without telling anyone.
I know it must have caused
you much pain and sorrow.
But did you know that...
...this daughter also felt the
same pain and sorrow as you did?
All I could do was cry
for what I've done to you.
I'm such a bad person for
leaving you and my sister...
...isn't that right, mother?
But please believe me, mother...
I have my reasons for
making this decision.
If I had to stay in
that house any longer... life would surely be
filled with such heartache...
...and would finally
end without meaning.
Please don't ask me to
go back to that house because...
...I don't think I have the courage to face
you or anyone ever again.
My sins can never be erased
for as long as I live...
...and I will never forget the
people who have done me wrong...
...especially those men who,
to this day, I curse them all.
In conclusion, I ask you
to please explain to Tawan... that she understands
because I really worry about her.
She is still so young...
...and probably very disappointed
in me for what I've done.
With love, Saeng Daow.